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qm is a faggot

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another win for quiz

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big win for the discord gang

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huge win for the jamal boyz

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if you waste all of your time on dickboard you're not gonna make it

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wow huge l for qm

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how much vocabulary before trying to watch this?

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essentially at least 30k

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Strategies for remembering kanji readings?

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"what the fuck" by nuke kills me every time

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ctrl+f katanagatari

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moogy did it without subs and without anki

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4bc answer my question in the last thread

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read more

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feel like there's a lot of noobs here so gonna drop the big pasta for them

>> Resources for noobs <<
pic related
Vocab Deck
Tae-Kim Grammar Guide
Hover Dictionary
Japanese Subtitles

The latest Anime Cards MPV script can always be found at
video demo:

Windows 7 notes:
>Update to the latest version of PowerShell for proper clipboard insertion.
MacOS notes:
>Use jpeg instead of webp in your IMAGE_FORMAT setting
>brew install the latest version of MPV
FireFox notes:
>just another reminder that if you're using firefox you'll likely need to use
>as your clipboard inserter page

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nice bird

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create epic mnemonics

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>create your mining deck after 12 months

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>vocab deck
is this a troll

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gonna fuck up my own trip again too FUCK


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i watched it at 1 year of immersion and understood about 10%

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I mean, yeah, and I try, but every time I read I'm too fucking lazy to look up the word properly so I never learn the reading. I guess that's just me being retard.

I think I should be grinding vocab instead of kanji at this point.

Yeah I try to do this, but sometimes it's hard to even remember the mnemonic.

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u make it when ur done with core 2.3k

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> I guess that's just me being retard.

>I think I should be grinding vocab instead of kanji at this point.
that's what you should have been doing from the start

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Using KKLC cause it's the only one that really worked for me.

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you mean >>30379098 ? if youre talking about anime then download mpv (video player) and use one of the user scripts posted in the thread
you obviously need the subtitle file which you can get from kitsunekko
depending on the script you use you might need a clipboard inserter browser addon and an html insertion page, just ask for details if youre going down this route people will help

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>that's what you should have been doing from the start
I guess, but I'm retarded. But I guess the way I've been grinding kanji have at the very least led to me understanding what I'm reading, but just not knowing the reading of it.

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wow this thread has gone shit already

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yeah i already use mpv and got clipboard inserter and the wareya script but it doesnt work
also got the html page from the archive
i used another script on linux but i cant make this one work

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>remember shit when reviewing my anki deck
>dont remember when on the wild

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Sente vs vocab is not a closed deal, some people prefer one over another they both have their pros and cons, just because you disagree with someone doesnt mean they are shitposting, not him btw.

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always fail the cards once that you saw in immersion the same day, otherwise it's cheating the system

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the one here should work with linux >>30381851

i also have a script that renames and retimes all the subs for a show at once

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no retard

just do anki in the morning before anything else

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>wareya script
idk what you mean by this
i dont want to involve myself in the script wars but there are only two user scripts posted itt for the specific purpose youre talking about (that im aware of), one made by anacreon the other by miniyoga, choose whatever you like they both give free tech support for their product lol

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exactly, i like to do both cards and cant imagine limiting myself to one or thinking theres not a strong place for both

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does anybody know where i can read one piece manga in japanese

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let me present to you the newcard type that will blow your minds, it's called the braincard and it's stored in your head

you review it by reading more

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its the script people used to use before i dont know anything about analcream and miniyogas script cuz i dont mine and dont give a shit
but which one do you use for that ? could you link them?

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is there any text dump for dragon quest VIII?

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huge win for ewhore fans

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man how the fuck do i save this shite as .lua in i make a text file paste the contents there and it saves as .lua.txt fuckin gay

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u dont need to mine to use the texthooking part of the analcreamer script

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just rename the file extension after saving it wtf

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go back to your iphone zoomer pcs aren't for you

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i use anacreons script just out of preference, if you want to go with that download the script from mega and look at qms demo video
>>30381851, you can ask anacreon for technical details
basically you need a clipboard inserter addon running on the inserter page in the back and the script copies the lines as they appear in mpv onto your clipboard so they show up on the page (one of the functions of the script) and from there you can do whatever you want with the text

if you want to use miniyogas script mpvacious you can have a look at his github page pretty sure he linked it last thread

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yeah but mpv doesnt load the script
lol i bet you are like that other 22 year old kid calling others zoomers
i use linux and im older than you

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>i use linux
no you dont, if you did you would have just named the distro

>> No.30382617

he's embarrassed because he uses ubuntu and thinks he's cool despite not knowing how file extensions work

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*grabs some dish soap and washes the grease off her face*

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zoom zoom

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no need for that bro *uses my tongue*

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my retention went up 23.7% after switching to mining from a core deck

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/int/djt says use 2k/6k
jp/djt/ says use 2.3k
fuck what do I use

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lol i use it because my laptop is slow as shit so it doesnt run windows.
yeah sure you know how file extensions work on windows since you think you simply have to rename it but its still a text file and mpv doesnt recognize it haha
blow your head off 22 year old teen

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core 2k is outdated garbage

>> No.30382760

u go back to int

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both are wrong, use core10k after 10k hours of subbed anime

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it doesn't matter

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i use arch

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golly gee should you use the deck straight derived from a newspaper or the optimized deck that incorporates vncore and/or removes a bunch of faggot ass newspaper words that will be uncommon in the media you're likely to read/watch.

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nuke is getting roasted on reddit.

>> No.30382865

tango since it helps with reading, the only reason you use one to start with is because reading is hard with 0 known words

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newbie here how would you translate that?
> 全てを賭けた戦い
i know zenbu o kaketa means to wager everything, afterwards comes tatakai, but there should not be a particle between kaketa and tatakai?

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just feel it out

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>> No.30382972

read tae kim before posting any more beginner questions

>> No.30382976

revise what different stems do to verbs

>> No.30382984

everything before tatakai is describing tatakai

>> No.30382989

It's not even a case of "feel it out" since i can obviously get the meaning, but there shouldnt be a "no" between those two words?

>> No.30382990

there are no newspaper words

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you won't be able to say any words when i'm choking the life out of your stupid pedantic ass

>> No.30383018

been away for a few days, but wanted to reassure everyone that i still listen to this every day

>> No.30383023

really would love to skin alive all the pretentious retards in this thread
dont care if i had to spend eternity in jail it would be worth torturing every single one of you slowly
the thought of gouging your eyes out tearing your fingernails out one by one removing your teeth with pliers and then beating you like a punching bag until youre a lifeless carcass makes me shiver in angear and excitment

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this is /int/ question

>> No.30383049

don't care

>> No.30383053

and arousal?

>> No.30383055

this hateful stuff is just gross

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why the fuck are you asking this dumb ass question there's a 100% chance you're wrong not the sentence

>> No.30383097

some of y'all never got hugged as kids and it shows

>> No.30383116

but being a pretentious retard isnt ?
go fuck yourself you stupid fucking worm

>> No.30383138

wtf no of course it's not. at least not to the same level

>> No.30383145

its always a case of feeling it out
even when u come across something thats not grammatically correct(this is not one of them btw)its still more right than u are rn

>> No.30383146

not everyone spent summers in uncle touchys puzzle basement like you

>> No.30383147

can you link some pretentious posts so were on the same page here

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>> No.30383157

you disgust me

>> No.30383171

there shouldnt
read more
see it more often
feel it out

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i know you are here og and i know you are one of the pretentious retards
the things i and the bros would do to you if i ever found out where u live would make junko furuta think she had it good

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u got problems

>> No.30383273

lightbulb in bagina :DDDD

>> No.30383285

u triggered bro

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eternally thankful im not an edgy cringelord like this dude

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/int/ djt is the legit japanese thread so 2k/6

this is the e-celeb thread

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Ankidrone starter pack V2

New version: https://files.catbox.moe/cxcsq7.apkg

You know that in Japanese the most common 1000 words cover 75% of the language. Therefore beginners are advised to quickly memorize (frontload) them using the SRS.

This deck is designed to help you quickly learn core Japanese vocabulary. The deck consists of 3 sub decks. In three subdecks there are much more than 1000 cards (over 11000), so learn all cards from the first subdeck, and use the rest of the cards as a supplement to the sentence mining phase, and in cases where you cannot find sentences for certain words on your own.

If you already have a lot of words in Anki, I recommend sorting the entire deck using Morphman.

>> No.30383342

gonna have to ask the edgelord to leave as he kills the positive vibes

>> No.30383373

kys goatfucker go suck nigger dick

>> No.30383389

since jamal for banned there are no positive vibes, he's coping in his own way like we all are

>> No.30383420

wish i could time travel to 2011 and start a friendship with matt and we could learn japanese together

>> No.30383424

dont care

>> No.30383427

ah i see thanks anons, i was wondering if it was one of those case of the sentence some elements since they can be understood via context, might have to brush up my grammar, i've read tae kim but it was like a year ago.
Do you guys recommend "understanding japanese"?

>> No.30383447

i recommend reading japanese

>> No.30383448

yeah i do recommend understanding japanese there's nothing better

>> No.30383452

i recommend checking out >>>/int/djt for beginner resources

>> No.30383453

never heard of it

>> No.30383469

don't understand how you can joke about that, you made me google Junko Furuta and i'm heartbroken now

>> No.30383494

that's the first time you've seen a relative clause in a year? get your act together

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>> No.30383505

don't tell me it's that one torture story that i don't like thinking about and makes me sad when i do

>> No.30383518

she would never even know you existed retard
if you wanna get heartbroken just get mad at japan for being a shithole where its easier to pretend theres nothing wrong going on than do something about it

>> No.30383546

she was asking for it, all tarted up on her bicycle

>> No.30383571

i've been focusing on building up a vocab for the last year

>> No.30383572

read genki, genki 2, and tobira

>> No.30383578

well she was a whore that fucked around if she was a normal woman that probably wouldnt have happened

>> No.30383580

shit like that happens everywhere in japan it just becomes big news cuz theres nothing else going on

>> No.30383610

you should watch raw anime then you'll never do that gay thing where you try to decode stuff and ask dumb questions because you think there aren't enough particles

>> No.30383632

finna read

>> No.30383635

The latest version of the mpv add-on for sentence mining can always be found here https://github.com/Ajatt-Tools/mpvacious
Video demo: https://youtu.be/vU85ramvyo4

>Windows 7 notes:
* You need to install curl from https://curl.haxx.se/
>MacOS notes:
* Use jpg instead of webp in your snapshot_format setting
* brew install the latest version of MPV
>FireFox notes:
* You'll likely need to use this clipboard inserter page https://pastebin.com/hZ4sawL4.

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fuck off with that e-celeb shit

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well just ignore everything your brain is trying to tell you about what's write and wrong and just accept what you read is correct and spend the next 5 years reading and you might recover from that

>> No.30383685

thank you sir

>> No.30383707

is it naka or chuu?

>> No.30383748

dont know how you can read that
those big milk sacks are constantly distracting me

>> No.30383749

>1000 words cover 75% of the language

>> No.30383750

looks horrible

>> No.30383760

this is an intermediate thread

>> No.30383766

read more

>> No.30383793

no it's not i've been here for years and no one told me to leave
don't want to. is it chuu?

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>> No.30383812

you are not human. i feel sad for you

>> No.30383822

you don't really notice them after a while and the game is really fun

>> No.30383828

2.3k is the improved core 3k
3k is the improved version of core 2k/6k

people that don't recommend core 2.3k are people that don't know what it is

>> No.30383833

then cuddle with me and let me fill your insides with my seed so i can feel better

>> No.30383841

it's a quote taken straight from the MIA website if you haven't noticed.

>> No.30383844

>50 minutes of video
really nigga?
do you think i am going to watch all that shit?

>> No.30383845

you've been here for years and you can't read 朝ご飯中? djt btfo..

>> No.30383852

simp lol

>> No.30383871

doesnt matter how long you're here if you don't actually consoom

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if it's core it's shit. easy as 1+1.
but it's okay, you can try Ankidrone starter pack from here >>30383321

>> No.30383901

i started learning japanese three years ago and i can barely watch keion

>> No.30383903


>> No.30383918

inside breakfast?

>> No.30383924

shut the fuck up you retarded shill

>> No.30383928

why do you call yourself "mini" in that picture?
are you small? is your dick small?

>> No.30383954

this is your brain on ecelebs

>> No.30383988

does it bother you to see people like quiz, moe and bunko get fluent in front of your eyes?

>> No.30384009

quiz and moe arent fluent

>> No.30384016

no because they actually put effort into it i dont even do anki and read when i feel like it which is like twice a week

>> No.30384020

no since we have different values.

>> No.30384021

no it's because the yoga in that picure is small (child-size). yoga is good at jap so you better listen to him and 磨く your ass.
i look nothing like yoga if you're wondering

>> No.30384043

looking like another win for the bunkoboys

>> No.30384045

yeah they are don't be jealous

>> No.30384050

is it asagohan chuu ?
i quit japanese 11 months again i just come here for entertainment

>> No.30384054


>> No.30384071

wondering if that anon ever finally fucked his nieces that thought he was cool

>> No.30384093

post pics of what you look like

>> No.30384094

is that you robert?

>> No.30384104


>> No.30384138

you think that guy really wants to fuck his mom or just shit posting lol

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>> No.30384152

apparently been 4 days since the last time i repped on anki

>> No.30384183

10 months here

>> No.30384190

dunno bro, i still wanna know if that thanksgiving guy actually lost his finger

>> No.30384195

matt has outright admitted that he is incapable of a relationship with someone and only uses them to pad his own ego with learning japanese

>> No.30384229

damn bro dudes got issues probably stemming from his dads

>> No.30384266

nukemarine on the front page of reddit lets fucking goooooooooooooooooooooo

>> No.30384285

proud of him

>> No.30384292

woah really *pauses immersion*

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remember when you guys thought i was making a comeback? LOL IDIOTS!

>> No.30384356

really proud of you, 2021 is gonna be a great year

>> No.30384359

who are you tho

>> No.30384378

Today’s fun new idiom!


And it’s from the Analects, so it’s intellectual, ‘n shit!

>> No.30384436

>sucking pus from carbuncles and licking hemorrhoids
based japs

>> No.30384457

confucius was chinese bro

>> No.30384469

based chinks

>> No.30384590

thanks i guess? i failed though

someone that's failing longer and harder than even leyline guy


>> No.30384607

hope u fucking die

>> No.30384642

yeah i thought about that guy a few times too

>> No.30384688

haven't updated the animecards script since v10, had to format my pc over the weekend so i'm setting it up again and i can't get it to work. it doesn't have anything about ffmpeg in the config, i only had to change the image field to picture last time and the local media's all in the default folders. i'm without a doubt retarded, so what am i missing?

>> No.30384714

報恩謝徳, friend!

I hope your day is pleasurable and emotionally-fulfilling.

>> No.30384741

it doesnt use ffmpeg anymore

>> No.30384779

i think im top 20 percent here so n3

>> No.30384786

just read the config instructions in the file dude, it's all pretty simple

>> No.30384837

you're missing out on this new mining script https://youtu.be/vU85ramvyo4

>> No.30384859

yeah i think i'll need to look into the directory then as the built in clipboard inserter works fine

>> No.30384914
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don't forget to install gentoo before you install everything else.

>> No.30384916

clipboard inserter works? ok. 2 questions then

1) do the files appear in your collection.media folder?
2) does the sentence(s) get sent to your anki card?

>> No.30384958

Man, my beard is getting into that territory.

No, not a fat Linux geek.

Okay, not fat, anyway.

>> No.30384979

why the fuck dont you use the latest version?

>> No.30384988

reading comprehension

>> No.30384995

when one makes their own collection of /g/entoo bash scripts for anime card construction, they can truly say they made it

>> No.30385070

the files are in the media folder, but nothing gets sent to the anki card beyond the standard yomichan things

>> No.30385130

>anime card
i doubt i need to make trash cards
>card construction
we have mpvacious for video
for everything else you can use maim to screenshot things and dmenurecord to record audio

so basically we already have everything.

>> No.30385141

okay then the script isn't talking to anki-connect properly. if ur on windows 7 u might need to update powershell to the latest version. otherwise u mustve just typo'd one of the fields or some shit idk.

if all else fails hit control+d in mpv to enter debug mode. then try to make a card, then send me the log on discord. (in mpv.conf set log-file=C:\path\to\log.txt)

>> No.30385152

no one uses that its a middle eastern virus

>> No.30385164

I wrote a bash script to randomise kanji for study.

Sixteen years ago.

>> No.30385168

I've got an interview with a japanese company but I'm a dekinai, how do I impress them bros

>> No.30385207

start the interview with 私はアノンです

>> No.30385254

wotd: 加筆訂正

>> No.30385275

try to fit a 何でございましょうか somewhere in the convo

>> No.30385276
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Best part
>circlejerk with other pathetic manchildren
Worst part
>actually reading truth about your Jewish nature

>> No.30385281

wild that i probably wont be able to go to japan until 2022, woulda gone soon too if it werent for the damn chinese

>> No.30385305

oof just failed to infer what スクショ means

>> No.30385396

you American? Yeah, even after the vaccine has become widely available, we don’t want you. You, personally, are probably fine, but the whole world has finally awoken to the reality of Americans, overall, being selfish, disease-ridden lice.

Your passport is better used as rolling paper at this point.

>> No.30385470

Your words are too polite.


>> No.30385584

fuck japan and the retards who want to go there

>> No.30385603

gotta piss

>> No.30385604

yeah bro the collapse of the last 20th century superpower is upon us and the age of the new chinese superpower has begun
doesnt really matter where your from well all be learning chinese soon anyway

>> No.30385643

at least it will be easy cuz ive done rtk

>> No.30385712

think you meant to post this in int

>> No.30385751

the nani <-> nani word play is the best in japanese

>> No.30385855

Nah, telling fat plague rats to stay in their own leper colony is always good.

>> No.30385944

i'm the 竿役 of this thread

>> No.30386003


>> No.30386015

It's a relative clause.

全てを賭ける is a complete sentence
戦い is the noun that is nominalizing the preceding sentence to describe itself.

全てを賭ける "risk it all"
戦い "fight/battle"

全てを賭ける戦い A fight that will risk it all

>> No.30386074


>> No.30386103

the tweet replies are so fucking retarded. if your job depends on or is greatly enhanced (in some respects) by community outreach, matt can't just "go where there's fewer insults". it doesn't work that way. fucking christ.


>> No.30386215
File: 357 KB, 2069x969, 1607363635688.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone got more a updated version, or similar graphics to/like pic related?

>> No.30386244

stfu jamal

>> No.30386393

just got back from an orgy with all your moms and sisters

>> No.30386418

nice bro *high fives*

>> No.30386420
File: 40 KB, 692x277, vnnC0Kh8IG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anybody took the JLPT here?

>> No.30386425

im into mom ntr so thats pretty hot

>> No.30386463
File: 1.10 MB, 1186x7934, 1605423737693.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30386493

i'm doing 40 new cards a day and the number of daily reviews is skyrocketting (had 100+ reviews today)

is 40 new cards a day a normal amount or should i lower it?

>> No.30386531 [DELETED] 

crazy how im reading a manga whose anime ive already watched and i can easily understand the meaning of every sentence because i remember the plot even though i forgot some vocabulary this is great

>> No.30386550

wtf. first of all set it to zero new cards per day until you get your reviews under control (or just start over).

then set your new cards per day to 10. you can forecast out roughly how many "new cards" per day will turn into reviews per day with this tool https://pheartheceal.github.io/anki-optimizer/

>> No.30386560

just do what u can everyone has their own limits
but yes 50 cards a day is possible so ur a bitch if u cant do it

>> No.30386586

40 new cards is too much. I do 10-15 new cards a day and with decent (read: not default) anki settings I have at most 50-60 reviews every day and I've been doing this for almost a year now

>> No.30386656

how did you get it

>> No.30386721

Scooch over?

>> No.30386730

>be attention whore on youtube
>"wahh please don't criticize me!"

>> No.30386739

normal with respect to what
how much free time do you have and how much of it is left over for input after your reps, how much do you like/hate what youre doing in anki how motivated are you

>> No.30386753

do 200 new cards a day you pussy

>> No.30386764


>> No.30386811

also how much adderall is he willing to take

>> No.30386855

this is heartbreaking
kill yourself queef you are a sociopathic human garbage.

>> No.30386887

insane how it never occurs to these people to just read or watch something in japanese

>> No.30386888

If your goal is to win a scrabble championship 40 words a day is fine

>> No.30386910
File: 9 KB, 361x184, 1591837430651.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30386912

why do people like this exist

>> No.30386935

dont got time to read

>> No.30386948

or maybe he just wants to know more vocab faster? does this trigger you because your adhd brain cant do anki?

>> No.30386954

read 150k today

>> No.30386981

is it ankitard cope time already

>> No.30386982


>> No.30387004

get killed og you dumb fucking bitch im gonna tell you to die every day until you drop dead

>> No.30387009

but its clear from his post that his ambition and free time/tolerance are out of sync

>> No.30387024

nice try matto but i'm not qm i know way more nihongo than him haha

>> No.30387029


One of my anki decks I've been doing 40 cards a day for about a month and a half now. It evened out for me at just over 150 review cards a day plus the 40 new ones. My fail rate is like 3% so the total reviews aren't a ton higher than that.

So that's what you can expect if you keep going with it. Personally I would feel like I was restricting myself if I did less per day, but if you're not okay with your reviews going up to that total you can pull back on it. One way could be to do less new cards per day for a while until you feel like you want to add more again, if ever. To do that you could use the custom study button and add more new cards just for that day.

>> No.30387061

you cant acquire words from anki only memorize definitions hope this helps

>> No.30387066

these people just see "japanese" as some kind of checkmark to add to their "skillset"
they dont see it as a real world language, they just want to say they know japanese but they probably don't even enjoy or understand what japanese is

>> No.30387075
File: 61 KB, 1099x317, 1582753644236.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>goatfucker outsmarted

>> No.30387093

sorry what did you say? i cant hear you from over here you chinless inbred midget

>> No.30387136


>> No.30387176


>> No.30387186

big win for the 4chan moderation team

>> No.30387230
File: 728 KB, 1280x720, [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30387249


>> No.30387251

everyone that made it including me knows that so your ngmi

>> No.30387299


>> No.30387337


>> No.30387384


>> No.30387397

LMAO korone just got propositioned by a gay viking in the new assasin's creed and didn't know what to do

>> No.30387415

by the way, i'm interested in reading some japanese blogs, would it be ok to immerse in that instead of vinnies?

>> No.30387448

ironic weebs love korone

>> No.30387481

holy shit just do whatever you want dude im not your mom

>> No.30387487

yeah you said that last time very original

>> No.30387514

do whatever you want im not your dad

>> No.30387521

hey guys i'm interested in reading a blog that's in english but i heard i should read harry potter in english instead

>> No.30387563

Previous threads:
>>30348981 #2586
>>30312545 #2585
>>30258072 #2584

>> No.30387565

ok dad
ok mom

>> No.30387574


>> No.30387591

Yeah just ask permission first to make sure it a djt approved topic

>> No.30387617


>> No.30387695

why does billie jean got 75k dislikes on youtube

>> No.30387717

because saying shes just a girl is really rude to women

>> No.30387767

anyone cycle the しまなみ海道? planning on hitting it up when i go to japan and wondering average trip time for experienced cyclists

>> No.30387790

really like smooth criminal mv

>> No.30387809


>> No.30387842 [DELETED] 

you finnish?

>> No.30387858


i don't know any japanese but i like stupid noises this is why i am a korone fan (also miko) thank you for your understanding

>> No.30387880


>> No.30387885


>> No.30387886

ive done half of it, took like 4 hours i guess and that was my first time on a bike for 10 yrs lol was fuckin sick tho

>> No.30387887
File: 141 KB, 279x334, 1591840141696.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30387894

people push the wrong one accidentally more than you would think and that adds up on a video that probably has billions of views

>> No.30387965

can you read 挑む

>> No.30388034

damn this shit got almost 4 billion views

>> No.30388071

read it as ながむ for a second then quickly realized it was いどむ since you've been posting it here a lot because of the george incident

>> No.30388108

shit i was going to masturbate but i domt even remember where i was and i lost the boner

>> No.30388131

is that namasensei reading? hahaha holy shit my dude

>> No.30388178

it was ironic his wife is japanese

>> No.30388182

guessing it would take me 6-7 hours for the whole cycle then, thanks bro

>> No.30388222

who are you

>> No.30388254

a guy with a bicycle

>> No.30388268

say your name

>> No.30388297

They contacted me firstidk why but I'm not complaining
It's the American division, but I've been getting interviewed by people from the main branch.

>> No.30388337

>hahaha holy shit my dude
unironically kill yourself

>> No.30388374

gonna have to agree with this guy

>> No.30388376

that hurt me

>> No.30388408


>> No.30388466


>> No.30388479

hairy leg guy

>> No.30388500

whats ur problem

>> No.30388505

i wish i knew japanese so that i could read this comment section https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTyewgmEoGU

>> No.30388510


>> No.30388544

damn bitch give him a second he was about to say it and she blurted out the answer

>> No.30388622

she was probably so quick on it cuz it's a recurring thing in their life lmfao

>> No.30388654

dont understand why you want my name
im just a guy with a bicycle, isnt that good enough

>> No.30388679
File: 183 KB, 1080x916, Screenshot_20201208-053653_Firefox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

found the japanese equivalent of don't sign your posts

>> No.30388720

Don't follow JLPT shit.

I do 10 new cards a day, split between recall and recognition (yes, I also try to write the kanji I learn). So in reality, 5 new kanji a day.

>> No.30388852

what does it mean to sign your post i don't get it

>> No.30388883

its like

"i hate you all


>> No.30389031


>> No.30389034

nah i mean what does jamal mean by that when he says that stupid shit

>> No.30389094

ohh, shoulda said so from there start
its like

"i hate you all


>> No.30389099

low iq

>> No.30389115

the signature where you sign your post always comes at the end. it's also common to end a post with an insult like "shut the fuck up idiot" which can be interpreted as "shut the fuck up - idiot" i.e. you signed the post with "idiot" meaning you're an idiot

>> No.30389178

that's such a dumb way to dizz someome

>> No.30389218

always think it’s funny when mentally ill people knowing less japanese than me want to statements about my comprehension

>> No.30389220

you should sign your posts at the end not the middle

>> No.30389230

>inb4 10,000 replies from victims of quiz derangement syndrome

>> No.30389236

i like my explanation better

>> No.30389240

i know more japanese than you

>> No.30389279

i made eggs and bacon at 12:30 am

>> No.30389315

What I can understand is that the "signing your post" call-out is directed towards the guy who said 「きも」 ("gross"), so it's like he's signing off as that even though he intended to insult the original post there. Think of it as a "signature," I guess.

>> No.30389347


>> No.30389373


>> No.30389482

really feeling the second hand embarrassment here

>> No.30389566

sometimes i feel like a biologist watching unstudied creatures interact

>> No.30389618

gonna have to agree with the anger behind this post while rejecting the command

>> No.30389673

kys ngmi don't sign ur posts don't care read more isn't reading let's fuck goooo

>> No.30389703

you've got a serious case of djt derangement syndrome

>> No.30389827

dont care

>> No.30389916

Amazing... the meme about autists actually spells out what Adderall does, thus making the meme itself autistic.

>> No.30389944

my friends imouto just messaged me again
thinking she hasnt given up on me

>> No.30390001

No, but since I’m super-close-by in Akita, will definitely do so this year.

>> No.30390009

the bible method

memorize the bible like a good christian
read the translation in the target language

>> No.30390021


>> No.30390053


>> No.30390078

う凪 is kinda clever, though.

Also tasty.

Fuck, now I want unagi...

>> No.30390081

akita is the other side of japan how is that close

>> No.30390083

i plan on reading the bible some day

>> No.30390105

hope you mean akitakata not akita
the route is all the way down in shikoku

>> No.30390137

Northern Honshu. I could literally bike to the start of the route in a day.

>> No.30390199

I know, I totally plan to do it. I love Shikoku, haven’t been there for years.

Although, I should probably consider getting a proper bike, not using the ままちゃり I’m usually rocking,

>> No.30390334

i'd karate kick your bike if you ever rode by me

>> No.30390346

I read 風 as ふう how close am I?

>> No.30390350

? its in hiroshima wtf are you talking about

>> No.30390388

look bro you cant bike from even the southern end of akita prefecture to shikoku in a day
thats like 1000km

>> No.30390433

my wrist is fucked. creating anki cards hurts
i can only read know

>> No.30390464

invest in a foot pedal for anki reps

>> No.30390515

there was a few weeks where i didn't read because my wrist hurt and i couldn't hover over words easily.

>> No.30390548

wish i was a child with a plastic brain so that i could actually acquire japanese

>> No.30390555

Oh yeah? I bike nearly two hours, hard, every day. Trust me, I can do it. My upper body ain’t so great, but my legs? 済勝之具.

Definitely gonna do it this year.

>> No.30390596

i'll make your brain plastic right now *bashes skull against the wall* haha jk i wouldn't do that

>> No.30390599

the world record for km biked in a day is like 800 why are you this retarded

>> No.30390650

If you cram enough Legos up your nose, you’ll have plastic *in* your brain, and be about as intelligent as a child.

>> No.30390678

It’s really that far? Alright, two days.

>> No.30390721

done arguing with this dude
hes obviously not serious

>> No.30391007

Seriously, I didn’t realise it was quite that far, but I’m definitely gonna do it this year, even if it does take a bit longer than I’d thought.

>> No.30391297

Can't learn japanese if you're fucking old.

>> No.30391333
File: 253 KB, 1147x886, bike-to-shikoku-in-one-day.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30391343
File: 339 KB, 1834x1080, IMG_20201208_015106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

woah bros

>> No.30391401

You’re right, you’re right, it’s a lot farther than I’d thought. This country sometimes feels a bit smaller than it really is.

>> No.30391461


>> No.30391495

wanna cruise on kaidous with the djt crowd like in that pic

>> No.30391552

yeah youll have to plan a couple day trip probably
dont need to bring your own bike though which is nice, they got decently priced rentals on either side of the 街道

>> No.30391805

yo if you serious make sure you get in shape while things are still closed
once i save up money and japan reopens id definitely appreciate a cycling partner

>> No.30391844

i do 10k runs 2x a week but riding a bike would definitely kill my legs

>> No.30391995

pretty much, different muscles and all that
しまなみ海道 is particularly brutal for cycling newbies with a lot of elevation changes along the way

>> No.30393368

I was thinking of buying a new bike soon, anyway, so this a great excuse.

When I say I bike a lot, I mean it. I just a few months ago had to get the cassette replaced on my bike because the chain kept slipping. You know how much use it takes to wear down a cassette? The bike (or its owner) usually falls apart first.

>> No.30393431

I pop into these threads from time to time, so if you want some company, mention it around March or April.

Shikoku is fucking beautiful. I’ve been meaning to get back there for fifteen years now.

>> No.30393471

Yeah, I easily bike two hours a day, but running still wrecks my legs for a while.

>> No.30393501

I'm too old and too stupid to learn japanese and my life is essentially over

>> No.30393667

I didn’t start learning Japanese until I was twenty-four.

Your life is over only when you say it is.

Or you die. That’ll do it also.

>> No.30393770


>> No.30393898

do i speak fluently? fuck yeah i do
can i carry on a conversation with anyone? yes
can i speak business level and conduct business in japanese and get paid for it? every day

>> No.30393901

sure thing bro, looking forward to it

>> No.30393967

if someone gave you one day to practice, would you be able to recite all the lines from an episode of your favorite anime in japanese without looking?

>> No.30394007

you mean is it possible to memorize an anime episode in a day
i wager it's doable

>> No.30394040
File: 151 KB, 850x895, 1518213063389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

alright my language school just started winter break and I want to fuck a nip girl. Is there a Japanese website that does what backpage/craglist did before they got nuked from the internet? if no websites exist what escort industry slang Japanese do I need to put into a search engine?

>> No.30394057

young people don't learn things because they're dumb
old people don't learn things because they're lazy

>> No.30394059

yeah memorize it and recite all the lines in order without looking would you be able to do it

>> No.30394088


I can recite the 以呂波 from memory, but it was meant as a mnemonic, so maybe that doesn’t count.

>> No.30394114

You came to the wrong ‘hood, nigga.

>> No.30394118

yeah i think so but can't say i want to try because it's a lot of work

>> No.30394278


>> No.30394371

dont care if hes trash namasensei was my hero like ten years ago

>> No.30394391

but is he objectively as good as quizmaster? didn't think so bro

>> No.30394488

yeah but quiz isnt my hero
never was, never will be

>> No.30394584

checkmate, another win for quizmaster

>> No.30396018
File: 38 KB, 500x500, 1585458501557.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao sucks to suck. 30 mins later and putting Enjo kōsai onto a certain Japanese search engine the first result is a guys website dedicated to teaching you how to find Japanese girls to fuck through various social media. easy peasy lemon squeezy gate keeper-kun. now if you will excuse me I need to go fuck a nip or get fucked by yakuza or get fucked by Japanese police. Whatever happens first I suppose

>> No.30396112


>> No.30396355

>qm is here yet again
i knew he would come back but fuck. the threads are so much better without him

>> No.30396595

I can objectively prove that threads with QM are 32.4% better

>> No.30397212

consuming material that is slightly above your level is obviously better than anything you find

there is a pool of words, words that you are ready for. if you see them in shorter intervals you'll obviously master them quicker than if you see a lot of words, hard words, all the time

you gotta remember that our memories suck and the longer you go without seeing the word the weaker your memory of that word gets (before you acquire it)

>> No.30397392

yup, that is another win for quizmaster

>> No.30397495

missed you anon where you been?

>> No.30397518


>> No.30397559

listening to my chemical romance and cutting myself

>> No.30397594

spent all night finishing a vinnie thinking i only had a few hours left and ruined my sleep schedule again

>> No.30397835

gettin ready for the long and arduous 2 hour bike ride from one end of japan to the other
wish me luck bros

>> No.30397928

boy howdy i sure wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of the quiz master, look at all these wins he's racking up!

>> No.30398008

Jeez, I admitted I was way off; give a guy credit for admitting wrongness.

In my defense, I usually travel from west to east, and that is a very short distance, pretty much anywhere, compared to that from Hokkaido to Kyushu.

>> No.30398185

stfu quiz

>> No.30398349

wow なんて偶然 me too

>> No.30398681
File: 110 KB, 777x703, yab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30398683


>> No.30398820

before watching and just reading the title my guess would be optimal input is a conversation.

>> No.30399027

7:54 well, i wasn't wrong

>> No.30399138

So apparently a 6 year old Japanese child knows around 5000 words, yet in the 6k core deck words like 行政 and other "adult" vocabulary start popping up at around 2000 words and I doubt a Japanese kid knows words like this. I certainly didn't know the word administration when I was that age.
So what kinds of words to Japanese kids know that give them a vocab of 5000 words?

>> No.30399162

probably shit like わんちゃん and ちんちん

>> No.30399172

cute cameo at the end

>> No.30399222

lmao, saved.

>> No.30399275

core deck is a frequency deck based on newspapers so expect strange words popping in weird places

>> No.30399293

Probably a large number of onomatopoeic and mimetic words.

Also, “knowing” a word is vague. You probably knew the word “concession” from the age of six of so, but could not define it until your twenties.

>> No.30399295


>> No.30399297

(wife voice) 動画

>> No.30399325

can you give toshinou kyouko a break from dancing on your site? she must be tired as fuck already.

>> No.30399332

if u didn't know what vernal equinox and temperate zone meant at age 5 ur ngmi

>> No.30399383

we've been laughing at 動画ビデオ guy for ages but its time to cut him some slack, at least he knows the word.

>> No.30399394

dunno when i was age 5 i was licking lichen and moss on trees and shitting myself

>> No.30399400


>> No.30399409

djt you've got about 1 minute to tell me ワンコイン meaning or else i'm going to start talking about output again

>> No.30399411

yorishiiikuu onegaaaaishiimassss

>> No.30399432

one coin so hard haha

>> No.30399437
File: 77 KB, 828x1022, 8K graphics looks really crisp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30399443


>> No.30399466


>> No.30399482

u think og can read this? lol

>> No.30399485

are you retarded?

>> No.30399494

are you

>> No.30399504

>normal people talk about their families, and these days they talk about donald trump
every time lmao

>> No.30399512

no because i am actually able to understand subtleties

>> No.30399513

Hey everyone, I'm pretty confused about this. I'm hoping some of you know the answer:

Why is it that in the sentence "I want to eat sushi" (私は寿司が食べたいです) we use the が particle but in the sentence "I want to learn more Japanese" (私はもっと日本語を習いたいです)we use the particle を, even though both are about wanting to do something? Thanks.

>> No.30399523


>> No.30399533

more like you're missing the context. specifically how that term is used means a certain thing which is something you pick up by talking to natives or spending time in japan

>> No.30399536


>> No.30399546

>no because I'm actually able to understand subtitles
ftfy looooool

>> No.30399547

yup this guy needs dolly

>> No.30399572

Because 習う is a transitive verb, while 〜たい is grammatically, an adjective.

>> No.30399583

I know this is just copy paste bait but once you turn a verb into an "adjective" you're free to choose between が and を

>> No.30399587
File: 484 KB, 666x738, meirochan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are we hyped or what boys

>> No.30399604

what am i missing
it's one coin of money
you don

>> No.30399624

hate how perverts ruined legit asmr
>if nb4 not real
npc filter

>> No.30399633

*you don't need to live in japan to understand this lmao

>> No.30399675

since no one else got it
ワンコイン refers to something that costs a single 500 yen coin only. usually a meal but it's a common marketing strategy these days and if you see it on a sign or something that's what it means

>> No.30399684


>> No.30399689

>which is something you pick up by talking to natives or spending time in japan
seen lots of ワンコインメニュー bought at fastfood stores in vinnies so no you don't need to be a normie for that lol

>> No.30399721

except it doesnt exclusively refer to 500 yen lol

>> No.30399733

funny how you said that right after no one else got it and i gave the answer out hmmmm

>> No.30399739

I would just pay with a 50 yen coin and then because I'd be technically correct and because the Japanese are spergs that don't like confrontation I would just get the 500 yen thing for 50

>> No.30399748

kill yourself normie

>> No.30399758

it almost always does because 100円 is already its own thing

>> No.30399773

the fact that you wouldnt be technically correct is exactly why it doesnt literally mean "one coin"

>> No.30399824


>> No.30399877

big win for og

>> No.30399928

the women's voices going "go home" are so funny

>> No.30399932

it still means literally one coin though as it says in every fuckin dictionary in existence

>> No.30399966


>> No.30399986

which was my entire point that you can't just sperg on dictionary and need to experience the culture firsthand through output and native connections. do you know how long it takes for english-isms to make it into the dictionary?

>> No.30400029

wrong and you cant convey close to the same meaning in english by saying "one coin"

>> No.30400036

one coin guy is right cuz if a jap went to europe and bought a hamburger for 1 euro they'd still call it ワンコイン so if you're just asking for the general meaning there's no reason to こだわる about the 500 yen

>> No.30400088

lmao you're all so dumb wasting time getting hung up on trifling shit like one coin. go immerse you goddamn idiots!

>> No.30400108

you just explained why he was wrong though

>> No.30400150
File: 114 KB, 2005x1054, 1607095627736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

either you shut the fuck up or im gonna make you shut up with my cock down your throat.

>> No.30400232


>> No.30400267

youve literally stated that ワンコイン would be used for shit other than coins and you're trying to tell me its meaning would be "one coin"

>> No.30400282

インキー, マッチポンプ and ヘアマニキュア are the worst wasei eigos ever

>> No.30400286

nta but your argument is a stupid as saying スナック can mean a snack as well

>> No.30400315

>youve literally stated that ワンコイン would be used for shit other than coins
where the fuck did i say that lol
>it's one coin of money

>> No.30400345

>where the fuck did i say that lol
>if a jap went to europe and bought a hamburger for 1 euro they'd still call it ワンコイン

>> No.30400368

yes because 1 euro is also a coin how stupid are you

>> No.30400425

well 1 dollar is a bill, how could eops possibly have known?
btw 2 euro is also a coin.

>> No.30400440

oh ok i didnt know i just wanted to defend og

>> No.30400501

im eop and my country uses euro
eop isnt excuse to be a disgusting amerifat

>> No.30400513

huge loss for output girl

>> No.30400538

how do you guys get roped into such stupid conversations.. like moths to the flame

>> No.30400664

too few people doing this: https://streamable.com/tgr1fk

>> No.30400683

hows it feel that i knew which vid that was gonna be

>> No.30400716

pretty good

>> No.30400776


>> No.30400850

y'all dumb as fuck but that's a win for og here

>> No.30400881


i don't know man there's some shit on dlsite that blows most sfw creators out of the water

>> No.30400946

idk i think its another win for moe but at this point hes in a league of his own. must be a sad feeling to reach the top and theres no one else there

>> No.30401051

very true

>> No.30401092
File: 84 KB, 351x432, 13be0ea1687d5314ecdd89074fd30408.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there are no 10/10 ja-

>> No.30401124

she looks retarded

>> No.30401139

fuck bros i want to leave this house

>> No.30401173

oh shit kson yea been crushing on her for a min

>> No.30401202
File: 28 KB, 450x600, VMeHblJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

turn your monitor on, etc

>> No.30401280

really sad there is no better visual novel than 装甲悪鬼村正 having experienced the best from the start makes experiencing everything else half as exciting

>> No.30401281
File: 129 KB, 675x1200, D_CiEGTXYAA_QDJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ye didnt kno i had a thing for girls in glasses

>> No.30401306

cant relate

>> No.30401320

dunno imo 陵辱相姦図強制妊娠精液地獄 kinda blows it out of the water

>> No.30401345

being this hot shouldn't be allowed

>> No.30401371

bet you didn't even play 10% of the games on Jamal's chart

>> No.30401374

where is bunko bro, need some actual good posts rather than these busus

>> No.30401437

never enjoyed a vn and never will

>> No.30401438

bunko bro is pure cringe and if he comes hes ill make sure he gets b& for being underage

>> No.30401477

he quit and went to quizs discord

>> No.30401484

idk but he didn't play those games either haha especially not in japanese

>> No.30401513

jamal derangement syndrome

>> No.30401515

another win for queef

>> No.30401528

even when he did play stuff in japanese he admits to skipping shit if its too hard lol, must have sucked to learn japanese back then

>> No.30401632

big win for the j man

>> No.30401913

what is she talking about
tea or coffee
shut up noisy bitch

>> No.30402045


>> No.30402053

the proof that japanese is impossible is that i've been studying 3 (three) languages for one month and i'm already better at them than japanese. lol

>> No.30402083

is this supposed to impress me

>> No.30402153

wow i can also learn how to speak english with a silly accent or dialect in a month, ur not special, noone cares

>> No.30402225

need an eta on jamals return bros i cant handle this

>> No.30402231

how long have you been learning japanese

>> No.30402255
File: 6 KB, 240x240, 1568520272426.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30402278

he lost me on the garlic

>> No.30402379


>> No.30402505

this guy is literally me. well until he got to christcuckery

>> No.30402532

sry don't speak cantonchong

>> No.30402551

ching chong ching cheen

>> No.30402564

how many are we going to lose to cyber punk

>> No.30402591

i'm sure you can find equivalent content in other threads

>> No.30402602

wow i want to fuck her

>> No.30402604

anybody gone to cyberpunk is a win for us

>> No.30402650

never buying a game at launch

>> No.30402778

ching chong ching pong

>> No.30402842

youve missed out. buying skyrim at launch was a spiritual experience

>> No.30402931

it was a trash game then and remains trash, redditor

>> No.30402959

>not playing cyberpunk in japanese

>> No.30402987


>> No.30403007

ill watch vtubers play it so im gmi

>> No.30403040
File: 47 KB, 720x619, Eofjgr0UcAAUwt1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30403079

it makes me mad when they play games with english audio when they could play in japanese

>> No.30403094

click the edit button and cut the silence in the beginning its triggering me

>> No.30403105

could tell cyberpunk would be dog shit since the day it was announced

>> No.30403109

don't play normie games

>> No.30403136

jokes on him my nearsightedness corrects to perfect underwater vision so i'm clearly just evolving

>> No.30403178

dunno why ffmpeg fucked up cutting the video so much

>> No.30403209

the marketing and every about it is certainly bland, but for someone reason it hasnt mattered

>> No.30403233

you can't cut mp4 (with ffmpeg) without rerendering, something to do with keyframes and shit that is why you have delayed audio and the still frame at the start

>> No.30403255

x264? sometimes it includes the previous keyframe for me too and i have no idea why

>> No.30403300

after cutting it and playing it on streamable audio and shit is fixed, no clue whats going on

>> No.30403361

streamable probably reencoded it after your edit

>> No.30403604

i was almost crippled by native content


>> No.30403670

well when your previous game is one of the few AAA games that actually gives a fuck about the writing, you get some leeway

>> No.30403691

what are the most common mistakes native japanese make in their own language? i don't mean intentional corruptions or getting lazy with particles stuff that shows how an educated they are on their own grammar

>> No.30403734

dropping い from ている

>> No.30403788

い nominalizing verbs that do not do that.

>> No.30403791

everything a native produces is correct

>> No.30403809

mixing up similar sounding kanji for compound words in handwriting
the ime takes care of that for you

>> No.30403810

that's intentional and not even incorrect, retard

>> No.30403876

can you give an example?

>> No.30403881

this but unironically

>> No.30403893

is that you og

>> No.30403934

english good is very enjoy yes? love english do i as englishman am happy face

>> No.30403985

nice try esl

>> No.30403988

dunno possibly leaving out the ら in られる verb conjugations but it seems to be accepted now so not a mistake it's def not nice japanese if that's what ur going for other than that definitely kanji readings if you watch any lets player read some japanese you will find they do reading mistakes all day long

>> No.30404013



now i'm curious about reading it

>> No.30404042

correct fluently is not the same as correct grammatically, and japanese are autistic about 正しく so 国語 teachers who are natives themselves would disagree with you

>> No.30404064

gr8 post really brought out the retards

>> No.30404084

saying stuff like すごい美味しい
it should be すごく obviously but this is so common now it can't be considered a mistake
also people say stuff like つまらなさそう when it should be つまらなそう because they're used to saying なさそう

>> No.30404209

truly, also shows how bad quiz really is lmao. only correct answer so far are these two

>> No.30404335
File: 31 KB, 348x500, 41ZJE6Jb9IL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

got a book recommendation for you guys

>> No.30404370

yeah i'm completely destroyed what will i do

>> No.30404380

why would you think that's og? if anything she was probably surprised to learn she's supposed to have the い in there

>> No.30404393

yup time for another quiz ragequit

>> No.30404409

that is one clickbait book title

>> No.30404428

do zoomers actually try to click on books as if they're tablets?

>> No.30404433

would probably read this

>> No.30404462

if you think leaving out ら isnt intentional, you really are pretty dekinai

>> No.30404468

she has some weird opinions about what "correct japanese" is (like it being illegal to write inu in hiragana)

>> No.30404536

she seems to base what natives do most often as dogma

>> No.30404602

unfortunately she has no idea what natives do she just thinks she does

>> No.30404641

i only read the first sentence before replying so the 'intentional' wasn't something i considered only mistakes related to speaking nice clean japanese and idk why you keep wanting to make judgements about my japanese level just shows how insecure you are, i'm fluent bro

>> No.30404699

yea it's another win for quiz

>> No.30404715

she does to some degree but it's filtered through her own experience in wherever she stayed and her mediocre level

>> No.30404736

if im allowed to cope for a second

>> No.30404747

It was fixed in the ankidrone starter pack
see >>30383321

>> No.30404754

>do i speak fluently? fuck yeah i do

>> No.30404796

nice cope but you still didn't give a good answer to the actual question unlike some other anons. surprising since you're so quick to pick out other anons mistakes in japanese but can't think of any good examples from natives from all the reading you do and the so-called natives in your pisscord

>> No.30404804

I use this mpv add-on

>> No.30404894




>> No.30405017

yeah yeah keep crying bitch you still suck at japanese and you can't even tell native mistakes cuz you can't write a single sentence without jsl mistakes what do you even want to argue here get off my back

>> No.30405052

may i be pardoned for 1 cope

>> No.30405072

yea that happens to me a lot

>> No.30405078

just 1 cope

>> No.30405100

and QM wins again, how does he keep doing it?

>> No.30405318

>you can't write a single sentence without jsl mistakes

>> No.30405567


>> No.30405638
File: 14 KB, 742x141, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30405691

you accidentally put some dakuten in there

>> No.30405702


>> No.30405750


>> No.30405931
File: 6 KB, 336x130, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30406032


>> No.30406041


>> No.30406224
File: 144 KB, 1901x1079, 9d91b0330eab42ab955a2564e95cff63.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when the mc uses 僕

>> No.30406226


>> No.30406287

i feel like I've made far more progress in actually understanding japanese since I quit doing anki and put all that time into more reading and watching anime

>> No.30406296

dunno bro sinji uses boku and nge is the greatest anime of all time

>> No.30406310
File: 18 KB, 491x130, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all that time
you were probaly using anki wrong

>> No.30406316

>12 hours old
>Almost on page 10
When is holoshit going to get its own board?

>> No.30406373
File: 57 KB, 401x301, ankivest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30406374

imagine giving a fuck about the board.

>> No.30406546

just like how /pol/ keeps all the racist kids contained?

>> No.30406749
File: 43 KB, 600x574, satanget.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i said so and so it is.

>> No.30406967

bunko is too 真面目 and normie for this place and i mean that in a nice way. I hope he gets a good job and family soon
4chan has always been reactionary and loud boardwide you are either new or triggered that the wind changed in a way that wasn't in your favor. And at any rate you get way more pol boogeyman posts than you do legitimate pol crossborders

>> No.30407037


>> No.30407458

say whatever about og but if you actually hate one of the most dekiru and decent people in the thread, you're just self-owning. bet you didn't say shit when we were getting raided yesterday, probably preferred it

>> No.30407468

the thread was much worse without them

>> No.30407499


>> No.30407518

>say whatever about og
why are you talking about yourself in the 3rd person lol

>> No.30407556

>it's either the namefags or the int raid
fucking radicalists

>> No.30407911

get killed simp

>> No.30407939

im a simp for jesus

>> No.30407997

why does he say くごけない instead of うごけない?

>> No.30408013

Hey bros, is it bad if you know how a word is red and 'know' what it means but can't exactly say in that moment?

for example I see this when reading 絡みつく, I have no idea what it means, but I figure that in context it means to envelop or twist around something?

>> No.30408027

he does say うごけない

>> No.30408178

that guys korean

>> No.30408207

wonder if it was vocal training practice that crippled his pronunciation lmao. we had vocal warm-ups in theater like that to help with diction

>> No.30408230

i mean he's a vocal coach, tell me that job doesn't attract the gay

>> No.30408350
File: 1.71 MB, 1080x1263, 1605680860471.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be le me
>open the djt to read with my morning coffee
>wonder if there's gonna be any good posts
>see le quizler make this epic post
>have a chuckle to myself

>> No.30408386

sexual orientation hasn't really come up in my convos i suppose
idk why this is expected anyway don't gays only make up like 1% of the population

>> No.30408464

>expects fags to spread their assholes and say irete to him on convo
yep, terminal aspergers

>> No.30408605


>> No.30408610

pausing my immersion for this

>> No.30408671

i have interacted with a tranny before because it was a stereotypical man "girl" and i made sure to act disgusted all throughout kind of like fuminori from saya no uta that situation idk their sexual orientation though

>> No.30408687

ok djt was pretty decent today gonna go back to watching korone-san play ac valhalla

>> No.30408707

>19/60 is a passing grade
the fuck, is this a joke

>> No.30408727

agree with the former just because countries like germany are incredibly degenerate these days, but as for the later i doubt it and you sound like you're trying to push your agenda with your "oh so many people are trans but they don't know it yet" crap. even quizlet isnt autistic enough to not notice a guy in a dress

>> No.30408739

meanwhile the tranner was looking at quiz and wondering if he's constipated LOL

>> No.30408750

for the section you retard

>> No.30408808

that doesn't make it more acceptable

>> No.30408813

probably realized you were just struggling with your own transition

>> No.30408864

kys and fulfill your statistical obligation

>> No.30408941

im watching sora play doubutsu no morai

>> No.30409025

think you mean to reply to quiz there

>> No.30409036

woah bruh don't cut yourself on that edge they're people too

>> No.30409067

t. ranny

>> No.30409101

no i just want a more welcoming and wholesome djt

>> No.30409110

'ates quiz but 'ates tranny normalizers even more

>> No.30409166

you mean mary?

>> No.30409180

>t. ranny that spams djt with rage over vag-havers

>> No.30409200

shut the fuck up faggot

>> No.30409299

blessed post

>> No.30409315

why would a man call himself mary?

>> No.30409427

i wanna man

>> No.30409428


>> No.30409449

mary/maria is a common second name for men in catholic regions of europe, especially germany

>> No.30409510

it's a touhou larp

>> No.30409512

>catholic regions of europe, especially germany

>> No.30409526

imagining quizlet likes to talk like this and thinks it's natural japanese lmao

>> No.30409543

you just made that up

>> No.30409551


>> No.30409575

chuuni shit sucks and is cringe and it's why matt and i hate otaku media. idk why quiz loves it so much

>> No.30409582

cuz they are ゲイ

>> No.30409586

stfu og you write nothing but unnatural japanese and have deluded yourself into thinking it's natural

>> No.30409638

it's mostly normal japanese but it's the coolest most epic vn to have ever been mad e

>> No.30409953

how can you rate a show highly if you didn't get it

>> No.30410041

clapping when you see all character development in the second half of the show undone as the main character decides to just indulge in a girl's delusions so that he can get in her pants... anyone who doesn't like this is a retard

>> No.30410047

i didn't feel anything watching nge
i even made sure to look up interpretations, analyses and story explanations so i knew exactly what was going on and the message i was supposed to get watching it
but i didn't feel like i got anything from nge, it wasn't enjoyable to watch and the themes don't resonate with me, the characters are not likeable and the plot mediocre dissolving into an incomprehensible mess at the end
i really think if you rated it highly you were probably influenced by the community around it and didn't form your opinion on your own

>> No.30410061

I don't autistic people are capable of understanding a story about depression

>> No.30410065
File: 24 KB, 645x222, 1577764835311.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30410077

did you even watch the show

>> No.30410085


>> No.30410086

one of the few times i agree with quizzler, nge is overrated cuckshit that had the opposite message of what it was intending. and i say that as a huge gainax fan

>> No.30410132

anime is

>> No.30410145

but seriously why do you talk like such an enormous fucking faggot?

>> No.30410195

ended up romanticizing shinjis situation because it was being too obtuse and not understanding its own medium and the low-iq of the masses that watch anime. literally created a bad-end that ended up being what masses chose and paved the way from modern anime

>> No.30410203

thanks, also I might as well ask this, I want to get into Berserk, but saw that the manga is not finished nor will be, but the anime is finished, is the anime any good?

>> No.30410210

stfu og

>> No.30410239

2011 one utter gobshite but the old one is alright, nothing spectacular though
may as well read it since the manga updates are fairly regular even if its slow

>> No.30410248

touched you noticed my ban was over i missed you too

>> No.30410370

1997 is the best. 2011 is the decent one. 2016/17 are the shit ones

>> No.30410389

fair i dont have more critical points other than mu follow up. its fun to just enjoy as an anime but trying to appreciate it any deeper than that wasn't rewarding for me. anno has a bad case of his conflicted hypocritical natures biting him in the ass in his works

>> No.30410532

i only have my own opinions

>> No.30410540

qm unironically endorses holocancer, no surprise his taste is shit

>> No.30410543

when you talk about otaku content you're like og talking about japanese, better keep your mouth shut.

>> No.30410545

i meant the big name 3x3s bro nobody knows who you are

>> No.30410588

what do i have to watch to like nge

>> No.30410602

i'm glad i don't define myself by the media i "consume"

*flips back to hololive stream*

>> No.30410607

>i only have my own opinions
>i really think if you rated it highly you were probably influenced by the community around it and didn't form your opinion on your own
what if people just fucking liked it you prick

>> No.30410609


>> No.30410720

another day
another vinnie route in the books

>> No.30410722

and who are you

>> No.30410758

feel it out.

>> No.30410785 [DELETED] 
File: 385 KB, 1611x2441, 1607382878488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a blonde that im gonna choke on my black dick.

>> No.30410871

that's correct 90% of the time

>> No.30410915

being a 25 year old man who defines yourself by your superior taste in cartoon porn kinetic novels is pathetic. getting made fun of for your gay taste and saying "i'm ALLOWED to have my own OPINION" is also pathetic

>> No.30410917

thats clearly some cool bro i mean look at that facial hair

>> No.30410995

nice projection.

>> No.30411108
File: 15 KB, 236x204, 7c37f23f346e6ad3766d11b4badefb21--yotsuba-laetitia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Play videogames with only giving about 10-20% effort in reading texts, basically just reading what I can, search a few words here and there but keeping it in the minimum as long as I get the gist of what is being said, also no mining
>do this for 2 to 3 hours a day
>read 1 to 2 chapters of a book making sure I get and comprehend each word and sentence, also mining as I go
>this is very slow and takes 1 to 2 hours just to finish it

I really want to get into intensive and extensive reading, is this a good start? I have only have a base of about 5.5/6k words at this point.

>> No.30411173

just anime mine visual novels

>> No.30411185

you have more than enough of a foundation. just remember that extensive reading is bolstered by stephen krashen's input hypothesis, active filter hypothesis, and pleasure hypothesis. have fun!

>> No.30411484

oh. never heard of that, thank you.

>> No.30411518

>this is called anime mining
no it's not

>> No.30411519


>> No.30411522


How tf do u guys get that disgusting feeling when you read large texts? its liek before I start its already mentally taxing

>> No.30411531

set rulePauseOther to 0 in localstorage if you really want to make it

>> No.30411547

does quiz ever feel disheartened coming here and realizing the vast majority of posters are never gonna make it

>> No.30411556

pretty sure matt invented it in one of his videos and queef just stole it and renamed it to fit his autism

>> No.30411665

the process is in the video is a bit outdated, i'll have to redo it all soon

>> No.30411674

cherry picking. gravure taste exists parallel to the norm. things are probably changing soon with western influence inevitably washing over but its still 下品

>> No.30411694

is this roberts new account

>> No.30411784

who are you and what did you contribute

>> No.30411798


>> No.30411812

i contribute shitposts

>> No.30411815

honestly i'm very deep into university work i have 3 homeworks to hand in this week alone and i need to catch up with several other subjects
even the time i'm posting i really shouldn't be but man what can you do

>> No.30412002


>> No.30412038


>> No.30412073

i have a degree... who do u think i am?

>> No.30412080

some faggots apply the ntr term too loosely, now it turns out that any whore walking around in the street with her boyfriend is cucking you.

>> No.30412135 [DELETED] 

Today I will be starting my journey learning japanese using the MIA. I have some experience with the language, as I've been taking weekly lessons these past two and a half months (which i soon came to realise wasn't the way for me)

I will be starting with RRTK and from then moving on to tango N5 etc. just how MIA suggests.

I would love to hear your recommendations for content that I can use for passive immersion. I have quite a bit of time from when I get up in the morning until I go to school, when I come home and do homework etc. which I could spend listening to native content. The problem is I have no idea where to start. Many threads I find people suggest things that are no longer available / up.

If you have any other tips and tricks that will help me on my journey then I would be very thankful to hear them and I apologise if this is the sort of post that comes up on this thread frequently.

>> No.30412137

i dont need to know who you are to know things about you

>> No.30412141

can't say i care

>> No.30412166

peppa pig

>> No.30412174


>> No.30412260


>> No.30412324


>> No.30412333

don't you know there is a discord raid on the thread just about every day i mean i read about it all the time in here so it must be true

>> No.30412361

nobody says that you must have misheard them

>> No.30412364

it doesnt cease to be the moans of an ugly bitch getting fucked by her boyfriend.

>> No.30412395

like seriously it's a public discord, anyone can make an alt and lurk there even jamal realizes this, that's why it's so stupid that og and myoga try to make it out to be some boogeyman when 90% of the regulars there don't even read the thread and don't care

>> No.30412406

do you passive immerse while you post here

>> No.30412409

a rare L for output

>> No.30412452

wdym remember that guy who narrated the matt vs yoga split in japanese?

>> No.30412453 [DELETED] 
File: 324 KB, 1280x1790, [Maita Keikaku (Sennomori Maitake)] Kaikan Mesu Ochi 3 _Mika no shiawasena mesuiki_ [Digital] - v1_ [Maita Keikaku (Sennomori Maitake)] Kaikan Mesu Ochi 3 _Mika no shiawasena mesuiki_ [Digital] - 17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how can w*men even compete?

>> No.30412459

what i said i dont care? i know people lurk in jamals discord and quiz's and i just didnt want something making an issue out of it

>> No.30412479

i sometimes have things playing in the background like a holo stream but more often when i'm posting it's when i'm working on something like homework and procrastinate in-between getting things done
if i'm doing compelling things i'm posting far less

>> No.30412496


>> No.30412529

Wait...quiz has homework? He goes to school? Impossible

>> No.30412556

if your coursework isn't compelling you should change your major

>> No.30412570

kys retard

>> No.30412632

anyone who votes no should be shot in the head for being a worthless subhuman simping for a cum dumpster they will never dump their load in

>> No.30412634


>> No.30412651

og nooooo

>> No.30412674

get skinned alive

>> No.30412689

Pluto, Alcafus, Mahou Sensei Negima
Gantz, Bakuman, Hitman Reborn
SpyxFamily, Dragonball, Akame ga Kill

>> No.30412714

is there a joke im missing here? or did all of you guys fall for the "it's ok to be miserable!" trap?

>> No.30412752

thats now how life works graduate high school first

>> No.30412837

love the guy wearing diapers dispensing advice and wisdom

>> No.30412849

my school work is just to get a piece of paper it doesnt necessarily dictate how much im gonna suffer ill probably have some jobs i really like and some i really dont

>> No.30412874


>> No.30412881


>> No.30412928

there is indeed a joke you're missing here new friend

>> No.30412942

pretty sure i am gmi since im white and not addicted to drugs or anything

>> No.30413019
File: 1.36 MB, 1554x1554, 1592959953165.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30413087 [DELETED] 

so a virgin

>> No.30413131


>> No.30413154


>> No.30413163

where the fuck do you think you are.

>> No.30413284

big win for miniyoga

>> No.30413312

massive L for quiz

>> No.30413337
File: 294 KB, 586x655, bb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

black bulls are based, all the other magic guilds can't compare

>> No.30413341

big cock for miniyoga

>> No.30413371

big win for 4bbc

>> No.30413390


>> No.30413403

>the message i was supposed to get watching it
that mindset is probably why you didn't enjoy it, most of the enjoyment from nge comes from making your own interpretations of its themes/story

>> No.30413423


>> No.30413483

well looking bad for me but honestly if there's that many people who don't want me here it's pretty dumb for me to stick around. guess a part of me hope that was a vocal minority

>> No.30413490


>> No.30413492

jamal says he's gonna keep anonymously spamming the thread from his phone if you make og leave

>> No.30413504

how do i know when this is yuganda and when this is hizunda

>> No.30413516

good now fuck off

>> No.30413548

shut the fuck up jesus christ

>> No.30413550

i voted yes because it would be better for everyone if they weren't in this shitty thread
getting kicked out is the best outcome honestly

>> No.30413597

yeah it is a nice thread

especially without you

>> No.30413625

you're not of much value unless you keep posting body parts

>> No.30413627

if someone gave you one day to practice, would you be able to recite all the lines from an episode of your favorite anime in japanese without looking?

>> No.30413671

can't do that in any language dunno what you're thinking

>> No.30413697

yeah what kind of rainman shit is that

>> No.30413756

>last day of exile
what did i miss? didn't even notice he was gone.

>> No.30413830

ive never remembered the full song lyrics to anything in any language wtf no wonder this guy learns so quick it's effortless

>> No.30413859

i think there is different types of music listeners i have never been able to recall music either myself but some people can sing songs just after listening to them a few times which is impossible to me

>> No.30413863

haha dude it's like he always says man *burrrp* be runs this shit! he's probably got secret connections to staff or is a mod himself, yup he keeps this thread cleaned up good yessir

>> No.30413873 [DELETED] 
File: 244 KB, 750x1334, 433563653.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

niggers stop trying to ナンパ JKs

>> No.30413893

lmfao is this what happens when you make a female profile

>> No.30413899 [DELETED] 
File: 220 KB, 750x1334, 2115669179.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30414123

im with the bunko dude it just happens naturally
maybe you dont try to sing along?

>> No.30414141 [DELETED] 
File: 470 KB, 1340x2048, Screenshot_20201208-101230.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30414152

>try to sing a long
that isn't natural that's effort and no i don't

>> No.30414164


>> No.30414207 [DELETED] 
File: 327 KB, 1362x2048, Screenshot_20201208-101602.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30414216

i dunno i start singing along naturally when i like a song it doesn't feel like effort and i don't even notice it when im focusing on other stuff

>> No.30414356

pretty much everyone here uses yomichan at this point cuz nazeka isn't updated anymore
but i used to use it and you can definitely have definitions and reading on the back

>> No.30414367

didnt read any posts itt, did i miss anything

>> No.30414383


>> No.30414390 [DELETED] 
File: 443 KB, 1536x2048, 20201208_102011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dont be scared of blood u pussy faggot niggers

>> No.30414396


>> No.30414411

based nutjob poster

>> No.30414540

>My early work consisted of cheesy anime and yankii (juvenile delinquent) speech. You can imagine what my emails sounded like…But spending more time in different situations has “normalized” my Japanese.

>Don’t worry so much about “hurting” your Japanese. The most damaging thing is no Japanese input at all. If you do Japanese, and you do it all the time, then you deserve for it to be fun; you deserve to choose what you read. So read what you enjoy; it is a stepping to stone to even more Japanese.

>> No.30414545

>Can I use Yomichan in a similar way with a popout window?
yes here's an example https://youtu.be/M4t7HYS73ZQ

>> No.30414559

Thank you!
I already had Yomichan installed with dictionaries for word lookups on web pages, but I'll use it for reading VNs now as well.

>> No.30414822

i prefer my japan raw and undigested *posts busu*

>> No.30414938

bunko is not dumb. age cope against him is pretty cringe desu grow up you jealous cat ladies

>> No.30414950

know that feel

>> No.30415035


i love this episode of strike witches it's magical in so many ways
i really have to watch the sequels but i feel like they might ruin the original for me i really won't get tired from watching it it's so nice

>> No.30415059

only about old busus and bad jokes but his brain is real smart like he's just lowkey and modest

>> No.30415069

stfu we're talking about vloggers right now

>> No.30415126

Damn guys I'm so sad jamal is gone

>> No.30415134

strike bitches *slugs quiz in the jaw*

>> No.30415177

bunko is the kind of guy who would watch terrace house and enjoy it can't imagine talking to a high schooler like that and pretend we're on the same wavelength

>> No.30415178

wow its scenes like this that make me think japanese is the modern holy language of the creators closest to the gods

>> No.30415191

just learned that 温まる can also be read あったまる

>> No.30415192

i'm really happy he's gone and the "thread is worse without me" narrative he's trying to spin isn't gonna work. cya jamal you faggot.

>> No.30415241

you just making stuff up?

>> No.30415246

when are you quitting like you said you would

>> No.30415252


>> No.30415267


>> No.30415426

bunko seems more real to me, quiz doesn't have real human interaction in his life which is why he's so broken socially

>> No.30415431

Post code fucker

>> No.30415443

you didn't have to prove him right furby poster

>> No.30415454

how is he broken socially?

>> No.30415463

true but that's just how life is when i was in 4th grade we looked down on the 3rd graders it's natural human hierarchy btw i'm convinced most adults are retarded

>> No.30415480


>> No.30415577
File: 31 KB, 460x253, yeager.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the last living strike witches 501st pilot died today. he will be sorely fukn missed

>> No.30415654

i cant

>> No.30415664

dno bros i just bust a nut

>> No.30415670

thats pretty much every jav

>> No.30415686

jesus isakura is 23 dollars a month, fuck that shit. there are no good free iptv for japan though.

>> No.30415693

>like that time he called nukemarine a nigger in voice chat
ive heard about this but it seems no one was recording cause i havent heard it sounds based though im glad he did that. nuke probably thought it was some edgy joke but nuke doesnt realize hes actually nigger-tier

>> No.30415703

there are no intermediates in djt
only beginners, people who quit and mega autists

>> No.30415705

when i see a qt jav whore i also think damn i wish she was my gf instead of being a rancid whore then i feel disgusted with myself for internally white knighting

>> No.30415730

nah it was pretty sad nuke made fun of quiz for terrible bant skills and quiz backed down like a cuck

>> No.30415743

dunno I just ask somebody at my tracker to record whatever show I want

>> No.30415938


>> No.30415957

wanted to post this too, lol

>> No.30416013

nah don't want to skype with you btw besides that ur use of かな in there is not okay

>> No.30416015

u can tell queef feels threatened by bunkocunt

>> No.30416114

didnt read

>> No.30416123

fuckin baaaased

>> No.30416147

try this addon

>> No.30416148

bunko have you read any good horror bunkos

>> No.30416162

do you ever post about japanese or do you just talk about yourself

>> No.30416172


>> No.30416215


>> No.30416222

jamal never talks about japanese yet i never see someone asking him that, his balls too deep in your cum filled throat?

>> No.30416236

just replying "nice self own" to literally anything doesn't work as well as you think it does

>> No.30416253

nice self own

>> No.30416272

jamal talks about japanese. his vn guide is helpful and he has posted at length about his method for learning. anyway, put your trip back on

>> No.30416286

no he doesn't no it's not get drone striked

>> No.30416292


>> No.30416322

big win for fourbeecee

>> No.30416344

yeah it's another huge scalp for the bunking

>> No.30416390

marvelous win for our boy tripfriend 4bc

>> No.30416428

qm is in your tiny incel skull head rent free

>> No.30416429

funny how quiz is always shitting on people for not accepting his reading challenge but refuses to talk on skype with the bunking

>> No.30416431

if you think that's bad wait till you see the monitor one

>> No.30416439

dont care

>> No.30416458

post non-vtuber youtube channels

>> No.30416465


>> No.30416469

no way this guy is afraid of having a conversation he must just think bunko is beneath him for something...

>> No.30416516

that マジで haram dude stop it.

>> No.30416520

seems to attractive for u

>> No.30416584


>> No.30416687

>what's the point if quiz never passed the n1 quiz himself

>> No.30416782

you are so used to asslicking men that you assume others are too

>> No.30416808

so since i passed the n1 quiz i'm better than quiz

>> No.30416811


>> No.30416812

why do people delete accounts lol

>> No.30416822

we're all kokosay prettyboys here in djt

>> No.30416829


>> No.30416900


>> No.30416907


>> No.30417036

another huge loss for quiz

>> No.30417046

nothing special for a namefag dekinai lol
another win for team jamal
you admitted never passing the quiz.

>> No.30417048


>> No.30417057

a win for quiz is a win for the thread

>> No.30417065

unbelievable how jamal keeps on winning even though he is banned

>> No.30417072

shut up you dumb fuck christ

>> No.30417090

cant believe quiz just admitted he doesnt want to talk to people that are better than him
huge dubski for bunkobro

>> No.30417091
File: 76 KB, 634x731, lol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i find that hard to believe considering i passed it twice, in 3 tries on the server and it's in the logs

>> No.30417107

change your tampon

>> No.30417110

kinda crazy that moe wins every single time by not caring

>> No.30417225

huge win for team jamal

>> No.30417226

what the fuck are you on about
why would my color have to be orange
i passed the quiz for the rank i have you schizoid retard, it's so obvious this is mini yoga because nobody else has delusions as severe as you

>> No.30417232

the one with the IIMIX opening

>> No.30417256

yet another big win for quiz

>> No.30417271

second one seems weirder to me じゃないかな sounds normal there to me

>> No.30417275

why are people being autistic about how had an easier time. cant you just be happy that someone passed relatively easily? its literally not a competition unless you are an insecure fag like quiz

>> No.30417285

is there any way to separate reviews from new cards?
i feel as if going from review to new cards thanks my retention

>> No.30417286

huge loss for miniyoga

>> No.30417344

it is a competition and its another win for quiz
he just keeps winning

>> No.30417345

buncrotch licking jamal ass, og licking buncrotch ass and a bunch of people licking og ass this thread's a real human centipede

>> No.30417347

warui : bad
warui : I'm sorry

>> No.30417357

yeah set new cards to 0, then do your reps, then set them to whatever they were before again

>> No.30417366

imagine fighting over a language lol

>> No.30417367

funny how this thread is basically dekinais sucking up a dude that knows japanese but is a shitposter shitposting about another dude that knows japanese
how do you feel about the time you spend here sucking up to jamal you could spend acquiring so you could consume japanese media like them
as time goes by you realize the namefags arent the problem, they are the symptom

>> No.30417373

and niggers tongue my anus

>> No.30417375

low t

>> No.30417378

this is what we get for fucking with jamals good will

>> No.30417395

>people licking og ass
citation needed 3/4 of my simps are ironic and the one that isnt is summoning some dark voodoo god with my body parts

>> No.30417397

we need holobro to come save us

>> No.30417403

> miniyoga lives rent free in queef's head.
yep another win for giga yoga

>> No.30417439

now do us a favour and 殺す quiz

>> No.30417441

what you wrote (... 味かな) isn't the same thing as what you quoted there

>> No.30417448

ciaran's about to quit djt forever because of how boring the "personalities" have gotten.

>> No.30417449

i have been reading a lot recently and i probably only spend 20 minutes here max so who are you talking to?

>> No.30417452


>> No.30417465

how do they know more than themselves? that doesnt make sense

>> No.30417467

here's a real banger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QkTS_AaMiI

>> No.30417480

wtf tell me this isnt true ciaran

>> No.30417503

>2 million views
>every comment is japanese
big yikes

>> No.30417508

i don't see what's funny about that.

>> No.30417513

Well if you only spend 20 minutes shitposting here the bill certainly doesnt fit you.

>> No.30417537

quiz is also pretty boring and hes good at japanese
now see jamal hes fun and he sucks
i see a kankei

>> No.30417540

which holo gets up at 5am to stream dont tell me its an ID or EN

>> No.30417547

it's not true that guy just pulled his post out of thin air lol

>> No.30417548

yup ngl i close the links everytime i click it and see one of his jidaigeki shit it's never worth the time spent

>> No.30417550

you dont know ciaran

>> No.30417552

stfu ciaran

>> No.30417561

no i didn't i know ciaran has high standards and late 2020 djt just doesn't hold up for him

>> No.30417565

before you go ciaran can you explain one last thing to me?
it's 駆虎呑狼の計

>> No.30417580

tohji really paced his on path bruh

>> No.30417799

>I’m a ways behind due mostly to untreated ADHD :))

>> No.30417813

what he said is meant to communicate something but he's not sure what and i'm not sure what so i needed to ask for clarification but he plainly can't explain it so i have to give up on asking

>> No.30417818

arent we all

>> No.30417985


>> No.30418040

it's not true the only reason id quit is because the thread is taken over by hololive shitters or uppercase retards which it seems is approaching every day

>> No.30418047

moogy doesnt know japanese

>> No.30418074

based. i bet ciaran wants me to stay
sorry for calling you boring lmao

>> No.30418123

think you'll need to watch the 100 hour chinese 3 kingdoms tv show to understand this one

>> No.30418138

my ass

>> No.30418184
File: 39 KB, 1157x475, Screenshot 2020-12-08 at 14.21.01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

who do you think, dork? also the poll hasn't budged for a while so im calling.

thanks guys i was worried there towards the start but when i got back home it was like this

>> No.30418194

no you are just a stealth uppercase retard you can leave fuck women and fuck output!

>> No.30418286

everybody hates everybody here, so what

>> No.30418291

dunno getting fucked in the ass is pretty cringe

>> No.30418294

>og will never call me dork while stepping on my face
why live

>> No.30418455

never read vns

>> No.30418462 [DELETED] 

youre alright og
even fun sometimes

>> No.30418610 [DELETED] 

white "men" are the most pathetic little shits. you give money to whores, you simp for them, you whiteknight, you are human trash. white "men" need to be exterminated for letting w*men think they have rights

>> No.30418623 [DELETED] 

based miniyoga

>> No.30418651 [DELETED] 
File: 46 KB, 374x368, 1539291146623.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30418706 [DELETED] 

i have never simped for og and i voted no

>> No.30418707

sotd: 揺り籠から墓場まで

>> No.30418740

this guy shits on discord for years and then crawls there as soon as he gets banned cause he cant live without djt lmfao

>> No.30418756

pls stop leaking the secret discord msgs

>> No.30418762 [DELETED] 
File: 2.74 MB, 480x480, 1607202536135.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

white boys reporting me? hahahaha
you cant get more pathetic than this
ill break the jaw of the next white boy i see outside in your honor

>> No.30418801

and djt cant live without him

>> No.30418802

jamal unironically wants me gone you guys are just able to see his high iq plays

>> No.30418821

pretty sure jamal only says shit there so someone can screenshot it and post in the thread

>> No.30418831

counting down the hours till my bro is resurrected

>> No.30418840

probably true desu senpai

>> No.30418846

seems to be doing just fine

>> No.30418854

it will be like the second coming of jesus

>> No.30418878

really shocked by this one!

>> No.30418879

hope jamal bans this faggot whoever invited him should be shot too

>> No.30418900 [DELETED] 

bro you need to seek help it's not healthy leeching off the fruits of white people's intellectual labor and then trash talking them

>> No.30418940 [DELETED] 
File: 2.90 MB, 320x568, 1607108038708.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30418954 [DELETED] 

thanks frens

>> No.30419003 [DELETED] 
File: 1.58 MB, 270x480, 1607179873682.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kill yourself

>> No.30419029 [DELETED] 
File: 284 KB, 854x480, 1607199915666.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

huge win for gigayoga

>> No.30419044 [DELETED] 


>> No.30419066 [DELETED] 

why is some anon spamming bestiality porn?

>> No.30419067 [DELETED] 

so it was the goatfucker after all huh?

>> No.30419070 [DELETED] 

*masturbates to interracial porn*

>> No.30419097 [DELETED] 

he's pissed off you aren't leaving.

>> No.30419110 [DELETED] 

you felt that out well lmao

>> No.30419112 [DELETED] 

who the fuck is og?

>> No.30419125 [DELETED] 

guess im in a very small minority on this site cause i dont care much about the race of the people in the porn i watch male or female

>> No.30419132 [DELETED] 
File: 2.05 MB, 1351x1938, 1491418586956.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah why are those BLACK BVLLS fucking dirty wh*Toid monkeys?

>> No.30419140 [DELETED] 

imagine if the muslim goatfucker watched anime as much as he watches blacked he could be n3 by now

>> No.30419218 [DELETED] 

some girl who loves to smoke og kush

>> No.30419238 [DELETED] 
File: 13 KB, 887x65, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmfao imagine seething this much about being called a goatfucker you evade bans to do this retarded shit

>> No.30419242 [DELETED] 

kys id never touch dudeweed to save my life

>> No.30419290 [DELETED] 

wonder how the alliance between the goatfucker and jabum works if everyone thinks he's my ally yet his arab buddy is losing his shit like this over me staying

>> No.30419305 [DELETED] 

lmfao u def should smoke some

>> No.30419306 [DELETED] 

arabs are deeply resentful of whites for building superior societies, even though all things considered we've been pretty nice to them, as savage as they are.

>> No.30419317

deleting my rtk deck today

>> No.30419321 [DELETED] 

very interesting image

>> No.30419324 [DELETED] 


>> No.30419343 [DELETED] 

Damn good thing i am a spic so i dont feel offended when a autist spams white trash fucking black people
Though i also feel bad for black people to be redu ed to a fetish of white trash

>> No.30419350 [DELETED] 

jamal's alliance with this guy and og cements the fact he should never come back to djt. he's a pos

>> No.30419353

answer this >>30413627

>> No.30419384

probably not

>> No.30419400


>> No.30419407

it was used in a nukige iirc so i need to know

>> No.30419428 [DELETED] 

based janny

>> No.30419440

how long do you think you would need

>> No.30419448 [DELETED] 

janny took far too long to nuke the goatfucker.

>> No.30419453 [DELETED] 

big loss for mudslime yogurt

>> No.30419456 [DELETED] 

big win for tera yoga

>> No.30419463

i have no idea honestly i've never memorized anything in a language that im not fluent in

>> No.30419477 [DELETED] 

should've astrally projected into the database and deleted it yourself

>> No.30419501

i wouldn't even bother trying cause it's boring to repeat shit over and over

>> No.30419557

tae kim or sakubi?

>> No.30419593

tae skim

>> No.30419612

wow sugoi he has low furniture and bonsai like a real jap

>> No.30419708
File: 27 KB, 352x288, 1561585027722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


check out the site
matt updated it to tell people to use starting ease of 131%

if you haven't converted your collections to 131% yet, use https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/819023663

>> No.30419724

where's my og picture at?.

>> No.30419725

no fuck off retard

>> No.30419730

started reading fate zero

>> No.30419772

i can only use anacreon's script after your disgusting behavior in this thread.

>> No.30419841 [DELETED] 
File: 20 KB, 355x127, 1542478567439.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you use an■■am script your computer will be infected with argentinian malware so you don't have other choices

>> No.30419930

lmfao who is that

>> No.30419956


>> No.30419988

how i imagine bunko but thin

>> No.30420053


>> No.30420061

this guy is gmi one pen post at a time

>> No.30420119

do I have to mine every fucking word while watching anime with japs subs?

>> No.30420122

can't believe the japanese version still isn't on GGn, I don't want to buy fucking skyrim again just to get japanese support

>> No.30420191

yea i get that but my question still stands...?

>> No.30420244

Reminder that adults aren't capable of acquiring languages the way children do and that this thread is just a big cope

>> No.30420545

more like the japan chode

>> No.30420609

no. don't mine anything

>> No.30420634

assimilation you did a proper core deck like 2.3k, you should only be looking up words or mining then whenever you feel like it because your curiosity gives you joy

>> No.30420646

照れるわよ もう

>> No.30420749
File: 7 KB, 460x140, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30421021

bad idea, check out the animecards website for good settings

because enjoying content is more important than breaking your brain over a million cards. there's no shortcuts to learning japanese so ankidroning more than that is pointless

>> No.30421027

i do

>> No.30421051 [DELETED] 
File: 33 KB, 649x472, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30421111

>i think that one anon is right about it
redpill me

>> No.30421126

don't care about learning japanese just wanna read me vinnies simple as

>> No.30421182

Good advice:

- Immerse in anime or audio all day every day, don't read
- Work your way up through Core 2.3k deck while also learning basic grammar from Japanese The Manga Way
- Once you're done with Core 2.3k, start reading

>> No.30421216

what a disgusting language

>> No.30421227
File: 2.43 MB, 1920x1080, hori push 150207 AKB48 SHOW! ep061-[12.47.568-12.52.339].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



sakura and nako aren't korean

>> No.30421229

I see.Care to provide a link, friend?

>> No.30421239

you're missing out on >>30383321

>> No.30421243

all good except read and watch anime from day 1

>> No.30421300

click the guide, search for "Optional Step 1"

>> No.30421305

i only feel that special tingle with japanese
oh and romanian for some reason but im not gonna learn it

>> No.30421365

you're shit because you spam the thread with porn

>> No.30421373

>Japanese The Manga Way
fuck tae kim

>> No.30421379

anki is just for dopamine hits

>> No.30421381

korean is only worth it if you wanna follow idols or k-beauty blogs

>> No.30421420


>> No.30421509

gonna learn korean after japanese cause they have a few upcoming H-artists that are worth to learn for

>> No.30421537

there really isnt other than webtoons but its not like those arent getting translated and last i checked its primarily shoujo and bl

>> No.30421538
File: 157 KB, 439x477, 1564253145268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30421603

>Not using december 時候の挨拶


>> No.30421751


i am just saying they have manhwa. i am not claiming it's good or bad. i have never read manhwa

>> No.30421824

wtf arslan senki was based on books by the guy that wrote lotgh. the anime adaptation of the former is complete dogshit though

>> No.30421849

ah ok i get it. still expecting that profane voc but its not gonna happen. you and jamal wouldnt like it anyway if i actually did. not that i care but there is no incentive

>> No.30422147

anyone have subs for ナミヤ雑貨屋?

>> No.30422196

the brain really is amazing, I can just apply all these grammar concepts in the english language without even considering it but at the same time couldn't explain how any of it worked to anyone for shit

>> No.30422214
File: 110 KB, 480x747, a8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is it i've had enough
i will no longer live my life just for the sake of living, without walking towards the goals i have envisioned without working to fulfilling my dreams, just spending day after day shaking in fear looking down the mountain of responsibilities i have burdened myself with while getting nothing done, NO
continuing this lifestyle will simply mean that i will forever be stuck in this place, not grow as an individual, and always be half the man i want to be
from this moment on every single thought i think will be for my 願望成就 to 達成 my desire, every heartbeat pumping the liquid of life throughout my body will strengthen my resolve and the road i walk will be burned by the flaming resolve in my heart i am quizmaster reborn here to mark the beginning of a new age, i will not just fulfill my dream i will become a landmark for you all to look up to and to have something to aim for, just watch me let's gooooooooooooooo

>> No.30422299

brah, look at this dood

>> No.30422429

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

>> No.30422468

what's up with this teenager shit. you all need some jordan peterson.

>> No.30422470

bet you thought you were real smart when you typed that shit

>> No.30422533

fuck you i wont wash my penis thats how satan gets control of your soul

>> No.30422545

oh the ironing

>> No.30422813

every time bunkobro posts i get a big smile on my face and a little wet in my trousers

>> No.30422814

>made possible by BUNKO

>> No.30422816

ok but what does this mean in practical terms? do you actually have any concrete plans and steps to achieve them, or are you just doing a feel good speech

>> No.30423153
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yoga is way more charming

>> No.30423173

the last battle was matt invading the discord.
forces: 1 matto vs 100 degenerates lead by qm
losses: matto's claim to be able to read muramasa
outcome: decisive quiz victory

>> No.30423218

>muramasa is hard

>> No.30423223

im talking about the true matto vs qm arc, after matt defeats yoga in the legal battle arc

>> No.30423282

53 kys

>> No.30423284


>> No.30423300


>> No.30423327

do you guys report hololifers for off topic, underage, or extremely low quality posting?

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