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resources: itazuraneko.neocities.org

previous: >>30381388

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can't immerse in anime cuz i'm busy listening to samurai shamploo ending all day on repeat


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queef you're gonna fail yet again haha

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shittiest op weve had in a while, do us a favor and drink bleach

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i am the master of my fate
i am the captain of my motherfucking soul

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Anyone recommend a fun game in japanese, i want to consume japanese media but i am in more of a gaming mood than reading/watching mood.

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n5 op

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25 kys

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??? this is a japanese learning threads we dont talk about vtubers here i am going to ask you to refrain from offtopic discussion bro

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feel like there's a lot of noobs here so gonna drop the big pasta for them

>> Resources for noobs <<
pic related
Vocab Deck core 2.3k
Tae-Kim Grammar Guide
Hover Dictionary
Japanese Subtitles


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ねえねえ 知ってる?

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i like how you people have gone full circle and now being civilized is bad lmao

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wtf are you talking about the dude is referencing a concept which is responsible for the greatest civilization ever

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you really should read the book
the movie is not bad but the books are superior

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guess a middle ground like this is best, she's pretty qt regardless
seems like a weird thing to be upset about, try some laxatives or something to unclench that ass bby

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idk i cant tell but it's a makeup channel so its weird if shes bad at makeup

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read 80k today

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btw i can understand her easily so i guess im beyond n1 at this point lmao

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nvm she needs love not only fucking

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imagine discussing makeup with a washed up roastie as a male, truly the most pitiful existence

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this is a korean thing originally they call it ulsang or some shit. all the japanese makeup styles just ripoff koreans

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i was about to say, old school ulzzang makeup is like 10+ years out of style

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that sucks dude and what sucks even more is that nothing but benzos really works in terms of medication and if u regularly use that u will get fucked badly

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yeah this years been a bitch. worst consistent panic attacks by far and im not even logically afraid of the rona but my body like to fake the symptoms and set off an attack its fucking stupid shit. just generally i wake up a lot feeling close to the void and entirely alone. hoping i just learn to get over it

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this was actually pretty sad, doesn't sound like a good time at all
have u thought about seeing a shrink

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ive seen a series of shrinks either my iq is too high or too low or something i just cant really buy what they try to sell me. plus i dont wanna be doped up

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yeah cant do it, i was joking about the n1 comment but i doubt its n3 either
that happened to me, the one shrink i went to told me that i have to believe the therapy would work for it to work so i stopped going cause i didnt. but looking back feeling helpless and hopeless is part of being depressed so im not sure that was a good look for her haha

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used to get a lot of panic attacks due to fear of death but eventually got over it by accepting my mortality

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yeah 邪魔l was right about japan

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cant read whats between lettuce and unko because im illiterate

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ok i am looking for some netorare vns anyone can recommend me any?

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reaction is more cringe than the post you replied to

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im sure i heard it but i just glaze over most kanji except shit that really gets reinforced like 食
the one right before unko is... yep its 鳥 thanks ime. i thought it might be but i didnt want to look stupid

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間違えて鳥のうんこ! i felt it out bros

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yea but you still didn't learn any japanese

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galactic win for terayoga

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what does matto the jew think of muslim yogurt spamming blacked he probably sent him huh

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>i literally went from not being able to read anything to not being able to read anything

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I'm starting to feel like matt, miniyoga, and jamal are all cooperating to take down djt and keep it as irrelevant and noncompetitive to refold as possible. it would explain they're obsessive hate towards quiz, his discord, analcreamer, guides, resources, etc made by djters

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oh i didnt bother reading it cause its sideways

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turn on ur monitor

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Does the now popular African-English slang "to drip" which means well dressed or stylish, derive from お洒落, which is literally falling liquid drip / trickle and means the same thing?

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i'm a retard i hate myself i can't even read one page without getting a massive headache

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watch anime with english subs

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yeah basketball americans are known for their love of the japanese language

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like bags of sand

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you shouldn't try to help tho

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why do you think it was me?

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ngl this looks better than any alternatives for first manga/kanji study

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I'm probably one of the hardest workers in this thread considering I do 100 new cards a day and immerse all day.

Still can't read japanese.

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yea almost as good as using a dictionary

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well, it was developed for native japanese kids to learn kanji so that was my assumption as well. every hates me for it tho i remember the shitstorm i caused like a month ago on this exact topic

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wonder if it's easier for japanese medical students to remember all that shit cause of kanji

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>watching anime

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what's the problem?

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are you still reviewing cards from it? how big is your mining deck

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How did you manage to review so many cards

I had 600 reviews a day at one point and it took me all day

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recommend eromanga please
yotsuba is too boring buit i want to start reading

>> No.30427180

the hell did u do
paragraph cards?

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if you must anki, sentense cards but proper reading is much better and i simply dont trust what anki does to a person. it becomes a crutch for actual cripples
oh no this is the end of our resident dekiru. he had so much promise too

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threads extremely shit im leaving

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in august sometime around the quiz vs jamal stream arc (actually the streams played a big role in motivating me to start learning)
i didnt do anki from day 1 i actually didnt touch it for my first month, did some rtk in that time before dropping it idk if it helped much, i think getting a lot of input and seeing the words you learn in anki in fresh live interesting examples makes for great reinforcement

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really dont feel like you should worry about pitch before going to japan, but you do you

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pitch accent is the most important part of output
people usually want to be able to output accurately before arriving in japan

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on one hand i like to know pitch accent for fun. but output is useless so it feels wasted.

>> No.30428620

Do you have evidence of it not ruining your accent forever?

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are there japanese streamers like gypsycrusader or catboykami?

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i still think you would have progressed faster if you hadnt forced yourself to delay like that. from your own admission you were messing up despite knowing better so why wait years for that shit?

some people think my own accent is decent and all i can say is i never delayed spoken output from the start

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might do it tomorrow it's 3 am and i'm lying in bed rn

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i dont know what country you are in so how i can give you advice? i bought mine in japan for less than 1000 yen each (there are 3 in that kanji series) but imported is gonna cost you and you are gonna have to hunt around for all 3 volumes

type in ちびまる子ちゃんの漢字 and see what shopping results you get on amazon or whatever

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dont care

>> No.30429309

how old are you again

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>sorry for snapping but i still think you should feel things out on your own rather than listen to what cunt x or cunt y wants you to believe
good to know

i will now disregard the rest of your huge fucking rant, cunt z

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Makes sense, thank you.

I will experiment. :)

>> No.30429869

np only 2000 more words till you become n6

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the practical answer is he's a snakeoil selling jew and if he doesn't poison the well of competing ideas, he gets less followers

on the follower end it plays into the zoomer mentality of wanting to find salvation through selecting the right surrogate father figure

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i only said im not reviewing everyday right now i still have a 90%+ on young and mature with several tens of thousands of cumulative reps all strictly graded
and how many thousands of cards "i dont have that many mined cards" translates to is an unknown now isnt it
anyway i dont have to prove shit to you enjoy your droning rat race
above 18

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lmao, i'll take that as a "no".

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crazy how all the best nihongoers are manlets

>> No.30430300

>getting surprised a jew acts like a jew

>> No.30430303

i just dont know what answer you want? ive been binging jp yt vids and even watching a bit of anime daily so id like to think so but its not like if i say that you aren't gonna drag it out into some tiresome back & forth

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decided im gonna contract syphilis in japan by hooking up with a ton of gaijin hunters

>> No.30430466

why the fuck you're acting like you know who i am, bitch.

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>tfw you wouldn't be targeted in japan by gaijin hunters because you're a brown spic.

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The problem is that he has a cult around him so if you criticize him people will try to tear you to pieces without even hearing you out.

>> No.30430684

hey if that paolo guy can do it, you can too. pretty sure hispanics are like, western-lite over there so more in people's comfort zone.

>> No.30430714

what song should i listen to if i want to make it

>> No.30430717

how do you intend to deal with the police

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>tfw you wouldn't be targeted in japan by gaijin hunters because you are a neet who will never be able to afford visiting japan

>> No.30430742

like that one clip of krashen

and advice on how to trick people into thinking you're better at japanese than you actually are

>> No.30430746

マアおねがいっ! 一緒にに気持ちよくなりたいのっ!

>> No.30430769

cant relate but thats tough bro

>> No.30430772

any enka music

>> No.30430774


>> No.30430798


or your anime op of choice

cuz people that make it are watching anime

>> No.30430840

this is the only correct answer

>> No.30431003

it applies to anything you want to achieve for yourself

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does anyone have that other chart of easy vns that was posted here the other day in response to quiz's stream?

>> No.30431060

this is the thread theme:

>> No.30431074

no but i think nekopara is what you're looking for

>> No.30431385

old people are treated like royalty, the fuck you on about.

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>> No.30431886

gonna be difficult what are you doing now?

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>> No.30431985

everyone vn will be insanely hard until you're pretty much fluent. if something interests you then grab onto it and read that MOTHERFUCKER

>> No.30432118

imagine how krashen felt when talking with matt lmao he must be thought "who is this retarded kid who let him out the autism kidnergarden"

>> No.30432476

wtf jamal is white???????

>> No.30432636

pretty sure hes just envious of fat people because he's an asian hungry skeleton who has to constantly stuff his face to keep his weight above 100lbs

>> No.30432639

really hope you're trolling

if not then read this >>30423924
click this https://animecards.site/
click this https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/
and also watch this https://streamable.com/cix1nx

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>> No.30432753

thank me with a fat venmo transfer my dude
daddys gotta pay rent

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> https://animecards.site/
fishing site.
> https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/
okay site that contains fishing links
not clicking that

click https://refold.la/ and stfu retard.

>> No.30433133

thats my point, its normal and natural to vocalize when learning a language and saying you should force yourself not to out of fear of crippling are ramblings of a sicko cult leader

>> No.30433213

wow すごい progress ですね!!!!

>> No.30433218

yeah np dude
i went through a lot more toilet paper than normally

>> No.30433222

you try telling that to the actual fans and they will lynch you, or at least they used to back in the day maybe they finally caught on to the ruse

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File: 34 KB, 591x455, c367573c63433d98e6f05054bf845444707b88b95358f683df953e80e8c4c1fb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he's been part of djt for so long you can't really say he makes djt good or bad, he was there in the best threads and the worst threads.

we all have the potential to be the change we want to see, anons

>> No.30434857

if multiple をs per sentence is discouraged then why do i see it so often in dictionaries/japanese sites describing grammar?

>> No.30434890

don't forget to meditate and sleep well

>> No.30434894

watching anime for 5+ years before learning japanese teaches you pitch accent so dont bother learning it

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get on my level kiddo

>> No.30434958

can さま just mean "being/is"?

>> No.30434976

it's not a race it's a form of communication (also there's not shortcuts anyway)

>> No.30434995

i am not autist enough to do 1000 cards on a day lmao

>> No.30435027

how long did you spend per card?

>> No.30435060

no it doesn't bro

>> No.30435064


>> No.30435095

it is a race for me cuz im moving to japan in 2021

>> No.30435171

>ask him a sincere question? you might get a longform vocaroo detailed response.

>> No.30435175


>> No.30435205

do you honestly enjoy doing this much anki over watching/reading stuff

>> No.30435208

sorry about that lol


>> No.30435209


>> No.30435319

No mature lol

>> No.30435388

im guessing you skipped a few days, only time i had to do 2k-3k reps was when i missed a day or two really not worth it dude

>> No.30435400


>> No.30435451

just cuz i don't like anki doesn't mean other people don't, pretty sure some people here like it more than fucken vns or whatever

>> No.30435588

Inspirational. Will aim for 1.000 new cards tomorrow and see how far I get.

>> No.30435637

4 hours of anki
u couldve read a vinnie or ln instead (and would've gained more from the experience)

>> No.30435649

where are these cards coming from

>> No.30435722

>start reading vns synopses on vndb to decide on one to start putting these vocabs to use
>This made Hamil go into a rampage, summoning the forces of the God of Conquest, Melqart and releasing all the magic he had been building up for 7 years to assassinate a whole army by himself. However, Hamil failed to notice that Tart was set on fire by one of the empire’s guards, and he desperately jumped into the flames to rescue her. Deeply moved by Hamil’s bravery, every Hispanian in the festival started to root for him and their savior goddess, their restored faith revitalizing Tart’s power, saving her from the flames. Rejoining with Hamil while still inside the flames, they performed the sacred ritual of marriage between a goddess and a mortal to use the power from their magical resonance to summon an army of giant elephants and machines from the Heavens and, with it, they smashed many other Imperial troops. Taking advantage of the situation, Hamil ordered every Hispanian troop to attack. This was how he came to be known as the Conqueror King and how he retrieved his whole country in a single night.
why are japs so autist holy shit

>> No.30435748

core 2k6

>> No.30435765

Only true if you're not sounding out the words. (Even in your head). Just because you're a beginner doesn't mean you should ignore pitch, it's easier to learn new habits than to drop old ones.

Use the japanese pitch accent add on.
Figure it out, it's not hard

>> No.30435791

99% of the time people that are talking about or using anki are talking about a mining deck they use/make while they're already consuming content though.

for that 1% of time you're using it for a core deck is pretty different. i also did a core deck (partly) when i first started out and felt it helped but dropped it altogether soon after as it's pretty autistic

>> No.30435823

the deck has word audio and sentence audio by natives. if you wanna know what the word sounds like you don't need a lil unown pokemon rune thing to tell u the pitch just open ur ears

>> No.30435833

>dropped it altogether soon after as it's pretty autistic
then you just confirmed you're ngmi because you have to be an extreme autist to truly learn nihongo

>> No.30435847

Analcream salty he didn't learn pitch early and sounds like shit

>> No.30435863

if someone gave you one day to practice, would you be able to recite all the lines from an episode of your favorite anime in japanese without looking?

>> No.30435917

Yeah, cuz my favorite anime is one room

>> No.30435944

used to think the reason it's called a しゃしん is because that's the sound a camera makes when you snap a photo

>> No.30435988


>> No.30436018


damn i just got owned

>> No.30436136

used to think namae was a loanword

>> No.30436146

used to care

>> No.30436194

Bros i have a 6 hours sleep routine, i really cant get more sleep than that with uni+work+japanese.
Can i still get gains with 6 hours or is it only possible with 8?

>> No.30436199


>> No.30436451

but what if my brain grows as a result and i become able to handle it

what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

>> No.30436490

Will the elder sister give birth and fall into madness!?
Will the younger sister give birth and become insane!?
Giant Cocks! Disgusting Dicks! Fiendish Phallus!
Their fragile bodies utterly obliterated by a torrent of cum!!
They will cry and scream to the rape as both their bodies...
and their souls are eroded and corrupted by depravity!!
Their wombs will not rest! Their mind knows no peace!
How long can they last before descending into lunacy?
The relentless storm of violation will turn their minds to the darkness and their bodies into fleshy birthing objects!!

>> No.30436537

Yeah, cuz my favorite anime is lain

>> No.30436563

dunno why this sounds like a pink floyd song

>> No.30436619

best comment lmao

>> No.30436683

dont think thats how it works the day i learned 800 cards only killed me and fucked me over for the next week with super hard reviews but you do you maybe youre different

>> No.30436872
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>jesus christ chill nigga

>> No.30436891

any interesting youtube channels like that one japanese knife guy ? anything i like watching stuff like that on bed to fall asleep
dont even need to be japanese

>> No.30436897

What am i suposed to do if the vn i want to download doesnt have any seeds on sukebei?

>> No.30437146
File: 12 KB, 275x346, 1544706889614.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Updated RefoldEase
* Fixed a crash on systems with PyQt 5.14
* Advanced options are hidden by default

Update: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/819023663
Read: https://refold.la/roadmap/stage-1/a/anki-setup

>> No.30437183

lets goooooooooo

>> No.30437293

still try to download it sometimes it just doesnt show the seeds or they show up after a while
aside from that you can go to anime-sharing and see if theres any working links for the game
and if that's not the case google GAMENAME download and you might find it on some shady sit
search for the japanese title of course

>> No.30437754

you should challenge him to a japanese contest haha

>> No.30437772

Yeah, my question was can it be used as "To attack"? or is the english version of FF7 not accurate?

>> No.30437793

translation isnt a mathematical funciton where x is always mapped to y the translator just decided to call it attack lol

>> No.30437908


>> No.30438055

quite literally one of the best resources for learning japanese. dolly is a saint who bestows knowledge on us in the most understandable ways

>> No.30438068


i think it sounds more like a chant from dolly's feminist spanking cult

>> No.30438221

big w for zetayoga

>> No.30438223

you know you can literally go on discord and ask him yourself, he responds to everything

>> No.30438286

if ur reading shit in manga/games and watching anime or whatever then he gonna learn japanese no matter what. anki is just a supplement and people have been learning japanese long before it existed

>> No.30438370
File: 536 KB, 1280x720, [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

really fun
basically https://vndb.org/v25366 meets https://vndb.org/v1143
would be perfect if not every single heroine had those balloon tits but what can you do

>> No.30438464

I feel like my memory became worse after I've memorized many kanjis and words. Does that usually happen when you cram so much into your brain or am I just imagining things? I've observed that my memory has been a bit bad at times. There are times when I can't remember something from 10 seconds ago. This also happened before I started learning Japanese but I think this has become more frequent after studying Japanese.

>> No.30438606

memory doesn't matter

>> No.30438634

literally just use google translate why bother learning this dead language

>> No.30438678

i watch untranslated anime but some people gotta read this before they go on http://www.alljapaneseallthetime.com/blog/japanese-is-useless-and-a-waste-of-time-stop-learning-it/

>> No.30439045

life is useless and a waste of time because you are gonna die

>> No.30439209


>> No.30439300


>> No.30439465

don't want to watch anime to start i want to play a ps2 rpg but i'm scared i just won't be able to figure out wtf to do

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File: 689 KB, 1910x1080, love live.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lets gooooooo

>> No.30439532

just play ff7 or something with the script available

>> No.30439643

pokemon is a good starter rpg

>> No.30439729

you can't learn japanese by playing videogames

>> No.30439767

thinking of pulling a double all-nighter
wish me luck bros

>> No.30439772 [DELETED] 
File: 1.68 MB, 1181x1181, 1607210131910.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

og and 4bbc

>> No.30439916

What's the pitch accent for ご主人 (ごしゅじん)

>> No.30440187

no you cant

>> No.30440386

looking forward to the djt tournament arc

>> No.30440494


not solely games, but there is no reason to not use games as one of your main methods of exposing yourself to the language. Playing an rpg would be no different for your learning than reading a manga.

>> No.30440497

looking forward to slicing your throat with a butter knife

>> No.30440526

games actually make it harder to learn japanese because you are too busy jerking off to underage anime characters instead of going outside and using the language now stop replying to me you キモ

>> No.30440545

im talking about proper games, not eroge. sounds like youre projecting.

>> No.30440621

what the fuck did i just fucking say about replying to me you dickhead

>> No.30440622

filtering genji

>> No.30440624

playing games is using the language though

>> No.30440677

not really because you can easily ignore dialogue and stuff you dont know to focus on gameplay

>> No.30440703

filtering genji

>> No.30440713


>> No.30440717

depends highly on the game

>> No.30440748

filter deez nuts

>> No.30440766

don't do that then

>> No.30440775

wow dudes so annoying he filtered himself

>> No.30440831

you guys are retarded just use my anime cards

>> No.30441031

how do i put a trip? im on my phone btw

>> No.30441655

bros i wanna rub one of to this nukige but my roommate is wide awake in the other room
teach me the secrets to stealth jacking

>> No.30442016

just rub one out and if he asks if ur jacking off say yes

>> No.30442144

dont have titanium alloy balls or the charisma to pull that off

>> No.30442251





>> No.30442710

you call everyone a schizo freak. it's time to stop taking your inner frustrations out on other people qm.

>> No.30442825

wouldn't it be better to finish core 2.3k first before trying anime cards

>> No.30442846

big loss for quizler

>> No.30442863

nope lol how new are you

you don’t have to if you already know a fair amount and mined before
core is for absolute beginners

>> No.30442873

dont do anime cards they're for tranny nigglets

>> No.30442916

bruh you know you cant claim to be that ewhore without proof

>> No.30442953



>> No.30442954

women are queens

>> No.30442964

wtf raided by namefags

>> No.30442994

Tune in to my livestream and find out

>> No.30442999

u say that but u didn't use anime cards as a beginner i think u are being a bit of a hypocrite quizmister

>> No.30443025

I want to be raped by Matt

>> No.30443066

I know about 400 words lol

>> No.30443079

i did a core deck first then i did anime cards
before i did the core deck i knew no japanese

>> No.30443177

glad youre enjoying my cards

>> No.30443255

it's good enough. drop deck and start using anime cards

>> No.30443377

with vocab cards how would you know if its いざなう or さそう get check mated vocab boys

>> No.30443395

Are the JALUP anki decks available anywhere? torrent, mega, vola, whatever, would all be fine, I just find it weird that nobody seems to have uploaded them

>> No.30443436

Had to quit 24/7 AJATT because it was damaging my hearing

>> No.30443504
File: 463 KB, 1712x2044, jalup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im no punk bitch when it comes to my japanese learning if i have to waste a thousand dollars ill gladly waste a thousand dollars for my education

>> No.30443518

anyone play トロピカルKISS?
thinking of trying it out

>> No.30443537

Wow all i have to do is pay $119.99 to get 900 free cards

>> No.30443684

>ajatt 24/7
>damaged hearing
gee who would have thought

>> No.30443828


>> No.30443857

What should I do once I finish core2.3k bros?

>> No.30443903

start core 6k, after you finish it you can start core 10k

>> No.30443998

is there a place i can watch japanese news or some shit
you know, something really mundane

>> No.30444065

wow, if you pay 300 dollars you save 700 dollars! thats deal u cant miss bro

>> No.30444088

NHK (easy?) news, with the easy depending on your level

>> No.30444154

Are the Tango decks and/or PDFs available anywhere?

>> No.30444362

yes it does. you can also filter steam for vns with japanese text available, which is really useful for finding stuff you'd find interesting

>> No.30445257

how do i fuckin VPN? im a retard

i want japanese netflix and hulu

>> No.30446256

the entire which card style is the best argument has nothing to do with beginners and it's argument between serious anki junkies

>> No.30446466



>> No.30446629

are there pdfs of these anywhere?

>> No.30447499

just found out i dont have to pull an all-nighter just as the eurobros are waking up
and with that, im off to bed

>> No.30447531

we should all aspire to be like the 60代s

>> No.30447740

probably not while they were dating someone else so it's actually a lot lower than the west where everyone fucks random people they met on tinder

>> No.30447832

thinking about quitting this internship i got after a week in. all i've been doing is cold messaging people on linked in and nagging my friends trying to find people to interview for some retarded product development. only communication with the company is like 20 minutes per day on zoom. if this is what i'll be doing mainly i dont see what benefit im gaining. also all this shit is making me so fucking anxious, i hate doing interviews and i suck at them and i hate cold messaging people like some fucking loser.

>> No.30447836


>> No.30447924

what does it have to do with japanese?

>> No.30447958

nothing but u dont get to apply those standards to me when 80% of the thread is off topic shit like violence posting lol

>> No.30448002

there shoul be some loliposting

>> No.30448010

who are you

>> No.30448062

so your saying i have a statistically higher chance of shagging 20-somethings

>> No.30448071

might do a doujin reading stream

>> No.30448423

how long have you been studying

>> No.30448533

why would iread when i have anki

>> No.30450272

millennials on 自殺 watch

>> No.30450331
File: 632 KB, 513x546, Screenshot_4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking sold

>> No.30450447

write a script that

>compare words from input.txt to words in words.txt
>if [word] is in words.txt ignore [word]
>if [word] is not in words.txt, write [word] to words.txt file and output [word]

feed text to it and see how much text it takes for words to stop appearing in the hundreds hehehe

>> No.30450916

or do it the non stupid way and parse input.txt into an array of (word,frequency) tuples and sort them

>> No.30451122

i can only see a normie extrovert excelling and liking a job like that.

>> No.30451617

*walks in butt ass naked*

>> No.30451627

anyone recommends any vns with a protag like utawarerumono: futari no hakuoro?
He sure is a fresh breath from the usual vn protagonist.

>> No.30451779

>trap protagonist
omg i am gonna cooooom

>> No.30451975

he isn't like him but the guy from raging loop is pretty cool

>> No.30452259

was looking for jobs yesterday and everything with the phrase cold calling went straight out the window

>> No.30452265

lets fucking goooooooo

>> No.30452441

>common word on jisho
>over 20k on all feq lists
what did jisho mean by this

>> No.30452493

Is this a typo for 起こる or just a shitty card? Because I thought 起きる meant get out of bed.

>> No.30452543
File: 31 KB, 640x439, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Images help

>> No.30452579

take this time to uncripple urself if u can

>> No.30452592

anacreon's script is so buggy

>> No.30452618



>> No.30452695
File: 402 KB, 1797x1085, 叩頭.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30452709

yeah you're technically right, but Japanese people will say 事件が起きる sometimes nowadays

up to you whether or not the card is good, as its technically wrong, but does in fact see usage

you can probably even find Japanese articles about this if you searched

>> No.30452718

if the kid just watched the tv news he wouldnt have been permanently crippled by his idiot cards

>> No.30452756

Alright, okiru means "get up" and "happen" even though okoru exists and just means "happen". Thanks, japan

>> No.30452830

works fine for me

>> No.30452985
File: 19 KB, 255x300, the absolute state.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

今日はnoob slayingの事件が起きました

>> No.30453063


(松村明・山口明穂・和田利政『旺文社 国語辞典 第十版』旺文社)に「起きる」・「起こる」の違いについて解説しているところがあるので、引用します。 以下引用 「事件が起きる」「事件が起こる」と同じ使い方をする。しかし、「五時に起きる」とはいうが、この場合「起こる」とはいわない。ただし、「事件を起こす」「五時に起こす」の場合はどちらも「起こす」である。 もともとは、「起きる」は自らそれをするときに使い、「起こる」は自らの行為ではなく、何かが発生するときにと使い分けていたようである。それが「起こる」との間に使用の混乱が生じ、最初の例のような同じ使い方がされるようになったようである。 「起こす」は、もともと、そうするように働きかけることをいうから、「五時に起こす」のような言い方がされたのである。

point: 「起きる」は自らそれをするときに使い、「起こる」は自らの行為ではなく、何かが発生するときにと使い分けていた

>> No.30453065

It's not that big a deal in speech, it's just a problem with contextless anki cards.

>> No.30453095

so we agree idiot cards are the root of all evil

>> No.30453397

that is literally proof that you are gmi

>> No.30453506


>> No.30453513

in english ?

>> No.30453522

never trust tsunderes

>> No.30453621

What does 思とった mean? Is it a typo?

>> No.30453644

idk post a thing with it in it and well decide

>> No.30453696

is this a loli

>> No.30454924



1. Install this: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/41708974
2. Leaderboard > Config > Create your account
3. Leaderboard > Config > Group > Join "djt aniki" no password.

see you boys

>> No.30455052

me at the bottom of the board with 20 reviews a day

>> No.30455079


>> No.30455128

why do you seethe so much when people are trying to have fun?

>> No.30455213

we all know that leaderboard has no intention of being used for fun

>> No.30455231

I dont trust like that

>> No.30455253
File: 1.54 MB, 3024x3024, Eovmoi4XYAMSsDi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what is everyone reading?

>> No.30455300
File: 54 KB, 339x500, 51M930K7BDL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30455328


>> No.30455387
File: 315 KB, 704x1000, 321611000307.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30455447

none of that shit

>> No.30455486
File: 556 KB, 1440x810, RIDDLE JOKER.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30455518

i miss when japanese cartoon characters didnt try to look like boring ass forgettable japanese ppl all the time

>> No.30455519
File: 1.78 MB, 2320x1058, 1607521736767.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30455746

the diminishing returns after ~3k tango are fucking insane, got little motivation to finish the 6k anytime soon

>> No.30455825


>> No.30455878


>> No.30455943

actual anki bots

>> No.30455947

ma g

>> No.30455961

>584 minutes

>> No.30456756

the only man who listens to women's bullshit is their gay friend.

>> No.30456760


same i picked up the lns a couple of weeks ago

>> No.30457448


>> No.30457455

i mean i know ur yung og chan but kaiji getting reset back to idiot scrub status is how real life works for most ppl bc ppl dont change regardless of their wins in life

>> No.30457495

do u think a drunk deadbeat who gambles his paycheck every week down at the pachinko parlor suddenly gets his act together after getting a lucky big payout lmao

>> No.30457509

lmao its seinen for your age group so nice self own

>> No.30457705

nah, most losers are unexceptional or faulty in pretty much all relevant areas. someone who can pull off the shit kaiji could would be able to game the system like you do, and you arent nearly as clever as kaiji

>> No.30457740

it's cute how og blindly believes everything she reads itt.

>> No.30457764

we both know u adore my 鋭い ass but yes ultimately kaiji is a cartoon character and real life is never as pretty and epic as the stories we can write

>> No.30457975

problem w. gaming the system (assuming we play along with ur frankly naive scenario) is once u get known as a guy thats winnin too much ur nail ass is gonna get hammered in eventually

>> No.30458194

i won $750 my 3rd or 4th time playing because my 直感 is strong

>> No.30458196

>tag: infodumping
*closes tab*

>> No.30458344

as in drunk hammered...

>> No.30458357

The latest version of the mpv add-on for sentence mining can always be found here..
Video demo: https://youtu.be/vU85ramvyo4

Windows 7 notes:
* You need to install curl from https://curl.haxx.se/
MacOS notes:
* Use jpg instead of webp in your snapshot_format setting
* brew install the latest version of MPV
FireFox notes:
* You'll likely need to use this clipboard inserter page. https://pastebin.com/hZ4sawL4

>> No.30458374

japan is not america with laws prioritizing business over people. pachinko parlors get reviewbombed and side-eyed just fro being pachinko and they work hard keep a good image. yeah im sure they are all run by koreans or yakuza but they are aren't breaking anyones legs its not some backroom cardgame lmao. seriously you guys need to actually go to japan before you talk out of your ass

>> No.30458481

>visiting japan makes you an expert on japan

>> No.30458529

Certainly more than someone who never even put their feet there, now shut up and stop pretending you know shit, hell you probably dont even know japanese.
>let me nitpick a statement and disregard the rest of the post
shitposting 101

>> No.30458533

nice strawman but all im saying is i know more about it than someone with no experience, especially with something that i actually do on the regular

>> No.30458552

Absolute beginners start with kanji (rtk), then kana, and then ankidrone starter pack

Ankidrone starter pack V2

New version: https://files.catbox.moe/cxcsq7.apkg
Mirror: https://t.me/ajatt_tools/29

You know that in Japanese the most common 1000 words cover 75% of the language. Therefore beginners are advised to quickly memorize (frontload) them using the SRS.

This deck is designed to help you quickly learn core Japanese vocabulary. The deck consists of 3 sub decks. In three subdecks there are much more than 1000 cards (over 11000), so learn all cards from the first subdeck, and use the rest of the cards as a supplement to the sentence mining phase, and in cases where you cannot find sentences for certain words on your own.

If you already have a lot of words in Anki, I recommend sorting the entire deck using Morphman.

>> No.30458554

more like i read the 1st line and stopped reading to lol

>> No.30458572

haha very funny and EPIK upboated fren :)

>> No.30458615

cope市 population オマエ

>> No.30458631

another win for Rnaker

>> No.30458649

I don't trust books with covers like these

>> No.30458651

so that said how many dicks have u sucked in japan

>> No.30458768

feeling tired today

>> No.30458772

fuck off

>> No.30458831

why? are you sad that you will never have a cute high school romance and or an interesting life in general?

>> No.30458854

jamal seething because he is too poor to travel to japan

>> No.30458857

wooh baby time to stop projecting its too early

>> No.30458877

great, jamutt is back and the retarded whore is here
hope you ugly chinless white knights enjoy the shithole you created

>> No.30458890

japan in the winter blows dont wanna be there till haru

>> No.30458892

i really, legit have no desire to suck a dick. i just said "actually" cause im kind of surprised i wasnt roped into it somehow at some point

>> No.30458936

so ur the kind of girl that can get roped into stuff *jots something down on clipboard* i see i see

>> No.30458946

dah fuq? winter is mild in tokyo its summer that sucks. winter is peak comfy for most of japan except the north. oden and nikuman everywhere, christmas lights, cute winter fashion, holiday sales

dude actually go to japan lmao

>> No.30458956

hope your whole family gets killed in front of you before you get tortured to death

>> No.30458966

>tfw you will never rope og into sucking your dick

>> No.30458985

u have to understand if the temperature falls below 15c im miserable

>> No.30458996

og how do you feel knowing i will never let you clean the 1 month old smegma off my dick?

>> No.30458999

kill yourself

>> No.30459008

why do you do this?

>> No.30459037

https://youtu.be/ZcknTDbDT6w?t=198 jamal on the left me on the right

>> No.30459142

i never made it a secret that im 58kg

>> No.30459150
File: 136 KB, 311x162, 1588079670451.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

did someone say sappy and unrealistic?

i'd also hollow sentimentality to the list

>> No.30459173

take a cold shower every morning and havent caught a cold in three years

>> No.30459360
File: 1.67 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20191225_191540423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shibuya crossing

>> No.30459367

wow i wanna fuck those trees

>> No.30459480

fuck japan

>> No.30459490

sapporo or somewhere else in hokkaido is probably the only thing i could deal with since i sweat like a pig when its hot

>> No.30459910


>> No.30459917

why the fuck would you want to work in japan.

>> No.30459932

its not like japs dont suffer too, they just sweat it out and are more used to it. the thing you have to control as a whitey is your b.o. but i see salaryman standing around with soaked undershirts all the time

>> No.30460159

yeah my ass produces like 60 percent of my sweat

>> No.30460225

britain is a shithole probably just ur nostalgia goggles talking

>> No.30460231

you better thank neoliberalism and globalism for that. once murica goes down as the world hegemon maybe we could get something less degenerate.

>> No.30460241

she's a posher who forces that accent in her music to sound low-class because thats what fashionable in bongistan

>> No.30460247

hope u dont wear fuckin high rise pants too good lord

>> No.30460317

thats a model. im talking about the jacket
nah ive been japped fashionwise. i still circulate though the clothes ive bought in japan over the least few years. or i shop on the jr section at old navy

>> No.30460365

no i know im just saying and u also havent confirmed or denied how bad ur fashion truly is but considering this

>nah ive been japped fashionwise

u prolly lookin fuckin retarded 99% of the time granted japanese male fashion is infinitely worse

>> No.30460413

u retards ever stfu?

>> No.30460473

like capri pants with a messenger bag i was just like yah this dude bottoms hard

>> No.30460487

what was the app that lets you load video/subs into a browser player for hover dictionaries

>> No.30460489

for me, it's trad

chinos, dark wash jeans, buttoned downs, crewneck sweaters, pea coat and desert boots

>> No.30460630

bout 350

>> No.30460825
File: 1.23 MB, 800x800, 1584334504443.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i wear what i like dont care what reddit does. u didnt answer my question btw
>gold casio
skx 007 crew

>> No.30460830

wearing this but as a guy

>> No.30460966

tired of sluts and their bullshit

>> No.30460968

iirc og had a lil bit of fungus goin

>> No.30460972
File: 180 KB, 440x515, Screenshot 2020-12-09 at 10.24.50.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im ex-/cgl/ so im also really into stuff from places like axes femme but its hard to wear back in the states. i just look tryhard

>> No.30461136

i know that feel i havent played a new vidya since pokemon sword and i kinda regret even that

>> No.30461149

wow i'm so excited

>> No.30461152

can't believe people are unironically excited about that shit especially after bitcher 3 lmao

>> No.30461157

This is what the addon does, yes. Matt explained why.

>> No.30461165

cpy already cracked it lol gonna download it, play it for an hour and get bored of it like all other games

>> No.30461179

do i drop the core deck or what

>> No.30461182

>go on crackwatch to see if it's cracked
>pic related
gonna see if someone posted the steam files on **.**.**

>> No.30461193
File: 718 KB, 650x433, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dont worry when u get back ogs toenails will be waiting for u

>> No.30461196

>2 fucking hours
it's the self-indulgence of these fuckin ajatt cunts

>> No.30461200

thought it was an online game?

>> No.30461206

what do you mean cracked it's drm free lol

>> No.30461215

its dmr free but the preload torrent misses the .exe

>> No.30461220

I am not really that excited anymore but i am a sucker for cyberpunk so

>> No.30461263

>sucker for cyberpunk
exactly, the game looks like trash and cyberpunk is 80% visuals

>> No.30461275

no you need to do ankidrone starter pack instead of core decks see .>>30426647

>> No.30461323

problem w. games like bitcher 3 is i want to play a video game not watch game of thrones

>> No.30461328

okay but witcher 3 doesn't qualify as a game

>> No.30461343
File: 205 KB, 2048x1107, 1573454895554.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they arent japanese but ive bought a lot from them. when im in a place like japan i actually get to wear it

>> No.30461360

post a body pic

>> No.30461371

he does in a way that avoids facts and logic.

>> No.30461387

mining words is for fags

>> No.30461389

grimacing imagining some stupid ass whitoid among the sea of black haired apes walking around in public looking like that

>> No.30461432

those girls wouldnt look at all out of place in tokyo but ok ironic weeb cancer

>> No.30461533
File: 16 KB, 478x307, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

very few retention rates above 90

>> No.30461542


>> No.30461568

rly shocked that u care about this haha

>> No.30461812

you forgot to put "if you'll allow me to cope for a second" at the start of this post

>> No.30461885

holy frickin rekt

>> No.30461899

this is something id expect to hear from quiz

>> No.30461949

you can just say you've reached n1 level

>> No.30461966

true true

>> No.30461972

congrats dude u can experience what n1 tards are really like 1sthand

>> No.30462089

based bunkobro

>> No.30462204

tfw the only person who listens to a lot of jp podcasts has the worst taste in everything so its pointless to ask him for recs

>> No.30462216

there's no value whatsoever in aiming at over 90% retention rate, the best retention rate is between 85% and 90%

>> No.30462264

the best is proven to be 81% mathematically using euclids formula

>> No.30462268

there isn't really interesting podcasts like joe rogan where actually known people come on and they talk about something interesting it's all literal nobodies talking about some dumb shit nobody cares about, i have tried listening to a few podcasts but man they all suck

>> No.30462284

yeah i think so too

>> No.30462290

horse girl vibes

>> No.30462308
File: 11 KB, 176x70, gg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30462309

>interesting podcasts like joe rogan
i groaned into the 4th dimension

>> No.30462371

i suppose i can't talk about his 'usual' podcasts because i am not a regular viewer but when a person i find interesting is on i've found myself listening to the entire 2-3 hour podcasts, so it qualifies as interesting to me in that context i suppose i should have clarified my limited exposure

>> No.30462428

>when a person i find interesting is on i've found
like who

>> No.30462429

actually that leaderboard makes me feel uneasy i might uninstall it i advertised it in the discord which is why so many people joined kind of feeling bad about it now but whatever

>> No.30462455

like edward snowden

>> No.30462489

explain why all their media is for brain-dead morons then

>> No.30462523

i like that cat nighttime skirt

>> No.30462601

>horse riding is based. you all just sound too poor and clench over the fact you dont get to to experience the joy
sounds like a projection

>> No.30462604

its true if you watch like 1 episode of jre per month you dont really notice how much of a dumb meathead cunt rogan is

>> No.30462619

maybe because you're turning anki into memrise?

>> No.30462712

it's just a little fun addon on the side dude no need to make weird claims like it turns anki into memrise when nothing changes about anki functionality
i just don't like it cuz it feels like bloat but seemed like a good idea initially

>> No.30462713

why did the bum came back so ill-humored?

>> No.30462721

damn thats smoothe as butter mad jabum managed it

>> No.30462724

hopefully you will get banned again as well for feeding the blogposting whore
fuck back to /soc/ or your discord djt is not your chatroom

>> No.30462738
File: 290 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30462750

you know damn well that something like that is an autistic dick sizing contest.

>> No.30462754


>> No.30462774

yea exactly lmfao "turn the tv on". tv is even worse than anime

>> No.30462781

djt is also not a thread u moderate my backseat friend so take ur own advice

>> No.30462794


>> No.30462939

you can plot the course of japan becoming more brain-dead over the last 50 years by watching jidaigeki from each decade. nowadays they're like cartoon caricatures. smdh. i blame america.

>> No.30462998

plz dont

>> No.30463089

u can watch ur samurai soap operas ill watch good shit for real men


>> No.30463161

literally sailormoon for boys lmao

>> No.30463222

btw i picked マジレンジャー for a reason

just for the lower iqs that cant keep up not even a sentai in joke or anything

>> No.30463237

imagine shitting on japanese media here and then putting on your favorite superhero episodic trash on netflix

>> No.30463281

death taxes and jamal taking the W

>> No.30463445

i think of myself like kami from dragonballz and anacreon is my mr popo and i just sit up here chillin takin lil dumps off the edge of my lookout an when they land its my posts

>> No.30463456

ill take the garbage because at least it knows what it is

>> No.30463475

im not even whoever you are talking to low iq snowflake

>> No.30463691

bro calm down im sorry i don't like the things u like lol

>> No.30463848

one dude 2 remotes

>> No.30463907

i like the good things and not the bad things (bnha)

>> No.30463933

you can have your own taste but i say you are a teenager thats it

>> No.30463942

>no discernible taste
you can have appreciation without complaining

>> No.30463948

whats your issue

>> No.30463961

said the 20 year old

>> No.30463969

wonder if hxh guy is still around

>> No.30463982


>> No.30464000

get thicker skin if people complaining about shit bothers you this is 4chan lmao turn your monitor off if it offends u

>> No.30464031

>get thicker skin if you don't like people with thin skin
was that supposed to be retarded?

>> No.30464064

you're all retards

>> No.30464070

not liking something because it sucks ass has nothing to do with skin thickness im not sure how you came to that conclusion

>> No.30464094

if you hate stuff its because youre weak, period

>> No.30464118

anime will never reach its full potential when everyone has shit taste and its my job to dab on shit garbage on mal by giving it low scores

>> No.30464128

you are the one visibly bothered and overrreacting so maybe you should turn off your monitor or change your pad

>> No.30464138

think hes posted here a few times since i joined the thread i distinctly remember hxh blogposts and people calling him out but maybe that was someone else pretending to be him

>> No.30464147

yea ur brain dead as expected

>> No.30464151

your efforts are in vain cuz japs don't care about you or mal

>> No.30464155

you are the dumbest person alive

>> No.30464163

wish i knew what euclids formula was. wish i knew math

>> No.30464274
File: 51 KB, 576x443, ea32bd639ea1eb0ea09ec9a515fa5756.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

haters btfo

>> No.30464275

never said anything about missing anyone only wondering and btw i said
>maybe that was someone else pretending to be him
dont convert possibility into certainty by yourself

>> No.30464324

jordan peterson came back recently and had this to say about shounen

>> No.30464325

whatever saves you from the pain brother

>> No.30464326

i like the prashe but prefer when these kinds of pics have a picture of the face of the author together, it gives more power to the citations

>> No.30464329

if you're thinking about him then you're somewhat attached to him

>> No.30464335

yeah man nothing weaker than *squints* having convictions

>> No.30464340

in all the time I've wasted on this thread I could probably have read a vinnie

>> No.30464350

shounen sucks ass

>> No.30464364

lmao is this actually real

>> No.30464368

lmao i bet the was talking about "bigots"

>> No.30464392

wtf i love perterson now

>> No.30464406

yeah jp did a lot of anime study for his series on the hero's journey

>> No.30464417

lol an hxh fan

>> No.30464424

he reviews and compares/contrasts a few other shows like bnha and AoT.

>> No.30464435

right on man once these people who keep looting and burning down my city are gone, i'll only have pain to deal with

>> No.30464531

anime is underrated tho glad peterson is on board

>> No.30464693

does anyone know where I can read Usogui in japanese

>> No.30464748

theres nothing in particular about him or people in djt or even people in general everyone has a million such related thoughts flooding their head constantly as things come up during the day idk what youre trying to say here

>> No.30464829

no such thing

>> No.30464863

completely arbitrary word used only as an excuse to do those things so not true

>> No.30464900
File: 661 KB, 1280x720, [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30464941

did you listen

>> No.30464944

n5 whore

>> No.30464956

keep it up dude your screenshots are the only nihongo i consume these days

>> No.30464996

citygoers pocket money

~cant quit till 5人 in a row~

put the tildes bc it looks pretty obviously like a regular segment and the part above it is just this times topic

>> No.30465009

why is she being so formal with someone she is talking about nakadashi with?
i really dislike overuse of kanji when hira looks better

>> No.30465016

Core? 0 cards.
You do 1000 cards from ankidrone starter pack and then start reading.

>> No.30465017

there was no 行為 in the end

>> No.30465074

som1 needed to get this ball rollin but now ur gonna need to talk about it

>> No.30465083

hxh is the only anime in that genre but it does exist

>> No.30465133

n6 screenshot

>> No.30465143
File: 1.05 MB, 1920x1080, 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30465154

well the girls are all willing to fuck the mc but he doesn't want to destroy their relationship so he refuses
i'm quite far in and he doesn't done any of them yet

>> No.30465158

bunkokun doing gods work for djt

>> No.30465165

spoken like a true virgin

>> No.30465179

flattered you think that

>> No.30465194

the threads so fuckin shit a high schooler makes better posts than 90% of the retards here

>> No.30465197

no it isn't

>> No.30465199

you just ignored the UPできるまで

>> No.30465209


>> No.30465210

og is a hxh fan wtf...

>> No.30465221

being ugly undesirable and friendless is nothing to be proud of

>> No.30465222

is there anything to stop you from liking everything? are your likes completely at the mercy of chemical reactions and hormones in your head? you lack the courage of your convictions sir

>> No.30465230


>> No.30465241


>> No.30465259

pretty sure i mentioned how much i loved the chimerant arc a couple times, but sometimes my post identity doesnt show

>> No.30465279

who gives a shit

>> No.30465283

felt out what upsuru means in this context before bunko boy posted the explanation

>> No.30465285

robert needs to get back here asap we found him a gf

>> No.30465291

the mere fact that buncrotch considered that to be any sort of a challenge for other is evidence of how arrogant he is

>> No.30465305

fucking finally bros bell vs aiz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Do5zBnOYC_4

>> No.30465342

why you gotta spoil faggot

>> No.30465347

yeah when things are poorly made shitty and terrible that prevents me from liking them now you most certainly don't like everything and are a lying faggot.

>> No.30465366

dont let **** see that mistake

>> No.30465372

ppl usually jump on the easy shit all the time here so it prolly was a challenge especially bc if i asked ne1 here to explain how u could take that and explain how it refers the the objective of the game theyd prolly struggle a bit

>> No.30465387

>calling someone sir on the internet
can you be any more reddit

>> No.30465402

based mc waiting til marriage

>> No.30465406

this shit sucks ass

>> No.30465440

you sound spoiled and weak ngl, you act like your opinion is all you have

>> No.30465480

big words for someone who didn't have an answer

>> No.30465486

ya well opinions are what separates the boring douches from me

>> No.30465526

do you want me to reply to every screenshot here with a detailed analysis of what's being said and done in it? I only commented on it because jamal "got the ball rolling"

>> No.30465575

og you can't even read

>> No.30465578

any thoughts on >>30465372 just in earnest could u explain how one would infer the game works the way that it does without the need for the 2nd pic u posted ?

>> No.30465587

og doesn't uppercase, try lurking a few more weeks

>> No.30465652

yeah japs are disgusting

>> No.30465662

to me all i could infer was that they have to hit a 5人 streak meaning that they could screw up and have to start from 0 again but the nature of the game is still unknown

>> No.30465696

what's your game here why are you doing this

>> No.30465697
File: 103 KB, 601x850, u07309501i311n01s01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you guys expose the fact you never been so often

>> No.30465706

you can't infer it with 100% certainty but you can take a very educated guess i mean how else are having people show their 所持金, upする and 連続 going to be related it clearly implies some kind of streak they need to hit
the only other plausible one would be to have 5 people show the 所持金 without getting refused but then upする wouldn't fit

>> No.30465776

i figured it out from 所持金 and 5連続UP i thought i would be wrong tho

>> No.30465779

or you could just infer it from the fact that many variety shows who do rokes like this do this upping shit on the streets and it's nothing new lmao

>> No.30465796

the explanation of the game is literally on screen the only part that's not clear is what UPできる refers to but you can guess that as >>30465706 said

>> No.30465801

never watched a variety show

>> No.30465808

y'all a bunch of nerds who gives a fuck

>> No.30465827

why do americans love cheddar and barbecue so much its gross

>> No.30465835

small loss for bunko
ワンコイン test was better

>> No.30465836

and here we land on the true nature of it

u only know what it is once they tell u what it is bc this is its own thing

>> No.30465838

epic. thanks for sharing vn guy

>> No.30465869

is english, retard

>> No.30465987

vns aren't reading btw

>> No.30466002

who cares

>> No.30466004

true they should call it a visual audiobook

>> No.30466019

even i can spot 無 a mile away, i just agreed it doesnt look as good as ない
i dont like mostly hiragana either, takes a balance

>> No.30466020

do japs really believe they can't get preggers if you pull out?

>> No.30466114


>> No.30466129

25 yo khv here

>> No.30466141
File: 142 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0166.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30466187

lol wtf

>> No.30466320

but now i dont wanna have sex with a woman whos had your semen inside of her

>> No.30466336

im sure there's some left

>> No.30466337

yeah neighborhood kids is like easy way to lose your kh at least. how do you socialize normally and not end up with a handholding session at some point or a quick kisu

>> No.30466345

based ciaran

>> No.30466355

too late so this isn't useful

>> No.30466364

niigata whore anon sharing his wisdom
such a considerate bro

>> No.30466365

you're a woman

>> No.30466371

>im american and have been tried to be set up for dates more than a few times, mostly by friends and usually without me knowing
It used to happen to me a lot and it was really uncomfortable, stressful even.
It doesnt happen nearly as much since as you can see by my posts i am kinda of a shutin so my old friends slowly got distant and i try to not get close to anyone.
Most people would not understand but there is freedom in being a loner, one that i am not willing to give up.

>> No.30466376

tfw your osananajimi neighbor was a fuckin boy
useless parents had one job

>> No.30466379

dunno if kissing girls in kindergarten counts

>> No.30466423

i played with kids in the neighborhood and shit but i never had a actual friend that was a girl. just didnt shake out like that.
ive been here for 10 years but thats irrelevant because the answer to the question u asked is obviously yes, always has been always will be

>> No.30466432

he's right tho

>> No.30466456

>there's really no excuse bros
not living in japanese seems like a pretty reasonable excuse lol

>> No.30466458

well im understanding the situation better now at least. a lot of this is caused by personal fears and hedgehog syndrome
lmao well i mean it still counts i guess if you are desperate enough
i was like 11

>> No.30466535

i didnt ask any question you dumb illiterate fuck

>> No.30466536

>a lot of this is caused by personal fears and hedgehog syndrome
You are a women right?
In all of my interpersonal relations the only ones which tried to give me unsolicited psychological analysis were women, i have no idea what leads you to do this.

>> No.30466603

sorry i wasnt talking about you specifically, but people who might share your disposition. sorry if i came off too personal i just was musing on the topic

>> No.30466617

you arent over 25 to be calling others zoomers

>> No.30466621


>> No.30466741

you are a virgin though

>> No.30466757

being call お姉さん/お嬢ちゃん by randos is surreal in japan like you finally are an anime. dont (you) jabum with your weeb cringe posts

>> No.30466765

how many jp women did u fuck

>> No.30466812

okay this is the most cringe post

>> No.30466824

swallow a razor

>> No.30466863


>> No.30466867

when よりも is used with a verb, does it mean that X does the verb more than Y, or does it mean that X is going to do the verb and Y is not? or is it context dependant?

>> No.30466939


>> No.30466951

dunno crop her face in half or something

>> No.30466956


>> No.30466959

>Relationships of all kinds come with the burden of a certain level of maintenance and expectations.
Yeah, that's exactly that.

>> No.30466960

I'm a virgin

Also I don't want to ever have sex now because I realize sex is a skill that you have to hone over the years and I'm too old to learn it

Women expect men at my age to be highly skilled, I simply can't compete so I give up

>> No.30467097

hate women

>> No.30467103

no being a virgin is a natural consequence of being ugly and socially retarded
anything else is cope
and its pretty obvious you feel inferior for it since it shows when you are talking about your cartoon taste and your so called intelligence (when most here are average at best)

>> No.30467104

ok ciaran so give us the rundown how do i fuck a jp girl when i go there ideally not a walking std factory gaijin hunter haha

>> No.30467116

i can smell this pic

>> No.30467129

that's a man

>> No.30467130

nice chin thats a tranny bro

>> No.30467142

lmao if the guy doesnt expect her to suck his unwashed phimosis dick you are probably golden if she really likes you. women use sex to get close to the guy she likes the only thing that matters is that she knows that she feels special or whatever for you, both physically and otherwise

the handful of degenerate tinder whores are not the average
lots of studies are showing that reclusive antisocial behavior tanks your health and kills you faster

>> No.30467143

maybe i'm retarded but this doesn't really answer my question. here's a couple examples of what i mean:

does it always mean "knows more" or could it ever mean "my friend knows, i do not"

does it always mean "eat more", or could it ever mean "the boys will eat, the girls won't"

>> No.30467145

was my first thought as well lol

>> No.30467184

it means men will eat josei

>> No.30467185

it's mild spoilers not really worth worrying about especially if you haven't read it yet it's just an epic scene and if it inspires people to read it that's good

>> No.30467186

what's wrong with being socially retarded and passionate about anime?

>> No.30467191

was supposed to do my anki 2 hours ago, still jacking off to english translated doujinshi though

>> No.30467193

>reclusive antisocial behavior
That's a statement quite open to interpretation, care to link said study? interested which behaviour the study claims to have such a effect.
Also, while i am a loner i dont have a sedentary lifestyle, i take care of my body.

>> No.30467208

lol nice buzzword but you are the virgin coping here so nah

>> No.30467216


>> No.30467225

quiz i've always liked you please help me >>30467143

>> No.30467230

og how do you feel about uncut dicks?

>> No.30467236

i mean this popped up from a quick search. you can do so yourself im not gonna spoonfeed more than this

>> No.30467238

>passionate about anime
nothing wrong with it but dont deny you have brain damage or low iq to be passionate about retarded cartoons

>> No.30467442

theres a 16 year old here? gtfo

>> No.30467444

today i saw a hot girl outside and she was staring at me the whole time
feels good being attractive

>> No.30467576

you mean john?

>> No.30467586

>made up rules
you mean grammar? lol

>> No.30467600

im not john

>> No.30467607

yeah just wait before you realize grammar doesn't exist haha

>> No.30467610

tfw best picture of me gets a 5-6 on /soc/


>> No.30467655

never posted my pic in there cuz im not a fag but pretty sure it'd be one of the lowest scores ever received

>> No.30467736

>dude sometimes its just nice to talk about the weather and peoples families and shit.
no it isn't

>> No.30467743

next time i'll be sure to initialise my variables before posting so i don't confuse you

>> No.30467844

well keep in mind this >>30459845 but its more like if we aint got anything else to talk about besides that we shouldnt b talkin we should just be fuckin

>> No.30467846

>dude sometimes its just nice to talk about the weather and peoples families and shit.
wish this were true

>> No.30467854

agreed although usually they just are non-white/non-asian
we all know the bum is empty inside, no need to rub it in he's already selfconcious about it

>> No.30467982

based lmao

>> No.30467986

math is not language retard

>> No.30467987

it's not really the same because 2+2 is unlikely to become 5 at some point but something currently "grammatically incorrect" can simply become "correct" if people decide to say it that way

>> No.30467988

want to fuck a xmas cake

>> No.30468007

sou desu yo ne

>> No.30468021


>> No.30468036


>> No.30468039

thats not what i mean someone can move to the other sidfe of the world and u can still talk to them everyday

its when years go by and u realize man i aint hollad at my dawg in a minute and then u find out hes already divorced with 3 kids and child support is killing him lmao and u realize hes just gone dude uve lost him to this garbage society

>> No.30468043


>> No.30468063

why do americans measure distance in hours lmao

>> No.30468081


>> No.30468084

well apparently distance and time are one in the same now as it turns out heh kind of a scientific breakthrough

>> No.30468085

google "basic introduction to geography" some time

>> No.30468086

why do djters measure japanese level in years lmao

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