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Reimu was born in 1994. She turned 26 years old last saturday.

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Reimu is a hag!

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time flows so slowly in gensokyou that not even a single year has passed yet

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Reimu stopped aging when she smoked part of Remilia's body in EoSD.

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Huh? Wasn't she created in 1996, when Highly Responsive to Prayers came out, making her 24? By the OP's TL she would be a toddler when HRTP takes place.


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Why does my pp become hard when the girl is my age or just slightly older?
Now I gotta fuck Raymoo, be right back.

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Wasn't she like 10 in the first game? That would mean she's around 34.

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I want Reimu to take advantage of me.

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Why is Alice rubbing her face into Reimu's armpit here?

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Who knows. Alice is probably a light weight.
Also, why question it? Wouldn't you want to be close to Reimu as well? Imagine the softness against the side of your face. It's not every day you get to be comfy with the crimson slasher!

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I was hoping I'd get a reply talking about Reimu's 26 year old armpit scent or something, I suppose.

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Why would you want to know what a 26 year old woman smells like? She probably takes extra care of her self at that age to remain visually appealing to the younger residents of Gensokyo, meaning her armpits lost their appeal with older audiences.

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Hag prostitute!

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Is she a woman or is she still a maiden at that age?

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>Reimu is wife material
I agree!

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She's a woman the moment she turns 18.
... 14 if you're a lolikon. (because she's a hag at that point according to them.)

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you wouldn't do the same, given the chance?

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That's not what I'm asking.
Educate yourself and lurk for 30 years before responding to me ever again.

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Yes, she is still a virgin.

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Imagine marrying this fatty. She's bound to put on even more weight in the future, especially after you put a few babies in her.

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94 is the best year to be born because it was also mine

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Even in 2024, you'll still be an underage b& and cancer of the internet.

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Being attracted to people your own or comparable age is normal, anon. It's the alternative that's weird.

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I wouldn't be able to stop myself, in fact.

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This thread: Reimu's Oppai featuring her iconic armpits.

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Posts 2000s garbage thinking.

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Post-2000 garbage thinking.

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zoomer scum

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reimu is very experienced and knows how to handle a male

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Touhou works on Simpsons timeline logic, where nobody ages and everything takes place in the "current year". Like how Bart has been 10 years old for 30 years.

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She's a real professional

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that's not reimu

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what's wrong, anon-kun?
why are you trying to disown poor reimu?

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That's just not Reimu dude.
Even the tits are too big.

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