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gay thread

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redpill me homostars

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We finally got our own thread

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Latest songs

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postin an ex-holo in the homo thread

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Honorary Holostar Monoe is allowed in here right?

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Holostar gen 4 soon!

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Only if she's homo

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tall shien

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Of course.

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meido please i want this.... i want to talk about gay stuff

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Where my white haired fox chicks at?

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Good, don't come back to Hololive thread again homosharts.

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Finally, we have our own place

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I really hope that if(when) we get Holostars En, that they manage to find someone like Kira who is able to sound like a cute anime girl and is a trap.

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Got to hell, tranny faggot

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I never watched any Kira are there any must watch streams?

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>cucumber eating stream
>Oga collab where a lot of sexual tension to be had

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The dream came true boys. Izuru love!

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What the heck is Roberu still busy with? Sake collab and cover song for 24th should be already done by now

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you say as if that's a bad thing

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>finally gets homo thread
>can't post because some Malay faggot got my ISP rangebanned
Hope this lasts until the weekend.

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Merry christmas from Yurustars

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I still listen to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRCytQ4gtOg it's so good

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This was really cute, I'm really looking forward to Temmas Christmas voice bgm stream, he did mention during his zatsudan after the anniversary that he wanted to do songs with just his voice but I wasnt really expecting it to happen. At least thats what Im expecting the stream to be.

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>songs with just his voice
isn't that just acapella then

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Yes,I worded that poorly, he wants to harmonize with himself and do all the parts something like here: https://streamable.com/c5ms9s but with more noticeable difference. Even if it is just acapella in the end I'm excited.

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imagine being gay

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See >>31088126

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I can imagine it sounds fine to me?

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>Miyabi has severe anxiety and has frequent vertigo, panic attacks
>Izuru was a delinquent and antisocial, disowned by his parents
>Aruran is an ojisan hobo who literally was only sustaining himself off of his arts and crafts after getting disillusioned with his teaching job
>Rikka is another ojisan who never managed to make it big in the music industry, poor as dirt and similar to Aruran
>Kira was literally made of glass and homebound due to his weak condition
>Suzaku had severe depression and fell into the wrong crowd
>Astel failed every audition to join boy bands and the like, said industry proceeded to collapse with the rise of K-pop.
>Temma is a high school dropout, dumb as dirt but a good lad, is practically a savant, has some undiagnosed brain issue
>Roberu is arguably the most normal, but was kind of in the same position as Aruran, just way younger
>Shien was the leader of a high school gang, but failed his college exams and got left behind with zero networking
>Oga wanted to be a VA, but he failed at getting notable roles of any kind, decided to try out vtubing. Also had abusive parents he ran away from.
>Kaoru was a fashion designer with bipolar disorder, lost his job after something unsavory happened with his family that was giving him money to go to fashion school and had to drop out turns out he was burning money to play in card game and beyblade tournaments
All of them are multi-talented, lots of them can play instruments and are actually good at games and are entertaining. Have some soul:

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Ok whats ggoing on

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>temma shilling Roberu's 1 year anniversary at the end of train collab

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Holy crap I sometime tune to some of them but didn't know any of that.

>> No.31090568

You don't actually believe any of that do you?

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Wrong board. Homostars belong in /trash/.

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We should keep this pasta, for the purpose of filtering newfags.

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I mean the Aruran and Kira parts are true. Not familiar with the others enough to say whether their parts are or not though.

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The disillusioned with his teaching job part and the body like glass part are complete fanfiction

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I like astel but I dont like astelbros. You guys just make things weird.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXcn-ECtQ0Y Oga
when will he fucking sleep?

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what happened? do chuubas own /jp/ no?

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>[redacted]fag said this
you guys are just as weird.

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Will this actually become a thread of its own when the meidos stop being pricks?

>> No.31091198

get condensed faggots

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I don't get what's going on, there's a literal roommate thread up but it seems like the mods are active

>> No.31091283

What's that mean?

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It'll just be used to spam >go back. I hope the Homosharts poster and Homobeggar is happy I guess.
Chances are it'll probably die and no one will recreate it since there aren't even that many homoposters.

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my king...

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Get that offtopic shit out of here. fuck you

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I don't trust the meidos that is usually posted here, with his questionable behavior and modding probably a bug

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>On topic

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so who would you like to see join Astel and Izuru for the tournament? it would be pretty big shoes to fill
i think it would be cool to do a competition between potential candidates to see who comes out on top

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>all this chuuba threads
the fuck is going on?

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Why would you watch dudes

>> No.31091673

Why would you watch roasties

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it still hurts

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isn't it Pizzadad?

>> No.31091692

They're comforting

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Not everyone is a tranny who hates their sex like (you)

>> No.31091730

they're fun

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you should ask /hlg/ then with how much they love to suck male niji's cocks.

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I was at first assuming that this was some kind of honeypot thread honestly, at this point though I'm not sure what meidos are up to. A slow stars thread wouldnt be so bad especially if people were to actually ignore no effort posts, baseless narratives and attempts to rile people up. I'm doing no better by metaposting but really medios shouldnt need to babysit the vtuber threads like they do.

>> No.31091830

has it been confirmed?

>> No.31091837

Anyone who becomes a vtuber has issues. It's not completely out there.

>> No.31091850

Why does the gender matter lol, it's the same reason people watch male twitch streamers they're entertaining

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Oga Stream !

>> No.31091899

A tourney would be fun for it, Pizza dad does seem like he would have the potential to get better and is probably one of the better choices. Most of the rest of the stars just arent that good at apex. If not him, maybe Miyabi.

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>better entertainment
>better display of talents
>better personalities
>can't fallback on "i'm a women XD gib money"
>they aren't making a lot of money anyway so the effort they put in is strictly out of personal interests and enjoyment (more SOUL)
>better interactions with their viewers, frequently respond to non-member/non-SC comments (though more likely due to smaller viewership)
>not mentally unstable messes that have breakdowns on social media like the females because males have better control over emotions (scientifically proven)
>more open to trying different games because they enjoy it
FUCK it feels good to be a homochad

>> No.31091956

What connection does Oga have to be able to buy more chocolates?

>> No.31092020

Oga has dedicated aunties

>> No.31092032

All the staff and talents were given some choco. Apparently not many of the staff could get Oga's and Pizzadad's cards

>> No.31092242

I wish shipping wasnt still fucked for the us I would buy some auction cards, they are going very cheaply. Gamers card is really cute.

>> No.31092280

i've been watching the boys more and more since the collab singing streams which have been two of my favorite streams the entire year, something i did not expect at all
how did i reach this point

>> No.31092325

You found entertaining streams entertaining, that's pretty much it. Just watch what you want to watch and ignore the shitposters.

>> No.31092357

>pulled Kira

>> No.31092425

How bad is it? They should be able to send the cards lettermail which is like 90-110 yen international.

>> No.31092448

it's real good, I actually forgot that premiered already

>> No.31092480

Just keep enjoying streams you enjoy, it's really just 2-3 people that bitch about HoloStars in the other thread. Often when people post memberships you often see a Roberu or Aruran amongst the girls

>> No.31092489

Anyone else wish they'd add another trap holostar already? Already nutted more times than I can count to Izuru but it's getting old, I need more.

>> No.31092495

New Year's part 3, please...

>> No.31092588

Ogre's voice is really quite something

>> No.31092676

Does anyone know much about the cards, is the Super special rare card worth much?

>> No.31093182

shota star when

>> No.31093246

I've had such poor luck in the past asking sellers to ship that way to the us that I didnt consider that,might add one on to my proxy order anyway though.

The boys cards are dirt cheap and usually go from 700-1000 for the rare cards in auctions. The girls Ive seen go for up to 2000 to 3000.

>> No.31093274

Astel's kind of a shota and he plays it up a bit AND he's a shotacon

>> No.31093278

Possibly in January, apparently a new gen is on its way

>> No.31093334

That's my narrative, sorry. The Stars have only hinted at SOMETHING happening in January for the HoloStars, no concrete details yet. They are apparently going to tease something after SunTempo's anniversary.

>> No.31093444

>AND he's a shotacon

>> No.31093484

He's a kemoshotacon

>> No.31093628

i hope gen 4 has one whenever the fuck that comes about otherwise i'm gonna have to resort to that Niji one

>> No.31093993

I want to experience baby Oga...

>> No.31094018

Oga has high IQ

>> No.31094071

it's too soon...
the timings right for a new gen, they've inclined enough that new Holostars won't have to struggle as hard initially but it really comes down to Cover picking the right people to help them grow more

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Astel's def has shota-like vibes, but not quite enough for me too old. Still my oshi tho.

>> No.31094452

one thing i give Cover props for is finding talent

>> No.31094672

Do you homosharts enjoy when they collab with girls?

>> No.31094746

If they're both enjoying themselves, why would I care

>> No.31094807

>Gets mad when Homos are brought up in the girls' thread
>Brings up girls in the Homo thread
Boggles the mind

>> No.31094902

Of course if they're both comfortable and having fun.

The dude literally brings up "Homosharts" when no one has mentioned any Holostars in a thread, they're living rent free

>> No.31094997

That's homoCHADs to you and yes, I enjoy so it so if they like collabing then by all means I will not complain

>> No.31095437

Sure, as long as everyone involved is having a good time and is comfortable with it/wants to, I really don't care.

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I can't get over how much of a fucking mess the holostars project is and how badly it's been treated.

The first big mistake they made was giving it a different name from hololive in the first place. It should have been called Hololive Stars from the start so that they could at least get brand recognition as the male part of hololive.

The second fuckup is of course the collab ban. Mid-2019 was a different time when certain hololive girls like Korone and Aqua were more open towards the idea of interacting on stream with male VTubers. Keeping the holostars from interacting with them basically robbed holostars of forming important connections early in their careers, and it left them in the cold, having to reach out to other small VTubers for connections. Sure, it did help them when they became able to collab with Fubuki, Matsuri, Choco, etc. but the damage was already done by that time.

And now according to Roberu and Shien, they're not even going to provide holostars with 3D. Why even give Rikka a 3D model in the first place? I hate how they teased the possibility of my male oshi getting a 3D and just took it away from me.

I regret getting into holostars in the first place because it keeps on reminding me of how much wasted potential it is. And I can't even enjoy watching hololive anymore because their massive success combined with the fact that they act like everyone in the company is a big happy family that supports each other while paradoxically pretending their own male colleagues don't exist is disgusting.

>> No.31096913

I think the holostars are decent but why are their chats so weird?
Like people calling Aruran their papa or Roberu their son.

>> No.31097071

Meanwhile, calling whatever female hololive as your "wife" or "daughter" or "mom" is totally OK? I'm not defending it, just pointing out that its weird either way and isn't exclusive to holostars.

>> No.31097171

Aruran's character is "old man" literally so that's just how it is, where as with Roberu the whole "son" thing came about as a joke because of you know what and when and why and who and how

>> No.31097286

>And now according to Roberu and Shien, they're not even going to provide holostars with 3D.
When did they say this

>> No.31097345

Shien and Roberu did during their offcollab, their wording was "There are no plans for holostars 3D"

>> No.31097386

Did you forget Rikka already has a 3D or what?

>> No.31097439

I keep seeing people say this yet haven't been provided a timestamp

>> No.31097531

Towa, not even kidding.

>> No.31097588

If you think Aruran and Roberu's chats are weird never look at Izuru's chat.

>> No.31097615

I am not going to use this thread for holostar discussion

>> No.31097730

you do you

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what is he looking at?

>> No.31098821

>Towa and two males on Discard
fujos need to learn to control themselves

>> No.31098828

But izuru banned EOPs.

>> No.31098960

That would be pretty shitty if true

>> No.31098963

No issue all collabs are nice.

>> No.31099103

Now that this thread is smaller I can tell you that fujo doesn't equal "girl anime fan"

>> No.31099133

most of them though

>> No.31099138

I know, it's the kind of people like in the Holostars Discord that are rabid about shipping Astel and izuru

>> No.31099191

I kind of feel like most of the non Jap girls in Izuru's chat are too normalfag for even discord

>> No.31099208

>A male and two males on Discard
I don't see the problem

>> No.31099237

Astel's roommate is cute

>> No.31099395

yes but Kira's the cutest

>> No.31099577

looking forward to Kino

>> No.31099938


>> No.31099964

Sure theres overlap but its like calling every male hololive fan a /u/fag. The issue with Izurus chat generally isnt shipping at all its just dumb young female fans.

>> No.31100046

I'm really surprised he washed out of VA work

>> No.31100314

homosharts are 4 things

homosharts are disowned

homosharts are exiled

homosharts are gay

homosharts are excommunicated

fuck homosharts

>> No.31100528

why homosharts?

>> No.31101232

Why does everyone hate miyabi? Why does no one talk about him?

>> No.31101289

Don't hate him, just never found any of his streams that interesting

>> No.31101292

Roberu a manwhore
Shien has a gf
Oga fucks friend
Rikka beats his wife

>> No.31101327

Delete this

>> No.31101390


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File: 496 KB, 593x680, White day smile.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like Miyabi! its just that he doesnt really stand out, he is just "fine" at pretty much everything, some of his game choices can be interesting though and until Astel does membership he will probably be the only star with consistent asmr.

>> No.31101651

he falls into the same boat as Temma for me. he's fine but he just doesn't really stand out too well which is unfortunate because he was the first

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File: 3.53 MB, 2480x3508, Ep2qhqxUYAAYmEa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 329 KB, 450x392, 1578068990937.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mario kart collab mysteriously gets cancelled

>> No.31102595
File: 1.99 MB, 2300x2900, fistbump.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm just happy for you guys, congrats on the thread

>> No.31102618

I mean, his body obviously isn't glass, but he couldn't even fill his quota of a few hours a month
I suspect it's something similiar

>> No.31102806

dance practice for unannounced but upcoming 3D debut

>> No.31104029

So uh fellow homofags, what do you think of the thread? It isn't the first time it has happened, I think it was during Father's Day? that a thread was alive for a lot of hours and it was pretty comfy.
I, for one, can't wait until Roberu finally gets his 3D. I hope that the recent breaks were because of that. Hopefully it'll happen during January.

>> No.31104580

All sound based as fuck to me

>> No.31104665

Roberu needs to spend more time with his boys than being a ladies man.

>> No.31105105


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File: 213 KB, 848x1019, 002052834_UbGaA63az.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

underage eops don't pay attention to rules or follow etiquette, which izuru's chat is filled with

>> No.31105376

Trap holostars are cursed. Izuru and his short shorts are the best we're going to get

>> No.31105457

you have to remember that Cover is a company. There's no point in spending money on giving homos 3D if they don't bring in much money for the first place, even if it's Cover's fault for that in the first place

>> No.31105786
File: 16 KB, 500x500, images (96).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wanna fuck Oga but everyone else sees him as a top

>> No.31106319

I have no doubt though they'll get them eventually if they continue to grow at the rate they have. Maybe in 2022 we'll be able to see them all on stage

>> No.31106567


>> No.31106715

Even if its not 3d for Roberu I hope they consider the boys are doing well enough to get some really fancy new costumes + options soon.
Comfy. Theres always a potential circlejerk problem with small threads but I feel like the same handful of people were the only ones responding to star posts anyway.

>> No.31106914

Since we are here what are your hopes for holostars En a Fighting game holo would be cool

>> No.31106957

>what are your hopes for holostars En
I have none

>> No.31106972
File: 40 KB, 640x512, 027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Aruran is an ojisan hobo who literally was only sustaining himself off of his arts and crafts after getting disillusioned with his teaching job

>> No.31107021

>what are your hopes for holostars
No fujibait, I just don't see myself investing myself in someone trying to play a gay pretty boy.

>> No.31107033


>> No.31107048

I'm not so desperate for parasocial relationships.
I mean I've said it since the start but any male vtuber should really just go to nijisanji. Even the newest guys from like april have more subs than roberu does.
homos are in a weird spot where they're disconnected from hololive as a whole and have to collab with outside streamers. why they even exist is beyond me. nijis have to fight for themselves too, yes, but they have a much easier fight. they're also not seperated from 95% of the company.

>> No.31107174

Post that wide Shien pic.

>> No.31107250

Same brother.

>> No.31107280

>Oga fucks friend
Extremely poor taste in women.

>> No.31107424

I have a feeling anyone who deliberately chooses Holostars over Nijisanji does it under the belief that the experience and workload could be more lax (even though this isn't really true)
That and a ton of them were friends/acquaintances before so that probably influenced things

>> No.31107528
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>> No.31107951

what's the basis for the oga rrat?

>> No.31108146

Hi globalfriend, please lurk 2 years before posting.

>> No.31108376

Looking forward to our collab streams, friends

>> No.31108913
File: 288 KB, 1015x1128, 1578936456734.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31108981

So we can't talk holostar in /hlg/ any more?

>> No.31109086

don't see why you wouldn't be able to

>> No.31109098

I have seen your post multiple times. Stop whining and talk about him then.

>> No.31109150

>Shien was the leader of a high school gang, but failed his college exams and got left behind with zero networking

>> No.31109151

You can, that "Homoshart" guy is just spreading false information, just because Pekora has a thread doesn't mean no Pekora talk in /hlg/ etc

>> No.31109271

so they just picked a bunch of losers off the streets? no wonder they do so poorly compared to other male vtubers

>> No.31109464

Not interested ≠ hate

>> No.31109514

That was my worried. Homoshart spammer will attack any holostar posts.

>> No.31109542

Everyone was talking about Oga chocolate instead of Lamy...

>> No.31109595

Who doesn't like chocoball?

>> No.31109667

He's just a attention whore, even when no one mentions Holostars he will bring them up just to stir shit. He's even posted in this thread a few times because he's so pathetic and needs the attention.
I would just stick to talking about non streaming Holos here and when they're streaming in the main thread

>> No.31109694

You can still talk about them. Maido won't delete your posts about Holostars just like how they won't delete ID or En posting.

>> No.31109715

Yeah got it. I don't know why, that person always get my nerve.

>> No.31109911

Holy shit this thread have 70 IP. So a lot of people willing to give holostar a chance.

>> No.31110020

most people are fine with homos, it's just the very loud minority that shits up the holothreads at the mere mention of a male

>> No.31110090

He used to get on my nerves a lot too, you would see 5-10 posts about HoloStars while people are doxxing/talking about offtopic stuff etc.
you come tot he conclusion he's just a pathetic attention seeker who's looking for people to engage with him

>> No.31110238

How do you check the IP count of a thread?

>> No.31110255


>> No.31110279

In the bottom right it currently says 190/24/72/2
the 3rd one being posters

>> No.31110306
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>> No.31110384

Oga has switch vibes to me

>> No.31110528


>> No.31110637
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>> No.31110658

Sorry. I'll make sure to do so next time.

>> No.31110688
File: 69 KB, 180x201, 7504ADFF-9D6E-4D0C-B8C5-79EA9D703C36.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope this thread can even after the mods finally get off their ass and do something about the raid threads. I just want to see more posts about my boys without all the >homosharts in the main thread. With that said, favorite cover? This song is so damn good in spite of how short it is.

>> No.31110734

>didn't LURK
should have made thread name in katakana next time.

>> No.31110754

I wish he would cover the full version
His Imperial Girl is probably my favorite Stars cover, the arrange is really cool

>> No.31110844

Oga snow halation, unironically.

>> No.31110859

Mine is still https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRCytQ4gtOg but all of the recent ones have been amazing. https://youtu.be/M7bRLFkcdiE

>> No.31110863

>I hope this thread can even after the mods finally get off their ass and do something about the raid threads.
Yeah. There's clearly enough posters to sustain it and it is much comfier with a separate thread.
>With that said, favorite cover?
As banal as it might sound, Blessing.

>> No.31110896

idk man while its nice, on the other hand I watch the girls too and im fucking lazy to open multiple threads
Also Osaka Dreamin' Night

>> No.31111008

To be honest I always just laugh at those posts unless he's literally filling up the thread with them

>> No.31111028

Yeah me too, it's nice as a side thread with the main thread being for active stream discussions imo. Like the other night i was watching lamy while people were talking about the HoloStars tree building, was nice seeing all posts about the different streams

>> No.31111084

Temmas perfume, even with him messing it up right at the end.
One more time, one more chance and Osaka Dreamin' Night is also up there, and so are a lot of random Astel song choices, Bl, never enough and Gekkouka.

>> No.31111168

It's funny until he starts ban evading then starts posting gay porn, which is pretty funny considering how much he hates faggots

>> No.31111345


also for utawaku covers, my favorites are rikka's melody, astel's neko and izuru's parade

>> No.31111431

Roberu is right but I do wish we could get a small scale holostar concert, the holouters come pretty close but I want something with everyone, don't even care about 3d that much.

>> No.31111462
File: 42 KB, 737x959, Efdrw8bVAAEUbyV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Izuru's Venom is probably my favorite solo cover. Astel's One More Time One More Chance might replace it with time though.
Group-wise, Osaka Dreamin' Night.

>> No.31111542

wtf temma can sing? i need to watch him more

>> No.31111791

they know how to play games
remind me the time when I had friends

>> No.31111792

He is very rough and between forgetting the song partly, getting noticeably embarrassed and laughing at himself and high pitch (which doesnt always work) its not for everyone but heres some clips:

>> No.31111821

good taste fellow temmafag

>> No.31111861

Also forgot Shien's Yaranaika.

>> No.31111959

>that time when he "fought" with C melody for half of the utawaku stream

>> No.31111965

I feel bad for laughing when he dies a little, but Temma suffering is too good.

>> No.31111999


>> No.31112089

He keeps fighting the good fight, I love this knight.
I forgot to mention of course all of that adds to the charm a lot of the time in a way thats hard to explain. So cute

>> No.31112231

Did a temmafag clip that cute angry temma moment yet? When he got disqualified in fall guys?

>> No.31112305

i always find it funny how son has multiple TLers for different languages who (probably) translate off the english one

>> No.31112572

It's very evident when eng translator made a mistake and the other translators made the same one lol
well it's great he is very loved by many.

>> No.31112648

Thank you for reminding me: https://streamable.com/0qktwg

>> No.31112800

Does anybody know what all the guy's intros are? Or if they even have any, never caught a stream the second it started.

>> No.31112867

>this knight moves back and forth by sheer force of anger alone

>> No.31112904


>> No.31112935

None of them have anything elaborate except maybe Izuru who has a little cat animation

>> No.31113007

Most of them usually have shilling slides while Izuru, shien, Oga and Pizzadad have their own intro screen as far as I remember.

>> No.31113073

Holy autism

>> No.31113269

Verbal intro some people thought I meant visual intro, like Hello welcome etc....

>> No.31113531

Ahh thanks anon, he’s such a cute little shit

>> No.31113566

I also thought you meant visual:
Temma: https://streamable.com/iywkml
Shien has one too, something like "are you ready for your duty?/Return to your duty!" and the chat replies with yes boss. I havent watched him in a while so I dont know if he has kept it up. Take that with a grain of salt too, I'm N30.
Most have a farewell message over a usual greeting.

>> No.31113567

Haven't watched many Stars lately besides some Astel streams, but honestly hope this thread stays in some kind of way.

>> No.31113669 [DELETED] 
File: 6 KB, 201x250, ne.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31113712

I only remember Rikka will add suffix -roido for greeting like ohariodo which I think is the case for most stars. Only Izuru clearly stated he doesn't have one and will never have.

>> No.31113765

what a rebel

>> No.31113777

Just admit your demise 2hufags

>> No.31113884

I really like that part about izuru, hot blooded fella

>> No.31114055

>Young cute anime boy with a bit of delinquent attitude, foul mouth, raspy voice and singing ability
It no wonder his viewers are mostly girls.

>> No.31114175

He has never treated Vtubers as playing character I think. It's just him with anime avatar.

>> No.31114223

aruran's is something like "ciao, ore da, arurandeisu"

>> No.31114298 [DELETED] 

Oh boi >>31110876. They doesn't sleep isn't it? Help I can't stop give attention to that post.

>> No.31114610

Something something abyss something something stare back
Don't play into schizo's hand too much and just focus on discussing the stars anon.

>> No.31114794

He also has said he doesn't want to give his fans a special name.

>> No.31115037

Why is this thread so comfy

>> No.31115111

Minimal IPs, the Hololive thread is probably the worst on the board because of how overloaded it is

>> No.31115309

It's like being in the locker room with your bros

>> No.31115319

Where are you old man poster?

>> No.31115377

That’s kinda gay

>> No.31115627

Hey it is not gay if the dick don't touch each other.

>> No.31116194

Petition to make the next thread's name in katakana. It looks cool.

>> No.31117197

I remember everyone in hlg disagreeing with a holostars thread being made, but I Guess everyone here prefers it?

>> No.31117235


>> No.31117343

The issue was that the meidos would have not allowed a holostars thread so people told the splitfags to shut up because they would have never achieved anything
Things are different for now

>> No.31117405

How the fuck does Shien manage to be Nenechi levels of based?

>> No.31117449

Someone post that pasta.

>> No.31117645

I checked out that stream a whim and was completely flabbergasted at what I was watching the entire time. What a god.

>> No.31118155

Okay who start flaseflag now?

>> No.31118652


>> No.31118662

Check /hlg/.

>> No.31118704

The usual itoddler and oga spammer. Just look at their filenames.

>> No.31118769

You’re the retarded “homoshart” poster, what the fuck are you doing here dumb retard? Are you so starved for attention you’re shitting up both threads now?

>> No.31118841

>You’re the retarded “homoshart” poster
Literally never did any of those thing. I watch and discuss the boys normally while never shit on other anon's oshi.

>> No.31118886

Anon, both of you chill. Don't start witch hunt now. Don't want to be bad side on meido now.

>> No.31118941

Graduate from life retarded falseflagger

>> No.31118968

>retarded ESL
And the thread is complete

>> No.31118997

The truth hurts huh?

>> No.31119021


>> No.31119062

StarsFes 2021, make it happen son.

>> No.31119064

Anon that doesn’t even make sense. English reps first please

>> No.31119135

Maybe mini concert like Sora/Suisei concert first before full blown Holofes.

>> No.31119186

Out of argument already?

>> No.31119191

Maybe 3D debut for the Stars first before any of that

>> No.31119203

Yeah that first, Silly me. How come I can forget about 3D first.

>> No.31119286


>> No.31119338

I can’t stand ESL grammar. Thanks for bossu though I guess?

>> No.31119498

For solos, probably Rikka's cover of "That's Why I Gave Up on Music": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlHeOOpgZLY
For group songs, I would have said Blessing but then I saw that >>31111999 so its that by default since Fire Flower is one of my favorite vocaloid songs

>> No.31119603
File: 241 KB, 504x507, 1608122270134.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whoa we finally have our own thread? Sweet.

>> No.31119629

Too obvious

>> No.31119691

Wait, what's too obvious? I'm just glad we have somewhere to go. I'm not the spammer, don't worry.

>> No.31119730

Let's cherish it while it last

>> No.31119767

Same with the other anon. He seems more like a vers kind of guy.

>> No.31119830

This tread could use some horny posting.
I want to fill rikka's rusty artificial womb.

>> No.31119870

That sounds unsanitary more than anything...

>> No.31120174

It would also be nice if they get improved live 2D models first with better rigging. The rigging on some of them could be way better. Excited to see any possible new models for Gen 2 and 3 White Day outfits though.

>> No.31120229

I'm just posting on both for the time being. I support the idea one anon proposed: this thread for slow discussion and image dumping, main thread for chatposting when a stream starts.

>> No.31120385

That sounds like a plausible idea. I enjoy the calmer and slower holostars discussion that happens from time to time outside of streams so this sounds nice. That being said, do we have any more clues for the thing Oga was hinting at on the 28th during the holochoco stream?

>> No.31121136

That stands for...Easter...Orbital...Posters!

>> No.31121161

Are there even plans for their original songs?

>> No.31121357

The JP stars still have to overcome the bad practices (collab ban, etc.) that Cover hamstrung them with. Until then, I honestly don't see a chance for EN stars in the near future, especially with how well the 1st gen EN hololive reception was.
Why dump money on something that's been essentially left to rot ? I wish it wasn't that sad of a case, but here we are.

>> No.31121482

>who literally was only sustaining himself off of his arts and crafts
What exactly did he make/produce/whatever?

>> No.31121487

fuck off these losers have SOUL and I love them !!!!!!!

>> No.31121552

Some of that stuff makes me wish for someone that has videos+timestamps ready to go

>> No.31121649
File: 405 KB, 405x480, 1598499979595.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Watch Astel.

>> No.31121762
File: 85 KB, 303x383, 1583153178191.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>collab ban
There's none, or you mean that you want a forced collab?

>> No.31121781

These duets are pure gold. Too bad Discord scuffed up Astel's voice so much.

>> No.31121790

I think he means that the collab ban kneecapped their growth and they're still coping with the repercussions of it

>> No.31121976

holostars EN would not face the same difficulties that holostars JP has. They won't get as popular as the EN girls, but they can easily hit at least as many subs as Mel/Nene, likely more. There is a huge influx of new EOP holo fans after EN was introduced in September, and they're starved for new English-speaking talent. They're even rushing to support Ame's blue sister because they're desperate for new VTuber blood and she panders to EOPs. I don't think holostars EN being male will be that much of a big deal to these newfags, a lot of them just want funny cartoon characters playing games while speaking English, and if there's a male EN VTuber associated with hololive who acts like PewDiePie or Markiplier or one of the popular streamers, then they'd be all over him.

>> No.31122004

>literally Japanese Mickey Mouse

>> No.31122045

I agree. Holostars EN probably wouldn't be as popular as Hololive EN, but they'd probably grow a lot faster than JP.

>> No.31122074

What exactly is he saying? All I got out of that, with DeepL, was this:
>I'm watching the archive.
>I hope I can make it happen in Holostars someday for sure.

>> No.31122120

I think he's saying that he hopes that Holstars either gets to participate in Holofes, or gets to do something similar.

>> No.31122132

The translation is right but for more context, the archive he's currently watching is the Hololive 2nd Fes.

>> No.31122133

He's talking about Holofes, anon... ;_;

>> No.31122146

What does that abbreviation stand for?

>> No.31122177

Thanks for the clarification

>> No.31122214

This -> >>31121790

Sounds reasonable.

>> No.31122235

Lurk moar please.

>> No.31122254

>Ame's blue sister
Sorry, who?

>> No.31122267

Just look up Ame's mama, she has her listed.

>> No.31122272

Just check Amelia's mama's Twitter and you'll find her.

>> No.31122479

I see now. Amatsuka Uto, she debuted recently and already has a considerable amount of subscribers and views on her videos.

>> No.31122507

Don't care for gatekeeping, so English only person/peasant with ESL being English second language

>> No.31122584

Yeah their pretty much all teamates at this point so her chat is basically an EN playground. You might be hard pressed to find a JOP in there now

>> No.31123034

Aki's drinking friend is targeting the boys.

>> No.31123095

Ah, thank you!

>> No.31123370

This shit is still going on huh?
Anyway what is this upcoming Shien and Tenma collab about?

>> No.31123424

Thread's actually going fine, I like it. Shien and Temma's collab is a Shadowverse one. They also finally have a collab name now read as "Entenka".

>> No.31123478

Play Shadowverse with the rule that they can only use cards with male illustration in their deck.

>> No.31123503

I'll be watching Nene's stream but keep me updated on how fun the Shien/Tenma is going

>> No.31123596
File: 53 KB, 640x623, 1608652587116.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think this thread is a mistake because once holostars EN inevitably launches it's just going to set a precident for drama and splitting

>> No.31123683

Sure anon, I'll keep notes for you.

>> No.31123729

Why do you think so?

>> No.31123922

I didn't mean it that way, just if it turns out to be a great stream I'll watch the vods

>> No.31123949

No matter who they get for holostar EN there will drama with idolfags wanting to replicate the situation in JP in EN and then there will be the opposite side who wants them to collab because American sentiments/streaming community are different.
Not even accounting for the massive false flags from people who just want to troll or have it out for the holostars in general.
I pray I'm wrong, but I'm not hopeful for the future

>> No.31124022

I don't think we'll actually get any splitfags. People wanted the EN split initially because people think western women are more whorish than Japanese women and didn't want the mix. Nobody cares if a man is a whore.

>> No.31124049

Did you forget Asterubro...

>> No.31124121
File: 443 KB, 2048x1357, Ep4RRsjVoAE-78Z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.31124132
File: 232 KB, 2048x1895, 1606045991926.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Arupapa apex rep

>> No.31124145

Hmm... that's true. But if people can accept that Astel is a whore they should be able to accept EN males as well.

>> No.31124209

I failed to explain it, but part of my concern is agreement with this post >>31121976 that holostar EN branch will be more popular than the JP branch just enough that EN posters will get tired or not want to see them in their thread. Part of that tiredness and not wanting to see them being caused by false flag attacks and trolls of course.
They will then look back at this thread and say "why can't the holostars just get their own thread?" Then we'll get this thread which will be nothing but a divide between anons who like the holostar EN branch and the JP ones mixed with random trolls coming to take shits and leave

>> No.31124338

Holostars EN will probably end up in the global thread.

>> No.31124351

>Then we'll get this thread which will be nothing but a divide between anons who like the holostar EN branch and the JP ones mixed with random trolls coming to take shits and leave
That's not going to happen considering /hlgg/ fully allows holoJP and even stars when EN isn't streaming. Given starsEN wouldn't be as popular as holoEN either discussion wouldn't get drowned down like it expect it to.

The solution is to keep /hlgg/ the thread for everything and allow other threads at the same time.

>> No.31124415

Noel actually didn't care about that stuff. They are still supporting Astel, when he started talking about being wary of really headstrong female gachikoi she even considered changing her profile pic to calm him down

>> No.31124440

Wait Noel is Astel fan? That is news to me.

>> No.31124457

Who isn't an Astel fan let's be honest

>> No.31124459

Yes ノエル that you see superchatting is Astelbro (I'm not talking about Hololive's Noel)

>> No.31124474

Just to make sure:
So you think there will be a shitstorm, because the idolfags don't want the future EN guys to collab with the EN girls while everyone else would like to see them collab, is that right?

>> No.31124486

Owh that Noel but still...

>> No.31124513

Did I miss something? Astel, whoring, what?

>> No.31124552

I forget the details but one of his either zatsudan or twitcast stream , he told a story that he has multiple women call him as brother or papa.

>> No.31124606

Perhaps you're right, but I do think that part of the reasons the threads even abide us is that Holostars is unpopular and easy enough to ignore.
If Holostar EN is popular enough to not ignore, then where does that leave us but splitting and pestered by random trolls coming from the parent generals going "homosharts xd"

I think that will be part of the autism, but only because the massive amount of trolling and false flags brought it to that point. I sincerely believe the launch of Holostar EN will be polarizing no matter what

>> No.31124675

4/5 of the holoEN girls talk to and acknowledge holostars as well as follow them on Twitter. I bet you that Amelia would collab with holostars EN if it came out, and Ina would too if there's an artist or MMO junkie in there. Not to mention Mori who constantly acknowledges EN VTubers outside out hololive on top of the Trash Taste thing. These four have already set the precedent where it wouldn't be that big of a shocker if they collab with EN males.

The only one who seems to be pandering to unicorns is Gura, but it could just be a case of her being lazy, uninterested in the holostars, or intimidated by the language barrier, rather than scared of losing unicorn fans.

>> No.31124708

Don't forget Kiara, whose idol training forbids her from making collabs outside of Holotalk.

>> No.31124865

>Owh that Noel but still...
Sorry, who?

>> No.31124890

Person who donates a lot to Astel. Used to donate a lot more before he got a lot of people donating to him. She donated so much that even 5ch noticed it and commented on it

>> No.31124944

if we do get a Holostars EN... JP and EN bilinguals would be a pretty big boon to both branches.
acknowledging their existence and saying she wants them on Holotalk is still better than 90% of the the JP Holos have ever done for the Holostars have ever done

>> No.31125016

>is still better than 90% of the the JP Holos have ever done for the Holostars have ever done
Are there any of the JP girls that didn't collab with any of the stars yet?

>> No.31125029

Most of them have not done a collab with the stars

>> No.31125070

Most sankisei and above.

>> No.31125217

Please fuck off with that bullshit. If the girls aren't comfortable with collaborating with the guys for ANY reason, then they shouldn't do it. Remember that the HoloStars existing in the first place is thanks to Hololive being somewhat successful back then.
I agree that Cover's collab ban fucked the stars over, but that's no reason to blame any of the JP Holos at all. Let things happen naturally. The Stars were allowed to exist as they were just 6 months ago, and they have massively inclined since them. Just as the girls took time to grow at the start, give the boys time as well. They are doing fine.

>> No.31125250

Jesus where did you come from?? Even reddits know more than this

>> No.31125267

This is correct

>> No.31125272

take your meds and reread what I wrote. I didn't say a single thing about forcing collabs between the two.

>> No.31125326

how to we keep the EN sluts off from our boys?

>> No.31125329

Anon your reading comprehension reps

>> No.31125348

I'm watching the same 3 gals and only recently discovered some of the stars for myself (as in, entertainment wise). So, eh.

>> No.31125356

I'm a proud homofag who doesn't support holo/homo collabs to be regulate things.

>> No.31125421

based segregationist

>> No.31125442

Please don't hate Fubuki or Oga please

>> No.31125589

I don't because I can see that one as them being enjoy doing what they do.

>> No.31125857

It can't be yabe because she already got hard filtered from the Apex incident. Might as well complete the Western audience transition and just Apex with the Stars already.

>> No.31125948

I'm a fan of Hololive and Holostars but I basically no interest in wishing the two would collab. For the few that want to, I'll support them for it but... yeah.

>> No.31126007
File: 449 KB, 1300x1300, EprKmHwU0AAJbHb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shien and Temma shadowverse about to start

>> No.31126018

>unit name sounds like food name

>> No.31126236

Goddangit these two chuuni.

>> No.31126418

Nobody here is demanding they collab. I'm tired of faggots equating "the girls not acknowledging the guys is pretty rough but understandable" to "RUSHIA NEEDS TO COLLAB WITH THE HOMOS!!" I respect fubuki a fuck ton for what she does and not treating the boys like the fucking plague but it's understandable why 95% of the other girls completely ignore their existence. I'm not scrambling for holo x homo collabs but wish they could interact if they so choosed without enraging the faggots looking for the girlfriend experience. If anyone was really starved for the homo x holo girl experience I'm sure Ollie is going to try and yab her way into every homos stream. She's even after the neutral knight, you better be worried about her Tenma bros.

>> No.31126450

Page 10, remember to make next thread in katakana for shit and giggles.
Also, this Shadowverse stream isn't sponsored? That's surprising.

>> No.31126568

The last stream Shien did also wasn't sponsored. Temma really pummeled Shien there though ouch. Anyways, It was fun while it lasted, thanks homobros. If this is it, it was a nice run.

>> No.31126574

I'm not afraid, our knight is an upholder of chivalry

>> No.31126896

Is towa's recent growth all west or jp?

>> No.31126926

It's a mix of both

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