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Screencap this, back to normal by new years

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who are you quotey?

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I promise you it won't unless mods step in. One reason that Hololive will continue to get so many threads is because it draws so many newfags from reddit who will make a thread thinking it's like a reddit post

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imagine people making threads for things they want to talk about instead of posting exclusively in general threads for the topic

the redditest

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I have 65 threads hidden

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congratulations on joining every non2huposter in the world

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post filters

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This place sucks

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Mods are exactly the reason why this happened. When it was just one mod keeping them contained because he knew how dangerous they were to the rest of the board, everything was fine, but then some retarded mod had to get mad at them and things got like this.
Mods really can't be trusted in any way.

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touhou shitters can go fuck themselves. this board is in the best state that it has ever been

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>Thread spam is only okay if it's MY favorite [thing]! Where will I find diaper 2hu pictures now?!

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ok simp

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Cheers to that

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the duality of man...

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We conquered this land. This is now /mg/ - Mongolian Culture

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I dont understand why we cant just have both, vtubers existing on this board doesnt desintegrate the 2hus and viceversa, if anything now its more diverse now

just like /a/ could have 2hu and visual novel threads before it was split.

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Who are you quoting?

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if only

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>vtubers existing on this board doesnt desintegrate the 2hus and viceversa
there is an autist in one of the threads dedicated to pushing threads off of the board.

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Yeah, so good that you can't have any niche discussions because threads expire in a few hours as opposed to a few days like before. But fuck 2hufags amirite? Forced fanbase wars are the best right? /v/'s mentality should be the entire 4chan!

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The issue is that holofags outnumber the rest of /jp/ more than tenfold over. I have nothing against Hololive threads themselves, what I have against is that entire massive fanbase being let out of their containment general because the board still hasn't recovered after almost a week and that's the best proof possible that mods fucked up.

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naw holo already peaked and will lvl out in popularity soon. When that happens everything will go back to normal

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this is the old /jp/ I remember

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by that logic, why should 90% of the board be arbitrarily locked into 2 threads?

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How oblivious are you?

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make an idol board
there you go /jp/ is fixed

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Because they came here later, because they're far too many people in a small board, because their topic of discussion is way more active than anything else in the board, because most of them are crossboarders who have no concept of respect, because their discussion topic generates way too much shitposting, is that enough? I can just summarize it as "because they're incompatible with /jp/'s nature" to make it simple.
As mentioned plenty of times this week: splitting /jp/ and giving them their own board would benefit literally every single person involved in this.

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Actual idol generals like /alt/ would die

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This is unironically the best thread in /jp/ right now.
Also: What do you think of j-rap, jaypee?

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I predict that an idol board would at best be 70% vtuber shit so the other idol shit would have even more room than on /jp/

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>/idol/ - Idols and Vtubers

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/jp/'s "nature" is to be the containment board for riotously popular Japanese fad shit. You know how everybody and their dog hates vtubers because they're fucking everywhere? That's Touhou twelve years ago.

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Thanks for making this discussion quicker by showing that you have no experience with the board.

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That's literally why /jp/ was created, dumb shit. Were you there?

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There is 0 reason for Vniggers to not have their own board, mods are just retarded. Loook at this data and then tell me this is the natural evolution of a board that has existed since 2008.

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It would have the same speed problem and kill the idol threads and then the rest of the small vtuber threads after

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>best state that it has ever been
Best meaning you can't talk about "niche" subjects on the board for "niche" topics (source: moot himself) when threads expire in 1/6th of the time as it was before because something popular leaked from their containment thread?

The same containment thread that complained about the last popular subject that somehow made the entire board more habitable than it is now for small threads and generals, claiming that the last popular subject had low quality threads? The same containment thread that, after finally got their own threads because one of their containment posters spammed another board, somehow manage to make even lower quality threads than the the popular subject they keep ranting about competing with? When nobody cared otherwise?
Gee, things are so much better when slow threads can archive in 2 hours and the post quality has degraded so much in addition to crossboarders and people who want to do nothing more than cause arguments to surface and ruin threads they have nothing to do with.

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/jp/ was created to get rid off /a/ what is neither anime or manga and didn't have its own board already. /jp/ is not the final perfect all-encompassing Japanese Culture board.

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maybe you should be bumping threads about Rumia's cunny instead of making these gay rants

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This sucks.
What's the sudden jump where it reaches 80000?

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>/jp/ was created to get rid off /a/ what is neither anime or manga and didn't have its own board already.
Looks like it's the board for virtual youtubers! Glad we're all on the same page.

Don't forget about Remilia's stinky diaper farts.

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>Glad we're all on the same page.
I suggest you read the other half of my post now.

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probably some retarded shit like China shiting on vtubers, I can't even be bothered to check.

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Yes, I've been here since then. And I know enough about the board to understand that it grew an entire culture of its own instead of being basically what /trash/ was later meant for.
Not to mention, if you want to draw comparisons to /jp/'s reason to be created back then: does Touhou have as much active content every day as any Vtuber? Did the Touhou from 2008 have as much of a fanbase in the west as Hololive in 2020? Did the /jp/ from a week ago, before this mod went full retard, spam new Touhou threads every ten minutes causing the older threads to get archived in a few hours?
If you still want to draw more comparisons to /jp/'s creation, then tell me this: if what made moot create it was a difference in subject and userbase in relation to /a/, then why not make another split for a subject with an userbase as different in mentality and nature from /jp/ as the entire Vtuber community? What would YOU have to lose by having an entire board where nobody is going to complain about your character threads pushing actual discussion out of the board?

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>didn't have its own board already.
Virtual youtubers also don't have their own board.

>/jp/ is not the final perfect all-encompassing Japanese Culture board.
They're the board for all "otaku" shit. If you asked a hundred Japanese people whether virtual youtubers were otaku shit you'd get a hundred affirmative replies.

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>And I know enough about the board to understand that it grew an entire culture of its own
The culture of /jp/ in 2020 doesn't resemble the culture of /jp/ in 2008 even a little bit.

>your character threads pushing actual discussion out of the board?
There's STILL more Touhou threads on the board than vtuber threads right now, despite having - by your own admission - vastly less to actually discuss. Which is the vast majority of what should be pushed out of the board.

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>Virtual youtubers also don't have their own board.
Yea, doesn't mean that this can't change.
>They're the board for all "otaku" shit. If you asked a hundred Japanese people whether virtual youtubers were otaku shit you'd get a hundred affirmative replies.
They would agree that the same is the case for Anime, Manga or Cosplay, yet these topics have their own boards.
It does not have to be that on a website that supposedly is focussed on Japanese Culture every topic besides the aforementioned has to be crammed into one board.

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>What would YOU have to lose by having an entire board where nobody is going to complain about your character threads pushing actual discussion out of the board?
Because Vniggers are mentally teenagers just like Gachagame niggers, they intentionally seek conflict. Just look at them spamming their shit on /v/ literally every day

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HoloEN, ironically.

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>They would agree that the same is the case for Anime, Manga or Cosplay, yet these topics have their own boards.
I agree that virtual youtubers could have their own board. They don't. Therefore, /jp/ is the correct board, and there's no reason that particular topics need to be treated differently from others in terms of what franchises are allowed to have individual threads and what franchises aren't.

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So? Up until last week, it was still a board that respected the culture people had built up for ages.
And so? Did those numerous Touhou threads get spammed like crazy before the retarded mod decision? Before, because now that a mod encouraged a fanbase war, people keep spamming threads for both sides and that's basically further proof of how things were ruined.

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>The culture of /jp/ in 2020 doesn't resemble the culture of /jp/ in 2008 even a little bit.
I'm pretty sure that's the point he's alluding to.

>> No.31424000

>there's no reason that particular topics need to be treated differently from others in terms of what franchises are allowed to have individual threads and what franchises aren't.
Ah yes I supposed literally every other topic getting dumped off the board by spam is no reason

>> No.31424075

>I'm pretty sure that's the point he's alluding to.
/jp/ culture stopped having any resemblance to 2008 /jp/ culture around 2013.

>Ah yes I supposed literally every other topic getting dumped off the board by spam is no reason
Before this there were 80 Touhou threads in the catalog at all times. If the 40 vtuber threads on /jp/ are "spam" despite people actually discussing things in them instead of imagedumping and cunnyposting, then Touhou has been spamming the board for the better part of the decade.

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Holos will eventually recline in popularity but it and vtubers in general will still be allowed here just like 3D idol genrals, jav threads, seiyuu threads and monster girl threads until mods ssy otherwise. Unless the mods change theirs minds go deal with itk (or not) like a good little doggy, 'kay?

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Touhou threads aren't the only niche on this board dumbass

>> No.31424163

>Before this there were 80 Touhou threads in the catalog at all times
your argument is touhou when they weren't a problem to the rest of the board.
small threads that were seemingly immortal withing the sea of threads barely survive now.

>> No.31424218

Well yea, it is thanks to the misplaced priorities of this website's administration and the unwillingness to respond to the problems of /jp/ that we are in this situation.
The problem is that the range of topics /jp/ covers is too broad, and it was just a matter of time until it would bring problems with it. The existence of /jp/ makes the administration that all the demand of discussion of Japanese culture topics is being met, when in fact we have just a few boards that meet their topic and there is one board where every other topic is crammed into one. While this may have worked until now even if it always caused problems, it is obvious that the administration of this website has to rethink the path the Japanese Culture section of 4chan boards have taken since 2008.

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>Before this there were 80 Touhou threads in the catalog at all times.
Why are you so fucking obsessed with "AKTHSUALLY" when there is proof that you niggers are literally increasing traffic by 6 times. >>31423424
I don't fucking care if Touhou spammed the board because it didn't impact threads I actually browse one bit.

>> No.31424275

And why do you insist in ignoring the point that those 80 Touhou threads weren't constantly being spammed? They were the majority of the board, yes, but they didn't get in the way of anything, as opposite to how things have been this past week. THAT's the biggest issue. If the entire Hololive fanbase was less unruly and/or numerous, far less people would be complaining about the current situation, but because plenty of them act like monkeys straight out of /v/, they should go elsewhere. Hell, even the Hololive generals themselves preferred the old system with them only having their two threads.

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Hiro hates vtubers so he probably thinks not giving them a board is "making them suffer" also vtubers are gonna stop being popular in sometime next year anyways so a board is meaningless to begin with

>> No.31424342

It could easily just be moved to /trash/

>> No.31424373

Furniggers would seethe like tomorrow and do the shit you see whsts happening on /jp/ now. Also they hate vtubers the most anyways

>> No.31424383

ITT: entitled children crying because someone entered their hugbox.
All touhoufags are literal redditors. Just go back there.

>> No.31424408

Better there than here where actual meaningful discussion is occurring

>> No.31424410

Vtubers will never stop being popular as a concept because they are attractive drawings with a cute voice, they can't stop being popular unless you genocide 95% of the male population on earth. It's like expecting twitchwhores to stop being popular

>> No.31424421

Pastel horses quickly lost their popularity and yet they got their own board. What's stopping a new board from being made and then deleted if it's no longer worth keeping around? By that point, Hololive should no longer be as popular as it is so I wouldn't mind it being free on /jp/ at all.

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If you want to save the niche discussions so much, then just don't make any more meaningless imagedump touhouspam. All of your threads could fit in two generals at best, and the board is saved.

>> No.31424467

People are actually holding a discussion now, /v/ermin. Go circlejerk about fanbase wars on your discord.

>> No.31424475

We know for sure that holoniggers are unironical redditors though.

>> No.31424484

holy projection

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stop pretending touhout threads ever dumped any thread that hasn't been dead already for 3 days off the board past like 2011. It literally isn't true and proof is already in the thread

>> No.31424519

>your argument is touhou when they weren't a problem to the rest of the board.
The problem of /jp/ being literally only Touhou threads + generals was /jp/'s largest problem for nearly five years. Now it has a different problem.

The number of threads matters more than the number of posts. Would you be any happier if the Hololives had 80 threads like Touhou but made up only a tiny fraction of /jp/'s traffic? Of course not. You'd call it spam.

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Literally because gookmoot will not do it, if vtubing sctuslly hits the soex of what bronies sre thst chucklefuck and the mods still wont do it. You knoe damn well the onky board they care about now is /v/ because they made 5 fucking spinoffs and it still doesnt stop sll the twitter posting, /pol/ posting, racebaiting, complaining about women, sjws, trannies, etc. Msrk my words the next time we get a new board it will just be another /v/ spinoff

>> No.31424538

Are you as retarded as you seem or are you really incapable of understanding that Touhou threads were never a problem in the past, despite being most of the board? Until, suspiciously, the same time as vtuber threads started being spammed, which made them get spammed more often too. Almost as if someone was falseflagging. How silly would that be.

>> No.31424540

Just make a discord losers. All of you want a cirklejerk between the same 20 people. Just go there.

>> No.31424560

oh boy a metathread, just like the other three million metathreads from /jp/'s history that never amounted to anything (except a few of them which actively made /jp/ worse)

>> No.31424581

But if you would actually care about the niche threads, you would stop spamming the touhoushit. There aren't that many vtuberthread alone, to kill te board. You could save at least 20 slot for niche discussions. Do it then!

>> No.31424594

>You lived long enough to see once smug 2hufags pathetically whine and complain as their dead threads get pushed off the board

>> No.31424607

who are you quoting?

>> No.31424613

Nooo but the bot posted flanfly threads that are thinly veiled call for raids that read like Reddit!

>> No.31424619

>The number of threads matters more than the number of posts.
/jp/ literally has more post per minute than /tv/ right now. the only things above it are /lit/ /b/ /vg/ /v/ and /pol/.

>> No.31424629

I haven't made a single thread since this bullshit was forced on us, and I refuse to make any thread until this matter is resolved. Go on, keep projecting since you don't have anything of value to add.

>> No.31424630

The current state of this board

>> No.31424637

once more, gb2/qa/

>> No.31424640

Me. I told him that.

>> No.31424642

>the only general thats bitching about vtubers is the rhythm games thread and type moon threads
>just about every other general has been able to keep up

>> No.31424655

Tell your friends to do that too and the board is completely saved.

>> No.31424656

I didn't know /lit/ was that active.
maybe it was me confusing it with one of the other boards.

>> No.31424659

/jp/ used to have literally the lowest rate of thread creation on the entirety of 4chan. Even after the holopocalypse it's still in the bottom third. People making billions and billions of posts inside the same threads doesn't affect your ability to make niche subject threads.

>> No.31424660

Looks like the /qa/valry of shitposting has arrived since the discussion was getting too heated for one of them. Another attempt to talk about this situation silenced, I guess.

>> No.31424680

If anything everyone actually discussing something on this board has always been sick of 2hufags and their 50 imagespam threads per waifu

>> No.31424681

How did it even turn out like this?

>> No.31424683

Name a single metathread in /jp/'s entire history you think accomplished anything at all. (There are only two correct answers).

>> No.31424769

You can always spot the holofags because all they ever have to say in response to any argument is "b-but the 2hufags did it first!" even when touhou was never part of the original discussion. Also the greentext, every time.

>> No.31424769,1 [INTERNAL] 

>You have been banned from all boards for posting >>31415170, a violation of Global Rule 8:

>Complaining about 4chan (its policies, moderation, etc) on the imageboards may result in post deletion and a ban.
As expected, corrupt mods are involved with this whole garbage. Fuck you. Happy new year.

>> No.31424804

If one anime girl spam is okay then so is the other, sounds pretty fair and mods seem to agree
Now keep seethin'

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>You can always spot the holofags because all they ever have to say in response to any argument is "b-but the 2hufags did it first!" even when touhou was never part of the original discussion. Also the greentext, every time.

>> No.31424820

For a very long time - like five years or so - there have been a lot of general threads that have been "specially managed" to make sure that the threads never split into individual threads or even into multiple different generals. Even Kancolle got this treatment once upon a time.

Some mod decided to shitcan this policy, which I support, because it was fucking stupid.

>> No.31424831

Mod infighting and them using /qa/ to raid boards they dislike. It's pretty depressing.

>> No.31424836


>> No.31424861

>source: moot himself
hasn't been the admin for over 5 years

>> No.31424881

right on time too.

>> No.31424885

All me btw

>> No.31424920

do you think the mods post in these threads

>> No.31424940 [DELETED] 


>> No.31424996

lmao what are you gonna do faggots? dox them? we already know their id, enjoy the ban faggots

>> No.31425023

Why else do you think there's always a metathread around?

>> No.31425100

I’ve got your id fag, what YOU gonna do?

>> No.31425109

Here's a peaceful and smart solution to the problem
Hololive stays on /jp/ and Touhou is allowed one thread here to discuss the "gameplay" while all the 2hu waifu threads get moved to /trash/ forever

>> No.31425143

Here's a better solution: /jp/ gets split to end any attempts of fanbase wars and you kill yourself

>> No.31425150

>we’re gonna ban you!!!
Lol, since when has that ever worked in the history of 4chan? Mods are fucking pathetic

>> No.31425163

Even the buzzwords you use give you away. You don't have to keep proving me right. It's already been mentioned multiple times in this thread that the problem isn't "anime girl spam" it's the fact that we're currently one of the fastest boards on the entire site. Mods don't agree, they just don't care.

>> No.31425170

Make me, tranny

>> No.31425174

I can't believe a mod actually shitposted using a wojack there. This site is dead.

>> No.31425186

found another one

>> No.31425206

You already keep proving yourself right in your head even through you're wrong, taking your pills might help

>> No.31425226

We need an /incel/ board for all these eceleb loving cocksuckers

>> No.31425234

It still won’t stop them from posting these threads several times a day. Considering what they’re complaining about it makes their entire front seem so tribal.
Just look at this. This is following a Reddit style sob story saying “this might be the last Flanfly thread you guys:(“. The other anon was right. They don’t even focus on their own interests anymore. Their niche died and vtuber is their strawman. Even if there was a vtuber board nothing will ever bring their golden age back. /jp/ was their huhbox until now and now they feel threatened enough to behave like this. Imagine being that tribal.

>> No.31425263

You forgot your wojak.

>> No.31425266

>Just look at this. This is following a Reddit style sob story saying “this might be the last Flanfly thread you guys:(“. The other anon was right. They don’t even focus on their own interests anymore.
That's not even the point of the post.

>> No.31425268

2hu isn't the only niche on this board

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File: 382 KB, 682x592, unknown-6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just want the shit I like to not be archived in no time because of vtuber spam. I've even put off making certain niche threads because I know they'll be burried and archived before any good discussions are made. Even other threads that get good traffic hit the bump limit within a day because of them.

>> No.31425299
File: 27 KB, 600x450, bawson.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You do know that /jp/ has always suffered from meta-threads being made all the time, right?

>> No.31425305

do you expect them to have any semblance of reading comprehension?

>> No.31425307

Before there were 80 2hu threads. Now there are 50 hololive threads and 50 2hu threads. Any niche thread which is dying because there was room for them before but not now is being oppressed equally by hololives and 2hus.

>> No.31425325

I routinely do shits that are so fucking big they don't block the toilet and they just sit t the bottom of the bowl like a stoic crusader refusing to have their lives flushed away, this is a real problem.

>> No.31425343

That's what you get for not using the floor like a truNEET, you traitor.

>> No.31425344

Make 1 touhou generals instead of 40 imagedump, and you saved 39 niche thread.

>> No.31425376

I won’t let you try to smokescreen the message. It’s a thinly veiled call for more meta threads.

>> No.31425405

/jp/ was intended to serve as a containment board. It is doing its job splendid.

>> No.31425516

Think about it like this: with a group of people spamming the containment board, less things can be contained, and thus /jp/ stops serving its purpose efficiently.
Make /jp2/ already.

>> No.31425543 [DELETED] 

Maybe we need to start spamming /jp/ topics on /a/ to make mods care.

>> No.31425616

So you're basically asking people to raid /a/? Jesus Christ.

>> No.31425640

Why are english vtubers streaming to a primarily english audience allowed on the otaku culture board?

>> No.31425647

The thing is, mods outside of /jp/ actually do their job. They know how to ban.

>> No.31425677 [DELETED] 

Not him, but this sounds like a horrid domino effect.
/jp/ gets 2 new containment threads
one of the containment threads raids /qa/
/qa/ mod gets mad
/jp/ gets fucked in the process
/jp/ argues with itself before raiding /a/, continuing the cycle

In the end, it all started because of one spammer from a containment thread.

>> No.31425702

Mods are global, they just don't care about this board. Offtopic threads on /v/ or /a/ get taken down very quickly

>> No.31425817
File: 173 KB, 1199x1500, fuyuhmm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Offtopic threads on /v/ get taken down very quickly

>> No.31425850

How does one raid a board with no set topic in the first place

>> No.31425894

It's like going to /b/ and pissing /b/ off for making a 50 threads about anything else than what was posted the past week.

>> No.31425909

the whole board is wojack spam anyway??

>> No.31425947

I like shing02 and a few other Japanese rappers. Hiroto Uyama is one of my favorite hip-hop producers, I just wish he'd release another album already.

>> No.31425970

That's why you don't spam wojaks. They hate anime more than anything else.
It's like pouring water into a pool. Piss in that pool and everyone gets mad.

>> No.31425992

Poseur bitch

>> No.31426040

I'm not kidding here
i will ACTUALLY pay good money to have Haachama do a hang out collab with Gundou
I'm imaging it being 100x better than the Hoshikawa/gundou hangout

>> No.31426046

this is the new normal anon.

>> No.31426060

This board was utter shit for 10 years, but now it has the fastest threads on the whole fucking 4chan, most amount of drama, doxx and memes. This is the golden time of /jp/ like it or not.

>> No.31426070

No I'm saying that /qa/ has been nothing but wojack spam for months and months, that's all that goes on there. It's absurd that someone would get mad at any other attempts to spam the board when its already under constant spam by the worst kind of posters on this site.

>> No.31426103
File: 2.51 MB, 640x360, japan.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31426104

That is, if you hate /jp/ and would prefer to see it have the same fate as every board after 2016.

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>people in /jp/ talking shit about my captain
You got some fucking nerve

>> No.31426139

I'm here for 3 months so I don't care.

>> No.31426172

It's no wonder.

>> No.31426177
File: 4 KB, 232x266, 1606412640672.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll say this about >/jp/ meidos, wojaks and frogs get deleted in literally seconds.
That's almost certainly because they're shared with /a/ though.

>> No.31426180


>> No.31426185

I got pretty into vtubers this year but lately I've totally lost interest. Now I wonder what I saw in them in the first place.

>> No.31426246

The mods are truly bringing back the good out days of

Why is /jp/ so shitty
KoG sent me

and other threads posted hour upon hour again!

>> No.31426247

You saw the light but then you lost it.

>> No.31426255

a spark and glimpse of other people's lives.
I almost fell in deep, but apart from wanting Gundou to record herself dominating all the younger Holo-girls, i don't see much long term investment
I read the "Yagoo's home for broken women" thing, but though their stories hurt to read, they're doing well and there are far worse off people i can help directly...or not

>> No.31426278

Go smaller help idols achieve their dreams

>> No.31426284

It is fun in a way. There's no defending the donation aspect of it though, falling in love with them is a bit pathetic.

>> No.31426310
File: 833 KB, 1426x828, 68B1BB83-34B7-4583-8EF7-4B2CB8C5D83B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It’s ironic considering her interests. An aging fujo who grew up playing and drawing 2hu. Still streams playthroughs occasionally, too. A shame...

>> No.31426345

Christ i wish american women cared about being wife-material by 25, or being worthy of love past it
Her, Pekora, Botan and one other "old" Vtuber would be worshipped like Goddesses in the states, if the teasing ever got that bad

>> No.31426373

I want to help Panda, but she's inconsistent.

>> No.31426377

But they do? Go outside virgin

>> No.31426418

It really is a shame, how her fans would rather destroy /jp/ by spamming than contribute to the board's culture for the sake of its future.

>> No.31426437

Hopefully everything cools down by march

>> No.31426464

We post about our interests in the threads that pertain to them. Unlike you.

>> No.31426470

No idea who that is but I meant smaller idol groups

>> No.31426473

The most funniest thing is that if anyone on this board met a girl like this IRL they will lose their fucking mind.

>> No.31426480

What kind of contribution would you like to see?

>> No.31426530

First it was that it would die down after a week, then because the mods would keep this as a test for a month and then make a decision, now it will hopefully cool down after 3 months. Next it will be 6 months and then a year.
Goodbye /jp/, I'll never forget the fun times I had with you.

>> No.31426533

i'd waifu said girl for laifu.

>> No.31426572

Goodbye, you won't be missed.

>> No.31426600

>Why is /jp/ full of this new trending thing from Japan
>Grrr it makes me so angry!

>> No.31426604
File: 183 KB, 1200x1200, 1607621275638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We contribute, you whine

>> No.31426629


>> No.31426642

real otaku culture can be found in the idol threads and /m/, anywhere else is imitation

>> No.31426684

You don't need to be an otaku to enjoy otaku culture.

>> No.31426704

otaku culture is declining

>> No.31426712

I'll screencap this post and then use it to make fun of your kind the next time I see a metathread about this.

>> No.31426724

But seriously, how are all these japanese girls so good at MC

>> No.31426738

ich habe schizophrenie

>> No.31426753

>from Japan
true, which is why EN Vtubers threads should die!

>> No.31426772

It's evolving.

>> No.31426777

A cause and effect chain of one-up-manship.

>> No.31426812

/ホロライブ/ here. I agree with this.

>> No.31426813

That won't stop me from consuming you.

>> No.31426934

Why are /jp/sies this fragile?

>> No.31427033

<span class="sjis">NO MORE BROTHER WARS[/spoiler]

>> No.31427631

This situation reminds me of when moot said /jp/ is weaponized /a/, the difference is how this time people came here to do much more than some quick shitposting. Still, if we kind of survived the admin himself fucking around with the board, I don't see how we can't survive this. Better take some time off and come back in a month or so to see how the situation has developed instead of losing my head trying to argue with trolls.
Happy new year, real /jp/.

>> No.31427710

Don’t come back.

>> No.31427814

Its pretty sad bro, happy new year old /jp/ fellow

>> No.31427876

Nah. It should be /simp/.

>> No.31427940

Is there a comprehensive vtuber filter pastebin? There's so many names...

>> No.31427996
File: 4 KB, 36x36, MangudaiIcon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

now that is a good board, better than Idols and Vtubers

>> No.31428221

i fucking hate weeaboos but I genuinely feel bad for you guys

>> No.31428256

>This situation reminds me of when moot said /jp/ is weaponized /a/
Or the time moot told everyone to go shit on /jp/.
Or the time moot embedded a fucking pudding cartoon on every board.


>> No.31428502

Their threads would roll off your board, too. Then you would be their new strawman in their endless stream of metathreads crying about how nobody nobody posts in their threads and it’s your fault. They don’t deserve sympathy.

>> No.31428537

Yeah you're right /b/ went right back to normal after the ponyfags left to their (now dead) board

>> No.31428579

>i fucking hate weeaboos but I genuinely feel bad for you guys

This is so sad, alexa play Shiny Smily Story

>> No.31428632

>this board is in the best state
i'm a holofag and this is the biggest fucking kusa ever, all it's done is literally turn the board into /v/ and only having the containment threads were the right thing to do
i would rather go to discord servers than have 15 tabs open on a vtuber board

>> No.31428736
File: 53 KB, 600x600, 913C1D34-8F5A-41F7-965E-5387AF035D12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31429024

Tripfags, spambots, and general shitposters come and go, but moot is the cancer that will continue eating away at 4chan forever. Even when he's gone his faggot friends that Hiroshima was too cheap and lazy to throw out continue his work.

>> No.31429755


>> No.31430083
File: 361 KB, 618x591, 1588231515885.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Literally just allow 50 threads more on the board, they did that with /v/ and /vg/ a while ago already. Problem solved.

>> No.31430572

I think both 2hoe and vtumors should be banned from this general.

>> No.31430604

from which general

>> No.31430674


>> No.31430674,1 [INTERNAL] 

corrupt mods are the reason /jp/ is like this
this is how they want /jp/
they stay silent and hope we will get over it

>> No.31430927

Go back to /tv/

>> No.31431133

>/jp/ must be segregated!
>It's not Hololive faults, 2hu actually started this
Pardon my /v/, but these people actually sounds jewish.

>> No.31431331


>> No.31431684

We at /ホロライブ/ claim no responsibility for their existence and also want them to die.

>> No.31431806
File: 293 KB, 573x500, 1606856434691.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did Moris salted scythe taste good just now?

>> No.31431910

Western chuubas belong in /trash/

>> No.31432156
File: 598 KB, 680x908, 1594547800266.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just enforce two threads again please, I get depressed every time I see the shit threads being made when I open warosu

>> No.31432916

Was that before or after they made /vrpg/ then /vmg/ then /vst/ then /vm/?

>> No.31435688

There's no going back to normal. Someone post the 4stats /jp/ 5 year chart. We went from 4000~ posts/d before vtuber craze, to 6000+ posts/d during contained vtuber years, to 50000~ posts/day after the hololive boom. On September 12th this board had 80956 posts. These are /v/ numbers. /jp/ went from being mid-tier board to competing with /int/ for 5th most active board on 4chan. Thing is, other boards didn't tank in activity. These posters are not coming from /a/, /vg/ or /v/. These are all underage flooding here from reddit and youtube. /jp/ is irreversibly ruined or changed, depending on your perspective.

>> No.31435862

Anon, one person can use more than one board at once.

>> No.31435944

Every other board hates them too.
Even /v/..

>> No.31436994

>These are all underage flooding here from reddit and youtube.
To be fair, I believe it is just people having more time to shitpost on imageboards due to the lockdowns. Everyone has been getting more hostile and psychotic over the last year.
I don't think people are discovering imageboards just due to v-tubers.

>> No.31437198
File: 766 KB, 999x2046, jp - paypig culture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>vtubers existing on this board doesnt desintegrate the 2hus
Except it does. 2hu threads that stayed for days have now to be bumped every few hours daily or they get the 404. The reality is that 2hu is in recline and the opposite case of 2hu threads overwhelming vt*bers would never happen now.

vt*bers are carefully engineered to fleece paypigs as much as possible. When they get tired of the gay singing shark and the pooping reaper, they will "graduate" them and roll out fresh characters to keep the paypiggies opening they wallets and "bullying" them with $1000 superchats.

>> No.31437258

/prog/ member here. What was that poem again? First they came for the textboards, but I did not speak out, for I was not VIP QUALITY. Then they came for the board culture but I dod not speak out for I was too busy counting how many hoops hoopdog could jump through. At last they came for the jay and there was nobody left to speak for me." - JEWS

>> No.31437453

hololive x 2hu crossover when?

>> No.31437502

there's already been a few collabs on zun's radio program

neither holos nor 2hu fans actually cared

>> No.31437531

You cant have that many people injected into a slow board and not affect a change.

>> No.31437558

We could condense our threads by requiring every thread to share one Touhou and one Vtuber character. That would be the way moot would have done it.

>> No.31437669

The difference is people left after shitting on /v/ ,
What is happening now is a permanent demographic change.

>> No.31437810

Your niche is dead. Even ZUN doesn’t give a shit anymore. Your loli role playing with your faggot friends is pathetic and belongs on a discord.
Yours is not pure product, tranny. 2hu has had several gachas. Some of which failed. What does that tell you?
>bumped every few hours daily
This is your first clue. Many of you have admitted to be posturing in this thread and others. You’re holding a candle for All Your Base Are Belong To Us memes that you didn’t even create. Nobody posts in your shitty threads because nobody gives a fuck about them. Touhou’s golden age is over. Move on.

>> No.31437867


>> No.31437906

One small thing that gives me hope is how, seeing how much the spammers take any chance they can to shit on everything /jp/ in these metathreads, they have no interest in the board, so they'll leave (reluctantly, after shitposting in a tantrum) in case that vtuber board is really made.
It's funny how many problems that fucking board would solve, if only the mods swallowed their dumb pride and listened to what people want (and need).

>> No.31437931

Like even if the majority of the posters stayed in the two threads , it only takes a a porportionally small amount miscreants to fuck the rest of the board up.

>> No.31438004

>carefully engineered
Do you know why they are a thing now? Because gaming is incredibly shit right now. Seeing a flashing text after buying microtransaction shit is more enjoyable than actually playing the game. It releases a fuckton more dopamine, whereas watching someone else playing a game became more enjoyable too. What else would you do? Watch TV? Its boring pozzed boomer shit. Watch gayflix? It's just TV 2.0 with even more pozjuice Watch movies? ENDLESS TRASH.
You either drop entertainment as a whole and became a creationist or you stay and pick up the current golden nugget which is vtubers currently. Fuck knows where they'll be in a few years.

>> No.31438033

Yeah, you're even encouraged to do so given how there's no post cooldown when crossboard-posting. I guess that can give a tiny bit of hope.

>> No.31438123

>threads even outside of /jp/ where at worst people were just indifferent to hololive now hate it
Was this the mods plan all along?

>> No.31438169

I'm only here because I got rangebanned from the boards I usually browse.

I won't become a passcuck. Fuck you, Hiro.

>> No.31438219

The only silver lining I see is other boards can see what happened here and take it as a lesson on why "gate keeping" is actually important.

>> No.31438257

>hololive brought 4chan and reddit together
Fuck you reddit I'll never EVER Tee-Tee with you! I rather pour my booze into the toilet.

>> No.31438268

I've noticed much more shitposting or off-topic posting with holos all over 4chan ever since this happened as well, yeah.

>> No.31438325

At the very least simp threads should be marked somehow so that they could all reasonably be filtered.

>> No.31438352

>I won't become a passcuck
I would if there was a way to anonymously use crypto, ironically there doesnt seem to. Every bitcoin place asks for my bank account and ID . Whereas before I could just buy a gift card from gas station.

>> No.31438389

Hololive brought reddit to 4chan.

>> No.31438448
File: 59 KB, 358x253, hopeless.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't mind me I just remembered this funny fitting image and wanted to post it.

>> No.31438457

Reddit is here since way before Hololive.

>> No.31438469

I think Hololive will keep growing for a while, but I think they're slowly losing the massive momentum they had a few months ago.

>> No.31438518

As a Vsimp, I agree. I want my damn board already.

>> No.31438522

There was no reddit here in /jp/ before hololive.

>> No.31438555

B-but, muh bogeyman...

>> No.31438563

what do you call people into vtubers, vronies?

>> No.31438603

That's probably a factor, but is begs the question: why do the Hololive threads specifically get so much more traffick than the others?

>> No.31438619

They'll gain all of it back once they release the 2nd gen of EN, probably. You saw how people started caring about even the IDs now.
But yeah, some time next year this craze should start to slow down.

>> No.31438658


>> No.31438669

I made an account just to try to make a post in that thread , but apperently new users cant make posts.
So reddit can dish it out but cant take it.

>> No.31438670

You’re a fucking liar. All of you touhou fags are here because of bkub. Don’t you dare try to hide that. It’s obvious because of how none of you actually post in the gameplay threads. And do you know how long ago he left touhou behind?

>> No.31438700

Even if it does damage is irreversible anon.

>> No.31438737

>vt*bers are carefully engineered to fleece paypigs as much as possible.
You mean just like games?

>> No.31438743


>> No.31438769

Marked with a yellow star of David.

>> No.31438832

Honestly vtuber fans might need our own board all together. On a slow day /hlgg/ is still one of the fastest threads on the entire website. Theres too much diversity inside the vtuber world and the amount of hate we seem to make should warrant a containment board. Personally I liked being in containment with mods closely watching.

>> No.31438844

Even at their worse bronies never destroyed a board.
Ironically the closest equivalent to hololivers on 4chan is /pol/

>> No.31438880

I have no idea how reddit and bkub are related (I bet you do), but touhou became popular in the West around 2006, which is way before bkub got his recognition.

>> No.31438897

> caring about even the IDs
Initially? yeah. But they plateaued hard since then. https://holo.poi.cat/youtube-channel Sort on last week's views and subs and you'll see they're back to irrelevant again.

>> No.31438934

It’s because of you, anon. That’s how I know.

>> No.31438936

The fanbase has been exploding since like mid 2019 then really blowing up for the English girls. Lotta new friends and the fact that we basically shoutcast the streams as they happen

>> No.31438981

Even 5ch has the wisdom to separate all the youtubers/vtubers stuff into their own board

>> No.31439025

By "initially" I meant at HoloID gen2's debut.

Though I should mention they also had a lot of momentum a bit before that with the PekoMoona collab and Risu's NNN vids.

>> No.31439101

Which means the comment of the guy I was responding to (>>31436994
) is mostly moot. My point exactly.
My point exactly

>> No.31439106

5ch has 2 hololive thread, each of them with 1000 as the post limit. They fill up at 15-30 minutes usually but it happened a few times that it was only 1 fucking minute. They made 1000 posts in 1 minute. We're nowhere near as bad because 90% of the thread can't understand shit about the streams.

>> No.31439156

Holy damn that's insane.

How are the niji threads doing in comparison?

>> No.31439205

Is this sort of culture clash brought on by hololive just unique to 4chan or is it happening anywhere else?

>> No.31439230

They also have space for character-specific threads, which floods the catalogue but can be slower. Why can't we have the same thing?

>> No.31439258

Anon, that's to stop zhangs from doxxposting and wheelbarrowing on the subreddit, not everything is about you
Also based. I don't think vtuber posters would mind a board change.

>> No.31439277

I don't really check them but niji is still more popular in japan in general, especially in these circles because a lot of them are Hololive-anti, and they have much more streamers as well, so I guess they're even faster.

>> No.31439279

Welcome to current otaku culture. In the cure year as opposed to over a decade ago.

>> No.31439554

>>>31438832 (You)
>I don't think vtuber posters would mind a board change.
Its the general consensus in /hlgg/ & /hlg/ to stay in containment, most of us understand how large and... intense we can be. Most of us just want to be left alone in general.

>> No.31439656

>a lot of them are Hololive-anti
How come?

>> No.31439660

Fuck i meant to send >>31439554 to you

>> No.31439777

Brave post.

>> No.31439862

Yeah, I'd be content with the two generals to be kept on containment as well, but it shouldn't be too hard to concert a board move and make both holofags and 2hufags happy.
>t. /hlg/ regular

>> No.31439945

>90% of the thread can't understand shit about the streams.
Machine translation will only get better as better ml models are developed.

>> No.31439981

White piggu go home maybey?

>> No.31440079

Some do feel that way, but, not many. Most holo-antis come from console wars between companies.

>> No.31440249

Grow up faggots.

>> No.31440327

So they don't like them pandering to foreigners. Figures.

>> No.31440373

>So they don't like them pandering to foreigners
Well anon looked what happened to 4chan when they did

>> No.31440408
File: 30 KB, 1008x720, 1414844186607.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The year is 2030, the board is being overrun by threads full of people who have regrettably fallen in love with their sentient loli onaholes.
After the "wich holo wud u take a shit with?" thread reaches page 10 for the 3rd time in one hour, a meta thread is made demanding that they get their own board. The mods, as always ignore it and put it on autosage. /jp/ has died, again.
Meanwhile the 2hu general successfully organizes the assassination of U.S. President, Christopher Poole.

>> No.31440409

Nah, niji-holo fanbase relations have been horrible way before the EOP holo fanbase exploded. The talents themselves are in good terms though.
Usual anti-weeb backlash on leddit, holo memes starting to infiltrate tw*tter. Might end up being the new stanposting on there...

>> No.31440410 [DELETED] 

>278 posts and 19 image replies omitted
I came across posts like that in the past. I don't think I'll read the other half of the thread.

>> No.31440528
File: 413 KB, 2210x1719, 308521CC-038F-42D1-AAF0-6D86FE770AC9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sentient loli onaholes
Holy based

>> No.31440533

>Was this the mods plan all along?
That's what I was thinking yesterday.
They probably didn't like them before, so letting them leak would have turned the last group of people on the site that didn't hate them already to absolutely loathe them.
I'm not sure what all they're planning either.

>> No.31441068

Wow not even /tg/ is safe from hololive

>> No.31441398

If you want to blame someone blame the incredibly low quality entertainment of the west, and unfortunately the east has tendencies to copy the same exact bullshit too. A random ass japanese girl who makes a living by larping is your least damn problem.

>> No.31441511

But, I agree, anon. Lynch was right about the future of television and movies. It really has come to this.

>> No.31441824

I can't wait for a vtuber's hard-hitting and thorough analysis of Twin Peaks Part 8.

>> No.31441945

Only if they weigh in the Japanese coffee commercials. They’re canon, after all.

>> No.31443044

>Post bait on the holo thread because a "I want to fuck a touhou" thread died

>> No.31443265

no one knows what you're trying to say here twitchteen greener

>> No.31443292
File: 1.12 MB, 2000x1162, Wataaaaaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Drop za third bomb

>> No.31443398
File: 306 KB, 1280x720, gotta light.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31443447

who are you quoting?

>> No.31443457
File: 350 KB, 1024x576, moot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

welcome to your first day on 4chan, enjoy your stay.

>> No.31443561

go shitpost in the touhou general on /vg/ where you belong

>> No.31443635
File: 155 KB, 1353x1316, 3DE990EF-1112-4914-BCA4-6E47FE2780B5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31443795


>> No.31443981

cry more

>> No.31444112

also upvoted
holy upvoted

>> No.31444280

I've been asking for an idol board for ages. blame the jannies

>> No.31444345

I think we should just accelerate it and make an individual thread for each and every vtuber regardless of size or popularity.

>> No.31444350

create /2hu/ for touhou
create /vyt/ for Virtual Youtubers or a celeb board
create /jpg/ for japanese generals

>> No.31444432

i personally like the 2hu autism in the board, just ban all faggots that break containment

>> No.31444497

fuck off. /jp/ without the touhou would be a blessing

>> No.31444538

i appreciate these shitty meta threads for attracting all the hlgg and /v/tards like a bug zapper so the rest of the board can have our threads in peace

>> No.31444603

That's why we always make them. Holo redditors discuss shit no one cares about while I just post in my 2hu threads.

>> No.31444651

have you seen those threads man? its filled with shitheads

>> No.31444671

And yet you complain about nobody bumping them. Sounds disingenuous.

>> No.31444686

Funny how the shitposting in this thread disappeared for a few hours but now it seems to be back. Maybe this whole shit is tied to a certain timezone?

>> No.31444691

>And yet you complain about nobody bumping them

>> No.31444881


>> No.31444981

That's an argument for having to bump threads more frequently. Not "nobody is bumping my threads" because it happens to literally everything else on the board right now.

>> No.31445117

It is, though. You’re crying that we’re not a part of your loli roleplay culture and we don’t want to be. That’s exactly the reason why this thread was posted in the first place. To you, that is what /jp/ should be. Unfortunately, it’s pathetic and embarrassing and doesn’t draw many new people into your circle. You’re going extinct.

>> No.31445160

Huh? But that post wasn't me.

>> No.31445172

good to know everyone on /jp/ you dont like is one person

>> No.31445215

Wrong. I saw people getting into touhou.

>> No.31445757

>pick some random post

Dude, you are a genius

>> No.31445947

How is that random? That’s why this thread is here. The 2hufags reposted imagedumps are rolling off the board because current otaku culture caught up and it’s the end of the world to them. That’s the discussion.

>> No.31445960

>vt*bers are carefully engineered to fleece paypigs
But idols and gachas don't huh?

>> No.31445964

>It is, though
explain how it is because you're pulling things out of your ass at this point.
I don't go to the loli threads and can't care less what they're posting about that month.
>To you, that is what /jp/ should be.
You are taking a shitpost seriously. This was not a meta thread, but you turned it into one.
>doesn't draw many new people into your circle
>doesn't draw many new people into your circle

>> No.31446004

>Make claim that someone said something
>ask for proof
>post a link post he didn't make

Absolute genius

>> No.31446035

>your loli roleplay culture

>> No.31446046

Why is it so hard for you folks to believe that crossboardings real? I literally go to those three boards at least twice a day, plus /pol/ /g/ and /o/

>> No.31446051

We always hated 3D idol pigs and gachashit

>> No.31446131

unironically based, praise Tengri

>> No.31446153

Welcome to /jp/ 2020

>> No.31446260

Those are your representatives. You lump all vtubers together, too. Don’t deny it.

>> No.31446347

4chan isn't one person if you did not realize. We may all have anonymous as the name but that isn't actually one person making the post if you didn't know by now.

>> No.31446371
File: 237 KB, 623x528, done with the crossie shit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*lumps everything they don't like into 2hufags*
*get mad and say everyone is lumping vtuberfags together*
*defend yourself in threads that have nothing to do with you because you made the board worse*

>> No.31446400

Room temperature IQ

>> No.31446717

ITT: incel rage
God, 2huredditors, you really need to speak with people outside your hugbox.

>> No.31446822

They’re in denial pretending they don’t even read their own threads.

>> No.31446850

*fail to make an argument work*
*resort to insulting everyone in the thread*

>> No.31446986

*scared of using the '>' because people would say 'who are you quoting'*
*but doing the exact same thing with *'s*

>> No.31447060

*forty posts of Flan roleplay in the last Flanfly thread*
*deny doing it*

>> No.31447153

‍>act like a dumbass
‍>flip everything used against you
‍>make non arguments
‍>backpedal when you get called out
You have no reason to be outside of your containment thread.

>> No.31447186

Room temperature IQ anon already failed by quoting a post I didn't make.

>> No.31447260

*if you wouldn't make these completely worthless threads what you have to bump im every hour with a picture because no one cares about them, you could save 5 niche generals*

>> No.31447309

Room temperature IQ anon forgot that we post in niche threads

>> No.31447357

You dont speak for me or anyone else, faggot

>> No.31447382

and if holofags didn't make 30 useless threads they have to bump every hour because no one cares, we could save the entire board

>> No.31447387

*pleading to have their shitty threads last for weeks again all across this thread*
*backpedal and claim it’s just a shitpost*

>> No.31447406

*if you wouldn't make these completely worthless threads what you have to bump im every hour with a picture because no one cares about them, you could save 5 niche generals*

>> No.31447450

Nah, they don't make more tham 2hufags, especially because they feel like they now have to compete and spam just as much. Both are equally cancer. But I hate every generals here, without exception so I couldn't care less actually.

>> No.31447452

That's probably not us though anon.
>inb4 we
The speed of the generals hasn't slowed down. Pretty sure those are falseflaggers and antis.

>> No.31447547
File: 18 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31447629

The Sora thread might be genuine but it was a bad idea and only a retard would make it because no one watches Sora.
The tierlist faggot should be immediately banned, just like everyone who posts tierlists, that's the cheapest kind of (You) baiting.
The Towa thread is probably genuine and they can fill up a whole thread because they're mentally ill, but as long as they shit up the main thread too it's completely worthless.
The Kiara thread is some falseflag because she's the current target for some reason, idk I don't follow global.
I have no idea who the last one is.

>> No.31447773

>I have no idea who the last one is.
I was just thinking that too.

>> No.31447776

I'm pretty sure the Kiara ones guaranteed. She's had some dedicated antis for a while. If you google 'jrcach /lolcow/' you'll find some interesting shit, she has some idolfag tier dedicated haters. Either way, this is all down to mods being fags. The fuckin tier shit should be gone.

>> No.31447958
File: 26 KB, 640x480, sample4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sora thread is genuine but stupid
Tierfag is just farming (You)s
Towa thread is, like their fanbase, genuine and stupid
Kiara is obvious falseflag, newfriend, but you aren't following the scene so whatever
Literally who? This isn't even a vtuber, it's from 大海原と大海原, a niche JP RPGMaker game, pic related.

>> No.31448271

oh shit Okayu doxx

>> No.31448449

>t. came here a week ago

>> No.31448955

>I have no idea who the last one is.
see >>31447958

>> No.31449890

It's because 2hushitters come from Reddit and Discord, you know.

>> No.31450092


>> No.31450140

Probably both.
t. /ona/

>> No.31450172


Can't even cover up shit properly

>> No.31450255

What's your point, room temperature IQ anon?

>> No.31450338

He thinks an update is reddit. They'll grasp at anything.

>> No.31450355

Must be bad living in 140 °C

>> No.31450385

Good old ad hominem, 2hushit. As you lack brain to argument properly- bah no way you can deny this shit

Go upvote your friends' posts, 2hunigger. Oh, and click the follow button
Lastly, don't forget to make meta complaining threads about mean bullies "invading" your echo-chamber board

>> No.31450457

What are you thanking him for?
What is this "everything" you're talking about?
Here we are annonymous. Unless he belongs to a personal group of yours, no way you can "thank him for everything" and keep record of an annonymous person

>> No.31450531

What did room temperature IQ anon mean by this? Is he having a psychotic episode again?

>> No.31450542

Why don't you ask them yourself.

>> No.31450605

As usual, 2hushits evading argumenting

Suddenly we are talking about temperatures. Suddenly, they evade the thread topic
Of course they evade, it fitst them. Tomorrow they'll cry again and forget this btfo'ing happened

>> No.31450607

Isn't there literally a post further up in this thread that shows reddit posting about vtuber shit from here?

>> No.31450611

>Unless he belongs to a personal group
Yeah he's a /jp/sie

>> No.31450614

>They'll grasp at anything.
It's just a sign that he hasn't been here long.
The small errors he's making should also tell you that English isn't his first language.

>> No.31450639

Yeah, redditfags always call other people redditors. Holofags are in denial.

>> No.31450646

Lets ignore the obvious and proven and focus on the intangible. Aka, their arguments.

>> No.31450670

Maybe we should teach him some English.

>> No.31450698

Becauae touhou doesn't have a subreddit, right?

>> No.31450723

So are the people you're complaining about: vtubers/holoposters
Learn english, kid. Ad hominem only speaks of you

>> No.31450729

that sums it up. Let /jp/ rot, it deserves it.

>> No.31450741

I wonder who is this "we" yoiu're talking about. Hmmm

Keep crying, 2hushit. It's so damm easy to btfo you.

>> No.31450817

>Keep crying
Why should I, room temperature IQ anon? Seeing you butthurt always makes me smile.

>> No.31450854

You hear me Fland- I mean Holobros? let's make this board ours lol who are these 2hushits I see IN MY BOARD??
I came back to /jp/ since years of absence, but now I see its state and know I have to act. I'm here now, you can count on me.
Let's fight, bros!

>> No.31450857
File: 36 KB, 334x400, Giselle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So are the people you're complaining about:
I guess that makes Touhou and a number of things apart of /a/ before it split.

>> No.31450900

God, both sides are such a faggots. I hope all of you die.

>> No.31451043

So who's ready for tomorrow "waa waa I hate x threads in my boards mods pls delete :(" threads, Holobros?? I'm bringing popcorns haha!

>> No.31451110

Who was your English teacher?

>> No.31451119

You could make that argument for anything that has a subreddit, just because it exists doesn't automatically make everything related to it reddit. Someone actually linked a post of someone screencapping hololive threads from here.

>> No.31451231

3 threads? 5? I'll bet it'll be 15 2hushitters meta threads. I know bros, it's incredible, but Touhoufags are still crying, so it's far from impossible.

>> No.31451237

There's also a subreddit for 4chan, ya know?

>> No.31451283

The holo redditor is at it again.

>> No.31451309

Tomorrow? There’s already another metathread posted. This shit is hourly.

>> No.31451379

I'm way too nice. It's hard to bully the mentally ill.

>> No.31451380

So metathreads piss off holoshitters? Good to know.

>> No.31451435

You have to keep rubbing their noses in their mess, anon. Everyday until they like it.

>> No.31451483

We can't help it, they're lurking here because this is the only place where they can get irl pictures of them, also be edgy without being banned immediately. They stick out like a sore thumb and you can be sure that none of us likes them. That screencap was from three years ago and it was posted recently to educate someone, but a redditor stole it and gathered like 8k upvotes. It's entirely our fault that we didn't gatekeep them hardly enough, but you can't really do anything against it at this point. /hlg/ changed its name to katakana for a reasom, at least it doesn't show up in the catalog when they came here but it doesn't really work with people above 70IQ. But calling everyone and the topic itself reddit is a huge exaggeration. If you look at that place, practically all of it is about the EN girls, they don't watch the JP branch at all since they debuted.
And probably 90% of the current userbase of 4chan have a reddit account or at least lurking there. This isn't exclusive for one thread.

>> No.31451511

Keep making holo threads, bros, it pisses touhoufags. I'm not making shit up, just check the catalog

>> No.31451635

>And probably 90% of the current userbase of 4chan have a reddit account or at least lurking there.

>> No.31451646

And don’t forget that this is what they mean by the real jay.

>> No.31451687

Why is it always the ESLs that get upset about 2hus?

>> No.31451713

I'm not even calling everyone who likes hololive reddit, I personally don't have anything against the concept itself. I didn't care when you guys had 3-4 generals since it was mostly self-contained, but now you can really see the influx of people who don't normally use /jp/ for anything but hololive flooding the board. The board is moving faster than it probably ever has, which was never a problem even when it was all 2hu shit. I think both sides can at least agree that vtuber shit needs its own board at this point, it's win/win for everyone except the people who love to stir shit up for fun.

>> No.31451913

/jp/'s been dead for years. It's a breath of fresh air. People who don't really belong would leave sooner or later.

>> No.31452053

No idea.

Everything does.

>> No.31452193

I would be fine with either an own board, either being contained like we were before. To be honest I think JP chubas should belong here but I will never understand why the fuck are the EN branch on /jp/ (except the fact that a mod likes them and has a huge and obvious bias towards them). When they made the first global threads, I complained about this, and got a public ban for it.
Probably most of the main thread don't like the individual threads either, especially because all of them are completely worthless, everyone posts in the big general anyway. The people who making them relentlessly are probably just want to piss you off, because except the few most popular vtubers, all of them are dying and no one cares about them. However I don't find that fair either that you can make basically any kind of 0 reply shitpost imagedump about touhou. I know that that's the purpose of the board, but still, that happened a decade ago and otaku culture isn't the same as it was. Containing 80% of the userbase while the other 20 can do literally anything just isn't fair. So imo every worthless shitpost thread with 10 replies should be deleted regardless to its topic and there would be enough place for every niche general without any problem.
But at the end, all of these meta threads are completely worthless and we're arguing in vain because the mods just don't care. At this point they don't even bother to move this to /qa/. In the Luna thread, there were undeleted porn imaged for 2 days. The /ホロライブ/ thread is basically just baits and falseflagger samefags in the past few days without any discussion. I don't know what happened but it's like we were be raided 0-24. Even if the thread's quality plummeted hard since the EN debuts in general, it usually isn't THIS bad.

>> No.31452225

He's probably schizophrenic so I feel bad for him.

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