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Would you?

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>would you?
I don't know.
Would you Wriggle?

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Would you make a baby with the gap girl

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As long as she doesn't kick me.

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Why would she kick you?

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Why wouldn't she?

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Because interacting with someone who hasn't insulted her yet doesn't require a kick? She loses friends she might have gained then.

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She does that all the time though

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would make her preggers and never meet her again

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Greedy players get punished!

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She killed me a few times before that way, but I've also died that way to other bosses in the past
>Greedy players get punished!
ha ha...

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don't be silly anon
she'll be able to find you no matter where you run, she has many eyes to see and her gaps have no limit
she'll wrap her arms around you when you least expect it and pull you back to your rightful home at her side
the babies will have their daddy whether you like it or not, and there will be more than one, she'll make sure of that

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>make her preggers
>never meet her again
That idea is terrible on more levels than one.

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Someone covered Kitsune no Computer recently, was curious what the source was. This is the earliest I tracked it back to:


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Of all the 2hus to give nice tits and wide childbearing hips, Marisa is always a good one

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That turns her into another generic bimbo though. Besides, she's a Jap.
Yukari already exists for both of those since nobody wants to draw her as a flattie anymore.

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You're goddamn right they don't
best gap deserves big gaps

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I always thought Marisa was a white girl whos family settled in Japan decades before after Perry and the Americans opened up the country with a fleet of warships

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Funny Flanny

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Why do people believe that stuff
Her hair was red in PC-98

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Red is not a jap hair colour

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Cirno dabbing on them haters

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And neither is yellow.

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I like Cirno

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Louize is cute, CUTE!

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Yukarin is the babymaking youkai

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How many mini karis would you put in her belly?

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What the fuck Kaguya. Take out the trash already.

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About tree fiddy

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Wtf is that real!?

How did they teach the cat to ride a bike!?

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Do you want to make a baby with her?

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imagine changing her once that happy meal comes out the other end haha

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Being an immortal youkai, she unironically could give birth to 350 children
God help you during the holidays

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Oh dear, how are we going to find a good school in the neighborhood for so many children?

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With a 9 month cycle?

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No, eggs.

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Its only 263 years of being pregnant, unless she has twins and triplets a bunch

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horny reisen

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Yes. I would converse with Patchouli if the opportunity arises. She seems like someone that would be invaluable as a friend or ally.

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Bunny wants to play

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Marisa does not recognize the Lunarian Genocide

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The what now? I want to blow bubbles too.

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But if she's immortal can't she give birth to an infinite amount of children or am I misinterpreting it?

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She doesn't recognize that stealing is morally wrong either. She seems pretty shady to me

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>God help you during the holidays
I was going to ask why, but then I remembered presents. That's a loooooooot of money.

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I want to play games with Marisa.

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of course, 350 was merely a given number
if you want to turn the Great Youkai Yukari Yakumo into a happy baby factory, then so be it

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I will bulling her.

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My wives are so cute

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Yeah I would

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Until her body is worn down. She probably won't make it to 300

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Got any of the others?

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Which 2hu character would you shoot up your high school with?

I'd probably say Tenko, because she obviously wouldn't mind killing a few innocents, just look at SWR.

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Youkai have turbocharged regeneration
Pregnancy wont wear her out a bit, and she'll stay tight as a vise throughout

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Kokoro, but she's also wearing joker facepaint.

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Now that's the good stuff

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Probably Eirin. She's good at using her bow and if I ever get shot she could treat me with the best medicine in Eientei.

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Sorry ma'am, I'm already taken.

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Are Aya and possibly Momiji really degenerate homosexual filth like this? I thought they had a tense acquaintanceship?

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>she'll stay tight as a vise throughout
I doubt that.

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A goddess ought to not make such a mess.

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Spin Spin!

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Sorry Reimu, I can't give credit

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My daughter so cute whenever she being smug

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