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はあちゃま好き好き !

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I hate Towa but even I have to admit she's cute tonight.

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the best NY outfit

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>people think that's Anemachi's voice.

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Its been 20 hours since the last Botan stream

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you dont hate towa

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cutest holo

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I love Towa.

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Train autist LOVE!

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Watch Ui

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why is everyone playing yakuza?
I don't mind though

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The pride!
Watch her stream now and later in 2 hours!

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I love these girls!

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I laughed when i seen his outfit, so good

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Elite desktop

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idol company!

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How did she get away with this?

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I love Coco, Haachama and Towa.

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Time to get this BGM stuck in my head again

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I love Towa!

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is she ok?

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Miss this lion bro.

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How the fuck did the zhangs accidentally create a hag and a jk so damn close?

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Why are there so many towafags, dont see her appeal

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File: 3.15 MB, 1920x1080, 【龍が如く0】今夜もやっちゃいますか、夜の街で。【ホロライブ_さくらみこ】 21-38 screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

Watch Miko playing Cabaret Club Simulator 0! come here everyone! https://youtu.be/EEguXrDsogQ

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>She's not actually debuchama
I'm sad

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Mel ring fit in 30 minutes!

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Fuck off, retard.

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I love Aqua!

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I only wish haachama wouldn't admit it's an exercise belt until the very end, to keep it more vague and exciting

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I love Supercell, but it hurts that their best song (Love & Roll) has only been sung by Kanata just once 6 months ago.

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Reminder that this is your typical kenzocuck

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>I have no panties
>does, in fact, have some sort of underwear on
what did she mean by this?

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I want Aqua to cover Trainroll, all versions

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Can we agree that Haachama should just go with Gen 4?

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>Pekora boosted Moona straight to the top of the indog dumpster

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Mel streaming?!

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Just saw Cocos roomate, she looks Vietnamese.
I don't feel so good coco bros

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Hello Mr. Ricardo, please reply this post with number or anti pekora video to confirm you existence. I know you read this thread since it's primetime of SEA

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Why my poor girl couldn't play her game in peace? I'm still bothered by it...

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Feel the feet

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>Fuck off, retard

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Based setlist

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Kanata's expression enhances this even if she's just a jpg

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where the fuck is haachama and suisei?

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I want to, but my oshi is streaming

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Bibi is hibernating.

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>Fubuki thinks Oga's just a pussy

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Towa hates Ruwa mode

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go back

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Déjà vu, I've just been in this place before
Higher on the street, and I know it's my time to go
Calling you, and the search is a mystery
Standing on my feet, it's so hard when I try to be me, woah

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It's been 125 days since Mano Aloe "graduated"
I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she has enough confidence in herself to start advertising her streams publicly.
I hope everything gets better for her.


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held off on fapping just for this

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I love the return of Suisei's Anemachi-voiced reaction stamps

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Fuck off homofaggot

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That's not Kira.

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Thinking about fapping to Towa...

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Fat fuck...

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Thats my oshi right there, godspeed you lovely autist

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I like Korone's second NY outfit.

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File: 3.15 MB, 1920x1080, 【龍が如く0】今夜もやっちゃいますか、夜の街で。【ホロライブ_さくらみこ】 23-28 screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wanna be your girl ooooo~

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Fix yourself, ESL newfag.

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File: 3.93 MB, 2732x1932, __shishiro_botan_hololive_drawn_by_hamacha_haruharu000618__60fc7f3815f0a0f0707dcce829179ca1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd be lion if I said Botan didn't deserve plenty of rest so that she can perform her best!

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ID watcher unironically have obsessed with numbers

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Fat face.

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Mel's mama will streaming drawing mel's in 30 minutes too!

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It seems like Yakuza spends just as much money on the minigames as they do on the beat em up main gameplay.

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she angered the cultist, its only natural...

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Wrong thread

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Towa always cute...

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It means you shouldn't believe what you read on the internet. She's also not a pirate!

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Is this Yakuza or a random kusoge Miko found on steam?

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Miko with live2d looks so much better

>> No.31694737

Shark is over guys. Another win for hagchads.

>> No.31694739

Oh no... I missed Chammers 3D...
How is it?

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Meh setlist so far

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Fuck spats.

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good one

>> No.31694757

Powerful Twap...

>> No.31694758

She will changed it either 30 minutes in or during SC reading.

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the main story and brawler is the side game

>> No.31694767

Towa is so pretty under the illumination...

>> No.31694770

The new costume has better mouth tracking than her 2.0.

>> No.31694772

Risu please told them to behave

>> No.31694774

Explain why Luna is S?

>> No.31694775

The cabaret and business part were my favorite part of Yakuza 0

>> No.31694777

Why are Towa utawakus full of soul? I don't get it bros...

>> No.31694778

bad case of sameface

>> No.31694779

>3 Coco 3D in the last 7 days
>4 off-collab at holohouse

>> No.31694780

Watame made Coco lick Haachama's armpits and forced them to hump each other doggystyle until management pulled the plug and cut the 3D Requests segment short.

>> No.31694782

it's the majima minigame to farm money

>> No.31694783

i love this Lion

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Don't just think, do!

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wrong thread

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YAGOOOOOO favoring the homos once again

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Get lube

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Gorilla stamps

>> No.31694796

A beautiful mess

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>> No.31694800

finally, Miko is doing the main story (cabaret club)

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The crashes really did suck but Pekora and the chat managed to make even those moments fun and somehow she had already streamed for 5 hours even with the crashes making it feel like less.
But I understand that she didn't want to keep having to redo the stream.
>3 streams all broken up
This triggers my autism too hard so I'm probably going to make them into a single video but rendering a 1080p 5+ hour video takes fucking forever, Jesus Christ is this the hell content creators go through every day?

>> No.31694806

wrong thread

>> No.31694807

if her mother also streams at the same time sketching her, whom do i watch then

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Was it worth it? Was sacrificing Bibi to get the best NY outfit the right call?

>> No.31694810

>shoes on the kickstand

>> No.31694813

its fun if you like chammer and coco messing around. protect your ears tho

>> No.31694814

Why are so many hoshiyomis still in high school and use 私? Do JKs love Suisei?

>> No.31694815

based CEO.

>> No.31694816

They probably do especially with the arcade games.
Reminder that Kiwami 2 actually has Virtual On and Virtual Fighter 2 in the arcades

>> No.31694821

>You will never ride Korone
>Korone's buns will never be pushed against your crotch

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File: 2.42 MB, 1920x1080, 【龍が如く0】今夜もやっちゃいますか、夜の街で。【ホロライブ_さくらみこ】 27-33 screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Miko your pervertness is showing

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>> No.31694829

>Pekora has new supercomputer with a 3080
>OBS still crashes

>> No.31694831

It was great. Haachama was on stage while wearing an """electric shock device""" that Coco was controlling, then Watame made them do extremely perverted shit to each other until Haachama's manager stepped in.

>> No.31694834

of course

>> No.31694836

When is his holostar debut?

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File: 563 KB, 699x644, 1609493641697.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She really puts her heart into it.

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File: 269 KB, 420x424, 1609482434304.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for your sacrifice

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File: 847 KB, 820x462, 1599875629038.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31694844

Fuck off. Get his wannabe away from my Botan

>> No.31694845

Yes and yes.

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File: 281 KB, 900x797, 1594939967470.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bad, only 30k views and too much Coco

>> No.31694854


>> No.31694855

Sorry but I don't think Aqua is autistic.

>> No.31694856

she is too cute bros

>> No.31694857

>Do JKs love Suisei?

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File: 356 KB, 665x581, AC4D1E9A-5843-47D8-8C2C-848F8472F675.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A 33 year old telling a 32 year old to bend over and let a 19 mount her live on stream.
Hololive is a really fucked up place if you think about it.

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>> No.31694865

Towa your rapping reps...

>> No.31694868

Why didn't we get a separate bibi?

>> No.31694871


>> No.31694872


>> No.31694873

Kek Comet

>> No.31694876

Explain how you came to that conclusion.

>> No.31694877

>Anemachi does not allow Suisei to marry anyone else

>> No.31694879

Twappers, stop embarrassing yourself...

>> No.31694880

Haatons why are you fucking buying this?

>> No.31694884

I'm watching Ollie.

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File: 309 KB, 1272x1800, 1579997039647.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Both of them of course!

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>> No.31694890

Why doesn't Sora have a new years kimono

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File: 1.14 MB, 310x414, 1609324189969.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 47 KB, 597x507, femhoshiyomi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She has always had a lot of female fans even when she was still an indie.

>> No.31694894

No 3D live for Luna anniversary,but a totsumachi instead.Sasuga.

>> No.31694896

do you think if I put my oshi on a ferrari i'd get their attention

>> No.31694897

New 3d ruined it.

>> No.31694898

Most female hoshiyomis are JCs and JKs, and there's a considerable amount of them

>> No.31694900

that's what she's best at though

>> No.31694901

The 3080 doesn't really matter for OBS. The fact that she has a fucking Ryzen 5950 and 64GB of ram and OBS is still crashing matter more.

>> No.31694902

Love this song from Towa

>> No.31694904

Miko can't date a girl in real life so she's dating one in vidya game...

>> No.31694905

I am so jealous of these hags.

>> No.31694908

the only fucked up thing is that they weren't using the swimsuit models and that we will never EVER get more swimsuit models

>> No.31694909

It's ok because they're women

>> No.31694911


>> No.31694912

I think Migo being a pervy ojitan fits her dumb old model more.

>> No.31694913

First time in /hlg/ I wanna know your favorite RRats

>> No.31694916

>2 left in stock

>> No.31694920


>> No.31694921
File: 2.94 MB, 1538x2200, 1592493625397.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When is she going to debut?

>> No.31694923

What is a totsumachi?

>> No.31694924

a retweet

>> No.31694925

>I want to do many members-only stream this year
Please suityan add more members-only content or a playlist of all your members-only... Youtube community post is terrible...

>> No.31694926

go back

>> No.31694927

Of course, they're already married after all. Why do you think they decided to get their own place?

>> No.31694931

Suisei is really popular among young girls

>> No.31694932

kimi no shiranai monogatari is their gurenge and you will like it

>> No.31694934

wat do u mean my favorite rrats

>> No.31694935

Purple Rushia LOVE

>> No.31694938


>> No.31694944

It's fucking useless when they don't even know how to use and setup their PCs. Nips are fucking retarded

>> No.31694945

My favorite Rrats is the one where you never discover this website.

>> No.31694947

You have to let go, its not healthy to hold onto delusions for so long

>> No.31694950
File: 231 KB, 1901x1077, EqziO-VVEAEkyEz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Electrocution idol Akai Haato!
Vibration idol Kiryu Coco!
Hololive EN generation 0!

>> No.31694951


>> No.31694952

If I put this on my dick while using a really tight weighted flashlight will it feel like an electrified Haachama is riding me??

>> No.31694955

sorry anon i dont own a rrat sorry

>> No.31694959

Who else? Sasaki?

>> No.31694961

hopefully never, dogshit design.

>> No.31694962
File: 319 KB, 588x495, 1606420152782.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the hell is kanata doing?

>> No.31694965


haachama/coco fusion

>> No.31694967

Shame... But it's better than nothing these last few totsus have been really good

>> No.31694968

Kizuna AI is joining Hololive in March.

>> No.31694969

>Suisei stream
>only last 34 minutes

>> No.31694970

this is a personal favorite

>> No.31694971


>> No.31694972

God damn it but understandable she can't really do piano again

>> No.31694974

Mikochan kawaii

>> No.31694977
File: 176 KB, 1447x1007, 79762216_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haha imagine being a jk and searching for trendy Suisei pictures to use as your phone background or whatever but you find Suisei anal and you get really into it and start thinking about anal all the time haha

>> No.31694979

I like your creativity

>> No.31694984


>> No.31694985
File: 76 KB, 543x451, 1599946554239.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This doesn't look like beauty product.

>> No.31694986

I bet you the RAM was just left on default BIOS config and that's what's causing this shit

>> No.31694987

Suisei please draw more...

>> No.31694988
File: 25 KB, 680x680, Lookatthisfatrat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31694989


>> No.31694990

I haven't heard Anemachi in so long...do a stream together onegai.

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File: 2.90 MB, 252x261, 1605734601435.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Motocompo in good condition can be bought for nearly 400k yen nowadays

>> No.31694992

I just hope it leads to some hidden vibrator art

>> No.31694995

She doesn’t even look like a chuuba. She looks like a character from a gacha.

>> No.31694997

isn't towas anniversary today? why is she only doing a utawaku while haato had a 3D?

>> No.31694999


>> No.31695003

I'd like to inform you all that Tokino Sora is cute.

>> No.31695004

Miko's new model lacks soul...

>> No.31695006

the real stream is in 1h24mins

>> No.31695007
File: 378 KB, 1026x978, EetjdVqUYAAI-ew.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A-Any day now.

>> No.31695009


>> No.31695010

4th gen

>> No.31695011

Towa has a big plan for later.

>> No.31695012

this is just an mp3 player though?

>> No.31695013

her best

>> No.31695016

Show me your experience of years playing galge Mikoti, don't disappoint me.

>> No.31695018

>stream crashes after she disses the cult
>nousagi begin praying シュレピッピ on Twitter
>it makes #13 trending

>> No.31695022

That song was so good Towa broke 10k

>> No.31695023

Kanata and Coco were talking offstage about how to enter and Coco told her to do a cartwheel alongside her.

>> No.31695026
File: 28 KB, 332x332, EqzqVlaVEAMt9LQ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31695027

I like Rank10Rata

>> No.31695029
File: 431 KB, 1200x1200, 1601128155589.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here anon catch this rrat

>> No.31695030
File: 44 KB, 1080x305, IMG_20210103_203648.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Errr KFPbros?

>> No.31695032

oh fuck haachama and coco arent doing the correct pose theyre going to turn fat AHHHHHHH

>> No.31695034
File: 123 KB, 768x438, 1586261967533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31695035

check the description, it's not her actual anniversary stream

>> No.31695036

Kill yourself

>> No.31695043

based kenzoku

>> No.31695044
File: 137 KB, 1000x1414, 1583010135202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

agile graceful japanese kunoichi

>> No.31695045

fck underage indog

>> No.31695049

Will Towa ever stop doing her shitty fake voice?

>> No.31695050

That's a cute gorilla

>> No.31695051

Not sure if Luna is even capable of doing a solo 3D stream ever again so this is for the better.

>> No.31695052

Sankisei minus Pekora

>> No.31695053

not even gonna larp this time i have no idea what this is even after google translate

>> No.31695054

good, was worried she got shafted. unless its one of those "Big Plans"

>> No.31695055

go back to global faggot

>> No.31695057
File: 1.42 MB, 1600x900, 1607981934460.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

POV: You're Suisei entering KanaCoco's room

>> No.31695058
File: 1.92 MB, 2480x3508, 1588266338219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tetris 99 + gacha stream later.

>> No.31695059

When Towa does a 3D live, don't invite reddit dragon.
I'm not chink. I just don't want her to lower the quality of the show.
Please collab with Suisei.

>> No.31695061

She requested a new equipment but it still doesn't arrive and they already informed her this beforehand anyway,so it get delayed in advance.

>> No.31695066

She wanted to do a 3D but the equipment she needed for it wasn't available, so it's being postposted to some later date.

>> No.31695067
File: 124 KB, 237x324, 1581799485987.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i recognize that game... Gokujo Parodius

>> No.31695068


>> No.31695070

Wants to do something special for the anniversary stream, but couldn't due to some stuff not being available. So she's doing it at a later date. Announcement on when it's going to be will be revealed in the stream that's going on now.

>> No.31695072

Why did gen 4 make the english version of SSS?

>> No.31695073

Is that Kazuha merch?

>> No.31695074


>> No.31695075

When she's singing like right now.

>> No.31695077

no XMP profile?

>> No.31695079


>> No.31695083

Coco's booba is so deformed under that tight shirt.
Release the booba pls Cover.

>> No.31695084

KFPs are all Larpers who also hate Kiara, I refuse to believe anyone's retarded enough to like this bitch

>> No.31695089

doujin when?

>> No.31695090

What exactly makes Suisei popular among females?

>> No.31695092

she's 35 with a completely blown sense of balance, cut her some slack

>> No.31695093

It says the name in the image anyway

>> No.31695094


>> No.31695095

Wrong board, you wanted /vp/

>> No.31695097
File: 55 KB, 398x460, 1587735087902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31695098

What time? I'm not subbed to her yet but if its good I'll consider

>> No.31695099
File: 53 KB, 475x421, ER258TtUEAAbySv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.31695102

That's what a zhang would want us to believe.

>> No.31695106

I love Towa.

>> No.31695107

>thought that dudes mask was a beard

>> No.31695108

Towa really love Niki

>> No.31695110

She isn't known for lasting long

>> No.31695111

An ironic fanbase pays just as well as an unironic one.

>> No.31695112

It was Coco's idea iirc and the other Gen 4s just gave her a hand in it

>> No.31695113

towa... the high notes

>> No.31695114

This is most likely going to be Towa's next cover

>> No.31695117

She's a mean bitch with a sailor mouth

>> No.31695118

Great game.

>> No.31695120


>> No.31695121

>Error #3

>> No.31695122

A new niki cover!

>> No.31695123

That's my point. No one likes her fake speaking voice. She should just use her normal voice that is closer to her singing voice, which everyone loves.

>> No.31695124


>> No.31695126

Don't worry no one wants to collab with a whore anyway

>> No.31695131


>> No.31695132

How do I avoid being retarded with tech like a hololive girl

>> No.31695134

I'm ootl, some indo doxx himself again?

>> No.31695135

Days when Capcom can into self-irony.

>> No.31695136

Another stream later

>> No.31695137

I hope so.

>> No.31695139

Towa's cover makes me feel more emotional

>> No.31695140


>> No.31695141

Thats why I'm hoping for burnout RTA and she fades back to irrelevancy

>> No.31695144


>> No.31695145

Come one get Towa to 12k!

>> No.31695146

suisei just being a TV on wheels will never stop being the funniest thing to me.

>> No.31695149

Rent free in your head. Stay mad.

>> No.31695150

are all the weird haachama streams sponsorships in disguise

she instantly sells out fuckin tarantulas and whatever the fuck this thing is

>> No.31695152

Is Ayame really not in a stream about a song they did together? Jesus.

>> No.31695153


>> No.31695163

oh thanks for the info. sounds interesting, wonder what that dork comes up with

>> No.31695164

>none of the girls are pretty besides Yuki
Really makes me think

>> No.31695165

From what people post of her members content it sounds like she indulges that.

>> No.31695168


>> No.31695174

The 2 most powerful idols in hololive

>> No.31695175


>> No.31695176

this is the speed actual pros go at, so can we stop pretending suisei is good now

>> No.31695178

She's busy with more important things.

>> No.31695179

How long until Haachama just links one of those pink rotors post stream and says she was using that for a stream?

>> No.31695180

Coco what the fuck are you doing in front of your husband.

>> No.31695181

Bibi lives on as Towa's panties

>> No.31695182


>> No.31695183

Isn't Towa a bit too cute?

>> No.31695184

Excellent bait, you nabbed them all.

>> No.31695185

Unfortunately I think she has done it so much it's her normal voice now.

>> No.31695188

YAGOO simulator

>> No.31695191

Who are you

>> No.31695193

At least lunatwigs are japs and slavs

>> No.31695194

gen 4 are all whores

>> No.31695195

People liking EN and JP holos? Weird... also kiara is taking like three days off for some trip

>> No.31695197




>> No.31695198


>> No.31695200

it goes to show that hags run the world because the chatty old lady carries the entire minigame once you unlock her.

>> No.31695206


>> No.31695208

Haachama should start hitting companies up for sponsorships to do her insane project streams. She can just show them all the items she made sell out instantly as proof

>> No.31695209

>See Heats in Towa's setlist

For a moment I was thinking of the Getter Robo one. Unless it is that one and I just missed it

>> No.31695211

Ahhh, the child of Bhaal has awoken. It is time for more experiments.

>> No.31695214

That was amazing, Towa

>> No.31695216

>That was Hearts
>Heats in the song list

>> No.31695218

Do you really believe they had the money to rent her for the stream after all the hours they had to pay for to record the song?

>> No.31695220

If its not, its promoting herself to prove that a sponsorship would be valuable.

>> No.31695223

I mean, the second post you quoted literally was literally a female hoshiyomi explaining why she likes Suisei. Asides from that, she's the type of girl that's pretty easy to relate with, she's pretty understanding, open-minded and honest to a fault and girls like having friends like that. t. real biological female hoshiyomi

>> No.31695227

I hope its guitar prop and she played it on stage

>> No.31695228

Ah fuck, sorry.

>> No.31695229

She loves her fans obviously ...

>> No.31695232

>PC Optmization stream
Please let this be your collab with Pekora Botan-sama

>> No.31695244

nexto memu

>> No.31695249

yeah, and the RAM ends up causing blue screens when she's streaming at high throughput. The level of incompetence of Japanese people around PCs is amazing to me.

>> No.31695253


>> No.31695255


>> No.31695257

Source for this pic?

>> No.31695258


>> No.31695259

gota find and recruit the good ones.
think its a gacha in 2 don't remember how it was in 0 tho

>> No.31695260


>> No.31695261

I need to know if Haachama and Watame are going to the holohouse or not bros.

>> No.31695262

It's Hearts.

>> No.31695271

Anon, this is last year

>> No.31695272

japanese memes suck

>> No.31695275

maybe haachama watame probably not now

>> No.31695281

Watame wasn't even at the studio

>> No.31695282

Lmao Miko you sucks!

>> No.31695285

holy shiiiiit i cant fucking read this

>> No.31695286

No. Watame has an UNO collab later

>> No.31695289

She's literally losing half her speed if it's at stock, I think non XMP starts at like 2100 but XMP goes to like 3200-4000+

>> No.31695291

>out of stock

>> No.31695293

If you weren't a shitposting attention seeking retard who stays in this thread 24/7 then you would know she's doing another stream later you moronic piece of garbage.

>> No.31695295


>> No.31695301

Haato is kind of good at sexy zoomer dancing...

>> No.31695302

Fuck holohouse!

>> No.31695309

are jp haatons mental?

>> No.31695313

I wish I'm a high school girl...

>> No.31695322

thought she hate eop

>> No.31695325


>> No.31695327

it's a very basic thing that I can see being overlooked just because the majority of Japanese people think PCs are fucking magic

>> No.31695329


>> No.31695330

Not bad for first day Miko

>> No.31695336

Watame and Luna finally collabing. How long its been.

>> No.31695337

And here I thought that reddit memes were WORDS WORDS WORDS.

>> No.31695339


>> No.31695351

Permission to wipe away kanji universally? We only need the basic moonrunes.

>> No.31695359

Its the reverse anon. Kiara hates KFP

>> No.31695362

>> No.31695365

Not trying to shit on her, but is Towa a little off today? Or is it just me?

>> No.31695368

its gona be something really dumb like a tracking suit for cats so she can show off hers

>> No.31695369


>> No.31695372

More like some SEAnig browsing Facebook for this.

>> No.31695376

Japanese without Kanji would just be like.... Korean

>> No.31695377


>> No.31695380



>> No.31695381

Since Miko is doing subquests as well I can't wait for her reaction to the obatan getting recruited.

>> No.31695383

Nips would do it themselves if they didn't have a stick up their ass.

>> No.31695390

This is honestly a time-loop topic at this point

>> No.31695392

I went to sleep. .....................how long has aqua been streaming this train game

>> No.31695393

holy fuck

>> No.31695396

Miko hates ugly people...

>> No.31695398

Towa's been great today.

>> No.31695399

Dont worry, I'll tell her

>> No.31695400

She has been messing up a lot today.

>> No.31695402

>Watakek collabs with Luna instead of Kanata/Coco

Any rrats?

>> No.31695408

Sora truly is the perfect girl.....

>> No.31695412


>> No.31695414

I'm pretty sure she'll have to get a lot further into game before she can get the hag

>> No.31695415

wth haaton

>> No.31695419

Hey is that Ichikara CEO?

>> No.31695421

about 16 hours?

>> No.31695441


>> No.31695442


>> No.31695444


>> No.31695445

I want to fuck the fake voice out of Towa.
I want to hear her moan with her normal voice. Ringfit stream when?

>> No.31695449

and majima is tanigo

>> No.31695453

I was thinking the same, the are fucking rare

>> No.31695454

Why surprised, her roommate is a goddess

>> No.31695459

Has she had one song that she didn't mess up today?

>> No.31695462


>> No.31695465


>> No.31695466

Sometimes I wonder if the holos forget Haachama is their senpai. Maybe its because she's one of the youngest or because she always acts crazy but some of them treat her like kouhais or douhais.

>> No.31695467


>> No.31695470


>> No.31695472

can i marry Anemachi?

>> No.31695474

everyone does

>> No.31695477

This is the one.

>> No.31695479


WNF in 9 minutes. I wonder what is this night's theme.

>> No.31695483

This is good

>> No.31695485

>first stream in the year can't break 10k
how do we save suityan?
yes i know it was cut short

>> No.31695488

But she looks like she has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome...

>> No.31695489

We need new talent, time to head to the cabaret

>> No.31695490

What did they talk about, i was eating

>> No.31695491

Deep sexy moans...

>> No.31695495

watch Mel moan please

>> No.31695496

If I remember correctly, some Anon actually sent her RFA as a gift. God I sure hope she streams it too.

>> No.31695497

It's been years since I played 0, but I remember the obatan was one of my first hostesses.

>> No.31695499

What is that?

>> No.31695500

Not really. You can finish the hag subquest line even before unlocking cabaret simulator.

>> No.31695503

>marine utawaku
>mel ring fit
how am i meant to listen to all these sounds at once

>> No.31695506


>> No.31695508

Hololive is just a small indie cabaret club

>> No.31695509

T-thanks Suisei

>> No.31695517

can confirm, I hate myself

>> No.31695519

>any japanese man in yakuza appears

>> No.31695524

I want to marry Sora and hold her hands tightly as I pound her with all my love!

>> No.31695525

just rewind the stream

>> No.31695529

For whatever reason she wasn't able to show the Birthday gifts she got, so it was never confirmed if she actually got it or not.

>> No.31695536

>any black man appear in game

>> No.31695537


>> No.31695538

Towa teased it a while ago, would be a very interesting stream.

>> No.31695539

Toi... Reps...

>> No.31695547

>Become tranny
>Track Miko
>Marry her as Dyke couple
Why aren't you Miko pilled yet anons ?

>> No.31695548

will she ever show her star eyes?

>> No.31695556

Towa wtf start trying properly already, it's been like this the whole stream!

>> No.31695560

I hope its /m/.

>> No.31695563


>> No.31695568

Wait a minute. Luna is not getting a 3D for the anniversary? Why?

>> No.31695571

I have to wait for it to end

>> No.31695574

I can't support suisei anymore after finding out she pronounces gif "gee ai eff".

>> No.31695577

I am very lucky to have Towa as my oshi

>> No.31695581

she has been blue balling us for months

>> No.31695583


>> No.31695584

Even japs agree they all look the same

>> No.31695585

>gurenge 2.0

>> No.31695587

You want Luna to break her neck AGAIN?

>> No.31695592

Fragile bones...

>> No.31695597

>Sheep appears
>JOP: わためぇ!
It's all the same shit

>> No.31695598

Princess almost died after playing karuta, please andastd

>> No.31695600

How do we get Rurudo to respect Bibi?

>> No.31695601


>> No.31695602

>Majima is scouting girls to be cabaret girls
>Miko seen the similarity with YAGOO scouting girls to be vtubers

>> No.31695603


>> No.31695607

I wish these streams would never end.

>> No.31695612

No... Not Gurenge...

>> No.31695613

if luna does another 3d it will literally KILL her

>> No.31695620


>> No.31695635

Do we have to pretend that we hate Homura now like how we hate Gurenge? Because I unironically fucking love Homura

>> No.31695638

>do I fit in yet guys, guys, GUYS?!

>> No.31695640

Watame Night Fever starts in less than 5 minutes!
Be there or be square!

>> No.31695645

It's probably her and mane-chan's choice

>> No.31695646

This is why

>> No.31695652

>tfw start playing Minecraft after watching so many Holo streams
>tfw I'm on Coco level of gameplay
>tfw I can reach the first day without dying
>tfw now nobody plays the game anymore
Why do I have to suffer like this? Is Moona at least still playing it?

>> No.31695653

Kek fucking migo I swear

>> No.31695654

meh i'm listening to Towa

>> No.31695658

I am guessing you actually watched the movie and cried due to the context or something?

>> No.31695660

For your own opinions.

>> No.31695661


>> No.31695662

Haha and I was gonna watch Mel for once
sorry meru

>> No.31695665

is Botan a Obatarian? is that why everyone kneels before her? to afraid of her wrath?

>> No.31695669

Sorry, I've got some big plans going on. I'm too busy to attend
*boots up minecraft*

>> No.31695674

It could be worse, she could've been on of those "jeef" faggots

>> No.31695676

based reminder

>> No.31695677

FAQ taxes

>> No.31695680

I love both though

>> No.31695682


>> No.31695684

Not Towababy

>> No.31695685

Towa baby...

>> No.31695686

Miko calm down

>> No.31695690

Yeah haha

>> No.31695691

Yeah, yeah, yeah, this is cool and all, but I'm still waiting for that R6 stream.

>> No.31695692

After Twapi's. I hope they don't overlap.

>> No.31695694


>> No.31695699

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4xvRNSNnAk Mel
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKGrmRbvzUs Matsuri
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gXr7VHr-9I Okayu
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_FqVVAs2rE Marine
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H355h2jGLL4 Watame
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8xCaOcewjU Lamy
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riIQ12a6Zac Aruran

>> No.31695700

If you join her membership you can play with her

>> No.31695701

don't give me false hope for changs to commit mass suicide faggot

>> No.31695703

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4xvRNSNnAk Mel
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKGrmRbvzUs Matsuri
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gXr7VHr-9I Okayu
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_FqVVAs2rE Marine
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H355h2jGLL4 Watame
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8xCaOcewjU Lamy
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDe2rmsInD0 Reine

>> No.31695704

there was litteraly a 5 hour stream earlier today of Nene and Lamy going on a Nether adventure
same for Rushia and several other holos

>> No.31695706


>> No.31695714

Majima single-handedly inventing the taxes and caused the asset bubble to burst

>> No.31695715

Coco is doing minecraft and terraria again soon though. Wanna bet Pekora recruits Coco cause Moona suggested it?

>> No.31695717

entire point of minecraft is to play it with people, its insanely boring solo, dont do this to yourself anon

>> No.31695721

Zombie is making a graveyard on minecraft right now if you are interested.

>> No.31695722

Yagoo seriously needs to think about VR Hololive host club.

>> No.31695726

whats that

>> No.31695728


>> No.31695730

Stop lying ...

>> No.31695731

>> No.31695738


>> No.31695739

I love how this debiru gets emotional so easily when singing.

>> No.31695741

Wait is this a mp3 player?
I had something like that like 15 years ago.
Dont tell me Haachama still uses that shit instead of her smartphone.

>> No.31695743


>> No.31695745

Fuck off homoshart.

>> No.31695747

Ollie is playing right now

>> No.31695752

If you are not playing with a shit ton of mods Minecraft is extremely boring solo

>> No.31695755

So no 3D for Twapper and Luna?

>> No.31695757

Mogu mogu
Mogu mogu
moooogu mogu hai!

>> No.31695761

Grow up

>> No.31695763

>marine vs sheep

>> No.31695765

JK Idol Marine Karaoke!

>> No.31695766


>> No.31695768

Anonchama, your literally not even a fucking hour ago stream reps...

>> No.31695769

Why does global have a fucking 35p doing homoshart free link lists on the other thread and we get stuck with this?

>> No.31695770

Sorry guys, I'm fucking retarded

>> No.31695776

I want to show Nene that despite her arrogance she's just a filthy little whore.

>> No.31695777

But I'm not

>> No.31695783

Ignore the "hur dur fragile" retards, she did 3d before and it was fine and she survived. Cover fucked something up probably, as usual.

>> No.31695788

Watched it but didn't cry, I just think that it's a good song is all. Gurenge is good too, but everyone and their mother singing it all the time is really tiring.

>> No.31695789

You're definitely underage

>> No.31695790

Not actually hololive but an interesting idea.

>> No.31695791

Towa your name...

>> No.31695793



>> No.31695794

The other one is homo free

>> No.31695795

Wake up samurai, its time to raid Cover

>> No.31695796

It's time!
https://youtu.be/C4xvRNSNnAk Mel's
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRRh4oCjZg4&persist_gl=1&gl=JP Mel's Mama

>> No.31695799


>> No.31695803

Why are you here?
this is the usual link giver.

>> No.31695804

This is what Haachama was using.

>> No.31695807

I would say >>/g/ but I don't know either

>> No.31695809

Towa has something planned.

>> No.31695814

My fat cat can't possibly be this comfy

>> No.31695818

Fuck yeah, time for Matsuri Apex.

>> No.31695821

Miko's inventing taxes!

>> No.31695822

Haato runs like a fucking retarded person.

>> No.31695825

The watch later list grows ever longer

>> No.31695829

Can someone make a script to disable youtube's live viewers numbers? I don't want to be a numberfag

>> No.31695830


>> No.31695832

Has Luna ever showed any sign of being a S?

>> No.31695835

Is it Watame tier BIG PLANSp?

>> No.31695840

Fuck this is beyond my comprehension level

>> No.31695841

nah, the usual fag includes EN, ID and homo

>> No.31695846

>New year's resolution to get 1m subs
Woah don't set the bar too high Comet

>> No.31695847

Lamy superchat reading (zatsudan). Come watch if you want!

>> No.31695852

Use ublock plus to block the element

>> No.31695855

you know where you can go and stay

>> No.31695856

Watch it on jetri

>> No.31695859

Miko is a smoker confirmed.

>> No.31695863


>> No.31695864

miko is shinzo abe theory confirmed

>> No.31695866

So who is it? Matsuri, Mio and?

>> No.31695872

maybe after these are done i can

>> No.31695874


>> No.31695877

Nanora does not go easy on human

>> No.31695879

ok I promised Watame I would watch today

>> No.31695883

Migoji getting stumped by complicated kanji...

>> No.31695884

Mel is always late. fuck you.

>> No.31695885


>> No.31695888


>> No.31695889


>> No.31695890

>getting mad at someone who simply link streams if you don't have Jetri open

>> No.31695892

Why is Mel always 5-10 minutes late?

>> No.31695893

Within this year? It's absolutely possible. In fact I'd be shocked if she didn't get that by the half year mark.

>> No.31695894


>> No.31695897

knife ears

>> No.31695898


>> No.31695899

Ollie ragequitting fucking minecraft. Weak

>> No.31695904

Flare I think

>> No.31695906

meant origin

>> No.31695908


>> No.31695909

Twappi, your crying reps...

>> No.31695911


>> No.31695912

She said on twitter that she played with a controller. and it was given by the channel, which didn't feel comfortable to use

>> No.31695914

Marine starting off with the best bangers for her voice.

>> No.31695916


>> No.31695919


>> No.31695920

Looks like Aki

>> No.31695926

4 utawakus, help.....

>> No.31695927


>> No.31695930


>> No.31695933

Fuck off beggar, stop dragging Towa into your shitpost.

>> No.31695934

actually with her sub pace it's plausible

>> No.31695935

Just add this to [your adblock of choice] rules

>> No.31695936

Towa.. ;_;

>> No.31695938

Lamy is cute once again today

>> No.31695939


>> No.31695941

>now nobody plays the game anymore
Are you fucking serious you retard

>> No.31695943


>> No.31695944

>EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) wavelength will follow the rhythm of the music you are listening to preventing the muscles from getting used to the uniform stimulation, effectively exercising the muscles
What the fuck does that even mean?

>> No.31695945

Do not use my oshi to shitpost

>> No.31695946

It's been 2 days since Mio streamed over every new years outfit reveal

>> No.31695951

Ofc she will! Like how Suisei promised!

>> No.31695953

where is her Husband?

>> No.31695957

skip the shitty sheep and the literally who

>> No.31695960

mels late... maybe i can watch lamy for now

>> No.31695961


>> No.31695963

too high? She's only 400k away, She'll hit it by Julyish or something.

>> No.31695964

this is...way to hot. you could really go wild with horny imaginations from this combo

>> No.31695968

Reine's streaming, can't overlap the stream.

>> No.31695969

>not watching single streams on mpv.net and multiple on jetri

>> No.31695971

It means you can jack yourself off with it

>> No.31695972

Im not shitposting, just speaking the truth

>> No.31695973

It's a funyarinpa.

>> No.31695976

its american middle aged wives talk

>> No.31695978

Did Chima get banned?

>> No.31695980

>Mel late
You never stream. And when you do you get late?
I cant believe this bitch.

>> No.31695981

Mio Love

>> No.31695982

Resting after post-horage stream sex

>> No.31695983


>> No.31695984


>> No.31695985

Take your meds kiddo

>> No.31695987

>watame night fever


>> No.31695988

Am I the only one who absolutely loves Towa-sama's singing voice but can't stand her fake cutesy talking voice?

>> No.31695990


>> No.31695991

ASMR is trash.

>> No.31695992

I really should dump my intel chip for a zen 3 chip one of these days...

>> No.31695993

I understand primetime and all that, but I really can't abide this, it's like they want to make life difficultfor us.

>> No.31695994

Mel RFA!

>> No.31695996


>> No.31695997

Mel RFA starting!

>> No.31696002

it also depends on her activity too
she can potentially spike with milestone streams and her debut/birthday

>> No.31696004

>> No.31696007


>> No.31696008


>> No.31696009

Wow that was actually really good marine

>> No.31696010


>> No.31696016

your muscles operate on electric current from your brain, through your nervous system
send an electric current through them and they will contract, involuntarily
so you can make your muscles contract without a brain signal

>> No.31696017

>watching Chima sing anything other than Freesia

>> No.31696019

I blame the Japs for that

>> No.31696020

miko... you're going to burst japan's economic bubble...

>> No.31696022

>made it herself
Top cute

>> No.31696024

>Take your meds
Find a new answer faggot.

>> No.31696028

any ryzen chip is better for multitasking and browsers compared to inturd nowadays

>> No.31696038

That's not the case. I'm actually a fucking ojiisan who never had the time/took seriously the game. Still, watching the girls play and have fun has been kind of therapeutic for me. They have brought so much happiness in these past troubled months I just wanna thank them. Sadly, I'm pretty bad at this kind of sandbox games, and mobs seem to love fuck my shit up every day

>> No.31696040

maybe you should focus on one stream instead.

>> No.31696041

You also need more screen.

>> No.31696045

Open stream and she is already talking about alcohol. Bless.

>> No.31696046

I miss the deep sexy voice...

>> No.31696047

Towa was extremely cute today as always

>> No.31696049


>> No.31696051


>> No.31696053


>> No.31696054

What the fuck is the point of this

>> No.31696057

Who is canonically the strongest holo?

>> No.31696060

my nigga

>> No.31696062

Melmates, it's time.

>> No.31696063

Take your meds kiddo

>> No.31696064

anon is socially retarded and can't understand jokes

>> No.31696066

Nah, I'll rather be square

>> No.31696067

Yes. I miss old Towa

>> No.31696069

>literally who
Someone send him 100x freesia

>> No.31696076

Why do you even watch multiple utawaku?

>> No.31696077

To say that you watched all the streams today and then bitch about dead hours because there's "nothing to watch"

>> No.31696078

Don't worry sir, they'll be back soon. They just updated the server too.

>> No.31696080


>> No.31696086

Jeez mio, how come you get two original songs?

>> No.31696087

yes, reply to the dude who posts the same shit every day and every thread again and again.
pretty sure he won't post again after hearing your opinion.

>> No.31696088

How can you possibly keep track of so much stuff

>> No.31696089

Oh shit, Chima's singing? Thanks for the heads up, anon.

>> No.31696090


>> No.31696092

>Marine on her second song while Watame's still chatting
I thought Marine was the talkative one

>> No.31696094

the oldest Holo

>> No.31696099

Miko just triggered Japan's depression

>> No.31696100

and all trash

>> No.31696101


>> No.31696102

So how many people are watching Matsuri right now because they desire the thrill of gacha, and how many are watching Matsuri because they want her to sit on their faces? I'm in the later camp.

>> No.31696103


>> No.31696106

You don't even watch all of them

>> No.31696107

I love Towa regardless. I prefer her old voice though.

>> No.31696108

>> No.31696109

I miss it

>> No.31696111

You don't even understand any of those

>> No.31696114

>New Year
>Decided to check ホロライブ thread
>We back to Towa posting again
>Mel posting again
>Thread are alive than before
Shit, I'm on wrong timeline, Is this January 2020 Timeloop?

>> No.31696116

Towa.. sing this song please...

>> No.31696118

>getting mad over a single link at the bottom of a list of links
holy shit how sensitive are you

>> No.31696122

Japanese 80s economic bubble... finally burst...


They never recovered from that until this very day...

>> No.31696123

I fucking love watame's vocals so much

>> No.31696124

just for a few cheap laughs...

>> No.31696125

>kimono instead of the cleavage outfit
dammit gurl, help me bust a nut here

>> No.31696126

She talks 3 times as fast though

>> No.31696129

She doesn't mind embracing the meme.

>> No.31696133

cat pussy!

>> No.31696134

thanks for reminder

>> No.31696135

Nijishits get the fuck out

>250k subs
pfft hahahaha

>> No.31696136

Miko doesn't give medicine to males; based dyke

>> No.31696138


>> No.31696141


>> No.31696146


>> No.31696147


>> No.31696148

the weak should fear the strong

>> No.31696150

I want daifuku to beat my ass with his paddle

>> No.31696152

I fucking love Mel!!

>> No.31696153

Mel's Mels!

>> No.31696154

Do EOPs really do this?

>> No.31696155

God I love senchou's voice

>> No.31696162


>> No.31696166

>friend's precunny
she going to whale of not?

>> No.31696170


>> No.31696172

Sheep singing melancholic!

>> No.31696173

Why is Anya doing so bad compared to her peers?

>> No.31696174

is it your first WNF?

>> No.31696178

Being worse than actual pros doesn't mean you're bad

>> No.31696180

all the grisaia songs are based but none of them will ever sing them in an utawaku. still replay both of michiru's songs occasionally.

>> No.31696181

>holy shit how sensitive are you
Just like how you replied to that post :^)

>> No.31696182


>> No.31696186

I bought Monster Hunter and Ace Attorney after she did this, fuck this bitch

>> No.31696187

the ride never ends

>> No.31696189

Who gives a shit. Fuck off.

>> No.31696190

>okayu already 2nd place
tick tock aquafags, group C is gonna win

>> No.31696194


>> No.31696195

I want to get a blowjob from Mel, and then have her bite my dick and suck all the blood out of it.

>> No.31696196

how is it physically possible for a stream to be this comfy

>> No.31696199

Just shut up and sub to her anon!

>> No.31696200

You need to pick anon. They want you to be a devoted man, not a manslut.

>> No.31696204

Damn, been a while. When the last time I see this, September-October?

>> No.31696205

I love senchous everything
Simple as
She could unite the world

>> No.31696207

Wooden PC and ruined start

>> No.31696208

Potato PC and too much switching between languages.

>> No.31696212

Shit pc, and still pushing that phasmo. At least it's getting better when she streamed DDLC and that nip game today.

>> No.31696224

Is Haachama ok bros?

>> No.31696226


>> No.31696229


>> No.31696232

Mel nooo you're going to disappear at this rate!

>> No.31696234

Watching 2 Uis!

>> No.31696236

She seems to not stream as much, and when she does its boring shit like kusoge or donation reading.

>> No.31696237


>> No.31696238


>> No.31696239

I can't believe one Miko caused this

>> No.31696241

I hope Sora ropes in AZKi to Minecraft one day

>> No.31696242

honko donko badonkaasu....

>> No.31696244

spoonfeed me how old's la la lion

>> No.31696246

You first homoshart.

>> No.31696247

Oh no Coco has corrupted Towa

>> No.31696255

>tfw my oshi is not streaming and I'm free to watch whoever I want
Feels good man. ;_;

>> No.31696260

>> No.31696262

Was friend putting her right fist into Twapsama's ass in this picture? Seemed rather smug about it too.

>> No.31696269

Meikyuu's ending song; Angel is great. It fits Towa if you see the lyrics. Never seen any Vtuber sing any Grisaia songs though...

>> No.31696270

>Watame already has more songs she didn't mess up than Towa after one song
Why didn't Towa do her reps?

>> No.31696275

But it was the bassist who did that.

>> No.31696277

I liked her Mad Father streams.

>> No.31696281


>> No.31696284

>too much switching between languages.
Ollie does the same, and at an insane speed that makes you dizzy, but it seems to work for her

>> No.31696287

In their latest zatsudan stream, Sora introduced Minecraft to AZKi and AZKi already said that she'll be buying it soon, so a Minecraft collab should be inevitable.

>> No.31696288 [SPOILER] 


>> No.31696292

we need more okayu posting based

>> No.31696298

why is it always the bassist

>> No.31696300

>Hates her fan
>Stream once a week

>> No.31696301


>> No.31696302

you are mentally ill aussie

>> No.31696303

Cool pompadour man

>> No.31696305

Towa was doing her cute and sexy reps.

>> No.31696306

Mel is afraid of blood though

>> No.31696310

Mel what the fuck you doing
You cant afford to lose anymore weight!

>> No.31696312


>> No.31696316


>> No.31696322

Ollie has a personality, turns out being lazy and sleepy isnt a personality, shocker I know

>> No.31696323

Is this rebellious look Mio described when she tried to groom Taiga?

>> No.31696324

the cumpire wants to please my dick

>> No.31696326

>choo choo
Prepare for hours of filtering and boredoom

>> No.31696336

RFA doesn't make you lost weight anon i hope ...

>> No.31696338

So, who's the cuter whore?
Towa or Ayame?

I need to know.

>> No.31696340

but the /hlg/ server is dead and never coming back

>> No.31696346

Banzai push. Here we go!

>> No.31696347

>that thumbnail
It's not fair! Swimsuits onegai!
Also Christ Aki, be careful.

>> No.31696350


>> No.31696351

sorry Ui but no when my oshi is streaming

>> No.31696352


>> No.31696355

Mel is cute.

>> No.31696356

She talks so fast she can talk as much as others do normally in 3 languages at once.

>> No.31696357

Your favorite holos by age segment? I'll start

Favorite old hag: Mr. Koro
Favorite middle aged: Pekora
Favorite teen: Haachama

>> No.31696359

She is just building muscle anon! Please eat more Mel

>> No.31696360

>can't even do overhead press
melposter? can you explain this

>> No.31696362

Mel is noodle arms but not that underweight, working out is exactly what she should be doing. Very very small muscles.

>> No.31696363

Towa's not a whore, you whore.

>> No.31696365

A new version of /hlg/ server would be pretty interesting

>> No.31696367

Watame may be the most perfect sheep ever to exist.

>> No.31696371

She refused my marriage proposal

>> No.31696378

Whore LOVE

>> No.31696381

but I want to be a manslut

>> No.31696382

Her new daughter told her to grow a spine so she did, get over it already.

>> No.31696384


>> No.31696385

Damn, Mel is giving good material like Luna

>> No.31696386

Ayame, because tower's not a whore!

>> No.31696387

>matsuri's apex gacha
matuli... >>31589173

>> No.31696388

Hail the moon queen

>> No.31696390

WNF's background feel weird with the NY outfit

>> No.31696392

I think I'm shadowbanned. Can anyone see a US$50 superchat on Mel's stream from an account with a Gundam Zero pfp?

>> No.31696401

Ah I remember that one, you're right. I would instantly akasupa anyone who sings Crystal Clear or Skip honestly.

>> No.31696402

the fuck are you on about?

>> No.31696406

Hmm, that was an alright Towa utawaku. Boring set list, though.

>> No.31696407

exercises do not make you lose weight

>> No.31696411

we have to make sure she has a proper postworkout recovery meal

>> No.31696415

Peter Piper...

>> No.31696416

I just realized that Okayu held back a lot during her collab with Subaru yesterday.Also probably because she is tired.

>> No.31696417

Mel vs Luna. Who has better RFA lewd?

>> No.31696418

>weight loss

>> No.31696420

Choco is cuter

>> No.31696421

Trick question. Towa is cuter, but she's not a whore so Ayame

>> No.31696424

>gundam zero
i'm not opening chat for that shit

>> No.31696426

who´s Mel´s mama?

>> No.31696428


>> No.31696429

Has Lamy mentioned Omarun yet?

>> No.31696434

It will for everyone in this thread but not mel

>> No.31696439

wait, who are these? I only see matuli

>> No.31696442


>> No.31696443

Aki if we're not counting the RTA kill yourself run rushia had

>> No.31696444

Why are you trying to dox yourself instead of using your phone without login to check?

>> No.31696447

Nah she's fine

>> No.31696448

Favorite old hag: Botan
Favorite old hag: Korone
Favorite old hag: Mio

>> No.31696449

Google is faster than 4chan anon

>> No.31696450

Sounds good, thanks for being a little bitch.

>> No.31696452

You can download the map for the /hlg/ server and tour it, to see what you missed out on

>> No.31696454

>never watched the stream last year
Hello newfag.

>> No.31696455

No, nothing is there

>> No.31696458

Towa Tongue Twister...

>> No.31696467

Look at this cute fat cat, look at her

>> No.31696469

mels booba...

>> No.31696475

he thinks you're me
which is true, every okayu poster is me and my multiple personalities, return to me

>> No.31696477


>> No.31696480

>dox from an unaffiliated youtube channel
So this is the power of the hacker known as 4chan

>> No.31696481

Botan, Peko, Sion yo. Respectively.

>> No.31696482

Mio and Flare

>> No.31696492

Over 40.

>> No.31696494

>open Marine stream
>instantly bombarded with an awful lot of wrong notes
>close stream
Hell, even electrocuted Haachama still managed to sing in-tune. Why is Marine like this?

>> No.31696497

You can't be this retarded

>> No.31696499

Hi /fat/

>> No.31696502


>> No.31696505


>> No.31696506

There is only a single sad old fuck who gives a shit about Okayu here. Take your meds and watch Towa.

>> No.31696509

It's there.

>> No.31696510


>> No.31696511

senchou showing that even (You) can become a decent singer if you just do your reps
pretty amazing how much she keeps on improving

>> No.31696518

Exercise can help in losing weight if you're on a diet, but if you're not controling your caloric intake exercise will just make you eat more to compensate.

>> No.31696519

>best free 3D concert last year
>hates her fans
Choose one anon

>> No.31696520

Mel is really good huh

>> No.31696524


>> No.31696525

Rip anon. But why shadowban superchats? That's dumb.

>> No.31696526

Bodonko honkers

>> No.31696527


>> No.31696528


>> No.31696529

Is there a reason why she holds on to the bananas? Isn't it better to constantly be getting new items?

>> No.31696532

Assimilation complete

>> No.31696533

Okayu 1st!

>> No.31696534

Fucking chinks on Miko's stream

>> No.31696535

Feels /m/ here

>> No.31696536

Yoooo WATA/M/E

>> No.31696537

You aren't that one faggot who always superchats shit like "this is for the bros who can't donate" right?

>> No.31696538


>> No.31696541

based baba

>> No.31696548

08 ms team, I can't believe how much I love this sheep

>> No.31696549

Gundamsheep is at it again

>> No.31696554

>watch towa
why the fuck would i do that when okayu is streaming anything that isn't fall gays

>> No.31696555


>> No.31696557

I love Towa and Okayu, especially when they are together!

>> No.31696558

Why are watamates like this?

>> No.31696559

ahoge love

>> No.31696560

Retards tell her she's good at singing when she's not
Marine can't and never will be able to sing properly

>> No.31696563

Why are you like this
Every night marine streams
Ever night you get a reply from me
Do you enjoy this?

>> No.31696565

If you are in fron, its better to keep banana so you can cancel red shells coming from behind

>> No.31696566


>> No.31696568


CocoChama LOVE!

>> No.31696570

take your meds

>> No.31696571

why senchou...

>> No.31696573

There's legions of us

>> No.31696581

There really needs to be more /m/-related Watame fanart.

>> No.31696582

Damn, I was impressed when an indie recently covered this, but Watame casually steamrolls over her

>> No.31696583

ms 08 lol

>> No.31696589

Makes sense thanks. Trying to get my reps in before the tournament.

>> No.31696590

She is already dying.

>> No.31696591


>> No.31696594

I did in 3 months of weightlifting what I couldn't do in 5 years of cardio, he is right.
The ammount of energy that the body uses to regenerate muscle, even days after, is quite high.

>> No.31696598


>> No.31696603

Assimilation complete

>> No.31696604

I will never forgive the chinese!

>> No.31696605

Watamates have been really quiet since the Kanata anniversary

>> No.31696606

Shine in the Storm is good but 08th MS is overrated, they cowarded out of giving them shitty GMs

>> No.31696607

>plays games all day every day
>speaks clear and easy to follow japanese, enunciates her words
yeah I'ma stick with fat cat you can stick to your meme funny noises holos

>> No.31696615

>You are King!
should really be
>Pirate King!

>> No.31696616


>> No.31696617

can you just not towa falseflagger-kun

>> No.31696618

I've waited so long for a real cover of of the 08th MS OP...

>> No.31696619


>> No.31696621

Everyone has to do it for the ハハ at least once.

>> No.31696622

Don't watch Marine

>> No.31696623

Is Lamy actually an alcoholic?

>> No.31696624

Watch Mel's mama.

>> No.31696625

Fuck you Towa

>> No.31696630

no shit, if you eat more youll gain weight, and diet is the primary part of weight loss/gain. but saying as a blanket statement that
>exercise doesnt help you lose weight
is an absolutely smooth brain take

>> No.31696638

girls like idols and cinderella stories

>> No.31696639

>fucking stick irl
>has more stamina than senchou and Luna
not bad, vampire

>> No.31696640


>> No.31696642


>> No.31696643


>> No.31696645


>> No.31696649


>> No.31696650

Can I groom her?

>> No.31696653

Luna and Towa, fine. They cool.
But why is Coco getting a new outfit before Pekora?
The world isn't fair

>> No.31696654

>sold out
ah, the power of vtubers

>> No.31696656

sheep, comet, festival

>> No.31696657


>> No.31696658

>Mel doing lewd voice while Mel's mama drawing mel's lewd.

>> No.31696660

How the hell did Okayu win that previous race?

>> No.31696662

Is this how Lamy pick up her alcohol?

>> No.31696665

She do an exercise after all. She is very sexy stomach for a reason

>> No.31696667

Well, if they didnt have Ground Gundams, we wouldnt have gems like Ez-8 or GM Head I say

>> No.31696668


>> No.31696669


>> No.31696670

Breeding Towa!

>> No.31696671

>Marine singing zoomer's songs

>> No.31696673

>Okayu and Subaru will do another practice Mario Kart tonight but won't stream it

>> No.31696674

You probably weren't here last thread

>> No.31696676


>> No.31696677

I can't even get into Japan, Abe..

>> No.31696678

this but sometimes I saw the shells actually bypass through the banana peels somehow

>> No.31696679


>> No.31696682


>> No.31696683

She loves alcohol but her actual consumption is way overblown.

>> No.31696686

Shame no Vtubers sing VN songs in general.

>> No.31696695


>> No.31696696

Did you just wake up NAnonchama?

>> No.31696698


>> No.31696699

Ty anon

>> No.31696703

How is one bottle a night overblown?

>> No.31696708

Then greenlight my visa you prick!

>> No.31696713

i'm white, i have no need to breed

>> No.31696714


>> No.31696715

back to global with you.

>> No.31696717

Luna... your t-shirt design reps

>> No.31696718

as expected of a western slut

>> No.31696720

Already am
Ayamy have many boyfriends

>> No.31696721

>one bottle of night
Well, you just did it...

>> No.31696723

Get back in the hole

>> No.31696726

Coco is so irrelevant, she will soon be passed in subscribers by the Hololive Official YouTube channel.

Yeah. That's a new low for Coco. And for good measure, Haachama is on the fast track to pass her as well.

>> No.31696733

Watame has gotten strong in the last half year.

>> No.31696734

If cardio is useless why people bother with it.

>> No.31696736

Wrong thread.

>> No.31696739

I want to...

>> No.31696740

it's perfect?

>> No.31696741

I refuse.

>> No.31696742


>> No.31696745

what's the rrat on this?

>> No.31696747

With all that money she made the bitch could have donated more homo

>> No.31696748

What's the fucking point when there's only 2 teens?

>> No.31696751

Anon... your exposing yourself as a global user reps...

>> No.31696752

>implying it's not a perfect shirt for Hime

>> No.31696755


>> No.31696757


>> No.31696758

I thought she was supposed to be N3, at least make an effort and write it in Japanese

>> No.31696761

Cardio is better for your heart and blood circulation

>> No.31696766

>Trying to find a sync point between two different Holo watch-alongs
Holy shit this was harder than I thought. You'd think it'd be easy to just sync the timers but since they manually start them they are unreliable.
Do we have any video editing wizards in here with some tips for finding easy sync positions?

>> No.31696768

I'm starting to really like this cute little sheep with big dreams
Are there any must watch archives of her or should I just start putting on her 10h minecraft streams in the background?

>> No.31696769


>> No.31696770


>> No.31696776

Don't shitpost with my wife's girlfriend globalnigger

>> No.31696779


>> No.31696780

don't okayupost globalshitter

>> No.31696781

Dont shitpost with my oshi, use watame or towa like the other retards

>> No.31696786

don't ever use a fucking okayu pic with your "rrat" bullshit again
fuck off back to global, pochis indog daughter is streaming

>> No.31696787

Sometime the shell hits from the side

>> No.31696790

>not even an akasupa

>> No.31696791

Explain middle aged, since Japanese middle aged mean in their 50s

>> No.31696794


>> No.31696796

Glasses on

>> No.31696797


>> No.31696801


>> No.31696803

This is obviously just a ploy to further fracture /ホロライブ/

>> No.31696804

How? I have been watching her since debut fag and i have always hated the shirt

>> No.31696806

10 hr Minecraft streams in the background.

>> No.31696807

She's desperate for that jap dick huh

>> No.31696809

eh, its not like I ever expected HoloEN to follow proper idol conduct.

>> No.31696812

>Find video audio
>Find spot where they speak and it looks the same

>> No.31696813

Fuck off back to global you nigger.

>> No.31696817

Mori doesn't make effort when it comes to hololive

>> No.31696819

Kinda makes you realize the miracles the sound engineers conjured for the holofes.

>> No.31696822

how did hlg react

>> No.31696828

Every Night Fever for music

>> No.31696829

>Mori mentioned one reason she applied for HoloEN was because her music friends were also getting into the Vtuber thing
There's actually a chance that they know each other IRL huh.

>> No.31696832

Kill yourself globalfag and preferably go back before you do.

>> No.31696833

Ayamy sensei know english?

>> No.31696836

Search mukkun

>> No.31696837

as much I like the homos they should stay separate from the girls, their fanbases simply don't overlap enough

>> No.31696840

Goddammit watame

>> No.31696842

Don't listen to the other assholes I give you permission to post Okayu.

>> No.31696843

I usually use sound, but good luck with watch alongs

>> No.31696847

Way to immediately prove anon's point.

>> No.31696849

Wow, Okayu is in serious mode tonight.

>> No.31696853

Fanbase reflects their oshi whorechama.

>> No.31696854


>> No.31696856

i dont like mori, but her jps better than anyone that seriously browses 4chan

>> No.31696858

>doesn't even understand why I called him out on it
Good to know I was right though

>> No.31696859

Watame getting those sunglasses is the best thing to come out of the NY outfits, the contrast between classy kimono and goofy sunglasses cracks me up, especially with her little triangular smile.

>> No.31696864

With lots of niji larping.

>> No.31696865

Middle-aged by Hololive standards, you mongrel

>> No.31696869

>$14K in 30 minutes
>APEX Gacha
>Hoshikawa tax

Wow, she's impressive in milking shit

>> No.31696870

Holy shit, Lamy is being cute again.

>> No.31696873

i'm doing my best....

>> No.31696874

1st again for Okayu.I guess she will win the C bracket.

>> No.31696880

She's a cat woman too. Her twitter is full of cat photos to the fucking brim.

>> No.31696884

>mel's mama does pic related and hentai
how based is mel for having such a great mama

>> No.31696886

glass is blown

>> No.31696888

How many fridges do you own aussie schitzo?

>> No.31696889

I don't care about what the girls do in their free time as long as it's as innocent as having a boyfriend and healthy social life as long as it makes them happy and doesn't start affecting their vTuber identity.

>> No.31696890

>She's desperate for that jap dick huh
>supachaed the ugliest star
Even if I don't like EN that much, that's still insulting.

>> No.31696893

It's not teams

>> No.31696897

Fuck off newfag

>> No.31696899

I like it when she wears it over her forehead

>> No.31696904


>> No.31696905

You're so mad, newfag :^) looks like little baby is having a tantrum

>> No.31696906


>> No.31696907

I cancel this anon's permission and stop him from cancelling mine in return

>> No.31696909


>> No.31696912

Towa doing English reps on stream

>> No.31696916


>> No.31696919

wrong thread

>> No.31696924

>"Wow the survey must really have been spread around every single EOP community"
Because surely you aren't implying that she has more western fans than Japs.

>> No.31696926

Ayamy said i'm her boyfriend.
I'm mel father now, so long sucker!

>> No.31696928

I just hope the tryhards don't win this time.

>> No.31696929

Fuck off I literally just had sex

>> No.31696930

Foreigners have to drop their standards if they actually want to get laid in Japan

>> No.31696931

But it's not my birthday Watame...

>> No.31696932

Why is Migoti imitating Bruce Lee...?

>> No.31696934

Covid is my excuse. Just you wait. I'll have a bunch of vaccine sex in a few months.

>> No.31696935

Cardio is necessary for your heart and stamina, retard. Enjoy wheezing as you climb a flight of stairs with your huge muscles.

>> No.31696936


>> No.31696937

Sora really likes her members

>> No.31696939

all of those viewers' otoshidama...

>> No.31696943

Matsuri might be more powerful than Coco/Rushia when it comes to gacha

>> No.31696945

that screenshot is bait and very old already

>> No.31696946

Yeah, I'm thinkin this is a bit keyed and sneed pilled.

>> No.31696953

I'm watching the Aki/Sora/Nene/Kiara momotetsu collab and the chicken's forced kansai-ben wording without the actual kansai-ben intonation kind of hurts my ears.

>> No.31696958

Can someone confiscate that tambourine from Watame already?

>> No.31696959

Your hand doesn't count sheepfag

>> No.31696960

Towa said she loves me, later nerds.

>> No.31696963

Towa lady...

>> No.31696964

just a mini fridge filled with VB

>> No.31696966

Back to redd*t

>> No.31696969



>> No.31696970

senchou ganbare...

>> No.31696974

Marine sounded like shit at holofes too. She can't even sing her own song right.

>> No.31696977

What kind of member content does she do? I like Sora but I don't really want to deal with niconico if I can avoid it

>> No.31696980

Watame's chat is fast as fuck i can't get my recommendations in

>> No.31696984

Aqua is in group A and the rest of the good players are in B. Clearly she's gonna win.

>> No.31696985

Nice. I can't wait for her to do this for a few streams and then neglect her reps for months again. Good job Towa.

>> No.31696988

I hope she starts pulling out her xylophon more often

>> No.31696993

This is like the 5th time she has baited supacha with APEX gacha. Bitch has no shame.

>> No.31696998

Mel my dick...

>> No.31697000

Migo is just as bad at maps as Pecola.

>> No.31697003

Marine sung the meme song and no one shit the thread up over it
That's how you know she's the best

>> No.31697004

>She's a cat woman too
stop the presses

>> No.31697008

was it penis in vagina sex with internal finish and no contraception?

>> No.31697011


>> No.31697012

Sorry to hear that, N4.

>> No.31697016


>> No.31697018

happy day everyone
hopefully we'll have a decent thread today

>> No.31697019

no that's Miyabi.

>> No.31697023

Marine cant sing...

>> No.31697024

I can’t stop watching javs
Is this a right place to cure my yellow fever

>> No.31697026

Aqua wins A
FBK wins B
Okay wins C
It's not even really a competition honestly, they are by far the best in their respective brackets.

>> No.31697027

Massive Man

>> No.31697028


>> No.31697029

I take back everything I ever said, manager-san, I understand you completely now

>> No.31697032


>> No.31697034

>Watame about to mog Towa's God Knows

>> No.31697035

>"Wow, the entire world is bigger than Japan!"

>> No.31697037

>wants 1m subs on YT
>does NND-only shit instead

>> No.31697038

No the western trash thread is next door

>> No.31697040

It's because we're watching the sheep, retard. No one has time for your depressed boomer.

>> No.31697041

Can anyone beat Matsuri doing gacha?

>> No.31697043

men don't, even peak autists can get cute jp girls

>> No.31697044

For me, it's Gaou

>> No.31697050

She even fucking dedicates it to her first anniversary what the fuck

>> No.31697051

Alright just give it to me straight, what did sheep do to deserve this many falseflaggers?

>> No.31697052

Of course she has no shame. She's a needy menhera.

>> No.31697054

Stay mad cause you can't handle my fat cat oshi faggot

>> No.31697055

>Forgetting about the dark horse.

>> No.31697056

how insane is it that marine cant sing any of these songs but give her a 30 year old song and she will ace it

>> No.31697061

Now is not a good time we're only 30

>> No.31697062


>> No.31697070

>Watame taunting Towa with her TMT chants again
lmao, get fucked you dumb twap

>> No.31697073


>> No.31697075

Your presence in the threads

>> No.31697076


>> No.31697078

What's the plan behind this? Ruining any chance of ever becoming popular again?

>> No.31697081


>> No.31697084

30 is already too late

>> No.31697085


>> No.31697086


>> No.31697089

You will be cured if you watch Noel's and her roommate's ASMR.

>> No.31697090

Lamy said she doesn't mind being labeled as an alcohol character; the memes have managed to turn into an ice breaker for her senpais to approach her and joke with her so she's gotten closer to a couple of holo members as a result (she specifically mentioned Korone calling her liver-face). That said she actually really doesn't like being depicted as abusive in some fanarts.

>> No.31697092

Her Flamingo is really good though.

>> No.31697094

When I manage to go to Japan I will try.

>> No.31697096


>> No.31697098

based boomer hag

>> No.31697099

I feel very attracted to Mel right now

>> No.31697101

Rent free in your head. Stay mad.

>> No.31697104

i like my moon big and round

>> No.31697105

This sheep's on fire

>> No.31697106

but that´s the good part

>> No.31697107

maintaining her 99% JOP audience

>> No.31697108

Marines heterochromia is a debuff.

>> No.31697111

Well if you knew about sora before this week you'd know she's been doing these for the last 2 years new avatarfagchama

>> No.31697112

This is awful

>> No.31697115


>> No.31697119

Cultured deep voice
Too powerful for today's Japanese men

>> No.31697121

Wonder which Holo parent would actually sell R-18 stuff of their daughter and daughter's friends even assuming they wont get away with it

>> No.31697122

So this is the power of someone who remembers the lyrics and does their reps...

>> No.31697123


>> No.31697127

honk honk

>> No.31697130

Meru strong!

>> No.31697133


>> No.31697134



>> No.31697136

But the only good players in B are FBK and Botan
C is more packed

>> No.31697138

>follow cool fanartist because they make cool art of holos I like
>cool fanartist deletes their account out of nowhere

>> No.31697140

mel should stream more
she will incline

>> No.31697146


>> No.31697150

Why the fuck are there tons of people membering watame?

Also her singing is great

>> No.31697153

>Pekora said she thought there would be more Japanese.
>she knows the true ratio due to youtube analytics.
The percentage of Japanese ppl is probably even larger judging from the percentage of Japanese in her chat.
This is one of her strategies to grow her channel.

>> No.31697157

Cope about watame being 36?

>> No.31697158

What does that make Mel amd Nene who have even less?

>> No.31697160

This outfit is so fucking cute.

>> No.31697167

Why are you asking when you just fucking explained why

>> No.31697168

I know but the Christmas miracle happened on youtube

>> No.31697169

I don't know how they've stayed alive for so long. Even pekoflagging is dead nowadays.

>> No.31697173

This. They split those three up for a reason so the finale would be exciting.

>> No.31697176

Has L*ger won the lottery lol?

>> No.31697182

Nousagi, no!

>> No.31697186

>Mel has no pulse
Actual vampire

>> No.31697188

she has 3 jobs please understand

>> No.31697190

Cloudy Sheep made a lot of people kneel

>> No.31697191

Pekora can beat Okayu on a really good day

>> No.31697194


>> No.31697195

did miko already do the cabaret

>> No.31697196

dang, only had it in the background cause i get filtered hard by the train game but seems like it was the right choice . Any good banter/idol talk so far?

>> No.31697197

Mel fit adventure

>> No.31697199


>> No.31697204

I hope Okayu collabs with Kiara

>> No.31697205

Cope about your shit taste and autistic inability to separate a fictional character from an actress.

>> No.31697206

What does that have to do with anything? Try using critical analysis before you post drivel

>> No.31697208

please explain to me the appeal of watching this dumb menhera gamble her money away

>> No.31697213

I want to make her blood pump

>> No.31697214

Hey towa look

God knows: chinese version

>> No.31697215

this mel RFA stream is pretty tame

>> No.31697217

1. Her sad past: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeYUsrVqjQ8&feature=youtu.be
2. Her music: Every now and then, a Redditor proves to be even more autistic than /jp/ https://old.reddit.com/r/Hololive/comments/k5nle6/watadex_the_watame_index/
3. Her clips: Again, from that Watamefag redditor: https://www.reddit.com/r/Hololive/comments/jabbyk/watame_hololives_favorite_sheep/

>> No.31697218

no, lyger isn't even close to being Matsuri's number 1 gachi.

>> No.31697219

Funny avatar

>> No.31697220

>> No.31697224

15k isn't even half of her average viewers so I wouldn't even trust it as a sample.

>> No.31697225

She's planning to do another one later, right now she's doing the story

>> No.31697227

What did Sora say about being mad? I was busy watching Miko

>> No.31697230

I like how despite all the flexing, she has time to goof around during the downtime segments

>> No.31697236

Trash. Imagine getting beaten by ID.

>> No.31697237

>don’t understand anything
>watch them anyway
Why do eops do it

>> No.31697238

I ended my membership to watame the other day, sure, her singing is great, but I got tired of the constant pity parties.

>> No.31697240

It will never not amaze me how quickly and smoothly Watame can swap in and out of her squeaky character voice and her singing voice

>> No.31697241

Lamy onee-san...

>> No.31697242

She got popular because of youtube not nico nico retard

>> No.31697244

don't respond to the falseflag

>> No.31697245

how was haachama's live?

>> No.31697249

Is this real life

>> No.31697250

Here we go again
Mel guide my dick

>> No.31697254

You reply to them because you're new to this site

>> No.31697255

Based redditor can we get some upvotes and golds for our kind stranger over here

>> No.31697256

>pity parties.

This dude actually believes the /hlg/ narrative fucking kek

>> No.31697261

She even said herself that foreign fans were probably just more likely to answer, not our fault JP too beta to fill out a form.

>> No.31697263

Oh, that's not an ipod?

>> No.31697265

You mean this one >>31697204 ?

>> No.31697266

You shut your fucking whore mouth

>> No.31697267

I respect her, now what?

>> No.31697271

Nene doesn't even have an alternate costume so she's behind Mel and Moona in that too. Matanene...

>> No.31697273

No one cares about Marine because she's not good

>> No.31697276

>believing in schzo narratives

>> No.31697280

This is pathetic

>> No.31697281

Fucking newfags I swear

>> No.31697284

yes, globalnigger having a breakdown now that he's been called out

>> No.31697288

oh right it's the weekend

>> No.31697289

Marine going on about UFOs again

>> No.31697291

based chaama

>> No.31697292

Or is it fantasy

>> No.31697293

What does that have to do with her membership on NND? You've yet to use your brain to understand why she's doing this still.

>> No.31697294

I'm sure her father got tired of the pity parties too. No wonder he left her ass.

>> No.31697301

I don't know. I'm just sad, man.

>> No.31697302

It's just a list of links he made for his oshi, man.
who cares if it's from Reddit? Both he and we love Watame.

>> No.31697304

Good. An idiot dont deserve her

>> No.31697310


>> No.31697316

I wonder how many schizos have ruined a holo for people who browse these threads

>> No.31697321

She should focus more on youtube is what I'm saying whats the point of doing shit on a site where there are far fewer people watching her

>> No.31697322

By shitposting even though it should be obvious she's an entry point on par with Miko and Korone.

>> No.31697323


>> No.31697326

>defending reddit
Go back retard.

>> No.31697328

Ok, it's still embarrassingly pathetic.

>> No.31697331

Mel really like this pose.

>> No.31697333


>> No.31697337


>> No.31697340

Miko is crying again...

>> No.31697343

I have $5 on my paypal left who should I member to? I'm thinking Marine right now apparently her member streams are something special.

>> No.31697344

I really like Mel

>> No.31697347



>> No.31697349

>EOPs believing schizo narratives in the ガイジスレ

>> No.31697351

Anyone that is using aniki here? For the 西暦 card, the example sentence used the guy speaks in such a somber tone: "西暦1964年東京でオリンピックがあった。" What the fuck was up with that? What happened during that year of olympics that made him speak in such a way?

>> No.31697352

i really hope people don't take the absolute retardation posted in here seriously

>> No.31697353

Is the tournament going to be 200cc? Won't that just extend the gap between the good and bad players since it's harder to control?

>> No.31697357

Why don't you just member the holo you like the most

>> No.31697358

I'm trying to learn Japanese but it's incredibly difficult. I'm getting filtered hard by kana and apparently that's the easy part

>> No.31697359