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I don't want to be Aya.

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Then you can be momiji

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You're going to be Aya

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I want to ravage this fertile body!

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Wait, you don't? When did you change your mind?

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After i raped him...

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I decided it was for my own good to not be Aya.

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He doesn't want to be Aya. I can'r say I blame him.

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If you say so.

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All is Aya

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Wanting to look like Aya is dangerous.

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I want to be in Aya

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I want Aya to be the mother of my children

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What is Aya willing to do for subscriptions, I wonder?

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Why are there six Ayas?

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If anyone needs a smile, >>32170080

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many things, such as a hug, a pat on the head, a slight threat of social life going to ruin, extortion, you get the picture.

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She multiplied.

The infection is spreading...

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what would you do when, suddenly, you just turned into Aya?

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>what would you do
fly really really fast to the store, and fly really really fast home.

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would you be fast enough to shoplift without being seen?

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Become a per-paparazzi, ayaya

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No, you will be my Paipairazzi, Ayanon. *unzips dick*

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Those bags of sand are not aerodynamic enough for the fastest girl in Gensokyo

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Mr. E is an odd individual

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Imagine how warm she feels.

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Pull her closer and you can learn

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Imagine the airflow at the tips of her nipples! I bet it's the same has having vibrators taped on when she's at top speed! Aya showering Gensokyo with her love juices whenever she travels!

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I want to be Aya.
Breed me, Anon.
Breed me.

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>Soi & Sneed posting is but a distraction.
>Who will become the One True Queen of /qa/?

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Me second from the left

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God I love cloth, fundoshi or any type of underwear that lets me see this beautiful meaty sight. God bless.

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she's wearing none though; that cloth is part of her top

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Delicious nonetheless. We're eating bird tonight, boys!

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mmmm, juicy bird thighs!

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Chicken breast.

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Of course not. How could it possibly be one?

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Uh, no.

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Aya hasn't visited in a while.

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Aya is here!

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I want to make the birdy sing

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modest Aya

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Aya has the highest common sense among 'hus!

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She'll make YOU sing if you know what I mean.

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>highest common sense among 'hus
Are you sure about that?

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She has fashion sense, I'll give her that.

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Damn right.

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why is aya aya

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to make more aya

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you have to be gay to not want to create more ayas with aya
it is your duty as a man to make her belly round

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Mid-air sex with Aya!

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Making MORE ayas with Aya!

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big bird boobies

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Aya is like that perfect gf I never had

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To better feed your children with

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Excellent balancing.

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This implies that you do in fact want to be Aya, but have decided against it. What has led you to such a decision? Why do you to repress your desires? Have you anything to lose at all?

I think you will feel better once you become Aya.

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I want to be Merry's girlfriend!

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I feel like I'm missing something.

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Cool bird.

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I don't want to be Aya because then Aya wouldn't be Aya. That's bad.

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Does Aya need to be Aya?

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Why can't you both be Aya?

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I want to engage in selfcest as Aya!

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aya is my wife

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Why is Ayaya always so happy?

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You want that, but does Aya want that?
You already said you don't want to be Aya.

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Hard to say. I think it's her positive attitude. A positive person, or tengu, is often a happy person.
A smile also gives off a good impression and hints at them being friendly. However, faces are facades.

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Aya might look and act friendly, but she is still a 1000 year old monster
who knows what inhuman thoughts flow behind those bright pretty eyes

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Her prostitution business is going well.

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>who knows what inhuman thoughts flow behind those bright pretty eyes

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I have lost sleep contemplating the depth of her abyss...

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>what inhuman thoughts flow behind those bright pretty eyes

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Come now. Are you saying you wouldn't trust such a face?

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Why would that make him feel better?

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Aya is a dangerous youkai.

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I don't trust people who litter the place with feathers, sorry.

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Trick or treat.

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Is Tengu milk nutritious?

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this is why she would be a great mother for your children

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Why would you want to be Aya in the first place?

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i love aya

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Aya must be a really lonely girl, she lives away from the tengu society and her job is to annoy people as much as possible.

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It's fine, really. She's accustomed to being disliked, so it doesn't bother her. Not at all.

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Be nice to Aya kudasai.

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I can't read Korean

>> No.32588800

It says
>The pleasure of being Aya

>> No.32588889

Oh, thanks.

>> No.32588925

But what is the pleasure of being Aya?

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You'll never know

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But I have the potential to become Aya, I just reject it.

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Don't become 2hus anon, it's not worth it

>> No.32589161

Yeah, that's why I won't become Aya.

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Time to blackmail Aya!

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what does the paper say?

>> No.32608142

It's "that" stuff.

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You better enjoy this while you can, you son of a bitch.

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Aya is a treasure made to be conquered

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>Aya is an unconquerable treasure
That's right.

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Aya is genuinely one of the friendliest youkai, if you can't make her like you then you have to accept the reality that you're just ugly and nobody will ever love you.

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Unfriendly anons shouldn't post friendly Ayas.

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its alright, she gets off on it
the idea of her, a mighty youkai, becoming plunder for a mere mortal makes her really hot and bothered

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You're a thousand years too early to try and slander Aya, anon.

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Nice forehead Aya.

>> No.32623919

I want Aya to finger my ass

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>Good evening~. I'm here for your interview.
>Please let me hear more of your stories today.
>Ah, before that, I'm borrowing your kitchen.
>I'm making some dinner again, like usual.

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Someday, I'll be with Aya. I hope it'll be soon.

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