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seems cheeky of KKLC to call their books "graded readers" and go on about how it's a better approach than flashcards when the books are literally just collections of disjoint sentences and definitions. it's just flashcards but all in one pdf and without the benefits of SRS. i was expecting, you know, something i could actually fucking read

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sounds like you didn't make the grade

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are you just making a stupid pun or do you disagree

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i think i made a mistake

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thought it was a clever pun

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>tfw you learned Japanese
feels good

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how many kanjis do you guys know?

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the rtk

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When the fuck do you ever get comfortable with reading large japanese texts? Its not that I couldn't read it, when I do it slowly and one sentence at a time I could, but seeing large japanese text in on itself is quite nauseating

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just read more

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Do you guys write the kanjis when using anki?

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I did for 8-10 months, everything I mined I wrote by hand. must have written a ton

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This might sound real stupid but hear me out;

If you've studied every grammar book there possibly is and have spent lots of time reading/listening but still feel 'that' way, then you have one problem. You haven't opened yourself to the language yet. sure you could understand it if you try hard enough, but that imo is the problem, there should be no 'try', its as if your brain is still treating japanese as a solvable (and sometimes tiring) problem/puzzle, and not a means to understand the language

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practice speed reading

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the need to 'try' is because you're forcereading something your brain doesn't like that much
if you don't have fun while learning japanese you won't make it

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just read nukige and you know there's only one type of forcing and its not your reading lmao

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I'm close to filling my notebook (A5 size) and a few days ago started writing the full sentence instead of just the kanji. This is making my sessions last quite longer and my pinkie starts cramping near the end so I thought that maybe I was wasting my time by writing that mutch (but I also haven't wrote on paper since highschool so maybe i'm just a crybaby)..

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what is an actual good vn
tired of reading boring linear shit

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i'm close to filling you rmom

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Can you take this fucker back? He belongs with you guys.

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Theoretically, do you acquire words better if you search it manually vs Yomichanning it?

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damn he btfo you guys that hard huh

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No, he just keeps posting translated hololive clips. It's obvious that he's a 迷子 trying to 帰国.

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just gave him a you

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hes the based polack who makes sure /int/djt/ will always be worse than /jp/djt/

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everyone just says that what they do is better so no one really knows

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32338141 is not wrong.

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just deleted my anki deck

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violet evergarden is really good

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violet evergarden is the definition of mediocre
great visuals at least

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it really isnt

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yeah this is quite the banger

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never seen a worse website in my life

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only words you see via compelling content can make their way permanently into your mind
saw 愚息, 抓る and 串刺し yesterday for the first time and will never ever forget those words

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were you reading porn?

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as i said, compelling content

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the more you read the better you get at seeing chunks in the text almost like how reading in english works where you see words as a whole rather than a combination of letters

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wonder when i will get tired of this

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a shame i deleted my txt file with all the words i was mining back in 2017

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街 on ps1
its insanely non linear with loads of choices, optional flavor text and zapping between characters
a lot of endings too
i put it on hold because i can tell it would take forever to get through but what ive read so far was very solid and exciting despite being all sorts of genres

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Witcher 3

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nah u both should go back to ur cringe ass thread

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nice i love this meme

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wanna jump out of a window while listening to green bird

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how do i 脱djt

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wanna be free

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oh yea have u heard one of the 200 blue bird songs

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yeah the kobukuro one is my fav

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do u mean 住んでいる

>> No.32339687

that's only for physical places
you can't inhabit an abstract concept

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did that guy really try to say we live in a society in japanese lol

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dno i aint reading their crippling shit

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暮らしてる would be better right

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wonder if joker has a jap dub or just sub

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yoshi, time to immerse

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how do u pick that up and go yep this is the 1 to jack off to tonight

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bless his heart

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unironically kino

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do 狐s like to eat 瓜?

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a chick just asked me if i wanted to watch her get fucked on snapchat
is she trying to flirt with me? why the fuck would i want to see that

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shes trying to make u jealous
tell her to go fuck herself

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Fucking Netflix just refunded my account for using a japanese VPN I think. I only wanted to use Netflix to get their stupid fucking jap subs. Does anybody know where I could get rips of all the Japanese Netlflix subs? For example, I'm trying to watch Chibi Maruko-chan and like always kitsunekko doesn't have anything usable for that show.

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jamal got any tips on how to overcome yellowgayfever

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anyone have the 道満晴明 manga ニッケルオデオン and メランコリア? on nyaa the former is dead and the latter has only one vol and i dont think its in the library

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thats their bots spamming everybody on their friends list is this your first time on the internet?

>> No.32342034

deleted snapchat after 4 months of never getting nudes from my bros

>> No.32342357

deleted it seconds after making an account when i saw that news page on the right or whatever its called
looked like a mix of buzzfeed indoctrination and tiktok
pure cancer

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yeah that shit was horrible

>> No.32342593

yup doing anki while number 2ing is the best

>> No.32342617

cant do anki while i shit because stupid sync doesnt work

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why would it matter if you start early

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>Also their culturally less prone to deviant behavior
Bro most of the p2p ips my pc connects to through nyaa torrents are japanese

>> No.32343721

i see lot of japanese on youtube getting angry on pirated anime videos
they are really against piracy huh

>> No.32343758

japanese ppl will bitch about anything to bitch

imagine a group of gossipy old ladies that got nothin nice to say about anyone or anything and then scale that up to 120 some million ppl thats japan

>> No.32343804

the defence to that is a lot of anime isnt available to buy for foreigners so they have no choice

>> No.32343975

why do i have to subscribe to 3 services to watch anime just put them all on one platform

>> No.32344156

dont get me wrong i hate all that streaming shit but nonetheless in my day ppl would buy fansubbed vcds and dvds off ebay like suckers

>> No.32344364

i think i'd pay for streaming if it wasnt so cancer
something like https://video.unext.jp/ looks nice, has anime drama manga and light novels.
but of course its region locked.

and you can never know how good it really is before you try it.

>> No.32344473

as a khhv the mosaics were never an issue for me

>> No.32344613

what's the longest it should take to learn japanese before it starts to get apparent you'll be an eternal できない
5 years?

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doubt it

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i'd give it a try with vpn but they want a japanese phone number and a japanese address
and thats only step 1/3 pretty sure they will ask for a japanese credit card or something already for when the free trial month is over

the only thing i buy are lns and manga volumes because they at least didn't put any stones in my way

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this but aoi yuuki, miyuki sawashiro and saori hayami

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the average djter made 200% profit with BTC this year

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>> No.32347358

another big win for pedophile deepweb drug users

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can you not?

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dunno why but i get a feel when i am on this thread as if i was on the anime fighting game general
i am quite sure we have regulars here
dont doubt the namefags are the same too the mental diseases are really alike

>> No.32348013

offer to do anything on 5er, do 4 jobs, ???, profit

>> No.32348014

>coochie = mouth

>> No.32348108

>copy & paste
write a simple script

>> No.32348163

シュトーレン should be シュトレン

t. german

>> No.32348222

>Come across くま
>turns out its 熊 but the writer couldn't be arsed to tab 3 times to input kanji
I now realize you can't win with this language, there are only degrees of failure

>> No.32348351

>look up word
>it has 19 definitions

>> No.32348364

is it just me or is the current season of anime really good for the first time in a long time

>> No.32348739

mexican culture is the peak of human accomplishment simple as

>> No.32348984

whats so bad about it

>> No.32349034

imagine actually having a twitter account
just from looking at it i can feel myself taking sanity damage like a darkest dungeon character

>> No.32349086

i only use it to follow game makers, porn artists and some celebrities

>> No.32349299

wanna eat a ピチピチガールs snot
wonder if there are good snot artists on pixiv
wanna see art of a girl giving a bj but she has a cold and sneezes and everythings covered in snot, which she then licks up

>> No.32349300

i only use twitter to follow people related to 1 niche interest i have

>> No.32349360

how did you know

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>If you were to use Anki is it more effective to quickly blast through flash cards than it would be to analyze and write down the ones you forgot?
isn't it written in various djt guides to not bother writing down words you've forgotten because it's incredibly inefficient and retarded

>> No.32351513

no you don't just read and watch more

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>> No.32351539

>How many cards do you make for verbs with irregular conjugations
>How many cards do you make for verbs
>How many cards do you make

>> No.32351620

fukin baaaaaaased

>> No.32351723


What do you mean when you say "irregular conjugations"? 五段 verbs like 切る?
If so I don't really do that, if I did want to then I would probably just write on the back of the card that it's 五段 and remember that along with the reading/meaning.

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feel like i could beat quiz at his own game rn and usurp his position while hes in this weakened state

>> No.32353272


>> No.32353372

if ur referring to flashtards then u should know he spent 30min in anki on avg so its not like he was trying

>> No.32353510

this post is advertising or begging

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read the second half of my post again

>> No.32353586

don't need to imagine it and it's great

>> No.32353672

i have a variable posting style so you probably think i'm 5 different people

>> No.32353777

are you the guy who keeps a spreadsheet to keep track of his posting personas

>> No.32353786

bros youll never guess my other personas

>> No.32353819

dont have a "persona" i just make shitty posts

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>> No.32353831

read 62245 today

>> No.32353842

62245 more than me

>> No.32353866


>> No.32353880

yeah didnt read anything

>> No.32353887

yea but each can be recognized
only low iq tourists bitch about this shit cuz they dkj

>> No.32353892

ironically this

>> No.32353920


>> No.32353940

have a hunch x more than me anon is secretly jamal

>> No.32353941

Should I do core 2k/6k and RTK at the same time?

>> No.32354007

remembering the niggers

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for niggers
>why did DJT move away from discord?
read the reasons here:
1 https://spyware.neocities.org/articles/discord.html
2 https://stallman.org/discord.html
>how to find your fellow djtchads
official DJT study room: https://app.element.io/#/room/#djt:g33k.se
>how do I access the room
unlike discord, matrix users can choose a server. here's a some servers that you may choose:

>> No.32354073

wanna send "chad" posters back to whatever board they're from

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the english def tho wtf

>> No.32354116

there was no kyou

>> No.32354250

how do i do that idk what that is i have 10k in the bank and i wouldnt mind multiplying a couple hundred

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>your chat room is fucking dead compared to discord lol
>most people in the japanese learning community are still bluepilled and use malware instead of a good chat app
well, this is something to be expected. you see, even big players like m**t and y**ga still advertise their worshippers to join discord. because many people use discord, even more people join and get trapped. is it a good thing? no, of course. but at we're doing something to prevent it. djt is supposed to be the pinnacle of the community. all the fresh ideas are born here yet you're allowing yourself to be used by shitty software. so stop whining and help djt for once.
>very few messages throughout the day.
1) you can make your own room. i'll gladly join as long as it's on matrix or telegram.
2) you can share the existing room to make it more active.

>> No.32354351

when will djt open up a msn messenger group chat

>> No.32354366

>at least we're

>> No.32354367

just search binary options and choose a broker and bot that works with said broker
i use binary options mostly because you can profit with little but at the same time it's high risk which means if you have 10k you are probably better off learning trading or just investing.
I am mostly using it in order to build enough money to become a serious trader, probably forex stock seems better for investment(though you can have crazy profits with options trading)
if you are really interested i recommend https://www.investopedia.com/

>> No.32354412

its not gonna happen dude you shill constantly and post fucking gay bbc porn here and then expect people to be active in a chat you made? if you wanted it to succeed you should have made your posts less terrible and obnoxious

>> No.32354424

might start linking djt in the hololive general every day to get more based hololivers in here

>> No.32354444

>gay bbc porn
sounds great

>> No.32354447

not him but doesnt pass the sniff test that u can just put 100 dollars into something and expect it to consistently generate revenue automatically like that idk

>> No.32354498

why it's because they come to djt for ""learning"" japanese of course!

>> No.32354499

cant force myself to finish a show cause its too tedious despite wanting to know how it ends

>> No.32354651

also, the broker profits like that
say you bet X will go up, if you are right they receive a comission, but they also bet against you, so if you lose they profit as well.

>> No.32354756

wonder what my thought process was when i watched the shitty remake instead of the original lol

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>> No.32355036

watching some shit anime and one of the characters names is literally mato

>> No.32355078
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>> No.32355239

behead ciaran

>> No.32355351

almost sharted by i caught that shit in time

>> No.32355436

what's your issue

>> No.32355497

finally started shingekis final season, jesus christ why did they have to chance studios? i fucking hate cgi titans

>> No.32355522

fucking how

>> No.32355535

attention fags..

>> No.32355909

lets gooooooooooooooooooo

>> No.32355969

did this guy ever make it?

>> No.32356038


>> No.32356077

low iq is a curse

>> No.32356232
File: 1.22 MB, 1280x2378, ad596a04b66100ed5649e057f69ac684a71b69bacb42a6f06af065c3fc7dafa1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

read through this first

also pic related for a simple timeline of daily things to work on.

Vocab Deck
Tae-Kim Grammar Guide
Hover Dictionary
Japanese Subtitles

>> No.32356497

outdated, use TSCs

>> No.32356499

>how would you break down an hour of daily study to cover all of these areas?
here's a pretty decent day in the life of a total noob
~20 minutes: anki reps until done
~30 minutes: reading through tae kim
~10 minutes: struggling through some manga
~2 hours: watching english subbed anime

remember above all else try to have fun, do absolutely anything you can to make it more fun (e.g. using english subs)

>> No.32356618

>two retards endorse my retarded take so it means i am right!!!!

>> No.32356640

>remember above all else try to have fun
i picked a random drama without subs and just tried deciphering what they are saying
really big dopamine spike when you guess, look things up, and end up being right

>> No.32356719


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>this is what the average japanese housewife looks like

>> No.32356894

she looks like she fucks black guys

>> No.32356931


>> No.32356950
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hey thanks bro, i appreciate that. i'd already sussed out the things i need to do daily, i just needed to know how to fit them together in a single study session effectively. much appreciated though!

this seems like a great idea! thanks very much dude.

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>> No.32357072

to all my esl bros out there
less retarded
fewer posts
fewer retarded posts
less is when the thing after it is singular fewer is when its plural

>> No.32357118

pretty sure thats way above average, shes really cute

>> No.32357250

ew i don't want some slut with a kid

>> No.32357264

just learn bro

>> No.32357275

use jp subs
do rtk

>> No.32357479

damn had to scroll all the way down to 2016 to find her

>> No.32357481

this is the only correct answer, but id be surprised if shes a virgin
she lives in the czech republic afterall

>> No.32357492

>for years
You can reach N2 in one year which is considered fluent

>> No.32357576

Holobros already know japanese

>> No.32357606


>> No.32357677

6k words is not fluent
n1 is upper beginner level and that is 10k words

>> No.32357721

using n numbers is a retarded metric in the first place so number of words is appropriate

>> No.32357737

u can know 15k and still not be n1 u fucking retard

>> No.32357781

youd have to go real hard in the scrabble master strat to accomplish that with how easy n1 is

>> No.32357818

I speak less than 100 words every day (I'm a social outcast) but I'm still fluent in my native language

>> No.32357821

this argument isnt interesting so lets argue about when quiz will find out he has syphilis

>> No.32357833

as shit as it is n1 is more than just vocab lmao. knowing all the words in a sentence is the first baby step to comprehending it

>> No.32357838


>> No.32357881

he asked for a study session that could fit within an hour wtf all i suggested was the same shit as you guys and the guides

>> No.32357895

theyre drones who dont know japanese and need to die

>> No.32357910

>number of words is appropriate
whatever number you think this is you're wrong lmfao dumbass

>> No.32357923

Imagine watching one of those Czech porn videos and seeing a familiar Asian woman

>> No.32357938

can't tell what's worse measuring japanese knowledge in n levels or measuring n levels in vocab flashtards

>> No.32358193

a literal who tripfaggot embarrassing himself yet again

>> No.32358203

you could be fluent with under 10k words if youre some output girl like prodigy that actually acquired japanese in the process

>> No.32358319

dangerously based

>> No.32358338

fuck off matt

>> No.32358412

hes so fuckin high in this video lmao

>> No.32358427

>you cannot read with so few words
that's passive vocab
fluency requires active vocab
10k active vocab is more than
ydkj stfu

>> No.32358492


>> No.32358547


>> No.32358630

yeah didnt notice u moved the goalposts with >>32358021 any jlpt only tests "passive" words and 6k "passive" vocab is not fluent
if you have 10k "active" words then u probably have an actual vocab of 25k+ and you probably have acquired japanese

>> No.32358647

10,000 words is more than the average Southerner knows but they are still fluent

>> No.32358680


>> No.32358706

basically japanese becomes exciting af when you do absolutely nothing everyday for a little while, also meditation does have some benefits like boosting your focus

>> No.32358915

does jerking off to traps count as meditation

>> No.32359077


>> No.32359085

dont care abt matt shocked some of u guys still do

>> No.32359126

one of these days, im going to accidently delete my 2k deck instead of the custom one i make for reviewing ahead

>> No.32359133

read that as ganyu lmao

>> No.32359197

one of these days im going to get deleted from this world

>> No.32359218

now we know why jamal went MIA for weeks hes a gacha cuck now

>> No.32359259

only care about the latest news in my djt bubble
my mood is completely determined by the overall status of the thread

>> No.32359292

dude we have known about this for like 5? months now

>> No.32359412

Native speakers won't correct any mistakes you make.

We have this Russian woman at work, she always speaks in broken French (my native language), but nobody ever corrects her, because nobody wants to be rude or make her feel uncomfortable.
Sometimes we have to hold back our laughter, but we still won't correct her broken sentences.

Nobody will help you in Japan

>> No.32359424

got back from my midnight to 2 am walk was comfy

>> No.32359425

sorry bro i come here like once a week

>> No.32359439

thats why u read more

>> No.32359460

>jlpt only tests "passive" words
lmfao >>32357833
>if you have 10k "active" words then u probably have an actual vocab of 25k+
you are retarded active vocab depends on the method of learning

>> No.32359476

the french have always been backstabbers so thats no surprise really

>> No.32359498

djt is the best and the only thing worth anyone's time or thought

speaking of which did u ever finish mulling jamal

>> No.32359533

haha i uh.. didnt even begin let me pull up this chart here..

>> No.32359541

djt is the worst way anyone can use their time lol why is everyone so retarded today

>> No.32359543

It's cringey as fuck when white people speak Japanese

>> No.32359615

reading right now
might immerse haha

>> No.32359646

policenauts really should b over by eve burst error i put it in the left category originally bc i wanted to give a little inspiration to new nihongoers to just go play something they might otherwise stay away from

>> No.32359701

It's cringey as fuck when black people speak Japanese

>> No.32359707

i was supposed to make a video about my guide on friday
maybe ill get to it this week

>> No.32359756


>> No.32359774


>> No.32359791

blessed be he

>> No.32359912

lmfao dude was high as hell making this

>> No.32359915

ty rastaman

>> No.32359938

for some ppl a lot of their passive vocab is also active cuz of the way they learn, eg ppl like george
vs benjo boy who can use a rlly small amount of his passive cuz he learned the nerd way

>> No.32359945

i have watched literally 100% of the q&a videos from before matt moved out of his daddies' house and i have never seen this clip

>> No.32360033

wtf japanese are poor af even east europoors are richer

>> No.32360047

any jap that would date a gaijin is a whore anyway

>> No.32360060

look at this guy he doesn't care

>> No.32360122

>i have watched literally 100% of the q&a videos
wow kys haha faggot retard

>> No.32360144

want to fuck a hot rich japjo

>> No.32360161

who said anything about dating
my hotel living lifestyle doesnt support that shit, shes out after im done with her

>> No.32360198

>hotel living lifestyle
u must be rich

>> No.32360217

where can i send my boytoy application

>> No.32360394

i wanted to learn chinese but it was too hard, so i switched to japanese because it's easier lol. who else knows this feel?

>> No.32360415
File: 252 KB, 1536x2048, EGApLuHUYAAE43m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

guys chill out

>> No.32360563


are you a フツメン?

>> No.32360630

lmao. to be fair, guys are way harsher when it comes to "average" looking girls as you see from some of the "busu" posted here

>> No.32360632

im part of the djt pretty boys club

>> No.32360636

wish i was flexible enough to suck my own 肉棒

>> No.32360644

nice self own

>> No.32360772

and theyll be the first ones to tell you that they themselves are bitches

>> No.32360807

true but its like
gay men's standards for females > female standards for females > male standards for females > female standards for males > male standards for males

>> No.32360901
File: 10 KB, 403x74, temp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.32360913

same but im not a degenerate so it doesn't matter unless i buy too much ブランド

>> No.32360965

leave it to reddit to do meaning only cards instead of reading only cards

>> No.32360993
File: 126 KB, 1146x859, plastic surgery 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a jap btich with a monkey nose is 無理

>> No.32360998

i'm the most beautiful person i know irl

>> No.32361045

the question for anyone who cant read japanese is "where do u like to fuck ?"

>> No.32361092


>> No.32361100
File: 76 KB, 858x482, mangetsu-and-ernesta-vs-suishou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

googled a non bird mouth picture

>> No.32361114

yeah more proof that japs are fucking sick
口 is 5th and jamal said its ichibanhayai

>> No.32361211


>> No.32361241

that reminds me i have to fap now

>> No.32361321

bros this is a must fap doujin 青いつぼみが咲く前に 半年前のできごと

>> No.32361385

yeah but im just curious about how it feels
im years away from being a phd student
idk how they work i actually want to open a new account by myself and have sole ownership over it

>> No.32361448

post some images you retard

>> No.32361469

only problem is how do i know the difference between u and the lum memesters that appeared in the last few years who werent really about that life before 2012

>> No.32361483
File: 841 KB, 3264x1632, american vs japanese.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

maybe i was supposed to be born japanese

>> No.32361508

when u start thinking that u fuckign lost

>> No.32361555

well, somewhere i had a clearfile of manga lum that was only sold in animate around 2010 or so. also i tried posting lum threads in pre-bd release days and they never stuck because /a/ has eternally shit taste in anime

>> No.32361613

love lum
love urusei yatsura
they dont make anime like they used to

>> No.32361640

lmao did u just turn 18 last year or smthing

>> No.32361677

wow really shocking that french people are rancid cunts

>> No.32361678
File: 145 KB, 500x375, 9d8902c2ebc92521dfc36d7e5a062207717c70ae_l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32361709

guy on the right looks a lot like that dude thats dating the porn whore that has a youtube channel

>> No.32361841

in my experience, this only happens in japan at a really low level of japanese, and basically at the point where you are speaking in a mix of english and japanese. at a certain point you actually do get corrected because japanese people are autistic get triggered when you say something wrong because they are addicted to "correctness"

>> No.32362184

looks like shit

>> No.32362198
File: 676 KB, 867x857, koga-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

started working out hard together with my brother
he gave me some steroids and supplements so i started taking:
Dianabol 30mg EW 1-5 week
Test-C 500mg EW 1-5 week
Test-C 250mg EW 6-15 week
Trembolone-E 200mg EW 6-15 week
Ostarine 15mg ED 6-15 week
Week 18-22
Tamox 40/40/20/20
Clomid 25/25/25/25

Arimidex 0.25mg EOD

my concentration levels are otherworldly right now

>> No.32362213

but every1 loves lum now !!

anyway ill take ur word for it

>> No.32362335

its actually one of the most gorgeous machines i've played on

>> No.32362456

watching black rock shooter and after the second ep have no idea what the fuck is going on guess the fighting shit is some sort of metaphor for the melodrama

>> No.32362483

can you even read any of that lmfao

>> No.32362692

learned kanji like 当たり pretty damn quick playing pachinko actually haha. also 新台

>> No.32362752

hope roberts ok

>> No.32362826

haven't had trouble with that
the only thing I don't like is the roid rage

>> No.32362874


>> No.32363202

why did he sign his post while using a name

>> No.32363218

damn i miss the good old days

>> No.32363219

same im about to quit

>> No.32363300

might skip the first arc of hxh on the rewatch though it kinda does drag

>> No.32363349
File: 1.81 MB, 1719x971, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what dont u find this fun

>> No.32363357

weakest part of hxh is greed island

>> No.32363394

oh yeah might skip that too lol but there are some cool moments at least i guess

>> No.32363473

old school niggas only dig yyh

>> No.32363474

Quizmaster (17864 Audio Cards) 10/19/19(Sat)20:36:49
I’m afraid not sweetie but I really don’t have the nerve to explain to you how you are retarded

>> No.32363479
File: 209 KB, 230x358, 1588303231617.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how is she so prolific bros

>> No.32363484

chimera ant arc best
election arc worst

>> No.32363599

she got married and is a whore

>> No.32363617

id take a prolific dump in her mouth while her husband watches

>> No.32363618
File: 593 KB, 629x777, 1590600663971.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32363669

of course jamal is playing in eigo

>> No.32363758

left bitches are fucking ugly wtf

>> No.32363878

Quizmaster (17934 Audio Cards)
I bet you are boiling with rage at the thought that someone can have almost 100% comprehension after 2,5 years as well as read more kanji than natives
as opposed to watching with English subtitles for 20 years and probably still being incapable of reading shit lmao

>> No.32364148

that was a pretty good burp

>> No.32364222

jamal and quiz are no longer yung :(

>> No.32364272
File: 480 KB, 516x488, GenshinImpact_QBSillzUC8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

heres my crew with $0 spent

>> No.32364378

so be happy that u enjoyed whatever u enjoyed when u enjoyed it nothing lasts forever

>> No.32364714

im too lazy to go to sleep. dont feel like getting up to take a piss and brush my teeth, dont feel like waiting for the 10 minutes it takes to drift off. i really am a retard

>> No.32364728

thats for jamal dont worry about it

>> No.32364738
File: 254 KB, 977x860, IMG_20210117_215439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

f2p and Ayakasaver reporting in. also jmal post urs

>> No.32364781

anyone want my $15 google play card? i don't buy pixels. you gotta do something worth it though

>> No.32364782

jamal is a whale you dont wanna know his cuz hes got a c6 5* for sure

>> No.32364878

jamal if you are gonna be a whale and dump money into games you should at least play pachinko sometime. at least in that case $100 will keep you entertained all day and you might actually win

>> No.32365023

hope tobira guy got a job at a better factory

>> No.32365027

2 lvl90 characters
3 lvl80 characters
4 lvl70 characters

2 lvl90 weapons
3 lvl80 weapons

all high level talents on my main crew and decent artifacts

i'm AR51

>> No.32365036

making とんかつ with cabbage, proper bulldog sauce and everything

>> No.32365042

first time ive seen someone with less characters than me
i gave up on abyss primos

>> No.32365071

shut da fffffffffffffffffffffffffuck up

>> No.32365073

yeah this guy knows the lore

>> No.32365150

yah im not tryharding abyss im doing what i can with jean and fish they do good damage

>> No.32365721

>can you honestly say qm has ever said something as pathetic and cringey as
yep >>32347726

>> No.32365936

the game isnt a play 1 character game

its like marvel vs capcom except if it was a 1 player game so u need a team

lol well maybe just ssave for xiao and then u can give him all ur xianglings stuff and have a real damage dealer

>> No.32365970

jesus christ

>> No.32366082

>qm can have sex whenever he wants
>jamutt can't have sex even if he paid for it

the winner is clear

>> No.32366090

feelin https://vocaroo.com/18jT5Xtx469M

>> No.32366095

should I mine interjections?

>> No.32366123


>> No.32366153

ive had sex longer than qms been alive tho

>> No.32366280


>> No.32366345

>it's weird knowing i can just walk into the room next door and have sex at request
this is probably the stupidest thing i've read this year so far

>> No.32366349

lmfao can you imagine mary walking into the room going >>32366280

>> No.32366368

she'll get jealous of his discord/djt time and have him leave, thank god.

also olivia is a pretty name too bad she's a whore.
women rarely admit to shit like this what are you talking about

>> No.32366369


>> No.32366421

just wait till i start posting more again

>> No.32366436

well i mean theyll say it to themselves consciously and with intent and then turn into a sobbing mess as soon as they manipulate their way into a black eye

>> No.32366450

it doesnt take much and you still fuck it up lmfao

>> No.32366524

>having them willingly alienate themselves from their friends you dont like
thats what my brothers ex did, it was so bad she even had him stop talking to me
shit was fucked, best thing the rona did was make him realize she was a hypercontrolling bitch and leave her

>> No.32366578

yeah another big win for moe and big fucking L for women

>> No.32366582

>theyll say it to themselves consciously
you don't know women. most live caprice to caprice they rarely look at their behavior and feelings objectively that that. i just hate women especially the ones with boyfriends so i can see the bullshit objectively

>> No.32366584


>> No.32366613

ive never wanted to talk to anyone i couldnt fuck so thatd happen to me easy

>> No.32366723

i know women ive dealt with the type that try to not even let u spend ur own money

"oh jamal we cant be spending money on ur little genshin whatever"

"uh its my money i made it watch me" *pulls ganyu*

>> No.32366761

the break up arc is going to be rad

>> No.32366768

>i just hate women
agreed now get the fuck out of my thread

>> No.32366849

yeah you don't deserve a woman that good

>> No.32366862


>> No.32366932

>ur little genshin whatever
how can you handle that low iq

>> No.32366936

dno but og obviously loves being abused since shes still around
someone just choke fuck her already

>> No.32366980

jamal hows sex with a hairy japanese? it's true that omanko smells like fish? am I still virgin if the only time i did it was with a gomu?

>> No.32366981

god i wish

>> No.32367005

i must have missed the point in history where mean words on 4chan counts as abuse. like just turn off your screen if your feelings are hurt lol

>> No.32367120

we are mentally ill so we dont mind it
but girls usually flee crying

>> No.32367267

the worst things you cunts have said to me is like a fraction of what i took and dished out in highschool lmao. plus in general ive been here when things were crueler and got used to it. djt kind of reminds me of the good old days when 4chan was unapologetical vile trash

>> No.32367278

dont care

>> No.32367345

damn og is so tough someone bring her a medal !!

>> No.32367712

yea ur like a roach unwanted and disgusting

>> No.32368415

why doest jamal pretend to be black?
he's the whitest motherfucker I know

I'm actually black and browsing these threads is really fucking awkward because of him

>> No.32368433

no u aint

>> No.32368634

when has jamal pretended to be black

>> No.32368698

He literally calls himself jamal, retard

>> No.32368701

that's actually an arab name

>> No.32368776

first of all his name isn't jamal
that's racist as duck and me having an actually african american names pisses me off you know?
it's fucking rude to make fun of my people's names
also he keeps posting rap and hip hop and that's fucking obvious his intentions you know

fuck "Jamal"
I bet he's actually names KYLE or something like that

>> No.32369037

jamal was actually the name djt gave him back on /a/

>> No.32369125


been listening to evangelion opening nonstop for 12 hours

it's the best opening of all time

>> No.32369276

what the FUCK qm got a gf????

>> No.32369295

where were you for the last month?

>> No.32369341

dont slit your wrists too hard on that one haha

>> No.32369405

i dont know who quizmaster is, dont know who jamal is, dont know who matt is, i just watch anime under my blanket all day

>> No.32369426

i find it funny qm ruined himself on onaholes so even his first time felt loose lmao

>> No.32369675

kyle was his slave name, now he's jamal

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