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100k gang

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Roberu is a whore

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Who is winning the Roberuwhore bowl?

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all of the stars are whores

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Temma is a pure seiso knight

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he won't be for much longer

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Shut your whore mouth.

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Wait a minute, it's all babudon.

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I love that jackal so much it hurts

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for me, Roberu's contagious high energy never fails to lift mt spirits when i'm feeling down. got me through some tough days

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Look who's talking, cucumber man please comeback ;_;

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Roberu 3d fucking when? Fucking Cover and their biased greedy business practices.

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If Astel is to be trusted next year but then again he does like lying every now and then

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He never said that.

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The only thing to ease a troubled mind.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyYib31Z7mo Golf was very fun, if youre just looking for someone with energy to distract yourself Roberu is an easy pick, binge on some collabs too if you havent watched them before.

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during his 24h utawaku he said that he estimated it to be around the end of this year
he also said that he requested to be the last one to get it and he also teased it at the end of one of his APEX streams by saying he's been talking about 3D with management
if i had to make a guess i would say that they're waiting for Miyabi to get 50K so they don't skip any gen

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So few schedules for this week so far and Suntempo has had a suggestion of one over the past week, I wonder if half of the them are eventually just going to go the "keep an eye constantly on twitter" route eventually.

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Free yourself from the gacha Roberu buy some kitchen gear.

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Poor whiny barmaster

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just give up, son. buy food instead

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>he got it
sasuga winning son

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His gachikoi enabling him hard.

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i actually missed him saying the thing

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Its oddly enjoyable watching the rush of yes in chat sometimes

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More mario with Roberu would be pretty fun though from that I get the feeling that wont be happening at all

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i still have some hope he'll go back to his usual streaming after the tourny...

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>Matsuri collab a must watch
invite her again please...

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>I will be streaming 3 times a day
is he really back

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Seems like he's taking a break from Apex after the tourney so perhaps...

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That will depend if she doesn't end up choking on the tournament. Last time it happened, she ended up playing apex 24/7 nonstop.

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No Bar Robel this month

>> No.32361224

I hope she kills him at least once so she can tease him about it on stream one day. Her or Kuku

>> No.32361268

son please don't take away my daily morning streams...

>> No.32361401

itll give him some time to refresh and make people extra hungry for it, will probably be fine

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>mari-san kouhai

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This faggot must've got paid today

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space seaweed...

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>breakfast for 3D

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Unrealistic Aruran only sleeps on the floor

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>that snuggling Arupapa

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Sounds dangerous

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I didnt reply to the wrong person with this shit post at all..

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Papa what did you do with all those EOP supachas? Why didn't you buy a bed...

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Are we adding one holostar per day to the bed?

>> No.32363893

Incoming Apex

>> No.32364370

Its up for grabs, Temma and Miyabi were added yesterday, anyone that wants to should make the bed even comfier.

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it might be stockholm syndrome, but i'm gonna miss the (almost) daily apex streams

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I know that one anon that loves Astel apex is probably really happy, I wont miss the apex arc but seeing the competitive, stubborn side of astels drive is interesting.
I don't think hes gone through training how he should've but theres been a lot of cool moments.Really hope the boys can get an alright >6 placing.

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I'm one of the anons that has gotten into apex because of him, and my playstyle is unfortunately aggressive as hell thanks to that. He better take responsibility and win that tournament I'm hoping for top 3, as unrealistic as it may be.

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Every time I see Roberu smile like this I keep thinking about how nicely his IRL tics and habit translate well to how his Live2D works. I love this man and his stupidly cute snaggletooth.

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Oooh, watching Shien's morning stream, said he maybe playing Monhun Rise demo tomorrow with Oga

>> No.32365731

i also came to love him more once i started to imagine his body language behind the scenes especially when he's shouting in English.

>> No.32365756

That's cool anon, I hope the season is treating you well, honestly being agro seems like the more fun playstyle anyway.
Even with what I said Im rooting for top 3 too, I really want their work to pay off

>> No.32365804

they can play capcom game?

>> No.32365955

Dunno but maybe demos are different?

>> No.32366064

Great, Ive been wishing one of them would play the demo.
Ive seen some others streaming with superchat off.

>> No.32366372

The guidelines said only independent streamer can turn on monetization while those who belong to company need permission from Capcom
>Ive seen some others streaming with superchat off.
yeah but none of them are from Cover, and you know how Capcom history with Hololive. or maybe Shinove pulls some strings and got capcom permission for holostar

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Holy shit that was close

>> No.32366680

Youre right anon, I went retarded for a moment, I realise all of them were much smaller indies or nijisanji. I really hope they can play it no problem, I love monhun and would watch any of them play it happily.

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Knight ark making a return maybe

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nothing lasts forever

>> No.32367794

7DTD really gave him that survival itch back. It's interesting to see the different map choices between the branches as well.
>Ragnarok > Aberration > CI > Extinction for the girls
>Genesis > Aberration? for the boys

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Mamaberu is up.

>> No.32368408

it's like he's making fun of native accents

>> No.32368583

This is literally the
>/fit/_waterboard _yourself_for_neck_gainz.jpg

>> No.32369148

Skillful parenting, I cant believe how smoothly that level went for the most part.

>> No.32369256

heh almost pooped his pants

>> No.32369474

I want a full Roberu song to this bgm

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Mamaberu just might finish this game, something even Mamayabi hasn't been able to do.

>> No.32369982

holy shit i love this dude

>> No.32369991

English book reading asmr when

>> No.32370570

He is doing so well,going to surpass Temma at this point, I cant believe I thought Roberu would be the mid tier mama of suntempo. I shouldve had more faith.

>> No.32370949

He's trying to get gold in the earlier stages now, I can't believe this... Robechan, I kneel... my proposal is no longer a joke...

>> No.32371005

When your known for winning one cannot settle for anything less

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Why did this activate the try hard in him, Im amazed. Mamaberu...

>> No.32371520

Im so invested in this kusoge now, I take back what I said about wanting the pretend mother simulator more. Mama arc ending on this is pretty good.

>> No.32372121

He nailed that ungodly ice age stage too what the hell... Roberu, your hand in marriage please. He got gold pretty fast too, damn.

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Just remembered that Shien played APEX with his sister.

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Never though I'd see the day Mamayabi gets dethroned, but here we are. And by Roberu, of all people.

>> No.32373421

Roberu became too powerful with his new outfit

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Man, for a second there you got my hopes up that we have a new collab incoming.

>> No.32375360

Izuru Apex https://youtu.be/qi8LBdsDXCo

>> No.32376282

I wonder if his sister would go full S on him, or would she treat him well? I know she teases her nurse girlfriend a ton.

>> No.32376829

since Robel has getting along well with Sukoya, Babudon x Crossick collab when?

>> No.32376860

It would be a 3 on 1 since Tomoe would just bully Shien into agreeing with her

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Can someone make a version of this but instead of freind its risu

>> No.32377618

temma dbd

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solo roberu apex before scrims

>> No.32380952

when does the scrims started?

>> No.32380982

In an hour. (21:00 JST)

>> No.32381270

Still cant believe they make soundfagjay to mix the covers instead of idk Bernis maybe

>> No.32381446

> Shiens doing more DDLC
oh no

>> No.32382147


I thought she went for the younger sort? Nice nonetheless.

>> No.32382244

If anything Mori likes manlets

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wNzrOTu9JQ astel pov
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sli3sT9Y6nQ aruran pov
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbOW1zHbl9I izuru pov
day 2 of scrims!

>> No.32382456

Let's fucking go, I hope the holopro teams kill each other so we can get a bit of funposting.

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File: 2.12 MB, 10000x1500, cHWTY6Z.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>At the same time as the scrims
Sorry bossu, I'll watch the archives later

>Mori likes manlets
Astel run!

>> No.32382662

is luna actually that small what the fuck

>> No.32382909

> kira didn't stick around long enough to get seduced by mori
Big sad

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>> No.32382972

Nice, Rag got Gorilla

>> No.32382990

Astel getting his revenge

>> No.32383029

kek i was watching both gorilla and astel's POVs too

>> No.32383093

Roberu's team just decimated bamboozle...

>> No.32383154

>i missed it
fuck. i'll watch it later from every POV possible

>> No.32383161

Astel damn

>> No.32383177

Holopro teams are murdering each other
Also Astel kill leader

>> No.32383195


>> No.32383205

>Kansai demolished Bamboozle
>RAG slaughtered TMS

>> No.32383234

did Astel seem excited to have done it? i know i'd be

>> No.32383314

Towa singing Astel's praises makes me super happy for some reason.

>> No.32383363

They are friends so it's okay

>> No.32383367

It's always fucking Nose

>> No.32383401

Cute nerd singing praise of another cute nerd, it's neat
do towa and the stars have history I haven't done any real research of her roommate

>> No.32383417

pretty solid round though. watching astel play around the shields is so fun to watch, hope he sticks to gib for tournament day

>> No.32383456


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>> No.32383505

I was told my son was shit at apex what the fuck.

>> No.32383506

I'm so fucking proud bros ;_;

>> No.32383507


>> No.32383529


>> No.32383597

i had important shit to do today but fuck it i can't miss this. i have to support my son and his friends

>> No.32383631

Astel highest damage
Roberu WINNING as always
good round for the stars

>> No.32383684

Astel is friends with a few of the Hololive girls including Towa

>> No.32383689

and they both killed the holo teams
Bamboozle ended up spectating Roberu and TMS ended up spectating RAG. It was pretty funny.

>> No.32383748

Was there really no better choice for Astel's 3rd teammate than Aruran? he's robocco tier heavy.

>> No.32383777

they even take out gorilla

>> No.32383785

He should have branced out of holostars to be honest

>> No.32383792

Just got here to see Roberu getting that champion, how many rounds for the tournament to be over? How are the Holo teams doing?

>> No.32383806

outside of chibistars, who's the next best homo at apex?

>> No.32383832

Anyone else not named Aruran really, or Oga.

>> No.32383852

This isn't the tournament, they're practice scrims.

>> No.32383868

Well miyabi and temma are shit and they don't have as many connections out of holopro as aruran and roberu do so it was either him or bossu who I guess wasn't interested

>> No.32383869

Ah damn. I was excited for a second. When's the actual thing?

>> No.32383900

Astel wanted to keep it within the stars, so his options were
>Poach from Controllerstars
And then Hal also gave Roberu a slot as a team leader, so I think Aruran was the only option left.

>> No.32383940


>> No.32383942

>Bamboozle ended up spectating Roberu
how did FBK react. too many POVs can't keep up...

>> No.32383947

Thank you kind anon.

>> No.32383968

Really proud of son there. He was a great team player.

It feels more like Astel and Izuru's pace isn't entirely in sync with Aruran yet. He's decent normally but I think that's the case.

>> No.32383969

should've invited Ame

>> No.32383989

Wasn't Miyabi one of the higher dmg per match last tournament scrims? He is using a controller to play too. Though maybe he doesn't want to compete without Star Controllers.

>> No.32384062

Homo on homo action...

>> No.32384075

Astel just killed Roberu in cold blood... Again...

>> No.32384110

astel really bailed them out of that situation, i seriously thought they were done right there

>> No.32384115

aint Rikka kinda good tho? or at least can play.

>> No.32384306

They gonna get pinned again arent they

>> No.32384327

Holy crap this is chaotic.

>> No.32384429


>> No.32384510

well this ending was stupid

>> No.32384521

The scrims are already so good

>> No.32384534

that was stupid

>> No.32384556

imo solid placing for astel's team, cant be mad about that considering they were surrounded

>> No.32384562

>30 dmg

>> No.32384567

Bamboozle third and RAG fourth, it was a very good try though. Holopro teams are doing very good today.

>> No.32384574

>Astel 2k
>Izuru 1.3k
>Aru... 30 dmg
Please get someone better next time

>> No.32384600

30 damage..

>> No.32384628

They got the best position the whole game, it was down to fighting like that in the end either way, so they did pretty good

>> No.32384648

Kira...please come back...Astel needs you...

>> No.32384650

Astel just needs ONE backup in the slugfest final circle and they can take it. Izuru and Aruran can't afford to keep dying just before the melee starts.

>> No.32384670

Go look at towa roomate group cover

>> No.32384673

I believe in Kansai, they'll get another win

>> No.32384698

not gonna lie tho, they played better today than last scrims

>> No.32384712

Aruran was the first person Towa played APEX with, yes, Aruran.

>> No.32384720

Point excel sheet anon, you here? I wanna know today's standings.

>> No.32384741
File: 1.23 MB, 1440x810, 1589440020745.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

win or lose, i seriously hope more people would reach out to play with astel after this. kinda like how meika did after the first tourney

>> No.32384795

consider this tournament as the teammate gathering arc

>> No.32384880

It would be the same since she would have the lag debuff. Also she talked about it before that she struggles playing fps with friends since she has the habit of shittalking teammates for bad plays.
Other than that, her agressive playstyle fits both RAG and TMS
I hope she ends up casting the tournament tho

>> No.32384921

Has Ame been doing her reps? The language barrier might filter her

>> No.32384936

Is she good enough too?

>> No.32384956

Is she actually good tho? What rank is she?

>> No.32384978

Not at all. She's actually not gonna make it anytime soon. She doesn't have the right mindset.

>> No.32384984

Ame is good, question is if shes good with lag.

>> No.32385016

I feel like both Astel and Izuru couldn't because of their complex regarding girls.

>> No.32385049

I'd say she's ok, a little better than average, but we haven't gotten to watch her playing "seriously" in my opinion. I have no idea how good her roommate used to be, but I know she played a lot of apex.
Astel us just joking 90% of the tie about it, I don't know how bad Izuru is about it.

>> No.32385092

i know they're used to it at this point, but playing around this house makes me REALLY anxious

>> No.32385141

Isn't Astel's team quite literally above TMS? Heh.

>> No.32385165

fubuki's team is also close

>> No.32385168

RAG being marked?

>> No.32385224

The only contact to a woman Izuru has is with his mother and he becomes nervous when he thinks about talking to strangers regardless of gender even in apex vc.

>> No.32385249

damn that was good

>> No.32385259

didnt even realize people still played gas oji in this meta

>> No.32385288

That was really nice to see

>> No.32385304

Amelia's rank in her holo account is bronze IV but she hasn't played it as often compared to the other apex autists (she spent a lot of time playing minecraft and other single players games).
However, she is still an autist and if the excuse was there, she would probably grind hours to get better.
That autism is probably the reason why she gets along with Astel.

>> No.32385314

Astel going to get TMS's asses

>> No.32385335

damn good shield aruran

>> No.32385482


>> No.32385484


>> No.32385495

holy shit RAG

>> No.32385497


>> No.32385518


>> No.32385523


>> No.32385530


>> No.32385568

I'm so happy they're doing so good this time

>> No.32385601


>> No.32385605

Also wtf, Nose team damage+kills

>> No.32385607

and to think they were so close to dying at 7th place, what a comeback bros

>> No.32385617

These last 2 matches had 3 Holopro teams on top 5, this has been fucking intense. Can't wait for the actual tournament.

>> No.32385677

Not bad for an idol group

>> No.32385762

Astel on Gibby with scout and mastiff really solves the shotcalling problems.
Astel doesn't need to worry about dealing damage while he has the scout, and he is able to help out his team if they get caught using the bubble

>> No.32385769

Astel playing out of his mind so he never has to taste this humiliation again.

>> No.32385802

I miss the prowler

>> No.32385858

Why are EOPs so obsessed with the stars collabing with the females? I see literal no reason why they should have to deal with these boring girlfriend simulators

>> No.32385879


>> No.32385910

Trinero + Roberu on that one collab with Choco and A-chan was fucking great though

>> No.32385950

Mainly because of the boys and A-chan though. Choco is just there the entire time

>> No.32385959

EOPs in leddit post about how much they love the stars yet their posts have more upvoots than likes/viewers have the average stars stream, they are a bunch of hypocrites not worth caring for.

>> No.32385963

Ragging these scrims with no survivors.

>> No.32385994

Saviour complex fags, collabs are fine as long as it is not forced. I personally think they do fine without it and are inclining well since Roberu's 100k. Exposure gains are negligible with the Hololive girls since the fanbases overlap is almost non-existant.

>> No.32386033

Towa got Roberu

>> No.32386045


>> No.32386065

Sounds like today is a good day for the boys, cant wait to hit the archive, unexpected 2 hours of Knight dbd too.

>> No.32386078

To be fair I just like both of them and I think some would synergize well with each other, but this shit >>32385959 infuriates me. It's literally the same shit as pitysubs and never looking at them again.

>> No.32386122

KSN used all their luck in the first round now everyone is bullying them.

>> No.32386189
File: 95 KB, 294x275, Screenshot from 2021-01-03 16-23-46.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Previous champions get bullied by the other teams
>KSN just keeps dropping
>Rag keeps converting them into damage numbers

>> No.32386202
File: 92 KB, 1009x1009, EoYodpQUUAAIGf0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More chef Miyabi

>> No.32386235

it's been said a million times at this point, but holy fuck astel's aim is insane from very long range

>> No.32386291

>Astel accidentally snipes FBK

>> No.32386299

what the fuck was that lmao

>> No.32386314

lmao rip friend

>> No.32386474

knees: decimated

>> No.32386629

Got too greedy there, damn

>> No.32386638

it's always nose's team...

>> No.32386658


>> No.32386676

nose as always

>> No.32386769

underdog wins it

>> No.32386783

What a clusterfuck of an ending

>> No.32386870

gorilla's a no factor today

>> No.32386970
File: 230 KB, 2048x1365, 1609674053794.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No matter the placement, Astel is consistently the highest damage dealer, with the hilarious exception of when they won.

>> No.32386982

the anons in these thread were right in saying that his other two teammates were too hard to carry, guess that's one less problem to worry about

>> No.32387125

And that's the reason why Big Star is so good, while the individual play is not as good as Astel, they're good enough to complement each other.

>> No.32387183


>> No.32387196


>> No.32387203

what were they thinking?

>> No.32387236

son crashed the server...

>> No.32387247

Having fun

>> No.32387255

Fucking hell that was embarrassing to watch

>> No.32387262

To be fair, it was a 3v1, which they somehow fucking lost.

>> No.32387304

the anon from yesterday has his wish fulfilled, now Matsuri has something to tease Roberu with

>> No.32387310

they weren't prepared either though, they should've taken advantage of the fact that they ran away to get better stuff instead of being greedy. Pretty sure Inui didn't even have armor

>> No.32387311

>3v1 advantage
>take turn attacking like a fucking assassins creed game.

>> No.32387405

Nose is ready to take Gorilla's spot as the holoslayer

>> No.32387409

always the same team... sick kill by astel on nose though

>> No.32387429

ah shit

>> No.32387602

bossu getting Monika'd

>> No.32387613

anyone got a power ranking

>> No.32387652


>> No.32387665

How did he react to Yuri?

>> No.32387715

Chef Miyabi is the master of undercooked food, not even slicing a lot of these.

>> No.32388002

Well that was fun. Holo Teams can win if they continue their reps

>> No.32388053

It was, hope everyone got a bit of a moral boost from the skims today, should feel good about their performances.

>> No.32388068

massive improvement from the last scrim, im confident that this team can reach 3rd-4th place at best now

>> No.32388112

They should. It's amazing just how much they improved compared to the first scrims

>> No.32388378

I just woke up, why did RAG leave the game so early?

>> No.32388428

fading ability to concentrate

>> No.32388599

This is the last planned game right, this is some quiet Roberu. This level of focus is strong.

>> No.32388660

Keep missing scrims. Is Big Star still dominating?

>> No.32388718

Yes, though today was a much better day for everyone compared to day 1.

>> No.32389059

It might be just Meika's connection, but KSN got some coaching for two day in a row is something.

>> No.32389206

If the boys manage to stick out itll be easier to make some connections. I know its Meika fueling it but seeing another third party give legit coaching feels nice. Ksn is a good mix of fun and focused gameplay, wasnt expecting it from Roberu.

>> No.32390068

Dang it, Oga!
I watch vtuber to accompany my granblue grind
Why are you also grinding guild war?????

>> No.32390125
File: 2.11 MB, 2000x2833, EqzL8v-U0AIjAne.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'll go to sleep hugging a G7
>10 minutes later
>Anybody wanna play APEX with me?
This fucking seaweed I swear to god.

>> No.32390217

How is he still alive?

>> No.32390251
File: 70 KB, 641x1093, EsBiZkFXMAIVQhT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I saw this as a reply on Astel's twitter. Holy shit that damage gap between Astel and 2nd.

>> No.32390268

knight free talk

>> No.32390288

Emperor Spaceseaweed please contain yourself. Look at those damage numbers in that spreedsheet...

>> No.32390346

> astel and izuru top 10
> roberu and aruran both bottom 3
Jesus what a power difference

>> No.32390406
File: 69 KB, 600x425, 2F2E67B2-4C78-4AC2-BF01-79B4A5314741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m in love with a spaceweed

>> No.32390416

Open up stream to knight noises, is he going to pretend to make a schedule and actually stick to it.
Waking up to sudden bugs is scary though.

>> No.32390497

Even if he doesnt win as long as he stays alive and doing his thing he will be noticed by his sheer damage alone

>> No.32390736

Apparently somebody made an entire spreadsheet for it.

>> No.32391069

Oh please knight do another horror game

>> No.32391125

please tell me there're gonna more scrims tomorrow this is top-tier content

>> No.32391136

Why does he have so many files open in clip, does he ever close it

>> No.32391174

Last time around, the scrims were basically daily minus Sunday I think. So you're in luck anon.

>> No.32391204


>> No.32391314

Man i just can't help but imagine if Kira was still around. Chibistars would fucking obliterate everyone this time around

>> No.32391467

Interested in knowing how many people in this thread have actually played APEX I assume it's a lot more interesting to watch if you have

>> No.32391638
File: 372 KB, 949x538, l.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Midnight/10am horror with the Knight is going to be great, very excited. I doubt that he is actually going to keep to a lot of the schedule though.

>> No.32391772

>forgot about 40k sub milestone
>not going to celebrate either
Dumb knight.

>> No.32391815

Letting the Kishimen save up for 50k maybe.

>> No.32391848

Daily scrims is a bit too much. The actual tournament day won't have any significance otherwise.
And today was good because almost every team managed to be around.

>> No.32391859
File: 862 KB, 1430x802, Screenshot from 2021-01-19 00-42-23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Knight ARK is back on the menu. Aberration is a good choice as well if he doesn't get filtered by difficulty spike like most of the girls.

>> No.32391882

eh, i like the movement and gunplay but stopped after a few hours because i just don't like how BRs are inherently designed and apex didn't feel particularly different in that regard
i'm following the tournament though just because it's more interesting than the usual apex content

>> No.32391944

I want another Temma drawing stream, please it doesnt matter that you dont have a tablet.

>> No.32391949

FPS just isn't my flavor of game, but since I've been watching Astel play it since the last tournament I've come to know and understand a lot of the stuff. In the same way I have a shitload of ARK knowledge even though I've never touched the game.

>> No.32392024

I only watch Apex during tournaments. It's so much more fun when watching them battle with other groups you're familiar with rather than randos.

>> No.32392101

I'm not too into fps but Astel and Kanae make it fun to watch as an occasional thing, watching Astels work pay off is the main interest for me personally.

>> No.32392153

It's funny how Astel wants Temma to do a 24hr horror game stream. First. it matches the SunTempo endurance gen title, and second is that the suggestion is coming from Astel, who is also a giant scaredy cat.

>> No.32392157
File: 3 KB, 382x59, astel please.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine the Knight dying on stream

>> No.32392226

You don’t have to hide the fact that you watch other companies here.

>> No.32392351

Wish I had a game suggestion for the knight, Id love to see someone bash their head against rain world but I doubt that he would enjoy it and you have to know the game for it to be a good stream game
Still fall into the habit sometimes, I usually dont spoiler these days.

>> No.32392480

I wonder if knight can handle lobotomy corp

>> No.32392582

Anon, your wish just came true.

>> No.32392647
File: 890 KB, 1280x720, [1280x720] vtime=[ 1_17_56 ], take=[ 2021-01-18 12.11.05 ].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm very happy, just look at these strong fellas. Looks like a fun week with the knight coming up.

>> No.32392671

re-watching the moment where Roberu's team won and hearing him get so pumped bringing tears to my eyes. so proud of you boy even if it is just a scrims' game

>> No.32392713

What am I looking at?

>> No.32392790

> remembered yakuza dead souls exist
> stream ends
God dammit, guess I'll recommend it some other time

>> No.32392807

A glimpse of the strongest battle bug mounts that Temma can draw being ridden into battle. Be ready for this Knight.

>> No.32395397
File: 57 KB, 900x900, EnQDiFuVEAIRiob.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oga spa sequel

>> No.32396115

Watching the scrims and its nice to see that Astels efforts are showing to the point where he cant be ignored anymore. To think he only picked up Gib G7 up only recently after playing so much Horizon.

>> No.32396215

He realised that being a solo star is not going to save you, plus the only to deal with a gibby is another gibby. The dome shield and ult are too dominating, but scrubs won't be able to use it well. There's a reason why gibby is used by the best player on most of these teams.

>> No.32397485

> oga causing gay panic again
I swear there's more of it every stream

>> No.32397613

Are all homostreams comfy like the one Oga is doing right now? I think I'll migrate

>> No.32397818

I noticed that as well. Reminds me a bit of how Kira's chat used to be.

>> No.32397829

Oga and miyabi are the comfy streamers though aruran does some as well. All of the others are either too loud or too autistic to really be comfy

>> No.32397850

Oga's streams are a special kind of comfy. The other homos have each their own strengths that make them interesting

>> No.32397878

They are speaking a lot about 3D lately, even if this is as a joke

>> No.32398349

Oga's zatsudans are comfy and Miyabi is comfy in general with that voice of his. Aruran's comfy streams are his Aruradio streams where he really interacts with his fans. Roberu's comfy hours are usually midnight and membership streams.

>> No.32398377

Who referenced it the most recently?

>> No.32398439

All of them in general but Astel usually drops the most solid hints.

>> No.32398488

Gori's voice is Oga's tier of soothing.

>> No.32398725

Along with what everyone else mentioned Yurustars minecraft is often pretty comfy even with them killing each other a lot of the time, they often just turn into random topic zatsudans.
I also find Temmas dbd to be relaxing, though its not quite the same thing as some of the other stuff mentioned.

>> No.32398884

And it’s so fitting. If you’d imagine a talkig gori you’d be like yeah that’s a about right

>> No.32398935
File: 250 KB, 322x365, B76B85B7-8E24-4217-98C3-F92A1B6B54C7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Astel-sama saikou!!

>> No.32399029
File: 125 KB, 1034x1162, ErNw_W4U0AAuH-0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

6am Arupex

>> No.32399337

I'm betting on Astel team on this tourney
Rooting for Towa as well

>> No.32399391

No sleep time for apex. Send Aru your strength for aim drills.

>> No.32399981

>Aruran was happy someone made an Aruran Virus account

>> No.32400076
File: 760 KB, 735x870, 19094D57-69CF-472A-8198-5CEAB55235BA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.32400171

Nice champo

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