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yeah im too lazy to find the other thread so fucking here.

guide: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/

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someone explain 訳 to me

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i thought it was dead for good this time

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ano ne ano ne, I'm going to ruin your fucking life by making sure you're B& and V& soon. Wuv, idklol

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itudemo ii yo

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Previous thread
>>32465313 #2655
>>32447068 #2654
>>32428578 #2653
>>32394921 #2652

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never seen an expression like this lol

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it's read as やく

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why do goblins and old men laugh like this

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i dunno people also laugh like クスクス in japan makes no sense

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seen this in Drakengard 2

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Would a Japanese electronic dictionary be a worthy investment? Looks like they are fairly expensive. Basically I'd only need the Japanese explanations, don't need jp to eng translations.

I find using smartphone to look up the words a bit of a hassle but if there's a good app maybe I could give it a shot too.

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sasuga uppercaser-kun

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no, a worthy investment would be buying bitcoin

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>Japanese electronic dictionary
no idea what the fuck that is

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what is the perfect ratio of young to mature cards

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el retardo de djt

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Basically https://casio.jp/exword/

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seems extremely retarded

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imagine sitting in the izakaya and whipping out one of these bad boys while putting the moves on a hoe

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the one where you read more

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damn dude that's some insane advice gonna start reading yotsuba today

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What are the best [mini] VNs, if you catch my drift?

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what should i read to mi

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time for 8 hours of raw anime and hololive

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>not being so exhausted after your reviews that you don't do any japanese for the rest of the day and only get exposure from anki

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god i hate this language

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wow i love her

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who are you quoting

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unironically me

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my dopamine

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*walks into the thread buck ass naked wearing only a pair of timberland boots and crew socks*

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>crippled heroine

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finna acquire

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picked up

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please help a nigga looking to hoard vns by dropping an ab account at [email protected]
thank :)

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sent ;)

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sent something else for begging :)

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A question to anyone who uses games as a tool for immersion;

Do you start multiple games at once? or do you focus on one until you finish it hten move on to another?

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someone explain the nuances of these words to me

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>Do you start multiple games at once?
can only find one game that interests me every 6 months or so, so no

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some are physical and others are abstract

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dont care

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idk i look at the def of 萎む and it says なえしなびる

only 萎れる seems to be for abstract/emotional stuff?

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retards ngmi

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i are retard

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retards have a higher chance of making it because they can always find content to enjoy and immerse 24/7

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what happened to djt? normally you fuckers manage to get every thread well beyond 1000 posts but the last one was archived before it hit 400 and this one is practically dead. where are all the shitposters?

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>where are all the shitposters?
watching hololive right now, sorry but i have priorities

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usually focus on one until i get bored of it then pick up something else and come back to finish it later

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とくにいまはtime zoneでアジアしかおらん

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you must have been gone for a while cuz ever since the great hololive release on /jp/ we only got like one or two threads to 1k posts


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it's almost 2pm in europe

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how am i doing

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>you must have been gone for a while
yea, i was gone for so long that i even forgot about the upper-case discrimination. maybe 3 months.
what "big" hololive release? hololive has been releasing things for almost a year now

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mined 海綿体

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individual threads for hololive shit instead of one general

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>what "big" hololive release?
hololive english

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over half our posters are in the us

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what if iam not fluent because i keep in this thread 24/7?

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mined 孫子 (そんし)

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waiting for the release of their faces and having it all be obese whales

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cool never seen it in my 4 years

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the hataraku saibou episode about erections is quite something

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tfw you don't have a しゃぶり甲斐のあるデカチン

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oh no the mc was qm all along

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alright I'll be in the hololive thread if you need me

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>learn japanese
>watch hololive english
i knew djt was dumb

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nice engsub. the key is having fun

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>nice engsub
only putting it on for the screenshots anon

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why would you be watching the channels on which they speak english instead of the japanese?

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you cant learn japanese if you cant even follow a conversation in english

>> No.32470261

but why would you be watching english hololive though if your target language is nihongo

>> No.32470262

there is a page japanese use to download wallpapers?

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rest in r.i.p ear infection guy

>> No.32470302

do you think the people posting in the hololive eng threads are the same people who are posting in djt?

>> No.32470410

that anon >>32469320 literally posted a screenshot of an english hololive youtube channel

>> No.32470441

and said that this was the reason why djt is dead.
which leads me to the conclusion that the people who browse djt (aka nihongo learners) aren't browsing djt anymore because they're watching english hololive.

>> No.32470455

work on your brain reps anon

>> No.32470458

stop learning japanese your iq is too low

>> No.32470478

you guys are retarded

>> No.32470490

having trouble with 今夜 and other similar a-bit-more-specific time of day words
might write something to help me remember

>> No.32470543

>"why is djt dead?"
>">because instead of coming to djt they're not in hololive threads"
>"because of hololive" *posts screenshot of hololive english*
>"do you think the people posting in the hololive english threads are the same people who are posting in djt?"

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you guys are the retards lmao

>> No.32470600

just another day *reels in the fishline*

>> No.32470681

retard here, how do you install VNs?
don't know what i'm supposed to do with these mdf and mds files

>> No.32470718

honestly just give up. if you can't figure out that then there's no way you'll learn japanese

>> No.32470727

nah, but you can fuck off

>> No.32470739

does anyone know how to rip a book from bookwalker so I can read it on my kindle? I have a few books I downloaded elsewhere which were ripped from bookwalker so it should be possible.

>> No.32470765

are there really retards out there that think being good with computers and knowing what and how certain files work has any effect on your ability to learn a language
are there really retards out there who think those two skills are even remotely related

>> No.32470807

japanese people are retarded so they don't use iso's which you can open in any fucking OS nowadays, and you have to download a virtual disc image program like daemon tools to open their outdated junk

>> No.32470815

don't worry, you'll always be a retard
yes considering it takes two seconds to search on google how to install a filetype. if you're such a drooling retard that you ask 4chan before doing that, you'll never learn japanese

>> No.32470846

thank god my iq is so high that ill never get baited

>> No.32470847

yeah both are based on trial and error, analysing and finding solutions to problems yourself

>> No.32470857

not gonna give any yous to bait posters

>> No.32470866

being retarded has many drawbacks

>> No.32470892

why haven't you fucked off yet?

>> No.32471007

why would I? I love making fun of retards like you

>> No.32471015

cant understand what shes saying in the chorus

>> No.32471066

but you really need to fuck off though?

>> No.32471068

people realized they dont have to learn japanese anymore since hololive english is so much better
simple as

>> No.32471118

they are disc images
install virtual clone drive and mount the larger file

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but it's so much fun laughing at a retard that can't google how to open a file?

>> No.32471177

It's literally k*k.

>> No.32471216

It makes a lot of sense when you realise it sounds like a snicker.

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>> No.32471285

>watching hololive
Explains why these threads are absolute garbage the last few months, it's been taken over by holoteens.

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>> No.32471309

fuck off and kill yourself

>> No.32471357


will these be forever tba like with your last site until you decide to make a new one with more tba sections?

>> No.32471413

thats where he blogs about his future aids treatment

>> No.32471420

i cant keep focus for longer than 10 minutes anymore wtf

>> No.32471484

take vyvanse

>> No.32471486


>> No.32471534

thanks about to take a shot a tequila now

>> No.32471539

do nofap and daily buttplug

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i’ll add them when i have time but it’s not important info for the most part
everything one has to know is already on the site

>> No.32471609

Your site is dogshit

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my IQ is so high that i'll never be able to learn japanese because deep down my brain knows that it's a dead language not worth learning

holy shit i'm so intelligent bros...

>> No.32471847

that just means ur a midwit, further proven by the frogposting

>> No.32471870

my IQ is so high that i know life itself is a dead end not worth pursuing

>> No.32471878

*backslap you for acting hard*

>> No.32471998

what's wrong with his nose

>> No.32472003

there should be a section on managing your dopamine levels in the tips

>> No.32472033

have a feeling matt might actually look like a god if he picked up lifting

>> No.32472055

no one thinks you're funny

>> No.32472094

didnt try to be funny, i think djt would benefit from it greatly (including myself)

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>> No.32472254



>> No.32472347

no one thinks you're funny

>> No.32472366

my dopamine's already too far gone

>> No.32472394

don't get the appeal of ヘンナ it looks disgusting

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I wonder what my IQ is. Can't be that high, I still go to these stupid threads

>> No.32472419

yeah take advice from the guy who fried his dopamine so hard he doesn't feel like fucking his gf

>> No.32472423

looks good on indian/darkskin girls

>> No.32472458

relearned the following cards today:
奉納(forgot reading)
追悼(forgot reading)

>> No.32472462

you're also posting in uppercase

>> No.32472466

whiteoids btfo again

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>> No.32472574

>he took the dopameme pill
ask your bitch to buy viagra if she want the sex that bad

>> No.32472766

do a progressive matrices or pattern recognition test

those involving math etc are easier if you have to use it in your daily life and not really indicative of your actual iq

>> No.32472810


>> No.32472850

why does 内室 mean one's wife?

>> No.32472882

same reason as 家内, cause shes in the house/room

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>> No.32472910

in english you'd say "my dishwasher"
its to show affection by joking around

>> No.32472969

finna call my girl the sandwhich lady

>> No.32473006

considering mine was average and 50% of the people posting in here are even more retarded than i am probably not that high

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File: 1.25 MB, 3000x4000, 1590280298758.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.32473084

oh is it time to talk about iq ? well mines really high and im kind of a genius lol

>> No.32473107




>> No.32473136

mine must be really low because i enjoy shounen anime and manga and every show with ecchi elements

>> No.32473155

that girl looks dangerous

>> No.32473212

british women are so ugly

>> No.32473286

idk liking one piece is a sign of good overal mental health and so is liking whats up a girls skirt or under her shirt


>> No.32473312

i mean u may not be a genius but at least ur healthy

>> No.32473371

japanese is for faggots

>> No.32473405

picked the fuck up

>> No.32473418

no wonder you're into it then

>> No.32473419

god damn whats her @?

>> No.32473422

given the rise of would be trannies who wanna be the anime girl this seems like a reasonable deduction

>> No.32473461

*backslap you for acting hard*

>> No.32473486

yuck dont wanna fuck her

>> No.32473538

*casually parries whilst yawning and flips u on ur ass w. overwhelming aikido skills*

>> No.32473616

absolutely crushed i woke up today

>> No.32473632

can retards here even pass n3

>> No.32473647

most people here could pass n2-n1 i reckon

>> No.32473654

i passed n0 last year

>> No.32473685

i passed n2 before i even started consooming and now that i've consoomed thousands of hours i could probably pass n1 in my sleep

>> No.32473692

tired of talking about n powerlevels

>> No.32473703

I just type random kanjis into jisho and see what's the result
Though I thought it would be something like indoor and then find out that indoor is the reverse of that

>> No.32473707

jamal what is your opinion on footfigs

>> No.32473724

havent passed n3 but i can read eroge

>> No.32473780

i have an n word pass

>> No.32473799
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>> No.32473820

im transracial nigger jap

>> No.32473892


>> No.32473899

LOL, vast majority of people here are tourists who just started learning kana and argue about muh aang key

>> No.32473915

ok fine most of the ~40 regulars could pass n2-n1

>> No.32473921

lmao wtf

>> No.32473961

What can this thing do that an android phone cant

>> No.32474010

wtf im late

>> No.32474021

be used in school

>> No.32474036

>i'm a trans nigga

>> No.32474053

we need another commodore perry to force japan to let us back in
just wanna hit up a soaplands dammit

>> No.32474068

look at her try to hide a smile lmfao

>> No.32474091

used to watch this channel a lot last year


>> No.32474094

for real though i hope that guy is a trust fund baby or something cause it'll be hard to get a job having done that lol

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File: 44 KB, 500x500, [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fl6e0zy.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i didnt have any whiskey but i drank a bottle of soju and my brainfog cleared right up
finally time for some anki

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how do you get japanese to display while installing VNs and shit?
i installed the japanese windows language pack and it's still gibberish
meanwhile subtitles in movies etc. and stuff in the browser can display japanese just fine. i even changed my display language to japanese but it doesn't give a fuck

>> No.32474159

change your locale. you can do it in some system setting or u can use locale emulator

>> No.32474216

if ur installing that sicko vn u aint gettin shit from me

>> No.32474231

this is what happens if your os forces UTF16 instead of UTF8

>> No.32474261

remember the days when questions like that would get replies about deleting system32
good times

>> No.32474273

now u gotta delete syswow69

>> No.32474291

wouldnt fuck

>> No.32474325

did that just now and it's still displaying gibberish.
god i fucking hate windows 10
all of this worked fine when i was on windows 8.1

>> No.32474349

don't care

>> No.32474397

You are probably missing some step i use the most updated w10 professional and it works for me

>> No.32474424

works fine in windows 10 you're just retarded

>> No.32474456


>> No.32474500

thanks for the help

>> No.32474519

how do i get a japanese loli gf

>> No.32474581

be a japanese shota

>> No.32474616

at best you can get one who's into goth loli fashion

>> No.32474740

is nori usually roasted? they only sell the roasted version in my locale asia shop

>> No.32474745


>> No.32474793

you still opened it

>> No.32474816

oh riiiiiiiiide on time

>> No.32474829

yeah but i didn't get baited into doing so, i just open them all without any expectations

>> No.32474833

>“People against having sugar daddies just don’t
>have the courage to get one themselves, or >they’re not pretty enough to make much if they did so they’re just jealous of cute girls that are investing in themselves.
>What’s so wrong about having a sugar daddy? We’re just fulfilling a demand and it’s not any of your business.”
had to be tokio trash

>> No.32474835


>> No.32474839

i don't know japanese

>> No.32474860

magic ways my friend

>> No.32474863

youll fit right in

>> No.32475186
File: 1.22 MB, 1280x2378, ad596a04b66100ed5649e057f69ac684a71b69bacb42a6f06af065c3fc7dafa1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

read through this first

also pic related for a simple timeline of daily things to work on.

Vocab Deck

Tae-Kim Grammar Guide

Hover Dictionary

>> No.32475372

do you guys watch リロ氏
i've been eating like this lately

>> No.32475435

>seriously don't understand why the one job only women can actually do well gets complaints by envious omegas. a real man wouldn't want to get paid just for existing like a woman
Well to be fair i will grant you that this is really normal, geishas for example.
I guess it just fell out of favor nowadays so we think it's outrageous.

>> No.32475605

saw a reference to sister act in a vinnie

>> No.32475663

well, it is 90s kino. the young nun in training was a qt

>> No.32475676

its not a thread till og rolls in spewin her dumb ass shit lmao

>> No.32475690

they also like icarly

>> No.32475749

its not a thread till jamal rolls in buck-naked talking about how women are queens being exploited by evil japanese men

>> No.32475773


>> No.32475839

never in my life have i found a disney channel actor attractive

>> No.32475851

your soul is cemented by like age 5 or whatever, after that almost everything that affects a person comes from within, good and bad

>> No.32475861

yea same *winks*

>> No.32475862

I am not against prostituition, it's is needed in human society.
But, i also dont think it should be normalized, as in, i think it should be allowed, but not romantized, just like how actors used to be seen as trash but now arent, same thing happened to prostitutes and i think that while prostituition is healthy, such a thing is not.

>> No.32475890

i bet you are a "wh*toid" poster so who gives a fuck what you think
yeah i can agree with this. thats why i don't like "sex-positive" narratives especially with this onlyfans shit

>> No.32475956


>> No.32475990

wanted to include both genders, disney guys have the most punchable faces in the world

>> No.32475991

god damn it i can't believe the day would come where i'd watch/read/listen to Oreimo

>> No.32476127

perfect and ruined are both subjective things so it would only be natural that becoming ruined or perfect is determined by that same subjectivity

now how does one develop their own subjectivity in the first place ? do u think its on their own ? haha・・

>> No.32476129


>> No.32476153

why would you ever want to get married in the first place

>> No.32476173

Corpse Party

>> No.32476207

>i don't fuck with this

but is that even your own decision

>> No.32476237

that just says marriage bad

>> No.32476302

>emotional support
you're gay
>division of labor
you don't have to get married to have this
>financial stability
not a problem if you aren't retarded with your money
>raising children in a healthy environment
don't want children

>> No.32476320

mistakenly thinking you have free will is the essence of being npc

>> No.32476336

>don't want children
nta but why would he keep arguing with a dead end? you no longer matter

>> No.32476344

acting like a snowflake is pretty npc

>> No.32476346

huge win for this guy

>> No.32476355

>thinking you know this for an absolute fact

>> No.32476415

nihilist cope

>> No.32476424

at best it just means you can outwit me, at worst you are coping
yeah i remember being in 7th grade, too

>> No.32476450

i am not finding anything at all by searching that
i allowed the "Allow access to file URLs" as per the steps but thats only in the clipboard extension which i assume is not the same thing

>> No.32476489

first good post in a while

>> No.32476507
File: 674 KB, 1920x1080, ありふれた職業で世界最強 S01E06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.32476514

as usual anime provides the best values, just like the bible

>> No.32476525

just accept that i impacted some of the real estate in ur blonde head

but it goes both ways of course

im just having more fun、objectively

>> No.32476636

ate canned beans

>> No.32476646
File: 218 KB, 1920x1080, 1609106614081.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.32476661

im not even conscious or aware of dopamine im just having fun existing together in the moment : )

>> No.32476683

>djt is the mental equivalent of cutting

>> No.32476712

haven't seen blush like that since the 80s

>> No.32476713


>> No.32476767

Damn filthy frank lookin good!

>> No.32476858

determinists btfo by a half-naked anime girl

>> No.32476939

males lean towards structure and predictable systems females are chaos and nature. they seek their opposite in each other so the next time you seek that sexual rush remember you are subconsciously trying to free your mind of its rigidness

>> No.32476956

3 years in and i'm still having trouble telling apart 探 and 採

>> No.32477017

this is why men need wars and other forms of culling. let them sit with their own minds too long and they turn useless like this faggot

>> No.32477041

watching hololive

>> No.32477250

for me it's pork and beans, island in the sun, say it aint so and island in the sun

>> No.32477352


>> No.32477356

not that its anything to be proud of but i have. you dont even know which anon i am dumb tranny
solid list. i also have a soft spot for 'keep fishin' cause i always loved the muppets
beverly hills is trash and the moment where the bad turned to shit

>> No.32477371

ok chud

>> No.32477376
File: 178 KB, 833x1102, 1607853974384.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

600 words in bros
i am gonna start consumming now since i think 600 words is "enough" to start consuming.
Media of choice is VN:装甲悪鬼村正
Any tips?

>> No.32477404

i dont know what that means, and i refuse to acknowledge it

>> No.32477450


>> No.32477476
File: 54 KB, 708x800, 1580872056423.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>don't talk like that about og

>> No.32477488


>> No.32477599
File: 104 KB, 282x316, 1609123271234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah bro rage comics so funny as well xD

>> No.32477610

yeah she's good as well

>> No.32477613


does sonaeru in these sentences mean to prepare for?

>> No.32477615

wow really really bad last 50 or so posts and of course it all started with og off topic shitposting

>> No.32477616

you both are cancer but at least holofags are /jp/ tumor

>> No.32477625

@99 yea better than soulless 2d girl with unrelated text at bottom

>> No.32477638

yeah its hard not getting aroused by kuropikas voice on rewatch

she definitely has the hottest voice of all the vas

>> No.32477647

who are you quoting?

>> No.32477669

for me its youko hikasa as aloe

>> No.32477670


>> No.32477674

fuck /jp/ and all otaku garbage

>> No.32477688

don't you fucking DARE say anything bad about my beloved og

>> No.32477697

non otaku are simply ngmi
dont bother arguing howard said so

>> No.32477699

she should kys asap

>> No.32477717

imagine complaining about a handful of extra posts you can just ignore when we can't even make it to the bump limit

>> No.32477724

tell coward to say that in japanese

>> No.32477740

we are already past the bump limit you retarded piece of shit

>> No.32477809


>> No.32477819


>> No.32477828

yeah but otaku is a broad term
you could be a japanese history or train otaku and still make it, probably better than anime otakus.

>> No.32477912


>> No.32477935

fuck i meant わない

>> No.32477946


>> No.32477976

there was no wa

>> No.32477982

dakanai to

>> No.32477990

everyone who posts beneath the next jamal post will never know english

>> No.32478004

u rang

>> No.32478017


>> No.32478022

gonna play all ぱびっしゅ! games

>> No.32478059

yeah i dont know english i just speak it

>> No.32478061

any good doujin with cute trannies?

>> No.32478070


>> No.32478077
File: 72 KB, 600x800, 恋愛.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32478124

yeah that’s important but idk if it fits on my site that’s more lifestyle advice

>> No.32478228

quiz is here? PogChamp

>> No.32478260

thats illegal

>> No.32478388

my favorite tripfag is here omg omg omg I'm gonna fucking PogChamp

>> No.32478389

someone get this thread back on track pls

>> No.32478392

i literally made this same post like a few days ago
please don't copy me

>> No.32478429
File: 148 KB, 1400x933, 73371cdd47b73b77ccc42ebe70fb0a4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.32478430

let's talk about quiz!

>> No.32478448
File: 388 KB, 1280x720, 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32478453

butts are stupid and gross what is wrong with people

>> No.32478454

too big

>> No.32478463

kinda flat

>> No.32478476

those are pretty small considering they are women. any smaller its its boy/child sized

>> No.32478493

low t asses even i have a better as and i'm not even female

>> No.32478518


>> No.32478519
File: 256 KB, 670x1005, 1580141716549.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32478536

oh no this boy's gonna get aids

>> No.32478538

lucky fuck

>> No.32478582

bros president djt's rule is over time to pack stuff up bye guys

>> No.32478654

get really turned on using the incest tag on vndb but get really turned off thinking about fucking anyone in my family

>> No.32478662

those are men

>> No.32478706
File: 2 KB, 285x21, nlodhLo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

time for 8 hours of reading

>> No.32478718

your sleep schedule is all over the place

>> No.32478782

if dude is dressed like a girl and like exactly like a female then no it's not gay. so getting sucked off by a dude isn't necessarily gay

>> No.32478801

still making cards even though i havent done my reviews in a week and havent done a new card in a month

>> No.32478917

the poll wasnt being specific, getting a blowjob from a guy is never gay, regardless of the conditions

>> No.32478934

>look up 触手 in google images
>get nothing but tentacle porn

>> No.32478997

i spend the whole day at iwara.tv

>> No.32479021

what is this, roman rules or something? by that logic its only gay for the guy getting fucked in the ass

>> No.32479061

damn why'd you have to go and remind me about that place

>> No.32479073

*spent, esl kun

>> No.32479079

felt this one out and was right

>> No.32479101

well, depending on how bad of a habit it is, he might have said it right

>> No.32479103

never seen that much shit in one place

>> No.32479108

and what does it mean

>> No.32479131


>> No.32479160

like "who do you think you are?"

>> No.32479163

behead ciaran and mail his head to his mother

>> No.32479166


>> No.32479241


>> No.32479242

lol, deadon impression

>> No.32479245

id never claim getting fucked in the ass or getting a blowjob from a guy isn't gay it just doesn't make me gay same reason im not a gamer despite playing a few videogames in my life

>> No.32479280
File: 33 KB, 465x300, 1607545597391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32479292

not an impression: https://youtu.be/zPwIhjBwkRg

>> No.32479316

even if its not gay for you, its really gay for the guy doing it so you shouldn't disgrace yourself by doing that kind of thing with faggots

>> No.32479342

although i guess the power move here is to force a bj or anal onto a straight guy who doesnt actually enjoy it, then its super duper straight

>> No.32479353
File: 324 KB, 800x600, 27-129.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.32479361


>> No.32479373

lot of homo cope

>> No.32479375

im sara but with kewpie mayo rather than ketchup

>> No.32479381

kys faggots

>> No.32479388
File: 87 KB, 1080x1080, 1606092071113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.32479420

sara matsunigga chowin down on sone ghetto grub

>> No.32479425
File: 58 KB, 1267x270, 勘で書けるようになる.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rtk shills in shambles

>> No.32479429

i dont care how long these images remain board culture they will always be cringe r/asianmasculinity shit

>> No.32479440

no clue what that is maybe you should go back there

>> No.32479454

nothing gay about sticking my dick in an ass or in a mouth
feels good and i aint touching some other guys penis

>> No.32479458
File: 273 KB, 1031x630, 154186969144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.32479459


>> No.32479464
File: 141 KB, 853x480, 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the soundtrack and va reminds me of code geass

>> No.32479471

nice deflection

>> No.32479504

german is a surprisingly decent language for music

>> No.32479517

what do you mean?

>> No.32479575

dont disagree there


>> No.32479585

just noticed it has a great aesthetic in a melody despite not seeming like it would. just randomly i found myself with like multiple german songs in my playlist and i don't speak it

>> No.32479594

don't disagree there


>> No.32479609


>> No.32479621

i hate the fact that i've seen GZUZ irl once

>> No.32479627

>men have more important things to do than take care of children or clean the house
>the social contract of marriage is one where a woman submits to a man entirely
this shit is always so cringey when people describe it this way even if the majority of people are happier with this kind of arrangement.

>> No.32479637

off topic posters get da fuck out

>> No.32479644

that just modern media poisoning your mind

>> No.32479658

did he seem like a real nigga or some weird larping white guy

>> No.32479665

the statement itself is only cringey coming from omegas who indulge in shirking manhood but have delusions of deserving traditional domestic life

>> No.32479674

it's more like a normal person just wouldn't phrase it that way at all even if it's a roughly accurate description. it's larpy gay phrasing that neets on 4chan use. obviously modern media is still leftist cancer.

>> No.32479705


>> No.32479708

yeah i only subtly picked up on your meaning so i am glad i didn't tear into you since i mostly agree. its the same reason i hate how selective neets are on their "redpills" they only want the shit that feels good and justifies their existence

>> No.32479723

yeah lets go back to talking about how male-male blowjobs arent gay for the receiving party, i liked that conversation more

>> No.32479726

here we see the dunning krugers gather to attack men of straw

>> No.32479748

only women should suck dicks a woman is at her maximum beauty servicing a cock orally

>> No.32479754

idk shit about music but isn't music theory centered around 19th century composers because they were high iq and created the highest iq music

>> No.32479758

met him for just a few seconds while being out with a friend
my friend recognized him and they greeted each other, both said something quick and then he went on his way
was just a normal dude

i remember being really confused because i thought he called him jesus at first before explaining to me that GZUZ is his alias

>> No.32479762

>japanese girls have no ass
>have no tits
what the fuck are their appeal then?

>> No.32479771

who are you quoting

>> No.32479774

>only one
she that's like 1/5th of her maximum beauty

>> No.32479807

exactly that is their appeal
you wouldnt get it

>> No.32479808

>t. niceguy
man you are so predictably awful at your core
if you aren't asian, its only natural not to find them attractive welcome to being normal
i was talking more about how their spoken phonetics hit lyrically

>> No.32479827
File: 270 KB, 480x360, 1610138819692.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32479838

they also pretty much only like japanese and white men
if you're dark you're fucked

>> No.32479884

>t. never went to japan
you niggas can be cringe
in every nation there are retarded sluts who like danger(the stereotype is that latinos and blacks are dangerous)
lots of japanese girls have children with those nigger(i believe they are nigerians) thing is, not necessarely on japan, it's a known issue japanese girls going to africa and having children there
who the fuck knows women are retarded

>> No.32479890

feels so good being white and tall

though thats where my blessings end lmfao

>> No.32479891

do u really think u can see my core thru posts i make on the internet for comedy purposes

>> No.32479893

>japanese girls have no ass

>> No.32479899

hence why I said "pretty much", jamal you dumb shitskin

>> No.32479909

i would never drop the hard r unless i was sure i was being really funny

>> No.32479923

you're still a shitskin so it's okay

>> No.32479925

only celebrity i accidentally met in a public setting was jake paul
dude took his gf to the local bar the guys and i hit up and sat next to us

>> No.32479950

>SY-192 Small Room; The Case Where The Body Of A Mother Of A S*****t Was Criminally Voluptuous

>> No.32479953

dont care

>> No.32479956

haha i remember you thinking i was jake paul's ex. was a little scared since i ran in some similar circles

>> No.32479978

>oh a japanese woman with ass let me see i am interested
>its a obese slut

>> No.32479979

man would i would give to be able to go back to the late 60s and start a garage band

>> No.32479982

met hulk hogan at the airport when I was 12

>> No.32479988
File: 4 KB, 1284x18, a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.32479993

i have never eaten sushi or real japanese food for that matter

>> No.32480003

i ate sashimi and almost gagged

>> No.32480015


>> No.32480038

barely has a taste if its fresh

mochi made me gag like hell though fuck that sticky slimey shit

>> No.32480056

every time i go to the bathroom i look at the corner of this one particular tile on the floor where the lines kidna depict some bit titted girl paizuriing a big dick

>> No.32480058

the state of all these low-t picky eater princesses itt

>> No.32480062

had sushi the last time in amsterdam in one of those all u can eat placed and we were so high we couldnt figure out how the ordering system works luckily one of the waiters was from our country so he explained it to us lol

>> No.32480068

never ate raw fish and didnt dislike it it was just too much for my uninitiated tastes

>> No.32480073

what do poggers and monkas mean

>> No.32480074

>barely has a taste if its fresh
think your taste buds don't work

>> No.32480096

it was more of a 'haha wouldnt it be a crazy coincidence' post than a serious inquiry, but the girl was blonde and you said your ex was well-known so i made the connection instantly

>> No.32480124

its mostly fat and fat always tastes like almost nothing to me

on the contrary when i eat a single green pea the taste experience is out of this world

>> No.32480126

now the absolute worst of japan is natto
fuck that

>> No.32480132
File: 118 KB, 864x715, 1583996056427.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do you deal with the fact that the slut japanese women who give birth to interracial children are bringing blm to japan

>> No.32480135

you're supposed to eat it with s0i and wasabi

>> No.32480151

do japs just eat rice and fish all day
like wtf do they eat for breakfast

>> No.32480167

feel horrible now and my day is ruined

>> No.32480169

dunno all they ever eat in anime is cheeseburgers and riceballs

>> No.32480174

you forgot the miso soup that comes with every meal

>> No.32480201
File: 116 KB, 942x661, brekky.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32480203

i will never live in japan but i am upset that these faggots exist in my country the god forsaken united states

>> No.32480209

still pretty spooky, its like 3-4 levels of removal between me an jake paul max
good thing most natives don't consider those mutts as true japanese even if they wont say it out loud.
rice as the main course of every meal is traditional but bread is winning against rice with the under 30 crowd in japan. breakfast is traditionally rice and grilled fish, but more commonly toast or some sort of sweet bread. dinner is still usually a rice dish.

>> No.32480233

then run out of the door w. toast in mouth

>> No.32480238

yeah but i've been seeing more often on the news retarded foreigners or birracial mutts complaining about muh racism

>> No.32480256

that looks stupid as shit imagine using 6 bowls for 1 meal

>> No.32480283

this is vblogger breakfast no way on a normal day a person can make and eat all that. i could handle half a bowl of rice and one egg before bursting

>> No.32480284

i just compress everything into a food cube

>> No.32480287

does she have even more severe autism than the avg jap girl

>> No.32480293

yeah japanese all do this for some reason i've seen it time and time again

>> No.32480305

woudl love to go to a japanese household and take all their 6 bowls and just dump everything on a plate or in 1 big bowl

>> No.32480316

on its own yes
but mixed with rice and egg i liked it

>> No.32480325
File: 146 KB, 1932x1374, EsMbvFYVcAA_r8y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.32480331

oh for sure, im not a part of those circles at all and theres still only like two layers of separation between him and i
but the level of removal between you and i is definitely large outside djt

>> No.32480335
File: 191 KB, 1024x683, 定食.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

guess they are just imitating restaurants

>> No.32480348

why the fuck would u use a dish for just a few slices of kiwi and and orange peel and 1 strawberry

>> No.32480358

god damn ur retarded

>> No.32480387

バカ外人 will never understand 和風

>> No.32480391

yea dont understand it *dunks face into trough*

>> No.32480395

the japanese can read between the lines and know where that rhetoric is coming from. they dont have the thing that whites do that allow to be guilted and manipulated to the extreme of self-annihilation. well they do, but only as an individual rather than a collective

>> No.32480409

*backslap you for acting hard*

>> No.32480412

im more into わびさび

>> No.32480430

stfu moe

>> No.32480438

whatever helps you stand looking into your mirror lmao

>> No.32480439

「明日に君は僕で遊びますか?」 って
「明後日に如何?」 って




>> No.32480454
File: 206 KB, 853x480, 0002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wish they made anime like this again

>> No.32480459
File: 35 KB, 341x484, 1599928053605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not really, in truth they are probably more easy to manipulate due to their culture of avoiding conflict for the greater good in contrast to western individualistic culture.

>> No.32480490

what is that

>> No.32480530
File: 1.02 MB, 1210x677, 1580341606772.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.32480533

lol lil homie really gettin on that agent aika tip

well at least i know i made a difference for some1 2day

>> No.32480538

but it takes a collective response to get the result blm wants, and they wont get it because as a collective, the japanese are haughty and proud in contrast to their passiveness on the individual which is a form a tatemae. a single japan will nod their head when some mutt is whining about having it bad but they are not going to internalize it like we will.

its hard to explain but the fact that the west is so individualistic ironically leads to our reliance on collective morality

>> No.32480572

god i love that scene in fight club

>> No.32480632
File: 187 KB, 853x480, 0003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gonna have to check out more stuff from this director

>> No.32480662


>> No.32480673

scroll up

>> No.32480696


>> No.32480697

my dopamine

>> No.32480698

ayatori with seieki

>> No.32480701

non-academics have no idea how much a powertrip it is to be called dr. anon by people you never met

>> No.32480724

just tell me

>> No.32480755

oh my god that attitude is a huge part of what is wrong with academia. we should have stopped giving out courtesy dr. titles to phds 100+ years ago

>> No.32480808

its literally in the post im replying to with the image

>> No.32480811

u dropped out twice what do u know about academia haha

>> No.32480819

you answered your own question

>> No.32480857

good for them. they earned the rank so they may as well enjoy the recognition

>> No.32480858

the wild thing is im not even dr. anon yet
undergrads just see me as a professor and call me that when im just a lowly teaching assistant and make no money

>> No.32480859


>> No.32480895

yeah and im an arch-duke in the cult of gibsmemoremoney, i earned it.
i see you are still at the indentured servitude rank

>> No.32480907


>> No.32480940

yeah but most undergrads are retarded

>> No.32480952

being an academic is committing yourself to indentured servitude
even when you are a prof, you are working in the service of the university and they expect you to produce publications in a timely manner so they can get rich off your work
this is why im leaving academia after getting my title

>> No.32480973

too true bro

>> No.32480982

he says while using a trip

>> No.32481012

yeah must really annoy you when people aren't reprogrammed yet

>> No.32481014

>f5ing sadpanda 10 times every minute
wtf is wrong with me

>> No.32481069

have you tried having sex? you might feel better after

>> No.32481076

got my masters the other day anyone have a job for me?

>> No.32481099

yea how good do you look in a dress

>> No.32481112

reprogrammed in what way

>> No.32481126

true neets are high school drop outs

>> No.32481136

academia is fuckin based lol watch anime half the day in my office, have no retard boss breathing over my shoulder when im giving lectures either. shits so ez.

>> No.32481146

wow they even cut out segments of the new kaifuku jutsushi episode where he gets raped by a dude
why are westerners so sensitive it wasnt even that graphic

only 4 minutes into comparing the ep with the at-x one too.

>> No.32481163

yeah being a net-negative on society being paid out by a ponzi system is really something to pride yourself on

>> No.32481166

maybe you shouldn't have wasted your time getting a master's in something that won't get you a job

>> No.32481184

could not care less about society all i care about is my life and what i get out of it

>> No.32481196

you don't know what a ponzi scheme is do you

>> No.32481205

when the bottom completely drops out of western education system, don't memory hole your post

>> No.32481226


>> No.32481228

maybe you can google what a ponzi scheme actually is next time before making yourself look like a drooling retard

>> No.32481256

being pedantic is the true mark of someone insecure about their intellect

>> No.32481258

native level mistake

>> No.32481272

well aware that my research does not affect other people at all and probably wont affect people in any way for 100 years
but its cool shit so i dont care and actively pretend that my research is of critical importance so i keep getting funding

>> No.32481289

バカ外人 will never understand 和姦

>> No.32481292

i like to imagine this is the same anon who posts this and he's actually keeping track of the native english speakers mistakes to someday use in their own english

>> No.32481302

research isnt about benefiting others its about benefiting your job security and bank account lol

>> No.32481311

sounds like cope

>> No.32481314

light yagami was the #1 high school student in japan and wanted to be a fucking police officer

>> No.32481323

>this is a ponzi scheme
>no it isn't a ponzi scheme at all
hope your brain gets better soon

>> No.32481342

yeah thats a cope

>> No.32481373

you know i meant "its a top-down scam" when i said that don't be obtuse
calling a statement of fact a cope is a cope

>> No.32481377


>> No.32481393

you're still coping

>> No.32481395

native level cope

>> No.32481403

you can safely call her a dumb bitch any time you like without even reading anything she posts

>> No.32481413

a "top-down scam" is the same thing as a ponzi scheme
"top-down scam" isn't even a terminology ever used lmao

>> No.32481421

oh? did you hear that? that's the sound of 'cope' joining the long list of words abused to the point of meaninglessness

>> No.32481442

all the djt girls suck because none of them actually actively consumes nukige

>> No.32481456

*looks up what a ponzi scheme is*

>> No.32481470

you're still fucking coping, just admit u fucked up and slither back into ur smelly hole

>> No.32481472

your japanese sucks ass

>> No.32481480

well then i stand by calling it a ponzi scheme. also lmao at you telling a native on "terminology" when i was elaborating with "top-down" as a descriptive qualifier for the type of scam

go back to eigo school, pajeet

>> No.32481509

wanna read nukige together with og and then mimic the porn scenes together

>> No.32481515

yeah 4bc is right again

>> No.32481527

whos 4bc? the nsfw spammer?

>> No.32481529

what's that one phenomenon called? overproduction of elites? yea that's what's happening right now. more and more incompetents with advanced degrees that grant some sort of status

>> No.32481549

>i meant top-down scam not ponzi scheme bro don't be obtuse
>that's what a ponzi scheme is
>i was just elaborating bro
lmao absolute retard

>> No.32481574

>also lmao at you telling a native on "terminology"
this sounds esl bro

>> No.32481588
File: 50 KB, 800x900, 1588564522701.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/djt/ doesnt even know the difference between a ponzi scheme and a top-down scam
cant make this shit up

>> No.32481600

holochad? i kneel....

>> No.32481620
File: 23 KB, 849x278, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i've never even heard anyone use the phrase "top-down scam" except to describe ponzi schemes

>> No.32481637

lol shes still here poppin off

>> No.32481662

og what's it gonna take to convince you that you are not native level at your native language

>> No.32481664

go ahead and tell the class what the difference between a ponzi scheme and a "top-down scam" (a term almost never used) then

>> No.32481666

og ur english is just dogshit lmfao

i guess u need a uni degree to know what a ponzi scheme is too lmfao

>> No.32481690
File: 31 KB, 399x399, 1588139447252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32481699

put me in the screencap :D:D:D:D:D

>> No.32481720

honestly at this point i think most of the esls itt have better english than her lmfao the absolute fuckin state

>> No.32481724

>this is my brain on djt

>> No.32481726

ogs english is fine we all know this but she doesnt know we know that she cant help but feed the trolls so we fuck with her anyway

there now stfu every1

>> No.32481744

bitch probably dropped out cause she couldnt understand what the profs were saying during lectures haha

>> No.32481764

t. shitskin

>> No.32481777

my skin does not resemble poop in any way plz dont be racist

>> No.32481796

gigantic l for jamal

>> No.32481802

oh yeah academia is definitely getting oversaturated right now, thats why so many industry jobs are starting to require a masters degree or higher, its proof of having at least a few brain cells

>> No.32481808

now that ive basically got the dermatitis on my scalp under control im thinking about growing my hair out a bit, ive had it buzzed at 3 mm for the past 8 years. though not sure what style would even work for my alien lookin ass

>> No.32481820

dude they really believe this and you know they do. this place rewrites reality based on the consensus of double-dekinai

>> No.32481840

quite a clear-cut loss for jamal there

>> No.32481841

u should prolly not give them the power to rewrite reality and just write it urself

thats what i do neway

>> No.32481842


>> No.32481872

you dont matter

>> No.32481883

im prolly the esl wit hthe worst english skills

>> No.32481886


>> No.32481888

cope :D

>> No.32481898


>> No.32481910

still waiting on that explanation of how a ponzi scheme isn't a top-down scheme tbqh

>> No.32481915

just gotta roll with the punches, dont see me trying to rewrite my lore

>> No.32481922

finna bust one to the flat blonde girl

>> No.32481938

already did

>> No.32481939

who are you?

>> No.32481942

well, its good you are admitting to obsessive fixations, but you still need an official diagnosis to know if its autism

>> No.32481956

awww all the namefaggots consoling each other
you love to see it. you go girls!

>> No.32481977

still can't acquire ~ば~ほど

>> No.32481986

she probably doesnt know what either of those are so i wouldnt hold ur breath

>> No.32481987

i remember when you needed a name field entry to be a namefag rather than just living in a general's head rent free

>> No.32481991

god youre unfunny

>> No.32482004


>> No.32482009


>> No.32482016

~ば~ほど means basically just ほど in a convoluted way

>> No.32482017

they really don't make em like they used what a shame

>> No.32482034


>> No.32482077

this stings

>> No.32482108

where did you find such a cruel sentence?

>> No.32482111

og is such a useless retard

>> No.32482137

*beautiful princess

>> No.32482172

there's a lot like that in the dojg

>> No.32482176

I mean JALUP***

>> No.32482179

why? i couldn't watch this shit for more than 10 minutes it was complete trash

>> No.32482200

she's my queen and I would do anything for her

>> No.32482210

in fact once the shitty healer show is over no one will ever pretend it was good again

>> No.32482223
File: 292 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0134.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.32482230

theres boobs, immediately makes any show good

>> No.32482236

behead yourself

>> No.32482244

low test

>> No.32482245


>> No.32482267

XDD le funny otaku ironic weeb diarrhea drinker
low taste

>> No.32482289


>> No.32482309

the guy who likes the healer show is probably the same guy who watched arifureta three times

>> No.32482319

ironic weebs are unironically anti-lewd. stop giving your zoomer-ass away

>> No.32482346

not either of them but they both sound based

>> No.32482353
File: 582 KB, 1920x1080, ありふれた職業で世界最強 S01E13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not me i don't watch ongoing shows
i will watch it once it finishes though

>> No.32482366

literally me

>> No.32482377


>> No.32482398


>> No.32482409

it has no redeeming qualities but being "lewd" the perfect show for diarrhea chugging ironic weebs

>> No.32482411

i won't watch an anime that has more than 5 seasons

wont watch an anime that only got one season unless that was intentional

wont watch seasonal shit till its finished and well received and people still talk about it

saved myself a lot of headache so far

>> No.32482436

i don't care about any of that shit i just seek out good shows

>> No.32482444

i only watch hxh

>> No.32482446

this song might not sound so bad if the voices didn't wreak of otaku pandering

>> No.32482458

don't watch anime that has more than 1 season

>> No.32482462

never memorized a counter

>> No.32482465

ironic weebs pretend they have "taste" and barely watch any anime you dumbfuck. they base the shows they consume off reddit/youtuber recommendations and spam jojo memes and the like

real anime fans are chugging diarrhea and posting about how cute their wife chino is so the rest of us don't have to. they are doing god's work and you have no right to talk shit, you literal secondary.

>> No.32482482


>> No.32482486

attack on titans?

>> No.32482492

the last seasonal anime i watched while airing was 慎重勇者
it was pretty good

>> No.32482504

if you think the later is an ironic weeb, you are giving away how new you are and how you have no concept of /a/ pre-2015 or so

>> No.32482535

esl level mistake

>> No.32482536

i dont give a shit about /a/ only the masses of idiots watching shit anime around me

>> No.32482586

if you inject /a/ into an anime argument you can consider yourself having lost

>> No.32482626

yeah this discussion is awful can we go back to talking about sucking dicks

>> No.32482637

pre-hiroshimoot /a/ is literally the peak of the western anime fandom, not that its saying much but still

>> No.32482673

i read the manga so i wanted to see it
pretty good adaption so far

>> No.32482712
File: 265 KB, 1005x691, 1535544652320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32482715

yea the problem is the source material

>> No.32482728

looks like you have never been on discord before or you are defending your diarrhea chugging discord friends cuz they are 100% the latter

>> No.32482760

shrooms make u smarter dude they enighten ur mind

>> No.32482780

you're right on the first point, but its possible new anime fans can exist without being the ironic kind so maybe thats what you are experience. its literally always been this way to one degree or another new anime itself is simply shittier.

trying to be a snob about fucking asian cartoons is incredibly cringe though

>> No.32482786

shrooms go well with steak

>> No.32482793

they make you a delusional scumbag

>> No.32482801

i think im gonna do 1g~2g so im conscious enough to post here and watch nime

>> No.32482831

it might be "cringe" when you like absolute bottom of the barrel shit and get dabbed on but instead you should be disappointed in yourself for getting caught up in the shit anime fad and sought more quality works

>> No.32482856

the manga is better in some parts, when he uses his eye you can read all the info of the characters
anime did the lewd scenes better though the manga doesnt even show nipples

>> No.32482862

nice bro maybe take 3g

>> No.32482868

why are there so many anime fans here

>> No.32482888

fuckin love anime that's why

>> No.32482923


>> No.32482978

i dont even have a discord account but nice job doing exactly what i said you'd do

>> No.32482984

og why do you have to post so much trash in here

>> No.32482990

fucking baaased

>> No.32482999


>> No.32483005

crazy, had to think of og as well as i watched the episode

>> No.32483048

it doesnt matter specifically what kind of internet subhuman you are you dont even watch anime why did you bother participating in this conversation like you had anything meaningful to say youre not an anime fan

>> No.32483063

It is my view that Isekai media is a product of the nature of Otaku appeasement. With things like Senran Kagura and Fate there are many different character types to appeal to a variety of audiences even if a person who likes X character will then detest Y character from the same media. This media is not made to appeal to one niche but to a broader audience and so the media creators decide 'well we may as well throw in this sadist to appeal to them and we may as well throw in this Imouto to appeal to those'.

I think this is good in a way as it makes this media much more diverse but it also has manifest itself as isekai anime. Now a creator will decide to make an anime isekai simply to appeal to the people that want to self insert and thus want the idea of the anime being possible to apply to them. Something like the Heroic legend of Arslan of course never would appeal in that way so the modern version of such an anime would have the protagonist be transported from our world even if that has basically no bearing on the story.

>> No.32483070

she got kinda relateable when she was talking about being a 高貴な存在.

they need to ban this kind of subversive wish fulfillment its going to give the underclass ideas

>> No.32483076

if this were ancient times men would build a shrine for og's perfect manko

>> No.32483100


>> No.32483205


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