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guide: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/

previous: >>32498804

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i like rpg/progression games like fnv where there's some area you're not supposed to go to because you're under-leveled but you can be clever and use some strat or hidden item to get past the area. i also like sitting on rocks and destroying deathclaws where they can't reach me but that's autism

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oops you forgot to post the new guide site


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no such thing as an entertaining videogame

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>look catalog
>no thread
>go make thread
>cunt makes the thread seconds before me
the nerve...
should not have spent so much time choosing a picture.

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yeah fucking up deathclaws at low levels feels great but the real powertrip comes when you can finally eradicate those damn cazadores

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sorry bro i was ready for it

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wanna drag this retarded whore's face through broken glass

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first for compelling content

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how can you honestly hate quizmaster after all the effort he put into the animecards site to teach even the biggest of retards such as myself to set up everything for proper mining?

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pro tip: we don't hate him for his efforts to help out nihongo babies

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oops forgot name

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hate anybody who helps nihongo babies

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hate anybody who is pathetic enough to destroy his life over the first pussy he ever wet his dick on

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can't hate anyone that has a 極太絶倫肉棒

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cause i hate retards

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love all holo posters
you guys are alright

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make love not war man

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miss the time when 4chan was for us pathetic virgins to interact...

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fuck man, my single 1680x1050 screen just isn't enough for this VN + textractor + Anki setup.

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it really looked like he was wearing a 紺 jk uniform for a second

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the average djter has a double FHD monitor setup

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if you dont have a minimum of 3 screens your ngmi

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move anki to second workspace

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i lay in bed all day cause my pc is connected to my shitty tv

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i can rearrange my monitors so that i can read vinnies while lying in my bed but it's really uncomfortable to deal with the peripherals. i still don't know where to put the mouse and keyboard while i'm in bed. i can't put it on my stomach or legs because it keeps sliding down when i fap. i need to think of a better setup

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piston powered onahole
frees up both of your hands

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i-is she alive....

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she's prolly licking the koumon of some ojisans doing enkou rn

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idk but prolly


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i do but i never turn on the second monitor cause it's just simple science you can't look at two things at once

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i can't understand what matt says there

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he said "im jewish"

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if tkyo sam was less of a disgusting pig hed be based as fuck but i cant stand the sight of him as he is

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dont care

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thank you anon

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grammars too hard and unintuitive desu japs should take lessons from other asian languages

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you bros wanna let a djt newfag in on who this beautiful boy is?

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wonder why western movies never have these kino angles

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just remembered that jp news special about the kids dying in hospice i watched and teared up a bit. they showed the little girl dying in her parents arms, fucked me up a little.

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speak for yourself cunt that's excactly why i hate him

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the swollen one?

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damn she shidd her pants?

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yeah that one and there was another one that had me bawling

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why you gotta link stuff like that just makes me depressed

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it feels good in a way to let it out and cry once in a while

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link me up dude im ready

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I just had the realization that if I was attractive and not unattractive I could be getting cute private japanese lessons from my cute japanese girlfriend while living in Japan with her instead of doing anki alone.
What a life.

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i only cry to anime drama stop being such bitches

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OCR 「truly」 can't handle italics

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i hope that post gets deleted ^

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>What a life.

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read 63451 today

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is that a lot?

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it took me like 4 hours

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can confirm. i used to have cabas teach me kanji.

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soon i will be horny enough to set up mining from eroge

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What the fuck is L-R and why does the site about it read like a schizophrenic blog?

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I read 12k characters last night and it took me 6 hours and >100 mined cards

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that's nothing ciaran can read like 20k / hour

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30k/hour here

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bc feminazis would be up in arms

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an ep of anime has like 3000-4000 characters for reference

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i dont even read i just flip through a book like gary ben and absorb everything in it instantly

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pretty sure i can read faster than that, i haven't timed myself but i can read a typical novel in like 4 hours

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it's an awkwardly sounding thing

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i read two pages, check the thread, read two pages, check the thread, shitpost, read two pages, etc

same with anime but 2-5 minute intervals

only anki i do without tabbing out

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So this was read as "went home". Is there a different word used for "came home"?

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As core 6k has 車 twice (once for "noun: car" and once for "noun: car, automobile"), should I just delete the former, or am I missing the point / a significant difference?

Also, for other vocab that have multiple cards, would it be a terrible idea for me to put the alternate meanings in parentheses, to avoid having to guess
>did I think of an unlisted answer, expecting it to be on another card, but such a card doesn't actually exist?
>did I forget a meaning for this vocab?

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it's the same word but with a twist

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makes me wonder if the tv crew being there just annoyed them or helped them take their mind of it all a little

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it's too pandery and cringe

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i dont do it as much but with most anime i alt tab at least 2-3 times per ep. with hxh now i can watch like 3 episodes in a row without alt tabbing to anything. wish more anime was this compelling.

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do you subvocalize?

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why wouldn't it be

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Delete core6k and use a kana deck for vocab.

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in newer core decks those have a hint field that disambiguates them. there's notes about the way they use hints on the page for those decks
I don't know why people are still using core2/6k

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ignore this person unless you want to cripple yourself by learning vocab for 3 months and still not knowing how to read 石鹸

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how often do you see that word while reading?

>> No.32523584

saw it yesterday but as 石けん

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Ignore this person unless you want to cripple yourself learning vocab for 2 years just to use N5 kanji in english internet arguments on 4chan.

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saw it last night.
obviously just listing an example though, so that doesn't really matter

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earlier today

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didn't answer the question

>> No.32523688

impossible question, cant tell you how often i see anything

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I finished core3k in less than 3 months and started mining during month 2, regardless it is not particularly hard to learn kanji at the same time as vocabulary. there's no point delaying, you need to do it regardless and it actually makes it easier once you know what sounds tend to correspond to what kanji. often I knew what a word meant by looking at the kanji the first time I saw it

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>using premade decks

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you got enough information to draw a conclusion

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>I don't know why people are still using core2/6k
cause the fucking site in the op is still pushing core 2/6k even 5 years after everyone's said it's shit.

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we should start posting quiz website on the op then
i know i will

>> No.32523812

know i wont

>> No.32523848

dont care

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why do you think its so shit besides the hint part

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verbs and single kanji nouns are the hardest words because you get basically no info on the sounds from them

everything with more than one kanji in it is basically free as long as you know the readings for the dominant radical

>> No.32523942

theres only 1 radical in every kanji

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my yellow feverが!!

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>that armpit

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I mean, I never used core2k but from what I understand:
- hints/dupe removal
- japanese font
- word choice/order/total amount
- pictures iirc? so that you associate jp word with object instead of eng definition


this is mostly true for core words at least, although occasionally you run into goofballs like 流行る. incidentally I've seen 流石 twice in the last two days but it's a lot easier to get used to these oddballs when you don't have to expend effort to recognize regular readings

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>her 脇の下
LMAO what the fuck is going on

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do people really find this woman attractive?

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tor- *shuffles cock in mouth* -ace on

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I haven't done my reps today.

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rage closed that link after her tone deaf ass made my ears bleed

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and once you have the sound the meaning is free

>> No.32524265

heard that song before she sucks at singing it

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havent done mine in like 8 days

>> No.32524331

same but 8 months

>> No.32524347

you can fix the font and remove pictures in under a minute, optimized 2k/6k doesnt have these issues maybe the font idr
>- word choice/order/total amount
十人十色 or whatever i think this part is exaggerated by a lot of people there are way more than 2.3k/3k common/useful words in 6k

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same but in 8 minutes

>> No.32524376

same but 8 hours of reading

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gonna do my reps rn will read later

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not gonna read or rep shit today

>> No.32524493

havent mined in some time and havent read all day

>> No.32524510

gonna shit today

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>remove pictures
>card count
I think this is mostly about when to retire from core and just do mining. personally I felt I was "done" with core by the time I finished it, I wouldn't have wanted to keep going instead of just mining. especially considering like half of core is english katakana and most of the words I didn't already know by that point were business/newspaper words

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Actually, I'll do my reps in 1 hour after watching Dr. Stone!!.

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did you just imply that it takes you 1 hour to watch a 20 minute episode?

>> No.32524680

You forgot having a wank and posting on the 'chon.

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no i found the pictures to be trash and a crutch so i removed them only have hand picked ones on mined cards
>personally I felt I was "done" with core by the time I finished it
finished which deck
>I wouldn't have wanted to keep going instead of just mining.
right so its a matter of preference

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whats the corrects way to write it?

>> No.32524855

if I mined that show I bet it would take me more than that considering all the science words that are never used elsewhere

>> No.32524857

was using this to learn

>> No.32524858

no clue

>> No.32524861

none of those is correct

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oh no i did the quizmaster mistake

>> No.32524885

Doesn't matter, same thing with り

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>> No.32524898

watched the episode earlier only にがり stood out to me and if you watched the first season you should already know that one

>> No.32524991


used core3k, it still had a good number of business words in it. never seen vncore but it sounds good in theory
well, if you're going to give advice then I think it would make sense to pick the thing that's most likely to suit them. that's probably not 2k/6k

>> No.32524994


didn't see this until i watched love live surprisingly lol

>> No.32525000

but how will nips write them?

>> No.32525004

cant believe aika is an old hag in the original
im absolutely gutted

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im not giving advice but when you try to say 2k/6k is objectively shit you kind of are giving advice and i think its a little too presumptuous to act as if your personal preference is some sort of objective metric, i did optimized core6k and
>considering like half of core is english katakana and most of the words I didn't already know by that point were business/newspaper words
doesnt seem reflective of that experience at all, you could shave off maybe 1k-1.5k from it but the rest is definitely useful, leaving that question aside for a moment if you specifically narrow down on useful words there are pros and cons to learning them from a premade deck vs mining them in the beginning and i dont think youre impartially assessing these factors here

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don't care shut up

>> No.32525406

dont make the mistake of thinking you can order me around

>> No.32525511

are you american 4bc?

>> No.32525698

There's no kanji in spoken japanese. Japanese people learn the language in its spoken form as the base and then pick up relevant kanji to suit their needs. They get vastly more listening/speaking practice than they do reading/writing/kanji practice. Schools are justified in having somewhat high emphasis on kanji because they know by context that listening, speaking, kana, and grammar are being practiced naturally by students. JSLs however have less listening/speaking/grammar practice by far and obsess even more on top of kanji on top of it. I won't seriously assert alarmist rhetoric like "crippling" because all exposure is good exposure, but the JSL community has a very unbalanced evaluation of how japanese learning works, and the success rate of japanese study is too low to consider it unquestionably optimal.

Also not knowing a kanji is not a guaranteed obstruction for reading. It's often easy to infer the meaning of the kanji used based on context when you already know the word behind the kanji. Trivia games like >>32523491 where people write a kanji of an arbitrary level with zero context isn't an accurate representation of japanese comprehension.

>> No.32525747

very true

>> No.32525786

there was no kanji

>> No.32525817

spoken like a true noble

>> No.32525840

wish we could go back to simpler times

>> No.32525873

surprised 4bc hasn't fucked his maids
they must be old philipinos or something

>> No.32526065

Relax on 4bc guys we were all retarded at 18

>> No.32526152

dunno i didn't have a trip at 18

>> No.32526280

hololive girl says nigger in japanese

>> No.32526302


The point is, why would you learn こうきゅう by itself when you can easily learn that and 高級 at the same time, probably before you even look at the back of the card? On average it's actually -easier- to go from kanji to sound than it is to go from sound to kanji. It's not like Japanese children don't learn kanji in kindergarten, so telling people not to bother learning it for months makes no sense to me.

Also, in case you are somehow unable to tell, 石鹸 and 高級 aren't important somehow, they are examples. You could rewrite that sentence saying "spend 3 months learning vocabulary and not actually be able to recognize more than half of the words in an average tweet"

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>> No.32526364

I've seen it both ways, but left is faster and more common

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wish that were me

>> No.32526477

use a 教科書体 font

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>> No.32526672


Also let's be real, most people here have already picked up a lot of words via audio from watching English subbed anime for years. Might as well save time and just get to the kanji especially for those words, which would be too many to list

>> No.32526823

could you stop writing essays in djt you fucking autist nobody cares

>> No.32526844

>The point is, why would you learn こうきゅう by itself when you can easily learn that and 高級 at the same time, probably before you even look at the back of the card?
Time, attention, and memory aren't a limitless resource. Any mental resources spent on a kanji is resources not spent learning your next piece of vocab, or other skills like listening, speaking, and grammar.
>On average it's actually -easier- to go from kanji to sound than it is to go from sound to kanji.
Easier=/=Better. Kanji can easily become a crutch in many ways, which is part of why JSLs get so addicted to it. They train themselves to recognize meanings based on symbols and use that to aid recalling words, then are fucked when they have to actually have a conversation. Kanji gives a false sense of success by turning japanese from a language into a picture-recognition minigame.
>It's not like Japanese children don't learn kanji in kindergarten,
Japanese children have years of listening experience that you don't, and do 12 hours of listening practice per day that you don't.

>> No.32526905

words that are in vncore but not core6k that i did not know or could not read:
若し 積り 所為 確り 嘗める 丁度 煩い 亀頭 堪る 掌 漸と 最早
伯父 台詞 仮令 其々 懸命 太腿 揉む 切ない 愛撫 因みに

>> No.32526932

Hobbyists have even less reason to study kanji because they're not going to use 90% or kanji nor going to do 10% as much reading as a student or office worker.

>> No.32527167

亀頭 ftw

>> No.32527175

>can mean this time
>can also mean next time
>can also mean last time
What the fuck is this gay shit

>> No.32527271

you're in for a big surprise when you learn that japanese is a heavily contextual language

>> No.32527294

thought it was いまだび

>> No.32527347


Well, of course time is limited, and kanji learning is more efficient if you want to get to a point where you can comprehend actual input earlier instead of looking at anki cards.
>They train themselves to recognize meanings based on symbols and use that to aid recalling words, then are fucked when they have to actually have a conversation.
What's your evidence for this statement? The actual reason for this is simply that people don't practice output (because it's limited in usefulness/potentially damaging if you don't have someone to "grade" it.) And that applies to most people who learn this language. This also applies to kanji, incidentally -- even though you see 以 all the time I bet most learners wouldn't be able to write it correctly if you asked them. You're using different parts of your brain when you try to produce words from your own context rather than interpret them. And whether you learn kanji or learn only hiragana for some reason, you'll have that problem.

So. Subjectively, I think having experience with kanji greases the wheels of the output process. But that's just me, I have no way to prove that. What I CAN say objectively is that it's a lot easier (accessibility-wise) to find a Japanese person to converse with through text than it is to find one through voice.

>> No.32527354

kondo you fuck dup kondo try to do it like this and kondo you will do better

>> No.32527492


yeah well I don't care about you blogging about local ecelebs or your favorite meme of the day, so deal with it


what is this hobbyist planning to do exactly? if they plan to never read a Japanese word in their life they can MAYBE get by through watching raw anime, but they won't have the patience to get far enough to do that, and they won't have the benefit of JP subs either. they won't be able to read anything in games or ESPECIALLY a VN. if they patient enough to stick with it then there's no real reason to delay kanji

>> No.32527506

this is the e celeb thread dickhead

>> No.32527619

does vncore really have them written like that lol
never seen やっと in kanji actually google ime doesn't even show it

>> No.32527724

most of them aren't written like that in core3k except for 確り, probably new for vncore
also is 懸命 even unusual? I think I've usually seen it written as yojijukugo

>> No.32527806


yes i would kekkonsuru misa

>> No.32527908

just ate

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>> No.32528011

i see いつでもどうぞ a lot, unfortunately i haven't caught an itudemoiiyo yet

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>> No.32528095

Kanji is the evidence itself. You cannot "read" kanji by design, you have to recognize it. Kanji cannot even be called reading because you're not using a set of phonetic symbols to build a meaning, but instead using an arbitrary and predefined symbol with the meaning understood ahead of time. It is fundamentally disconnected from the process of speaking or listening to japanese, and fundamentally inapplicable to it, unlike kana. Japanese people get away with using it because they use foundational japanese much more than kanji in the first place, but when JSLs do it they're quite literally learning japanese in reverse.

But who really knows. Language-learning is pure pseudoscience anyway. The only thing I will say with certainty is that rather than trying to "learn japanese™" in a universal sense people should just practice the thing they want to use it for. If it's anime and other audio entertainment then listening practice should be the majority, if it's reading then reading should be the majority. Learning anything from a language that you won't have a use for is just wasting your time because your mind WILL discard it from underuse and the wasted time will damage your own motivation to keep going on top of slowing you down in general.

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>> No.32528188


>> No.32528305

itu demo ii zoi

>> No.32528448

paipan sucks

>> No.32528463

alright I'm going to the hololive general now if anyone needs me

>> No.32528479

and stay out

>> No.32528527

you don't know japanese

>> No.32528546

sex wo taberu

>> No.32528587


Reading isn't that strictly defined, if writing is coding then reading is decoding. In actuality though when I look at kanji I think of the phonetic reading first and then adjust if I realize it's an "exception." Reading 素人 I often first saw it as su...jin? and then when that doesn't instantly make sense my brain goes into the exception folder and finds しろうと. It's not really that much different from what would happen if you were learning English and saw wind, read it as north wind, but then you realize it's actually wind-up toy.

I could see the danger of learning kanji through RTK that doesn't teach readings until later, but I never did that. I did a kanji study method that taught readings immediately and I would think of 線 first as せん and then remember that that means line.

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don't learn kanji bro the japanese don't even use it dude

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the only thing that keeps me going is seeing the same kind of analogies repeated by the same several turds for years and years.

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best suiyoubi in a long time especially the second 説 with デーモン

>> No.32529042

would be funny if japan imported millions of feral niggers that went around raping and stealing everything

>> No.32529045

okay so im a nub who was trying to use google translate to learn all my vocabulary. the problem is I can't figure out what means what...

like ぼく translates to "i" and ぼくわ to "i am" but わ alone translates to "wow" or "sum"... how does it add the "am" to ぼくわ? is it just that characters take on total different meanings in different contexts?

I'm really new and guess I should stop using google and find a realiable Anki deck though. or even just find out how to use the program.

>> No.32529111

Learning a language is like eating shit: it sucks

>> No.32529113


>> No.32529114

this is the intermediate thread

>> No.32529117

it would be funny to see the excuses people come up with

>> No.32529199

they already have its called roppongi

>> No.32529217


>> No.32529223

didn't ask you nigger

>> No.32529238

roppongi is legit man, love it there

>> No.32529366


The effects will vary based on the person, but it's undeniable that kanji changes the type, quantity, and order in which information is transmitted. Speaking, listening, and kana share the commonality that you are given a sequence of sounds, which you have to then derive meaning from. Kanji specifically does not give you a sequence of sounds (alluded to in your own post about ambiguities reading 素人), but it does inject additional information about tied to the character itself into the text. Precisely because it's fundamentally different from how the rest of the language transmits information, I'm suspicious of the common practice of lumping it in with something as foundational to language comprehension as vocabulary acquisition, especially for people completely new to the language.

>> No.32529405

shut the fuck up

>> No.32529422

fuck off already you two fucking faggots

>> No.32529467

can the angry dude chill out lol

>> No.32529476

Current: #2658

Previous threads:
>>32498804 (#2657)
>>32483224 (#2656)
>>32465313 (#2655)
>>32447068 (#2654)

>> No.32529521


>> No.32529544
File: 246 KB, 696x654, 1608724908045.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32529589

Maybe. #2655 being skipped hasn't been fixed in an OP yet.

>> No.32529590

lol looks like she smoking a little chode blunt

>> No.32529634


>> No.32529641

it'd be funny making them realize firsthand that whites are actually extremely delicate with blacks and actually institutionally discriminate against whites in favor of blacks and videos and pics of supposed negative discrimination are cherry picked and/or evidence of positive discrimination and then a portion of the japanese population sympathizes with racism against whites in the west and they let whites set up a white country on some random deserted japanese island and it becomes a japanese puppet

>> No.32529662


>> No.32529702


>> No.32529719

holy based

>> No.32529739

btw 02 was @62

>> No.32529741

video of mini rapists final moments, rest in piss

>> No.32529776

no based

>> No.32529795

bruh i think he really might be gone
dont think hes posted at all since the bombing happened

>> No.32529823

is there a reason to not reduce your max interval on anki to like a year or something? even if you had 40000 words which is high native level speaker you would only have 110ish reviews per day. and at 20000 words (although you could drop anki by that point) you'd have 55 reviews per day.

>> No.32529854


>> No.32529960
File: 368 KB, 1024x576, 1711.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.32530007

bruh that's so fucked up bruh

>> No.32530025

i'll play celebration by kool and the gang and sip on a cold one to mark the occasion

>> No.32530045


Do you have a realistic way to measure word count other than putting every word you know in anki?

>> No.32530059

bruh wtf...

>> No.32530073

say bruh again

>> No.32530079

real bruh moment

>> No.32530082


>> No.32530106


>> No.32530137

No, you'd know how many words you have in Anki and could maybe estimate you know 10-15 percent more than that number. But the point of saying 20000 is that that number is pretty excessive. You could likely just use context and the occasional dictionary reference

>> No.32530207

god mudslimes are so cringe

>> No.32530267


>> No.32530281
File: 324 KB, 800x600, 27-129.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.32530311

Lol so freakin random

>> No.32530328

i liked that shows animation

>> No.32530342


>> No.32530402
File: 44 KB, 657x657, thes is bad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i learn 80 wors a day and forgot 30 the next day, i am retarded?

>> No.32530405
File: 39 KB, 739x640, 1593217122389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

looks like mini yogurt got dabbed on lmfao

>> No.32530478

fags in my thread

>> No.32530527

maybe u should learn 50 new words so then you forget 0

>> No.32530546


>> No.32530552


>> No.32530633

read this post as i was eating a banana so i tried sucking it like a dick and i can imagine why people enjoy doing it so yea prolly a bit of a fag me

>> No.32530660


>> No.32530676

if u slide a banana in and out of ur mouth and pop a boner ur fuckin gay

>> No.32530683

post your stats

>> No.32530766


>> No.32530781

what are the chances that the goatfucker got killed in the explosion

>> No.32530849

pretty low considering the number of people in shitraq and the fact that he's obviously rich by local standards so less reason to be out and about on foot like that

>> No.32530938
File: 69 KB, 1241x934, Screenshot_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its worst that i thought

>> No.32531031
File: 1.35 MB, 974x761, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32531061

ok this is epic

>> No.32531078

fucking baaaaaaased

>> No.32531090


>> No.32531094

try not missing days all the time and doing random new card amounts. maybe do no new cards for a week to recover, then just do 10-15 a day for a few weeks to get used to it

>> No.32531112

if u translated that shit faithfully no1 woulda remembered that show

>> No.32531156

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNbk5eHSNsY fuck fuck fuck bros shes just speaking my shit languange why im feeling things

>> No.32531172

you shouldn't be doing more than 100 reviews a day

>> No.32531173

dont give a fuck

>> No.32531181

if u watch vtubers i wish it was u who got blown to pieces in the middle of the street no cap

>> No.32531206


>> No.32531224

nono amigo los esl me causan compasion inmediata

>> No.32531261

do you wanna blow me?

>> No.32531270

can I become a /djt/ personality?
I finished Core9k yet I've never read a sentence more complex than NHK easy news

I'm the eternal dekinai, nice to meet you

>> No.32531285

nah find a more interesting gimmick

>> No.32531301
File: 354 KB, 456x425, 1591645688328.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.32531314

wish it were people who say no cap that got blown up no kapp

>> No.32531332

cause you have a very low iq

>> No.32531350

how do random indes have better 3d models than hololive who has billions in investment money, but have janky clipping models that look like shit

>> No.32531355

no me importa

>> No.32531365

urethra's on fire

>> No.32531367
File: 168 KB, 1146x2048, EsK09AhVcAcqTyV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you can do whatever you want here, we actually love each other here...

>> No.32531387

that doesnt sound good

>> No.32531390

stfu pig

>> No.32531396

miss dunce guy so much. he was such a bro

>> No.32531423

jodete espanol secundo lenguage
no, me importa

>> No.32531426

just stoppin by to wish blessings upon my high iq brethren

>> No.32531438


>> No.32531439


>> No.32531454

it's hard to top being a Russian rape baby that got bored of having sex with his girlfriend because he masturbates too muchy

>> No.32531472

every one here is a mexican?

>> No.32531479

that happens if you don't piss or drink too much water b4 jerking it

>> No.32531487

u sound like you've got the main requirement of being a dumb retard down pat so i dont see why not

>> No.32531497

my iq is only 119

>> No.32531500

kys samefag

>> No.32531515

sory lil fella not today

>> No.32531523

man i'm telling you the 2020 and 2021 set of djt namefags are so fucking terrible. things were better when djt was ruled by moe, jamal, and quiz

>> No.32531531

What is jamal's gimmick?

It can't be just "being a bigger"

I'm also black but I don't style on others because of it

Jamal's probably a small dick weeb Black nerd

Im actually way more of a bigger than he is.
I've snorted coke before just so I could mine 100 cards a day

Those days were the fucking best

Snort some coke, do some reps, watch some subbed anime
Fuck yeah

>> No.32531536
File: 1.87 MB, 500x463, 187524.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32531537

this shit is expensive as fuck you can bet that they either are rich or burned their savings/ got a loan.
hololive releases like 5 per gen and then there are costumes and shit
not feasible

>> No.32531565

miss the kanafag

>> No.32531575


>> No.32531587

is this a haiku?

>> No.32531600

miss some of my personalities that ive retired cause the gimmick got old

>> No.32531641

sounds exhausting

>> No.32531649

i don't

>> No.32531676

came across this today 多重人格

>> No.32531679

it's already time those old farts graduated from /djt/ already

It's fucking pathetic to try and be a part of a language learning community when you're already fluent just so you can style on the noobs

If you're already fluent you should GET OUT
If you're fluent and you're not a language influencer like Matt you don't belong in /djt/

>> No.32531687

think i'm a mereological nihilist (learned this from a william lane craig interview)

>> No.32531714
File: 201 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0149.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my dopamine

>> No.32531716
File: 88 KB, 951x761, 1583232105483.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are we adopting or discarding?

>> No.32531752

you dont believe in weather?

>> No.32531760

Imagine being a 30 year old aikido black belt but hanging around an elementary schools dojo even though you're not an instructor
You look like a motherfucking creeper

That's how pathetic old farts like Jamal and Queefmaster look like

>> No.32531762

but even the ojisan vtuber from a few years ago made his own model that was pretty good. and he worked part time in a konbini. less resources back then too. i think cover is just incompetent but everyone knows that

>> No.32531780

i believe we assign properties to arrangements of fundamental particles but i also believe we're genetically programmed to recognize arrangements in some way. so in a sense yea in a sense no

>> No.32531789

what happened to bunko

>> No.32531791

V2 scheduler or not for core2k?

>> No.32531799

Drop the schizo talk, buddy

>> No.32531804

hope he od'd

>> No.32531816

I recommend Core9k
It's what I did

>> No.32531835

imagine thinking theres a reason to suddenly start tryhard posting itt lmao

>> No.32531841


>> No.32531891

imagine caring

>> No.32531907

Your time is over, old fart

>> No.32531922

>old farts like queef
what are you 12?

>> No.32531930


>> No.32531933

No time, you missed the question though

>> No.32531967

dame his samefaggin is more pathetic than yogurt

>> No.32531988


>> No.32531995

op op savior

>> No.32532011

crazy long rainbow

>> No.32532021

rippin some proper stinky ass bros

>> No.32532026



>> No.32532034


>> No.32532052

every fart from the queef is new

>> No.32532070

People that call Queefmaster "quizmaster" are obviously himself samefagging or his friends

Everyone should call him by his true name, Queefmaster

>> No.32532076

yeah thread's gone to the dogs im outski

>> No.32532077

yesss love that specific video seen it a lot

>> No.32532096
File: 48 KB, 894x894, 1583739717018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>man i'm telling you the 2020 and 2021 set of djt namefags are so fucking terrible. things were better when djt was ruled by moe, jamal, and quiz

>> No.32532115
File: 202 KB, 629x147, Screenshot_6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32532118

still is cunt

>> No.32532121

no big fat honkers in the thumbnail no click

>> No.32532125

thanks for the faith dude. i dont even lift though. never uhh, 'ganbatte' or whatever.

but i get it though, it takes more effort than i can imagine and that's whats intimidating.

you guys aren't newb friendly though i guess these threads are just for the OP link resources

>> No.32532150

theres more to obsess about than bodies

>> No.32532181

I could probably read more complicated stuff if I wanted to but I don't care

I just like doing Anki reps

>> No.32532211

well i hope u write something entertaining before u burn urself out

>> No.32532214


>> No.32532230

You pretending to be a /djt/ noob yet you posting all in lowercase like a dog

Get exposed, jackass

>> No.32532236

what happens when you hate both?

>> No.32532262

That's fucking right I said it

If your posts are entirely in lowercase you're a dog that can't think for yourself

I'm not a clown. I'm not here to entertain you, dog

>> No.32532273

learn english

>> No.32532288

what you think doesnt matter
you dont matter

>> No.32532303

How can you hate doing Anki reps?

It's the most relaxing thing I do everyday (besides taking a shit)

>> No.32532304

now you get it

>> No.32532334

Lmao, imagine writing proper English in fucking 4chan

You're a dog
Bow to your master's Jamal and Queefmaster

>> No.32532371

If you're gonna be a passive aggressive little bitch at least have the courage to quote me you dog

>> No.32532393


>> No.32532395

love the concept but hate the execution.. memorization like that isnt for everyone

>> No.32532428

kill yourself nigger

>> No.32532441


When it's gotten up to 9 people, there's no point in not adding more/me/that person? I think. Dunno the context

>> No.32532501

White cuckold
I could ravish your anus with my God black cock but I won't do that because your tranny ass would like it and you would keep begging me to fuck your ass with my big black cock you cuck

>> No.32532511
File: 99 KB, 675x372, reviews.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bros..? its getting quite difficult.

>> No.32532514

stfu og you worthless whore

>> No.32532520

lol copied

>> No.32532539


>> No.32532540

you just posted cringe bro

>> No.32532552

stop posting these they arent interesting

>> No.32532612
File: 338 KB, 557x385, 1610167106762.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What would be the benefit to grinding core 2/4/6/8 whateverthefuck decks when you can just rep out the first 2 tango decks in a couple of months instead and get right to mining? the amount of words forgotten and time wasted would be demotivating for me.

>> No.32532671

Sentence decks are for cuckolds

Words decks OR BUST

>> No.32532701

false dichotomy

>> No.32532728

that wasn't even me. i sincerely dont know how google tranlsate works like it does. i just started learning to write katakana. and im afraid to ask any further questions now because of risk of hostility.

although being called a 'dog' really isn't that bad. have any cute head pat pics?

>> No.32532749

Just because it's not interesting doesn't mean he should not post it

/djt/ isn't here to entertain you, faggot
We're not 9gag

You want to be entertained go over to reddit or funnyjunk
Go watch some tiktoks, zoomie

We're a fucking language learning community

Whats important is that we fucking stick together on this journey

>> No.32532753


>> No.32532777

you are an unfunny piece of shit never reply to me again and dont ever call yourself "we" uppercaser trash

>> No.32532814

I mean, don't you think it would be appropriate to grind sentences in the very beginning? (~3months) I did that and thought it helped me get used to sentences before I started mining. after that I started using QM cards

>> No.32532852

I'm gonna say it again, zoomie

I'm not trying to be funny
I'm not a fucking clown, retard

I'm way more /djt/ than you, lowercase

You don't even know who started the whole lowercase bullshit because your a monkey, monkey see monkey do

Protip, the guy that started the lowercase movement is a fucking tranny

>> No.32532886

nta but kys

>> No.32532903

you are trying to be funny you make the same attention whoring shit posts every day and no one cares and its not funny because youre a woman

>> No.32532913

When your a beginner it's ok, but 3 months is too much, your gonna see a fuctkton of sentence patterns in less than a month if you do reps at least an hour a day

That's.more than enough to start mining

>> No.32532952

Not trying to be funny
Stop quoting me, special ed retard

>> No.32532962

blow me esl bitch

>> No.32532963


>> No.32533015
File: 34 KB, 335x500, 41nvkwg1GCL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.32533028

just did core 20k in one day

>> No.32533048

Correction, im ETL

While you're struggling to learn your first foreign language in already on my way to learning my third one

Bitch nigga

>> No.32533084
File: 119 KB, 1280x720, tfw this will never be you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32533099

never thought i would stoop so low as to filter someone forgive me bros

>> No.32533102


>> No.32533103


>> No.32533105

kisu site ne

>> No.32533131

youre forgiven just this once

>> No.32533175

I'm not letting you bitches filter me

I will start using a random name generator if you bitches try to silence me

>> No.32533187

post the cap with the text

>> No.32533198

son of a biscuit box

>> No.32533238


>> No.32533244

imagine pretending this dekinai namefag is any worse than jamal or qm.

>> No.32533259

who are you

>> No.32533337

do u think hes just finally fuckin snapped bc he hasnt learned japanese lol

>> No.32533390

i dont think anything cuz he doesnt matter

>> No.32533416

imagine caring

>> No.32533431
File: 222 KB, 850x1195, 1611196754102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32533436

is it nuke?

>> No.32533641

nah nukes prob pretty happy about life right now

>> No.32533663

is it cuz he quit japnese lol

>> No.32533714

no its cuz his number 1 source of displeasure in life is no longer the president of the united states

>> No.32533747


>> No.32533783

fmab is so shit it made him quit

>> No.32533852

> 覗かれたい

>> No.32533857

oh shit nuke actually quit again lmfao

>> No.32533903

just looked at his r*ddit history real sad to see

>> No.32534424

wanna fuck a syojo wearing a maid outfit bros...

>> No.32534608

finna read doe

>> No.32534678
File: 1.06 MB, 1056x892, fake blindfold.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

(only ciaran answer)
how do I get good at reading hard shit?

>> No.32534701

read more of it

>> No.32534741

kys howard

>> No.32534775


>> No.32534783

kys frag

>> No.32534788
File: 214 KB, 717x214, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LOL wtf

>> No.32534796

howard will be a coward when i'm through with him

>> No.32534798
File: 40 KB, 340x340, mion hyde.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no u

>> No.32534879

when youre advanced level which im at

>> No.32534939
File: 191 KB, 1242x1230, 1587528126023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone know some comfy JP radio channels to tune into from the net? I've found that I like listening to JP radio passively on my phone (through apps) but most of the channels I've tuned into kind of suck. Would be nice to find a jazz discussion station or an older, warm-voiced guy to relax to.

>> No.32534942

discord babbies coming to the thread to ask the king their babby questions

>> No.32534994


>> No.32534996
File: 50 KB, 733x528, firefox_81rcYTI3tc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32535013

should i put my anime on bcachefs

>> No.32535024

*hits spacebar*

>> No.32535086

*holds spacebar*

>> No.32535112

more like munen...

>> No.32535118

*shits myself* oh sorry dear that was a quite pungenT OHHHH GOD *shits smelly diarrhea down your esophagus* sorry reading japanese just gets me going yknow

>> No.32535148


>> No.32535208

dunno what to read

>> No.32535215

frag more like fag haha

>> No.32535280


>> No.32535310


>> No.32535434

how do you write ciaran in katakana

>> No.32535461


>> No.32535468


>> No.32535497

matt? more like maggot

>> No.32535521

iyaaaaa tanoshkatttazeeeee

>> No.32535608

i thought it had a k sound

>> No.32535634

coincididentally some of the weed falls through
thats how you get good

>> No.32535670

if you know japanese you know what im talking about

>> No.32535680


>> No.32535726

we need new material
jamal can you stream this weekend

>> No.32535733


>> No.32535772

there was no no

>> No.32535784

*clears throat*

*nervously looks around the room*


>> No.32535810

kOUgo de wa so

>> No.32535984

if im allowed to cope

>> No.32536042

yaku ni tati desu

>> No.32536050

haven't immersed in a while so i won't sound as good as usual

>> No.32536091

its ok just stream

>> No.32536105

iya da wa

>> No.32536115

do you want me to stream knight scoop?

>> No.32536173

the second thing is the lil n sound

>> No.32536178

youkosoooo waatashi no youtube chanerruuu ee kyou no douga bideo

>> No.32536295

can you stream a vn

>> No.32536356

i just understand it

>> No.32536429

never read a vn never will

>> No.32536480

how about an anime with jsubs

>> No.32536495

what are you gonna do about it?

>> No.32536569

peppa pig?

>> No.32536598

cmon man pick something good

>> No.32536640

ive got 90% comprehension and if i add another 500 morphs im getting up to 95% comprehension

>> No.32536687

i wanna man

>> No.32536691

i thought i knew
the te-form
but i didn't know
the te-form

>> No.32536698

How about girls und panzer?

>> No.32536721

to this day i dont know what a fuckin morph is

>> No.32536749

btw get out of my thread

>> No.32536767

all that matters is how many of them you know

>> No.32536802


>> No.32536848
File: 98 KB, 1280x720, 1577137929124.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32536917

its very hard to disprove that mia doesnt work

>> No.32536940

heaven use

>> No.32536967
File: 1.40 MB, 918x590, 1589417318944.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.32537046

ni toshi ee kumi

>> No.32537101
File: 73 KB, 460x131, coollogo_com-95641635.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.32537180
File: 888 KB, 1125x1088, image0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32537209

ijiban atui
itipan atui hOon

>> No.32537309


>> No.32537322

toiretto paapaa

>> No.32537439

if you can stand it for a few months it will help tremendously

>> No.32537544

no it wont

>> No.32537602

if you were fluent in the concepts just in this song alone it would take you light years ahead

>> No.32537606

sigh theres just not enough nekopara content in this gayass world

>> No.32537636

yo no naka no mono wa, toutotsu ni kawaru toki ga aru. otoko mo onna mo, otona mo kodomo mo. otousan datte nikai kawatta hito ga iru.

>> No.32537652

well if im allowed to cope

>> No.32537680

you may

>> No.32537694

havent read it cuz idk what ill do when its over

>> No.32537741

here is the cheat sheet

>> No.32537870


>> No.32537876

Y’ever just understand Japanese? Good shit.

>> No.32537878

>not higeo

>> No.32537967


>> No.32537979

*scrolls through posts*
all shit

>> No.32537998

missed one haha *blasts diarrhea in your face*

>> No.32538071
File: 159 KB, 861x1200, EBxaZeWUwAEnWlB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what you think uh

>> No.32538075

what use would blasting diarrhea in my face serve while im swimming in the septic tank

>> No.32538097

think you should come up with a better gimmick or post this shit on >>>/int/

>> No.32538102


>> No.32538125

would eat threw a wall of shit just to suck the dick the had fucked her

>> No.32538130

btw get out of my thread

>> No.32538173

kys faggot dont ever reply to me

>> No.32538179


>> No.32538226

woudl fuck

>> No.32538354
File: 304 KB, 404x1029, easy line.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you read this basic bitch line in a baby isekai LN? Sure would be embarrassing if you couldn't...

>> No.32538415

whenever somebody posts some shit screenshot like this they always think, can others read it? but they never think, do others want to read it?

>> No.32538431

my dopamine

>> No.32538440

im not emersing in chinese so no

>> No.32538443

very true

>> No.32538457

dont care

>> No.32538489


>> No.32538535


>> No.32538644

itiban tuyoi gaijin ni naritai kana

>> No.32538717

watasi no kata ni

>> No.32538784

kimi no koto suki da yo

>> No.32538859

I mean real talk, I posted it as a meme, but it's quite clearly Buddhist sutras and anyone who has spent some time with the language should instantly recognize them as such even if they can't actually remember the reading

>> No.32538864


>> No.32538880

ay yo yo watasi wa geeei

>> No.32538900
File: 2.92 MB, 1280x720, MIAA-322.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32538919


>> No.32538937

woa dude my dopainnee

>> No.32538946

do jp yuyushiki subs exist? checked itazura/kitsu and nothing

>> No.32539003

wanna ride a sinkansen

>> No.32539007

finna read tsukihime bros

>> No.32539021
File: 371 B, 53x32, temp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can still read it but small fonts are cursed
guess it gives insight on what parts of a kanji are considered important for recognition though

>> No.32539025

have u read fate

>> No.32539035

where do you get the vn's from? help out a newfag

>> No.32539046

nyaa sukebei

>> No.32539051

the internet prolly

>> No.32539148

you struggling with that shit? wtf

>> No.32539153

cant get based guy out of my head fuck

>> No.32539156

sometimes i feel like i'm just talking to spambots here

>> No.32539169

been thinkin about it myself but fate made me need a long break from nasu

>> No.32539178

same but foot up ass guy

>> No.32539186

is there any way to play eroge on android like emulating windows or smt

>> No.32539197

no, stop cooming

>> No.32539218


>> No.32539326

keep emersing and itll come naturally

>> No.32539339
File: 190 KB, 995x1113, 1575608613614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.32539353

damn matt really let himself go after the breakup

>> No.32539367

if u dont use an iphone ur ngmi

>> No.32539379

dont dab on poorfags

>> No.32539411

literally every broke nigger in the hood here in atlanta has a new iphone though

>> No.32539462

youre obviously a broke nigger yourself if youre in close enough contact with them to observe what model phones they use

>> No.32539466

and they sure as hell didnt buy those

>> No.32539491

you're obviously a retard if you don't understand how close the rich parts of atlanta are to the poor parts and how poor people go everywhere to hang out and smoke weed and be niggers all day
you'd be surprised what they get on welfare

>> No.32539503

hey guys can you read this


>> No.32539511

berybery kyuuto

>> No.32539533
File: 716 KB, 2246x1080, Screenshot_2020-12-19-18-19-55-894_com.google.chromeremotedesktop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

chrome remote desktop kinda does the job

>> No.32539535

heeey guuuuuuys

>> No.32539536

yeah it says fucking end yourself idiot

>> No.32539556

Crazy how mine and ogs menstrual cycles synced up

>> No.32539559

dont u have other things to do like fake posting as bunko

>> No.32539560

>giving money to companies that support faggotry
lmao ngmi also going to hellllllll

>> No.32539576

hell isnt real

>> No.32539599

this is why i only eat at chick fil a

>> No.32539607

this is what (((they))) want you to believe

>> No.32539619

based i got some earlier yeah i am fat what about it

>> No.32539647

never seen a chick fil a before

>> No.32539659

hey guys gonna draw hentai now any suggestions?

>> No.32539680
File: 449 KB, 1920x1080, 1538353313190.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32539709
File: 1.67 MB, 960x720, 1580876827141.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here you go buddy

>> No.32539710

chick fil cum yeah im based what about it

>> No.32539722



>> No.32539735

how do you learn to draw hentai

>> No.32539748

i meant in my vicinity lol

>> No.32539751

gothic lolita stepping on my dick til i coom

>> No.32539759

u got issues

>> No.32539781

no u

>> No.32539789

wtf my yomichan isn't picking this up wtf this isn't a real word wtf

>> No.32539798

india was here on this thread

>> No.32539810

Yeah alright ouch

>> No.32539835

hoverfags destroyed!!!

>> No.32539856

wish i could draw my own fap material

>> No.32539878


>> No.32539880
File: 2.86 MB, 1280x720, ea2012b89ea5def1.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32539905


>> No.32539910

just drew a picture of a nigger

>> No.32539933

i thought about playing a prank to my friends i would pick kanjis and mix them with the zodiacal signs and then teach them as if they were kanji lmao they fell for it and got so confused lmao this is how i wished it to go but in reallity they pointed hey this is aries not lmao

>> No.32539952


>> No.32539958
File: 55 KB, 673x448, eeeeeeeeee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>about to start my reps

forget it... i can't fucking concentrate like this

>> No.32539997

You should have told them where do you think zodiactology comes from china

>> No.32540059

what you write like shit

>> No.32540114

hang in there bro it will never get better

>> No.32540155

my pillow stinks from me sitting on it throught anki reps, thank god it has two sides

>> No.32540162

Omae ni iwaretakunai desu

>> No.32540185

why are you farting in your blanket

>> No.32540273

what's wrong? it's just a matome site with a bunch of links to actual sources.
add me https://myanimelist.net/profile/tatsumoto_ren
no, the site contains harmful advice. i'm currently working on a replacement guide.

>> No.32540304

wow yoghurt san buji datta

>> No.32540346

yup can't wait for japanese beginners guide no. 999999999 this one will be a real breakthrough for sure

>> No.32540379

did this dumbass nigger just reply to a 16 hour old post

>> No.32540388

yea dis gonna be baaaaaaaased

>> No.32540406

based 強姦yogurt

>> No.32540417

16 hours is small

>> No.32540421

i posted yet another addon update just yesterday.

>> No.32540449

neighbours are fighting again

>> No.32540457

why cant u pass the n1 quiz after 2000 hours of anki

>> No.32540498

is your neighbours wife hot

>> No.32540540

their daughter is

>> No.32540561


>> No.32540576

don't care

>> No.32540617

if you move to japan you could end up losing your native language(english)


i have a relative who moved to italy when he was 15. he's now 30 and can't speak english. he lost his ability to speak english

>> No.32540637
File: 2 KB, 201x76, 1555644955071.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i passed it already.

Just wanted to say big thanks for using the Paste Images As WebP Anki add-on. I've read the latest reviews on AnkiWeb and I'm going to work on features you asked for.

Download the current version: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1151815987

If you have more suggestions or bug reports, join the official DJT study room https://chat.tchncs.de/#/room/#djt:g33k.se

>> No.32540685

it doesn't happen with english because english media is everywhere and you will definitely continue to consume english media no matter where you live

>> No.32540692

this only happen to npc who have limited disk space

>> No.32540698

well if you don't use it you can lose it, but you can still remember basics. i took french in school and sure ive forgotten a lot, but i still know how to pronounce their fucked up words and read most of it (because of its roman roots that it shares with english)

>> No.32540781


>> No.32540786

pass it on quizs server in front of everyone

>> No.32540833

read https://tatsumoto-ren.github.io/blog/how-to-save-the-japanese-learning-community.html
i'll do it on his matrix server but i don't think he has one.

>> No.32540879

well i am retarded but also french is boring

why learn french when you can learn latin and understand/guesstimate many languages all at once

>> No.32540906


I said I can read it, I just thought it's funny what a mess they turn into

>> No.32540917

ok i may be more stoned than a fucking quarry but if you don't appreciate this fucking artistry you don't deserve to learn japanese

>> No.32540995


are you not aware that discord has a web version or what

>> No.32541034

the web version is malware.
grow some balls and register a matrix account.

>> No.32541061

imagine clicking on any link quiz posts

>> No.32541114


there is a difference between spyware and malware, and I'd hesitate to call it spyware anyway when all it can see is whether I can pass a cursive japanese quiz. it can't see anything done outside of the program unless you use the desktop app

>> No.32541122

seek help

>> No.32541148

this but she keeps her shoes on

>> No.32541203
File: 29 KB, 576x303, 20210108_114916.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

haha 4:20

maybe i join you, i have nothing better to do right now

>> No.32541208

>a cursive japanese quiz
the quiz bot is libre software, it's source code is posted on github, so it's not malware. and you don't need discord to use it.

>> No.32541214


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