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Pizza dad Con Te Partiro cover please.

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looking forward to not watching apex for a while

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Looking forward to another 100 kill endurance stream from astel

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rip all the aunties, he got an asmr mic

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the duality of man

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If its with Kamaneko it will be worth the watch. The last one gave us Grand Theft Apex

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Oh no, this is dangerous

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temma hitman

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Honestly I hope he just stays with his NY outfit forever. I think it's way better than his original

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Temma has harvested the power of Kaze no Sakana

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Is there a reason why Izuru and Astel have such a gap in subscribers? Just asking because their content seems similar, and Astel seems to have a lot more conversation around him, but the numbers don't reflect that at all. Is it literally just because Astel doesn't archive his singing stuff, or did something give Izuru a boost?

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Izuru can't handle EOP.

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Izuru debuted first and used to be the most subscribed star early on. He continues to be popular because of his design, voice, song covers and frequent guitar streams.

Astel came at a later gen and his design was a hard filter for a lot of people, making him the least subscribed star for a long time. He only started gaining traction after the first APEX tournament, which is also around the time he started doing more karaoke streams which have been giving him a hard boost.

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oh fuck

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Izuru and Rikka were the only ones who pump out Song Covers.
and Covers tend to give more subscribers.

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Astel membership when....

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I like it, it has such a clean, white middle that's fitting his smugness somewhat and very invitng for stomach punching. Hypothetically of course haha

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patrician taste

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Many thing combined like anons said and don't forgot the current Astel's been through a lot of growth in both personalities and contens. He's quite different from when he started.

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You could not have picked a less threatening picture

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too soon

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holopro stands together

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You're going to far.

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He's getting better

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I've never seen a team lose so happily while pretending to cry. I love Roberu and his Hyena brothers

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this video just kept getting better from start to finish, man i cant wait to catch up on all these KSN clips

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I think that is mostly thanks to Astel design. Being gen 2 is not really a excuse when Roberu is the most suscribed star. And they do have pretty much the same content, maybe if astel archieved more singing streams he could get a boost.
Actually thinking about it, the number that Izuru has it's really good if you consider the fact that he never had the collab boost, he is the only star that has never collabed with the girls or other vtuber (besides two covers that he had with a vtuber with less than 10k subs).

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Meika is posts clips on his channel pretty often, so it's a good place to start.

Aside from the unarchived utawakus, don't forget that Izuru also has more covers than Astel, both solo and as part of RizNote.

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Love it when they found out that they are on 15th rank

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Isnt Astel used to only streams his unarchieved utawaku on his twitcast? That also could be a factor

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Roberu Infliction. I know it's a fucking kusoge, but then again you just watch it for his reactions anyway.

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Was that supposed to be a ghost?

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Roberu please... I'm begging you... don't squeak like that in that outfit while playing this damn kusoge... I'm trying to not thirst over you anymore.

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when was this happened?

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He posted that just earlier on his twitter


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Reminder that Astel is in crippling debt and you are worth something to him only if you send those akasupas.

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Why is he in crippling debt?

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He spent too much money to unlock those G7 skins that he didn't end up using.

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He just is.
60 million deep.

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Really??? What the fuck Astel

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Apex has consumed Astel

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what a masterpiece you're playing there son.

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Nobody knows, so it's either him narrativeposting about himself (backed by Izuru as well), which wouldn't make sense since it's not like he'll instantly start getting akasupas for days, or he really fucked up somehow.
Expect him to stream only apex for months from now on since he saw that it boosted his views, while he's desperately trying to climb out of the pit of his own dumb past decisions.

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>opens all those lootboxes for skins
>dumps it two days later

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boss baby watch along...

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Yeah. I've got no fucking idea why he insisted on it for so long. At least with unarchived Youtube streams people will see it pop up on their feed while it's happening, but his Twitcasts would get literally tens of views

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It's probably a mixture of narrativeposting and truth. 60 million is an absolutely absurd amount, where you would be declaring bankruptcy even with Japan's near draconian bankruptcy laws. He's probably got debts, but there's no way in hell he's got 60 million in debt.

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Not sure if it was just me, but I never managed to turn on notifications for these. The only signs were Astel's Twitter posts and these are easy to miss.

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> yagoo only hires broken people or addicts with millions of debt

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This isn't even a rrat at this point, this is a sad reality. Is there anyone who isn't damaged on some level in Cover Corp?

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Rikka and Botan seem fine.

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Rikka is a wife beater and Botan is here after a lifetime wasted on esports she no longer enjoys and wants to distance herself from

>> No.32705956

Oga and if she isn't in dept from her house burning down subaru
And maybe okayu but tgey only got her to get one of the most broken people in holopro to sign along

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not with that ex-gf

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Finding deranged women in the dating world is not that hard

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>temma waves goodbye at the screen when ending streams
cute knight

>> No.32707222

>TRPG with Yurustars in the works
Papa bless.

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It's funny that the first thing a fair amount of the apex participants was to stream apex.

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Oh no, I shouldve expected him to actually buy it after all of that. I cant imagine him not being awkward about it but thats a big draw for me.
I really like both but the default could use the upgrade of the ny hair, Temmas tales look is very charming.
So many things to archive binge today, why does everyone have to stream over each other or so early for my timezone.

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>Aruran singing Padoru Padoru
Well that's gonna get clipped for sure.

>> No.32708214

This game is really tanking Miyabis frame rate, why is it always the buggy horror games that have both japanese translation and easy to get permissions.

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yurustars LOVE

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It's fucking Chilla's Art, what did you expect.

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2GB toaster playing hollow knight.

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Youre right, you really are but Im still stunned every time by just how unnecessarily taxing and buggy these are. At least eventually everyone will play through their library of games.

>> No.32709272

Unfathomably based. Hopefully it does well so that more holos do things like it, TRPGs are great content so long as people get into it

>> No.32709710

I recall Okayu and Shion having to turn off their L2Ds because the game was eating resources like crazy. Shit sucks.

>> No.32709893

Watching Aruran's stream, I suppose if you want to introduce a new game to your favourite holo, you should go through the Stars.
They have fewer viewers, which makes it easier to make them spot your comment. Furthermore, the manager seems potentially more competent getting those permissions from previous experience like that minigolf game.
I want them so much to play Worms. I can picture Pizzadad really liking it, and playing with the bros would be so much fun to watch

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I mean it was her career, I think most people get burned out on job at one point or another

>> No.32710026

A deranged woman that cost him his big break though

>> No.32710153

Imagine those cute “ah”s ENHANCED hoooooooaahhh

>> No.32710257

I unfortunate spacemen had a Jp option I would've recommended it already

>> No.32710302

Kansai crypto.

>> No.32710487

That's always the benefit of smaller streamers. It's much, much easier to be noticed among a couple hundred members than a couple thousand. It's especially true for people like Aruran who will spend several hours a week just chatting with viewers. Speaking of, it's really encouraging for the Stars future to see so much green in his chat

>> No.32710520

Different in what way? I started watching him around 18k subs, how was he before?

>> No.32710622

Indeed, I used to be a worryfag for the stars a few months back but seeing them get their memberships and dozens to hundreds of members stopped it. They have a small but loyal fanbase.

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>English study
Guess he enjoyed those eigo streams

>> No.32710659

Even his english-speaking viewers are really nice compared to many other chats, despite having probably attracted them with EOP-bait stream.

>> No.32710691

I'd still be worried with what the hell is currently happening with hololive will affect our boys

>> No.32710753

What is going on with that? It's hard to tell in between /hlg/ incessant shitposting

>> No.32710784

Staff being ass as always, though the stars have Shinove so it might not affect them as much

>> No.32710965

Most of the issues came from what Hololive progressively became.
The Holostars are not playing boyfriends for the audience. They are not restricted for the events, like for example yesterday's after party, and the collabs, including outside companies and foreign branches. They are getting interesting opportunities like that recently announced cafe collaboration.
They are also much fewer than the holos and mentally more stable for most of them. They don't have to battle for timeslots in their own branch when you see the holos' state in primetime
If anything, their smaller importance in Cover corp and that segregation with the HoloJP might turn out to give a positive outcome after all. As long as they do their own thing, everything should be fine

>> No.32711035

I just worried if the worst happen, since Rushia also break down after reading superchat

>> No.32711039

>The Holostars are not playing boyfriends for the audience.

>> No.32711303

I think HoloEN will ironically start to force Cover's hand in breaking the restrictions. Kiara is arguably the only one really trying for the GFE type of deal, while the others openly follow the holostars and people like Mori wanting to collab with guys. I just think the GFE type streamer isn't sustainable long term, since their core fanbase is so volatile. They'd lynch their chuuba at the smallest misstep, whereas "normal" streamers can shoot a person and they'll still have people defend them to the death. It's just a matter of time before one of the hololive girls gets caught having a boyfriend or something, and at that point there is going to be a huge split between the people who are willing to play with that fire and the people who won't.
I agree with him to an extent. They don't play it up near as hard as many of the hololive girls do for the most part. They still make boyfriend experience voice packs and what not, but for they don't really avoid any female contact like the girls do to maintain the illusion. So even if they do play the part in some ways, they're not really letting it hamper their ability to make other content and do events

>> No.32711362

>before one of the hololive girls gets caught having a boyfriend or something
you mean Towa?

>> No.32711390

You need to decide, some say that they are fujobait, others say they just friends. That could be discussed.
But for those that I watched, they are they don't really play actively the boyfriend for the audience. They already tried tardwrangling shippers and fangirls with more or less success.

>> No.32711525

Compilation on Hals channel, has a bit of everyone

>> No.32711581

Only one that first that role so far is maaaybe Oga

>> No.32711589

stuff like the afterparty seems like such a pain in the ass for everyone
(some of) the girls have to be treated like children when literally nobody else in the tournament has the same problem, and the organizer has to pay special attention to them less they incur schizo wrath

>> No.32711623

And even Oga regularly does things like FOXDEMON collabs. There's no one like a Rushia in the holostars imo

>> No.32711679

Astel to some extent.

>> No.32711736

I am not sure what you meant, but from what I saw, everyone went along well with the shuffle and had fun. It is really only Hololive's managers who caused issues, and they have had as well not participated to it if they really needed to set conditions.
According to another anon, Hal had to be roundabout about those shuffle restrictions.
But once again, the Holostars participants didn't have any problems since Astel could play with Leona

>> No.32711761

All those pleased sounds from food too if he does go the cooking+eating route. No matter what he ends up doing its going to be enjoyable in some way.
I was also tempted to say that but its hard to explain the similarities because I feel from an outsider and to someone that doesnt watch his marshmallow streams or doesnt find guys attractive they wouldnt get it.
Miyabi will also play into it a bit generally for asmr.

>> No.32711808

Miyabi for me it feel weird since he is the flower boy.

>> No.32711850

He always expresses about things that doesn't please him, and that includes shipfaggotery, the english-dominated chat and other potentially complicated situation. I remember his stream when he ranted about his marshmallow questions

>> No.32711901

That why I say to some extent.

>> No.32711946

That's just Game 5 Highlights. Although holopro didn't really have any highlights apart from game 5...

>> No.32712062

Eh, RAG had a couple pretty good fights even on rounds they did poorly overall in. Round 2 they shitstomped Big Star, for example

>> No.32712120

I want Suntempo TRPG but Roberu probably wouldnt do it as Roberu which is too bad because he's probably the one with the most experience in holopro rn

if anything some are playing as 'boyfriends' for the audience, fujos dig that

>> No.32712183

I don't believe HoloEN will have any major influence, as they feel like an alien branch. Their main manager is apparently really protective of them, including with the JP girls. They are located mainly outside the country. Only the girls in Japan and in a lesser extent Ina really collaborate with the girls to start with.
I think at the end that the boys went along with this situation and that they don't really need the restrictions to be broken. The girls maybe need it to do so (people who think that idolfags are menacing them are wrong, it is the GFE that is problematic), but their main problem is that the management is allegedly limiting greatly their projects and need to fund all their ideas by themselves.

>> No.32712203

Astel is just a troll, take everything with a grain of salt

>> No.32712215

I guess when I said everyone I moreso meant "hololive and the organizer"
the girls having to act like they're in the second grade again when literally no other player need the same accommodation just feels ridiculous to me. i'm sure hal didn't mind following it but still

>> No.32712261 [DELETED] 

goodbye to Holostar EN

>> No.32712273

If anything it's going to be push back from people like Matsuri, who was complaining about getting cucked during the afterparty by management

>> No.32712355

Based Pewds, serving as a shield for the cancer chat

>> No.32712382

Matsuri with Kuzuha would be funny as fuck. I wish Hal could form teams as he pleased but yeah nothing talking will do about it, it’s over

>> No.32712402

> another western eceleb missed the point and appeal of vtubers
imagine my fucking shock

>> No.32712460

Yeah, I was really hoping for the Astel+Matsuri reunion in the after party, because the last time it happened was fucking hilarious and I wanted more.

>> No.32712475

Flowers are quite attractive. Seriously though I think the boys have more or less done a good job splitting up the fanservice with that kind of thing, I may be biased because I like being pandered to but it doesnt feel too alienating because its not on constantly and when they do it its usually confined to one thing.

Oga does turn it up often but if you only watch his game streams it probably wont happen as much.
Shien mainly does twitcast and voice tweet and asmr fanservice.
Miyabi does it mainly in his asmr.
Astel is more of a tease and it comes out more in his zatsudans/marshmallow readings.
Rikka Aru and Roberu really dont do it at all outside of vp and even then not as much.
Izuru only does so in small doses usually in some avatar fanservice from what Ive seen.

>> No.32712499

Report and ignore retards

>> No.32712531


>> No.32712555

It's truly unfortunate that they don't just play Apex together. I'm still waiting for Roberu and Matsuri to watch his debut together

>> No.32712584


>> No.32712644

>still waiting for Roberu and Matsuri to watch his debut together
And then he also promise the same thing to Ruri

>> No.32712894

Honestly let's just make him rewatch his debut once a week with a new girl every week

>> No.32712979

Temma you couldve worded human breeder a bit better than that.

>> No.32713210
File: 289 KB, 441x470, takeout.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A time-loop of embarrassment.

>> No.32713330

Someone should ask him about it tomorrow morning

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File: 228 KB, 367x530, sasuga_knight.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32713460

I’ll never get over how embarrassed and cute he sounded when temma called in and reenacted his debut

>> No.32713484

Great image

>> No.32713529

>Kiara is arguably the only one really trying for the GFE type of deal
and yet she's also talked about the Holostars before, has been in their chat and says she wants to have them (along with ID) on HoloTalk at some point. she may be playing up the GFE (I don't watch EN so I'm going by what you said) but she's still not for a hard separation of talents and is able to distinguish professional relationships.
considering Fubuki and Matsuri have no problem collabing with the Holostars or other males, Roboco did a duet with Rikka and Towa has been in Astel's chat it was honestly pretty funny how that all ended up with managers shoehorning it anyways.
Astel twitcast too

>> No.32713556

Man Rikka is getting pretty decent at Hollow Knight, I'm surprised. I thought he was a old man that sucked at vidya but it seems that he's doing well.

>> No.32713648

I'm not even sure where the notion of Rikka sucking at vidya came from. Sure he's not the best, but he's a decent hand at most everything, if a bit clumsy and air-headed at times.

>> No.32713800

Unironically 4chan narratives “haha old dude only good at singing”

>> No.32713837


>> No.32713866

Probably a hold over from his Apex showing. A bit unfair, given he was playing on a controller. Like you said, he's pretty competent at most things he plays, even if he's running on only 2gb memory

>> No.32713919

>cost him his big break though
what happened?

>> No.32714011

probably something like 60-600k with some narrativeposting and kayafabe sprinkled on

>> No.32714139

Kiara's case is strange, she is tuning up to 11 her ship with Mori, but playing mildly her GFE in the SC readings. She never interacted in the chat or on Twitter with the Stars, almost never talks about them outside of the Holotalk possibility after everyone else has been featured, which may happen in 2 years from now with her pace and members numbers. Also, she apparently was angry when Astel's karaoke marathon was mentionned once in her chat when someone else in Hololive would have been fine (I don't have the timestamp unfortunately)
She may at some point do a special episode with Roberu, but consider it as an exception to the rule, and probably because he became somewhat one of the Holostars faces.
Gura didn't interact with them at all, outside of a cafeteria reference. To be fair, she is disconnected from almost everyone else in Hololive

>> No.32714182

Rikka 1000 iq. He’s really fun to watch

>> No.32714290

when you put it like that it basically just sounds like lip service to bait people who wouldn't normally check her out

>> No.32714360

I remember him being pretty good at Mario 35.

>> No.32714419

I can understand Gura situation. Heck Korone was similar in the beginning and she started with a low count audience. Anxiety can be hard to gauged and judged from person to person

>> No.32714432

Yeah, his streams have been lots of fun lately for some reason

>> No.32714438
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Top human breeder indeed

>> No.32714472

I don't normally watch Rikka (limited time more than anything else) but he's been pretty into Hollow Knight, it's nice to watch.

>> No.32714486

It's hard not to be into Hollow Knight tbdesu, the game is super atmospheric and well made

>> No.32714490

Boys already know what their princess cafe collab drinks are but Temma isnt sharing, I hope jp twitter gives us some nice photos.

>> No.32714550

Watch oga’s be something like choco mint

>> No.32714604

Yeah, I really like the game and wasnt expecting him to get into it as much as he has, I dont watch him much but squeezing in the hk streams is worth it. Watching chat I saw some people interested in buying it too which is good.

>> No.32714609

the irony, mother simulator is broken for papa

>> No.32714795

To be honest, if you put it like that, Roberu participating in a TRPG would be the ultimate roleplaying experience. It'll be funny to see him act like he doesn't know how to do things. The guy's genuinely good at acting like he's never played or done something before (like Hatoful Boyfriend). Dude nerfs himself so well it should be a skill or some shit.

>> No.32715332

Kiara has been getting on chats ass a lot more recently about Rule 5 in general.

Her paypigs all want a stars collab though.

>> No.32715355

I hope it never happens

>> No.32715363

Don't tell me he also nerf his apex skill? It's really suspicious how he got leader invitation despite being relatively bad at apex

>> No.32715392
File: 1.87 MB, 1287x864, 00.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I still think he will end up doing it, Astel seems to be really into the idea and as a whole it really seems like they all want to do more things as together as Suntempo.

>> No.32715420

is Temma carrying on Abe's will?

>> No.32715490

Her KFP minions on some of the chats and SCs are already obnoxious enough as they already are

>> No.32715569

>Her paypigs all want a stars collab though.
For what reason? I'm assuming they must be new to hololive in general.

>> No.32715584

>nerf his apex skill
Eh, he didn't really. Apex is more than just pure shooting, a lot of it is in movement and map knowledge. He probably got the leader invitation because he's a super well connected vtuber, and since teams were balanced on a point system it's okay to have a bad player as the leader, provided they can pull in good players.

>> No.32715618

By Abe’s will I’ll make him ‘carry’ mine...

>> No.32715628

A lot of them are from the corporate subreddit, where they have a major savior complex. Many of them see the Stars as a group that they've got to "save", and see Kiara's holochat as a way to do that. I sincerely doubt many, if any, of those paypigs regularly tune in outside of the occasional winning son meme.

>> No.32715652

Probably reddit flavor of the month saviourfagging

>> No.32715667

>human breeder knight
temma the aunties...

>> No.32715699

Monsterfucker doujins when

>> No.32715701

>he's a super well connected vtuber
By holo standard sure, his connection still small compared to other KSN

>> No.32715733

Every time he says it man, cute trussed up knight in the auntie dungeon...

>> No.32715854

Ollie basically living the dream of every holofan that wants to join to interact with the talent
And apparently even her sister is a huge Shienfag

>> No.32715998

Roberu talking about maybe streaming APEX gives me some hope for some Suntempo collabs if they manage to drag Temma

>> No.32716001

Really nice to see how often Astel has been stopping by to Temmas stream and chat lately.

>> No.32716131

Astel seems to be pushing SunTempo pretty hard, so I think if Roberu is down they'd have enough persuasive power to bring him in as well.

>> No.32716181

You can do it lads! Double team that introvert knight!

>> No.32716371

Didn’t she just get denied setting up a Holopro MC thing?

It seems like management is preventing some of the collabs.

>> No.32716448

Management probably cockblocked her because it would involve the main JP branch as well. Typically there hasn't been any issues with the holostars and ID, but inviting the main branch would ruin the GFE

>> No.32716516

Actually super pumped that lobotomy corp is starting to make rounds around holopro, this game is great

>> No.32716563

I would think that at some point Stars are gonna get big enough to where management will be forced to acknowledge their existence but I guess that’s just me being naive.

>> No.32716636

It would probably take one of them getting to the level of Tokyo Ghoul for that to happen. Roberu already makes more than some of the bottom end holos and management doesn't give a fuck

>> No.32716648

This is the same management that currently mistreat their 2nd and 3rd biggest supacha earner.

>> No.32716700

I would kill for a Kira doujin

>> No.32716776

Did he give up on the English only run?

>> No.32716879

>there is a timelime where meme50 did a Kaoru doujin

>> No.32716894

I keep looking over and laughing at the human breeder

>> No.32716958

It is just an idea she has. And letting outsiders, even girls, in the server would be yabai. It is fine as it is.
I don't really care, the vtuber world is big enough to bother trying with the HoloJP girls.

>> No.32717063

An event like that would be too kino to let pass so i hope she doesn't drop the idea completely.
If i was her, i would just set up one without necessarily including the JP girls or maybe leaving them an open invite so any girl that might want to join can clear it with their own management individually. I bet Fubuki won't meet any resistance if she wanted to join in.

>> No.32717140

I know about the Pekora thing but what happened with Rushia?

>> No.32717205

I don’t know they don’t seem to lean into the boyfriend thing or atleast the ones I watched. It seems they’re trying to come up with a narrative that is on the boys side on why they shouldn’t collab but it’s honestly not true. Most of them are just bros, that interact with the game more than their chat,

>> No.32717231

She is just a menhara who tears up when she receive a not-positive SC. It is not the first occurence. Most of the top SC-earners have a problematic cultists fanbase

>> No.32717296

But OP said it's management mistreatment

>> No.32717411

An old pay pig of hers told her she’s changed and he’s no longer gonna watch her.

He ended up getting doxxed and got death threats from the fandeads.

>> No.32717435


>> No.32717448

I thought that was scheduled for Fall Guys? English Only lobotomy sounds like it'd be a fucking nightmare for a JOP

>> No.32717528

He did a stream of it as practice once and it was walling him out with the vocabulary, and the fact that it was early and he was tired. He did a very good job despite that though.

>> No.32717532

Unless i hallucinated it, he already did an English Only lobotomy a couple of times

>> No.32717545

Today's Aruran stream sure was nice. I am curious how his Puzzle Together stream will happen

>> No.32717569

He did it once. Honestly he wasn't even doing that poorly but he dead tired and nearly falling asleep during it.

>> No.32717605
File: 167 KB, 533x356, roberu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did you forget to timestamp?

>> No.32717607

See this >>32717411

>> No.32717630


>> No.32717667

I completely forgot that he gave it a go with English. Not surprised he gave up on that, it uses some super niche vocab even as a native speaker, not to mention the habit of characters to speak in roundabout ways.

>> No.32717696

Maybe i'm retarded here but where does the management part come in?

>> No.32717756

This post is trolling>>32716648

>> No.32717963

if you're only looking at his Hololive activity, sure.

>> No.32718050

The eigo is too cute, Im surprised Temma is still going even with his tendency to sleep poorly. At least a nice amount of new people came to check him out even if only for human breeder.

>> No.32718300
File: 1.08 MB, 718x824, 4927A002-B1B9-43E9-BCD2-F90337F31883.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

B-but I did...oh well it’s just robel laughing

>> No.32718322

Ah i see. Thanks for the clarification.

>> No.32718336

I think he meant the t*******os who are suffering from persecution complex and the n*****is who are litteral children

>> No.32718395
File: 243 KB, 527x390, 1609678252185.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mean when he was laughing at the poor knight?
He really lost it there. Wonder what it was really about.

>> No.32718451

Checking the comments on this clip, even other eops have noticed how fucking shit izuru’s chat is

>> No.32718696
File: 224 KB, 466x407, 1602517711400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you for reminding me I wanted to clip that for myself: https://streamable.com/opgeh7 for whenever you need to laugh along with Roberu at Temma

>> No.32718759

Just looking at it from that clip, it really is atrocious

>> No.32718808

I just realized how shit his tracking is, his mouth barely moves.

>> No.32718859

>Roberu bullies Temma and makes fun of him for being a Fall Guys nerd
someone call Narakumi

>> No.32718904

I don't know what it is about Izuru that attracts the least behaved EOPs in all of holostars. Even people like Aruran and Roberu who do straight up EOP bait don't have this many issues with chat.
There's a reason the shogun hates EOPs.

>> No.32718939

Fans reflect their oshi, for better or for worse...

>> No.32718967

Unrelated to your comment but
> when I have a fight with my mom I block her on LINE
he's not called kusogaki for nothing damn

>> No.32719019

Izuru is 100% teenage girl bait who all act and type in the same obnoxious way
Roberu gets meme spouters who want him to say the line but are fine otherwise
Aruran is about as decent as you can get for an English chat

>> No.32719144

>has some sort of trauma from being cheated on

>> No.32719188
File: 111 KB, 238x311, 1605825095927.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does this Pizza enthusiast do it?

>> No.32719210

These sorts of male singers always seem to attract nuclear waste tier english comments. Gotta give it to them for putting up with it.
>That ending

>> No.32719217

Woops. Meant for>>32719019

>> No.32719259

When did he say that?

>> No.32719368
File: 20 KB, 300x300, 1600866899119.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>putting up with it.
it's only a matter of time before he makes Pearl Harbor look like a fucking joke
the translator mentioned it in his pinned comment regarding the "getting NTR'd" line

>> No.32719516

Aruran's EN chat regulars are pretty friendly with his JP fans too, it's cute. It helps that Aru's chat is pretty welcoming and the regular EN commenters set a good example. Then there's Roberu who, weirdly enough, has some pretty behaved EN regulars. Even though there are always gonna be some meme spouters, the ones who stay for long enough at least get a better grasp and of stuff and stop being annoying. It probably helps that the people who visit his streams are at least a bit older. Like the other anons have said, Izuru's design attracts teenagers going through at the height if their uwu weeb phase or some shit who would comment without thinking and without shame. That one chef rupee spammer can get stupidly annoying when they're in the chats though, luckily Aru and Roberu make it funny when they're around.

>> No.32719628

>About the end, Izuru then confirms that he indeed has a trauma about being cheated on, so the end is already... not so funny anymore (pain)
I don't get what they're saying, did the translator exclude that part or something because he never said that in that clip.

>> No.32719668

>izuru THEN confirms
“Then” usually implies something that happened after so izuru probably clarified his ntr comment

>> No.32719720

Izuru’s shitty people sometimes bleed into Astel but I don’t think his design attracts them strongly

>> No.32719727

Have Aruran or Roberu ever talked about their age metrics? I'm curious how much older their average viewer is, since it feels fairly significant in comparison to Izuru's viewers

>> No.32719759

It's ironic since they'd probably love him for his constant disney songs. Space seaweed saved by his god awful design

>> No.32720009

Roberu? not counting the EN side, he said it's housewives
but that was months ago

>> No.32720047

Roberu brings it up every now and then. From what I recall he mentioned that his audience mostly consisted of the more mature side. He only plays up the family friendly end when someone mentions their watching with their kid or something

>> No.32720059

Who else had eyes on Astel during the container fight?

>> No.32720092

Roberu mentioned it quite a few times in his morning streams. There are a bunch of school age people watching him but they're apparently the minority. The estimates for the majority of his viewership would mostly be people in their 20s to 30s. He also got featured in an article as a recommended Vtuber for people in their 30s so there's that. As for Arusan, I'm not sure actually... I'm not able to stick around every Aruradio to gather info if he dropped it. Maybe I'll get back to watching some of the ones I missed when I'm freer. His JP regulars seem to have a lot of professional and work experience so the majority might be in their 20s to 40s.

>> No.32720199

Reminds me of a supacha Aruran once got that was something like "I can't call you papa because I'm 40"

>> No.32720308

>I can't call you papa because I'm 40
Weak. I call Roberu son and he's 6 years older

>> No.32720337

I wouldn't be shocked to find out half the people who call him papa are his age or older. Actually I'd be more shocked to find out there was any significant number of people young enough in his chat to be in that actual age range

>> No.32720405

>Cute, effeminate yet still distinctly male design
The three ingredients to attracting insane, dedicated teenage female fans. They're probably all K-pop fans as well.

>> No.32720408
File: 189 KB, 640x640, changes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't know if it was already brought up, but shien made some tweaks to his badges and emotes. Plus, he added two new emotes to his list.

>> No.32720434

I've never called Roberu son. We're the same age..but I will use "winning son" when it's appropriate to do so.

>> No.32720442
File: 124 KB, 640x360, changes2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a moron and used the wrong image.

>> No.32720450

I'm curious

>> No.32720528

No one posted it so if anyone wants the source for this:


Dunno if he's said it elsewhere.

>> No.32720639 [DELETED] 

He's also older than me but I call usually only call him son when the situation calls for it. Sometimes I end up using son out of habit from joking around but I'd rather call him Roberu if I'm not using Robechan or Robesan. Also, using master to refer to him as an English speaker just sounds funny to me... I use it when I'm switch to commenting in nip though.

>> No.32720686

I know he says it's not a lie but it still seem like he's just joking.

>> No.32720704 [DELETED] 

He's also older than me but I usually call him only son when the situation calls for it. Sometimes I end up using son out of habit from joking around but I'd rather call him Roberu if I'm not using Robechan or Robesan. Also, using master to refer to him as an English speaker just sounds funny to me... I use it when I switch to commenting in nip though.

>> No.32720785

He's also older than me but I usually call him son only when the situation calls for it or if it adds to the comedic effect. Sometimes I end up using son out of habit from joking around but I'd rather call him Roberu if I'm not using Robechan or Robesan. Also, using master to refer to him as an English speaker just sounds funny to me... I use it when I switch to commenting in nip though.

>> No.32720798

I still can’t take it seriously even if it came out of his own mouth

>> No.32720822

Just look at whoever RAG killed, then hop over to the result screen to find out if the victims killed anyone else before they went out.

>> No.32720830

Master Son

>> No.32720973

He's 100% trolling.

>> No.32721022

Damn, poor Izuru. There's nothing I hate more than K-pop fans.

>> No.32721157

A knight who's very passionate about human breeding

>> No.32721460

So Temma is into voyeurism...

>> No.32721553
File: 144 KB, 636x556, 1600524019695.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Yagoo always has a knife to my throat
>everyone has their own sort of dark circumstances for why they are in the holostars. Can't say much about that though
>we were brought down here
>only since we somehow bear it, we're still here now
W- what did they mean by this?

>> No.32721589

I did kind of worry for a while that it might annoy him to some degree but then he went out of his way to say this
I also call him Roberu for the most part but i join in on the fun from time time and try to not be so uptight about these sort of things anymore.

>> No.32721650

How do we save Miyabi?

>> No.32721715


>> No.32721818

From who?

>> No.32721839

What's the context behind why he even said that?

>> No.32721866

give him a maid outfit with cat ears

>> No.32721868


>> No.32721897

By letting him figure out his niche better and then sharing it with other people. He's got a YouTube channel dedicated to him so that's a good point of gathering for fans.

>> No.32721908

Tell him to play more Apex.

>> No.32721928

have him permanently wear his new NY outfit and send him on an excursion to the girls branch as miyabi-chan

>> No.32721929

Yeah, I used to worry about stuff like it but part of the experience is just rolling with it. I was never really uptight about it unless it got out of hand since it's actually pretty fun to join in (I even join in during the hood proposals for the laugh). Not calling him son is just a personal preference at this point. I do think it's pretty cute to see regular EN fans adopt it in an endearing manner to be honest. The musuko jokes we get from the JP side of things is pretty hilarious too. It's not only the Kaigai since the Japanese fans meme on him pretty hard with their own stuff as well anyway.

>> No.32722021

So he likes to watch i see
Looking at the chat in the beginning, it seems like he was ask by some if he didn't like it but i'm not sure if it was on twitter or somewhere else.

>> No.32722106

yagoo is part of the yagooza and holos are his sex slaves

>> No.32722134

>Temma says he's only interested in breeding humans
Poor zombie...

>> No.32722212

trick Miko with his NY outfit and make her hopelessly fall for with him before revealing what he really is at which point she'd be too in love that she'll be forced to discard her misandry and Miyabi, along with all the stars, will be free from her oppression

>> No.32722308

Miko likes blondes though.

>> No.32722359
File: 498 KB, 588x593, 1597899113268.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32722442

But Miko likes blondes with fat tits

>> No.32722495

looks like it's gonna have to be Temma with breasts implants

>> No.32722574

Just have Cover treat him like any other holostar, the fact that he's constantly expected to be their FBK or Sora just makes his shortcomings more obvious

>> No.32722710
File: 143 KB, 1000x1000, EUhPQxUUUAAm9aU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no problem

>> No.32722890

If anything we should be putting MORE pressure on Miyabi, he needs to work harder to be the centerpiece of Holostars.

>> No.32722942

The funny narratives about holostars being his personal harem...were they true all along

>> No.32723058

Why would you want that, he doesn't have what it takes to be face of the holostar
and being honest neither does Roberu

>> No.32723064

Ollie is living the fucking dream. Double dipping in both flavors

>> No.32723096

Shinove is the face of homostars hue

>> No.32723323

Has she interacted with the stars as of late? I've only seen her in the holoserver and with Matsuri

>> No.32723341
File: 442 KB, 2048x1466, 1608070997976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love gender-bent stars

>> No.32723376

She showed up in Temma's chat today but if you mean collabs then nothing yet

>> No.32723404

Izu and Miyabi are the same...

>> No.32723712

This, they should have genderbent them into men.
Also Astel is basically the same, just longer hair.

>> No.32723753

Today's schedule.

>> No.32723800

If anyone knows a female vtuber that looks like that Izuru please let me know. It's exactly my type

>> No.32723823
File: 118 KB, 924x1317, EprkiBiVQAAfBde.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nothing wrong with that

>> No.32724149
File: 709 KB, 590x705, 69A869C5-3718-479A-8B32-7B7B4E5C1906.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Male miyabi is better!!

>> No.32724340


>> No.32724342
File: 282 KB, 400x365, 1592215053317.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I miss radical Miyabi...

>> No.32724453
File: 398 KB, 1200x1600, 86614831_p7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like female bossu

>> No.32724536

The majin can't be this cute. Even if he's talking about NTR he is so cute.

>> No.32724605

Why is bayonetta cosplaying as aruran

>> No.32724793

Apparently he lost a role because his ex girlfriend choke him and damaged his voice.

>> No.32724871

Why does global keep talking about Oga cucking Fubuki? They should know he lurks

>> No.32725271
File: 443 KB, 1829x1893, EsllH5CVoAACcyv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

miyabi morning flower

>> No.32725693

Good for the anon who kept wishing for the new year outfit.
Also, Miyabi's deeper voice hits different.

>> No.32725948
File: 273 KB, 1200x1600, 7CA151D1-3B76-47EF-8CFE-A7FD7B101570.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>electrocutes herself on stream

>> No.32726128
File: 795 KB, 2480x3508, 1604131065671.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is just a random art but i thought it really looked like a female bossu and izuru

>> No.32726178

He is. I’d ntr him even if it isn’t my thing

>> No.32726240

I appreciate the nice boobs, thanks.

>> No.32726250
File: 689 KB, 500x1644, NTStars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32726255

what the FUCK

>> No.32726475

Did you just make that Civil War edit? looks really cool

>> No.32726487
File: 375 KB, 1280x853, 1610830537559.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He will outlaw any NTR material or practice once he rises to power. The land of the rising sun will shine once again. SHOGUN LOVE!

>> No.32726757

Yeah, got the pictures off Gelbooru


>> No.32726798
File: 555 KB, 2304x1296, Eq-r92uVQAYp4SO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32726809
File: 273 KB, 364x356, 8050C4F7-847E-4C35-84BA-DFBAFFE79BFB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32726866
File: 514 KB, 1707x2048, 1A4AB2DB-BEAE-4D52-863A-5244CF14638C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice ass art

>> No.32726909

(Let it go)

(Tell me why)

Credit: Global

>> No.32727212

These are pretty good. I'm used to Suisei cursing like a sailor when speaking in english, so this is pleasant to hear.

>> No.32727477

Miyabi casually talking about his rebellious little brother is pretty funny to watch.

>> No.32727741

I wonder if we will ever get another video with him because that was cute.

>> No.32728040

It'd be nice indeed.

>> No.32728191

The unintentional duet on Tell me why is some good stuff.

>> No.32728433

Miyabi just said he had an older sister he never met and an older brother he almost never sees. He apparently found out he had a sister in middle school lol.

>> No.32728469

That was some spicy new Hanasaki family lore

>> No.32728565

Its very casual family lore drop too, compared to some of the things hes been closed about in the past.

>> No.32728615

Miyab you're not supposed to reveal your real age...

>> No.32728884

Is the requirement for 3ds 50k or 60k?

>> No.32728911


>> No.32728917

How the fuck? Which one of his parents was a slut?

>> No.32728978

I hope he ends up hitting 50 during a stream, might get some extra cute sensitive flowerboy

>> No.32729504

Allegedly 50k, but who the fuck knows if Cover is actually going to stand by their word and give them 3Ds

>> No.32729582

I feel like there's a context only they know.
this remind me the time Roberu talking about conversation deck (the one where he said KnY is the strongest deck rn)
>chat said they don't understand how can he predict people's deck so well
>Roberu said that he can for most people but the one he doesn't understand the deck is Temma
>chat: so even master can't see behind his deck?
>roberu: no, it's more like EVERYTHING is showed!
>changed topic and didn't elaborate further

>> No.32729602
File: 27 KB, 281x328, 1601011455815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It doesn't matter at this point.

>> No.32729623

Do you think they have some sort of gen priority when it comes to 3D and that's why Roberu hasn't gotten his yet? Maybe once Miyabi hits 50k, they'll start pumping them out starting with weekly or daily gen 1 3D or am i just coping

>> No.32729641

Astel said he was talking with management about them.

>> No.32729657

What's the origin of people saying Oga lurks?

>> No.32729683

I just hope Astel wasn't just trolling with that tease. I will be genuinely pissed at him if he was just fucking with us

>> No.32729726

Oga wanted to egosearch english comments and some dumbass linked him /hlg/ archives.

>> No.32729737

>it's more like EVERYTHING is showed!
what could he have meant?

>> No.32729805
File: 53 KB, 407x490, 1608730874752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fubuki, you promised we would see you break Oga's horn...

>> No.32729844

I honestly don't really trust Astel in that regard, even Roberu himself did a bit of teasing about his 3D back in October, and nothing came from it
If it came someone more serious when it comes to big announcements like Temma, Oga, Miyabi, Aruran could see it happening, but Astel? not really

>> No.32729866

i knew about the choking part but didn't know the rest. oga...

>> No.32729877

Apparently they did talk a lot together alone according to I think Astel? during the first meetup I really do wonder how those went. Whats extra dangerous about Roberu, why bring it up twice
What is Temmas starting deck? Suntempo so mysterious.

>> No.32729942

Being realistic, Nene is probably the main priority right now. Given that no one followed after Rikka in the 3Ds, I like to think the plan is doing the same as with the main branch, meaning and entire Gen debuts their 3Ds in succession
But if that was the case, the rest of Gen 1 would be talking about them, Lamy and company had been teasing theirs since November of last year

>> No.32729973

Keep in mind that extra info was from a hlg copypasta. Take everything here with a grain of salt

>> No.32729988

I mean it might've been a huge tease and they're not actually announcing or producing them any time soon but I don't see why he would lie completely about at least talking management them about them, and if that much is true then it most likely means they'll get them at some point. Why wouldn't they if Rikka already got one?

>> No.32730018

if some other gen or branch get 3D before the stars do, i'm just gonna take the black pill and kill any hope for it

>> No.32730031

Wait...I talk about breeding temma but didn’t he break his hip exercising?

>> No.32730035

*talking with management about them

>> No.32730077

Temma's starting deck is probably something super autismo like talking about his childhood

>> No.32730099

son is live

>> No.32730105

We desperately need more collabs to learn more even if it's APEX

>> No.32730130

I'm in agreement. I'm sure they're going to get them at some point, but I also think that it's very obvious that they are the lowest priority on the list. After Rikka they were probably working on CN before Roberu, and then by the time that all went down they were already moving on to working on Gen 5. Holostars won't get shit until every female has gotten theirs

>> No.32730187

>hlg copypasta
oh i thought he talked about it in the same Coco interview.

>> No.32730206

Man I remember Roberu's design pushing me away before but then he became one of my favorites

>> No.32730233

Just be gentle, you can breed the knight without breaking the knight anon.

>> No.32730251


>> No.32730266

His voice pushed me away at first

>> No.32730273

I'm starved for any extra suntempo content, Apex, shitty kusoge horror games. Anything is welcome.

>> No.32730294

that's why you gotta train him first

>> No.32730387

Making gentle love to the knight for hours... 24hours lovemaking endurance when

>> No.32730424

Jesus i completly lost track of time. Thanks for the heads-up

>> No.32730441

The stars are probably at the very bottom of the list, it's probably something like
>3D updates
The sooner they get the girls their 3Ds, the faster they can milk them for money, and while the boys do make their fair share of SC, being realistic it's not going to match any of the girls. that an 3Ds means joining in on concerts and such
But who knows, the Rona might be a blessing in disguise and halt the foreign branches 3Ds meaning that the boys get a boost

>> No.32730454

Same. I’ve never had this much interest for lore before suntempo. The secrecy and mystery...

>> No.32730504

>Why wouldn't they if Rikka already got one?
That one is really fucking weird, but hindsight being 20/20 it seems like it was more of an attempt to get the stars a decent boost by giving one of them a 3D, something that really didn't work out...
But who knows, maybe after Bloom

>> No.32730555
File: 16 KB, 290x241, 1585974022904.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>3D doomposting hours

>> No.32730633

I hope that's the case, and they can start making the models after Nene's 3D.

>> No.32730634

Yeah, fuck this. Congratulate Robechan for winning a brand new PC instead.

>> No.32730642

im so glad roberu participated and ended up in KSN, there were so many fun moments from that team and i havent even watched half of their archives

>> No.32730663

>The stars are probably at the very bottom of the list
if that's the case, they'll never gonna get it cause there will always be more gens for the other branches coming out

>> No.32730695

I would happily digest more APEX if it involves Makea and Inui clowning with Rob.

>> No.32730737

Hey man they've been blue balling with the 3Ds for half a year, fucking Gen 5 got announced and got their 3Ds in that time frame
It's Ok to be a little upset about it

>> No.32730744

Roberu also seems like he'l find ways to make it more fun like his idea of doing cicada noises while flying the drone

>> No.32730767

It's also infurating seeing how Rikka can't do a lot with his 3D when he dosnet have more mombers to do 3D collabs.

>> No.32730790

Fuck you man i wanna see Oga's armpits on 3D

>> No.32730793

I'd actually say it was fairly successful as far as their analytics at the time were concerned. It provided an immediate and large boost in subscribers for Rikka, as well as a sustained increase from his previous norm afterwards. It was also his highest grossing video by a massive margin, and 3D videos are still his most profitable when he does them. Even his average superchat income increased post 3D, when before it was common for him to stream without getting anything. By all accounts it should be seen as a successful investment that's been slowly paying itself back, and would pay even more back if he had more members to do 3D with. Right now he's basically only able to do 3D colalbs with Festival
I think they're at the bottom of the list, but I don't think ID is even on the list, nor do I think EN is right now. They should be next in line after Gen 5 finishes

>> No.32730800
File: 87 KB, 880x866, 1605752962011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>le tired cat poster
can't we ever be free of you

>> No.32730843

I wouldn't call it doomposting. Nobody is really saying "3D never" it's more "Fuck you YAGOO give us our goddamn 3D"

>> No.32730849

I thought Moona basically implied their 3D are done but they can't debut cause of rona. If that's the case, EN can't debut until they can travel to Japan as well.

>> No.32730850

It would be really bad for Cover's optics (even if this is Cover we're talking about) if they just decided to not give 3Ds to the rest of the boys just because the effects giving one to Rikka didn't meet their expectations, I really doubt they will completely abandon them in that aspect.

>> No.32730862

>but I don't think ID is even on the list, nor do I think EN is right now. They should be next in line after Gen 5 finishes
Both ID and EN have been talking about their 3D for a while, hell the ENs have been talking about ti since their first debuted and Ina has getting a 3D as one of her goals for the year

>> No.32730881

Fuck you I want HoloPro Virtual Wrestling and I want it now

>> No.32730902

Just imagine the Roberu/Shien shenanigans
I have a feeling that Bossu would really know how to work his

>> No.32730921

So far it looks like that's exactly what happened

>> No.32730930

Not soon enough, just how much teasing could the Knight take, needy and whiny in bed since you can just hold his weak body in place, you could straddle the knight and grind against him, what could he do?

>> No.32730942

That's why I said right now. They'd have to go to Japan for it unless Cover felt like setting up multiple foreign offices for it, and travel restrictions for some of the countries are still tight.

>> No.32730950

That guy is right though, you're rightful in being upset over the state of things but going as far as saying "they're NEVER getting their 3Ds" almost makes you look like you're forcing it out of masochism or something, or you're just shitposting.

>> No.32730956

cafeteria in my soul is definitely my favorite out of the popular EOP memes. the comedic timing of that whole clip was perfect

>> No.32730975

>that Ollie impression
man, i bet she would've loved it if she was watching right now

>> No.32731001

>Have you checked out reddit?

>> No.32731025

Understandable... it's just that it has been a while since Robe earned his

>> No.32731050

I don't even use reddit but I assume it's that bad in terms of Stars content

>> No.32731071
File: 685 KB, 753x579, 1600929302243.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the first time hearing him bring up Coco. He's getting bold

>> No.32731113

There's like, 3 dedicated posters who occasionally manage to get something noticed, but which is almost always drowned out by 30 reposts of the same shit EN meme

>> No.32731140

Yeah, it's pretty rare for him to namedrop someone from the jp branch, who's not choco, fbking, matuli or sora .

>> No.32731141

The official mod had to make a statement on their pinned thread that Holostars is part of Hololive because people kept reporting it.

>> No.32731163

the hololive sub itself is pretty bad. the holostars sub is slightly better in that its mostly clips but as with the sub for the main branch any memes posted are absolute cancer

>> No.32731166

Yeah... there's also a lot of begging

>> No.32731171
File: 226 KB, 1211x580, phinh_phmh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like EN would be last, given the girls in the states have shoddy Internet at times and there's no office for them to be together in.
Either way, I have hopes this is going to be a great year for the boys, 3D or not. Just gotta have patience...

>> No.32731225

>given the girls in the states
only two are. ones Canada, two are Japan but of those ones heading back to Austria soon. EN home 3d is morely likely than an actual 3d stream which to me makes the Holostars a better investment

>> No.32731228

I wonder if he was more like debut Roberu during the audition or talks, however it went.

>> No.32731232

I hope that's not a sign of things to come, I enjoy the separation keeps the fanbases divided

>> No.32731243
File: 15 KB, 140x54, 9076F395-0FA8-44DE-87E4-E3A58EB67F9A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uoooooh. Not much if he doesn’t want to break anything

>> No.32731244

I thought she was actively against collabing with guys.

>> No.32731299

she visited Kaoru's twitter and chat sometimes

>> No.32731300

she is. the only interaction she's ever had with them was her posting in Kaoru's chat while fucked up on sleeping pills once

>> No.32731309

Oga lower stomach 3d...

>> No.32731312

well thanks for the attempt DonaNobisPacem

>> No.32731339


>> No.32731340

I just asked him for you anons. Said he's waiting for a good timing for it, which is kinda as ambiguous as it gets.

>> No.32731349

She is, at times she talked with Kaoru and even had a collab planned but it seems like she since moved with Kanata her whole stance changed to the point were she deems it inappropriate

>> No.32731360

that english line just now sounded extremely similar to polka's english in her debut
i had high hopes that she would collab with roberu but seems like it's not likely anymore...

>> No.32731389

I appreciate it anon.

>> No.32731398

I mean it wouldm't make sense for the globals to have 3D considering how much of them aren't in japan

>> No.32731411

I guess NA would have been better to say then. I can't help but feel bad for chicken, her timezone is going to be so wildly different than everyone else. A plus for eurobros tho

>> No.32731417

Well would you look at that, the spammers from the other thread really are reddit tourists

>> No.32731454

Cool just don’t get annoying with it. Maybe he WANS to forget about it

>> No.32731458

Roberu is good at spacing out the timing on these breakfast sc trains.

>> No.32731472
File: 40 KB, 434x706, images (90).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oga's pecs or thighs on 3D he better do a lot of fanservice...

>> No.32731481
File: 67 KB, 720x720, 8BA52265-346D-4F78-801F-16525882F628.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You again

>> No.32731533

It's always funny to watch Roberu's chat go from mostly Japanese to pure English the moment he says "Hey, Kaigi-niki"

>> No.32731566

im glad they know how to behave unlike a certain shogun's fanbase

>> No.32731580

hope you're excited for Roberu on meme review

>> No.32731590


>> No.32731601

It’s heart warming

>> No.32731617


>> No.32731628

I dont know why watching them mess with the live2d still amuses me so much.

>> No.32731658

He was never the same after the minefield incident

>> No.32731662
File: 213 KB, 2014x1278, EsksEHtUYAEEXo8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

would there be any survivors...

>> No.32731706

>handful good post from 2 or 3 spammers
>clip watcher EOP that clearly don't watch streams
>shitty reddit meme format
>a lot of collab begging
>muh toxic idol culture
>unicorns that stealthily report homo posts
I fucking hate Redd*t, they claimed credit for the boys' rising popularity. Any homo post always loop into the same argument.

>> No.32731736

why the fuck is this thread so fucking fast all of a sudden compared to usual? do we still have people stick around from the APEX tournament?

>> No.32731749

Did Roberu seriously watch Pacific Rim without us

>> No.32731768

I was wondering about that too but the ips are normal, maybe everyone is just extra chatty today. I know I am

>> No.32731780

Temma hornyposters and 3D doomposters went out in full force.

>> No.32731801

I figured everyone would've learned from Korone how to tame their EOPs but it seems most never cared to.

>> No.32731817 [DELETED] 

He SCed him asking about watching his debut with Matsuri and Ruri but he didn't read it

>> No.32731822
File: 43 KB, 566x578, ransan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Gojira vs Kong
Give him a real challenge.

>> No.32731859

>clip watcher EOP
This is the one that kills me. One of the dedicated autists there made a post joking about how yabai Astel can be, and all the EOPs were dumbfounded since clips always show him as a disney princess, and not as the guy who moans himself to climax when he lands a particularly good G7 shot

>> No.32731878
File: 9 KB, 100x100, astel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Send in the seaweed

>> No.32731903

He really does clap a lot when he talks.
I want to see it in 3d so bad.

>> No.32731909
File: 398 KB, 476x512, 1587765716787.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no OP isn't me. POLKA COLLAB WHEN?

>> No.32731944
File: 102 KB, 784x1058, 1603764226644.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this has been a particularly great morning stream. very fun and engaging topics. thank you, son

>> No.32731973

Does anyone have that DO YOU LIKE JOKE clip, it fucking slays me every time

>> No.32731983

Hey don’t EOPify my precious exxxxstacy clip

>> No.32731995


>> No.32732014

Oh disregard this I’m a retard who can’t read

>> No.32732023

their savior complex is insufferable, especially since it's been proven time and time again that most redditors dont actually watch the streams

>> No.32732066

Anyway. Astel is Ero as fuck, there are even clips of that soo..i don’t know what eops are on

>> No.32732105

do you mean Roberu's "I LIKE JOKE"

>> No.32732149


>> No.32732165

https://streamable.com/4i4yxi This one?

>> No.32732187
File: 845 KB, 940x728, eternal_rivalry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32732237

Yeah that's the one, thanks. For some reason I remembered it as him asking kaigai niki

>> No.32732264


Here's the clip with context

>> No.32732280

It was fun to see some of the english-speaking regulars to say fuck that place when the topic was brought up.

>> No.32732286

>that time when he's really sick and suddenly tweeted apologizing to kishimen how he acts like a bully in the stream all the time
He's the type who drop his guard and high attitude when he gets physically weaken, eh? Better take advantage of that.

>> No.32732360

>that fucking gun

>> No.32732361

I was surprised to know that he wanted to browse reddit on stream but then decided against it because he saw a bunch of them telling him not to do it. Maybe i misjudged his EOPs cause i thought they would love that shit

>> No.32732393

This knight keeps doing the impossible and getting cuter. What magic does he possess

>> No.32732400

The holostars EOPs have way more overlap with /jp/ than they do with reddit, outside of Izuru's chat

>> No.32732413


>> No.32732501

Astel's Shout Baby gets a lot of praise but his Neko is just as emotional yet pretty underrated imo. I often prefer listening to this one over the original, there's something special in the way he hits those higher notes

>> No.32732610

When he get's his 3D he will be able to blow a kiss to the omaesans

>> No.32732789
File: 3.32 MB, 2480x3496, Ekd_2aMUcAE3v3N.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All I want for Oga 3D is for his horn to have a breakable model, and for FBK to be there to try and go for it.

>> No.32732796

That is a really good pick,Holouters was so much fun. I really look forward to the next one, hope it doesnt take too long for things to stabilize again. Everyone swaying adds a lot too.

>> No.32732832

I mean, I can tell a lot of Roberu's regulars are from here; me included, of course. Holostars EOPs are a bit more behaved due to the smaller community too. Even if we like dunking on Discord on this site they people there have been doing their best to tardwrangle anyone who manages to step in and call out anyone who polices too hard at the same time kinda.

>> No.32732882

Clipwatcher here, I will NEVER watch a stream (I don't even Dekinai Nihongo)

>> No.32732946

How tall will his 3d be. Will Fubuki be there

>> No.32733027

Aside from reproductive organs sounding name, Holouters is such an amazing stream. The tag went to trending, gaining new comers, positive feedback, 1k+ view

>> No.32733035

His character is like 6'3", so he'd be the tallest of any so far by a huge margin. Who knows if FBK will be there, there's no precedent since Rikka's was in the middle of Covid ramping

>> No.32733131

(You) dozo

>> No.32733148

those two streams are what turned me into a full time stars fan, they're legit some of my favourite ever

>> No.32733155

Weird, Oga is really pure and would never talk like that.

>> No.32733195

Dōzo means to take, right? Thanks.

>> No.32733343

Maybe not in his 3D debut but they would definetly do 3D collabs. Watching them play horror vr would be hillarius.

>> No.32733344

yeah that's right. keep going at it, N6 anon

>> No.32733423

I love Shien

>> No.32733449

I'm actually an N7 but Domo Arigato for the genkimasu!

>> No.32733473

Astel did say he wouldn’t know since they hadn’t collabed yet, so either he’s just winging it or that was his first impression from Ogre

>> No.32733519

I want to “domo” his “arigato” if you know what I mean

>> No.32733537

Oga... why won't people give you a chance...

>> No.32733642

Anon, TriNero was still new at that time and had the 1-month collab debuff.

>> No.32733688

*collab ban

>> No.32733864

>Fubuki hooping to try and get it
i wouldn't be able to handle how cute that would be

>> No.32733995

>they're legit some of my favourite ever
same here. it also made me realize they need to lean in on big collabs like that. it's legit top tier content when they're fucking around together

>> No.32734082
File: 77 KB, 712x985, 1580149835473.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's great

>> No.32734303

Didn't expect that she was a Shienfag

>> No.32734304


>> No.32734347

I really love that art style and it's always so cute

>> No.32734394

Wonder why he followed her now of all times.

>> No.32734598

Probably the closest we'll ever get to a star playing Genshin

>> No.32735086
File: 30 KB, 195x238, 3241ADBA-5B18-4C08-82A4-C292C9121381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>collab debuff

>> No.32735474
File: 82 KB, 618x809, EmTy2nAU0AAZsbo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't make me come over there and take your spaghetti, seaweed boy.

>> No.32735844

BGV is pretty great

>> No.32735957

Hate to be the one to say it but all of this fanart of Leona always has her undeniably having that drip

>> No.32735964


>> No.32736661

Papa sacrificing peons for the glory of Japan!

>> No.32737153

I just want a chuuba to get WhiteNight. The slow confusion as the clock goes by is always great

>> No.32737220

>Do not trust time, for I will guide thee
Freaked me the fuck out realizing what happened the first time

>> No.32737259

Fubuki did, but the stupid corn spoiled her and she hard resetted

>> No.32737436

Concernfags and backseaters really are the worst. So many people who try to tell them "oh no don't do it you'll have to reset" when getting WhiteNight'd is probably the peak of lobotomy corp stylistically.

>> No.32737542

I can't imagine missing out on third trumpet

>> No.32737834

I just hope if Pizzadad gets Plague or the three birds chat wont backseat him out of it

>> No.32737891

It is being realistic, and to be honest, I don't really see much what they could do with it once they have it. Even more, they will have to negociate with the girls timeslots to use the studio
Gen 4 had it worse. I am already hapy with all they already got thank to their hard work and Shinove

>> No.32738014

She went the extra way to ignore them, even ignoring the cameo on her bingo that she posted on twitter with some other checkboxes on the same column
For me, she is just one of the most important reasons Hololive is being cancer for the moment because they are top SC-earners who allegedly have issues with their management, which makes their fanbase on edge.

>> No.32738073

It's smart from both of them to use EOPs to clear the current conversation or the SCs waves

>> No.32738088

I don't understand backseaters, wouldn't watching them be surprised by white knight or the birds be more fun to watch?

>> No.32738158

Same, it does help that the main branch content started to be stale at the same time. It feels nice to see the Stars grow from a relatively early stage

>> No.32738258

They don't want them to "suffer" having to deal with it. Gotta make sure they have the most pefectest run ever. After all, bad things don't make for interesting moments, that's why all the most popular clips of every streamer is normal gameplay and not whacky bullshit or accidents.

>> No.32738283

He actually read that supacha lmao

>> No.32738322
File: 23 KB, 430x233, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

which one of you was it?

>> No.32738347

It always amazes me how aruran can go from calm pizza dad to shitposting fuck

>> No.32738555

I wonder if he will get La Luna. If i recall it played copyrighted music when it broke out unless they patched it out.

>> No.32738589

This but just as a joke.

>> No.32738614

It plays Moonlight Sonata, which is public domain, but I don't know if the specific performance used is public domain.

>> No.32738975

most of the girls 3d streams are usually later jst to set it around prime time

>> No.32739117

>Gen 4 had it worse
they were both ~5 months from the last members debut to the first 3d debut

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