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pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten
never forget ttimes wen u feeled happy

wen day is dark alway rember happy day

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but it just makes the day even darker when you remember how good things used to be, how it has been all downhill since then and there is no end in sight

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This quote coming from Yuuka of all people

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It makes me feel better when i remember the horrible days before the golden days, it really makes me hope that it's always darker before Dawn

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the same girl that said this

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Fix your filename

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This, can't take it seriously coming from the same girl that likes to kick boys in the balls.

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What needs to be different about it?

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it's actually from Reimu

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None of you even played mystic square much less 1cc'd it with yuuka

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Thank u yuuka!

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That reminds me I need to pick up the PC98 games again.
I got to the bones girl before.

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Yuuka always make my day happy!

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How would Yuuka react if I hugged her and pat her on the head?

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She would probably pierce a hole into your stomach and giggle.

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How mean of her...

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What has Yuuka even done to get this reputation?

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It's a mystery

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Every low test faggot who likes this shit should be castrated and forced to transition

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Imagine the smell

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That's kinda hot

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>Every low test faggot who likes this shit should be castrated and forced to transition
Yuuka castrating you and dressing you like a fairy, just as a prank

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Find another touhou for your shitty fetishes

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theres no happy day yuka
there no hapy day

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back to (((>>>/jp/)))

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There is not happy day for YOU

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