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Forgotten 2hu

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She's the best kisser in Gensokyo.

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I never forgot

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Bucket loli never forgetti

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The game’s loli bucket! The first to get their balls into loli bucket wins! But look out, ’cause the balls will pop out of her mouth!

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The eventual fate of all 2hus that aren't Reimu or Marisa, is it not?

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kisume was a forgottenhu the moment I saw her the first time in the stage one of SA, and I don't think that ZUN intended her to be anything more than a first stage throwaway either.
It was fun throwing her around in those fangames though.

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When SA came out Touhou was still at the height of popularity, so even a lame nobody like Kisume got thousands of fanarts, thousands of remixes, hundreds of doujinshi, hundreds of fangame roles, tons of merchandise, even a URL shortener empire... compare it with the reception Eika Ebisu got.

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post THAT image

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>She's the best kisser in existence.

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I want to go back...

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I haven't forgotten her.
I literally can't now matter how hard I might try.

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the mystery of the low-res art

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<eika ebisu

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You now remember Rengeteki

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I never even knew her in the first place.

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She's the first 2hu I remember jerking off to

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the funny girl from the magic user land

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Unusual choice. I didn't jerk off to her until I had been into 2hu for a year or so.

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Cum bucket loli

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She's either a tiny girl or that's quite a large bucket.
Maybe Shinmyoumaru and Kisume could be friends since they're both tinyhus.

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what image

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They drew her really flat and slender and tired from getting cummed inside, so it ticked all my boxes

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Yamame is a bad influence...

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