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guide https://animecards.site/

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shit guide the name rtk shouldnt have been mentioned

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wonder if crtk anon ever made it

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Current thread: #2716

Previous thread: >>33422553

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Here's the real guide:
1. Accept everything just the way it is.
2. Do not seek pleasure for its own sake.
3. Do not, under any circumstances, depend on a partial feeling.
4. Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.
5. Be detached from desire your whole life long.
6. Do not regret what you have done.
7. Never be jealous.
8. Never let yourself be saddened by a separation.
9. Resentment and complaint are appropriate neither for oneself or others.
10. Do not let yourself be guided by the feeling of lust or love.
11. In all things have no preferences.
12. Be indifferent to where you live.
13. Do not pursue the taste of good food.
14. Do not hold on to possessions you no longer need.
15. Do not act following customary beliefs.
16. Do not collect weapons or practice with weapons beyond what is useful.
17. Do not fear death.
18. Do not seek to possess either goods or fiefs for your old age.
19. Respect Buddha and the gods without counting on their help.
20. You may abandon your own body but you must preserve your honour.
21. Never stray from the Way.

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1. shut da fuck up

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real guide: https://s.4cdn.org/image/title/9.jpg

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wow i really want to fuck her (him? it?)

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the only things that are good there is 2 7 14 and 17

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wtf does this say bros I can't read handwritten style fonts good


?????? help

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never seen them kanji before

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ooooh shit ur a pro

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can we get to 1000 bros???


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im not ur bro in fact i wouldnt piss on ur face if you were on fire

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i dont know who the fuck he is but looking and the thumbnail alone i want to beat the shit out of him

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you couldve just made a streamable

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100 of those views are from me alone

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youve been here a week i take it

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>tv audio on
>noise cancelling headset so he cant hear it

wonder if he listens to japanese music for "triple" the immersion: reading + tv + music

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rip matto

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this unironically works

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hes giving up going down in a whimper not a bang

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he died https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmk2Rp0WdX8

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this is how matto is spending his dying days

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how does one man win so hard at life

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wow ngmi poster is a holofag not really surprised

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i kneel to based holochads

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watch a good let's play instead

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wow, thats almost 1000 more than the number of patreons he still has

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fuck off jamal

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refold 754 patrons
migaku 922 patrons
damn this is so sad

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migaku has hundreds of more patrons than matto's

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analcream really needs to step up the youtube thumbnail game

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yoga’s losing all his money by spending it grooming ugly twinks

>> No.33437168

i don't see how putting cleavage in the thumbnail would help

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>watching badly done simpering rotoscope
t. hasnt watched a single vtuber

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12 year olds who watch clickbait videos love breasts

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yeah but i dont care if random 12yos watch this

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just found out about the niggiest town name in japan

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didnt mean cleavage at all but at least try something better than a still frame from the vid
like this >>33437098

>> No.33437253

based for using the always sunny opening
gj analcream

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>lol sure, how does this look?
what i meant is you should at least be able to tell what the video is gonna be about without reading the title
everyone under 30 has no attention span theyll just scroll by it

>> No.33437595

probably true, i haven't watched it in about that long

so we need some huge ass text on that bitch so kids can read it from the thumbnail... but what?

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>so we need some huge ass text on that bitch so kids can read it from the thumbnail... but what?
omae ha mou shindeiru

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migaku sounds like meiguo (美國) combined with macaco (as in "sopa de...")
the reading for 美國 in korean is miguk, which sounds even closer to migaku.

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In 2 years you'll be fluent in Japanese and wish you'd spent more time on something that'd've actually helped get you a job.

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that statement assumes you or that person is spending 6 hours every day no matter what for those 2 years
besides what does being fluent mean

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if u can understand anime with jp subs the transition to raw is pretty easy

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i listen to/read the sentence on the back, that gets me to 5 seconds per card

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i'm just diving in straight to raw without understanding subs yet

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i think it depends on the type of card. personally i have a lot of j-j cards for words which don't show up in j-e dictionaries and i memorize the whole dictionary definition for those, so i'm recalling a sentence or two for each card and that bumps the average up. for j-e cards two seconds is reasonable.

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he preferred to watch anime than talk to japanese

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there's like 3 minutes straight in the video of him hating everything about japanese media and loving western media. the story of matt is a story of falling down

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2 mins in and you make matt look really good i thought this was a dizz video?

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learned the english word petrichor today

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fluency is hiragana

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no, iq is correlated to higher t levels

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is up idk what u mean

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how? please

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it should be possible if you put javascript on your anki card that takes the word field of your animecard as input and searches for that word in the sentence

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why does this annoying namefag keep posting about his video and his opinions on matt?

>> No.33439289

attention. at first you'd be forgiven for thinking he was just making the script and shit to help people out but he gradually started namefagging and then tripfagging more and more and now it's obvious he's the same as all the other attention starved freaks that do it.

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why do you keep posting about me? yikes
the scripts and the video are both to help people out, the name/trip is how i have an efficient feedback loop on the dev cycle. i doubt you've ever made anything so you probably can't understand

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What gets changed about a sentence with ~のがある?
The context here is one person commenting that another person was able to do something in game, and the other is replying

>> No.33439390

no the video is cause you're a retard who wants to take things out of context to take the piss out of matt
>efficient feedback loop
lmao you could do it without the trip and you could do it without the namefaggit, most of your posts aren't about the script anyways
also whenever people post about things with your script you just sperg out and tell them they're at fault

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>whole first part of the video is introducing the old matt and what he did in japan
you're so insanely retarded it's crazy that you would actually claim that you're not trying to make fun of the cringy stuff he says

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if you're using anki for katakana you should just give up sorry

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literally nobody would interpret it in that psychotic way holy shit. if you wanted to show that old matt had passion and the new one doesn't you've done an absolutely god awful job at it

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how much did you pay for wanikani?

>> No.33439727

please don't i'll be financially ruined lol

>> No.33439736

no, my, and any reasonable normal person's interpretation of it would be that you're trying to make fun of him thinking what he did in japan wasn't cringy and stuid

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i know you suffer from a very strong care of dunning kruger but you can literally ask anyone and they will tell you just how retarded you are

>> No.33439802

>a very strong care of dunning kruger
wrap it up boyz we done here

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was hoping i'd be good enough before the final eva movie came out but i'm really not there yet. hope it gets delayed again

>> No.33439848

literally same bro

>> No.33439874

it's a reference to mr yabatan who says it all the time

>> No.33439893

this must be fun to do in a country like japan. in the us there's always a chance of someone bopping you in the face out of sheer reflex

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how cute
you're still wet behind the ears

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wow i want to fuck her

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how much would you bet this guy is a sexual deviant

>> No.33439959

that's a well known fact don't know what you mean

>> No.33439982

i wouldn't call it a complete waste since wanikani helped me become slightly literate and did set me on the path toward kanji fluency but quitting at level 20 and mining my own animecardstm was easily the best decision i ever made. vocab actually sticks and the audio improves my listening capabilities dramatically. it definitely would have been more efficient to do rrtk or the wk anki deck instead of spending 5 months with that shit.

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what's the point of 60k cards. that's probably more than natives know unless you've plugged it with proper nouns

>> No.33440060

only if she can do the split while standing

>> No.33440074

lmao you can't do that unless you already speak the langauge, and if you speak the langauge you'd be better off reading. so nice going wasting your life

>> No.33440084

you make 400 grand a year? what are you, a neurosurgeon?

>> No.33440256

there probably are a ton that you understand but just don't count as "real" sentences


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then you suck dick go watch those shows lmao. wouldn't you get even more demolished by books?

>> No.33440428

he doesnt know a lick of japanese he just a normalfag japanaphile like is trendy thesedays

hell i caught my roomate and her bf watching subbed naruto yesterday

>> No.33440432

i'm still the best djter in terms of japanese skills xD

>> No.33440434

i get very satisfied by the few sentences i understand raw :)

must suck to be you guys who just feel shame for the entire process of learning japanese

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>> No.33440459

>female roommate
>trendy thesedays
when will this stop can't take this fags liking stuff that i like but in the wrong way

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>> No.33440474

i only feel raw anger at how shit of a language japanese is

>> No.33440475

i self-flagellate once for everything i dont understand

>> No.33440483

i have a female roommate is your mind BLOWN

>> No.33440507

is he cute

>> No.33440514

probably by not having the equipment or desire to do so

>> No.33440542

how to add coloring on the targeted kanjis?

>> No.33440544

which short story?

>> No.33440546

wait...og? i didn't know you had a brother

>> No.33440551

i have a private room with bathroom so i rarely see or hear them. i mean it annoys me how happy they are but thats my problem

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>> No.33440608

oh nvm it was kokoro so it was a book

>> No.33440610

nice patreon link on that ankiweb page dipshit. really hope you're donating a portion of your profits to the anki maintainers since you're getting free server space from them.

>> No.33440614

how could you not everyone makes incest jokes about it. guess i dont talk about his as much lately
he cleans up nice, but is too scruffy these days and. blonder than me which is kind of funny. he'd be very ikemen in japan cause he's thin andlong legged with a pointed face and "tall nose". at his best angles he looks like advent children movie renderings of cloud

>> No.33440624

is this the guy who streams games in japanese on twitch?

>> No.33440635

oh yeah kokoro is pretty easy to read

>> No.33440652

dont like the construction 考えれば考えるほど
triggers my autism that the same verb is used in there for a second time
its just redundant information
and the phrase is never used with a different verb in the second position

>> No.33440721

stay the hell out of my white country you goatfucking towelhead

>> No.33440722

let's play a game /djt/ without looking it up, boy or girl?

>> No.33440745

seconding this but for my country

>> No.33440866

lmao wow double standards ahoy

>> No.33440885

sopa de macaco

>> No.33440916

if u cant read+translate doctoral dissertations in japanese u are not qualified to be teaching others and arent even lower intermediate

>> No.33440917

what's the double standard?

>> No.33440955

dunno if i will be able to survive waiting long enough for mushoku tensei next ep i need more eris

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read the mango

>> No.33441009

i've heard the manga is a shit adaptation i love this anime too much to pollute my perception of it with the manga.
I am slowly working my way to be good enough for the LN.

>> No.33441036

really perplexed why dweebs itt are so enchanted by a generic tsundere

>> No.33441066

Well i always loved tsunderes.
My favourite characters ever are the holy trinity, Shana, Louise, and taiga(by order of importance).
Also she has more than just tsundere, in my opinion she feels different from the generic low effort tsundere you see in every SoL.
And that might shock you but people have different tastes.

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yeah same og is retarded

>> No.33441106

nothing wrong with being an m

>> No.33441107

read the manga before watching the anime
it seems pretty similar so far
only thing that i feel didnt happend in the manga was rudeus buying the biyaku, but i could have totally forgotten that given that i read those early chapters quite a while ago

cant say how it compares to the wn/ln at all though

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>> No.33441144


>> No.33441183

crazy how dab guy is the best djt poster

>> No.33441184


>> No.33441246

i'm wanicunnie shill and i am the best

>> No.33441259

he's in the top 3 i'd say, although it depends on who he is when he's not dabbing

if he literally only dab posts he's too good for us

>> No.33441274

>although it depends on who he is when he's not dabbing
not him but i am 6 different posters

>> No.33441289

rip well miss him

>> No.33441291

how many of those hate og and how many simp?

>> No.33441360

naw she looks too asian

>> No.33441381

shes 14

>> No.33441383

>japanese hate whit*...
im just realizing this means i can marry a japanese without feeling like a race traitor
ive suspected this for a while now.

>> No.33441414

halfway through my first chapter of a manga

>> No.33441425

read 1 sentence today

>> No.33441448

read more than that 1 second after waking up while checking my twitter

>> No.33441527


and watch this thread

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i think i might be in love

>> No.33441591

please save the thread

>> No.33441595

what's wrong?

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bet you can't type (autocorrect, not suggestion)

>> No.33441623

just use the animecards script like everyone else

>> No.33441645

an unlikely pair are teaming up to take down a bigger threat

>> No.33441656

imagine not being able to configure one of those shitty scripts

>> No.33441662

simpering sluts

>> No.33441680

grinding the JP1K deck

>> No.33441683

yet another word ive given to you qt esl bouyas
its a really good one tho

>> No.33441686


>> No.33441691

razib khan is a population geneticist and he says ancient genomes put that stupid theory to rest and that japanese ancestors were chinks or chink variants, no caucasians

>> No.33441700

dont remember anyone other than me using that word here

>> No.33441705

haha the new thumbnail is pretty good

>> No.33441707


>> No.33441732

Oops wrong thread guys xp

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>> No.33441736


>> No.33441741


>> No.33441749

show us some

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>> No.33441760

after you guru all the radicals. after you guru the kanji you learn vocab. they start with radicals so you remember it and probably write them without even practicing

>> No.33441763

i know

>> No.33441792

i want sentence cards with furigana

>> No.33441795

I'm 39 years old and started watching anime when Dragonball would come on in the mornings (I was about 15). I've always thought about how cool it would be to understand without the subtitles, but learning a new language always seemed like a pipe dream.

Flash forward to now, with three kids who are also into anime. They decided that they want to learn, and since we homeschool... I "have" to learn it myself to successfully help them.

I'm not far at all, I know my kana and only have about 100 words mastered in my Anki deck, but I hear them in my anime and it's a high every time :)

I lurk on this sub and try to pick on as much as I can, but I wanted to post and say thanks to everyone on here who shares information and helps others. It's more valuable than just an upvote.

>> No.33441803

trust me you don't

>> No.33441826

if you're a dekinai
mpvacious is super easy to setup

>> No.33441843

>how to set up mpvacious
1) run $ trizen -S mpvacious-mpv
2) import the example note type
2) ???
3) profit

>> No.33441845

there is no script that exists that can generate accurate furigana from plain sentences. you're just going to confuse yourself with incorrect furigana. instead use the audio from the animecards script to figure out how the sentence is read

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File: 2.11 MB, 1390x1042, スクリーンショット 0003-02-27 午後2.50.49.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I met two strangers and was able to hold up a conversation in Japanese! The reason I’m smiling so hard is because they wanted a photo for their vacation memories, but I’ll be holding on to this too. I wish those dudes a safe and fun vacation!

>> No.33441868

anyone have that screenshot of the ytb comment where matt tells calvin that sacrificing friends in the short term for nihongo gains in the long term is something he'll be proud of

>> No.33441872

dude on the left looks like a closet racist

>> No.33441873


>> No.33441879

nice going anon, more contact with japanese people than most anons here
what did you talk about?

>> No.33441882

more like
1) run $ rm -rf /
2) install windows
3) download anacreon script
4) ???
5) profit

>> No.33441893

what j-j dictionary is the best to use for anki defs

>> No.33441896

>noooo you cant just watch anime you have to go talk to japanese people
number of japanese people ive had to talk to in 3 years: 0
number of anime ive watched: 1000

>> No.33441897

fuckin baaaaased

>> No.33441900

we use mpvacious because the process of making cards is faster, does someone here really use anacreon script, i though it was a meme

>> No.33441902

japanese known: n/a

>> No.33441908

me behind the the dude with the glasses

>> No.33441910

6) delete system32
7) install gentoo
8) emerge japanese
9) profit

>> No.33441911

not fooling anyone goatfucker

>> No.33441916
File: 370 KB, 621x447, 1hny33euv7t21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33441925

said the american who talks to no one on a daily basis

>> No.33441930

this guy knows japanese and fucks bitches

lol thanks, first time i've ever made something like that

>> No.33441938

nah i spoke japanese 5 hours today

>> No.33441940

dont use mpvacious or anacreon script because the stuff i want to watch never has subs

>> No.33441945
File: 980 KB, 1400x1428, スクリーンショット 0003-02-27 午後2.53.25.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33441949

havent seen a flashcard in 1 year

>> No.33441951

fuck them, all they do is add fancy shit to your cards like images and audio that you don't need
literally takes 2 seconds to figure out and saves a ton of time
don't need it
your senile great grandma could figure out the basic functionality, which is all you need to use it. don't bother with add-ons except ankiconnect and yomichan, take the half-hour it takes to set those up and you'll be able to make cards with literally one click

>> No.33441960
File: 131 KB, 666x424, スクリーンショット 0003-02-27 午後2.54.49.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33441968


>> No.33441974

>emerge japanese
WARNING: One or more updates/rebuilds have been skipped due to a dependency conflict

>> No.33441995

your loss

>> No.33442008

yosh time to emerge in japanese

>> No.33442019
File: 1.66 MB, 640x1136, video.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33442053

me on the right

>> No.33442060

it took you two DAYS??
took me two hours literally

>> No.33442072

all i needed was
so - down tonal - downwards direction
n - upper tonal - upper direction
tsu - down tonal - downward direction
shi - upper tonal - upper direction

>> No.33442080

>10 new cards per day
>reps for an hour or more
wtf matt was a super dekinai lmfao

>> No.33442082


>> No.33442090


>> No.33442091

he was using sentence cards which take like 10 times longer to rep

>> No.33442102

that's why you don't do sentence cards, kids

>> No.33442117

yeah tanoshikattaze

>> No.33442131

can you matt haters stop acting like he said this wrong? his pronunciation was perfect you're fucking obsessed

>> No.33442153

i do around 10-20 new mined cards a day, and i just have 60-100 cards to rep per day
an hour for 100 cards is absurd

>> No.33442161

matt is just fun to make fun of. could pick literally anyone. scrub through some tofugu podcasts for osme gold

>> No.33442165

if i did literally nothing except japanese for 10 years like he did i guarantee i could smoke him

>> No.33442175

why do i get so angry watching people hype up the latest trash shounen

>> No.33442180

i do 30 kanji and 120 words a day
not mined. delivered to me automatically by the generous wanikani

>> No.33442201

for me its morphman

>> No.33442204

to be fair its a bit better than your usual shounen

>> No.33442210

do people really just come here to shill their anki decks and addon

>> No.33442215


>> No.33442227

good music

>> No.33442229
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refold server is popping

>> No.33442250 [DELETED] 

if you post my video do you get insta-banned?

>> No.33442264

p sure nobody cares about "your video"

>> No.33442269

itadori, mahito and junpei dynamic was nice and had enough build up

>> No.33442271

not like matto has much else going on so he probably does

>> No.33442275

you do it. i bet nobody even opens the link or reacts

>> No.33442278

then why does it have more thumbs-ups than you have friends

>> No.33442294

figuring out which rule you're breaking so jannies can put you where you belong

>> No.33442313

hmm i can try to do it with an alt account. did it get deleted when someone posted it previously?
prob no because he never leaves the patreon-only server, his last message on the public refold server was almost a week ago

>> No.33442317


try it, i have no idea since i'm not on that server

>> No.33442342

delete my anki deck before and it felt great
but im back on the srs again

really get what he means by being addicted
hope i can one day get rid myself of it forever

>> No.33442361

never deleted my anki deck

>> No.33442362

wow they came up with wanikani

>> No.33442424

gonna delete moe with a single punch

>> No.33442430

if you think that is for the best

>> No.33442434

you wont do shit

>> No.33442440

installed wanikani

>> No.33442453

so brave

>> No.33442469

deleted duolingo

>> No.33442470

why are there so many cringe posters like anacreon? isn't he like 30 years old? making videos about people online? wtf so cringe

>> No.33442482

being cringe is a good business model these days

>> No.33442494

still using physical cards

>> No.33442497

all you have to do is report anacreon's posts for self promotion because he keeps spamming it

>> No.33442548

not bad not bad

dance my monkeys!

>> No.33442576
File: 223 KB, 721x524, 1521800274269.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

posted a silly question, the answers are meh

>> No.33442581

wish i had a brocon imouto

>> No.33442602

lol if there's any good reactions be sure to share, based lucas

>> No.33442609

wish my aniki was a siscon

>> No.33442614

i do and its annoying most of the time
like ill be trying to watch something and then she just wont leave for sometimes 30 mins plus

>> No.33442615
File: 62 KB, 1644x242, スクリーンショット 0003-02-27 午後3.44.11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

self important faggot anacreon thought they were gonna say "omg our dear leader is bad???"

>> No.33442621

its over...

>> No.33442630

mine wouldnt leave me alone for around a 3 year peroid, constantly in my room making me playing videos games with her and watch stuff i hated it

>> No.33442643

gotta admit thats an epic thumbnail tho

>> No.33442649

fuck yoga and fuck matt
at least analcreon gives me useful scripts with no drama

>> No.33442652

Name one channel about japanese tourism that's better

>> No.33442657

he's literally shitting up every thread with links to his video

>> No.33442659

fully deserved, its a well made video of a personal growth journey


some random clip mashup for which anacreon didnt even collect the clips himself but just asked other anons to provide for him

>> No.33442665

scipts with miners in them

>> No.33442673

No, it isn't. But it's annoying to write, just like most females are annoying

>> No.33442680

they mine cards for you?

>> No.33442682


>> No.33442695

this guy is literally me in japan and you all could never hope to be this based

>> No.33442705

proud to say i cant name 1 japanese tourism channel

>> No.33442708

they immediatley moved on to talking about sentence cards. nobody cared about the matt video

>> No.33442724

is there any way to reset my progress with anki (that i did today) so that i have the reviews and new cards left like at the beginning of the day?

>> No.33442725

is nobita a tourism channel

>> No.33442731


>> No.33442748

lol nice

right? i almost used the japanese green O but figured refolders wouldn't get it

glad you like them :)

i got half the clips myself and all the images, what's wrong with that?

a hot topic of debate lol, at least they didn't get banned

>> No.33442754

if you have automatic backups available there should be one from yesterday
find out how to restore from backups

>> No.33442758


>> No.33442759

jojis tourism channel is pretty nice desu

>> No.33442776

holy shit why is this still so fucking funny

>> No.33442780
File: 251 KB, 1440x816, 1614470188913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33442785

reminds me of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrEyiF-wG4I

>> No.33442792


>> No.33442793

I hate that one single 漢字 can have up to 200 different readings

>> No.33442800

damn didnt notice it was a dumb jojo edited version

>> No.33442804

i thought he doesnt use discord because its "spyware"
man with no honor

>> No.33442807

i like that because it means i can learn a lot of words really quickly like legos

>> No.33442838

honor doesn't apply when money is involved

>> No.33442839

sad that we're probably not gonna get any more stupid analogies like this and the cup video anymore

>> No.33442850

moe always loved this video

>> No.33442884


>> No.33442890

since anime cards and feel it out aproach parrotted by the retards in this thread didn't work, this is my next plan

1) do sentence card deck
2) study grammar from DoBJG and mine sentence cards out of example sentences
3) mine sentences from anime

wish me luck bros

>> No.33442892


>> No.33442900

sounds like you're talking about a dead autistic kid

>> No.33442924

Fuck you boomer, I envy people that were able to procreate

>> No.33442933

can you keep up with me?

>> No.33442937

This language is so fucked up that you can't even generate accurate sounds from text

>> No.33442977

not gonna listen to men who never had sex

>> No.33442980

the fuck do you read this? に、みっか?

>> No.33442992

ふつか みっか

>> No.33442994


>> No.33442996

fuckin baaased

>> No.33443002

ni san lol

>> No.33443035


>> No.33443041

Liar, I still can enter

>> No.33443042

listened to the matt weed video and it made a lot of mistake

>> No.33443044


>> No.33443054

welcome back bitch

>> No.33443055

bet u did it for a month or two before concluding this lol

>> No.33443058

Did you diddled her?

>> No.33443060


>> No.33443071


>> No.33443073

thx bitch but u didnt have to sign ur post

>> No.33443075


>> No.33443076

nihongou jyouzuu

>> No.33443077

why do npcs love this shit so much

>> No.33443084

never watched it

>> No.33443094


>> No.33443097

holy shit i'm bumping to this. never heard it before

>> No.33443101
File: 630 KB, 1278x670, a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ah, so this is what it's like to have a teacher crush...

>> No.33443119
File: 40 KB, 320x304, 1606492452037.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw realizing shes a 30 yo obasan with like 5 kids by now

>> No.33443131

legit thought this was a tranny from the other pic posted of her

>> No.33443138

don't wanna compete with anyone and i found out every time i get stuck in a plateau it's because of a wrong aproach so i want to get smarter about japanese now

i think sentence cards and grammar are the way to go

>> No.33443148


>> No.33443154

there is no such thing as a plateau

>> No.33443159

there is and the solution is more flashcarads

>> No.33443164

this thread is at a plateau after a downward spiral into the fucking 便器 and now i have to dig it out

>> No.33443165

ok jamal you can post your anime self now that you are back from vacay

>> No.33443167

I did, and you have no proof of it being otherwise

>> No.33443174


virgin sentence cards
chad duolingo streak

>> No.33443179


>> No.33443182

Who are you quoting?

>> No.33443200
File: 15 KB, 256x256, analcream.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh i see you must not have been lurking during your vacay. analcream and i converted our selfies into anime

>> No.33443205

anime jamal is just gonna look like a blob, just like all the other "art" that trash spits out

>> No.33443206

as for me, it's this

>> No.33443211

wheres the thing ill do it

>> No.33443243

clean up your discord

>> No.33443244

just start reading. learn some kanji that way like a lot of common hyougai and jinmeiyou kanji. and vocab you'll learn that way too. don't even bother using an SRS since you're a level 60 wanikani master

>> No.33443252
File: 22 KB, 256x256, 34982302349.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

selfie2anime keeps you mostly the same looking but cropping it to get a clean take a few attempts

>> No.33443254


>> No.33443275

as for me its this

>> No.33443279

that second one was a different site

>> No.33443286

im not sure u understand what ur asking

if i have to clean up my discord im going to clean it permanently by right clicking it and sending it to the yaminosekai

so heres the question is that an improvement

i dont see a link

>> No.33443300


>> No.33443314

Is this sarcasm, I can't tell.

>> No.33443315

uh no it melted my face and my eyes were too big or something and stretched upward. that was as good as i could get it.

the second one makes me look like a major cunt

>> No.33443330

youre so excited to see me arent u

>> No.33443333

in my head canon i made these kids with her

>> No.33443335

lil bit its been boring but dont make it weird

>> No.33443336

of course it stretched your eyes it is turning you into anime

>> No.33443338

and this

>> No.33443341

og needs to fucking leave

>> No.33443342

only way to make it is to try really hard the lazy "feel it out" group is ngmi

>> No.33443345

no i mean you can see a ghost set of eyes above my eyes

>> No.33443354

weird like the person who wants me to see her anime selfies ?

>> No.33443357

just read my 4th novel of the year in japanese

>> No.33443360

oh those, yeah the 2nd one i did ignored my eyes completely and put them on my neck

>> No.33443361

>Enable support for prefix wildcard searches
whats this

>> No.33443367

i wanted to see everyones anime selfies but only one other person did it. was hoping maybe more anons might if you do

>> No.33443371


>> No.33443380
File: 612 KB, 2048x2048, 20210129_143319.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33443382

aint no fuckin way im clickin that

>> No.33443383

you really have to be one of the chosen ones to learn japanese cuz the 99.9% fall into 2 categories the ones who try hard "studying" or the ones who don't like anime enough and quit 10% of the way through

>> No.33443451


>> No.33443452

wow jamal is オッドアイ

>> No.33443473





>> No.33443477


>> No.33443483
File: 145 KB, 256x256, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33443493

oh wow jamal has tattoos i thought he was straight edge

>> No.33443494

oh fuck i have this nigga added on facebook

>> No.33443504

they r all sXe tattoos i have the dare logo on my arm

>> No.33443514
File: 21 KB, 256x256, 1614387928452.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i think my selfie won the anime game so far, the other two just look uncanny

oh wait nm this cutie posted yesterday too
should have figured you'd cheat

>> No.33443516

very nice very nice, your mom and sister look great too

>> No.33443523

how to distinguish if ん is the slang for negative or the slang for の after a verb

>> No.33443527
File: 19 KB, 256x256, 1614387560328.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a few memes were made

>> No.33443529

thats mashiron 100%

also u know me i cant give u nothin that easy ; )

>> No.33443532

We start off the episode by first talking about why he has decided to live in Oregon for the past couple of years, given the fact that he's dedicated such a huge amount of time of his life towards Japanese. Although he's studied abroad in Gunma Prefecture briefly when he first started learning Japanese, he spent the majority of his time learning Japanese in Oregon. We learn about how hobbies like meditation and his families have kept in Oregon, although he does intend to move to Japan at some point if it weren't for Corona. Matt shares more about his personal life, including stories of how he met his Japanese girlfriend and whether or not that dating a Japanese person has improved his Japanese at all.

>> No.33443534

it's not even possible to mix those up

>> No.33443538


>> No.33443568

yeah i had to try 3 times to get mine

>> No.33443569

>damn this algorithm keeps spitting out some ugly mofo

>> No.33443576

imagine the seethe in next ep mushoku tensei

>> No.33443581

not ugly just you can tell the algorithm didn't do what it was supposed to

>> No.33443596

we already made a ton off mattos

>> No.33443608

how do you explain mine and analcreams then? only took a few tries for me
damn i was dead on about the jim carrey vibe. nice eyebrows i can see you might actually be a pretty boy

>> No.33443609
File: 30 KB, 256x256, 1588027335918.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dont feel like making a new one

>> No.33443612

thats not matto thats me

>> No.33443615

wearing a choker?

>> No.33443619

the anime pics were not funny the first time

>> No.33443624

the last episode of wonder egg priority was actually quite good though i have no idea what the fuckin point of this show as a whole is

>> No.33443633

maybe you had a good photo idk i got tired after doing it three times especially as it requires email input every time

>> No.33443638


>> No.33443646

its a naurto headband

>> No.33443659

do you literally have a neckbeard

>> No.33443669
File: 24 KB, 256x256, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33443677

no but i have perma stubble

whos this ape lmao (i know)

>> No.33443681

nice eyes lol

>> No.33443683


>> No.33443690

too much discouragement here, so i'm here to cheer you on! you're making great progress, keep it up. no matter what method you use, even wanikani, it's better than almost everybody who studies japanese - e.g. spending a college semester to learn hiragana and 50 kanji.

>> No.33443693

ghost trick doesn't have furigana tho

>> No.33443694

it might be if you post urs

>> No.33443700

shut da fuck up cockroach before i crush you beneath my boot

>> No.33443701

use a radical dictionary. it doesn't take very long to look stuff up. also just skip shit if you really can't figure it out

>> No.33443710

the pokemon of ur choice

>> No.33443717

hey sounds like japanese is really frustrating you and i get that! just keep doing what you're doing and you'll get to a place you can be proud of :^)

>> No.33443722
File: 23 KB, 256x256, a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

machine got artistic with anime daigo

>> No.33443728
File: 45 KB, 512x512, 1614387892374.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh i just noticed the anon who did a portrait version in the last thread. was that a real person of shinji or something?

>> No.33443735

looks like lain

>> No.33443737

thats lain

>> No.33443743
File: 2.49 MB, 500x324, 1583771723738.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33443762

wow this portrait one is bananas. requires a trial but im gonna cancel ina few days. even quiz can manage this one its very accurate

>> No.33443774


>> No.33443775
File: 22 KB, 256x256, anime_me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

seems to work better when there's more noise in the background and possibly a smaller image resolution?

>> No.33443786

worst haircut of all time

>> No.33443796

this applies to that too >>33443743 came on during my run and i had to change the song cause it was making me feel shit

>> No.33443818

glad i posted the link to that anime selfie converter site cause its making this baboon clench cope and seethe

>> No.33443824


>> No.33443827

imagining this retarded face makes me like analcrayons posts a lot more
because its a fun way to avoid a direct dox, gramps.

>> No.33443837

don't care

>> No.33443846
File: 23 KB, 256x256, ewrewiriew.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33443854

just gotta put stuff into perspective. you can't read all of the kanji yet but i bet you're in the top 30k of angloids who gave it a go!

>> No.33443857

aesthetic asf

>> No.33443859

i have an announcement
watasi tab enter ha enter pen f7 enter desu enter

>> No.33443865

i hope everyone knows that website has your unfiltered photos and I know how to generate the original from anime output

>> No.33443867
File: 14 KB, 256x256, o5SbJxe81tt4jbLcVD7YlKTxenlul4XCr3urrOyw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33443873
File: 112 KB, 533x341, anani-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

acquired アナニー

>> No.33443877

you can definitely learn japanese if you're starting this early!

>> No.33443883

added a deck for counters like 6 months ago and never bothered to do it even though it's kinda useful

>> No.33443886

who are you?

>> No.33443890

but what does it have to do with the thread ? i came back to help a dude with japanese and u derailed the thread with more selfie shit

if u just wanna just do it for real pick a chat platform and add me ill give u the human interaction u desire

im not scared bc i used a webcam pic of me from literally over 10 years ago

>> No.33443892

only useful if you want to speak
and if you do good job

>> No.33443900

how busted did you get since then

>> No.33444036
File: 250 KB, 265x377, 1612059172177.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why does nobody ever talk about manga in this fuckin thread?

i read the first volume of this. it was ok though the best part of it was when the self-indulgent author had a panel in which someone was asking for recommendations for something to watch and the other character recommended inuyashiki lol.

>> No.33444037

believe me i don't need your permission to report your posts

>> No.33444038

if you think about it og was probably what made ciaran leave

>> No.33444042

Japanese Support addon doesn't work

Wasting my time

Fuck the creator

>> No.33444048

i think a girl thats willing to get up and crack heads for her boy is about as wonderful as it gets tho

>> No.33444060

just spoiled saekano for myself so i would have no reason to ever finish it fuck this show

>> No.33444061

oh wow another dead degenerate tripfag how will i sleep at night

>> No.33444068

he saw our love blossoming before his very eyes and he thought about when i told him how much he fucked up to break up with his really nice girlfriend and couldnt handle it and rage closed the tab

>> No.33444069

ya the average post quality dropping massively probably did it for him

>> No.33444081


>> No.33444083

cope and seethe

>> No.33444095

queeran was never a trip fag nor did he use a name

just wanna keep the facts straight here for u as ur new to the threads

in fact ur posts should honestly have a wakaba mark next to them

>> No.33444097

yeah i did seethe a bit when i saw who won but i would have seethed more if i had watched it. hate the mc so much fuck him

>> No.33444108

always have to laugh when they pull out those typical japanese mannerisms in a 中世ヨロッパ setting like saying いってらっしゃい when someone leaves the house shit just cracks me up

>> No.33444114


>> No.33444117
File: 244 KB, 400x400, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whats your favorite manga panel? heres one of mine

>> No.33444136

we used to say "go with god" or something that would easily translate into いってらっしゃい in those days

>> No.33444140

always lol when my anime characters speak japanese

>> No.33444152
File: 102 KB, 1520x1080, [Reaktor] Serial Experiments Lain - E06 [1080p][x265][10-bit][Dual-Audio].mkv_snapshot_03.41_[2019.07.23_00.35.44].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33444154
File: 50 KB, 922x230, スクリーンショット 0003-02-27 午後5.42.55.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we can raise the thread quality together. less infighting and more learning japanese. others will follow your good example, especially new users. unfortunately some people refuse to change and for them there is only one option...

>> No.33444155

yeah i thought it look familiar

>> No.33444160

thinkin im gonna hang up the name and trip for a while i dont rly like having my name next to these guys that r making the most dogshit posts of all time

>> No.33444163

already did

>> No.33444164

it's called dynamic equivalence

>> No.33444173

we know you by your great vocaroos, don't worry about it

>> No.33444181

Thats me except with pets, dogs and cats only understand english stupid anime

>> No.33444190

then fucking do it instead of just talking about it's like you're just begging for more attention

>> No.33444191
File: 1.08 MB, 720x1151, Screenshot_20210228-021438.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just wanna go to japan so i dont only have to talk to the kind of girl who uses a skype keijiban bros

>> No.33444192

this is an sfw board

>> No.33444208

yea she's hot the other pic that gets posted of her is just a bad one

>> No.33444219

i want you to go too maybe then you'd stop posting here

>> No.33444222

nihongo no mori is actually based

>> No.33444226

what the hell was that fat dude called that was learning japanese seafoam or some shit

>> No.33444229


>> No.33444231

seabolt speaks

>> No.33444232

is this where i lean in and steal a kiss

>> No.33444235


>> No.33444239

quit pretending theres any value in yourself or your posts loser lmao youll come back in 2 hours anyway tRAsh

>> No.33444250

og u and me should get 30dayd in a lovers posting suicide and then we spend the next 30 days biking across japan and staying at a different lodging every night

>> No.33444253


>> No.33444255


>> No.33444259

yeah djt isnt gonna be a part of my life by then dont worry

>> No.33444265

he tattooed 今日 on his arm
epic bro lmao

>> No.33444269

ill have you know i take my bans very seriously
this is my favorite song of hers i sing this shit all the time when im feel ザ ストレッス

>> No.33444276

>the suhkooruh flower

>> No.33444278

read this as shikki

>> No.33444288

i respect quizmaster greatly cuz he has better things to do than post here all day

>> No.33444293

this is a boys club

>> No.33444302

like figuring out how to impregnate and marry his first girlfriend

>> No.33444305

a lot of people confuse 使 and 便. keep at it and you won't blunder these anymore!

>> No.33444309
File: 2 KB, 203x53, anki.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bros does it get better?

>> No.33444313

wym you fit in perfectly lmfao

>> No.33444355

posted by !l08I6k8X8M

>> No.33444358

dude there's no way you can read your own posts and say that with a straight face. i'm making oc while you're chasing og - facts

>> No.33444362
File: 119 KB, 800x340, original (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

邪魔l gets it but he cant stop me doing to djt what needs to be done. this place is poison for japanese learning and needs a rebirth or just to die for good

>> No.33444376

i got it set to 5 a day :( am i just a retard?

>> No.33444377

but the problem is ur japanese is fucking terrible

>> No.33444378


>> No.33444381

>this place is poison for japanese learning
djt has been a net benefit for me and im better at japanese than u are

>> No.33444390

it never gets better quit anki and learn japanese

>> No.33444411

contrary to the larp before, i actually dont wanna rule over the ruins but most of you people need to be stopped you've been allowed bad ideas in an ego aggrandizing echo chamber far too long

>> No.33444416

>bad ideas
such as

>> No.33444420


>> No.33444424

yeah i remember all the times you epically destroyed djt by proving that you dont know japanese

>> No.33444435

audio on the cards makes a huge difference, hope you have that. and reading/watching reinforces what you've studied. are you only learning kanji? it's easier to remember kanji if you also learn vocab that use them.

>> No.33444439

it takes a special kind of person to act like this after not being able to tell literal gibberish from actual japanese lol

>> No.33444447

is there a way to make yomichan only mine one definition from a word

so annoying when it mines 4 at once

>> No.33444450

i dont need to be itibantuyoi to expose mountebanks and fakers like quiz and ajatt shills just like i dont need a chemistry degree to expose snakeoil

>> No.33444453

whats actually gonna happen is ur gonna hang out for another couple months we continue to make fun of u i continue to give u the attention that makes u wag ur tail nothing changes except maybe anacreole reduces his posting and then u just go back to japan or whatever and never post again well if all ur dreams come true

so why even front with that kind of shit like ur gonna do anything here in my house

>> No.33444473


>> No.33444475

thanks fren

>> No.33444487

u do need a good dicking
from me

>> No.33444491

lol is this post the digital equivalent of wife beating

>> No.33444493

you do need to know japanese though which you have proven time and time again to not
off of the top of my head since i dont read every post
the cringe compilation image qm made
almost every turd uve outputted into this thread

>> No.33444498

anacreon script works with youtube videos inside mpv btw

>> No.33444499

lol i remember when i first started posting he said the same thing "ur just gonna disappear in a couple months" and now the cope is "he's going to start posting less" lmao dude

>> No.33444669

i just wanna to look at words and make up images in my mind
if it makes sense to me then thats all i need

>> No.33444670

ive never not been chilling out ur the 1 who goes through the gamut of emotions

but thats what girls do and the way u do it really is charming we both wear our hearts on our sleeves in reality

>> No.33444674

also the real reason you dropped your trip is because im changing you into a better human, you're welcome

>> No.33444686

she aint called output girl for nothing lol

>> No.33444687

>the modern incarnation of ajatt is hide from your fucking host family and eat lunch in a toilet stall to avoid crippling yourself

lmfao very true, when will refoolders learn

>> No.33444688

what's that

>> No.33444708

maybe u should make a new thread series called the "daily decoding japanese thread"

u might be changing me into a better human but it doesnt have anything to do with a tripcode

>> No.33444712

jabum posting without a trip might be the final straw for me, prolly gonna take a sabbatical from djt. its hard though when i have a thought or screenshot i wanna share and have nowhere to do it but the thread is in dire straits atm with all these fucking tripshits and the people replying to the whore

>> No.33444715


dangerously teetering on being mean :|

>> No.33444716

wow rude
the truth is hard to disagree with

>> No.33444720

i need me an output women

>> No.33444729

ive been slamming ur terrible posts lately but i can give props where appropriate and refoold is solid enough i like it better than retard bc u cant say retard anymore its 2021 u get in trouble

>> No.33444731

bottom of page

>> No.33444750

its ok u can still use retard like when a black person uses the n word

>> No.33444751

>everyone i don't agree with doesn't know japanese!
its ok you can just admit you want to be kakkoii like me and not need a gay trip to have an effect

>> No.33444755

dont worry this summer ill make output girl into output woman

and then the moment she tells me she loves me is the moment i hand her over to u as i will have completed the route

prolly shouldnt have broke the 4th wall there

>> No.33444762

everyone just stfu

>> No.33444767

there's a lot of dogma out there about how to best learn a language. but then i talk with foreigners who speak very high level english and a lot of them got there without using SRS or even much immersion. just going to class and conventional toeic study.

>> No.33444769

no wonder ur comparing urself to casual as a way to cope

>> No.33444776

ur posts really need a wakaba mark on them

i got these threads banned from /a/ forever having never entered anything into the name field

u dont actually know who ur dealing with bc ive been 甘えるing u but never forget who made u storm out of the thread w. tears in ur eyes calling me a scumbag bc even then i was going easy on u

>> No.33444778

best hair and eyebrow game of 80s idols. she looks like a real life sailor mars

>> No.33444793


>> No.33444804

doesn't really make sense because 甘える is an intransitive verb

>> No.33444809

>i got these threads banned from /a/ forever having never entered anything into the name field
are you proud of that? /a/ stopped being good when sakurafish and djt wasn't in the catalog

>> No.33444855

yeah but even native english speakers do that. also you can judge them by their spontaneous output.

>> No.33444857

sorry bro cant agree

>> No.33444860

>immersion is supplemental to learning. you need structured lessons or at least a GOOD textbook/curriculum (dolly for all i fucking care) that isn't anki related. and lots and lots of output
i took college japanese classes up to the 500 level and i can tell you that the opposite is true, lessons are supplementary to consuming compelling content

>> No.33444861

u wouldnt have made that post if it wasnt for my influence

dance for me some more u fucking muppet u are just another piece on my game board

well more accurately *makes shidding and farding noises*

>> No.33444879

agreed. also just cramming SRS is better than class except for pronunciation

>> No.33444881

uhh u clicked my post number twice there buddy, you sure you didn't hit your head?

>> No.33444887

yeah i was watching a holo collab with a native and a jsl and i caught a lot of things that went over one or the others head as an english and japanese knower

>> No.33444899

baited for this exact response u are easier to tame than og

>> No.33444900


>> No.33444902

how do you know, nonsequitor response?

>> No.33444912

that's a good one! i bet you'll see it a lot

>> No.33444913

also i told you before to drop the dating sim routine its cringe for basically everyone involved. i feel like a kid who's hanging out with a fun uncle but he keeps trying to touch me in bad places when i just wanna build model ships
he voice is superior but she's not as pretty and thin as moritaka imo
non-native courses are useless for sure, i recommend making your own j-j curricula with minna no nihongo or finding an online native teacher who can give structured lessons on a regular basis

or just go to japan and spend a fraction of what you would at a western degree factory
>inb4 double-dropout

>> No.33444914

i really love imabi it's something you have to work your way through slowly but it definitely pays off

>> No.33444922

please make one good post before the thread expires, for old times sake

>> No.33444950

>i recommend
based on fucking whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat your japanese is fucking dogshit

>> No.33444955

can the namefags please put their trips back it's getting kind of hard to keep track of who is who in these conversations

>> No.33444957

i guess we just have different taste since i personally dont like women who are too thin but good taste either way bro

>> No.33444958

ooo you know he mad

>> No.33444973

same shit every day in here lol

>> No.33444977

finna get some structured lessons so i too can reach the point where i cant tell if something is actual japanese or not

>> No.33444990

>immersion is supplemental to learning. you need structured lessons or at least a GOOD textbook/curriculum (dolly for all i fucking care) that isn't anki related. and lots and lots of output
u are insane

>> No.33444996

good taste on your end too
i objectively have the best taste in idols. probably because i dont want to fuck them

>> No.33444999

i dont wanna touch u in bad places i just wanna be the 1 u come home to at the end of the day so i can support u and empower u to be ur best

this summer u and me r gonna do 1 of those 2000 piece jigsaw puzzles in ur apartment and put it up on ur wall and then when im gone ull look at it and remember the time we spent together

>> No.33445003


>> No.33445004

what a waste of dub trip trips on this cringe ass post

just because its ironic doesnt make it not cringe too btw

>> No.33445014

im serious

>> No.33445016

he's right though, the more you study the more you will get from your immersion

>> No.33445025

pretending it isn't ironic is also cringe

>> No.33445035

>the more you study the more you will get from your immersion
even if that were true immersion will always be the main source of your nihongo gains

>> No.33445043

even if textbook and lessons were the objectively better way i still wouldnt do it cause its fucking boring and i can just watch anime instead

>> No.33445046

thanks to the guy that shared the video in the refold server we're almost to 1000 views

>> No.33445049

u putting up ur walls when u really would like to do a good old jigsaw puzzle is just as cringe

>> No.33445069

glad your hard work is paying off! you put a lot of time and effort into that video and it shows

>> No.33445100

got enough memories of dudes no longer in my life thanks
the thing is minna is only like short 2-3 textbooks its piss easy to get through and by the end you have like 90% of what you need to start your precious immersing but instead of it taking you 3 years of white noising most of the day it takes a few hours of study a day for like 3-6 months. if you have a native to output with, even faster.

plus you will have way less "this language is impossible" holes in your knowledge when you get the framework down

>> No.33445101

everything she says is so idiotic the impulse to not reply and tell her off is really hard to overcome

>> No.33445102

i dont hate her i just call out people when they need a call out

>> No.33445130

to be fair you post a lot like me its uncanny. i see why people thought i was you in disguise when i first got here

>> No.33445137

maybe u shouldnt abandon them all and run away

thats why i realize that id have to run away from u first to keep u from repeating the cycle

well the jokes on u bc i have a われめ

>> No.33445149
File: 151 KB, 449x442, 1587826962330.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33445160

the best part is og wouldn't even pass n4 but is talking big game about how to learn japanese after failing to do so for an entire decade

>> No.33445166

btw i just fucking got it

anacron is mad bc im giving a girl attention bc he wanted to be my girlfriend and now hes absolutely livid and its driven him to post like a buffalo taking a diarrhea dump in my ear

>> No.33445167

great minds? btw that guy he was talking to just now wasn't even me i keep my trip on

>> No.33445177

she can output about the weather bro it totally doesn't matter that she can't read elementary school kanji

>> No.33445184

gonna take a piss dont post anything before i get back

>> No.33445186

funny how matt said anyone could pass n1 by ajatting but tkyosam cant

>> No.33445195

>taking a diarrhea dump in my ear
what's wrong i thought you were into that

>> No.33445196

yeah she can output about the weather

hey og 天気がいいね

og: あ、木と青さ・・

>> No.33445217

in a sense she was right about 木と青さ since the rooms she posted looked good

>> No.33445220

immersion is useless without study

study gets concepts structures and words into your head
immersion helps you spot those
immersion without study is white noise
study without immersion is meaningless memorization
you need both to learn
be water my friend

>> No.33445226

bros how do i become a japanese loli?

>> No.33445235

yeah study is fine but after ur first read through of tayson kim u dont need to bother with anything but dojg lookups

>> No.33445238
File: 208 KB, 1000x1442, pir.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is why matt changed his mind

>> No.33445240

wear a ランドセル

>> No.33445253

if you imagine my hair suddenly flowing in the wind in front of my face as i coldly stare into the distance as i say it, its a pretty rad scene

>> No.33445259

i dunno it just sounds like you are being lazy to me

>> No.33445266

yah i was imagining u like literary girl from daily lives of highschool boys

>> No.33445282

worked fine, i can do anything i want to with the language so i dont care what it sounds like to you

>> No.33445284

btw the fact that she understood exactly where i was going w. that unfortunately proves she instinctively gets japanese at a reasonable level but i already knew that and just like to bust her girl balls

>> No.33445296

immersion without study will get you there eventually, study without immersion will never get you there
it's evident which one is the more important
i don't actually disagree that both are optimal, but not even close to the same degree
also nothing you said contradicts my previous post which is that the gains from immersion will always be larger
study only helps to amplify those gains, but it will never be the main source of the gains

>> No.33445302

most "grammar" is just words once you get past beginner

>> No.33445315

all these posts about immersion is making me wonder why u guys arent immersing

>> No.33445323

wait i gotta find my copy-pasta one sec

>> No.33445329


>> No.33445333

spent 10 hours consooming today and felt it was time to put some retards in their place also literally who are u

>> No.33445335

STOP using Yoga's "immersion" marketing buzz word.

You are WATCHING anime.

You are READING books.

You are PLAYING games.

You are BROWSING the internet.

You are not "immersing", and using this word makes you look like a ReTard™

>> No.33445353

funny no one seems to understand i made the mistake of thinking immersion would teach me japanese and i had to uncripple all that chuuni shit and i still struggle to speak like a human rather than a fictional character to natives. i mean imagine me rolling up with a ごめんあそばせ ごきげんよ aaaahh them memories are so painful

see a similar thing in the choice of vocab/kanji people make from reading vinnies

>> No.33445359

but do you read vns or do you play them

>> No.33445361

kys you stupid faggot there's nothing wrong with using immersion as a catch all term instead of four different verbs drink bleach

>> No.33445372


>> No.33445376

you ARE cooming to loli

>> No.33445377

i can't take anything you post seriously after you said 都合のいい解釈 is a chuuni phrase

>> No.33445386

there already are catch-all words for this shit like "consume" which is used in regular english rather than falling for some fat fuck's marketing tricks

>> No.33445412

chuuni in og land means anything that's not in core2k

>> No.33445424

sounds about right i knew a lot of weeb girls w. a southern accent back when i used to go to cons circa 2002 and their attempts to japanese were indeed high school anime club tier and it was very painful
i have no doubt u have some real cringe under ur belt over the years

>> No.33445427

or just natural phrasing you hear from natives in conversation. i dont even know whats in core2k

>> No.33445450

>i dont even know whats in core2k
that's refreshing around here

>> No.33445461

>everything that's not casual conversation is chuuni

>> No.33445477

me neither. thank you wanikani

>> No.33445479

how'd you know

>> No.33445485

even if the japanese is correct and something you may have read in something they WILL laugh at you or give you an odd look if you use something abnormal because they are all about vibing on normal frequencies

>> No.33445503

i have bad news for you

>> No.33445508
File: 9 KB, 131x577, 03.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey this ain't zelda

>> No.33445511

>everything i don't know is abnormal

>> No.33445524

every time i think of little yellow ppl laughing at og doing her best and trying hard i wanna hold her hand and stand by her side

>> No.33445573

i was the strawman weeb you like to dunk on rather than a post-unironic weeb of today
guess i was wrong on that one. its just sounded pretty flavorful to me like if you say "a likely story" or something in a detective novel. i still think it sounds like sardonic

>> No.33445582

>guess i was wrong on that one
as always

>> No.33445606

has she ever been right

>> No.33445609

i still think you could find people saying ごめんあそばせ if you searched for it on twatter but its still not natty so who knows

>> No.33445613

she's right when she's obviously right.

e.g. to get good at X you actually have to do X

>> No.33445622

ur intuition is a bit off there which prolly stems from ironically enough ur immersion

>> No.33445634

post ur mal

>> No.33445635

the problem is that she expands this concepts and gives more credit to output than it deserves
i'd actually agree with the statement
>to get good at output you need to output
but when it comes to learning japanese in general this simply isn't true

>> No.33445665

ive actually been meaning to ask what a 'mal' is but never found the right time
nah to get good at japanese you have to 'do' japanese meaning you can't just absorb it you have to use it whether speaking or writing

if you only want to understand what you are reading thats not enough to be considered learning a language outside of your bubble

>> No.33445688

mal is short for malodorous

it's how the spreadsheet nerds track their smelliness

>> No.33445712

writing isnt important until u know japanese

outside of writing ur kanas 69 times in the notebook

sounds like ur posts belong on a spreadsheet then

>> No.33445732

so if i can perfectly read and understand anything in japanese i haven't actually learned japanese?

>> No.33445757

ye u have to talk to some boring ass native about some normie garbage before you can obtain the official og 勲章 of nihongo prowess

>> No.33445774

pls don't say you have a mal

i thought you were above the spreadsheeters

>> No.33445902

i only use mal for the sake of looking for anime and manga recommendations.

>> No.33445977

does a japanese word for mechanical pencil exist?

>> No.33445991

does a native english word for "mechanical" exist?

>> No.33445993


>> No.33446014



>> No.33446024



>> No.33446028

every time i see this and マンション i am reminded nips are just as bad at english as we are at japanese

>> No.33446032

what objective was that

becoming native level?

>> No.33446040

pencil comes from the latin word peniculus (meaning brush), which is a diminutive of penis (which means tail, not penis), so "pencil" is not really english either

>> No.33446056
File: 576 KB, 850x655, なでなで~.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33446064

i thought the thread limit was 1000

>> No.33446073



>> No.33446075

these are correct but they usually just say シャーペン

>> No.33446079

it just keeps on existing till somebody pushes it off the catalog by creating another thread

>> No.33446081


>> No.33446099

guys should i wait after i finish genki before immersing and if not how deep into genki should i start immersing?

>> No.33446107

you gotta create a thread about something else
like reimu's dick

>> No.33446126

just finish your textbooks otherwise you have to watch shit like peppa pig to avoid whitenoising

>> No.33446130

ok me and og r going to bed were gonna take anime selfies together

>> No.33446136

You gotta read RTK I-III, then Genki I-V, after that Tobira, and go through Shin Kanzen Master N3-N1 before you go into Mitsubishi Cellars.

>> No.33446142

no one cares you attention starved chink. this isn't /soc/

>> No.33446156

just read the news and watch videos that come along with news articles for 3 years or until you've made like 20k cards.
after that you can move onto n1 material like high school dxd and yuru yuri.

>> No.33446189

didn't stevijs mostly follow the kaufmann method of reading news articles for like 2 years and then heading onto fiction?

>> No.33446190

rabbits starting gonna immerse later lads

>> No.33446195


>> No.33446202

he doesnt like reading fiction so he mostly did that and watch anime (without subs)

>> No.33446208

he mostly mined nhk articles, didn't he?

>> No.33446222

does he really hate submarines that much?

>> No.33446250


>> No.33446252

he read nhk easy when he started but he didn't do the news for 2 years

>> No.33446299


>> No.33446309


>> No.33446333


>> No.33446342

can't remember. probably some azur lane whore.

>> No.33446345

hey jamal what's the hardest book you've read in japanese

>> No.33446357

i dont read books that shits for fuckin nerds

>> No.33446360

the dickbook

>> No.33446369




>> No.33446386

sad this attitude is going to extinct now that everyone under 30 is a fucking dweeb swotter

>> No.33446404

i haven't seen any new memes since around 2017.
did society just run out of meme fuel?

>> No.33446428

id be a lot smarter if i read books but id also be a lot gayer

also were really going to bed now i will be available again during the regular posting hours

>> No.33446430

its more like memes as a concept are now for normalfags who likes to go about about karens and tiktok shit. the internet is now a dark place with no light left

>> No.33446439

ill b ur light


>> No.33446442

what makes you think that was an og post and also who the fuck are you

>> No.33446455

this is true. easy to cripple your mind with bad ideas as well

>> No.33446456

jamal literally can't stop posting here you really think he has the discipline or attention to read a book?

he's the most adhd zoomer of us all

>> No.33446466

that's why you read good books

>> No.33446474

i actually like reading a lot but lately i have to be more careful to make sure its not mental poison. could have saved myself a lot of retardation by not reading as much as i did growing up

>> No.33446478

>he says while religiously refreshing this thread

>> No.33446490


>> No.33446513

im the messiah of djt im here to uncripple the lot of ya. you don't take any of the advice posted here seriously but its easy to get taken in by a book because its all official and shit and written by nerds who know how to argue

>> No.33446517

the only books worth having are reference books.
everything else can just be summarized in a review or 5 line greentext

>> No.33446529

azur lane is the ultra-sluttified chinese communist propaganda version of kancolle

>> No.33446531

yeah but you can get raped on those sources. no one cares to check of 6 million and dont @ me i say that as a history buff not a racist (although i am also very racist)

>> No.33446547

6 million did die, but mostly because of diseases

>> No.33446550

Ah, true.
I am i got the two mixed up no idea why.
Then yes she is a filthy chink slut.

>> No.33446565

kar98k from girl's frontline

>> No.33446573

nah even the those typhus numbers dont add up. there weren't enough jews in that part of europe for those numbers to work (in the proportion to being taken into camps)

>> No.33446574


>> No.33446577 [SPOILER] 
File: 142 KB, 850x998, 1614487128158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ps here's the source image for the cropped image posted above

>> No.33446589

why is she closing a eye

>> No.33446597

intense headpat

>> No.33446601

just saw a japanese comment using "の最後" as "after all", is this legit or just some retarded weeb pretending?

>> No.33446602

cats do the same thing when you rub their heads

>> No.33446613

they close both eyes

>> No.33446617

shut the fuck up retard

>> No.33446622

i can't think of jp in the context of an english translation outside of 1:1 nouns, sorry

>> No.33446634


Did I write it right friends

>> No.33446670

im too scared to read it now sorry

>> No.33446701

Obviously cure dolly... wtf are you doing

>> No.33446754

>just watch some youtuber bro
no thanks i prefer to read and re-read a grammar guide

>> No.33446762

this is called neuroticism where you make up stories about how something in your past damaged you when the reality is that you have a genetic predisposition toward making a mountain out of a mole hill. reading as a kid had no positive or negative effects on your life in the long term.

>> No.33446768

what i was going to say

>> No.33446809

>source: my asshole
im talking about actual bad ideologies and corruptive elements in books, you tool. you think people start spouting marxist talking points out of thin air?

>> No.33446817

not him but cure dolly is a lot better than tayler kimchi

>> No.33446836

>source: my asshole
hey the same place every story everyone has about why they have x or y personality traits or believe in a or b ideas.
>you think people start spouting marxist talking points out of thin air?
obviously they have to get those ideas from somewhere but plenty of people are exposed to them without accepting them. if it wasn't a book you'd have seen them elsewhere.

>> No.33446839

when i was a kid in elementary school and had finished reading probably my 1000th book i felt like i had experienced every different kind of perspective and that life had nothing else to offer

>> No.33446858

>cure dolly is a lot better than tae kim
yes, and imabi is a lot better than cure dolly

>> No.33446860

get rid of watashi

>> No.33446885


>> No.33446899

no imabi has a different purpose than tae kim or cure dolly
the former being a grammar reference and the latter being a introduction into nip
its implied already by the following

>> No.33446902



>> No.33446920

>imabi has a different purpose
you can study all of imabi if you go slow, write notes and make cards for example sentences that illustrate the grammar points

then it becomes the ultimate source

nothing comes close

>> No.33446940

hell no why the hell would anyone do that
literally just read more and if you dont understand something maybe look it up

>> No.33446956

>read more and maybe look it up
this is why this will forever remain the eternally dekinai djt

>> No.33446985

watch yo mouth and respect yo elders i am trying to help you and if you want to talk big write that post in japanese

>> No.33447054

>people start spouting marxist talking points out of thin air
most communists i`ve ever met never even read Das Kapital.

>> No.33447206

Do you guys use any addons with anki?

>> No.33447228

some marxian critiques of capitalism make sense but who gives a shit about your theoretically flawless utopia that results in democide every time someone tries to implement it irl. this is such an easy way to take a fat shit on marxists when they rant about wage slavery/theft and alienation from one's labor and all their other gay ass talking points

>> No.33447281


>> No.33447295
File: 33 KB, 435x649, 423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i can't handle this dude's giant teeth

>> No.33447355

been whitenoising for 2 weeks while doing rtk

can't wait to hit super saiyan level once i start learning the language

>> No.33447697
File: 16 KB, 569x560, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bros what is happening i followed the animesite guide to the letter but i dont get the "definition"
the rest is ok but i dont get the definition

>> No.33447794

What weren't you black? I'm devastated

>> No.33448096

why every female singer just keeps moaning when singing the fuck is this gay shit
male singers dont do that shit

>> No.33448177




>> No.33448580

yoko's huge fat titties are cuter

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