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This one

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i miss haachama

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I love Coco.

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I miss Haato

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>special announcement
>no 3D streams scheduled yet
yeah, she's getting a new outfit

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A man katana?

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I love Towa!
Listen to Towawa's and Nenene's original songs!

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i miss red-kun

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>wake up
>watch Soras latest stream

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I fucking hate this bitch

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Puzzle Bros:

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No doing all of that it's not more than enough she's doing less than the minimum, in a work space where almost everyone else is doing their best to build relationships, strengthen bonds those who just go sololive stick out like sore thumb.
Hololive is build on units, generations, parings being "sololive" goes against what makes Hololive, if they want to be solo streamers so badly then they should go indie

>Why the fuck should she be collabing with anya, mel or a homo?
When the fuck did I say that she has to collab with the failures? even fucking answering Marine's PMs would be a massive improvement over whatever she's doing at the moment

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Okayu zatsudan 1/2

>Strange hours
Okayu feels like she occasionally would stream at odd hours like this last year. She's certain most of her usual people are asleep, but says welcome to whoever's up at this hour.

Okayu has memories of being up at this hour playing Seven Bridge with her relatives on days where there was no school. Her uncle's older brother(?) always seemed to win the most, which lead her to believe that there are people in this world who just have more luck than others.

>SMOK 3D World
Okayu's excited to play it tonight. She really wanted to play this game, and asked everybody else if they'd want to join her. Everyone agreed, and luckily this one can be played online. This time won't be hell, probably. She said these games are unexpectedly difficult, so she's not really confident in a clear.

>Weekly SM-OK
They're not planned to be weekly or anything. They just often find themselves talking or playing games together over discord most nights, and end up thinking of fun collab ideas. They're usually very abruptly scheduled.

>Impression hell
The theme of that stream was decided pretty late. They knew they were doing one, but weren't sure what it would be. Okayu ended up calling Mio, and they worked it out between the two of them with Mio finally hitting upon what they went with. Mio then went and made the forms while Okayu drew the props. Korone and Subaru found out about it later. Okayu had fun

>"Why does only Okayu say SM-OK?"
She's not sure, it doesn't seem to be sinking into everybody else's heads yet. But, if everybody decides to keep it a secret here(oops): They all actually call it SM-OK when they're not streaming. They play dumb while in front of their listeners, save Okayu, but they all don't have a problem when it's just the 4 of them. SMOK was just created as a name in front of others, but Okayu always called it SM-OK before, so that's how she remembers it.

>Tomato soup
When Okayu woke up at this strange hour, she was surprisingly hungry. She ended up making tomato soup that somebody had sent her as a birthday present. It was really tasty and it made her come to a realization: between her love of tomato juice and this tomato soup, she might just really love tomatoes.

Okayu messed around with her mic settings because she felt like there was always some noise that was getting picked up. She asks if it's a noticeable change at all. It might not have been noticeable to people listening over speakers, but headphone users probably heard it.

Okayu muses about how it'll be time to make breakfast soon. She's in the mood for sunny-side-up eggs. She's never heard the English name for it before though, and thinks it sounds cool. She's never tried over-easy before, but wants to give it a try. She's pretty sure she'll break the yolk though. She's happy just with the eggs, but twice as happy if there's bacon with them.

>Flos 5 mil, Mogu Mogu Yummy! 1 mil
Okayu had a congratulatory message about her original hitting a million so quickly from Mane-chan when she woke up. She thanks everybody for listening to it so much. She also remembered tweeting about flos hitting 5 million that same day, but kind of forgot about it when she went to sleep.

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Post NEETs

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I love Fubuki!

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you misspelled "love"

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Well, I fucking LOVE this bitch

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>Guerilla instead of gorilla
Okayu's excited for the SMOK collab, but also for more Donkey Kong. She was looking forward to getting the kremcoins today, before having to cancel it for the appointment with Mane-chan. She actually already made the thumbnail while she was in the bath earlier. She might stream the coin collecting on Friday with the Lost World on Saturday. Chat reminds her about the OKBR collab on Saturday though. She made this guerilla's thumbnail normally while lying on her bed though. She's not sure if it's concentration, but she feels the one's she makes in the bath have a generally better feel to them. It might be the time limit of finishing it before the heat makes her dizzy.

>In one go
Okayu is the kind who has to get all her work done in one go or she has a hard time getting back to it. She looks up to people who can properly divide their work. She doesn't have that with anime though; she's usually fine with watching about 6 episodes at a time.

She really loves the gag sense of the manga. She knew about the Rakko Nabe scene before she even started the series, but feels like seeing it again while knowing context gives it a very different feeling. Okayu doesn't mind dirty jokes, but actually lewd scenes still make her break out in a sweat. For example: the Rakko Nabe scene was totally fine, but the one that came right after(I assume the scene with Tanigaki) was a little much for her.

>Group watching
Okayu likes watching anime with family and friends, but still isn't sure what to do when an adult scene shows up. She ends up wondering what the other person is thinking, and feels awkward because of it. In the end she usually just shuts up until it's over. She feels like her heart is still that of a child. She rejects chat trying to get her to watch something like that on a stream, and says it'll get awkward like Coffee Talk. Becoming somebody composed during scenes like that is an ideal of hers though.

>Cool Senchou
Okayu think's it's cool that Marine can handle lewd stuff without any awkwardness. Whenever she asks Okayu to kiss or do something lewd during a stream, she can only think of how cool she is to just boldly say things like that. She wants to be like that, hopefully she can manage it within 10 years. She also feels like Choco-sensei's stance with that kind of stuff is real cool too. She wants to be more bold like them.

>Becoming Okayu
Someone says life would be fun if they became Okayu, but she doesn't think much would change. Eating a lot of ochazuke, eating lots of tomato soup, drinking lots of tomato juice, and watching Golden Kamuy are the steps towards becoming Okayu.

>Subaru's audition investigation
Okayu thought it was interesting, she can't even grasp how big the process has become. Someone tells her to try auditioning, and she says she had to do that to get in in the first place. She doesn't know how many were applying back when she did it. She remembers that she ended up talking to YAGOO about becoming a member of Gamers, which was great because she liked games. He said if she got accepted that she'd be sent a message later, and one came that evening. Thinking about it makes her feel nostalgic, especially with her 2nd anniversary coming up. She's happy she joined; streaming is so much fun.

>Original songs
Okayu likes listening to everybody's new songs. Lately she's been listening to a lot of Nene's, Aki's, and Towa's. Certain parts of Nene's are a real earworm for her. Nene's a real good singer; then again, so is everybody else too.

>No end card
Okayu avoids using her usual outro for both superchat and the end of the stream. The hours are unusual, and chat seems tired, so she doesn't want to startle anybody awake with the music.

>Meal today
It's late, so nothing; everybody should go to sleep. There won't be any during the SMOK collab either, so everybody should do their best to endure.

Okayu's made good progress on unpacking and sorting/storing her presents. The tissue corner in particular is something fearsome. People really did send a lot of them.

Okayu says next one will probably be next week. She usually likes doing them as she plays games, but DK takes so much of her concentration that she hasn't been talking as much.


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I hate collab streams. I only want to watch 1 Holo at the time.

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>Zero results

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Sora Love!

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show your memberships and youtube history

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Based. Haachama is cool though.

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imagine kanatan grabbing your balls with 50kg grip

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Too many pieces

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but Miko doesn't have a live2d...
it's probably just another song

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Could just be another song, feels a little too soon for an outfit given that she got her new 3D model not long ago

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Stop using based as an upvote, redditor.

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There’s that word again. If the ones you mentioned were to be true failures, they wouldn’t be working for the company anymore.
>Marine’s PMs
Ayame’s much better off staying away from her.

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I'm glad I set it this high because like 15 people joined

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blah blah blah

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Based? Based on what???

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Based is a 4chan word, newfag

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I NEED a lifesized A-chan butt mousepad

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>not Redditor
kek lol oh no no

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oh no, he's retarded

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>Ayame’s much better off staying away from her.
I wasn't talking about Ayame, I was taking about Pekora who won't answers Marine's month old messages despite how hard she has been trying to set up another host club collab.
They don't all have to collab with an specific holo, but just do the bare minimum and collab in general, most of the sololives don't even collab with their friends

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Yes, we love this bitch

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I was judging all the gosling posting earlier, but now that I'm watching it myself... Sora is truly dangerous.

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*Casts a spell to make Towa commit the biggest YAB in Hololive story*

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Coco kneels https://twitter.com/kiryucoco/status/1367085318738862082?s=19

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okay here's a haato

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you know what other words are from 4chan?
"go back" for example

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Sora offers an experience that all the other girls can not replicate

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I see you came back from global and are now casting spells here again uh

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Thank you as always

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The holoIDs are /our branch/

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I am discarding literally everything you say

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i can't argue with that

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Thanks Okayubro.

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New costumes onegai.

I know hindsight is 20/20, but I feel like when I first started watching Hololive, I could tell who was popular and who wasn't, maybe not perfectly, but to a pretty significant degree. Things like energy, sense of humor, content variety and interaction with chat seem to predict popularity. But I don't think Holos like Choco and Roboco, and to a lesser extent Fubuki and Matsuri, used to try and now they don't. I think I'm just describing what the current demographics watching Hololive look for, whereas the previous demographics were maybe looking for something different.

For example, if Pekora never existed, and you told today's Hololive fans that a little bunny girl was debuting and she was going to come out streaming Cuphead, Parappa the Rappa and fucking Seaman, what do you think this thread's reaction would be? Everyone would be losing their shit, that sounds fun. But okay, that happened 20 months ago, and was she popular? Sure, she had to come out of her shell, but the most popular Sankisei was Noel: a girl famous for, what, her big tits and ASMR? To me, it just sounds like "big tits and ASMR" was what used to sell. Or rather, people into that kind of thing got to Hololive first. People into video games and funny genki girls just showed up more recently, and in greater numbers.

That's what I think the real difference is, looking at the numbers. I've watched Roboco's and Choco's old videos. They didn't used to be more entertaining than they are now. It's just a different audience was watching back then. Even compare the old Undertale playthroughs to the recent ones. No one had Marine, Luna or Pekora's enthusiasm. Pretty much all of them just read the dialogue, went "heh *sniff*" and carried on. At least 5 of the 6 playthroughs were like that, but even Subaru feels more enthusiastic today than she did then. Hololive was clearly a different kind of entertainment, even a year ago.

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am I blind or did Fubuki not say anything about Sora's glasses

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Now THIS is Reddit

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This is a bait

>> No.33522568

You're a very ignorant person

>> No.33522570

They were missing for a couple of months, definitely
Thank you Anonchama, I really appreciate your contribution to /hlg/ culture

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Lamy love

>> No.33522574

>in a work space where almost everyone else is doing their best to build relationships

She is participating in all 3rd gen collab, in the pairing of pekomiko and get a long with moona, botan, miko and marine.

>> No.33522575

now that's something I can get behind

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I will make Hololive fertile again.

>> No.33522591

None of this matters. She needs to be in OFFICIAL collabs.

>> No.33522594

I want to become Okayu

>> No.33522598

I wish Lamy would hunt me down to forcefully breastfeed me milk

>> No.33522599

shes a bitch

>> No.33522603

do what I do, listen to her music to cope

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*Casts a spell to make Pekora do something to be suspended*

>> No.33522610

The steps are there. Good luck.

>> No.33522611

>all 3rd gen collab
Yeah... and she's the exact reason as to why those collabs don't happen more often, because Marine has been trying to set up a host club collab since October and Pekora just keeps ignoring her when she already got a response from everyone else in the gen
>in the pairing of pekomiko and get a long with moona, botan, miko and marine.
And how often does she collab with them?

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>come back home from work
>oo an aqua vod let's watch it
>4 hour and 35 minutes of horse gacha shit
Aqua...don't test my loyalty like this...

>> No.33522614

Why do you care so much about collabs? A forced collab is worse than a collab that happens more naturally.
Some people just happen to have their own style. In Pekora’s case, she obviously prefers to work alone. Worry when she doesn’t get viewers and don’t get SCs. Marine in particular comes off as incredibly pushy which is a major turn-off for some people.

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Holy shit how horrifying

>> No.33522622

She promptly died after seeing Sora's glasses.

>> No.33522624

tokino is too dangerous bros. this is why NND wont give her away

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Sakura Iro High Tension was released not too long ago, so it's either a new outfit (Sora hinted about Miko getting one too) or just releasing the complete version of the song and she wouldn't make an announcement just for that

>> No.33522630

She doesn't tweet anything about sora's outfit

>> No.33522635

Just skip it, anon.

>> No.33522636

Listen to Palette...
Towa wrote the lyrics...


>> No.33522640

Image being a Haaton, now you are on constant edge because your schizo oshi had a reality check.

>> No.33522641

i dont like this drawing bro. it feels cursed

>> No.33522647

god I love his drawings of Sora

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>> No.33522652

i've watched all her streams though for at least the past 5-6 months

>> No.33522653

Haacahama will leave for nijiEN

>> No.33522655

I love her sperging

>> No.33522657

he draws some cute breasts

>> No.33522662

did you say HORSE GACHA?

>> No.33522663

>Why do you care so much about collabs?
Because they work for a group, they aren't solo streams and despite the conversation leaning on Pekora she's not the only one that works that way there's a big section of Hololive that barely collabs and that's not a good thing. If they want to isolate themselves then they shouldn't work in a social enviroment
>Marine in particular comes off as incredibly pushy which is a major turn-off for some people.
No she doesn't no one thinks that, Marine is one of the most popular holos within the company and the vtuber industry as a holo because of how social she is

>> No.33522666

schizo attracts schizo.

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>> No.33522672

Because they're how we classify Holos that are willing to contribute to the brand and not just themselves, hello.

>> No.33522673

>Towa wrote the lyrics
Really?, i'm going to check it out then.

>> No.33522674

>> No.33522675

>Collabs bad
Do you really?
Either you're an EOP that get's filtered with talks, relationship and interactions or a /v/ermin that wants holos to solo and do GAEM STREAM #42069. Bet you fags are the same people that call collabs = leeching

>> No.33522678

Yeah there isn't that much good fanart of her new outfit yet.

>> No.33522679

they require you to be a native level speaker

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>> No.33522686

no one cares about miko

>> No.33522687

Hope she sings it live again soon, it's her best.

>> No.33522688

Just don't get your hopes up, outfits aren't anounced at the end of streams, they're always previously teased by a press release or something of the likes.

>> No.33522689

Why are you posting a watame image? this isn't global

>> No.33522693

What a shame that Subaru will never enjoy those.

>> No.33522694

>tfw date with a cute girl
>go to karaoke
>eat cake at a restaurant
>went to her old place and played the piano together
>went to the beach and watch fireworks
>wake up

>> No.33522696

If Pekora didn't get suspended for saything this, then there's nothing she can't get away with

>> No.33522704

Niki did the composition. He made Error.

>> No.33522705

>No she doesn't no one thinks that,

>> No.33522706

HoloES WILL happen

>> No.33522707

Yeah, but you can just skip this one out if gacha streams are not your cup of tea.

>> No.33522708

now this is cute

>> No.33522709


>> No.33522711

Yes. They actually think Sololive whores are the best. Collabs are everything

>> No.33522720

hot take, Haachama will graduate and reincarnate in HoloEN_2
that schizo arc was a symbolic ending of her character

>> No.33522721

do mexicans even have money

>> No.33522722

Why are you posting a Chinkqua image? This isn't NGA

>> No.33522723

talking to yourself kenzocuck?

>> No.33522724

only the drug dealers

>> No.33522725


>> No.33522728

Thanks as always. I'm really looking forward to SMOK tomorrow.

>> No.33522729

Nice original lyrics, but they can't hold a candle to RED HEART

>> No.33522731

But Subaru always gets Mio's "Good Yogurt"

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>> No.33522738

why is she so autistic about the EN branch anyways?

>> No.33522740

>Aqua uses Silence Suzuka and still jobbed
Isn't that horse an EZ mode in that game?

>> No.33522741

Fuck off, he's right.

>> No.33522743

>instant reply

>> No.33522745

kanatan... why did you stop posting...

>> No.33522746

Good enough

>> No.33522748

I, too, sometimes get upset reading posts on 4chan.

>> No.33522750

Contain yourselves

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>> No.33522758

chat fucking died during soras stream

>> No.33522759


>> No.33522760

i don’t watch streams
i don’t watch clips

i’m only here to a-log homosharts

>> No.33522765

just like every other short distance horse, you go full speed and you win, so yes

>> No.33522766

Why is Noel like this?
What does she have against Abe?

>> No.33522768

Watame fucked her sleeping schedule hard this time. She was still tweeting 30 minutes ago.

>> No.33522771

If you can handle 20 hours of train monopoly you can watch a horse gacha stream. She had a lot of fun watching them race!

>> No.33522772

t. Argentinian

>> No.33522774

I've been doing my part.

>> No.33522775

post gamers

>> No.33522776


>> No.33522778

She realized she'll never get into the review with these... It was fun while it lasted...

>> No.33522779

Towa's always the bottom

>> No.33522784

How's that Hoshi no Kanata going? is Kanata still crying because of your bullying?

>> No.33522786

>can't sing
>can't dance
>hates streaming
Yeah, I think she's in for rokukisei

>> No.33522788


>> No.33522789

Coco confiscated her reddit account

>> No.33522790

there is only about 140-150million Japanese speakers but 1,35billion english ones(ESL counted), numberfag awoken in her

>> No.33522792


>> No.33522795

all the wealthy or non-annoying spics prefer to speak english online
at least that's from my experience

>> No.33522796

No but they have views and social media presence, so people with money follow them, just look at the spanish pewdiepies like elrubius, willyrex, juegagerman.
They make good money and get millions of views per video, and are like in the 25-50m subs range.

>> No.33522798

>> No.33522804

You tell me, are you still crying?

>> No.33522806

Redpill me on her

>> No.33522808

I'll never understand the thought process behind the growing Kanatas

>> No.33522813

friend has her hand on Towa's butt!

>> No.33522814

autistic monke sounds

>> No.33522816

Gorilla strong.

>> No.33522818

>all of Astel's dislikes come from Japan
>he himself has said he doesn't collab because nobody asks him
it's becoming more and more apparent that Japanese people(the ones who actually understand him) fucking hate the guy.

>> No.33522819


>> No.33522820

come watch pochi mama

>> No.33522825

You forgot the best part
>genuinely insane

Perfect for Hololive.

>> No.33522828

She's graduating to be house wife

>> No.33522829

Good thing you aren’t running any kind of business. If Cover lets it happen, it’s truly up to them how to address the ones that prefer to work alone. Cover still makes money out of them.
>most popular in the vtuber industry
Now that’s a joke. You fell for such an obvious illusion. She comes off as incredibly pushy which works for some streamers but it doesn’t work nearly as well on people such as Ayame or Pekora.

>> No.33522833

Ahhhh that's too cute...

>> No.33522834

Kanata... she monke

>> No.33522838

Just like Towa. I hope she replace Towa.

>> No.33522841

The living argument for banning gacha

>> No.33522842

>All posts i dont like is made by one person
Yes all me, and also
>No argument

>> No.33522843

>almost everyone else is doing their best to build relationships, strengthen bonds those who just go sololive stick out like sore thumb.
>there's a big section of Hololive that barely collabs
Which one is it now?

>> No.33522844

She's gonna make Aloe look like a fucking joke.

>> No.33522845


>> No.33522849


>> No.33522850

Tomorrow the threads will be better.

>> No.33522851

took you 6 minutes to shit that garbage excuse out? lol

>> No.33522853

Not that much, the optimum way Cover could milk that market would be merchandise and sponsors with locals. But they don't even do it outside japan, let alone Mexico. People in LATAM seldom buy with credit cards and are very stingy at buying online content.

>> No.33522855

I see the SEAschizo woke up

>> No.33522858


>> No.33522862

Nijisanji Monkey.
Nijisanji Kanata.

>> No.33522863

Which one?

>> No.33522866

he's the biggest leech in the entirety of holopro and all other vtubers dump him after one or two collabs, he must be the biggest piece of shit in the industry

>> No.33522869

that IS her sleeping schedule

>> No.33522871

How wet was Mikochi?

>> No.33522872

See>>33522759 :^)

>> No.33522875

She can't crush with one hand without approaching first

>> No.33522876


>> No.33522878

>You fell for such an obvious illusion
I chose to holos themselves talking about how much they appreciate Marine as well as her out of company friends instead of some anon on the internet that hates Marine for no reason
>She comes off as incredibly pushy
She doesn't, everyone is always talking about how nice, reliable and competent Marine is, she's the one pulling through all year long with great collabs because she actually knows how to approach and deal with people .You can even see Ayame warming up to her now that she stopped being a bitch and chose to give senchou a chance

>> No.33522879

Incest is bad, ogey?

>> No.33522880


>> No.33522882


>> No.33522883

Just look her mental age

>> No.33522884


>> No.33522887


>> No.33522889

What's with this sudden narrative about gibara joining holo? She just got new outfit and why would her throw easier job in niji to join holo

>> No.33522890


>> No.33522892


>> No.33522893


>> No.33522894

User Interface mama...

>> No.33522895

The only niji I've been considering watching, and now she's gonna graduate... :^(

>> No.33522899

She's graduating

>> No.33522900

the Marinschizo found a new tactic

>> No.33522902

before Coco she was the "Vtuber that speaks english" after Coco she lost that identity because she can barely attempt to comunicate, so she is trying to push the meme taking advantage of that

>> No.33522903

>doing something is less than doing the minimum
>in a work space where almost everyone else is doing their best to build relationships, strengthen bonds those who just go sololive stick out like sore thumb.
Almost every Holo that collabs just does it with the same small group of people over and over because those are the people they already like and don't care about the rest.
There's only a few Holos that collab with all kinds of random people and most of them are doing it because they're new to Hololive or unpopular and are trying to establish THEMSELVES as part of Hololive. Exceptions Holos like Marine or FBK are a tiny minority.

>> No.33522904


>> No.33522905

Cause she already quit niji

>> No.33522907


>> No.33522910

Towa is the top today!

>> No.33522912


>> No.33522915

she announced in a membership stream that she's graduating and the official announcement will be made in a week. a nijifag uploaded the clip onto NND and they're getting shat on for leaking membership streams.

>> No.33522916

Her graduation is actually real, but becoming holo is just some wishful (?) thinking on some anon's part.

>> No.33522917

*she was trying
remember that the EN manager demanded that Haachama stopped using their hashtags and for a while tried to force Cover to make her drop the "holoEN gen0" meme

>> No.33522919

she is graduating on her 2 year anniv stream and nuking her archive/twitter

>> No.33522920

Thanks for proving my point :^)

>> No.33522921

It's set up as if it's zooming in on her slowly. You normalfags wouldn't understand.

>> No.33522922

Personally I think every Holo should collab with the Holostars. They're part of the same company after all and Holostars could use the help.

>> No.33522923

I have no stake in this dumb argument but I'm just going to say that pekora has gone on record saying that marine is her closest friend in hololive outside of miko and that the reason they don't collab often is a combination of pekora being extremely busy+inkya. Marine once cleared up time in her already busy schedule and joined pekora for an ARK collab because it was the first time she had asked her instead of marine being the one to initiate

>> No.33522924

nijis internal fights? this is gold

>> No.33522925

I know a Puerto Rican girl in America who's a NEET weeb who goes to cosplay conventions. She could probably be a vtuber, if she isn't one already.

All I know about this girl is she played a lot of Ring Fit and Cuphead, which makes her better than half the Holos.

>> No.33522926

Even then Twap was getting bullied...

>> No.33522928


>> No.33522929

It's not a narrative. Towa also gonna graduate.

>> No.33522934

not surprised, Miko is probably the biggest Soratomo around

>> No.33522938

good job puzzle bros

>> No.33522939

I'm gay

>> No.33522941

>Almost every Holo that collabs just does it with the same small group of people over and over because those are the people they already like and don't care about the rest.
And there's a portion of Hololive that can't even bother to do that, those are the ones I take issue with

>> No.33522943

We did it hlg

>> No.33522947

It's like that time Pekora's membership crying got leaked

>> No.33522948

Reminder that there are more Holos who think that Noel is nice than Marine.

>> No.33522950

If she's an artist, why does her own avatar look so atrocious?

>> No.33522951

Is that homura or jack

>> No.33522955

i-i think im in love with sora bros....

>> No.33522957

....? Try using actual English next time.
Your sentence and word structure is below Elementary School level. It’s quite bad.

>> No.33522958


>> No.33522963


>> No.33522966

Best gamer in Hololive!
Aquafags keep seething.

>> No.33522967

is this orange niji a big chuuba inside Ichikara?

>> No.33522969

what makes you say that anon?

>> No.33522971

>play games for 12 hours a day
>Silver hair
>Cute laugh
>Barely streams
>Never collabs
>Backstab her fanbase
>Loves singing
>Hates Marine

Are Shion and Ayame the same person?

>> No.33522977

I want my blue eyes sora to come back.

>> No.33522979

the puzzle

>> No.33522980

people say the same about Monoe (Voms) and that it was the reason she broke contract with Gyari, it's all baseless narratives

>> No.33522983

we saved reddit!

>> No.33522984

It's my bf

>> No.33522985

Is this the Ayame is Shion's VA timeloop?

>> No.33522986

good bait

>> No.33522991

proud of you

>> No.33522992


>> No.33522993

that doesnt look like towa kun at all...
where's bibi...

>> No.33522995

He looks retarded.

>> No.33523000

Shion is purple, anon.

>> No.33523001

On an extremely small sample size

>> No.33523006

Why is Suisei holding an aghanim scepter?

>> No.33523007

So how are you going to convince them to change?

>> No.33523009


>> No.33523012


>> No.33523013

a single night together with Marine was enough to completely break that relationship. just what the fuck did Marine do?

>> No.33523015

Holy shit FINALLY
needed to upgrade her comet ult

>> No.33523016

You wouldn't be able to watch her anyway, she doesn't stream.

>> No.33523017

Lamy has the day off! I hope she enjoys it!

>> No.33523018

Why is kakage such a hack?

>> No.33523021

demon king is over, she's a saiyan now

>> No.33523023

>> No.33523025

I thought those were ciaggarette butts... this place has ruined me

>> No.33523026

She made up a rape story. Imagine getting accused of rape on stream, what the hell is her problem?

>> No.33523027

Such a blessed stream. I enjoy that it's the closest we'll be able to hear Towa's real voice rather than the clothespin nose voice, even if it only appears as a meme now

>> No.33523028

Marine did nothing wrong, shion went for a quickie and then pinned the blame on her

>> No.33523029

>> No.33523030


>> No.33523032


>> No.33523033


>> No.33523034

the holo thing i think is just a narrative because the graduation is pretty sudden and people want to guess why she'd leave out of nowhere especially when she just got a new outfit and is part of some upcoming niji merch

>> No.33523035

He makes up for it with DEEP SEXY VOICE

>> No.33523036


>> No.33523037

Yeah except Ayame is better in every way.

>> No.33523039

Cover is still making money out of them. They’d only do something if there’s very noticeable loses in terms of viewership and SC/merch sales.

>> No.33523042

>> No.33523044


>> No.33523046

Marine wanted to make up gay shit for numbers but Shion didn't want anything to do with it.

>> No.33523047

a DBZ arc sounds good

>> No.33523050

It was never a super solid relationships in the first place, they just flirted a little in collabs like Marine does with everyone, only retards on 4chan took it seriously, they're still casual work friends like they have always been

>> No.33523052

Rushia brings in more money and viewers than everyone in SMOK combined.

>> No.33523054

What the heck...

>> No.33523055

Aki loves you, Anon!! Be happy!!

>> No.33523062

Shion does gay shit for numbers all the time, that's the entire basis for her relationship with Aqua

>> No.33523065

If you didn't say "aaaaahhhhhhh", you have no soul

>> No.33523067

Nice canned word.
Keep it up.
What’s next in the booklet?

>> No.33523068

>S-so Shion-tan...now are we-
>Hahahahahahaha lol no. I was just horny, but it was a one night stand. Don't tell me you thought it was serious. You could as well be my mother.
>Hhaah yeah I was just joking. Hahah.......

>> No.33523069

I remember sometime around new years marine saying one of her resolutions was to fix her relationship with Shion.

>> No.33523070

Marine tried to rape her.
Remind that for when the Marine schizo gets unbanned.

>> No.33523072

Thanks Aki poster

>> No.33523075

What am I supposed to be looking at?

>> No.33523077

Never forget that Shion raped Marine and got away with it.

>> No.33523078

And? that doesn't excuse her from being antisocial

>> No.33523079

>> No.33523080

It is. Towa, Korone and Suisei confirmed smoker.

>> No.33523087

her utawakus should always be a karaoke singalong that was kinos as fuck PLEASE YAGOO

>> No.33523089

learn the difference between asocial and antisocial you ESL faggot retard

>> No.33523090


>> No.33523091

Two of these three have a very intimate relationship. Can you tell which ones?

>> No.33523093

Sora is too cute...

>> No.33523096

It was the other way around, Shion took advantage of a drunk, lonely and emotionally vulnerable woman and never took responsibility for breaking Maririn's heart

>> No.33523101

Kusogaki dont have the strenght to overpower Marine

>> No.33523107

The trapezius muscle, towa have no neck.

>> No.33523108

please no more sora posts.... im only getting lonelier....

>> No.33523109

I don't watch 2434s but aren't they deleting/privating all of her videos? They also did that with Moruru, but not her friend Kasumi.

Manjigumi are actually sisters. Botan is their mom.

>> No.33523112


Wrong thread KizunaAIsharts

>> No.33523113


>> No.33523114

She absolutely does, Marine is shorter and in horrible shape

>> No.33523115


>> No.33523116


>> No.33523119

Whoa Meru, rest for a bit.

>> No.33523122


>> No.33523125

>> No.33523126

Sora is dangerous.

>> No.33523128

Don't bully the pami

>> No.33523129

Another thread ruined by kenzocucks, suitards and SEAnigs

>> No.33523130

Minato Aqua is a male

>> No.33523133


>> No.33523135

Too obvious

>> No.33523136


>Boom. Copystriked and demonetized by 1 month.

Based Queen, even they know she aint the champion.

>> No.33523138


>> No.33523140

I used my membership virginity to watch shawshank with Pekora. Im not sure if it was worth it

>> No.33523142

When will any holo have the quality or tracking of the kizuna ai 3D model?

>> No.33523143

Haato is not that weak

>> No.33523149

I need Sora with bedroom eyes

>> No.33523151

>> No.33523157


>> No.33523161

She needs to grow up one way or another

>> No.33523162

It was the perfect plan for shion too
Who do you think they public would believe
>Poor defenseless 18 year old kusogaki
>out of shape desperate 27 year old christmas cake

>> No.33523163

I see the Nenespics moved onto Sora now

>> No.33523169

After cygames buy cover.

>> No.33523174

Shion just held up to the standard of being a womanizer who would never talk to the girl she tricked to have sex with ever again.


>> No.33523177

Neither, Korone snuck in raped them both and then left

>> No.33523180

Stop posting my gf

>> No.33523185


>> No.33523194

>been to shithole countries
>lived with shitty host families
>survive and graduated outside japan

>> No.33523195

Flare is a little racist

>> No.33523196

When Elon Musk invests on Cover

>> No.33523197

>> No.33523198

Sora have some saggy tits

>> No.33523202

I think the worst posts in these threads are when people try to roleplay as Holos using reaction images and fight each other with narratives and other shit none of the Holos actually think and everyone who actually watches them knows that.

>> No.33523203

She has the N word pass

>> No.33523207

I really do love Suisei

>> No.33523209

Shion and Marine got the same score (70) on the ring stretch in Ring Fit.

>> No.33523210

I can't believe Mel has been streaming for 14 hours

>> No.33523218

>> No.33523220

When cover actually invest the money they make in their own company, they could get 3D model of that quality for all hololive, it would cost less than 100k.

>> No.33523221

I'm so lonely.

>> No.33523223

>> No.33523232

Not him but it's GTAV

>> No.33523234

I'm gonna fuck that hat

>> No.33523238

How deep does the rabbit hole go

>> No.33523241

where does the portal lead to?

>> No.33523242

Marine sounds like she stinks really bad.

>> No.33523246


>> No.33523248


>> No.33523249

She is.

>> No.33523250

[chair clattering]
god fucking dammit why does this shit hurt bros

>> No.33523251

He does but they all look the same.

>> No.33523254


>> No.33523256

cheeky fuutan!

>> No.33523258


>> No.33523259


>> No.33523261

Get inside to instantly become Lamy.

>> No.33523263

Vtubers... What are they, really...

>> No.33523265

that may be partially why the girls call her gross

>> No.33523271


>> No.33523272

good for storing things!

>> No.33523273

Looks like mel is finally taking her cover job seriously.

>> No.33523275


>> No.33523280

why is sora not more popular? I don't get it. She seems to exude the GFE. Is it cuz she doesn't read supachats? Or is it cuz no holos collab wtih her

>> No.33523281


>> No.33523282


>> No.33523286

I will study every ripple of Ramirez's anus

>> No.33523287

this hole, it was made for me

>> No.33523288

My girlfriend is so cute

>> No.33523294

H-how did she get there?

>> No.33523296


>> No.33523299

meant for >>33523223

>> No.33523301


>> No.33523302

I guess she’ll have YT membership be used for chat icons

>> No.33523303

>1.35billion english ones
everyone around the world knows english to an extent.
Basic english counts.

>> No.33523304

>No 3D streams scheduled
It IS scheduled but on the 6th. On the 5th Miko will probably do a totsumachi or some birthday streams, but the 3D is on the 6th.

>> No.33523305

Coco would never allow Cover to graduate Haachama.

>> No.33523306

It's not a quality issue, it's a rigging issue, and I'm pretty sure in their case it's because they relied too much on proprietory tech that is now outclassed by off the market solutions and so upgrading would require them to throw out their entire infrastructure and build everything back up from the ground up

>> No.33523308

Sora's soft breasts, made for milking some lucky man's cock some day. That man will be me.

>> No.33523309

I always thought Marine smelled like smoke for some reason. She reminds me of the old ladies from my childhood

>> No.33523310

>there people here who are unironically above the age of 25
Yikes, that's kind of sus, ngl lie

>> No.33523311

>why is sora not more popular? I don't get it. She seems to exude the GFE. Is it cuz she doesn't read supachats? Or is it cuz no holos collab wtih her
She's just not very entertaining. The biggest holos are all good at making their audience laugh, with the exception of Rushia and Flare who are just good at making people want to impregnate them.

>> No.33523313

Nothing against her, she is very cute and I enjoy her streams, but she is very plain compared to other holos and doesn't really have mass appeal.

>> No.33523314

Because she is genuine and a boomer with tech

>> No.33523319

During the offcollab with Noel, when they did the double heartbeat Noel started sniffing her hair and remarked on how good it smelled. Marine uses the same shampoo as Shion
So no, Marine smells very good she's a nice clean lady

>> No.33523322

She rarely streams and half her streams are on NND that nobody fucking uses

>> No.33523324



>> No.33523326

I'm trying my best Aki

>> No.33523328

The joining Hololive part is a narrative but she is actually graduating.
Please let her be a Gen 6 monkey, Yagoo.

>> No.33523332

Hachaama will come back after her break, stop bitching

>> No.33523333

where did you get this picture of my date?

>> No.33523334

Towa is a ZOOMER

>> No.33523335

Haha it's l*l*!

>> No.33523340

she doesnt stream that much and she doesnt do meme clips

>> No.33523341

but Noel likes smelly things, so something that smells good to her actually smells bad

>> No.33523344

She's just very normal. There's nothing wrong with normal girls but there are a lot of...eccentric personalities in hololive
Rushia is very funny on top of making you want to cum inside her

>> No.33523346

Will we ever get A-channel?

>> No.33523352

a channel for what?

>> No.33523353

>Fubuki cried when she reached 1 mil subs
>Flare cried over Mario Kart
>Aqua cried over Mario Kart
>Watame cry over everything
Haachama is the only holoJP that have never shown any kind of weakness. She didn't even shed a single tear after the Taiwan drama.

>> No.33523354

only if anemachi joins hololive

>> No.33523358

Noel also enjoys the smell of hamster ass so feel free to take that into account.

>> No.33523361

shitting dick nipples

>> No.33523363

Sora is chained to NND

>> No.33523367

isn't she like 27? she is a late millennial

>> No.33523370

Am i supposed to kill myself after 25?

>> No.33523371

>She didn't even shed a single tear after the Taiwan drama.
what fucking timeline did you come from. i think you are in the wrong dimension shitposter kun

>> No.33523373

Here's your JP Gen 6:

>> No.33523374

Rushia, Coco, Pekora are the top 3 earning Holo's and they all do mainly solo streams. Clearly your narrative of the importance of collabs is meaningless because it doesn't give the one result that matters; money. Stop denying reality in favor of your own head canon.

>> No.33523375


>> No.33523376

She's not even suspended, where's this retarded graduation narrative coming from? The only content she had planned was more schizoarc shit and now that's cancelled she's got nothing to do for a few days.

>> No.33523379

Ok now even u have to admit this is FUNNY lol

>> No.33523380

hololive already has a monkey

>> No.33523383

Aki please take better care of your voice so we can spend time together again.

Also present opening stream onegai

>> No.33523384

as if coco has any say in what management does

>> No.33523386

>its a rigging problem
>upgrading would require them to throw out entire infrastructure and building everything back from the ground up
rigging is pretty easy to fix with testing.
Also cover uses unity which have a fuckton of plugins for making things smooth.
you guys need to learn gamedev and 3D modelling before talking.

>> No.33523387

Haachama is the only holo that is there 100% for the fun, she has said multiple times that she will stop streaming or possibly stop being a vtuber alltogether the moment it stops being fun for her. That's why management putting her on check makes a lot of people think she might just leave.

>> No.33523388

She keeps the connection between Cover and NND.

>> No.33523390

She did?

>> No.33523391


>> No.33523393


>> No.33523397


>> No.33523398

Suisei deserved the win, get over it Aquafag

>> No.33523400

Towa's mentally a zoomer

>> No.33523402

love this fucking meme (might as well be real)

>> No.33523403

ONLY if Ahoge keeps her design otherwise Cover can fuck off.

>> No.33523405

next Anpontan when?

>> No.33523408


>> No.33523411

She definitely sounds and looks older than she really is. Some people blame the office life. In that stream with Aqua and Okayu she was dishing out advice about hopping jobs and taking advantage of unemployment and they were blown away by her experience.

>> No.33523412

I can't think of another holo that makes my cock throb just as much as my heart

>> No.33523414

Hello globalfag, how good is Ame skill in Apex compared to jp members?

>> No.33523418

What's with Gibara?

>> No.33523419

Cover wont graduate her, she will leave on her own because she is completely out of ideas.

>> No.33523420

where the fuck have you been? its literally on her comeback stream if it was archived

>> No.33523421

her membership will be for member icons, emotes, and monthly wallpaper. that's why her membership is the cheapest

>> No.33523422

Sora is the queen if Luna is the princess.

>> No.33523423


>> No.33523424

have you seen how fat Ahoge has gotten recently? She'd make Polka feel more comfortable

>> No.33523425

HAHAHA It's a very hado jork
Let's go back to /qa/ and show it to our friends!

>> No.33523427

_____ is a fat whore

>> No.33523428

The only thing that happened between Marine and Shion is that both got durnk as fuck the previous night and they couldn't make excuses about being hungover since Shion is underage, so they went with a retarded narrative that all /u/fag bought

>> No.33523429

no you didn't, and the fact that you found this thread when /vt/ exists is the proof you are shitposting, enjoy your vacation

>> No.33523431

That's easy

>> No.33523433

>where's this retarded graduation narrative coming from

>> No.33523436


>> No.33523437

Towa baby...

>> No.33523438

The girls really are not aware of how mainstream Boku no Pico is on the west? Someone should start spamming it...

>> No.33523440

Sora is bigger than Flare.

>> No.33523441

We already got the anime adaptation of it.

>> No.33523442


>> No.33523443

sora is flavor of the day

>> No.33523445


>> No.33523446

yeah i wasn't able to work today. i just couldn't clear my mind of the fog of doubt. i originally planned to take the day, so i could enjoy the schizo conclusion, but i decided to go in today after seeing all the videos privated yesterday knowing that haachama was probably going to call off the stream.
check my phone, she tweets about not streaming. that's okay, i prepared for this i'm going to be fine because she'll just pout and stream in a couple days like normal. easy as pie.
id felt like she was off since coming back to japan. i mean she had that little unexplained hiatus but that could just be ignored as youthful folly. her general mood was a slightly despondent nostalgia that id only seen in someone on the verge of the abyss.
check my phone again, it's a tweet about going on a journey. that hits me like a ton of bricks. i had a notion that there'd be more bad news, but a journey man, she might as well be put out to pasture. the last gasp of my mad idol, this time it's real. she's going to exit stage left. she's gone man.
no one will be drawing pictures of this fucking slut anymore.

>> No.33523447

Not anymore, the contract expired at the start of the month

>> No.33523448

I can

>> No.33523452

Chinks and newfags.

>> No.33523453

Here's your JP Gen 6:
>Failed Idol
>Failed Idol

>> No.33523454


>> No.33523455

She's probably just retiring for real but do I kinda hope Gibara actually joins Hololive. She's one of the few Nijis I like, and it would make Nijifags go absolutely apeshit.

>> No.33523456

Of course.

>> No.33523458

I been getting back into work since monday, anything important happened since then?

>> No.33523460

for me, her plainness is her appeal. you can't find that plainness from the other girls

>> No.33523462

She's graduating

>> No.33523464

I will remind them.

>> No.33523467

why would you do this!?

>> No.33523471

All these girls have something in common

>> No.33523473

2 hags and 2 failed idols??? It will be the best gen yet!

>> No.33523474


>> No.33523475

Objectively, Noel

>> No.33523476


>> No.33523478

Autismo... you can't just draw a straight line when her palms cover up everything.

>> No.33523479

>joining hololive
Why would she subject herself to the attention of cancerous idolfags?

>> No.33523481

also gen6 is probably going to be the worst gen in hololive because bad people are applying to hololive to try and scam people
you already saw a taste with aloe, this will be what gen6 is like.
i do wish cover recruitment good luck

>> No.33523482


>> No.33523483

Wth happened with the archive?

>> No.33523484

dont skip your meds anon

>> No.33523485

It's not about the contract, it's about the audience, her most loyals.

>> No.33523486

So is the person you posted.

Her account's being nuked. Would she/they do that if she was just retiring? I admit I'm kinda' new to all this, but I know another chuuba who jumped companies and her account was nuked, while her friend who just retired had her stuff archived.

>> No.33523487

i never forgot

>> No.33523488


>> No.33523489

Reminder that the IDs are the most breedable holos

>> No.33523490

Agreed but she's kinda starting to lose me.

>> No.33523494

look at her dude, she totally wants it...

>> No.33523496 [SPOILER] 

>> No.33523498

hags are consistently the best vtubers tho

>> No.33523499

Most of them jumped ship over to youtube when she opened her membership yesterday. Nobody uses NND if they have another alternative

>> No.33523505

They all like girls!

>> No.33523507

I miss early comfy pochi streaming.
Now it's literally just gaijin commenting.

>> No.33523508


>> No.33523509

If it's going to be a new outfit announcement, I trust Ordan to design a real cute casual outfit for Miko.

>> No.33523512


>> No.33523515

if you want comfy, literally watch niji. their comment sections are 99% japanese

>> No.33523516

More money.

>> No.33523519

Imagine if Subaru and Sora were merged into one being. I don't think my soul would be able to handle it.

>> No.33523524

yeah because there's only 3-4 comments total

>> No.33523525

are you me?

>> No.33523528


>> No.33523530

>Sora's body and voice with Subaru's personality
HNNNNNNNNNNNNGHH literally perfect

>> No.33523531


>> No.33523533

Niji livers make enough money without pandering to a bunch of toxic incels.

>> No.33523537


>> No.33523538

Adidas just dropped this, what the chance's Coco buys this

>> No.33523540

heavy smokers?

>> No.33523543

hololive fans are generally nicer and leave friendlier comments, some girls prefer the opposite though.

>> No.33523547


>> No.33523548

After watching her for about 5 minutes I think I can safely say that she's below RBC.

>> No.33523549


>> No.33523551

Underrated. I wouldn't mind them interacting more.

>> No.33523556

I love hags so much

>> No.33523557


>> No.33523560

Sora is really bad at the piano.

>> No.33523561


>> No.33523562

She could be bowing/ half bowing and looking directly to the front, hence the weird neck muscle

>> No.33523570

Looks like there won't be a gen 6 this year

>> No.33523571

Pekora and Marine aren not hags and they're the best hololive has to offer

>> No.33523573

You don't even watch her.

>> No.33523575

Her youtube membership is also way cheaper. The nico fan club costs 800 yen (~7.5 burgers).

>> No.33523576

Gee, I wonder why a girl would want constant praise and idoltary

>> No.33523577


>> No.33523580

You forgot the 5th member who is a menhera and has a huge yab in her first or second month.

>> No.33523590

Gay menheras

>> No.33523592

id give it at least 2 weeks

>> No.33523594


>> No.33523596

>> No.33523597

what u think they turned straight in 3 years?

>> No.33523600

Take a peek at EOP capital, /vt/.

>> No.33523606

Besides Towa and ALOE LOVE, is that true?

>> No.33523607

>two girls calling each other cute means they're gay
Have you just literally never interacted with a woman before or are you retarded

>> No.33523609

Your ass on my face onegai.

>> No.33523611

Desuwa with tanuki design
Gibara with Kakage's design

>> No.33523613

Sora has the cheapest membership so far at the price of 3 burger bucks. Though she's only going to use it for emotes, wallpapers, and channel icons only. Maybe she will do member streams down the line so who knows.

>> No.33523616

I find really funny how they call "Los angeles" just "Los"

>> No.33523623

NoeFuren when?

>> No.33523624

>two girls calling each other cute means they're gay

>> No.33523625

Regardless of which holo is your favorite, which one is the most fuckable? Which one do you want to fill up with semen the most?

>> No.33523627

They're both perfect on their own. Especially Subaru.

>> No.33523628

Suimasen. I should read the thread more.

>> No.33523630

3 years of interacting can make you hate a person.

>> No.33523635

Yeah you're just retarted

>> No.33523636

Too bad, Apex is enjoyable from a good player pov. I hope there will be a pro-gamer in EN2.

>> No.33523638

KKG aborted daughters...

>> No.33523640

rushia, it's always rushia
I want to cum inside her so bad

>> No.33523641

i know you guys are memeing but you really don't want shitty people with a bad personality to join hololive
all it takes is one bad apple to sow discord and ruin everything

>> No.33523645

I just want them to do an 1-on-1 collab...

>> No.33523649

How gay is Kanata really on a scale of 1 to 10

>> No.33523651

Why would a girl want to be objectified and pressured to stay away from men?

>> No.33523652

and two members of that nico gaming show

>> No.33523657

oh my god I'm watching the Sora date stream now she's soooo cute please release this 3D model Cover! I want to get stepped on by her cute sneakers!

>> No.33523660


>> No.33523664

>literally 0 viewers right now
It's over...

>> No.33523665

Cool story, onigiriya.

>> No.33523667

go back to twitter

>> No.33523669

>implying there isn't any at the moment

>> No.33523670

There there show me where Yagoo touched you on the doll anon, I'm sure he was just looking for potential stars and meant no harm. Let's go back to the safe and quiet space at the Niji thread.

>> No.33523671

Maybe some day, if Sora keeps pushing her casual side more.

>> No.33523676

>bad personality
We already have gen 5

>> No.33523681

Chainsmoking ASMR with Towa and Matsuri when?

>> No.33523682

towa was able to be tard wrangled by management before she got too bad

>> No.33523685

>> No.33523686

snorting valium

>> No.33523691

You don't need to be a Twittertard to be against idolfaggotry

>> No.33523693

Because they enjoy it.

>> No.33523694

how is noel winning?

>> No.33523700

I don't care about her so I can breed her all that I want.

>> No.33523702

the thing is Sora doesn't want to use her seniority to pressure the girls to collab with her. She likes it when people are assertive and approach her instead.

>> No.33523703

noel has soul

>> No.33523705

Rushia hit 1 million subs.
Haachama nuked her schizo videos and is now taking a break because "new rules" prevented her from uploading her final video.
Sora new 3D has everyone goslinging.
Miko watched a DBZ movie and now wants to be a Saiyan; she also has some announcement coming up.
Suisei played Ring Fit while singing. It was pretty hot.
Nene released her first single.
Coco had a sponsored Yakuza stream.
Ayame has new emotes.
Fubuki and Flare are legitimately in love with Sans.
Everyone's playing some gay ass horse gacha.
Gibara is graduating.

>> No.33523706

matuli is too nerd to smoke

>> No.33523707

Honestly I never liked this group for some reason. Coco and Suisei just never seem to get along well.

>> No.33523712

you could post that when she is streaming and it would still be true

>> No.33523715

minato aqua is onahole

>> No.33523718

Well, anon?

>> No.33523723

Fuck off homoshart

>> No.33523725

anyone can train and sing well, but not everyone can sing with SOUL

>> No.33523726

Pekora being cute again last night.

>> No.33523727

It's a hard being a SubaSoratomo sometimes.

>> No.33523729

Sora went on a date with 300 thousand men

>> No.33523734



>> No.33523736

she just can't pull it off

>> No.33523737

no, that's how you get raped
I dont want to get raped

>> No.33523740

why is typing in japanese so painful

>> No.33523743

>> No.33523747

imagine the smell of that seat

>> No.33523753

I stop watch her when haato/hachama arc start
She can be anything that least i care about

So who is she now? Did she create another persona?

When she start stream normally?

>> No.33523754

Fuck off she will have at least 2 viewers, lyger and random person who stumbled upon he stream

>> No.33523755

anon, it is a known fact that the menheraer the girl is the smokier she is

>> No.33523760

Obviously, who wouldn't want to play Yugi-Oh with Marine?

>> No.33523763

They seem to be getting along just fine, its just they mostly talk off-stream and not on stream. If you watch Suisei a lot you'll notice she's starting to pick up a lot of Coco's habits, which is a sign that Suisei is fond of her.

>> No.33523769

because you are not japanese

>> No.33523770

I completely forgot about Nygger, you are right.

>> No.33523772

Reminder that Shion rejected her.

>> No.33523773

why is fubuki so fucking sexy

>> No.33523774

>Apex is enjoyable

>> No.33523775


>> No.33523784


>> No.33523786

NoeFure is dead they and everyone else just pretend they love each other to not lose face

>> No.33523788

why is no one sleepfagging mel right now? her archive is fucked too

>> No.33523791

King arc ended because one was released that couldn't be topped.

>> No.33523792

So, they are going to visit Miko.

>> No.33523793

is this the project that costs Marine 10M yen?

>> No.33523794

Hopefully soon...
On her new years stream Noel promised to keep up with Furen and hopefully get closer with her, Furen just got her 3D for Nijifes so the 3D swordfight is posible now

>> No.33523795

I literally cannot believe how cute and lovely she was in that stream

>> No.33523796

Guess i'll masturbate to Eugene again

>> No.33523798

it's your fault, you should have just stayed here. >>33523784
why did she steal Lulu's sweater?

>> No.33523804

Your twitcast reps anonchama...

>> No.33523805

But FBK is asexual just like Pekora.

>> No.33523806

0, Kanata is a straight boy

>> No.33523813

Standing paizuri from Anya!
Picking Risu up and using her as an onahole!
Playing with Moona's fat tits while she sits in your lap and eats!
Mating Pressing Ollie until she gets tongue tied and starts speaking gibberish!
Doggy style with Reine and slapping her rich ojou ass!

>> No.33523816

We have Coco and EN it's not like we can stoop any lower

>> No.33523818


>> No.33523819

>anyone can train and sing well
Clearly not Noel, she still sounds like shit

>> No.33523822

what twitcast nigger it would be a fucking shitstorm if she does it

>> No.33523823

because you arent used to it

>> No.33523826

that's what years of training has done, what she sounds like is peak perfection

>> No.33523827

no one can top usseewa as well

>> No.33523828

this must be why everyone is saying noel is a better singer than porka

>> No.33523829

But they released like 5 covers afterwards

>> No.33523832

Towa already joined.

>> No.33523833

Suisei's english karaoke setlist is basically Coco's setlist.

>> No.33523838


>> No.33523843

If you search on the archives

>> No.33523847

Ayame streamed for over 5 hours. Did she finally get a toilet setup?

>> No.33523849

Post the one that's at half a million

>> No.33523852


>> No.33523853

but she doesn't sing lady gaga

>> No.33523854

Minato aqua is monkey

>> No.33523855

>watson finished
great, now what the fuck do i do until mio starts

>> No.33523857

Haha that's an edit of a screenshot I took, nice

>> No.33523863


>> No.33523865

I'm still surprised that Towa somehow managed to turn around the fact that she streamed with her boyfriend in the room and got away with lying saying it was her manager, in her house, in her room. and Aloe got booted inmediately for old tweets

>> No.33523866

>Fubuki and Flare are legitimately in love with Sans
How does he do it?

>> No.33523868

Yes you do, this is a pro idolfaggotry board, now fuck off

>> No.33523871


>> No.33523872

Minato aqua is a sore loser.

>> No.33523878

Iofi sucking my soul out and suddenly fingering me!

>> No.33523881

Coco exists

>> No.33523885

why would people do this? https://twitter.com/nekonekoni_/status/1367104042258718721?s=20

>> No.33523886

>two girls ______ means they're gay
>- never interact with women
I've litreally seen the same exactly two successive lines over a hundred times on this site so it seems like one extremely insecure and fragile individual has adopted this response as a defense mechanism. It's repeated over and over again with barely any kind of variance and each time this obnoxious comment only exposes someone's crippling insecurity. Now that I think about it, you are legitimately mentally ill and I kind of feel bad now. No wonder why I always felt something was off. If anyone's interested, they can just search the archive.

>> No.33523888

Iofi is so sexual she can't be nailed down to one position.

>> No.33523889

Imagine the smell

>> No.33523890

Iofi whispering that everything will be fine as long as you don't resist

>> No.33523892

Someone seems angry

>> No.33523894


>> No.33523896

Reminder if you haven't watch Sora's outfit stream yesterday, you need to watch it. That stream will heal your soul.

>> No.33523901

imagine writing it instead

>> No.33523902

Everyone in Hololive are gay except for Watame

>> No.33523906

You're a little too late anon

>> No.33523909

I don't want to have anxiety and feel lonelier

>> No.33523912

even the Stars?

>> No.33523913

More like it will send you into another Gosling spiral.

>> No.33523917

In other words, she’s a very irresponsible adult.

>> No.33523919

>bad personality

>> No.33523920

Autists can't resist the bald, chubby, New England manlet.

>> No.33523921

This. To think she would give up on Haato.

>> No.33523922

theres only so many chairs i can kick bro

>> No.33523923


>> No.33523924

7 years...

>> No.33523925


>> No.33523929

no joke, I think almost everyone in the thread wanted to Gosling post but they're too scared to do it due to it being taboo now.

>> No.33523934

Matsuri gets along with a lot of the girls

>> No.33523938

No kidding, she's built for hardcore sex

>> No.33523939

Everyone in Hololive is gay for Watame

>> No.33523940

Any holo who still have their roommate account active or still streaming on their roommate channel is a bad person.

>> No.33523947

I want to watch it again, but my Gosling inside will explode

>> No.33523948

Watame's sexual deviance is worse.

>> No.33523951


>> No.33523954

>having a backup in case the vtuber bubble crashes or cover goes under is bad!
fuck right off

>> No.33523959

Only Pekora is good hololive with good attitude

>> No.33523960

Nene seal

>> No.33523962

how can someone be gay if shes not rreal

>> No.33523964

none of those people are bad, just weird.
There's only a few people that have suspicious morals in hololive
1. Towa (sus friends and attitude)
2. Pekora (mean roommate, numberfag)
3. Polka (makes fun of fat people despite being fat herself, laughs at other's misfortunes)

>> No.33523970

Aghanism Scepter: Allow Suisei to dance properly while singing

>> No.33523972

towa is seriously starting to piss me the hell off!

>> No.33523974

she left under her own volition. if she was stronger mentally, she would've still been here.

>> No.33523975

Based Ojou, everyone is tired of her cringe yuribaiting.

>> No.33523976

>> No.33523979

kekkeru you havent seen her NND bro

>> No.33523980

>dealing with the devil

>> No.33523983

Holos with active roommates don't deserve to be in Hololive, it show that they aren't committed to the job and don't feel comfortable enough in the work environment to be themselves
Don't support holos with active roommates

>> No.33523984

>I think almost everyone in the thread wanted to Gosling post but they're too scared to do it due to it being taboo now.
it was a shit meme even more ENfags ruined it

>> No.33523988


>> No.33523991

I can't get enough of Nene seal.

>> No.33523993

is it true that Nene watched every single one of these seal videos

>> No.33523995

She improve a lot in past 2years
Watching her grow is one of my joy

Not like i love her or anything baka!

>> No.33523999

That means they're not committed to hololive and only in it for money.

>> No.33524000


>> No.33524003


>> No.33524005

what a fucking retard, this better be a skit because this is not how the internet works

>> No.33524006

o-okay... friend...

>> No.33524008

I don't wanna hate people because their past

>> No.33524010

Because most Japanese people use a Japanese keyboard

>> No.33524012

If it wouldn't get them banned who would masturbate on stream for views?

>> No.33524013

thats a retarded thing to say when people are always encouraged to have a plan B or some kind of moonlighting gig in addition to their main job in case shit goes south tho

>> No.33524014

Prove it

>> No.33524015

Dont jinx it.......

>> No.33524019

imagine the smell

>> No.33524020

most grown people dont change

>> No.33524021

>1. Towa (sus friends and attitude)
Everyone in hololive has "sus" friends, everyone in Hololive IS the "sus friend". A lot of Holos specially Gen 4 constantly remark on how caring and kind Towa is
>2. Pekora (mean roommate, numberfag)
Nothing wrong with being a numberfag, and Pekora has clearly grown as a person
>3. Polka (makes fun of fat people despite being fat herself, laughs at other's misfortunes)
Fat jokes are funny and the root of comedy is making fun of others

>> No.33524022

Coco played with dicks, that was a good day

>> No.33524023


>> No.33524031

Just pick him back up again bro

>> No.33524033


>> No.33524035

Cat thing is stale now
Not even funny anymore

Just like pettan joke

>> No.33524037

does anyone else just randomly utter, "towa..."?

>> No.33524038

Coco and Shien both already did it.

>> No.33524039

Someday Suisei will stream without taking a bath beforehand.......

>> No.33524040

chamers and choco already did this

>> No.33524041


>> No.33524044

Even Aqua got pissed at the onion joke anon

>> No.33524047

Towa is a nice person

>> No.33524051

holos who went all in and nuked their roommate

>> No.33524053

So do we actually have meidos in here now or is this place still a schizo fest?

>> No.33524065

one of my fondest memories of Towa was when I woke up at 3 in the morning to catch her 3d reveal.

>> No.33524066

I don't blame her, that shit is massive annoying.

>> No.33524068

She did ask her for advice on western songs to sing.

>> No.33524073

Are you the same anon that keeps posting that Marine and Lamy image? are you too autistic to understand jokes?

>> No.33524075


>> No.33524080

The deeper you dig into Towa, the more you realize how much you like her.

>> No.33524081

Nah everyone in that list is horrible person, Towa, Pekora and Polka are alright, specially Towa she's very kind

>> No.33524083

did the onion joke stopped?

>> No.33524084

Period sex with friend using the blood as lube!

>> No.33524086

All the best and entertaining holo.

>> No.33524087

>Subaru gets called a duck for almost her entire career when she's supposed to be a swan
>learns to meme it and increase her popularity
>Fubuki gets called a cat for a few times
>Instant meltdown

>> No.33524088

>Towa (sus friends and attitude)
Yeah, questionable at best, I'm more prone to believing she's just a bit of an autist.
>Pekora (mean roommate, numberfag)
That was years ago, she might have matured a bit, maybe not, still she wouldn't voluntarily cause problem to the company or the other girls.
>Polka (makes fun of fat people despite being fat herself, laughs at other's misfortunes)
Can't fat people make fun of other fat people? No clue about the second point, any example?

>> No.33524091


>> No.33524092

Towa just had stronger will

>> No.33524094

You will

>> No.33524106

>did the onion joke stopped?
Aqua has embraced it in recent months I guess since she realizes it's not gonna stop.

>> No.33524107

you do realize this will not stop the CAT jokes right? the chinese will never stop this shit

>> No.33524108

No wife...
friend ...

>> No.33524111

Suisei only did when people found out, and even then she didn't get all of it(she only deleted the Akaito cover and privated her twitter, there's a whole other NND account with even older covers that are still up because they were uploaded by the mixer instead of her)

>> No.33524112

Aqua is a retard, so that isn't a good example.

>> No.33524114

her 3 managers that she got axed would disagree

>> No.33524115

She did, when?

>> No.33524116

No one cares about that vtweeter

>> No.33524118

>if they want to isolate themselves then they shouldn't work in a social enviroment

But they do and besides bitching here there is nothing that you can do about it.

>> No.33524119

>having a life outside streaming is bad

>> No.33524120


>> No.33524122

It's her monthly, please understand

>> No.33524124

Imagine not being a smellfag

>> No.33524125

She sounds dumber than a bag of rocks.

>> No.33524130

The impressive one is Rushia. Not only every fan but every hololive member continues to make the exact same pettan joke and she always plays along, every time. Rushia has the patience of a statue.

>> No.33524131

Fat thighs

>> No.33524133

She's never really gotten tired of it other than as a joke anyways. Same deal with the Rushia pettan stuff

>> No.33524134

which is why fubuki is doing everything wrong and i just hope this is an attempt at japanese humor

>> No.33524136


>> No.33524137


>> No.33524141

What the fuck kind of meltdown did you see?

>> No.33524142

>he says while jerking his cock to Moona

>> No.33524143

I feel the same about Soda meme. Sora will snap like Fubuki one day, mark my words.

>> No.33524145

So basically the good Holo, but to be fair
Holos who don't stream or create content as their roommates
Shion (I'm willing to forgive one stream since she hasn't done it again since)
These are also good Holos, there's nothing wrong with having a roommate for personal purposes, or in the case of Kanata giving updates that she might no be able to share on her main account

>> No.33524146

wasn't it a discord group with 2 male voices? actually you know that already so I doubt you care

>> No.33524148

You mean Shion?

>> No.33524149

Aloe is also younger than Towa and had a lot of other issues.

>> No.33524151

>What if Messi joins HoloEN Gen 2? He's incredibly popular in the Spanish speaking world, the only downside is that he's a man.
>Does he even speak English?

>> No.33524152


>> No.33524154

>> No.33524159

After what they did to Coco I am inclined to side with the girls.

>> No.33524161

It was mostly targeted at JOPs anyway so

>> No.33524162

Pretty sure Suisei only locked her roommate account, her roommate Pixiv's work is still there even if inactive, plus she have it better than the other girls since she have more rights to her works/character than the other girls.

>> No.33524163

Sorry I don't like vtweeter.

>> No.33524164


>> No.33524169


>Yagoo's Harem
>Not gay

Do you even see their interactions? I just wish they stopped using the hologirls as a smokescreen and come out of the closet openly already.


>> No.33524175

Such a threatening aura...

>> No.33524180

>a few times

>> No.33524181

>> No.33524186

>sora making a YAB

>> No.33524187

You can just feel the insecurity and the anxiety over the loss of control... Even small things like this get you worked up and you are stuck in a negative feedback loop because you can't even control it. She might actually have panic attacks on a weekly basis now.

Fubuki needs to put her attention on better things so she can stop being so irritable. Where is Matsuri when you need her the most?

>> No.33524188

>the curse of the 25th

You guys are fucking pathetic

>> No.33524189

>he says, as he cums for the third time today while moaning out Moona's name

>> No.33524190


>> No.33524194

Not wife
Sex friend

>> No.33524196

>4chan is a lawless zone
>4chan is full of fanatics creating stories
>4chan is being controlled by the feds and watched

>> No.33524199

imagine wanting pissi when you can get the English speaking TSUUUU

>> No.33524201

>They're not planned to be weekly or anything. They just often find themselves talking or playing games together over discord most nights, and end up thinking of fun collab ideas. They're usually very abruptly scheduled.
Fubuki... Gamers...

>> No.33524203

>a few times by the anon
>gets called out for it soon after since it was ongoing for 2 years already by her fanbase
>why is she melting down!??

>> No.33524207

How about you watch the stream or even the clip itself? Fubuki said it calmly, she even specified later that she wasn't mad. Hell, she's fine with the cat joke as long as it's within context.

>> No.33524210

Can you atleast post the one that isn't translated?

>> No.33524212

Sora's sadistic side comes out, imagine...

>> No.33524213

I will never forgive Capcom and Taiga for this

>> No.33524215

Is she the walter white of hololive?

>> No.33524216

>watching clip

>> No.33524217

I think I fell in love with Sora...

>> No.33524218

Not necessarily for views, but Aki pretty much already does that

>> No.33524225

Don't believe to all you read here. Towa fucks her band, but she did not have a boyfriend.

>> No.33524226

>got angry during the seiso among us collab
>got annoyed by Aqua for asking the colour of her underwear
She’s a ticking time bomb

>> No.33524230

Does that means a cult?

>> No.33524231

Holy fuck, how can a girl live with this monster?

>> No.33524233

Fuck you

>> No.33524235

it still surprises me that meme50 is such a big Soratomo

>> No.33524239

Maybe Aloe should have made it a goal to never waver

>> No.33524242

wow people don't know about her getting over it fiasco huh

>> No.33524243

fuck off L*ger

>> No.33524245

Something in 1.5h from lion.

>> No.33524246

Huh is that why Comet and Tenkyuu are not available on streaming service?

>> No.33524251


>> No.33524254

If we follow the aztec calendar we're at the day 25 of the Jaguar year

>> No.33524255

>got angry during the seiso among us collab
you do realize that she was one of her oldest friends right?

>> No.33524256


>> No.33524264

He looks like a lion

>> No.33524267

other than Miko, which holos are lactating?

>> No.33524268

>he's only on his third

>> No.33524269

p-please my gosling....

>> No.33524270

>and Aloe got booted inmediately for old tweets
Nice narrative nijinigger

>> No.33524271


> befriends Sio, Gundou, Hoshikawa
The fuck is wrong with Towa lmao this are legit scummy people that can cause a mega yabai.

>> No.33524272

It's just funny to me that people have to make stuff up to shit on her, because there really isn't any dirt you can dig up from her

>> No.33524275


>> No.33524277

Care to explain who did what to someone who didn't watch the collab?

>> No.33524278


>> No.33524280

Let the dragon play penis games too.

>> No.33524281

>more dicks
Is she thirsty or something?

>> No.33524283

Well if it helps to understand then so be it. This image isn't even everything she said which has led to nothing but misconceptions that Fubuki meant this as a fuck you to her fans.

>> No.33524284

you havent seen noel's roommate streams?

>> No.33524285

Marine is a whore and also a tranny.

>> No.33524287

her baby

>> No.33524288


>> No.33524289

did literally nothing wrong

>> No.33524290

you are telling me it wasn't because of her old tweets? are you perhaps retarded and think it was because she forgot to erase a small authorized clip of her L2D model before her debut? retard

>> No.33524291

>Towa fucks her band
Can confirm, I'm the bassist.

>> No.33524293

Fuck off Matsuri looks nice with a little extra weight

>> No.33524296

Still weaker mentality.

>> No.33524298

You do realize that getting angry is getting angry, right?

>> No.33524300

Take your fucking meds

>> No.33524302

>got annoyed by Aqua for asking the colour of her underwear
w-well what color is it?

>> No.33524305

theres a clip at youtube you lazy fuck just type angry sora or something

>> No.33524306

No, Comet and Tenkyuu are not on streaming services because they have to go through hoops of rights and permissions for them. Comet might be fine and only needs a remaster because the composer *Luna is a vocaloidP, but Tenkyuu was composed by Kitani Tatsuya who is now a popular solo artist and bassist for three other popular bands (one being Yorushika).

>> No.33524307

I just like to meme about her a bit, I hope nobody will take such claims seriously.

>> No.33524309

Fuck off birdkun

>> No.33524310

I need time to recover...

>> No.33524315

Fuck off schizo

>> No.33524316

Dont know, but its probably related to why it take so goddamn long to release and album.

>> No.33524317

They were definitely planning to kick Towa out. If you were around at the time all the other hololive members basically stopped talking to or collabing with her when it happened. What turned it around was the western fans getting so strongly behind her and pushing up her viewership so high. They were just afraid to anger the western audience. With Aloe they got ahead of things and kicked her before she could have a return stream and get big support.

>> No.33524320

Based clipwatcher.

>> No.33524322


>> No.33524324

Take your meds

>> No.33524329


>> No.33524331

The cat meme was never funny, but saying it outright like this is pretty autistic.

>> No.33524333

Wrong pic?

>> No.33524334

who is sykkuno

>> No.33524335

There's something really interesting about the fact that Matsuri knows EXACTLY how to act to fuck with shy men and yet she gets fucked with in the exact same way by Hoshikawa

>> No.33524336

I just wish she and the gang can go on a relaxing hot spring trip again to get her mojo back, every stream she feels tightly wound up. She even did this 'cat' complaint during her month end asmr and felt bad for doing it in this fan reward stream she backpedaled and apologized mid stream.

Matuli... should just join that trip as well. Matsuri just hasn't been clicking with the rest for awhile now.

>> No.33524337

>the replies to these two posts
It kinda makes you think

>> No.33524339

>Mikosharts shitting up the thread again
Fuck off already

>> No.33524340

Not sure if that new or that bad at falseflagging.

>> No.33524344

Maybe if she were anything beside a snorefest then her retarded fagbase wouldn't have to recur to making the same stale and dead joke.

>> No.33524346

>nijinigger still running his lie campaign despite having images and recorded evidence, both translated, of what really happened to aloe
Kid you're so pathetic

>> No.33524350

Coco fucking sucks

>> No.33524351

I know.

>> No.33524354

Miko is a whore.

>> No.33524355

I genuinely love her anus as well

>> No.33524356

Stop replying to yourself

>> No.33524357

If FBK doesn't beat Gura to 2M subs I'm going to kill myself.

>> No.33524361

What's going to happen on March 25th?

>> No.33524366


>> No.33524367

Kill yourself retard

>> No.33524373

>I hope the absolutely mental schizos will be rational
Sure mate!

>> No.33524374

>automated message-shark
>prepare to be punted like a football
Jesas, she treat her fans as if they were children or something.

>> No.33524378

Polka is the one actually graduating, so Cover had to hire a new clown to replace her hence the similar outfit.

>> No.33524379

Yeah, I wish she sucked me off

>> No.33524381

Miko, Mel and Haachama graduation.

>> No.33524385

Matsuri would look good with anything and with nothing but I don't want my girlfriend to not be healthy.

>> No.33524387

This one? She doesn't seem that angry, just a bit annoyied.

>> No.33524388

this is just blatant advertising

>> No.33524389

God, i wish i were that Revenant.

>> No.33524390

>> No.33524394

I do not know!! Hopefully soon!!

>> No.33524396

What's wrong with being a trans though? I'm an Ichimi and I'm a mtf transgender

>> No.33524398

think about milk

>> No.33524401

Her fans really special. No wonder chink doesn't want anything with her

>> No.33524402

Shut the fuck up nigger

>> No.33524403

I'm sure Lamy will be cute once again today

>> No.33524404

Some did it out of shame (Pekora,Watame,Lamy)

>> No.33524407

>aloe got booted for old tweets
i hate MASSfaggots but fuck of nijinigger.

>> No.33524408

imagine being supported by fucking soundcloud rappers

>> No.33524409

She's a glass cannon.

>> No.33524410

Back to cytube meltranny

>> No.33524411

they can all be in their idol outfits this time...

>> No.33524412

No, you.

>> No.33524414

most of these girls are over 30s and busted, why do you still want to marry them?

>> No.33524415

I agree, Cover has really been restricting what the girls have wanted to do lately, if they keep this up I hope Haachama, pekora, coco just gives Cover the middle finger and just strike out on their own as a separate group. It is the girls that make the content and make Cover successful not the other way around.

>> No.33524416

>people badmouth miko
>no one bats an eye
>call marine a whore
Why are Mikochi and 35p so oppressed here?? This is not acceptable

>> No.33524417


>> No.33524418

>they went on /pol/
A bunch of subpar IQ apes indoctrinating random japanese, nice
Also blower of of vans

>> No.33524422

Take your meds

>> No.33524424

holy shit what the fuck

>> No.33524425

Black lives matter

>> No.33524426

??? I'm a 35p. Go back to global nigger.

>> No.33524427

Luna finally has her idol outfit, it needs to be done

>> No.33524428

More horses in around 1h.

>> No.33524430

Am I gay if I find the guys' voices attractive?

>> No.33524431

imagine not wanting to redpill your fellow humans

>> No.33524433

>> No.33524434

thats the point, i was pointing out that she was sora's friend for a very long time. its just seiso banter if japanese have it

>> No.33524435

Fuck off spamming itoddler.

>> No.33524436

I just ignore the schizos.

>> No.33524438


>> No.33524439

I was about to download the game myself the shilling is working

>> No.33524441

It was more like Towa completely isolating herself.

>> No.33524442

>giving away that you're falseflagging as ichimi
ruma rumao 35p are mentally ill

>> No.33524444

Marine is /our/ girl

>> No.33524448

>she treat her fans as if they were children or something
because they are

>> No.33524449

35P know it's just a shitty bait. Maybe Marinefags should learn how to not reply to bait.

>> No.33524450

i mean... they are though

>> No.33524452

>horsegirl gacha
Not watching

>> No.33524455

i cant read moonrunes......

>> No.33524457

All the new people falling to this. Watame is as close to miko when it comes to hornying up to girls. There's a reason why she's called Wata-oji

>> No.33524458

They are not kneeling.

>> No.33524460


>> No.33524461

>> No.33524462

kys itoddler

>> No.33524463

>My girlfriend

>> No.33524470

Why does everywhere I go inevitably fall to horse pussy?

>> No.33524471

Spam time?

>> No.33524472

Why is it always the same images

>> No.33524473

>Ojou horse
Get'em horse Lamy

>> No.33524474

Just go to the /vg/ general and read all the translated guides in the OP

>> No.33524475

I'm not, retard. That was my phone.

>> No.33524477

Azki stream and announcement at the same as the collab...

>> No.33524478

>> No.33524483

They are

>> No.33524484

What's the closest time a holo has come to breaking character?

>> No.33524486

Jesus. That was actually disturbing to read. Im sure Japanese gachikoi are like this as well, sadly....

>> No.33524487

It wasn't clear at all what your point was, that said yeah, whoever believes that it wasn't just banter between good friends is an idiot.

>> No.33524489

That's the One Piece Nakama pose, not blm
Also, this - https://files.catbox.moe/dep2rz.mp4

>> No.33524490


>> No.33524491

A streamer who has a wikipedia page for some reason

>> No.33524492

call for Nick Gurs

>> No.33524493

>seething 35ps unable to cope her relegation to HoloEN while Gigastacy Moona moves onto the main branch
roru rumao oh no no

>> No.33524494

Korone when she changed VA

>> No.33524495


>> No.33524496

>> No.33524497

Lamy's roommate just had tweets/screenshots related to Hololive and random innane shit, hardly something to feel ashamed of.

>> No.33524499

ohh naruhodo

>> No.33524501

the equivalent of Jun

>> No.33524502

your 35p vs ichimi bait doesn't work eh?

>> No.33524504

>a male twitch streamer
Lmao at least she reacted better than M*ri

>> No.33524506

sounds cringe but he is right.
imagine attentionwhoring with your main account and trying to shit up someones fanbase further by doing this shit.

>> No.33524507

Cope 35pcel

>> No.33524509

Coco when she talked about fighting watame with her armor

>> No.33524511

>> No.33524512

So, just like me then

>> No.33524513

Meidos, I think this is a raid call.

>> No.33524514

and none of them could top this one

>> No.33524516


>> No.33524519

It's not. Just making an observation.

>> No.33524521

nene needs to put her tits away and stop being a slut

>> No.33524524

stop being retarded. Its just the iphone poster. Ignore the retard

>> No.33524527

Take your meds schizo.

>> No.33524528


>> No.33524529

Why is fbk so upset about being called a cat? She should be happy she's getting so much attention even if it's people memeing her, because her roommate is ugly as fuck

>> No.33524530

Alright post Shaka Beach.

>> No.33524531

>Call to invasion

>> No.33524535

It's because Gura is already taken

>> No.33524536

pekora when she forgot saying peko for 10 minutes

>> No.33524537

i mean, there are japanese fans that do this with specific vtubers they don't want to see, I'm sure every holo has gotten a DM on twitter from some hardcore fan of some other vtuber saying to stay away from their oshi and I'm sure a fan of some holo has done the same to others.

>> No.33524538

That's because most of that pettan shit comes in the form of a donation of course she'll be ok with it

>> No.33524540

What did watame mean by this?

>> No.33524541

He's still wasting away image slots for no reason other than to make people angry. Mods won't do anything about, so why the fuck should anyone else here be civil too?

>> No.33524542

>while he raid this thread

>> No.33524543

This. Holos should learn to love their fans. What the fuck, Fubuki?

>> No.33524545

why's Aqua so unintentionally funny

>> No.33524546

I kinda agree, still there is no good way to resolve this situation, but that is close to the worst way.

>> No.33524547


>> No.33524548

This thread is hell

>> No.33524549

I'm over 30, but I don't want to marry them. They're all used goods. Only Festival's a virgin and she's too young. I just like them all as streamers and wish them the best.

People call you a schizo for shitting on Marine because it's random and meaningless. Marine isn't popular here. Miko is. If you shit on Miko, people laugh and see it as poor bait, we all love Miko here. If you shit on Marine, it just looks in bad taste, like you're actually wasting everyone's time. It's the same thing with Towa and Ayame. If you call Towa a whore, everyone just snickers at the bait; if you call Ayame a whore, everyone groans because talking about her at all is practically off topic.

Of course, the reality is it doesn't matter who you shit talk because you're just a troll lowering the quality of the thread and it's unlikely you actually watch any of the girls, because if you did, you'd be talking about them instead of arbitrarily making up reasons to be angry at one you don't.

Why don't you go make a friend or learn piano or something?

>> No.33524550

Stop ban evading already and fuck off with your samefagging.

>> No.33524553

Shut the fuck up incel

>> No.33524555

Don't say such mean things...

>> No.33524559

>> No.33524562

>> No.33524564

Someone triggered the homosharts again or what?

>> No.33524566

>likes watermelon
>abandoned by father

Whatever could she mean?

>> No.33524567

has he though? or did he mention her once during a twitch stream and his cringey fans jumped on it?

>> No.33524569


>> No.33524571

Fuck that, I believe in bros before hoes and will even put video games before a girl

>> No.33524573

>> No.33524574

the marineschizo is the starspammer and he's also a mod. If you report his posts, you get warned. His posts are never deleted. He is trying to get these threads off of /jp/. He's also from SEA

>> No.33524575

>> No.33524576

I don't have the catbox on hand, so take this.

>> No.33524579

>thread was good
>Suddenly schizo wakes up and starts spamming the thread

>> No.33524581

Yes, MY girlfriend.
This is fun.

>> No.33524582

i have here in my hand 18 months worth of homoshart discord logs

>> No.33524585

>> No.33524587


>> No.33524589

why does Shishiron like the ojou horse so much? what's so special about it

>> No.33524591

He's actually a 35p, or might not even watch hololive. See how he instantly started spamming after being called out >>33524442

>> No.33524592

Another thread ruined by ichitrannies

>> No.33524594

>> No.33524595

She's unironically the worst talent in Hololive. Hands fucking down. I'm glad this thread agrees for the most part except the delusional Zhangs that ritualpost that irrelevant bitch.

>> No.33524596

post it

>> No.33524599

>> No.33524600

another thread somehow not ruined by me

>> No.33524601

I honestly understand why you guys doesn't want associate with /vt/. Seeing them react Haachama hiatus is like seeing Qanon post on /pol/.

>> No.33524602

People already find her roommate account?

>> No.33524604

If we change the thread's name to "hololive global", we won't be raided by the homosharts again. I have never seen them raiding global.

>> No.33524605


>> No.33524606

Go make another homobegging thread on /vt/ you shartfags.

>> No.33524607

Pick your poison
SHAKA BEACH - https://streamable.com/irddg1
SHAKA BEACH THE FINAL - https://streamable.com/3vkgfo
Shaka beach(Xmas Verison) - https://streamable.com/ka697z
Shaka beach (Choco sync) https://streamable.com/hfu1t6
Shaka beach (Flare sync) https://streamable.com/0ncbjy
Shaka Beach (oneesan gumi) https://streamable.com/pd94kx
Shaka Beach (800K) - https://streamable.com/vl64aw
Shaka Beach (Watame sync) https://streamable.com/h5sicd
Hololive Alternative https://files.catbox.moe/1one4p.webm

>> No.33524609

I'm glad my oshi wouldn't lower herself ot sing a gumi song

>> No.33524610

fuck off aquacuck no one asked for your opinion. go eat bat soup and let the adults do the talking

>> No.33524611

I dont know the specifics since i dont watch any EN except ina but im just assuming since hes one of those cringe minecraft youtubers.
if you're an actual fan and if you're a famous person you wouldnt do this shit especially if you know your audience are kids. Hes just it for the fame.

>> No.33524612

and I have here in my hand a recording of Towa's secret SECOND visit to the Kenzoku discord. If you want to listen, you will stand down!

>> No.33524613

20 more hours without Lamy...

>> No.33524614

>> No.33524615

Alright, who took her alcohol this time?

>> No.33524618

They raid this thread because global told them to stay the fuck away after astelfags keep spamming the thread.

>> No.33524619

ya tried your best

>> No.33524620

You can do whatever the fuck you want in these threads now as long as you don't post porn
No one cares
You can ruin all the threads you want if you really want to

>> No.33524621

>He is trying to get these threads off of /jp/
Fucking based. I hope he accomplish his goal

>> No.33524624

bro i fucked pekora what are you gonna do about it bitch
based anti-marine gigachad exposing the reddit tranny bitch she is
cope hugbox wanter
fuck off aquacuck

>> No.33524625

>itoddler spammer and the guy trying to force marine vs miko rivalry are the same person

>> No.33524627

>> No.33524628


>> No.33524630

this one kinda looks like a girl

>> No.33524632

>Pekora nuked her account out of shame

>> No.33524634

Sorry anon, i also joined her membership so she's my girlfriend too.

>> No.33524635

based homoraider

>> No.33524636

they just dont like each other bro its not that deep, simple as faggot

>> No.33524639

>> No.33524640

But he started spamming before that though, clearly just your usual mentally deranged homoshart itoddler

>> No.33524641

God the IDs are pure fucking sex. I can't help myself anymore, I NEED to pump their wombs full of cum

>> No.33524643

why are 35p like this

>> No.33524645

it would hurt her family friendly kids show image if people realize she was a slut

>> No.33524648

there's still 45 images left..

>> No.33524649

>> No.33524656

Miko is a whore

>> No.33524657

Is this autotuned? Or is she just actually trying? It's not bad.

>> No.33524658

Nice posts.

>> No.33524659

ctrl+w your life and this ritualpost

>> No.33524662

Because you don't belong here anymore. Go back to your containment board

>> No.33524663

>> No.33524665

Watame left her song covers and a couple dance covers up

>> No.33524666

>> No.33524668

>he thinks I like that anemic bitch either
roru rumao, moonachads stay winning

>> No.33524670

fubuki isnt the same anymore after that bilibili fiasco

>> No.33524672

I have a really confusing mixed feeling rn, i want to cry, but because its Astel i can't take it seriously..

They (holostars) deserve more attention, all of them are really entertaining, they just don't shine like the hololive...

Theyre like a majestic treasure, buried under some really deep sand, you can only find them when you simp hard enough.

Thank you Ollie for being such a massive Simp, she simps everyone including the holostar, leading us on getting one of the most wholesome sibling duo ever.

>> No.33524674

It was found the same time as everyone else's, but initially dismissed because it was wrongly linked with l*mp. It's privated right now but with some digging it can be proven with considerable certainty.

>> No.33524677

Risu's King about to hit 5 million!
Best singer in holopro.

>> No.33524678

Just some echo, I think. Noel is really bad at singing, but you cannot say she doesn't try her best.

>> No.33524680

/pol/'s IQ is brought down by the religious nutters, milquetoast conservatives and falseflaggers, but the lolberts and race realists have pretty high IQs and they're the ones who post infographs and name the Jew and whatever. The others just kind of shit up the board, it's been unusable ever since you know what.

>That's the One Piece Nakama pose
I don't think I've ever heard any of those three ever say a single thing about One Piece.

Dumb but well-meaning.

>> No.33524681

>> No.33524682

so let me get this straight, you guys call for a holostars split because of this Iphone spammer, and then when the spammer moved on to ID(as everyone with a brain knew would happen since they're not actually a fan of holostars and are instead just some loser who wants to rile you guys up) you didn't connect the dots? so now when they post holostars AGAIN(because ID didn't work as effectively), you continue to assume it's still an actual holostars fan? how dumb are you?

>> No.33524683

Only if you're a bong and not a manlet or be Peko/Miko/Subaru

>> No.33524684

As a soratomo I respect Aqua a lot for having the courage to ask her that.

>> No.33524685

Saint Miko blesses this thread from homosharts and schizos. Amen.

>> No.33524686

>not even a single post about on going streams
what even is the purpose of these threads anymore

>> No.33524687

>> No.33524689

now that china bought Fall guys, does that mean Fubuki or any holo will never stream it again?

>> No.33524691

>> No.33524692


>> No.33524695

>> No.33524696

>> No.33524697

Fuck off Aquacuck

>> No.33524699


>> No.33524700

Welcome to the anti thread

>> No.33524701

Nobody is streaming.

>> No.33524704

theres literally nothing on right now except EN

>> No.33524705

damn anon, if i wanna watch male streamer, then i prefer watch sovwomble

>> No.33524707

She didn't, she just wanted to focus on hololive. She even gave hints for her old fans to find her, streamed a couple times after debuting, and doesn't delete parts of her streams where her old accounts are visible or referenced in superchats.

>> No.33524708

The nation of China bought a video game?

>> No.33524710

>> No.33524711


>> No.33524713

saints are supposed to be virgins, so Miko can't be one!

>> No.33524714

Imagine being this cucked to respecting a known CCP spy roru rumao

>> No.33524715

>> No.33524717

Does Moona really prefer British men that much? Would I at least have a chance with any of the other IDs?

>> No.33524718

Crashing this thread with no survivors.

>> No.33524720

thats right homosharts

>> No.33524722

hopefully. sora lieks it though

>> No.33524723

Stop falseflagging as yukimin, homoshart

>> No.33524725

>> No.33524726

>> No.33524727

>> No.33524729

pretty much

>> No.33524730

You lost this one schizo. Looking forward to destroy you again.

>> No.33524731

dead hours

>> No.33524732

>> No.33524733

Guys, I have to be honest, I've really come to dislike fbk lately. Not schizo level but she really does it to herself.

At first I really liked her because she's cute and her short singing covers were fun. But even clipwatchers know that she can be very rude with the way she addresses her fans. That and she doesn't do supa readings, doesn't interact with her chat very often, and just doesn't seem like a holo who really appreciates her fanbase.

>> No.33524734

yeah, the rights to Minato Aqua is next! any day now!

>> No.33524736

why the fuck does this look somewhat familiar. is it some /a/ meme from my memory hole

>> No.33524737

Reasons for no homos collab

> ban is still in effect and was only publicly said to have gone away
> management specifically doesn't want them to collab instead of a company rule
> homos are actively denying collabs
> girls not collabing with them because they are male
> girls not collabing with them because they are male idols and not normal males
> girls selling out for simp bux
> wouldn't want to upset the 'holostar female' fanbase
> holostars too small to benefit the girls from collabing so they'd rather not
> they just don't know each other and wouldn't want to reach out to them

Did I miss anything? Also, which one do you believe in?

>> No.33524738

How would someone ever think she did, I wonder? The clues are so fucking blatant.

>> No.33524739

>> No.33524741

I didn't think it was possible but Sora's movements are girlier than Subaru's

>> No.33524743

>> No.33524744

>> No.33524746

>religious nutters
Those same fuckers or atleast they probably just larping as christians fucking killed /x/ again whenever theres a thread for religion and other shit that's not about christianity.

>> No.33524747

>> No.33524749

This is how far HLG has fallen

- Gen 3fags fighting amongst themselves (sankisei no kizuna is no more)
- Marinefags and Mikofags fighting each other despite the latter is a honorary gen 3
-The newfags trying to push the narrative that ID doesn't belong here when gen 1 has been allow since forever

Give me back the hlg 6 months ago.

>> No.33524751

please stop the homoshart spam.... i'm literally crying right now...

>> No.33524752

and she interacts with homos...

>> No.33524753

I think I died.

>> No.33524757

>> No.33524758

The best way to enjoy these threads is to just stop caring about the quality,

>> No.33524759

I'd take Qanon over the Cover bootlickers in here any day

>> No.33524761

That was my understanding as well, so I was wondering if I was mistaken.

>> No.33524762

oh no what a disasterous news

>> No.33524763

why do they have that blowjob face?

>> No.33524765

>> No.33524766

>> No.33524767

no you fucking wouldn't

>> No.33524768


>> No.33524770

>> No.33524771

Miko is a virgin. Suisei is not.

>> No.33524772

hmmm naruhodo

>> No.33524774

>> No.33524775


>> No.33524778

For Risu you need to do your /fit/ reps, for Lofi you need to be a like that Kaoru. Don't know about the gen 2.

>> No.33524779

>> No.33524781

All it takes is one guy posting males on a 60 second cooldown to make the entire thread shit and piss itself

>> No.33524782


>> No.33524786

>Miko is a virgin.

>> No.33524787

eh? don't reply to me ever again

>> No.33524789

>> No.33524791

She is no waking up...

>> No.33524792

>Homoshart still butthurt Mikoti removed the men's bathroom on that MC stream
Just get over it, you autistic tranny

>> No.33524793

Yes I would, at least they don't suck corporate cock. Imagine still defending Cover after what they did to Haachama

>> No.33524794

>> No.33524796


>> No.33524797

Hoshiyomichads stay winning 35pcucks stay seething

>> No.33524801

>> No.33524802

>> No.33524803

It's supposedly one of the ones Nene followed at the same time as the rest of Gen 5 but as far as I know it has always been privated.

>> No.33524805

thats right homosharts

>> No.33524806

>Miko is a virgin
She had a boyfriend and makes fun of guys who are virgins, so that sounds pretty unlikely.

>> No.33524807


>> No.33524809

Astel's artist is a hack.

>> No.33524810


>> No.33524812

So the account was right only the l*mp part was wrong? The cleavage picture is her then.

>> No.33524813

that narrative is retarded as fuck only a person with literal brain AIDS would believe that

>> No.33524814

Is that why the spammers are mad?

>> No.33524815

Because faggot meidos used to delete any excessive images with no text attached.

>> No.33524816

And this board belongs to who then? Touhou? Thread about new Touhou game had only 500 posts. Absolute fucking disgrace.

>> No.33524817

>newfag doesn't know the JAV yab
roru rumao oh no no

>> No.33524818

>> No.33524819

>> No.33524822

Holy shit, based noelbro

>> No.33524823

Kaoru graduated because he fucked Korone and Rushia.

>> No.33524828

> homos are actively denying collabs. They don't want to leech.
> management specifically doesn't want them to collab because of a company rule
> Girls don't want to collab because it would cost them simp bux.

These are the top three reasons.

Friend, Festival, Choco and Indogs are the only good Holos.
Azki as well if she counts as a Holo.
Fuck everybody else, desu.

>> No.33524831

what is his endgame i wonder...

>> No.33524832

Imagine those tiddies in a kimono....

>> No.33524834

We could change it to Hololive, they obviously never posted back when the thread was originally called Hololive, right?

>> No.33524835

what a waste of final images

>> No.33524837

it was debunked ages ago
u newfag

>> No.33524838

Bibi is a whore!

>> No.33524840

/hlg/ approved Holos


The rest belong on Reddit, Global, or NGA. Get the fuck out of here.

>> No.33524842


>> No.33524846


>> No.33524848

roru rumao yourself NNDfag. Go back to your dead site.

>> No.33524850


>> No.33524853

My heartboner...

>> No.33524855

>It's muh man, PoliTiKz

>> No.33524858

stfu retard miko is a saint

>> No.33524859


>> No.33524861

lets call him the "roru rumao anon" from now on

>> No.33524862

Yagoo please let me hold her boob

>> No.33524863

good job outing yourself

>> No.33524868

>newfag doesn't know the JAV yab
roru rumao

>> No.33524873

They were a part of Hololive back then and could post normally. They didn't raid because it was their thread too.

>> No.33524875

If you start voice acting every post you read its actually fun to read the thread, it's like another human inside your head

>> No.33524879

> wouldn't want to upset the 'holostar female' fanbase
This is the most like. Dont underestimate fujoshis. Matsuri is baby tier compared to them

>> No.33524881

seething 35pshart back to /vt/ where you belong

>> No.33524883

Can you guess why it's called a narrative

>> No.33524885

roru rumao no

>> No.33524887

You tell them anon! It's more fabulous being a regular faggot normie who has to spam because none paid him attention than an idolfag on a /jp/ board of all places!

>> No.33524889

Based ishart spammer, can't wait for Miyabi or Tenma to graduate!

>> No.33524890

Keep repeating it, it still won't make it true homoshart.

>> No.33524892


>> No.33524899

My proposal is to ignore those posts or respond with this: https://streamable.com/gm7921.

>> No.33524901

I'm prepared to give anything for a Sora wife.

>> No.33524903

faq anon

>> No.33524904

What heresy is going on here?

>> No.33524906


>> No.33524910

See you next thread seething idoltard

>> No.33524911

I don't want to get kicked off of /jp/...

>> No.33524914

I love haachama!

>> No.33524919

I know you're just bored, get off here and do something productive in real life instead of causing shitflinging here.

>> No.33524920

Is there a way to turn Moona into a slampig even though she hardly gains weight?
I want her soft and pudgy enough that fucking her feels like sliding your dick into a warm pillow.

>> No.33524923

35ps broke containment and are shitting up this thread

>> No.33524925

another thread ruined by homosharts

>> No.33524928

See you for the next graduation stream! 3 down, 9 to go!

>> No.33524930

I want to lick Ayame's butthole...

>> No.33524931

I'm going to post Towa's calendar and no one can stop me

>> No.33524932


>> No.33524933

Miko antis shitting up the thread

>> No.33524934

>you can't say anything bad about Miko the JAV Whore
Freedom of speech. Look it up faggot.

>> No.33524935

Unuseable thread

>> No.33524937

mentally ill 35p replying to himself

>> No.33524942

alright guys see you later I'm going back to global now

>> No.33524943

if Sora is so great, why don't marry her?

>> No.33524946

It's actually just seamonkeys that like to use rumao and roru.

>> No.33524949

Based antis. This is a Hoshiyomichad thread. Now fuck off.
Go to Reddit if you want a hugbox faggot

>> No.33524953

Not your shitposting den either.

>> No.33524954

How does this thread manage to go from mostly tolerable to /v/ so quickly?

>> No.33524957

>bored because dead hours
>search pixiv for cute images of oshi
>accidentally find diaper fetish art of oshi

Fuck I hate artists sometimes.

>> No.33524958

It's a slander. Honestly it's better for you to just take your meds and kill yourself.

>> No.33524959

>35pcuck still thinks he's wanted here
roru rumao

>> No.33524961

how do I get an elf girlfriend if I'm not an orc?

>> No.33524964

Freedom of speech doesn't mean you can shit up these threads withouth expecting consequences.

>> No.33524967

Be Marine

>> No.33524968

That is just a shitposter starving for replies, the videos were she slips her old name are still up. Hell go watch her first Yakuza gameplay, that shit is right there and is still up and unedited . Even her membership as a Danmamchi reference and her current character is a mix of her old self's favorite characters including names, outfits, accessories and manerism

>> No.33524969

It's true you delusional newfaggot
Whiny 35ps exist and ruin bro culture here

>> No.33524970

dead hours, global hours, american mutt hours

>> No.33524972

But you're a 35p.

>> No.33524973

Be Shishiron

>> No.33524974

a reminder that Sora irl probably wears a very similar outfit when she visits shrines around Tokyo

>> No.33524975


>> No.33524976

A couple of people spamming and having maniac episodes is enough to make shit up this place.

>> No.33524977

You're just trolling outside of /b/

>> No.33524979

I think that's the joke.

>> No.33524980

the real reason it hasn't happened is because the only ones who could get away with it are also the ones that try to avoid it. Like in all honesty, a girl could get away with collabing with Roberu because most Japanese fans are used to him collabing with women and can tell he actively tries to avoid certain topics that might upset hardcore gachis of that vtuber(unless it's Ruri because she herself brings it up and jokes about it), however he is also the one who tries to draw a line between how closely he should be associated with the girls and attempts to avoid collabs with holos like Fubuki and probably Choco if he can.
The rest haven't really shown enough people that they can handle it and it can scare away some people. That and also some girls are stupid and overthink how much their audience really cares about nonsense like that because they're a bunch of menheras who will take a single negative comment too seriously and will harm their own content to avoid any negativity(like how the Among Us collab's reception affected Polka)

>> No.33524984