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Beginner Guide: www.wanikani.com
Intermediate Guide: translate.google.com
Etiquette: https://streamable.com/nw9lo1

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>>34122796 (#2784)
>>34111404 (#2783)
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>>34074898 (#2780)
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Guide: https://tatsumoto-ren.github.io/blog/table-of-contents

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is this a bot, how do you get it so fast every time

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Memorizing dakuten keeps kicking my ass so far and the combination kana might also be a challenge, but I haven't given up
After this it's time for katakana

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add me on MAL
reply to this post with links to your MAL accounts

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>Etiquette: https://streamable.com/nw9lo1
Updated Etiquette:https://streamable.com/40bne0

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not every time, only when I'm online.

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Your taste is ass, so fuck you

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opening the box of manga just delivered

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what did you order?
still remember my first shipment of non non biyori when i started reading

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sleepy princess full set

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i have great taste

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reminder that yomichan audio is 99% the time wrong and bad, you are crippling yourself if you dont use good forvoers

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i use anime audio

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i use wanikani audio

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reminder not to follow the advice of this 80 iq stormfag who does not know japanese

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>giving redo of kaifuku a 1
female detected

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anyone have the chart with all the different words for penis that shows the difference between them

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tranny detected

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wow, glad he's locked away alone on mal while the rest of us chill on anilist

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only toddlers use anilist

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those little advertisement slips that come on manga. immediately toss

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what good is being an adult if you have shit taste

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>not reading them on the toilet

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thank god i don't have shit taste

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what do you mean?
like when they advertise for their own anime adaption or twitter account on the left side of the page?

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there's like a dustjacket that goes over the real dustjacket, but only takes up a couple inches

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you will never get my list!

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nice OP! thanks!

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anyone notice how the first dozen or so posts are always absolute fucking garbage

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>implying females dont like it

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o rato roeu a roupa do rei de roma

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if you keep them they will be worth more

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why did the font for my anki cards change out of nowhere

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its the cringiest isekai ive seen and ive jacked off to things worse than rape
not him btw. its just too silly

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i make enough that it's easier to just give them away for free

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wanifag always spams the start of threads so people post lol

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>SnK was the second manga I read in Japanese
>It ended the way it did

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i just posted this: >>34141865

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you know you just made a really stupid comment?

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yea i noticed how the first 1000 posts in the last thread were absolute garbage

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is there anything sexier than ojousama laugh?

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if you're still not on level 69 on wunnycanny, you gotta go back to the beginner level thread

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where do you think you are

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there are only 60 levels

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think you're looking for the /int/ermediate thread

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i said "wunnycanny", not "wanikani"

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there's hidden levels if you got the lifetime sub

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whats wunnycanny?

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thats japanese females????
im talking about burger females??????
female detected

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does it teach words with 人名用漢字?

>> No.34142342

i would have leveled up to 61 if that were true

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well djt is dead it was a good run

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can't believe how dead this place is without jamal

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we dont need you here

>> No.34142356

all me

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jamal is powerless

>> No.34142362

teaches you katakana

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ok but honestly, what do you do once you learn everything on wanikani?

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>wanichad beheading all the trips

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why so many people dont know it?
it really is the final boss of japanese

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read manga and watch anime

>> No.34142386

nothing cause theres nothing more to learn

>> No.34142391

learn abkhazian

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Wtf i just got scammed by this

>> No.34142399

teh final boss of japanese is 礼儀

>> No.34142403

unironically this is what happened

>> No.34142409

what happened

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sad that americans could write better stories for cartoons but they're too obsessed with diversity

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it gets you around n3 level in 14 months with 180,000 reps and $300 if you are fast

>> No.34142419

damn did you get a discount

>> No.34142424


remember to stay hydrated

>> No.34142425

shiiiit m8 i thought it was enough to pass n1 considering how much it costs

>> No.34142427

I'm level 5

>> No.34142428

wanikani only gets you to n1 unfortunately. just gotta read after that

>> No.34142432

do u guis think i might have a chance at passing the n1 if i watch holo streams every day for a year?

>> No.34142436

how long per day?

>> No.34142445

1h 1/2 a day?

>> No.34142447

>broke 1k vinnies downloaded

>> No.34142449

No it teaches you 6k words

>> No.34142464

if you're reading for a year, you're gonna hit 10k words easily

>> No.34142467

fishbros gonna make it

>> No.34142475

depends on how you watch them and which ones
the dq11 and rpg streams have potential to teach you more than the karaoke streams

>> No.34142488

calli uses wanikani and she has the best japanese of any of them

>> No.34142502

if you exclude her wife

>> No.34142504

jamal has never left this thread. he just takes his trip off and complains about how much he misses jamal

>> No.34142513

maybe the real jamal was the (you)s we collected along the way

>> No.34142531

If you read a lot yeah, wani gives you a lot of reps so it takes up a lot of time and based on the words my wani bros fail i doubt they are reading enough to do that

>> No.34142533

>sleepy princess chapters are ten pages long
fuckkkk yess. gonna tear through this book

>> No.34142538

wonder if jamal even existed or we collectively hallucinated

>> No.34142542

i do my 200 daily reps in about 20 minutes

>> No.34142547

>sleepy princess is only ten years old
fuckkkk yess. gonna tear through this loli

>> No.34142555

lets fucking goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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>> No.34142565

>making up and memorizing thousands of "stories" for each individual kanji instead of simply brute forcing the kanji into visual memory
I hope you don't do this

>> No.34142567

you have to type the answers in wanikani which is a massive waste of time

>> No.34142576

yeah i just brute force

>> No.34142588

do you peck type with your index fingers or something

>> No.34142596

I doubt my wani bros are reading enough to acquire all the wani words much less an extra 4k words based on the words i see them fail

>> No.34142598

i make up stories for kanji i very rarely see, like 梢 or 筏

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>> No.34142609

post stats. it takes me 35 mins

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realize your language skills are equivalent to that of a toddler nihonjin and give up

>> No.34142630

it accumulates, also i remember it taking some time to load after answering once in a while
plus thinking of the specific wording they want sometimes for meanings was annoying too

>> No.34142632

realize you got scammed when you still suck

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good enough for me

>> No.34142640

ask for a refund

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File: 41 KB, 570x419, From+namasensei+ya++_5d07a9c709546ea4270b85bfa59c7ef8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

alright lads
is Nama Sensei actually good at teaching Japanese or is it just a meme

>> No.34142644

yeah it takes me 35 40 minutes there is no way unless he is progressing slow

>> No.34142647

hes good at motivating you, but he doesnt even know japanese

>> No.34142649

the hack for meanings is just to add a ton of synonyms as you go that you're likely to say down the road

>> No.34142653

>complete beginner level course
>realize you've finished learning beginner level stuff
are dekinaifags just people with ridiculous expectations?

>> No.34142656

more than any of us

>> No.34142659

>120k reviews

>> No.34142661

divide by two if you're an ankidrone

>> No.34142662

>tfw figured out a system much more efficient than either wanikani or anki but too lazy to monetize it since already wealthy thanks to crypto
maybe one day

>> No.34142663

he might teach you some stuff if you've literally never learned kana or watched english subbed anime

>> No.34142668

no you havent

>> No.34142671

if you can read 動画 you've already surpassed him

>> No.34142677

cant monetize "just read"

>> No.34142679


>> No.34142683

does it involve lolis?
if so i figured out the same system

>> No.34142686

so you're telling me anime godfather knows more japanese than namasensei?

>> No.34142689

getting strong anacreon vibes from a lot of the posts in this thread. linking this tired clip confirms it

>> No.34142691

>divide by two
cope you cant just pretend you didnt do those reps

>> No.34142698

i did the reps, but in anki they count as one rep. wanikani tracks reading and meaning as serparate reps

>> No.34142716

today i mined

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its just in my collection im not that tard

>> No.34142719

>please tell me anon
would be too bothersome to do a write up even if I felt altruistic (I won't)
need someone to code it, but friend is too busy right now
it's also only usable for vocab if you're wondering

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File: 6 KB, 152x39, drone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

baby shit

>> No.34142734

i still refuse to believe this is real

>> No.34142737

so it more than doubles your time because its more cards and you have to type them both out?

>> No.34142743

got some sick clips for your stash

>> No.34142745

dont think so

>> No.34142747

could you be so kind and post son of a buscuit box
haven't seen that in a while

>> No.34142754

why would it double the time...think about it anon

>> No.34142755

one of my faves

>> No.34142759

触れる 怒る

>> No.34142767


>> No.34142770


>> No.34142776

does anyone use this anki addon, I want to hear opinions about it if someone happens to be using it
it's purpose is to "unlock" kanji in a kanji deck after you've seen it in a vocabulary deck

>> No.34142777

would add the king george one but it cuts out a second too early would

>> No.34142783

is that his catalog bride

>> No.34142784

couldn't understand why you'd clip that first one then i saw the second one and it made sense why you have such severe brain damage

>> No.34142790


>> No.34142791

oh yeah youre right i was thinking you would attempt reading and meaning both times but i guess it doesnt matter if you have two cards

>> No.34142794

i do that the first few times and then just brute force it

>> No.34142796

>last video 3 months ago
he's never coming back, isn't he?

>> No.34142809


>> No.34142812

>真実はワインにあり. 確かイギリスのことわざでしたな
heard this in stand alone complex just now. i assume other countries had similar saying but isnt it a latin phrase? in vino veritas

stupid fucking retard making me double post cause his cunt faced dumb ass made a new thread prematurely

>> No.34142819
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hes too busy talking about onions games and politics

>> No.34142821

maybe he finally gave up for good

>> No.34142838

i learned the first ~150 kanji in several hours on a whim while tripping on mushrooms by imagining the kanji as pictures of what they represent
can't do that sober so i just brute force

>> No.34142851

pretty sure this is how the japanese adapted chinese characters

>> No.34142852

in vino veritas, in aqua sanitas

>> No.34142855

怒る 触れる

>> No.34142857

so this is what a 40-something year old marine forces veteran does in his spare time...

>> No.34142876

wish i could trip on shrooms and guide my trip toward japanese somehow for some cool revelations but im no longer in the netherlands where theyre legal and its a pain in the ass to get otherwise

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File: 35 KB, 867x596, 66da9fceb553885477b3ad87f5fa5d997f37f98c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34142887

finna time my reading for one hour and see how fast i can go

>> No.34142890

manyogana used kanji both for their sound and for their meaning, so i doubt ancient japanese people

>> No.34142892

is the monolingual transition just a shitty meme? seems like a massive waste of time and energy unless you're already nearing fluency

>> No.34142898

i was laughing a lot because of how obvious the connection between the shape and the meaning most of the time was (or at least seemed to my tripping brain)
probably would never have started learning nip if not for this early boost
wonder if i could have done the same with the more complex kanji that come later

>> No.34142911

i have a jp dictionary in yomichan but honestly for the majority of words the context clears up any ambiguity or misconceptions u might derive from the english definition and if it's still unclear then i read the jp one

>> No.34142912

>is the monolingual transition just a shitty meme?
people make way too much of a big deal out of it that's for sure it really doesn't matter that much

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File: 55 KB, 1106x313, mono.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34142928

best thing about jp dictionaries are the example phrases they have which give you more context and some words are only used in some of those set phrases

>> No.34142950

Yeah I'm not reading all that, 6 decides what I read next.

>> No.34142966

>some words are only used in some of those set phrases
then the context from which u looked it up would be adequate as an example sentence

>> No.34142967

battle tendency

>> No.34142968

to loveる

>> No.34142969


>> No.34142973

sometimes the japanese definition is very helpful but english dictionary is the first place i go. no more nuance is needed most of the time

>> No.34142977


>> No.34142985

comic lo

>> No.34142988

galactic heroes novel series

>> No.34142993


>> No.34143005

sometimes they expect you to know those phrases and only use half of it, and the english dict will not tell you

>> No.34143008

i can read most jp definitions easily and put them on my cards but i still have english in yomichan because it's just faster for a quick lookup
and as the other anon mentioned most of the time context clears up nuance anyway
i scroll down to the jp def very rarely

>> No.34143017

i mean, kind of, but not really.
bilingual dictionary entries often have several words that give you a rough idea of what the original word means, but unless you read the monolingual dictionary definition, you can't be sure about what exactly it means.
then again, if you're just reading a shitty manga where the context is put before you in pictures, you might do more than well enough with a bilingual dictionary.
scientific and academic texts usually use extremely precise vocabulary that almost always has perfect equivalents in english and other languages, so no point in learning a word's definition in japanese if you already know the meaning of its equivalent in english.
some monolingual dictionaries have entries that give a brief description of historical figures and places, so they might be useful for that if you don't wanna look them up on google or wikipedia.

>> No.34143025

the main issue with reviewing with english definitions is people that try to recall the exact english word "equivalent" like wanikani forces you to do. it's good to use them to learn the word but when reviewing you should not look at the definition. instead try to remember the gist and context instead of pining for exactly what the dictionary tells you.

>> No.34143026


>> No.34143029

Crowds and Power

>> No.34143034

why dont english dictionaries have a whole sentence like in native dictionaries

>> No.34143053

arslan novel series

>> No.34143060

because english is a low context language

>> No.34143066


>> No.34143073

online ones do

>> No.34143076

oshiri tantei

>> No.34143083
File: 33 KB, 600x400, high-low-context.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34143095
File: 767 KB, 1568x882, butt_detective_fart_anime_1-1568x882.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34143110

lmfao u gonna pussy out of reading muramasa bro? >>34143066

>> No.34143112

it can also be arranged from less autistic to turboautist

>> No.34143116



>> No.34143118

what even is this

>> No.34143140

I want to live in Japan, I'm currently studying chemistry and I'll be done next year, I don't really know what path after that take, I was considering getting into IT, and since we are talking about Japan it would be for sure development of multi platform (basically phone dev shit) I don't know shit about programming but i used a pc for more than half of my life so I'm used to spend decades sitting on my chair multitasking and doing shit, but I'm not sure sincerely about what to do, I do like chemistry but not to the point of working about it, there's so much shit that I need to do that I do rather not get into it, isn't a career anyway so I'm just finishing it to get access to be a senior tech in another sector

I sincerely don't know what should be a good job in Japan (I don't even know what to study anyway I'm good at cooking, I like science, I like computers, i like history and learning about the culture and language of other countries and like any usual weeb i like games)
Any advice about what sector would be good, any experience about it, or even any life advice would be good, my country is a shithole so I have no option other than getting out of here, not living in a third world country but it's pretty much like one, I'm getting gov funding at least for studying which im saving to go to Japan to go directly to work or spend 2 years in a nip school)

>> No.34143146

vertical axis might as well be
not white
very white

>> No.34143154

feel it out

>> No.34143184

damn, germans can't communicate face to face

>> No.34143192


>> No.34143194


>> No.34143211

you are so dumb lol thats backwards

>> No.34143223

any easy vns where you can switch between jp/english while playing?

>> No.34143232

ignore the dumb shit on the right, low context can communicate in any setting they aren't limited to online thats the dumbest shit

>> No.34143237

>latin American higher than Spanish
That's stupid, that would be like considering Brazilian higher than Portuguese, Canadian French higher than French, us American/australian higher than english

>> No.34143262

low context means you have autism and cant kuukiyomi

>> No.34143311
File: 368 KB, 1238x2000, 1615504119849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34143335
File: 3.40 MB, 1920x1080, benio.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34143336

lol -_- ......

>> No.34143356
File: 148 KB, 976x792, 598f6f639433a394d58498bd712a43b1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34143361

any beginner material that isn't anime or vinnies? i want to watch real people

>> No.34143363

all vns on the switch

>> No.34143382

dorama series and youtube

>> No.34143392


>> No.34143397
File: 7 KB, 746x481, げい.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34143418

>relationships: fewer, tighter, long-term
poor hiki neets

>> No.34143420

left box should say

>> No.34143440

there are youtube vids made for retards like u if u search n5/n4/n3 listening practice and shit

>> No.34143456

doesnt get any better than this

>> No.34143464
File: 353 KB, 1500x2000, headchama.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wish i got a headpat for every anki session with good retention

>> No.34143473

say this whole sentence in japanese now

>> No.34143474

english has a two word sentence that doesn't need context but that conveys the same meaning:
"ur mom"

>> No.34143476


>> No.34143483

remember when djt was funny

>> No.34143489


>> No.34143495

never was

>> No.34143505

we're in a golden age right now

>> No.34143509

wanna know how i can tell you started browsing after the split

>> No.34143524

when the guts theme starts playing

>> No.34143526


>> No.34143536

if you can read raw eromanga without looking every single word up, then you could say that's like getting praised by the characters in it and getting rewarded with erotic adventures for studying so hard

>> No.34143549

>the split
remember when djt wasn't full of people who've been studying for over 5 years who still haven't graduated from a thread meant to be used as a support group for learners?

>> No.34143563

How do you say "imaginary friend" in Japanese?

>> No.34143567


>> No.34143577

makes me sad that there will literally never be a single scene as good as this ever again let alone an anime as good as berserk

>> No.34143588


>> No.34143589

"空想の友人" according to Wikipedia

>> No.34143591


>> No.34143601

imagine if you remember "the split" and still frequent the learn japanese thread years later

>> No.34143604

we lost a lot of exposure when we left /a/ so now people leave and memers stay but we dont get fresh blood

>> No.34143622
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the old guard must die

>> No.34143623

wtf the singer died in 2015

>> No.34143625
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will you let your kids study in a japanese school?

>> No.34143633

you definitely dont have to imagine :^)

>> No.34143639

popped into my national general on /int/ and not a single regular is there anymore. makes sense i guess since i fucked off in 2014 but still kinda sad

>> No.34143642

the japanese bowing culture is so pathetic. i will never bow my head before a japanese person.

>> No.34143676

yeah haha so sad, why don't you send them a dm over at reddit and ask them how they're doing? and while you're at it you can stay there and never come back

>> No.34143682

which namebrand djt regulars have been "learning" for over a year?

>> No.34143683


>> No.34143685

it's not the "old guard" that should "die", but instead people should treat this like some kind of kindergarten for retards where they play together for a year or two till they end up finishing learning their abcs and are ready to face real life.

>> No.34143686
File: 975 KB, 1096x3489, 1574274807482.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34143699

imagine being a nationlet with a country that's got a population of less than 100m pople.

>> No.34143720

can confrim lol
after i finished tae kim i only ever come here for a quick laugh...which rarely happens

>> No.34143725

why u clenching

>> No.34143731


>> No.34143754

did you just learn this?

>> No.34143760

>after i finished tae kim

>> No.34143765

The land is cloaked is deepest blue
The shadow of eagles across the moon
My life goes by like passing clouds
Departed the days, I will be proud

>> No.34143770

good job buddy, almost to n1

>> No.34143791

I'm being serious

>> No.34143814

if i can read 時代劇漫画, do you think i might be n2?

>> No.34143828

manga isn't reading, so n6に過ぎない

>> No.34143832

post a page

>> No.34143846

i started with monobeno, im having fun but is too ahead for me (i think) and i dont learn too much vocabulary, should i stop it for a while?

>> No.34143853
File: 16 KB, 240x240, お巡りさん.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34143873
File: 269 KB, 992x1412, ”超”[三国志] 覇_14_014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34143878

I finally finished the 3k koohii Kanji deck. What a wild fucking ride. Now I can finally write all Kanji from memory.

Pretty sad that I discovered Heisig pretty late. I was already on an advanced level with vocabulary and grammar, but the Kanji writing always fucked me up. Thanks to Heisig Japanese is now even easier than English.

For all of you retards who said Heisig is a time waste. HOW DO YOU LEARN KANJI? I did literally everything before Heisig. I did the most retarded "just write a kanji 10 thousand times and you will never forget it" bullshit, I did the "just learn the vocabulary and the Kanji will magically appear in your head", I did the picture bullshit. I did even more to try to remember the Kanji and literally nothing worked until Heisig was enlightening me. The koohii deck based and redpilled on Heisig nearly made learning impossible because of how many nerdgasms I had. I finally found the Kanji heaven and finished it.

Now after being balls deep in all 3k Kanji I can finally say that this was the best way to learn I have ever seen. If I had this technique at the beginning, I could have reduced my Japanese learning from 10 years to literally 3 years. Yes, this is how insane remembering Kanji is.

Still pissed that I took free Japanese classes in college. Those retards never talked about
>the importance of vocabulary before even bothering with grammar. At this point I'm not even sure if grammar learning makes sense before you are near "fluency" in Kanji and vocab.
>the 6k and koohii deck

WHAT A FUCKING WASTE OF TIME. The first 3 years were thanks to the retarded class system literally wasting time with grammar and always struggling with vocabulary because we needed at least one test every week so remembering vocab was pretty impossible because the Anki system requires time.
Now if you think "how did the Japanese teachers teach us Kanji"... Just don't ask. It was LITERALLY
>we don't use Kanji in the beginning
>just write them a lot
Still pissed. If I would have never visited this class for 3 years and just did what I started after my 8th year of Japanese learning, I would have been fluent in less than three years thanks to my Japanese autism.

Also whoever said immersion helps is a retard. I had over 5 years of useless immersion after the shit tier classes. It did nothing and I only improved after remembering all Kanji and grinding vocab like a madlad. Immersion is at best just a way to reduce the words you forget over time, but it is useless for learning.

>> No.34143880

where are the cute girls

>> No.34143881

>all that furigana

>> No.34143883

most important thing is that you're having fun i wouldn't worry about the amount vocab you learn
but yeah nothing stops you from switching between two or three vns if you feel like it so just try something else for a bit

>> No.34143891


>> No.34143912

did u get this post from an old /a/ thread or something

>> No.34143919

elsewhere. i love kawaii shoujo but the laws of heaven say you can't have moe in jidaigeki stuff.

>> No.34143988

Is there any way to make anki less annoying to use overtime? At the start it was cool but after a while I have to spend like 2 fucking hours just to redo every fucking thing which at some point I sincerely stopped bothering with it
I did set it up like it was recommended here but it gets absurd after a while you spend literally an entire hour or two to do your fucking anki BEFORE the new cards(which iirc I set it at the start to 30 but changed it to 15 after it was getting out of control)

>> No.34144016

havent been ripping much ass lately not sure whats up

>> No.34144027

I've been studying for years and doing wanikani to improve my vocab and finally I have the ability to read and follow along with articles online. Keep plugging away. You will get there. Even if it takes a long time. You'll have moments where it all finally clicks for you and that's worth it.

>> No.34144029

it shouldn't take 2 hours so idk what you're doing

>> No.34144049

hope i make it like him one day

>> No.34144055

this is what we can look forward to after a few years

>> No.34144063

30 new cards is way too much
just delete your deck watch jp-subbed anime and mine new cards at a comfy pace of 5-10 new per day

>> No.34144091

Is Rosetta Stone still considered overpriced? I'm internally debating if I should buy a subscription for the Rosetta Sone mobile app. It honestly seems like a good deal but I can't find anyone vouching for it. Then again, most people speak about the traditional PC software, not the mobile app.

I'm currently looking to expand my learning resources. I'm at level 17 on WaniKani and almost done with Human Japanese Intermediate. I pretend to go through Tae Kim's guide after I'm done with HJ, to get a different perspective on grammar.

RS doesn't seem super expensive, the lifetime option is even cheaper than a lifetime WK subscription, at least in Mexican pesos, at around the equivalent of about 180$ USD. A single semester of Japanese at a local school is more than that. And I'd bet in the US only a couple of lessons would be more than that. And with RS, that price is to unlock every language, not just Japanese....

Voice recognition and tracking seems pretty good too, which I guess would be somewhat useful for speech practicing. Is there any alternative remotely similar to this?

>> No.34144095

i try to mostly mine cards with 0-1 kanji i don't recognize but sometimes i forget or if a word seems common enough i'll mine it anyway. but i always suspend cards if they have 2+ new kanji so i can get to them when i'm ready. went through those suspended cards just now and unlocked 22 of them. feels good.

>> No.34144120

yea we really dont get any fresh blood all those people posting retarded shit and asking retarded beginner shit have been here for years lol
the threads just like its always been this is why the regulars are leaving and even the namefags cant stand this garbage bin
btw i would not mind rotting in prison for eternity if i could have the pleasure of ripping out your organs with my hands and feeding you alive to pigs you absolute scum that shouldnt be allowed to live @ raiders

>> No.34144131

missing that 1 day and having my 365 heatmap streak get fucked really was the end for me and anki, gradually started missing more and more days until i just stopped doing it altogether

>> No.34144159


>> No.34144162

all my homies touch legs under the kotatsu

>> No.34144168

you're not needed here

>> No.34144169

we get new blood but they dont have what it takes to become a djter so they quit.

>> No.34144192

all the holochads stayed

t. holochad

>> No.34144194

you are not needed on earth and you should be killed

>> No.34144200

bitches complaining about no new blood when wanichad singlehandedly changed the culture of this thread

>> No.34144221

this is really depressing for some reason but i can't really put my finger on it

>> No.34144223

then why are they still here

>> No.34144225
File: 83 KB, 646x655, x10umqwfiur51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34144228

but you shouldn't have, piss off.

>> No.34144242

actually, we dont need you here buddy

>> No.34144249

i stopped learning japanese months ago and only watch anime with english subs. i'm just here to shitpost and get yous

>> No.34144255


>> No.34144256
File: 49 KB, 680x383, EySdSVHUUAYSa8R.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its 3am here and i wonder if i should go to sleep or stay up and immerse for one more hour for samechan

>> No.34144267


>> No.34144277


>> No.34144297

if you already know japanese, it's time for you to get out

>> No.34144308

i hate denmark now

>> No.34144313

It does when you start anki and you have to review around 500+ cards for sure it doesn't destroy your motivation and you can focus your attention completely at
It was 30 because it was too slow at the start but after a week or two I changed it to half after realizing the fucked up mistake I did after my first 200+ reviews in a fucking day and after that it started to escalate continually but slower to a point where I'm at like 500+ cards and I can't make myself to review even half of it

>> No.34144318

if you dont know japanese its time for you to blow your head off

>> No.34144321

always have

>> No.34144333

getting moeinput vibes from this post

>> No.34144336

if you dont know japanese its time for you to blow my head

>> No.34144339

if you know japanese its time for you to blow me

>> No.34144357

10 cards a day, 125% interval modifier
you'll end up with ~70 reviews a day. not sure what to do with your fucked up anki deck though.

>> No.34144373

if you know japanese you know what im talking about

>> No.34144393

denmark is full of pedohomos and oughtta have sharia law imposed on it.

>> No.34144404

now type that in japanese

>> No.34144413

nihongo shiterunara wakaru to omou

>> No.34144420

I guess it's time to redo it, it's been a while since I used anki anyway, like few months(I been constantly doing other nips things so isn't like I was completely out of contact) fucking stockpiling reviews was horrible around 70 per day sounds doable and shouldn't affect my current studies

>> No.34144422
File: 75 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34144430

watasi no da

>> No.34144442

how do i say "i have a snot fetish" in japanese?
bout to hit on some ladies

>> No.34144447

Wouldn't it be

>> No.34144450

what did i miss from not being here a month bros

>> No.34144458
File: 171 KB, 892x768, 1577172677444.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34144461

thread is shit and full of dekinai as always.

>> No.34144462
File: 43 KB, 728x415, 1617844765941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34144463

whos that cutie on the left

>> No.34144467

i've lost track of time being a neet and all so a month ago could be a whole eternity ago or yesterday

>> No.34144470


>> No.34144473

now i understand why japs think jsls suck

>> No.34144474

i want to lock you and og in a cage with only water and a few weeks later when ur starving looking like u got the aids ill tell you to fight to death and that the winner gets to eat but then i just throw u a knife and tell you to eat og

>> No.34144482


>> No.34144487

time for you to go outside and put that japanese to use!

>> No.34144490
File: 44 KB, 600x436, 003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34144493

are we being raided

>> No.34144495


>> No.34144506

djt is a learner's thread. people who know japanese can go fuck off.

>> No.34144507

my presence is a raid

>> No.34144514

>time for you to go outside and put that japanese to use!
why would i when im learning japanese solely for eroges?

>> No.34144516

doushite sore ga omou da

>> No.34144518


>> No.34144523

nothing. the thread's shitty as usual.

>> No.34144526

wrong djt the learners thread is int djt now leave goatfucker

>> No.34144535

this is the beginner thread. go to /int/ermediate if you actually know japanese

>> No.34144542

Did you know that there are no eroge on DJT? If you want to read them, you need to go elsewhere.

>> No.34144543


>> No.34144548
File: 28 KB, 738x415, 1617845134344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34144550

good job buddy! try to flex those nihongo muscles and go for a full sentence next time

>> No.34144553

lol'd @ pre-advanced

>> No.34144596


>> No.34144598

didnt know that, thanks. finna check out outside world

>> No.34144609

tensei shitara suraimu datta ken is the worst isekai i have watched in my lifetime. this show is actual hot garbage with a cast of characters that are so unlikable that i want to soak my head in bleach until the thoughts go away. the plot is even worse as there is none! rimuru has 0 threats to him and 0 motivations so there is no point for the show to go on. they add a dumb sexualized loli later on that is just stupid. rimuru's character is terrible as he is both speciest and stupid. he will kill sentient beings with no problem like demi humans and other species / races but when it comes to humans he can't even harm them. he will literally kill a demi human for wanting to survive but won't kill a slave trader who has done the worst things to mankind as possible. terrible writing, plot, and just overall show.

>> No.34144613

it's really simple
n1 is intermediate
everything below is beginner

>> No.34144615
File: 128 KB, 1366x768, 2021-04-07-1617845296_screenshot_1366x768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the fuck do you think im doing

>> No.34144621
File: 150 KB, 1168x202, jishosama.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my man uses jisho

>> No.34144631

does anyone know how to download from netflix?

>> No.34144637

looks like about half of the screen real estate can be put to better use here anon

>> No.34144653

lmao at your screen resolution

>> No.34144666


>> No.34144674

nah, the vn isn't that interesting right now.
yeah, it's a shitty rig.

>> No.34144681

can't believe 乱暴 isn't a loanword

>> No.34144687

>Etiquette: https://streamable.com/nw9lo1

>> No.34144693
File: 79 KB, 1152x190, joinquiz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a bunch of discord refugees about to flood our shores

>> No.34144698

took me a while to set my brain to amerilard mode so i can get the reference

>> No.34144709

mined ぷちょへんざ

>> No.34144711

god those emoticons are cringe

>> No.34144716


>> No.34144728

what happens if I don't get N3 in two weeks?

>> No.34144743


>> No.34144751
File: 1.98 MB, 1875x1336, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but the laws of heaven say you can't have moe in jidaigeki stuff.
try again fagit

>> No.34144753

Why does every anglo speaker can't handle to show off their stupid accent by changing the vocals every fucking time while trying to speak another language?
Every other person of the world (who actually tries) more or less get used to their fucking phonetic mess of a language, why can't they do something as simple as that? It's really stupid to change the fucking vocals in other languages, there's a dude in my country who is been here for over 40 years and he's in all the programs related to football and he does the same shit, it makes no sense, I can understand not being able to get off of your usual zone accent, thats okay, I can't properly do the sound differentiation of c, s and z, it all sounds like s, but that's just a single thing completely unrelated to force your stupid language rules into others languages

>> No.34144756

you get banished from the server

>> No.34144758

anyone got a n3 deck to share ??

>> No.34144773


>> No.34144789

context :)

>> No.34144793

probably kicked back to welcome channel. the server keeps getting warnings for loliporn and racism so they're restricting membership. they already deleted the joinchat.

>> No.34144800

english speakers dont even realize all the stupid shit they do they cant even say clean vowel sounds in their stupid language without mixing some together

>> No.34144807


>> No.34144815

this is a jamal post

>> No.34144816

I've been studying for years and doing wanikani to improve my vocab and finally I have the ability to read and follow along with articles online. Keep plugging away. You will get there. Even if it takes a long time. You'll have moments where it all finally clicks for you and that's worth it.

>> No.34144859

Ive studied for 10 years and I forgot the kanji for yubi and neko will I make it or not?

>> No.34144878

anyone have the n3 quiz deck i dont want to be banished from my favorite discord chat

>> No.34144884
File: 219 KB, 2048x945, EyaUBUoWgAIukMl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

update: i decided to stay awake

>> No.34144892

No demo you can be one of the kakkois kodomos in nippon where they speak like this, wakaru?

>> No.34144899

just ocr it, who cares

>> No.34144913

dogeza before miniyoga and he just might give you the n3 quiz deck :')

>> No.34144917

thank you kind stranger

>> No.34144922

is this ironic

>> No.34144932

when do hololive en s2 come out

>> No.34144939


>> No.34144943

(earlier today, not from your post)

>> No.34144948
File: 273 KB, 960x853, migaku_dict_test(ignore the homo pic).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

please post the old mia japanese template, i cant find it fucking anywhere and the migaku one is too bloated

>> No.34144952

That reminds me of that dumb anglo dude who considered himself a God in kanjis and even the nip tv show went to his house to test him, he got almost all the questions right, but the fag couldn't speak any better than your usual anglo lad after 2 months of learning japanese, literally messing up most of the phonetics despite being 10+ years in nipland

>> No.34144960
File: 2.23 MB, 1917x985, holo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i've been watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1ErENTsf2s
while waiting

dunno but the auditions are over

>> No.34144961

thanks for the update

>> No.34144969

>has an accent
yeh literally the same as just starting to learn

>> No.34144973

anglos are dumb more news at 11

>> No.34144987


>> No.34144996

geez that is annoying

>> No.34145013

what are you even doing here

>> No.34145021
File: 348 KB, 778x799, Screenshot 2021-04-07 224351.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah, i want it to look like pic related, it is so much neater and overall easier on the eyes

>> No.34145035


actually the first time watching her it was pretty fun
i should watch her more often

having the time of my life

>> No.34145045

dekirufags be like yosh time to make the worst post known to the english language

>> No.34145050

where is jamal
where is bunko
where is og
where is moe
where is 4bc
where is ciaran

>> No.34145059

dont care about the english language

>> No.34145060

slain by wanichad

>> No.34145071

>the 機 in 危機 can mean the same thing as 機 in 機会
bros... it's such an honor to learn this language

>> No.34145075

banished to personal discords

>> No.34145085

there was an insurrection this is a holo thread now

>> No.34145105

this languange is impossible...

>> No.34145125

wow this post reminded me of when i was a pikapika iti nensei japanese learner

>> No.34145135

kiki kanri

>> No.34145136

when i master japanese ill stop coming here, i dont want to be associated with english speaking barbarians

>> No.34145139
File: 16 KB, 680x481, EySfcBaUYAMilut.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related is the last thing they saw

bunko got converted though he's still here posting okayus

>> No.34145145

i feel like everyone in the world is trapped in some lower lifeform animal state and i alone woke up and ascended.

>> No.34145148

What does である mean in である事から?

>> No.34145149

japanese on the internet suck ass so you have no choice but to come crawling back here

>> No.34145159

>>japanese on the internet suck ass
what does this even mean?

>> No.34145163

dunno learn english

>> No.34145180

feel it out

>> No.34145186

anki only lets me spend like 30 minutes doing that shit a day
am i fucking up

>> No.34145193

you made no sense and no i prefer the original 2ch over this knock off site

>> No.34145197


>> No.34145200

esl go home

>> No.34145208
File: 46 KB, 1024x576, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im not ready to ascend yet, but soon

>> No.34145214

they are totally different websites retard the only thing in common is the layout

>> No.34145217

i like djt threads but i couldnt give less of a fuck about the tripfaggots circlejerking
am i the only one

>> No.34145219


>> No.34145229

no you are not the only newfag unfortunately

>> No.34145240

how do I become a good djt poster

>> No.34145242

yeah sorry koutarou your people are insufferable

>> No.34145245

Any other recommendations? Like lapses, easy bonus, etc?

>> No.34145246

its the same shit but with civilized people, cope more

>> No.34145258

they still post here just without the trip

make posts about your highest excitement in life

>> No.34145262

alright then fuck off

>> No.34145272

soko ni nazasareta mono ha subete kachi no nai mono.

>> No.34145284

kachite? kachite?

>> No.34145289

>highest excitement in life
aka seisyun

>> No.34145291

post screenshots of cool and/or funny manga and geimu.

>> No.34145305

i hate anglos and women

>> No.34145306

wondering what the guy who posted that is doing right now............

>> No.34145309

i like it when anglo drones try hard to defend their superiority against mighty japs

>> No.34145316

seisyun ha kurusimi, kanasimi dake desu.

>> No.34145325

probably not wondering if some retard is wondering what he is doing right now

>> No.34145329

filtered anglo

>> No.34145346

i hate あんglos but the japs are just as bad and you are an abused dog kys

>> No.34145352

i will make posts when a vtuber reads my comment in the chat!

>> No.34145355

djt is 60% brazilian, 30% eastern european, 10% other.
there aren't really that many anglos here. even jamal isn't an "anglo" in the strictest sense, since he's part chinese.

>> No.34145366

nice, superchats dont count you have to earn it

>> No.34145368

nah anglos are way worse

>> No.34145369
File: 105 KB, 225x300, 1616780979600.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34145375

>djt is 60% brazilian
no it isn't lmfao

>> No.34145381

if djt was 60% brazilian it would be much better than it currently is

>> No.34145386

miko had a good reaction to my super chat and it made my week

>> No.34145388

mashiro iro symphony

>> No.34145401
File: 38 KB, 589x140, vSfJnvnLxg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lets goooo

>> No.34145402

>djt is 60% brazilian
Olá anôes

>> No.34145403

dee jota tee

>> No.34145405
File: 250 KB, 984x1406, ”超”[三国志] 覇_14_177.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anybody wanna entertain me by recording themselves reading this out loud? http://vocaroo.com/
i promise i'm not gonna laugh at you if you make some mistakes (but others might).

>> No.34145410

Should I be learning Mandarin Chinese instead?

Give it to me straight, friends

>> No.34145417

calvin isn't good at choosing his anime that's for sure

>> No.34145418

jibun de kimenasai.

>> No.34145419

you won't make it either way so it doesnt matter

>> No.34145424

thats spanish

>> No.34145427

new thread when?

>> No.34145428
File: 165 KB, 1920x1080, 1616857625326.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this website desperately needs GR15 but for redditubers

>> No.34145431

went from 3 cigs to 7 cigs a day
its only getting worse from now on

>> No.34145433

use passfail and no penalties or boosting

>> No.34145434

he's probably following the anime godfather/ciaran strategy of ploughing through shitty anime before he can get into the good stuff

>> No.34145436

Cantonese is way cooler than mandarin

>> No.34145440

>di jota ti
its de jota te

>> No.34145442

i smoke a pack a day

>> No.34145443

definitely not a good strategy if you don't have the necessary willpower which calvin clearly doesn't

>> No.34145444

what happened bro

>> No.34145459

約百騎 sounds fun
not gonna vocaroo it though have to watch gura

>> No.34145460

go listen to a native speaking mandarin for an hour and tell me that's the kind of sound you want to blast in your ears for the next 5 years.

>> No.34145463
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page 10 new thread

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shit negro thats me in like a month or two
corona lockdowns bro its getting rough outchea

>> No.34145474

"Eine Sprache ist ein Dialekt mit einer Armee und einer Marine" というのをご存知ませんですか?

>> No.34145535

please put more effort into threads next time

>> No.34145546

please fix this

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