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good thread

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Looks fun too
Now i will go thanks for the recs

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where do i get jap subs for azumanga

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how do we save /djt/

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she did it

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Fucking hang yourself, degenerate

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okay nvm the lowpower-raws release has jp dub

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>Goku Nuku
>'Cause the inside of futon is too warm
brainlet here
someone please explain this mnemonic

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oh it isn't? this explains everything

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sick bro

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i got it from a dolly vid

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biggest dick itt coming through

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did that guy who was spamming jalup give up? haven't been here since that started

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yeah and he started asking for tango n1 instead

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can you blame him?
korone is really cute

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jelly as fuck

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>space ships

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whats so cringe about that?

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don't embarrass yourself like that my dude it's not a good look

yeah i didn't do my reviews yesterday like the lazy fucking retard i am

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>you know this thread's gone to the dogs
stealth koronefag

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whats wrong with being a nerd/incel?

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damn she drew this?

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> Say what you want about their leadership, the spirit of nationalism, unwavering loyalty, and self sacrifice in Imperial Japan was truly admirable. Hopefully one day the world will embrace these values once more.

what a retard

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until you quit in a month

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roboco's king is better
sorry to polka but that song is just too much
>feat. Calliope Mori

the rest is fine

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moral fag

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hes been doing ajatt for over a year, its just the 5th day of making videos

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added "mined" to my filter

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i didnt even spam :'( maybe asked for it a couple of times tho
but thats fine. really unfortunate, but fine

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>i also recommend blueberries and walnuts

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noticed "n6 word" guy fell off

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just remembered matt paid khatz to be his friend

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we dont know or care who "adam" is

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only steroids im doing are physical oriented dont need something to enhance my brain when im smarter than the average
t. 3k+ kanji stored and ready to go

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that's not what sour grapes means, esl

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seriously recommend you guys try dihexa i'm memorizing shit so easily now

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watch out for false memories. you wont be able to get rid of them

robbing a king

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fuck it im feeling nice today

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how did you feel about jalup? was it worth the money? i guess 400 is really nothing to you though

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that was me lmao why would you screenshot that

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Am I doing good?

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yeah that kid does look like a chink mutt

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okay, there's the new king platform
wani is over

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That's for casuals. Anki is the way.

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its literally trash and youre internalizing the wrong definitions even when you dont realize it like many times youll look at the sentence and think huh this definition makes sense when in reality its incorrect but also happens to work with the sentence
also i hope youre not reading the sentence translations theyre even worse

you should either fix all the definitions manually or just delete the 6k-10k part and mine those words on your own because youll be forced to relearn this shit if you dont when you see those words out in the wild and realize you fucked up

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think she means she played it in english and is just talking about the danger popups

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yeah and her bellys going to swell up even more over the next few months haha

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anki is unironically fun

>> No.34437580

done it for 8 years

>> No.34437588

There is no reason to do anki past year 1 really but for the first year its really good

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2ds are also "porn"

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do you think that washing your clothes and doing the dishes is fun? it's just something that you get on with

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washing my clothes isn't fun, but its enjoyable in a way. i have to go down to the basement (i live in a dormitory) and sometimes see cute girls.

doing the dishes on the other hand? i often procrastinate that until the plates grow mold

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this one's actually really good. numbers and shit. you guys like graphs right?

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lol im not try comparing the definitions of like 50 random cards from the deck with a jj dictionary and youll see my point its horrible besides even when the definitions are "correct" its often one poorly chosen keyword which doesnt capture the nuance at all unless you memorize the example sentence word for word with the keyword and im pretty sure youre not doing this

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it's a codeword used by pedophiles to recognize each other

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yeah just use wanikani

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says who

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*cums over the judges stupid face*

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what exactly is that

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whenever i see nukige written in romaji i pronounce it in my head like nukidge

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thought jalup was a nickname for jamal

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literally bros

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imagine needing a language in order to get pussy
could never be one of you sad fucks lmao

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why would it be ironic? its the only pre-made method that guides you from beginner to advanced

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australia was right to ban pedophile manuals like sword art online and goblin slayer

>> No.34438004

why are you depending on unreliable "hints" instead of just learning the right meaning from the get-go why are you so resistant to the idea of deleting the deck if fixing the cards seems like too much work do you realize how much of a pain it is to unlearn something

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even straight shota?

>> No.34438007

fuck off adam

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why do you download illegal manga when there's so much up for free

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anything that actually has drawings of babies and children are for sick people.

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not adam



anyone who laughs at jalup is because they never tried it. its better than any other thing that was suggested in here. it forces you to use japanese to learn japanese.
of course if you are already at an advanced level, its not for you

>> No.34438063

they have to think of the rock
hes really popular over there

>> No.34438090

how do you know whats the best way to learn japanese when you've never done it lol

>> No.34438091

post your favourite matt streamable video

>> No.34438093

can we shut up about jalup already the conversation finished over an hour ago

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i dont download any manga

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so you know this because you've already learned japanese at an advanced level?

>> No.34438126

how does anyone know the best way to learn japanese?
even people who have done it, only did it once, and maybe didnt do it in the most efficient way possible. its just a personal bias that they think their way is the best way, even though there are plenty of other people who learned japanese through other ways who have the exact same personal bias.

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dunno what jalup is and dont care, but apparently its an apk
if you use and app on your phone to learn japanese you're ngmi
simple as

>> No.34438137

yeah i just took classes. worked for me

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>> No.34438169

i always use my tablet to learn japanese.
even when i sit in front of my pc.

>> No.34438174

a little something for the clench gang
>[かに家 (かにゃぴぃ)] 敬虔なシスター見習いが男の特濃精液を搾り尽くす本

>> No.34438189

i read manga on my tablet so i need to use an app for that

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me? im just a beginner. but whatever method that teaches JAPANESE in JAPANESE and force you to think in JAPANESE is better than core decks, adojg, bunpro, lingodeer or whatever other shit people here uses

>> No.34438291

>me? im just a beginner
stopped reading there. you don't know japanese, so don't tell people how to learn japanese

>> No.34438338

that might be better but im not good at it. its too terrible to search for grammar, see sentences made off of only unknown words. idk

>> No.34438341

hmmm no i don't think i will take advice on how to learn japanese from someone who doesn't know japanese. same reason why i wouldn't take advice on how to cook from someone who has never cooked before.

>> No.34438351

Damn cant believe 4bbc is a pedo
Thought he was playing mamagoto and shit

>> No.34438355

>sentences made off of only unknown words
i skip those

>> No.34438363

knowing japanese is a crutch for learning japanese

>> No.34438374

ask your mother what she thinks of you jerking off to these

>> No.34438375

i like 2ds of all ages (up to 50)

>> No.34438401

did you delete it or drop it before

>> No.34438402

literally going to hell

>> No.34438412

the only thing i disagreed with you about is that i should be told how to learn japanese from someone who doesn't know japanese. i didn't read any of your shit

>> No.34438413

i havent showered in 4 days

>> No.34438422

i cant even parse this sentence. write it again

>> No.34438428

not that guy but learn english lol

>> No.34438444

oh i see. so youre just ignorant and enjoys strawman

learn japanese in japanese is good
being forced to use japanese in order to learn it is good

>> No.34438447

showered and shaved yesterday

>> No.34438448

its a perfectly understandable sentence

>> No.34438449

yeah i dropped it for a couple of years and just read more, then i started again

>> No.34438459

sdfu retard
go read

>> No.34438472

what part of my argument did you "enjoys strawman" to? lmao

>> No.34438474

did you forget 70% of them then

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keep thinking of dropping anki but the time investment is so insignificant that i dont really mind

>> No.34438498

when are you taking kanken 1

>> No.34438505

he probably cant write them

>> No.34438512

because you enjoy argumentum ad hominem and created the strawman that no one should listen to me because im not at an advanced level and started attacking it instead of my original idea, which is learn japanese in japanese. thus, proving youre retarded

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File: 1.13 MB, 1670x852, graph.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im part of the unlisted part

>> No.34438515

Just do it
I dont regret deleting it at all

>> No.34438527

how does jalup force to you "learn japanese in japanese"? what are the cards like?

>> No.34438530

kanken 1 is a meme, i bet even shinzo abe couldnt pass it

>> No.34438553

first thing i saw of her was mogu mogu yummy

>> No.34438558

its just j-j definitions like every other deck lol

>> No.34438562

>no one should listen to me because im not at an advanced level
that's not a strawman. i didn't intentionally misrepresent any part of your argument
>which is learn japanese in japanese
that wasn't your original argument. the original argument i disagreed with was
>anyone who laughs at jalup is because they never tried it. its better than any other thing that was suggested in here.

>> No.34438573

wait lmao this whole beginner all japanese anki shit was about the jalup decks lol what a fucking tard

>> No.34438594

okayu is a shit

>> No.34438595

if you can pass 1級 or 準1級 youre pretty epic

>> No.34438596

you are right, i'm sorry for wasting your time

>> No.34438616

Kanken is stupid unless it will help you get a job

>> No.34438625

am defo gonna take 2級 next time i go over if it lines up doubt my ability to pass 準1級 without a shitload of prep and 1級 is defo beyond me

>> No.34438633

>its better than any other thing that was suggested in here
and why is it better? it teaches japanese in japanese instead of giving you key words like core decks and/or full sentence translation.
if you still disagree, you are indeed stupid

>> No.34438638

you should never have english definitons on your cards and you shouldnt have japanese definitions either
when you encounter the word in the wild you dont have time to think of definitions

what you need is mentalese that instantly clicks

>> No.34438654

*starts intently staring at mug*

>> No.34438661

I've listened to the same episode of hunterxhunter pver and over everyday for the past 6 months and I still don't know japanese

>> No.34438670

tons of methods here "teach japanese in japanese instead of giving you key words like core decks and/or full sentence translation."
anyway, the real problem with your argument is you don't fucking know japanese so you have absolutely no authority to tell people how to learn japanese you complete retard lmao

>> No.34438673

[mentalese] is what I learned

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File: 1.29 MB, 1648x848, 有罪猫.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34438696

which episode?

>> No.34438702

>tons of methods
the method: rEaD mORe; yotsuba; feel it out

>> No.34438714


>> No.34438726

didnt you stop at like 1k kanji because production was too much work

>> No.34438729

when youre intermediate, you dont need anki anymore.

>> No.34438741

nobody needs anki

>> No.34438759

cant imagine life without anki

>> No.34438768

I was doing it way too fast
Also it doesnt really matter to me to be able to write if im not going to live there
And if i do end up living there i can just learn it then

>> No.34438770

imagine using language learner terms

>> No.34438771

sounds like cope

>> No.34438784

yeah, but its only 5 mins a day for me so i just view it as a warmup before i start immersing

>> No.34438785

i've passed n1 and literally can't write hiragana lmfao

>> No.34438796

just read yostuba bro

>> No.34438798

it wont take you that long

>> No.34438807

no way any of you are going to need to write any japanese in your life

>> No.34438814

i can't but also you realize kanken is way more than just being able to write the kanji right?

>> No.34438817


>> No.34438826

of course qm mentioned that multiple times when he was finishing up his kanken deck not sure why you felt the need to point that out

>> No.34438845

please elaborate

>> No.34438849

its a test for japanese people what kind of prompt do you expect you need to know japanese first

>> No.34438857

you will eventually lol
just do this over and make sure you click show options and enable them all

>> No.34438859

there was a brazilian guy on the djt discord who was just learning kanji and barely knew any japanese, he had like 6k+ kanji in his grid and even included the ghost characters that were incorrectly included in unicode

>> No.34438888

jamal is a high functioning aspie

>> No.34438906

>One such example is 彁 (pronunciation unknown). Unlike 妛, which found its corporeal counterpart in the 国土行政区画総覧 (Kokudo Gyōsei Kukaku Sōran, National Conspectus of Administrative Districts), 彁 was documented as “completely unique among the graphic characters encoded in these standards, with absolutely no means of identification.”
>Common theories propose that 彁 was mistakenly de-stylized from calligraphic depictions of 謌 (uta/ka, sing or recite) or 彊 (kyō/tsuyo(i), strong), or that it was a variant of 歌 (uta/ka, sing), or even that it was supposed to be 哥 (an older iteration of 歌) but was misread together with a splattering of ink on its left side. In any case, this character simply did not exist before 1976; yet now, inexplicably, here it is, puzzling historians like a mischievous poltergeist.

>> No.34438912

it's the only language worth knowing

>> No.34438960

the same sentence card format that matt & khatz used

a sentence where you only don't know one word





>> No.34438973


>> No.34438982

>average retention rate is 75%
I'm ngmi bros...

>> No.34438989

why does this guy look like hes some weird race from lord of the rings

>> No.34438990

dont worry about metrics

>> No.34438997

mine was like 70% when i quit and ive since made it cause i can read and watch whatever i want lol

>> No.34439017

why are you in the learn japanese thread if you made it

>> No.34439027

mine is
young: 80%
mature: 70%

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File: 335 KB, 430x610, 1579020663804.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys what would be the correct meaning of かかってるっ!
online dictionaries just don't get it

>> No.34439050

i think i got fucked with my mature cards because i changed the option to low key anki and it messed up the interval of some cards so i didn't see them for a long time

>> No.34439103

>not for learning japanese since u cant learn japanese from a 4chan thread
why were you under the impression that i thought you can learn japanese from a 4chan thread?
also you don't know japanese

>> No.34439108

>online dictionaries just don't get it
dont you mean you just dont get it? dont blame the tools.

>> No.34439111

come on bro
its for hentai yes but i still don't quite get it, giv help

>> No.34439119

they probably just pass cards they don’t actually know while learning

>> No.34439121

I mean yeah but you have to make a good vocaroo before i care

>> No.34439128

whats weird about this lol it's easy to remember stuff for a short period of time than a long one

>> No.34439130

got that impression from ur post and i im fine with not knowing japanese since what im able to do now is enough lol

>> No.34439134

wish anyone that posted the anime fags youtube just died

>> No.34439138

mature cards are mature because you know them better

>> No.34439144

nope... i only pass a card if i remember the meaning clearly

>> No.34439151

i had a 95% retention on young cards and 69% on mature lol and no i didnt pass anything that i didnt know
id always fail the matures at 2+ month interval

>> No.34439152

never implied you could learn japanese from a 4chan thread

>> No.34439162

they're not mature because you know them better, they're mature because you remembered them while they were young. that doesnt mean you'll remember it in 3months if you dont see it

>> No.34439170


>> No.34439221

take your meds schizo

>> No.34439238

it's a parody of the /int/djt/ thread

>> No.34439248

you learn how to learn japanese here

>> No.34439252

a dude's cumming and the girl screaming

>> No.34439253

only og can save djt

>> No.34439257

Wait, I've been going to the joke thread this entire time?

>> No.34439258

I think the same thing is happening to me. I had the low key anki setup alongside the ease resetting one. I've found that the cards I have trouble with continue to grow like the ones I know well, which eventually outpaces my ability to remember them. I switched to using Auto Ease Factor to control the ease instead of keeping it at a static 250%. Only a couple weeks in so no change yet, but hopefully it'll rein in those difficult cards until I know them well.

>> No.34439269

so basically all those “you can tweak your anki based on your retention rate after a few months” things are a lie then

>> No.34439271

yeah you should go to /int/djt and never come back here

>> No.34439273

The hint is ぶっかけ

>> No.34439282

yes, the actual language learner thread is here: >>>/int/143701256
reminder to ignore polandanon

>> No.34439289
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those who can't speak AT LEAST 3 languages should just off themselves

>> No.34439301

why should i make a vocaroo to make you care about your own writing ability lmao

>> No.34439306

shit my bad, there's a second bubble おく after >>34439049

>>34439273 its nakadashi

>> No.34439308

wish my apartment was big enough to have a ping pong table in

>> No.34439394
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wtf lets gooooo?

>> No.34439397

i can speak portuguese, english and a little bit of swedish

>> No.34439401


>> No.34439438


>> No.34439446

>I was doing it way too fast
yeah this sounds like someone who doesnt care about production lmao wonder why other people are getting so defensive when the topic of production is harmlessly brought up definitely not a case of sour grapes

>> No.34439456

i do
15 1440 => 6 days

>> No.34439460

youre never gonna have to write a word of japanese in ur life bro

>> No.34439472

I was only doing it because i thought i was studying japanese at uni

>> No.34439477

english, spanish and german here
i should read more in german, gonna forget it at this rate

>> No.34439495

yeah and you also thought you were quitting japanese and quitting djt for good yet here we are

>> No.34439501


>> No.34439509

really cute and informative

>> No.34439510

looks like we're gonna need a bigger toilet

>> No.34439516

read Kafka

>> No.34439523

more like kaka

>> No.34439532

i speak 5 languages and americans be like you missed an apostrophe lol

>> No.34439549

yeah he's pretty good
In der Strafkolonie is one of my favorite short stories

>> No.34439565

what languages

>> No.34439569

English, arabic and spanish here

>> No.34439622

hes jealous

>> No.34439658

your story doesnt add up and i dont think youre being honest i really dislike it when people do that

>> No.34439668

he's angry that nobody likes him here

>> No.34439699

yeah your meltdown last night was really exemplary lmfao

>> No.34439703

you must have a really exaggerated sense of self importance if you think i value your opinion of me lol

>> No.34439715

didn't even give my opinion on him lol

>> No.34439716
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>> No.34439720


>> No.34439724

jamal really wants a round 2 of getting his ass beat

>> No.34439765

you just said kanken is stupid and are implying production is too but only a couple of months ago you were grinding how to write kanji at an unmanageable rate you say stuff like youre quitting then go 180 the next day cant take you seriously hard to believe you genuinely dont care about writing anymore

>> No.34439767

weird you'd think someone who doesn't care about anyone's opinion on them would stay anonymous and not bother trying to be a djt celeb and failing hard

>> No.34439786

weird how these failed "eceleb" manchildren mistake my dick for their pacifier and still insist theyre not faggots lmao

>> No.34439787

suppose you can comprehend ~20% of an anime with jp subs, but if you were reading the script at your own pace you'd be able to understand most of it. are there any charts depicting the amount of hours it might take to bridge that gap, and what that progress looks like? is this where the subconscious really begins to kick in to do the heavy lifting?

>> No.34439790


>> No.34439804

yeah knew you didn't have any comeback lmao

>> No.34439814

every time someone calls out this retard on his "idk what u think dood i just wanna use a trip" he goes on a rant about sucking dick

>> No.34439842

4bc obviously put his trip on to try and get his name included in the pantheon of learning greats but has stumbled at every step. sad to watch.

>> No.34439854
File: 30 KB, 500x500, 500_F_117695649_E4oQPZdHbGd0nZSFP2pyChJXj9ltuQUy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah ive got just the chart right here

>> No.34439859

>the pantheon of learning greats
i would really like to see this pantheon lmfao

>> No.34439869
File: 114 KB, 736x486, IMG_1501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here it looks like this

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File: 583 KB, 1074x1991, 1596072789915.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34439875

me at the bottom staring at the great acquirers like jamal, matt and quiz in wonder

>> No.34439885

crazy how vtuber/anituber guy only posts stuff in english and yet janny still doesnt get rid of that shit

>> No.34439901


>> No.34439905

do we even have a janny

>> No.34439914

what are you worried about?

>> No.34439916

i mean idiots itt put on trips all the time to be "the next big thing" and (unfortunately) take them off when their prized debut fails often having a spectacular anonymous meltdown right after lol
even now these insecure mouthbreathers are unable to turn off the projector and comprehend that a trip serves purposes beyond attention whoring because thats the only thing theyve ever done their whole life and still failed which makes this whole thing all the more hilarious

>> No.34439928

why is a tripfaggot calling anons attention whores? does this guy have a screw loose or what?

>> No.34439932

why is a newfag opening his idiot mouth

>> No.34439937

yeah i agree thats why i only post japanese subbed vtuber content

>> No.34439939

i swear 4bc only appeared in like december or something and hes calling people new

>> No.34439941

finna read

>> No.34439943

i hate tripfaggots, vtuberfaggots, ecelebfaggots, matt and brazilians

>> No.34439951

damn bro turn off the projector

>> No.34439954


>> No.34439977

wow djt sounds perfect for you

>> No.34439980


>> No.34439986


>> No.34439990


>> No.34439998

remember when djt was fun

>> No.34440002

menkei guy needs to chill out

>> No.34440014

Yeah not really

>> No.34440023

while ya'll where arguing about stupid shit i was playing utawarerumono
pretty chill game

>> No.34440034

the amount of insider jokes you guys have is astonishing

>> No.34440044

some letters in the name field? yeah automatically filtered sorry not sorry

>> No.34440054

yeah you guys spend too much time here, go play some games or read something

>> No.34440059

what am i projecting lol
from my very first post ive been extremely clear that im sick of arguing with low iq idiots itt people who cant come to understand each other shouldnt talk with each other threads infested with retards if the posters i have issues with put on trips id turn mine off but they wont so im granting them the ability to filter me on the principle that they will naturally filter themselves out by filtering me and not engage my posts
it was a very sensible decision and has worked well over the past few months saved a lot of time

>> No.34440066

not gonna read through all this did he eventually own up and admit he was wrong?

>> No.34440092

im intimidated by japanese people
just read these rules from a japanese streamer:
> I can't understand English and won't learn other languages never.
> japanese only
ill have to stop watching twitch until i reach level n1

>> No.34440100

yasuke soundtrack is based. djt wouldnt know bc its about a black samurai and that offends them

>> No.34440106

as expected of someone with a tripcode

>> No.34440120

nobody is offended by based yasuke

>> No.34440124

no he will never admit he's wrong. he'll gereentext and write novels for days to try and argue something that is so clearly wrong

>> No.34440131

damn i forgot mia split and dolly lore occurred at the same time

>> No.34440133

yeah haha i remember that time when the clenching idiots who inhabit this thread had nothing to say about the real issue which was whether ん getting clipped is a thing with only like 2 posters commenting on it the other retards all jumped on the one thing they could make out with えき and けい really showed their expansive knowledge lol

or maybe youre talking about that guy who tried to suggest i didnt actually know the word and how its originally pronounced and got promptly trashed lmfao

>> No.34440169

the djt iceburge

>> No.34440172

fake unko bro...

>> No.34440174

his first meneki post in thread 1:
>Feb 14 21:03:31
his last meneki post in thread 2:
>Feb 15 17:00:53
imagine spending 20 hours on damage control

>> No.34440182


>> No.34440189

yeah you always grant the bare minimum huh first it was he only knows 6k haha its been months since he finished core6k but nope and of course i must pretend hes acting uppity so i can post a seething reply now its oh he did core 10k and its all he knows because he knows about the trash definitions in the deck lol wonder how scum like you live with yourselves

>> No.34440193

if you say iceberg often enough, it doesnt sound like a real word anymore

>> No.34440194

>djt wouldnt know bc its about a black samurai and that offends them
no i wouldn't know because it's directed by a malodorous whitoid

>> No.34440199

he realized it was a huge blow to his chances of ever being in the language learning pantheon

>> No.34440208


finna pick this up

>> No.34440210

what the fuck is wrong with these people

>> No.34440215


>> No.34440221

basically admitted he can't hear the sounds and makes up shit in his mind
ngmi on steroids

>> No.34440229

no idea what you're talking about schizo. seek help

>> No.34440238

finna pick up a brick and barrel it into your head

>> No.34440239

whats wrong with being schizo

>> No.34440246

ye don't care about 4bbc shut da fuck up

>> No.34440249


letsss g9ooooooo

>> No.34440251

kys wonky anki retard

>> No.34440253

bro my first post was about whether you can clip ん if i couldnt hear the missing e sound then what the fuck was that about lmfao fucking genius right here
and its laughable if you think i couldnt hear the difference between けい and えき after having spent several months learning the language instead of acknowledging it for what it was a simple mental slip i even instantly retracted that bit when it was pointed out

>> No.34440282


>> No.34440284


>> No.34440292


>> No.34440302

>i even instantly retracted that bit
you doubled down on it and said that someone needs to "listen to more japanese" though

>> No.34440312


>> No.34440324


>> No.34440332


i was giving him the benefit of the doubt thinking he probably didnt listen to the audio clip in his first reply, but this is just sad lol

>> No.34440340


>> No.34440350

linnies dont have the kind of raw drama that you can get from a tripfag meltdown it's just the same old shit

>> No.34440355

i have a 4 digit vocabulary

>> No.34440356

>imagine caring about this instead of pouring the volume of the pacific ocean worth of diarrhea down ur gullet

>> No.34440379

>the actual issue of whether ん can be clipped lol
why do you think thats the issue and not the fact you listened to a clip of a guy saying menkei and then said twice that it was meneki

>> No.34440387


>> No.34440405

must be nice

>> No.34440409
File: 254 KB, 844x1200, 002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have better things to read

>> No.34440420

yep, let's watch some raw anime
this language is impossible anyways

>> No.34440422

nah u see surikomi still in newer stuff but sometimes it's surikomi with imprinting as furigana

>> No.34440433

it's based bc of flying lotus
not bc it's based on yasuke

>> No.34440439

jisho says 房 means
>tuft (of hair, threads, etc.); fringe; tassel​
i dont even know what that means

>> No.34440440

main thing is i have a bunch of physical manga so i dont even have the temptation to texthook

>> No.34440442

why do you think its an issue when i didnt mishear anything as is evident by the fact that i pointed out the first difference in the first post and retracted the second difference instantly after it was pointed out
are you projecting about the fact that you were actually unable to tell けい and えき apart several months into learning lol

>> No.34440443

>i said something about sound assimilation when ん is involved like with 繁栄 and he tried to argue otherwise
you said he said meneki when he said menkei and he was saying you're wrong, you imagined this part to assist in your cope

>> No.34440457

another based black guy

>> No.34440458

never trust subtitles

beginning of mortal kombat
bitch starts speaking japanese
>i'm going to need more than two buckets

>> No.34440460

>when i didnt mishear anything
we're reaching unforeseen levels of cope here

>> No.34440472
File: 1.54 MB, 1330x914, すやー.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just got my shot and ready to bring girls over for based slumber parties

>> No.34440475

go find the post where i say he should listen to more japanese lol if you still dont get it then maybe try finding the daily english thread or even better a mental hospital

>> No.34440487

hint: 乳房
also the title of the manga is チチチチ

>> No.34440497

ok i did
>hes saying meneki
>no hes def not
>you need to listen to more japanese lol

>> No.34440517

was about to read this since it looks like the kind of garbage i like
thank god i checked the reviews because it appears to be actual garbage

>> No.34440524
File: 77 KB, 237x353, jamal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34440528

why are you linking a post made by a retard who cant english and drew false conclusions just to mindlessly post dont know japanese because he doesnt have anything else to say are you a sheep unable to read the actual posts involving the exchange for yourself or do you just lack the mental faculties to make a sane argument

>> No.34440529

thats correct though

>> No.34440550

what conclusion should we draw from this post
>thats a meneki
>when i didnt mishear anything

>> No.34440554

>blurring together its the n assimilation thing or whatever its called quite standard listen to 繁栄 for example
>dont worry i can handle ん
>you need to listen to more japanese lol

>> No.34440555

technically yes, it's what she meant but it was not what she said and that bothers me

>> No.34440581

most of those ghost characters turned out to actually be from obscure place names when they investigated. i think only one was an actual mistranscription.

>> No.34440586

well she spoke japanese so you'll never get what was said in the english subtitles lol

>> No.34440595

there are two differences if i misheard something (you cant take for granted i wrote what i heard) it has to be one of them it cant be ん vs んえ so saying i misheard is equivalent to saying i mixed up えき and けい
do you commit to this allegation

>> No.34440596

this is just sad
holoposting would be an improvement at this point

>> No.34440641
File: 381 KB, 993x388, ina.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

saving the thread

>> No.34440643

wtf do u do bro

>> No.34440648

How do I learn words I don't know without looking them up in a dictionary?

>> No.34440655


>> No.34440662

feel them out

>> No.34440663

that little exchange has nothing to do with 免疫 its about assimilation with ん related to words like 全員 and 繁栄 its a different topic not sure why youre bringing that up maybe you just want a reason to pretend that i was acting uppity so you can try to snowball things and justify other allegations to triumphantly claim a false victory that you slayed an "arrogant tripfag" and feel good about being righteous or whatever to take out frustration with your own sad life on me

>> No.34440668

implied vs explicit

>> No.34440670

since when does ん add whole new sounds into it? if anything it would become めえんき not めんけい

>> No.34440673

ok but you didnt answer my question do you think the guy in https://assets.languagepod101.com/dictionary/japanese/audiomp3.php?kanji=免疫&kana=めんえき says めんえき or not?

>> No.34440694

it has to be a fighting game like blazblu or some shit

>> No.34440702

do they have gacha tournaments
can only imagine you playing kusoge

>> No.34440708
File: 14 KB, 186x280, 1603034662125.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34440710

you hate to see it

>> No.34440713
File: 465 KB, 2048x1470, 1618873322891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34440723

4bc is like that officer guy in lotgh who ends up having to be hospitalized with hysteria cause his delusions of grandeur didnt come true

>> No.34440724

if i ever meet a japanese person
i'll use 拙者 as my pronoun
and でござる as my copula

>> No.34440733

you're only the 200th person to have ever posted this lame comment

>> No.34440762

idk whether clipping vowels which follow ん is allowed was kind of the whole point i just brought up the 繁栄 thing to make a point about the weirdness surrounding ん and that things can change when ん is involved so he shouldnt confidently rule out the possibility that another rule involving ん namely a clipping rule might also exist which makes it ok for めんえき to have an alternative pronunciation of めんき

>> No.34440765

if i ever met a japanese person, i wouldnt use any sentence ending particles. miss me with that shit.
i also wouldnt ever use any pronouns or address people by name at all.
if the person im talking to cant figure out who i mean from context, they must be autistic

>> No.34440772


>> No.34440777

ahem concession
difference between that mistake and 4bcs is that i dont argue for 20 hours straight that im correct and that confession is actually a completely valid spelling for concession because of the way the n clips with the f and c

>> No.34440778

even if i like the fate franchise? i heard the story is good

>> No.34440779

close enough

>> No.34440805

hate when people write "one (1)" some serious reddit vibes

>> No.34440818
File: 146 KB, 850x601, sample-506f6cced8e03194ce5ac5bde6560213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34440820


>> No.34440824

that's one (1) dumb comment

>> No.34440827

goddamn I just want to see nyan/oroKo's soles so fucking bad

>> No.34440830
File: 140 KB, 590x274, arasuji.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

re-acquired なかだし

>> No.34440831
File: 58 KB, 739x640, 1590239269151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck japan

>> No.34440842

yeah i'm gonna say based

>> No.34440844

looks like this guy has made multiple posts with the same image. that's a ban bro, better delete it

>> No.34440869

reminder that fred flinstone is off topic

>> No.34440876

wtf there's more than one person spamming holo shit

>> No.34440877

the only people who dont hate you havent figured out who you really are

>> No.34440881


>> No.34440882
File: 419 KB, 690x1048, 1598923318009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whatever that means lol

>> No.34440894
File: 66 KB, 386x386, on-topic-dab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah it's not spamming, it's several people posting at a normal rate lol

>> No.34440896

hm don't want him to die but yea he needs to fuck off

>> No.34440900

did he fucked her

>> No.34440901

only twenty year olds could possibly be into hololive shit. so cringe.

>> No.34440907

PSA flinstone dabber is tatsumoto

>> No.34440910

im immersing

>> No.34440913

reminder that holo en is off topic

>> No.34440917

it's otaku culture

>> No.34440922

found 4bc

>> No.34440924

yup im sure the guy who posts hololive en, hololive with english subs and english speaking anitubers are all different people its not 1 guy spamming

>> No.34440928

not necessarily
what if they sing japanese karaoke

>> No.34440934
File: 344 KB, 692x520, wanikani.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nothing more on topic than japanese language learning resources

>> No.34440939

my grandma is into hololive

>> No.34440948

overwhelming majority are over 20

>> No.34440951

that might be one person, but what about the other holo posters?
i only post japanese streams or holos with japanese subs for example

>> No.34440957

what site is this

>> No.34440975

just one guy ankiposting

>> No.34440986


>> No.34440990

just one guy posting jidaigeki

>> No.34440999

just one guy actually learning japanese

>> No.34441013

lots of guys just posting their one thing in here

>> No.34441024


>> No.34441026

just one guy sentence mining

>> No.34441041

just one guy makes every post i hate

>> No.34441068


>> No.34441088
File: 435 KB, 1000x562, p-replace-csolor.php.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whenever somebody gets pissed at a post i copy whatever that guy did
Is there any hiragana equivalent to the English, "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog," in terms of a sentence that uses every character? I'm a pretty new beginner to Hiragana, so having one go-to sentence to remind myself of each character pronunciation would be helpful.

>> No.34441091

i mine ine over 100 sentences per day.
how many are you guys mining?

>> No.34441095


>> No.34441123


>> No.34441128

i do however many new words i find in a day although i use quizmasters anime cards rather than sentence cards so i can get average 3.5 seconds per card

>> No.34441131
File: 350 KB, 546x970, 着物.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

in love with whatever theyre doing

>> No.34441135

i mine at least 500 a day

>> No.34441142

this has all the sounds in japanese

>> No.34441146
File: 185 KB, 394x373, 11ea01854b381fa350ca6ed8c77fe13b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi everyone I am learning japanese and am trying to translate a tricky sentence. What I want to say is , "If covid had not happened, I would have already returned to visit japan"

This is what I have so far. I have not used negative past conditional before so I'm not confident on it.


If somebody could give me feedback that would be amazing, thank you!

>> No.34441158

i can one up that

>> No.34441169

being able to understand a spoken foreign language without making an effort is kinda weird. i just do. he speaks and i understand

t. ESL watching a movie and analyzing his own listening skills in english now that he is struggling with japanese

>> No.34441170

this retard literally makes like 50 holoshit posts per day

>> No.34441179


>> No.34441185

it's basically completely wrong from the を to whatever the fuck 帰れいました is meant to be. read and listen to japanese for another 2000 hours and then try again

>> No.34441189

i heard menkei but kanafied it as めんき in my head lol that was the mental slip then with the assumption that んえ can sometimes be clipped to ん said yeah thats a めんえき
the whole thing was very automatic why do you think i said >>33195596 as soon as i saw a post pointing out the kei bit
the guy i was replying to there was level headed

why are you so insistent on misrepresenting me you refused to honestly engage back then and even now you continue to launch false accusations foolishly thinking you have some kind of win over me it was めんえき vs めんき from the start
i can only assume youre desperate to put me down out of personal enmity but have no other material to attack me with

>> No.34441193

Try with deepL

>> No.34441215

can you do this?

>> No.34441226

so you are wrong here? >>33195238

>> No.34441250

wow he's been coping for several hours now

>> No.34441257

first time ive ever even cracked a smile at any of ur terrible posts

>> No.34441266


>> No.34441287


>> No.34441291

i was wrong my bad

>> No.34441349

wrong about what you have to be specific did i mishear the clip no did i associate the wrong symbols for what i heard yes is there any proof of this claim yes theres ample proof which ive pointed to many times now is this a concession no because i already admitted to writing the sound kei as き (hence the mental slip) in the post i previously linked

so why the ruckus

>> No.34441371

火狐 maxed out my ram and my swap memory. sasuga mozilla

>> No.34441383





>> No.34441393

Did the twitter situation get sorted?

>> No.34441418

you can't learn japanese watching anime

>> No.34441434

In modern Japanese, rendaku is common but at times unpredictable, with certain words unaffected by it.

>> No.34441435


>> No.34441453



>> No.34441465

monolingual gura saying that to trilingual gura lol

>> No.34441469

how do you start grinding grammar
it seems a lot harder than grinding vocabulary

>> No.34441480

japanese lol for sharks

>> No.34441483


>> No.34441491

will they ever hit the wall?

>> No.34441494

watch monolingual grammar vids on youtube and read more

>> No.34441498

its a pun on 豆知識

>> No.34441513


>> No.34441588

how mad are you that i dont know any japanese and yet i post here regularly

>> No.34441598

this channel is great

>> No.34441628



>> No.34441636

i know around 12k

>> No.34441661

doesnt make me mad at all
now how mad does that make you?

>> No.34441662

why would anyone care

>> No.34441664

me too i just immersed in anime with english subs and i leaned over 15k words in 6 months

>> No.34441671

you know all im doing is recounting what truly happened i shouldnt have to explain reality yet for some reason these people demand explanations of me because they think its all fabricated and part of some attempt to save face and if they probe me enough the explanation will fall apart
i sometimes really do wonder why people have such a very hard time accepting the truth you see it everywhere in life in different forms
that or theyre genuinely convinced their guesses are right a different reality exists in their head seen many people like this their mental state truly terrifies me i literally cant imagine trusting my own hypotheses so much ever like do these people never experience self-doubt has the universe never humbled them

>> No.34441672

some of wanikani's mnemonics are just flat out wrong

>> No.34441702

no i was being ironic frenchbro

>> No.34441703

>a different reality exists in their head
thats simply how brains work
if 10 people experience the same situation they will recall it differently

>> No.34441722

anime sentence cards

>> No.34441759

Why do u like Korone?

>> No.34441768


>> No.34441782

she's the first vtuber (aside from kizuna ai) that i watched.
pekora became my oshi, but korone still holds a special place in my heart

>> No.34441786
File: 228 KB, 745x1100, 1601642247379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

most of djt says just learn kanji thru vocab

of course, this is an attractive prospect as it involves no hard work/study, but when you do the pure thu-vocab route you just end up recognizing the general shape of the characters and pay little attention to their individual components most of the time

as a result, you often fail to notice when the same kanji is shared across multiple words, which serves to increase the burden of remembering new words vs. if you could instantly recognize the kanji being utilized in them ("oh this is the same kanji from x")

to remember new vocab more efficiently and take away more from your time spent reading, being able to recognize kanji seems a vital skill

idk a good way to go about acquiring it tho and i definitely don't think something like rtk where you attach them all to english keywords is a good process (nor do i think the mindless rote approach adopted by most natives in school is likely to be an effective/efficient one)

any djt'ers have a good method for studying kanji?

>> No.34441788
File: 53 KB, 1024x550, EwNUTU4U8ActkT7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's still the okakoro dyad for me

>> No.34441797
File: 21 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm a boomer like jamal

pic related is what i used to play in my youth

>> No.34441804

im not putting my voice out there besides people nitpick shit like crazy here and it wont prove anything they will still say i couldnt hear けい vs き back then you should just be honest that you want material to attack
im talking about the degree of rigidity and surety in their perception of events that transpired not the differences in mental representations of reality

>> No.34441807

glad everyone's contractually obligated to sing a こんな村嫌だ cover

>> No.34441813
File: 3.23 MB, 2500x2200, 1590525976658.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

newfags wont remember when pekora was the underdog

>> No.34441817

>you often fail to notice when the same kanji is shared across multiple words

I don't though.

Do you have a low iq?

>> No.34441824


>> No.34441831

talk is cheap

>> No.34441833

i do. but thats not the point

>> No.34441842

what's the current rankings?

>> No.34441847

>has the universe never humbled them
says the guy absolutely unable to admit he misheard a word on 4channel and is having an existential crisis trying to cope with that

>> No.34441858

i mishear most words i hear, it's ok

>> No.34441864

ens screwed everything up but also made the jp numbers grow by a lot

>> No.34441891

this is the absolute truth. i stopped doing rtk and i've experienced this. when you don't know the kanji from memory you memorize words by the OVERALL shape.

the feeling of knowing a words because you know both kanji from memory vs knowing a words because of the shape is VERY different

from example
i recognize this one 醍醐味 because of the shape but i've never analyzed its content so if these kanji get used somewhere else i won't be able to use my knowledge of their readings (with the exception of 味)

>> No.34441904


>> No.34441905


>> No.34441912

wtf is she wearing

>> No.34441913

crazy how 4bc thinks there is some universal conspiracy against him when all that happened was he replied "thats meneki" twice to a clip of a guy saying めんけい

>> No.34441928

look, there is a reason japs write down every character 100 times in school

>> No.34441945


>> No.34441948

if you're still at the stage where doing rtk is even a consideration for you then you're not advanced enough to be giving people advice

>> No.34441949

ok this won me over lol

>> No.34441954

> there is a reason japs write down every character 100 times in school
yep. they dont know rtk

>> No.34441965

probably the same reason they suck so much at english despite studying it for twelve years

>> No.34441980

i only did the first 500 kanji in rtk and i do recognize kanji out of context often

>> No.34441985


>> No.34441991

why should i admit to something that is false lol what part of this confuses you/doesnt satisfy you
>wrong about what you have to be specific did i mishear the clip no did i associate the wrong symbols for what i heard yes

like are you actually unable to comprehend how someone can incorrectly write down something they heard how are you certain the error was at the listening comprehension level and not at the process of kanafying it why does your explanation gets precedence over mine when there is no objective justification for it how can you arrogantly presuppose your desired conclusion
imagine being retarded enough to admit to something you didnt do lol these kind of people get fucked in the courtroom

>> No.34441995

stfu, i'm not going waste my time with some retard that think that someone learning to be literate in a language is a デメリット

only in the japanese learning community you see this kind of bullshit that offends anyone with some semblance of intelligence

>> No.34442003

don't get covid bros, it will make it impossile to learn japanese

>> No.34442004


>> No.34442011


>> No.34442018

bet your a greenoid

>> No.34442028

cant mind it

>> No.34442030

been reading for years so i am speaking from experience

not having a good grasp of kanji is undeniably harmful to your learning

>> No.34442033
File: 59 KB, 650x640, 1575337585653.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which light novel from neocities's selection would you recommend

>> No.34442036


>> No.34442047


>> No.34442052

if you have been reading for years and still think about kanji at all you haven't been reading for years

>> No.34442060


>> No.34442063


>> No.34442067
File: 183 KB, 800x650, 1619388382906.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can anyone link me to konosuba light novel on neocities.

>> No.34442071

>if you have been reading for years [...] you haven't been reading for years
this post is too high level for me

>> No.34442074

they're all dead links. pick one up from your local kinokooniyuh

>> No.34442081

you never said at the time it was a writing error, you didnt admit you made a mistake at all. this is just a cope you pulled out of thin air later

>> No.34442083

the one you are most interested in

>> No.34442087

its on nyaa

>> No.34442088

wtf is your problem
google itazuraneko go to the new library and open the damn book

the ebooks are still up at least in html

>> No.34442118
File: 976 KB, 483x2748, WaniKani Day1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1 level a day

>> No.34442120

u got brain aids

>> No.34442139

just the kanji or vocab too?

good luck on your 60 days

>> No.34442142
File: 62 KB, 726x720, aqua.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if youre from a flyover state, why do you even bother learning japanese?
no japanese person will ever care about your state

>> No.34442144

how do you plan to learn the other 8000 unicode kanji though

>> No.34442162


>> No.34442169

based. you're gonna get there in like a month

>> No.34442184

no clue what youre talking about i admitted the writing error right away after it was brought to my attention >>33195596
i did not and will not admit i misheard the word because that simply isnt true idk why you have to cope so hard here

>> No.34442187

chinese font

>> No.34442210

hi newfag. it's an add-on that measures your dick size based on your mining deck.

>> No.34442217


>> No.34442220
File: 332 KB, 522x615, haapeko3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34442225

dick size approximately equal to thousand of kanji * 1.5

>> No.34442230

filtered menkei and meneki

>> No.34442237

just how its set in kanji grid addon. anki uses japanese font.

if its 250, i can do it. but im afraid its going to be much more. but i'll focus on the 60 days of hell to get an easy time afterwards

>> No.34442249
File: 106 KB, 2494x1352, word-image-10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

didnt know it was this cheap

>> No.34442251
File: 11 KB, 501x90, haato.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she's fucking dead bro

>> No.34442252
File: 701 KB, 1002x954, koro_idea.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what if you stopped using anki and read more

>> No.34442261
File: 35 KB, 359x393, 1606879560706.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

trying to have any sort of meaningful discussion in djt is pointless because the thread is full of elitists who suck at japanese but like to larp as god tier nihongoists and rush to shame anyone who shows the slightest weakness or makes the tiniest mistake so that they can feel superior by comparison

djt can be summarized by its attitude towards matt (or anyone else who is good at japanese) with everyone tripping over themselves to find ways of criticizing or laughing at him in a pathetic attempt to cope with how much they themselves suck

idk why these threads are even still around since they serve absolutely no purpose

>> No.34442264


>> No.34442267

after level 3 it's about 30 kanji and 120 words per level

>> No.34442276

prebeginner: 西瓜
beginner: 南瓜
intermediate: 北瓜
advanced: 東瓜

>> No.34442277

taking a break from watching jidaigeki to watch some anime

>> No.34442278

didn't read any of that shit you wrote

>> No.34442281

so basically its going to be extremely hard to keep up. gonna try my best

>> No.34442282

imagine being wani shill and getting overtook in a month for free

>> No.34442290

what is that

>> No.34442312
File: 3.11 MB, 498x299, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34442320

says it right there bro pay attention

>> No.34442325

thats a good idea. lets see how it goes

>> No.34442326

godspeed to counterfeit wanikani bro. 6500 words and 2000 kanji in a month is ambitious

>> No.34442335

2 months. there are 60 levels and im gonna do 1 each day

>> No.34442348
File: 142 KB, 381x351, m.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

was watching 魔道祖師 earlier and there was a short scene with them all sitting in a room and talking
was thinking if i should make a streamable like yours

>> No.34442351

you are crazy i was saying the long え sound in けい cant be written as き which has the い sound your reading comprehension and reasoning ability is abysmal
>i heard menkei but kanafied it as めんき in my head lol that was the mental slip then with the assumption that んえ can sometimes be clipped to ん said yeah thats a めんえき

>> No.34442355

still 150 new cards a day, not impossible but i recommend injecting some dihexa

>> No.34442357

looks good

>> No.34442364

this is the japanese thread

>> No.34442365

cant imagine having to constantly cope about something from over 2 months ago lol

>> No.34442372


>> No.34442373

yeah more guys here need to go to school

>> No.34442374

yeah you can't be jamal

>> No.34442379

i watched it with jap dub, duh >>34435972

>> No.34442381

watched 50mins of this the other day while grinding in poe but he gives me a headache cuz he shouts too much. i actually liked the avatar version better cause it was more chill

>> No.34442383

something important's going down in galactic heroes but i dont understand it

>> No.34442394

i wonder what robert would have thought of this

>> No.34442397

my sole started hurting on my run a little bit ago but i was 4km from home and didnt feel like walking it so i just pushed through and it was hurting like a motherfucker by the time i got back. thats what i get for being a cheap retard and using the same 30 euro mizunos for 8 years

>> No.34442400

gonna wait for the jp subs

>> No.34442402


>> No.34442407

this is the intermediate thread

>> No.34442408

actually fuck you youre a retarded downie who wont ever get it its also not the only thing you wont get in your dumb life you dont deserve free explanations from me youre not worth my time i literally have graduate students willing to pay me and have me tutor them

>> No.34442426

hope theyre not paying you for japanese listening lessons

>> No.34442433

miss that lil nigga robert like you wouldnt believe

remember when people were hating on him as if he was making bad posts lmao compare that to the state of the thread these past few months

>> No.34442438

imagine being a lab monkey doing exhausting work for peanuts lmao. i will die before i wage-slave.

>> No.34442440

people here just take everything too seriously
he was obviously playing a bit of a character but somehow they got mad about it

>> No.34442446
File: 686 KB, 1280x832, 741234789.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dabbing into a new era after picking marine as my oshi

>> No.34442449

love peanuts
ate half a kilo of peanuts over the past 2 days

>> No.34442451

it's literally "based"

>> No.34442453

no matter how much they 喚く the white man cant win against the cunning of the jap. this much we know.

>> No.34442454

fake and gay

>> No.34442460

good choice

>> No.34442464

which threadceleb will fall to the holomenace next

>> No.34442470


I don't get this sentence. is it saying she is or isn't a 美少女 because of her 小さく野暮ったい目,

I thought に could only attach to nouns

>> No.34442475

i have it on good authority that jamal is into holoshit now

>> No.34442479


>> No.34442482


>> No.34442485

yeh it's saying her eyes are a bit small and uncouth to be calling her a bishoujo
>I thought に could only attach to nouns
just feel it out

>> No.34442488

shes just saying that bishoujo is an old fashioned word

>> No.34442490

thought you were done with japanese bro

>> No.34442502

shes saying bishoujo has small eyes and hers are big

>> No.34442503

theres been too many good holo streams lately my 後で見る playlist has 40 vids

>> No.34442512


>> No.34442522

miss the old days of vtubers bro, the industry has gone to crap they're not making good vtubers anymore

>> No.34442523


>> No.34442539

heres a topical reibun for や’っl https://www.tokyo-np.co.jp/article/94020
see if you can feel it out

>> No.34442571

who's your oshi bro

>> No.34442587

china's destined to become the cultural center of east asia. how many of you gonna suicide when japan adopts chinese simplified characters and starts importing a ton of chinese loan words

>> No.34442615

thanks you anon

>> No.34442618

>china's destined to become the cultural center of east asia.
it can't do that under its current system

culture doesn't thrive under the sort of heavy censorship which chinese society is subject to

also worth keeping in mind that basically all of china's neighbors hate it

>> No.34442619


>> No.34442620

china has been the cultural centre of east asia since 4000 bc. most of east asia is part of china.

>> No.34442628
File: 145 KB, 1080x1080, 20210419_140652.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fr? I would rather post tummy, feet are grody to me

>wake up and there's a thousand posts

>> No.34442630

yeah they are already teaching chinese in all the elite schools where the rich send their kids.

>> No.34442641

korea's jumping into china's arms right now. japan's the odd one out fully committed to the united states

>> No.34442650

jp - korosan
en - ina

>> No.34442654

and they're failing to learn it

>> No.34442657
File: 74 KB, 1099x254, 1595197902171.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im literally seeding it rn

>> No.34442664

the holotards are making this thread completely unbearable

>> No.34442668

for en it's gura/ame for me.

>> No.34442671

just turned on my ion cannon

>> No.34442677

*eats bat*

>> No.34442682

yeah that's much better

>> No.34442702


see the south china sea issue for just one example of how china is seriously pissing off other asian countries

>> No.34442706


>> No.34442707

amesame is my ship but kiara still my en oshi

>> No.34442709

honkeys dont have room to talk about what disgusting shit they're willing to eat

>> No.34442720

? korea doesnt care. that's japan and the united states

>> No.34442721

2bh my favorite fighting game was ultimate mortal kombat 3

>> No.34442753

the eating bat thing was palau anyway, not china.

>> No.34442758

seen all of those multiple times so i guess im the 0.5%

>> No.34442763
File: 55 KB, 908x392, mangadex.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they fucked up.

>> No.34442766


>> No.34442767

*eats dog*
*eats cat*
*eats endangered pangolin scales*
*eats endangered tiger penis*
*eats endangered rhino horn*
*poaches elephant*

>> No.34442775

chinkoids going crazy rn

>> No.34442781

>eats cat
brazilians do this and its called churrasquinho de gato

>> No.34442788 [DELETED] 
File: 1.96 MB, 202x360, 1589705637857.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

china is the center of the civilized world already

>> No.34442792

the same shit happens when people are trying to buy rotisserie chicken in costco in the us lol but thats mostly chinks and spics too

>> No.34442797 [DELETED] 
File: 2.87 MB, 460x460, 1595641426246.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

china is the center of the civilized world already

>> No.34442801


>> No.34442802

this is now a disgusting honkeys thread

>> No.34442804


He stood!

>> No.34442811



>> No.34442820 [DELETED] 
File: 2.92 MB, 320x576, 1588321647839.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

china is the center of the civilized world already

>> No.34442823

ogs ass on fire rn

>> No.34442824

matter of time before their very own マットvs中国 arises

>> No.34442833 [DELETED] 
File: 2.45 MB, 388x690, 1599287924874.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

china is the center of the civilized world already

>> No.34442839


>> No.34442841

haven't used it since a long time.
i have my account registered there since 2017 or somethng

>> No.34442845 [DELETED] 
File: 1.81 MB, 208x360, 1616755487277.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

china is the center of the civilized world already

>> No.34442849

why do you have this stuff saved?

>> No.34442854

love this bassline

>> No.34442860

crazy how matt probably doesnt even wanna learn chinese and just started as a meme but now hes too deep into the learning chinese roleplay and he cant quit

>> No.34442861 [DELETED] 
File: 978 KB, 640x360, 1603446676667.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh no no no no no

>> No.34442862

any good manga that are pretty short? like <5 volumes. everything thats good has like 15 fucking volumes

>> No.34442866 [DELETED] 

the anti-china tears will be all the sweeter when the revolutionary army comes marching in

>> No.34442892

thought i was on gif for a second

>> No.34442893

gonna be funny in 30 years when people itt are on deaths door and they cant understand all the chinese loan words that have conquered english, like old people in japan complaining about gairaigo

>> No.34442896

liked alcafus

>> No.34442902

you already know why because its been explained hundreds of times

>> No.34442908

dunno if angloids would be able to deal with chinese words

>> No.34442909

is there well drawn graphic sex? that'd be the only thing that would sway me to ignore that its comedy

>> No.34442917

thank you jannie for cleaning out the racist shock videos

>> No.34442937

got my first covid shot today
soon im gonna be fully menkei'd

>> No.34442943

im already reading wuxia

>> No.34442950


>> No.34442954

i dont really get why it would say comedy maybe because of the ecchi moments
no there is nothing graphic in this no nipples either

>> No.34442959

unironically kanjispergs going for the entire JIS are gonna have a leg up ont he rest of us when it comes to the future of english

>> No.34442991

because it's the year 2021

>> No.34443005

are there reliable rules for rendaku? seems like there's a zillion exceptions

>> No.34443008

rule 1: feel it out

>> No.34443013

thats rule 2
rule 1 is read more

>> No.34443017

lets gooo

>> No.34443019

already mining jis level 3

>> No.34443025

the rule is if it's easier to say with rendaku then it's probably rendaku
all rendaku is is just sound change from people saying shit the way that's quickest
note this only works if you can speak japanese properly

>> No.34443035

i cant even play bass

>> No.34443038

that rule fails all the time

>> No.34443039

rule 0: you're not gonna make it

>> No.34443043

does watching subbed anime count as reading

>> No.34443047

watched that earlier
wanna have ramen with two cuts of that and a runny egg

>> No.34443068

真犯人 新版 新盤

>> No.34443072

I hear 実話 all the time, but when I look it up in the dictionary it says "true story". That translation doesn't seem right to me because I hear it so often and I doubt that Japanese folks are always being like, "True story bro..."

My question is; what is 実話 actually trying to convey; because I don't think the direct translation suits its usage properly.

>> No.34443075

that guy has to be a troll

>> No.34443084

finally a good post

>> No.34443085

it's all downhill after you graduate from college

>> No.34443087

sounds like that one's gonna throw a big wrench in my kikitori

>> No.34443091

lol the first one is obviously split as 真ー犯人 so there's no potential for rendaku there in the first place

>> No.34443095

matt plays bass. do you want to turn out like him?

>> No.34443106

redditors can actually be that fucking stupid so it's hard to tell https://www.reddit.com/r/LearnJapanese/comments/mxkdia/why_does_anki_give_more_review_cards_than_it/

>> No.34443113
File: 74 KB, 720x720, 13cd9bdb3dd63ccd8ab98ea38bd980c9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34443131

doubt it cuz he still meditates

>> No.34443163

lold at this one

>> No.34443168

holy shit

>> No.34443237

and i’m a low functioning one

>> No.34443252

im a high functioning normie

>> No.34443255

hi djt

hey jamal, i would like to give you more of a presence, e.g. put your articles on my site. ive watched your video on analcryaon's channel and i think it's good. good job!

>> No.34443259


>> No.34443276

yeah, he coulda learned a more useful language like hebrew or polish if he wanted to connect with his roots.

>> No.34443289

what do you say jamal? ill have a section on the site called jamals epic articles etc.

>> No.34443299

make new ones

>> No.34443307


>> No.34443320

jamal do you think 13 year old you trying to learn japanese would be into vtubers? no doubt right

>> No.34443338

time to take a raw dick up your ass

>> No.34443347

maybe if they’re incels

>> No.34443365

i could have been fluent in spanish, french and german at this point instead of intermediate (n1) at japanese

>> No.34443369

this reads like a pwn attempt but also you didnt understand what you're replying to

>> No.34443376

you made it buddy, congrats

>> No.34443392

n1 is cefr c1 which is fluency

>> No.34443399

all european cultures are so similar that it wouldn’t matter which language you’d learn, since the kind of stuff you’d have access to wouldn’t be all that special in comparison to stuff you already have access to through english.
it’d be like being able to watch bbc tv series, except shittier.

>> No.34443404

password managers ftw

>> No.34443419

wait til that gets hacked for epic lul

>> No.34443428

not a pwn attempt.
i just don’t enjoy vtubers/female streamers and can’t imagine why anybody would, unless it were only because they’re desperate for having some kind of interaction with real women.

>> No.34443453

can someone link me to konosuba season 3???

>> No.34443455

just jerked off to the second half of ABP-477 for the 20th time. wish there were more jav where they absolutely rail these dumb whores

>> No.34443467


>> No.34443474

the reason why shit like konosuba exists is the same reason why vtubers and gentle femdom shit exist, which is that men no longer see themselves in possession of women, but rather as their playdolls.

>> No.34443478

the fuck are you talking about

>> No.34443486

i’m volcel

>> No.34443489

incel alert

>> No.34443492

if you didn’t get it, you’ll never get it

>> No.34443498

our brains evolved to deal with spoken language
so the "just feel it" works with spoken language

there are just so many ways to express yourself
and anime is repetitive and repeats the same themes over and over

>> No.34443511

maybe the anime you watch

>> No.34443517
File: 841 KB, 900x1273, 924fbdbca5395cd1b293f169a2c85950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34443519

finna start /jp/dct

>> No.34443520

there isn't a type of anime I watch, i simply watch everything there is available

>> No.34443530

i posted a picture by that artist like 2 weeks ago

>> No.34443534
File: 193 KB, 850x1250, 47DF4F12-CE97-4F2F-A5FC-770AE3FBF0F1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Daily Chino Thread?

>> No.34443535

Daily Chinese Thread

>> No.34443536
File: 122 KB, 850x480, sample_5ef87224179a8aa11771f2fc5dd6218cdd1adb33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34443542
File: 9 KB, 345x260, anime.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ok, maybe u're right, i'm watching a lot of isekai

>> No.34443543

Hey guys, been lurking for a while but I have a question now. What is the best approach for the monolingual transition and how to deal with the so called dictionary words?
Any help will be appreciated.
PS: I don't know why this matters but people seem to respect intermediate learners better. So yeah, I'm (lower) intermediate. Just finished Genki 1

>> No.34443546

me and quippydippy are gonna make it

>> No.34443551

galactic heroes

>> No.34443552

tú eres el chino

>> No.34443570

Just learn more Japanese words and look up stuff on Google when in doubt.
Eventually you’ll come across weird words/expressions that have got no translation over to English that you’ll have to use monolingual dictionaries for.
Anything else is just forcing it.

>> No.34443572

you need to just naosu yourself

>> No.34443573

wouldn't respect a girl who is ok with me being a neet. shit sucks

>> No.34443590

so basically you either wanna die as an incel or become a cuck. wise words, anon. wise words

>> No.34443591

grew out of social anxiety a long time ago but now i have social disinterest instead and no im not coping its reality

>> No.34443594
File: 222 KB, 850x1197, A8372993-8DC3-4E66-89ED-AC4AB75E9DA9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

el chino de chinos.
el chino más chino de este lado del pacífico

>> No.34443600

yes, but there are themes that repeat over and over

>> No.34443601

i would 100% date a neet girl if we had some way to support our selves

>> No.34443606

whats ur point though

>> No.34443612

i've tried that, i was forced to go to college and graduated but i had panic attacks and failed some classes because i skipped the presentations lmfao

>> No.34443614

this will only happen if you get a really nice income and are open to compromise sometimes (like going out every other week). if not, youll die alone.

>> No.34443617

120% chino

>> No.34443624

never have to work a day in my life if i dont want to but i need something to do so whatever, i'll probably retire by 40

>> No.34443625

this is the intermediate thread, ok

my point is that if you are already familiar with anime and japanese you can progress with your listening very fast due to situations that are predictable in anime.

>> No.34443629

seems like mommys spoiling her special snowflake too much

>> No.34443634

immersion means thing and thing.
not thing intermediary facilitator thing.

>> No.34443636

im not spoiled at all we've always lived well below our means. if i was spoiled id never work at all lol

>> No.34443641

just because i suck her toes at a daily basis. is it weird? ive been doing this since i was a kid

>> No.34443645

not really. sometimes comedy anime have characters twisting clichés for the sake of humor, and it’s very common for anime characters and ln narrators to say something that isn’t conceptually unoriginal using words that you might not be used to hearing. technically, you might “get” what’s going on, but you might not “catch” what exactly is being said.

>> No.34443665

i got a friend who’s a schizo neet who spends everyday making “nigger hate” threads on /pol/ and /b/. i know he really likes anime, so do you think i should tell him to learn japanese so his racist posting addiction cools down a bit?
or do you think it’s not gonna help?

>> No.34443666

and the card attached would say thank you for being a friend

>> No.34443669

no we're just gonna get more moe clones in djt

>> No.34443672

i'm watching something right now
a guy has received a punishment
his friends appear
you already know what they are going to say
>let me help you blah blah blah
>nah this is my punishment
>nah u'r my nakama, we can't let ya suffer alone blah blah blah

this is what i mean

>> No.34443678

tell him to go out and breath some fresh air once in a while.

>> No.34443681

all social skills all the time. go to a party every night

>> No.34443696


>> No.34443698

watching formulaic shit from the same company even probably.

>> No.34443708

sounds boring and tedious

>> No.34443711

that's the point, you fucking retards. have you never heard of krashen and comprehensible input?

>> No.34443724

yeah it's pseudoscience. you're better off watching stuff that's harder to understand

>> No.34443731

if you care about difficulty of what you're watching beyond the very beginning you are NOT going to make it

>> No.34443741

are you not the guy who just said they watched terrible anime on purpose bc memelinguistics

>> No.34443742

other guy here. i got a friend who started laughing at low level japanese learner, calling them “ngmis”, and telling them to “suck his huge cock” after he got like 1/3 of the way through with core6k.
he also thinks 空気 is just a meme and that levels of respectfulness are just shit made up to scare foreigners from settling in japan and treating the country as they see it fit.
he might just end up passing his toxicity from one place to another.

>> No.34443744

doing anything all the time is tedious
only drones enjoy that

>> No.34443748

watching rape jav

>> No.34443749

what does monkaS mean

>> No.34443750

yeah air is a meme

>> No.34443751

post the hardest anime you've seen:

ghost in the shell stand alone complex and the movies
fate zero

in that order. idk why baki was so fucking hard. kengan ashura was also hard in the same way.

>> No.34443752

reading with djt breaks every 15 minutes

>> No.34443756


>> No.34443763

galactic heroes

>> No.34443772

im djt time boxing too
3 minutes of anime, 5 minutes of djt then free time for 15 minutes then repeat

>> No.34443774

watching anime with djt breaks every 20 seconds

>> No.34443775

any anime with tons of sci-fi terminology is pretty hard to gesu without subs

>> No.34443776

im a pseudo normie. i really like it

>> No.34443778

tokyomotion dot net

>> No.34443784


>> No.34443785

the most difficult anime i ever watched (in terms of vocabulary) was 十二国記
but the grammar is retarded easy and the way the voice actors enunciate stuff makes it sound like it’s made for kids

>> No.34443792
File: 3 KB, 375x41, AuN9QcFz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34443821
File: 2 KB, 303x41, yosh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34443825

the hardest anime i ever watched due to its shitty sound quality was mad bull 34
the plot was shit too btw.

>> No.34443831

at this point the only stuff that's hard for me is shows where people scream a lot of lines

>> No.34443834

too slow. sentence cards?

>> No.34443837


>> No.34443839

outlaw star

>> No.34443843

text vocab cards

>> No.34443850

attention starved dipshit

>> No.34443853

u would get more out of watching and reading stuff for an extra 2 hours per day than droning like a braindead idiot

>> No.34443854

how the fuck are people still getting butthurt by oboeruguy

>> No.34443855

in terms of actual acquisition for production, you’re more likely to benefit from i+0 material where you understand absolutely everything and can just sit back picking up customary expressions and figuring out how each thing is meant to be used

>> No.34443860

what is a text vocab card? i just wanna know if there are sentences or vocabs on the front side

>> No.34443862
File: 623 KB, 1280x534, 1618966689999.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34443864

might do a systematic run through of all anime made from 1980 to present to beef up my planning list

>> No.34443867

yep this guy fell for memes

>> No.34443873

I don’t really enjoy learning languages anymore,

>> No.34443876

do you prefer oboeruposter or holoposters

>> No.34443878


>> No.34443885

>picking up customary expressions
if you are 'picking up' anything, it means i+1 at least, retard.

>> No.34443886

there are several oboeru posters

>> No.34443888

those are the same

>> No.34443891


>> No.34443892

look here, you absolute retard. don't you understand that you're saying that i+1 is pseudoscience while advocating for i+arbitrary number

you're arguing that our brains are better equipped to deal with a huge amount of new information at once instead of predictable and easy to understand info

this has been proven wrong by research. this is not pseudoscience, you baboon. this is science.

it makes no sense scientifically speaking nor logically speaking.

you must have 80 IQ if you doubt this for a second. i can't even imagine how dumb someone has to be to come to he conclusion that systematically learning something is less efficient than being bombarded by new information at once

>> No.34443902

ive learned plenty of words where the word i learned is the only one i understand in the sentence (aside from grammar)

>> No.34443903


>> No.34443911

getting off to real rape is /b/ tier

>> No.34443916

i just post them. i dont rep them. sometimes i check my note file if i think ive oboerued it before and that helps me remember where i saw it, especially because i can see the other words i oboerued around the same time

>> No.34443917

nobody likes you anymore

>> No.34443920

youre baiting, right?

>> No.34443924
File: 3.35 MB, 256x256, 1615842768838.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't learn a language, you get used to it.
It's a lifestyle, not an academic subject.
You don't speak a language, you sing it.

>> No.34443926

i guess they're like anki cards in that it's an in-thread SRS system for people who already learned them

>> No.34443928

yeah except they only post n9 words

>> No.34443930
File: 57 KB, 620x349, 1B0508F2-859B-4794-A7AC-390F8EB07E4D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i don’t really give a shit about any people here. i don’t care for local ecelebs or memes.
I don’t care for the culture. I just can’t think of a place that’d be good to go to.

>> No.34443933

no you/they asked what text vocab cards were and that video explains it

>> No.34443936


>> No.34443937

those are the ones you probably forgot because you stopped repping them so long ago

>> No.34443941


>> No.34443943

the mind of the anki drone

>> No.34443944

just passed the n20

>> No.34443945


>> No.34443947

not true if he reads for at least 8 hours

>> No.34443954

i sharted the other day when i was doing my anki reps and now im fearful of every fart

>> No.34443955


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