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read the guide

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24/7 immersion stream

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get an anal plug

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ive actually looked up the jlpt level of some of these words and they're usually n3 and sometimes n1.

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is this neko girl real? i want more photos of her. shes really cute

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any easyish podcasts or youtube channels to listen to while i'm driving or falling asleep?

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i'm scared i would enjoy it too much and turn gay

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it wasn't real rape.
who's this ciaran

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big dick coming through

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real bro

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Holy shit lol

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hope you fall asleep while driving haha

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not a holo fag. sorry. was talking about the girl posting her face and feet (with socks)

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it will probably happen one day, i have narcolepsy and sleep apnea

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sounds great

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Then why the fuck do you stay in this shithole?
Why don’t you leave this ghetto full of intellectually and creatively decrepit people?
What’s the point of knowing a language if the only place where you go to make some use of your knowledge in is this thread only for the sake of telling other people who have a question is to “Read more” and “NGMI”? Do you think that any of these fucking low-level trash given up weeaboos will somehow teach you something? Do you think they’ll entertain you? Do you care for their dumb comments and low effort posts?
Do you even pretend to like this place, or do you not think there’s any other place where your presence would be well received?

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can u link it? must have missed it

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japan isn’t real

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learned everything i know about narcolepsy from little bustas

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its probably deleted by now and it happened 2 or 3 threads ago. cant be bothered to find it. sorry. but you didnt lose anything with the sock pic (if that was what youre looking for).
the face is really cute, tho

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good night, /djt/!

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playing san andreas with japanese subs

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oh ok. also found this one. looks alright. realized i missed these posts cause i filtered her lol

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>the face is really cute, tho
this guy needs more dick

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nah come on now

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imagine being so fucking braindead that you think it’s ok to post your face on /jp/djt of all fucking places

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kek who the fuck tribbed her already

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that looks like a young slav boy

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Don't even recognise these threads any more.

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i'm ashamed to share a player with a diarrhea chugger like yourself

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they were shit 4 years ago. they still are.

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that's a dude

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here's me. whats gonna happen?

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they've gotten worse and worse somehow. when queef came here i thought we'd reach a low that wouldn't be beaten for a while but it's gotten even worse somehow. the threads are now the worst they've ever been.

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i’mma call you a boomer

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i learned japanese in 6 months

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It’s all because of Jamal’s shitty posts. Jamal decided the thread should be about anything but Japanese, and the people decided to accept the big Jamal cock.

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jesus cripes

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>4 years
>whenever that was
and still n5-4... lmao

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time for you to leave

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imagine unironically learning fucking japanese.

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im gonna tribute your picture

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me when i read djt

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i started posting in this shithole 2 years ago. i’ve read through threads on the archive from before that just for curiosity’s sake.

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my pits smells like cat piss

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>no “had it not for the laws of this land, i would have slaughtered you”
shit pic

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Where can I download Migaku extension?

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they have it here

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post anki status

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wotd: 娼婦

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I can't read a single kanji there, what does it say

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Why the fuck do you care? Fuck off.

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So I can download it.

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kisarama zengin katana no sabi ni siteyaru ze

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i'll extend my foot right up your ass *extends foot up ass*

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this is the intermediate thread

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i don’t use that shit anymore.
it’s there on my computer but i never touch it

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thank you for removing your nametag

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Imagine using retard tools so you can waste your life learning a language to consume games and cartoons for retards.

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at migaku patreon. it was totally worth it


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just confirmed i am now n3 by taking a practice test

>> No.34444202

is there a n1 practice test? link it pls

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she wants to give them tetanus from the rust on her katana

>> No.34444205

congrats on making pre beginner

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i am once again asking for jalup or tango n1

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those 10 question tests dont count

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this is a poetic verse, all these are different words, spelled slightly different but have completely different meanings

yeah i think arabic is harder than japanese.

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mined 栓

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>yes i’m gonna make it and be the peak consumer hikineet leech who’s gonna surpass everybody else in terabytes of media pirated by being the most servile sheep in the world yes fuck productivity

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someone please post a compilation of all nyanko girls photos

>> No.34444229

might pledge the $15 option to the refold patreon

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my awareness of what's being used is stronger when i watch anime raw

i just heard
and i realized you can use 作る with 金

>> No.34444239

>refold patreon
what do they offer? migaku has plugins and shit. what does refold offer?? motivational speech?

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peace of mind knowing you joined the right side

>> No.34444247

i dunno i just like matt. the other guy seems very odd

>> No.34444251

takes me an hour to read a dragon ball chapter with 40% comprehension, lol

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>nyanko girls
nyanko girls is an anime you fucking mongoloid

>> No.34444254

I donated $100 on matts stream the other day and the motherfucker didn't answer my question but /djt/ did
fucking jew

>> No.34444255

don't know how this retard is so popular with his pretentious low effort "dude stands in front of a mic" videos

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how did u learn japanese in 6 months 0.0 ?!

>> No.34444264

lmふぁお really hope this is a joke

>> No.34444265

dunno that migaku guy is ugly though

>> No.34444276

would prolly take me 30 minutes to read a volume with 100% comprehension you'll get there eventually bro

>> No.34444278

$100 is peanuts for matt
dude is a high scale scammer

>> No.34444279

translation: durka durka muhammad allahu ackbar kaboom

>> No.34444282

by knowing 60% of chinese loan words + 10% of english loan words going into it. easier than learning spanish

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>30 minutes to read a comic book

>> No.34444289

guess you dont know enough kanji to get the jokes

>> No.34444291

thats like 10 seconds per page bro im doing pretty good if i do say so myself

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>> No.34444301

im talking about the girls trip, retard. i just cant remember it

>> No.34444302

you gotta look at the pictures. 30 minutes is too fast

>> No.34444306

it means i fucked your mom

>> No.34444318

all the guys flexing are either faking or they've been learning the language for 10 years

i know because i have a 120 IQ and a talent for languages. anyone saying they can grasp japanese easily in less than 3 years is lying shamelessly or they don't have the capacity to judge their own ignorance (dunning kruger effect)

>> No.34444327

don't really care how clever or "funny" you think the premise is. i just can't stand watching this idiot stand there in the same exact spot with his big ugly mic in every single video. somehow having an expensive camera is supposed to make up for his lack of effort to be entertaining i guess

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>> No.34444331

ok whitoid

>> No.34444337

>i just can't stand watching this idiot stand there in the same exact spot
what personality discorder is this

>> No.34444345

text book cope
>i just can't stand watching this idiot stand there in the same exact spot
laughed for a solid 15 seconds at this

>> No.34444349

watching vloggers? dont know. i think people are just stupid

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do you mine doujinshi?

>> No.34444361

yeah why isnt he stumbling around japan making an ass of himself

>> No.34444365

DJTniggers so fuckin dumb and incompetent at their self-claimed hobby that they wouldn’t be able to transcribe some lines from a JAV

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>i know because i have a 120 IQ and a talent for languages

>> No.34444379

Arguelles, the ultimate polyglot

>an American linguist notable for his work on Korean

says that even he still has much to learn in korean after YEARS. korean is very similar to japanese

>Arguelles is highly proficient in 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Catalan, Swedish and Korean,[1] and is accomplished in many more, such as Latin, Greek and Sanskrit, which he had studied by the end of college. He has studied over 60 languages to various degrees of proficiency.[12]


here is arguelles speaking in arabic

>> No.34444380

Of course. It's recommended to tailor your initial word intake towards the content you consume.

>> No.34444382

Able to translate the dialogue between him and her at
1 hour 30 minutes 50 seconds when they slowly start fucking

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>guy tries learning a bunch of languages
>never gets good at one that’s not part of the sake language family as his native one because he never put much effort into it

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lol arguelles considers that he is done with a language when he can read their literature without a dictionary.

>> No.34444425

he never learned chinese or japanese, so he probably just has problems guessing the meanings of words without knowing the meanings of the hanja that they use.

>> No.34444428

how much do you comprehend at this stage?

>> No.34444444

this language is literally impossible

>> No.34444454

oh fuck off

>> No.34444465

did some guy just write a fanfiction in the comments

>> No.34444469

wasted get

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Septuplets of truth. Pack up everyone /djt/ is disbanded.

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is this it, /djt/?

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fuck, its over

>> No.34444493

Ya kalb

>> No.34444499

cool except no one posted their faces on djt

>> No.34444516

Welp, I was on the cusp of giving up & this is the final nail in the coffin.

>> No.34444519

this is all raw and im watching galactic heroes, so very low. when i switched over to totoro it was a lot easier. tried peppa pig for a little bit and yeah i could follow along fully understanding most sentences without lookups. but i think comprehensible stuff is a waste of time so i like sticking with stuff i can't understand at all. generally able to figure out what they are saying enough to look up words in the dictionary, but i do make listening mistakes like i keep confusing 提督 and 帝国. way better at reading - actually a lot of the time i'll just type the word into my ime, see the word in the suggestions and remember what it means.

>> No.34444524

his arabic accent sounds kinda funny but his pronunciation isn't half bad

>> No.34444525

bros i once posted a picture of my pinky finger am. i gonna get doxxd and turned into a human onahole to be used by 20 black men?

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>> No.34444532

The 4s of Death

>> No.34444534

three did in this thread

>> No.34444538

another hololive wanikani fag bites the dust

>> No.34444542

include me in the screenshot

>> No.34444543

>but i think comprehensible stuff is a waste of time so i like sticking with stuff i can't understand at all
really hoping this is bait

>> No.34444546

stop posting pics of young men
do you want me to imagine myself rubbing dicks with them and sucking their cocks?

>> No.34444555

I think that when it comes to spoken language the ability to express yourself in an understandable manner > beautiful accent

>> No.34444572

based, you might as well learn an actually useful language

>> No.34444579

why do japanese people hate bell peppers so much? literally one of the best vegetables there ever was

>> No.34444582

guys, i usually help the noobs here but i have a question cuz i'm feeling lazy
i probably can find it by myself but fuck it imma ask it
where do i find all the pitch accents. i already know about matt's qolibri shit but is there another source?

>> No.34444585

ok now, guys, where's the catch
no way i have to learn thousands of kanji
you can all stop this joke now

>> No.34444586

As usual DJT can’t even do a simple fucking transcription challenge. I guess this general really doesn’t know Japanese just as the memes say.
Fuck this place, fuck Matt, fuck Jamal, and fuck Yomichanniggers.
You’ll never develop listening skills if you don’t try listening to raw stuff once in a while.

>> No.34444592

yomichan has an official pitch accent thing and there's an anki addon to add it to all your existing cards

>> No.34444593 [DELETED] 

dogen made some new kanji

>> No.34444598

they probably undercook them

>> No.34444599

this was posted already and it's not any less unfunny the second time

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>> No.34444605

ok, gonna delete

>> No.34444607

the comprehensible input stuff is highly ideological and not empirical. i dunno, check for yourself if you have a science education. the wikipedia article and the papers cited are not convincing at all. i guess it's convincing if you buy in right out of the gate when you watch matt vs japan or whatever.

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>> No.34444614

it's more of an im not clicking your shitty malware porn site do you have any idea how many fucking scripts are waiting to load on that site? it bounces you through a thousand fucking services

>> No.34444626

don't watch porn sorry

>> No.34444629

how can you delete your own posts on 4chan?

>> No.34444636

you’re probably the same arab faggot who never vocaroo’d the page i uploaded because he couldn’t read a few kanji there, and who claims to have passed the n1 kotobaweb readings test but has never posted it outside of his little homosexual circlejerk on le matrix

>> No.34444638

don't need papers it's obvious once you actually experience it you're probably a burger

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>> No.34444641

are you blind

>> No.34444646

absolutely everyone uses 4chan-x

>> No.34444650


>> No.34444653

i don’t like the way it looks, and i can’t use it on my phone or my tablet

>> No.34444654

>the wikipedia article and papers are not convincing at all
care elaborating
if i'm in a cult i wanna get out

>> No.34444662

never used this shit
not an addicted like you

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File: 214 KB, 900x1200, EHvCG8MVAAERzMC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

even better its the japanese lucky number 4 lmao

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>> No.34444672

dame dameeeee dame yooo

>> No.34444678


>> No.34444681

thanks cpt obvious faggot

>> No.34444682


>> No.34444686

since jav titles are so long, thinking about scrapping all the titles and founding out what's the most frequent words in them

>> No.34444690

book 1 was better

>> No.34444699

this is the first good post i see here in months

>> No.34444705

probably 素人

>> No.34444707

probably the or and

>> No.34444708

you can’t really prove it’s wrong, but at the same time you can’t really prove it’s right either.
it’s true that people who say stuff do it because they think they know what it means, but you can’t really say that there’s really a straight road between merely knowing what something means and being able to use it as part of your speech.
it’s more like a twisting, winding road with lots of loops that eventually comes out at the other side o the mountain.
it’s true that there’s certain kinds of behavior that people can get bullied into accepting (like lowercaseposting was here on djt by jamal), but it’s not like people will just easily accept somebody else’s way of speaking, or way of conceptualizing something, unless they either happen to find lots of possible evidence for it, or it somehow matches the way they already think.
language is a reflection of inner thought processes, not a simple input-output process.

>> No.34444710

Anyone able to translate that dialogue?

>> No.34444727

>philosophical bullshit
>muh jamal
yep, this is a tobira guy post

>> No.34444732

still no idea who tobira guy is

>> No.34444734
File: 410 KB, 830x466, u3LbeieSoa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34444735

didn't read

>> No.34444752

clarifying: i know how to drive but i can't actually go out there and drive cuz i fear all the situations

>> No.34444766

an autistic mexican man with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia who hates matt and quizmaster, who also loves flowers, trees, and dogs.

>> No.34444781

ok but why tobira?

>> No.34444839

tobira is the find love in japan guy on youtube who said he hates niggers

>> No.34444849
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imagine wasting 96.774% of your life just like that

>> No.34444850

tobira guy is my friend.

>> No.34444862

Any Genki Lesson summarization out there? Im on Lesson 3 and all I understood there is Ichidan and Godan verbs

>> No.34444928

ESL here

1 year later and this is my experience with raw anime

>what the fuck are you going to do now protagonist? XXXXXXX kill your friend xxxxx xxxxx *my boss* has ordered me to carry out this xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx are you ready? i'm going to attack!

>> No.34444930

but i+1 makes the best anki sentence cards since they're easiest to remember

>> No.34444935

i have the willpower to sit through nearly 0% comprehensible stuff. i think that's better for improving my listening skill if they talk fast with accents and use a greater variety of vocabulary, aside from learning new words

>> No.34444936
File: 921 KB, 822x822, D78C7E5E-2214-4B09-BC2A-479045CE75C3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tobira Guy is like the stars of the heavens. One day they’re lit up. The next day they explode. We can see the light emitted by them, but we cannot feel them, much less receive any warmth from them.
Yet they still exist and have a burning core and outer surface. They are no projection, no spectacle of lights.

>> No.34444939

this guy is clearly baiting stop giving him attention

>> No.34444954

damn japanese people are fun they really know how to live

>> No.34444958

jamal wanna chime in?

>> No.34444997

you clearly have to memorize kanji and words to be able to read, idiot

>> No.34445013

n1 in 1 month

>> No.34445018


>> No.34445022

yeah i won't dispute the utility in describing what you're saying. i could stretch it further to say seeing the stuff happening on screen is the i and the +1 is the single unknown word they kept saying in every incomprehensible sentence.

really responding to the treatment of it here as an empirical truth of how language is learned, and several best practices have spun off from that like "targeted sentence cards" and peppa pig. they might be good but it's not plainly obvious and "science."

>> No.34445055

just read whatever you are interested in
you'll have to lookup a fuckload of words anyway

>> No.34445056

krashen and kaufmann both weighed in and said vtubers are optimal input for learning a foreign language

>> No.34445068

vtubers are optimal input for virgins who will never have any friends let alone have a girlfriend

>> No.34445074

finna acquire this comprehensible input

>> No.34445076

people with a IQ higher than 100 can arrive at obvious conclusions by themselves while sub-100 niggas will say the stupidest shit based on cliches because they have no reasoning powers

>> No.34445085


>> No.34445086

nice self own

>> No.34445096

>people with a IQ

>> No.34445145

IQ is about recognizing patterns and reasoning
not memorizing arbitrary rules

>> No.34445198

low iq cope

>> No.34445202

hate is not welcome here

>> No.34445222

is all of that actually true?

>> No.34445223

*obvious from the time stamps you literally have a low iq
look i corrected myself lol

>> No.34445234

probably just his excuse for when the translation comes out to something that contradicts the 完璧 king james bible

>> No.34445272

no i corrected it so it doesnt count right

>> No.34445285

why do some subs have these retarded brackets

>> No.34445287


>> No.34445301

yeah that was a typo (autocorrect on my blackberry)

>> No.34445318

>As of 2019, Anderson has been banned from more than thirty countries, including every English-speaking developed country other than the United States (his home country); and most English-speaking African countries


>> No.34445350

season 7 of LOST

>> No.34445362

Can I learn Japanese if I'm racist?

>> No.34445366

afraid not. i had to give that up to learn keigo

>> No.34445371

they never seem to pronounce the ひ in 久しぶり

>> No.34445384

it's actually required to be racist since to get in the japanese mindset you must be as racist as the average japanese person

>> No.34445417

yosh finished season 1 of 名探偵コナン

>> No.34445463

hey, does immersion work or not?
never saw anybody provide a satisfying explanation for this
just hazy cult shit from matt and company

>> No.34445468


>> No.34445471

yeah it doesnt work. you gotta go to university like everyone else

>> No.34445484

i think what immersion really does is force you to focus on the language more desu

>> No.34445492

to an extent yes. not to the extent that retards like matt, jachink, moe, etc. say though

>> No.34445493

yeah it's great. you can watch and rewatch the same episode over and over without getting bored

>> No.34445497

if immersion doesnt work how did you learn english

>> No.34445517

i knew matt was bullshit as soon as he started talking about passive immersion in your sleep

>> No.34445518

if you weren't already racist, you would end up becoming racist anyway. it kinda goes with the online japanese culture.

>> No.34445521

has anyone here ever seen a trans dick? wtf does it even look like

please no pictures just a description thank

>> No.34445522

immersion just means that you must consume content in the language daily

for example, i'm an esl, i'm immersing in english right now.

>> No.34445524

the way babies learn is not the same as a 20 year old

>> No.34445529

playing rpg games and english is retarded. same alphabet as my native language. tons of similar words. any low iq (including myself) can learn this "language"

>> No.34445543


>> No.34445545

but if someone screams WAKE UP you okiru. that proves your brain is listening for language while you're asleep

>> No.34445550

idk i only emerse

>> No.34445552

i was grinding anki when i was 8

>> No.34445583

imma finish chrono trigger in japanese

>> No.34445612

just take meth dude

>> No.34445636

i consume japanese daily
but i don't know if i'm improving

>> No.34445647

how much total - episodes, chapters

>> No.34445648

do you have a text dump for it? would like to play it but it's pointless if i can't look up words

>> No.34445669

had a period where i was watching 20+ episodes of anime a day
i've read 5 chapters of dragon ball today and counting

>> No.34445686

yep, you need rtk. but yeah i have a text dump for ya


>> No.34445688


>> No.34445702

thanks a lot dude, cheers

>> No.34445718

just learn to use a radical dictionary

>> No.34445725 [DELETED] 

rape really is the best thing ever, can someone sauce me on this though?

>> No.34445740

i don't count so i don't know the exact number but as an approximation i've consumed no less than 400 anime episodes (rookie numbers but it is what it is)
as for manga, only 27 as i only started reading recently (my comprehension wasn't good enough before)
thanks for the tips i'll try re-watching

>> No.34445752

Not him, but how do you keep track of how much you've watched?

>> No.34445779


>> No.34445798

i list out anime series in a note file that i plan to watch with number of episodes. when i complete the series i add the number of episodes to the total. divide by 3 for total hours. i have a rewatch counter. separately i use kitsu.io

>> No.34445818

it could be if they activated more of their brain

>> No.34445821

don't wanna sleep because that means i'll have to do anki cards when i wake up

>> No.34445834

how long do you spend on anki?

>> No.34445838
File: 2 KB, 303x41, yosh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34445852
File: 1 KB, 315x31, anki_2021-04-26_14-56-02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wow aha, I'm droning pretty hard as well.

>> No.34445858

seem like a lot of time spent not learning japanese

>> No.34445862


>> No.34445875


>> No.34445881

not wrong there.
could be worse if retarding with 15 second sentence cards.

>> No.34445885

what does a trans dick look like? have you ever seen one

>> No.34445932
File: 455 KB, 1260x1080, 444444死刑44444.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> 4444444
> 死死死死死死死死
sasuga, 死刑-chan

>> No.34445947

why do you do this?
do you do it every day?
do you retain the words you drone?

>> No.34445948

I average 35-40 minutes for 330-400 cards, rate me

>> No.34445953


>> No.34445960

i average that for 40 cards
though it's sentence cards

>> No.34445973

why am I getting tingles

>> No.34445975

almost forgot to do my anki for today

>> No.34445976

what the fuck...

>> No.34445981
File: 2 KB, 303x48, nAzFSht.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

same but i was multi tasking

>> No.34445991
File: 772 KB, 1200x1152, 5626wqnik6z41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>zoumotsu puzzle
>the japanese i teach is not very useful
it's ok korosan we can't get this lesson anywhere else

>> No.34445995


>> No.34446001


>> No.34446004

how many new cards a day

>> No.34446005

language learning is like weight lifting
it's not an IQ thing

>> No.34446022

the cards are good quality though bro
wish i could rep them faster

>> No.34446032

good quality is nice until you realise you could have learnt 3 words in the time it took to learn 1 word with a sentence card

>> No.34446034
File: 9 KB, 204x212, 671.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I see those youtube and whatever personalities post their faces on the internet too and I wanted to give DJT's roster another girl so when when internet Twitter fights happen anybody can say "DJT isn't just retarded guys, it's retarded girls too"

Also I thought it would be a drop in the ocean and once the thread died nobody would give a shit because these threads move so fast.

>> No.34446042
File: 17 KB, 575x116, EmhbJm_XcAAppl-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the fuck is this font now?

>> No.34446045


>> No.34446050

did u save the tribute pics?

>> No.34446069

how do i kill it with fire?

>> No.34446086

is this ha or wa

>> No.34446094
File: 85 KB, 1024x373, 1578511444825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34446097

I had a stroke while typing that wtf

>> No.34446098
File: 495 KB, 1280x720, 1605487093507.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can understand but I'm not slavic, I'm Finnish descent.

Also I haven't checked the whole thread yet.

>> No.34446106

please upload all photos youve sent so far. didnt get to save them.
except the tribute ones. they are disgusting

>> No.34446113
File: 348 KB, 1280x720, 機関幕末異聞ラストキャバリエ_2021-04-26_15-31-32.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

breaking the third wall and telling me to save... 怖い

>> No.34446127
File: 182 KB, 298x462, koma244.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i want to see jamal's undoubtedly highly punchable face

>> No.34446137

these conjugations are very japanese in construction

>> No.34446143

I think of Nyan like a gamer tag, and the actual name is oroKo. [Nyan]愚子

>> No.34446149

ngl its kind of a chad move to just immediately cum on a girls face after she attentionwhores and post pics

>> No.34446154


>> No.34446157

i think its a nice way to tell everyone youre an incel though

>> No.34446163
File: 568 KB, 595x694, EyXERHFWEAEa-bY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How best can I get to reading hentai doujins fluently?

>> No.34446177


>> No.34446179

Don't tell me that. It's the only thing I'm proud of.

Mods, remove his repeating digits they make me sad.

>> No.34446182
File: 125 KB, 1793x343, 1618990350547.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34446183


>> No.34446193
File: 22 KB, 885x639, iq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

drinking has destroyed my brain. i've become dumber


>> No.34446225
File: 2.12 MB, 1218x1496, kanihouse.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cannot escape wanikani. it's in all japanese media

>> No.34446228

some kanji are just too big

>> No.34446241

didnt realize jamal was female

>> No.34446245

imagine having to write that shit down back in the day

>> No.34446269

youtube has started recommending me random japanese songs
honestly it's a little embarrassing

>> No.34446272
File: 9 KB, 338x224, Traditional-Simplified-Chinese.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mao was right

>> No.34446276

ahhh much better

>> No.34446297

> Japanese media
> Dogen

Kill yourself retard

>> No.34446324

> open djt
> they're talking about stupid shit again
> install parental controls
> block 4chan
> set random string as password
back to my light novel...

>> No.34446335

i know it sounds crazy but you can simply close the tab!! or even better, dont come here at all.
how does that sound, retard?

>> No.34446338

imagine coming here

>> No.34446343

i have decided i like them

>> No.34446344

so you're telling me... if I just watch anime without subtitles... I can learn japanese...?

>> No.34446346

imagine coming

>> No.34446347


>> No.34446348

man, danmachi season 2 is the worst shit ever

>> No.34446359 [DELETED] 

yes, they are the most active ones in this thread.

hey brazilians, stay the fuck out of japan nobody here likes you niggers.

>> No.34446364

shut up pedro

>> No.34446367


>> No.34446380

>open djt
>see retard that presses space after his funny meme arrow
>he made up a fake story to get (you)s
>pretends he closed the tab but actually presses update every 12 seconds to see if someone replied
>gets self-concious whilst reading this because everything is true
>the smile on his face fades into a slight frown
>with his fat potato body he ponders on how I knew all of this and then decides to surpress it like he always does

>> No.34446402

i'm brazilian and i'm here wondering. wtf are you niggas smoking? what did he say that indicates that he is brazilian? it's fucking 3 am here. we're sleeping.

>> No.34446407

wtf is 棒読み? some definitions say it's monotonous and others say it's singsong

>> No.34446425

monotonous is kind of singsong

>> No.34446441

clearly not nigger

>> No.34446456

how many words did you know (in anki) before reading your first visual novel?

>> No.34446474

here have the audio from my anime card for that word. you'll understand it from the context


>> No.34446480

how do you know how many words you know
i can do kanji grid but there's no word grid afaik

>> No.34446501

you can rely on morphman or simply count the numbers of cards you have (assuming you use vocab cards or, in case you use sentences, you only add sentences with one new word)

>> No.34446518

i'm the exception

>> No.34446528

what the fuck is a morphman, you got some dude counting how many morphemes you know?

>> No.34446540

jumped into my first one at around 1k words, gave up after the prologue
finished my first actual short vn at 3k words
at 5k words i managed to get through a medium length vn

>> No.34446550

i think it's an anki addon that evaluates how many words you know based on your deck and then rearranges a given deck based on that so that the order is i+1

>> No.34446551
File: 39 KB, 450x337, 404-Anonymous-5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah I know, I've been on 4chan since 2006. One of my drawings is even a 404 picture.
It's just since this thread is full of personalities anyway I figured another one wouldn't hurt, so to me, the guys paved the way, otherwise I wouldn't have. Actually, when I first came back to DJT and started posting in it last year, I only posted as Anonymous...

You can't save them from the archive?

>> No.34446558

no youre not. im here as well

retard lmao

>> No.34446568

>You can't save them from the archive?
probably. i just dont understand how this works :'(

>> No.34446574

>brazilian hours
see ya fellas

>> No.34446576

vai dormir, filho da puta

>> No.34446588

vai voce, arrombado do caralho

>> No.34446608

i'm a girl too xD

>> No.34446613

ah, or should i say

>> No.34446634

post your face so i can cum on it

>> No.34446652

I'll post feet. Soles or toes? You guys get to choose only one. Choose wisely

>> No.34446664

shut the fuck up and get the fuck out you ugly goofy whore

>> No.34446669

no i don't want it known that i post here
what if someone were to recognize me
would be embarrassing desu
tough choice but definitely toes

>> No.34446672

how about you fuck off?

>> No.34446675

drown in shit

>> No.34446684

that's not a trip you retards
>but post soles, real nyanoroko

>> No.34446701

>but you're okay with me cumming on it
add me on kik

>> No.34446702

>that's not a trip you retards
obviously (still want toes)

>> No.34446711


>> No.34446714
File: 35 KB, 600x445, 1608119907351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no he's just a dirty swede cavetroll and he was already fapping to my vocaroos for weeks before

>> No.34446724

real nyanko knows we want 足裏

>> No.34446739

real nyanko knows we want 足裏

>> No.34446743

real nyanko knows we want 足裏

>> No.34446749


>> No.34446771

just fucking post your soles already, we'll all glaze our monitors to them

>> No.34446790

can I learn all the grammar I need to start reading from watching the doll autist?

>> No.34446792


よかった~! (´・ω・`)


>> No.34446819


>> No.34446821


>> No.34446828

imagine having at least 5 different people wanting to fap to you, and it isnt even a body part youd want to hide and you dont post it
women truly are retarded children, are they not

>> No.34446837

you were supposed to say yes

>> No.34446877

put a bullet through your head

>> No.34446886


>> No.34446891

ur getting played son

>> No.34446902

>you leave /int/ djt for this shithole
Honestly I’m sad and disappointed

>> No.34446904

>namefag fights with other namefag
how pathetic

>> No.34446907

who are you quoting

>> No.34446913

greentext =/= quoting

>> No.34446959

you left your name on retard

>> No.34446962


>> No.34446970

>imagine having 5 different people wanting to fap to you
imagine wanting to have 5 strangers fap to you
kill yourself you human garbage

>> No.34446992

wani shill are you tobira guy

>> No.34447037

i hate women

>> No.34447040

based and same

>> No.34447043


>> No.34447045

i hate some women like the ones inhabiting this thread latel y

>> No.34447099


>> No.34447141

Does learning german take as long as learning japanese?

>> No.34447144


>> No.34447154

it takes way more
german grammar is fucking hard

>> No.34447156


>> No.34447157

did 4 hours of djt today

>> No.34447214

Care elaborating? What makes it easier?
In what way?

>> No.34447223

is kyari pamyu pamyu really a shotakon?

>> No.34447227


>> No.34447235

>What makes it easier?
it is a germanic language just like english and it is written in the latin alphabet

>> No.34447319

yea but the grammar is more difficult
japanese grammar is easy mode
only hard part is learning hiragana and katakana and kanji

>> No.34447339

if we're talking about just understanding the language then german is definitively easier.

>> No.34447460

>japanese grammar is easy mode
kill yourself

>> No.34447466

just feel it out

>> No.34447471

so do you like men instead

>> No.34447482

no I fucking despise women and am neutral to men

>> No.34447508

you can easily understand german simply by learning some words
the grammar is that easy

>> No.34447514

"why do you want to learn japanese?"
"because it's there"

>> No.34447526

i just like the way it sounds

>> No.34447531

my answer is usually cause it's hard and fun and no im not talking about my dick

>> No.34447557

japanese unnn it’s so hard unnnn and fun uhhhhnnn yeeeeah in my butt mmmm so good

>> No.34447562

think through your question.

>> No.34447594

what about 男の娘

>> No.34447645


>> No.34447649

only if they are so ike men and can cum from anal

>> No.34447795

i dun get it

>> No.34447860


>> No.34447929

how many lifetime reps does ciaran have

>> No.34448117


>> No.34448163

the things is that i+1 doesn't mean a sentence that has a single new word in it. it is just the way matt used to use it. in krashen's work i+1 is way more abstract in that it is more like a message that has something you hadn't aquired yet. this can be anything from the words being arranged in a way you haven't seen before to having a whole new word in it.

>> No.34448181

intuitively i mined sentences with the second definition but N+2. word and grammar

>> No.34448189

water in the fire

>> No.34448210

there is water at the bottom of the ocean

>> No.34448211

foot in the ass

>> No.34448256

what was the message of paprika? why did the qt mc get with the fat fuck?

>> No.34448265

hes a good guy

>> No.34448313

yea it's more useful to mine this way too
i mined some words 3 or 4 times but it's because they appear in a sentence that has a grammar pattern that's new

>> No.34448338


>> No.34448362

fuck the i+n shit whatever that is
i just read shit i enjoy

>> No.34448365


>> No.34448370

this is the beginner thread

>> No.34448379
File: 881 B, 87x88, anki.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

feel like uninstalling anki at this point

>> No.34448380


>> No.34448389

imagining some fatfuck neet getting all excited that he found some holoshit relevant to djt and looking through the thread for all the oboerus he can reply to

>> No.34448403

do 100 new cards a day for two weeks
if you endure that then doing 50 new cards a day will feel like nothing
also all that effort will make you feel emotionally invested with your deck, no way you'll quit after that

>> No.34448417


>> No.34448420

you don't know japanese

>> No.34448453

i dont have any new cards top is mining deck and i only had one card today

>> No.34448499

no but i'm working on it instead of giving shit advice

>> No.34448538

>if u dont know japanese u cant discern who knows or doesnt know japanese bc u dont know japanese
if u dont know japanese u cant discern who knows or doesnt know japanese bc u dont know japanese

>> No.34448613

idk some people say to read without a dictionary but i don’t like knowing that i’m missing little details even if i still understand most of the story

>> No.34448748






>> No.34448760

finna put a cap in ur mf ass

>> No.34448773
File: 85 KB, 484x790, q.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what pussy does to a mf

>> No.34448774

sometimes mining and learning new words is more fun than reading the story

>> No.34448780


>> No.34448783


>> No.34448801


>> No.34448827


>> No.34448855

yeah think deleting anki will incentivize me to read a lot more because im scared of forgetting my words

>> No.34448882

what do you guys use to read epubs?

>> No.34448893

unironically internet explorer

>> No.34448897


>> No.34448907
File: 2.49 MB, 500x324, 1618897980545.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bros.. i'm not gonna make it

>> No.34448909

fuck this stupid shit

>> No.34448913


>> No.34448915

lithium on android

>> No.34448933

nagatoro sucks dick there i said it

>> No.34448949

Made it to level 3 in WaniKani
So much better than Anki
Anki has a serious problem where it'll throw 100 or more cards at you which will take over an hour, but WaniKani gives far more manageable reviews
Starting to slow down a bit tho...

>> No.34448963

good luck bro!
see you when youve finished your 60 levels in 4 years!

>> No.34448991

great show never seen it though

>> No.34448994

Unless the workload increases dramatically in higher levels I'll probably be done in less than 2 years
If you know a faster way I'm all ears, but for me this seems to be it, and learning kanji isn't something I can skip

>> No.34449004

>Anki has a serious problem where it'll throw 100 or more cards
do redditors really not know how to open the settings menu

>> No.34449006

nice, gonna install that in bluestacks

>> No.34449039
File: 52 KB, 499x500, 1570074138641.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Anki has a serious problem where it'll throw 100 or more cards at you

>> No.34449050


>> No.34449051









>> No.34449065

no they just take half a minute per card

>> No.34449081
File: 4 KB, 337x50, 1588987360634.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yosh time to immerse for 8 hours

>> No.34449084

really feels like ive already made it when korone misreads words i can read just fine

>> No.34449093
File: 10 KB, 429x49, 098.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34449114

if you just fill your consciousness 100% with flashcards theres no room to be bored

>> No.34449124





>> No.34449125

flashtards leave

>> No.34449190

Also the deck I was using sucked
It was wanikani but kanji only and only one reading each card
It's definitely helping me speed through, but there's so much vocabulary I didn't get before

>> No.34449206

i do anki when i get bored of reading
so 4 hours of reading and 10 minutes of anki a day

>> No.34449213

Real men learn by moving to Japan and immersing fully by never speaking English
I've been here 10 years and I can already speak (and read) on the level of a 4 year old Japanese person

>> No.34449326







>> No.34449347

im at about 2 non-obvious new words per page on average when reading this light novel so it’s not every other sentence but i struggle with deciding whether it’s worth it to interrupt the flow for them or just guess and keep reading

>> No.34449450

if you don't look them up and never do anki how do you learn how they are said even if you learn the meaning from context

>> No.34449567

what are you buying/selling

>> No.34449574
File: 1.96 MB, 2903x4096, 1619385409030.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34449681

30 months in, white noise feeling finally going away

>> No.34449725

what anime
is this a new anime

>> No.34449755
File: 1.38 MB, 1280x720, 1619397400658.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34449765

looks like the kind of trash i would watch

>> No.34449818

just saw this scene and got a chuckle

>> No.34449833

nothing. he's just telling bs so people fall for him

>> No.34449855

put $10k into apple 株(stock) 3 years ago feels pretty damn good bros

>> No.34449906

made millions off a bitcoin years ago feels damn good bros

>> No.34450157


>> No.34450192


>> No.34450236

everyone has jobs now so we can’t post on mondays thats how you know none of us are gmi

>> No.34450241

crazy how djt has the highest concentration of bitcoin millionaires on earth

>> No.34450305
File: 105 KB, 1189x481, ha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34450357


>> No.34450431
File: 137 KB, 1440x1132, 1619443488079.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34450612


>> No.34450624


>> No.34450656

dont be a moon anti

>> No.34451032

anki cards are my life

>> No.34451104

anki cards are 1/24 of my life

>> No.34451109

i do not have and will never have a job. will kill myself first.

>> No.34451142


>> No.34451316

this sing is just ok

>> No.34451338

google play book app w/e it's called cuz it syncs and you can access it locally or from the web anywhere. and it's google so you don't have to make a new account

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