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You know, I absolutely hated the designs in TH18 yesterday, but after sleeping on it and seeing art and learning about their character, they're starting to grow on me.

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This happens literally every game.

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toewhores post TD will always look like bad fan oc characters to me. I think Zun has lost it

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I share the sentiment, I'd gladly take EoSD art over anything after Ten Desires. It almost feels like it's not ZUN drawing the artwork anymore. But there are only so many characters you can make and so many original ideas you can come up with until you very simply run out of them - and that is the case with grandpa ZUN. That, and he most likely doesn't care much at this point

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Weren't you all bitching about EoSD and dogpiling on anyone who liked it not too long ago?

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When it comes to Touhou character popularity the design is the 3rd most important thing. The character's music and story is a bigger indicator of if a character will be popular. The fans can always make the design better and they can improve on the personality. The few things the fans can't improve on is music and back story.

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What's so apparently objectively inferior about post-TD characters like for some random examples Seija, Junko, Mayumi and Mike? Is it because they aren't in any IOSYS meme PVs?

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>you all

I'm not saying they are all necessarily bad characters, but I inevitably associate them with how they look in the game, as opposed to fan-art, which is often drawn by artists better than ZUN, or whetever memes there are with them.
What I am saying, is that they look very different, at least to me. Trace the artstyle from EoSD to UM and you'll see that the "breaking point" is roughly at TD.

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Absolute irredeemable garbage. The early designs were lousy at best, but after the reveal of the rest of the cast, it only reinforced the idea that this is the worst main game in terms of presentation, design and characters. Even their names are awful and non-catchy.
It's funny how it takes 5 years now for stuff from newer games to fit into the universe properly, whilst stuff from older games just fit right in no problem. That's the sure sign that you have to stop now.
ZUN must fuck off. If he doesn't, I'll kill him myself before he destroys the legacy any further.

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girl are you okay

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Yeah, it's pretty bad. But LoLK was the last mainline Touhou game that mattered in any way, shape or form, so who really cares.

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That's a bit of an exagerration mate

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I think ZUN used to scan his artwork, but decided around DDC to just draw everything digitally instead. I'm partial to think his strong suit lies in his color-schemes and outfit ideas rather than his style of drawing.
That might be why so many people draw Touhou fanart to begin with, so they can in a way realize ZUN's cool little designs.
Sometimes there's gonna be some duds though, like with a couple characters in UM.

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