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i’m stuck

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You'll be ok Marisa!

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Oh no!?

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Hi stuck, I'm anon

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It's what you get for sneaking into the SDM all the time

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I'd like to be this kind of stuck for sneaking into the SDM

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Marisa is stuck and completely defenceless?

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SZ-anki is the one that is stuck and complete defenseless

This is a cookie thread.

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I'd help her out of the wall and make sure she's okay.

Never did have a fetish for stuck girls like that.

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I can’t believe it’s not butter

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I mean Marisa

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Honestly same. I wonder how long she’ll keep an intruder stuck to her sole?

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I would hope she puts her pantyhose and slippers back on with me stuck there

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yajuu senpai helping SZ姉貴 out of the wall!

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this is a touhoucookie thread, now get into the wall.

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That would be the dream. Or maybe she’ll peel you off her sole and berate you for a moment before dropping you into her pantyhose’s.

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Post a video you enjoy

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Haha ooooh nooooooo

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Gee, I hope she doesn’t leave us in there for the next several hours or anything terrible like that

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Maybe she'll get addicted to it, feeling us squirm beneath her sole.

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What kind of idiot would willingly try to crawl through a hole in the wall?

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She didn't, see: >>34596969

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Her own personal micro foot massagers. Perfect for keeping her nice and relaxed as she reads.

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An idiot that's trying to steal books of course.

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Well if Marisa-san wants books and doesn't wanna pay, then perhaps she can pay with her body...

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Ah yes. The house needs a new coat of paint and the lawn needs to be mown. She can wash the car and walk the dogs while she's at it. There's also shopping. She can take care of that as well.

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>walk the dogs
Remi has more than one Sakuya?

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I said dogs, not humans.

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It's nice to meet another degenerate such as myself...Hello nylon neighbour!

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Yep, always a pleasure too. I’d try to offer you a wave from my own nylon but I’m kind of pinned here. Hopefully Patchy will remember to let us out soon.
Or not.

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