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first for holochads

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is this actually a word

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Based, what's the source? I got about 60% of this on my first listen.

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she's hotter without the shoop

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except you're 500% uglier

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the only sane poster in these threads

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it's so obvious when you samefag bc you have idiosyncratic views

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id ask her what her problem is

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good that’s frankly gross

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yeh its kinda the theme of the song

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dont even know what that is u sweaty nerd

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remember to do your stretches anons
you do stretch right?

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i don't get this do holoshits portray themselves as npcs or is this meant as an insult towards them?

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good thing it was 11PM for me

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yeah thats true holos only read those on a seperate date
i forgot how cancer twitch can be

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hololivers just come of as fake tryhards to me and its because they are
if u dont see it then ur gullible and havent been around people enough

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this but unironically

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just want to suck nyan oroko to completion

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same but with jamal post foreskin restoration of course

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jamal posted that link on accident. it's an honest mistake, doesn't mean anything

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i would let jamal own my boipussy if it meant being able to smash your stupid teeth in

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fake me is kinda right

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by doing what, posting the same kind of shit you always post

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i never post shit

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its disappointing that the low iqs of the thread keep falling for it

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i cant believe people actually watch holoshit

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damn, moetard NOT having a good time tonight

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that's what your posts lead me to believe

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what about em

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yeah but it takes a crane to get you out

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Hopefully he takes out 200 or 300 chinks first

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you mean okinawa

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same shit all japanse cities are the same

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weve spent way too much time in some shitty threads thats for sure

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massive L for jamal. that's definitely him
"ouuughasm" lol

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scam potential once they release the jp version

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mao fixed it 涩

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I don't see how it's insulting, it's good comedy! There were a lot of other funny game reviews on the blog but it's dead now...

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>contains neither melons nor pans
why are the japanese like this?

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wish i could find that video of the ALTs singing that stupid song in jap

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it's alt48

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the nyan girl is cute assuming thats actually her. pretty sure its not a tranny either. id unironically have sex with her before anyone else in djt no homo. also i feel better about jamal having someone else to point his dick at

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> id unironically have sex with her before anyone else in djt no homo
what you jusy said is exactly what homo is

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o-ogちゃん…?! やった! うれしい〜! (>ω<)

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this is actually based

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just the internet bro

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you probably are trying to catfish me out as a lesbian but i was mostly joking but you are cute anyway if thats you. get a husband though its not healthy to post here

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this shit is why genki whiteys should be shamed into fucking oblivion because, like dogs, they can't help themselves

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not saying its not a girl im just showing you the epic cum tribute

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i dont understand, what would it be otherwise? youre a man arent you?

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well you're no soseki

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weed is actually pretty based in combination with japanese cause you have literally no choice but to just feel it out cause ur brain is incapable of putting in any focused effort lol

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it literally is the only real reason.

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that might be a high score for anon lol

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pussy is everywhere though

god ur so donkan

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yeah love the smell of pussy

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the paradox is that casual sex is for low iq pieces of sh1t but all women today are trash and not worth anything else

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naisu jobbu

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not for a second did it cross ogs mind that i just liked her for her

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i see your point but unless a guy is slaying it, he's lucky to get one pussy on demand at a time and go for any woman attractive enough to put up with. its all just different flavors of getting his dick wet at best
if you think your lines arent something ive heard to to the point of boredom thats honestly cute. the weird thing is you believe it tho

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you lack the iq to have an opinion. silence

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why does everyone assume i have this dire need for 'love' lmao

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lol this is bs

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if you don't desire love, you either already have it, or you're mentally ill

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if you look at what the rest of the site does it's obviously bs


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clearly cheating, classic 4bbc

>> No.34597576

hes on a roll tonight

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ur not supposed to use yomichan bro

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learn 500 words and double your age

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君は? すみません。分からん

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and yet she still keeps coming here

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nope we did the math and linnies are a trap

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this language is impossible

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kanjiru it out

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none of those are on egs so dno

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i dont remember what it was like to understand nothing

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should i give a fuck about the phrases or just tunnel vision the meanings of the kanji

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hey everyone. matt from matt vs japan is trying to hit 100k subs! he's very close but needs your help: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpf4BknRWAjb_oYIHoMDGVg

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almost replied to that katanagatari post but then the uppercase letters registered and i realized it was reddit

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excellent post. had a hearty laugh reading this one.

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but are they all japanese?

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kinda sad ngl thought it was a djt original, told all my friends about it

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got natsume souseki when i did this in japanese and shakespeare when i did it in english. guess i just have a very high iq.

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heh ushering in a new kind of texthooking B)

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was going to try the test thinking it might be worth something and then you wrote that

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what are they like?

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they just announced they're putting dream of the fishermans wife on the reiwa bank notes. based

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not leddit, /a/

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awesome fishman island is one of my favorite arcs

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how long in until you could play jrpgs without looking up shit all the time

>> No.34599489

3 years and 500 hours in and still can't

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wow where are you guys

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Wondering if there's some sort of approved djt guide to learn japanese. It would be great if someone would post it at the beginning of every thread, as it is not in this thread.

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Brutal honesty: you have no chance.

Kanji and vocabulary alone equate to knowing absolutely no Japanese. You need the grammar to understand how those words fit together, otherwise it's just kanji soup. Put down RTK and pick up Genki. There is no reason to learn all of the kanji before starting grammar/vocab/reading/listening practice. In fact, you'll probably have an easier time learning kanji and vocab if you have the context of practice exercises, compared to learning them in a vacuum.

Games add additional layers of difficulty compared to studying: Characters may use slang, the game may use made-up terms, the text might not auto-pause, and you can't copy/paste into a dictionary.

Source: Mod for r/LearnJapanese (definitely come and hang out!), JLPT N1, live in Tokyo, programmer for Japanese game company.

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here it is boss: www.wanikani.com

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duolingo is seriously amazing

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>off course

>> No.34599617

>off cores

>> No.34599624

>of corese

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those mio neoki streams are so fake they kind of annoy me but i understand

>> No.34599860

shut da fuck up

>> No.34599880

matto is actually based as fuck for doing anki in his room all day instead of talking to people when he went to japan.
you can't talk to people if you don't know any words

>> No.34599895

i dont want to talk to people. i just want to read doujinshi

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there's some compelling content for you then

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>> No.34599964

this but lns

>> No.34599999

how hard is shingeki if i've only read 2 manga before with 7 and 8 volumes each

>> No.34600006

easy peasy

>> No.34600052

ok i'm downloading it
checking my post (suck my cock janny)

>> No.34600056

nuke can manage it its n7

>> No.34600072

its funny when people talk about nuke cuz he probably knows more than 99% of djt lmao

>> No.34600088

started dragon quest 11 and i can understand it. a year ago i was getting completely blown out

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please dont define understand as "i can get the gist of the plot"

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please suck my dick you fucking numpty

>> No.34600118

shut up, brazilian

>> No.34600124

gonna have to ask you two to stop being mean to each other

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shut up bitch

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didnt know oboeru guy was brazilian

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this is the intermediate thread

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i do my reps for you gawr gura

>> No.34600296

love gura

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yeah it's crazy how fast i'm flying through this compared to before. took several hours getting out of the opening area

>> No.34600457

this is a real "i know japanese" moment

>> No.34600481

finally read 景色 correctly in the wild

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>previous 7 posts
gotta have that shtick where they spam something a billion times because they're unfunny losers incapable of getting attention or being liked otherwise

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good to know

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surprised you even knew the word 覚える

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>> No.34600616

you could have posted any time in that 30 minutes to break the streak...but you were silent

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「あたらしい 呪文を おぼえた」を覚えた

>> No.34600715

full of bunnies and other cute animals

>> No.34600727

if you could go back to 2008 and start self studying japanese then, would you?

>> No.34600738

that's a sick one

>> No.34600739

did djt exist in 2008

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>> No.34600744

yes. i'd also not play video games since that eventually gave me wrist issues that flare up when i type too much or masturbate too much several days in a row. plenty of other things about my life i'd change too.

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yeah i never bothered to really learn what that meant

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Why is romaji so comfy?

>> No.34600889

acquired 円 meaning yen

>> No.34600916

alright that's enough oboerus for one night

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acquired 凶箱

>> No.34601006

why are japanese characters are so small here?

>> No.34601012

transcribe what they said

>> No.34601071

why can't i read and get what they are saying? i always have to read 5, 6 times to get everything. this language hates my brain

>> No.34601129

read more

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very badをあらわす


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>> No.34601187

not going to fap until i find a japanese whore to fuck

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>> No.34601458

how do i get to "immerse" more? i'm reading at least like 2 hours a day and an hour of watching something but then i'm starting to lose interest/motivation because i wouldn't want to read or watch for hours on end in any language

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>> No.34601647

oh, nice textractor works as a locale emulator as well. why didn't anyone tell me this before?

>> No.34601694

what do you expect us to say? you want us to make a motivational speech?

>> No.34601709

eel rise

Why Japanese people?

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i hate to admit it, but i jacked off to nyan while fantasising about strangling them hard on the bed with both hands

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i expect nothing as usual.

>> No.34601871


major nihongo content starting in a sec

>> No.34601904

kanji of the day: 畿

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まいねん or まいとし???

>> No.34602008

lost my motivation to do anki
it's been over a week

>> No.34602012

closest would be テゥナ or テゥーナ but you cant express english sounds in kana it simply doesnt work

or チュナ if you're british

>> No.34602022

does she know japanese? https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSJDatHJG/

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did you niggas know this?

>> No.34602061

sounds aight

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i'm judging putting it on tiktok for attention

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i don't compare myself with others, don't care

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>> No.34602261

doing rtk when you already know a lot of words is way easier

>> No.34602278

not doing rtk is even easier

>> No.34602303

doing nothing is easiest

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>> No.34602325

is 全然 used with positive too

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>> No.34602376

finally acquired トイレ, took me a while. happy now!!! :)

>> No.34602398

this is the intermediate thread

>> No.34602453

it is but technically it's incorrect

>> No.34602544

lost my motivation halp

>> No.34602596

Question regarding Kun'yomi and On'yomi.

Hi,recently, i've started studying Kanji, and came across to both of these bois, intimidating stuff lol.

Anyways, my question is in relation with when to read it in "k" way or "O" way. For example, in Jujutsu Kaisen, a character uses a technique called "Divine Dogs" in English, which is "玉犬" in japanese and it's pronounced as "Gyokuken" in the anime.

I know that 犬 in Kun’yomi is read as "Inu", while in On’yomi is "Ken". If i just knew both of these concepts, and read the original manga release, ¿how could i know which version is the correct one? Implying the author didn't write it in Furigana,too.

¿Would i be right saying it's read as "Gyokuken" because On'yomi uses only Kanji and no Hiragana (if that is even correct lol)?

Thanks in advance.

>> No.34602612

flip a coin

>> No.34602622

feel it out

>> No.34602629


>> No.34602650

back when matto had soul

>> No.34602688

scrolled past 400 posts without reading them

>> No.34602691

lmao. he's such a retard

>> No.34602711

most of what he said is true and some people need to listen

>> No.34602721


>> No.34602722

lol u actually read 70 posts

>> No.34602729

that's how far the thread had gone when i left yesterday

>> No.34602740

its a good reason

>> No.34602782

people can decide for themselves if they want to continue studying japanese and telling them they shouldn't is just self conceit

>> No.34602797

more people need to be discouraged from learning japanese

>> No.34602812

good thing im not learning/studying

>> No.34602836

yeah unko would know

>> No.34602839
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i love finding out about hidden shit like this

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>> No.34602925

i onkey

>> No.34602967
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i dab

all over djts stupid fucking face

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>> No.34603122

When reading, I like to do voices out loud for each character!

>> No.34603139

i do them in my head because its a lot easier to do female voices then
usually i mimic seiyuus i like

>> No.34603173





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dame read this as 31 i'm basically japanese at this point

>> No.34603415


>> No.34603550


>> No.34603588

the hole in the sweater gets me every time

>> No.34603672


>> No.34603723


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>> No.34603889

what do you guys think the vocab threshold count is you for being able to correctly predict the reading of words you encounter for the first time the majority of time?

>> No.34603974


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