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Guide: https://streamable.com/f9fk3q

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full book is here. pretty good

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>got recommended Matt and Dogen by Japanese people


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i read the kojiki and now i believe everything in there is historical fact

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these core decks really don't work for me at all
i think it's a hopeless cause trying to learn words in isolation

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this sounds familiar, whomst this LMFAO

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i hadnt even heard of texthookers before i was upper beginner so that probably helped

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could anyone be so kind as to convert nazeka's "novels" frequency list for use in yomichan?


the corpus it's based on seems to be (far) larger than the vn and narou frequency lists so it ought to be generally more reliable, especially for rarer words

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what's your problem nigger

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>it feels like everyone on the english internet is angry and yelling all the time.
>whenever i use english it feels like everyone is attacking me.
have you ever considered that telling people to kill themselves and calling them the n word might be your issue?

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kill yourself nigger faggot

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lol i just noticed you edited both of them
the first one i linked is obviously you but somehow theres a 2nd person telling me to kill myself now

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lmfao can i get a nerd to translate that i aint reading none of that shit

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t. crippled

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ur talking as if some people are predestined to learn nip

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how are you so bad you've been on djt since /a/

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my hair is now so tall that it brushes the tops of (european) doorframes
feeling powerful

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i'd say some are predestined to make it if they so choose to, not that they will no matter what

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why are you such a simp lol. if it was moe posting it you'd be going crazy talking shit

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moe is also sort of a shithead whos been a lot ruder in the past but i do recognize hes changing

i mean u call me a simp but im just bein real why shit on some1 who never posts anything rude or mean lol

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do you guys use any mobile apps for practicing/learning? any that are preferred over duolingo? i've only used duolingo

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finna transition so jamal is nice to me

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bunko has an illness which we need to be understanding while you post badly made sex dolls with airbag tits
both are bad but at least bunko knows what he is posting is ugly

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u were downright rotten from the get-go what r u talking about

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only the person whose face is getting buffeted with intestinal gas would think its not funny but every1 else would laugh hard

look in the archives for how many times ive posted this image and ull see u really have no idea what ur talking about

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also lol at me being considered early outputting when ive been at this fucking languages longer than some of you have been pubescent

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install gentoo

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agf moment

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lmao so mad

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pre-og jamal lmao

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and like i said u were rotten from the getgo and others try to jock for position on the nihongo totem pole but the other thread girl isnt about any of that so why would i subject them to the same treatment as the other fuckers

and i have poked fun at her posts multiple times

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I'm just gonna rent it out, I'd rather live in luxury these coconut asian countries on like $500 a month and pay a servant to do everything for me. Japanese is a meme full of holofags and ironic weebs and I've getting kind of sick of all this shit. I'm too old and tired.

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is he asking if he's being dragged?

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what happened to living in ur little tiny box and being a 31 year old idol playing a rickybacky bass lol

not gonna lie im a bit disappointed that ur thinkin about now not doing it after all that shit u were talking but u know im old and tired too so i know where ur comin from

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if it wasnt against the rules this is prolly the moment id post the classic tubgirl image

i wonder if og knows tubgirl lmao

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What I do to "study":
>watch tv
>read yomiuri
>write my web novel
>chat with my friends
>online nomikai's
>play video games
>listen to music
>write poetry

stop coping.

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how did you make this post if you closed ur browser

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I opened it again immediately after closing it because that's what we all do.

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doing stuff in japanese is cringe? no wonder you guys all suck.

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its a pretty good indicator that everything is just fucking over and nothing good will ever happen again

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sasuga phoneposter lmfao

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will you ever shut up about this

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>*joins online-nomikai*
>*sips 焼酎*

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sasuga malodorous whiteoid lmfao

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this isnt a real og post theres no fucking way my baby stinks this much

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Consistent key mappings for the 1234 keys.

The next update for AJT Flexible Grading is ready. 2, 3 and 4 always grade Hard, Good and Easy respectively. Only relevant for the V1 scheduler. V2 scheduler does this out of the box.


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not into 獣姦 but i can use the audio

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do whiteoids really use a towel only once?

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fucking gross using them again, the never smell clean after the first use. stale smelling i dont wanna rub my body with mildew or whatever

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last 2 lines dont rhyme

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can't wait for the short lived og jamal seikatu stream

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stinky hobo cope. pick up a bar of soap sometime

>> No.34708216

the US version is how i say it but its too bad u couldnt enjoy my rhyme cause you're a superautist

>> No.34708235

save every word, into the anki it goes
why live any other way?

>> No.34708337

>anything less than that and your pores are nasty and clogged and you smell like shit no doubt.
ok and you havent showered for 2 weeks and think you "dont smell"

>> No.34708343

water and friction will remove the dead skin lol soap just fucking robs ur body of oil and makes ur body freak out and go into oil production overdrive

cant imagine how greasy u r after not showering for like 5 days what the fuck r u actually an adult and u talkin about who smells like shit while ur some fuckin irl tomoko in a dog eater hotel

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djt always argues about the most retarded shit lmao

>> No.34708395

boomers be like that

>> No.34708420

it's not an argument it's a one sided slamdown

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how effective is passive listening really? Feels like a weird cope for lazy people in a way. But is there proof it works.

I just listen to jap podcasts while cleaning or watch the news eevry morning. I barely understand shit

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i use soap every day in the important areas and yea go wash ur nasty ass

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dont sass me

>> No.34708870

its natural and grows in nature and isnt processed so im sure im doing fine

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press F

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wtf why is he so racist

>> No.34708989

kimi no na wa is actually a decent movie and about as good as shinkai is ever gonna get as evidences by next movie he made being a turd. the ost is also really good.

>> No.34708991

everyone is that matrix server is racist.

>> No.34708994

yeah and look at the state of us lol

>> No.34709027

how to tell someone's shit: ask their opinion on kimi no nawa

>> No.34709028

What's the best place to find subs for 70s/80s japanese movies or dorama?

>> No.34709031

i hate this boomer way of thinking
'imma die in the end so let me die earlier with more discomfort'

>> No.34709036

we fall further from grace as time passes and it never gets better, only emptier.

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found it in 5 seconds

>> No.34709038

no its her instagram username lol

>> No.34709048

Clarifying just in case, but I obviously mean japanese subs. Thank you.

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even worse lol

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jesus christ she weighs more than me and i'm 188 cm tall lol

>> No.34709090

a man who weighs less than 100kg is called a boy

>> No.34709095

wow the thread looks good now, what happened?

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>> No.34709110

are u retarded

>> No.34709114

don't know how people can be into these monstrosities

>> No.34709115

who is this?

>> No.34709134

must be awful being absolutely mindless

>> No.34709235

actually chess is very gay now

>> No.34709236

Once a Jamal dicksucker, always a Jamal dicksucker.

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what would be the most smooth hasslefree method to have a backlog of yomichan lookups from the clipboard feed html?

i dont wanna flashcard them but just once an episode is finished just rebrowse them quickly for refreshment?

>> No.34709456

>janitor banned a lot of people
that explain why the thread is so much better now

>> No.34709541

stfu retard

>> No.34709636

would it be bad to have one of those bluetooth speakers in a charger and have it playing 24/7

>> No.34709643

automation will kill most physical jobs

>> No.34709738

well it's not by yourself either

>> No.34709773

yeah you should visit /k/, /sp/, and /out/.
the rest of 4chan is shit.

>> No.34709785

i thought u took a shower and went to bed

u wouldnt even have to know they were there if u stuck to that

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please ban the pedo asap

>> No.34709851

/ck/ is a lot better than it used to be. it literally was just about doritos and soda back in the day but people actually talk about food and recipes now.

/tv/ was destroyed as soon as it lost cunnyposting to keep out the redditors

>> No.34709852

thats my side bitch

>> No.34709862

i used to like [s4s] and /lit/ until they both became too similar to /r9k/

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whats wrong with posting little girls

>> No.34709868

she'd still know cuz she scrolls past threads and reads posts about her

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>> No.34709995

never used an "app" in my life

>> No.34710002

i use all kinds of appys

>> No.34710012

wondered why he instantly post the guide this time

>> No.34710013

ankidroid when I'm not at home for the day. also a japanese dictionary, tachiyomi, and some aozora bunko reader

>> No.34710051

safari and chrome are apps

>> No.34710075

it doesn't matter who the "real deal" is, since you're never gonna be them and they'll never be you.

>> No.34710081

how do i read vinnies without wanting to masturbate

>> No.34710082

having kids in japan has to be the worst thing ever as a whitoid

>> No.34710090

read moege instead of nukige

>> No.34710119

does matt have a real job

>> No.34710123

no hes like og

>> No.34710125

1181漢字 3796単語

>> No.34710130

>close your eyes
>press spacebar like an autist

>> No.34710359

brainlet take

>> No.34710368

sucks to be you

>> No.34710453

north korea abuses ppl i just think u need to funnel society towards things that lead to vertical growth instead of horizontal stagnation and even decline

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would love one of those

>> No.34710460

>letting ppl be exposed to filth leads them to be like that filth
violent video games make people violent

>> No.34710471

this is my first post of the day
didnt ready anything before it
lets hecking go bro

>> No.34710502

no point in censoring shit
things revert to the 80/20 ratio anyway

>> No.34710505

vinnies aren't even good for that
scenes takes forever and they keep making that awkward sound. my only thought "when is this fucking scene going to end ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

>> No.34710508

this isnt the same as letting any fake retard on the internet influence u with bad information with no filter to stop it

think of it like 99.99% of the content on the internet is just nigerian scammer tier trash

but yet ppl subscribe to it bc theres no one there protecting them

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>> No.34710583

im the boot

>> No.34710652

the old guard. the new gen is all about wanikani

>> No.34710655

u never jack off before physical activity wtf

>> No.34710660

cringe is off the chart with these fucking retards recently

>> No.34710676

doing anything other than 2k is certified retarded
do that and then mine your own
simple as
t. passed n1

>> No.34710678

asians are playing there cards right
white people are not going to win the race wars

>> No.34710683

>passed n1
congrats you're ready to start learning japanese

>> No.34710684

>t. passed n1
is this supposed to imply you're some sort of authority lol

>> No.34710685

i just did wtf, /djt/ reads minds?

>> No.34710692

gonna buy this one for jisho miner anon


>> No.34710714

what is it about

>> No.34710731

lol i remember when me and a friend had this idea to make an english vinnie
this was before i started nip

>> No.34710734

Is there an even more polite (possibly historic) form of apology than 誠に申し訳ございません?
I'm not really interested in it being in common use, perhaps it only gets said if the emperor fucks up every couple hundred years, but I am interested in how long these apology formulas can get.

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they felt the need to title untitled goose game for japanese

>> No.34710853


>> No.34710918

had the thought of doing that spot 90 quiz at least once a week for the past 6 months but ive never bothered

>> No.34710919

this is the intermediate thread

>> No.34710946

it's not. only very low beginners think n1 is some kind of sign of authority, upper beginners realize it's the start of the journey.

>> No.34710980

do you have n1

>> No.34711012


>> No.34711019

lots of perma n6ers chit chatting shit you hate to see it
download that core24k big dog and achieve true fluency

>> No.34711023

ad hominem

>> No.34711034

yeah im thinking based

>> No.34711043

you know whats win as fuck
i got like 20 pounds of chicken i bought last year in my freezer still and now theres a chicken shortage
im fucking set bros

>> No.34711054

yes why?
its an observation this isnt a formal debate poindexter

>> No.34711078

if i can do the kotoweb n1 kanji game with like 95% success can i pass n1 actual test? (i dont know japanese)

>> No.34711085

no theres 5 questions at the start related to kanji readings and thats it

>> No.34711087

a real win would be having a 20 pounder live chicken to use in cockfights

>> No.34711095

never ordered food in my life

>> No.34711123

i already dont trust pizza delivery ppl i cant believe ppl who buy like a fucking cup of coffee and have some guy deliver it to them like r u fucking crazy

>> No.34711133


>> No.34711135


>> No.34711139

whats the difference between that and a drive thru

>> No.34711151

less people touching ur food

>> No.34711154

time with the individual product mostly

more time to actually do something to it

>> No.34711155 [DELETED] 
File: 14 KB, 320x180, (m=eafTGgaaaa)(mh=QTri1Y-F9Nm0ByE0)13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ordering coffee in a maid cafe be like

>> No.34711166

scum gang let ur nuts hang

>> No.34711175

i still miss a lot of words on the kotobaweb n1 quiz. feel like i havent really acquired many words since dropping anki 6 months ago tbqh despite reading and watching stuff for 3 hours per day.

>> No.34711176


>> No.34711179

蜚語 -> flying word -> word without roots -> 根拠のないうわさ
WOW it just works


>> No.34711182

nobodys risking their job to fuck around with your little $1 coffee lol

>> No.34711193

yea they r

every1 out there is a loose cannon about to hit their day where they just say fuck it and do somethin dumb

see every incident of road rage ever

>> No.34711196

yeah looks like we got some covidiots in here
anyway ill getting some bomb ass thai

>> No.34711197

i dont buy coffee
thats something you make on ur own

>> No.34711203

not when you make 700k a year like me

>> No.34711204

great moment, shirobako is the best

>> No.34711213


also if im gonna grub hub im gonna do it in japan where i can have a grabia model feed it to me on top of deliver it

>> No.34711224

damn the redhair bitch voice is one of the most annoying ive ever heard

>> No.34711229

money never changed what i do

i just wasnt raised to consume fast food so i make all my own food like 360 days out of the year

>> No.34711239

well her va doesnt get much work so you're in luck

>> No.34711252

when a va doesnt get work its bc she doesnt give good head

>> No.34711255

Lmao all japanese people are actually SEAs lmao

>> No.34711256

doesnt matter 家庭料理>most things

>> No.34711265
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been a minute


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>> No.34711277

@jamal gimme some shitcoins to invest in
already bought xmr xrp and hbar

>> No.34711283
File: 24 KB, 306x408, コナーマクレガー.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34711301

1. see a word in the wild
2. mine it
3. notice it in the wild again (ah! that word i saw in anki the other day)
4. notice it on anki again (ah! that word i saw in the wild the other day)
5. acquire it

>> No.34711304

i just go straight to step 5 haha

>> No.34711308

1. see word
2. just understand it

>> No.34711313
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>> No.34711326

i dont really fuck with shit coins because i aint abt the rug life

in all honesty litecoin is at a nice spot right now for a buy because i think itll be 5-10x by eoy

btw when i say right now i mean keep watching cuz cryptos kind of selling off and theres still prolly another week before we start to see where were going next

>> No.34711328

1.just understands it

>> No.34711329


>> No.34711330


>> No.34711335

acquire this dick down your throat fagboy
what a pussy
"see a word in the wild!" actual homosexual frfr

>> No.34711340

oh it was gyakuten saiban lol

i remember wanting to take her prayer beads and do something with them to her that i wont say here

>> No.34711354


>> No.34711359

just did reps for the first time in like 5 months on a deck that has only mature cards in it and my retention rate was 60% and the cards i didnt get i completely blanked on as if i'd never seen them before lol

>> No.34711365


>> No.34711398

dame ccna guy must have failed

>> No.34711413

1 reason might be that a lot of the words today were from fate zero and most of them i havent seen a single time since then

>> No.34711437

see it's morbido guy and he doesn't read in the first place no wonder you fail words that show up way more often in writing

>> No.34711449


>> No.34711453

i read manga (inb4) but the vocab seems to be easy in everything i chose

>> No.34711465


>> No.34711473

kachite ?

>> No.34711490

kachite ? kachite ??

>> No.34711497


>> No.34711503

i wanna man

>> No.34711505


>> No.34711506


>> No.34711525

would punch that nerd in the face for gatekeeping 読書

>> No.34711527

its fun so idc if it is or isnt reading tbqh

>> No.34711537
File: 259 KB, 966x724, na-do.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34711577


>> No.34711578

manga is only reading if you're a retarded mongoloid with aids

>> No.34711579

yeah dno bros *goes back to writing poetry*

>> No.34711610


>> No.34711611


>> No.34711614

wow didn't realize the second meaning of amadare

>> No.34711630


>> No.34711646

alright bros how do we fix unkos shit taste? is there any salvation for this poor soul?

>> No.34711656

just read this scene a few hours ago

>> No.34711684

i remember that.

>> No.34711694

呂律 wo oboeta

>> No.34711699

don't care

>> No.34711706

such an epic track for such shit fight scenes

>> No.34711737

迸る wo oboeta

>> No.34711808
File: 265 KB, 2102x1072, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is why i dont fuck w. shit coins

>> No.34711884

fucken based money skelly dude

eth is going to be 100k before btc lmao

>> No.34711906

can i learn japanese even if i have a job and a social life

>> No.34711942

neet = gmi
not neet = ngmi
simple as

>> No.34711972

good isekai:

mushoku tensei
youjo senki
honzuki no gekokujou
otome game no hametsu flag
ima soko ni iru boku

decent isekai:

zero no tsukaima
log horizon

>> No.34711979


>> No.34711983

dang if i was on the ball to buy that hokk dump today i coulda got my kame house island and then some

>> No.34712041
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not sure if you're baiting or not, gonna ask in the other thread

>> No.34712055

good isekai:

>> No.34712071

most isekai are enjoyable

>> No.34712072

sorry u left smartphone isekai off of the good list

>> No.34712081

this anon knows his stuff

>> No.34712109

never seen it looked like complete garbage

>> No.34712116
File: 549 KB, 1920x1080, 1605169165327.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34712126

princess connect is pretty good too

>> No.34712128

damn you just reminded me i need to rewatch this show

>> No.34712129

can't imagine anything involving "smartphones" being good

>> No.34712133

only good isekai is inuyasya

>> No.34712145

quick someone find a fatty

>> No.34712157

it was fun and looked nice but i feel like it would have been better without a retarded mc

>> No.34712161

no cuz it's an isekai

>> No.34712170
File: 547 KB, 1920x1080, 1594855447282.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well do it already

>> No.34712191

welp i found the new epic chin guy

holy sHIt


>> No.34712192

feel like i could only enjoy a vn if i was like 16yo
cant imagine a grown man doing that

>> No.34712201

i'm not fat bud i'd love to end ur wretched existence and then piss on your corpse

>> No.34712217

gotta read the good shit

>> No.34712218
File: 290 KB, 500x500, tobari.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bros ... umm ... are there vtubers who play nukige and read the h scenes out loud?

>> No.34712234

how old are you

>> No.34712237
File: 755 KB, 1366x615, 162059223555.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are you immersing

>> No.34712240


>> No.34712245

i'm read this vinny that is just sex scene after sex scene

this type of vinny sucks. what is the name of this genre so that i can avoid it in the future?

>> No.34712252


>> No.34712264

you're no different than zoomers looking for old farts like you who echo your opinions while reviewing old media

>> No.34712265
File: 46 KB, 487x562, 0qp2trvn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i just had a realisation.... when i constantly consoom i dont have time to rep cards - which means... i cannot forget words because iam constantly consooming...


>> No.34712266


>> No.34712267
File: 1.21 MB, 320x180, vkKUcC.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34712271

go to fucking bed woman !!!

>> No.34712272


>> No.34712276

feel like i could only enjoy a vn if i was like 20 iq

>> No.34712284

Sorry! This page is Japanese only.

>> No.34712295


>> No.34712308

this is how i always imagined jamal

>> No.34712312


>> No.34712331

lns are somehow even lower iq than vns

>> No.34712337


>> No.34712345

cmon bunko

>> No.34712368

>don't like lns, vns, mangas, animes, jrpgs
why do you even want to learn japanese

>> No.34712380
File: 140 KB, 1280x720, 暁の護衛トリニティCE_2021-03-04_21-49-48.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34712383

for the rich cultural heritage

>> No.34712397

i'm in love...

>> No.34712407


>> No.34712415
File: 8 KB, 170x170, 15642f297d5aef1dd1a7f68e7ddb99b5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34712427

i'm playing gachas

>> No.34712428
File: 3 KB, 500x476, imagonoonna.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i-is that a word i don't know?????

>> No.34712429

Hopefully djt is shit again today so I can do as much reading as I did yesterday

>> No.34712435

now we're talking

>> No.34712443


>> No.34712444

who is the most attractive chink

>> No.34712452

whenever i ask for LN recs that aren't really bad stories written for 16 year olds everyone says all LNs are written for 16 year olds but there's got to be at least a few that rise above their intended demographic and are special

>> No.34712474

chinese is such an ugly language

>> No.34712484

yoshikawa eiji's 三国志 is a classic 14 volume LN series

>> No.34712488

i use yoga's addon to add bracketed readings to every word field so the green button even appears for words i've mined

>> No.34712499

i prefer his 宮本武蔵

>> No.34712515

is natto really that bad

>> No.34712534

why is she so famous

>> No.34712535

the taste isnt that bad but the texture is disgusting and it looks disgusting, i could probably eat it in an onigiri if i dont have to look at it

>> No.34712551

people always say my face is disgusting

>> No.34712595

comprehnsible input

>> No.34712598

this is your level ->|----------peppa pig---------------------------mitsuboshi colors-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------anime in general-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------vinnies-----------------linnies----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------the high iq stuff <- this is what you want to consume

>> No.34712610

the most awful things are usually the most delicious, like bacon to most of the world is stinky af, or certain cheeses and whatnot

>> No.34712612

jamal is gay

>> No.34712617

lol, try saying that in china in front of good chinese patriots
you might end up missing your flight

>> No.34712618

never had as much as a whiff of any japanese food in my life but i feel like i'm gonna be able to eat anything they throw at me

>> No.34712619

i can already consume whatever i want though

>> No.34712624

now say that in japanese

>> No.34712627

gei is a fictional construct, it doesnt exist in science

>> No.34712632

high iq stuff like manzai

>> No.34712649

japanese history doesnt even start until 100 years before muhammad
but even then it doesnt start to get interesting until the 鎌倉
naw its just makes you gag a little if you eat it too quickly, if ur okay with alcohol it shouldnt be bad

>> No.34712675

dunno what that has to do with consuming though

>> No.34712686

yeah i meant the chinese cultural heritage sorry

>> No.34712707

japanese history doesn't get interesting until they send dudes to europe and they're like woah these europeans are advanced and shit better learn from them since we don't want another perry incident

>> No.34712709

whyd u list peppa pig twice

>> No.34712737

yeah im learning japanese so i can watch the peppa pig dub

>> No.34712767
File: 9 KB, 419x289, d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

youtube just recommended me this


>> No.34712783


>> No.34712792

best poster

>> No.34712816

>saienso chaneru
fucking japanese people and their retarded transliterations

>> No.34712824


>> No.34712825

should i mine narration?

>> No.34712838

ngmi af

>> No.34712839

you should mine gold

>> No.34712840


>> No.34712842

read that as 再演奏

>> No.34712849

dreamt all my teeth were falling out, was not fun let me tell you

>> No.34712856


>> No.34712872


>> No.34712898

read vinnies
watch easy raw anime

this is the intermediate path to fluency

>> No.34712903

what is pseud

>> No.34712918


>> No.34712920

Baseada Jajami.

>> No.34712931

cool dude

>> No.34712936

to you that is thinking whether or not this is good?

>> No.34712939

god death note after l dies is so garbage

>> No.34712942


>> No.34712945

20k words is only the beginning

>> No.34712950

it starts going downhill after misa shows up

>> No.34712967

it went downhill after he killed ray penber

>> No.34712972

to you who's thinking "there's nothing good (happening/around/in life)"

>> No.34712973

mine your brain with a pick axe

>> No.34712999




>> No.34713051
File: 226 KB, 471x291, en.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hidden shit like this

>> No.34713076

how did japan get by without a writing system until 500ad

>> No.34713088

it was a peaceful country where people lived as only we could now dream of in the hellish doldrums of the 21st century

>> No.34713089

they didn't, why do u think it took 1000 years to unify their small island

>> No.34713116

れる honorific form sitll dont make sense to me

>> No.34713117

they didnt
they was living in huts all tribal n shit

>> No.34713129

they didn't invent it they borrowed it

just like europeans borrowed their writing system from romans who borrowed it from greeks who borrowed it from phoenicians who derived it from the egyptian hieroglyphs

>> No.34713135

take them and dab on the dekinais in the class

>> No.34713140

it creates emotional distance between the speaker and the subject. "y was done (by x)" has a more reverential quality to it than directly saying "x did y" because of this

>> No.34713144

they still sit on the floor lmao

>> No.34713145
File: 2 KB, 114x39, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's that kanji at the end

>> No.34713150


>> No.34713173

i keep reading this shit 鎮まる as ちぢまる

>> No.34713183


>> No.34713184

anti-rtk bros...

>> No.34713189
File: 19 KB, 730x260, mattvsjapan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34713200


>> No.34713203


>> No.34713208

matt vs blacks

>> No.34713209

no way lol

>> No.34713210


>> No.34713214

matt bros

>> No.34713221

cringe shop

>> No.34713237

very epic kotowaza

>> No.34713249

letsss gooo

>> No.34713263

but this isn't hololive thread.

>> No.34713278

yeah fuck hololive. post more vids like this

>> No.34713321
File: 198 KB, 850x1242, __inugami_korone_hololive_drawn_by_pn_wnsl216__sample-2ac10c870212eacab3154532036b88f4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holokani is the way to fluency

>> No.34713328

how useful is it to listen to podcasts etc while doing something else? is it just white noising even if you do understand it?

>> No.34713337

i'm perplexed at the sheer amount of bakasa in this sure

>> No.34713340

i think かぐや姫 is miyazaki's best work

>> No.34713347


>> No.34713351

does two things 1. jack 2. shit

>> No.34713366

I suppose I can see how it can convey notion of the person being "above" the action
But in sentences such as, 仕事は何をされてる, I've seen natives say なさる is a better choice, yet it's said anyhow. I suppose it's a grammatical quirk

>> No.34713367

hey jamal i got 2 points

>> No.34713378

was thinking it wouldn't be that different from watching anime raw though

>> No.34713384


>> No.34713406

>is it just white noising even if you do understand it
..the delusional phase

>> No.34713418

i cant even listen to english stuff while doing something else my brain just focuses on 1 thing and i miss everything being said

>> No.34713461

meant if it is comparable to white noising if you are doing something else at the same time

>> No.34713481

whenever you're actually listening it's fine
it obviously does nothing when you're so engaged in the activity that you don't even notice the audio playing

>> No.34713501


>> No.34713531

best ghibli yes but it wasnt made by miyazaki
it looks and feels nothing like him

>> No.34713553


good nihongo content

>> No.34713557

what's the opposite of white noising

>> No.34713559

yep it's pseudoscience

>> No.34713573

he just renamed it lol

>> No.34713579

does this motherfucker ever take off that stupid hat

>> No.34713609

have you not realized no one cares

>> No.34713611

>it's a "language grifters repackage the exact same shit by calling it a different name" episode

>> No.34713633

self help yt is trembling

>> No.34713686

oh shit its the anime guy

>> No.34713699

lmao my accent sounds exactly like the gaijin on the right

>> No.34713722

bet people here think the white dudes have terrible japanese

>> No.34713729

longus anus lmao

>> No.34713773

yo what. why the fuck is there a kani there

>> No.34713844


>> No.34713846

wonder what women immerse in since they cant feel 萌え and they dont read doujins or eroge
do they all just turn into shounen fujos or something

>> No.34713847

ayo what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!? *crash*
duh duh duh duhhhhh

>> No.34713861

they're all 歴女

>> No.34713862


>> No.34713915

they talk to real people and get to a far higher level than you will every achieve very fast

>> No.34713927

yeah im gonna take advice from someone who doesnt even know english lmaoing @ u rn

>> No.34713934


>> No.34714043


>> No.34714090
File: 122 KB, 1000x827, E1KMKoDVgAM5zII.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34714127

why are the flutes cumming

>> No.34714169


>> No.34714185

i wonder if the day will ever come when i don't see any new words in an animu

>> No.34714192

this meme sucks

>> No.34714196

do core 60k

>> No.34714208

no. i just mine everything that i see

>> No.34714209

what does this mean
experience a full life?

>> No.34714223

*walks in butt ass naked*

>> No.34714224

after 10 years sure.

>> No.34714247


>> No.34714248

i don't love japanese that much

>> No.34714269

will never give a fuck about mugaki refold or whatever the fuck these conman are doing
ill make it on my own

>> No.34714270


>> No.34714272


>> No.34714294


>> No.34714296

what a shocker womens athletics attracts ppl who like to look at women lol

>> No.34714309

when we are going to get holocunny? 3d lolis are good actress

>> No.34714315
File: 8 KB, 229x173, 1590776627836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

some autism on word frequency and the role of mining

assuming the following is true:
1 standard length anime (12 eps) = 30k words
1 manga volume = 10k
1 ln volume = 60k
1 vn = 500k

and assuming the figure of 12 encounters of a word to learn it is true

decide what you feel to be a realistic target in a certain span of time
e.g. 1 manga volume per day for 1 year (365) days
365 volumes of manga = 3,650,000 words

3,650,000 words would give us the magical 12 encounters number for any word showing up at a rate of 3.29 parts per million (ppm) or higher

>> No.34714323

vn freq:
1k-76.74ppm, 2k-30.26ppm, 3k-16.09ppm, 4k-10.35ppm, 5k-7.27ppm, 6k-5.43ppm, 7k-4.24ppm, 8k-3.37ppm, 9k-2.76ppm, 10k-2.26ppm, 11k-1.89ppm, 12k-1.60ppm, 13k-1.36ppm, 14k-1.15ppm, 15k-0.99ppm, 16k-0.85ppm, 17k-0.73ppm, 18k-0.62ppm, 19k-0.53ppm, 20k-0.45ppm, 21k-0.38ppm, 22k-0.32ppm, 23k-0.27ppm, 24k-0.23ppm, 25k-0.19ppm, 26k-0.15ppm, 27k-0.13ppm, 28k-0.10ppm, 29k-0.08ppm, 30k-0.07ppm

narou freq:
1k-86.59ppm, 2k-37.28ppm, 3k-21.15ppm, 4k-13.76ppm, 5k-9.73ppm, 6k-7.30ppm, 7k-5.72ppm, 8k-4.61ppm, 9k-3.77ppm, 10k-3.15ppm, 11k-2.66ppm, 12k-2.26ppm, 13k-1.93ppm, 14k-1.66ppm, 15k-1.44ppm, 16k-1.24ppm, 17k-1.08ppm, 18k-0.94ppm, 19k-0.81ppm, 20k-0.71ppm, 21k-0.61ppm, 22k-0.52ppm, 23k-0.45ppm, 24k-0.38ppm, 25k-0.33ppm, 26k-0.28ppm, 27k-0.24ppm, 28k-0.20ppm, 29k-0.17ppm, 30k-0.15ppm

novels freq:
1k-77.96ppm, 2k-35.37ppm, 3k-21.41ppm, 4k-14.65ppm, 5k-10.85ppm, 6k-8.43ppm, 7k-6.78ppm, 8k-5.57ppm, 9k-4.65ppm, 10k-3.95ppm, 11k-3.41ppm, 12k-2.97ppm, 13k-2.59ppm, 14k-2.29ppm, 15k-2.01ppm, 16k-1.78ppm, 17k-1.59ppm, 18k-1.43ppm, 19k-1.29ppm, 20k-1.16ppm, 21k-1.04ppm, 22k-0.94ppm, 23k-0.84ppm, 24k-0.76ppm, 25k-0.69ppm, 26k-0.63ppm, 27k-0.57ppm, 28k-0.51ppm, 29k-0.46ppm, 30k-0.42ppm

>> No.34714334

did NOT read

>> No.34714335

oh shit there goes crypto lol

>> No.34714338

yeah not reading this

>> No.34714353

>55 cards per day (unrealistic goal)
stopped reading there

>> No.34714359

lets see your new card reviews for the year

>> No.34714362

it's just gonna become english after the loanwords take over 9/10 of it's language

>> No.34714365
File: 2.01 MB, 1080x1080, 1598096230005.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fancy me a chug

>> No.34714368

so i should read, and do cards?
wtf why no one told me that!?

>> No.34714393

good thing i only consume eromanga

>> No.34714398

the whole island ?

>> No.34714422

fake news

>> No.34714430

if i ever get on ユーは何しに日本へ ill shout out my watasi no kata katite sukunakutemo djt bros

>> No.34714442

more than 2 lines of text? yeah not reading that
sorry not sorry
simple as

>> No.34714451

didnt read

>> No.34714453


>> No.34714458

i knew he was a dooter

>> No.34714461

no its not

>> No.34714497
File: 92 KB, 842x642, quizler…お前と戦いたかった….png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34714501

Arsenothelus (Rebis) is the only japanese artist out there who got worse over time

>> No.34714502
File: 76 KB, 1000x563, c55ca2df-s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34714515

dr (didnt read)

>> No.34714521


>> No.34714528

this is pretty much most people in here they do it cuz they want to "learn japanese" they don't want the content itself

>> No.34714533


>> No.34714548
File: 300 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh shit shaman king tomorrow

>> No.34714550

weak display quiz

>> No.34714552

could never happen to me

>> No.34714559

u love to see it

>> No.34714569

that's what happens when you don't enjoy the daily chug

>> No.34714570

if you dont read shit in english and you force yourself to do it in japanese then youre a cuckold

>> No.34714576

cant even figure out what character that is after 極めて

>> No.34714578

havent read an english novel in years

>> No.34714584

lmao https://streamable.com/k1t4uz

>> No.34714591

at least he didn't make a 3h video cope

>> No.34714593

i can tell most of you guys dont read

>> No.34714596


>> No.34714599

reading is for nerds and poindexters
couldnt be me

>> No.34714607

>He thinks brazilians read

>> No.34714608

no clue what a poindexter is
*goes back to reading linnie*

>> No.34714610

keep goin at it buddy

>> No.34714611

hate this font with a passion

>> No.34714619
File: 20 KB, 600x371, 2pmnfd19gpy61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34714622


>> No.34714623


>> No.34714626

mt diarrhea

>> No.34714630

why is it so fucking easy to read quiz? people have been telling him for a year or two that he doesn't actually enjoy japanese shit and he always denied it but now he's finally accepting it.

>> No.34714631


>> No.34714641
File: 27 KB, 130x138, nukeletgo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its time quiz

>> No.34714647

victims of learning japanese
the list goes on

>> No.34714655

i wonder how many people out there think that 惑星 and 感者 share the same character

>> No.34714660

take a look in the mirror quizzyboy

>> No.34714662

yeah not reading anything in english except the feces coming out of djters keyboards

>> No.34714669


>> No.34714671

at least you since you thought of this weird post

>> No.34714681

that's actually crazy

>> No.34714689

never think about what characters make up words

>> No.34714692

yeah the second u tell people uve learned japanese u lost

>> No.34714699

germans are like that
simple yet stubborn

>> No.34714704

stop posting that im scared that eventually i will stop liking vinnies and anime too

>> No.34714706

is that a command or did you drop the pronoun on purpose?

>> No.34714714

feel it out

>> No.34714727

the djt curse

>> No.34714729

lol fuck off

>> No.34714734

the fuck is a kansha

>> No.34714736

lol esl

>> No.34714744

was waiting for someone to ツッコミ the retard

>> No.34714747

i'm telling you to fuck off if you think that being illiterate is ok, dumbass

>> No.34714750


>> No.34714752

why havent u fucked off then

>> No.34714757


>> No.34714761

champions of learning japanese
>joey anime man
>filthy frank

>> No.34714765

and me

>> No.34714766

u forgot jamal

>> No.34714767

k son

>> No.34714772

dame only 2 episodes left of my jidaigeki

>> No.34714775

thank you wanikani

>> No.34714781

wtf are you even talking about? you're clenching because i asked about the pronoun thing? it's a thing people do on this thread all the time, you dweeb

>> No.34714786

og moment

>> No.34714794

squeeze it bro

>> No.34714795
File: 243 KB, 490x352, wddtASK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34714796

never met a native esl until i saw og

>> No.34714807

only way you came up with this is if you thought so yourself

>> No.34714814

feels good being taller than ciaran jamal and quiz

>> No.34714819

wonder how many people out there think that 者 and 謝 are the same character

>> No.34714827

amazing she turned bebo into an onomatopoeia

>> No.34714832

dont wonder

>> No.34714833

feels good being able to lift up the average djter (400lbs)

>> No.34714834

lots of schizo posting going on rn

>> No.34714846

i dont judge myself against others

>> No.34714849

none, i just fucked up cuz i typed kan then sha without proofreading

>> No.34714852

hit a 675 lbs lifetime deadlift pr this morning but im basically over lifting so i didnt feel any satisfaction

>> No.34714862


>> No.34714864

thats almost as much as i earn in a year in thousands of dollars

>> No.34714875

>el squiggle
ame's spanish is hittin me. cant wait for holo español

>> No.34714882

what's her first language then

>> No.34714894

there will never be スパニッシュ holos they will never get スーパーチャットs

>> No.34714903

i judge myself against others. it's instinctual as i am a human and humans evolved to be social and to notice status and attain status.

>> No.34714905

would be funny if someone spammed the taco emoji lmao

>> No.34714911

wanna kms

>> No.34714912

basically what he said was so dumb that i gave him the benefit of the doubt.

let's look at it again
>never think about what characters make up words

imagine saying that out loud in the real world. people would laugh at you and they would be totally justified.

again, look at this:
>never think about what characters make up words

look at it, it's ridiculous

>> No.34714922


>> No.34714927

hold on bro let me stuff some carbon up ur ass so you can clench it into a diamond

>> No.34714946

goddamn what is up with the cgi in arifureta

>> No.34714949

unlucky you got all the normalfag genes except the good ones

>> No.34714952


>> No.34714962

normalfag here. i learned most of my japanese by just talking to hafus. it works

>> No.34714963
File: 618 KB, 631x524, 1562639525353.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34714964

just go back to posting in uppercase. are you some kind of cuckold who lets people dictate how he writes online?

>> No.34714967

yeah it's playstation 1 tier

>> No.34714968

it would be pretty obvious based on how they say it

>> No.34714977

if he said it out loud you'd immediately understand by the intonation

>> No.34714978

asian ones are all the rage in /ic/

>> No.34714985

what the fuck is /ic/

>> No.34715018

what accent is this

>> No.34715041

dunno but it gets my dick hard if i imagine hard enough

>> No.34715069

might end up like quiz in a few years but i dont have anything else enjoyable yet with a veil of being productive to do with my life so yep guess time to continue playing flyable heart

>> No.34715078

thinking of dropping arifureta after ep 4. should i bother watching anime or will the majority of the rest of the eps just be these godawful cgi fight scenes

>> No.34715099

i had this feeling while watching anime that i didnt even want to a major development that is known to happen because ill feel the passage of time in a real way

>> No.34715128
File: 832 KB, 1600x900, iUU5XQZ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34715131

the majority of the fights happens in the first four eps iirc
personally i think the best part of the show is ep 8-13

>> No.34715135



>> No.34715140

this isnt the place to post your schizo ramblings

>> No.34715149

angl*ids keep nitpicking my english just cuz i have to type fast while thinking about multiple things plus the consistency of my arguments.


>> No.34715151
File: 162 KB, 800x1100, 1616013658664.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34715154

are you a girl

>> No.34715161

i didn't want to see that
my day is ruined

>> No.34715182

yes, send dick picks

>> No.34715201


>> No.34715204

just laughed imagining all the funny weird english accents people have on djt

>> No.34715205
File: 18 KB, 260x263, 1ED5E16B-B25B-4651-AD95-F05E5FD57A0E - Paul Romanov.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34715214

why do you need to do it fast
take it easy

>> No.34715237

don't even have an accent cuz i don't speak english

>> No.34715250

types with his pointer fingers looking down probably

>> No.34715254

it's called pecking

>> No.34715314


>> No.34715316

bitch flees

guy says to hisself


why not

>> No.34715326

the answer lies in the n

>> No.34715331

that is an escape

>> No.34715347

imagine speaking english
i could go to burgerland right now and speak nothing but spanish and get by just fine
actually i dont even want to speak japanese really
if i go to sushiland the only words that are coming out of my mouth are sucky sucky, dont need shit else

>> No.34715350


>> No.34715425

everyone here should report the tatsumoto thread

>> No.34715446

you always make terrible posts

>> No.34715459

dont make threads early wtf

>> No.34715461

sick of you dumb fucks too. you have to make threads early to beat the loser who's here 24/7 who's always waiting to post his troll threads

>> No.34715472

glad you dont like them
ill keep making them so you read them all

>> No.34715473

maybe you should go to the doctor

>> No.34715485

i don't even read the OP
i ain't got that time for that shit

>> No.34715486


>> No.34715505

i'm an anki hoarder. i'm watching raw anime because today i got tired of having to mine hundreds of words every time i consume something.

>> No.34715511

the shill thread

>> No.34715520

just report both. fuck em.

>> No.34715531
File: 602 KB, 599x803, ExSMLuLVcAAhx-w.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the floor is gamiku, refold, "immersion"

>> No.34715539

yea this. you can make your shill thread so long as you don't make it too early! :)

>> No.34715546

and he just restarts his router and then what lol

>> No.34715552

and then he starts posting black dicks

>> No.34715558

not commenting on any of this but it doesnt make any difference how many people report

>> No.34715564

that doesnt work

>> No.34715565

thanks for the opinion

>> No.34715572

i've done it in the past when i was banned and it worked fine for me

>> No.34715576 [DELETED] 
File: 18 KB, 599x337, 1599743865848.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

\ -―-
                           /          \
                     //           \  \
                    / /           \    ヽ  \
                      /     /    |    Y        ヽ
                      ;   {      / { |     l  l  い  ヘ
                        { j   / {/  l |     }   }  l l   ヘ
                 _j l   /  {  l   |    /l   l     、
                     \ ̄`|  {  {    乂 l| / /:::|   l    l
                  /\| 八   | l |\ l / /--{  |  l     l
                      /   |   | | | ト从|:::::∨:}/ti歹≫ l  |フ  l |
           / ノ     {  { | | l l   ト. |         /    {  /}ノ
          / /<フ 八ト __いl l ト  ト     __"   // /| l  j ノ
      r---‐''" ー-  ̄ ̄`<レへ_ 乂\  ̄   x介/ /\ {
   rー`ーァ-/''ー―      \ \  ̄ ̄\<  / /: : : : : ヽ 、

>> No.34715588

an elf with treads?

>> No.34715610

dozens of people have reported oboeru fags low quality spam by now no doubt but he still floods the thread with garbage everyday

>> No.34715648
File: 30 KB, 597x307, 1581564957363.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34715649

i doubt it. just you probably

>> No.34715656

thanks for the opinion

>> No.34715657 [DELETED] 

i reported them too

>> No.34715668

oboerus are what this thread is intended for. no reason to ban

>> No.34715675

what do you organize mass reporting on discord or something?

>> No.34715682


>> No.34715683

we are legion

>> No.34715687

people don't care about all the new words you see every day.

>> No.34715690

just learned "legion"

>> No.34715695

i do

>> No.34715725

next time i cum it's gonna be to misa

>> No.34715819

name some high level jsl speakers from before the 21st century

>> No.34715829


>> No.34715844

these guys >>34713686

>> No.34715846


>> No.34715851

pretty much anybody who went to japan because they werent distracted by technology and forced to communicate

>> No.34715873

catholics who'd spend years dedicating their study to the language so they can effectively proselytize.

>> No.34716025

non-shill thread deleted. shill thread up, with 8 ips and 24 posts.

>> No.34716145

8 ips 28 posts now, the arab can't help himself

>> No.34716171


>> No.34716206


>> No.34716227

Donald Keen

>> No.34716278

meanwhile - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfQ62yRnUAo&list=PL1jyoT2-mS4XCYtTNaO1ibOQhqDoEEajf&index=1

>> No.34716348

as someone who reads vinnies because he likes vinnies i find that to be really disappointing.

>> No.34716404

new thread >>34715345

>> No.34716443

report this.

>> No.34716465

this month the autism/trolling went out of the charts...

>> No.34716555
File: 221 KB, 1102x771, tomogabuplaying.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I burnt out hard after 2.5 years and then came back to studying last year. Also this year I started speaking practice which I hadn't bothered to do before.

And it's tough learning with Google Translate!


>Also Tomokochad is my BF now since we've been talking for a while

>> No.34716679


>> No.34716754


>> No.34717185

>be me
>study japanese
>pretty good, better than most posters on djt/reddit/discord but not fluent yet
>don't participate too often on djt/reddit/discord because it's a distraction but pop in from time to time to see what everyone is up to
>often only find low level posters on djt/reddit/discord
>beginners are pretty rude and often try to tell me that i'm studying wrong even though i'm a much higher level than them
>i'm nice about it and just pretend that they're right
>deep in my heart i know that they will never be fluent in japanese

almost everybody quits during the beginner level and honestly that's one of my favorite parts about learning japanese because it keeps the retards from corrupting japanese society. just ignore the beginners because they don't know shit about japanese/japan.

>> No.34717238


>> No.34717344

Current thread: #2839

Previous threads:
>>34695902 #2838
>>34681262 #2837
>>34669824 #2836
>>34648392 #2835
>>34640732 #2834
>>34629802 #2833
>>34616670 #2832
>>34604072 #2831

>> No.34718854

I did core10k twice.
Once JP->EN and once EN->JP.

>> No.34720554


>> No.34721094

didnt read

>> No.34725055
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>> No.34725246

djt's connor

>> No.34725246,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.34725246,2 [INTERNAL] 


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