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Intro: https://streamable.com/lva5h7
Guide: https://streamable.com/f9fk3q

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other thread looked way too shitty and from /int/ refugees so i pulled the trigger

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Pull the trigger on yourself my man

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Stop sucking lowercase cock. Grow a spine. You will never be a woman.

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you could say i'm about to pull the trigger

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although i just write like this out of laziness i welcome the /int/ refugees to take back the english language

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welcome back king

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finishing re8 this weekend. anybody know how returnal is in japanese?

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chinese name makes more sense

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where is moe

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answer my question

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look at this bitch

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look at this bitch

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couldnt care less whats in the op

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Guidefags should kill themselves honestly

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/int/ has arrived

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is spamming 50 new cards/day in anki till I reach 4000 too much? (I'm at 2000)

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yeah im getting into kanadasai

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shut up loser

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thats a training pig

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i'm not ur bro u retarded pig

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they killed them poor monkeys though

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me on the right

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throw this on while you wait

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this is some serious reddit shit

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is there, like, a vn i can read on my phone? computers are too much hassle.

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phoenix wright

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i for one am welcoming int bros with open arms

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heard a rumor intbros are holochads

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yeah we already knew that

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jamal how many shares of soxl do you own

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summer pockets

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lmao permanently butthurt

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i get nervous if people is watching me, onegai (/▽\)

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me too bro

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love when people screenshot their own "memes"

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if youre new here please keep in mind this is the intermediate thread and beginner questions should be hikaerud

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whoa big

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sugoi dekai haha

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*chinese teacher

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japanese teacher in china

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started playing gyakuten saiban 2 in japanese and holy fuck the ost sucks compared to the 1st and 3rd games, much like everything else

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its just always worse in 3d

>> No.34744849

its kinda sad

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can anyone here defeat matto?

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crazy how they dont even send them a japanese version its all in english
fuck google

>> No.34745141

on the plaque yeah but they cant even read the letter im sure

>> No.34745214

ummm itiban tuyoi gaijin ni naritai kana (?

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it's kinda inevitable

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damn she blows everyone here the fUCK out

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yellow bros…

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crazy how im the best posted despite being a terrible poster

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>the best posted

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lol good luck i guess

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no worries if your correct percent drops. i think around level 20 was when i felt like i could read a lot of tweets

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scared to vocaroo

>> No.34745576

i got a few posters on my wall

>> No.34745596

his was a livestream you have unlimited takes with vocaroo

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lotta clenched assholes itt rn

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same as it ever was

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yeah dont care

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>>34745649 オマエは闇の虚に既決の行った!

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you feel this way because your reading speed is too slow

>> No.34745763

GET IN HERE it's premiering

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got some more charts for you

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mountain momma

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Is there a plugin for VLC or another media player that can somehow translate subs in-player? If not I will try to make one myself because I'm sick of writing chicken scratch kanji into google translate.

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nice 2006 setup bro


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I'm not saying I want to translate the entire subs you retards, that woudl suck anyway, I mean to translate individual words I don't know in the japanese subs. I've already grinded through multiple anki decks but that doesn't help to know every signle word in the subs.

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>I've already grinded through multiple anki decks but that doesn't help to know every signle word in the subs.
is this a parody post

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yep i bought it

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>i wouldnt care if u got run over by a bus what makes u think i care about ur stupid purchase

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i say 1

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お顔は何度もテレビで 拝見して 存じ上げては おりましたが お目にかかる のは今度が初めてです。
too ez next

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>> No.34746253

it's b

>> No.34746257

god bless you as well

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i unironically don't know the answer but if i were to read it i would understand it so i couldn't care less

>> No.34746273

b its going for the "she writes down a-z" i think

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if you have sex you are a normalfag retard. this thread may have been taken over by sex-having ecelebs but i will never abandon my principles.

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fucking baaased

>> No.34746320

4bbc got lucky

>> No.34746321

maybe yumi chan is autistic

>> No.34746340

maybe you are mentally retarded

>> No.34746366

>if you mean vns
yep but i'm still continuing to read it even though it's boring as fuck

>> No.34746370

found a great article from scott alexander explaining the rise of leftists like ciaran online and why they signal against liberals so much

>> No.34746398

found my foot
it was in your ass

>> No.34746405

that makes sense

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>learn japanese to read that hidden shit
>read the hidden shit to normies
so what was the point?

>> No.34746466

i refuse to help you. go back.

>> No.34746475

rat in the rathole lol

>> No.34746499

lmao i can't breathe

>> No.34746508

he just was quick to notice mentally ill white woman in asian country and was quick to oust u as a cringe weeb on top of it all

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like her tits

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Sorry, my fault.
Only got problems understanding this part

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no wonder nip food is 薄っぺらい

>> No.34746779

damn her getup is hot as fuck, she's definitely asking for it

>> No.34746783

are you only doing the kanji of the wanikani anki deck or also the vocab?

>> No.34746862

only the on yomi of each kanji

>> No.34746888

ah ok. that's still a lot.

>> No.34746997

I couldn't tell whether it was real or not because some people apparently really do shit loads of new anki cards every day.
I feel like you'd probably miss out on a lot if you don't do vocab though. Moreover, wanikani also teaches the kunyomi reading first for some kanji, so the mnemonic on those cards in his deck should be for that reading, not onyomi.

>> No.34747029

i have no idea. never used wanikani lol

>> No.34747137

503 cards in 1.01 hours today (7.24s/card)
enough anki for today

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always do a fap break between anki revisions

>> No.34747594

He thinks he can learn Japanese. Lol. He Will Learn.

>> No.34747878

fake news

>> No.34747941

just write down words in a text file. takes a few seconds

>> No.34747976

wanichad here. ive been intensively learning japanese since new years. feeling great about my progress.

>> No.34748007

adding to anki isnt the problem. its just one click. the issue is reviewing them

>> No.34748036

literally who

>> No.34748041

yeah just write them down and review them naturally by noticing them when you serendipitously see them again while reading

>> No.34748053


>> No.34748068

i dont take advice from people worse than me

>> No.34748119

not possible if you read for 5 minutes a day

>> No.34748138

how long will take you to realize its not the same anon?

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>> No.34748367

she's live

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Japanese language for 大逆転裁判 on Steam is region locked to Asia (as expected) but as I tried to pre-purchase it I discovered that now you can't change your store country without using a local payment method. Does anyone know of a workaround? I read that gift cards work, but of course every site that resells Japanese codes is out of stock.

>> No.34748423

just realized the reason the particle 端 comes down after it is because it's 中高型 and that two mora 中高型 do that

>> No.34748448


>> No.34748459

i was literally only using a texthooker to look up pitch accent. probably gonna stop using it now that i got used to the apple dictionary notation

>> No.34748481

thinking of picking a switch as an immersion tool

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that can't be the right translation this sentence, right?

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>> No.34748664


translation of this*

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>> No.34748713

wanna stick my dick in crazy so hard rn

>> No.34748762

think i understand pitch now

>> No.34748775

amazingly there's words that are not in the japanese dictionary but are in jisho

>> No.34748792

amazingly there's this
*unzips pants*

>> No.34748836

ごと probably implies she's giving everything including her body
ては is if

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>> No.34748960

What are some good indicators that someone is larping/just using google translate?

for me

>someone is responding in complete sentences

>> No.34748982

>What are some good indicators that someone is larping/just using google translate?
their sentence doesn't make any sense

>> No.34749016

this is really weird i'm really sure that there's a different word they usually use for this

>> No.34749043

shes playing devil may cry

>> No.34749061

subaru: うそだろう

one problem with learning pitch is im noticing them breaking the rules all the time

>> No.34749065

arrow didnt make it in

>> No.34749095

always say sinogi to sima and sima to shinogi
i'm too low iq for this

>> No.34749141

LMFAO at alolan listener

>> No.34749368

鎬 -> 金高
しのぎ almost sounds like しのび which reminds one of blade, a blade is 金

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hey anons I'm kinda confused with this
I'm getting thrown for a loop on the 倒してからといってるじゃねーですか!
I still got really poor grammar and I'm just not getting exactly what it's saying and why after looking up how to interpret that からといって

>> No.34749422

倒してから after you've beaten
といってるじゃねーですか! aren't you saying that...

>> No.34749427

their sentences use English grammar structure

>> No.34749434

から = after in that context

>> No.34749441

you don't know japanese

>> No.34749523

aaah so I just got it wrong from the start
so it would be something like "you're saying that if I want to pass through the gate of the scarlet devil mansion then I first have to beat this Kurenai Misuzu?"?
well something along those lines, I don't trust myself to give a proper translation, still it's makes much more sense to me now
thanks anons, you guys are angels

>> No.34749526

>紅魔館 の 門 を 通りたい なら [この 紅美鈴 を 倒して から]と いっている じゃねー です か

>> No.34749554

aaah damn, putting it like that feels much more clear too
I'll get used to it eventually, thanks for the help anon

>> No.34749683

Anki is extremely overrated, debate me and lose.

>> No.34749719

yup not gonna give them any yous

>> No.34749791
File: 651 KB, 480x300, 465.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no... please don't look at me

>> No.34749800



>> No.34749808

it is not overrated
you use it if it works for you and you dont use it if it doesnt work for you
simple as

>> No.34749817

^ what is this shizo talking about?

>> No.34749860


>> No.34749883


>> No.34750139





>> No.34750198

i now know 50 terms for dick thanks to these vinnies

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File: 449 KB, 1952x1097, 8C8C3CAE-6C61-434C-A544-7B76108E8917.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can someone please explain this sentence to me? and the meanings of the words themselves please.

>> No.34750324

i can but im not gonna do any of that

>> No.34750326


>> No.34750345

because i had trouble with it.

ok so what was the point of commenting?

>> No.34750356

just use deepl bro simples

>> No.34750357

this is the intermediate thread

>> No.34750365

sorry bro nobody is gonna tell u the meaning of the words when u can just google them using the furigana

>> No.34750372

meant to reply here

>> No.34750428

the JMdict definitions didn't make sense

>> No.34750469


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todays listening:


>> No.34750601

this is almost worse than holoshit

>> No.34750619


>> No.34750642


>> No.34750683

How to learn to read Japanese in 4 months?

>> No.34750724

when the 帰国子女 speaks and all the crows yell アホ in the background

>> No.34750746

build a hyperbolic time chamber

>> No.34750754




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reminder to NOT mine high frequency words if you want to learn nihongo efficiently


if you are mining sub-10k ranked words you are definitely doing it wrong

>> No.34750775

true i dont have anything in my deck below 20k (common words)

>> No.34750788

doing it right

>> No.34750791

Cant help you with the learning but if you wanna read you could read right now and not in 4 months

>> No.34750863

Finding out how to make one itself would take longer than 4 months.

>> No.34750886

for months is approximately 120 days
if you do 200 anki cards a day you can reach 24k vocabs learned which will be enough to read childrens books with some amount of ease

>> No.34750891

Not good. I'm going to be in Japan in 4 months and I need to be able to read fluently at the very least. Can't really DeepL pieces of paper and whatnot.

>> No.34750894

Yeah this is the only way

>> No.34750935

even going full autism it is going to take you at least 6x longer than that

>> No.34750985

never had a dream about 2d and im chugging daily

>> No.34750987

bunko is placing all his hopes on his uni life but hes not gonna meet anyone as insane as him there and he'll be just as alone in the world

>> No.34751002
File: 56 KB, 650x360, aO3ZzOD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lets get this thread back on track

>> No.34751111

its not possible to read fluently but you can read 1,000 most common words by then

>> No.34751136

yeah which would leave you with 0 ability to actually read anything other than a jlpt n5 test paper

>> No.34751160

>jlpt n5 test paper
yeah thats reading

>> No.34751233

Don't have a choice it's not like I'm going to Japan for fun.

>> No.34751238

probably not since they're all in hiragana. an anki grinder could never do it

>> No.34751249

if you're going to japan as a foreigner then nobody expects you to be able to read a single sentence of japanese unless you lied and said you're fluent in japanese in order to get the job, in which case lmao @ ur retarded life

>> No.34751388


>> No.34751774


>> No.34751810

fuckin hell why are jp music vids so cringe

would love to creampie reona though

>> No.34752023

no it isnt

>> No.34752053

love bein a zoomer *zoom zoom*

>> No.34752117

bunki why r u still here on djt i thougut u said Enough is enough!!

>> No.34752162

how tall is bunko

>> No.34752256

i wonder how many of them do パパ活

>> No.34752330



>> No.34752353

was about to ask for reqs but then i realised i could just check moes mal and get a better taste req than any rando on djt

>> No.34752442

acquired 偉大なる死

>> No.34752466


>> No.34752467

never understood people who ask for reqs

>> No.34752521


>> No.34752529


>> No.34752536

i have an english mining deck

>> No.34752544

important announcement
the granny is going to the hospital

>> No.34752553

retarded retard

>> No.34752555

does she have cancer or alzheimers or what exactly

>> No.34752732
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Anon asking last thread,

Tokyo internship through my university

I have already studied third level Japanese in college plus some additional culture class

>> No.34752745

>I have already studied third level Japanese in college plus some additional culture class
oh no no no lol

>> No.34752783

heh that was me.
enjoy it as hard as you can.

>> No.34752784

why does さもなくば feel so unnatural to read/say

>> No.34752798
File: 42 KB, 1700x956, mpv_iShxjT5ZuB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

who else here
>team terrace house consoomersion?

>> No.34752808

have fun working as a dancing monkey for 15万 a month

>> No.34752856

normalfag cringe garbage

>> No.34752875

wait what
i thought you was baiting lol

>> No.34752881


>> No.34752894
File: 5 KB, 400x206, mpv_9S5VIJhDJF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so? its fun and good aquisition sauce.

>> No.34752899

just got reminded of those "best immersion" terrace house posts, bet it was the goatfucker

>> No.34752940
File: 164 KB, 480x268, best immersion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>best immersion
you mean like this?

yes, this is me. iam back with another season. glad you are still here too.

>> No.34752953

yeah was easy to tell it was cause your posts smell as bad as ur moms rancid cunt

>> No.34753019
File: 159 KB, 540x540, 1555263570627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao at the autists who try to id people based on their posts

>> No.34753025
File: 674 KB, 1600x783, best immersioin makes happy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34753047

why do you need to acquire? i thought you mastered japanese

>> No.34753063

>i thought you mastered japanese
when did i say that?

>> No.34753083


>> No.34753127

what do you guys think about stevekaufman card format?

word meaning an all on just one side, just for extremly quick browsing of consoomed content.

>> No.34753176

think this speaks for itself

>> No.34753178


>> No.34753185

worthless shit that at best saves you one click
if that style of crap actually worked, i'd already be a japanese pro

>> No.34753189


I read Tae Kim's guide and studied some kanji, yet I don't understand most of the stuff (generally in manga) I read. What should I do now? I am not even confident if I would get N5 certificate if I took the exam

>> No.34753192

only thing you should really use cards for are readings and pitch everything else is unnecessary

>> No.34753220

Better watch some Dolly before she dies.

>> No.34753223
File: 994 KB, 2086x2044, 1572447764162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>yet I don't understand most of the stuff (generally in manga) I read
what did you expect lol
>What should I do now?
pic related

>> No.34753231

>I read Tae Kim's guide and studied some kanji, yet I don't understand most of the stuff (generally in manga) I read.
wow wtf thats crazy bro

>> No.34753237

..read more? did u expect to be able to read after going through a grammar guide and doing some idiots cards lol

>> No.34753246

>dont worry
>try to have fun!
why are all these kind of images made by little pansy fagboys
go back to gaia

>> No.34753248

long time ago i tried it
it felt stupid and wouldve been better to just not use anki

>> No.34753265


>> No.34753276

wtf bros?

>> No.34753286

kill yourselves

>> No.34753309

kek, i dont read the shit posted here sorry

>> No.34753333

it's unironically good advice

>> No.34753340

doesnt matter if its good advice or not retard, it sounds like it was written by a little pansy fagboy like you

>> No.34753355

true if you really want to make it you have to spend years doing study drawing out blood sweat and tears not just by watching anime
btw can someone explain what って means

>> No.34753364

you sound like a self-hating faggot lol

>> No.34753371

who said anything about studying idiot

>> No.34753376

damn you seem like a really unsavoury person
the schizo thread is this way >>>/int/djt

>> No.34753394

if you put an exclamation mark at the end of a sentence you're a pansy simple as

>> No.34753421

dood just get out the closet already

>> No.34753447

not everyone is gay like you wtf

>> No.34753473
File: 61 KB, 858x745, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

unko would you go for this koriki looking fuck

>> No.34753486

It's not like I had 0 knowledge on Japanese before studying. I thought watching 70+ days worth of anime would supply me with enough vocabulary to understand what I was reading.
By the way, in my experience flashcards are useless for kanji. I just get a notebook and write characters until memorized. I see it's generally adviced against, but after understanding radicals, it gives a much better grasp on characters.

Why are you so angry? It sounds like you are younger than Gaia.

I am not sure if anime is a good idea when visual novels exist, where you can listen something over and over again. Thanks anyways.

>> No.34753520

download a couple of random books off of https://www.aozora.gr.jp/index.html and just read them (you can use https://w.atwiki.jp/hmdev/pages/21.html to make it into a nice 縦書き epub)

>> No.34753527

fake ass nigga

>> No.34753531
File: 182 KB, 725x700, 1576409843689.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>in my experience flashcards are useless for kanji
>I am not even confident if I would get N5 certificate if I took the exam

>> No.34753534

why do you think everything outside standard business english is gay
i feel like theres a term in psychoanalysis for this

>> No.34753566

you dont have to use standard business english to not sound like a fag, you just have to not use faggy words like dood

>> No.34753599

i would say lurk more but these threads are not worth it

>> No.34753618

lurking more isnt gonna change my opinion, you're probably the guy who says shit like fren too

>> No.34753640

lmao how mad do you have to be

>> No.34753660

>you're probably the guy who says shit like fren too
noone says that here flaming newfag

>> No.34753664

yeah i was right

>> No.34753678

fuck this noone guy

>> No.34753680

actually me age 10 on the very left, no meme

>> No.34753682

>I am not even confident if I would get N5 certificate if I took the exam
>in my experience flashcards are useless for kanji
nice experience

>> No.34753685

how new?

>> No.34753736


>> No.34753742

you were a moeblob?

>> No.34753757

when some /djt/ mattlad will kill nukemarine? i hate that fucking nigger

>> No.34753763

whats your problem? nukemarine is basado

>> No.34753788
File: 125 KB, 842x1522, E1Y1c02VEAUk-N5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whats the diff between つかれた and つっかれた

>> No.34753890
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might do it himself now that his views are consistently in the double digit range

>> No.34753989

>i just woke up sucky

>> No.34754038

another masterpiece

>> No.34754054

shes not naked so at least im not insta triggered

>> No.34754056

more like refugee

>> No.34754153

never been on int, im from vt

>> No.34754265

umm who sent you here i need to have a stern talk to him

>> No.34754289

dunno but he posted korone and some crabs

>> No.34754346
File: 2.74 MB, 1920x1080, hageshii tatakai.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34754400

crazy how i just watch anime and just... understand it

>> No.34754471
File: 297 KB, 858x659, efr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i came from /pol/

>> No.34754483

lmfao just remembered these guys

>> No.34754490

have you read the mommy ln?
called something like 娘じゃなくて

>> No.34754491
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>> No.34754499

i wish a cute girl would try to rape me

>> No.34754564
File: 822 KB, 1920x1080, 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34754766
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>> No.34754783

dont think the image fits the word really

>> No.34754806

he represent jews in djt

>> No.34754828


>> No.34754837

but hes just an autistic bullshitter who also prolly mostly doesnt even understand what he was doing so not really fitting of the villain moniker

>> No.34754907

its his face or the star of david

>> No.34755018


>> No.34755054


>> No.34755064
File: 1.13 MB, 1920x1080, 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cant read any of this

>> No.34755364

uncanny resemblance the the shit i just deposited in my toilet bowl

>> No.34755417
File: 18 KB, 259x224, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34755493
File: 96 KB, 850x1208, 1619079087163.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34755538


>> No.34755629
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got this score on the last practice exam i did. it's a random mix of questions from the 3 practice exams u get with the program. im sure i memorized some of the answers from my previous attempts

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