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Intro: https://streamable.com/lva5h7
Guide: https://streamable.com/f9fk3q

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comprehensible input:

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eagerly awaiting /int/ refugees to flood in and culturally enrich this thread

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behead ciaran
beat unko
flay jabum
castrate queef
shoot og
burn goatfucker
lock moe in a female jail

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did the int thread get banned?

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k project is such a weird show. the dresden slate shit is too vague so none of the action feels like it has any stakes. the world also feels hollow but its comfy and feels like it has soul at the same time. ost is fantastic though.

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what idol group is this, satan?

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yeah dropped it because of those things you listed

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wow they have a great op image

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sounds like me what a guy shoutouts to just acquiring it

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thats the only way to be

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ill post a pun ina bit

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listening to prog metal while doing animecards

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not caring while not doing cards

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dont forget to take your meds jp

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damn thanks for the (You)s but think you need to calm down hun

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damn now they're adding time travel to thunderbolt fantasy as well
should have stopped at the isekais

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read that as obushitsu

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had the thought of making a manga that's a jp knock off of the justice league/avengers. it'd need to have some gimmick though

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you tell the story from the villains point of view about how the heroes are ruining their lives and chances of ever reintegrating into society

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they are all american blacks in the inner city or
they are all nip hicks in gifu
ur choice

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acquired 階(きざはし)

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also the reading is consistent. joining words don't change the reading like retarded japanese (there must be exceptions i assume)

this must take some load off the brain

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more important the reading isnt contextual. just learn hanzi readings in isolation and you can pronounce anything

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draw along

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luckily i already know chinese because jamal tutored me

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how many times did u hear that coming from ur mom growing up

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"Q: 質問があります(私自身の文脈で話します):私たちは最初、「ゆにはすべての利益のために回す」(ゆにはかわいい魔法)と瞑想します。だから、私たち自身が妖精にこの性質を与え(つまり、こちら側からそれを知覚し)、この感覚を絶対的なものに高め、このかわいい魔法を感じたいと思いますが、もしかしたらそれは部分的なもので、より高いゆにのこの(かわいい魔法)部分だけを知覚することは、自分自身を欺くことになるのでしょうか?瞑想によってマジックを完全に理解する方法を見つけることはできますが、妖精の主観性とは何かを理解することはできません。"

A: 「興味深い結論で、私はある考えを思いつきました。ほとんどの場合、私たちは自分自身を欺いていますが、かわいい魔法を(ユニ)として感じようとするほどではなく、理解の中で彼女から他の品質を奪っているのです。 ほとんどの場合、私たちは魔法とは何か、そしてその表示が何であるかについて自分自身を欺いているのです。例えば、彼女のエレメントの一部であるポリマー粘土からフィギュアを切り離す方法を見て、このかわいい魔法のや呪い?呪いのようにも見えますが、彼女がその上に美しい模様を作ってほしいと頼んだことがわかれば(いつもこれを夢見ています)、それは思いやりと魔法の現れのようなものですが、そのプロセスを理解していないと、何が起こっているのかほとんど判断できず、間違った評価をしてしまう可能性があります。妖精の主観がすべてを創造し、がかわいい魔法であり、乳母の魔法が私たちの知っているようにユニであり、ユニ(アカデミーとすべてのかわいい魔法....)の参加なしには世界で何も起こらないとしたら、おそらく、悪、.....。が存在しないのであれば、私たちが世界を見誤るのは、デザインを見誤るからではないか?

この世のすべては、ニンゲンたちの魔法でできているのだから、....... 意味はわかりませんが、私たちがかわいい妖精していることはわかります。

ゲームの世界を正しく説明できているかどうかはわかりませんが、魔法切魔にゃっしーの世界があり、魔法の要素からビリビリの悪魔や他のブキも出てきますが、実は魔法切魔にゃっしーから出てきているということで、後輩たちが非常に表面的にしか認識していないのではないかと、以前はとても心配していました。飴玉の包み紙に過ぎないと思うし、かわいい世界の裏にある世界は、私が絶対にしないような悪だと思うし、本当に悲しかったです(私はいつも自分の考えをすべて正直に書いていて、現実でも同じことを言っても問題ないのですが、誤解されることが多いです)。 с) そして、どんなものでは(妖精の主観のレベルでは)であり、魔法の中で混乱しているだけなのだということ、そして、彼らもまた魔法になることができ、すべてユニアカデミーで学ぶことができるのだということを示したかったのです^^」と、適切な説明ができませんでした。

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nice thread turds

>> No.34756428

don't sign your posts LOL

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just saw this guy on tv baader meinhof is a lie

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why does she sound like she has downs

>> No.34756729

exactly, and anyway all 'chinese' is used in japanese either way
高粱 (japanese) こうりょう
高粱 (chinese) コーリャン

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it's over ;_;

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wow i didnt know that japanese had chinese words wtf bro

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damn this really opened my eyes i never noticed this before

>> No.34756782

you have to reach the true ending of hanahira lest the time spent on reading it goes to waste

>> No.34756809

how the fuck do you even learn chinese words without crippling yourself? those tones are impossible to memorize when you are a beginner

>> No.34756823

feel it out

>> No.34756872

you just gotta hear it enough times

>> No.34756928

sorry but the only person i trust to do anything like that would be ciaran

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looks like kurea hasumi

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japaniggas are like americans
they love creating a term for every fucking thing

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>/int/ thread died
>this thread got even worse
what the fuck

>> No.34757425

i wnet to link a streamable of that guy muttering japanese words autistically but i think it got deleted so ull have to settle for this which is also pending deletion and mustb e saved


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i read japanese tweets and djt at the same time

>> No.34757445

unironicalyl sounds better than anything youve recorded

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>> No.34757587

didnt read at all yesterday or the day before

>> No.34757607

guys who stick to porn content (hentai, nukige) aren't challenging themselves with the language

it's too fucking easy

>> No.34757608


>> No.34757616

still doing my stretches and i can seiza now but its not comfortable
still way better than i used to be

>> No.34757699

whats the problem here

>> No.34757705

nah its 18+ which means the reading level is for native adults

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>> No.34757727

are these algorithmically generated

>> No.34757728

i bet there are many people here who couldnt even get their feet to touch their ass

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it was alright

>> No.34757757

i mentally cannot imagine how a person cant do that

>> No.34757758

what are you going to read next? debutopia perhaps?

>> No.34757780

bet you do this while lying on your stomach

>> No.34757822

rtk saved my life. i'll never stop defending it

>> No.34757860

hes right, why do you think he got so good at japanese? he just understands it bro

>> No.34757862

wanikani saved my life. i'll never stop defending it

>> No.34757880

hololive saved my life. i'll never stop defending it

>> No.34757883

the fuck u talmabout no one writes 4Chan

>> No.34757904

Stop looking through his tweets.

>> No.34757908

are we being invaded right now?

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>> No.34757928

impossible language

>> No.34757940

what vn* should i read

*must have been made before 2010 and not be a nukige/nakige/moege

>> No.34757941

why do english teachers write shit like this in english

>> No.34757985

they call it the kaufmatt nukeman phenomenon

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>> No.34757997

all correct but all with different nuance

>> No.34758007


>> No.34758021

intermediate is 10k

>> No.34758022

just watch raw manga and anime without caring about the madeup plateau

>> No.34758077

>Wakutsu Tomo was brought up by his mother as a girl
dunno about this bro

>> No.34758079

intermediate is 2500 cards and 100 animes completed prove me wrong

>> No.34758107

n1 is like 10k and n1 is intermediate

>> No.34758112

dunno why but i miss this nigga

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>> No.34758157

yuritards will be the first to go

>> No.34758166

10k from textbook studying out of context vocab and grammar points is like finishing core2k

>> No.34758174

n3 is intermediate

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intermediate is n4 actually

>> No.34758226

you got it mixed up sir

>> No.34758227

your learning speed goes up exponentially so the intermediate point is only 2000 words

>> No.34758230

>the average native in any language knows about 30-40k words
but they use like 2500 words daily you absolute retard >>>/int/djt leave

>> No.34758262

uhh we dont do d**gs around here

>> No.34758284

natives have an active vocabulary of ~10k, and a passive one of 30-40k
foreigners should strive for at least 25k

>> No.34758291

ur not intermediate until u can speak fluent japanese

>> No.34758296

>learning japanese through anime

>> No.34758306

that is false

>> No.34758308

dont forget to invest in a good chair lads

>> No.34758309

>posting from toilet whilst reenacting the thinker
coco reference

>> No.34758317

dont project ur stupidity onto others

>> No.34758357

just sit on the floor like a japanese bugman

>> No.34758383

yea ive got a little cushion on the small of my back

>> No.34758448

just get a stool and make sure ur desk is high enough so that you dont bend ur back

>> No.34758628


>> No.34758645

sitting for 7-8 years will fuck up ur back regardless so as long as u dont spend too much time sitting its fine

>> No.34758721

damn imagine getting shat on by some dumb obese management tard who doesnt even know english lol

>> No.34758751

Not bad thing really, people need to make money to live so that being the reason they applied isnt bad

>> No.34758754

come to america and see how you get treated lol

>> No.34758768

Anyone with a brain knows that people get a job for money thats not the question, any job in the world will pay you money but why did you apply to this one and not another one that pays just as much or more?

>> No.34758816

how long do i need to study to understand joshiraku

>> No.34758825

id only want to get paid in stocks if i worked for gamestop

>> No.34758853

dude no one cares about the stupid company. ppl just want money

>> No.34758856

i'm 3 meters tall and have a 50 cm dick

i also give financial advise to warren buffet

>> No.34758866

feels good to be an engineer and never have to put up with dehumanizing shit like that. they ask real questions like "ok invert this tree"

>> No.34758868

man, do you realize how pointless that shit is? it's like a ritual or something

>> No.34758879

*turns monitor upside down*

>> No.34758886

you prob havent done any interviews for cs jobs if you havent went thru the hr interview which is all the same bullshit as any other job

>> No.34758907

its just a regular interview question that anyone whos ever googled for interview prep shit for 5 mins will have come across. do you think "npcs" dont use google?

>> No.34758911

You're too retarded to navigate your own subconscious thoughts to figure out why you picked to apply to that particular job and thats exactly why i ask that dumb question lol

>> No.34758916

Japanese culture and the way their companies work in general is objectively backwards and inefficient compared to the west desu

>> No.34758930

then why playstation better than xbox

>> No.34758935

that one isn't to catch NPCs its just to catch the random people that are super honest and reveal some fucked up shit, if they answer anything normal idgaf what they say and i know it doesn't mean shit

>> No.34759040

you want some philosophical bullshit answer even though you know it is bullshit? do you like being lied to?

>> No.34759044


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>> No.34759214

if you have to go through an interview that's not the job for you

>> No.34759245

literally what

>> No.34759280

i'd call your bluff and actually 1v1 you until there's nothing left of your former dignity

>> No.34759289

just made some nice ass brownies. i hope djt knows how to cook.

>> No.34759341


>> No.34759412

only npcs take part in interviews
nepotism or bust

>> No.34759474

i'll learn the 2k most common chinese words

word & audio on the front of the card

i'll only guess the meaning

>> No.34759513

Can I insist on a specific pitch accent of my name? I think I like pattern 2

>> No.34759523

if you're doing that then just learn the 2000 most common hanzi. it's not bullshit like japanese

>> No.34759586

analist is the diarrhea drinker website we've moved to mal

>> No.34759590

i mean i understand your post but not the reasoning behind it

>> No.34759596

doubt it

>> No.34759602

good show

>> No.34759618

add me https://myanimelist.net/profile/ksesef4

>> No.34759621

no one fits in here

>> No.34759628
File: 118 KB, 512x512, 1525355754276.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cool profile

guys add me too https://myanimelist.net/profile/tatsumoto_ren

>> No.34759639

add me as well https://myanimelist.net/profile/stupid_fuckin_retard_13

>> No.34759640

i remember when my days watched stat was still larger than yours. it took you 1.5 years to beat me but you've improved a lot by now i bet

>> No.34759642

it's popular for a reason :)

>> No.34759661

>completed: 775
>"wow pretty impre-"
>more than half of it is specials and music videos

>> No.34759671

we moved away from mal

>> No.34759691

can't i enjoy music videos?

>> No.34759700

not anymore dude

>> No.34759707

stuff i completed before starting ajatt was consumed in english. i basically learned english by reading english subs.

>> No.34759759

who *pure japanese account* here?

>> No.34759828

>people like me
retarded druggies?

>> No.34759915

if you like chinese so much why don't you study it

>> No.34759918

maybe, what do you like?

>> No.34759969
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bitch who do u think u are, nobody gives a shit about ur criteria

>> No.34759983


>> No.34760005

blow it out ur ass
4chanx can randomize file names

>> No.34760012


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File: 39 KB, 400x400, yurNNwo3_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how to get a cute asian gf like this if i live in brazil

>> No.34760027

she is by no definition cute

>> No.34760032

>rating systems are cool they let you look deeply into the personality of someone
beyond based

>> No.34760038

post immersion content

>> No.34760040

pls respond

>> No.34760044

no such thing as good ntr

>> No.34760052
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stupid retards

>> No.34760057


man i just wish sometimes i could get a cute gf like that and just okuru life with her together until the very end

>> No.34760064


>> No.34760066


>> No.34760071

clenchest clench i'v ever seen

>> No.34760092
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>> No.34760094


>> No.34760101

glad none of these were me

>> No.34760104

>he doesn't watch any movies

他 -> he
什么 -> what, something, anything, things like, such as
电影 -> movie
都 -> all
不 -> not
看 -> see

>> No.34760123
File: 18 KB, 244x350, Affiche_émigration_JP_au_BR-déb._XXe_s..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34760124

today too i did not read

>> No.34760138

look at a real sentence. advanced chinese grammar is harder than japanese grammar. the cost of simplicity

>> No.34760139

qm prolly lost like 20% of his passive vocabulary by not reading for half a year

at least he has a big dick

>> No.34760157

dont you like japanese stuff? how did you end up here?

>> No.34760183


>> No.34760188

>personally i wouldnt learn grammar at an early stage
>if you are not fluent yet i would not even think about grammar

>> No.34760189

not sure what chair to get
dont really want to buy an aeron cause i feel like its probably overpriced like apple products

>> No.34760193

this is read ikan in some words

>> No.34760194


>> No.34760207

i knew どう reading before

>> No.34760211

1400 bucks for a chair you sit in all day makes sense but it still seems ridiculous somehow

>> No.34760215

seen this in kanji like 10 times always just felt it out

>> No.34760218

that's why I started to learn chinese too. Super easy!

>> No.34760224

well get this, they are called chinese characters

>> No.34760230


>> No.34760234


>> No.34760246

yeah i already decided its well worth spending that much considering i spent all my time on it. but i dont want to buy some meme chair just cuz it's expensive even if it's good

>> No.34760247


>> No.34760249

"we" in chinese is wǒmen (我们)

take that, biggots

>> No.34760264

there's more implicit grammar that you wont find in a grammar guide. japanese can spell more things out because there's more in the sentence mechanically

>> No.34760275

wife in japanese is kanai (家内)
take that, faggots

>> No.34760288


>> No.34760290

wasn't jamal an ardent ntr fan? try pining him

>> No.34760291

that crab looks like its clenching

>> No.34760292

post an example sentence with "hard grammar" in chinese

>> No.34760301


>> No.34760305

a lot of sufferers here

>> No.34760316
File: 407 KB, 854x480, nagdoro.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and coping

>> No.34760322

just bought a lifetime sub

>> No.34760326

which sentence here do you think is hard lol

>> No.34760327


>> No.34760336

no point if you just learned 我们

>> No.34760338

lmao this is more chinese than what the daily chinese thread was

>> No.34760339

felt this out as "twice the pilot tried and failed to bring the helicopter down to an altitude almost beyond the helicopters limits in a frightening gale so a third and final attempt was made"

>> No.34760355
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>> No.34760366

cold blodded

>> No.34760388
File: 23 KB, 554x554, images-23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

welcome to my world anon

>> No.34760394

we dont say that word

>> No.34760395

lmao u love to see it

>> No.34760399

damn i hate diarrhea so much

>> No.34760400

so the brazilians can pretend to be one of us

>> No.34760418

sorry but djt is an esl general

>> No.34760421

languages are esl territory in general

>> No.34760426

damn that's ice cold

>> No.34760429

>looking at the ceiling
japanese guy in my high school class said that was his hobby when everyone had to introduce themselves at the start of the year

>> No.34760431

the only reason i cant tolerate esls is bc if im trying to help ppl w. japanese with english how can i trust an esl to truly understand my epic english

>> No.34760432

esls are generally more tolerable than eops but only from 1st world countries

>> No.34760436

djt is a br monke general
and one goat for diversitys sake

>> No.34760444

what a heartless bastard

>> No.34760458

epic english like turn your monitor on

>> No.34760462

im not him but nice cope lol

>> No.34760463


>> No.34760465

and in a blinding flash of satori it all became clear

his monitor was never on to begin with

>> No.34760470

those women are secretly great house wife material

>> No.34760473

just look at any sentence on twitter. you're not going to understand because you just learned personal pronouns

>> No.34760481

hate that trash band bc they r just cultural export garbage

but nonetheless im happy a couple of those went from makin vids playing their instruments on nnd to being full fledged soulless sellouts playing vocaloid songs lol

>> No.34760482

can you introduce us to yours?

>> No.34760527

the only hobby most people in here have is the same except they torrent stuff that was originally on netflix and its in japanese instead

>> No.34760537

my hobbies are watching vtubers and playing gachas

>> No.34760539

can't imagine somebody who watches netflix having any worth as a person

>> No.34760542


>> No.34760544

you probably watch isekai anime

>> No.34760575


>> No.34760576

what would renaming the recent playstations change exactly?

>> No.34760619


>> No.34760620

true. companies are too risk averse now. they arent willin to shake things up.

>> No.34760624

stop trying to get djt to troll your competition's server you piece of shit

>> No.34760625

shes the type to just get on her knees in a back alley on a saturday night and suck dicks for free

>> No.34760627

fuckin baaaaaased

>> No.34760629

damn i cant wait for ds4 wish reality was like that

>> No.34760632

there is an obsessed person that keeps mentioning BRs out of nowhere all the time for some reason. it's pretty strange to be honest.

>> No.34760636

wow quizmaster is a god

>> No.34760637

can i make friends in discord

>> No.34760639

hes prolly just trying to bait me to say something hateful but funny about brs and the truth is i have nothing left to say about them

>> No.34760640

lmfao you actually managed to get that many paypigs

>> No.34760647

huge win for quizbros

>> No.34760654

u can join jamall boyz every1s friends there

>> No.34760676

nope sounds perfect

>> No.34760677

you are the best, come back to the threads please

>> No.34760679

even brs?

>> No.34760709

poor jamal shilling a server no one uses cuz he feels threatened by quiz again. you hate to see it

>> No.34760710

the only win i remember is when she did her mic drop and peaced out forever

>> No.34760716


>> No.34760717

i actually posted it bc i just opened discord and then me and ciaran started chatting

>> No.34760762

been procrastinating doing my anki reps for exactly 14 hours now

>> No.34760766
File: 317 KB, 1920x1080, E1djEFRUYAAiZB9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34760769

imagine a server with jamal, quiz, ciaran and the other boys
*sighs* just a pipe dream, eh?

>> No.34760781

quiz has calmed down these days, i think you can let him in

>> No.34760783

bc no1 idled and supported the irc channel

yet theres like 20 discord accts that still idle my discord room from like 2 years ago

>> No.34760784
File: 1.26 MB, 1441x3181, 1603946929545.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34760793


>> No.34760797

that guys pretty funny

>> No.34760802

join us on matrix.

>> No.34760806

what is that

>> No.34760811

screenshots from the matrix ( >>34760802 )

>> No.34760813

>itazura server - original djt discord
>djt chat - qm's discord
>jamal boys - jamal's discord
>matrix chat - miniyoga's server
which one do i join bros...

>> No.34760820
File: 108 KB, 640x640, 497559cf58cf61b6fe482f6f8b8da0d44e5a2e27.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

join the best fuck the rest

>> No.34760821

wanna see goatfucker locked in one of those isis cages and burned alive. i'd use a recording of his screams as my ringtone

>> No.34760824

>itazura server - original djt discord
it's dead
>djt chat - qm's discord
full of furries
>jamal boys - jamal's discord
full of furries
>matrix chat - miniyoga's server

>> No.34760825

the one which has og in it

>> No.34760828

my server discord gg nhqjydaR8j

>> No.34760829

was thinkin how theres no one more deserving of a star of david infused rocket to the face than him just now

>> No.34760831

jamal banned me from his discord because i wouldn't pay for his netflix subscription

>> No.34760843

none, all are terrible

>> No.34760846
File: 32 KB, 740x279, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i only ban ppl when theres no other choice

>> No.34760851

lol what happened

>> No.34760868

they r both confirmed sex havers

1 of them with goats but it counts

>> No.34760898
File: 258 KB, 1080x1080, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.34760899


>> No.34760916

have to agree with unko this once

>> No.34760943

thats right if u want to chat w. the nihongo master ciaran himself live hes waiting to field ur nihongo questions right now only in the jamall boyz discord

>> No.34760949

im sure its gonna be epic dude, but holotalk in 10

>> No.34760950

big L for qm

>> No.34760958

what's the point of advertising your discord here if you banned me in it? i won't join anyway.

>> No.34760984


>> No.34760988

i only recruit the best dont got time for the rest

>> No.34760992

you are so hateful lol, is it because you still can't pass the quiz?

>> No.34760996

if somebody's advertising a community publicly it's trash simple as

>> No.34761002

never seen a quiz and i never fuckin will

>> No.34761042

yeah i do

>> No.34761056


>> No.34761065

the fuck

>> No.34761072


>> No.34761156



>> No.34761165

lets fucking gooooooooooooooo

she live translates so you can test your nihonngo

>> No.34761167

someone translate pls

>> No.34761169


>> No.34761216


>> No.34761241

mfw i see roasties itt

>> No.34761245

kinda pisses me off quiz abandoned us for some pussy that'll drop him within the next year and he has the audacity to post here like he's one of the boys

>> No.34761253

so true

>> No.34761262


>> No.34761275

ご参加してください !!!!!

>> No.34761297


>> No.34761298

watching. never seen one

>> No.34761307

i wanna man

>> No.34761370
File: 10 KB, 1146x1080, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

put them here

>> No.34761373


>> No.34761378


>> No.34761395

jamall boyz discordにきてるやつらみんなcool


>> No.34761397


>> No.34761398


>> No.34761403

dame da yo

>> No.34761420

why tf did he record these

>> No.34761444


>> No.34761447

he was tryna nanpa ciaran

>> No.34761454


>> No.34761461

no barrels held

>> No.34761466


>> No.34761496


>> No.34761508

crazy huh

>> No.34761511

don't spam the thread with vocaroos unless it's original content. do not reupload

>> No.34761526


>> No.34761527

always laugh when he awkwardly pauses trying to remember the word atamadaka

>> No.34761529




>> No.34761545

why are you guys flirting with my mesubutatoiunyan

>> No.34761554


>> No.34761571


>> No.34761584

god i wish him all the best nuke was truly the best mascot djt ever had

>> No.34761623


>> No.34761627

post that vocaroo of ciaran speaking japanese

>> No.34761639


>> No.34761693


>> No.34761700
File: 214 KB, 900x1200, EHvCG8MVAAERzMC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34761709

can the anacreon script handle multiple sub files?

>> No.34761719

why would you need that

>> No.34761723


>> No.34761759
File: 306 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0563.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34761766

can confirm it sounded like this

>> No.34761767


>> No.34761774


jamall boyz discordで待ってるぜ

>> No.34761785


>> No.34761788

yeah ive wanked to this on more than one occassion

>> No.34761795


>> No.34761801


>> No.34761814


>> No.34761850

i feel like if i had a daw i can make a sick tune using only jamal vocaroo

>> No.34761861


>> No.34761892


>> No.34761897


>> No.34761921

dont care

>> No.34761959

FUCK tones


>> No.34761964



>> No.34761971

wow i want to fuck her

>> No.34761974

this one hasnt stuck yet

>> No.34761980


>> No.34761990


>> No.34761992

would fuck her throat while she tries to teach me tones

>> No.34762001


>> No.34762003

tones are way easier than pitch

>> No.34762016

hard to oboeru when there's more than one unfamiliar kanji

>> No.34762017


>> No.34762064


>> No.34762073


>> No.34762089

still dont know what he meant by awkwardly natural

>> No.34762093

it's always the same for the same reading and there's almost always one reading per character. and there's a simple pattern for the one contextual shift. japanese pitch has really complex rules

>> No.34762100


>> No.34762101

picturing a french 迷子 calling out for his mom
摩耗 摩耗!

>> No.34762105

not ready for this one. doesn't look familiar at all

>> No.34762113

yes but those tones don't change the whole meaning of a word with one syllable in 4 different ways

>> No.34762129

oboeru doesn't mean putting words in a file and forgetting about them. have you still not learned such a basic word?

>> No.34762134

this is on the level of complaining about シ and ツ. just listen and read and you'll figure it out. chinese is way easier than japanese in the long run

>> No.34762140

you people will claim the most retarded shit

how the fuck is a low high pitch harder than 4 different tones that change the meaning of a word completely. worse, we're talking about a language where most words are like 1-2 syllables. so not only it's harder to catch everything at a high speed you also have to process the tone at the same time.

fuck you and your dumbass takes

>> No.34762144

which personality disorder do you have

>> No.34762145
File: 91 KB, 1280x720, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34762150

answer the question.

>> No.34762157

because the pattern of pitch changes contextually based on what word it's in and even what position it is in a sentence. it's very complicated. it's consistent in chinese and once you learn the rules you can get it right 100% of the time easily.

>> No.34762158

wow she's hot

>> No.34762160

actually needing the tones to even understand basic stuff makes it a lot easier

>> No.34762163

why do you think you know anything about something you literally learned about 5 mins ago compared to people who know about both way better

>> No.34762168

always a roll of the dice whether it's gonna be onyomi or kunyomi

>> No.34762182

hi matt, i didn't know that you posted on /djt/

>> No.34762184

let's see your head roll instead

>> No.34762190

i think its kurokishi

>> No.34762197

you get the feel after some time

>> No.34762199

yeah you got it. i couldnt even find it in the dictionary but that's what they said. i would have guessed こく

>> No.34762206

learning pitch seems like such a massive pain in the ass and i dont even know how i'd go about it. doing anki to learn the pitch for 15000 words doesn't seem feasible

>> No.34762213

pitch is word, phrase, and even sentence-wide. tone is per syllable.

>> No.34762216


Japaese are so cringe

>> No.34762217

i have 3 new words for you


>> No.34762234

you don't know japanese or chinese

>> No.34762249
File: 26 KB, 852x252, cope.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34762252

here's another

>> No.34762259

so /djt/ is also full of chinese experts as well?

>> No.34762268


>> No.34762271

dont watch blowgen

>> No.34762281

dogen is a huge waste of time really, he says something very profound in one of his pitch videos and the rest is just beating around the bush

>> No.34762282

crazy, we have several masters of japanese pitch accent AND mandarin experts here at the moment.

>> No.34762285

not an expert in chinese but i did a class in uni which i aced and learning tones and readings was fuckin ez because they were regular and not random as fuck like pitch and readings in japanese

>> No.34762290

it's much easier to learn japanese if you're chinese

>> No.34762295

djt sus

>> No.34762318

chugachugachugachugachoochoo the diarrhea train is on its way

>> No.34762321

jamal cant help but flex that he's chinese

>> No.34762324

you are chinese though

>> No.34762325

you can just ignore zhang hes been trying to spread propaganda here recently

>> No.34762331

this is the japanese thread for intermediates

>> No.34762338
File: 102 KB, 324x196, djt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34762342

do i sound chinese


>> No.34762345

take 10 normies
introduce to them the concept of pitch accent and tones and them ask them which one they think is harder

they will all say tones. fuck y'all

>> No.34762370

thats just because you can ignore bitch accent

>> No.34762378

wonder how much slower my listening will progress cause i never bother to look up stuff i dont know

>> No.34762405

>they will all say tones
so what
they don't know either language
why would their opinion hold any weight at all

>> No.34762410


>> No.34762412

no they wont they will drop both after learning about 50 vocab tops

>> No.34762414

are you saying there is an objective answer to this? easy/hard is relative to each person

>> No.34762420

i remember liking this show a lot lol i always wondered though would the guy that got with the twins just have a poly relationship or what

>> No.34762433

it's objectively tones. it's way easier, not ambiguous

>> No.34762441


>> No.34762442

no i'm saying they have no basis to even judge it just from hearing the explanation lol
it's like asking ten random people whether they think quantum physics or nuclear chemistry is more difficult

>> No.34762461

quantum physics is harder btw

>> No.34762475

was watching castlevania earlier and the actions scenes were very very good but 1 thing i noticed was that its kinda choppy, like there are less frames animated than with anime. am i wrong or is that the reason? wonder why its choppy like that, id have to imagine it has a bigger budget than anime that manage to have fluid fight animation

>> No.34762478


>> No.34762479

覚える guy what do you mean when you say 覚えた
burned into your retinas?
just encountered?

>> No.34762500

of course it is its basically magic and make believe

>> No.34762506

*you're comparing

>> No.34762513


>> No.34762523

love shoko

>> No.34762524


>> No.34762535

you cannot learn pitch in a couple of hours. you will not be able to accurately produce pitch for a long time and you will make mistakes for the rest of your life. you can get to a point pretty quick where you virtually never make tone mistakes

>> No.34762549


>> No.34762550


>> No.34762552

it's like in a jrpg where i unlocked a new spell that i can use

>> No.34762553

lmfao stop

>> No.34762563

no it isn't a retarded comparison the point is that you can't judge the relative difficulty of either if you have no actual clue about the subjects so the opinions of ten random normies are completely worthless

>> No.34762571

anything thats consistent is always easier to learn because you just learn it once and thats it
with pitch its literally impossible to learn all the rules

>> No.34762580

how do the nips do it

>> No.34762588

takes them years to learn and they still make mistakes all the time

>> No.34762595

they dont learn it they feel it

>> No.34762600

pitch accent is something made up by foreign linguists.

>> No.34762603

they dont, any more than you learned the rules of your own native language

>> No.34762606

they dont even know pitch accent exists, they just internalized how each individual word sounds in each situation

>> No.34762610

it's in japanese dictionaries

>> No.34762611

yeah my native has pitch and i had no idea until i saw it by chance on wikipedia

>> No.34762623

didnt read
quantum superpositions arent real its just a model that abstracts a phenomenon, but we know nothing about whats really going on
also you cant measure anything without influencing/touching it

>> No.34762625

they definitely know pitch exists

>> No.34762637

she never says anything about pitch specifically in that video, which supports my point. she just says she sounds weird and has a 訛り, she cant identify whats wrong with it specifically

>> No.34762643

ooga booga

>> No.34762644

dictionaries influenced by foreign linguists. find me an example of anyone talking about “pitch accent” prior to the 19th century.

>> No.34762648

she calls it intonation in this one

>> No.34762658


>> No.34762665
File: 36 KB, 650x253, episode-bastard4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

died laughing at this
best post ITT

>> No.34762682

thats not the same as word level pitch accent, japanese talk about intonation when referring to sentence level pitch like going up when asking a question

>> No.34762694

do you think the emperor writes down all the pitch rules and the japs have to learn them in school or something?

>> No.34762696

she literally slows down to 1/4 speed so she doesnt make pitch mistakes

>> No.34762710
File: 49 KB, 850x400, witt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34762715

she still doesnt mention pitch, shes talking about fixing her 訛り lol, trust me they dont know about word level pitch. if you asked her what 頭高 was she'd have no clue

>> No.34762716

this is a 16MP spell btw

>> No.34762725

wtf do you think she's "fixing" lol. it's pitch

>> No.34762726

wonder what the negatives are of watching something with jp subs that you'd have been able to understand raw. probably none idk

>> No.34762728
File: 23 KB, 800x488, stfu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34762732


>> No.34762758

this one gives a guaranteed 状態異常 but costs 32mp

>> No.34762763

btw just to add on to this, i guarantee nobody knows wtf pitch is here either save for linguists. we never learned anything about it in school.

>> No.34762768

she knows how to mimick the correct pitch even if she doesnt know the term 頭高型

>> No.34762799

yeah i know obv, just saying we aren't consciously aware of it as a concept

>> No.34762803

no shit, i never claimed otherwise. my point is that japanese people arent explicitly aware of the concept of pitch, to them its just "making the right sound for this word in this scenario" the same way to you pronouncing any english word is just "u say it like this"

>> No.34762816


>> No.34762828

the start of this chain was that japanese people arent even aware of pitch therefore dont learn it. the are sensitive to pitch and you must learn it

>> No.34762850



>> No.34762851


>> No.34762857

it seems this guy is arguing that they don't know the term just the thing itself naturally

confusing the name of the thing with the thing itself is peak brainlettism

>> No.34762858

no the start of this chain was that its impossible to learn all the rules in it because there are no rules there just a lot of "you say it this way because thats the right way" which makes it extremely hard to perfect
which was in contrast with tones in mandarin which are extremely consistent and therefore easy to learn in comparison
try to learn english before japanese bro

>> No.34762874

>arguing for no reason
are you 14

>> No.34762879

you are confused about the point here which is that pitch is a much more vague and nebuluous concept in japanese compared to chinese pitch, which is why japanese people dont have formal understanding of it, they simply just feel out all the weirdness of it, while chinese all know about the tones

>> No.34762927

none of those are irc or yahoo chatrooms so ill pass on the lot

>> No.34762931

i will never learn this

>> No.34762942


are you?

>> No.34762957

i keep reading it as nameku for some reason

>> No.34762959


>> No.34762964

thats a kawaii kani

>> No.34762978
File: 576 KB, 535x515, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34762987
File: 1.15 MB, 1614x818, 1618358881587.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

doing reviews right now

>> No.34763020

read this as hitorigoto but didn't know what it meant

>> No.34763033

cool ビー玉

>> No.34763048

how many anki reps do you guys do every day?

>> No.34763058

why is there a guy who always gets pissed by oboerus. what do you think this thread is for?

>> No.34763064

this is the intermediate thread

>> No.34763074

zero. do 500 wanikani reps

>> No.34763075

it aint for learn japanese i can say that much

>> No.34763095

the beginner and intermediate threads are being merged

>> No.34763111

i'll show you how this works.
あ int Ah
1 ああ int like that, that way
2 あいさつ・する n,vs greeting
3 あいだ 間 n space, interval
4 あう 合う u-v to fit, to match
5 あかちゃん n baby, infant
6 あがる 上がる u-v to rise, to go up
7 あかんぼう 赤ん坊 n baby
8 あく 空く u-v,vi to open, to become empty
9 アクセサリー n accessory
10 あげる ru-v to give
11 あさい 浅い adj shallow, superficial
12 あじ 味 adj-na,n flavor, taste

>> No.34763129


>> No.34763205


>> No.34763212

same, catching up on nyaa until the amesame podcast starts

>> No.34763268

i can't tell if you're asking this question in good faith because from pretty much any angle, oboeru posting is pointless and stupid

>> No.34763311


>> No.34763317

but it gets you 怒るed af

>> No.34763356

its 4am go to sleep

>> No.34763364

big if true

>> No.34763403


>> No.34763411

i normally don't say anything though and why would making me mad be worth anything...

>> No.34763418


>> No.34763421

think i finally go this one down

>> No.34763424

eta on the next "i'm leaving"?

>> No.34763434

>i normally don't say anything
good man

>> No.34763435

i don't get what is the voice is doing in the pitch thing when the word has more than 3 syllables

to me it just sounds like a fucking stress that gets "prolonged" or something.

>> No.34763442

neither do u so

>> No.34763445

waste products build up in your brain if you dont sleep

>> No.34763446

dont care so

>> No.34763449

i posted multiple times in japanese in this thread feel free to point out any issues u may have with them and if there are none then i know japanese and u have to deal with it

>> No.34763450


>> No.34763452

donno bro didn't you say you found yourself or some shit and you're going to hand out with some girl?

>> No.34763454

didnt ask

>> No.34763461


>> No.34763464

i just started but i think there's something up with your grammar: >>34760327

>> No.34763474

i cant even read that shit i posted cuz its all chinese houses

>> No.34763475

for example
according to the dic the pitch "drops" on the 4th syllable おもしろ \/ い
but what i hear is just omoshirói
what is this "drop"? i don't hear a "drop"

the [0] just sounds like a ´ on the last syllable to me
頭 sounds like atamá

>> No.34763488

just feel it out

>> No.34763523


>> No.34763533

i hear a drop

>> No.34763538

have a hard time hearing the drop from o to u myself
not as bad with oi

just dont get it with the u's i think the drop is so minor in some cases that i dont hear it

>> No.34763545

>i posted multiple times in japanese in this thread
don't have to bother i've already seen your watashi no kata clip

>> No.34763549

oops atama is [3] hehe

let me see another one 魚 [0] sounds like sakáná

枕 [1] sounds like mákura

思う [2] sounds like omóu

>> No.34763551

wow bunko when did you get so redpilled? i thought you were all about female equality and shit

>> No.34763556
File: 295 KB, 660x522, dance.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sick waiting animation

>> No.34763581


>> No.34763583

what danish institution do i call to make that happen?

>> No.34763591


>> No.34763595


>> No.34763599

LMAO. well you should also expect any japanese woman who wants to be friends with a filthy male gaijin online as a huge red flag

>> No.34763601

but yet i still know japanese

>> No.34763630

>whats harder 2 pitchs that dont really matter or 4 tones that do matter?
>yeah idk i think the 2 pitchs are harder

>> No.34763633


>> No.34763634

i do and u have to deal with it

>> No.34763649
File: 1.67 MB, 1546x882, funhouse.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks gonna pull these out from now on

>> No.34763655

>You don't know my first 喪女 gf man
pretty sure i do and so does that guy

>> No.34763665

try pulling my foot outta your ass

>> No.34763671

really hard to care about something that doesnt matter
with tones you have no choice so its inevitable

>> No.34763688

maybe i like it there?

>> No.34763692

pass the quiz, bitch. oh wait, you can't read n5 words lmao. how do you deal with that?

>> No.34763735

do you guys remember the last ever djt

>> No.34763738

wish i could screenshot bunkos cringe posts and print them out for him on his birthday 3 years from now

>> No.34763739

should've asked her about her sefure

>> No.34763769


>> No.34763805


>> No.34763810

knowing him in person

>> No.34763834


>> No.34763849

thats gonna get filtered bro, but just 4 u
sekkaku oboeta nihongo

>> No.34763870

>Also you could see on her that shes not that kind of person
like you saw it on this other chick?

>> No.34763883


>> No.34763911

wake up

grab a brush and put a little makeup

>> No.34763916

amelia has freckles

>> No.34763922
File: 181 KB, 859x1489, sekkaku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34763938


>> No.34763949


>> No.34763950

dude, he knows nihongo, don't you know? lmao

>> No.34763963

where does any of that say im wrong

>> No.34763973

holy shit, youre still coping about that?

>> No.34763985

im pretty over how hard i won honestly

>> No.34763990

whoever keeps going on about whether or not somebody knows japanese needs to relax. so boring

>> No.34764001


>> No.34764010


>> No.34764035


>> No.34764036


>> No.34764049

lmfao he suicided hard

>> No.34764073

hell prolly just make another i need ur help video where u can donate directly to pay for the next round of hair plugs

>> No.34764076

hey unko, what does せっかく覚えた日本語 mean? is it a swear?

>> No.34764101

dont bother he'll do anything to protect his idol

>> No.34764115

amelia likes canned beets

>> No.34764136



>> No.34764150

whats ur problem stop trying to profit off my streamables bro

>> No.34764153

I've gotten to the point where literally the only way I use Japanese at all is for the sake of reading humorous strips I see on Danbooru and occasionally h-manga too.
Recently, I haven't come across unknown words, but then again, I haven't read even a single light novel or visual novel in Japanese since February, I think.

>> No.34764159

this is why ill never make garbage day 3

>> No.34764186

do people still learn japanese?
or do they just pretend to learn for a while until their followers get bored of them and move onto some other tard to ironically-worship-but-pity-in-secret?

>> No.34764201

you're not going to stream again? was getting caught text hooking and still failing n5 words live that humiliating?

>> No.34764219


>> No.34764220

wait till i tell u that せっかく覚えた日本語 was double hilarious bc all his scripted vids

oh yes that will b garbage day 3 i did say that was an idea

>> No.34764222

none of the words he failed are literally n5 level words

>> No.34764247

wait till i tell you that you don't know japanese

>> No.34764256

u already have like the sore loser u are but to me its like water off a ducks back lol

>> No.34764273


>> No.34764281

im goin to get ready for bed get ur last pathetic attempts to dispute my utter unrivaled superiority together so i can lol one more time before i drift off this fine eve

>> No.34764320


>> No.34764340


>> No.34764393

jamal streaming thinking he could step up to quizmaster but stumbling and self owning hard was the highlight of 2020

>> No.34764430

jacope still coping to this day holy fuck

>> No.34764438
File: 2.51 MB, 1934x1006, pooh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34764454


>> No.34764543

quizler sicking his discord dogs on the big j you hate to see it

>> No.34764576

how does qm do it? is he the cultmaster?

>> No.34764583

keep your trip off jamal

>> No.34764620

2 years and not a single day goes by without quiz getting mentioned. man changed djt forever, what a legend

>> No.34764633


>> No.34764752


>> No.34764757


>> No.34764816
File: 232 KB, 404x442, pain.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34764877
File: 1.57 MB, 2696x1412, room.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wow, what a cool room!
lol they have such a hard job having to resist absolutely roasting their fans

>> No.34764939


>> No.34764971

cool japanese post

>> No.34764989

itiban tuyoi gaijin ni naritai kana

>> No.34765356

jamal doesn’t know japanese but i like him anyway

>> No.34765503



>> No.34765807

wwwwwwww I think that's my Japanese friend's post

>> No.34766020


>> No.34766538
File: 183 KB, 770x578, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.34766949
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