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How to learn Japanese:
Just don't.

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it's so cool to read hidden shit like this.

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No, it's not because of that. It's because you can learn 10k or 20k or 40k words and be able to read any manga out there, most novels, most general literature, etc. in Japanese, but still not be funny, not be attractive to other people, have no job you're guaranteed to get, generally just be yet another dumb DJTer who has nothing to do every day other than post gay anime songs and tell people "NGMI".
Knowing Japanese is not really something people will keep on complimenting you for without end. It's just a language, really not that different from English or German or Spanish.
People who speak it as their native language do it not because they decided to do it, but rather because it was the only language that mattered in their physical surroundings.
Sure, learn it if you want to, but don't expect it'll give you anything good in return.

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Why is this made when the other thread is still on page 8? It isn't even a good OP picture.

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don't you have some cock to suck, alfredo?

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d-doll bros?


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gonna make 1000$ a day translating futa dojins

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suggest a better pic.

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did you know that alfredo is a trapfag with a submission fetish?
also, he's a fedora-tipper atheist who roleplays as a christian for the sake of complaining about stuff he doesn't like.

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nobody cares about your redditcord "friends", faggot.

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ot gonna read

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Very that the other faggots forcing his vt trash.

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damn we all know that feel 夢の中の少年

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>Very that the other faggots forcing his vt trash.
this is an english language website. think you're looking for somewhere else

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How come Japanese media has random English words in it? Sometimes I play games that only came out in Japan and don't have an English patch, but the title screen will have "start" and "continue" in English while everything else is in Japanese. Not to mention all the anime I watch where they say random English words or even phrases.

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i really hate hololive shit on djt.

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Because they're sophisticated.

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better just leave. this is the thread now

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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
Guide: https://tatsumoto-ren.github.io/blog/table-of-contents
Word of the Day: https://t.me/s/jt_library

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Partially World War 2, partially Hollywood.
Basically the same reason Japan adopted Chinese characters a thousand years ago.

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please do not make threads before the current one dies

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Who the fuck ever said Japanese was hard
There's so much less bullshit than English, and that's my first language
I've been breezing through it.
Everything is just way more consistent

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I'm only learning it to play imported games and watch unsubbed anime
I don't care what others think

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you can tell OP is samefagging the fuck out of this thread because he's the only one who has ever used uppercase

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this is the best meme review ever

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damn her voice is REKT

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You're already 1000% better than most of these mediocre faggots, anon. Don't let them get to you.

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Old schoolers use uppercase, it's only the new users who are trying to be cool that force lowercase.

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that HA HA HA HA moment is imminent in this pekora stream

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lmao it sounds worse in the japanese version somehow

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grammar i'm learning now

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damn bros raised 100k for palestine

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based, fuck israel

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what happened to her?

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why dont they just merge kanji like 技 and 伎

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If you're learning a language for anything other than completely selfish reasons than you're doing it wrong. Whether it's to watch anime, read books, or just to expand your knowledge. All of it is valid. Learning it just to impress others is not only not valid, but it's pathetic.
Same was working out, or eating healthy. If you're doing it for other people and not yourself you're a slave to the feelings of other people.
You're a sheep. No, even less than a sheep, you're an ant, following the ants in front of you.

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this is the daily japanese thread

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so why are you here

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if you're going to samefag how about you dont do it in the exact idiosyncratic style

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( ゚д゚ )彡そう!

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finna memorize these

魔法 剣 魔法使い 魔道士 魔女 魔法少女 賢者 剣士 勇者 海賊 山賊 市民 戦士 薬 王 女王 王女 王子 盗賊 盾 靴 武器 指輪 防具 槍 斧 弓 矢 宝箱 "宝 " 杖 世界 地図 洞窟 森 山 川 魔王 魔 廃墟 海 泉 湖 池 牧場 魔帝 獣 祭り 塔 教会 渚 村 城 砂漠 宿 敵 鬼 竜 人間 化け物 魔物 天使 神 女神 人魚 竜騎兵 師匠 神託 裏切り者 隊長 尼僧 モンク僧 船 馬 船長 筏 海賊船 幽霊船 飛行船 探求 旅 未来 物語 伝説 不思議 巻物 封 金 銀 鉄 鉱石 宝石 出口 入口 迷路 逃げる 戦う 手に入れる 祈る 癒す 盗む 捨てる 買う 売る 蘇る 燃える 勝つ 調べる 装備する 技 術 必殺 一撃 隠し 経験 回避 力 守備 移動 幸運 速さ 重さ 精度 最強 最高 奥義 毒 毒消し 香草 目薬 万能薬 光 闇 炎 氷 風 土 水 嵐 雷 地震 火 幻 料理 鍵 傷 尻尾 爪 皇帝 効果 便利 攻略 入手 倒す 連中 危ない ふざける 人物 主人公 味方 物理攻撃 命中率 敏捷性 素早さ 耐久度 知力 知性 防御 攻撃 運気 属性 回復 報酬 消費 戦闘 素材 勝利 勝負 敗北 即死 確率 盲目 沈黙 混乱 狂気 睡眠 麻痺 兜 鎧 召喚

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read flyable heart for 14 hours today B) bit of a gamer

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*walk in*
*turn 360 degrees and walk out*

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stay out

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*walks out*

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「中出し」と 「子宮」 を覚えた

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2chan is kinda dead

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Linux fanboys song

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imagine buttfucking nyan till s/he has no option but to shut up and go to bed crying

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had a dream about nyan orekko one time

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wtf? i searched for this thread and it didn't appear on the catalog

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lol wonder why you sound so buthurt

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>but still not be funny, not be attractive to other people, have no job you're guaranteed to get
puzzling why he'd even bring this up when it obviously has nothing to do with learning a language at all

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contemplate the aroma

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>Learning it just to impress others is not only not valid, but it's pathetic.
this is the main reason anyone learns it and there's nothing pathetic about it. it's human
>you're a slave to the feelings of other people.
true of just about everyone.
>You're a sheep.
true of most people. you yourself probably believe some stupid shit because the majority believe it.

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cool post
*tabs back to vinny*

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cool post
*tabs back to hololive*

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>best immersion

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epic moment

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>this is the main reason anyone learns it
speak for urself cockroach

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you know deep down its true, that's why you lash out on hearing it

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post your nihongo immersion setup

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immerse on my dic

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turn off the projector

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go fuck yourself
nice setup

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if u think ur learning a language u rnt

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now that sounds like a thread to walk into butt ass naked

>> No.34769752

name 1 thing u like that u think contributes to u being "otaku" so i can laugh at u

>> No.34769753

where all my real people at? fuck otakus

>> No.34769827

rename the file to br

>> No.34769830

i'm a dirty neet would you let me in your room

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hello matto-sensei

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>not be attractive to other people
my friends find it pretty cool that i can understand japanese though.

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doesnt matter that it sucks fermented semisolid rotting diarrhoea consuming western otaku still lap it up

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the last game i tried hard at was gran turismo sport and i regularly could get top20 lap times for the daily races for americas region

they didnt ever improve the game though so i got bored and quit but i enjoy any game that feels good to drive

iracing is ok but it has its own things that suck and so interest in racing has waned for me in the last couple years

maybe gran turismo 7 will be what ive been waiting for

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qt hebi

>> No.34770671

I'm going for my N2 this winter and have an English minor with a computer science major. I'm considering getting into the translation game.

>> No.34770835

Anime & Jdrama Freq: 86459
Narou Freq: 44844


>> No.34770891

you dont understand the terminal amount of pride i posess. i literally have not asked even my family for money since i was a teenager and id live under a bridge in a box with my dignity intact before i even considered asking for a red cent

>> No.34770918


>> No.34770919

just bc u dont outright ask for a cent doesnt mean u arent hanging around for money

u even complained he didnt spend enough money on u

>> No.34770941

wait i don't get it are you og or ciaran?

>> No.34770970

but i got a crush on the demon lord in the mcdonalds anime?

>> No.34771070

but it was the fact he wanted to be the king of mcdonalds that i found endearing. anyway we are talking about different things now, ill admit that i wouldnt be with a poorfag unless he was a kingpin in some arena like politics
i have more planets and aspects in 乙女座 that anywhere else. including venus and my south node so any chance of love was fucked from the start

>> No.34771119

what im saying is youre middle age fat and a nonvirgin

>> No.34771168

i remember thinking that it was gonna save anime and then it in fact did not save anything and then the movie after was like a buffalo taking a diarrhea dump in my eye

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>> No.34771362

not even a fujo but id rather see lucifer getting rammed instead of basic anime bitches zzzz

>> No.34771435

aotc aired in 2019

>> No.34771449

i started watching that devil is a wagecuck show cuz i heard its set where i used to live in tokyo. was pretty nice seeing the station i used to go to animated but too bad about the horrible anime so i had to drop it.

>> No.34771491

i will soon

>> No.34771516

it was isolated

>> No.34771517 [DELETED] 

lmao this comment on the kannaduki no miko op vid


yep nothing will ever be good again the brain aids has contaminated everything

>> No.34771570

ur still gonna jack off a lot u need several women for this to work

>> No.34771592

read this https://www.easypeasymethod.org

>> No.34771648

i just cant stop feeling like a cuckold for jacking off to women i find hot being fucked by other men but i've been at it since i was 12 and i dont know how to stop now.

>> No.34771649

>u still dont have moments where u wanna jack off to some nasty shit
sounds like some modern degeneracy shit you need to snap the fuck out of. especially if you want to set the bar higher so women stop being whores themselves

>> No.34771657

next time interpret the punctuation

>> No.34771677

i answer no to all of those

>> No.34771678 [DELETED] 


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nice digits

>> No.34771730

nowadays that's the age that most men start watching porn, right after you start getting boners.

>> No.34771758

same and fuck dumbasses who try to show you youtube videos as well

>> No.34771759

if i quit porn should i also quit eroges and hentai? what about my hard earned japanese skills bros.

>> No.34771761

uve showed me porn tho so eventually ur going to have to be repaid

>> No.34771783

btw if og called me an untermensch id hold both her arms down and say no im the ubermensch and then i plunge my tongue down her throat

>> No.34771787

would rather be the guy on the right than the guy on the left with a downsyndrome freak baby who wears shirts at the age of 1 and a wife who looks like michael jacksons death mask

>> No.34771793


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>> No.34771818

how can you survive life being wrong to such a degree?

>> No.34771894
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yeah madhouse is fuckin dead rip

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File: 416 KB, 982x933, screen-shot-2021-01-24-at-12.02.49-1-e1611493700141.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh no no no

>> No.34771900

lmao you are comparing a fraction of women to like 99% of guys. you have a myopic perception because you are online and see onlyfans and twitter shit constantly, average women arent going pro but they are sluts tbf but at least its private and only guy at a time (usually)
dno about that talking to men is a pain, like in all the time ive been in djt i swear most of you actually dont have properly formed souls. girls are just normal, even on 4chan

>> No.34771911

the irony is that the woman on the right is more likely to disagree with this sentiment than the people on the left lol

>> No.34771916

this song is dogshit
what does that have to do with anything
ya but thats not why

>> No.34771919

its littered w/ shit about sex because sex is important to men, retard, and you are reading about stuff in order to learn about what they supposedly want
actually me on the right and i feel no shame about it

>> No.34771923

stfu og

>> No.34771930

you should youre actually just projecting your soulless bug self onto the superior males in this thread if thats you on the right

>> No.34771935

>this song is dogshit
it's great

>> No.34771939

Having trannies as friends doesn't count as having female friends. Also being sodomized by one of those trannies doesn't count as relationship experience

>> No.34772048


>> No.34772050

djt is a mirror

>> No.34772062

you dont understand women. they actually, unironically love men for themselves and its not even about all other stuff, especially in the modern west. so many western women on team nekomancer. out of all my friends, every single one is dating some trainwreck retard who tokes all day and plays videogames while doing the bare minimum in his "career" and they all work as well and wipe his ass at the same time.

but marry an asian girl, djt, please do lmao

>> No.34772064

cuz im on the phone now and it's a pain to type the whole name and it's funny and im not fat

>> No.34772068

at least u seem to have accepted that u r 31 years old

>> No.34772082


>> No.34772083

bunko would fit in better if he were nicer

>> No.34772084
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that can't be right, didn't even have it yet

>> No.34772121

yojijukugo is pretty aesthetic

>> No.34772139

unko would fit in better if he were less of a normie.

>> No.34772143

made this my alarm clock on loop

>> No.34772185

you are lowkey more enigmatic than i am bunko, im not that hard to get jamal gets it in his own twisted way but he projects a 100 anime tropes on top of it cause he's lonely and sad

>> No.34772194

>im probably one of the nicest guys in the whole world right now
not on 4bcs level though

>> No.34772214

u better hope im still lonely and sad when u crash land in a couple years (or maybe even sooner)

>> No.34772264

let me tell u some real shit yung bunko

being nice will only get u into stupid spots bc ppl are retarded and should b avoided at all costs bc they just cause u more problems

>> No.34772327

4bbc is me, but younger. i posted exactly like him when i was a teenager on 4chan, except less autistic i guess i dont keep receipts like he does.

hes a decent person even though he tries to be an edgelord, but that doesnt make him any better of a poster

>> No.34772328

no u dont understand at some point ur gonna get involved with other ppl and ur going to make good hearted choices during those times and its going to bite u in the ass and ur gonna be left thinking how the fuck did doing the right thing lead to this i dont understand

>> No.34772395

ull understand someday but prolly not without going through it urself

>> No.34772409

dont need to

>> No.34772410


i want you guys to stop feeling sad about your dicks its really stupid and some of you think your lives are over and its a meme that gays and porn types propagate.

>> No.34772437

doesnt matter how big the gun is if all it shoots is blanks

>> No.34772448

imagine caring about the size of your dick with the sex with the worst spacial awareness possible. you think women can tell a 5" dick from 8" if she's not slept with lots of guys and had them tell her?

>> No.34772449

wait his gf isn't preggers yet?

>> No.34772490

the amount of cope in this post is unreal

>> No.34772499

>there will never be a good rezu eroge

>> No.34772505

ive done sex regularly in my life and it never came up

yes i wrote that intentionally

>> No.34772547

sorry bunko bro


>> No.34772569

you dont see the fucking light of day and have hispanics cut your lawn and shove groceries through your doggy door whereas i actually spend a lot of time in different places with different people. you have no one to base your fucked up views other than your own inner bullshit that you assume everyone is like.

im just good at reading people because, well nm i get made fun of enough for being too /x/

>> No.34772586

just watched this cool movie 千と千尋の神隠し

>> No.34772592

im go nagai they call my musuko debiru man

>> No.34772596

i cut my own yard and grocery delivery is pretty convenient ill prolly never stop now lol

idk why ur trying so hard to make urself sound so much better than me and worse yet priding urself on superficial garbage interactions w. ppl that arent building towards anything greater lol

im not 1 of those guys who pays for every1 to do everything i do basically everything myself unless its too big a job

>> No.34772597

the bane of morbido guy

>> No.34772602

youre the one who was in denial about japan saying its a haven of purity

>> No.34772658

youve spent however many years holed up in djt and who knows before that.
it was, until very recently. in many ways it still is, but its shifting literally right now. at least i am able to change my views when things are actually different. jamal is too stubborn to ever admit he's wrong about anything

but yeah part of it was blinding myself to the things i didnt want to believe based on my own experiences there before 2020

>> No.34772660

true, the american "lawn" is one of the most disgusting creations of the modern age

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>> No.34772731

i actually got a bunch of shit i need to do on my truck soon

my tailgate latch rusted out and needs replaced and i need to do an oil change and the brakes need done and the suspension needs work oh and i need to put new rain guards on the windows and prolly swap out my wiper blades

>> No.34772764

lmao you know you can remove rust???

>> No.34772766

djt just mostly adds flavor to the day for me

idk what issues ur wrestling with but its just a thread on the internet lol

>> No.34772816

u dont know how a truck latch works or what happens when it rusts out

basically u go to open it one day and bc its rusted out and the rods arent moving like they should it ends up breaking and u have to replace it if u dont wanna have to manually pull the rods urself every time from the other side

>> No.34772882

in the boys s02 there are a bunch of scenes where her brother talks to her in japanese and there was something off about how he spoke. actor prolly grew up in the us to jp parents or something

>> No.34772891


>> No.34772904

Made an embarrassing mistake and feel like a fool. I’ve been studying Japanese for more than 15 years, and have lived in Osaka for five. I have N1. So today I’m getting a haircut, and I casually asked the guy if he was the owner. He says, ‘違います、男ですよ! マスクでよくわからないものですね’. So yeah. I have no advice for those learning, you have SO many more resources than we did in the 00s! Just remember you’ll make mistakes no matter where in your journey you are.

>> No.34772956

maybe if your pronunciation wasn't shit he could understand you

>> No.34772962

it's a reddit post u fuckin cretin

>> No.34772964

moshikashite...output ga hituyou nano?

>> No.34772972


>> No.34772977

lmfao hos mad

>> No.34772978

lmao imbecile

>> No.34772987

its extremely obvious if its a reddit repost if u arent a newfaggot tard

>> No.34773017

i dont like reddit reposts either, but its pretty obvious when it is one

>> No.34773025

its obvious its a reddit post because from itt would never attempt to talk to anyone in japanese

>> No.34773035

caps lock sperg wasnt me

>> No.34773040

i was just saying that generally

>> No.34773073

same guy that got mad at reddit posts made another thread when this one was on page 2

>> No.34773085

lmao how do u know

>> No.34773100
File: 271 KB, 1462x1232, reddit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the reddit's upgraded bc they got a native replying to every post

>> No.34773111
File: 46 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

funny i think of this song when i think of your flip phone and anime selfies

>> No.34773121


>> No.34773128


>> No.34773131


>> No.34773184

dont like how much your busu pig reminds me of myself here delet

>> No.34773232

ive watched 400 anime but am not a weeb or otaku

>> No.34773243

these people are crazy

>> No.34773263

og wont get fat shes gonna walk all over the world to find herself or whatever

>> No.34773274


>> No.34773303

finding yourself is the best self improvement exercise actually

>> No.34773306

and then when i get ripped at my mountain retreat im gonna just wear the pants and princess carry a future husband of my choice away and he'll just have to accept

>> No.34773313

>finding yourself
just look in the mirror lol

>> No.34773327

ogs thinking about a husband again

she knows deep down its gonna happen

she wanna man

>> No.34773332

need an abs gf to princess carry me (i am 6'2 and 29bmi)

>> No.34773333

rezukisu doesn't work if one of them has 細い唇

>> No.34773335

they steal your soul
don't fall for the mirror meme

>> No.34773347

that's an anime about a crossdressing assassin

>> No.34773350

at the end of my finding myself journey i reached the conclusion that i care for absolutely nothing in this world except sol anime with lolis

>> No.34773354

based quads

>> No.34773366


>> No.34773387

actually if i were a race traitor it would make carrying a little yellow guy a lot easier im sure its easy to find one shorter than me and lightweight lmao. if this were a less serious age of 4chan id throw in a shota joke

>> No.34773392

shes pretty smart why would u look for something u lost in places where uve never been

>> No.34773417


>> No.34773428

*nods sagely whilst stroking sagely beard*

>> No.34773432

post anime u wish would get more seasons

grand blue
nejimaki seirei senki
spice and wolf
black lagoon

>> No.34773434

is that real lol

>> No.34773435

shes actually retarded cause theres nothing implied that you lost anything. if i say im doing 家探し that doesnt mean i have to look only where i live to find a place now does it smart guy

>> No.34773436

your race was already traited when your granpappy went to chinatown that fateful night

>> No.34773442


>> No.34773453

you can add synonyms freely

>> No.34773455

more like "books the first flight back to japan when she sees non-whites acting like apes"

>> No.34773456


>> No.34773460


>> No.34773461

>post anime u wish they would turn into diarrhea

>> No.34773467

i said that ironically bc yes her rant had nothing to do with 自分探し at all and shes a fuckin retard who should make less vids and make more dinner

>> No.34773481

cheat magician

>> No.34773483


>> No.34773487

kaiji one poker hen would be nice but generally don't care about things i read getting adapted

>> No.34773489

a lot of these are getting more seasons i meant more shows that wont get any new seasons but u wish would

>> No.34773490

nejimaki and ajin are good picks
maybe ajin will get something now that the manga has ended

imma go with uq holder because im too lazy to read it

>> No.34773533


>> No.34773534

ajin was one of the few netflix cgi shows thats good and satou was based as fuck but i doubt they will make anymore

>> No.34773549

Choosing arimasen vs. imasen when saying "something isn't"? I am very early in my Japanese studies and sometimes I have trouble figuring out a good "rule" for particular grammar concepts. What I'm hoping someone can help me with is the example in the sentences below, where a cat is described in various ways but you use "arimasen" or "imasen" depending on the adjective. I am familiar with the general concept of iru vs. aru and assume it has to do with the type of adjective being used, but also figure it could just be one of those things that doesn't have a great rule and you just have to rote memorize. Would anyone be able to help me understand why you use arimasen vs. imasen in these sentences?

These are coming out of google translate so I apologize for the romanji and if the sentences sound unnatural. I use google translate to play around with grammar ideas but I know it's not perfect.

The cat is not green.
Neko wa midoride wa arimasen.

The cat is not big.
Neko wa ōkiku arimasen.

The cat is not old.
Neko wa toshi o totte imasen.

The cat is not fat.
Neko wa futotte imasen.

>> No.34773570


>> No.34773586

this might be the worst reddit post ive seen but i dont read most of them

>> No.34773600


>> No.34773605

well? can anyone answer him?

>> No.34773610

feel it out

>> No.34773613

babylon is a good newer anime too, forgot about that one. makes you feel terrible, but a proper anime

>> No.34773615

monster musume

>> No.34773628

never heard of it but easy google

>> No.34773629

rather watch babylon 5 than babylon the anime

>> No.34773635
File: 52 KB, 499x500, 1571028894679.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I use google translate to play around with grammar ideas

>> No.34773644

watched like 1 ep of this 10 years ago and dropped it idk why

>> No.34773651

mnemosyne was so fuckin bad was prolly the reason

>> No.34773661

this is the best reddit post ive ever seen

>> No.34773695

I almost dropped it but gave it a few more episodes and couldn't help but binge it. Very, very very good despite how weird and abstract it gets.
If you miss how anime used to be you should have liked it but probably it wasn't a 90s shounen so...

>> No.34773697

is the eva op a popular karaoke song lol

>> No.34773702

Why is finding anime with jp subs so hard? I'm still a beginner and want to immerse myself but I'd still like to at least be able to have the subtitles to help associate the letters with the spoken words

>> No.34773709

didnt get any weird looks when i popped it on when i was with some japanese people

>> No.34773716

get fucked

>> No.34773717


>> No.34773740

read vinnies

>> No.34773751

yeah the karaoke machines have top played lists and its always at the top 50
i used to sing it all the time when i went cuz its one of the only japanese songs i was familiar with

>> No.34773773

i think thats a lot more useful with japanese

if you hear the word koufuku, it could be spelled any way from 降伏 to 幸福

>> No.34773774

dame it was #9

>> No.34773786
File: 2.49 MB, 500x324, 1607746586279.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

every time bros

>> No.34773798

im not even autistic normally but idk if i could ever do karaoke, it'd be so uncomfortable

>> No.34773799

i actually only watched it like 2 years ago i have no idea when it came out, only that i liked it. for 2008 (post haruhi) it was one of the last of its kind i guess

anyway i dont care what you say it had a great vibe

>> No.34773807

thats why they sell alcohol

>> No.34773838

its from the era where ur brain still wanted to latch onto things so it still semi counts

but yea phone line and diskette is a big plus there i cant lie

>> No.34773857

dudududududu dududududu dudu dudududu dudududu


>> No.34773858

for me its the one on the left but without the text on the yellow bg
only think in words when i have to process more complex thoughts

>> No.34773867

jibun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOEow23ntWo#t=86

>> No.34773879

sounds like shit

>> No.34773884

im only used to singing along with the actual songs instead of the instrumental versions
makes the whole thing kinda awkward but maybe you get used to it

>> No.34773888
File: 994 KB, 2086x2044, 1575172402388.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it isn't
download any release from nyaa and get the subs from kitsunekko
if the timing is wrong use anacreons retiming script

>> No.34773890

ne1 who liked that chode gayass op was unquestionably retarded simple ass

>> No.34773915


>> No.34773917

wow i added it to my list then realized it was og and just removed it

>> No.34773918

second one is the real banger

>> No.34773921

In the phrase 入院したからな what does that からな mean?

>> No.34773928

your loss and my w

>> No.34773932

real youtube algorithm hours

>> No.34773939

means that u touch urself at night

>> No.34773969


>> No.34773975


>> No.34773984


>> No.34773986

if i see a non-vtuber related video recommendation i click not interested
feels pretty good

>> No.34773991

hyper chugger

>> No.34773996

the american reality

>> No.34774015

not funny

>> No.34774073


>> No.34774084

that was filler while they were catching up with the manga. s3 is where it's at, and the first 75% of SailorStars

>> No.34774100

sailor moon: dragonballz for girls

>> No.34774104
File: 138 KB, 401x354, nya.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh yeah theres a new sailor moon movie or something

>> No.34774124

didnt stink of diarrhea enough for you?

>> No.34774138

imagine this coming on in a club while you're rolling

>> No.34774140


>> No.34774167

vampire hunter d bloodlust was based

>> No.34774185

you just hate us cause u aint us simple as

>> No.34774186


>> No.34774187

id never set foot in a club that would play something like that

>> No.34774192

what would you want them to play

>> No.34774217

made 12 posts in the last 30 minutes

>> No.34774219

me and the boys walkin in the club


>> No.34774226

one of bunkos hits would be fine for me

>> No.34774239

males have higher libido than females in most other mammals so why would humans be any different? it's possible humans are different in this regard but without any direct evidence we should lean slightly in favor of human males having a higher libido. there are different ways we can attempt to measure libido and we can look at surveys indicating men initiate sex way more often than their partners and that men's interest in sex stays constant while women's decreases through the relationship (probably because sex is more about pair-bonding for them and once they're paired they don't want/need to have it as much). and men report thinking about sex way more often than women.

guys wish that women liked and thought about sex as much as them because it's hot but it's just not true. but you'll still get little reddit dorks insisting otherwise because they rely on their anecdotal evidence of some super slut they fucked, or they've just bought into sex identicalism memes. anecdotal evidence is stupid and it exists on both sides. for example ciaran's japanese gf probably never initiated but that doesn't necessarily generalize.

>> No.34774244


>> No.34774247

didnt read your post

>> No.34774260


>> No.34774267

you got issues writing a whole novel here like that

>> No.34774279

lmfao i cant write any kana apart from like つ and た and に wtf

>> No.34774281

read your post and absolutely regret it

>> No.34774282

i wouldnt want someone who thinks the other song was good to share my taste anyway

>> No.34774337

yeah now this is a track

>> No.34774340

please stop doing drugs

>> No.34774363

nah dont care about writing just think its funny that you can read books without being able to handwrite kana

>> No.34774369

ofc in a womans mind its usually like "would he just get over here and fuck me already i have to do the dishes and remember to think about 10 other things im thinking about after this"

>> No.34774373

you cant read

>> No.34774385

sub file i got has fucked up durations for each sub line, alass cant fix it. how tf does that even happen lol

>> No.34774389

I feel like it really helps with memorization if you write them down a bunch, plus it's kinda fun to be able this foreign script.

>> No.34774402

why don't you get annoyed by people posting misinformation

>> No.34774413

point a doesnt matter point b no it isnt

>> No.34774419


>> No.34774428

>for example ciaran's japanese gf probably never initiated but that doesn't necessarily generalize.
almost missed this because i had no intention of reading all that but its not true anyway

>> No.34774443

it's not a great example since obviously a jap is desperate to pair bond with a white

>> No.34774446

although i agree women have lower libidos

>> No.34774449


>> No.34774452

yeah that's what the scandis need a, half-negro to bring about their renaissance

>> No.34774460

omg imagine her doing that to your pants

>> No.34774471

>Her favorite cake is "yellow-flavored" with chocolate frosting.
nonblasians btfo

>> No.34774477

i don't think women actually know what being horny feels like

>> No.34774483

incel lol

>> No.34774490

why do their pussies get all wet when they want to fuck then

>> No.34774493

incel lol

>> No.34774494 [DELETED] 

YOOOOOO new jojo50x guy just dropped

>> No.34774498

women can be horny but under no circumstances can they orgasm

>> No.34774534

its because they cant orgasm

>> No.34774538

that image is depressing bc ud learn more japanese just playing yugioh lmao

how do these retards manage to fuck things up every time

>> No.34774554

if you think about prehistoric humans you only need men to be horny in order to initiate the sex thing

>> No.34774557

no need to overcomplicate this bullshit, libido and testosterone are directly related and males have more of it than women. that's the end of it.

>> No.34774568

that happens so the man can nut inside her and reproduce they dont get horny

>> No.34774569

well thats how it works most of the sexual compulsion or w.e u call it for women comes after they become pregnant actually and it turns into energy that compels them to have the child

>> No.34774573

who'd guess a woman who thinks about the queen while having sex is traumatized

>> No.34774576
File: 77 KB, 1040x609, E1hzQSGUcAEefE8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34774583

but how does the body know to produce that stuff. it's a side effect of being horned up.

>> No.34774584
File: 86 KB, 238x209, 1620589010465.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34774590

i mean women still get stimulated when its fuck time which is easy to understand if uve ever gotten down with a lady but they arent trying to bust a nut so its not the same as a boy

>> No.34774599


>> No.34774642

but one sex wants to fuck much more often than the other

>> No.34774645

t. little dick

>> No.34774664

if u think about it boys can only fuck when theyre in the mood but women r technically able to be impregnated at any second so

>> No.34774707

orgasms feel better when i'm flaccid for some reason

>> No.34774761

no idea what that guy has to do with my post

>> No.34775043
File: 37 KB, 1257x335, madame.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where did I go wrong?

>> No.34775084


>> No.34775088

went wrong at birth by being a SEA monkey

>> No.34775155
File: 451 KB, 960x1440, 1621191104109.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's been 6 months, I've completed 2.3k and still haven't touched any grammar.

...am I gonna make it?

>> No.34775179

imagine droning like a retard for 6 months and not doing any japanese

>> No.34775285

damn every time jibun wooo is posted i like it more gonna watch code gayass on of these days

>> No.34775322

watch the newest movie if u havent its pretty satisfying

>> No.34775365
File: 346 KB, 1066x1600, 1608646213132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im usually pretty lenient on scan quality but goddamn

>> No.34775378


>> No.34775399
File: 596 KB, 1557x532, 1599952330610.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how many motherfucking manga with this exact same premise are gonna come out

>> No.34775430


>> No.34775480

never read a premise in my life

>> No.34775552

picked up

>> No.34775563

none of mine hurt when they came out

>> No.34775580

wow did bunko just admit to being underage? someone call the jannies.

>> No.34775643

wow djt is fuckin dead, guess it really is normal fag central

>> No.34775648

i got it bros

>> No.34775671

too many people posted about it on reddit. unsalvageable now.

>> No.34775673
File: 44 KB, 850x400, dc9b5fad393294f4da3a199c66e6676a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it was holofags

>> No.34775683

sleeping is time that could be used on input

>> No.34775689

this is our board now

>> No.34775696

you can have it

>> No.34775703

do what that deaf redditor did and listen in your sleep

>> No.34775710


>> No.34775724

I've been really growing past the DJT mindset after I finally learned Japanese.

>> No.34775753


>> No.34775801

you're still here instead of reading though

>> No.34775837

this is becoming a contender for my favorite anime op ever

>> No.34775878

lol, why do people do this to themselves?

>> No.34775881

sounds bad

>> No.34775882

That's a misconception, you don't need to read all the time after you've learned Japanese.

>> No.34775899

ill never ruin out of anime

>> No.34775917

you dont learn japanese you acquire it

>> No.34775918

youll run out of good anime

>> No.34775922

you just understand it

>> No.34775924

but i can enjoy bad anime so it's no biggie

>> No.34775930

same but i do feel slightly sad that ill never watch nge or fz for the first time again

>> No.34775948

any posts worth reading

>> No.34775952
File: 1.65 MB, 1280x720, malie_jRx7VE80GK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34775955


>> No.34775964

thats some n6 shit bro

>> No.34775966


>> No.34775981

damn bro must suck to be this bad at japanese lol

>> No.34775993

watch more anime

>> No.34776000

try watching this every day

>> No.34776003

ive been learning for a year and that was easy lol

>> No.34776010

djt will call everything that's not 戦前 literature n5 don't worry about it

>> No.34776015

dang even i can read this on the toilet w.o my textbooker

>> No.34776017

nice self own

>> No.34776031
File: 1.50 MB, 1280x720, malie_aBmzWm74mI.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bullshit, i read nukiges with ease and im having trouble reading this, that means that it's way harder than nukiges.

>> No.34776037

lets see your translation

>> No.34776042

i literally cant even read the screenshot and i can tell thats some n6 shit shut the fuuuuck up bro

>> No.34776044

you're just not used to the chuuni writing style

>> No.34776046

the absolute state of nukigay enthusiasts

>> No.34776051

you cant read nukige stop lying. nukige is harder than that

>> No.34776055

what is this

>> No.34776064


>> No.34776069

>i literally cant even read
yeah so stfu

>> No.34776074

you're being led by the nose bro 97% of djt can't read this (i can tho!) :)

>> No.34776081

can you translate it for me i cant read it

>> No.34776088

mined 坐す

>> No.34776094
File: 1.25 MB, 1284x724, GAME_YvomFxSit0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my dick disagrees.

>> No.34776095

noooo dolly lied to me

>> No.34776096

as an avid chugger i've read plenty of that kind of stuff

>> No.34776105

chuggers read linnies bro

>> No.34776109

hes saying it was supposed to be a direct it and then goes on to destribe the force of the bullet and it would be understandable if he did something to it but the second it touched his giant body, all the force disappeared without existence

>> No.34776117

someone explain ている vs ていて

>> No.34776123

yeah i've read chuuni linnies and vinnies

>> No.34776126

one of them ends in る the other one ends in て

>> No.34776135

this is the intermediate thread

>> No.34776137

to the novice djter it might look like chuggers can make it easily because content is virtually limitless but they never make it cuz they burn out or die from hepatitis

>> No.34776143

not me

>> No.34776155

yeah this is pretty much the first "serious" vinnie that i read so i guess it will get easier as i struggle on.

>> No.34776162

crazy how djt has the highest concentration of intermediate japanese learners anywhere on the internet

>> No.34776165

i'm still here and chugging strong

>> No.34776172

>the novice djter
which one

>> No.34776175

and none of them can explain or read anything

>> No.34776178

i realised that conquest over diarrhoea is an impossible goal so after i got good enough from chugging i nosedived into the septic tank of real literature and am slowly sucking up all the goodness from there

>> No.34776189


>> No.34776198

only pre-beginners try to explain
intermediates just understand

>> No.34776201


>> No.34776223


>> No.34776224
File: 1.50 MB, 960x540, chugging.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ikr i feel id need to live 8 lifetimes to chug all of this shit

>> No.34776228
File: 98 KB, 418x413, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what did the cdc mean by this

>> No.34776282

I don't want to use anki anymore

>> No.34776283


>> No.34776286

hate has no place here

>> No.34776312

textbook projection

>> No.34776318


>> No.34776336


>> No.34776337


>> No.34776347


>> No.34776349

I can't even do 100 cards a day because I just end up playing league of legends instead

>> No.34776358

retarded polfag. you dont even live in america, what are you thinking

>> No.34776361

djt theme song

>> No.34776367

just play league then if you dont wanna do anki

>> No.34776372


>> No.34776419


>> No.34776428

fuck im prolly gonna play tbc

i never did pve in tbc and i heard the raids were actually some of the best

>> No.34776467

thats not a context

>> No.34776484


>> No.34776486
File: 79 KB, 772x525, you don't even know English.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34776513

i don't even like japanese

>> No.34776537

I don't even like reading hearing typing or speaking

>> No.34776585


>> No.34776592
File: 226 KB, 586x523, 1611643921663.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

did anyone convert wareya's novels frequency list for yomichan yet?

>> No.34776596

this one

>> No.34776598

you cant answer the question 何を that means its not a context

>> No.34776628

wow 6598 really doesnt know english

>> No.34776631

dame i havent tried reading any light stuff in a minute and this was easy lets fucking gooooo

>> No.34776645

How do I combine two elements in the Textractor drop-down menu? I've never seen that happen before. Basically, when lines run too long, the text will be split over two entries in the dropdown menu.

>> No.34776704


>> No.34776710


>> No.34776748

you don't

>> No.34776749

i sucked his dick in 1987 in a dark alley

>> No.34776761


>> No.34776762

did you learn the word "context" from matt vs japan

>> No.34776787

ohhh. i forgot i watched korone do this part and get owned bc she mixed up cardinal directions

>> No.34776844

>Definition of context
>the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood.
what he provided doesnt allow the statement to be fully understood because you cant answer the question 仙人が何を司るか so he failed to include the context for the word, ie the circumstance of its use

>> No.34776863

still havent acquired えぐい

>> No.34776865

amazing how consistent the relation between shit taste and nagrand is, bet you play horde too

>> No.34776905

i played alliance in like 2007

i only rolled horde cuz the guild i was gonna roll with was horde

however i could also just reroll and play alliance on a better server this time since i havent played since i did mc like 3 weeks and quit

im not sure i wanna play lock in tbc anyway (my classic chara on horde atm) ill prolly roll war or drood for the cheese since i didnt play that shit in 2007 either

>> No.34776920

btw i loved ganking ele plateau every day in the afternoon killing pve scrubs farming their motes lol

>> No.34776926

citing the dictionary for a simple word is a definite esl tendency lmao

>> No.34776931

seconding this @anacreon or @miniyoga tatsumoto

>> No.34776942

she'll probably move on to host a variety show or something after hololive.

>> No.34776949

having no argument is a losers tendency

>> No.34776963

the important part of the sentence was the noun that the verb was modifying not the direct object

>> No.34776972

well he didnt post the full context so we dont know that

>> No.34776986

fuck i tried to learn this word in isolation but no direct object. what do

>> No.34776991

how do we call somebody who isn't native in any language

>> No.34776995


>> No.34777001

whats the source for this?

>> No.34777002


>> No.34777024


>> No.34777062

if you got tobasud back to the 1950s would you still try to do stuff in japanese or just give up

>> No.34777071


>> No.34777094

wtf bros no one told me og already made her av debut https://jav.guru/actress/lily-heart/

>> No.34777098

i would become the first itiban tuyoi gaijin

>> No.34777108

thats not a source

>> No.34777112

lmao ohhhhh now i understand 司る since we have the full context with a made up fantasy word i've never heard of

>> No.34777132

your kokyuou then or the nearest safe place

>> No.34777143

i already know what 司る means. i was merely saying you didnt actually post the context you just posted a sentence fragment

>> No.34777144

did you just get here from /int/? suddenly got a guy that loves arguing about nothing. forgot what it was last time cuz it was about literally nothing

>> No.34777147

my 呼吸王?

>> No.34777158

its not my fault you are too dumb to understand english and lack precision with your words

>> No.34777164

return of the argumentative autist

>> No.34777165

source? looks useful

>> No.34777187

this guy's gonna get his dick sucked once and digivolve into an entirely different person

>> No.34777192


>> No.34777286
File: 629 KB, 735x453, lol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

found the real source and context. nice try but you were wrong there too.

>> No.34777304

100% full context here for anyone who wants it

>> No.34777305


>> No.34777320

pre beginner stuff

>> No.34777325

>the important part of the sentence was the noun that the verb was modifying not the direct object
is this true? it seems important to me

>> No.34777345

how do u get that lazy p

>> No.34777353

how do you write that half-ф?

>> No.34777357

>> No.34777359

how did you write that o hiding behind a wall

>> No.34777360

can u guys stop hacking

>> No.34777367

the important part is the 仙人

>> No.34777384

watch a few seconds and it made me more confused

>> No.34777389

what makes you say that?

>> No.34777409

read half a volume of ubel blatt and it's just a shitty berserk knock off but confusing and not very well drawn

>> No.34777413

freq lists are for dekinai. i never look at them even though i have them installed because you faggots shill them.

>> No.34777423

damn youre a cuck if you installed them purely because of that
if a faggot asked you to suck his dick would you do it? probably

>> No.34777445

it's the subject of the sentence

>> No.34777450


>> No.34777453

仙人 might be the most important word in the sentence, but we're talking about 司る, how can the noun being modified be more important than the object of the verb? 司る doesnt even make sense without an object

>> No.34777459


>> No.34777515
File: 730 KB, 1501x551, 1591588250931.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is there any fuckin in this

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