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Intro: https://streamable.com/lva5h7
Guide: https://streamable.com/f9fk3q

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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
Guide: https://tatsumoto-ren.github.io/blog/table-of-contents
Word of the Day: https://t.me/s/jt_library

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garbage oppic

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PSA for /int/ refugees
jannies need help finding the menace known as tatsumoto. he keeps switching ips but they've almost banned his whole range, just need a few more

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this guy really used a spambot to shill his site then come back and complain about the thread

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rent free

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yeah you have cancer

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you have

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Is it possible to learn japanese without becoming like the people in these threads? I just want to play old untranslated retro games.

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no you have to give fat akasupas to english holos or you wont be able to read anything

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iyyaa tanosikattazee

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if you know djt you know what he's talking about

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damn japan must have the worst ip/copyright lawyers ever considering sites like kissaway are still up lol

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bros i thought we were quoting matt with hidden shit like this but he never actually said it like that wtf

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thankfully I only operate in ironic post-meta irony

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if youll allow me to cope for a second

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>Is it possible to learn japanese without becoming like the people in these threads?
wat did he mean by this

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wow you people are useless

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>seems obvious he's referring to the fact that most people here are mentally deranged cunts
only og

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how are you doing so far? i rage quitted right after the blonde ubermensch shows up.

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u stop getting that once u can understand more than 0% of it

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like 英国

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So is the dollman really dying or just wants to lazy out?

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lol it do be like that

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insane how i dropped all of them

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i hate*

great spot to make a mistake lol

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berserk manga sucks apart from the original anime parts anyway it doesnt go anywhere interesting

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would i trust them to watch my dog? definitely not

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top 5 anime scene of all time

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damn, that's old as fuck.

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whats a chugger

>> No.34778361

yeah thats about how i remember it
he also cries a lot

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two claps and that's it.

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the meta has always been to yomu the kuuki

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how do you greet female friends in japan? here its a kiss on the cheek

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hi im gabelina

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this but to aru majutsu

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just deposited a massive amount of liquid harem/ecchi isekai into the toilet. always seems to happen when i have pizza, idk if it's the fat or lactose from the cheese or what

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no i made the pizza myself and we dont have american style pepperoni here.

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>download new manga volume
>finish it in 30 minutes
so glad i don't have to buy this shit

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>speaking/writing 0 hours

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djt blown the fuck out by a redditor lmao

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that show wasnt good unfort

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1000 more than me

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this language is impossible

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its not an ad hominem bc u aint a hominis

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cant believe there was a mech suit


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english has only 3 in that chart. love, loved, loving. the rest are adding words (as separate words, not even appending). so japanese has double the conjugations

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>Distinguishing transitive verbs from intransitive verbs is the rule of English grammar.
I don't think there is such distinction of verbs in Japanese grammar.

random forum posts from 10 years ago are better than reddit posts

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the words change all right

into completely different words

the original word doesnt exist in any of the "conjugations"

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were talking about regular verbs not irregular verbs but fear not japanese has plenty of those too ! lol

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>the original word doesnt exist in any of the "conjugations"

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yeah "love" doesn't exist in loving either

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i thought you were talking about english 2bh (I didn't read the reply chain)

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they even call it conjugation on the japanese wikipage. conjugation literally just means changing the form of a verb

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Is there any sort of teaching tool to help learn japanese that I can listen to while working out/on bus rides etc?

>> No.34780404

dollman was right

now go ahead conjugate a verb for us

im falling asleep here so id appreciate it if ud just die quickly

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>respected grammarian
best i can do is imabi. and he explictly says conjugation. so jamal is wrong (as always) again with his retarded ideas

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recurring L for jamal

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jamals right

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yall boys are 送迎

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what do i do for grammar after the basic shit. don't think that を thing was in tae kim or dolly

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>don't think that を thing was in tae kim or dolly
what do you mean? the regular use as in:
banana wo kau
or the "more elaborated" one as in:
kouen wo hashiru
? the first case is obviously in any grammar guide possible

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what does this mean

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the second obviously. there's a lot of conjugations that are hard to find too. like ていて/てて

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that you dont know japanese

>> No.34780619

when are you planning on leaving the thread?

>> No.34780631

but i just got here after a few days without using the internet lol

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yeah go on audible and get some audiobooks like konbini ningen

>> No.34780682

want help for free and free of criticism and trolling? pay a tutor, bitch. otherwise man up
also this is the least helpful place to ask for help. imagine asking for help on 4chan.....

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anime cd drama

>> No.34780687

you gotta go maam

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you guys are all a lost cause lmao

>> No.34780723

its not enough that i should succeed others should fail

>> No.34780728

gonna need you to leave this world

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but what's the purpose of listening if I know so few words?

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This is more of a personal matter but the basics of it is that I want to live in a country that doesn't speak English or Spanish. Would it be realistic for me to become proficient enough, within a year, to move into Japan? I'm a high schooler so I haven't really looked into how living in a different country works. I'd like some advice please.

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then read more and mine more

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>> No.34780872

who's got subs for this?

>> No.34780880

daily japanese thread stands with israel

>> No.34780885

>tfw you're the studious type of person but you know that you won't ever make it so you start watching raw anime because you stopped caring about making progress

>> No.34780889

israel bombed all jizzeera

>> No.34780894

i giggled

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>> No.34780952

>they never ceaser to surprise me

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>> No.34780984

oops i feell down

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んじゃ is のだ

>> No.34781126

how do i master chuggers bros

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imagine rolling for who tao when this exist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IthVhPg5p9U
fucking LMFAOING @ jamal

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how long until i understand one piece raw

>> No.34781360

love that kanji

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>> No.34781590


淡水unpurified fresh water

炭酸水gassy water

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How do I use anki for words when it shows me Kanji I don't know without the Furigana until I ask it to show me? I feel way more comfortable being able to read a sentence and see if I recognize a word and trying to parse it out, but the Core 2k deck only has furigana on the back of the card. Do I have to edit each and every card to show Furigana on the face...which sort of defeats the point of me being able to read the Kanji when I see it for the first time?

>> No.34781703

my man needs wanikani

>> No.34781884

first time seeing that in the wild and it was in this jrpg somehow

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>> No.34781913

the more mentally ill you are the more likely ull learn japanese so hes gmi

>> No.34781921

yeah im making it this year for sure

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>> No.34781959

you really gonna reveal yourself like this

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>if you quizzed him on the words he claims to have oboeru'd he would fail more than 70%. probably knows 10k words at that retention/post rate

>> No.34782010

>if you quizzed him on the words he claims to have oboeru'd he would fail more than 70%.
probably knows 10k words at that retention/post rate

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>> No.34782088

you clearly don't know any japanese. if you fail 70% of the quiz, that means you know less than 10% of the words it covers because of the regularity of certain readings. besides, your list covers fewer words than the n4 quiz in size. there are people who mine far more than you in a day and actually learn the words instead of pretending to learn japanese.

you are a dunning kruger who will never make it.

>> No.34782092

wotn: 夜目

>> No.34782118

based quiz btfoing oboeru tard

>> No.34782142

any reason this tilts you so hard?

>> No.34782166

word of the nigger

>> No.34782213

i am "tilted" by you much the same way i would be by the presence of a cockroach. you are an annoying dunning kruger attention whore who takes up thread space. your posts don't matter and neither do you.

>> No.34782218

uh oh he's NOT going to like this one

>> No.34782219

am i going crazy or does he not say 班 at all

>> No.34782225

>dunning kruger
think you should look up what this actually means lol

>> No.34782226

how does quizmaster do it bros

>> No.34782243

we're gonna figure out how to heal you

>> No.34782251

fuckin baaaaased

>> No.34782269

i think he'll leave if you samefag enough

>> No.34782281


>> No.34782312

looks like i had another busy night of sleep-posting. i must be omnipresent

>> No.34782316


>> No.34782318

堕ろす oboeru'd

>> No.34782337

iam14 vibes

>> No.34782340

im tempted to say yes just because you are probably the first person to just directly ask me something that simple rather than be an evasive faggot or pervert about it

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>> No.34782363

iyaaa tanoshkattazeeee

>> No.34782364

gonna have to cancel that deeto since you should have said "uketottekure"

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>> No.34782383

just learned this one

>> No.34782388

lmao which anon are you? better not be someone i hate who dropped his name/trip

>> No.34782420

Do you guys do one big deck for everything you mine or do you prefer to separate decks by VN/show/other?

>> No.34782433


>> No.34782435

yeah ive got a big deck right here

>> No.34782454

i put everything into one deck. there's no point in splitting it up and having it all in one deck makes it easier to track your progress with various anki extensions.

>> No.34782465

u can do that if you make them sub decks into one main deck
but changing the mining options for which deck they go in each time you switch mediums sounds like a pain

>> No.34782492

TY, I'm finally making my own mining deck and it's been a real paining figuring out how to set everything up starting out.

>> No.34782501

you're thinking about it too much. everything goes into one deck because it's all the same category: japanese. it doesn't matter if the card is from a manga or a drama, if there's audio on some but not others, japanese is japanese.

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>> No.34782692

...I thought Anki *was* the kanji study?
Is it not a program to jump into for near absolute beginners? I did my own random before using anki to get a grasp on grammatical structure, and obviously I did my kana reps ages ago, as well as just having a miniscule grasp on common words, mostly verbs, without knowing any of their kanji if they had one at all.
I was assuming Anki would be my next step to actually harden my grammar intuition, and broaden my vocab simultaneously with my kanji.
Is it recommended to cram kanji just straight up before using it, too?

>> No.34782725

>I thought
u thought wrong

>> No.34782844

yt rec strikes again not that im complaining

>> No.34782905

quiz is a god

>> No.34782908

finally finished this fucking nukige.

all i can think of is
>someone got paid to write this garbage

>> No.34782917

nice, keep us posted bro

>> No.34782926

animecards.site is the only guide you need, it's written by quizmaster (you must have heard of him on the internet)

>> No.34782936

no one cares about that bitch, fuck off

>> No.34782955

you're a loser

>> No.34782969

how? it is the best anki guide on the internet for learning japanese and has helped loads of learners become proficient. i think you are jealous because no one uses your defective guide

>> No.34782989

>i think you are jealous because no one uses your defective guide
yeah, i'm jealous because no one is using my imaginary guide that you just pulled out of your ass, fucking schizo

>> No.34783000

you didn't explain why you're angry though. does it make you mad seeing someone get directed to a useful guide?

>> No.34783020

quizbros keep winning

>> No.34783041

kachite squad

>> No.34783054


>> No.34783055

not sure how quiz's baby having genetic remnants of the other semen his whore has absorbed over the years is a win but ok

>> No.34783064

I'm new to these threads and far too lazy to interrupt my reps with archive reps so I don't know if you're shilling your own shit or not, but I'll give it a try I guess

>> No.34783070

you sound very jealous, og. everything ok?

>> No.34783083

when is the anime grammar guide coming out bro

>> No.34783088

why would i be jealous? if i had a baby with a guy other than my ex it would be the same situation

>> No.34783122

semen doesn't live that long. i think you should go to a doctor, you have mental issues. i hope they don't diagnose you with nukemarine syndrome.

>> No.34783152

i saw a convincing post somewhere about dna fragments surviving into someone elses child but i dont have it on hand

>> No.34783172

be honest: how often have you actually encountered shit like 璽 outside of RTK?

>> No.34783204

>why would i be jealous?
cuz you a christmas cake

>> No.34783218

why did you stop mining

>> No.34783235

stuff of horror films. you should really watch "whatever happened to baby jane" you'd probably really like it

>> No.34783321

seen 玉璽 a few times

>> No.34783326





>> No.34783337

i read isekai linnies and it shows up here and there
is it common? probably not but it's definitely something i would like to know

>> No.34783344


>> No.34783365

he does
maybe slow it down if you are unable to hear it but he says it quite clearly

>> No.34783470

Wow, I just read the guide and am impressed by how detailed it is. Did not expect something like this. Thank you Quizmaster

>> No.34783488

even japanese people havent acquired their own language
terrible take, you sound low-iq and uncultured

>> No.34783529


>> No.34783541

Same. I wish Quizmaster would fuck my wife.

>> No.34783549

japanese use random onomatopoeia for things and products way more than more precise languages like english tho

>> No.34783568

imagine finding out quizler's dna fragments are in your kid
i'd send him my life savings on patreon as thanks

>> No.34783651

found ciaran

>> No.34783664

Because you are an uncultured weeb.

>> No.34783667


>> No.34783678

>weeb trying to throw random link
Aint read it. You look so lazy from your mother's basement

>> No.34783689

crazy how an uppercaser just walks in and casually btfos unko

>> No.34783697


>> No.34783804


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File: 37 KB, 474x355, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.34783900


>> No.34783946

wonder if tatsuro yamashita still does live performances

>> No.34783967

don think just feel

>> No.34783974

heavy object really is an n0 show

>> No.34783989

yeah i dropped that shit it was insane even with subs

>> No.34784004

>that way you don't give a fuck about the content
so what are you acquiring

>> No.34784006

dropped a heavy object in my toilet
no barrels held

>> No.34784037



>> No.34784046

yeah i thought after the initial info dump when the regular characters started speaking it would go n5 like most shows but it pretty much stayed as hard

>> No.34784090

you fuckin got her pregnant?!

>> No.34784121

miniqm bout to move away from the womb

>> No.34784123

why is every sm dub voiced by old hags?

>> No.34784280

im happy to be american since im white as far this era is concerned. lmao imagine being a native of some literal "who" country like sweden or having your butter knives confiscated in the uk. guess i wouldnt mind being swiss either since they own guns and maybe id inherit some nazi gold

>> No.34784297

>im white
no you are not

>> No.34784365

cope, dirtskin
swedish isnt any better. english is the best language for humor by far. top tier poetry and music too

>> No.34784380

difference is that i am white whereas you are a mutt

>> No.34784420

post your own dne results and well see what weird .5% shit they through in there to culturally enrich you. also levintine and egyptian strictly speaking isnt non-white

>> No.34784467

dont think you are winning this one og my family has lived in wales since at least the black death lol

>> No.34784496

thought it was russian not english

>> No.34784504

huge win for ciaran

>> No.34784523

ok fair enough you people are pretty pure even among whites BUT even im mostly celtic i dont have a lot of that broadly europoor trash and also my family managed to stay clean in america not protected away from a new world in a glen of sheep and the 500 other welsh people to breed with

>> No.34784553

copity cope

>> No.34784592

my siblings are doing ok and i have a lot of them so i dont feel too terrible about it. pretty sure ill have about 7 nieces and nephews with the same background. better than making an 大間違い and having a mixed abomination in desperation for dual citizenship

>> No.34784624

djt wuz

>> No.34784672

dont care about what happens after i die

>> No.34784678

"après moi, le déluge"

>> No.34784699

damn "我が亡き後に洪水よ来たれ" yeah this nihongo language fuckin sucks lol

>> No.34784708


>> No.34784712

we know og

>> No.34784752

nah, im already resigned to a life of masturbation/hookers.

>> No.34784753

i dont care about what i fail to do in life like having kids but i do care about what i avoid doing in life like being a degenerate, disgraced in posterity, dirtying my heritage, helping my enemies, ect
they only worded it like that to get the literal translation across. nihongoers would just say 亡き後にどうでもいい/構わんよ

>> No.34784768


>> No.34784788

feeling really insecure about the kanji for kamawan i really should just spell in hiragana rather than guess

>> No.34784806

felt this out

>> No.34784820
File: 79 KB, 572x360, 157619626332.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34784823


>> No.34784824

french is probably the most "feel it out" modern europoor language. it has a certain... je ne sais quoi, non?

>> No.34784848

how did i win i just got here

>> No.34784853


>> No.34784854


>> No.34784865

self own if you are defending that

>> No.34784873

own of the century if ur defending >>34784753

>> No.34784891

yeah alright i read the last few posts that's enough for today

>> No.34784909

i said it was clunky which is more than anyone has said about my version which got that stupid furby meme

probably could have used ...知らない but you all are so bad at japanese you wouldnt know its meaning in the context

>> No.34784922

>see ciaran post
>start feeling all encompassing rage instantly
insane how much i hate this fucking manlet piece of shit

>> No.34784927

og stop self owning so much

>> No.34784936

probably could've not posted that lulz

>> No.34784941

nothing about that says u can conjugate a japanese word

go ahead

u still havent done it for me

pick any verb and conjugate it

state the verb and then conjugate it

>> No.34784942

if ciaran is the cause of that stupid fucking furby posting i hate him even more than i thought possible

>> No.34784957


>> No.34784958

she does the same thing when she sees or hears anything in japanese probably for a different reason lol

>> No.34784959

furby posting is based

>> No.34784965

i didnt mean you bunko, obvy

>> No.34784979

you said
>conjugations dont exist in japanese
this is false. learn to read japanese first

>> No.34784991

so then conjugate a verb right here right now

pick the verb and conjugate it this instant or conjugations dont exist

>> No.34785002

>i have no salient arguments but luckily i have this image of an upside down furby. thats totally a totally relevant rebuttal in the daily japanese thread
>t. someone needing a beheading

>> No.34785014

do you have trouble reading english too? i said learn to read japanese first.

>> No.34785022

concession accepted

i dont need any more of ur bullshit

come back when u can conjugate a japanese verb for me

>> No.34785035

tell me what that page says.

>> No.34785046

remembered why i hate og

>> No.34785051

says im right and u were fighting a man made of straw the whole time bc of ur very limited mental capacities

>> No.34785067

what does this mean jamal go ahead and explain it in english

>> No.34785077

i will when u conjugate a japanese verb for me

>> No.34785084

hate og
hate queeran
hate queef
hate unko
hate jabum

simple as

>> No.34785097


>> No.34785117

dont care

>> No.34785119

you're a giant sack of shit

>> No.34785128

it says right there. can't you read?

>> No.34785159

cant u conjugate a japanese verb ?


u wont do shit actually other than sign ur posts

>> No.34785172

wow you really are hateful

>> No.34785186

what does this mean

>> No.34785204

it definitely says nothing about conjugating a japanese verb so im gonna need u to do that for us

>> No.34785209

dunno why you are coping so hard if you really could conjugate verbs then surely it would be easier to just conjugate one for him?
rn it seems like you are clenched on this random article

>> No.34785212

what does

>> No.34785230
File: 13 KB, 1177x90, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nothin about conjugating a verb there so again going to need u to conjugate a japanese verb for us

>> No.34785237

your female (male) tactics of passive aggressive snipes pisses me off more than even the worst posters itt
>sign ur posts
doesnt work when i use "you" nice try, but im not an esl

>> No.34785261

congrats gonna be joining u hopefully within the next month or two

>> No.34785264

daily job thread u hate to see it

theres a labor shortage know ur value

>> No.34785293

u were supposed to be expendable and replaced by machines and now the fatcats r begging u to come back

dont do it

idk why shes mad today i think shes prolly about to be on the rag

>> No.34785298
File: 76 KB, 809x559, google translate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34785303

i don't plan on slaving my entire life but to live the comfy neet life until you die you need some 元手 first and i don't mind working for a few years to obtain that
and no i'm not going to take on a loan and put it all in dogecoins or some shit lol

>> No.34785318

Where is goro going?

>> No.34785320

i had spicy chicken today so my humors are imbalanced but also you are all being annoying niggers

>> No.34785322

huge L for jamal

>> No.34785326

lmfao when you use google translate as your source if you knew any japanese you would know that you cant conjugate verbs if you knew a lot of japanese you would know that it doesnt matter at all feel it out

>> No.34785327
File: 446 KB, 372x605, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i see 0 japanese verbs conjugated there

if u dont leverage debt to stimulate economic growth ur just actively acknowledging u want to stay poor

in other words


>> No.34785337


>> No.34785339

the guy thought he was being wise but he just walked a few more steps down the plank lol

its so easy

>> No.34785352

that is irrelevant. he used google translate as a source to argue and his own source proves him wrong. you can't read japanese either or the wikipedia article would have been enough for you.

>> No.34785355

my spicy baby

>> No.34785357

rich that you agree with >>34785326 over google translate when you shill google search of phrases quotes as evidence. none of ykj

>> No.34785362

i will accept leveraging debt but not at the moment where if it'd fail i'd literally have to cut my hara

>> No.34785375

i mean just conjugate a japanese verb lol why r u out here writing novels no1s reading lol

>> No.34785381

a gamble where your hara is on the line is manly as fuck tho

>> No.34785390

there i conjugated a verb
拝め 拝め

>> No.34785393

desu money isnt a reason to die cuz u can just go work and get more right lol

>> No.34785398

i was nta just wanted to shank you during your prison struggle from the sidelines

>> No.34785404

what was the verb u conjugated

>> No.34785408

bros my stomach hurts. i dont feel so good

>> No.34785420


>> No.34785423

shut ur mouth woman u are to be seen not heard

>> No.34785427
File: 57 KB, 915x431, conjugation.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34785438

ive never posted a reaction image in my life and generally don't post any images ever

>> No.34785448

oh sorry i didn't realize you're a little 遅い in the head lmao the verb i conjugated was 死ぬ, the furigana are しぬ in case you weren't sure :)

>> No.34785469

holy SHit calvins dead again


how did u conjugate 死ぬ when its already in a conjugated form by definition

u cant conjugate a conjugation

>> No.34785470

except when you post ur garbage videos and pictures of you being a hedonist piece of fucking garbage in japan

>> No.34785478

jamal got btfo'd by the very source he used to argue. he has already lost

>> No.34785482


>> No.34785487

what's his FUCKING issue

>> No.34785511

japanese discussion @ the deejaytee

>> No.34785512

>lmfao when you use google translate as your source

>> No.34785528

im not jamal though?

>> No.34785529

lmfao based calvin
he'll come back tho

>> No.34785535

dark xiaovin rises

>> No.34785559

thx but i'll just endure the pain and let the body heal itself

nooooo my boy karubiiiinn

>> No.34785568

he makes the same post every single time
>japanese is not for me
>no regrets
>it was a learning experience
>i'll move on with my life now
and four months later he's fuckin at it again lol

>> No.34785578

>how did u conjugate 死ぬ when its already in a conjugated form by definition
>u cant conjugate a conjugation
dno bros, looks like jamal won

>> No.34785579


>> No.34785588


>> No.34785590

that was one or two threads at most, hence "generally"

>> No.34785594
File: 19 KB, 841x144, 9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i guess he didn't like strawberry panic

>> No.34785673

that's on my list

>> No.34785682
File: 274 KB, 1224x1739, 05-169.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34785684

why do you hate me so damn much when i never came for you in the first place? taking away your precious attention? fucking loser

>> No.34785694

behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran behead ciaran

>> No.34785697

that makes sense tho

>> No.34785713

lightening-quick cope and im sending messages to all my alternate universe selves to never meet up with you as well

>> No.34785727

for what
it says 青 not 青さ

>> No.34785737

its been a running joke for the last several weeks its part of the thread meta dude

also weve spent half a year together on the computer

we prolly have a closer bond than any of ur real life shit at this point

>> No.34785743

dno i didnt read and neither did jamal i guess i just assumed it was in there somewhere

>> No.34785758

i didnt read it but his post still makes sense bc the umi is all blue like the sky its blue everywhere

>> No.34785761

the passage just reminded me of the meme i wasn't fronting anyone lol

>> No.34785763


>> No.34785770

mined TPO

>> No.34785774

u cant conjugate a japanese verb


>> No.34785787

and trees and leaves and shit are "ao" to nips as well, take it up with them retard i was NOT wrong in what i said. at worst it sounded poetically chuuni

>> No.34785794


>> No.34785802


>> No.34785819

i noticed that too in volume 1 it was written as 微風 actually

>> No.34785821

you said conjugations don't exist in japanese. it says conjugations exist.

>> No.34785824

but the picture that went along with ur goofball post wasnt much in the way of greenery and u know it

but yes i never said it was incorrect it was just prolly the goofiest thing u ever wrote and it was really cute and endearing honestly i think even a japanese person wouldve struggled not to laugh

>> No.34785825

木と葉 (ことは)

>> No.34785849

sick of this dudes bs

>> No.34785860

you should mine it alongside わきまえる

>> No.34785863

u dont wanna go down that rabbit hole

>> No.34785864

daijirin is talking about verbs. pay more attention and learn to read japanese.

>> No.34785871

already have that mined

>> No.34785882

but u cant conjugate a japanese verb

or would u like to try demonstrating

>> No.34785901

し -> しぬ
is that a conjugation?

>> No.34785907
File: 557 KB, 957x698, Screenshot 2021-05-17 21.55.08.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

valuable katakana practice

also from left to right: bunko, jamal, nyan

>> No.34785911

fuck this thread im out


>> No.34785912

theyr midori tho and if you read that thing posted which you cant it has nothing to do with what you said

>> No.34785914

that is irrelevant. you first said
>conjugations dont exist in japanese

>> No.34785915

し isnt a verb thus u cant conjugate a japanese verb

>> No.34785920

damn pani poni dash is literally the worst shite i have ever watched dropped 1 ep in

>> No.34785932

dunno what a conjugation is so maybe

>> No.34785933

well love ain't a verb either

>> No.34785936

u lost get over it conjugations dont exist in japanese and u couldnt conjugate ur way out of a kamibukuro lmao

>> No.34785938

midori is a new word thats more specific. japanese people still think in terms of ao

its like if you said "its not purple, its lavender" in english

>> No.34785943


>> No.34785947

i love to stand 1 foot on the chest of owned scrubs lol

>> No.34785962
File: 164 KB, 480x268, best immersion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>best immersion

>> No.34785968

>how did u conjugate 死ぬ when its already in a conjugated form by definition
>conjugations dont exist in japanese
you contradicted yourself.

>> No.34785976


>> No.34785985

what? who do i hate lol

>> No.34786006

lol jamal ded

>> No.34786017

bs also youre not japanese

>> No.34786018

yeah need ciaran's opinion on conjugations

>> No.34786021

oh non onononononoono

>> No.34786030

what's keeran think of kitoaosa

>> No.34786031

if conjugations exist he lost if they dont he lost lmfao

>> No.34786038


>> No.34786042

what does quiz think of アナルセックス

>> No.34786048

plopping some massive isekais in the bog rn

>> No.34786053

they dont bc u cant conjugate a verb

its not a conjugation its something else

>> No.34786060

you just called it a conjugation yourself bro
it's over

>> No.34786061

>the word midori only came into use in the Heian period, and at that time (and for a long time thereafter) midori was still considered a shade of ao. Educational materials distinguishing green and blue only came into use after World War II

>> No.34786062

that was my first time replying to you in this thread so idk what ur on about

>> No.34786069

im thinking shinu is a conjugation of shin

>> No.34786074

>they dont
so you what you said in >>34785469 is false. you lost.

>> No.34786080

yea i was using their words against them

id never call it a conjugation bc they arent a thing in japanese

shins not a verb so u cant conjugate it

>> No.34786086


>> No.34786087

concession accepted lmfao

>> No.34786090

as long as we understand conjugations dont exist thats all that matters this isnt personal im trying to help my boys understand the mystical nippongo

>> No.34786096

the best part about this is technically jamal is right about conjugations not being a thing in japanese, strictly speaking, but they do effectively exist in functionally the same way just by a different mechanism

too bad he argued against himself and jibaku'd because he's a dingus who didnt know to win this one but i s on his grave because he pulls the same shit with everyone else when they are right

>> No.34786099

almost accidentally read some of ogs japanese and perma crippled myself

>> No.34786100

dame jamal finally outsmarted and checkmated you hate to see it

>> No.34786101

thats nice useless knowledge but it's midori now 100 years later

>> No.34786120

im mostly always right

i never said a single wrong thing here today

>> No.34786126

great video hope moe doesn't dislike it

>> No.34786138


>> No.34786141

og is the kind of character that would go この高貴な私が負けるなんて。。。信じらんない then she gets the bad end

>> No.34786153

Romans tried to conquer Ciaran.
They failed.
The Picts tried.
They failed.
The Welsh tried.
They failed.
The Northumbrians tried.
They failed.
The Vikings tried.
They failed.
The English tried.
They failed.
The Normans tried.
They failed.

>> No.34786158

imagining me and og watching this together and laughing

>> No.34786178

go ahead and point them out for the class

>> No.34786206

this vid should instill confidence in the zoomers honestly

this is how bad the world is now

>> No.34786243

i don't like pointing things out twice, nor do i like listening to the demands of losers. especially sore losers.

>> No.34786245

just suspended 断腸 after lapsing it for the 3rd time over a period of 2 years honestly think im retarded

>> No.34786282

but i was right

u cant conjugate a japanese verb because in japanese conjugations do not exist

>> No.34786285

this guy really rubbing it in his face lmao

>> No.34786299

if you don't know 断腸の思い you haven't read enough

>> No.34786309


>> No.34786316

why did you say 死ぬ is a conjugation?

>> No.34786325

this is so stupid. he thinks women "arent good at coming" but its not biological?? what a retard. honestly im ready to just subscribe to the poster who says women can't orgasm its not true but its closer to the truth than the opposite extreme that gen x retards like jamal and this faggot subscribe to.

the fact is the female orgasm is irrelevant even if possible and guys care way more about getting off and women care way more about the guy getting off too so who fucking cares except actual sluts and insecure teenagers. just make it quick and move on

>> No.34786333

no its a japanese verb

>> No.34786345

>reading gay shit

>> No.34786354

that's not what i asked. why did you say it's a conjugation?

>> No.34786376

both of those geeks repulse me tho

bc i asked a guy to conjugate a verb and then i asked him what verb he conjugated and i had to point out that he hadnt conjugated bc by the rules of conjugation it would have already happened

however in japanese there is no conjugation process thus no conjugations

>> No.34786401

eating a pot noodle while having a poo

>> No.34786421

>like you say
he didn't imply this anywhere. he wasn't replying to me either.
this isn't about whether you can conjugate verbs. you said conjugations don't exist in japanese. learn the difference, then learn how to read japanese.

>> No.34786432

i imagine some women want to enjoy sex instead think of the queen

>> No.34786436

but conjugations for verbs dont exist in japanese which is what i meant as that was the subject in the first place and typically when u think conjugations thats what it goes to

>> No.34786444

nice self-own

>> No.34786466

damn i didnt know stevijis sold out

>> No.34786478

or are they what

>> No.34786487

the sacred texts

>> No.34786494


>> No.34786497

u can keep arguing semantics ill just keep being right lol

>> No.34786502

that doesn't work
retarded esls

>> No.34786513

then they are deluding themselves with modern expectations and feel bad about not being able to come easily and getting feeling deficient or blaming dick size or whatever. see its a vicious cycle

>> No.34786517

i kept the goalpost in the modern day you're the one who wanted to bust out your useless knowledge of archaic stuff which is a phase most japanese nonlearners go throug

>> No.34786531


>> No.34786540

living memory is not archaic, pig-brain. i take that back, pigs are actually smart

>> No.34786563

especially since pretty much everyone older than the sexual revolution generation of parents are long dead now. boomers and gen x moms for the most part where ultra-whores so that theory is bogus

>> No.34786571

well if you can google blue trees or blue leaves in japanese youll know what im talking about

>> No.34786572
File: 503 KB, 531x579, feet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh shit they started a movement

>> No.34786573

as long as im right about the things that matter who cares about semantics lol

>> No.34786580


what the heck is that?

>> No.34786584

the way he laughs at his own joke at 1:21 is grating he did this in the last video too

>> No.34786591


>> No.34786613

i just assumed he finally admitted to all his posts being moe-bile lmao

>> No.34786624

not sure id admit i was watching that guys other vids if i was u


>> No.34786636


>> No.34786643

it's a wordplay for us english natives

>> No.34786652

was looking at japanese plants on images and just ended up feeling nostalgia for this song

>> No.34786653

read tae kim

>> No.34786666
File: 41 KB, 348x344, 1620751425002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

動詞化 (verbing)


I'm not gonna read all this but detailed info about verbing a noun. Which is basically:


Adding する to nouns such as ゲームする

Is this what's causing confusion here?

>> No.34786670

is being able to read english one of the things that matter? it doesn't seem like you read >>34786550

>> No.34786694

ittai nanto

>> No.34786699

dude you already killed him stop pummeling the corpse lol

>> No.34786743


>> No.34786744

i think its a pretty big fundamental difference from a lot of languages that u cannot in fact conjugate a japanese verb bc its not a thing

but theres not much more that needs said than that which is why all my posts r the same thing over and over bc that 1 guy cant accept it

>> No.34786751

literally semantics lmao. petty. which is why i won't stick up for jamal even if he's technically right. he's just being autistic

>> No.34786752

some people write what they mean and others write what they mean and cope.

>> No.34786763
File: 90 KB, 300x400, Lina-Inverse-anime-slayers-13918589-300-400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

なるほどね! 今彼らは分かったかなぁ。

>> No.34786765

sad to see you fail so early

>> No.34786771

djt on suicide watch

>> No.34786816

fvck forgot meisou
girls 3

>> No.34786825

i didn't ask you.

>> No.34786827
File: 19 KB, 255x300, the absolute state.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34786851

very hostile atmosphere rn bros feeling uncomfortable

>> No.34786859


>> No.34786865

dont waste your effort on this esl thread bro they wont get the joke

>> No.34786938

dame jmal is doing multi track simping

>> No.34786954


>> No.34786969

u know what they say simpin aint easy

>> No.34786977
File: 944 KB, 550x564, Lina_Inverse.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.34786984
File: 37 KB, 1257x335, Madame.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where did I go wrong?

>> No.34787003

told you last thread jungle gook

>> No.34787016

inflection of verbs is conjugation tho

>> No.34787020



>> No.34787040

but u cant conjugate a verb

it cant be done

>> No.34787052 [DELETED] 

>can't even capitalize
Finish your school. ESL

>> No.34787078
File: 936 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20210410-195705.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34787087

>can't even capitalize
Finish your school before learning Japanese, ESL

>> No.34787088

yeah this guy needs cure dolly

>> No.34787100

what does conjugation mean

>> No.34787116

read that as jungle book

>> No.34787122
File: 23 KB, 772x188, 1590286595397.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

always embarrassing when you try to shit on someone elses english and make an error in that very post lmfao

btw finish your school sounds unnatural in this context

>> No.34787152

And when you see a word you don't understand you search it up just to look what country you should insult next? Petty.

>> No.34787158

this sentence is very unnatural as well, an english native wouldnt put "your" in there

>> No.34787166

cope jungle gook

>> No.34787167
File: 2.64 MB, 1925x2048, Screenshot_20210409-002225.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a Latin root word that means to conjure like a magic spell.

>> No.34787176

if i heard someone say finish your school id call ice

>> No.34787202

love when i tell the esl he sucks and then 2 other retards reply afterward just repeating what i said lmfao

>> No.34787217


>> No.34787228

didnt read your post
dont care

>> No.34787229

yeah it feels nice being accepted and validated unlike you do in real life

>> No.34787234

that's conjuration silly. although i think the word "contrive" comes from meaning to create from nothing in a magical sort of way. actually english has a lot of the occult baked into it probably thanks to shakespeare

>> No.34787239

>reading light novels is ez, feel good for a split second
>read some actual literature (口語体), feel a tinge of sadness
>try reading pre-大正 literature, feel very sad
this ride never ends, does it?
I will never be "good" at japanese

>> No.34787241

>open thread
>the retards are talking about stupid shit again

welp, back to my manga...

>> No.34787243

ur a native esl ydkj

>> No.34787251

dunno why id ever want to read any literature made before ww1

>> No.34787258

actual ESL here
>>finish your school

>> No.34787262

so much seething

>> No.34787275
File: 372 KB, 1920x1080, 948740_screenshots_20210218142630_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.34787280

yea ur esl really comes out when u do that

>> No.34787298

history is dope
also, classical jp > modern jp

>> No.34787304

only an esl would try and drag a native down to their level unironically. so cringe

>> No.34787306

whats that kanji before the 2 ろs??
tried to look it up on jisho radical but nothing is showing up

>> No.34787318

lol wtf

>> No.34787320

cope uve used idioms wrong and no native does that ydkj

>> No.34787339


>> No.34787343

based actual esl bros gaslighting eops into attacking each other all the time

>> No.34787344
File: 1.57 MB, 1362x721, malie_j4n4LRISWR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the visuals are cool but the writing is cringy.

>> No.34787346

og isnt a native in any language lmao literally female agf

>> No.34787360

I wish I could turn back time and and start all over in the Indus river valley 10000 years ago up till the 1929 market crash and then die for reals

>> No.34787369

nah thats not そ

>> No.34787380

you people need to stop thinking about language in the meta sense it's really warping your perception of reality

>> No.34787386

its ok i love u the way u r

>> No.34787401

can't take that seriously from somebody who just can't shut the fuck about the esl boogeyman

>> No.34787403

were you able to google the term? it's been 40 minutes.

>> No.34787410

what term ive already moved onto the next things

>> No.34787413

eops really waste their time on trivial and useless bullshit, that's why they will always remain dekinai.

>> No.34787434

い~や い~や い~や

(つ∀-)オヤスミー バイバイ

>> No.34787441

is this bait?

>> No.34787458



>> No.34787496

you said conjugations don't exist. after losing face and coping you said verb conjugations don't exist and what all linguistics call a "verb conjugation" in japanese isn't a conjugation but something else. why can you not find out what the term for such a simple concept is? do you not know how to search in japanese?

>> No.34787516

nyanotoko walked in outta nowhere and basically did it

>> No.34787534

did what? can you say anything specific or are you too frightened?

>> No.34787535

LMAO Japanese voice to text sensors "eroge". so much for being a neutral term for all vinnies

>> No.34787542


>> No.34787549

most of the esls itt have better english than og

>> No.34787552

i suspect she's been the stealth female anon that's been hanging around so she knows the game

>> No.34787572
File: 138 KB, 931x675, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rate my j-j card.

>> No.34787576

clenching so hard you'd be able to get raped by my clitoris

>> No.34787577

idk about no nerd shit i woulda never even though of a word like inflection so thats abt as good as its gonna get i aint got nothin else for u

why did u @ me

yah shes posted vocaroos before and shes been around since /a/ so shes a true og at this point

>> No.34787583

if u need a card for that word id think it be a struggle to use a j-j dic lol

>> No.34787588

nyanotoko is a retard that deserves to be beheaded.

>> No.34787595

honestly jamal invited the piranhas this time

>> No.34787628

inflection is a general term for conjugation and declension...

>> No.34787641

they drive on the correct side of the road here in korea. didnae know that

>> No.34787649

just testing things out. haven't stuck yet to the perfect formula

>> No.34787659

A lot of posters ITT could use some of that LOL

>> No.34787661
File: 1.50 MB, 2420x3226, 1592613379572.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you dont know english and you never will

>> No.34787702

what did I miss, is someone arguing that 「活用」 is not "conjugation" simply because it doesn't work the same way that conjugation does in european languages?

>> No.34787703

i always knew og was a futa lol

>> No.34787711

>And you do know they give those away to anyone not just native English speakers right?
yeah thats a cope right there
she's obsessed with the esl boogeyman

>> No.34787750

you missed jamal getting murdered

>> No.34787752

Bow before my quarter inch

>> No.34787781
File: 290 KB, 480x585, third times the charm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34787783

I guess now is the time to tell you I wasn't the one who was calling you an ESL earlier I just joined in the fun and then kept going because you got so mad

>> No.34787803

id give ur 1/4 incher lots of 愛撫

>> No.34787838

yeah i know cause i was the one calling him an esl since he obviously is one. just felt like putting the final nail in the coffin of ur english capabilities as a verified native™

>> No.34787847

same but with your posts

>> No.34787866


>> No.34787869

>its an og thread
see you later bros

>> No.34787885

cover up the id number bro....

>> No.34787889


>> No.34787912

>american passports literally have a star of david on them

>> No.34787914


>> No.34787926

this thread is my toilet.

>> No.34787963

last i checked シコら isnt a verb

>> No.34787985

so which anon were you? the one with the posh handwriting?
I'll save your email but I'll probably never contact you I'm the kind of person that deleted all my social media accounts in high school and too many people here want me dead although to be honest it sounds kind of fun to get murdered

>> No.34787986

wtf whats this about

>> No.34787995

seems unko is on drugs again

>> No.34788002

>ive been lolling at him for hours
what a life. glad i turned out normie and only have time for 4chan for a few minutes

>> No.34788035

h- hot..

>> No.34788036


>> No.34788049

i straight up skipped over the past few threads can you find this post so i can lol at you for trying

>> No.34788074

i wish og dead with the same passion that i wish a cockroach dead.

>> No.34788081

okay I see your point

>> No.34788095

what is the term for what we wrote?

>> No.34788160

what do u sense in my lifeline *rubs my nuts in ur face*

>> No.34788162

dont need yet another grammar guide

>> No.34788235

An anime-based approach
Into working out the
Details of japanese grammar

>> No.34788242

picking names is so hard

>> No.34788248

pointless shit

>> No.34788256


>> No.34788264


>> No.34788278

feel it out

>> No.34788304

and i dont see a single one of their posts

>> No.34788328
File: 30 KB, 777x437, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34788346

Feeling Nihongo, by Quizmaster
- A no-barrels-held approach to modern Japanese.

>> No.34788359


>> No.34788436

ye i don't think bunko's taste in women can be trusted lol

>> No.34788438

man whats wrong with you

>> No.34788463

you're a real piece of work aint you, freud would have a field day with you.

>> No.34788476


>> No.34788490


>> No.34788528

be nice to bunko, he's a victim of emotional incest from a young age and he doesn't sound completely sober right now

>> No.34788541

but the status you get from knowing japanese was less than the status you could get from developing one of your alternate skills.

>> No.34788547

crazy how quiz doesn't realize he's still pre-beginner

>> No.34788553

im not the cunt, retard.
also your little sister must take after your mom then?

>> No.34788559

Sorry is this the hololive thread?

>> No.34788585

he prolly mistakes running a discord of underage redditors as actually making it in a language and he thinks hes somebody worth listening to

it happens a lot

>> No.34788586

it's all that's left for people that got burned
making stupid guides and videos

>> No.34788606

jamal, quiz was already trouncing you like 3 years ago. just think about the progress he must have made since then. you've no idea who you're up against

>> No.34788614

actually makes me feel pretty good about not having kids. I don't want whatever Norman Bates shit bunko has going on with his mom and I'm 寂しがり and emotionally intense person with people I'm close to. recipe for disaster

>> No.34788626

this one time during high school i was at my friends place and his mom walked into the room to get something and as she bent over to pick it up my friend smacked her on the ass telling her to leave was a pretty big wtf moment for me

>> No.34788642

ur still gonna have kids

if u make it to 35 without popping out a baby i might take u seriously

but women dont get into the serious baby making frenzy till they are early 30s

>> No.34788656

if that's the kind of shit they do in front of company imagine how weird they are in private

>> No.34788686


>> No.34788716

much like how the separation of church and state is beneficial for democracy, the separation of head and torso would be beneficial for most djt members

>> No.34788733

I'm too controlling and the world is too much of a police state and on top of that the present and near future is not something I would want to subject my kid to. Also my chart emphatically says I'll never have kids or a husband for that matter

>> No.34788754

blah blah ur bodys gonna do what its gonna do and ull eventually go through a phase in a few years where ull rub ur quarter incher on anything if u think itll get u pregnant

>> No.34788781

that is not how babby is formed

>> No.34788783

churches are made to be burned

>> No.34788793

i wanted to make the quarter incher joke so it was worth it

>> No.34788796

>it sounds kind of fun to get murdered
that's women for ya

>> No.34788797

true true

>> No.34788802

IQ is nothing without soul which the Chinese lack so you're just as deluded as democracy shills

>> No.34788838

christianity is what made west+north europeans great don't turn your back the church just because

obviously there are traits that matter besides IQ which is why western europe has shit all over east asia since like the 1300s. but IQ does matter, so the brown flooding of white countries will have a significant negative effect in the long term. china will probably eclipse us in quality research produced, quality inventions per capita, etc. by 2100. needless to say the longer we're browned the weaker we'll be.

>> No.34788842

yeah that guy was weird his parents were divorced and i think his mom was a lesbian a mutual friend told me he was working with the guy on some graphics project smack guy left for a bit to take a piss leaving the laptop on and while browsing through the gallery the other guy found a pic of his mom kissing some other woman and grabbing her boobs always thought he was full of shit until the day of the smack

>> No.34788843

og you're too stupid to have an opinion on any of these topics 立場をわきまえてください

>> No.34788857

If you're talking only about monotheistic sand cults I agree but if you're extending that to all temples, shrines and places of worship, you are the biggest moron pig I know

>> No.34788862

>don't turn your back on the church just because we've had 100-200 years of neolibs taking advantage of good christian nature*

not og.

>> No.34788916

Christianity and Judaism are both subversive death cults that shun the natural order and give humanity airs and graces above nature. Anything based on red pill then Christianity is a remnant of our culture and traditional values despite itself but the canon is decidedly progressive and liberal universalism

>> No.34788919

まだ起きてる !

>> No.34788924

Somebody's BGM ITT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPrQSNutkD8

>> No.34788930

pol outbreak guess it's time to read

>> No.34788965

Never thought I'd be the one saying this, but I miss "weird Japan"

>> No.34788971

we would still have 巫女s and ナースs

>> No.34788980

thats how they get you

>> No.34788984


>> No.34788990

We had superior vestal virgins before that and the cults of Artemis even before that. Nuns are lame in comparison to cute priestess in chitons guarding the sacred flame

>> No.34789020

>We had superior vestal virgins before that and the cults of Artemis even before that

>> No.34789050

romans were mediterranean. catholicism is what shaped germans, who went on to do many more things than the romans.

>> No.34789080
File: 651 KB, 1280x720, DUNGEON_OF_REGALIAS_-背徳の都イシュガリア-_Ver1.00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i can already tell this mc is the 駄目なタイプ

>> No.34789083

reminds me of this

>> No.34789101

*Laughs in germanicus' blue eyes*
mediterranean mongrels we wuzzing is cringier than anything the nords do. Greeks and Romans weren't Celts or gauls but they were white nonetheless. Not all whites are blond haired and blue-eyed, but they're also not hooked nose gypsies either.

>> No.34789104

do they use boku or ore? i insta drop series were the mc uses the former

>> No.34789107
File: 1.18 MB, 2048x1640, Screenshot_20210517-121418.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34789121

i pick up a series if they use boku especially if they stutter and are cute

>> No.34789129

they were white but they were different whites is all. that's my problem with the we wuz reasoning. albeit people can argue that much of our ideologies and institutions were shaped by rome's legacy which is valid.

>> No.34789139

>Greeks and Romans weren't Celts or gauls but they were white nonetheless. Not all whites are blond haired and blue-eyed, but they're also not hooked nose gypsies either.

>> No.34789143

i mean there's no way a character saying that line wouldn't use 俺 lol

>> No.34789157

And Rome was greece 2.0 so at least culturally and at least as some overarching white haplo group that inherited the ideologies of both I think it's fair. It's not like modern whites don't have authentic Roman and Greek ancestry through Charlemagne at least

>> No.34789166

nothing funnier than white nationalists wewuzzing as romans.

>> No.34789171

僕 is fine in trap protag games like つり乙

>> No.34789239

maybe if og had picked history for her major she wouldnt have dropped out twice

>> No.34789248


>> No.34789250

Actually I think Rome was a decadent cesspit of corruption and depravity that almost exactly mirrors the state we're in now. I'm not proud of inheriting their dysfunctions in any way.

>> No.34789262

Yeah but then I'd have the biggest meme degree possible and not even from a university that would merit it like Oxford or Cambridge

>> No.34789280

not really true u could always been a crazy cat lady history teacher

>> No.34789321

tomotika is too hot for you

>> No.34789328

rome fell and thats a good thing

>> No.34789353

why even learn abt history when u can just watch man repeating it every day lol

>> No.34789359

people never learn from history there's no point in trying to teach it. Anyway the classes I always had issues with were the mandatory ones about Marxist conflict theory (sociology) and also they wanted me to take a math class and a class about black and women's studies qualify for my degree

>> No.34789364

its fun thats all

>> No.34789376

did u ask if u could just watch vids on worldstar and test out of the black ppl course

>> No.34789380

if youd picked anthropology you couldve combined it with genetics and then it wouldnt be as much of a meme degree anymore the fields flourishing these days thanks to certain technological advancements but its kind of recent idk how things were when you werent a hag

>> No.34789393

my armchair theory is that bunko's mother was actually singularly beautiful and since he's mixed race and she's white and pure he has a huge complex about it so he has to go for ugly asian women who are so far removed from his mom's phenotype, since normal women can't measure up so he doesn't even bother with them. another warning against having mixed race kids

>> No.34789433

Biological Anthropology ok yeah they didn't have that listed when I was in school. Dame

>> No.34789439


>> No.34789442

ok time to sign bunkos email for for 1000 gay porn mailers so his accounts utterly unusable

hes starting to go too far

>> No.34789449

now thats a garbage day clip

>> No.34789466

>ooga booga man bash other man skull with rock because he threat to girl-thing i want
stop being an ape it's not like that and you know it

>> No.34789474


>> No.34789477

he probably knows what hes doing

>> No.34789483
File: 294 KB, 802x737, 1613412426196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34789522

might as well post it the mom from that photo doesn't even exist anymore

>> No.34789536

im just gonna post bunkos family photo in here cause he's gone too far

>> No.34789546

im sure ur moms hot bro but like u should naturally not be thinking about going back up into the birth canal u were born from thats very fucked up

>> No.34789562

now this is adorable

ive been soothed

>> No.34789563

dont lol also youre fucking stupid if you send that malicious mentally unstable woman anything shell have a manic episode someday and youll be fucked forever thats what women do

>> No.34789582

id trust og with my heart but i wouldnt trust her with my money

>> No.34789630

i cant really disagree with you but i used a temporary email that will self terminate and i wont remember his email and i dont want to know any of you queers specifically because in my manic moments i do stupid shit like post my underwear or almost post my entire face.

>> No.34789646

when did you post your underwear

>> No.34789658

months ago

unfortunately it does nothing for me if shes not wearing them

>> No.34789659

i wasnt wearing it, cant remember actually i think i havent done any of that shit since the new year though

>> No.34789682

do it bro

>> No.34789701

whatever dude i warned you dont cry later

>> No.34789713

at best, djt was my mental ward for my breakdown and you were my nurse ratchet dont get ahead of yourself

>> No.34789715

i will if he doesnt cool it with the incest posts

>> No.34789727

did u just call me ratchet

>> No.34789743


>> No.34789745

wait so bunko shared his family album with an anon already? geez he's asking to get burned if does that but honestly i personally wont post his mom or fuck him over i am not that bad. maybe if it were someone i had sworn revenge on like qm but im incapable of guile its one of my suckier traits

>> No.34789756

id send u a real selfie but ud 100% post it

>> No.34789763

youre scum

>> No.34789786

cut that out

if u do something like that to our boy i will find u and spank ur ass on live stream for the thread

>> No.34789792

and you claim to know me. id talk about your selfie and make fun maybe but id not actually post it i have a sense of honor if nothing else.
i mean have i ever been acted dishonorably against another in all my time here? not talking about being rude or mean in the normal way but i cant even set a basic nihongo trap and you all think im this livia drusilla character which i mean i wish was true

>> No.34789807

i never said i knew u but if u knew me ud know that i know how ud take my subtle pokes at ur character

>> No.34789808

cringe how og and jamal are treating that faggot like their own child or something this is honestly the worst thing i've seen happen on this site

>> No.34789812

og post your email and ill send you my selfie if you'll give me an honest rating

>> No.34789819

when are you planning on leaving this world?

>> No.34789842

its taken months to cultivate this feel and this is only the beginning

its going to grow into a beautiful 花

and then 1 day the petals will wither and 落ちて散る

>> No.34789851

youre willing to post qms family album if you got your hands on it dragging people who have nothing at all to do with any of this into hell just to have your little "revenge" youre complete fucking trash disgusting piece of shit

>> No.34789873

i wouldnt have any qualms about lolling at something abt quizler

>> No.34789874


>> No.34789915

kill yourself

>> No.34789943

me and og


>> No.34789967

i hope to fucking god jamal and og come to the djt family meetup because they won't be leaving if i show up

>> No.34789975

were gonna have a thread wedding dude

every1s gonna be there throwing rice and shit lmao

>> No.34789987

what kind of rating? like looks? not sure if i am the best person for that but ok
>[email protected]

>> No.34790019

love this song

>> No.34790119


>> No.34790129


>> No.34790161

sam looks like a tranny in that clip

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