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guide: alljapaneseallthetime.com


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thats the real guide gj

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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
Guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/
Word of the Day: https://t.me/s/jt_library

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if youre a beginner, remember to filter m***y***

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i already have
good job!

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threads off to a stellar start

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What would the translation of やめておこっか, obviously やめて is stop but Im unsatisfied with the results I'm getting. Ithis website has it down as 'fine, I'll stop'

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thats prolly fine

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Thanks guys, I've only just started learning sj looking up words I dont know a lot
Can it be used in this context, someone asks you why you are doing something, and you can reply やめて置こうか.

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RIP in peace sweet prince

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are they gonna host mattvsjapan?

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no, volitional form is not used in that kind of context

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Does pic related work? I'm drinking lots of coffee, by the way.

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yes, what are you reading

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fat piece of shit cant even diet to save his life how could he possibly learn japanese

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I'm reading a pdf from here that has all the Tadoku Graded Readers levels 0 to 4. Good stuff, really. Taking it slow, I'm trying to "accept ambiguity".

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bunko's type

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did he actually die?

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matto lookin bald as fuck

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Yomichan fucking up again
Also wtf Miura died

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think khaz had the right idea about potheads

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If I import my anki deck to ankimobile, will it import the settings of the deck too?

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just completed my wanikani reviews

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that's a good kanji

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My first post here, I lived in Japan for 9 yrs in my childhood, so I basically learnt Japanese using daily, so many of discussions you have here, never troughthout my mind some question you do... and I'm reading a lot of posts thinking some of you are getting too hard haha

Ps. my bad for my English, sometimes I get confused

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Is this supposed to be surprising

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why did it have to be this way, bros?
it started to fuck me up when they had to begin discarding their stuff. The whole series has that empty and dead feeling, but I was hoping it didn't have to end like that

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this is actually pretty well done, good work with the music and timing.

we should let calvin rest in peace now tho, he had a hard life

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stick around! ignore the mean people

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when are you planning on leaving this world?

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read the sequel

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didn't even know there was one. thanks

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im definitely getting too hard, bend over

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comfy thread

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why doesn't japan have such robust academic culture?

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otaku media is more important for the world

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what kind of stylistic choice is it, to mix together 口語 and 文語?




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i've identified バカの壁 as the main reason for djt's endless failures

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hate has no place in oboerugang

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「your mum's pussy」を覚えた

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why asking someone weight in japanese is considered rude ?

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stop pretending to have a dick og

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best oboeru all day

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damn goku getting canceled every few panels. must have been heavily censored for american release

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1208漢字 3911単語

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yeah they dont make em like this anymore

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ridiculously bad ai upscaling

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Can a brother translate this, please

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that's arabic

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it says that she fondly remembers the time she met someone and that someone planted his kisses down there

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omae to deatteru toki wo furikaeru to masaka tegami kawasu aidagara ni naru to ha ai ni mo omowanakatta
arigatou okurimono no koto mo miru da ga ima no watashi ya o-kisu
orukisu no kankei ga aru no ha omae no okage da
tegami ichimai de sumu to ha omotteinai
hitsuyou naru ha itsudemo te o kasou

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ai ni mo omou koto ga dekiru ka

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what keywords do i need to google with the title of a game to hopefully find a download for the japanese version? i want to play ザ・タイピング・オブ・ザ・デッド

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but japanese dont upload games so ur fucked

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pretty sure someone posted a link to this in here before

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the original one from 2000? because if so that'd be epic

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u mean ふともも

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miss thick poofy 80s hair

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mined プレステ5

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cute-ass op

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had sex with a girl on her period this week. it was sticky

but worth it

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sorry i cant understand spanish subs

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>had sex

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wouldve ate her out

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crazy how they couldnt just pay someone to proofread the eigo they use in the show could probably be done in an hour

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thats proper english

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im not that crazy

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great lmao

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is this the cult guy?

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i swear she's getting younger with every fanart they draw

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heard 大丈夫これはマッサージ so many times

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had this foot up your ass so many times before

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if you think "for woman who is active in the army" is at all natural sounding then nice self own

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so that's what that komori part in hikikomori means

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damn nice crippling translation

>> No.34844259

wtf is a メスガキ?!?!

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nuke's never gonna make it, but he's never gonna give up either. good for him.

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for something to be 'ahead of its time' implies that theres a perfection that things strive for which is at the end of time

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did the original nagatoro make reference to amogus?
why would the translation get translated to include material that wasnt in the original

>> No.34845822

it is now

the beauty of an organic localization u love to see it

>> No.34845832

ye dno bros just gonna 抜く to a レイプ vinnie

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your argument has been debunked multiple times yet you keep making the same post
kys trannylator

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>> No.34846089

debunked how

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if you were a billionaire why would you want your children to get phds

the only things that people actually need phds for end up being middle class at best

>> No.34846258

thats half a days work for me

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sus is now associated with among us whether you like it or not
the original kyodoru is not associated with among us
therefore the translation is shit

>> No.34846286

so what? there are a lot of enduring slang that originally were associated with one thing but entered general use
something having an association doesnt preclude it from being a potential translation choice or you wouldnt be able to translate anything because the associations dont match between cultures

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i have a high iq but my problem was i invested 100% into myself and 0% into the world so all i really did in life was keep myself entertained and develop skills i employ to fulfil that entertainment and siphon some money out of the machine to keep it all going

now i laugh as the world marches towards destruction and just keep finding new things to lol at every day

>> No.34846337

hate when people say the world when they actually mean society

>> No.34846340

>sus is now associated with among us whether you like it or not
if somebody calls a very expensive medical plan a "cadillac plan" in english, that's a reference to a brand of car and a reference that didn't exist in the original. however, the translation could be completely correct in context.

the translation successfully conveys literally every aspect of the original. you are literally throwing a tantrum because it was popularized - not even invented - by something you don't like.

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wish ikea did a lomsk in adult size would defo use it

>> No.34846376

if enough people hate it compared to the original its a bad tl

>> No.34846379

just caused a third intifada by translating the arabic phrase for "political deals to enrich the legislators area" as "pork barrel politics"

>> No.34846382

not sure what difference ur trying to imply since i used the world twice in there but the planet is indeed moving towards losing its atmosphere and life ceasing to exist and then i guess in a literal sense u cant really invest in the world bc of law of conservation of energy so everythings at プラマイ 0 anyway

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are you learning japanese for me anon?

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never said i was intelligent just that i have a high quotient

humans rnt relaly fundamentally different from most mammals and we only know what we know dude we dont and cant know it all theres so much going on that we just dont have the ability to sense

this is also why like i said theres a real chance that we just fuck up the planet enough to kill ourselves off for a while but the planet still manages to survive

and even beyond that even if earth turned into something like mars its all part of a greater cycle that we cant really understand and even the dead planets are still part of "life" at the macro level but we just dont have the ability to zoom out far enough and even if we did we still cant sense enough things to understand anything

>> No.34846544

why would i use my parents money im not a leech

>> No.34846578

there technically r already climate refugees

see ne1 thats had to abandon their property at the various coastlines that are already getting flooded out

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>> No.34846589

no i dont even know you

>> No.34846601

>fucking lmao dude you were the one complaining nobody would know what it means in ten years
except that wasn't me, i don't care what it meant in the past or will mean in the future i care about what people associate it with at the moment in time the translation is produced
>slang terms are literally linguistic memes.
cool stuff bro
>every time you see slang used in a translation you know it used to be some other slang term
ok? doesn't change the fact that the translation slang term happens to be a reference to among us while the original slang term isnt
>this doesn't remove anyone from the show except complete fucking autists.
it will remove anyone who knows the reference which is pretty much everyone on the internet

>> No.34846603

exactly lmao zoomers need to stfu and realize the world doesnt revolve around them and their gay little phone game

>> No.34846613

>why would i use my parents money im not a leech
>they deposit money in my account twice a year but im not going to ask for more

>> No.34846657

so three years ago, if you were translating this, it would have been 100% correct to use "sus" as the translation, because it's a slang abbreviation of the word "suspicious" which makes it 100% correct in context

but because a cultural phenomenon occurred in america last year, the translation is now somehow incorrect

>> No.34846668

and? lmao. you call me names on a daily basis whats that make you?

>> No.34846670

>and even beyond that even if earth turned into something like mars its all part of a greater cycle that we cant really understand and even the dead planets are still part of "life" at the macro level but we just dont have the ability to zoom out far enough and even if we did we still cant sense enough things to understand anything
yeah theres also indications that there was likely something before the big bang and we are not the first and only universe to exist
its all a big cycle

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>> No.34846695

if you care about how people translate shit or anything like that you're in the wrong thread. this is the thread for japanese readers not translation readers

>> No.34846793

goatse is a scientifically accurate depiction of the universes event horizon

>> No.34846811

that's more a problem with traitorous elites than climate change but it's sad...

>> No.34846983

that guys too much of a nerd for me

>> No.34847025

lol this woman spent months calling me a midwit autistic pseud telling me no one wants to read my essays insulting my attempts to be reasonable and fair with her telling me i should kill myself now she tries to acts like a saint

>> No.34847058

wtf thats epic that guys cool

>> No.34847144

i want to fall asleep in ogs hizamakura while she softly caresses my hair

>> No.34847187

pancake ass like a mother fucker

>> No.34847192

a serious case of hank hill ass

>> No.34847220

lol nice

>> No.34847221

i liked everything up till then

we could have days like that

>> No.34847242

マンション are comfy in japan id hate to live in a detached house without a big family.

>> No.34847307

comfy till u hear all the pain and despair in the cages around u or see it when u go outside

losing scratchoffs on the ground empty alcohol cans and bottles everywhere

every once in a while someone hops off the 屋上

cleanup workers peel them off the concrete and spray it off with a hose and everyone keeps walking

god bless my comfy japan

>> No.34847333

youve really never been there have you. cringe how you keep posting like you have and its just a combination of american life and your own mousou

>> No.34847391

crazy how jamal still believes in the myth about japanese suicide rates

>> No.34847429

bunko you watch those tarento bangumi can you explain to me why it is like every single one has a token man in women's clothing?
thats literally you tho, ive experienced things and sit there saying shit thats untrue because you cant stand the thought of any fraction of weebness being warranted because you died inside in 2002 and want to make everyone suffer with you.
youve never been either, silence fool

>> No.34847430

whats so funny about that where are all the self supporting students oh thats right theyre working 4 part time jobs and failing their classes destroying their future

>> No.34847433


>> No.34847449

he believes every topical mainstream western opinion c. 1999

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曲 of the day


>> No.34847508

ive had adult worries before i was an adult dont need any more of that shit

>> No.34847556

i dont dish out personal attacks i stick to the topics

u just over time twisted ur perception of me into some super aggro bad guy who goes after ppl when thats not at all the case

>> No.34847564

lmfao the absolute state of bunko

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and the personal attacks never stop

yet i never cry that im the victim

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Have you ever thought that maybe people are making fun of the whole "be mean to learn something about people" strategy by pretending to be so sad and just trying to get people to understand them by inventing someone that doesn't exist? :^)

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File: 216 KB, 396x253, Eat my shit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ps: You're a fucking faggot

>> No.34847872

why are you uppercasing and avatar posting?

>> No.34847875


>> No.34847886

take your meds

>> No.34847910

women have this special ability when it comes to analyzing all your flaws and vulnerabilities and saying things that can destroy your self esteem
but it doesnt seem to work that well over the internet

>> No.34847916

japanese learners deserve to suffer and have a shit sandwich stuffed down their fuckin gullet daily

>> No.34847986

then why is everyone saying miura died young (54)

>> No.34847999


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i think i realize what so fucking bad about djt its that cancel culture has slipped in and its all about posturing and bakuhatu and traps and intrigue political shit so that namefags can overthrow other namefags.

go to fucking reddit or twitter for that shit you tranny zooms

>> No.34848045

she was hot af

>> No.34848048

>I've never really wanted to do anything
with japanese or in general
because im in the latter camp so i just enjoy japanese media and life for what it is

>> No.34848057

nobody thinks about it like this except u og

>> No.34848075

og is fine and jamal is dope, as for me im based

>> No.34848083

ive never said im a nice poster and i dont act like anyone ive maintained this from the start https://archived.moe/jp/thread/28876887/#28898137
also you tried to play innocent i was just proving you wrong by reminding you that youve talked a lot of shit in the past

>> No.34848084

no you're just a stupid bitch with an empty life seeing shit that isnt there cause youre bored

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japanese craftmansship

>> No.34848123

this looks like a good video already and possibly the first appropriate post for this board in the entire thread

>> No.34848126

>you tried to play innocent
to what? my only gripe is the hypocrisy and gaslighting stop projecting shit. im not saying im not a cunt to people only that its weird to see a bunch of grown men on 4chan suddenly care about optics and being nice to people and trying to moral tone police shit selectively cause of politics. i could go to literally any other spehre of the internet for that shit leave my site please

>> No.34848155

i dont care what weird shenanigans the admins have pulled since moot left they can ban me if they think im out of line

>> No.34848194


>> No.34848205

kill yourself

>> No.34848208

>ive not said anything to him. i dont have it out for im its the other way around
this is bullshit i just called it out i dont care what you think is nice i dont care about "nice people" i do care about putting retarded pieces of shit like you in their place though
and this isnt your site bitch youd do well to remember that

>> No.34848227

was shopping for dollfie clothes with a friend for her doll. really cool actually if they ever settle down somewhere longterm i might get one

>> No.34848265


>> No.34848284

i meant "recently" i hadn't said anything mean to you. like you stopped being an abysmal poster and went to being a tolerable namefag even if didnt post a billboard about my change of feelings. excuse me for not being clear about what i meant

and fyi that was in response to someone calling me rude/saying you were a nice poster and yeah when you are sitting behind a trip and im still anon i dont care if you can sniff out my posts im using the site properly meanwhile you were too young to be here when moot left so blow me.

>> No.34848286

if you 興奮 from visual stimuli instead of building a relationship with a person there's already something wrong with you

>> No.34848313

implying men are even capable of that

>> No.34848368

youre probably right actually

>> No.34848393

who the fuck do you think you are passing judgement deciding whos an abysmal poster nothings changed about you youre still the same arrogant retard talking out of your ass and sniffing your own farts i stand behind my posts including every single one bashing you and your garbage posts

>> No.34848397

of course

>> No.34848424

we are just arguing in circles now. this impasse is boring so im just gonna drop it. dont (you) me and i wont (you) you simple as

>> No.34848437

*grabs u by the shoulders and looks into ur purple blue eyes*

i freakin like u !!!

>> No.34848502

no you had to be made aware of the fact that your opinion regarding my posts or anyones posts for that matter is absolutely worthless to me and that im 100% unapologetic about what ive said get that through your thick head
put on a trip so i never have to see your posts again im sick of replying to a poster only to find out its you

>> No.34848503

debus just wishing they were vtubers *sigh*

>> No.34848583

stupid bitch wont put on a trip wont filter fucking cockroach

>> No.34848591

imagine being a tripfag and acting like your somehow better

>> No.34848596


>> No.34848598

why cant u just let som1 like u

u always make an excuse or some reason why it cant happen

>> No.34848602

never thought id see the day when you get shamed for not using a trip so you can be filtered. the absolute state of you snowflakes

>> No.34848618

u werent around but thats exactly the reason why i started using a trip lol

every day it was get a trip so i can filter u

so i got 1 and waht a surprise no1 that matters filters me just the scrubs lol

>> No.34848681

have you heard of the kitchen or a mental asylum

>> No.34848705

it already has
there are a few churches here and there
not popular at all though

>> No.34848710

i didnt give into it i took on the challenge and won

ppl called me jamal bc i post in their eyes like a black ppl and i took that on and wore it proud

btw u should just like me back so we can get this shit out of the way and get to the finer things in life like stomping a hole in this dweebs ass lmao >>34848681

>> No.34848731

>not popular at all though
they are, but only for marriages

>> No.34848752

wtf jamal isnt actually black

>> No.34848767


>> No.34848775

crazy i know but u should have realized it from my staggeringly high intelligence quotient

>> No.34848780

i literally cant understand what the fuck you want from me. im not a 12 year old on gaia, whatever you think this could become is bordering on parody just stop dude call your ex wife or something if youre lonely

>> No.34848785


>> No.34848794

i enjoyed the thought of having one black friend
just a tiny letdown i guess

>> No.34848822


>> No.34848826

shut up u come in here and blog about ur fuckin korean conbini runs dont fuckin act like u arent lonely either else u would have a much better outlet for that shit where all ur fake orbiters could post their fake likes on all ur posts where u take a bunch of gay selfies every day

>whatever you think this could become

why r u trying to mold things into some sort of preset expectations just be dude thats all u gotta do just be

>> No.34848845


>> No.34848847

i have black friends but i dont hear from them much these days

its crazy when u make a friend and theyre black they just seem like a person to u and its completely detached from all the stupid shit u see on worldstar or w/e that shapes how ppl view black ppl lmao

>> No.34848857


>> No.34848878

jamal is a pathetic scum i feel bad for his wife

>> No.34848892

wtf brain

>> No.34848952

huh? didn't know anything was wrong with you
seem like one of the only sane anons here

>> No.34849032

thats beautiful
girl or guy?

>> No.34849045

granted u dont post selfies or pics of ur undergarments anymore but that was a cry for help

theres nothin wrong with u but i recognized it for what it was and ive been here to give u a place

thats why uve kept coming back despite all the times u ragequit over the last several months

despite all the times uve said i was dead to u

and ill keep being that place for u as long as u need it

bc thats ultimately my fate im useful to others and then eventually they leave me

>> No.34849118

djt died when it left a

>> No.34849126

get a steelcase.

>> No.34849129


>> No.34849198


>> No.34849224

how old is this

>> No.34849289

your sisters and mom filled you too much woman energy stop being a capricious little tart. "this too shall pass"

>> No.34849303

crazy how menkei guy is a worse poster than og

>> No.34849304

tip of the nihongo iceburge

>> No.34849312

bunko completely fucked up his brain

>> No.34849325

so, just pretty and low maintenance?

>> No.34849330

its a transboy btw
japan is done

>> No.34849346


sure u shit post by night

thats why u were posting all day yesterday all night while i was asleep and now

anyway let me tell u about this since ur so young and went through ur first breakup recently

>if you put connecting to another person on a pedestal you're gonna get your heart shattered into konagona forever, trust me

ur never gonna stop doing this

its not a thing

>> No.34849382

don't care about connecting to people

>> No.34849384

bunko smoked weed and made huge jap gains lil wayne smoked weed and made huge shred gains think theres some science to this

>> No.34849391

the one thing jamal and i have in common is we learned japanese as a means to an end ages before it was some dick-waving hobby. just just wanted to get by with the bare minimum to enjoy raw anime and shit now its a completely different world now with pitch accent autism and a single jibaku crippling your rep and the stress of fronting leading to shit like >>34849198 and calvin
im not as adaptable as you ironically even though you are ancient. "men have many hearts women only get one". i read that in a shoujo somewhere

>> No.34849397

HoloES is coming

>> No.34849444

you connected to your moms breast for milk

>> No.34849472

>playing sayooshi when it was orange outside like in the game was probably the most fun ive ever had with japanese

yep this is the only true "made it" post ive seen in a daily japanese thread in the last 5 or whatever years

>> No.34849492

whyd you remove the weed part

>> No.34849504

bc im sXe and its not necessary

>> No.34849510

watch 1 episode 100 times or 100 episodes 1 time
which is better and why

>> No.34849523

actually i wasn't breastfed

>> No.34849542

what do you think of boobs

>> No.34849555

>as for me my 心 went to one guy and my 体 another.
wow, so you're a whore.

>> No.34849573

they're better than asses

>> No.34849580

after getting my 心 spit on, yeah id say thats true in a way since we never got married

>> No.34849585


>> No.34849633

this gets posted here once a week

>> No.34849638

when is calvin gonna be learning japanese again

>> No.34849642


>> No.34849651

u really just lack experience but the truth is were all dirty

promiscuity is bad but for example u getting some life experience in a failed relationship is only gonna help u down the road because eventually ur gonna want it again in some capacity whether u want to admit it or not and ur gonna do some things better the next time around

just bc u might not wanna live a cooped up at home trailer park life doesnt mean u still arent gonna want a boy to love again eventually

it always happens unless u are unironically gay

and worse yet the older u get the harder its gonna be

eventually ull go from saying u have nothing left to offer to offering whats left

>> No.34849653

well its that time of the week then

>> No.34849654

that kanji sums my djt experience

>> No.34849663
File: 221 KB, 1102x771, tomogabuplaying.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I have good news! Me and my husbando Tomokochad got approved for an apartment to move into together in the beginning of July! よかった! o((*^ヮ^*))o

We've been spending a lot of our time hanging out in discord, talking and planning, playing games together and watching anime together, too busy to shitpost in the threads! (^^;; So that's what we've been up to!

>> No.34849688

見ると. I don't think your version is technically incorrect (although you'd use が見える probably) but it just sounds weird.

you can also drop the を if you like.

>> No.34849707

dropping barrels

>> No.34849711

i miss calvin he was a promising learner with a good plan

>> No.34849728

i think hell be back

>> No.34849730

sorry im just not the type that sees love as trial and error. im a one-and-done kind of person guess im too much of a platonist. i cant help but think its weird how people "love with all their heart" and then shit happens and then friendship ended with sumir or whatever and then person #5 is the new love of their life. its all so cheap and pointless and unrewarding to me i want nothing to do with it.

yah i might be a miserable old hag some day but the alternative is hating myself everyday for living a lie

>> No.34849760

im friends with jack that way i get to say i know jack

>> No.34849761

its retarded to think you can only love one person lol
there's obviously some hypothetical individual who would perfectly match everything you ever wanted

>> No.34849835

yeah and i double fucked up by not waiting for them before ruining myself lmao. all i can think about with anyone else is the guy i loved and the guy i owe my body to. its not rational i know but neither is love

>> No.34849850

love how you ruined your life because you spent too much time on /pol/ as a teen

>> No.34849886

life in its entirety is trial and error though

yeah the being so in love u could die with all my heart shit is just being smitten and all that shit but ppl r fickle we feel excited one day depressed the other we look at a person we say we love but theres 20 things that just absolutely piss u off about them

but like as u get older ur just gonna be in less situations where the possibility of pursuing someone else is even an option lol

and im basically serious in a lot of the ways u are abt things but i also can deal w. the fact that humans are fickle and do stupid shit so it is what it is

its prolly why a lot of dudes try to control their woman bc they dont believe in them and trust them enough to be their own person bc they think some better dude is gonna take them away

meanwhile id look at it like good u took out the trash for me bon voyage lol i was clearly wrong about them so its better they just fuck off w.o much incident

>> No.34849901

pol just gave me rationale for how i already felt about this shit. i was on /b/ as a teen i didnt take pol seriously till like 2014

>> No.34849920

skipped anki for a few days, getting crushed by 600 reviews. hate this

>> No.34849921

>ppl r fickle we feel excited one day depressed the other we look at a person we say we love but theres 20 things that just absolutely piss u off about them
im not like this with people i love i cant relate to this at all. maybe people are just different

>> No.34849941

worst thread in months

>> No.34849948

that's like my daily reviews

>> No.34849950

not really

>> No.34849956

as an esl i still don't get what affinity means. in my head i usually translate "having an affinity with x" to "i like x a lot"

>> No.34849961
File: 5 KB, 157x73, anki.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah tell me about it btw id cleared like 1800 just a few days ago lmao

>> No.34849964

of course incels here think love is about checking boxes on a spreadsheet

>> No.34849974

extreme compatibility. something you natural click with

>> No.34849988

and you're the reason. get out of here

>> No.34850003


>> No.34850010

the other

>> No.34850018

me myself and i

>> No.34850022

love for me is just a feeling not something im conscious thinking about but its also not fickle for me. i know who i love and its not really conditional which makes it suck when they fuck me over and are awful people because i have to reconcile that with feelings i cant change

>> No.34850044

never said that try learning english

>> No.34850045

my wife

>> No.34850086

summer anime looks lit

>> No.34850090

amazing how the dumbest poster that is og destroyed 4bbc

>> No.34850096

i sit down to pee anyway why stand when you can sit and not have to aim

>> No.34850114

amazing how i can say suck my dick and she cant lmao

>> No.34850120

being unconditional doesnt mean being a doormat tho u can be there unconditionally but tighten it up so its really only for life and death stuff
ve been unconditional but ive also been able to understand that things end and so ur level of availability changes

like yea ill do anything for u but if its obvious they arent treating me that way u better be basically fucking dying to activate my unconditionality

>> No.34850184

now THIS is anime

>> No.34850193

cant wait till the day i have to kick the door down and wrestle the syringes away from og

>> No.34850226

finally a modern anime even jamal can enjoy

>> No.34850271

they had calli sing the song because they think she sounds cool even though she's illiterate. input hypothesis on its last legs

>> No.34850309

just need some voice direction. they're talented

>> No.34850310
File: 780 KB, 2517x1275, hirigana.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34850338

they're not singers either and they still manage to put out hit singles

>> No.34850340

unura gei desu

>> No.34850357

post some

>> No.34850378


>> No.34850418


>> No.34850428

YOOOO hype

>> No.34850435
File: 1.90 MB, 1500x1500, cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a lot of the stuff on my hdd isn't uploaded anywhere (outside of trackers) but this is one of my favorites


>> No.34850449

why is it called a 同人

>> No.34850480

Trying to watch anime with japanese subs and reading easy manga can be enjoyable even at the beginning?
Only one and a half week with Tae Kim and Core2K.

>> No.34850486

a true romantic

>> No.34850488

本人 took some getting used to for me as well

>> No.34850505

honestly i get bunko a lot more now. the busu stuff really through me off but it was a way for him to cope

>> No.34850513

lol. rest in power big calvin

>> No.34850524

i hate moe so fucking much

>> No.34850538

can't believe it took this hideous nigger so many years to finally actually give up BUT TOTALLY FOR REAL THIS TIME

>> No.34850540


>> No.34850545

without it the characters would be less likeably

>> No.34850557

he didnt delete his twitter so theres still a chance of a comeback

>> No.34850561

had me nap

mad me marinade for me hanger steak for tomorrow

put it in the fridge

happy days

>> No.34850563
File: 208 KB, 2536x2290, tomogabusleep1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.34850567

why does he sound like he's about to jump off a bridge

>> No.34850568

the crypto bull is deader than calvin

>> No.34850580

that wasnt me. i got no prob with calvin unlike you, bully

>> No.34850597 [DELETED] 

great stuff saved the playlist

>> No.34850610 [DELETED] 

im only racist against the platonic concept of niggers as a race with interests opposed to my own. on the ground i like people too much to hate anyone just from their race unless they are just straight up walking stereotypes

>> No.34850625

i want to shove a syringe full of 黒人精液 into your cunt and empty it there

>> No.34850640

i have no problem w. calvin

guess u dont understand that getting ppl to move on from japanese is ultimately the goal

bc the ppl who r gonna make it arent making 50 yt vids beginning their journey they r just on their path

if i helped this boy get his act together and finally take a step forward in his life then its worth it


>> No.34850644


>> No.34850646

bit weird why they make such a big deal out of it
it's just doing stuff you like in a different language

>> No.34850660

so basically ur just conditionally racist and otherwise ur all peace and love w. a co*exist bumper sticker on ur jetta lmao

>> No.34850674

lmfao im fucking dead

>> No.34850691

kind of annoyed he used air bgm desu it shouldnt be anywhere near calvin its too epic for him

>> No.34850698

stop fucking bullying calvin, ojiichan

>> No.34850710

haha i intentionally broke out based fata morgana ost so i could bait you into liking more of my music
its a good vinnie though i recommend it dont read spoilers
the opposite. im racist when im up in the ether talking to my higher being bros but down on earth im a picture of civility and politeness. my 4chan posts are somewhere between to two. id never have a bumpersticker betraying my true feelings like that cause its making a meta statement

>> No.34850711

i'm watching an anime with indonesian subs and i already acquired there indonesian words: bodoh, apa and tunggu

>> No.34850725
File: 115 KB, 1280x1771, 1621615885685.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

remember to do your reps!

>> No.34850726

the stupid filter he used ruins this pic

>> No.34850731

holy shit what is your problem woman

>> No.34850736

holy shit, this is worthy of a 7th expansion omake

>> No.34850742


>> No.34850757

remember to report all racist posts

>> No.34850759

my problem is you are one of the few posters who likes decent music and im in a quandary over it when you ask for recs

>> No.34850760


>> No.34850762

lmfao 4bc deleted his post

>> No.34850774


>> No.34850797

u hate to see it

>> No.34850800

you're the target of the reporting here, retard

>> No.34850802

>listening to ost
i will never understand it

>> No.34850811


>> No.34850812
File: 774 KB, 853x1920, 9d53nhyvxe071.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we've all been there

>> No.34850816

no you are try to keep the thread on topic bitchboy

>> No.34850821

oooh its so good though man. like up there with the best writing of higurashi and umineko but tighter and better twists. also the european setting throughout the ages is dope and you get me some shakespearean curses thrown in and im in heaven

>> No.34850834 [DELETED] 
File: 483 KB, 1087x1087, me.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sometimes you need to remind the guys here that there are mixed and blacks among them

for some reason they think there are only whites here

>> No.34850837


>> No.34850838
File: 414 KB, 807x469, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

great stuff saved the playlist

>> No.34850841

who here do you think's most likely to "make it"

>> No.34850847

u got dunked on

>> No.34850852

this is actually me but with ww1 documentaries

>> No.34850864

this is literally moebile

>> No.34850866

crazy how i scroll through the thread and theres some guy boasting about doing 1800 idiot card reviews lmao

>> No.34850870


>> No.34850871

dno the only real prospect i ever saw was bunko

if og stays in japan for a while and mingles with the little yellow ppl and transitions from acting like a tourist to a regular person shje might have a chance bc shes a girl

other than that no1 to really nipah abt

>> No.34850874

that is crazy

>> No.34850876

just checked the post he deleted and all i can say is, no narcissism intended, he is the biggest male tundere ever and he is actually fighting some intense feelings for me rn

>> No.34850878


>> No.34850899

hes so mad that u fuckin owned him

*scoffs* how could i like anything that stupid cunt likes *angrily clicks delete post*

>> No.34850901

bunko has a woman's heart thats the real secret to his success in japanese

>> No.34850902


>> No.34850909

top comedy, this thread

>> No.34850914
File: 113 KB, 596x440, okdao02jmg071.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34850931

902 914
its time for you to leave

>> No.34850935

honestly its kind of cute but i have a thing for bringing impertinent ぼうや down to heel

>> No.34850937

no woman ever learned japanese

>> No.34850947


>> No.34850950

check this out

>> No.34850959

cringey faggot

>> No.34850961

yeah i get it ur actually into shota irl thats why u like younger boys

>> No.34850965

>fighting hate with love
great stuff man! saved

>> No.34850970
File: 1.06 MB, 640x853, ina.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i did it bros

>> No.34850973

well, i dno about that, but certainly no pig has

>> No.34850976

nothing about that is like me in any way

>> No.34850999

i dont see the big deal

>> No.34851000

some 19/20 year old is far from shota and its more a power trip than anything sexual. revenge against the zooms and their impotent wieners

>> No.34851004


>> No.34851012

your more obvious than miniature yoga

>> No.34851024


>> No.34851025

do you disagree with the definition?

>> No.34851031


>> No.34851041
File: 44 KB, 804x712, furu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34851052

cant read that

>> No.34851053

stuff like 諦観 & 見立てる really used to fuck with me

>> No.34851063


>> No.34851064

役に立ち is rare lol

>> No.34851068

daily test for nihongo comprehension

>> No.34851072

i knew u thought about dicks

>> No.34851109

think about gas-peddle bullying them maybe

>> No.34851115

moe prolly listens nxc

>> No.34851118


>> No.34851130

never heard of it

>> No.34851136

well done

>> No.34851137

The animation is impressive but when you see who cover managed to get to work on it you can understand why.

Some of the key staff include

Shun Enokido - action animation director for SAO Ordinal Scale and key animator on One Punch Man and Kill La Kill.

Yûkei Yamada - key animator on SAO Ordinal Scale and Steins Gate.

Shingo Yamashita - key animator on Naruto Shippuden, Soul Eater and Baccano.

>> No.34851139

do you have chinchin?

>> No.34851146

all shit

>> No.34851158


>> No.34851167


>> No.34851168

i'm gonna start using a paper dictionary

>> No.34851174

moes right

>> No.34851182

god vtumor watchers need to be killed

>> No.34851187

So...this is GORGEOUS......the opening sequence and the scenery have KyoAni levels of beauty, the action scenes have this Ufotable's "unlimited budget works" vibe, or maybe A-1.....the music with Calli's vocals has this "Guilty Crown" Hiroyuki Sawano/Supercell level of perfection....I have read some comments saying that Calli said there's still an even longer version of the PV.....I am almost 54, and some of you may differ from my analysis but, see the opening and ending sequences with Sora as if she's the one starting this world....the level of detail in some of the backgrounds like the reaper in front of PekoMiko casino....wow

And I fell in love with Rushia all over again with that beautiful smile

But the real question is not "what is Alternative?"...the real question is who is this Mitra that send the IM on the phone

>> No.34851188 [DELETED] 

not gonna lie jamal has this voice that monogatarus about a life where a lot of tintins were sucked

>> No.34851201

reminded me a lot of soulless digital kyoani shit yea

>> No.34851209

you guys don't know how much agony i'm going through right now forcing myself to watch raw anime. mind over mind

>> No.34851217

lets get this thread back on track

>> No.34851220

whats your issue

>> No.34851221

this man needs jojo

>> No.34851224

you would never see brazilians do this

>> No.34851233

brazilians are white bro

>> No.34851239

jojo is too good to be wasted like that. i watch it with subs

>> No.34851240

that guy is brazilian

>> No.34851251

lol yes you would
t. brazilian

>> No.34851253

just watch holoshit then

>> No.34851256

shout-out to ロリコア

>> No.34851258

lmao as if. you are as based as browns get (next to flips) but dont get above yourself or ill blind you with my holy white skin

>> No.34851265

i'm already watching anime. i'm on episode 11
holoshit would be even more suffering

>> No.34851284

didnt watch a single ep of raw anime for 2 years and now 90% of what i watch is raw so worked out well

>> No.34851293

met a white brazilian once
coincidentally he was a bleach fan

>> No.34851300

why did u delete this i was gonna ax u want u meant

>> No.34851302

how do you say: "that's just the way the cookie crumbles" in japanese?

>> No.34851309

しょうがない lol

>> No.34851310

sikata ga nai

>> No.34851345

anon that posted this has good taste its great

>> No.34851355
File: 21 KB, 367x301, hue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm not brown. i'm black

>> No.34851356

shikata ga aru mai

>> No.34851369


>> No.34851372

haha was kono og deeesu

>> No.34851375
File: 2.22 MB, 1200x800, 1608875420711.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34851386

even a broken clock is right twice a day i guess

>> No.34851389

nice tan

>> No.34851398

sometimes i reflect on my posts and delete them when i find it was a stupid post

>> No.34851399

finally found premade gyoza wrappers after years of making them by hand cause nobody in this shit ass country stocks them. they're frozen but i'll take whatever i can get

>> No.34851404

you wanna keep coping or maybe pull a menkei and delete your post?

>> No.34851412

wanna try 明太子

>> No.34851434


>> No.34851442

there is a word for that?

>> No.34851452

is this going to be an anime
don't watch holoshit but i'd watch the show if it looked like this

>> No.34851458

my hover dick is why you shouldnt use jp - eng ever cause if i saw the translation im like wtf is this shit but then im like oh its just めんたいこ

>> No.34851477

wait the mentaiko shit is eaten raw?

>> No.34851484

that's a "you" problem

>> No.34851487

never delete any posts especially when im right

>> No.34851490

what else would you do, cook it? lmao
do you cook caviar too?

>> No.34851497

it's unknown what it is

>> No.34851498
File: 212 KB, 680x709, yes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>do you cook caviar

>> No.34851528

id love to live in russia just so i can eat cavier and salmon roe that doesnt cost $20 an ounce. even in japan and korea is expensive but in baltic states they eat that shit everyday

>> No.34851530
File: 103 KB, 673x951, yk9tjurkfdw41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm really sad about the fact that they cancelled that doujin artist's manga of the captain girl
it would've been the funniest thing in a long time to have see his previous works of her getting roughly gangbanged by a bunch of strong cocks be elevated to near official status

>> No.34851531

i cook pussy. cant stand raw fish

>> No.34851532


>> No.34851533

yup i still don't get it either

>> No.34851537

yeah just throw that bitch in the microwave

>> No.34851538

theres no explanation other than he found the way calvin looked to be funny. probably cause he's a big fat mothafucka

>> No.34851541

lack of novelty and risk-seeking behaviors, classic symptom of low-t you hate to see it

>> No.34851551

i risk my life every day when i sit for 16 hours mainichi

>> No.34851552

but u just bring more attention to them by doing that see my name lol

>> No.34851558

辛子明太子 is a god tier 具 in お結び

>> No.34851560

jamal's legacy is bullying a kind-hearted young man who wanted to learn japanese

>> No.34851563

doesn't sakana and gu mean sidedish?

>> No.34851564

lmao thats my favorite name of yours so fair, gj i like it

>> No.34851567


>> No.34851568

he knew calvin from discord and calvin has a really nerdy white guy voice so he didnt expect him to look like that

>> No.34851576


>> No.34851582

how did i bully him i never directly contacted him

in fact if i did he might have quit japanese sooner or stopped posting stupid shit on social media and went full acquisition beast mode and be at a healthier weight bc i woulda been real with him

>> No.34851584

肴 means お摘み, 具 doesnt

>> No.34851590


>> No.34851599

honestly its qm v saramoon tier you should have just watched calvin like you do everyone else but you are more racist than me probably he seemed like a nice guy

>> No.34851606

gonna need somebody to be real with jamal if you know what i mean

>> No.34851609
File: 21 KB, 480x272, pic_0280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are they talking about throwing shoes here?

>> No.34851612

but quizler went on her twitter feed and utterly embarrassed himself i dont really see the resemblance here

in fact if u had been around ud know that i always felt a pain over the thought i couldve saved calvin but i didnt and now its really compounded now that this >>34840776 exists

>> No.34851618

thats how you flip a coin in japan

>> No.34851623


>> No.34851625

see here

>> No.34851628

can calvin actaully even read hiragana or katakana? i seriously feel like this dude has made more announcements of learning japaense than he has put time into leanring the shit

>> No.34851629

thank you guys

>> No.34851639

did she finally get a wig to cover up her nasty greasy stingy hair? well thats an upgrade

>> No.34851649

too horny to do anki

>> No.34851653

her being a cat lady didn't surprise me at all... a shame because i really was all hype for her when anon posted that nge op cover of her

>> No.34851656

felt this out

>> No.34851665

i kept reading 明日 as めいはく lol
brain damage

>> No.34851680

did calvin ever post updates on his progress or just telling people hes gonna learn japanese for the 39th time

>> No.34851681


>> No.34851691

thats what happens when you learn kanji before you learn japanese

>> No.34851692


>> No.34851694

why is his name calvin hes a fucking negro

>> No.34851698

i will never forget the yomi for 厩

>> No.34851699


>> No.34851702

that makes absolutely 0 sense
日 doesn't even the はく reading

>> No.34851705
File: 55 KB, 720x720, 1582802455191.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i've gotten into this terrible habit of having a long wank in the morning instead of doing anki

>> No.34851707

is that really how they say it. Like literally "somebody ambulance"? to mean somebody call and ambulance

>> No.34851711

i saw 白 insted of 日
i was seeing 明白 instead of 明日

>> No.34851712


>> No.34851724


>> No.34851733

im making my cards with a 85% hard on right now. FUCK just let me be done with this shit

>> No.34851755

me when menkei unknowingly responds to my posts

>> No.34851759

just changing one type of wank for another huh

>> No.34851766

neither does 船

>> No.34851777

do you make them from water?

>> No.34851780

but it already has 舟

>> No.34851790

holy fuck your right i'm stupid

>> No.34851792

and? 筏 has 筏 then

>> No.34851796


>> No.34851803

yeah we've already been over that

>> No.34851808
File: 111 KB, 600x399, bamboo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

most kanji are made like this:

1 one semantic component + 1 phonetic component (chinese related)

>On: バツ、 ハツ、 ボチ

竹 (bamboo) is the semantic component
伐 is the phonetic component

>> No.34851812

can someone explain what 効いてて草 mean? It doesnt have a dictionary entry

>> No.34851825


>> No.34851847

thats what i said when menkei guy deleted his post

>> No.34851855

biggest nazo is what'll happen to my foot when i shove it up your ass *shoves foot up ass*

>> No.34851864

playing goth vns together w. og would be fun

i would stream that

>> No.34851868

ok please stop mobbing me for the ikada thing

>> No.34851870

a lot of yall need to hear this

>> No.34851879

ur ensuring that i add it to my djt says the darndest things.txt file

>> No.34851880

jamal is autistic. he doesn't know when to stop

>> No.34851890

>ryan boundless
honorary djter

>> No.34851891

everyone here knows that

>> No.34851892

ur not wrong and i really dont know when to stop when it comes to a lot of things

i hope u can put up with it regardless

>> No.34851899

but you stopped 2 minutes in 昨夜に

>> No.34851902

stopped what

>> No.34851912

the og thing made me realize that jamal is the type of nigga that gives money to camwhores

>> No.34851914

yea i caught him superchatting some holos yesterday

>> No.34851915

coolest word ever: 鎧袖一触

>> No.34851917

i dont watch camwhores i dont like wohres and i would pay them only to stop whoring

>> No.34851919

i wish jamal were autistic i can deal with that. hes just superhumanly しつこい

>> No.34851921


>> No.34851922


>> No.34851937

just learned this

>> No.34851938


>> No.34851941

jamal is the kyohaku of djt

>> No.34851942

put a ton of salt on my other ribeye that im not marinating and then stuck it in the fridge overnight to let it get a lil dry brine action

>> No.34851944

nah he hates it when women go pro, he wants them to scrub his floors and cook his meals out of some psychotic sense of devotion while they also have to work for their own money because he's a brianwashed egalitarian boomer

>> No.34851951


>> No.34851958

no i dont want really want them to be my maid first of all its better to cook with ur woman bc then if dinner sucks its fuckin both ur fault

i dont believe in the old fashioned stuff as much as u might think i do

>> No.34851961

i see jamal as more of a roboko fan

>> No.34851968

some stuff like ガーゼ will always remind me of the nukige i've found the word in

>> No.34851970

explain youre reasoning or get mirror forced

>> No.34851974

>youre reasoning

>> No.34851979

you first learned about gauze in nukige?

>> No.34851982

for real tho calvin is better than nuke because at least he knew when to quit

>> No.34851985


>> No.34851988


>> No.34851992
File: 294 KB, 802x737, 1613412426196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34851995

calvins theme song

>> No.34852004

most of my failed cards in anki are due to rendaku

>> No.34852005


>> No.34852011


>> No.34852015

>i dont believe in the old fashioned stuff as much as u might think i do
thats my biggest problem with you. if you are sticking you dick in a woman thats as old fashioned as it gets but of course you want it a la cart.

and guys wonder why women are just going cat lady lmao

>> No.34852016


>> No.34852017

i bet bunko knows ラメ but jamal doesn't

>> No.34852018

nuke-san is my model
no matter how hard it gets i always remember nuke-san and get the motivation to continue

>> No.34852027

i cant even understand ur post honestly and i dont even mean it as an insult to u im just fuckin below the emotional iq necessary to process that 1

>> No.34852042

motivation is a spook

>> No.34852043

you already did forget it, i remember its in 限りなく透明に近いブルー which youve read im pretty sure

>> No.34852044

a bummer because i'm sure girls would speak about it, it's how i learned it

>> No.34852048
File: 64 KB, 257x259, nukemarine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

one must imagine nukemarine happy

>> No.34852051

im the best poster in this thread because i only come hereo nce every two weeks because im actually learning japanese
everyone else btfo

>> No.34852052

nuke is carrying so much on his shoulders but he still manages to nikoniko err day

>> No.34852069
File: 2.49 MB, 500x324, 1596672298277.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this has to be one of the most feel songs of all time

>> No.34852070

wotd: ポリネシアン・セックス

>> No.34852086

no idea what that is

>> No.34852088

pausing my immersion for this

>> No.34852092

pausing slamming my dick up your moms stinker for this

>> No.34852095

what movie is this in again?

>> No.34852099

sm was my teacher for stuff like that
if we are being modern shed have an onlyfans and simps for emotional support but i bet you get traditional real fast on shit like that lmao. no you are only modern when it comes to making her have to wagecuck and not get too "spoiled" but other than that its what you intuitively want in a relationship in the first place because you are selfish and pozzed

and of course you hate marriage

>> No.34852100

lmao @ white hobos

>> No.34852104

>modern pa**do*
ummmm lol sweetie
@ me again in 2 years when it has 4 expansions out so i can pirate it then

>> No.34852105

nuke is a rl shounen mc
one day he'll wake up and just know the japanese

>> No.34852109

thanks for posting that banger i'm really enjoying it

>> No.34852112

nuke seems like a good dude but he's a leftie loon so idk

>> No.34852113


>> No.34852121

hes not left wing hes a centrist democrat

>> No.34852132

it's hard because leftists win so much because they care so deeply about politics that they shame conservatives into shutting up. so on one hand i want to say "nuke is a crazy leftie but he's a cool guy", but on the other hand that just helps him and his lunacy win.

>> No.34852135

desu the to particle is the best part of japanese

>> No.34852146

shut the eff up ciaran

>> No.34852150

calling nuke a leftist is like calling mitt romney a fascist

>> No.34852152

elaborate or never ever say ambiguous stuff like this again

>> No.34852159

having trump derangement syndrome doesnt make someone left wing, even john mccain hated trump

>> No.34852166

>white hobos
the other day i watched a german documentary about polish hobos in germany

>> No.34852169

gonna play this as i slowly, agonizingly behead ciaran with a dull machete.

>> No.34852176

speaking of ghibli movie ending songs

>> No.34852210

why do you think that's strange? jisho has 20k words marked as common in their database

>> No.34852211

live action sailormoon was a campy mess but it had some nice jams, takeuchi composed most of them and shes pretty good at pop and lyrics

>> No.34852215

what do you expect when you're talking about having 2k cards or something in a language that has 30k words in common use

>> No.34852220

theres like 40k common words dude

>> No.34852223

bernie on other hand is further left than virtually every european country

>> No.34852242

because he wants to implement policies that already exist in most western european countries?

>> No.34852245

damn now im all nostalgic about listening to my weeb music while playing neopets as a young kid. brings me right back to that time

>> No.34852246


>> No.34852269

he wants to implement policies that are more extreme than any european country (e.g. his medicare for all plan).


>> No.34852273

ohtalkwho is such a clever name if you think about it

>> No.34852288

uk has a fully public healthcare system. you're just ignorant

>> No.34852290

>any european country (e.g. his medicare for all plan).
the uk already has this and the uk is a right wing country

>> No.34852291

while reading

>> No.34852294

i finally wanna talk jp stuff and nihongo and now you guys are all spouting politics. if i were as pathetic as moe id get out my report finger

>> No.34852305

>the uk is a right wing country

>> No.34852306

btw @ the guy that said the scans for that other berserk pack were the same idk what you're smoking but theyre way better now that im on tablet

>> No.34852309

yeah you exposed yourself

>> No.34852325

exposed myself to your mom but she slobbed the knob instead of calling the cops luckily for me

>> No.34852326

you don't know what you're talking about. bernie's SPECIFIC plan is more extreme than the NHS, more extreme than anything.

>> No.34852335

20/30/40k common words. at what point does it actually get easy to infer from context?

>> No.34852339

which parts do you think are more extreme? it's really not

>> No.34852340

single payer implies private hospitals you fucking imbecile.

>> No.34852350

500 words is fluency but you have to pick the right words

>> No.34852351

djt would be a better place if everyone was jisho mining


>> No.34852363

you dont read if you needed to mine the dictionary for any of these

>> No.34852371

that's just a random tab i copied chill

>> No.34852378


>> No.34852380

what was the point of linking it

>> No.34852395

it's cool

>> No.34852400

maybe read the article and make some actual points instead of relying on clickbait headlines
the headline is referring to
>A larger group — including Australia, France, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland and Taiwan — offer broad benefits but there may be gaps, and cost sharing is higher. Australia charges $60 for specialist visits. The Netherlands has a $465 deductible. Dental coverage may be limited.
but also says that medicare is the same as a lot of countries
>The report found that one group of countries — including Denmark, Britain and Germany — provide comprehensive benefits. That includes, for example, mental health. They charge low copays. Those countries are the closest to Medicare for All.

>> No.34852401

how about you learn some basic shit instead of linking articles for laymen. single payer means there's private hospitals. in the UK the government owns hospitals USSR style.

>> No.34852413

do u know what they do on onlyfans ? thats not emotional support wtf

i dont care if a woman works so much as shes got something going on besides sitting on facebook all day and then telling me about what so and sos doing like i give a fuck

its cheap and easy to live these days theres actually no better time to explore hobbies or other things to do

i also like a woman with opinions of her own on what to do bc then it shows shes actually engaged in steering the ship

i dont hate marriage in the right situation (when u get old and just fucking settle because life doesnt get easier)

>> No.34852421

she's live

>> No.34852424

also in the UK the doctors will toss your file into the trash if there isnt something obviously, dangerously wrong with you. good luck if you need a specialist rather than an overworked pajeet

>> No.34852443

gonna toss and yeet your kaburi out of this sure

>> No.34852448

are you the guy who thinks bernie sanders is further left?? your point?

>> No.34852450


>> No.34852459

no i was just chiming in cause someone is being a dumb fuck about the uk

>> No.34852472

i kind of do old boy

>> No.34852484

watching downton abbey on netflix doesnt mean you know anything about the nhs lol

>> No.34852490

the average japanese person is so boring

>> No.34852498

the average person is boring

>> No.34852499

jamal is the type of person who would ban evade

>> No.34852502

i know its so charming i love it

>> No.34852514

the efforts not worth it i just dont get banned from places i wanna hang out at

>> No.34852520

that means at worst bernie's plan is further left than all european countries except 3.

>> No.34852521

神曲 and all that

>> No.34852533

that show sucked, 70s bbc was far better. why were the 70s based in every area?

>> No.34852537

>he wants to implement policies that are more extreme than any european country
thanks for your concession. covering dental health is not "further left" it's simply accepting there shouldnt be a distinction between types of bone

>> No.34852575

speaking of dentists i hope you prettyboys have all your teeth still

>> No.34852580

or kitekita

>> No.34852583


>> No.34852614

you guys are all secondaries

>> No.34852622

>i'm saying at worst bernie is more extreme than all but 3.
in contradiction to your original argument, i appreciate the concession there.
>yes it is? you are just saying why you think it's a good thing, not why it's not left.
universal health coverage or its extent has nothing to do with left wing politics, which is why right wing neoliberal countries like the uk, australia, germany, italy, etc all have such provisions, they just accept its bad for business to have sick poor people causing trouble and being unable to potentially defend the state in times of need

>> No.34852629


>> No.34852632

og is now an expert on uk healthcare too. is there anything this double uni drop out cant do? other than achieve a single thing in her wretched life?

>> No.34852642

i know its so charming i love it

>> No.34852652

@ the guy that recommended me Freesscape
thank you

>> No.34852660

post doings

>> No.34852670

I downladed the genki book on the guide. Does it contain both Genki 1 and 2? http://www.mediafire.com/file/c6219m4xxxixj0x/Genki_1_%2528Anon_edit%2529.zip/file

>> No.34852706

>this nigga even mention hertz in his post
i found that japanese are generally a lot more technical and articulate when it comes to describing their likings

>> No.34852709

not sure if id call germany right wing
neoliberal center, maybe
t. lived there for a decade

>> No.34852711

i can see we're not getting anywhere and i wont be wrestled into submission here so we'll just have to call it a draw

>> No.34852720


>> No.34852721


>> No.34852726


>> No.34852728

you had a great chance at wrestling me into submission because i'm genuinely talking out of my ass for the fun of it. that's the closest it's ever been but my record holds strong after 3 long djt years.

>> No.34852735

feels good to know that while retards have been arguing about pointless shit in the thread for the past four hours ive been reading my epic linnie
*scrolls to the bottom*

>> No.34852741

yea i didnt want to take away your streak its no big deal for me

>> No.34852750

the art in berserk is so good and im only on the 4th volume, people must have had their socks blown off by this shit when it came out lol

>> No.34852752

when do you plan to leave this world?

>> No.34852755

it looks very bad

>> No.34852762

art was better back then, diarrhea chuggers nowadays are more likely to confuse it for a piece by rembrandt

>> No.34852778

it was pretty good before his idol brainrot took over

>> No.34852780

i remember liking all these fairy tales he added into the world building. i have a boner for japanese mangakas fusing old western themes into their stories

>> No.34852783

post a good looking manga then

bonus points if it's some obvious garbage so i can laugh at your delusion

>> No.34852814

i passed my secondary years ago retard

>> No.34852822

grow up

>> No.34852824


>> No.34852830

wotd: 血潮

>> No.34852833

that's what you need to do

>> No.34852835

>This track was not found. Maybe it has been removed
glad i was smart enough to download these old japanese underground tracks when they came out

>> No.34852836

after you see shit like this
you're not really impressed by manga any more. my thought when seeing berserk's art was just "cool". nothing more.

>> No.34852861

npc comment of the year holy fuck lol

>> No.34852891

yea that happens to me with every word.

>> No.34852909


>> No.34852910

sometimes i see the reading of a word once and remember it forever

for example: 串 (くし)

>> No.34852911

those are shitty paintings

>> No.34852918


>> No.34852930
File: 36 KB, 1000x546, Ed7j3lEU4AAYvn8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i would burn down the louvre for this

>> No.34852932

bro when you read stuff like black lilith you never forget these words

>> No.34852937

oboeru'd the word 周年 with the meaning of "n-th year anniversary​"

>> No.34852941
File: 1.86 MB, 1200x800, 1609060032875.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

saw this irl when i was younger. i've been to the louvre, sistine chapel, dozens of churches and museums in italy but nothing comes close to caravaggio

>> No.34852984

as for me, its jmw turner

>> No.34852991

srs is like veganism. more than 80% quit within a year.

>> No.34852996
File: 19 KB, 317x100, screen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34852998

小生 oboeru'd

>> No.34853005

im in the 0.1% who made it through many years of veganism and anki at the same time without giving up

>> No.34853012
File: 276 KB, 1326x1080, dbz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34853025

how many days

>> No.34853028


>> No.34853047

where is kanjigrid anon guy?

>> No.34853051


>> No.34853064


>> No.34853073

you guys listen to 80's new age/ambient?
stuff like this

>> No.34853080

i have that card but i never seen that kanji in the wild

>> No.34853093


>> No.34853122

that means new moon right?

>> No.34853147


>> No.34853148

i really like bass dominant tracks like https://youtu.be/58mhgplUCCk?t=972 but the others with a lot of high sounds, not so much

>> No.34853153
File: 2.53 MB, 4032x3024, image0_(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34853154
File: 268 KB, 1280x720, このはな綺譚 第02話.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34853160

exp: 勝るとも劣らない

>> No.34853163

cant remember the reading for 風上

>> No.34853164


>> No.34853172
File: 250 KB, 1200x914, 1551387647845.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34853173


>> No.34853212
File: 409 KB, 1860x1600, EiWws_wUMAAM61d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34853316


>> No.34853319

reason so many people have yellow fever is cause they're insecure about their dick size and know that the average yellow bitch probably hasnt seen bigger than 6 inches in her life

>> No.34853328

id fuck anyone other than a whitoid

>> No.34853329

ᴅᴀɪᴋᴜ ɪɴᴅᴜsᴛʀɪᴇs

>> No.34853344

og, you don't understand men. the dick wants what the dick wants
there's no logic to it

>> No.34853366

then i show em my 8 incher

>> No.34853375
File: 40 KB, 480x640, E18HFPFVIAAis_x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34853376

my dick looks bigger after losing 15lbs

>> No.34853385


>> No.34853400

i lost a ton of weight but my sick genetics mean i still kept a good bit on my fat pad above my dick so the difference between my non-bonepressed and bonepressed length is like 1 inch

>> No.34853422

wtf hirasawa is a pseud

>> No.34853429

ive got a 8x6, make 700k a year, beyond native in japanese but i still make time to chill with my bros in djt

>> No.34853439

what the FUCK is he even saying lmfao

>> No.34853442

if you couldnt tell that from listening to his music u must be low iq

>> No.34853452

>tfw there will never be a miura/berserk manben episode
unbelievable sadness

>> No.34853453

So Iv been studying japanese on the side for a while while attending college. I did it using traditional methods while immersion as much as I can but I never used anki. I feel like I made a mistake by not going full immersion with anki but still when I watch shows I can understand the sentence and know 60-70% of the kanji shown less when I read though . I dont know what I should do but I assume I should make cards of kanji or vocabulary I dont know?

>> No.34853457

being 6x4.5 (bonepressed) fucking sucks more than being a neet

>> No.34853463

do the sneedful

>> No.34853467

we raised the posting requirements on djt to 9x7

>> No.34853476


>> No.34853507

didn't read

>> No.34853511

guy i know says he understands spoken japanese but can't read because of kanji. showed him an ehon with zero kanji and he couldnt read it at all

>> No.34853531

what a surprise
by "spoken japanese" he probably means ohayou and arigatou gozaimasu

>> No.34853539


>> No.34853545

6.5 inch gang [email protected]

>> No.34853552


>> No.34853561
File: 186 KB, 1280x720, E18NZy9VoAII1qM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34853565
File: 1.16 MB, 853x716, ttm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

decided to give the 担々麺 another go since i got a ramen bowl. very delicious.

>> No.34853576

yeah that would be sick honestly

>> No.34853579

here's your avatar sis

>> No.34853607

my grandma would tell you to put more oil into that haha this really looks fantastic and umasou!

>> No.34853608

looks like my diarrhea on a bad day

>> No.34853646


>> No.34853743

whats that in キロ

>> No.34853766

not gonna lie looks like fucking diarrhea shit in a bowl with corn in it

so basically what japanese ppl eat

>> No.34853783

based agf

>> No.34853793

lol there is a character that is american in bnha and she is speaking japanese with the notorious atrocious american accent


>> No.34853803

the voice actress has horrible english pronunciation which makes it even funnier

>> No.34853805

native level

>> No.34853819

If racist views in Japan are the exception not the rule, how did this happen?
Where are all these Japanese pluralists? Why is nobody standing up to Nihon Kaigi, the LPD, or ridiculing the Modern Myth which states that foreigners cannot learn Japanese because of their race?
It's not the Chinese who should be at Horikoshi's throat over Ujiko's name or the SJW over whatever nonsense they were triggered by -- it should be the Japanese. This Japanese majority of people who are supposed to abhor racism, yet seem totally oblivious to it and are nowhere to be seen when it happens on national television or streamed worldwide on the internet?
Why doesn't Horikoshi himself hang his head in shame for what he has done?
These are not things that I assert "should" be happening on the basis that I demand that they happen, but that they are the what I would expect if Japan wasn't by in large a racial prejudiced nation unless there is something I am conspicuously not being informed of. And I am appalled by the notion that anyone would think he is serving his country rather than shaming it further by lying to the contrary.

Pony's use of "broken Japanese" and for that matter "broken English" as an iteration of Japan's modern myth disgusts me and is unacceptable racism.

>> No.34853820

this your first time watching anime?

>> No.34853832

no, why?

>> No.34853842

sounds normal

>> No.34853843


>> No.34853844


>> No.34853847

this trope is in every anime

>> No.34853848


>> No.34853851

>in every anime

>> No.34853859

okay so its your first time no need to lie

>> No.34853885

are you retarded or something? i have watched 70 anime (which isn't a lot but enough) by now and this trope is definitely not in all of them. i don't know why you would insist on such a dumb lie.

>> No.34853893


>> No.34853898

you havent officially started watching anime until after the first 100, you're still pre-beginner on the anime stage

>> No.34853914

Name 1 (O N E) anime without this trope.

>> No.34853915


>> No.34853932

just look up 鯨イラスト

>> No.34853933

i've watched 200 anime and this guy is >>34853885

>> No.34853936

nailed it

>> No.34853962

lmao at japanese accent. he knows

>> No.34853970

americans ROASTED

>> No.34853971

yeah dunno he's a huge mess in general and hasn't done anything right other than forcing himself to speak to a bunch of japs which is more or less over now no idea what you see in him

>> No.34853982

i've watched 350 anime japanese only and it's definitely common, "every anime" is obviously an exaggeration tho

>> No.34853986

get a list of animes, put them in animes.txt file and run this code:

import random

>> No.34854009

ものまね oboeru'd

>> No.34854010



>> No.34854014

didnt know bunko was a cringe weakmind lmao

only strongmind bros will make it

>> No.34854030

moe core

>> No.34854033

i will never not laugh at the indian mimic

>> No.34854039


>> No.34854049

i'm a programmer not a script kiddie

>> No.34854054
File: 2.85 MB, 424x762, 1621635016954.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What does it mean

>> No.34854055


>> No.34854058

i mean i can say the same about playing ffx on my crt on a rainy summer day doesn't mean i've made it

>> No.34854059

these types of webms break my kokoro

>> No.34854069

yeah og can you transcribe this?

>> No.34854070

who the fuck is vinny

>> No.34854071

if i had a gf and she attacked my legs like that i'd kick her so hard in the stomach she'd puke guts

>> No.34854075

shut up 4bbc

>> No.34854083
File: 104 KB, 1000x1000, i love ina.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love Ina!

>> No.34854085

then why don't you know what "script kiddie" means?

>> No.34854088

djt doesnt even know anything about the complex system of values that has been woven by thousands of anime and you want to talk about "tropes"

just go learn japanese through translated english material you sickos

>> No.34854094

dunno what a trope is

>> No.34854099

based as always

>> No.34854100

dunno what you mean

>> No.34854104

did u play it in japanese

>> No.34854105

brainwashed windowsbab

>> No.34854113


>> No.34854115

you arent supposed to know. you are hyakunenhayai

>> No.34854123


>> No.34854157

my god, you guys are so boring. always trying to one-up people in every thing

>> No.34854160

ur so far out of touch lol

>> No.34854163

nah i saw him do it irl when they filmed this

>> No.34854166

never made a good post
never will
simple as

>> No.34854173

my foot is so far up your ass lol

>> No.34854189
File: 499 KB, 1920x1080, 乙女ゲームの破滅フラグしかない悪役令嬢に転生してしまった… 第07話.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it still hurts

>> No.34854193

not 1 upping it just enrages me when windows people hang on to their extensions and they panic when there isn't one

>> No.34854204

thought moe was too cool for twitter don't think i like him anymore

>> No.34854205

never @ me again low iq p_l scum

>> No.34854236

1 day somewher in japan jamal will b having a bit of a trip taking some photos and a familiar figure heart broken will be walking down the street and jamal wil say some dumb shit and then og wil retort and they will hold hands walking into the sunset thats how itll happen !remind me 5 years

>> No.34854257

obese girl will die of a heart attack within 5 years

>> No.34854260

ye i shed a tear to this
i'm a cynic scumbag irl but these cheesy setups always get me

>> No.34854263

make new

>> No.34854265


>> No.34854268

hirasawa or hisashi??

>> No.34854275


>> No.34854278

hes talking about himself moe started transitioning recently

>> No.34854291

follow me https://twitter.com/akazatan_
add me

>> No.34854312

damn wtf moe uses twitter just lost a lot of respect for him

>> No.34854313

then as far as im concerned thats in the making it zone

in life u never truly make it to the top of the mountain

just new peaks

>> No.34854330

respect levels toward moe haven't changed

>> No.34854333

why would anyone follow you?
you're just shitting up the feed with retweets and have no original posts

might as well look at whoever you are following and follow those people instead

>> No.34854336

holobros are the only ones getting anywhere enough input

>> No.34854338

dont care

>> No.34854349

One not cringeholo related

>> No.34854356

keep reading moe's name as moe dindu (nuffin)

>> No.34854357

no such thing, holos are based

>> No.34854359

what the fuck is this post even

>> No.34854362

might rewatch it before s2 comes out

>> No.34854364

gotchu bro

>> No.34854372

reeee! my mommy told me I'm based! reee

>> No.34854382


>> No.34854396

Stop mocking me or I call all of you "samefag" T_T

>> No.34854402

everyones a fag but me

>> No.34854403

is this the show where the friend also reincarnated into the game world? i assume they'll figure it out eventually man my memory is so bad i saw this less than a year ago lol

>> No.34854414

im lolin @ the fact that you were acting all high and mighty about how u only favorite directors and not VAs when i distinctly remember u having multiple VAs favorited a few years ago. remember one of the bitches that voice someone from yuru yuri on there, probably akaris VA

>> No.34854427

true true

>> No.34854431

they allude to it yeah but the friend doesn't figure it out in season 1 at least
haven't checked any of the source material cause it's a little too 乙女-gamey for me to actually read even tho it's a fun show

>> No.34854442

all im saying is when i load up a generic mal user page and see a bunch of shit anime and voice actors in their favorites im disgusted

>> No.34854445

wish nothing but harm upon m**

>> No.34854449

that must be why you're always stalking my anilist, my favorites really are a sight to behold (in a good way)

>> No.34854464

dunno i only ever see whats on this page https://anilist.co/user/nihongowajouzu/

>> No.34854473

wish ciaran didn't delete his anilist

>> No.34854476

yeah my favorites are on that page lol

>> No.34854497

wish unko would delete his life

>> No.34854506

its like the end of a movie

chance出会い as i walk out of costco in southside kawasaki and we somehow recognize each other from the little bits weve seen of each other

we stand in silence for a brief moment eyes locked and then i say "isnt it beautiful ? the 木と青さ"

u see the emotion well up in her face as it uncontrollably breaks into a smile and she responds "well at least i didnt say わたしのかた"

i say "it was just joe donda"

she says "yeah im sure it was also im impressed u went to the store all by urself"

we both lol and we start to chatter inaudibly as the sound fades away as the camera zooms out and above as we walk together through the parking lot as im pushing my cart and pans up to the sky

>> No.34854513
File: 492 KB, 994x879, 1605141373977.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thats weird cause i logged out and can still see it, opened it in a different browser and can also see it.
he doesnt deserve the electric chair like the rest of the triptards itt just a sound beating

>> No.34854516

chinese. language of the 21st century

>> No.34854625

>amamiya sora
decent taste https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdeLFMzbyzA

>> No.34854631

daily reminder that i dont care

>> No.34854637

yeah i watched 2 of those vids but got bored after

>> No.34854657

Can you go and use the other djt thread? Op ran out of ips and can't samefag it anymore

>> No.34854682



>> No.34854738

would fuk

>> No.34854779

moe is a bitchmade nigga

>> No.34854786

finna acquire

>> No.34854862

input from holo is too thin

>> No.34854945

yeah, my brain is poo-poo when it comes to chinese
i'm failing almost all the cards lol

>> No.34855013

bros what should i spend $20 on?

>> No.34855024

nah i've got a friend with an 8" dick who loves jap and chinese women.
he is a hikineet with autism tho so take it as you will.

>> No.34855041

>8" dick
probably bullshit, unless you measured it yourself, in which case you're probably a pair of homos.

>> No.34855075


yea once this is done then sharex is ancient history, and qm along with it

>> No.34855082

the jidai is yellow bitches

>> No.34855163

have some respect don't call them bitches

>> No.34855196

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, why is it so hard? fucking chinese, son of a whore
what the fuck! aaaaaaaaaaaah!

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