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Practice: https://streamable.com/j0wkja
Guide: https://youtu.be/p1tfqWvopXc?list=PLw58RgSzDmjppnzbrVgyxcdQW38XrFtlc

>>34840733 (#2850)
>>34826056 (#2849)
>>34815480 (#2848)
>>34802966 (#2847)
>>34787621 (#2846)
>>34777280 (#2845)
>>34764165 (#2844)
>>34755487 (#2843)
>>34743334 (#2842)
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Couldn't understand the practice video. I need someone to transcribe it for me.

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intermediate thread: https://swallow.5ch.net/test/read.cgi/livejupiter/1621550415/

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>when the op is better than the anime

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every time i feel like reading the second manga i remember it's like 10 volumes of amnesia bullshit and i cba

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Is anyone here experienced with travelling/living in Japan? I'm thinking of going there next year and staying for a few months (while working remotely). What is the best way to do this accommodation-wise? Are short-term rentals a thing?

I've tried Googling but can only find people's "perfect" life vlogs. None include the nitty-gritty...

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/trv/ has a japan thread that's constantly up

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You pass.

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damn this was hard

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Ah, I always forget that board exists. Thanks!

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Boy, is my face red.

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it'll be even redder when i slap the shit out of you now get the fuck out of here

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When are you planning on leaving this world?

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huh? what?

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Haha! Thanks for the lol, knobber.

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who even is this dude? i know he own 4chan but whats the rundown

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he made 2chan

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should i watch naruto kai? im literally never going to watch 500 fuckin episodes or whatever the fuck the original run was

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i couldnt find it without english hardsubs

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>im literally never going to watch 500 fuckin episodes or whatever the fuck the original run was
why not
just take it slowly

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just make sure it's english subbed so you learn japanese by the end of it. you have to watch all the filler

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yeah this is how i can do business in japanese every day

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i just downloaded the first ep from the torrent on nyaa and its soft subs

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some of the episodes are hard and some are hard

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dunno i just dont look at the english subs

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yeah i see the reddit thread now, that sucks. i also just remembered that i made the exact same post asking about naruto kai here a year or two ago and someone else made the same comment about hard subs lol

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500 eps is nothing

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this guy probably has a literal 80 iq

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this guys probably 13 dont you have better things to be doing

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*finna reads*

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dabbing on holos taking dog playtime breaks

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it's unavoiDABle

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does any good offline translator exist?

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google translate has an offline mode

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i think it's only for mobile

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just bought the nhk accent dictionary

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this is the intermediate thread for japanese acquirers

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this it the pre-beginner and beginner thread. see: >>34854433

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it's all hard

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NHK pitch accent dictionary is sick. it even has devoicing

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isn't it free?

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$50. the 海賊版 is free

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yeah i was only using my texthooker for pitch accent so im gonna delete that now

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is 2channet dead?
what are some japanese imageboard that is active for mining words?

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mine a dictionary

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time to get caught up on nigatoro

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Look at the archives. Years and years of content in there

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got any links?

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When you say 2channel do you mean futaba or 5ch

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havent seen a word i didnt know in like 10 youtube vids in a row. crazy how basic every day vocab is lol

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Why is there a different guide in different threads? What the hell happened here? The last time I was here there was some guy named Quizmaster talking about his anime cards, another guy named Jamal complaining about people who capitalize properly, and people making fun of a YouTuber who couldn't read 広義 correctly. Are they still here?

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wonder how many abortions the average jav whore has had

though maybe a lot of the guys have had vasectomies

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This is what happens when different people promote their supposedly unique masturbatory thoughts as the truth rather than seeking objective truth through simple a priori logic.

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tobira guy samefagging

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this is the japanese thread

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yes, i know this is the chinese thread

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thanks for ruining jav for me

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2chan is cringe bro we moved to 5ch

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this is the intermediate thread if you need a guide then you should go to the beginner thread >>>/int/djt

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send link to wemb board.

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bro just watch the guide and transcribe the practice clip

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I don't think the real Tobira Guy has ever read Subahibi.

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all the 5ch boards give me a blank page dunno how to browse that

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shut da fuck up, tobira guy

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wish brit and djt combined into one general could spend my whole life there content

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I don't need a guide anymore. I'm taking N1 this year. I was just curious what was going on here after I left this place.

>> No.34855531

>taking n1
yeah you need to go back to the beginner thread

>> No.34855533

perfect time to start the beginner guide

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british people are much funnier than americans (and esls)

>> No.34855548

i said this is the intermediate thread

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Does this translate as "even though i disappear in a uniform i or you understand"

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yea song lyric guy aint never making it

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>> No.34855617

favorite he

>> No.34855622

haha very funny

>> No.34855636

haha you think we are joking

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i can kind of guess what it means even though the translation sucks

>> No.34855640

sick netflix got subs for jojo

>> No.34855644

idk about having translations to go along but nice taste in music

>> No.34855654

i dont believe you. transcribe and translate this if you're really n1

>> No.34855686


i analyze a song five times before i move on to another
that way i'll remember the vocabulary and the grammar. it will be like doing sentences in anki

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工 don't read

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i'll play the song as i analyze and memorize the lyrics

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>> No.34855769

if you're so jealous of qm why not make your own funny vocaroos we can meme about

>> No.34855781

stuck on the second one bros....

>> No.34855792

Start here, you may or may not need a JP IP for some of the links

>> No.34855798

i make them all the time

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>> No.34855818

you haven't made shit

>> No.34855838

you post kachite for the millionth time and nobody replies. just shut the fuck up

>> No.34855861

kachite? kachite?

>> No.34855894

工 ぁm pen

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watashi wa pen desu

>> No.34855999

Why is this guy spamming baby words

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>> No.34856018

y-yama ni tatimasu desu

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>> No.34856032

muh confirmed ufos
even tho that dont make since

>> No.34856038

gomi yoroshiku

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>> No.34856086

things not understood CONFIRMED

>> No.34856101

boku wa onnanoko janai kedo otokonohito desu

>> No.34856120

god is great victoria 3 is announced

>> No.34856132

they upgraded the netflix version of jojo to be the uncensored cut w/ subs. sick

>> No.34856134

never heard of it

>> No.34856141

>‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’ Season 3 is Coming to Netflix in May 2021

>> No.34856142

wont open even with a japs IP

>> No.34856159

kamasama to inorisugiru desu kedo kanojo to inoru dame

ookina ochinchin kuchoshita

>> No.34856165


>> No.34856180

season 3 actually part 4
dont remember the catchphrase

>> No.34856182

can kuchi wo shita mean i ate or is that just nonsensical??

>> No.34856187

>The last time I was here there was some guy named Quizmaster talking about his anime cards
I left a little bit before he showed up. Also curious about what happened to the place and why the website game links stopped working.

>> No.34856197

p sure you need a resident ip

>> No.34856199

yeah, imma have to use mnemonics with them chinese words

>> No.34856209

calculate how much time you're wasting doing this in the long run.

>> No.34856220

chiisaina chinko in ookina ochinochin wo shita

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>> No.34856268

thats it im reading

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these are the all the songs i have analyzed. those 1s represent how many times i have gone over them

i am gonna do a 100 if not a 1000

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difference between

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looks sick

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lol anti-rtk niggas already get mad at his mnemonics

imagine if they see this:

>> No.34856686

imagine caring

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>> No.34856714

not our fault you can't learn the easiest cjk language

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*blocks ur path*

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finna game

>> No.34856757

ps5 is truly the shit sandwich of video game players

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>> No.34856832

want to learn japanese? just do it

>> No.34856845

even the longest japanese word is easier to remember than yǔ, yú, yī, yǐ, yǒu, yóu, yāo, jiù, jiǔ, jǐn, jí, jiā, qí, shì, zìjǐ

half the consonants sound almost the same lol

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want to learn japanese ? welcome to ur future


>> No.34856891

nah im not fat

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u will be

>> No.34856896

why you keep postin this

>> No.34856910

rookie mistake moe donda

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im having fun with immersion and now things feels a bit easier to understand

>> No.34856913

he is a creep

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should i start posting daily photos from them :3

>> No.34856927
File: 141 KB, 1600x900, destiny exasperated anti-white leftist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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idc but i hate seeing people with cuck faceguards

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>> No.34856949

moe is a cliche in form of a person

>> No.34856955


>> No.34856956

how can i avoid thinking i understand everything and end up doing a dunin krugger?

>> No.34856958

im pretty nuanced whatever caricature you think of me is just projecting

>> No.34856963

acquire feeling it out

>> No.34856965


>> No.34856966

matate spico

>> No.34856969

great banger from one of the best animes

>> No.34856973

does mirai mean dick in japanese

>> No.34856975

remove pinyin from your cards and use bopomofo.

>> No.34856986

its funny they went from punk in the 1st op to dogshit in op2

>> No.34857010

like learn bopomofo letters and kinda master the sounds of those before moving on. what you're doing with pinyin is like trying to learn しょう before you learn し

>> No.34857025

i pity the anime onlys who wont ever read one poker hen

>> No.34857053

minefield mahjong was the best arc

>> No.34857075


>> No.34857090

迷惑 (こんわく)

>> No.34857131

yeah me and og r going to bed

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do /djt/ has a father

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>> No.34857294

whats the difference between hypnotism and hypnosis

>> No.34857318
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its getting hotter bros...

>> No.34857330


>> No.34857354

damn i really gotta go on twitter and find random jp discords if i wanna doom scroll in japanese lifes hard why dont the japanese make their own reddit wtf man im so Ticked the Heck Off!!

>> No.34857355

mnemonics just work
it's like magic

>> No.34857361

hypnosis is when a person is hypnotized while hypnotism is just the idea of that thing or something

>> No.34857367

japs are retarded. ask moe he'll tell ya

>> No.34857392


>> No.34857404

a lot of guys doing this in here

>> No.34857413

no hypnosis isn't the state itself. it's the process of getting someone into a trance

>> No.34857418

leave this thread until youre reborn as a native english speaker

>> No.34857445


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>> No.34857655

this guy doesnt even know japanese
and disliked because no mention of animecards

>> No.34857677

when are you planning on leaving this world?

>> No.34857720

when are you * something about foot-ass contact *

>> No.34857721

>because no mention of animecards

>> No.34857749

yeah if you use terms like "animecards" you should definitely upload your consciousness to an isekai

>> No.34857786 [DELETED] 


>> No.34857808

one of my friends, she japanese and shes weird as fuck. less autistic then you folks but dam japs are weird

>> No.34857828 [DELETED] 


>> No.34857896

we all use otacards here

>> No.34857904

we all use oboerus here

>> No.34857951 [DELETED] 


>> No.34857992 [DELETED] 


>> No.34858033 [DELETED] 


>> No.34858034 [DELETED] 


>> No.34858070 [DELETED] 

i'm always amazed at how they're able to fit the vocabulary into so few sounds

>> No.34858071

why do women go crazy during the scene when meruem kills that bird attacking komugi

>> No.34858088 [DELETED] 


>> No.34858118

stop spamming whore

>> No.34858144

when all subs are out of synch what's the point

>> No.34858165

maybe everyone else should post more

>> No.34858177


>> No.34858180

jojo on netflix is in-sync

>> No.34858202


>> No.34858284


>> No.34858297

should i make eggs drunk. How do I say that in 日本語

>> No.34858310


>> No.34858337

makes no sense to spam words you've encountered. doesn't generate discussion, doesn't do anything. it's just spam.

>> No.34858457

maybe you'll get it if you try it out for a while

>> No.34858459

is that the script that only works with mkv files lol

>> No.34858476


>> No.34858477
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why is every girl doing onlyfans now

>> No.34858481


>> No.34858502

there's only a million content creators

>> No.34858505

taking advantage of wankers is easy money

>> No.34858509






>> No.34858514


>> No.34858521
File: 136 KB, 800x600, dekinai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes, anon are you NOT using mkv? pretty gay. Though there's is something similar for non mkv I just don't remember

>> No.34858523


>> No.34858545


>> No.34858546


>> No.34858552

using freeware technology to learn japanese is cringe. just use japanese netflix

>> No.34858561

there's nothing to get. you're annoying and retarded

>> No.34858577

true i would understand cool words not words that show up every episode

>> No.34858611

dno what you're saying

>> No.34858636

you need to live in japan to use netflix

>> No.34858735

have you ever heard of a vpn before

>> No.34858740

really long stretch without an oboeru. using subs feels like cheating compared to raw.

bet you're the same guy who complains every day. in which case you should just leave. no amount of bitching is changing anything. be glad i'm even responding.

>> No.34858761


>> No.34858774


>> No.34858823

>when you know enough nippon to e pissed off from TLs
>but so lazy you refuse to learn properly
I guess I'm some kind of fucking retard

>> No.34858830

you are but not for those reasons

>> No.34858832
File: 814 KB, 680x988, kzp3z7htk3p61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just finished jojo part 1

>> No.34858836

ok anon, thanks.

>> No.34858895

this is the first time i've said it. many are complaining.

>> No.34858922 [DELETED] 
File: 5 KB, 413x106, oboeru.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

guys, there's only one way that we can change this situation

>> No.34858932

i got warned for doing that

>> No.34858939

this post above is fake news

>> No.34858959

doesnt work mods are fags

>> No.34858961

only time i've gotten a ban was for announcing a report. might want to delete that

>> No.34858972

anon kun....

>> No.34858979

i didn't announce a report. i suggested reporting. two different things

>> No.34858986

yep he's a newfag alright lol

>> No.34858997
File: 29 KB, 500x256, external-content.duckduckgo.com.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.34859007

why do you always type without kanji
like you set your ime on kana only because you love taking the discord quiz

>> No.34859016

mods will decide that...
(don't worry they never do anything)

>> No.34859056

after all these months somebody finally figured out how to end our pain. thank you anon

>> No.34859061

I started my N1 kanji studies recently. 20 kanji down, 1110 to go. Ha ha ha....

>> No.34859071
File: 5 KB, 499x68, rule.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

even if they punish me, i'm still right
1. i didn't report any posts
2. i didn't reply to any posts announcing a report

>> No.34859073


>> No.34859100

read the first sentence

>> No.34859116

i didn't submit any false reports and i didn't abuse the report system :)

thank you very much, sir.

>> No.34859139

didn't even know about this in english

>> No.34859160 [DELETED] 

just filter like the rest of us and sdfu

>> No.34859177

>just filter like the rest of us and sdfu

>> No.34859206

dudes trying to solve a english puzzle game without knowing english lmfao

>> No.34859213


>> No.34859228

that's fine he probably knows enough english for that "push" "is"

>> No.34859242

nah this game starts to get crazy with the grammar logic
he had no idea what NotRock meant until his viewer pointed it out
later on it just gets more complex

>> No.34859250

「おまえら だいたいどこに いこうと してるんだ?」が分かった

>> No.34859283

because meruem is the perfect man

>> No.34859328


>> No.34859331


>> No.34859334

i deleted the post myself btw
i need to stay here to spread the anti-oboeru ideology as much as possible.
we'll defeat him in the end

>> No.34859339

the sound effect for the boat is BOOAA・・T!

>> No.34859349

lmfao rip

>> No.34859363

yeah that's an L

>> No.34859367

you'll see, i'll win in the end.

>> No.34859376

you can't wasureru oboerugang

>> No.34859407

>i need to stay here to spread the anti-oboeru ideology as much as possible.
>we'll defeat him in the end
this is your life

>> No.34859443

i guessed raindrop from the hiragana

>> No.34859458

i think two rules are being broken in here


rule #6
>The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments.


rule #10
>No spamming or flooding of any kind. No intentionally evading spam or post filters.

>> No.34859467


>> No.34859517
File: 81 KB, 590x744, 0667d4b7895c277e23bbcc9bc87abb85.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ultimately mods aren't going to ban the one guy explicitly learning japanese in the daily japanese thread. sometimes there's even a guy who oboerus the words i post. and on a personal note you can just filter を覚えた if it's unlocking your latent psychosis this much

>> No.34859543

lol they run out of gas and bulma asks oolong if he can turn into gasoline

>> No.34859568

how do you think this website works newfag

>> No.34859595

what are you even asking right now? are you implying that the rules are never enforced? wrong.

>> No.34859606

a lot of contractions i'm slowly figuring out. て and もん so far

>> No.34859705

we've tried to get several posters banned

jamal who only posts off topic rap videos and /soc/ posts
og who only posts racism
minirapist who literally has a bot autoreply his website as the first post to every thread
holofags who have a separate board
and yeah oboeruguy

it doesn't work. you got warned for announcing a report and you think you can make that happen for him too if you just lay out your case for janny. what actually will happen - warning or 2 day ban for false reports.

>> No.34859722

>you got warned for announcing a report
fake news, no such thing has happened

>> No.34859736
File: 43 KB, 500x500, 12340023113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>are you implying that the rules are never enforced? wrong.

>> No.34859749

ok put it back up if you didn't get warned and you don't think you're breaking any rules lol

>> No.34859762

i'm getting better at recognizing く and ぐ verbs when they're in te form.

>> No.34859772

>og who only posts racism
not even close to true you obsessed tranny

>> No.34859786

lmao that it's fucking og. ok carry on

>> No.34859792

i fucking knew it. the guy who was discouraging people to report was the oboeru guy himself. thank you for exposing yourself

>> No.34859812

i wanan see you put the post back up too.dont pussy out

>> No.34859835

massive L for og
just massive

>> No.34859847

this was my first post of the day btw not sure whats going on

>> No.34859866

og is so bad at lying. "i instantly responded but this is my first post" "janny didnt delete my post, i did...for some reason"

>> No.34859870

lol og

>> No.34859889

im not lying but believe what you want. i literally dont know whats going on other than one guy called all my posts racist just now

>> No.34859896

omg bulma had oolong eat a tracking beacon.

>> No.34859910

this oboeru guy is feeling euphoric lol
believe what you want, nigga. i don't give a shit.

i'm going to keep bringing attention to your violation of the rules. that's the only thing that i care about when it comes to you.

>> No.34859920

sir, racism is not allowed outside of /b/

>> No.34859929

there's no way in hell that someone simply posting a list of words in a short span of time with the same wording can not be considered flooding.

>> No.34859941

that's an interesting pun.

>> No.34859972


>> No.34859988

i'm posting japanese and you're spamming the report button. it's a pretty easy call for an impartial janny

>> No.34860002

this is really good practice because there's no kanji and i have to figure it out

>> No.34860015


>> No.34860017


>> No.34860039


>> No.34860041

first time i've seen 小僧 was in oot when ganondorf was talking to link

>> No.34860047

i don't get why mods decide to take a hands off approach if a community is dedicated to breaking the rules.

>> No.34860053

you see somebody jaywalking and you call the cops

>> No.34860054

your posts are random information that adds nothing to the conversation. you're merely using the thread to dump random words.

if everyone starts doing what you're doing then this thread would just be random words from top to bottom which would make the thread pointless

>> No.34860061
File: 51 KB, 400x580, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34860065

>ultimately mods aren't going to ban the one guy explicitly learning japanese
if a guy flooded the thread with scat porn and also happened to be learning japanese, should the mods ban them? probably. because the actual content of the posts matter, regardless of how indicative they are of someone learning something or not.

>> No.34860067

wait we always tolerated wotd guy so why isn't oboeta guy cool too?

>> No.34860073


>> No.34860078

because wotd guy doesn't spam? this is obvious. why did you ask this stupid fucking question.

>> No.34860080

yeah why is a guy who makes 100 posts per thread of beginner words not tolerated

>> No.34860085

see that's one of the rules mods actually care about, NSFW image on SFW board
althought they take their time deleting it usually

>> No.34860086

oboeta guy is cool in my book

>> No.34860094


>> No.34860095

itd be better if oboeta guy would include the sentences he acquired the word from otherwise its just a meaningless out of context bit of info

>> No.34860102
File: 228 KB, 850x1186, 95b5b4e221ccb31a4250926d8afdd984.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34860103

this isn't the site for you. maybe not the gender for you either hard to believe you have a pair of balls when you post things like this

>> No.34860111
File: 261 KB, 850x1254, 5337201da73cb15034aa56248b5a2de2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34860113

yooo just saw pekopeko in the wild. literally only knew it from peko before lol

>> No.34860121

it's not rule-breaking per se that bothers me but the spammy nature of his posting which is annoying and doesn't belong here. if it takes appealing to rules to get rid of it i'm ok with that.

>> No.34860123

well, if the mods won't do anything about this guy then we should just start posting oboeru's as well

let's fucking flood this shit with only oboeru posts the whole day. 1000 posts of only oboerus

they are inside the rule after all according to the oboeru retard

>> No.34860128

>if it takes appealing to rules to get rid of it i'm ok with that.
are you sure you arent a woman? lol

>> No.34860134
File: 276 KB, 1150x1626, a474e8b2f609e063df4ebd3fed4eec95.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34860135

these were all in jojo part 1 or dragon ball chapter 7

>> No.34860138

i'll transition if it gets rid of a huge shitposter like you

>> No.34860166

>well, if the mods won't do anything about this guy then we should just start posting oboeru's as well
>let's fucking flood this shit with only oboeru posts the whole day. 1000 posts of only oboerus
>they are inside the rule after all according to the oboeru retard
so based. it's blood in, blood out for oboerugang though.

>> No.34860174

get and life and learn to use filters if it bothers you so bad. oboeru guy is the least of djts problems rn and before him we had "mined" posting

>> No.34860179

ok that's enough oboerus for me today. a new blood can take over.

>> No.34860182

don't have the energy for it. you have to be a special kind of narcissistic autist to do something like this day in day out

the guy spamming a thread constantly is telling others to get a life

>> No.34860192

why do you think he'd be upset by that? lol

>> No.34860200


>> No.34860201

oboeru guy just wants anons excited about learning new japanese words
he'd love more oboeru posts

>> No.34860207

he isn't the target. make it a problem that can't be ignored.

>> No.34860208


>> No.34860216


>> No.34860222

>the guy spamming a thread constantly is telling others to get a life
im nta you schizo i just hate report happy trannoids who have the nerve to cry when their attempts at tandem dilation with the mods fails

>> No.34860226

>the guy spamming a thread constantly is telling others to get a life

think about it. he has to copy the word, paste it here. then type 「」と覚えた THEN solve the catpcha every time

he literally pauses his reading to do that, the whole day

>> No.34860231

you're mad at people who have the nerve to be mad at spam? why? wtf. is this some sort of double layered contrarianism?

>> No.34860234

yeah i love it when others join in. it's pretty often too.
i type the whole thing out every time. and you dont need to captcha if you leave the tab open. takes 3 seconds and it's just appended to the time i spent looking it up

>> No.34860239

learn to how piss on people properly the djt way there are plenty of posters that get hate but whining that your reports are being ignored is the queerest shit ive ever heard. you maybe should take a long break from this place

>> No.34860242


>> No.34860247

>he isn't the target. make it a problem that can't be ignored.
later: admin adds a custom board filter that changes "report" to "oboeru"

>> No.34860253

from which third world country are you from?

>> No.34860255

this is so stupid. who cares if someone is complaining about their reports being ignored? how is that worse than spam? is this some dumb machismo act? who cares about that? what world is this

>> No.34860259

>im nta
yeah, right... i totally believe you

>> No.34860263


>> No.34860266

actually neurotic

>> No.34860275

to put this into perspective it's like someone is shitting on the sidewalk and i yell and tell them to stop and you run up and say "you're yelling? that's so feminine". instead of acknowledging someone is shitting on the sidewalk. why is that even a thought that crosses your lame mind lol

>> No.34860278

just subbed and already there's a new song coming out :O

>> No.34860288

when you gotta bring out metaphors you know you lost

>> No.34860291

no its more like there is dogshit all over the park because of course there is and you are running around screeching like an indignant karen at all the people who just ignore it and are trying to enjoy their day and asking why the police havent arrived yet lmao

>> No.34860293


>> No.34860296

if you change "ignore it" to "rolling around in it" then i can get on board with that analogy

>> No.34860298

it's obvious that you are defending "him" because you are the oboeru guy

>> No.34860310


>> No.34860317

no one is rolling around in oboeru other than make occasional jokes. seriously i dont even bother reading them anymore. you on the otherhand are getting your pussy juices all worked up and derailing the entire thread which is way worse than spamming nihongo

>> No.34860319


>> No.34860324

i have a closer metaphor. it's like there's japanese in the japanese thread and you've spent the last 30+ posts directly appealing to the mods to do something about it by citing the FAQ

>> No.34860325

for the last time not everyone is oboeru guy just cause we think your a faggot. seriously take your meds you sound unhinged if you were a chick id say you need to ask your boyfriend to fuck you

>> No.34860327

you're a huge hypocrite by having this extended back and forth with me though. your complaining shows you don't actually care that people are complaining. you just want to defend the spam in particular for some reason. you're full of shit

>> No.34860331

you are reeeeeeally invested for someone who doesn't give a shit about them

>> No.34860338

you are an insufferable busybody thread police and i take much higher offense to that than oberu posts that are easy to ignore and even easier to filter and have literally no bearing on the conversation

its that simple. wish i could say the same for your transition lol

>> No.34860343

wonder how many times og's hit report today. she's finally gonna get banned and we didn't even have to do anything

>> No.34860346

the yomi of ".gif" is ギフ

>> No.34860347

og is the one arguing with him

>> No.34860351

then just fucking ignore me with the same ease that you ignore the oboeru guy, you faggot. aren't you acting like a "police" yourself right now?

>> No.34860352

keisatsu is important

>> No.34860353

time in korea

>> No.34860356

no im not trying to police you. i think its funny to take the piss out of you as you become more and more unhinged. when i say you dont belong here, thats advice meant for your own sanity

>> No.34860357

this. she tries really hard to be le hardcore 4chan oldfag
she is childish as fuck

>> No.34860358

>you are an insufferable busybody thread police and i take much higher offense to that
but the explanations you've given don't make sense. not only do i not complain about it as much as is warranted, but it's the only offtopic posting i complain about. i'm not policing jamal or other shitposters.
>than oberu posts that are easy to ignore and even easier to filter and have literally no bearing on the conversation
but you could easily filter these complaints as well. you can also ignore this conversation. so why would this annoy you more than spam? why is it feminine to complain about spam but masculine to complain about complaints about spam?

>> No.34860363

i know what will cheer you up

>> No.34860369

stop spamming

>> No.34860373


>> No.34860379

weird i've seen this one in the form of 天邪鬼 in a rpg game

>> No.34860380

it's nice that most of the other oboeruposters use their own format so i can tell them apart

>> No.34860383

yea bro it can be spelled that way too
did you get the meaning from context or did you have to look it up

>> No.34860394

>but you could easily filter these complaints as well.
are you retarded?
>you can also ignore this conversation
you are (you)ing me back and im enjoying seeing you lose your mind tho so at least till i get bored i wont. fyi i never reported you even if you broke the rules "announcing a report" nor would i.
>why is it feminine to complain about spam but masculine to complain about complaints about spam?
you're whining like an uppity bitch whereas other people are calling you a faggot due to your conduct not so much in defense of oboeruguy. your optics are shit stop being autistic and learn how to compose yourself

>> No.34860396

i mined every word you posted

>> No.34860405

i just learned how to type the 「」

>> No.34860409

well they were talking about onis if i remember correctly but i still had to look it up at that time.

>> No.34860420

lol whats going on

>> No.34860422
File: 383 KB, 674x1154, stats.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34860425

man, you're so fucking cringe. just stfu and stop spamming, you annoying bitch

>> No.34860426


>> No.34860429

that's amazing

>> No.34860430

naaaagisa nooooo 「...」

>> No.34860433

>are you retarded?
filters can recursively hide posts so any chain involving "oboeru" or responding to the spammer would be filtered.
>you are (you)ing me back and im enjoying seeing you lose your mind tho so at least till i get bored i wont
yea i enjoy turning your points back on you
>even if you broke the rules "announcing a report"
i didn't announce a report.
>you're whining like an uppity bitch
you're whining about whining like an uppity bitch
>whereas other people
a spammer and spammer enabler oh no
>your optics are shit
oh shit not my optics on an anonymous imageboard! i forgot that's the masculine thing to worry about instead of the shit being spread everywhere. you hypocritical loser lol

>> No.34860435

last time he tried to include the context it took him an hour and he ended up posting some non-japanese because he didn't understand the sentence

>> No.34860436

which side is og. i cant tell

>> No.34860438

the only oboeru i ever posted was the one about your mum's pussy. not a spammer

>> No.34860441




>> No.34860444

what do you mean

>> No.34860446

the side thats losing no doubt

>> No.34860451

nah im not whining about your posts im just pointing out that you, as a person, are defective and worthy of redicule. if you had a brain you would have done the same to demoralize oboeruguy to make him stop posting. instead you slapped your dildo on the report button and then started crying itt when it backfired lmao

>> No.34860453

welcome to oboerugang 8)

>> No.34860464

i was actually gonna tell you not to embarrass yourself by spitefully siding with the opposite of me but here are too late. maybe you should delete this post too LMAO

>> No.34860469

so this is the iq level of someone who defends spammers

>> No.34860476

i read a few of the posts and yeah youre in the wrong

>> No.34860480

thanks for the encouragement everyone. thinking about cracking open the next chapter of dragon ball for some more oboerus

>> No.34860484

>i'm not whining i'm just incessantly nagging you about your...optics
sure bud
>you, as a person, are defective and worthy of redicule
yea i'm not the paragon of masculinity that is the optics defender and complain complainer haha

>> No.34860485

shitting on you and your attitude isnt defending him you dumb fuck. do you have enough braincells to rub together to understand that?

>> No.34860488

somehow this turned into a massive win for oboeruguy

>> No.34860489


>> No.34860492

you dont even know which side i am and you are probably gonna delete your posts all over again because this dude is clearly unhinged lmao. not a good look for you. also it jumped in late to fuck this guy up its not just me

>> No.34860496

he is not the guy who posted the report thing. i am.
nothing backfired because

1. i did not report anyone
2. i deleted my own post
3. i didn't announce a report

literally nothing happened

>> No.34860501


>> No.34860504


>> No.34860507

you can thank kono watakusi for that one

you owe me a big fat one oboeruguy i didnt do this for you
>2. i deleted my own post
oh ok this is the bitchmade thing i was going after. instant L ask 4bbc

where is the dude who was whining the mods didnt answer his report then? is that another fag

>> No.34860509

my attitude of not wanting to co-exist with a spammer? i need to eat shit to not look "feminine" to demented girl or whoever the fuck you are? no, thank you, retard.

>> No.34860511

dunno i kinda feel like i've won after that guy started complaining about optics. dunno why he or any other retard even tries against me.

>> No.34860512

i got banned for posting my jidaigeki streamable once at the start of every thread so yeah oboeru guy should be banned for spamming if that counts as spamming

>> No.34860519

>you can thank kono watakusi for that one
thanks i'll remember this Anonymous

>> No.34860520

nice bro too bad the mods are fucking incompetent so even if you make a great case for spam and low quality posting itd get ignored "just cuz" if theyre not going to do anything about it the only sensible thing left to do is to completely ignore/filter the troll

>> No.34860522

i like how fixated you got on me calling you a woman lmao. that really stuck in didnt it

>> No.34860526

there is hope after all. we need to keep pushing

>> No.34860536

that's the same link. oboerus are all unique

>> No.34860541

thats what everyone basically telling him you dumbfag latecomer. he kept sperging out and wouldnt let it go which is why we are this point. no one was defending the quality of oboeta posting but this dude is so big a faggot he handed him the win

>> No.34860542

wasn't the same one every time though

>> No.34860544

you have the mentality of a high schooler. it's silly

>> No.34860549

dont butt in when men are talking

>> No.34860550


>> No.34860564

words like these are unforunate. i really hate the country pairs

>> No.34860566

pretty sure the guy i was arguing with is effectively a woman based on how triggered he is over being called feminine

anyway dont you have some posts to self-delete?

>> No.34860572


>> No.34860578

og clearly spends all of her waking hours arguing on djt, quite sad to see

>> No.34860580

5 minutes in and already a huge L for 4bc

>> No.34860583


>> No.34860585

it seems og has an inferiority complex about being a woman. truly sad 2bh

>> No.34860589


>> No.34860592

what do u mean

>> No.34860593


>> No.34860598

wtf i like oboeru guy now keep making og seethe

>> No.34860600

i actually encourage you to do it more. i thought it was pretty funny in contrast with all the masculine things you were doing like caring about "optics" and complaining about complaining

also you guys are mixing up two posters.

>> No.34860605
File: 171 KB, 1240x1324, 1620251781135.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nyan and I are moving in together in a little over a month

>> No.34860606

hes doing gods work sometimes disruption warrants even greater disruption to 根絶する the faggotry

>> No.34860607



>> No.34860621

og is the one defending oboeru guy
iq and genetics guy is the one mad about spammers
very simple guys

>> No.34860623


>> No.34860625

like 中日 or 中台. you just have to remember them individually cant form real patterns, like 中欧 isn't china and europe

>> No.34860627

i'm not iq and genetics guy i hate racists

>> No.34860632

wow didnt know ciaran hated spammers

>> No.34860638

>iq and genetics guy
i don't even know who that is

>> No.34860642

think it's anacreon

>> No.34860643

lmfao what is happening

>> No.34860653

>i hate racists
that narrows it down

>> No.34860655

thats not me i value my free time too much to get into pointless arguments nowadays

>> No.34860656

i see. yeah and the kanji are easy so you would assume the word is easy too but no not necessarily

>> No.34860661


>> No.34860662

saw a sick 7 kanji word

>> No.34860664


>> No.34860668

thats just a place name not a real word

>> No.34860672


>> No.34860678

the fact only two people know which side i was arguing on on makes me feel sad. my powers are waning in itt maybe i should throw in the towel

>> No.34860679

it seemed like you are saying im the guy arguing about spammers in here

>> No.34860680

thats not a word just a 固有名詞

>> No.34860681
File: 124 KB, 726x1038, 1621372867377.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

djtのために日本語に書いてわ!(/^-^(^ ^*)/

>> No.34860688

you are terrible at picking sides its like you want everyone to hate you

>> No.34860694

og picked the right side

>> No.34860698


>> No.34860706

poor guy got expelled from kindergarten for stealing his teacher's panties

>> No.34860709

日本語で書いて is correct not に
and i don't think わ makes sense there

>> No.34860710

just wanted to see you make a post on the topic i did suggest something else after that though
such is the path of righteousness

>> No.34860716

did i miss some epic rezu romance arc with nyan in my long absence or something?
>such is the path of righteousness
sounds like a cope for the rejects the tribe has ousted

>> No.34860721

i already made a post about it

>> No.34860730

are you the guy sperging out or onlooker

>> No.34860734

maybe read the posts you're replying to

>> No.34860740

this yamcha guy seems tough

>> No.34860742

im just deeply wounded they thought i was that faggot in the first place.

>> No.34860750
File: 59 KB, 220x262, 1612368448635.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.34860752

i cant hate oberu guy when he's reading dragonball and learning japanese. hes gmi

>> No.34860757

oh i missed well at least it got you to make another good post

>> No.34860760

you're such a tryhard

>> No.34860770


>> No.34860771

this one makes a lot of sense

>> No.34860772

i try half has hard as the posters that assign "og" to every abysmal post itt

>> No.34860786


>> No.34860787
File: 30 KB, 733x393, literally og.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this should have a picture of og in it

>> No.34860791

i encourage you to try and find an example of a japanese person saying てわ like that, keep an eye out for it in your anime and report back if you ever see it

>> No.34860792

it was hard at first because i'm dependent on kanji and this might as well be an ehon - literally no kanji on most panels. but quickly getting over it, think it's mostly a parsing problem and i've gotten a lot faster after figuring out some grammar contractions i didnt know before

>> No.34860798

im doing a really shitty job then when im widely unpopular after like half a year here. pretty sure if i wanted to tryhard i would have acted like an excited calvin and shilled input theory

>> No.34860799

what's your wanikani level bro?

>> No.34860800

i'd beat the shit out of oboeru guy and og in a videogame

>> No.34860807


>> No.34860808

this is a try-hard post

>> No.34860816

name the game. i bet i could beat you in league

>> No.34860823


>> No.34860831

i dont play cancer

>> No.34860834


>> No.34860835


>> No.34860849

music is such a nihongo hack its rare im surprised by a word posted here

>> No.34860852


>> No.34860861


>> No.34860867

then you can beat me in a videogame i guess. or maybe you meant irl which is a weird flex i mean id hope you could beat me

>> No.34860868


>> No.34860874

「棒よ 伸びろっ︎」が分かった
oboerugang poppin off

>> No.34860877


>> No.34860883

beat civ 5 on deity first or youre not worthy of being my opponent

>> No.34860888


>> No.34860895


>> No.34860904


>> No.34860913

huge win for og threads utter dogshit now

>> No.34860916

oh this is a nice one

>> No.34860918

>civ 5
you really do have a kami complex too bad you suck at getting followers maybe when you grow up

>> No.34860922


>> No.34860932

yeah i know what わ is but you can't use it after て form like that

>> No.34860933


>> No.34860935

i wonder if the people complaining about oboeru posts simple cant read japanese or something. cant understand why they are getting so triggered over the most on topic meme lately

>> No.34860939

they dont differentiate between small ys so i tried to type によい before using a radical dictionary. i think that was a recent script reform

>> No.34860941


>> No.34860946

what u reading bro lol

>> No.34860952


>> No.34860954

ill take that as your concession

>> No.34860956

glad that guy made peace with oboerus and started posting them himself. based on the timestamps though i dont think he's finding these in the wild

>> No.34860962


>> No.34860967


>> No.34860971


>> No.34860974

wow his grandpa's name is 孫悟飯
that must be a pun

>> No.34860975
File: 694 KB, 2048x737, Screenshot_20210522-051155.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34860982


>> No.34860992

>i think that was a recent script reform
if by recent you mean late meiji then yes

>> No.34860993
File: 231 KB, 800x800, 1604607701488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34860996

じゃまl favorite word lmao

>> No.34861001


>> No.34861016


>> No.34861019

that's わあ not わ as in わあ、きれいだ

>> No.34861028


>> No.34861031

this anon is right.

just admit you fucked up dude, the only thing close to normal is ては and thats not what you said

>> No.34861032

i think i read they didnt do lowercase kana until like the 1980s or something absurd. definitely post ww2

>> No.34861036


>> No.34861041

these are counterfeit oboerus. think he's just posting his coredeck or something to make a "point"

>> No.34861042

read this as 魔法

>> No.34861044


>> No.34861051

making a great point

>> No.34861054


>> No.34861058

if you post an oboeru you have to actually find it in the wild right then. not just unload your anki deck every minute

>> No.34861060

true true

>> No.34861065

thanks ill need to remember this one

>> No.34861067


>> No.34861074

hey dude, you're looking feminine right now
don't you care about the optics or something?

>> No.34861080
File: 327 KB, 999x1170, 710422-lina_inverse_46.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34861082

>he isn't the target. make it a problem that can't be ignored.
gonna be funny when this guy tries to make his point and gets permabanned for running a spambot lol

>> No.34861085

i told you i wasnt oboeruguy. i was about to tell him to stop whining myself

>> No.34861090


>> No.34861094


>> No.34861095

ok nyan may be a woman but whoever shes larping with certainly isnt

>> No.34861098
File: 13 KB, 233x278, 0FA5450C5D7A4653A17AEFE198C91CA8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

なるほど! 教えてありがとうございます!

>> No.34861100

lol owned

>> No.34861101

see >>34860394 and >>34860338

>> No.34861103

no difference lol you felt the need to point out "legitimate" oboerus thats equivalent to conceding that your posts are brainless low quality spam

>> No.34861106

is it gonna be a sudden shift to dbz style or gradual

>> No.34861107
File: 480 KB, 1920x1080, 1571005640450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34861115

i didnt post those

>> No.34861118

you have to add the くれて

>> No.34861122

actually its the opposite imo but i agree he should stop caring and just let the sperg tire himself out

>> No.34861127

its けんぽう dude

>> No.34861130

i can't tell who people are referring to anymore

>> No.34861133

yamcha is a beast

>> No.34861136
File: 315 KB, 1893x1527, 1620316727839.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34861142


>> No.34861148
File: 724 KB, 854x1150, RIKEN_VITAMIN.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have books printed in the 60s that have them
i just looked it up myself and it says it was introduced officially at the end of the war w/ all the other reforms but not for legal documents etc until 1988
there's some examples of its use from before that though

>> No.34861151


>> No.34861155
File: 11 KB, 240x240, 1619524693789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34861157

>sperg tire himself out
spergs are notorious for their high tolerance when it comes to repetitive tasks

>> No.34861160

this guy is pissed >>34861074 but its pretty cathartic watching him go while the bitchboy squirms because his spam efforts are being invalidated

>> No.34861162

and furigana in manga doesn't because it'd be too small?

>> No.34861166

Is there a good deck to use to study grammar or do I just have to learn it through practice reading and looking up what I forget?

>> No.34861170


>> No.34861175

yamcha you mean that little idiot who gets btfo time and time again? heh you can have him kid

>> No.34861177

thats not how it looks to anyone but you and your new boyfriend you sided with to spite me

>> No.34861178

you cant learn grammar with srs

>> No.34861183

4bbc literally does the opposite of og down to deleting music he said he liked you hate to see it

>> No.34861188

裾 袖 and 襟 fuck me up

>> No.34861192


>> No.34861196

That's what I was worried about, no easy way.

>> No.34861203


this thread the past couple hours

>> No.34861204

yes you can its just grammar guides in srs format if anything its better for that reason

>> No.34861208

4bc why do you act like a salty ex-bf when it comes to me we've never even been friends but you are bitter as fuck

>> No.34861209

i had no idea these guys transformed. i thought they were just hanging around for no reason when i saw clips of dbz

>> No.34861210
File: 208 KB, 2536x2290, tomogabusleep1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34861211

Oh? Do you know of a deck that's good for it then?

>> No.34861213

wikipedia says

>> No.34861226

although it also says
im pretty sure ive seen them in recent manga

>> No.34861227

here is a tae kim grammar deck, give it a shot https://mega.nz/#!VNA2wRLZ!cXZotCT1H9rE7H6zm3V_WNlDbnqrc4rZJkbKq5qojgQ

>> No.34861231

this one was pretty hard. i had to think for a moment to get it

>> No.34861234


>> No.34861236

its usually written in katakana fyi.

btw is it normal for words to immediately make you remember songs or is it normal? im like this in my native language too. i think im "auditory learner" if thats even a real thing

>> No.34861251

like what are you trying to prove lol
i just learn the kanji anyway. i dont really trust "usually kana" in dictionary entries. see uk words in kanji form all the time

>> No.34861256
File: 139 KB, 700x587, 1543930512460.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

語 of the 日 ー 初島田

>> No.34861262

such a pathetic video lol

>> No.34861273

pls rate

>> No.34861278

what? i'm just studying japanese
cool word

>> No.34861281

no i'm not listening to your fucking weaseling

>> No.34861282

not everything is about you hes a spamming piece of shit and i already confronted him weeks ago its just that hes not worth my time

>> No.34861289

wish guys would just go back to beating the fuck out of each other to settle disputes instead of screeching at each other like hens

>> No.34861294

>hes a spamming piece of shit and i already confronted him weeks ago

>> No.34861301

>not everything is about you
lmao make sure you check those receipts before he deletes them again

>> No.34861302

low iq

>> No.34861304

ok you guys need to specify who you're referring to. lots of "hes" and "hims" but which hes and hims

>> No.34861305
File: 253 KB, 707x533, 1620867407088.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34861307

i already knew this one but i've only seen it written in kanji form now

>> No.34861309

not even N1

>> No.34861312

its depressing to think that there are prolly millions of little cliquey discord groups with their own little drama and infighting. so pathetic lol

>> No.34861317

i'm learning a lot of juicy words today

>> No.34861323

「ぐう ちょき ぱあ」を覚えた

>> No.34861329

is that supposed to be a rebuttal of my point? you hate to see it
yeah its a big reason i hated djt so much last year but now im sucked into the muck with the rest. one positive for djt is kings dont live very long and there is lot of healthy blood-letting and revolution

>> No.34861332

>is that supposed to be a rebuttal of my point?

>> No.34861340


>> No.34861345


>> No.34861352


>> No.34861370

finished the dragonball chapter. bedtime. gonna finish the first arc at least this weekend

>> No.34861372

this nihongo is messed up in so many ways

>> No.34861377

is this tomoko and nyan person even learning japanese because their shit is really bad
hopefully they just started

>> No.34861387

4 bbc silent concession while he grooves to my music

>> No.34861393

theyve been here since the djt /a/ days

>> No.34861395

oh shit they finally posted it this year. https://youtu.be/IKjRLKQo7O0

this is another one of those songs required to make it btw

>> No.34861402


>> No.34861419



>> No.34861449
File: 405 KB, 804x804, 1620870287927.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I never said I was fluent! We're all here to learn! That said,
>doesn't reply in japanese
>doesn't point out mistake
>asked in the japanese thread and they said it was fine

>> No.34861455

and this

>> No.34861466

you werent meant for such heights anyway bunko its about the journey, not the throne.

>> No.34861482

I'm looking to learn writing kanji better (I enjoy calligraphy), I've already studied a lot of vocabulary and such. Would using something like RTK mess up my knowledge due to the keywords being different than the meaning sometimes? Or is there a better solution for production? I like seeing the keyword and just writing the kanji to memorize the stroke order and stuff, but don't want to fuck myself over.

>> No.34861485

shit are you serious

>> No.34861492

its fine though

>> No.34861493

i was the one correcting your mistakes before

>> No.34861499

yeah that's the standard djt diarrhea chugger modus operandi lol

>> No.34861519

except i did correct their mistakes already
and i posted japanese in this thread

>> No.34861520
File: 8 KB, 367x548, mysterious ancientwriting.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

please help decipher ancient writing plx

>> No.34861521
File: 281 KB, 539x472, pngegg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

time to get this thread back on track

>> No.34861526

in the /int/djt or are you confusing me for someone else (my gf) cause you didn't correct anything of mine in this thread

>> No.34861531


>> No.34861533

damn shana and louise are basically the same character. doesnt help that the va gave the exact same performance for both

>> No.34861534

no it isn't
the grammar usage is awkward and out of wack

>> No.34861536

>thread immediately gets better after that spammy fuck goes away

>> No.34861544

what specifically do you think is wrong with it, should be easy for you to point out if you're that confident

>> No.34861549

dude just shut the fuck up about him

>> No.34861556


>> No.34861571


>> No.34861599

this is just different not "fixed"

>> No.34861606


>> No.34861608

people in this thread think theres only 1 way to express any idea in japanese (the one they heard in their animes) and if you dont do it that way its wrong.. its kinda weird...

>> No.34861617


>> No.34861624

mah animays

>> No.34861661
File: 468 KB, 1920x1080, 1578053459141.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah shana louise taiga and aria are all tiny flat tundere with the exact same voice

>> No.34861663

i already corrected their japanese a couple times on this thread you really expect me to do it every single time? this is why people don't do corrections at all because then you start demanding it every time someone posts shitty japanese
>it is awkward to use だ again after だよ to emphasize in the way they were trying to do. it should have just been 男! the second time
>なお is weird to use there. it should be そして or some other connector
>彼氏 should have なんだ or だよ instead of just だ because all the shit they were yelling about before that naturally would be followed by an explanatory sentence
the way they did it actually sounds more childish, cringe and unnatural than anime

>> No.34861689

i remember having trouble with the poems in shana when i first watched it really could have used jpsubs for those

>> No.34861691

even if they wrote exactly what you said you'd still say it was wrong. japanese people in the /int/ thread already said it was fine but you probably are so mindfucked by djt politics that you think japanese people dont know their own language and you know better...

>> No.34861702

>japanese people in the /int/ thread already said it was fine
ye fine for a retarded gaijin that doesn't mean it was good tho lol

>> No.34861706

you will never be japanese

>> No.34861709

thank god

>> No.34861710

>even if they wrote exactly what you said you'd still say it was wrong
no i wouldn't. saw a few other japanese posts in this thread i didn't say anything about because they were actually fine

>> No.34861721

ive said it before, nihongo min-maxers are the trannies of language

>> No.34861727

>nihongo min-maxers

>> No.34861731

if a japanese person said its fine then caring about minor problems is the height of autism lol
you never see esls in here afraid to post english because someone might say it sounds like an esl wrote it but all the djt freaks are unwilling to even use a language theyve spent years learning in case they dont sound like a 30 year old hikineet from tokyo wrote it

>> No.34861733

autists like >>34861702

>> No.34861734
File: 301 KB, 600x844, 1621679979658.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34861740
File: 24 KB, 698x324, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sorry i don't treat my 4chan posts as i would a thesis or some shit bru
don't worry i'm not a tranny so you can just say "he"
japanese people said it was fine, and i even specifically asked if "nao" was proper there and he said this so get owned

>> No.34861750

i only recently started posting and i can tell this guy is the most autistic here since he doesn't ever reply to posts, but you might be a close second

>> No.34861752

big l for burgers

>> No.34861754

they will now cope and claim thats not a real japanese person

>> No.34861757

>you never see esls in here afraid to post english because someone might say it sounds like an esl wrote
if only that were true. they are so far in cope mode they like to call me esl in the most cringe mentality possible out of extreme insecurity

>> No.34861761
File: 354 KB, 1414x885, Eq5L5L0UUAESiJJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34861783
File: 349 KB, 669x720, 1615601277207.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34861784

so trying to be good instead of just "understandable" makes you a tranny? sounds like a cope to me

>> No.34861787

why don't these int faggots fuck off to their containment thread where they can cripple each other with their broken japanese?

>> No.34861799

perfectionism stems from being insecure about how people see you, you are afraid of exposing any flaw about yourself. the djt autists are completely unwilling to use japanese (a tool for communication) because they know they cant live up to their own insane standard of being the same as a japanese

>> No.34861805


>> No.34861815

made me nauseous

>> No.34861818


>> No.34861825


>> No.34861839

>their own insane standard of being the same as a japanese
in writing that actually is my standard and i don't think it's impossible at all
speaking is an entirely different beast tho perfect pronounciation will likely never happen for a gaijin but you can still attempt to be as natural as possible in your choice of words and expressions

>> No.34861844

so true

>> No.34861849

this isn't very convincing in when it's relayed in broken english lmao

>> No.34861857

even esls with similar native languages who have spent decades on the internet posting on 4ch are easily spotted here. it's extremely dumb to have your standard at the level of a native in a language thats completely different

>> No.34861859

so ゲイ

>> No.34861867

but why not aim for "perfection" and then fall slightly below the mark instead of aiming for mediocrity right out of the gate

>> No.34861874

og the native esl has spoken lmao

>> No.34861879

because the difference between "mediocrity" and "close to perfection" in a tool for communication is meaningless. if people understand what youre saying that's good enough and anything else is just a cope about your own insecurity over your self image

>> No.34861892

>trying to get good is a cope
yeah i wonder who's really coping here

>> No.34861897

the 49 posters itt are retarded (except me)

>> No.34861907

whoops trip disappeared haha

>> No.34861909

what does "trying to get good" entail? everyone says just read more/watch more lol
it's not like you're actually trying. you're simply just being autistic about people posting japanese that's fine yet doesnt meet your insane standard that requires decades of the above

>> No.34861927

og in ultra cope mode rn

>> No.34861966

it obviously entails reading and listening more yeah and then if you want to get good at writing and speaking you have to do a shit ton of that as well
>it's not like you're actually trying.
how do you know this
>you're simply just being autistic about people posting japanese that's fine yet doesnt meet your insane standard that requires decades of the above
this is a thread for leaning japanese if you don't want unnatural japanese pointed out why are you posting it here
there's threads for talking in japanese on int that appear much more suited for you

>> No.34861976

the fact is you're afraid to write in japanese yourself because you know you cant live up to your own standard and would inevitably write something that sounds off and that scares you

>> No.34861980

ciaran holding no barrels

>> No.34862012

how hard is it for you to just use your brain

>> No.34862022

when og arrived in djt she thought she was a god at nihongo but then we showed her the残酷な現実 and now everyone who's trying to be good is a tranny lol

>> No.34862033
File: 137 KB, 700x525, scsdc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you refuse to swing the bat, you aren't aiming for anything

>> No.34862040

for fucks sake that isnt me even if i agree with his general point

>> No.34862047

can someone quote the pivotal posts in the past few hours don't wanna read the whole thread to get into what's happening now

>> No.34862053

i write in japanese but not here why would i do that when there are much better places for it

not ciaran

>> No.34862062

crazy how he wins without even posting

>> No.34862074

you fags itt are all

>> No.34862075

great stuff saved the song

>> No.34862087

lol i popped in at the right time it seems

>> No.34862089

isnt this the best place for it since japanese people will just say your stuff is fine even when its not?

>> No.34862126

probably not

>> No.34862142

whats your opinion on this argument jamal

>> No.34862155

i didnt read any of it ull have to catch me up

>> No.34862165

if this is a og post big ups

if not can we at least pretend it is

>> No.34862181
File: 54 KB, 679x489, E18VaA6XoAk44lN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish more holos played miitopia its fun

pic unrelated

>> No.34862199

it was me of course im amazing

>> No.34862269

who's better agf or nuke

>> No.34862271
File: 415 KB, 1920x1080, 1577857436520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34862278

オマエみたいな純粋培養お姫様が ? lmao

>> No.34862294

dame my dopamine

>> No.34862317

nuke simply because hes living in japan and knows the in n outs while agf is american at heart

>> No.34862371


>> No.34862419






>> No.34862436

>sham-poo version
this is terrible

>> No.34862468

stfu imouto i was clearly referencing the song title

>> No.34862525

did you finish your anki reps?

>> No.34862546

just stop being cringe and learn japanese, end of

>> No.34862573
File: 5 KB, 149x73, anki.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ill do them all today i swear

>> No.34862625
File: 8 KB, 229x207, chinguy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34862647

the string instrument riffs in this is pretty damn good

>> No.34862695

廻廻奇譚 hype

>> No.34862708

would love to just walk up in the middle of them and just shit my pants casually

>> No.34862709

yo wa oda nobunaga ja

>> No.34862725

looks like we have a yo user here

>> No.34862729

yeah, i think i'll give up on chinese
that shit is too hard to remember

>> No.34862736

im sorry your live revolves around shit so much
cant get it out of your mind since that traumatic experience, can ya

>> No.34862740



>> No.34862746


>> No.34862771


>> No.34862782

you barely understand this shit ciaran, behead yourself you braggart tryhard

>> No.34862784
File: 12 KB, 422x30, karen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

damn ciaran is hosting a japanese learning panel

>> No.34862819

nice self-own

>> No.34862822

imagine if some esl was posting victorian period dramas to flex his weird english
i thought you were done pretending to know nihongo after your ego death bunko? do i need to give you a true one?

>> No.34862823

i think poop and farts are hilarious generally its different from the traumatic shittening

>> No.34862857
File: 400 KB, 600x900, 250px-Silent2002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have the Japanese script of
Silent Hill 4 extracted?

>> No.34862867

that reminds me i had a weird dream where i went to the store to buy a bunch of unhealthy food and drinks and i was standing in line w. some obnoxious whitoid brits who said u dont look like ur from around here and thats all i remember lmao

>> No.34862881

another kys post from saint og

>> No.34862899
File: 20 KB, 300x388, v5dLe_5c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

watched something similar to that ciaran drama when i started with this dude in it cant really remember though all i remember he was talking some 方言 i could barely understand without the nip subs

>> No.34862911

honestly as soon as i see those stupid period hairdos i close the tab i didnt actually watch it i just hate ciaran posts
i dont pretend to be nice unlike some of you faggots. also i didnt imply kys i outright said id murder him if he wanted, get it right.

>> No.34862927

glad to be german because vtubers girls speaking german does actually sound cute and is moe to the max!!!

>> No.34862932

>honestly as soon as i see those stupid period hairdos i close the tab i didnt actually watch it i just hate ciaran posts
i close it as soon as i see his filename

>> No.34862949

og hates ciaran posts cause they show her the true potential of the gaijin while she's been trying to hiraitegoma her way through minna no nihongo for the past 10 years

>> No.34862955

dunno what yalls issue is i was just posting that 1 cause someone said something that was similar to a line in the video

>> No.34862958


>> No.34862959

if you think thats period japanese you are really putting your dekinai out on display for all to see

>> No.34862960

same english is so cringe and tryhard

>> No.34862972

not really i just dont like ciaran as a person and am bitter

>> No.34862977

what did i do

>> No.34862981


>> No.34862986

i was just trying to make fun of her what reason do u have to try to gatekeep there

>> No.34862988

the issue is you being the biggest diarrhea chugger here

>> No.34863003

you scorned my friendship when i was one of the few people interested in your drama clips simple as

>> No.34863008

not sure how you can call classic 大河ドラマ diarrhea theres no isekais or fan service

>> No.34863018

its boomer diarrhea its like washing mash reruns

>> No.34863025

i'd watch an isekai jidaigeki tbqh

>> No.34863026

simply ass

>> No.34863028


>> No.34863029

its diarrhea but of a different time

>> No.34863033

>ich mag keine scharfe Sachen ich gehe dem lieber aus dem Weg
based Kiara

>> No.34863037

well your first mistake was coming to 4channel to find friends. i just come here to make posts that annoy people i thought you had the same goal since you're very good at it

>> No.34863054

i dont come for friends but i when i actually might have been interested in learning how to understand period dramas and getting into them, you were a cunt to me even though i said nothing but pleasant things to you.

anyway thanks for admitting you post it to be an annoying fuck and proving my earlier point correct

>> No.34863061

was pretty epic when ciaran stabbed quiz in the back with no remorse and left his discord
good times

>> No.34863062

制服s are unironically based
wish my school had them especially with mandatory skirts for girls

>> No.34863066
File: 246 KB, 640x360, chug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34863076

out school started a discussion about implementing seifukus but people eventually were against it because they thought poor people wouldn't be able to afford them

>> No.34863091

if u were nice like nyanotoko even queeran wouldnt have been rude to u

well i know ur nice and sweet so i can accept all ur other posts cuz i know thats not the real u

>> No.34863114

we had a vote but 80% were against them
democracy sucks

>> No.34863127

yeah dno

>> No.34863134

if the seifuku was band t shirts and jnco jeans then i wouldnt have had to do anything different

>> No.34863148

this ones really grown on me

>> No.34863154

hate how there's no hq full version of this song on youtube

>> No.34863159

YES i have a crush on AI

>> No.34863164

I love Ina

>> No.34863178

>you were a cunt to me even though i said nothing but pleasant things to you.
you came into this thread acting like a big shot even tho u have downs i have no interest in being nice to people like that nor do i care if youre interested cuz im not a simp and i dont have the thousands of hours required to help you learn how to understand japanese

>> No.34863184

id never been rude to ciaran up to that point but my life is full of treachery so why bother being nice when people will misconstrue your intentions and turn on you anyway. anytime i tried to chill and turn over a new leaf its mistaken for weakness and i get shanked

i told you a long time ago ill gladly be the djt villain

>> No.34863204

>i told you a long time ago ill gladly be the djt villain
og stepping on you, facesitting and whipping you into submission


>> No.34863210

wasnt intererest in YOU you dumb fuck i actually thought the memes of you being a fag werent a joke. i just like western period dramas and wanted to get into japanese ones possibly
>dont have the thousands of hours required to help you learn how to understand japanese
i never asked you for a fucking thing you cunt, anyway dont post your clips if you clearly have no interest in contributing anything constructive. im 100% right in you just being a showboat faggot gatekeeper like the rest of the namefags and dont (you) me about how you are anonymous you know what i mean

>> No.34863220

how am i gatekeeping anything lol
if you cant understand the clips i post thats ur own mind gatekeeping you

>> No.34863245

絶対領域 ftw

>> No.34863253

kanji - whenever

>> No.34863254

i can understand more than you think but obviously im not studying archaic japanese and the fact that you are acting so smug and superior shows what a piece of shit you are. get a life and a better flex

>> No.34863271
File: 276 KB, 850x1186, sample_3f190df1cf9cc73abac2fb2876573eb634375909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

picturing og in this outfit

>> No.34863272

its not archaic that clip is from the 90s

>> No.34863275

shes flat

>> No.34863280

btw has ciaran ever posted anything useful about old japanese other than just making fun of people who are mistaken about something? i dont remember it happening even once since ive been here

>> No.34863295

how would u know what i post im anonymous

>> No.34863296

im talking about all his clips not that one particularly
>from the 90s
dont obfuscate you know what i mean as far as dialog goes

>> No.34863297

og is acting like the japanese in the clips is a completely different language lol

>> No.34863312

never seen ciaran dizz someone out of spite
he helped me a lot when i asked him stuff in the past

>> No.34863316
File: 20 KB, 367x499, 419-xbpcDgL._SX365_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yoshi let's go

>> No.34863320

you cant have more than one waifu thats illegal

>> No.34863328


>> No.34863333

old japanese is still japanese but some of the verbs and terminology and expression fashions are entirely different and unfamiliar. dont be a retard and act like you esls could read whuthering heights and not be lost in some places

>> No.34863341

prove it

>> No.34863350

lmao wtf

>> No.34863353

>whuthering heights
you couldn't even spell the title correctly, what do you know?

>> No.34863357

the japanese in the clips isn't "old old" japanese it's contemporary japanese made to sound old
if it was actual archaic japanese you wouldn't understand a fucking word

>> No.34863360

>deutsch dub
yea this is a no from me

>> No.34863367


>> No.34863369

thats wrong
if you ask ciaran anything he posts that smirking dude pic from his drama and disregards the question

>> No.34863376

pedantic, lying fucks. the lot of you

>> No.34863378


>> No.34863379

its all ching chongs to me

>> No.34863386

i dont post making fun of people unless theyre acting know-it-all like og so shes probably the person who has taken the most shit from me
also i just searched for classical japanese and found a a couple of posts where i was being useful so youre wrong

>> No.34863452

lol they r confusing queeran for goatfucker now

>> No.34863457

you betray me as a past time but im numb to it i stopped caring literally the first time it happened lmao

>> No.34863465

pretty sure the guy who posts the "smirking dude" is the one who made the calvin vid since it was in there. thats not me.

>> No.34863473

do you own a dakimakura /djt/?

>> No.34863474

ive never betrayed u wtf

if u think a little bullying u is betrayal ur even more of a sensitive easily hurt person than me

>> No.34863475

even if he says mostly nothing, its still being an unhelpful prick who posts his stupid clips to seem 偉い

>> No.34863488

he showed a bunch of dead links im not an autist like 4bbc who has the archives up and ready to go

>> No.34863489

lmao just remembered tatsumoto spamming edits of that yoga pic everyday for weeks

>> No.34863498

don't know how hard streamable compresses audio but this should be better

>> No.34863500

heres a recent example
one of the replies is me giving the answer
one is smirking guy. who i will note uses a diff file name than me for screenshots as we can see here >>34808565

>> No.34863501

youre not a good person.

>> No.34863514

og you are self owning yourself hard here by calling my clips "stupid" yet earlier you said
> i was one of the few people interested in your drama clips
are they interesting or stupid? make up your mind.

>> No.34863517

how can u honestly say that bc of posts on the internet

>> No.34863519
File: 35 KB, 572x380, 1579905095362.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the archives up and ready to go

>> No.34863526


>> No.34863535

ciaran takes cocks up the ass but i just can't bring myself to hate the guy

>> No.34863539
File: 445 KB, 688x516, mpv_lkfOBIyLJv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34863545

ok fine i guess i just assumed you were also the guy posting jidaigeki reaction images to be a cunt. which i remember getting a lot of in the past. i didnt think it would be anyone other than you doing that. i still dont remember a lot of helpful posts from you but maybe i wasnt paying attention
they're stupid in the way that you are using them and they've been tainted by how attacked they make me feel

>> No.34863550

thanks bro

>> No.34863554

you only changed 2 characters bro try harder

>> No.34863557

>how attacked they make me feel

>> No.34863564
File: 212 KB, 310x346, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34863567
File: 63 KB, 333x354, 345345435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>can u honestly say that bc of posts on the internet

>> No.34863572

just noticed jamals new name and fucking lold

>> No.34863576

>i still dont remember a lot of helpful posts from you
how would u know though lol

>> No.34863580

because id notice an interesting tidbit about archaic (or fake archaic) japanese

>> No.34863607

am i the only one not understanding those recent posts by bunko? i feel like he's going mad

>> No.34863622


>> No.34863623

there was that poor guy who asked ciaran for drama sauce so many times but ciaran didnt budge

>> No.34863628

ちおちゃんの通学路 was a good anime

>> No.34863630

i feel bad for your exes imagine living with such a bully

>> No.34863635

he blew his brain out with drugs what do you expect

>> No.34863638

ok yea, in this aspect i agree, ciaran is a elitist prick

>> No.34863645

wtf 4bc helping my point it must be the end of the world

>> No.34863665

yeah it might just be thats his character in general? lmao

>> No.34863667

that one was just funny because he immediately tried to pretend it was some other guy asking so i didnt want to help him. ive answered every other q about the source since then

>> No.34863675

i wanna hump her thighs

>> No.34863681

finally a good post

>> No.34863684

ciaran is cool he invited me to animebytes

>> No.34863702


>> No.34863705

zutto mae kara

>> No.34863710


>> No.34863712

whats ur issue?

>> No.34863713

thanks <3

>> No.34863724


>> No.34863726

ive been in theatre these sheets are specifically to overexpose their skin and brighten their eyes. just accept asian countries are different

>> No.34863728

ive posted it before tho

>> No.34863731

everyone on social media does that but the fisheye lens to make her thighs look fatter are an exception here

>> No.34863748

no, in the west if you do that you will look "too pale" beause white girls have been thoroughly debauched. i mean its a tough balance to strike even on tv

>> No.34863749

its just a reflector they r commonly used in all productions lol

>> No.34863767

no you havent all those posts are me

>> No.34863773

let's goooo

>> No.34863776

is that the new yasuke

>> No.34863786

damn wttf was og right about the gaslighting itt...

>> No.34863788

took the yomichan reading off all my animecards, never seemed to gain anything from it and this lets me focus more on the sentence

>> No.34863798

swear to god if og says the word gas light to me irl im gonna flay her in my dutch oven

>> No.34863811

shipment of linnies arrived today

>> No.34863813

took the lettuce out of all my sandwiches and fucking ate them

>> No.34863819

lets see a pic of the haul if you've got a big enough diaper to put them in

>> No.34863820

such a dumb word it has nothing to do with gas or light

>> No.34863847

it really is i had no idea what it even meant for the longest time and just ignored it cuz it was mostly ppl under the age of 25 saying it so i figured it was some twitch meme

>> No.34863864

gaslight is a fine word its just annoying that its been coopted to simply mean "lying" in the past 5 yrs

>> No.34863866

wtf guys i thought it was just me. i still don't really know what it means despite looking it up once or twice a while ago

>> No.34863869
File: 80 KB, 1164x1200, i-img1164x1200-1612703456tjcir5495345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

okinawa girls and their 琉球 levels are so pretty
its from a old film where the villain uses the literal gaslight to mentally gaslight the protag, uncultured swine

funny how pissed off guys get when you finally nail some of their bullshit games down

>> No.34863905

immediate redflag

>> No.34863917

culture is the way of thinking for the whole of humanity
it tries to fit everybody into a value system
placing before us the model of a perfect being
it is really the cause of men's tragedy
it doesnt deserve to be, it is nonesense

>> No.34863918

crazy how ciaran just effortlessly wins every single argument on the basis of actually knowing japanese

>> No.34863924
File: 134 KB, 600x600, 24B37933597E37C32C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

get your eyes checked and take a break from the internet

>> No.34863935

yeah shes got those manly jaws *hides post*

>> No.34863936

never seen that

>> No.34863937

>said the drug-addled mothercon

>> No.34863959

thats cute u think any of us have enough going on upstairs to play games

only women r the ones playing 10 different games all at once


>> No.34863968

never, can't stand the language to be honest

>> No.34863979

cant name a single w og has managed to score against him
obviously thats not a great indicator but og has a non 0 number of wins against qm/jamal

>> No.34863981

what makes her pretty is being half white

>> No.34864006

i mean this is why i have to let og win


i dont want my xbox to get broken

>> No.34864015

>also im not addicted to drugs
see >>34863937

>> No.34864031

the little shiteating laugh he makes after every time is so funny

>> No.34864050
File: 494 KB, 1200x811, diarrhea.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here you go

>> No.34864054

i deleted my post because you pissed me off by stealth youing me again after i told you not to and after you said you wont you me

>> No.34864060

i can empathize with how she feels but for that reason i dont put myself in that position

>> No.34864067

oh it's you

>> No.34864068

i have no problem with u being right if ur right and if u post something good i give u props for it and not in a condescending way like not bad for a stupid girl just regular props like good shit this is why im gonna marry u kinda shit

>> No.34864069

yeah your brain expected that word there because you are indeed addicted and coping about that fact

>> No.34864075

thats true but you had said something about me just before that even if it wasnt a direct (you) so i think you were asking for it

>> No.34864078

id love to just cop a squat over those and just empty myself onto them

>> No.34864081

baaaaaaaaaased chugger
gmi so hard
have fun reading

>> No.34864083

link the post

>> No.34864087
File: 276 KB, 1326x1080, dbz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34864123

thought someone already had

>> No.34864138


>> No.34864142

bottom right looks like a good read for quizler

>> No.34864149

based im probably gonna order volumes 10 and 11 since they arent on nyaa or moeway

>> No.34864168

btw it was the last one that really made me angry

>> No.34864175

https://manga-zip dot net/archives/441448.html
scans are here

>> No.34864179

tried reading a linny recently but got bored after a couple of hrs and quit
never again

>> No.34864189


>> No.34864197

whens the last time you sucked some dick?
maybe youll feel less cranky after

>> No.34864212

dont worry og ill suck ur quarter incher

>> No.34864214


>> No.34864217

this song is great

>> No.34864236


>> No.34864237

same, novels are like manga but with 2 minute fillers between every panel

>> No.34864238

i dont suck dick i respect myself

>> No.34864247

sounds like a slow reader cope

>> No.34864252

the first two are part of the exchange where i told you not to you me the last one wasnt directed at you it was in response to a post about me i was well within my right to reply to it you stealth youd several hours later like the troll you are

>> No.34864253

also required gmi listening

>> No.34864261

why did that 4bbc post make you angry then?

>> No.34864269

are you immersing

>> No.34864281


>> No.34864291


>> No.34864298

the last one was not even 15 minutes before my "stealth (you)" wtf am i on a timer for being pissed off at you sniping at me? the rest was just whatever you had said to me after i said for us to ignore each other (which btw you never actually agreed to until now that you are trying to cope up why you deleted your post)

>> No.34864304

just dont enjoy reading about things i do not care about, like what material a window frame is made like, the exact clothes someone is wearing, what flowers are blooming in a field, what they had for dinner, etc.
adds nothing to the experience but filler

>> No.34864322

shes gonna be gone tomorrow she told me shes going to some dog eating convention and that shes gonna email me some pics from the event

>> No.34864326

it adds atmosphere. do you really just want a lifeless story with nothing but a queue of events happening? you may as well just read wikipedia synopsis

>> No.34864327

ironically ive only been posting since i got to korea not sure why since i am also doing shit in the afternoons. i was away from this place for weeks beforehand

>> No.34864344
File: 232 KB, 1026x744, 1512226599620.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how we btfo'd qm

>> No.34864371

thats weird i dont remember posting that i had an event tomorrow. must have been a lucky guess

>> No.34864375

>the last one was not even 15 minutes before my "stealth (you)" wtf am i on a timer for being pissed off at you sniping at me?
that has nothing to do with the fact that you said you wont you me but you still did which isnt surprising since
>i was just trying to start some shit lmao i dont actually believe that
youre a self-admitted troll

>> No.34864394

its always easy to remember what other ppl say but not urself

i could gaslight u but im gonna b honest u mentioned u werent doing anything till sunday a couple days ago

if u do something cool tho u should show us (or just me)

>> No.34864401

>that has nothing to do with the fact that you said you wont you me but you still did which isnt surprising since
a, i said we should mutually ignore each other. tit for tat.
sono b, you neither agreed to that nor held up your end
sono c, blow me

>youre a self-admitted troll
when the mood strikes me but not as a rule

>> No.34864411

i just think its the wrong approach to deliver that atmosphere if it ends up feeling like filler
with manga you get all that in a nanosecond by looking at the picture, very efficient

>> No.34864414
File: 626 KB, 1920x1080, モーレツ宇宙海賊 第18話.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34864434

link? i need to cooooooooooom

>> No.34864440

sorry i would post images but i dont want to give any clues about my location cause anyone can quarantine here for 2 weeks and find me walking around since im one of the few whitoids here.
also its off topic and i got a moe surprise over the conbini post

>> No.34864445


>> No.34864449

>anime art
already a restriction

>> No.34864467

whatever woman ive got reps to do dont have time to deal with your shit

>> No.34864470

u can trust me or just crop so i see things instead of the landmark

i mean ur not the only white girl in seoul theres lots going pro within a mile radius of u right now

>> No.34864499

since leaving the quarantine hotel ive seen maybe 2 foreign guys and not a single white girl other than myself. saw a black girl though and yeah obviously im in the seoul metro

>> No.34864502

you can't possibly like 3D

>> No.34864505

ummm >>34863663

>> No.34864509


>> No.34864512

>being under quarantine
>walking around

>> No.34864524

no but Japanese artwork could be anything not just anime related
doesnt even have to be about people

>> No.34864525

she was in a quarantine hotel for 2 weeks then she went to some shitty airbnb where shes posted ever since

>> No.34864530

yeah i like that big tsunami painting

>> No.34864552

imagine the smell

>> No.34864558

>you can walk inside your house!

>> No.34864572


>> No.34864590

with og in your mind? yes

>> No.34864597

raw meat guy not feeling so good bros...

>> No.34864602

i miss moe

>> No.34864608

this guy is legit crazy

>> No.34864630

melonpan .... still my akogare to this day

>> No.34864632

shoulda eaten some veggies

>> No.34864647

his gf left him and took their son

>> No.34864654

no amount of raw meat will help you with women

>> No.34864656


>> No.34864659

good for the son

>> No.34864664


>> No.34864670

>claims to be based
>has a "gf" with a son instead of locking her down in marriage and making it difficult to take the son by stockpiling receipts to use against her
what a cuck

>> No.34864678


>> No.34864689

the guy is a nutcase so i highly doubt the woman is to blame here

>> No.34864691

this is your destiny djt

>> No.34864692

og wouldnt take our son and leave bc shes a traditionalist and believes a boy needs his father or he will become gay

little does she know that わたしはゲイ

>> No.34864704


>> No.34864711

fucking hell they all have japanese wives too

>> No.34864714

nah i doubt this guy has ever read a linnie

>> No.34864738

did he love her

>> No.34864747

>18 years
>video title: my 23 year journey

which is it?

>> No.34864750

imagine how fucked up ogs kid would be

>> No.34864755

he's a nutcase but also his gf is a cheater and went for another man. both sound like degenerate retards

>> No.34864760

oh no no no

>> No.34864761

take a look at bunko
no way you wouldnt be a mazakon with og as your mommy

>> No.34864765

rounding error

>> No.34864772

20 years and can't read manga
god bless

>> No.34864773

id hate having a boy cause im afraid he would turn out like bunko and compare women and his value as a man in relation to pleasing my impossible standards
lmao similar minds

>> No.34864782

38 years old and wants to read bleach

>> No.34864790

nothing wrong with that

>> No.34864792

a typical bleach manga chapter has like 4 speech bubbles

>> No.34864802

38 years old and still visits 4chan

>> No.34864823


>> No.34864837

the last line has to make it into garbage day 3

>> No.34864840

bunko turning into mini garyben

>> No.34864893

how do i find love

>> No.34864894

yeah i dont wanna bring kids in a world that would want to destroy them
also wanting kids would make me want to make the world a better place for them to live in which is too much to think about

>> No.34864901

a miracle of fate and the only thing you can't will yourself to have

>> No.34864902

theres a lot of people like him and og who can speak a little bit but cant read at all

>> No.34864922

/djt/ - where genetic dead ends meet

>> No.34864923


>> No.34864931

thats pretty much exactly how i feel. even being able to find some absurdist comfort in watching things crumble i get depressed at just how bad things are sometimes. if i had a kid i dont think i could survive the fear and anxiety and utter futility its bad enough thinking about my poor nieces and nephews

>> No.34864940

yeah but bleach has furigana, pretty sure he knows kana

uhhh got a recommendation, easily reusable would be nice

>> No.34864948

is djt the most autistic general on jp

>> No.34864975

just bc i gave u an easy out by being ironically gay dont think for a second were not already an item tied up by the red string of fate

>> No.34864977

carry on my wayward son
there'll be peace when you are done

>> No.34864978

dame i hate women

>> No.34864991

ur afraid of having a boy bc of ur deep rooted shota fetish and r afraid u might do something terrible (u wont)

>> No.34865009

lol @ 4bc getting his bank account checked by his rich parents

>> No.34865017

wheres moe

>> No.34865031

i think the only way i could stand it is to raise them to literally change the world and that would require me to cut out my heart and be extremely cruel and regimented to ensure they turn out exactly according to keikaku so they can survive and do what needs to be done. id be hated and misunderstood but thats the price id have to pay

>> No.34865038

i gotta see what kind of shit gets posted in the two so i can know who's got better taste

>> No.34865065

yeah so rich theyve taken out loans i couldnt repay in my lifetime lol

>> No.34865068


>> No.34865085

yeah only rich people can take out huge loans, look at donald trump. massive loans thanks to his collateral.

>> No.34865087


>> No.34865092

prove you're the real moe

>> No.34865109


>> No.34865117

what for? you read it and ended up the way you did

>> No.34865134

what collateral its all owned by deutsche bank now

>> No.34865141

i fell for the bitcoin meme.lads. what's the next big meme?

>> No.34865163


>> No.34865173


>> No.34865181

i dont really think u r i know u wanna be my monster girl at the end of the day

>> No.34865190


>> No.34865202

shut da fuck up

>> No.34865215

bitcoin cash and pi

>> No.34865218
File: 167 KB, 1200x1200, 1546347517173.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

at least post the full version

>> No.34865222

lil donda the adults r "talking" go play with ur little friends

>> No.34865242
File: 37 KB, 748x410, 1607012956687.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34865244

yeah thats exactly my hair now. weird i bet thats partly why they sent it to me

>> No.34865249

yeah right >>> left

>> No.34865253

depends on what he posts

>> No.34865255

if you ever had an older girl rub your face in her titties as a little kid you'd understand

>> No.34865258

also lmao at 君にはまだ早いぞ gonna make sure to use that on your retards

>> No.34865261

bunko wanks to shota mom incest doujins every night and has the audacity to call 4bbc a lolicon
yall degenerates in my mind

>> No.34865281

yeah and youve always been a tranny in my mind

>> No.34865286

never made a playlist

>> No.34865290

i don't have any retards

>> No.34865304

what does og wank to i wonder

>> No.34865339

damn moe dropped lotgh on the exact same episode as me

>> No.34865348

its about the fact your self-insert is fucking his mom as a little kid though lmao.

>> No.34865363

track status: back on

>> No.34865381


>> No.34865385

>moe posts
>thread goes shit
every time

>> No.34865388

what if 4bbc self-inserts as the girl?
same situation

>> No.34865389
File: 110 KB, 1013x844, 1611943591557.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34865409

add me on jptvts

>> No.34865414


>> No.34865417

it was shit cuz of the jamal cringe posts and continued to be shit after i got here but not as much

>> No.34865421

i think im cool now even though it took me longer. but yeah i wish i could have been genki and active and sporty and physical when i was younger and actually had friends

>> No.34865424


>> No.34865427

but do you talk with your friends on mal

>> No.34865434


>> No.34865446


>> No.34865452

its awful isnt it

how differently u woulda lived ur seisyun days if u had the ability to know then what u know now w.o becoming jaded

>> No.34865472

post some core djt streamables

>> No.34865489


>> No.34865491

so we'll have to talk if you add me?

>> No.34865495

holy fuck

>> No.34865502


>> No.34865512


>> No.34865517

honestly i had a good time with good friends i dont regret it. if anything adulthood is where im dropping the ball

>> No.34865520

any with matto in it

>> No.34865521

the way he says quizmaster is really cute

>> No.34865529


>> No.34865537

but then whats the point in adding someone?

>> No.34865545

lmao me on the right jamal on the left

>> No.34865549

its myanimelist not myfaglist

>> No.34865553

idk man

>> No.34865568

well thats the thing its all over in adulthood anyway

theres really nothing there

if ur lucky u find someone to cling to until u die

if ur not lucky u post in the daily japanese thread

>> No.34865592

stay quiet, im talking to moe
me neither, should we be friends on mal?

>> No.34865593

i remember seeing it being posted by japanese H artist i follow on twitter a few months back

>> No.34865598

ok faggot

>> No.34865599
File: 847 KB, 1012x1088, 1615344004870.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34865606


>> No.34865609

i wouldnt have a h1z1 shirt on and i wouldnt be fat or black (im not black nothing against black ppl) and i dont want my women to have a penis

and chances are i wouldnt be hanging out w. a woman (full stop) where id have to ask if they like anime

>> No.34865618

i dunno im pretty caught in the past but you take it to a new level dude. i actually enjoy a lot of stuff and just want to focus more on the moment. my problems are all in my head my life has been pretty great objectively outside of relationships.

being a teen was a whole lot of powerlessness and anxiety and endlessly waiting around for my life to begin. i dont think id wanna go back to that even if i could

>> No.34865633

who are these people?

>> No.34865641

>theres a moeschizo now

>> No.34865643


>> No.34865646

haha nice meme bro

>> No.34865650


>> No.34865652

horrible people

>> No.34865656

it was just a funny, dude chill out
also if you asked me if i like anime irl i would respond exactly as she did

>> No.34865661

dunno, random twitch streamers
i watch some compilations sometimes theres some dudes in japan doing cringy shit in them

>> No.34865662


>> No.34865668

holy kek

>> No.34865675

theyre annoying as fuck and unfunny

>> No.34865676

how do I go about making an epub from a pdf that has top to bottom, right to left text flow?

>> No.34865681
File: 327 KB, 621x846, 1597228386624.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34865690

never heard of this song

>> No.34865693

do you realize you thinking that is just a function of you being stuck for too long in your depression hole?

>> No.34865703

hes right

>> No.34865712


>> No.34865713

oh you're depressed too

>> No.34865714

its kinda catchy

>> No.34865715

its a function of having a high iq and sense of humor

>> No.34865720


non holobros get out of this thread already, this is our turf now

>> No.34865738

tell us a joke then

>> No.34865741

about what

>> No.34865750

jokes arent funny neither is their random oblivion npc dialogue

>> No.34865755

laughed way harder at shit online than anything irl

>> No.34865759

tfw stuck in a くぼみ

>> No.34865760

how do i know if i'm depressed

>> No.34865761
File: 44 KB, 512x372, sukima.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

post your favorite 2hu to determine if you are gmi or not

>> No.34865768


>> No.34865779

2hu is shit
the futa doujins are great tho

>> No.34865780

theyre all gay

>> No.34865788

cant name any of them

>> No.34865798
File: 1.30 MB, 220x220, 1621099756904.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

post your favorite holo to determine if you are gmi or not

>> No.34865799

sorry, ngmi

>> No.34865808

my name is hilarious

>> No.34865814

dame just lost a lot of respect for moe

>> No.34865818


>> No.34865824

man moe is so based

>> No.34865830

jamal can you admit this whole djt thing is over? i mean just look at the last posts

>> No.34865853

some people really throw their life away like that huh

>> No.34865858

you still havent got tired of trolling here

>> No.34865866

im just asking

>> No.34865870

good thing the gods make people like bunko to clean up those messes i guess. hes really taking one for humanity

>> No.34865873

theyre all gay

>> No.34865879


>> No.34865903

>her 10 year younger bf broke up with her..
fuck this makes me angry i would never leave my jukujo

>> No.34865908


>> No.34865910

whats 2hu

>> No.34865919

fuck outta here

>> No.34865932

grow up