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guide and resources: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/

old thread: >>34866682

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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
Guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/
Word of the Day: https://t.me/s/jt_library

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do you seriously think that anyone will ever take that garbage guide seriously? please, have some self-awareness ffs

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do you seriously think that anyone will ever take the garbage you pasted in the OP seriously? please, have some self-awareness ffs

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everyone already does. that's why it keeps being posted by everyone. it's also posted because of its resources not only the guide. also check the number of IPs in the thread, you fucking neanderthal. i'm not OP

you are a low iq retard that is destined to go around earth without a complete understanding of your surroundings

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>everyone already does
are you retarded?
>that's why it keeps being posted by everyone
it's being spammed by a schizo freak who happens to make these threads
>it's also posted because of its resources not only the guide
do you realize how outdated they are?
>i'm not OP
nice VPN
>you are a low iq retard that is destined to go around earth without a complete understanding of your surroundings
i suggest that you go back to pisscord.

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reminder that this post was made by someones bot to shill his patreon

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yeah, you're hopeless. probably your mother dropped you on your head or something
there is no use in talking to someone this low iq

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that's why i told you to go back. you're too retarded to stay here or to learn japanese in the first place.

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no one takes your seriously and your guide is garbage. you're the village idiot

why don't you understand this?

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even if the op's guide were thrash there are 900 other guides that are better than your fucking ridiculous guide

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you have no idea what you're talking about, and there's no better guide anyway.
so shut up

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you're a joke
your guide is a joke
no one takes you seriously
you're dumber than a fucking door

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you can spam your trash guide as much as you want
no one will ever take that piece of garbage seriously

understand this, please. you can do it, even you

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you're a drooling retard not capable of reading the guide and benefit from it. you have to go back.

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i would benefit more from hearing the ramblings of a random hobo. there would be as much useful information as your ludicrous guide

your guide is a joke
your guide is ridiculous
no one reads that shit
no one will ever read that shit
everyone ignores that excrement that you refer to as guide
no one gives a fuck about your thoughts on the japanese language
you're a loser that needs to fuck off

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you don't read it because you can't read anything longer than 3 sentences.
your brain is completely fried.
you know nothing
you have no cognitive capacity.
you need to leave.

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i don't know how to make you understand this very simple fact: no ONE gives a single fuck about you and your guide.

this is simply the truth and you know it

you keep spamming in the hopes that someone will some day read it and think that it is a good guide

it's never happening, dude. you suck
this is the fact of the matter. you have to face reality.

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you can't do anything productive so you spit your diarrhea here

no one takes your shitposting seriously
everyone laughs at the retarded conclusions you come to

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please, stop spamming your garbage guide
it makes my eye bleed every time i look at it
no one cares. there are a thousand infinitely better guides out there. delete your shit guide

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every post you make is a joke
you can cry as much as you like, the guide is good and everyone knows it
i can't help but laugh at your pathetic attempts to shit on the guide

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>the guide is good and everyone knows it
the voices in your head doesn't count as everyone

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no one cares about you and your worthless opinion

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your guide is garbage and no one gives a shit about it

the fact that you desperately spam it is all the proof that we need
the only person who posts your """"""""guide""""" is yourself

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your bitching won't stop me from writing the excellent guide djt has.

you're polluting the thread.

stop getting in a way of other people's studies

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i really like the idea but not the execution.

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the thread is already polluted the moment your posted that huge load of shit that you call a guide as the fist post

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even if you spam that the guide is bad in every thread it won't change the facts

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what facts? go ahead and spill these facts

these are facts:
#1 only you post that shit garbage
#2 no one has ever read it
#3 you don't know japanese

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people like the guide and thank me for it

you're the only person to ever say anything negative about the guide
you're just jealous

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I hate these iturazenko spam OP's, we can do better, can't we?

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Great OP. A breath of fresh air.

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yup this thread is it

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wouldnt happen if u did radicals

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not sure which thread to post in the other one is holoshit but this has the goatfucker

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there she is

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what's this anti-guy rhetoric? guys rock

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wrong everyone learns languages the same way

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yeah we're all exactly the same right /s

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What would you suggest instead? I'm taking more of a shotgun approach now with reading/immersion/srs all at the same time. I hope AI comes soon so it can generate unique sentences for each target vocabulary word every day, then they wouldn't get 'stale'.

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point disregarded

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あっ、なるほど! ダークチョコレートだね?

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back to you know where

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most visual novels should be avoided since they're proprietary

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if you're reading enough then u dont need sentences on your card

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he's made half the posts here though

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if you can obtain the book in epub, pdf or any other free format then you don't have to worry about it. with software it's a little bit different, nonfree programs have the potential to be malicious, and they often are.

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I run my VNs in a VM anyway. So I don't care.

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sentences are the only anki thing that really makes sense to me
but then again i'm already at a point it feels more useful to just read something with a dictionary

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made some frozen gyoza just now and they were really fucking good. in europe you dont really buy pre-made frozen food that much so i always expect it to be shit but it was great. makes it seem not worth it to make them by hand anymore.

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lol manlet

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sorry dude im just full after half a pizza and then some cuz im not a fat piece of shit

uh they are like 1500-2000 calories lol

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the dough alone is more than 600 calories lol. this is for a pizza thats a bit bigger than what you'd get in a pizzeria in italy for 1 person

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being a manlet doesn't prevent you from eating big. famous eating champion kobayashi takeru is only 5'8"
reminds me when i was in uni i did some eating challenge at a burger place with a huge rugby player friend of mine and i destroyed him, he had to go throw up halfway thru it

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gonna go back to watching one piece cause im playing wow and i need something light-hearted on the top of my screen to keep me entertained while grinding

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authentic djt experience

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im not good at multitasking so ill just end up missing 20secs and having to rewind all the time whenever i have to pay attention to the game

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no i just looked it up ssc came out with gruul and mag which came out when tbc launched

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wasnt there some attunement req that was impossible at the start

>> No.34879900

prolly according to world first history kara was cleared before gruul and mag and ssc

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you need a stone from gruul and one of the kara dragons

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u watching benkei? there was a good scene w/ that

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most of them are n6

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lewd as fuck

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i'd like to clone ciaran. now i know what you're thinking; "why on earth would anyone want to produce more of this odious little gremlin?", let me explain. imagine if you will a bowling alley, but with ciaran as the pins, all tied in space screaming for help as their spinning doom approaches them, would look like a fucking iceberg to them

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dame forgot the current one piece op was a low-key banger...

>> No.34880508

i mean the face/hair/beard

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queeran would be a nelf huntard

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mining makes immersion a chore

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i dont have any friends so i dont know about that part but its a comfy show by itself

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i'd rather drink acid than be in a chat with you

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pitch accent is stupid but he also cant understand the instructions of a childs video game

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you stupid nigga.


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i think my face is like a 3-4/10 but being tall and not fat elevates my overall score to a 6

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dont care, kys

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lmあお dude you can't be that retarded. telegram has channels, chats and DMs. all three work slightly differently.

>> No.34880924

yes its cancer and no there are no "japanese learning communities" that arent

>> No.34880970

lmao exposed

>> No.34881060

or if u only read

how can u be trusted to read a language u dont know ? lmao

>> No.34881080

never reading again

>> No.34881385

incidentally i also hate young people

>> No.34881430

his cg sets are always too long

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Why are so many VNs translated to Chinese now? Are they all shitty translations? Isn't this shit outlawed there?

>> No.34881540

that isn't chinese actually

>> No.34881624

because its the language of 中華 right jamal

>> No.34881769

the real quizmaster reborn right here

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just fell asleep watching the f1 race, monaco blows

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damn george has big beef with dogen

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thats og, a childrens manga is hard mode kanji for her

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It's not terrible I guess.

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dont give a fuck stfu

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im here

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Where are you people from? Who doesn't have one? I have two. The lite one seems dumb.

>> No.34882255

yoooo its プロメアs 2nd anniversary
time for a rewatch


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day-m mark

>> No.34882306

wotd: 雑魚い

>> No.34882312

they're kicking a ball who gives a fuck fuck sports

>> No.34882323

washing ladies 'g'?

>> No.34882356

sounds like shit

>> No.34882379

no way 4bc isnt german

>> No.34882520

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUw9IsjrKbQ >>34881840

>> No.34882529

thats just one of my haters they post like that a lot

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>Can't we all just get along?

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chuuni names for chuuni genre

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>> No.34882613

thats not what it means

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>> No.34882650

tell me how it fits any of those situations here

>> No.34882677

this one you incompetent dekinai

>> No.34882679

guys we couldnt save her ;__;

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what fucking context its too lines. just keep your trap shut all you are doing is making the waters murkier than they need to be
ydkj seriously blow your brains out im entirely sick of you. you dont understand japanese, and you dont understand how its used. and you have nothing but pedantry as ammunition and even your own source proves me right. i literally meant it as 気にするな or "dont worry about it" its seriously like n7 dialog you could pick up from subbed anime

dont fucking (you) you are filth and not worth a single thought more

>> No.34882795

how does that fit here og?

>> No.34882818

the definition you are claiming to use does not exist

>> No.34882825

you cant even read the definitions so im not surprised you're disagreeing but maybe you can tell me why no japanese person ever agrees with you when i look it up?

>> No.34882830

dame crazy how this happens every time obese girl tries to use a single japanese word

>> No.34882853

doesnt really matter what the exact definition of the word is you all understood what ogs post was trying to convey and thats all that matters when using language in the end

>> No.34882857

can you tell me how the person you replied to did a ミス or 失敗 og?

>> No.34882871

you don't even know 気にするな? it isn't limited to encouragement.
it has more than one. you hear it as 気にするな in general to lighten the mood as well which is how i meant it. seriously you guys dont spend any time in japan hearing how people speak ydkj
you are cherry picking the meaning for encouragement when people use it to lighten the mood, which is why it works as encouragement as well. you are being super autismos about this

>> No.34882874

that's the sad part. someone probably gets crippled every time she tries to use her fucked up japanese because they think it makes sense.

>> No.34882875

>a team chant

>> No.34882891

>you are cherry picking the meaning for encouragement when people use it to lighten the mood,
im not cherry picking anything, go and read the links i posted (with deepl so you can understand it) and every one of them says its something you say when someone fucked up

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wow i want to fuck them

>> No.34882907

crazy how og is unable to process japanese and has created such a concrete idea of wrong japanese in her head that she thinks people are using words to mean completely different things and then uses her own wrong experience as evidence of the wrong use. truly a level of failure that's not been reached by many in the history of japanese.

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File: 72 KB, 763x428, Screenshot 2021-05-24 01.08.55.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

first definition result for exactly what i said. im not saying anymore on the subject

>> No.34882948

>first definition

>> No.34882950


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>> No.34882976

you don't even know how to read the picture you posted oh geez

>> No.34882978

og please be aware that 気にするな is something you can also say when someone fucks something up, but ドンマイ is not something you can use to replace 気にするな in every single situation
that's why it's a 類語 but its not something you can just 1 instead of the other in every situation

>> No.34882992

honestly considering going to the djt meet just so i have a real shot at taking out a few of you in self defense

>> No.34883005

>you don't even know 気にするな? it isn't limited to encouragement.
holy strawman of course i know that
the point is that (i'll caps this for u)
ドンマイ is not equvalent to 気にするな IN ALL CONTEXTS (the last part is important!)
ドンマイ = 気にするな if someone gets owned or fucks up and you wanna cheer them up (not limited to sports btw it's just a very common usage)
ドンマイ =/= 気にするな if you're using it in the sense of 構わない which is how you used it, this usage is exclusive to english japanese people DO NOT USE IT THIS WAY (caps because important haha)

>> No.34883013

dont care they're actually wrong and their smug faces make me want to cause extremely bodily harm

>> No.34883014

wotd: 妄執

>> No.34883024

imagine how dumb someone would look if they went to a thesaurus and replaced all the english with stuff from that and then said it was correct
here ill try it
>imagine how dumb someone would look
conceive whereby silent character would gaze

>> No.34883026

lol ok

>> No.34883032

another sad day in og land

>> No.34883046

og do you think every synonym can replace every word it is a synonym of in every situation?
simple yes or no

>> No.34883048

does anyone have the penspinning matto clip where nuke says "that should be called ペン術" and matto goes "no its not called that its called ペン回し"

>> No.34883051

i said ドンマイドンマイ not ドンマイ in the way you are assuming. and you've never shown that its exclusively used for encouragement after a failure, and also ydkj. also please jump off a bridge

>> No.34883059

wanna go to the djt meet to have coffee and cake with og and hop into one big futon to cuddle after while talking shit about djts worst posters

>> No.34883065

oh yes repeating it totally changes the usage og wins again lmao

>> No.34883067

>you've never shown that its exclusively used for encouragement after a failure
read the chiebukuro answers to all of the questions about what it means, they all say this

>> No.34883084

this is problematic because she can't read

>> No.34883087

its one thing to be wrong but youre actually a vile person and should behead yourself scumbag

>> No.34883091


>> No.34883150

the issue is that you have no way of understanding what they mean, so every time you hear it you dont understand what they mean and you think "oh they used it like x" when they didn't, and you keep thinking that's what it means because you have such a stone head. you're basically gaslighting yourself about the meaning of japanese words.

>> No.34883159

og being angry makes her 10 times hotter in my mind

>> No.34883167

i think shes just having a bad day that was a pretty crazy explosion of anger

>> No.34883175

why does she think that saying donmai twice changes the context in which it is used

>> No.34883187

i just want to fuck some asian pussy

>> No.34883188

was just thinking about how grateful i am that ciaran still posts here because without him literally no one on djt would know japanese anymore (quiz and the other veterans are discorders now)

>> No.34883191

obese girl never had a thought in her life

>> No.34883194

i just have this fantasy where i learn kung fu but somehow its the movie kind where its practical in a fight and you retards are flying at me with your copes and gaslighting and i grab each two at a time with on hand and press my thumbs into your eyeballs till they burst and knocking over the rest of the sideline hecklers by chucking your writing carcass at them

>> No.34883197

nah theres some big hitters in here like moe and that guy who was correcting peoples japanese yesterday he seemed to know what he was talking about, lets not forget jamal

>> No.34883199

i'm still here too but i'm not a namefag and never will be

>> No.34883204

reminds me of mousou girl

>> No.34883215

og ive got a challenge for you, when you get to japan ask your japanese friends (?) when to use ドンマイ and ドンマイドンマイ and report back what they say

>> No.34883217


>> No.34883218

term mostly used by women and leftists because they're neurotic

>> No.34883258

post some dopamine bombs (2d)

>> No.34883259

ドンマイ is 話声英語 for "don't worry"

>> No.34883261

why do you want learn japanese?

>> No.34883268

this is the intermediate thread

>> No.34883272

i dont

>> No.34883283

then why are you here

>> No.34883288

native mistake

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File: 2.86 MB, 800x600, 1609371486950.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 725 KB, 1440x810, ノラと皇女と野良猫ハート.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34883297

it's the daily japanese thread

>> No.34883303

nice thighs

>> No.34883309

my worst nightmare itt is that i shit on og then she turns out to be right all along

>> No.34883317

yes, your point?

>> No.34883328

is og the only woman here

>> No.34883332


>> No.34883335

it's just the japanese thread not the (non)learning japanese thread

>> No.34883340

we have nyan as well
mousou girl left us unfortunately

>> No.34883345

its just a language, its fine to be wrong sometimes as long as you learn from those experiences

>> No.34883363

is nyan one outs girl too or is that a different girl?

>> No.34883375

all horrible

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>> No.34883389

imagine a JOP trying to understand mabusii kokoro lol

>> No.34883393


>> No.34883394

wanna spinning heel kick this dudes face like barboza did to etim

>> No.34883398

ywnbaモエ少女 and also u r ゲイ

>> No.34883426

mousou wasnt a terrible poster by djt standards. she had some weird opinions on social interaction but thats about it. she could also read japanese and vocarood stuff she's infinitely better than the rotten whore

>> No.34883431


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recommend me some books and light novels to read anons.

>> No.34883495

imagine thinking ykj when you dont even know that ハート go ぴかぴか all the time in nipland

>> No.34883500
File: 23 KB, 342x499, 41MV1TUKmhL._SX340_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this to fix your coomer brain and realize you are exploiting these poor women

>> No.34883518

Not as hard as you'd think even though it has dated language. It's manageable if you read it in chunks which it's suited to. I think it was serialized initially.

>> No.34883519


>> No.34883528

is that the story she's peddling? i've never listened to her talk for a single minute

>> No.34883531

imagine watching something this shit

>> No.34883541


>> No.34883542

isnt this thing notoriously hard lol i remember either unko or queeran or someone saying so

>> No.34883551

no she actually says we need av and is proud of her work, but that many producers are forcing the girls to commit tax fraud by not explaning to them properly how the av industry is taxed

>> No.34883562

should i watch the heaven's feel movies

>> No.34883571

>i was a whore because society needed me
the cope lol

>> No.34883580

If you can read a light novel you should be able to manage it in chunks like I said. Just have a good grammar dictionary and such. If it's too hard I suggest getting a graded reader of some sort as a bridge to true literature.

>> No.34883587

idk haven't watched them will watch fate zero first

>> No.34883596

Everything you should know about women in the AV industry?

>> No.34883607

how can you claim to have good taste in moe and dislike heartcatch? fucking poser zoom i hope your mal gets purged

>> No.34883616

Everything women should know

>> No.34883625


>> No.34883630

i just like good anime

>> No.34883635

clearly not.

>> No.34883653

let's gooooo

>> No.34883662


>> No.34883691

thats one suspicious looking url
think ill pass

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File: 1.42 MB, 1760x2592, shaaaaaaark.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 951 KB, 1440x810, ノラと皇女と野良猫ハート.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

inuyasha prepared me for this

>> No.34883746

wait tatsumoto have you played muramasa

>> No.34883773

he doesnt play proprietary games

>> No.34883799
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That's not a samurai.

>> No.34883800

whos the most yandere poster

>> No.34883810

結 what のような

>> No.34883813


>> No.34883890


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>> No.34883929

any posts worth reading

>> No.34883942

nah dont mind

>> No.34883944


>> No.34883952

your girlfriend went off again big time

>> No.34883960

thats what she does

>> No.34883986

based, even matt watches trash taste
bet he'd love to be on their podcast

>> No.34884046

makes me laugh knowing og went to bad angry as fuck

>> No.34884048

the incident started here
keep reading for the huge spiral of shit it turned into

>> No.34884064

went to bed*
laughing too hard to type haha

>> No.34884071

i wonder how big matto is

>> No.34884109
File: 72 KB, 938x500, voqxwzjzbu071.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34884192
File: 1.30 MB, 220x220, 1621099756904.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34884300


>> No.34884323


>> No.34884356
File: 109 KB, 1123x588, 2cbz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wow are we gonna let this old man who can't even read a kid's game dis our vocal trainer dogen like this?

>> No.34884383


>> No.34884387

dame one piece even got a kappa samurai character now this shit is based

>> No.34884409

cant sleep again. fuck. what is wrong with me

>> No.34884412


>> No.34884424

got a lil too heated earlier

>> No.34884436

everytime i see her big moon face all i think is

>> No.34884444

ditch the coffee
also a good wanks helps

>> No.34884452


>> No.34884463

i didnt have time for coffee today so not sure if thats it
as for the second i dont think thats gonna work for me

>> No.34884487

how do you not have time for coffee

>> No.34884516

woke up late and had to rush to my yakusoku
ordered a ""latte"" at a cafe but it was just milk and some weird dog flavor with no actual espresso in it

>> No.34884528

>dog flavor
wtfs wrong with korea

>> No.34884540


>> No.34884541

why is the japanese learning community so toxic?
actually i have a theory, i think its because most people who learn japanese are nerdy weebs with poor social skills. these nerds get especially insufferable when they manage to get a gf because it massively inflates their ego

>> No.34884554

michael jordans fuckin toxic as shit

>> No.34884561

lmao was joking. i think it was chestnut flavor but equally weird and also gritty

>> No.34884563

whats your issue

>> No.34884571
File: 139 KB, 700x587, 1543930512460.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's time for 日之語 again to make all of you refoldrones into japanese enjoyers ー 奇形腫

>> No.34884575

>i hate this guy because he thinks his japanese sounds good!!
i.e. i hate this guy because he's confident

>> No.34884590


>> No.34884591

dunno who you're quoting but you seem to have poor social skills yourself so maybe youre right

>> No.34884615

my test for japanese autism is simple, i just imagine the same situation but about my native language. really separates the cringe from the based pretty quickly

>> No.34884616

she wasnt even wrong

>> No.34884626


>> No.34884643


>> No.34884655

once again jamal is showing that he does indeed know nihongo

>> No.34884662

lmfao thats my baby

>> No.34884672

ciaran, can you clear this up?

>> No.34884676

r8 my japanese
'yeah tanoshkatta ze"

>> No.34884677

jamal simping again

>> No.34884681

yeah just mimick native japanese speakers, unless they are children, women, autistic, shut-in otaku, from certain prefectures, or immigrants

>> No.34884693

cant disagree

>> No.34884697
File: 198 KB, 372x415, mpv_BBBD85CF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34884698

if you know, you know

>> No.34884715

lma o

>> No.34884721

yes she was

ドンマイは英語の「Don’t mind」から来ていることは多くの方が知っていることと思います。


literally stating that the english meaning (which og used) does not apply in japanese

>> No.34884740
File: 25 KB, 966x259, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

time to shitpost again

>> No.34884741


>> No.34884750

wani anon? welcome back dude

>> No.34884758

and then after u create a pile of corpses and blood and guts everywhere i casually stroll through the mess right up to u and u hesitantly try to grab me and then before u see it coming i instantly grab u harder and pull u in and squeeze u tight and tell u its ok u dont have to fight anymore

all resistance and fight leaves u and u erupt in tears wailing loudly

>> No.34884759

og wasnt using the english meaning though she was saying 気にしないで which is what ドンマイ means like it says there

>> No.34884760

kiss me

>> No.34884769

>which is what ドンマイ means like it says there
only if you're 励ますing someone

>> No.34884772

this way of writing is a big red flag for not being a native. if you know, you know

>> No.34884780


>> No.34884784

nothing was wrong in the context that she used it

u are just astoundingly ky and dont understand it

>> No.34884801

yea jamals wrong again

>> No.34884804


>> No.34884805

what was the context she used it?

>> No.34884817

lol youre embarassing yourself that's talking about the english phrase "(i) dont mind" not ドンマイ just stay out of this 1 and let the adults discuss

>> No.34884823


>> No.34884824
File: 119 KB, 742x614, ina.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so much coping over a single word

>> No.34884825

im happy to ride off into the sunset w. og on this 1 sorry boys there was nothing wrong w. what she said to that guy

if u are esl and u dont know japanese u are fucked period

>> No.34884842

ドンマイ is used when someone makes a mistake or fucks up to cheer them up. how does that apply to the context she used it, which she admitted was just saying "this is not something you need to be concerned about"

>> No.34884846

ciaran knows japanese, isn't an esl, and said she is wrong. you don't know japanese

>> No.34884854

she said it to a guy trying to find his place in the thread (clearly new) and asking why every1 has to be mean to each other

its a anime tier response for sure but theres nothing wrong w. what she said in the context that she said it

shes a mega dork but thats why shes my baby

>> No.34884879
File: 247 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0569.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

god i wish that were me

>> No.34884883

maybe obese girl can try speaking more japanese now? sick of her trying to put japanese words like 木と青さ in english sentences its time to whip out the big guns

>> No.34884887

just poured some nice and cool fizzy water into a cup and listened to the noises for 5 minutes straight
so interesting

>> No.34884889
File: 233 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0570.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34884891

that does sound interesting i'm gonna stare at my cup for 5 mins now

>> No.34884901

why did she pay 12 bucks for a pound and a half of pink slop lmao

>> No.34884902

i speak japanese all the time without english, ask bunko he's one of the few dekiru enough to know its me and respond

>> No.34884917

shes probably canadian heard their meat prices are overkill

>> No.34884929

i bet og wishes i just dogpiled on the hate train rather than tell it like it is and defend her lol

>> No.34884941

lmao you don't know は

>> No.34884948
File: 191 KB, 984x994, ghf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yoshi, time to pop the dictionary open!

>> No.34884970

all n6

>> No.34884975

theyre talking about the 正しい意味 from the context of english not japanese lol

>> No.34885011

how are water and broth free but salt isn't? why did she calculate that a table spoon of salt costs 2 cents, but she claims water is free when it's not

>> No.34885021

just did the smae but 2 seconds not 5 minutes

>> No.34885025

some places have free tap water

>> No.34885031

had some fun predicting the patterns and when the next huge fizzle comes

>> No.34885035

>how are water and broth free but salt isn't?
look up gutter oil

>> No.34885036

yeah *pisses on your lawn*

>> No.34885046

damn thats actually disgusting

>> No.34885057

one of these days i will metaphorically do this to djt and they wont be able to come back from it
its more like people dont trust your motivations so even though you know im right they are rightfully sus

>> No.34885068

chinese people arent human.

>> No.34885075

but women cant drive

>> No.34885089


also wanna see og do the honey flash

>> No.34885092

well if you got to the end, its clear that didnt matter

>> No.34885099
File: 162 KB, 492x184, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

now thats what im talkin bout

>> No.34885109

ogs only gonna do the honey flash for me and im gonna say "thats it?" and shes gonna take it personal and get really upset and bonk me w. her 1000 dollar purse

>> No.34885113
File: 58 KB, 1024x576, file(2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34885124

jibun wooooooooooo

>> No.34885155

>also wanna see og do the honey flash
i couldnt comment on if ive done that countless time in private

>> No.34885170

og walking around her house naked saying honey flash while ripping the grossest rawest ass imaginable after her daily trip to wendys

>> No.34885179


>> No.34885182


>> No.34885218

damn i didnt know they had it uploaded entirely on yt. i recommend it. campy and cheesy but still goat also n5 dialog
why you have to bring everything nice and fun down into the gutter with you? disgusting

>> No.34885221
File: 47 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone tried That Japanese Man Yuta's Japanese course?


He claims it teaches you "real" Japanese that textbooks don't talk about. It's also free. It's probably shit but I wanted to see if anyone tried it just in case

>> No.34885224

Anyone have grammar resources?
>Tae Kim
He explains things vaguely and jumps around a ton. Am I supposed to memorize every single type of verb and every single type of conjugation and then get assfucked when there's another exception to the rule? Why are there so many rules when there are 100 different exceptions to the rule? That's not a rule, that's an opinion and a waste of time.

>Cure Dolly
Grandma speaking, both voice and vtuber are creepy.

>> No.34885225

just made and froze like 60 gyoza. how the fuck do chinks do this all day every day

>> No.34885236

why are natural bodily functions the gutter ?

btw i think its cute u like tokusatu for girls i think wed have no problems watching things together in bed after a long day of posting

>> No.34885243

buy the wrappers
get the whole family to help

>> No.34885254

its got a lot of weird shit in it but its a very feelable novel plus its so cheery and funny that its easy to just keep turning pages

>> No.34885256

yeah her vid made me sad. i almost cried when she was using "repair" metaphors. hope she recovers

>> No.34885261

>Am I supposed to memorize every single type of verb and every single type of conjugation and then get assfucked when there's another exception to the rule?
No, you learn it through immersion.

>> No.34885268

i did buy the wrappers cause i finally found them after looking for months lol it was even worse when i was making the wrappers by hand

>> No.34885273


>> No.34885313

I thought it was canon that Dolly is a Hindu demigod?

>> No.34885317

you cant learn japanese from japanese.

>> No.34885340

nice, now imagine your cute niece helping out while you chitchat with your family and suddenly its 4 hours later and everyone's freezer is filled

>> No.34885344

deranged djt logic with a side of cope

>> No.34885354

family "chitchat" is the worst

>> No.34885366

yeah, but talking to friends time really does fly when you are doing boring stuff. talking to my family makes me want to throw up my liver unless its my brother

>> No.34885377

True, but when making sentence cards, should I just not do an english translation then?

will check it out, thanks.

>> No.34885378

spending time with family is beautiful
yall need to realize this before its too late

>> No.34885382

well chinese dont hate their family like jaded westerners so it works for them

>> No.34885393

yeah instead they hate children

>> No.34885396
File: 170 KB, 1239x2297, 1621797561738.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based mini yoga

>> No.34885401

not the case for everyone

>> No.34885414

cant wait to see how u introducing me to ur family goes lol

>> No.34885423

families vary a lot and most of them treat younger members very disrespectfully and i have a lot of pride and grandma outright disrespecting me to my face doesn't go well

>> No.34885428

you're talking about yourself in the third person again you ratfaced fuck

>> No.34885429

u dont like spending time w. them u just like it when they give u money we understand lol

>> No.34885434

yes, this is the video. https://vimeo.com/103027216

>> No.34885438

how do i master chinese tones?

>> No.34885441

you wouldnt get it bro there are always strings

>> No.34885450

you dont know what youre talking about so why dont you shut up

>> No.34885451

what makes u think ive mastered them

>> No.34885453

love talking to my mum one of the smartest people i know despite being bluepilled in some ways
dad is an absolute retard though

>> No.34885467

always had a great relationship with my parents mainly cause none of us are scumbags

>> No.34885470

you're chinese

>> No.34885489

i hate my family though

>> No.34885507

i dont get when people say they can be themselves around family. for me i feel like im 12 years old again and have no agency of my own when im back home while people ignore everything i say and proceed to tell me how i should be living my life and then gaslight me about how i have a negative personality when my migraine comes on

>> No.34885518

seems like they know how to deal with you og

>> No.34885527

my family's iq is about average. maybe skews toward the upper end of average. that people are born stupid and limited is the greatest tragedy and we need genetic engineering to fix it (not dumb shit like communism).

>> No.34885531

probably true but from my limited experience everyone i met generally liked their families unless they was heavily abused
maybe in ur corner of the world

>> No.34885537

>i dont get when people say they can be themselves around family.
those people probably have parents that are well adjusted people and not retards like yours lol

>> No.34885548

>maybe in ur corner of the world
be glad you dont have white boomer elders to deal with

>> No.34885557

my father is literally a cuck

>> No.34885562

everyones stupid but me

>> No.34885563

its not always heavy abuse sometimes its the little things that pile up over years and kill you

>> No.34885575

im honestly glad if most people have nice families they love and enjoy their company with. sucks about mine but at least its not the norm
this. doesn't have to be straight up abuse to chip away at you until your soul dies

>> No.34885581

yeah like when they only give you money in your bank twice a year and dont even let you spend it on onaholes

>> No.34885594

damn, mini arab got a nice taste.

>> No.34885608

fuck off esl

>> No.34885618

ok mutt face.

>> No.34885624

requesting tactical nuke on m***y***s location

>> No.34885631

im as white as the pearly gates that await me when i die unlike ur mudslime ass thats going to burn for all eternity

>> No.34885632

cuz ur a girl that didnt do what boomers expect the younger generation to do bc they lost touch w. society

basically all boomers do is handwave and point the finger they all got somethin to say but nothin to actually do when it comes down to it

>> No.34885656

betraying your race's native gods for a sandy jewish interloper is a big oof

>> No.34885670

cope mini rapist you're going to burn and burn and burn and watch your mother burn and watch your father burn and watch all your mini rapist siblings burn for all eternity

>> No.34885676
File: 684 KB, 1280x720, schoppy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

og, is being white the only """quality""" (in your head of course) that that you need to keep repeating that fact every single day?

>> No.34885678

>basically all boomers do is handwave and point the finger they all got somethin to say but nothin to actually do when it comes down to it
wow you might actually be white because thats pretty much a big part of why they are intolerable to speak in any depth with

>> No.34885685

not that stupid whore and i'll end your fucking existence if you ever accuse me of being her again

>> No.34885690

this is og >>34885656

>> No.34885718

its pretty common for parents to financially support their kid during uni yeah its their money but im deciding for myself that thats not how i want to spend it out of respect the fact that youre unable to think beyond the issue of finances shows how utterly clueless and unqualified you are to discuss anything about this topic now why dont you run off and go snuggle up to your mom or something

>> No.34885726

wow schopenhuer btfo every idiot that joins the army

>> No.34885727

Wodin will smile upon me in valhalla

My life goes by like passing clouds
Departed the days, I will be proud

>> No.34885751

holy shit, you are cringier than i thought
what are you then? those pagan larpers?

>> No.34885764

my parents didn't support me during uni

>> No.34885782

og being a neo pagan would be the final nail in the lollmao coffin

>> No.34885786

uni in europe costs 18 euro per semester plus a small dorm room and life expenses

>> No.34885791

lol must be nice to be born middle class LOL

>> No.34885810

got bored 1 minute in and switched over to the 1 hour guts theme loop that was in my recommended

>> No.34885812


whatever. i don't care

>> No.34885813

4bc is probably mad cuz his parents didnt buy him a piano when he was 4 so he never could use his perfect pitch

>> No.34885822
File: 1016 KB, 800x1080, external-content.duckduckgo.com.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

og believes in horus and the old egyptian gods, we've established this befoer

>> No.34885848

ye you do minirapist that's why you spend every waking moment in this thread or one of ur shitty chat rooms shilling your garbage that nobody cares about or uses

get fucked

>> No.34885858

correct. gold star
im not
>those pagan larpers?
define "pagan" im not a wiccan or any other flavor of newager nonsense and desu its hard to find gods strong enough to worship but i do invoke them from time to time but for the most part i try to get by on my own power and not ask for any cosmic gibs.

i believe in "pagan" gods, but none of them have their shit to together so i might just have to become one myself

>> No.34885870

og can i worship u

>> No.34885881

lol must be nice to not be born in subsaharan africa and be condemned to a life of starvation and disease LOL

>> No.34885886
File: 263 KB, 327x316, 1620016582220.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy fucking shit this crazy ass bitch. amazing that that dude that was plowing her stuck his dick into the human equivalent of an insane asylum and got away scot free

>> No.34885887

you can sacrifice some fish to get her juices flowing again down there

>> No.34885901

it is but it must be born with those things AND money lmfao

>> No.34885904
File: 294 KB, 802x737, 1613412426196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i cant handle this

>> No.34885922

gonna pour one out to og at Einherjar

>> No.34885924

ok eliot

>> No.34885932

japanese are pagan

>> No.34885941

bunko going thru his angsty teen phase 6 years late further evidence that the newer generations are maturing much slower than their predecessors

>> No.34885952

ouch i thought you was korean or something

>> No.34885957
File: 36 KB, 865x634, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34885962


>> No.34885966

man im just so sick of check-your-privilege fags like you who try to guilt trip others and dismiss all their problems purely on the basis that someone worse off exists fucking socialist loon

>> No.34885973

im gonna blast my baby gunk einherjar

>> No.34886007

the govment gives poors plenty of free money to go to college these days

>> No.34886023

now that i have my first worshipers and having animals sacrificed to me i dont think i can allow you speak this way about me any longer

>> No.34886028

who's that

>> No.34886038

i would kabedon u so fast u wouldnt be able to think of another stupid reply

also dont sya the n word

>> No.34886047

heh you mean idiots?

>> No.34886051
File: 61 KB, 1280x720, kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i believe in "pagan" gods, but none of them have their shit to together so i might just have to become one myself
lmao, you're a walking joke, og
how can you be a real person?

>> No.34886063

heres a sample of my future interview on the trash taste podcast when asked about my tenure at the daily japanese thread


>> No.34886068

maybe stop having womanly traits.

>> No.34886074

can we discuss the japanese language

>> No.34886077

oh i can step into the jungle alright play it your way just know those sticks and stones wont do much when i bring my rifle and blow your head off in 2 seconds

>> No.34886082

og has confirmed what i've always suspected

the bitch is literally (in the literal sense of the word) crazy

she is cuckoo. there is nothing up there. her brain is broken.

>> No.34886084

youre just wallowing in self pity and blaming your parents instead of doing something about your issues

>> No.34886086

we've said all that there is to say on that topic 50 times over no shut your stupid fucking trap before i staple it shut with a nail gun

>> No.34886095

what about it

>> No.34886102

*walks into the thread*
heres the real guide *shits on minirapist's head* ur welcome

>> No.34886121

She's a schizoid femoid. Prob the type to suck dick for crack

>> No.34886124
File: 13 KB, 373x322, varg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when did you realize that og is the female of this guy except with even less talent and crazier

>> No.34886127

make sure to follow proper procedure when dedicating your sacrifice to me. im working on bestowing nihongo gains amd curing autism but it might take me a while to get the hang of it

>> No.34886132

not true cuz he has never been wrong about anything theyre complete opposites

>> No.34886133

lol i forgot about varg

>> No.34886137

you keep saying she's schizoid when she isnt. just look at the symptom list and you'll see lol

t. diagnosed schizoid

>> No.34886142

ogs a weak bitch too she talks all kinda stupid shit but i could make her cry in 5 fuckin seconds shes all talk no walk

>> No.34886143

varg debunked the out of africa theory

>> No.34886154

moe's role model is a literal murderer and arsonist. as expected, /pol/turds are retarded

>> No.34886158

wow og did THAT??

>> No.34886168

nothin wrong with burning churches on european land and it was self defense

>> No.34886169

it was self defense retard

>> No.34886193

yea they should have used plan B

>> No.34886204

you know we have this field called genetics, right moe?

>> No.34886210

have you ever seen a gene?

>> No.34886213

>nothin wrong with burning churches on european land
*tips fedora*

>> No.34886214

whcih i assume you know nothing about (neither do i)

>> No.34886229

reddit meme wont convince me otherwise

>> No.34886231

cant lose wisdom if you never had any in the first place
way hey

>> No.34886241

reclaim your health bunko

>> No.34886243

moe do you like the lord of the rings?

>> No.34886246
File: 62 KB, 1234x694, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its going to be something like this

>> No.34886251

only read the hobbit and it was pretty good

>> No.34886254

tips fedora isn't a reddit meme lmao it's from 4chan

>> No.34886258

dont besmirch my name and heritage with your vulgar music. these is the sounds of my new temple

>> No.34886262

hes gonna duck and escape?

>> No.34886263
File: 16 KB, 255x211, IMG_20210523_151721.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

none of you have read any good manga. that's why you never give manga recs.

>> No.34886269

once you know one thing about moe, you know everything about moe

dude is one-dimensional. there is nothing original about him

>> No.34886272
File: 474 KB, 684x551, 2manysnacs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey there I came here to learn ja- jesus what the fuck is this thread

>> No.34886278


>> No.34886280

holy cringe. do you even have nordic heritage?

>> No.34886287
File: 41 KB, 126x456, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my favorites

>> No.34886288

stfu tobira guy
go back to sucking cocks

>> No.34886304

im the cow that jumped on the other cow at the end

>> No.34886311

whats so special about you shittalker snowflake

>> No.34886340

im celtic and not gaulish or anglo in a meaningful degree, so yeah. not that i was being literal with the video if you know you know

>> No.34886344

do we have a list of confirmed /pol/ish djters?

>> No.34886345


>> No.34886348

as much as obese girl likes to talk shit and tell herself shes smart and complex or w/e she really failed at life utterly

>> No.34886360

think the /pol/ boogeyman guy is projecting

>> No.34886362

nah you joke around sometimes but deep in your heart you dislike those racist little shitbags.

>> No.34886364

i dont think ogs failed at life its clear shes got a party going on inside her and while it isnt 100% my thing id be happy to at least hang out for a while and see whats good in there

>> No.34886366

do you know your iq, moe?

>> No.34886373

i have a feeling its pretty high

>> No.34886379

i dislike all forms of hate

but if u say something fucked up and its funny then its ok

>> No.34886380

>tell herself shes smart and complex
where have i ever said that about myself. im a pretty simple person imo and i cant speak for being "smart" outside of comparing myself to even bigger idiots than me. i left the iq mcquiz to stand on its own if people want to take it seriously or not (i dont)

>> No.34886387

i hate black people and jews, and am against immigration, but i believe in trans rights.

>> No.34886392

what rights

>> No.34886398


>> No.34886400

this but the exact opposite

>> No.34886405

o im not doing one of these gay ass tests

>> No.34886411


>> No.34886418

lmao, you do know that "?" and "what do u mean" isn't one of the options like it is on djt, right?

>> No.34886441

idk what your post has to do with mine

>> No.34886445

og got 130 tells you all that you need to know about these tests lmao

>> No.34886449

did the wrong wreak again

>> No.34886453

its obvious to me shes high iq

>> No.34886454

yeah i got 128 or something and im dumb as fuck

>> No.34886455

oh yeah i mean im not much better but im not singlemindely obsessed with dopamine either so im at least more complex the a pig like you, sure. the bar is really low here i can be a simple fool and still call out this mental abyss for what it is

>> No.34886458


saddest anime of all time *cries*

>> No.34886493

see you dont know what we have going on youve just made this strawman out of people cuz they post about jacking off or something which is actually simpleminded of you

>> No.34886495

well its through ogs posts that i can tell shes high iq which is in and of itself an action

>> No.34886496

look guys moebuta and ogre girl are fighting lmao

>> No.34886497

so berserk is not ongoing anymore right lol

>> No.34886498

fuck off, transphobe

>> No.34886510

why do you insist with that shit? it's not funny and it makes you look like a creepy simp

>> No.34886511

it's funny how people who score highly on iq tests are smart enough to realize that it's considered low status to directly brag about them or consider them important so instead they dismiss them.

i don't think trans rights are important at all. i think most of their suicidality is explained by them being mentally ill rather than how society views them. there isn't really an upside to helping alleviate their dysphoria in the same way i don't feel positively or negatively toward treatments for schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. would it be a good thing? i guess in the abstract but not really. but there is an upside to causing them pain because it upsets authoritarian leftists who only care about them because it's another fringe and deviant minority they can use to virtue signal and to weaponize against conservative whites.

>> No.34886512

iq doesn't matter. hard work beats natural talent any day

>> No.34886522

yeah now you can finally set it as "complete"

>> No.34886523

varg disproved that pagans accepted homos and trannies

>> No.34886543

newton now thats a real legend

>> No.34886544

was the thing miura died from something u get diagnosed with and know you'll die in X months or was it some shit that onsets and u die within a few days

>> No.34886550

i mean u just say things that indicate to me that theres a higher level of consciousness within u as is the case w. most higher iq ppl

to explain it another way most ppl are dim to very dark and the ones with higher intellect have more of a light to them

>> No.34886552

you are not trolling? you actually take varg seriously? holy shit

a murderer, arsonist that lives on welfare is your intellectual of choice. my god

>> No.34886575

now this on the other hand is a fake og post bc its incredibly dim lol

>> No.34886578

had a burzum shirt in high school

>> No.34886580

he died instantly

>> No.34886583

it was extremely sudden. a vein burst or some shit

>> No.34886609

well youre not a good judge of that cuz youre an idiot

>> No.34886614

p sure the guy didn't mean ogre girl like in urusei yatura

>> No.34886615

stfu ciaran

>> No.34886617

i don't even know how to identify her like you and others can because her posts are as bland as most others' and i gloss over them.
you were bored because action adventure sandbox games suck ass.

>> No.34886618

don't have any diagnosed mental illnesses

>> No.34886619

i am aware and i still like it better

>> No.34886625

except it runs smoother
but yeah they pretty much ripped the game off

you could try speedrunning it thats fun

>> No.34886642

>i like this a lot better than "output girl"
4bc btfo

>> No.34886645

actually im enjoying the magnetism shit bc physics stuff in games really stimulates my brain

>> No.34886651

same, and the doctors def tried

>> No.34886670

yeah you can do some fun glitches with that and even fly if you have two objects
not sure if they patched any of that though

>> No.34886685

think you can tell how much i care about names lol

>> No.34886721


>> No.34886728

quintessential zoomer take

>> No.34886756

eq2 was the superior release

>> No.34886762

chinese grammar might be easy grammatically speaking

but the pronunciation game makes it a billion times harder than japanisu

>> No.34886764


lets fucking gooooooooooooooooooooo

>> No.34886768

yea portal was good

>> No.34886772

its more like reddit ruined the humor by beating it into the ground with their autism. they can do it with literally anything they touch and make popular and turn it into shit because human energy affects reality

>> No.34886784

>isaac newton didn't do anything special
like i always say theres a contrarian for literally every topic on djt

>> No.34886787
File: 919 KB, 1088x634, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34886815

thought that was another woman for a sec lol. why is he shaped like that?

>> No.34886818

fuck japan

>> No.34886828

seriously, if you don't understand that isaac newton is probably the smartest human being that has ever lived then there is no hope for you

>> No.34886841

yeah isaac newton pwns

>> No.34886851

aplogise to og

>> No.34886852

never heard of him

>> No.34886867

sorry you were born into this world in the absolute state of you obese girl

>> No.34886872

for what?

>> No.34886884

always skipped that ending, first time i'm listening to it properly

>> No.34886887

mined lailai boy

>> No.34886902
File: 16 KB, 575x102, Screenshot 2021-05-24 06.13.52.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

isaac newton is my first cousin not memeing im 100% honki

>> No.34886913

was going to lol but then i looked at the timestamp

>> No.34886916


>> No.34886919

isaac newton:

made contribution to optics

invented calculus

>Newton is generally credited with the generalised binomial theorem, valid for any exponent. He discovered Newton's identities, Newton's method, classified cubic plane curves (polynomials of degree three in two variables), made substantial contributions to the theory of finite differences, and was the first to use fractional indices and to employ coordinate geometry to derive solutions to Diophantine equations. He approximated partial sums of the harmonic series by logarithms (a precursor to Euler's summation formula) and was the first to use power series with confidence and to revert power series. Newton's work on infinite series was inspired by Simon Stevin's decimals.[36]

formulated the laws of motion and universal gravitation

> They contributed to many advances during the Industrial Revolution which soon followed and were not improved upon for more than 200 years.

>> No.34886930

dame og got so heated last night over getting owned she stayed up all night talking about how shes a god and now shes gonna miss her breakfast of dog and kimchi when she wakes up at 3pm

>> No.34886932

isaac newton inventor of simpering optics

>> No.34886948

now this post deserves a lol

>> No.34886950

would be cool to be og's roommate my sleep schedule is just as fucked as hers

>> No.34886953

im glad you guys hold my relative in such esteem maybe i inherited a touch of his brilliance after all and you should APOLOGIZE FOR DON MAI

>> No.34886962

more like isaac newbton lol

>> No.34886971

i was wondering when u were gonna scream apologize

i knew u wouldnt do it directly after i said it bc that would look like ur respecting what i have to say too much but i knew it was coming lmao

>> No.34886974
File: 9 KB, 603x392, zh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i was like
>imma just learni 2k chinese words for fun, easy peasy

pic related. i had to use a mnemonics system that makes rtk look like something for babies to even begin getting answers right

>> No.34886980

thats cool but i dont like chinese

>> No.34886990

gonna have to agree with 4bc

>> No.34886993


>> No.34886994
File: 348 KB, 957x1400, 1610953442438.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34887007
File: 595 KB, 800x708, ruitomo_fve.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34887017

i had like 90% recollection when i learned chinese think this guy is just dumb

>> No.34887032


>> No.34887039


>> No.34887052

i wish u a nice sleep

>> No.34887054

think you meant to reply to this guy

>> No.34887082


>> No.34887118

fifteen hundred years ago people knew text books were the way to go
five hundred years ago people knew manga wasn't reading
fifteen minutes ago you knew there were no space dekirus living on earth
imagine what you'll know tomorrow

>> No.34887143

the fuck?

>> No.34887147

the final thought in the universe: わたしはゲイだった

>> No.34887161

lmao wtf did anon mean by that

>> No.34887200

were you getting the tones right?

>> No.34887301

rip cripto

>> No.34887311

maybe you're a genius and i'm just average

i don't see how i'm dumb for not memorizing easily these fucking tones
look at this sentence for example: 各尽其责

各 = gè, g = /k/, e = /ɤ/
尽 = jǐn, j = /tɕ/
其 = qí q = /tɕʰ/
责 = zé, z= /ts/, e = /ɤ/

one syllable, tones and crazy consonants that sound like each other

were you being honest with yourself when you passed your cards?

>> No.34887337

lthers area smiling

>> No.34887341


>> No.34887354

why are some people pushing chinese so hard these past few days i don't care fuck off

>> No.34887355

long-term holders

>> No.34887362

jamal, are you ok?

>> No.34887364


>> No.34887376

do you not know japanese or something? you shouldnt even have to try to remember those

>> No.34887397

so you were just remembering the meaning and not the reading?

that explains it. i'm try to get meaning and pronunciation right including the tones

>> No.34887408

loling at my timing for when i found my old btc wallet with 2 grand it it, if i had found it now it'd have been like 1100 which is still good but ya know

>> No.34887410


>> No.34887411

just listen to some chinese bro

>> No.34887424
File: 162 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

og's future idol career

>> No.34887451

not talking about the meaning, the readings are pretty much the same as in japanese

>> No.34887474

would ライト ogs アパート on ファイヤ metaphorically if i ever ファウンド it

>> No.34887483

no retard

>> No.34887486

zhangs shilling again

>> No.34887492

the tard thats learning chink probably doesnt even know japanese

>> No.34887508

its the same guy who was complaining about how the imabi grammar guide is "full of mistakes" a few weeks ago and it turned out he just couldnt understand it. he obviously just likes going thru guides

>> No.34887519

>"full of mistakes" a few weeks ago
uh bro that was months ago lol

>> No.34887531

a few weeks could be months

>> No.34887541
File: 101 KB, 259x194, 1618024008367.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34887554
File: 208 KB, 750x544, bk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

found bunko (on the right)

>> No.34887578

TIL that japanese has tones and that

/kɤ/ [t4] = [ka̠kɯ̟ᵝ]
/t͡ɕin/ [t3] = [d͡ʑĩn]
/t͡ɕʰi/ [t2] = [ɕi]
/t͡sɤ/ [t2] = [se̞kʲi]

>> No.34887591

that wasn't me. why do you people just make shit up?
i never complained about imabi.

>> No.34887596

dont pretend there isnt a massive hint in each of those. it narrows down the potential reading heavily if you know the japanese reading

>> No.34887613

pretend this massive hint isn't here
*unzips pants*

>> No.34887614


>> No.34887616

why did you suddenly change how you post? is it cuz you realized how i knew that lol

>> No.34887644

It says 溜池ゴロー作品紹介

>> No.34887656
File: 28 KB, 712x642, 1621808442074.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34887666
File: 100 KB, 847x600, whnuvoh4od031.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its based on this comic that gets posted a lot

>> No.34887670

what show

>> No.34887680

>when i move i will not own anything i dont need
you dont need internet

>> No.34887709

I heard ぽっちゃり for the first time and i just understood it thanks bunkbro

>> No.34887727


>> No.34887729

alright whatever you say haha

>> No.34887736

tijouha dewa dame zettai

>> No.34887745

bunko you should read 太陽と鉄 and reclaim your masculinity

>> No.34887756

unko never had no masculinity

>> No.34887780

every man is born with masculinity, but it can be taken away very early if you are born under certain circumstances such as being swedish adjacent

>> No.34887793

i'm always skeptical of these guys who say that everything is easy

look at george for example. the man teaches people how to speak japanese, sells books but he reads japanese slower than a baby

did you guys see that video of him playing a game?

everyone always likes to flex that they are a geniuses but it's always disappointing when you see that they are full of shit

i'm the only honest dude in here.

>> No.34887816

>did you guys see that video of him playing a game?
yeah i remember something about 鬼

>> No.34887830

okay so give us an honest rundown of your ability in japanese

>> No.34887836

yeah the epic idomu accident real funny

>> No.34887846

kachite moment

>> No.34887878

yall too negative. life isnt about whipping yourself all the time for fucking up. you're supposed to enjoy it. none of yall will ever get any pleasure of success like when calvin recognized the kanji cuz you think "oh whatever that was just some n5 shit anyway no big deal" and continue about your depressed lives. lighten up.

>> No.34887897

yeah not depressed cuz i watch holos

>> No.34887898

i am enjoying it
booted up a vinnie earlier and just understood it
thanks djt

>> No.34887900
File: 191 KB, 680x760, 834.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34887925

read it in danish then. if you've lost your ego about japanese that shouldnt bother you

>> No.34887960

bunkoid used the last of his ki to kamikaze quizler we wont forget his sacrifice

>> No.34887986

yeah that was the sorriest stream in the history of streaming

>> No.34887998

sorry ass streamer

>> No.34888032


the resemblance is uncanny

>> No.34888083
File: 63 KB, 531x581, card.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm making chinese anime cards using anacreon's script

let's goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

>> No.34888097

i forgot to change the font though

>> No.34888116

funny that it's the same in japanese
It's tsuge or something

>> No.34888117

most despicable word ever

>> No.34888119


>> No.34888122

Is George right?

>> No.34888124
File: 8 KB, 312x288, screen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hi @ all the chuugokugo djters

>> No.34888142

he's mad cuz he doesn't have the expertise to put it in his books so he's like haha it doesn't matter anyway guys don't worry about it!
that said he's right in that it that you don't have to go full autismo over it like dogen does

>> No.34888148

most accurate analysis of the current george 沙汰s

>> No.34888159

power's out

>> No.34888166

ogs prolly an innie

>> No.34888186

she has explicitly stated multiple times she's an outtie

>> No.34888204

don't give a fuxk

>> No.34888223

i don't really get your skepticism. it's pretty obvious if you listen to george that he wasn't autistic about his learning, whereas 4chan attracts autists. and in every 4chan community there's gonna be a few hyper autists

>> No.34888226

she'll be a innie after my foots done with her

>> No.34888238


>> No.34888340
File: 79 KB, 601x561, zh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34888361

japanese is as easy as you make it
obviously if u read shit above your level and try to make sense of every sentence then it will be hard

>> No.34888386

blessed with two streams in one day

>> No.34888399


>> No.34888403

i always have things to think about like super embarrassing moments that happened 10-20 years ago or the fact i'll have to settle for a low quality woman some day because i'm a low quality guy

>> No.34888424

noticed moe sometimes responds to posts ending in lol with lmfao ironically

>> No.34888425


>> No.34888426


>> No.34888431

the so called dip is just what the price was 4 months ago

>> No.34888437

i dont feel joy i wish i was low iq

>> No.34888442

what? i thought it was funny

>> No.34888460

damn our first family laptop was a fujitsu, i remember playing starcraft 1 on it with my sis
rip her

>> No.34888463

i could be out making irl friends but instead i'm memorizing behavioral patterns of anons wow

>> No.34888470

haven't showered in about a week

>> No.34888480
File: 74 KB, 379x561, earth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34888481

the internet has largely replaced irl friends and there's nothing wrong with thag

>> No.34888483

yea moes a phag

>> No.34888490

sounds like you're ready for some holos

>> No.34888493

i hate moe so fucking much

>> No.34888498

whats your issue

>> No.34888500


>> No.34888501


>> No.34888504

didn't used to like moe but i realized how important it is to keep anti leftist presence on djt so i'm glad he's here

>> No.34888518

i didn't do anything wrong maybe you just got problems relating to your fellow man

>> No.34888534


>> No.34888538

what the fuck does funko know bout anime lmao

>> No.34888557

what episode is that.
also from where do you download shit like this.

>> No.34888569

nice bro

>> No.34888576

binkos right

>> No.34888577

what do you mean

>> No.34888579

telling you kinda defeats the purpose since if you could get in those places you would know about them

>> No.34888601

kill yourself retard

>> No.34888607

moebuta always asks what people mean. he can't even interpret a simple post. this dude is dumber than a donkey

>> No.34888609

yeah that's not the right attitude

>> No.34888610

love seeing everyone respectin berserk this week makes me cry for the first time since i watched redline https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f26KyGr6y8w

>> No.34888618

im asking why you "think" what you posted which you probly cant explain cuz youre dumb as fuck

>> No.34888625

never watched berserk and never fucking will but i love the manga

>> No.34888626

never stop dabbing on leftists

>> No.34888634

never stop eating

>> No.34888641
File: 485 KB, 730x730, a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

never stop

>> No.34888650

wtf is this guy talking about

>> No.34888657

read a bunch of the berserk manga back when i was eop and watched the anime which is better

>> No.34888672
File: 506 KB, 1988x476, 1621719525048.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34888676

i'm cynical and i think a lot of public response is performative but miura's death made me teary eyed. can't believe one of the best ever died without finishing his work

>> No.34888680

i like a few of the anime changes but overall guts is just way more bad ass in the manga and the art is way superior

>> No.34888698
File: 57 KB, 1123x592, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thought gaijin were forbidden from public baths and onsens

>> No.34888702


>> No.34888711

>i don't believe what them scientists say. phd varg vikernes has disproved that pseudo-scientific cult. i rather believe in a black metal musician, murderer, arsonist and beggar than them scientists who don't know nothin'. if you don't believe varg then take a look and them infographics from /pol/. they be usin' some darn good sources like ragnarok235.blogspot.com and schizo ramblings from twitter. really trustworthy stuff

>> No.34888720

the white version of we waz kangz and shit

>> No.34888754
File: 44 KB, 876x489, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34888769

holy shit lmao

>> No.34888770

love that varg has 8 white kids but the white leftists in here wont have any

>> No.34888776

no reason to trust public institutions unless you can demonstrate they make better predictions than well-informed laymen. using the successes of a very few number of great individuals who utilized a particular method throughout history to add credibility to modern institutions in which many, many mediocre individuals apply that method is pretty weak.


>> No.34888823

imagine caring, fuck kids lol

>> No.34888827


>> No.34888829


>> No.34888844

ugh the dub is way better

>> No.34888848


>> No.34888849

that's illegal

>> No.34888858
File: 129 KB, 384x336, 1618338279837.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34888874

sometimes i sing mulan songs with a racist chinese accent

>> No.34888885

unreal how bad that football yesterday fucked me up lol i slept 8 hours and then took a 1 hour nap and im still fuckin dead atm and will prolly go to sleep 2 hours before i usually do

>> No.34888898


>> No.34888919


>> No.34889002

he barely posts any so thats not much of an accomplishment

>> No.34889003

mo money mo donda

>> No.34889031
File: 469 KB, 1030x773, 1584408971396.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reminds me of this guy

>> No.34889033
File: 92 KB, 428x595, c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34889054

sup bros

>> No.34889056


>> No.34889073

maybe george doesnt care about his reading skills ? i mean he speaks japanese fluently and has a yellow wife and raised a yellow kid w. her

>> No.34889077

>yea why
just wondering cause you havent been updating your anilist for a few days

>> No.34889083

shouldve known bunko gave up on life when he went dormant on mal

>> No.34889091
File: 39 KB, 541x700, jiangshi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


有 have 本事 ability 你 you 再说 say again 一遍 one time

你 you 生气 angry 的 [nominalizer] 样子 appearance 好 really 恐怖 frightening

我 i 真 really 的 [nominalizer] 好 really 怕怕 scared

你 you 是 are 吸血鬼 vampire 还是 or 僵尸 jiangshi 鬼 demon

>> No.34889114

>你 you 生气 angry 的 [nominalizer] 样子 appearance 好 really 恐怖 frightening


*的 [possessive particle]

>> No.34889122

yeah i got bored of shana after a few eps and cant force myself to finish death note cause its garbage . too lazy to find something else to watch hence berserk

>> No.34889124

yeah but u cant rly focus on price bc if real buying steps in liquidity at these levels will be gone pretty fast and well be seeing 50% green days

yah crypto could be over but if u look at the nerd shit on the charts were like 8 days being majorly oversold

theres always a bounce in that setup

besides all the new ppl not around in 2017 dont know that this last week isnt even that bad compared to the 50% up and down days we saw then

if u bought this morning ur gonna be fine basically in the short term just take ur profits and be responsible bc anything can happen

>> No.34889130


my weakness

imagine feeling her hard edges

>> No.34889192

come on

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