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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
Guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/
Word of the Day: https://t.me/s/jt_library

Previous thread: >>34889314

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a daily reminder how we destroyed qm's cuckold circlejerk

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happened to mutt's refuck'd discord as well. good job guys.

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You are misunderstanding the concept of immersion. It's not a little side activity you do to take a break from "study", it's the foundation of your learning. Of course memorizing 10,000 sentences isn't enough to absorb the entire grammar of the language. You absorb the language through thousands of hours of immersion. Sentences are just a little thing you do on the side to speed up the process.

"it has never made sense to me how it is possible to absorb the grammar by learning it in context". How did you learn English? Did your mom teach you grammar rules when you were a baby? Why do we say "big red dog" and not "red big dog". There is a grammar rule for that, but do you know it? You want to understand Japanese the same way you understand English: unconsciously. " many obscure rules exist within Japanese grammar". This is true, but how to Japanese people learn them? Why are you assuming that you are inferior to a fucking baby?

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imagine being this family and getting this fuckin freak lmao

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mental illness

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bros what's better material for wasting time on:
vidya or novels?
anybody got recs?

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just wu wei it and do whichever you feel like

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if george wanted to he could master pitch accent just by just asking his wife and daughter to correct him every time he makes a mistake. in one month he'll be better than matt at pitch accent.

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lets goooo

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What's up with hololive viewers excessively spamming "うんうん"? e.g. korone's chat. Is it the same shit japs do when listening to someone talk like "yeah, mhmm, yeah"?

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its just people who dont know japanese (the majority of holofag shitters) copy and pasting stuff without knowing what it really means

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how new are you bitch

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this is /djt/ not /daily matt thread/

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i thought of posting that here but gave up lol

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what should i reply to this retard?

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i wanna gas that kike every time i see a new garbage video he makes.

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does anyone have a link to the livestream george did where he initially criticized pitch accent? in the comments he says he was harsh on dogen in the stream and edited it out in the video. he also referenced it today in his matt reaction video, saying that matt and misa sound great and implying dogen doesn't.

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nagatoro on top of spanish BULL (toro)
ijimenaide kudasai

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素晴らしいゲーム…!! 誰もプレイした?

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lol the first card of this pre-made chinese deck is >"my daddy doesn't drink"

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*sips beer* fuck nigatoro

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she is 100% IBERIAN

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shes okinawan

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no, she is of andalusian heritage and her full name is María del Rosario de la Santísima y Más Misteriosa Concepción de Nuestro Señor Jesús Cristo de la Naga Toro y Fernández VIII

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oh shit george said he and matt are having a debate on pitch accent friday!

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mfw niggers

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never drank alcohol. think i'd be violent like my dad if i got drunk

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But why is it important then

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medniggers are not niggers
t. proud mednigger

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never been violent never will

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just like immanuel kant, friedrich nietzsche, and adolf hitler

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did you know that adolf hitler was against animal abuse and smoking tobacco too?

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this is an alfredo post

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who do you think is the most fedora-tipping djter of all?
moe seems like an obvious candidate, but jamal seems like the kind of person who'd disguise his beliefs under a very thick coating of "common sense" and lip service to generic late 20th century "moderate" values

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dunno but it's weird you should be spewing diarrhea out your ass not your mouth

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Who cares

But who's the most fedora tipping AJATTer

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the worst thing about people born this millennium other than being huge faggots is they dont know how to communicate without soulless reddit memes

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lol boomer

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that and liking shit anime

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moe is literally a self-hating zoomer

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? i like myself but hate everyone else

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prob some 1999 pre-zoomer

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zoomers are like 26 years old now

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moe is a brainlet

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generation z began in 1995

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whatever fuck that faggot and his fedora meme

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george just mentioned something in this video that i'm watching that i claim happens with moe

he said that he played two games learned a lot of words, put them on anki, learned them all

then he said he started noticing them in tv shows etc..
he was like
>how didn't i notice these words before?

he said he didn't hear those words but his japanese is good enough to understand what he is watching by context

i claim this is what happens with moebuta and he doesn't even fucking realize it

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so whats the issue

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this country has a few bops

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idk what it means to be "fedora-tipping" but ive never worn 1

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great ogs listening to kpop u know what that means

me and og r goin to fuckin bed

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korean? reported

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the rivalry reignited.... this is gonna be epic....

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my immediate target is surpass moe's skills at listening
then surpass quiz's amount of cards
then finally surpass the supreme god aka ciaran

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What does "kana" really mean??

I've tried researching this question myself but some confusion exist about the meaning of kana. Wikipedia says "The Kana are syllabaries used to write Japanese phonological units, morae." and that a syllabary is "a set of written symbols that represent the syllables or moras which make up words".

First the "The Kana are syllabaries..." part. Based on "are" being used, kana is a plural noun meaning there are several kana. So then one kana is one syllabary, one set of symbols that represents the Japanese morae.

I know only of the Japanese syllabaries hiragana and katakana, each of which is then a kana. Simple enough. Except, in the Wikipedia article on the character ん it says "ん, in hiragana or ン in katakana, is one of the Japanese kana, which each represent one mora". Similarly the article for は says "Ha (hiragana: は, katakana: ハ) is one of the Japanese kana, each of which represent one mora".

は and ハ are symbols that represents the same mora, the same sound, right? Is it then saying that the mora [ha] is a kana, or that each symbol representing [ha] is a kana? That doesn't seem right. We know from the earlier definition that a kana is a set of written symbols that represents the moras which make up words.

So what should I think of when I hear kana/a kana? Should I think of it as a set of written symbols, or as a single symbol that represents a mora, or as a mora? If the first then I know of two kana; hiragana and katakana. If the second then I know of 142 kana (the sum of symbols in hiragana and katakana). If the third then I know of 71 kana.

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someone show this article to that nigga


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why are redditors so autistic

>> No.34904638

learned みたらし団子 by ear

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If you're a beginner study grammar and drone more
If you're intermediate read more
Simple as

>> No.34904672

how do i know im intermediate

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20k vocab 3k kanji

>> No.34904687

it's an italian way of asking if someone kana fit these nuts in your mouth

>> No.34904709

you can't surpass miniyoga's amount of cards though

>> No.34904712

lol fuck pitch
i can't even pronounce the ʊ in /ˈepɪsəʊd/ correctly

>> No.34904718

whats the correlation between these 2 things

>> No.34904727

why would i care about japacringe bitch accent when i haven't even mastered english pronunciation

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havent read in weeks

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starting aniki will prolly coom to loli later

>> No.34904821

50 vns under ur belt

>> No.34904830

does reading hanahira 50 times count?

>> No.34904864

just mined 道

>> No.34904952

hanahira is 1/50 of a vn so that counts as 1

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>> No.34904967

acquired 子宮脱

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The new reworked kanji article is out.
I've also renamed our JP1K deck. It's now called AJT Kanji Transition deck to avoid confusion with Matt's JP1K deck.
And I've also updated the Resources page. Added two decks for hopeless drones (2.3k and 10k).

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this dude really just spent 595 hours studying and less than 41 hours immersing

>> No.34905061

holy shit fuck off you mental patient not a single person has taken to your spamming these past months

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>to be entrusted with
>to be
fuck this lungage

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stick your balls in my ass

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how do i unlearn

>> No.34905110

do what nukes doing

>> No.34905112

it's easier to sneak up on yourself in the dark

>> No.34905126

Anyone know from experience from yourself/others the viability of learning Japanese as a mechanical engineer?

Have been thinking of learning Japanese for a while and am almost done with my degree, figured it could potentially be useful for getting a job or at least expanding opportunities. I just have no idea how the Japanese operate with international companies as to whether or not it would actually be useful.

Figured I'd ask here rather than creating a thread.

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>> No.34905149


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dude seriously i keep seeing you hate on nuke. what nuke is doing is fine, hes learning japanese unlike most people and just need more time. stop hating on him its seriously a great guy who even served in the army.

>> No.34905192

nuke as in nukege

>> No.34905203

*pauses this thread*

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>> No.34905216

no one cares about your guide
your guide is garbage
your are garbage

>> No.34905218

moe is a hateful person who has varg vikernes as his idol. what do you expect?

>> No.34905244

maybe you guys should try being more respectful to each other, that could make this thread a happier place to visit

>> No.34905248

yeah what he said

>> No.34905264

i still cringe so much over the fact that nuke opened /djt/ and did ctrl + f nuke

>> No.34905285

no way that photo is real fuck

>> No.34905294

آموزش شما گه است

>> No.34905297

>why are you assuming you are inferior to a fucking baby?
because babies are sponges with plastic brains you stupid retard hang yourself

>> No.34905299

and that's a natural thing to do. you would do the same if you were him

>> No.34905313

what do you do when you dont have any media youre interested in and youve already done reps

>> No.34905315

in some video i saw, but its pathetic because he cares so much about OUR opinion that he just HAS to check djt for his name

>> No.34905324

someone must have told him "they are talking shit about you on 4chan" and he came to check it

>> No.34905366

learned パイオツ by ear

>> No.34905388

learned 小芝居 by ear

>> No.34905394

learned 主要組織適合遺伝子複合体 by ear

>> No.34905403

gotta find a balance between study/droning and immersion

if you're not retaining things from your study/droning, immerse more
if you're good at spotting what you know it's time to study new things

>> No.34905409

learned ふるちん by ear

>> No.34905429

i have balls they are very large look at them look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls look at my balls

>> No.34905433

same from noucome

>> No.34905434

learned 人生は選択の連続である by ear

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reminder that you can't adopt the mindset that is required for learning japanese if you hate ntr

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>> No.34905550

word of the day: 便女

>> No.34905558

I like the wholesome ntr where the girl still loves her bf and takes the dick for him (netorase)
I wish such a relationship would be possible irl, but I doubt it is
life is suffering

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>> No.34905604

thought it meant living toilet

>> No.34905632

wonder if nuke faps to loli

>> No.34905648

do u fap to the thought of nuke fapping to loli

>> No.34905653

thanks for the amazing guide

>> No.34905683

nigger, if you're gonna cry about it, go back to trannycord and do it there. this thread is not for you.

>> No.34905746

I'd do it if he was sterile for the sake of having a baby if he insisted I guess. Artificial insemination is unnatural

>> No.34905765

learning japanese has ruined anime, games, and reading for me
who the fuck is gonna take responsibility for this shit??

>> No.34905775

japanese otaku during the next cultural purge

>> No.34905806

you don't make any sense and your no one wants to see your garbage guide.

>> No.34905852

i like ojisans fucking so sure why not

>> No.34905894

Used to be sad that Mega links were disappearing, but trying to download some stuff now and it's going at 0.5KB/s. Turns out they're already dead, even if they still show as alive.

>> No.34905902

PLEASE NOTE: this video IS NOT an attack on George. I love George and think he's awesome. Just, every once in a while he has some bad takes on how to learn Japanese :D

>> No.34905910

yea dont think ddl works like that

>> No.34905911

it's the opposite for me
sounds like a you problem

>> No.34905927

gonna go eat some 15s

>> No.34905944





>> No.34905946

thats hot

>> No.34905975

How do I into pitch accent.
Someone write a guide.

>> No.34905994

classic jew

>> No.34906005

you know people can disagree about things, right?

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>classic jew

>> No.34906054

>stand up comedian in your second language
please, just don't.

>> No.34906067

This makes no sense, how can your Japanese be good if you don't even hear half the words being said? It's just your brain ignoring them because it's nonsense to you and you think you understand it when you don't.

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you wouldn't understand

>> No.34906095

think its just impossible for me to read books on a monitor, feels weird as fuck as someone who has used paperback his whole childhood

>> No.34906097

Sounds like people are just lying to themselves to me.

>> No.34906142

there's less autistic ways of expressing disagreement

>> No.34906146

Man in the 鏡

>> No.34906155

there's nothing more cucked than to self insert yourself in porn

>> No.34906167

垢抜ける oboeru'd

>> No.34906206

japanese loses its mystery when you can read most of the things that you come across

>> No.34906215


>> No.34906310

Pausing my immersion for this.

>> No.34906315

Write a pitch accent guide.

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>> No.34906325

hola ching chong ding dong

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File: 779 KB, 1440x810, ノラと皇女と野良猫ハート.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34906327

>ctrl+f wanikani
>no mention
shit guide

>> No.34906332

he doesn't even know japanese

>> No.34906335


>> No.34906347

wanikani is mentioned in the foreword article

>> No.34906361

think id like kon more if they played more music than that dumb fuwafuwa song

>> No.34906375

don't forget to include a vocaroo of you speaking japanese

>> No.34906379

they do play a lot of other songs

>> No.34906382

like 90% of all the music played by them is fuwafuwa

>> No.34906401

the fuck is that thing even trying to say? i don't get it

where is the "punch line" of the story? i don't get it

>> No.34906412

is this like, it heard some sad shit but its brain didn't even activate but when it comes to matt its brain starts working?

>> No.34906418
File: 31 KB, 580x95, c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's a clickbait headline from twitters news section

i prefer this one today

>> No.34906430

ah.. i see

>> No.34906458

no you fucktard it's "japanese text --> brain doesn't activate" but at the mere mention of matto it does

>> No.34906468

how am i supposed to know? i didn't even know that was a news title. i was trying to understand why that nigga was talking about 少年院's and shit

>> No.34906474

its this meme btw

>> No.34906481

hey djt, i'm going through this https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/learn/kana.html but why is there always a kana missing for each row? or maybe it's just ultra unlucky rng but every time I select a row and go through it gives me the same 4 again and again and there's always 1 missing

>> No.34906490

just tried the k row and it gave me all 5 instantly

>> No.34906505




>> No.34906508

seconding this

>> No.34906513

I don't even watch anime or consume japanese media anymore, I'm done with this language
I'm going to study mandarin which has a) cuter girls and b) a ton of career potential
see ya never

>> No.34906519

I don't get what could be causing this, I cleared cookies and all but I still only get 4

>> No.34906541

dunno try another browser

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>> No.34906654

this nagatoro shit is too over the top

>> No.34906732



>> No.34906738

Pitch accent is gay.
Just do shadowing.

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lets fuckin goooooooooooo

also just remembered that the first time i heard of the ccna was itt lol

>> No.34906766

What's so great about wanikani? What does it do that anki can't?

>> No.34906780

It's gamified making it more addictive
Better interface
That's it

>> No.34906787

I haven't tried it, but I read it uses SRS, is it sentences or what?

>> No.34906791



>> No.34906797



>> No.34906798

nothing, it's literally flaschard for people who can't use anki and slower so you're going to take twice as much time to learn the same shit

>> No.34906807

my blessing for djt is to download the pi app for actually free crypto mining on your phone. might be a year or whatever to have value but it's blowing up in the usa already so what's the harm. and don't tell jabum

>> No.34906823
File: 43 KB, 1332x158, chrome_2018-05-28_21-43-05.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gj bro now do what this guy did

>> No.34906840

sounds based, hope i get there in a few years but i feel like he's an exception to the rule lol my dream job is to just sit around in the server room and read manga/watch anime on my tablet all day but i have to start in a shitty helpdesk role most likely

>> No.34906845

radicals, then kanji, then vocab with unlocks based on proficiency

lets say you get the kanji cards 人 and 友 to a certain interval, you unlock the vocab card 友人

anki cant do card unlocks which depend on how well you know other cards like that

>> No.34906847

just learned that 約束 can mean convention

>> No.34906875

Sounds neat but I dunno how useful it'd be. If it builds up Kanji by radicals the most common words probably aren't hit until you reach like 1000+ kanji. May as well study kanji in isolation at that point and then go on to vocab.
Do they have any grammar teaching techniques? That's my weak point really. I have to look shit up all the time.

>> No.34906877

really hope u arent an esl and think its convention like a comic book convention or something lol

>> No.34906879
File: 120 KB, 1777x470, chrome_2018-05-26_03-12-14.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah idk if someone else could easily pull this shit off

>> No.34906885


Miura Kentaro

>> No.34906889

Doubt you'd start in the help desk, isn't most of that outsourced/given to really low level people? At least where I've worked the help desk has always been a dead end place.

>> No.34906919

i'm an esl and i know what convention it is referring to because i learned the word in context, thank you for your concern.

>> No.34906926


>> No.34906941

why does he sound so sweaty

>> No.34906984
File: 1.76 MB, 3847x2075, IMG_20210525_200031712~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

at least i can watch nhk in the hotel. found your next gf on the left bunko

>> No.34907019

Why are these people on youtube so obsessed with pitch accent? Who cares, you'll always be a foreigner. I don't even want to talk to people in Japan, I'm happy just reading and listening.

>> No.34907022

i just remembered what tobira guy said a few days ago about people pretending to be sad to attract attention on the internet, and i don't agree with that at all.
being sad is shameful. displaying sadness is always a sign of weakness. it's true that people like looking for others who can empathize with their problems, but they're not gonna look for people who seriously seem like they're always in a melancholic mood or who seem like they're severely mentally ill unless they either have some kind of messiah complex or want another potential punching bag/bullying victim.

>> No.34907071


>> No.34907086

just look at /r9k/

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How the hell do I pronounce あえ in japanese? genki's example for なまえ has it as a clear あ then え sound, but every time I hear an あえ in something, it sounds like they say it as あい.
Does it just depend on regional dialect?
Please help. I'm retarded and have been using this as an excuse to procrastinate studying ever since I played yakuza 4.

>> No.34907132

i already learned pitch accent. now what?

>> No.34907159
File: 90 KB, 1440x830, 1621941596702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34907195

pick up drawing or an instrument

>> No.34907200

you will always have a filthy accent tho. thats just the nature of the game

>> No.34907218

how do you even learn pitch? do you have to go back and learn it for every word you know?

>> No.34907236

Smaller companies will require you to do more and will want way more experience and someone they know they can trust. So you should look at bigger companies and expect to do a lot of the shit work like wiring, and hardware installation and such. Anything hands on should be attainable. Then hopefully they let you actually configure shit eventually and such.
Failing that you'd just have to look for shit like internships of volunteer work maybe, it sucks but such is the reality of life.

>> No.34907259

i know the basic accent patterns and cant guess for shit for words i havent heard a billion times lol

>> No.34907270

sex with chino kafuu chino sex kazakhstan old man penis for my lovely wife chino desu

>> No.34907321

>Looking at a kanji and memorizing it's meaning and readings
>Just winging it and letting your brain sort out rhe patterns

Yeah, maybe human brains don't work like a database.

>> No.34907357

How did George mess up the pitch accent for 日本語?

>> No.34907374

now that guys got a chin

>> No.34907376

jabum got it wrong a while back too

>> No.34907377

i need pitch accent guy to vocaroo himself reading this. i wanna see if he can keep his pitches in check while still sounding like he's having an orgasm

>> No.34907380

yeah but how much do i drop? 1 note? 2 octaves?
drop alone in text means nothing

>> No.34907381

it's bigger than your future

>> No.34907399

so basiclaly george did it through the way that is the most effective and makes the most sence

he acquired pitch by imitating what he heard like a normal person

i guess thats why when he speaks japanese he sounds relatively normal and not gay like pitchtards

>> No.34907400
File: 2.49 MB, 500x324, 1618306366558.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34907407

Of all the words to not get it right on though, seriously.

>> No.34907420

i've never heard a single pitchfag vocarooing themselves reading anything in japanese so i might as well just suppose that they only watch matt's videos but never actually tried learning japanese

>> No.34907425

it's so funny to me that jamal speaks like he is this great authority with the power to anoint people with the seal of fluency when no one acknowledges his skills

no one has ever seen him speaking japanese. no one thinks of him as the "gold standard" and yet he insists with the theatrics as if we had any respect for his japanese. it's comical, really

>> No.34907429

bunkos a pitch tard and he doesnt seem terrible

sounds like ur own inferiority complex to me lol

>> No.34907467

just do a voice that isnt ur normal voice like i do

but i am the gold standard


>> No.34907484
File: 58 KB, 739x640, 1596773941244.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when im sad i just dab the sadness away

>> No.34907487

lol u would hate japan it runs on sadness in every aspect of their depressed society

>> No.34907526

were on the internet so of course every single 1 of us w.o exception is all talk lol

>> No.34907603

nobody has ever seen me speaking japanese but you still get people saying shit like this >>34904576 so obviously nobody cares about that

>> No.34907622

didn't you speak japanese in japan

>> No.34907638

nobody in this thread is what i meant obviously

>> No.34907654

u read epic mareni out loud once not that long ago didnt u

>> No.34907667

jamals nihongo is tight like chuugakusei

>> No.34907692

damn they made a new season of non non biyori lets fucking gooo

>> No.34907696

i even bust lyrics so sick wid it

set the standard in djt how to get get get it

>> No.34907741

what does it feel like to have your ears cleaned out by another person

>> No.34907753

ask me in 5 years

>> No.34907810

u know its true

anime is a reflection of the times that they were born from

>> No.34907813
File: 8 KB, 240x180, 1621912060643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why is japan like this?

>> No.34907819

i expect that will happen to me when i leave. its ok tho cause ill become a god because of it

>> No.34907838
File: 342 KB, 1280x720, 1596340305635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34907851

my exgf used to do 膝枕 and clean it out with one of those wooden 耳掻き
it feels good but also makes me feel nervous cause i know you aren't supposed to put anything in there, i was arguing with her about it and she thought i was talking bullshit saying it's bad for your ears

>> No.34907856

wtf anacreon's script just stopped working on multiple lines in the middle of the episode. nooo!

>> No.34907867

reading shit out doesn't count as speaking in my view cause anybody can just look it up and record as many times as they like to try and sound better than they are

>> No.34907872

do u guys think tyosin is gonna make it w. his emo band


>> No.34907882

sounds like the perfect way to get an ear infection

>> No.34907895

i had such massive wax build up in 1 ear in high school that i lost all hearing in it. felt real good when the nurse injected warm water in there and cleared that mf out

>> No.34907906

nah i still clean my own ears to this day so my earphones dont get dirty, just dont go in too deep or hard and its fine

>> No.34907921

Just use a water flushing system, it's safer

>> No.34907947



>> No.34908034

パイセン o oboeta

>> No.34908058

I prefer パイオツ

>> No.34908084

only in anime a dude acts like he is being tortured when a woman wants him to touch her boobs. wtf is wrong with japanese ""men""?

>> No.34908152

i wanna do this to meisou and og

>> No.34908162

they have small dicks and low t

>> No.34908241

wtf i was talking about ciaran not you ogre girl

>> No.34908255

that's a yikes for me, dawg

>> No.34908257

lmfao when fat girl thinks theres any "mythos" around her when her only legacy is an archive full of self owns and embarrassment

>> No.34908302


>> No.34908332

can we get this thread back on track

>> No.34908333


>> No.34908349


>> No.34908365
File: 729 KB, 1920x1080, 異世界はスマートフォンとともに。 第08話.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34908378

damn gonna rewatch this show

>> No.34908417

read the linnie

>> No.34908432

dont read linnies

>> No.34908454

anime sure went to shit

they cant even draw decent looking girls anymore

>> No.34908502

i remember you 褒めるing a shot from this show before

>> No.34908521

gonna have to link it bc if i saw anything w. that title i would immediately say its shit regardless

>> No.34908543
File: 959 KB, 1920x1080, 1579941151572.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it was this one
yeah you said the title sounds like shit but the girl looks decent because she doesn't have the modern red eyeliner thing going on or something

>> No.34908565

when did anime hair get so stringy? i remember when even ankle length hair was drawn thick and luscious

>> No.34908567

that pic looks a lot different from the above but what u said def sounds like something i said and ill still maintain that image looks decent

>> No.34908638

that does look better
i could still use the other scene because i have a functioning chinchin unlike jamal

>> No.34908695

willing to bet that this >>34908543 was drawn by the japanese staff while this >>34908365 was outsourced to koreans

>> No.34908712


>> No.34908720

what if it's the other way round

>> No.34908753


>> No.34908772


>> No.34908805

yeah except your lum in this scenario

>> No.34908892

og be actin sus

>> No.34908915

so og is the numbskull ?

>> No.34908923
File: 65 KB, 169x343, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yoshi, ordered one of these
now im ready for japanese listening gains

>> No.34908962

skeeting warm water in ur ears after like 10 mins of having the drops in is ftw as hell

>> No.34909122

23 volumes of this shit damn are there any ebooks of it or are they all scans?

>> No.34909144

the first 11 epub volumes are on animebytes i think

>> No.34909150

Just buy some real physical books and enjoy.

>> No.34909158

sadly not in the secret club

>> No.34909205

oh nevermind they're also in that giant ebook collection on nyaa with the frog image i can't remember what it's called lol

>> No.34909285


>> No.34909337


>> No.34909410

u have to ctrl+f for スマートフォン in the filelist cuz they're named incorrectly

>> No.34909439


>> No.34909487

just make the gayest lookini retard u can and then multiply it by 8 and thats me

>> No.34909565

ask ciaran for an invite

>> No.34909642

i wonder if it's only considered bad for your ears cuz a few retards are overly aggressive and fucked up their ears so now the medical community has to warn all non-retards not to do it

>> No.34909693

i fucking hate moe so much.

>> No.34909720

if you use the japanese ones that actually scoop out i think its okay

>> No.34909738

earwax is there to protect your ears and eardrums are extremely sensitive to being fucked up. if you ask an ent if they clean their ears they will probably cringe cause they know how easy it is to give yourself tinnitus or a burst drum with just a q-tip

>> No.34909778

ents suck wax out of ur ears with a vacuum and it hurts

when i was a kid my doctor told me he was surprised i could hear at all w. how much shit i had in my ears

>> No.34909788

I just use 朕 because I'm foreign and can get away with whatever I want. It's way more fun to not be Japanese in Japan, plus I can give other foreigners a bad name.

>> No.34909834

yea seems all gayjin go through that phase

>> No.34909847

does ciaran use 吾輩 or 拙者?

>> No.34909881


>> No.34909931

Don't tell me what to do.

>> No.34909937

>blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

>> No.34909944

make me

>> No.34909954
File: 19 KB, 600x450, 1592190539174.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34909983

Sorry to burst your bubble, bub.

>> No.34910045


>> No.34910050

btw if any1 was in the biz thread just now where the op was shorting btc w. 20x leverage i was the guy who liquidated him

>> No.34910054


>> No.34910059

cant believe how fat tkosam is and is still making it in japan

>> No.34910094

making miis is really annoying

>> No.34910108

i'll ALWAYS make pronoun jokes and there is nothing you can do about it

>> No.34910110


>> No.34910125
File: 384 KB, 1911x1080, IMG_20210525_093844.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cute maou. would breed

>> No.34910135

imagining teekyo sam ending every awkward japanese utterance w. でぶ lol

>> No.34910194
File: 118 KB, 270x474, 1613666979007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They probably mistake him for Aoiyama. Foreign rikishi often complain they're mistaken for other foreign rikishi.

>> No.34910263


>> No.34910293

What was your most enjoyable hobby for learning when you just started?
Games, manga, anime?

>> No.34910297

i despise moe

>> No.34910339

holy shit when did that guy get those fugly titties

i used to keep up on sumo when aoiyama was a newbie to the upper ranks lol

>> No.34910381

Yeah, it's pretty bad now. He sat out the beginning of this basho due to back pain, guess he can't find a bra his size in Japan. Bet they have them in the US though, haha.

>> No.34910432
File: 994 KB, 2086x2044, 1576317347703.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34910598

dame my country's way overrepresented in sumo

>> No.34910716

still cant believe that guys got those weird tits

that shit shouldnt be allowed

>> No.34910792

wow you can actually see the disappointment on the parents faces and their regret for taking in a retard.

>> No.34910841

Idk if you guys are aware but if you have a Nintendo DS there is a lot of good software for studying Japanese. I have a 国語 test game that makes for really good practice as well as a 漢検 practice test game. I just picked up another game for improving penmanship for calligraphy. Cool shit. Plus there's a ton of great RPGs and story driven games. There's even dating sims.

>> No.34910866

>japanese cant ra...

>> No.34910929
File: 142 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they got no a-

>> No.34910942

damn i thought that was some cgi

>> No.34910951

theres no ass there if were being real shes just bent over and her bony ass is sticking out

those arent good curves and her waist is not at her ribcage

in short women r retarded lol

>> No.34910965
File: 752 KB, 1920x1100, 1553415591566.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What should I use to create an anime mining deck?
Is MorphMan good?

>> No.34910999

i hope u get raped by some american marines next time they stop by ur little hovel u fukken gremlin

>> No.34911012

you should mine the words yourself

>> No.34911091
File: 45 KB, 600x900, o0600090014062558647.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i guess so (same slut)

>> No.34911101

finna binge jp dubbed unsolved mysteries on netflix cause i dont feel like watching anime today

>> No.34911126

shes still good looking but i dont think her trying to be sexy is the way

>> No.34911222
File: 151 KB, 850x1200, __samuel_b_roberts_and_little_blue_whale_kantai_collection_drawn_by_enjaku_izuku__sample-76e8fd5273578a3140171ba3ca05ed13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anybody got GOOD ln recs?

>> No.34911328


>> No.34911359

trick question there are no good lns

>> No.34911364

where's the books on stats and r?

>> No.34911395

im not chugger im just an admirer of his

>> No.34911398

its like yin yang, you get a lot of good trade offs for the lack of ass

>> No.34911497


>> No.34911633

sorry wrong link

>> No.34911645

you scared me for a sec

>> No.34911651

what about the best ed

>> No.34911657

when i was watching with eng subs i'd just insta skip every OP/ED without even listening to it 1 time for some reason. probably did this for like 130 shows lol

>> No.34911662

>130 shows eng subbed

>> No.34911665

that would be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdCXy3sw0uE

>> No.34911674

i do this for 95% of shows even in japanese
if a an op/ed doesn't grab me within the first two beats it gets a skip

>> No.34911680

had this every episode of blend s for some reason after the big chord i expected it to go into the new game op and every time it failed to do so i skipped

>> No.34911683

2 of the most ngmi posts in history

>> No.34911686

how do japs deal with typing anything using uncommon words?

wanted to talk to a buddy about 午後の曳航 and えいこ doesnt pull up 曳航 for me.

>> No.34911687

i already made it

>> No.34911709

yeah i made it too lol

>> No.34911712

literally the same op

>> No.34911713

not seething just feeling sorry for you

>> No.34911770

>he doesn't know about jinn

>> No.34911778
File: 7 KB, 320x166, 1602238655906.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im trying to read a book that's html on my android tablet and use yomichan on it through kiwi browser but im having 2 problems

1. yomichan wont work on offline files even after giving it permission in the settings page
2. the metadata, images and css stuff doesn't get automatically applied to the html file like when you open it with chrome on desktop

any ideas?

>> No.34911802
File: 3 KB, 517x47, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34911828

oh that's the jap for that?
love those. there's a guy who sells them on the way to work, good stuff.

>> No.34911835

better make sure my avatar looks like this
(i cant post images dogeaters are range-banned from that 9 times out of 10)

>> No.34911845

yeah not clicking on that virus link

>> No.34911895

is that the panda? how do you get past the panda i never bothered to figure it out

>> No.34911904

exactly why i said e and not ex lmao

>> No.34911908

right youd just post your thighs and everyone would die
just use nhentai i did everything and it still didnt work

>> No.34911965

dame djt's computer illiterate, it's a miracle some people manage to work mpv out

>> No.34911970

pretty sure its just me and i guess 4bbc

>> No.34911971

i get past the panda just saying

>> No.34911978
File: 57 KB, 600x867, o0600086714062558166.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34912028

i made an ehentai account waited more than a week cleared cookies tried using 3 browsers used two extensions i dont remember exactly now but im pretty sure i also tried using like 3 vpns and did some ipconfig stuff suggested on a wiki page still didnt work

>> No.34912039

yeah i just made an account then tried it a couple of days later and it worked

>> No.34912047

you could literally read how cookies work in that time frame, p sure you'd figure it out with your 140 iq

>> No.34912073


>> No.34912078

it's illegal to use exhentai in the us

>> No.34912087

wait it's a guy singing??? I thought it was a woman the whole time

>> No.34912103

amazing how an average female body can be so arousing, fucking caveman hardwiring

>> No.34912132

are we posting ops with ambiguous voices

>> No.34912144

*drops a fat nostalgia turd on ur face*

>> No.34912161

idk im not aroused but she looks good

>> No.34912162
File: 88 KB, 768x1024, attpp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why do girls in japan always wear their backpacks like that?

>> No.34912170 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.56 MB, 320x223, 1621962357817.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34912237

he said girls

>> No.34912324

violent evershartin movie with webrip video and cam audio, what the fuck lol

>> No.34912495

matt keeps deleting tweets why is he like this

>> No.34912501
File: 134 KB, 1440x655, 1617921795635.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

after a recent gomichan update my popup css no longer works and im stuck with this shit ass font. the css worked fine before the update. any ideas?

>> No.34912517

How do I use the animebook extension? I'm already using yomichan, ankiconnect and shareX.

>> No.34912526

cuz hes a cringe self conscious weeb who reads djt every day

>> No.34912573

install gentoo

>> No.34912576

.gloss-content {
font-family: Yu Gothic;

>> No.34912593

lol you clearly have no idea what you were trying to do

>> No.34912633
File: 41 KB, 525x431, 1609400513226.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that works for the glossary, but the main field is still the shit font

>> No.34912664

oh well i didnt know what font you want to change cause they both look fine to me

>> No.34912672
File: 506 KB, 1536x2048, garyben.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

immersion learners be like:

>> No.34912687
File: 3 KB, 257x98, 1602717098995.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i want to change the main thing/word im scanning to yu gothic. i put pic related in the css. expression is the name of the field in my cards, it's always worked like this idk wtf the issue is

>> No.34912688

imagine taking a pic of yourself readin a book

>> No.34912702

why isnt he reading it in japanese

>> No.34912734

here now you can fix any style issue

>> No.34912741

the panda has to do with cookies. you don't need to use vpns.

>> No.34912789

thanks dude

>> No.34912792

this hairline

>> No.34912826

oh when i said it didnt work i meant i couldnt get access to the website when i cleared the panda i just got a blank page idr the details now think i followed the instructions here after https://ehwiki.org/wiki/Technical_Issues#Universal even though its for ehentai on the off chance it works for exhentai of course i modified the steps involving the url and it didnt work so i thought i should try using vpns now do you want to enlighten me on what it is thats so clear to you haha

>> No.34912833

this dude needs a buzzcut fuckin stat

>> No.34912849

crazy how sexually frustrated 4bc must be being locked out of his loli rape doujins

>> No.34912912


>> No.34912931

is it ok to give dogs raw beef

>> No.34912936
File: 705 KB, 1440x810, ノラと皇女と野良猫ハート.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34912986


>> No.34912987

did you finish tujidou san

>> No.34913001

yeah it was great
might even read the fandisc if i'm in the mood for it

>> No.34913053

/djt/ you have 0 excuse!

>> No.34913062

old news bitch

>> No.34913130

i stand with the imperials

>> No.34913217

when r his parents gonna kick him out

>> No.34913229

its prolly better than the shit in the cans but just cook the meat for him dude dude

>> No.34913283
File: 1.03 MB, 788x591, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the technic models r epic too

>> No.34913289

rip mia

>> No.34913291

wonder what chris blaze is up to

>> No.34913307

blazed chris is prolly working in a amazon warehouse so he can buy the latest game being played on twitch and has long since abandoned his childish nihongo dreams

>> No.34913351
File: 2.36 MB, 2560x1440, mpv_70MrACKrEi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dame luffy drippy

>> No.34913397

can't believe queer still uses mpv when the mpc-hc branch on github is the way to go

>> No.34913414

no idea what youre talking about

>> No.34913419

stfu mpv is gay

>> No.34913428

you don't know video players

>> No.34913435

it just works bro you dont need any codec packs and shit like mpc used to

>> No.34913467

are u level 60 yet queeran

r u getting ready for epic burning crusade ?

>> No.34913470

for what reason would you ever use mpc other than being nostalgic for the clapperboard and downloading 3rd party codec packs

>> No.34913473
File: 46 KB, 226x118, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34913512

first time i agree with unko

>> No.34913518

DJT is filtered from live chat and comments on matt's youtube channel :(

>> No.34913535

seabolt makes me seethe

>> No.34913539

just about to ding 28 bro

>> No.34913540

what if he gets his mom to sue djt?

>> No.34913551

you can still type it but it won't be visible to anyone else

>> No.34913663

fuckin epic dude just a few more levels and u get to go to stv

dont tell me ur playing on a pve server tho・・

>> No.34913675

nah its a pvp server

>> No.34913697

atta boy

huntard is epic on pvp server just spec bm and just own retards who cant do shit abt it

its crazy to think i know ppl who actually grinded high warlord and shit in classic and its all gonna be meaningless in a week lmao

>> No.34913708

you still get a title and shit tho right

>> No.34913731
File: 304 KB, 1440x2311, 1621971272371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34913742

pvp is fun but bgs and arenas take all that fun away

>> No.34913781


>> No.34913826

yea its a title to let other ppl know how much of a retard u r as well remind urself of that fact

>> No.34913844

bgs r satisfying if u run premades vs other premades

arena only got worse with time

>> No.34913863

telegram requires a phone number for signup and i've never owned a phone

>> No.34913884

i paused my immersion for matto's video about george's video and it's actually very good

>> No.34913890

t. matt says guy

>> No.34913896


>> No.34913900

lol nice1 matt

>> No.34913930



>> No.34913961
File: 74 KB, 530x390, 756.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

would it be considered more polite if a guy bowed in the female style with their hands together?

>> No.34913987


>> No.34914002


>> No.34914016


>> No.34914053

I only watched the beginning when he counts the fucks up george makes and reaffirmed that non esls are fucked, not saying i won't have to practice pitch but you'll never catch me saying 特別 like that

>> No.34914070

haven't watched a single matto video

>> No.34914075

ull never catch me saying tokubetsu because i felt out that 99% of 4 beat loan words dont drop

>> No.34914087
File: 1.17 MB, 2462x2282, 1621970620041.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34914089

have watched almost all matt videos

>> No.34914214

not taking my meds

>> No.34914215

i trim my pubes with scissors

>> No.34914216
File: 453 KB, 1920x1080, 異世界はスマートフォンとともに。 第12話.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mfw no 2期

>> No.34914222

anything more than that is pretty gay

>> No.34914233


>> No.34914239
File: 1.54 MB, 3024x4032, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At what point should I turn off the English subs?

>> No.34914240

every time i see a pic or video posted about the immersion hobbit i want to go where he is and punch his face to death

>> No.34914244

i can deal with tons of diarrhea and couldn't get past ep 2

>> No.34914281

tfw you get home 2 minutes before it starts pouring rain

>> No.34914282

weird flex

>> No.34914283

some may call that a battle station to me it looks like a torture chamber

>> No.34914299


>> No.34914308

imagine the smell

>> No.34914319

u dont how else are u supposed to comprehend the input

>> No.34914328



>> No.34914332

there's no comprehension going on there just a constant diarrhea bombardment

>> No.34914338


>> No.34914342

shaman king

>> No.34914371


>> No.34914395

sorry i cant care about bitch accent i have a dick and a pair of balls

>> No.34914409

me when i open the thread and read every single jamal post

>> No.34914412

whats the point of this many screens

>> No.34914416


>> No.34914419




>> No.34914421

vivy which i like quite a bit and bnha which im watching cause im a retard

>> No.34914444
File: 1.10 MB, 1021x1273, 1621203488182.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34914448


i always view new misa sensei videos just to see what she is wearing

>> No.34914457

>and games feel like a waste of time
unlike spending your time here you mean?

>> No.34914458

more screens = more immersion

>> No.34914468

u watch her videos cause ur japanese is too shit to watch videos of more attractive jp girls cause they arent in english

>> No.34914471


found og

>> No.34914484





>> No.34914485

say with 100% confidence i would let misa kick me in the groin and call me a loser

>> No.34914502

like people who play games trick their brains into thinking they're doing something useful?

>> No.34914512

damn this gamer is mad

>> No.34914531

imagine tricking yourself into believing anything you could do is actually useful or serves a purpose

>> No.34914537


and what girls are those?

>> No.34914548


>> No.34914573

does japanese have r&b lol what is their baby making music

>> No.34914597

ex filtering retards yet again you just love to see it

>> No.34914614

would it be a good idea to hang around in these threads while learning japanese or not

>> No.34914620

this is the intermediate thread

>> No.34914638

depends how much you love yourself

>> No.34914643

you will cripple yourself by tabbing to check for new posts

>> No.34914658

how hard is it to clear ex cookies then log in on e
never understood how people had trouble with this

>> No.34914666

there will be 0 benefit in terms of how good u get at japanese so if you dont find some other benefit from it then no its not a good idea

>> No.34914677

i wouldn't have made it without this shitty thread just sayin'

>> No.34914726

wouldn't have made it without another thread on jp

>> No.34914745

should have felt it out

>> No.34914746

would probably do the same thing without this thread

>> No.34914752

morning og

>> No.34914758


>baby making music

only black people would have music like that

>> No.34914759


>> No.34914785

readd that as daym im ngmi

>> No.34914787

that shit must be hot as balls lmao

>> No.34914793

it's bbc we're talking about here

>> No.34914799


>> No.34914801

just got my first pfizer™ covid vaccine lets hecking go gosh darnit

>> No.34914847


>> No.34914850

got mine a few days ago and it sapped all my energy i havent opened my vinnie since

>> No.34914855

tell them you got the sputnik one

>> No.34914861
File: 115 KB, 945x629, 40705908473_84c270d7a8_b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is it possible for low iq people to learn japanese?

are there really dumb foreigners on youtube who have learned japanese? i need some motivation. if i see a retard learning it i'll be motivated

>> No.34914870


>> No.34914880

check >>>/int/djt

>> No.34914882

dame hope it dont fuck me up and i lose all my japanse knowledge

>> No.34914915

int crossboarder here. never change jaypee

>> No.34914916

just saw 魘される in kanji for the first time (no furigana)

>> No.34914923

Matt vs Japan has interviews on his channel, some of them are probably retarded.

>> No.34914940

got vaxxed and didn't feel anything

>> No.34914943
File: 353 KB, 640x565, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34914959

My journey(tm) so far - 1 year checkpoint

Actually a little more than 1 year. The trigger was the first Coronavirus lockdown, I had a lot of free time and I decided to start studyig seriously.

My original goal was to try JLPT N5 in December last year, but the exam was canceled. I don't know if I can make it in July, but I'd like to go for (at least) N4.

I've finished Genki textbook 1 and 2, Tae Kim's grammar book, Yotsuba&! volume 1 to 6, and I can read (with a little effort) raw manga online without a vocabulary most of the time.

I usually listen to Teppei's podcasts when I'm commuting, and I can understand almost all of the beginner's series, and about 60% of the intermediate.

I started watching Doraemon and Maruko-chan without subtitles, and while I can't understand all the dialogues, I have at least a rough idea of what's going on from the words and sentences I understand.

I almost quit Duolingo: 270 days streak lost, I lost interest in starting again from 0, and the latest versions introduced a lot of useless changes (dancing characters, level skip no longer free, lose lives when using the app, romaji under the kana/kanji). Now I'm just trying to get at least level 2 in all skills, but I'm no longer doing that regularly.

Language exchange: tried a lot of apps, italki seems good, Duolingo events are a mixed bag (some are very good, some are just a waste of time), I am still unable to hold a conversation in Japanese. But the problem is: I am an introvert, 40+ years old, and I don't have a lot of interests in common with most of the possible partners (usually much younger). There's only so much you can say about the weather. And most people are not even interested in practicing the language they say they are studying (except English, but my English is not native and I don't think I can help much, usually their english is on the same level as mine). Many people just disappear after the first 2-3 messages, nobody tries to correct my messages, and many start writing in English just to keep the conversarion going, probably because interacting with a beginner is just too hard.

>> No.34914975

want to see a yugioh duel between agf and garyben

>> No.34915005


>> No.34915033

why yes, i use んだもん
how could you tell

>> No.34915065

dame miku is such a slut

>> No.34915084

og isnt outgoing enough for that

she might pretend if she ends up in a situation somehow

>> No.34915123

lol i never claimed anything

>> No.34915132

whys that dude melting down lately

>> No.34915168

did anyone think garyben had ever touched a woman looking like that

>> No.34915171

matt vs japan seems like a normie weeabo. he doesn't watch akb48 idol videos or moe anime

>> No.34915186

matto never added me on mal

>> No.34915191


>> No.34915204

seen much worse do much better

>> No.34915209

acquired larceny

>> No.34915228

acquired that from skyrim

>> No.34915260


>> No.34915313

of course you people are manchildren that play with lego

>> No.34915349

girls can't play with lego lol

>> No.34915389

i will never love moe

>> No.34915390

you'll understand when you get older

>> No.34915400

yeah wouldn't wanna be 12 year old in 2020

>> No.34915406

im 30 and i have no idea what that guy means

>> No.34915412

shut up ciaran

>> No.34915417
File: 20 KB, 592x198, garyben.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34915418

am i actually improving my listening if i understand everything i listen to?

>> No.34915429

who knows

>> No.34915435


>> No.34915436


>> No.34915442

im worried bros...

>> No.34915457

not as good as the original but still so good

>> No.34915465
File: 6 KB, 343x126, 2021-05-26 01_18_32-tae kim grammar guide — Mozilla Firefox.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dang, any reason why these two are so similar despite meaning the exact opposite of eachother?
i guess yes is more like "uhn" and no is more like "ün" but still

>> No.34915475

might as well link the sun

>> No.34915483

come on man

>> No.34915487


if you think that is confusing look up pitch accent

>> No.34915491

they feel it out

>> No.34915492

why do you need to improve

>> No.34915502

cause i want to

>> No.34915524

nice try trying to seem knowledgeable about something you only vaguely know about

>> No.34915527

send japanese asmr girls that i can obsess over and masturbate to daily. I have been nutting to the same korean girl for 4 years now daily, probably more than any boyfriend of hers ever will but im not interested in korean. i really fucked myself because i have listened to her mellow whispers for thousands of hours, i need someone else to obsess over
please help

>> No.34915539


>> No.34915553


>> No.34915569
File: 7 KB, 225x225, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34915572


>> No.34915580

why are you people like this? 情けない

>> No.34915582

looks like your typical showa salaryman

>> No.34915588

>no serious replies
because i suffer from the same condition as garyben

>> No.34915601

my native language has something similar to this
its for when you're too lazy to open your mouth to agree or disagree with someone

nnn and nn-nn

>> No.34915603

i don't know how to deal with japanese names. i'm just googling all the names i see and try to memorize them without anki

>> No.34915614
File: 219 KB, 443x449, na.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34915637

literally cant find anything good and only kids show their face, im not gonna succumb to hebephilia

>> No.34915640
File: 4 KB, 442x102, na.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.34915644


>> No.34915669

ive watched all the japanese asmr on offer its mostly shit cause they just do annoying sounds like 耳かき
theres one guy who is pretty godlike tho

>> No.34915695

how many did you have

>> No.34915711

why does this thread always attract the biggest freaks lol

>> No.34915726
File: 28 KB, 779x182, dic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i do this sometimes even though i have yomichan

>> No.34915733

""""garyben"""" has fucking lost it. what the actual fuck is he doing

>> No.34915735

we're on 4chan, bro

>> No.34915750

nice bro, im almost at 2000 so ive got a long way to go.

>> No.34915757


>> No.34915760
File: 22 KB, 746x161, 1601552309013.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34915775


>> No.34915779


>> No.34915788

is that actually him?

>> No.34915797

has anyone here learned ez languages like spanish/french/german through input? how good were you 6 months in, 12 months in etc

>> No.34915799

yah hes fucking lost it bro

>> No.34915807

its either that or dating someone like og theres no positive option

>> No.34915812

so he's basically quiz before he got his gf

>> No.34915820


>> No.34915830

garyben is actually moe thats why hes always quoting him, and they both hate women

>> No.34915833

yugioh is pretty based though, loved going to tournaments and shit when i was a kid. it broke my heart when the local scene just died and i had to give it up.

>> No.34915840

one of the problems of anki addiction is that you have this feeling of

>i'll learn this word later. i can't wait until the day comes when i can rep it

i'm reading an article and it feels that the learning is going to be later or something. i need to remind myself that the learning is happening right now while i read not later

>wait a second, this is the purpose. this is learning japanese. i'm doing it right now

>> No.34915841

had an exodia deck and then someone stole some of my cards and i quit playing card games

>> No.34915847

garyben is a rtkfag like me

>> No.34915848

u got issues bro

>> No.34915858

for example, i have seen this word >自粛 for the third time in the wild by now. i already know its meaning but i still want to put it on anki

>> No.34915896

what broke my heart is the game going to shit after dm

>> No.34915903

>i have to make 15 sentence cards rn

>> No.34915925

>calling on someone who is ill
this doesnt match up with the context from where i mined it, it was more of a "checking up on someone whos ill", do i just make my own definition l0o0l

>> No.34915927

YGO has motivated me to learn english back then, and now it is motivating me to learn japanese. thank you YGO.

>> No.34915942
File: 47 KB, 691x430, 1618982686141.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34915944

nvm the defintiion matches ifi oddnt look it up with the o

>> No.34915973

what do you mean gary glorifies women and is begging for a gf on twitter

>> No.34915978

yes, thanks. btw the l0o0l was a typo. how the fuck did i type that instead of lol? thats never gonna happen again even if i spend another 50k hours infront of the pc

>> No.34915987
File: 225 KB, 406x465, shore.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>let's see what 浦 means
>"inlet"? hmm let's see what "inlet" means
>"An inlet is an indentation of a shoreline, usually long and narrow, such as a small bay or arm,[1] that often leads to an enclosed body of salt water, such as a sound, bay, lagoon, or marsh."
>do i actually know 100% what shore means? i never actually checked the meaning in the dictionary
>let's see what arm means in the context of an inlet
>In geography, an arm is a narrow extension, inlet, or smaller reach, of water flowing out from a much larger body of water, such as an ocean, a sea, or a lake.
>let's check the precise definition of lagoon
>"a stretch of salt water separated from the sea by a low sandbank or coral reef."

my life as an ESL

>> No.34915989


>> No.34915993

he never had it

>> No.34916000

absolute kek

>> No.34916013
File: 195 KB, 422x505, sound.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bet my ESL niggas didn't know this one

>In geography, a sound is a large sea or ocean inlet, deeper than a bight and wider than a fjord; or a narrow sea or ocean channel between two bodies of land (see also strait).[1][2]

>> No.34916022

native and ive never heard of this

>> No.34916027

oh fuck, now i have to learn what bight means

>> No.34916031

i mean i have the 自覚 of being a manchild
but at least i'm not this guy

>> No.34916047
File: 32 KB, 400x286, POSTCARD-large-size-Bamforth-seaside-comic-busty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

jamal and og

>> No.34916049

never had those problems cuz i don't even know those words in my native language

>> No.34916058

any method to make mpv adjust subtitules more easily? like the animebook thingy

>> No.34916063

imi wakaran

>> No.34916068

is it worth going out of your way to study beyond jouyou kanji or can you just pick any additional kanji up naturally

>> No.34916074


>> No.34916075

no and no

>> No.34916076

you can pick up any kanji naturally including the jouyou so the answer is yes

>> No.34916083

>so the answer is yes
i mean no of course lol

>> No.34916094


>> No.34916096


>> No.34916107

so i wasnt the only one, thanks for confirming

>> No.34916174


>> No.34916189
File: 210 KB, 378x620, spit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so much to learn

>> No.34916196

just feel it out

>> No.34916206

what does it mean, to wade through water?

>> No.34916245
File: 191 KB, 417x765, drumlin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34916266

finna listen to this and do my reps

>> No.34916273

you mean posting cringe motivational shit on twitter for years doesn't make someone happy wtf

>> No.34916296

he wasnt trying to motivate others but himself..... dame....

>> No.34916333

slept for 9 hours
had 2 monsters
been up for like 5 hours
im so fucking sleepy bros...

>> No.34916352

Tutors are shit. Just coomsume more anime

>> No.34916377

do you exercise?

>> No.34916383

yeah i do steady state cardio or w/e its called but damn im so tired today.

>> No.34916384

i'd say kys but you're already trying to

>> No.34916403

maybe just take a nap. usually when you sit upright during the day and with that much sleep, you shouldn't get that tired. especially not with all that caffeine lmao.

>> No.34916439

control shift arrow

>> No.34916476

control this shaft *whips out tiny pecker*

>> No.34916481

wtf happened to the website. it's like nobody wants to talk about it since the links went bad

>> No.34916497

wtf 几 is an uncommon kanji

i could swear this was on rtk
i guess i'm confusing it with 凡 or a false memory because of the component in 肌

>> No.34916500

st fuck u

>> No.34916507
File: 24 KB, 466x350, 51lDU1oH9eL._AC_SX466_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

your confusing it with the gendo kanji 咒

>> No.34916516

but that one's still uncommon

>> No.34916559

guys you need to help me im mentally ill
i want to fuck every japanese woman that use a suit, i dont care if she is fat ugly or crazy, i just want to fuck them nggggggggghggggggggg

>> No.34916574

what that guy said but without the suit part

>> No.34916590

this but ironically

>> No.34916598


>> No.34916603

so is all that remains of djt just matadvertising?

>> No.34916617

pretty much

>> No.34916647

crazy how i went from disliking feet, to jerking off to soles, to wanting to touch them and later lick them in the span of three months
crazy how that happens

>> No.34916654

don't forget the holochug

>> No.34916674

this but lolis

>> No.34916694

>even matto gets asian pussy
we gonna make it bros

>> No.34916697

>go to japan
>to study an american degree

>> No.34916707

never EVER get to the Tor stage, youre gonna fucking regret it

>> No.34916714

same but hairy jks

>> No.34916732

rip djt

>> No.34916756
File: 7 KB, 356x80, ouch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34916762
File: 723 KB, 688x528, fe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks, gonna remember it

>> No.34916788

i flipped out when i first read this. that arrogant son of a bitch. if matt doesn't give him what he deserves on friday i'll be pissed.

>> No.34916805

How can I integrate pitch accent study into my study/ankidroning

Matt talks a lot but he never provided a method, not that I know of atleast

>> No.34916808

he is old and white, of course he is arrogant

>> No.34916821

matt is even more arrogant publicly calling other people's japanese to gain viewers while denigrating them but ok bro

>> No.34916829

no /djt/ier is white tho

>> No.34916831

stfu did you even see george's stream he shit talked the fuck out of dogen and he also implied dogen and matt are only saying pitch accent is important to separate themselves from george and get more customers and that pissed matt off because matt genuinely believes learning the basics of pitch accent is important and you're a rude little foreigner piece of shit if you purposefully try to sound like shit in a language you're learning because you're a lazy retard.

fuck you. matt says people like you are trash.

>> No.34916833

how can i integrate my foot into your ass

>> No.34916834

it crazy that matt has made a career of not teaching japanese, but instead telling others how to learn. in this instance he said "watch dogen"

>> No.34916837

pretty much. m*tt made it his go-to shill spot a few years back and it never recovered

>> No.34916849

>matt says people like you are trash
genuinely curious did you intend that to be an insult

>> No.34916860

ok then answer this >>34916805

>> No.34916869

jp's djt died like 2 years ago. go to the /int/ thread if you want to actually learn something

>> No.34916871

read >>34905994

>> No.34916875


>> No.34916895

and stay out

>> No.34916902
File: 33 KB, 1085x328, card.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes he has.

he uses a dictionary which has pitch accent and he used to put it on his cards. that's it

his cards looked like pic related

y'all niggas can't find anything. how do you even breathe?

>> No.34916911

can someone post the 2nd jamal stream?

>> No.34916926

don't think even analgayon recorded his stream

>> No.34916939

dont care

>> No.34916941

it's sad. still come here sometimes to see if it ever recovered, but guess not

yeah, not coming back here for a while

>> No.34916967

we don't want you here

>> No.34916977


>> No.34916978

the fewer people, the better

>> No.34917006

i do that faggot

but pitch accent of words changes depending on where in the sentence they're placed at

i was wondering if there's a way to study pitch accent from sentence cards, not vocab cards

>> No.34917037

also have a request. can somebody post the i know nihongo song

>> No.34917078

>if you want to actually learn something
u dont come here to learn

>> No.34917081

feel it out

>> No.34917109

theres no fixing this sleeping schedule

>> No.34917115

>just feel it bro

>> No.34917134

I went to a French school as a child and we spoke English at home, after a few months I was pretty good. Started in pre-school though. After a year I was like any other kid. Didn't work at it, just listened and absorbed it.

>> No.34917135

nah he has a point

>> No.34917152

which is?

>> No.34917158

just feel it bro

>> No.34917181

i almost fell for it
t. whitey

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