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guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFUfMXPF2jg
resources: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/

old thread: >>34928549

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guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/

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you have to eat all the eggs

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reminder that this post was made by a spambot in order to advertise a pajeet's patreon

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fuck off

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>>34941728 meant for >>34941720

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yep this is the thread

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always gotta be that one sociopath who tries to force his shit into the community

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djt in a nutshell

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this post is advertising a patreon account

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mmmm yh this is thread

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wanna give her the tombstone piledriver right into that

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Current thread: #2858

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just realized i cant conjugate for shit

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well you cant conjugate in japanese so that doesnt matter

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read 大人数 as otonakazu

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just read that as daininzuu

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btw just putting it out there i sold my ゲイmc position this morning i am 100% out

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you can, conjugations are referred to as 活用 in japanese grammar

and before you cope seethe and clech
id rather trust what natives say than some random djters

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all verbs are already in 活用形 so theres no need to conjugate them

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if they are already conjugated then conjugations exist

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no conjugations dont exist

theres never a time where u take a verb and conjugate it in japanese

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but this guy just did

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bros it's about to start

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thats not a conjugation because theres no part of it that is the original word

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how many times does jamal need to be epically owned before he learns his lesson

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this guy thinks grew isnt a conjugation of grow

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seriously want to put your head in my vitamix and ramp it up to 10

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japanese natives call it conjugation and equate it to spanish
doesnt matter what you think

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jamal knows more about japanese then japanese linguists. facts

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last i checked he doesnt call it conjugation lol

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no i agree w. everything the guy in the video is saying

however the guy trying to use it as ammo against what im saying doesnt understand what hes hearing lol

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define conjugation

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yeah he calls it 活用 because thats the japanese word for it

>use it as ammo against what im saying
cope, i dont care about you or your specific semantics of what is a conjugation or not
feel free to believe in whatever you like

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if u dont care about semantics then what have u been fighting for all this time

just accept conjugations dont exist and move on lol

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define conjugation

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u take a base word and change it

>> No.34942639

define base word

>> No.34942646

a word used as the base that u then conjugate to create a new form of the base word

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redo the thread

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now give me examples in english of this happening

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of course the key here is it has to be a word because how else do u conjugate a verb if a verb isnt a word

now take a seat and accept that u cant conjugate a single word in japanese as it is an impossibility by definition


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why does jamal enjoy taking l after l after l

think he does it so the thread he prefers is bumped?

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realistically it doesnt matter whether you call it conjugation or not as long as you understand that youre not conjugating shit
if you genuinely think that ur conjugating then u should go to the beginner thread

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so i assume "fuck" is the base word and "fuck-ing" is a conjugated form
so how is this different from tabe being the base form and tabe-ru infinitive. tabe-ta past, etc?

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>u take a base word and change it
brosama wtf do you think you're doing when you go from nomu to nonnda. you really gonna say that isn't "changing" it?

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stop spamming this garbage
no one will ever take you seriously
no one will ever take your garbage guide seriously
you will never make it

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whats the base word in 食べる

i hope u dont do something stupid here so im giving u this part of the message to allow u to reconsider before making a foolish reply

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>verb isnt a word

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noooooo no one will ever take you srsly

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you really are going to die on that hill, huh?

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whats the base word that ur conjugateするing ?

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like i said before, tabe

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>conjugation: the variation of the form of a verb in an inflected language such as Latin, by which are identified the voice, mood, tense, number, and person.
this exists in japanese, yes or no?

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so ur stance is 食べ is a word ?

r u sure ?

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it's arbitrary but the way the japanese think of it is nomu is the base word and that's conjugated. this is so retarded because i cant even find a japanese src that agrees with your take

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>a word used as the base
so a stem? in other words 語幹
wikipedia defines it as 活用しない部分

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u dont need a japanese source that needs to agree w. my take bc japanese has its own rules but what u cant find is actively conjugating a verb bc it cannot be done its not a thing in japanese

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i'm not him but in a conjugation you preserve the ROOT of a word and append inflections to it. i'm not sure you understand conjugation very well, my man

>> No.34942782

youre saying this because it conjugates to a completely different word? similar to "go" and "went"?


>> No.34942788

why do you think japanese linguists disagree with you

>> No.34942800

they dont disagree w. me and i agree w. them

the issue for u is u dont understand the difference between what im saying and what theyre saying

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where did the root go in the go/went case? what about do and did? the root is D? lmao

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conjugation literally means changing a verb. there's no rule about preserving part of it or whatever.
break -> broke is listed as an example in the english article
>For instance, the verb break can be conjugated to form the words break, breaks, broke, broken and breaking.

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ok so operating on 食べ being a word

what kind of word is it ?

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taberu is the word. and it's conjugated to all the other forms

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>conjugation literally means changing a verb

and this is what ive been saying

however 食べる is already in 活用形 therefore u cannot conjugate it

its already by definition conjugated

so what will u do ? conjugate a conjugation ? i dont think so

see above

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crazy how this guy has been arguing against jamal for like a month now and still cant crack his shell maybe its because japanese isnt a language that u can just slap western rules on or something i dunno

>> No.34942842

dont care

>> No.34942845

i dont know why he bothers weve already understood this is purely semantics and doesnt actually matter lmfao

idk why he just cant concede that u cant conjugate a verb in japanese its a literal impossibility

>> No.34942847

>this guy
it's obviously multiple people because this take is so bizarre

>> No.34942857

jamal, what the fuck are you talking about?

let's take the spanish verb "comer"

comer is the infinitive. the infinitive itself can be formed with different endings like -ar, or -i

the root com- gets preserved in the conjugations
so you have

>> No.34942866

need jamal to find us a source in japanese or english that isnt cure dolly that distinguishes english conjugation and japanese "conjugation"

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im the other guy arguing that u cant conjugate in japanese >>34942301 and the main guy has had the exact same posting style all 3 (or 4?) times the argument has happened and gets stumped at the exact same point every single time because hes wrong

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>> No.34942876

>this guy
hahaha, yeah jamal, there is only one guy in the world that thinks japanese has conjugations

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dunno why you signed a blank post lol

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>> No.34942888

it has arrived

>> No.34942890

it doesnt necessarily need to keep a root.

in this case, just a verb stem. but could also be a word in its on context.
but youre trying to say that if a word already holds a conjugation, it means it cannot be conjugated? so "eat" is already a conjugated form so it cant be conjugated into "ate", "eating", etc?

>> No.34942893

yeah, similarly in the word tobu
tob- is the stem

note that the stem doesnt need to be a word
jamal's base word assumption simply doesnt hold and he conviently ignored the post about stems

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cool song btw whats that one you used for garbage day 3

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>> No.34942915

garbage day 3 hasnt even happened

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irregular verb

>irregularities may also arise from suppletion – forms of one verb may be taken over and used as forms of another.

>This has happened in the case of the English word went, which was originally the past tense of wend, but has come to be used instead as the past tense of go.

>> No.34942929

i wouldnt respond to these posts except i want to know how the fuck he believes this. it's like if a guy earnestly says birds don't exist

>> No.34942933

do you mind if i conjugate these nuts in your forehead for a solid minute

>> No.34942934

大丈夫 is the base word and it changes into

what now jamal?

>> No.34942935

damn gonna shadow this guy for my japanese

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>> No.34942939

birds dont exist they are just conjugated dinosaurs

*drops mic*

>> No.34942940

*looks up from linnie*
man you guys are retarded

>> No.34942946

i bet somebody replies ydkj to this post

>> No.34942947

this resumes well my issue with jamal saying this bullshit

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>> No.34942957

luckily 大丈夫 isnt a verb so u cant conjugate it

i still win

when will u knuckleheads ever learn


>> No.34942958

jamal's right. also adjectives don't exist in japanese but i don't expect dekinais to understand that

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>> No.34942968

it's treated as a verb to form だいじょうばない

>> No.34942970

that girl in the middle has no face

>> No.34942978

ya i read that on the english wikipedia once too

>> No.34942979

i mean u can just do whatever u want but treated as and actually being r 2 diff things my friend

>> No.34942986

but its a 形動

>> No.34942990

okay but you said base word and not base verb

>> No.34942995

what about バズる, パニクる etc

>> No.34942998

it's treated as a godan verb to make だいじょうばない

>> No.34943000

conjugation only applies to verbs

insert coin to continue

>> No.34943006

yep jamal has started with his samefagging. dude can't take an L like a man
the funny thing is that he thinks that we can't notice it

>> No.34943012

not sure what ur tryin to say here but ur logic is seems キョドる

>> No.34943016

dunno why hed take an l when hes been right from the start?

>> No.34943018

someone post the "i'm a sucker for dicks" streamable

>> No.34943026

you didnt have this in your definition of conjugation your only axioms were >>34942617
please be more specific next time

>> No.34943029

japanese adjectives are actually verbs so you can conjugate them

prove me wrong, you can't.

>> No.34943035

every time i say conjugations dont exist


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>> No.34943061

transcription practice

>> No.34943065

you being the girl?

>> No.34943075


teaching english with his cute japanese daughter

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>> No.34943093

yeah id love to smack him in the knees with a louisville slugger for saying "on fleek"

>> No.34943095

acquired on fleek

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lmao amc is fucking dumb

>> No.34943108

why is this on core 6k

>> No.34943117

it's based on 1980s newspapers

>> No.34943130

can i get a fucken fedora tip on this >>34942939

u know it was epic not many ppl can do it like me

>> No.34943135

食べる is the base word which can be conjugated to 食べた、食べない、etc., just like how 'go' is the base word which can be conjugated to 'went' in english (running with your definition).

>> No.34943141

*conjugates your face into a bloody mess*

>> No.34943145

lmao, today is the day that i kill jamal
you've fucked up now with this post.

>luckily 大丈夫 isnt a verb so u cant conjugate it

大丈夫 = 形動 = 形容動詞 = literally adjective verb



>> No.34943147

does she have a channel of her own?
dont care much about her dad

>> No.34943151

jamal never won a issen

>> No.34943156

食べる is already in 活用形

u cannot conjugate a conjugation it is already in its final state

>> No.34943160

i'll probably never learn japanese because i am too retarded. i took an online iq test and i have an iq of 112. i think i need to have an iq of 130-160 to acquire japanese language skills

>> No.34943173

pretty sure queeran got a 99 on one of these

>> No.34943175

big L for jamal but im sure he'll find a cope to make it his win again

>> No.34943178

ummm looks like what u posted says its a noun there champ

>> No.34943193

please, tell me what 動詞 means again

>> No.34943195

shut da fuck up

>> No.34943214

a verb is a do word u cant do 大丈夫

>> No.34943224

>u cannot conjugate a conjugation
yeah you can, why not?
after the conjugation its free to be another base word for the next conjugation, like 食べない

>> No.34943229


>> No.34943231

>can i get a fucken fedora tip on this
>nobody replies
massive L for jamal

>> No.34943238

why are you mixing english grammar terms with japanese? "you can't ___ a 活用形" - fill in the blank with the correct japanese grammar term so i can check if there is such a rule. do you mean 活用? japanese dictionaries say you can 活用 a 動詞.

>> No.34943240


>> No.34943242

yah thats the the true l right there i acknowledge this

but im currently in the company of documented 112 iqs so its to be expected i guess >>34943160

>> No.34943243

they're called 形容動詞 because they can attach to である which can 活用, the noun itself doesnt

>> No.34943250

jamal is kill

>> No.34943256

u seem desperate here lol anywya i cant read any of that so i dont really care whatever nerd shit ur on abt

>> No.34943260

棟 how do i read this

>> No.34943261

大丈夫 can conjugate

>> No.34943263

jamal wins again

>> No.34943265

it depends on the context same as everything else in japanese

>> No.34943274


>> No.34943277

what's jamal's score now

>> No.34943280

>である which can 活用
you sure about that?
conjugations dont exist in japanese

>> No.34943283

>> No.34943285

remember when the dude tried to gaslight the thread over this

>> No.34943291

i didnt say they did, i said 活用 not conjugation

>> No.34943293

that was an epic moment in djt history

>> No.34943305

not nearly as epic as the hayate no gotoku moments

>> No.34943307

its the same thing

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>> No.34943318

me walking out of the thread the undisputed champ and going to go do some housework like clean my toilet lmao


>> No.34943319

むね as part of a building
saw 大棟 just earlier
とう as a building itself

>> No.34943321

大丈夫ばない is a completely separate word from 大丈夫. theres no other 活用 like だいじょうんで or だいじょうんだ so its clearly not in the same category as any other 品詞 in japanese and is certainly not a 形容動詞 because you cant say だいじょうばないである which is what makes a 形容動詞

>> No.34943338

don't forget the muna reading

>> No.34943345

japanese 活用 is different from conjugation, they just use that word for other languages but its a separate thing

>> No.34943354

anyway how do you think they came up with 大丈ばない? it's a very natural consequence of treating it like another part of speech.

>> No.34943355

i'm not sure what the confusion is about. when people say "conjugate a japanese verb", they mean change the ending of the verb's stem to serve different grammatical functions in a sentence. that is exactly what the japanese definitions for 活用(する) say as it applies to grammar:
- 三省堂 スーパー大辞林

- 明鏡国語辞典

>> No.34943356

the fact that you needed to post this shows that you are aware that you lost

>> No.34943358

from my point of view everybody in this conjugation discussion is a loser

>> No.34943381

thats the same reading as むね
you wouldnt say that かっ is a reading of 活 because it becomes so in 活火山. its just a property of the かつ reading that it sometimes changes like that in certain words

>> No.34943406

it sounds like it could potentially be a verb, thats not hard to understand. that doesnt make it a verb itself, it's just a 1 off joke word

>> No.34943412

you know what else has never conjugated. any of you incels in this thread

>> No.34943419

just fap lmao

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>> No.34943426

just drink onions lmao

>> No.34943427


>> No.34943430

yeah and english conjugation is different from japanese 活用, we just use that word for other languages but its a separate thing

>> No.34943435

already at it

>> No.34943440

anime is saved

>> No.34943443

go ahead and explain what's the fundamental difference based on those two definitions

>> No.34943459

anime is over

>> No.34943463

1 is called conjugation the other isnt

>> No.34943472

japanese has inflections

>> No.34943493

an inflection is one type of conjugation

>> No.34943506

it's the other way around, brosef

>> No.34943508

no lol

>> No.34943512

if u care wehter japanese has conjugations or not u got issues fr

>> No.34943513

yuge win for jamal bros

>> No.34943526

yoooo get it while its hot

>> No.34943527

>In linguistics, conjugation (/ˌkɒndʒʊˈɡeɪʃən/[1][2]) is the creation of derived forms of a verb from its principal parts by inflection (alteration of form according to rules of grammar).

>In linguistic morphology, inflection (or inflexion) is a process of word formation,[1] in which a word is modified to express different grammatical categories such as tense, case, voice, aspect, person, number, gender, mood, animacy, and definiteness.[2]

>The inflection of verbs is called conjugation, and one can refer to the inflection of nouns, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, determiners, participles, prepositions and postpositions, numerals, articles etc., as declension.

>> No.34943532

>In linguistics, conjugation (/ˌkɒndʒʊˈɡeɪʃən/[1][2]) is the creation of derived forms of a verb from its principal parts by inflection
>by inflection
how can conjugation derive from something that it already is?

>> No.34943535

what happened to Matt's video with Dogen? did he delete it because he made too many pitch accent mistakes and got insecure or something

I thought I'd finally get to hear extended audio of Matt speaking

>> No.34943536

also learned it this way

>> No.34943537

so much ignorance in this thread that comes from only knowing one language

>> No.34943549

he said the n word during the echo fiasco

>> No.34943555

japanese has agglutinations

>> No.34943557

有効活用 (conjugate) this
*unzips pants*

>> No.34943578

>The inflection of verbs is called conjugation
so japanese does have conjugations, nice

>> No.34943583


>> No.34943587

lmao no way

>> No.34943588

you did the narou freq list, right? i have a list of books, dramas and anime i wanna watch. how can i make a frequency list based on that to use on yomichan?

>> No.34943589

japanese doesnt have verbs

>> No.34943592


>> No.34943608

you can 活用 japanese verbs
everyone translates 活用 to conjugation in grammar
what are you even arguing about

>> No.34943610

lol this thread was made 3 fuckin hours after abdul the goatfuckers and everybody came here

thats how much people like you abdul

>> No.34943611

>As with most languages, Japanese verbs can be phonetically modified to change the purpose, nuance or meaning of the verb. These modifications are known as "verb conjugations". In the Japanese language, the beginning of a word is usually preserved during conjugations (this is the "verb stem"), whilst the ending of the word is altered in some way to change the meaning (this is the "inflectional suffix"). Unlike other languages, Japanese verb conjugations are independent from a subject's perspective (such as the first/second/third person), gender (i.e. neutral/feminine/masculine) and plurality (e.g. "they").

>> No.34943616

probably because of all the technical problems
first 15 minutes of the stream was just them trying to communicate with each other

maybe he'll cut the video and reup it

>> No.34943625


>> No.34943638

dunno ask jamal, he's the one saying "well ackchyually"

>> No.34943642

if you claim that japanese has conjugations then you are saying that it has verbs that conjugate
but 知る doesnt conjugate into 知った something else must happen for 知る and 知った to exist like things are added on to a stem
but a stem isnt a verb so it cant conjugate

>> No.34943649

imagine you have the choice of beheading goatfucker or ciaran

sophies fuckin choice

>> No.34943654

can linguist queefmaster step in to clear up the confusion once and for all

>> No.34943665

please refrain from referring to namefags

>> No.34943689

why? u feeling attacked cuz no one knows or cares who u are? lol

>> No.34943698

this is the dumbest post of all time

>> No.34943700

would these threads even exist without jamal?

>> No.34943703

are you one of them? kys

>> No.34943716


>> No.34943727

>but 知る doesnt conjugate into 知った something else must happen for 知る and 知った to exist
citation needed

>> No.34943729

yeah i know who you are now

>> No.34943732

it's funny that these niggas want to argue about conjugation when they don't even know what conjugation means when it comes to indo-european languages. see this post >>34943642

embarrassing shit

>> No.34943735

gives it a guess mate

>> No.34943738

>something else must happen for 知る and 知った to exist
what did he mean by this

>> No.34943741

This is definitely not right... right?
Arino's a member of Yoiko but I've never seen that funny looking character before. It's definitely not ぬ, right? Is it an old style い or something?

>> No.34943746

nah in fact i lol @ them everyday but its hilarious how mad u are cuz no one cares about u

>> No.34943751

angloids must the ones with retarded takes about conjugation

speakers of other european languages actually know what "conjugation" means

>> No.34943754

lmao certified fansubber doesn't even know his geinin

>> No.34943762


>> No.34943769

remember memorizing this when i was learning kana lol

>> No.34943784

this is jamal with his trip off cuz he's saying the same shit. embarrassing

>> No.34943786

might also have a look at ゑ while your at it
only seen it used in whisky brands

>> No.34943796

its a shame cause it's aesthetic

>> No.34943802


>> No.34943807


>> No.34943813

it's pronounced like こ゚

>> No.34943834

you guys dont even know what 知る is. it's し (a "stem") + a 助動詞 る, same with 知った its the stem + 助動詞 た
that isnt a conjugation because the stem isnt and cant be a verb. and we've already established conjugation is the inflection of verbs therefore theres no conjugation in japanese

>> No.34943856

>that isnt a conjugation because the stem isnt and cant be a verb.
lmao wtf

>Typically the principal parts are the root and/or several modifications of it (stems). All the different forms of the same verb constitute a lexeme, and the canonical form of the verb that is conventionally used to represent that lexeme (as seen in dictionary entries) is called a lemma.

>> No.34943874

>the principal parts are the root
do you also think that a heart is a human?

>> No.34943882


seiya = djt
slime = jamal

>> No.34943883

so glad i went to university and know these people are full of shit

>> No.34943885

i downloaded most of it

>> No.34943886

crazy how u fucking retards dont just filter any name or tripfag and go about your shitposting normally

>> No.34943890

this is so どうでもいい

>> No.34943898

why r there still ppl coping with the fact that u cannot under any circumstances conjugate a verb in japanese lol

its not a big deal just accept it and move on

>> No.34943900

this cautious hero?

>> No.34943904


>> No.34943916

he didnt actually do it or show how one can do it so its just the same as all the other retards up till now

>> No.34943925

ngmi kid, go do some reps

>> No.34943929

>a billion grammarians that make a living figuring this stuff out
>a /djt/ nigga with delusions of grandeur

hmm who should i listen to?

>> No.34943931

takanaru koudou wa yuugure no
kimi no sugata ni
shinku suru
misenai puraido sasayaka na
kimi no subete ni
suwingu suru

>> No.34943932

>that isnt a conjugation because the stem isnt and cant be a verb
>In linguistics, conjugation (/ˌkɒndʒʊˈɡeɪʃən/[1][2]) is the creation of derived forms of a verb from its principal parts by inflection
where does it say the principal part has to be the entire verb or a standalone word?

>> No.34943935

dont care who u listen to either conjugate a japanese verb for us or cope

>> No.34943942

need my doc to up my adderall from 5 to 10mg to comprehend this discussion brb

>> No.34943947

>derived forms of a verb
there is no "verb" being derived from, all verbs that exists are derivations from a root, not the root of a verb but a pre-cursor to a verb. the verbs exist only after they have been made by attaching other things to them.

>> No.34943948

already did

>> No.34943952

can't you take 2 doses?

>> No.34943957

not much to comprehend i gave ppl a new and exciting way to commit seppuku in the thread and they r all stepping up to try their hand at it lmao

>> No.34943967

thats just 2 words in 活用形 u didnt do any conjugating

>> No.34943970

prob but i just got on it and doc said just follow twice a day for 2 weeks and it'll probably not be enough so it'll get upped to 10mg twice a day

it still will not be enough for /djt/, i need more

>> No.34943974

why post in a thread that will get deleted

>> No.34943983

there is a limit to shitposting. i have trillions of sources on my side. all you have is crazy schizo bragging

this is another level of gaslighting.

>> No.34943984

知った cant be a conjugation of 知る by the definition here >>34943932
because 知る itself a word that has two separate parts to it. the "stem" and the 助動詞 る
so where is the verb that this so-called "derived form" comes from?

>> No.34943986

dame 300 posts in only 3 hours (all shit)

>> No.34943995

eat and ate are just two words
i didn't conjugate them

>> No.34943999

>there is no "verb" being derived from
who said so? 食べ can unambiguously be derived from 食べる, so it is a derived form of the verb. it doesn't matter if you can also arrive at 食べ from something that isn't a 動詞.

>> No.34944002

how does it feel to know that literal retards using wanikani and duolingo will get further than you because they dont worry about whatever the FUCK you're talking about right now

>> No.34944003

u shoulda knew better than to try to tango with my 142 iq woman lmao

>> No.34944005

open any japanese grammar book and it'll agree with me

show me one that agrees with jamal. what's more likely
1. all grammarians are wrong and jamal is the supreme genius of the japanese language
2. jamal is full of shit and doesn't know what he is talking about

>> No.34944019

食べる itself a derivation of the root 食べ and the 助動詞 る therefore 食べ cannot be a derivation from it that would result in the other verbs. they all derive from the root, which is not a verb, therefore it cant be called conjugation. very simple.

>> No.34944035

mined the word for obese and all the image results were of americans, fuark

>> No.34944036

it is a conjugation of 知る because it is a derived form of the verb 知る from its principal part. the principal part of a japanese verb is its stem.

>> No.34944037

the book doesnt agree with u u just think that bc theres various verb forms that it means theres conjugations lol

u literally just dont understand the book lmao

>> No.34944040

see here >>34944019
it is not derived from 知る but the other way around

>> No.34944042

>how does it feel to know that literal retards using wanikani and duolingo will get further than you

>> No.34944050

here i'll derive 食べ from 食べる
take 食べる
delete the る

>> No.34944051

my shit食べ lmao

>> No.34944052

u dont need images if you do radicals

>> No.34944061

i'm starting to suspect i have add/adhd. my brother was diagnosed with it and as a kid my doctor even said he suspected i had it too. starting in middle/highschool i became pretty bored with studying/learning things even if i felt they were important, to the extent i'd get distracted and just not do it. i don't know if that's a symptom of add or if that's just a thing that is true for all stupid people and add is over-diagnosed.

>> No.34944063

i like having a photo at the top of the card it makes me laugh occasionally, im not sure what radicals has to do with what i said

>> No.34944067

you can recreate 食べ from 食べる by getting rid of the 助動詞 る but the original word was not 食べる so you are not conjugating it, you're just reverting it back to the original state. the original state is a root word, not a verb and therefore isn't conjugated.

>> No.34944074

u almost stuck the landing in repeating urself for the 10th time but u fucked up with ur verbiage lmao

>> No.34944076

why is 食べ not a derivation of 食べる? your argument is circular because you assume a definition of derivation that agrees with your conclusion.

>> No.34944079

>i became pretty bored with studying/learning things even if i felt they were important, to the extent i'd get distracted and just not do it
lol literally 80% of the male portion of my class in hs was like this

>> No.34944080

liking this gimmick

>> No.34944082

ADHD is probably over-diagnosed, usually you're able to tell whether you have it or not but i suppose you could do the online tests which take 1 minute which most docs use.

it's prob only worth seeing someone/getting meds for (extremely easy to get) if it's impacting your work/studies. i can't concentrate very easily and fidget a lot, but ive always been this way as a kid but my parents just assumed i was the class clown and that was it.

>> No.34944090

>why is 食べ not a derivation of 食べる?
you cant derive something from its creator.

>> No.34944093

they literally use the term "conjugation".

>> No.34944102

watch stand alone complex

it's really hard though so prepare to get btfod

>> No.34944107


>> No.34944108

>but the original word was not 食べる
食べ is not a word. the original word is 食べる, from which its principal part, 食べ is derived, and all conjugations are done using the principal part.

>> No.34944123

pic is me

thats a bad book bc it contradicts itself just in that index lmao

>> No.34944126

yea but i got the impression from most of them and most people in general that stuff they were learning just wasn't important. whereas i do think it's important i just can't pay attention to it for long.

>> No.34944135


>> No.34944136

>the original word is 食べる
this is not true, because 食べる isnt a word, but two seperate words, and was not even a proper 活用形 in classical japanese but originated from the stem 食べ + 助動詞 る as ive said before.

>> No.34944147

it's like a madhouse in here

>> No.34944152

just knowing something is important doesnt mean u will have any desire to study it lol

>> No.34944155

go see a shrink or whoever depending on your insurance and see what they think. worse case scenario you get peace of mind, best case you're able to properly focus on work going forward and be more productive

>> No.34944156

jamal isn't samefagging. there legitimately is an orbiter who agrees with whatever he says

>> No.34944158


>> No.34944166

add isnt real

>> No.34944173

this week was my lowest anime input week in like 3 years, not feeling it recently

>> No.34944176

unfortunately whoever authored that is a hack bc pic is just by definition an impossibility and the japanese vid posted earlier wouldnt dare say something this foolish

>> No.34944177

>食べる isnt a word, but two seperate words

>> No.34944179

damn now i finally get what ladybeard on the trash taste podcast meant when he said that german grammar is similar to japanese grammar

we also conjugate verbs via their stem in german and have many agglutinations

>> No.34944189

u got it backwards me and queeran r binary stars

>> No.34944192

this is accepted in japanese grammar to be the case

>> No.34944195

so many jp docs about the tsunami that theres a fuckin archive dedicated to them or some shit yet this is all there is on shitflix

>> No.34944201

link it

>> No.34944210

what the fuck else is there to talk about. big water came, people died, shit got destroyed, they tried to move on. do you need like 9 hours of discussion on what japanese water feels like

>> No.34944212

we can read japanese just post your source

>> No.34944224

i like tragedy porn because i need to see extreme human emotions to feel anything myself

>> No.34944226

jamal is unironically correct about the fact u cant conjugate
this is self evident if you know japanese (which ciaran does too which is prolly why u got confused)

>> No.34944229

me as i watch the price of amc entertainment about to hit 30 dollars lmao

>> No.34944236

so jamal is wrong >>34942617

>> No.34944239

everyone is a hack then

>> No.34944241

why not go watch another documentary about nanjing

>> No.34944259

it wont be in japanese also dont care about chink bugmen

>> No.34944264

almost native

>> No.34944265

doesn’t affect anything at all
stupid as fuck argument

>> No.34944266

i mean no one who reads those books ever learns japanese right lol

>> No.34944269

>i like tragedy porn
>i dont like it involving groups of people i hate
okay schizo, meds now and up the dosage to 25mg

>> No.34944275


>> No.34944281

i just dont care about chinese people

also ywnbaw

>> No.34944291


team george or team matt?

>> No.34944293

well jamal did start off with one of those books

>> No.34944294

break -> broken
what is the root

>> No.34944295


>> No.34944296


>> No.34944303

i have no idea what a fiverow is but if its what i think then im irate lmao

>> No.34944306

just look up any classical japanese dictionary (which shows the basis for all modern japanese grammar) at the word 食べる and see where 食べる comes from. its two seperate words joined together

>> No.34944317


>> No.34944318

what words

>> No.34944325

break is the original verb here that gets changed into broken, that makes it a conjugation. theres no verb to start with in japanese only a pre-cursor to a verb so it cant be a conjugation

>> No.34944333

team kys

>> No.34944339


>> No.34944346

he already said 食べ and る

and im not gonna argue against this bc im not enough of a nerd to

theres always a bigger nerd out there somewhere but the fact remains:

u cant conjugate a japanese verb bc theres no such thing

>> No.34944357

>george actually makes quite a bit of pitch accents mistakes!
who FUCKING CARES jesus christ i'd rather talk with the guy who realizes he'll never be japanese and just tries his best vs a retard who makes videos bragging about speaking japanese to other randos in stores

people who rag on about pitch accent have never spent actual time in foreign countries before and realized how useless 95% of it is

>> No.34944364

ru isnt a word though *cackles manically*

>> No.34944365


>> No.34944367

then you're not conjugating break when you convert it to broken

>> No.34944368

it has its own dictionary entry so that makes it a word

>> No.34944370

shat the FACK ap

>> No.34944375

yea didnt read those

>> No.34944386

lost my avistaz login somehow despite not clearing cookies, tried every combo possible but no dice. cant recover it cause i made it with a burner email cause i didnt want to post mine itt for ciaran to send the invite to lol

get fucked

>> No.34944392

なりました is 3 単語s according to japanese grammar

>> No.34944393

no but broke conjugates to broken

>> No.34944397

ing is in the dictionary but its not a word much like ru

>> No.34944406


>> No.34944407

and now you're dead lmao

>> No.34944408

japanese is retarded as hell unfortunately but this is why no one cares about classical japanese anymore

>> No.34944420

team george

>> No.34944432

? i just added a n

ez conjugation

>> No.34944436

would you consider べき to be a word? its also a 助動詞 exactly the same as る

>> No.34944438

>142 iq

>> No.34944443

same, so much of my time goes to watching holos i barely care about anime anymore

>> No.34944447

if i can drunkenly slur out "where is the bathroom" in mando then that's living proof japanese pitch accent is irrelevant

>> No.34944448

if thats the case then no

>> No.34944455

dont compare yourself to me you rancid sack of shit

hope you die tomorrow

>> No.34944478

whats mando

>> No.34944487


>> No.34944493


>> No.34944498

list out what you hate about vtubers
i hate them too. curious about your reasons

>> No.34944506

if mandarin didn't have accents it would be so fucking easy to speak

>> No.34944509

he just did

>> No.34944511

now that we've established that る is the base word japanese conjugations become really easy

>> No.34944521

yea just like i conjugated broke

>> No.34944525

i'm getting killed by mandarin

>> No.34944526

you can't speak it because you use pinyin. use bopomofo

>> No.34944537

this is the japanese thread

>> No.34944542

you delete parts of verbs to get stems and change them all the time in english and call it conjugation. why is it different with japanese? just because the stem has a dictionary entry?

>> No.34944543

yeah that'd be great
i hope you can work on those anger issues anon

>> No.34944557

so the chinese thread?

>> No.34944563


>> No.34944564

you arent deleting part of a verb to get a stem. the stem existed before the verb existed
if we were talking about classical japanese it would be different but theres no conjugation in modern japanese

>> No.34944572

how is it different in classical japanese?

>> No.34944573

this is a chinese word

>> No.34944584

use it in a sentence

>> No.34944585

i can speak it, i just forget the majority of the tones because there were too many to remember. i could probably have learned more efficiently but i can survive when im over there a couple times a year for work.

i also cant read it :^)
whats killing you? better not say grammar

>> No.34944617

its slightly different because the base can be a verb by itself

>> No.34944619

kill chinkshits

>> No.34944621

yeah i can speak english i just dont know any vowels and i'm illiterate

>> No.34944633

mando owns solely because most of the country is poor and small towns/cities and you can get your point across in 3 words without having to worry about polite forms and you can shout shit at them

>> No.34944638

>whats killing you? better not say grammar

>> No.34944653

yeah ive said it before and ill say it again but moe is the best poster here

>> No.34944673

i dont feel like that is much of an accomplishment

>> No.34944680


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