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I want to fuck the dog

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I miss Aqua.

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I will marry this menhera.

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Don't watch Miko

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no autisimo

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

Miko Suba collab! https://youtu.be/kdI0vBpWFkQ

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Miko is a treasure.

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i miss haachama

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>Zero results

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Where all the streams?

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I asked, I care, stay here.

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Subaru and Migo are having a lot fun together. Why are you still miserable in here?

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me too... sans blague

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Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive.

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Sora Love!

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are you blind retard

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Miko would have had much more fun with Pekora..

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faq migo

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I knew SubaMiko would be good but man, this is gold.

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<span class="sjis">hey man[/spoiler]

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Good luck, I'm going to marry this one.

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Let it go pekomikobro...

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i only pay when my oshi is taking part.

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>Close stream

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Because I'm having a lot of fun watching Subaru and Miko!

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Miko Miko Miko!

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Is the game that coco is playing fun?

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Peko Miko is dead, Micomet killed it

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cover gets better and better each live. I swear by my hand this year's holofes will be the best one yet
I actually felt like i was watching a live viewing of a real idol concert for from first

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idolchads win again

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My belly hurts from laughing....

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Is kerin flares papa?

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>There are people in this thread who can't even solve algebraic equations and are tuning into zombie
fucking casuals, we need to have math-based captchas to filter these people out

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I'm born to suffer

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I love Towa!

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I think the first time Miko made a mistake and said You suck !

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Matuli Love!

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What's up with Kenzoku being so obnoxious lately?

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>love live crying
the real idol concerts...

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Miko friend cute

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Miko is a bully?

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Would you a ココたん(18)?

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why do the holo's have downs

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Aki ᵧₒ

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They'll try to make it live again but get fucked by lockdowns so you end up with another screen in an empty hall

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Miko and Suba is gold. Come on organize a big collab again with Mio

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It's part of the requirements during the auditions

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same Mikopi! They are having a lot of fun!

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Hi paid oshi

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Akutan, doko?

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Based Towa

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>whore anon
I fucking knew it, I was sharing a thread with whores all along.

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>polynomial division
B..but why?

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I love Fubuki!

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from first was supposed to be live right up until the state of emergency got a nnounced a few weeks back and we got that, cover is learning

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Don't fall for it bros. They're desperate and trying to split the kenzoku/35p alliance since last year because an alliance of flips and spics is too strong.

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Pot Fairy Trio collab should happen again

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matuli prerecorded menhera

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This, their collabs last year were so good.

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I've been waiting a nendo of Korone for so long now...

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Yes I would a ココたん(18).

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Why is Towa cosplaying Botan?

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at least skim the wiki before asking stupid questions

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Suba is such a normalfag. She's been telling Miko about spiderman movies lmao

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Yes, Sio is her mom

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I think what really made it better was the decision to switch to the virtual stage, as the audience was cancelled. Compared to Bloom for example, where the cameras were placed in the empty concert hall and holos appearing kind of flat on the stage. It would've been fine if there actually was a crowd there, but without the crowd there was a strange disconnect. Using the virtual stage made it so much better

That being said, I really hope that this year's holofes will have an audience and we can see some audience hype mixed in with the amazing performance.

Also all of the girls get better each time at performing, so there's that too. I'm so glad to see them growing and improving. Someone like Matsuri too, who has always been the "best idol" in Hololive, gets better everytime she performs.

I fucking love Hololive

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How new?

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Is Coco still fun to watch?
I stopped watching her after I almost died from anger at the 3 week forced chink vacation.

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I hope they improve enough to crowdsource fan calls and figure out a way to make them part of the next concert then.

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It's been 270 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern and encouragement she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now she's able to think positively which encouraged her to stay motivated to work on her album, merch and in her new design for her live2D model.

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


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Crazy how Cover puts so much faith in japan they try for live concert every time but gets lockdown everytime.

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I have absolute confidence that we'll get a gen 5 live for their anniversary.

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What a whore.

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Fuck it, it's a good day. Have a Fubuking in HD.

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Hello new anon! Please do your archive and JP reps before posting here! Thank you!

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Marine is back so its Pekora's turn to be menhera

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Damm, great job.

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Thankfully they learned this time
And maybe 3rd time's the charm and Holofes will have an actual crowd this year

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I accidentally took a round picture and got this

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I really don't get how Cover can't hold their own live when Million Live just had their live last weekend and it was filled with people

>> No.34954128

couldn't have said it better myself, nothing fits matsuri better than fansa and my lord did she knock it out of the park yet again today.
camerawork got a lot better too, lots of great screenshots this time around and that one you posted in particular is the best one of the whole concert
i agree, that should be the next logical step as well

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not a holo like china

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>Miko Shuba (and most likely alon with the other members) likes to play Among Us together off stream

>> No.34954140

Did you shoot it from inside of za ramy?

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If there is no lockdown, I might go watch it live since I already plan to take a trip to japan with some mates anyways.

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>nothing fits matsuri better than fansa
Not even a matsurisu but Matsuri's Fansa is probably the best cover in Hololive overall.

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I'm using it for something, thank you anon

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Friend? I thought we were just friends... which is it?

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>Miko Shuba collab

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>> No.34954162

Subaru always invites people to play. And nobody ever comes.

>> No.34954164

She's horny post-live

>> No.34954167

it was actually looking good this time too before the cases spiked for like the 5th time in a row in japan

>> No.34954174

Unironically small company who wouldn't want to face any potential backlash or image issues from their concert being identified as a super-spreader event.

>> No.34954175

Might have to do with the concert hall they picked?Not quite sure myself but even that concert was rescheduled earlier due to covid concerns

>> No.34954178

Wife during and shortly after lives, friend rest of the time.

>> No.34954180

hole of za ramy...

>> No.34954182

>Miko Shuba collab

>> No.34954183

Actually makes sense. Since they are virtual anyways, it also works better than having real people appear in streams.

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This is actually pretty cute.

>> No.34954188

Better than eating cabbage stream.

>> No.34954189

Why isn't Subaru a part of holo gamers? She already played A Way Out with Miko, plays Among Us, did Detroit: Beyonad Human and wrecked shit in DMC3. They should make her a part of it.

>> No.34954193

I can't understand the anathomy of this pic

>> No.34954194

They just forget the time because subaru sets it at midnight

>> No.34954195

You aren't dumber than zombie, right?

>> No.34954196

A better question is: why is Mio a part of GAMERS?

>> No.34954200

Subaru will no survive this collab imho. Mikochi is too powerful and funny.

>> No.34954201

now imagine from2nd with a crowd chanting OJOU AISHITE

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>> No.34954203

She has extra legs growing out of her vagina and a head exiting her anus.

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>> No.34954207

Up for another 3D live?

>> No.34954208

Gamers is the fat hag gen

>> No.34954210

Thought korone played A way out with miko

>> No.34954211

>I can read
We all are gonna make it bros.

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>> No.34954214

>any times you feel bad about messing up?
>"All the time"

She set the time for 23:59 and Shion came to tease her. That's something.

>> No.34954216

On other hand imagine them screaming POGU POGU DANCE.

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>> No.34954220

Don't care much for nijis (maybe unfairly), but I like Amamya, so I might watch that.

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>> No.34954226

FАMSOKBR L4D2 ruined her chances for that for a while, I don't know when will she get another opportunity.

>> No.34954227

Same, I'm going to study there for a year unless they decide to cancel everything because of chink virus shit, which is like a 30% chance of happening but hoping for the best. Would be pretty amazing to see a Holo concert live, been dreaming of it ever since Fes1

>> No.34954228

Is that even popular amongst JOPs

>> No.34954229

that shit was kino
then EN shitters played it and it was shitty cringe

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>> No.34954231

I wish I had an Youkya Raijuu sister like Subaru

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>> No.34954233

Why is zombie teaching math?
Reminds me of these streams:

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>> No.34954236

No it's not that they forget about it, because it was set at midnight it created confusion about the day, they thought it was for the next day.

>> No.34954237

Seven fox, eight fox, nine fox, Fubuki~

>> No.34954238

>Miko entered the male toilet when she was in school
The Migo Flare Park Accident...........

>> No.34954239

Man, coco is absolutely killing it with the GFE(True)
Anyone can make a good game fun to watch.
But enjoying shitty stuff with an so will always be more special.

>> No.34954240

>Calli: can we quit the game and see a different ending?
>Kiara: you want to run away from what you did?

Man, fuck Cali. Already hated her bro talk, but seeing this, Kiara seemed pretty invested in the story and how it eventually turned out, but Mori couldn't give a shit plus she immediately pulled the trigger when she got the gun.

>> No.34954244

You have my attention

>> No.34954246

>> No.34954249

Fair. ML was held on an open-air stage and it was delayed by a year already so I guess they just had to push through.

>> No.34954250

Amamiya's cute, I'll watch a bit.

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>> No.34954253

too strong

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>> No.34954255

Miko is so precious

>> No.34954256

Hopefully your plans go through. Unsure which stage of testing Japan is in for the vaccine but hopefully they finish it soon so they can be out of lockdown.

>> No.34954257

but okayu isnt a hag

>> No.34954258

The next logical step would be AR like Vcarnival or at least like niiji 3D concert.

>> No.34954261

Imagine huh...

>> No.34954263

me too! no joke

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>> No.34954270

I refuse to watch any subaru's stream because everything will be clipped by sushi in the end anyways

>> No.34954276

What a whore.

>> No.34954277

I'm dumb, whats the punchline or joke here?

>> No.34954278

That guy is actually really good at his job, though, watched his stream on integration a while ago.

>> No.34954280

Miko beating the shit out of Subaru in front of 35k people

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>> No.34954290

Pretty sure they were already doing AR for Beyond the Stage, it just didn't pan out because of no live audience

>> No.34954291

Kanata got cucked by her oshi, Coco filled the fridge with Haagen Dazs

>> No.34954293

reiwa oji...

>> No.34954294

Pretty sure they are trying their best to roll out Moderna vaccines. Meanwhile I hear their public is currently being angry at the IOC for insisting on holding the olympics no matter what especially because they are the only reason they cant back out of their role as a host

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>> No.34954296


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>> No.34954301

>> No.34954302

Kanat is having a menhera episode about someone she idolized getting married and eats the pain away, Coco is trying to console her.

>> No.34954306

>Miko and Subaru fading away
I want to stop taking my meds

>> No.34954308

I love Towass

>> No.34954309

Fansa really is her song and she does it better than last every single time. I can't help but get teary eyed every time when the yakusoku part comes and she always has something heartfelt to say to the matsurisus.

>camerawork got a lot better
very much this, no doubt thanks to the virtual stage allowing for more freedom with the cameras. Aikotoba3's movement to center stage and the elevated stage was fucking amazing honestly

>> No.34954311

I'd poi that ass if you get what I mean.

>> No.34954314

Subaru doesn't exist

>> No.34954317

maybe it was all a dream...

>> No.34954318

I have every reason to believe that the Nene/Polka Cinderella Switch (that will happen eventually, you know it) has the chance to be one of the best ones, if not THE best one.
Think about it. You'll be watching Nene, one of the best singers and dancers while Polka, an absolute beast of hyping things up, is next to you. It's gonna be a grand experience.

>> No.34954321

>Miko calling out Subaru for being such a pathological liar
Based Miko

>> No.34954322

>he didn't know
Saw that twist coming almost a year ago.

>> No.34954324

>From 1st was great
>ShishiLamy Cinderella switch and Luna's outfit tomorrow

>> No.34954325

>everybody's throat is fucked up
Honestly, surprising it took so long.

>> No.34954328

polka fat

>> No.34954330

Sora in 3 minutes!

>> No.34954334

I never lie, but I never tell the truth!

>> No.34954335

Yeah Japan has their own testing regulations for the vaccinations so it would take a while for the vaccine to be approved. Suga did vow for 1 million vaccinations a day but not sure how feasible that is. IOC has always been some assholes so that's no surprise.

>> No.34954336

I love my pathological oshi, Subaru!

>> No.34954337

Wtf is that stream.

>> No.34954338

Watch Sora.

>> No.34954342


>> No.34954343

>if you get what I mean.
No. Spoon-feed me please.

>> No.34954345


>> No.34954347

>> No.34954348

Thank you alpuca-chama!

>> No.34954351


>> No.34954354

Right next to the like/dislike buttons.

>> No.34954355

Lmao, gokishitters think their talentless hacks will live up to hololive's standards

>> No.34954356

I missed from1st, can you tell me who graduated this time?
It's gotta be Mel or Haato, right?

>> No.34954357

WWW is grass

>> No.34954358

Mikochi's retarded eigo...

>> No.34954359

Miko having a fucking stroke on stream

>> No.34954360

>Miko can't even read the question

>> No.34954361

It was Friend.

>> No.34954362


>> No.34954363


>> No.34954364


>> No.34954365

It's me

>> No.34954367

wrong board

>> No.34954369


>> No.34954370

Miko can't read Whole

>> No.34954371

>Nuuun Nuuuuun
What did she mean by this?

>> No.34954373

>World whore
The answer is Towa

>> No.34954374

Miko dabbing on Subaru kek

>> No.34954375

the sheep got graduated behind her back...

>> No.34954376

What is the chance, that she pukes during this stream?

>> No.34954377


>> No.34954378

Just woke up, from the looks of it the 1st gen concert was a huge success? Really glad, they deserve some love and positivity after all this time

>> No.34954380

It's him >>34954365

>> No.34954381

Sora's singing!

>> No.34954385

I made sure to hide all the cakes

>> No.34954386

remember: thumbs out when throwing a punch!

>> No.34954388

I want a Miko girlfriend...

>> No.34954390

Twapi's dance!

>> No.34954392

Where is Watame?

>> No.34954395

Way too many consonants and not enough vowels in the word for Mikochi nigga.

>> No.34954397

I want a Subaru girlfriend...

>> No.34954398

>> No.34954399


>> No.34954402

>> No.34954403

Of course, you don't have too much force that way so if you are punching friends its the best way

>> No.34954407


>> No.34954410

It was great yeah. Production-wise it might've been even better than bloom or fes2, since they were on a virtual stage instead of irl stage with an empty audience and holos projected on a screen.

>> No.34954411

Have you checked behind you?
it's too late

>> No.34954414

Nene's switch is next but not with Polka.

>> No.34954416


>> No.34954417

So Lack won't collab with Flare because she a prude who rejects his booba design?

>> No.34954418

I'm in a good mood right now. actually, that's a lie since I'm a manlet and cried with my dearest friend. even so, I'm feeling good right now so I won't tell you to ctrl+w your life and this ritualpost hope you enjoyed it as much or even more, fren
friend... ;; FRIEEEEEND!!! ( ; _ ; )

>> No.34954419

Miko Suba Minecraft collab soon. And Oozora Kensetsu will join Maou Miko's army

>> No.34954421


>> No.34954423

>> No.34954426

Hey I recognize this song...

>> No.34954429

why only 30 minutes

>> No.34954431

>but not with Polka
They wouldn't.

>> No.34954432

Who's getting new outfits next after Luna? Korone and Mio?

>> No.34954433

>> No.34954435

hop on over friends

>> No.34954436



>> No.34954437

Shuba is fucking dead

>> No.34954440

>> No.34954442


Senchou Karaoke time

>> No.34954443


>> No.34954445

Sora singing or Mio doing hag things?
Help me choose.

>> No.34954446


>> No.34954447

In your dreams Nekkoshit

>> No.34954448

Nooo mikosuba ended. Who do I watch now???

>> No.34954449


>> No.34954450

Flare's dad and her half-pizza brother...

>> No.34954453

>instead of irl stage with an empty audience and holos projected on a screen.
I honestly don't understand why they even do this? Is the live audience worth it as much as seeing a full 3D stage that can show you them perform from all angles and close ups? Looking at a flat stage and low resolution stiff angle with a bunch of sweaty otaku around you doesn't sound fun at all

>> No.34954455

These guys wirjed ib the stage

>> No.34954456

That was a great collab, even if it wasn't bomberman.

>> No.34954457

stop laughing at me

>> No.34954458

She's a tease. A Femme Fatale. The kind who plays with my emotions.

>> No.34954459


>> No.34954460

she always sings for a short time then dips

>> No.34954461

Should be Mel and Aqua.

>> No.34954462

I'm fucking tired of all these recordings. She better have something good to show.

>> No.34954468

this isnt a joke
when i opened mio's stream i suddenly got a hardon
fuck my life bros

>> No.34954469


>> No.34954471

Always choose hags

>> No.34954472

Sora is cute someone should put a baby in her.

>> No.34954474

It will be Suzy/Nene instead of Polka
Suisei mentioned that the reason they haven't roll with the utawaku duo is that the plan is getting "too big"

>> No.34954476


Oh I see....

>> No.34954478

Ojisan reps, now.

>> No.34954479

Hope you like another collab with indogs

>> No.34954482


>> No.34954483

https://youtu.be/IFgKNtNwm6E Hachi singing!

>> No.34954485


>> No.34954488

>> No.34954489

Just in one day Miko already mastered her handtracking. Such is the way of the elite.

>> No.34954490

Choco sensei!?

>> No.34954491

readymade when?

>> No.34954494 [SPOILER] 


>> No.34954495

i love hololive.

>> No.34954502

me too!! no joke

>> No.34954503

Ui and Choco being good friends really surprises me. Then again an unironic bitch and a slut do mesh well together.

>> No.34954505

I believe that the original plan was a normal offcollab utawaku. Now that they delayed it for so long they were like let's just do 3D live ikz.

>> No.34954510

She's literal SEX

>> No.34954513


>> No.34954521

dont care

>> No.34954522

Link onegai

>> No.34954523

Why mio is crying????

>> No.34954524


>> No.34954527

I believe PekoMiko's Cinderella Switch will be THE best!

>> No.34954528

>> No.34954529

What the fuck? Choco isn't actually a sensei? Is that true?

>> No.34954536

It was gold from start to finish, they're a fun duo. Really hope for more collabs.

PLEASE make it happen. Subaru would 100% play more if she had someone to play with and this just might motivate her enough.

>> No.34954537


>> No.34954538

wow, that tracking is really good, how the fuck don't we have that when we're drowning in cash?

>> No.34954539

Sora doesn't have her hands activated

>> No.34954541

You slap her ass, then keep your hand on it, groping it softly, and, as Towa angrily turns to look at you making Towa noises, you slap her other buttcheek with your free hand, pushing them together and spreading apart. You slip your hand between her inner thighs, massaging them softly as she awkwardly tries to get out of your grip, and when you feel enough moisture and Towa noises start mellowing out, you yank her shorts down and go for a buttjob, pushing her cheeks together around your dick while ignoring her twitching hungry hole. Finally, when she's getting really desperate and starts loosing her balance from all the arousal, you bend her over and rawdog her backdoor as hard as you want.
That's how you poi Towa's ass.

>> No.34954542

>Clip Studio has multiplayer now
Senchou!, Ina!, Pochimama! it's time to drop that shit website!

>> No.34954543

>Lack is playing Cuphead

>> No.34954544

Mio is crying :/

>> No.34954545

B-but isn't Sora a hag too?

>> No.34954546

>> No.34954548

Erotic belly...

>> No.34954550

What a very talented elite!

>> No.34954552

How do those women constantly get sick?

>> No.34954553

>PekoMiko's Cinderella Switch

>> No.34954554

towa sex

>> No.34954560

Sora is going all out tonight and will keep things at 30 minutes

>> No.34954561

Looks like it's a studio set up if she's doing a 3D live

>> No.34954566

uhhhhh cover????????

>> No.34954568

Which one?

>> No.34954571

Now that I know how Sora looks it makes it even hotter

>> No.34954572

I want to softly slap the Twap tummy

>> No.34954574

Literally not hololive fuck off, stop using this thread like your discord

>> No.34954576

Mio?! What happened to your stream?

>> No.34954578

Mio is already weakened by covid.

>> No.34954579


>> No.34954580

Pekora has been an ironwoman

>> No.34954581

Sora this song isn't Seiso...

>> No.34954582

Thanks for the spoon-feeding me. Really enjoyed that. Damn...

>> No.34954583


>> No.34954584


>> No.34954586

Who is Mano?

>> No.34954587

Twapi and Okayu's song...


>> No.34954588


>> No.34954592

Mio's sad because she's think she's not doing her best on gamers

>> No.34954594

They're saving the best pair for last! PekoMiko is eternal!

>> No.34954596


>> No.34954597

Choco was there = relevant to this thread

>> No.34954598


>> No.34954600

piercings make everything better so
Towa belly > Shion yo belly

>> No.34954602

It's most likely that both bloom and beyond the stage were planned with a live audience in mind and the lockdowns came as a legit surprise they couldn't make up for, with a little more foresight they were able to plan appropriately for from first and make a virtual stage

>> No.34954605

and now she is not anymore, kill yourself offtopic faggot

>> No.34954607


>> No.34954609

she is sick and taking a few days rest i guess

>> No.34954617

Yeah I know, I just feel like virtual stage is superior in every way to livestage

>> No.34954618

Not hololive

>> No.34954625


>> No.34954627


>> No.34954631

Insecure haatard sperging cause a fucking nijinigger is more relevant than his schizo oshi

>> No.34954634

NIGGER choco was there

>> No.34954635

Polka will have a Cinderella Switch just to herself

>> No.34954637

Now fuck off

>> No.34954641

Choco is hardly even Hololive at this point.

>> No.34954642

Is Choco everywhere?

>> No.34954643

Only when there will be better streams

>> No.34954647

Nah, the cheering and call and response make the live audience far superior to the virtual stage

>> No.34954649

Fuck off now

>> No.34954651

projecting much nijikek? go watch your failures in your dead thread

>> No.34954653

Nice, slowly getting there

>> No.34954654

crowd is a good 30% of the content

>> No.34954658

Everywhere Choco goes is Hololive.

>> No.34954659

Ogayu accidentally revealed she's from Aomori and was very non-chalant about it, and i think that's funny.
Have any of the other holos done anything similiar? As in, do we know where other holos are from?

>> No.34954660

So admit you are doing off topic shit, good

>> No.34954663

cope Haatard

>> No.34954666


>> No.34954667

She's not there anymore, You're no posting about Choco, fuck off
This is not your friend group, this is not your personal discord, this is not /vyt/ post about hololive or get the fuck out

>> No.34954672

Niji tracking is truly impressive, please Cover...

>> No.34954673

What is the chance, that you stop, putting random commas in the, middle of your sentences,?

>> No.34954674

No way, NOTHING can replace actual live audience.

>> No.34954678

ngmi nijibros...

>> No.34954681

>missing out on the synchronized fan cheering, glowstick waving and call & answers.
Yeah, no. That's well worth the trade off of not having a virtual stage.

>> No.34954682


>> No.34954683

Watame is from Kyoto

>> No.34954690

Choco has blue hair? If she appeared at least post her

>> No.34954691

Fuck cover

>> No.34954694

Didn't Noel have an incident when she mentioned a super local TV show?

>> No.34954695

good job. this was a test and you passed. now ze,,,zehi,,:

>> No.34954697

Newfags got really tribal after September debuts huh...

>> No.34954701

Now that the chinks finished invading, it's nijifags turn?

>> No.34954702


>> No.34954704

potato potato

>> No.34954705

>no one cares that Mio is taking a break because her health isn't good lately

>> No.34954707

Okay but why is it a cat

>> No.34954708

Maybe you don't care about it, but the nips do want to actually attend these concerts in person.

>> No.34954709

>I should be allowed to post whatever I want in the HOLOLIVE thread
Fuck off

>> No.34954714

But I already love this beauty.

>> No.34954715

still mad I see, no one cares about your literally who

>> No.34954717

>2 males

>> No.34954718

Same group.

>> No.34954720

Why doesn't sora get many viewers? I though she was the daisenpai who is the god of singing

>> No.34954723

yeah but pretty sure it was when she was a teenager, she obviously no longer lives there anymore.

>> No.34954726

She is everywhere, yes, but especially in her bed.

>> No.34954728

Roberu's 3D model is so fucking bad lol

>> No.34954730

Implying they aren't one and the same.

>> No.34954733

like oshi like fanbase after all. remember when Shion was a witch that excels in using magic? now she's a blind cat and so are >we

>> No.34954734

How? Someone just asked and she answered without thinking?

>> No.34954735


>> No.34954737

Nene is a better daughter than your fucking Schizo slut

>> No.34954739

My bed.

>> No.34954742

If you've ever been to a good concert, you should know the feeling of being there in the moment. A hype crowd is a huge part of the experience, and nothing can beat being there yourself and experiencing it.
Think of a regular band concert and compare of being there on the spot or watching a well-shot live on Youtube for example. The same argument could be made that the well-shot live is better technically, but almost anyone would prefer actually being there on the spot

>> No.34954746

still projecting lol

>> No.34954751

i think i know the culprit

>> No.34954752

Still a better 3D debut than yours Nekkoshit

>> No.34954753

Predictions on Roboco's 3 big announcements?

>> No.34954758

She is not like the other vtubers in hololive.
She is not a menhera...
Vtubers attract fans who are similar to their own displayed qualities.
Turns out there are less healthy fans and that her target audience is smaller.

>> No.34954759

3 (three) major announcements

>> No.34954760

You are trying too hard nijinigger

>> No.34954763

Holo 3d will never be as kino as this one...

>> No.34954764

>nose assaulted by sweat
>some retard is screaming and crying in your ear because Akwa is too cute
>can't see shit because the stage is at an awkward angle and most of it is obscured by the lightsticks swinging in the air
>can't even hear the song because everyone is shouting "HAI HAI HAI" out of sync
I can tolerate all that in real concerts because there is usually a real cool stage and real people on it that makes it worth it. Virtual stage is superior in it's variability, camera angles and special effects, and livechat can cheer just the same without all the drawbacks of live audience

>> No.34954765

Sell me on Aomori, is it a nice place? I'm more of a nagoya person myself.

>> No.34954766


>> No.34954767

Noel freaked out when Hiroshima was mentioned in duolingo.

>> No.34954770

Nene used slang specific to Aichi/Gifu to refer to a bicycle before (ketta).

>> No.34954772

2D (I wish), new song and solo live?

>> No.34954774

>No Yukihana Lamy streams
Guess I'll just watch Amamya's 3D

>> No.34954775

Matsuri is from Aichi and she sometimes talks about it. Apparently the food is great there. Also she was in a fairly rural area of it iirc

>> No.34954777

ori song
hand tracking
new outfit

>> No.34954778


She's the first of culling of deadweights to make space for gen 6

>> No.34954779

>It's another recording episode
How you hanging there, sheepbros?

>> No.34954780

Ah I remember going to like an anisong concert before and remembered how like despite being not athletic at all somehow I had the energy and hype to just join the crowd cheering

Of course I collapsed immediately when I hit my bed that night.

>> No.34954782

That explains her cute dialect

>> No.34954783

Sora vampire ikuzo

>> No.34954785

I miss sand...

>> No.34954787

I'd let Sora suck me

>> No.34954789

the radiation increased her size

>> No.34954792

She's not from Hiroshima tho

>> No.34954793

Her 3 sizes?

>> No.34954795

somehow somewhere kyoto seems to give me the impression as a land of repressed good girls who are becoming boderline menhera

>> No.34954796

Sora singing Vampire!

>> No.34954799

Oh I'm doing just fine.

>> No.34954801

sora can suck me dry anytime

>> No.34954802

Vampire Sora!

>> No.34954804

Watame getting spitroasted by Towa and Roberu (Towa has the bigger banana)

>> No.34954805


>> No.34954806

Calm the fuck down, don't you have Cinderella Switch coming right up?

>> No.34954808

Hope we get somebody from Fukushima in gen6 then.

>> No.34954809

This is really good.

>> No.34954812

Sora, next cover when?

>> No.34954816

Mio is just one more holo who has stated how stressed she feels prior to starting a stream. Cover is a black company.

>> No.34954819

you'd be too hyped and at the moment to notice all of those things you'd find annoying when watching it alone, anon. it's always more fun to spend what you enjoy doing with other people. but then again, I'm that retard that's screaming and crying akwa is too cute so idk. to each their own

>> No.34954821

I keep thinking about lamy gape...

>> No.34954826

3d model update pls...
hand tracking
probably some cover

>> No.34954827

meds and go back

>> No.34954830

IIRC doesnt Aqua live in somewhere between Tokyo and Osaka? At least that was implied by how she takes the shinkansen when she goes to Tokyo

She talked about how her grandmom used to make her egg miso dish only for a bunch of her chat to feel confused about that one. The ones that do know then noticed/remembered its from Aomori.

>> No.34954833

Sora, what the fuck was that mouth movement, scarier than RE8 baby when you're leaving on the elevator.

>> No.34954835

Sora dont leave meee

>> No.34954841

30minutes... well.. a quickie is fine too

>> No.34954842

Girls need more management, they stay up late and overwork themselves. And they're constantly under pressure of comparing themselves to superstars like Pekora and Marine (who are also one step away from breaking down and have been over that line before). No wonder they feel like shit.

>> No.34954843

Sora Bye Bye...

>> No.34954844

Do your singing reps instead...

>> No.34954849

Didn't expect a dead hour randomly in Friday night. Guess I'll watch an archive until 23 JST.

>> No.34954850

Bros you told me Nijis don't get views...

>> No.34954853

Didn't expect to get debating tips from this Coco stream.

>> No.34954854

Sora don't go...
Well at least Senchou will also sing in ~30.

>> No.34954855

Hand tracking
Cock tracking

>> No.34954856

She talked about Tamago Miso, which is basically only only a thing in Aomori. And when a listener said "So you're from Aomori, huh", she was like "Guess i've been exposed lol, anyway Tamago Miso tastes great"
If you like copious amounts of snow in the winter, and high chances of meeting bears in the woods, i can definitely recommend Aomori.
No, for real, Tohoku generally seems like a great place to live.

>> No.34954859

I have been to many concerts, ranging from metal events to rave parties. You have to be really drunk/high to tolerate the crowd. The biggest selling point is seeing the artist in person

>> No.34954860

cant surpass 100k anymore...

>> No.34954861

I want to crawl under Sora's desk and give her a 30 minute quickie.

>> No.34954864

Amamiya is cute, she deserves it. Also that Pokemon skit was quite good.

>> No.34954865

Someone post clips of from 1st. I need that okochama sensou.

>> No.34954866

Anon, I...

>> No.34954867

Pffft. Even Towa got that much.

>> No.34954868


>> No.34954870

Rushia calls RBC

>> No.34954871


>> No.34954872


>> No.34954874

How do we save:
Mr. Koro

>> No.34954876

Should I start watching HoloGra or is it too late to catch up now?

>> No.34954877

You can watch Roboco, Z-Zehi.

>> No.34954878

Blue women are superior, regardless of affiliation

>> No.34954879


>> No.34954880


>> No.34954882


>> No.34954883

I will

>> No.34954884


>> No.34954886

These bros also told me many things included Kiara is not successful.

>> No.34954888

that's a very... onsen taste, maybe her grandma takes her to one often there

>> No.34954890

Is it 194k yet?

>> No.34954892


>> No.34954895

I guess I have to watch Roboco because Watame will surely call in

>> No.34954897

How big is she anyway?

>> No.34954900

Are you under the impression there's some overarching story? It's just the fever dreams of overworked nips put into 3D form.

>> No.34954901

You are projecting too hard

>> No.34954906

I'll be clipping all the songs and the dubbing session but I'll be done by tomorrow. a faster anon might have it done by then

>> No.34954908

Wait, so it doesn't follow any plot?

>> No.34954909

>Mr. Koro
Send her to the farm
Allow me to impregnate her

>> No.34954910

It can be fun, definitely. But most importantly it's irreplaceable for the artist. It inspires you to give it 120%.

>> No.34954914

There is no overarching story. It's just weekly skits so you can start anywhere

>> No.34954919


>> No.34954920

I guess Miko will call for sure

>> No.34954921

They are just flexing at this point.

>> No.34954922

Hey Man! my name is elite Miko!

>> No.34954925

>It inspires you to give it 120%.
this. I've heard many stories of how entertainers almost quit because there's less opportunity for a live audience.

>> No.34954934

I'm at work which is why I specifically asked for a clip but thank you nonetheless.

>> No.34954936

holy jesus what chuuba? where?

>> No.34954938

Not really projecting. Projection happens when you lie to yourself because you want to avoid the truth.
When you are focused on finding the truth this does not happen.
There is a reason the other holos see her as some kind of angel that's hard to approach.
It's because they subconsciously see this difference.

>> No.34954939

hi bebi

>> No.34954942

Haha pantsu

>> No.34954943

>he hasn't been following the deep HoloGra lore
I bet you also believe Haachama is a "schizo" and not a storyteller weaving an intricate ballad.

>> No.34954944

Didnt expect Rushia to call

>> No.34954948

She´s really enjoying her hands

>> No.34954949


>> No.34954952


>> No.34954955

Ever since Mio came back from Capcom hell her health has never been the same... I hope my mom can go back to being healthy and strong soon

>> No.34954956

>> No.34954957


>> No.34954958


>> No.34954959

hey man

>> No.34954960


>> No.34954961


>> No.34954963


>> No.34954966


>> No.34954968


>> No.34954970


>> No.34954971

Miko Miko Miko!!!

>> No.34954978

Luna will call... right...

>> No.34954980

>literally more realistic than real life, full fluid physics and perfect 1:1 tracking, you can watch the individual hairs on their arms move and see the goosebumps
>cardboard cutouts that don't even have proper hand tracking

>> No.34954981

It's interesting how Subaru makes all streams better.

>> No.34954982

I love Miko so much

>> No.34954990

God I hope Subaru and Miko collab more, they're such a power combo.

>> No.34954991


>> No.34954993


>> No.34954994

ogey now watch shubamiko on rbc's stream

>> No.34954996

Nijisanji has some big investors and Cover is a small indie company

>> No.34954997

Your Wataleaks reps...

>> No.34954998

Here's Miko!

>> No.34954999

Fixed that for ya

>> No.34955000

Niji livers have hairy forearms?

>> No.34955002

Alright weebs, wtf is PON? Would it be rude if I responding with NIP NIP

>> No.34955004

>But most importantly it's irreplaceable for the artist.
Pretty much this. I personally don't care about watching the crowd or being in a crowd myself but Fes 2 and Bloom's crowds being cancelled sucked because it meant the holos weren't getting the crowd reaction they deserved. Hololive as a whole and a lot of the girls individually grew a massive amount over 2020 and they still haven't gotten to see the difference in crowd reaction that there would have been since 1st Fes. A bunch of tweets and chat messages isn't the same.

>> No.34955005

Wrong thread, faggot.

>> No.34955006

Korosan men only in 10 minutes

>> No.34955007

And despite all that technical fidelity, they forgot to add the most important component - SOUL

>> No.34955009

Did she mention anything else besides a new original song? Can't remember.

>> No.34955011

unlike Hololive they actually have male streamers

>> No.34955013

>This paltry amount of screen space
I guess we're not getting a repeat?

>> No.34955014

no it would be very based now akasupa rbc NIP NIP

>> No.34955015


>> No.34955016

So uh, what is this PON thing they're talking about?

>> No.34955017

I fucking hate Towhore and even more i hate kenzoku for enableing her

>> No.34955022


>> No.34955023

Holy shit.

>> No.34955024

I can't believe Roboco is graduating... From being a pon...

>> No.34955026

I can't believe Roboco is finally graduating...

>> No.34955027

It's just a typo of POG POGGERS!

>> No.34955029

Cover shill... i wish the girls had tech like nijinigger

>> No.34955033


>> No.34955034

They finally have Festival's nendo design. Has it been like a year since the first announcement?

>> No.34955035

Scared the shit out of me!

>> No.34955036

it's just the one cunt who always replies "fuck off" to anything he doesn't understand and poisons the thread. like this thread needs policing when it can only just muster up 200 ips for a concert

>> No.34955038

Shion yo sucked so much... candy

>> No.34955041

No way...

>> No.34955042

The female hairy forearms don't get tracked then? sad...

>> No.34955045

I am constantly reminded here how colorless life must be for people with autism.
Improving 3D is the same as improving graphics in a video game.
It does not replace having a real soul and emotions behind it.
But only someone who can feel empathy can recognize the difference.

>> No.34955046


>> No.34955047

How do we get the kids off PON? It's destroying the nation!

>> No.34955048

Americans are awake it seems

>> No.34955051

Never watched that movie before. I wonder if it's good...

>> No.34955053

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Hologra. The plot continuity is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of holo reference most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also The animator's psychedelic outlook, from drinking ocha steeped in Mio's week old stockings, is fervently woven into the episodes- plot direction draws heavily from the art of tsukkomi, for instance. Real JP fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike hologra truly ARE fools- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in roboco's existential catchphrase "Z-zehi..." which itself is a cryptic reference to the crippling anxiety and loneliness of unpopularity . I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as hologra unfolds itself on their national tv. What fools.. how I pity them.

>> No.34955055

Ichikara really has the tech down pat, it's a world of difference. I hope Cover can scrape together some good engineers soon to get shit running better. Simple shit like Nene's 3D lagging really shouldn't be an issue at this point.

>> No.34955056

yeah it's good
gonna rewatch it with Korone

>> No.34955057

Enter Soda

>> No.34955059


>> No.34955060


>> No.34955061



>> No.34955062

I'm sure no one is gonna argue about the part about Cover being cheap fuck considered the shark rigger incident, but your Nijisanji livers have no soul in them. I can't even recognize more then 3 in this image >>34954991 and one of them is Roa who isn't alive anymore.

>> No.34955063

Sora-chan five minutes before her NND stream!

>> No.34955066


>> No.34955069

tooth ache yo...

>> No.34955070

Of course Sora, Miko and Subaru would call...

>> No.34955072

There's no way she actually asks the question

>> No.34955077

Aqua asked

>> No.34955081

I asked, I care, stay here

>> No.34955082

For starters, her birthday live

>> No.34955083

rbk prelude to from 0th fes based on how successful from 1st was?

>> No.34955085

Friendly reminder that this is what haatons mean when they say "CREATIVE".

>> No.34955086

Better tech wouldn't hurt.
Also the Pokemon skit absolutely had soul.

>> No.34955088

Yeah it was since her last sololive iirc, so about a year or so

>> No.34955092


>> No.34955095

Good. MiComet is infinitely more entertaining

>> No.34955096

Cover lacks the expertise, I wish they stop being cheap and instead invest in equipment and staff talent.

>> No.34955097

>mainly watch hololive
>don't watch nijisanji at all
>I can't even recognize more then 3 in this image

>> No.34955098

You sound like a Fedora fatty to be honest

>> No.34955099


>> No.34955101


>> No.34955104

That's because you never bothered to learn about them in the first place, though. I can recognize a lot of them and watch mostly Holos.

>> No.34955105


>> No.34955106

False dichotomy. Improving Cover's tech wouldn't make anything soulless, it would give the girls more ways to shine.

>> No.34955111


>> No.34955112

>sora like pink panties
what a pure soul

>> No.34955113

miss you onyon...

>> No.34955114


>> No.34955118

Tokomachi Radio in 1 hour

>> No.34955121

>I don't watch them but they're soulless
/v/ please go

>> No.34955122

>Suisei is probably too busy talking to that Niji Toko to call RBC

>> No.34955124


>> No.34955125

ENTER ??????

>> No.34955127

This is now an EN thread

>> No.34955130


>> No.34955131


>> No.34955132

>EN whores

>> No.34955133


>> No.34955134

That's also /vt/ but eh, they're the same as /v/ anyways

>> No.34955135

Everyone is so low energy when calling

>> No.34955136

"staff talent? brilliant idea anon-san!!"
staff gen debut with famous managers with likes of enma jenma mel manager headed by A-chan
u rike?

>> No.34955137


>> No.34955138

So Sora wears either pink or white...

>> No.34955140

Miko is wearing Pink and Subaru is wearing Black

>> No.34955141


>> No.34955143

ENTER squid

>> No.34955145

nihongo jouzu'd

>> No.34955148

Ina sounds weird, I didn't recognize her

>> No.34955149

Prove him wrong then

>> No.34955152

I want to fuck this flat chest

>> No.34955153

>> No.34955155

>be nijinigger
>go into niji thread
>ask question about niji
>niji meido deletes post
>go into Hololive thread
>talk about niji
>get told to fuck off
>call people newfags and shit up the thread
God damn freaks.

>> No.34955156

Dog is going live.

>> No.34955159

she wont ask ina

>> No.34955160


>> No.34955162

She sounds somewhat cuter while speaking Japanese.

>> No.34955163


>> No.34955164

Ina's ass is NOT flat!

>> No.34955166


>> No.34955169

He's not wrong.

>> No.34955170


>> No.34955171


>> No.34955172

Prove what wrong? You don't get to compare two things if you don't know anything about one of them.

>> No.34955173

Cover shills defending the company's utterly trash tech while shitting on Niji's superior 3D are tribalist newfags, cope with it.

>> No.34955175

they didn't even let her announce it...

>> No.34955177

Kek lazy fucks scheduling tweets.

>> No.34955178


>> No.34955179

you forgot the next steps:
>complain about situation on /hlg/
>get told to fuck off
>go to /vt/nijisanji
>get banned on first post
>go back to /hlg/ to complain again
>get told to fuck off

>> No.34955180

>A Canadian Korean have Amazon's Alexa in her home
Time to hack her

>> No.34955181

Looks good, Luna got absolutely mogged

>> No.34955182

marine is live!

>> No.34955183

alright, student exchange time
haachama for ina, deal?

>> No.34955185

And you're still here.

>> No.34955188

at least pretend to watch streamers
she said it in her last stream

>> No.34955189

What the fuck is that silhouette? Looks like an Azur Lane character

>> No.34955190

Hopefully RBC will incline after the new outfit

>> No.34955191

Does this count:

>> No.34955192

now you know from where these kids come

>> No.34955193

The ones that predicted alt outfit raise your hands, see if you are right on the other 2/3

>> No.34955194

You had one job Cover

>> No.34955196

About them not being souless? If you know so much about them, surely you can provide some examples.

>> No.34955197

she won't

>> No.34955200

>Cover in charge of not fucking up
Bless the chuubas, they are holding this shitshow together

>> No.34955201

Looks promising.

>> No.34955202

ina shouldve just been a JP holo

>> No.34955203

Looks like a gothic costume

>> No.34955204

Reminder that Hololive is entry level, for normalfags whose favorite anime genre is shonen.

>> No.34955205

>spoonfeed me instead of watching PON

>> No.34955206

I'd say she'll rotate it. It's really really extra

>> No.34955207

>>What the fuck is that silhouette?
Freedom Lady pata pata.

>> No.34955209

how many outfits we got so far? is insane

>> No.34955210

I don't watch roboco all the time sorry. I didn't even see anyone here talk about it too

>> No.34955211

Mio, please play One Way Heroics, I trust in your good taste.

>> No.34955213

Roboco (Statue of Liberty Form)

>> No.34955217

Who the fuck is this?

>> No.34955219

how low can towa sink

>> No.34955221

How about you do your own research if you care so much, retard.

>> No.34955222

It looks weird from the sillhoute

>> No.34955223


>> No.34955224

anyone got a clip on haachama singing wet fart on the 1st anniversary concert?

>> No.34955225

I rarely watch RBC...

>> No.34955226


>> No.34955228

Zhang bros!!!?

>> No.34955230

>open rbc stream
>no hard on
>close stream
>open rbc stream again
>ruri nee
>instant hard on
>stay on stream

>> No.34955233

What did tako say after the pantsu question? Was it something about RBC not wearing any at all or something? I couldn't hear it properly.

>> No.34955235


>> No.34955236

>watching Roboco
Nah, no one gives a shit about what she has to say. Fuck Cover for fucking her over though.

>> No.34955237

I think it's the ninja girl from 447 inc.

>> No.34955238

Akane, right?

>> No.34955239

Not him but I'm pretty sure whatever they give you, you're just gonna tell that it had no soul and give a smug after like you won

>> No.34955240


>> No.34955241

Look at Pekora not showing respect to her seniors once again. What do you expect? She HATES her colleagues.


>> No.34955242

Onee-chan's tits

>> No.34955244

Is that fucking Cagliostro from grubble

>> No.34955245

Asano Ruri

>> No.34955247

Ruri is so hot

>> No.34955250

So now 4/5 gen 0 got their new costume. Suisei's turn next?

>> No.34955252

Ruri-nee 3D off-collab doko?

>> No.34955253

fuck off

>> No.34955254


>> No.34955257

She already has her orange pants

>> No.34955258

>He can't even find examples for them not being souless
Sigh, what a waste of time. Time to watch soul roboco

>> No.34955259

wait.. simone from nier automata?
that's kinda poetic

>> No.34955260

orange pants...

>> No.34955261

Hey is the ninja girl

>> No.34955263

Suisei was the first to get it

>> No.34955265

Here are some numbers. Most of them are real numbers based on prices available online.

Amphitheatre-size venue: 10k (or 0 if they use their studio for an online-only event)
Equipment rental: 10-20k for a few days
Dance and Vocal Coaching 3mo: 2-4k per talent
Choreo: 3-5k per new song
Staff: hard to say, let's budget 20k
Talent: an influencer appearance fee would be something like 6k each, but likely covered in their contract

Round it out to approx 100k in expenses if they went hard and prepped for a RL audience that they had to cancel. Although I would not be surprised if the actual cost was less than 50k.

Ticket price: 5000 yen = approx $50
SPWN fee: 8% from their website
Break-even with 100k expenses: 2173 paid viewers
100k Profit: 4348 paid viewers
500k Profit: 13043 paid viewers

2nd Fes Stage 2 live viewers were scraped from SPWN at 76000 JP and 12900 EN. 5% of that for a much smaller event would be 4500 viewers. This also completely ignores the massive amount of concert merch. Merch could easily account for half again of ticket sales.

Cover was financed with $4.5 million (450 million yen) in startup capital. Making $100k from one event is good. Making $500k from one event would be incredible and is scarily plausible. Making millions from one event like they did with 2nd Fes is fucking insane.

>> No.34955266


>> No.34955267


>> No.34955268

She already got one.

>> No.34955269


>> No.34955270

>Sigh, what a waste of time
exactly, thank you. now shut up

>> No.34955273

isnt this ninja lesbian?

>> No.34955274

>Not him
Sure bro, why would anyone else in this thread even bother replying to me when they can watch the stream.

>> No.34955275


>> No.34955277

Bro please dont erase orange from your memory

>> No.34955278

Wasn't she fucking the homo

>> No.34955279


>> No.34955280

when they started to belieb..

>> No.34955281

All that money and they can't even compete with indies in 3D let alone AnyColor.

>> No.34955284


>> No.34955285

I mean, I can browse the thread while listening to RBC's totsumachi. Not like I miss anything by not watching it.

>> No.34955287

Yes, please kill yourself so we can watch holo stream in peace.

>> No.34955289

>She HATES her colleagues.
probably even more so now after they laughed at her thoughts that were meant to provoke intrigue

>> No.34955290

i missed the concert, how was it?

>> No.34955292

>not hololive

>> No.34955295

Fuck off Sio.

>> No.34955297

Real Good.

>> No.34955298

All me

>> No.34955300

The next gens lives would bring a shitton more money

>> No.34955303


>> No.34955304

Anon... are you dumb?

>> No.34955306


>> No.34955308

The more you tell him not to the more he’s going to want to do it. Ever heard of reverse psychology?

>> No.34955311

literally pecorine

>> No.34955312

I mean 3D costume like pic related. She is the only gen 0 who doesn't have one.

>> No.34955313

Angry nijikek?

>> No.34955314

You can see the fruits of their idol reps paid off and everyone kneeled

>> No.34955315

It hasn't been a year yet. NiggerColor has been making that money many years so their investments are starting to show

>> No.34955316

ahhhhhhh noooooooo i'm too late to hear rushia on rbc's stream...............

>> No.34955319

ogey rrat

>> No.34955320

I'm a poorfag, someone recorded it?

>> No.34955322

nijichads keep beating us... when will it be our turn to win...

>> No.34955323

But anon, you aren't watching any streams if we're going by the logic here >>34955274

>> No.34955327


>> No.34955329


>> No.34955332

The one that tried to shill their stream here and got told to fuck off so now they are trying to be a retard and doing this even though she is on rbc stream right now

>> No.34955333

Nooo the record

>> No.34955334

Nijinigger seething

>> No.34955335

Someone post that chink comet.

>> No.34955336


>> No.34955337


>> No.34955338


>> No.34955339


>> No.34955340


>> No.34955341


>> No.34955342


>> No.34955343


>> No.34955344


>> No.34955345

>hlg is one person

>> No.34955346

>all these new costumes
ok YAGOO i WILL kneel if you bring back the swimsuits

>> No.34955347


>> No.34955349


>> No.34955350


>> No.34955352

Why would she get a 3D costume? She's not a 3D talent unlike the others

>> No.34955353


>> No.34955356

Not happening according to Miko

>> No.34955357


>> No.34955358

I need a pic of Ina and A-chan doing a paizuri

>> No.34955359

nijichads are dabbing by god theyre dabbing on hololive

>> No.34955361

I swear, i don't speak nihongo, yet i still understand Roboco better when she ISN'T speaking english

>> No.34955362

Bros...the nijis are laughing at us again...

>> No.34955363

It's the other way around nijinigger, Ichikara was pumped with Basedny's money from the get-go, they're still ahead in investments (not by much though), and yet they're making less while spending more. If that kid that runs Ichikara was running Cover, Hololive would be disbanded already.

>> No.34955364

RBC being savage.

>> No.34955365

>mune peta peta

>> No.34955369


>> No.34955370

You sound like a fatty fedora boy too

>> No.34955372


>> No.34955373


>> No.34955374

At least watch streams retard, several other holos already said its not happening months before Miko

>> No.34955375


>> No.34955378


>> No.34955380


>> No.34955381


>> No.34955384

>> No.34955387

is this the soul everyone's talking about?

>> No.34955391

>Art from Blade
Fucking lol

>> No.34955393

>> No.34955394

Lets go!

>> No.34955395

Good for them, we are better entertainers than their oshi.

>> No.34955398

That's her official model, the chinks just fucked up the shaders

>> No.34955399

>Eugene cover
just debut her already

>> No.34955400

>160 ips
>thread is even worse than before
I guess every normal poster left for /vt/ and now we're left only with schizos

>> No.34955402

cool but this is the hololive thread. holos only please

>> No.34955403

Roboco sucks, why would anyone watch her?

>> No.34955404


>> No.34955405

fuck off vshoujo

>> No.34955410

>A-chan will become a holo
Remember this

>> No.34955411

I wonder who is behind this post

>> No.34955412

I wish she would suck me dry

>> No.34955414

Shion has gotten really good at singing

>> No.34955415

she SUCKS real hard

>> No.34955416

In case you don't know, those two are the same exact model. Chinks screwed up something on their end.

>> No.34955417

This really IS the anti thread, huh?

>> No.34955418

Yes but Miko explained it in such a detailed way. Not only "nah we won't be getting swimsuits streams anymore"

>> No.34955420

This is the one they sang at VirtuaReal.

>> No.34955424

So when can we officially put A-chan into Gen 0?

>> No.34955426

shut the fuck up sio

>> No.34955427

people here cant even superchat, what do you expect?

>> No.34955430

Aki already explained it the exact same way before newfag and didn't put it behind a membership

>> No.34955431

Sio fuck me please, you'll always be the fat ass queen of mahjong to me

>> No.34955432

Yagoo has a channel, make one already A-chan

>> No.34955433


>> No.34955435

Please come back Sio...

>> No.34955437

/vt/ refugee thing is very real. Global plagues every thread there, so they come here to shit the thread instead.

>> No.34955438

Reminder that A-chan is a good singer:

>> No.34955439

Sankisei kizuna/autism means they don't start streams at the same time and Marine started streaming in the timeslot before Roboco and Flare is streaming after and she probably didn't want to stream over Roboco's thing since she doesn't anything going on like the DQV challenge where she was against a deadline like when she streamed over Subaru.

>> No.34955441

I'm guessing the lighting. mouth has shadows and from what I've tested, their models aren't optimized for cell shading so flat lighting's the way to go. >>34955373 had rim lighting, a very bright one at that, to separate her from the background apart from the strong flat lighting her entire model has

>> No.34955442

we know

>> No.34955448

that made it even worse.

>> No.34955451


>> No.34955456

No one watches Aki here. Also timestamp please, I'm interested to watch her explaining it.

>> No.34955458

Orisong, to be released in Summer

>> No.34955459

Another smile and go in making.

>> No.34955460


>> No.34955461

just watching the youtube ver but hory shit mel's model was so smug

>> No.34955462


>> No.34955464


>> No.34955465

She has like 10 orisongs already. Not even memed like Smile & Go because literally nobody knows they exist nor do they care about her

>> No.34955466


>> No.34955471

Queen outfit? Luna?

>> No.34955473


>> No.34955474


>> No.34955475


>> No.34955476


>> No.34955477

at least Smile & Go wont be last anymore...

>> No.34955480

Azamina is great

>> No.34955486


>> No.34955488

>Human legs

>> No.34955489

Freedom Lady??

>> No.34955490


>> No.34955491

so the biggest question, was it pre recorded?

>> No.34955492

Care to explain burger anon?

>> No.34955493


>> No.34955495


>> No.34955496

Azamina is good but it's not even on her channel, I wouldn't know about it if she didn't sing it during concerts.

>> No.34955499


>> No.34955500

What the hell are those weird ass hair.

>> No.34955504

this is the shitpost loving thread
Coco's favorite place for shitposting and news!

>> No.34955506

Adult Luna?!?

>> No.34955507

FINALLY a non-roommate outfit

>> No.34955508

child body but not erotic what is this

>> No.34955509

I mean at least people know about smile and go, I've never seen anyone mention Matsuri's original song

>> No.34955512

human feet? I came

>> No.34955513

Mel should be honorary Gen 0

>> No.34955514

sore wa nandesuka

>> No.34955515

Hey you don't know what she dresses like

>> No.34955516


>> No.34955517

I remember watching it live on twitch with some other songs with eugene

>> No.34955518

How do we improve Cover's 3D? are they just keep the old equipment/software because "If it works, why change it"? like Chocotente doesn't open her settings because she is scared that she might break something.

>> No.34955519

>This in 3D
Uh... Wouldn't go 2D a better choice?

>> No.34955520


Why did she do it, bros?

>> No.34955524


>> No.34955525

I had this profound urgency to finish this edit in fear of the ratio spammers

>> No.34955526


>> No.34955529

oh my god you're right, for once the salamander feet aren't there

>> No.34955530

I only knew about smile ang go's existence thanks to /hlg/ tbdesu so thanks to whoever memed the fuck out of it

>> No.34955531

IP from concert torrent? Who cares

>> No.34955532


>> No.34955533

I can't believe RBC's from NY

>> No.34955534

There were times where the camera would switch to someone even though another person is singing, so maybe not? or maybe yes?

>> No.34955535

This is gonna be good collab.

>> No.34955536


>> No.34955541

her pink hoodie and green sweater IS the roomate outfit ww

>> No.34955543

By bringing up nijis all the fucking time here, apparently.

>> No.34955545

Kanata again....

>> No.34955547

Holohouse love

>> No.34955548

So what will it be:
>super badass mecha queen with wings
>roboco in a gacha dress

>> No.34955549


>> No.34955550

Why Kanata?

>> No.34955553

Kek. Based Suisei

>> No.34955554

When you say bad things about my oshi, it hurts me. So I would like to ask that you don't do it.

>> No.34955558


>> No.34955559

Hime doko...

>> No.34955561

Hopefully something like mecha musume.

>> No.34955562

>Suisei singing Shin Takarajima
Why the fuck didn't I know about this?!

>> No.34955563

>horse pussy
dear god, I thought that arc was over

>> No.34955565


>> No.34955567

Is this why people talk shit about Roboco? Because no one has her as their oshi?

>> No.34955568

She wanted to play garlic phone but no permission yet so it's probably manual drawing relay lol

>> No.34955569

Because she's friends with everyone and everyone is happy to invite her.

>> No.34955571

It hurts me that you think I say bad things about your oshi.

>> No.34955574

Love she puts this collab as an important announcement alongside her alt outfit reveal and original song. she treasures her collabs truly

>> No.34955577

Subaru and Kanata being dominated by Coco and Aki

>> No.34955580

We don't talk bad about Holo girls ITT. You are safe here, friend

>> No.34955581

It's still mainstream in Japan.

>> No.34955582


>> No.34955583

Go back to /vt/ then

>> No.34955584

which holo do i watch if i am tired

>> No.34955589

This but unironically.

>> No.34955592

RBC is a good girl.

>> No.34955596


>> No.34955598

>> No.34955599

Sankisei LOVE

>> No.34955600

Well anon, do you want to wake up and get energized or do you want to fall comfily into sleep?

>> No.34955601

Never been there.

>> No.34955602

>Coco and Aki in the same Collab
This is going to be extremely sexual, isn't it? Subaru doesn't know what she is in for

>> No.34955603

I used to think the same but then i realized it’s mostly 1 angry seanigger who isn’t even smart enough to samefag without making it obvious so now i just laugh and ignore.
Warosu is your friend, check his posting style and grammar, there’s a big chance it’s just one anon shitting on your oshi.

>> No.34955604

/vt/ has tribalism cranked to 11

>> No.34955605

You now remember that Haruhi is 17 years ago

>> No.34955607

If you don't mind EN. Ina streams cured my insomnia.

>> No.34955609

the latter please

>> No.34955611

they will force Subaru to wear the long hair outfit

>> No.34955612

says the cocotard

>> No.34955613

That video sucks balls

>> No.34955615


>> No.34955616

She want learn anything about sex in case Moona came to Japan. Asking them is perfect

>> No.34955617


>> No.34955619

Watamates truly are both monsters and morons

>> No.34955620

Okayu is doing Asmr stream in 20 minutes, go watch her. Should pur you right into bed

>> No.34955621


>> No.34955622

Are any of them steaming naked right now with their nipples and/or genitals visible for all to see?

>> No.34955626

Holos to wake you up:
Pekora; Subaru; Nene; Ollie; Miko

Holos to send you to sleep:
Mel; RBC; Watame; Sora; Flare

>> No.34955633

no when she plays horror games

>> No.34955634

Yes, it will. Aki's presence somehow draws out all of Coco's lewd energy>>34955599

>> No.34955639

Sheeposters, not watamates.

>> No.34955640


>> No.34955641

RBC, Okayu, and Ina have very relaxed and comfy zatsudan VODs. Pick any one and enjoy your rest

>> No.34955642

watame talked about watamates being AI yesterday during sc reading yesterday

>> No.34955644

Almost didn't bother to watch but I'm enjoying this quite a bit. Helps that Ko'one seems to really like it.

>> No.34955645

>4 perverts and Subaru

I'm actually intrigued

>> No.34955646


>> No.34955649

Oh right, Watamates don’t exist.

>> No.34955656

Where is Pekora nousagibros? I see Jun is not streaming either right now, could it be...

>> No.34955659

marine's utawas are so fucking boring. literally the same songs over and over and over and over again

>> No.34955664


>> No.34955667

yeah but i like those songs

>> No.34955670

I thought Sony is backing them or something...

>> No.34955671


>> No.34955673

WOMB crusader

>> No.34955674


>> No.34955676

That's the joke

>> No.34955677

Fucking kek

>> No.34955678

Can Subaru draw?

>> No.34955680

Anon please. She is barely awake in her own streams

>> No.34955681


>> No.34955683

what stream?

>> No.34955685


>> No.34955687

But Subaru is a normie there’s nothing left for her to learn about sex.

>> No.34955688

Why did PS1-5 do this

>> No.34955692

roboco might be able to smile again...

>> No.34955693

Why is Noel such a whore?

>> No.34955695

>She streamed?
>Tell down

>> No.34955696


>> No.34955697

sheesh, no mercy sony

>> No.34955698

small hindi company
please andastand

>> No.34955699

I would prefer bloody stream but this was good too

>> No.34955704

Never heard her scream?

>> No.34955705


>> No.34955707

hey as long as she's having fun.

>> No.34955708

Based Sony

>> No.34955709


>> No.34955712


>> No.34955713


>> No.34955714

The last time I heard her has to be Bloom

>> No.34955717

Balalaika Balalaika

>> No.34955719


>> No.34955722

I've had Roboco's stream open in the background for 10 minutes and just realized it was at .75x speed. I just thought she was tired...

>> No.34955724


>> No.34955725


>> No.34955727

Did she sing some SME songs?

>> No.34955732

You absolute bafool

>> No.34955733

someone post Meru's chiisana koi no uta, that shit was too cute

>> No.34955735

I will now buy a PS5

>> No.34955736

Sora's done with her nico stream now too...

>> No.34955739


>> No.34955748

Sorry her husband is on in 4 minutes, getting ready for a long MC night

>> No.34955749


>> No.34955750

Fuck off coomer

>> No.34955752


>> No.34955754

Did Cover forbid YARANAIKA?

>> No.34955755

I'll skip this.

>> No.34955756

I love this song

>> No.34955757

Miko just doesn't read SC with english names in it...
It doesn't mean we don't send her SCs...

>> No.34955758

Based newfag

>> No.34955759


>> No.34955760

Senchou sounds good today guess she didn't fuck her voice lately

>> No.34955761

This kusoge jesus christ.
Comedy gold

>> No.34955762

Got me on this, anon.

>> No.34955763

>> No.34955764

niji must now pay Sony $103,050

>> No.34955768

Because you think your oshi is a replacement for your own ego and life.
Stop projecting yourself on others and focus on self improvement.

>> No.34955769

She just came back from a 9 day break, she's had plenty of time to rest and recover

>> No.34955770

>> No.34955771


>> No.34955773


>> No.34955777

smile & go watch minecraft

>> No.34955779


These janky hands brought some kino in

>> No.34955780


>> No.34955783

Have any of the Holos played a Drakengard game? No, Nier or Nier Automata don't count

If no holo has, which Holo do you want to subject to Papa Yoko's wild ride?

>> No.34955784

>hand over your SC money and nobody gets hurt

>> No.34955785

Sorry anon, you're not cool enough to join in our super special secret club. Only a select few can have access to this sort of forbidden knowledge.

>> No.34955786


>> No.34955788


>> No.34955789


>> No.34955797


>> No.34955799

yeap I'm definitely in the mood for some chocolate milkshake tonnui

>> No.34955801

It's not something, it's proprietary shaders from their Unity project that Cover refused to provide them. Chinks literally only got a bare 3d model and had to figure out motion tracking and rendering on their own. They did a very shit job.

>> No.34955803

kill yourself nijinigger

>> No.34955805

I love my cute little alien wife!

>> No.34955807

Report and ignore, don't reply.

>> No.34955815

Marine is pretty cute...

>> No.34955816

Marine's on a roll tonight

>> No.34955819


>> No.34955820


>> No.34955821

This design is over the top. Why did nijisanji do this?

>> No.34955823

Marine is always cute

>> No.34955828

fuck me every time I look at anyas numbers my inner saviorfag flares up. can I groom anya?

>> No.34955830

I know this song is from an anime but I cant remember which one

>> No.34955838

Reminds me of Kakage's bird.

>> No.34955840

>> No.34955841

Why Marine sings the same stuff every utawaku?

>> No.34955842

kekkai sensen

>> No.34955844

>Grooming Anya
It's more easy grooming Shion. Anya is a rock

>> No.34955845

>> No.34955846

anyone else feeling the burnout from hololive? it's starting to get boring to be honest. i'm planning on taking a break for a week and see what happens

>> No.34955847

wtf suzy? a rabbits ears are sensitive

>> No.34955851

its her own fault

>> No.34955853

Anya will fucking groom you instead

>> No.34955855

>can i save her
How can a useless waste of life save anyone?

>> No.34955857

She's old and her boomber brain finds comfort in the familiar

>> No.34955858

I don't know what anime you're referring to but the song is Sugar Song and Bitter Step by UNISON SQUARE GARDEN.

>> No.34955859

Who is this chuuba?
I can finally post images from the last time she went on a break

>> No.34955860

The face of pure evil

>> No.34955862

Did she just say peanuts?

>> No.34955866


>> No.34955869

ah yeah that one, thanks

>> No.34955871

Ah, meido-san.

>> No.34955872

eigo jouzu

>> No.34955875

I WILL save Anya!

>> No.34955876

Blame Sushi

>> No.34955877

lab u onyon

>> No.34955878

>I can sexually harassing
Translators who can't fucking proof-read their own English should be insta-struck. Fuck me how hard can it be?

>> No.34955879


>> No.34955880

>Because you think your oshi is a replacement for your own ego and life.

That's probably true, at least on some level. I'll have to give it some thought.

>> No.34955885

That's just scary

>> No.34955886

Really great stream today. Almost makes me consider becoming a translation clip channel to share all the tsukkomi moments and university anecdotes.

>> No.34955887

See you next thread

>> No.34955888

>sorairo days again

>> No.34955892

I thought Sushi was getting better?

>> No.34955893


>> No.34955894

fuck off schizo

>> No.34955895

>a sexpest to surpass Matsuli Gear

>> No.34955899

>Fuck me how hard can it be?
They even don't know English

>> No.34955900


>> No.34955901

For me it's like when you insult a friend, it doesn't sit right

>> No.34955904

Go where Sheepbro?

>> No.34955905

kanata is such a good actress. she destroyed the suibitch art on purpose and now pretending it was the thunder

>> No.34955906

Only when someone else QCs his TL

>> No.34955908

they are esls

>> No.34955909

Pubes are disgusting

>> No.34955914

You took that guys horseshit seriously? It is entirely possible to feel bad yourself when someone you like is getting insulted, it is called empathy.

>> No.34955920

Based taste

>> No.34955921

Go to PPT's house

>> No.34955922

Pubes are based

>> No.34955923

you are disgusting but then again, so are pubes

>> No.34955924


>> No.34955927


>> No.34955929


>> No.34955930

And that's a good thing.

>> No.34955931


>> No.34955932


>> No.34955933


>> No.34955934


>> No.34955935


>> No.34955936


>> No.34955937


>> No.34955938


>> No.34955939

When I first started watching Hololive about 1 year ago, Aqua was on a break then too. Maybe she just likes to have a summer holiday.

>> No.34955940

Based, the feeling of smooth skin on smooth skin is orgasmic

>> No.34955941

Low test.

>> No.34955945

Watch Roboco

>> No.34955946


>> No.34955947

I don't know, anon. I kinda want my oshi to sing Sorairo Days or Gurenge, but she doesn't.

>> No.34955948

Muh ernglosh

>> No.34955949

I’m pretty sure that translator is an outright ESL, but I agree.

>> No.34955950


>> No.34955951

>EOPs have a mental breakdown trying to fit in
God I hope she sings Cruel Angel Thesis next.

>> No.34955952

I take every post seriously

>> No.34955953


>> No.34955956

meru will never leave hololive

>> No.34955957

I am

>> No.34955959

Suisei is a girl.

>> No.34955961


>> No.34955963

I want to rape Suisex

>> No.34955964

Gurenge and Gurenge 2.0 are the only things that really get that reaction.

>> No.34955965


>> No.34955967

jokes on you, i'm an esl

>> No.34955969

How new?

>> No.34955972

let's go sheep, and cheers to you

>> No.34955974


>> No.34955975

I don't mind being just a number for Haachama. In fact, I wouldn't mind watch her being fucked by a Chad.

>> No.34955978

>I fancy youtube

>> No.34955979

To thank her for working on the 4th gen original song?

>> No.34955982

>No Miko stream
>No Peko stream

>> No.34955985

Oh it's back. Nice.

>> No.34955986

>Zero good streams today

>> No.34955988

do you think chris ever gave up vtubing?

>> No.34955990

Okay EOP

>> No.34955992

oh thats a nice one

>> No.34955994

Suisei is different with other holos. Other holos are only playing their characters while Suisei is literally her own self-insert. When other holos see their lewd arts, they probably won't think much because they don't think it's "them" who are being lewded. While with Suisei, because she's literally her own character, I can imagine how uneasy it feels when she sees herself as the subject of rape or other degenerate shits that fanartists draw, and that's why she asked them not to use her art tag. So please, stop lewding Suisei, there are plenty other holos who actually want to be lewded

>> No.34955995

Watch Toko and her girlfriend

>> No.34955999

ahhh.. I want to be a riceball molded by okayu's salty hands

>> No.34956005

Suisei's hairy crotch surrounded by a pristine white field.
It's the perfect analogue to Kanata's puffy chocoball nipples bumping up out of the flat fields they rest on.

>> No.34956007 [SPOILER] 

She found a way to leech off Hololive

>> No.34956008 [SPOILER] 


>> No.34956010

I will not watch a boy no matter how good he looks with blue hair

>> No.34956011

Nice image retard

>> No.34956012

treacherous, bully whore

>> No.34956015

eugene chris..

>> No.34956020

how are the auditions for gen 6 going?

>> No.34956021

flare sleeps with ojisan

>> No.34956027

I want to get fisted by coco

>> No.34956028


>> No.34956030

What a slut

>> No.34956031


>> No.34956033

When do we get a doll joint holo?

>> No.34956034

I hate it when people post Kirito and pretend it's Nose.

>> No.34956035

She's popular enough to get stuff like this now?

>> No.34956038

oh yea

>> No.34956041

should I watch rozen maiden?

>> No.34956042

Rune Factory when?

>> No.34956043

site doesn't work

>> No.34956045

Empathy does not always work properly.
You imagine what another person is feeling when you project how you would feel on them, but not what that person really feels. This is called projection. Real empathy looks at how someone feels when reacting to something to decide if this person needs support. In this case it should not come into play because the person receiving shitposts is not there to read the messages and is unaffected by it. In the case they would find their way to a criticism or shitpost you still would not be able to imagine correctly how they would feel without getting direct feedback in a stream on their behavior.

Criticism is not always negative, but a person misusing empathy could take everything as negative when it could be positive criticism or a show of affection with shitposting.

>> No.34956046

>thong caked in sweat stuck to the side of her unwashed asshole
fucking gross hobo, go to the bath

>> No.34956048

Niji 3D tech is really great, and they can get away with showing that on Youtube too...

>> No.34956049

>nose koikatsu model

>> No.34956050

Oh... I don't think I can go through with that.

>> No.34956051

She gets consistently better views than some Holos.

>> No.34956052

Furea's ghetto cave...

>> No.34956053

But we already have one

>> No.34956054

NEVER, even the one interested on it said she wont stream it. I hope it becomes an arc though.

>> No.34956057


>> No.34956058


>> No.34956059

Watch Friend in after-concert heat

>> No.34956060


>> No.34956062

Okayu's having fun with it off stream

>> No.34956063

>I want to splurge on gacha but I don't have enough money, what should I do?
>Sui: Get a part-time job!
>Toko: What if they're already adults with a job
>Sui: Time to make your life's first loan from Acom!


>> No.34956065

Those streams were fun as fuck GLASS

>> No.34956066

Just looking at the from1st screenshots, this live wasn't a camera recording a screen?

>> No.34956068

>blue bird

>> No.34956072

sweaty, sticky

>> No.34956074

>> No.34956076

>Suisei's ensta loan gets bought out by shady yakuza

>> No.34956079

I'm still dumbfounded by the fact that Trash-san is a woman....

>> No.34956081

it was sora, okayu or watame interested? i can only see them playing these types of games

>> No.34956083

next meme

>> No.34956084


>> No.34956086


>> No.34956087

What can we do to stop Suisei's gacha addiction?

>> No.34956088

I'm 20 minutes into From 1st and holy shit is it good.
Also, bring back the Haachama-Matuli streams.

>> No.34956090


>> No.34956091

Okayu is a long time fan of the series, but prefers it to be her own private thing.

>> No.34956093

Yeah which is pretty surprising since they had a real venue reserved at first. I guess they managed to cancel it completely instead of having to waste their time with an empty stage and physical cameras.

>> No.34956094

"It's your broke star, your diamond in debt, idol VTuber Hoshimachi Suisei!"

>> No.34956100

Man I can't get off to hentai anymore unless the dude's a fat ugly bastard

>> No.34956101


>> No.34956102


>> No.34956108

I get what you're trying to say but you're also projecting wildly in the process and implying that he shouldn't be upset about the posts because they contain legitimate criticism, which is hard to come by, while he really shouldn't care about them because it's just shitflinging done without a second thought given to it.

>> No.34956113

Friend... I thought you were our wife today...

>> No.34956115

Must be rough being a shiokko

>> No.34956116

sometimes I think that during utawakus, the holos make up comments about recs so they can sing a song they want to sing

>> No.34956120


>> No.34956121

She's Matuli's sexpet now

>> No.34956122

I demand more Sumire and Noah R18 stuff

>> No.34956125

Close Ensta service. Although it's difficult since Ensta is #1 fujoshi game.

>> No.34956128

Congrats anon, you cracked the code!

>> No.34956131

It is a matter of degree I agree, but I didn't assume this person gets distraught to the point of it negatively affecting himself therefore I didn't bring it up.
It is entirely possible and normal to feel bad when someone you like is getting shit on, even if they aren't present to read it. It only becomes abnormal or an issue when you get affected by it beyond what is reasonable.

>> No.34956132

So who's going to be in the next meme review

>> No.34956133

Is it good?

>> No.34956134

>Watching a normalfag nigger elf
You don't actually do this, right?

>> No.34956135

Uh, based.

>> No.34956136

It makes all her SCs even more funny now

>> No.34956139

Wait what?

>> No.34956140

why flare putted food on him head?

>> No.34956141

I disregarded it this time since I was sure they were gonna do the same thing again since they had a venue. Glad they were able to get it right

>> No.34956142

How do we convince Nose to do an utawaku

>> No.34956143


>> No.34956145


>> No.34956146


>> No.34956150

Rushia read my request comment before.

>> No.34956151

to get to the other side

>> No.34956154

Eigo sugoi muzukashii.

>> No.34956157

Towa hates me...

>> No.34956159

But I am also a normalfag nigger elf

>> No.34956160

>> No.34956163

The fact he is upset is proof he is projecting his own ego as a replacement and not using real empathy.
He is upset because he imagines the attack is directed towards him not toward a person he should feel empathic about.
This is narcissism and not empathy. It's the complete opposite and it's unhealthy.

I didn't even add the fact that he is using his own filters to decide if a comment is negative and prone to negatively interpret everything as an ego driven person. A positive comment would be changed to something negative with a negative mindset.

>> No.34956164


>> No.34956166

Thanks witch doctor.

>> No.34956168

Thanks doc

>> No.34956171

I don't know whom are you referring to but I am watching a half coffee elf having fun

>> No.34956172

Only because you are weak and projecting your own weakness on a ghost.
A strong person does not care what others would do or say and would be unaffected by it.
We come back to the idea of ego projection. This is not real empathy.

>> No.34956173


>> No.34956176

Is Towa aware that shes a joke?
Past few weeks watching her i cant help but think she actually belives people take her serious.
Swear to high heavens this women is so delusional i hope she quits soon

>> No.34956177

there's like 7 streams going and no one is talking about them
and kenzocucks are spamming their shitty indie whore again
is /hlg/ over?

>> No.34956183

>past few months*

>> No.34956186

last night i had a strange dream
I dreamed that I was a cute asian girl and I was inside a massive grocery store and I did my shopping, and there was a guy stalking me so I ran out of the store but then I freaked out because I spent hours grocery shopping and I just abandoned my cart full of food
it wasn't hololive related but hololive is probably causing these weird dreams

>> No.34956190

They don't have to do that, chat will always request the same songs they sing anyway.

>> No.34956191

dumb psych student. I still remember you're atrocious Marine 'analysis'

>> No.34956192

danke doktor

>> No.34956193

ZatsuDQ35... Doko...

>> No.34956194


>> No.34956195

Vielen Dank Doktor

>> No.34956200

Rushia already sang a couple of songs i requested in the chat and I'm pretty sure I've seen most of the others mentioned by others.

>> No.34956201


>> No.34956202

>> No.34956203


>> No.34956204

shhh we're watching a movie

>> No.34956205


>> No.34956206

I had a dream where Haachama came to my birthday party that was in Jollibee with her idol costume. She was twerking!

>> No.34956207

Zankyu docta

>> No.34956208

Right, and you are a psychopath. Had you, like any normal person, acknowledged that there are degrees of empathy and degrees on how different people react to things then it would have been fine.
But of course, you see any thought process different from your own to be inferior.

>> No.34956211

Pekosteam... doko...

>> No.34956213

You're pulling the entire thing directly out of your ass, "upset" might mean literally anything on a huge specter of emotions, you just spun the entire narrative because you're inclined to think that way, simple as that.

>> No.34956219

Thanks witch doctor!

>> No.34956221

Fubuki's voice is so soothing, I wish I could understand what she's saying.

>> No.34956222


>> No.34956223

Best streams of the year

>> No.34956225

Hlg would be a fine thread if it wasnt for kenzocucks
I hate these saviourfags with a burning passion
Why do they even saviourfag for the literall worst holo?

>> No.34956226


>> No.34956227

Guys chill, i have a question!

>> No.34956228

FFX tomorrow

>> No.34956230

Because they don't even understand what she's saying lol

>> No.34956232

>rtx on

>> No.34956233

But that's two nights without Pekora...

>> No.34956236

Still the best OG song BY FAR

>> No.34956237


>> No.34956238

>Right, and you are a psychopath
Ah yes hlgs favourite non argument
I will disregard your opinion now

>> No.34956239


>> No.34956240

i need you girl
you are my world
i need you girl

>> No.34956241

it hurts but it happens nousagi, just 13 more hours

>> No.34956244

>Not watching her best content

>> No.34956246

I love how easy this song is.

>> No.34956248

Fubuki needs a new original song, something cool and sad like tenkyuu.

>> No.34956250

This post was clearly made by a narcissistic psychopath who mistakes his own projection for empathy. I hereby sentence you to the nearest mental asylum and you will prescribed 3 times the normal amount of meds.

>> No.34956253

press good button

>> No.34956262

That anon is saying if she doesn't stream tonight, it will be 2 nights without her, not that he isn't going to watch her tomorrow.

>> No.34956265

Schizo lad, you need to switch your posting style up a bit, it's too obvious

>> No.34956271

Why are Flare's Minecraft streams so popular?

>> No.34956272

Is the first already on nya?

>> No.34956275

That was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the movie a lot more than I thought I would.

>> No.34956277

matsuri's fansa tonight was her best performance yet
anyone else agree?

>> No.34956278


>> No.34956279

Isn't this supposed to be a children's movie?

>> No.34956280

cute senchou makes my pee pee feel funny

>> No.34956283


>> No.34956285


I can't believe Mio is on a break

>> No.34956288

Add Lamy hole.

>> No.34956290


>> No.34956292

same it was great watching with Korosan

>> No.34956293

watch Suisei

>> No.34956294

I think her tweet implied still wanted to stream but even if she doesn't end up streaming that's ok. She already streamed so much recently.

>> No.34956295

I'd do it.

>> No.34956297

This is perfection.

>> No.34956298


>> No.34956301

how is that better than just timestamps?
what were they thinking?

>> No.34956302

I though she dropped it after that NTR scene... because she hasnt streamed it in almost a week...

>> No.34956303

is that Marine?

>> No.34956305


>> No.34956308

Why? He always generates replies from newfags.

>> No.34956309

>because she hasnt streamed it in almost a week...
It's a weekend game, she plays it on the weekends.

>> No.34956310

who the hell is giving this whore money

>> No.34956314

she is good at the game

>> No.34956316

Best designs, also she got better at the entire "talking when you play maicra" thing through a shitton of experience.

>> No.34956317

I can't tell if you are you are joking or just new

>> No.34956318


>> No.34956319

Missed opportunity to have Shion pull out a gun at the end

>> No.34956320


>> No.34956322

Lamy Sake

>> No.34956328

She usually does really long games on the weekends, DQ was a special case

>> No.34956329

I bumped into Kanata on a train once.

>> No.34956330

Please send your feedback to YouTube so our Holos get the best clipping tool for memes.

>> No.34956331

Sex friend

>> No.34956332

Lamy is American?

>> No.34956333

Friend's new mascot is cute! Has Bibi dicked it yet?

>> No.34956334


>> No.34956336

Long, story heavy games for the weekends. Unless the game features mini games that can't be plated without advancing the story

>> No.34956338