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>Zero results

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Dead ship

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>coco lesbian with kanata
>lose interest
>korone is dying and may stop soon
>emptiness feeling
>subaru lost her tomboyish attractiveness with her new long hair
>miko has arms
guys i am losing interest in hololive, harsh change hurts

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I love Towa!
Guerilla APEX!

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>One result

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you forgot the aqua narratives schizo

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fuck off to your containment board and stop spamming the board with your 50 hololive threads you fucking losers

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if that was Rushia, she would have panicked, tried punching the zombie and eventually just lost everything. BUT it would be clipped a hundred times and resulted in a new wave of subs. Flare is held back by her skill and lack of exaggerated reactions...

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Sora Love!

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fuck i forgot about suiseis new VA after the old one got caught stealing 50 packs of cigarettes

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I want to fuck the dog!

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Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive.

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Flare loves us bros.

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i already have an oshi, i don't want to fall for flare...

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Going from looking forward to a 5 hour zatsudan everyday to wondering if she'll even stream....it hurts

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Every night, I can feel her ass... And my lungs... even my voice... The throat I've lost... the comrades I've lost... won't stop hurting... It's like they're all still there. You feel it, too, don't you? I'm gonna make them give back our past!

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This is the containment board

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Flare seems pretty cute today.

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woops, didn't mean to reply to the OP

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>too tech-illiterate to figure out how to use regex to filter out threads you don't like
Weak, anon

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I HATE Twap!

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Which 2hu Booba thread did you lose this time? Man how can we live without those 12 same images

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As expected

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All these breakdowns and hiatuses are getting depressing.

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/jp/sharts are getting uppity again

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Prove you aren't a globalhomo from /vt/. Protip: you can't.

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flare getting sex

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which hiatus

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>love miko

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I really love Marine

Superchat time!

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>4 hololive threads
y u do dis

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Who made the map of ホロ鯖?

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>hard anon watch holos

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anon cute

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I came here from /v/ and I didn't care about any weeb stuff before hololive

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some1 made an early thread so anons all made 3 threads at once

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Hmm, something Hololive related just arrived in the mail. I wonder what it could be?

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Thanks witch doc

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Thanks anon so are you

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kanata dildo?

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me too! no joke!

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If you mispronounce my oshi's name, I can't see your post when I'm catching up with the thread.

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nothing lasts forever, especially not aging ladies
cherish your hags anon

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from me

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who besides korone

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Miko Miko Miko!

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Mio gonna take a break

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So Hololive introduced you to anime and shit? Usually it's the other way around

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coco's buttplug

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kanata onahole?

>> No.34956829

Botan barbed cock replica?

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what the fuck are you feeding flare

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Finally, all Towa typos... gone from my sight...

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Speak for yourself, i'm still on cloud nine.

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>open Towa stream
>stay on Towa stream

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korone feet

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No I knew about shit before I found Hololive

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>sheep in a box.jpg

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>hide elf ears
>show nekomimi
>+15 000 viewers
It shouldn't be like this...

>> No.34956844

>korones breakdown video taken down
well shit. any other high energy gamer streamers?

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yeah shes sick bro

>> No.34956847

It's the FAT FUCK! What are you doing in the box?

>> No.34956848

Mio has become such a big part of my daily routine that I may actually go into hibernation if she actually takes a break

>> No.34956849

Here we go

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Tokyoyappi Torpa apex again so you didn't miss much..

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Senchou is imitating all the holos hop in

>> No.34956854

You are definitely brown

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Smiles with a Go fast attidude

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is that a fake Bibi?

>> No.34956861

There's something wrong with this Bibi...

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>no hat piercings

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I've seen a few anime series, like maybe 10 or so, but I was never much into it.

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Does eating cum make your skin lighter?

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>black cloth
choco's used thongs?

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Aww how naïve and cute! Watch Ayame and realize you know nothing about real shit. And do your bowel movement reps

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i fucking love this menhera doing idol shit

>> No.34956878

Minecraft is a hell of drug.

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I missed that stream...

>> No.34956882

Gokisei hoodie

>> No.34956886

Poor duck...

>> No.34956888

Why are you all so new?

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How many months did it take to arrive?

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Late night Towa scream..home...

>> No.34956902

cute prerecord

>> No.34956903

>coco lesbian with kanata
Someone asked Coco about her birthday what she wanted and she started talk about things Kanatan likes.

>> No.34956904

I mean Subaru twintail look like shit and taped on

>> No.34956906

Towa is a whore that's why we call her towhore

>> No.34956907

She sells them? I'm not about to do the same mistake as Noelanon, am I?

>> No.34956909

They scammed you, wrong colors.

>> No.34956911

started drinking early have we?

>> No.34956913

Did he ever get her socks?

>> No.34956917

Kanata is scary

>> No.34956918

Towa acting dumb again

>> No.34956920

that's the etsy hat right? I just ordered the ayame one.

>> No.34956923

From 2nd doko?

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Is this the dumbest Towa face?

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I'm gonna fill Towa up...

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I'm having flashbacks.

>> No.34956937

holy based

>> No.34956938

I kneel...

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let me know how it goes I would pay anything for them

>> No.34956941

see you in 20 hours for the lunaposting

>> No.34956942

This is

>> No.34956944

How can we have Gen 2 be in a concert?

>> No.34956946

>leaking HoloALT spoilers
What the fuck...

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>buying fake merch

>> No.34956952

Call Akwa...

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I don't think he ever did, no.

>> No.34956961

for $300 you can buy this
or you could do this
then take it to a hat stitching shop and have them stitch bibi onto it

>> No.34956964

I want to fuck the dog

>> No.34956965

Miko where's your watchalong today...

>> No.34956967

You can't consistently pull in 10k viewers and still only have 600k subs
flare is viewbotting

>> No.34956970

>open Twapex stream
>Towa dies while screaming
>close Twapex stream

>> No.34956975

She's blooming

>> No.34956982

>open Twapex stream
>Towa dies while screaming
>close Twapex stream

>> No.34956983

there was no point in buying merch last year. you spend $100 and then it gets stuck in customs for 6+ months.

>> No.34956985

Definitely SEA hands wrote this

>> No.34956986

Simply because no one else is streaming + minecraft

>> No.34956988

>300 bucks
My hat is still with geekjack and now I am considering selling it...

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>> No.34956991

She's having lesbian sex with Subaru

>> No.34956992

Coco is basically Kanata's pet dog. When you tear away the veil, Playboard SC leaderboard actually reads
>1. Kanata Channel: 3095873 USD

Of course, this also means Watame is 1 position closer to being in the top 10! Only 3 more to knock out!

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>> No.34956997

Good thing she doesn't pull 10k consistently. She only gets those numbers on Minecraft or when no big holos stream. Looks like she's most people's second favorite.

>> No.34956999

impossible. they cant even have their own collab. their boyfriends are literally more important

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>> No.34957001

How about this one?

>> No.34957004

Twapi my ears...

>> No.34957005

>see Towa is streaming
>try to open stream
>says stream is not viewable by users outside SEA
Oh well

>> No.34957008

That one is pretty fucking stupid

>> No.34957009

That wasn't suisei

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>> No.34957016

>see Towa is streaming
>ignore it

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>> No.34957019


>> No.34957020

>people are so bored they're watching Flare
watchalongs were moved to Saturdays

>> No.34957022

Isn't that foot a little bit too big?

>> No.34957028

I'm glad we have our own shadman

>> No.34957029

>open towa stream
>mute stream
ahhh towa is truly cute
>realize its APEX
>close stream
i really cant watch this whore

>> No.34957036

I guess that place smells of cum & bottled piss

>> No.34957040

Twapex is like torpex.

>> No.34957041

Tow missle...

>> No.34957042


>> No.34957043

MCkiddies are desperate for Minecraft content,they'd watch anyone that play it,especially when there nobody else they want to watch.
Her viewer drastically went down by miles playing anything else.

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>> No.34957049

Why haven't Cover released a Mio hoodie?

>> No.34957054

ctrl+w your life and this ritualpost

>> No.34957056

Why does Flare needlessly get hate here? I saw people shitting on her during Bloom too for no reason other than that she was there.

>> No.34957057

>> No.34957059

I dunno anon, why don't your parents love you? Sometimes life is just unfair.

>> No.34957060

Ahhhh MERU!

>> No.34957062

where the fuck is the mio hoodie merch cover?

>> No.34957063

https://twitter.com/minatoaqua/status/1397676417953959942?s=19 Aqua is having fun on her break!

>> No.34957064

It's one schizo.

>> No.34957065

Take your meds.

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>> No.34957073

But Mio loves me very much...she said so herself...

>> No.34957074

louder twap I want the
whole neighborhood to hear

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>> No.34957078

Smallest number in the gen of big numbers. Numberfags can't process why Flare or Towa take up so much of the thread even though their number is small.

>> No.34957079

Watch your MOUTH

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>> No.34957082

what the fuck is this shit

>> No.34957083

>> No.34957084

Why is Towa towing? Nota asking why you call her a man, I know this meme.

>> No.34957085

Subaru, I'm sorry...

>> No.34957089

How could say no to this face anon?

>> No.34957090


>> No.34957091

wtf how did you get this picture from my phone?

>> No.34957095

I love fumihiko!

>> No.34957096

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>> No.34957100

She's black

>> No.34957101

no one is shitting on flare retard. all of the negative posts are ironic so you talk about flare more and actually Smile and Go

>> No.34957102

The good shit

>> No.34957105

i dont watch flare because shes an elf

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>> No.34957108

How about you Smile and Go fuck yourself?

>> No.34957112

why the fuck the colors are wrong? who would want to buy that?

>> No.34957113

>take up so much of the thread

>> No.34957115

Smile and Go where?

>> No.34957116

Flare just said she'd rather build Megalovania music in minecraft rather than Smile&Go...

>> No.34957117


>> No.34957118

Towa isn't very good at Apex.

>> No.34957126

cook the shuba

>> No.34957128

smile and go to the polls!

>> No.34957132

Friend LOVE

>> No.34957133


>> No.34957134

Flare gets more discussion than Noel or Coco these days.

>> No.34957137

>> No.34957138

that looks cheap as fuck

>> No.34957139

reporting it to cover

>> No.34957140

Towa carrying hard...

>> No.34957141

Since when the fuck do Flarefags ever take up so much of thread? What?

>> No.34957151

Man, Marine is just an awful singer.

>> No.34957152

Tell is straight to me. do you unironically watch Towa and APEX?

>> No.34957153


>> No.34957154

This is par the course for the whole of Japan at the moment though. At least in the urban areas which is 92% of their population. Endless state of emergency over Chink Flu is really fucking with their general morale

>> No.34957158

Not only do I watch it, but I enjoy it!

>> No.34957160

This >>34957101
I'm actually rooting for Flare, she's a good girl and tries her best, but because of her ranger default appearance she's given a wrong impression and now things are a little chaotic for her in term of viewership, especially compared to her genmates.

>> No.34957161


>> No.34957162

I only watch Towa APEX streams.

>> No.34957165

Just take off your top, Meru

>> No.34957169

I kneel fandead

>> No.34957171

The odor emitting from that cap probably foul, much like Towa, so you scored big.

>> No.34957173

no one gives a shit about Flare other than the two autists trying to force Smile & Go

>> No.34957175

Towa mindbroke me into liking APEX

>> No.34957177

What's with all the koreans in Senchou's chat today?

>> No.34957179


>> No.34957181


>> No.34957185


>> No.34957187

Towasamawin 最強!
APEX 最強!

>> No.34957189

>> No.34957190

Fandead are the most sucked fanbase after their oshi got exposed as a whore who strips naked before men.

>> No.34957191

No I only watch them ironically ever since she debut

>> No.34957192

luna in 20hours, hibernation till I nnaa

>> No.34957193

alright i believe you
i thought all towa posts were ironic

>> No.34957195

Welcome to the cum zone

>> No.34957196

>the most sucked fanbase
I wish Rushia suck me too

>> No.34957197

looks like a tool shed

>> No.34957198

Who cares? Most of the Holos are whores.

>> No.34957199

How was the gen 1 concert?

>> No.34957202

shame that flare aint going to get a costume like this because shes an ultra prude

>> No.34957203


>> No.34957206

Well there's at least one big tool in there that's for sure

>> No.34957208

Teach me how to be a Sheeposter

>> No.34957210

Along with Suisei she delivers the best "idol" experience in my opinion. Suisei is a stronger singer and Matsuri is a stronger dancer but both excel over the rest in the idol field imo

>> No.34957211

bros i love Mel...

>> No.34957212

All this, and you probably haven’t even donated your entire income to Rushia yet. What good are you?

>> No.34957216

I'm jealous!!! Time to buy more rushia goods..

>> No.34957217

Nobody cares about Masketta man. Shit is so old

>> No.34957219

except rushia has video proof she did

>> No.34957223

I actually like watching APEX streams even though I don't play it. I also watch VSPO girls and gorilla play it.

>> No.34957230

Choco has been very cute lately.

>> No.34957232

Go to this channel.
Join the membership.
The next time a stream goes up, send a red superchat

>> No.34957235

This, the only holo we actually hate is Roboco.

>> No.34957237

Thank God my oshi strips naked AFTER men

>> No.34957238

You can tell the video finally reached all the ENkid discords. They have been coming here to post about it a lot over the past few days.

>> No.34957245


>> No.34957246

Would Rushia really appreciate her goods next to Fubuki and those two chicks from gochuusa? Think, fandead, think!

>> No.34957248

same Mikopi!

>> No.34957249

When she sang Chiisana koi no uta...

>> No.34957250

>Bificated tongue
Boner stop. Cease right now.

>> No.34957254

Just shitpost with a Watame image attached to it.

>> No.34957259

>Inside you there are two wolves
>One is Mio. The other is Mio
>You're Mio

>> No.34957263

She’s still a whore, and that’s only the footage that got released. Imagine what happens behind closed doors. You’re just a cuck.

>> No.34957264

I don't give a shit about that one time she forgot to stop streaming before starting to change clothes. She is not a whore and never will be a whore.

>> No.34957265


>> No.34957266

being a sankiseifag is the equivalent of being a cucklord

>> No.34957267

>> No.34957268


>> No.34957270

Why does Flare like to hang around fatties?

>> No.34957273

Did she just casually diss a big percentage of the holos?

>> No.34957275

hopefully vspo can be gatekept better than hl was as they're blowing up right now. the 5ch thread has already started going to shit

>> No.34957276

Towa with the save

>> No.34957277

koreans are genetically attracted to pirates

>> No.34957279

>> No.34957284

I want to marry her

>> No.34957287

More like the chinkies who chimped out at her due to a word for around 8 months.

>> No.34957289

Always has been

>> No.34957290

Who was it again who had a live mental breakdown on stream?

>> No.34957291

suisex milk me with your gloves onegaii

>> No.34957292


>> No.34957296

get in line

>> No.34957298

Was that Shion poster always in her background? If so, SHION COLLAB WHEN YOU DUMB BITCH?

>> No.34957301

>> No.34957303

Gee, Fubuki! Why does your mom let you have TWO hats?

>> No.34957304


>> No.34957305


>> No.34957307

There's something wrong with me, I can't stop saving hololive porn...

>> No.34957313

Outside of using that for neta she is probably okay with that. She also appreciates cute anime girls.

>> No.34957317

nah they're good quality, handmade in america.

>> No.34957319

its the only thing that does it for me now...

>> No.34957321

The mental gymnastics are still going after this long lmao

>> No.34957323

It's inevitable, especially with all the tournaments they participate in.
At least the fact that they play a lot with guys will keep unicorns out.

>> No.34957326


>> No.34957327

Which Holo is your general "go to" girl?

>> No.34957332

She's right, you know.

>> No.34957333

>Towa pulling 7k viewers on a guerilla Apex stream at 2AM
I thought she was suppose to be unpopular?

>> No.34957334


>> No.34957335

As if Rushia knew she was being recorded, you dense faggot. Fuck off.

>> No.34957336

is it a diss when she includes herself?

>> No.34957338

There is literally nothing that happened behind closed doors. You're just delusional.

>> No.34957339

I confess that I am only a periodic Coco-watcher so my knowledge of this is limited

>> No.34957343

>ultra prude
Good. I will marry her and we will never have sex.

>> No.34957346

ironically saved me from ntr hell

>> No.34957347

I save mild lewds and only use them to hornypost, never actually jerked off to them

>> No.34957350

She's being towed into the spotlight recently.

>> No.34957351

Typically Haachama

>> No.34957352

Take your meds schizo.

>> No.34957353

Sometimes you sheepfuckers are alright

>> No.34957355

Wait, i thought everyone was okay with Rushia being a whore.
Are these post serious?

>> No.34957359

the from first threads were unironically some of the best threads we've had in quite some time, which is a surprise considering the bloom and BtS threads were fucking awful

>> No.34957361

I can't believe Sora is this based

>> No.34957362

This anon gets it. Suggestive and light lewds are the best

>> No.34957363


>> No.34957371

Lol, do you really believe? Masketta Man just happened to catch the bitch on the spot. She was comfortable with doing it, too; you can tell from the video. This suggests that this wasn’t her first time doing something like that, and if it wasn’t her first time, it probably wasn’t her last, either. Of course, now, she’s more cautious. Still a whore, nonetheless. Continue to throw your wage slave earnings at your oshi who only sees you as a walking wallet, just so she can use the money for her various boy toys offstream.

>> No.34957373

Everyone was actually watching the stream instead of replying to retards

>> No.34957375


>> No.34957378

Towa is trash...

>> No.34957379

Flare's favorite color is pink. What the fuck guys, it's time to smile and go.

>> No.34957380


>> No.34957381


>> No.34957382

Of course she is
But still, she kinda surprises me during these moments when she gets way too real.

>> No.34957385

Korone looking up at you and talking about the movie as she sits on your lap cross legged

>> No.34957386

If you don't like it you're a retard.

>> No.34957390

americans and europeans were all sleeping which means that only SEA was awake, meaning SEA posters are officially the best posters in these threads

>> No.34957393

I'm not sure that I could resist groping her surprisingly large tits

>> No.34957394

I only know Towa by word of mouth

>> No.34957396

Nice try but SEA should be rangebanned

>> No.34957399

>all this masketta shit
Sure feels like July 2020 around here

>> No.34957400


>> No.34957401

Shiryugumi is a pretty old combination by now and all of their collabs were top notch.

>> No.34957404

>europeans were all sleeping
Your timezone reps, flipchama

>> No.34957405

When my oshi doesn't stream, it's as if the world itself has stopped turning. The air is no longer worth breathing. Water is not worth drinking. Food is tasteless. There is no more entertainment to be found without her. I watch archives to try and get that feeling, but it's not the same. She isn't there, not truly. While I still love her, it's a mere memory, a recorded fragment of a better time. A time when we were together. Without the sight of her, my eyes are of no use. Without the sound of her voice, my ears are rendered obsolete. Without her, life itself is not worth living. Every waking moment is suffering when I can not be with her.

>> No.34957406

god fucking damn those are some nice legs

>> No.34957408


>> No.34957410

wanderers from afar came by for restreams and didn't leave, it's not like you can chase him away with a broomstick?

>> No.34957412

>SEA is the best posters in the thread
>median of SEA hours saying whore: 25
>median of normal hours saying hour: 13

>> No.34957413

After Flare undergoes a complete redesign and becomes a pink-haired catloli, what do you think "elfriends" will be called?

>> No.34957414

Flare is making fun of Kanata on stream...

>> No.34957417

>i thought everyone was okay with Rushia being a whore.
Are you retarded? Everyone hates Rushia for being a whore and she shouldn't be in hololive

>> No.34957418

>were all sleeping

>> No.34957419

Flare monkey no...

>> No.34957421

They are quite large

>> No.34957422

>roboco training umas for gemini cup
jesas, can she even do it

>> No.34957423

Yeah I know they had great collabs together. I'm wanting more of them together since they got on really well and can both handle high levels of banter

>> No.34957426

Bar coco is fucking dope man...
I wish I could understand more of it though.
I'm so glad she never will stop this despite the constant low viewership.

>> No.34957427


>> No.34957428


>> No.34957430

simply because no one cares about gen1 enough to shitpost about them, only Haachama is different because of her underage "fans"

>> No.34957431

Ok, but where are the 3D debuts for the 2nd costumes? Subaru and Flare will never go back to their original characters

>> No.34957432

normal hours saying whore*

>> No.34957433

Towa charged in all alone...

>> No.34957437


>> No.34957438

I still can't believe its already halfway through 2021, marking another year with hololive

>> No.34957439

>At least the fact that they play a lot with guys will keep unicorns out.
yeah, if anything they get shit from apex streamer's fujos when they collab

>> No.34957440

Hey man! my name is elite Miko! nice to meet you!

>> No.34957441

>>median of normal hours saying hour
Towa is a hour

>> No.34957442


>> No.34957444

Why do you defend rushia?

>> No.34957446

Towa just sneezed directly into my mouth...

>> No.34957447


>> No.34957448


>> No.34957449

what a fucking retard towa is, charging like a faggot

>> No.34957450

Fubuki, even though I don't watch her

>> No.34957451

Subaru started streaming with it again as soon as her duck meme exploded and she wasn't being recognized

>> No.34957459

That never happened

>> No.34957461



>> No.34957462

She'll stop once she realizes that it failed to attract anyone

>> No.34957464

elven boytoys

>> No.34957466


>> No.34957467

faq miko

>> No.34957471

Light night and day

>> No.34957473

>> No.34957474

They haven't talked to eachother (sion hasn't even mentioned coco) ever since all the nikisei (led by aqua) barged into her house while she was pretending to sleep to sit out the off collab.

>> No.34957477

Fuck off tourists

>> No.34957479

Like night and day

>> No.34957481

How was the Tokomachi stream?

>> No.34957483


>> No.34957485

Oh, well if you were wondering about the poster specifically then here you go.

>> No.34957486

Like night and day

>> No.34957487

Remember her Ark stream or her Mariokart stream where it did not work?

>> No.34957489

>> No.34957491

Literally me. It's like appreciating their designs to highest order, you want them but you don't fap to them because there's no point.

>> No.34957492

Twap is so dumb...

>> No.34957493


>> No.34957494


>> No.34957497

Who didn't?

>> No.34957501


>> No.34957505

making a funny scene while waiting for something to download is not a breakdown
Pekora and Coco had actual breakdowns when they started crying out of nowhere

>> No.34957509

because I'll attack hololive for this cat ear pandemic

>> No.34957511

It really was. Ikkisei had a much harder time establishing themselves than any other gen and were the real pioneers of the company. Its nice seeing them get some much needed recognition and appreciation together

>> No.34957512

Flare kimono onegai... I miss it.

>> No.34957513

Please tell down...

>> No.34957515


>> No.34957516

Matuli and Mel are very small

>> No.34957519

That's not a mental breakdown. Those were comedy skits

>> No.34957523


>> No.34957525

Is this the most sexual gen? Every other gen has at least one member with zero sex appeal.

>> No.34957526

>> No.34957529


>> No.34957532

Fairly sure the GAMERS gen all have high levels of sex appeal

>> No.34957536

Mel's like bending over threefold in that shot.

>> No.34957539

Anyone made a paste with clips of today's concert?

>> No.34957544


>> No.34957545

has anyone preoredered fatsuri's nendo
im thinking about whether i should get it

>> No.34957547

Pekora just wants to talk about mysteries of the human body...

>> No.34957550

Only Matsuri is tiny. Mel is bending over there. They are all dwarfed by Aki though

>> No.34957551

Mr. Koro...

>> No.34957552


>> No.34957554

Gen two tho

>> No.34957556


>> No.34957559

Enter Porka.

>> No.34957561


>> No.34957562

Onahole gen exist

>> No.34957563

now that the filler is over, when is the gen0 concert?

>> No.34957565


>> No.34957567

>> No.34957568

cloudy sheep
rainy days
thunderstorm xx

>> No.34957569

Haachama looks fucking huge

>> No.34957570


>> No.34957571

She is a deeply introspective person and always has been. I really wouldnt worry since this is her baseline.

>> No.34957575

Oh shit I forgot that Towa will be the commentator tomorrow for the APEX tournament

>> No.34957577

Gokisei who?

>> No.34957579


>> No.34957581

Is it just Matsuri available at the moment? I don't see the others on the site

>> No.34957582

krone... genki..

>> No.34957583


>> No.34957586

>> No.34957587

>sex appeal

>> No.34957588

Towa get grappled and beat to death...

>> No.34957589

Since when does Polka laugh like Towa?

>> No.34957590

I often want to retweet hololive related things, but most of the people who follow me aren't interested in hololive so I don't know what to do about it.

>> No.34957591


>> No.34957593

Fuck off leaking member shit

>> No.34957596

What's up?

>> No.34957601

>the real pioneers of the company

>> No.34957602

I mean, she has huge boobs...

>> No.34957603

why do they collab so much?

>> No.34957604

>> No.34957605

yeah they announced all 5 but aki and mel are not ready. Haachama and fbking's nendos will be shown off at wonfes 33
this is also the same fes that will show off the sankisei figmas as well as senchou's scale figure

>> No.34957607

Towa just came inside me...

>> No.34957608


>> No.34957609

Polka is replacing Watame in Bakatare

>> No.34957610

create a new account and link it to your current one and switch around bottom left, you can even give 2 likes and retweets to posts you reallly really like. I use a separate acc to post doodles to their art tags

>> No.34957612

That's what friends do.

>> No.34957613

Imagine being in the same company within the same company.
Imagine being friends.

>> No.34957618

Is she really an NND veteran? I thought she's stronger after all this time lol. Or she's just faking it.

>> No.34957619

Dude, i'd fucking pound Subaru's asshole into the next fucking dimension if i had the chance. Her second outfit has me diamonds

>> No.34957620

I wish she'd replace Fubuki instead.

>> No.34957621

In terms of the "gen" system they were. Gen0 wasnt really a thing for a long time. Its just the cobbled together grouping of the Holos that didnt fit in to any specific gen. Gen1 were the first gen "unit" and laid the foundations for what we have today

>> No.34957623

That's a cute little sister, maybe she'll mature into a woman one day

>> No.34957631

>> No.34957633

Polka is to Flare what Moona is to Pekora if she could speak japanese, autism friends

>> No.34957634

You need more than tits to have sex appeal. Suisei has no tits but she oozes sex appeal. Nene is lovely and cute as fuck but she is a massive dork and not really sexual at all besides having clevage on display

>> No.34957636


>> No.34957637

this is hololive gamers

>> No.34957639

golden hair, cookie monster.. checks out

>> No.34957641

No. :^)

>> No.34957642

Suisei is also massive dork though.

>> No.34957644

Yeah Fubuki and Matsuri were the backbone of Hololive back then.

>> No.34957649

Close friends with similar interests.
And Bakatare is genuinely better for it. They need Polka's chaotic energy over Watame's...whateverthefuck she brings

>> No.34957653

Towa is extra cute today.

>> No.34957655


>> No.34957659

I want to pull on Towa's ear piercings.

>> No.34957660


>> No.34957664

Flare specializes in pumping and dumping menhera.

>> No.34957666

A good point well made. Her design and general attitude are simply sexual as fuck. Not in an overt way but still

>> No.34957667

*repeats the same thing flare/fubuki just said but with a ne at the end*
*crunches on nori with the other two*

>> No.34957672

Looks like yotsuba from go-toubun. makes me mad.

>> No.34957674

joy, crippling dependence, happiness?

>> No.34957675

You know that they weren't even called Gen 1/ikkisei and not really a unit back when they debuted right? they were individual streamers

>> No.34957679

I want to pull out of Towa only to put it back in in the last moment.

>> No.34957680

I want to hold all of their tails at once.

>> No.34957684

if she has blue hair she'd be the token make-heroine

>> No.34957685

you love her again... right?

>> No.34957690

Gokisei is a nest that everyone has to eventually leave as they come into their own.

>> No.34957693

They still debut as a unit around the same time as eachother. Yes of course they wernt known as a "gen" then as it didnt exist but as I said it laid the framework for everything that followed

>> No.34957697

I want to pull Towa's tail.

>> No.34957703

Is there proof towa actually exists?

>> No.34957705

If it doesn't get a proper update, I'll firebomb Cover.

>> No.34957706

I will always love Matsuri. I simply get frustrated sometimes at her decision making and self-nerfing

>> No.34957708

Only when she’s not using her alt costume

>> No.34957710


>> No.34957711

I never stopped loving her

>> No.34957716

Yandere Cabayach...

>> No.34957722


>> No.34957723

Every Holo has except Botan. The Mario Kart tournament broke a lot more of them than just Aqua, but nobody watched the streams.

>> No.34957729

Never stopped. However I acknowledge that she reminds everyone how good she is at the idol-aspect of this thing whenever she gets on stage. I think people forget about her genuine idol skill

>> No.34957730

Why even bother?Even if they update her original outfit rigging,she still won't use it over her new one.And you can bet your ass the current one will be discarded once she get newer outfit.

>> No.34957731


>> No.34957738

I cant recall Okayu or Suisei having stream meltdowns either

>> No.34957739

I sold Towa a pack of smokes once.

>> No.34957743

She'll definitely use it again if they change the face and update the rigging up to the new outfit's standards.

>> No.34957744

yes we have photographs of towa, sio and nose post coitus with cigarette marks on sio's ass and towa's fat cock front and center

>> No.34957746

>not one but TWO Rushia dolls

Didn't those sell out in like 3 minutes?

>> No.34957753

Nice try Satan but Nene can also be sexy when she's serious and uses her onee-san voice. But yeah, it's pretty rare.

>> No.34957754

Roboco pls... It's 2 in the morning...

>> No.34957755

Anyone hyped for Robocop new outfit?

>> No.34957757

they had a restock that sold out in 10 minutes i believe, more than enough time

>> No.34957758


>> No.34957759

God imagine how smelly down there is.

>> No.34957761

Follow roboco!

>> No.34957762

Yes and the made-to-order ones have not been shipped yet.

>> No.34957763

So they are going to do one of these for each gen right? Gen 4 will have their moment right?

>> No.34957764


>> No.34957767

take pride in your oshis guys because no matter how menhera or dumb she may be she cant possibly be dumber or more menhera than Towhore

>> No.34957769

okayu brokedown in a members stream after the mario kart tourney

>> No.34957771

Sounds like bullshit to me. Citation needed

>> No.34957773

holy towasamaclutch

>> No.34957774

towasama sugoi!

>> No.34957777


>> No.34957780

I only hate (you).

>> No.34957782

Where's the clip Kanatan...

>> No.34957784


>> No.34957785


>> No.34957787

Flare did go back to her Kimono at the beginning of the year

>> No.34957789

I'm used to seeing her with nothing on, so it's a big change for me

>> No.34957793


>> No.34957796

I guess he got one from each website

>> No.34957798

Miko noooo

>> No.34957799

Two was the limit at the first time and it doesn't take longer to order two.

>> No.34957800


>> No.34957801

God i fucking despise you seanig kenzocucks

>> No.34957802

NND might have been worse but the community was much smaller. Now they can just search their name on twitter or 5ch and easily find hundreds of people that hate them for some reason.

>> No.34957804

How do we save Korone?

>> No.34957806

>towa-sama please step on me
fucking kenzoku...

>> No.34957807

The closest to a breakdown botan ever had is when she was sniffling while explaining how Aloe is graduating

>> No.34957808

did you finally get bored of marine and noel?

>> No.34957809

Oh my

>> No.34957813

I'm not that anon, but I will defend my oshi no matter what. Now fuck off.

>> No.34957816

It's up to them. From 1st happened because Matsuri requested for it.

>> No.34957818

Mama Mio really went all out with that Pacifier for her. Jesus

>> No.34957819

>just missed someone who posted URA 9 / 6 STA 3 PWR on roboco's stream
what the fuck, was immediately full

>> No.34957820

I always did.
However I still disapprove of her streaming with male voices and collabing with males.

>> No.34957821

looks like the brapp ripper

>> No.34957823

go get her membership and watch the stream from the night of the tourney if you don't believe me then

>> No.34957824

A lot of NND was just tsundere anon.

>> No.34957826

>Gen 4 will have their moment right?
Yeah and we'll cure world hunger tomorrow!

>> No.34957827

I'm surprised that icecream hasn't melted yet

>> No.34957829

This artwork is based off of a photoset by a femboy btw.

>> No.34957834

>> No.34957835

anyone else excited for cinderella switch tomorrow

>> No.34957838


>> No.34957839

As anon said above she is simply introspective as fuck and always has been. None of that language is new for her. Sure is someone like Shion or Nene started speaking like that I'd be concerned but with Mr. Koro its simply how she rationalises things

>> No.34957840


>> No.34957841


>> No.34957843


>> No.34957846

I HATE Towa!
of course. I love Towa

>> No.34957848


>> No.34957852

Towa is being very uncool before the tournament...

>> No.34957853

>Rushia simply come back
>nets 12k bucks

>> No.34957854

Do you think your oshi would be proud about you shitting on towa?

>> No.34957855

I disbelieve you since its the first time I have ever seen this mentioned. Okayu crying at something other than Rengoku dying would be a pretty note worthy incident. I simply find it hard to believe that you say it exists but its convineintly "member only" content

>> No.34957861

check the thread archives you fucking retarded newfag

>> No.34957862

She didn't even leave in the first place.

>> No.34957868

Burden of proof is on you, bub

>> No.34957874

Twap's English...

>> No.34957875

There is literally nobody in Hololive that deserves the money they make more than Rushia.

>> No.34957876


>> No.34957877

Towa want weapon

>> No.34957879


>> No.34957882

>He doesn't want to feel these on his back whilst Towa teases you, only to laugh it off since she weighs almost nothing.

>> No.34957884

The only thing Rushia deserves is graduation

>> No.34957885

Check the membership stream retard

>> No.34957886


>> No.34957888

Towa sniffing Loba's ass...

>> No.34957889

and crying/wanting to quit over low views? I get is frustrating but you can't pretend it never happened and most importantly. you can't pretend is only ok when Miko does it.

>> No.34957897


>> No.34957899

It's good to have an oshi who doesn't cry about meaningless stuff on stream.

>> No.34957904


>> No.34957905

She took a two day break even if she did end up signing cards.

>> No.34957908


>> No.34957909


>> No.34957911

I've kind of taken a liking to Kagura Mea recently.

>> No.34957912

How do we save:
Mr. Koro

>> No.34957914

i thought okayu was /strongmind/? guess i was wrong

>> No.34957921

I can't believe Towa made Okayu cry...

>> No.34957922

Buy membership and akasupa regularly.

>> No.34957926

I don't think Noel is fat

>> No.34957928

you're probably just gay. this is why nikisei is the cabaret gen for a reason

>> No.34957930

Towa kills million...

>> No.34957932

Watame crying is about as meaningful as extra sand in the desert

>> No.34957934

Went back to the video and she didn't even do that.

>> No.34957937

>Made Aqua cry
>The reason Kanata and Suisei hate each other now
>Flare cried
>Okayu cried
Towa literally ruined everything with her fucking Mario Kart tournament.

>> No.34957938

>spending money at all
First step is already impossible for me... I will leave a like tho...

>> No.34957940

Hololiver streams with this feel?

>> No.34957941

>cabaret gen

>> No.34957946

but i do that already

>> No.34957949

Which holo song, cover or original, has the most views?

>> No.34957950

Moona in a collab

>> No.34957953

Not enough. Akasupa more.

>> No.34957954

anyone else feeling the burnout from hololive? it's starting to get boring to be honest. i'm planning on taking a break for a week and see what happens

>> No.34957955

just closer to the camera. this is what flat lighting with no shadows and this camera angle does to a scene.

>> No.34957956

Also towa's among us made Kanata cry too

>> No.34957957

Okayu is actually really sentimental and passionate, she just hides herself under many layers and doesn't come forth 'for real' often so to speak, unless she feels really comfortable.

>> No.34957958

Peko in a collab.

>> No.34957963

Who is this autist?

>> No.34957966

Maybe the "Don't watch Towa" heimin is right

>> No.34957967

Aqua but she's on break.

>> No.34957968

>Mr. Koro
she's obviously dealing with real life stuff on top of whatever professional frustrations she's experiencing. let her process it at her own pace
graduate Coco, have her collab with Pekora again
appoint Towa as her personal trainer
she's just sick, let her recover
wrist surgery
a good dicking, by me

>> No.34957969

No wonder they get along well.

>> No.34957970


>> No.34957972

One thing 1kisei has over the others is that they can all dance well to great. All other gens have at least one member who can't dance for shit.

>> No.34957973


>> No.34957974


>> No.34957975

Botan is going to be her enabler to do more stuff like that, plan "Natural Selection" starts now.

>> No.34957976

Name one each gen, I'll wait.

>> No.34957979

Is Friday the day all the holos have dates?
There were a lot less streams today and no gen5 streams at all

>> No.34957983

I remember Korone was stilll streaming when she was ill last year, no in fact pretty much all Holo were doing this except for the most serious cases.
I find it strange to have such a long break for a throat issue, Korone despite being a hag is still in better health than most of younger Holo, she already proved long ago how strong she is. And since her mom is ill I think she is past long the state of being depressed about petty thing like bad comment on her.
Then it means two possibilities :

1) She is indeed faking it ( but personally I doubt she is the kind of person to do this )

2) She has a more serious issue than simple "throat" and losing her voice, either she is not telling the whole picture, either they didn't discovered yet how serious her case is.

>> No.34957984


>> No.34957989


>> No.34957991

>those ears

>> No.34957993



>> No.34957994

gokisei is alright but they haven't done much dancing so i gotta watch cinderella switch tomorrow to judge

>> No.34957996

i don't get why anons consider gen 3 cabaret gen. gen 2 seems like a better fit but eh

>> No.34957997

Lamy and Botan have concert tomorrow and Polka is literally streaming.

>> No.34957998

Why are aquachinks like this?

>> No.34958000

>And since her mom is ill I think she is past long the state of being depressed about petty thing like bad comment on her.
That is a pretty big assumption to make.

>> No.34958001


>> No.34958004


>> No.34958005

Japan only

>> No.34958009


>> No.34958010

>whateverthefuck she brings
Cuteness, pranks and occasional jokes that catch the other 2 off guard

>> No.34958013

we never even got proof that subaru exists and you're already moving onto Towa?

>> No.34958014

>Polka is literally streaming.

>> No.34958021

that isn't a breakdown either, giving your honest feelings while being sad is not the same as starting crying out loud out of nowhere like Pekora and Coco did
so yes, it's ok when Miko does

>> No.34958022

Her doctor is literally ordering her not to stream because of her throat. If you think Korone is lying about that there's nothing I can say to convince you otherwise.

>> No.34958026

>out of nowhere

>> No.34958027

spare some change and you'll get your proof

>> No.34958029

She's on Flare's stream

>> No.34958033

Ochame Kinou or Moris RIP

>> No.34958035

Gen 2 didn't start long ass supacha reading every single stream

>> No.34958038

>open thread
>ctrl+f Watame
>check all the results
>post "I love Watame"
>close thread

>> No.34958039

>I find it strange to have such a long break for a throat issue
The fuck are you even talking about, a throat issue when your job involves talking 5+ hours a fucking day is as serious as it gets, you're fucking retarded. What is she supposed to fucking do, use sign language on stream? Just calm your tits and watch someone else or fix your shit in the meantime.

>> No.34958040

fake. stop this slander. my ojou would never

>> No.34958041


>> No.34958045

Smile and G-hahahahaha

>> No.34958057

Okayu has a pleasant laugh.

>> No.34958059

What a roast

>> No.34958061

That hairstyle reminds me of this for some some reason.

>> No.34958062

Cytube isn't so bad.

>> No.34958063

Suisei did back when she was in INNK.

>> No.34958064

When Korone's mom was hospitalized last year she took a week off with practically 0 fan interaction.
Her throat issue is so minor that I really can't believe people are trying to make it big. She literally can't stop streaming despite being told not to.

>> No.34958066

Gen2 still had collabs with males.

>> No.34958068


>> No.34958069


>> No.34958070

>I will go to sleep early
>I will do my reps
>I will go out to eat tomorrow
>I will listen to Watame's new song
>I will watch Luna's outift reveal
>I will watch Watame's stream tomorrow
Simple as that

>> No.34958071


>> No.34958073


>> No.34958074

Go back to larping with melposter THEtranny

>> No.34958074,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.34958074,2 [INTERNAL] 


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