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Guide: https://streamable.com/aweze0
Pitch Accent: https://streamable.com/0r2z6j

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went to an island beach party for memorial day weekend. finished red ribbon army arc

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Why rendaku

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how'd you know

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crazy reveal recently - okayu is suppressing a touhoku accent

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finna read

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Why do they romanticize woman making meals for them so much?

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>tfw 3 months into anki
>90% accuracy mature rates
>getting bored to tears at clicking on flashcards every day
>embarrassed at how much time it took to get here
>still kind of retarded but confident enough to start reading for real
is it a terrible idea to start reading before i finish tae kim? reading about grammar in isolation is so fucking boring

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you should have been reading from day 1

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fuck realistic anime

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>Why do they romanticize woman making meals for them so much?
when life gets hard and stuff gets in the way, the simple things make the largest impact on a man's life

anyone or anything to ease the burden, just for a moment

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also because they're good cooks and it tastes good.

my wife made me a bento and i'm about to eat the fuck out of it.
- ruka

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Any guides on learning polish?

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yeah the guide in op doubles as the polish guide

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yea but that's what hot pockets and tv dinners are for

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my friend gave me a classical japanese book. unable to read it but i figured out that the "furigana" is the okurigana. there's no ダ or デスanywhere. but i did see a few ヤs like it's kansaiben

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watching broly and crazy how much i can suddenly understand. really bumped up my listening a lot from reading 100 chapters of dragon ball

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god how do you sentence mine i don't think i+1 sentences even exist for me

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dont fall for memescience

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"i+1" as matt and friends use it isn't even the same as the original krashen paper

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>no thread number in the title
leave thread making to people who know what they're doing, thanks.

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it's "the" spammer

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samefag as fuck

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it's "the" saviour

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it's hard to combat the power of two autists with an agenda. all we need is someone who does it for free to delete their threads and the issue is solved.

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og right now

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its the holo retard

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what's the agenda

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I swear djt threads are just a simulation
There is no way these low iq discussions are being conducted by human beings

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dabbing on threadformatfags

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you have your own containment board now, its time for you to go

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thinking you'll finally get through to him this time

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all baby birds need to be pushed from the nest

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>all baby birds need to be pushed from the nest
this sounds so schizo

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if youre an esl that has never heard that before maybe

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it didnt make any sense in this context

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i think you meant doesnt and yes it does

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how many cards?

>> No.35008224

>i think you meant doesnt and yes it does
lmao legit esl exposed. dumbass

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and how is it supposed to be? tldr version

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lol. what's your native language?

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the arab wants clout and money. you have some petty grudge against people who want itazuraneko linked because they told you to fuck off when you complained about quiz' site being listed on itazuraneko. you try to hide it behind some principled opposition to...linking a guide.

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dabbing on guidefags

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i've thought about it and i'm guessing "it's actually doesn't" guy is eastern european

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it's interesting to listen to koreans talk, as they have a fair few words in common with japanese

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saving this one for posterity. this shit comes up way too fucking often lol. obvious esl tells me i dont know english because they overmodeled grammar.

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check out their common ancestor "chinese"

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it's more about grammatical features of the language. there's a somewhat "natural order" kids and adult learners learn a language's grammar. for example, passive voice is confusing for kids and they master it later. they're going to have an easier time starting out in books that say sentences like "david ate the cake" instead of "the cake was eaten." now imagine this natural order is a very arbitary but finely grained continuum and each step along the way is called "i". it's i+1 because you found something you understood slightly more than you did before. he's saying this because he means kids should read kids books made for their age rather than jumping straight to montisquiea. anything that you didnt internalize before but can is a +1. it doesnt have to be a word and you dont even have to understand the entire sentence. "sentence cards" themselves are completely unrelated to this hypothesis. i dont know where they came, it's just anki shit.

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caught up with takagi. is 元 worth reading?

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big wtf for me is that haikus are written on one line and they're just a single sentence

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why is one piece 10x easier to read than dragon ball

>> No.35008569

thanks anon, i really know nothing about this.

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「はー 今日も いい天気だねーっ」が中々分かった
i guess in dragon ball they love using long compound verbs w/ contractions and zero kanji

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4chan pass biiitches
prepare your anus

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nice now you can samefag like a pro

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just make vocab cards. youll likely hit a point where you'll want sentences eventually but at that point most sentences are "i+1"

>> No.35008633

go to a site with example sentences and make sentence cards for every word that you don't know. how hard is that?

>> No.35008639

>how hard is that
find a reliable example sentence website with english translations

>> No.35008643

>go to a site with example sentences and make sentence cards for every word that you don't know. how hard is that?
ankidrones be like

>> No.35008644

tae kim

>> No.35008650

total perversion of krashen to make "sentence cards" instead of reading a book you enjoy.

>> No.35008654

i make sentence cards while reading a book i enjoy and krashen kisses me on the lips

>> No.35008666

thats gay

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this anon just wanted everyone to find his shit for him

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weblio is not trustful. dont know about the other one tho

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i+1 sentence cards work. i'm doing spoonfed chinese which is i+1 with only the AUDIO on the front and i'm getting cards right. that's the fucking power of i+1 sentence cards

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what are the differences between 少女, 女の子, 女子?

feel free to just list example h-doujins to use as fap references

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>weblio is not trustful
if you're so afraid delete the translation and do this:

front: その単語は僕の辞書に出ていない.
back: 辞書: dictionary

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why do you insist an english translation if its i+1? are you afraid of actually reading japanese

>> No.35008749

>weblio is not trustful

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use the ones in this section

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u knoe wat? fuck you.

>> No.35008774

first two mean basically the same thing. 少女 might come off as patronizing or creepy in the wrong context. its also just more of a flavorful term. 女子 along with 男子 is somewhat rude outside of a neutral context like in a title or club, bathroom, ect. its sort of like saying "gals and guys" in the way you'd say "ugh, guys" or "ugh, women"

女の人 is always the most appropriate

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oboeta'd 太極 from digimon

>> No.35008852

my wife said that to me one time, and then we had sex. she got pregnant by my precum and now i have 10 kids.
- ruka

>> No.35008864

dont even know this in english

>> No.35008867

kind of hot if true

>> No.35008871

Any site like https://gogo-play.net/ but with jap subs?

>> No.35008874

"Taiji" but its still a foreign religious term

>> No.35008912

god i weep everytime. nothing is like digimon

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mattbros.... dogenbros.......

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ov cos he is going to say that they don't matter

>> No.35009065

lingo steve wont even learn george's name. kind of sad

>> No.35009095

to be honest, george is the only eceleb i dont hate. i love him, actually

>> No.35009104

george is likable on a personal level but who cares about that. he's an incredibly ignorant person.

matt on the other hand...love him or hate him he knows what's what.

>> No.35009113

>but who cares about that
any decent human being? lol

>> No.35009124

you're never going to be george's friend. i'm never going to be george's friend. what utility is him "seeming nice" on youtube? and at the end of the day you don't know what he's really like. matt on the other hand imparts wisdom regardless if you like him.

>> No.35009126

george seems ok because he is able to admit his faults. he had a 20 minute video where a lot of the information he said was wrong and when i contacted him about it he was willing to listen and do an updated video about it.

>> No.35009142

i dont know, man. i just like people. george and nuke, actually. my favorite ecelebs

>imparts wisdom
gonna disagree here. everything useful for japanese is already out there. no need to listen to a fucking manlet to learn it and since he is not a likeable person, no reason to watch him at all

>> No.35009170

>gonna disagree here. everything useful for japanese is already out there. no need to listen to a fucking manlet to learn it and since he is not a likeable person, no reason to watch him at all
this. the only thing matt ever actually does is take other peoples stuff and rebrands it as his own. and when he does, he stretches it out as long as possible to get the most revenue from his youtube channel.

>> No.35009240

i wonder if the person that says russian and english are just a dialect is og

>> No.35009246

wow sakuga is just 作画

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>he knows what's what.
lmao. why simp for some random internet person? get some fresh air outside

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>> No.35009378

if i just buy everything this guy buys do i just make money for free?

>> No.35009395

you sound unhappier lol

>> No.35009444

happy until i take away your drugs

>> No.35009452

btw if you cant find meaning in life without being happy, you are a hedonist and should just off yourself

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>> No.35009468

dont copy moe's canned lines, he's an idiot

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+たい is fine its the verb itself you'd alter to be more polite. something like +てよろしいですか or +くれませんか would be more indirect and therefor more polite way of expressing something you want done for you but its not the exact same meaning if you aren't asking for a favor.

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why didn't i do this before? it's the best idea i've ever had

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why is the best vtuber content when they barely talk

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>> No.35009825

if he thinks i can make it i wonder why hes being rude to me

>> No.35009837

never read genki. its more your brain when ykjapan

>> No.35009846

dont worry ull get off the peak soon enough

>> No.35009869


>> No.35009883

japanese boy 未成人 be lowkey cuter than the girls quite honestly. better features and not even dolled up

>> No.35009886

未成年, damn

>> No.35009913

i prefer ビッチ

>> No.35009930

no they dont

>> No.35009934

u dont really dislike women that much tho outside of the boys club. you dont hate your mother

>> No.35009957

boys arent supposed particularly like their mothers after growing up. otherwise you end up funny like bunko

>> No.35009966

mA ni iru

>> No.35010102

men's brains are so fucked lmao imagine needing drugs to feel shit or vibe with your subconcious.

>> No.35010106

i thought japan was into brazil, always see brazilian music or references in japanese movies
also brazil is the country with the most japanese immigrants (2 million japanese people living in Brazil) in the world

>> No.35010152

glad the oboeta brazilian gave up

>> No.35010167

dude, are you really going to base your judgement about the feelings of japanese people towards brazilians on a random nigga on 4chan who says he only met 3 brazilians? do you really believe that they talked that much about brazilians around him? how did that situation even played out? did they just start randomly talking about brazilians? maybe he heard 1 nigga saying something and in his mind this equates that "no one likes them"
they probably don't even think about brazilians. why the fuck would they?

>> No.35010234

still laughing at when og posted ゆっくりでいじって

>> No.35010277

what drug are you talking about

>> No.35010480

wotd: 謄写版

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damn now they're putting fanservice in thunderbolt fantasy

>> No.35011066


>> No.35011067

that was supposed to be some sort of a hipster western cartoon, at least it has a good soundtrack

>> No.35011101

>"you wont learn japanese from anime"
yeah right

>> No.35011190


>> No.35011240

japan loves their generic routine and gender roles

ayyduh neee hairoo

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>> No.35011368

let me take care of that for you
*shoves foot up ass*

>> No.35011425

tamers was good, wish i hadnt shunned it as a kid for being a universe reset

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>> No.35011554

why do u think about dicks so much

>> No.35011578


>> No.35011597

and yeah i know the solution is to stop finding camaraderie with guys but have you ever tried to have all your friend be women? lol

>> No.35011627

og has no respect for women so obviously the guys she hangs around with don't either. as for me i respect women.

>> No.35011683

idk what any of that means i never really had to have a conversation for girls to like me lol

but were on the internet so thats all we got

yah unfortunately for girls if a guy finds u attractive and u neg them u cannot be friends unless u find him another girl to direct all that shit towards

>> No.35011715

btw ill give u a extra good seisyun story

i remember one time when i was in school i was looking at some girl sitting in class and she happened to turn around and look and our eyes locked

i was just originally lookin at her cuz she was a goofy lookin girl lol but when our eyes hit she apparently got hit w. the zukkyun and i heard about it from 1 of her friends

she didnt pursue and i didnt either cuz i thought she just looked goofy lol

she ended up preg by 12th grade

bullet fucken dodged or alternatively i coulda saved her

>> No.35011894


>> No.35011895

yeah it's all 年下 for me

>> No.35011958

33 isnt that old ur still in ur prime

>> No.35011975

you dont know the context of him trying to email pics of his family last time he got off his nut on shrooms or something and also him being sappy @ me in general lately

>> No.35011985

its really funny how the donate link is hovering over his bald head lmfao

>> No.35011990

our kids will prolly be autistic with 160 iq

>> No.35012010


>> No.35012017

did i say he was trying to fuck me? i just said he was just to attach to me cause im the closest thing to 姉 figure around here and he's making it weird

>> No.35012059

any mandarin learners here?
ive seen that some discussed bopofomo vs pinyin in here before.
how do i go about it? first bopofomo and switch to pinyin later on?
i think someone mentioned that bopofomo is just better in the beginning?
any anki decks to just grind them out?

>> No.35012074

why did u go thru making a temp email and drumming up a bunch of attention for it and then not even look at bunkos slammin mom

>> No.35012083

stop posting

>> No.35012089


>> No.35012090

garbage thread

>> No.35012119


>> No.35012183

i know ur drunk so this isnt fair but lets go through how many times u were an utter hypocrite in this post

>i was trying to contain your breakdown outside the thread
if only we coulda contained urs so we didnt have to see ur pasty legs and feet and other pathetic shit

>blogging faggotry
yah ur guilty of this

>get a shrink and stop using this place as you therapist
yah ur guilty of this

wow its like u actually just run ur mouth at other ppl for the same shit u do LOL

pathetic bitch shut the fuck up

>> No.35012190

good post

>> No.35012269


>> No.35012270

>also blow me
bring ur quarter incher over here and ill hook u up so u can start actin right

>> No.35012295

i mean im a bit crestfallen wrt bunko but thats his life i aint rly worried for him cuz if hes posting here hes prolly not off doin really fucked shit

>> No.35012339

i remember when columbine was the most unimaginable shit to ever happen

now we have another one every month

im glad i got to finish school before having to be worried about all this shit (no one really worried after columbine bc no1 really thought it would happen here)

>> No.35012412

dont care about 3dpd

>> No.35012425

never thought girls weren't dumb, every time i have a conversation with one i end up making her feel embarrassed over how dumb she is without even having that intention

>> No.35012564


>> No.35012565

im just very skilled at writing

the pen is mightier than the sword after all

>> No.35012566

thats not very chivalrous of you

>> No.35012570

wouldn't be surprised if og was the third juukan maniac in djt

>> No.35012579

og getting dogged lmao

>> No.35012594

i had to look up what that means and you are all sick fucks

>> No.35012611

welcome to 4chan princess


>> No.35012742

>personality disorders are a spook anyway
>believes in pagan voodoo bullshit
you are one dumb ass biatch

>> No.35012812

u r being feminine right now

>> No.35012814

ah yes the evil man

dont worry og i wont touch u

u can initiate when ur ready

>> No.35012868
File: 176 KB, 500x280, Z.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i wonder if og feels sad that she'll never be one of the bros

>> No.35012901

wow just found out bilibili has a lot of deleted/unlisted yt vids

>> No.35012905
File: 367 KB, 1082x1004, test.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you have schizoid tendencies you're more likely to pick the correct answers for this test
if you are a normal person you're more likely to pick something near the typical match

ill post the answers in a spoilered reply

>> No.35012914

why do u think its in my portfolio

>> No.35012919

im the only one who gives u songs positive yous so thanks for the cushioned surface i guess

>> No.35012946

lol wtf

>> No.35012958

who says i ever tried

wed have to meet to get into try territory but until then its all wishful thinking and teasing : )

>> No.35012960

lol yeah got both of them right

dont understand the mechanics behind why this would indicate anything though

>> No.35012961

got diagnosed with ASD 5 years ago never got pills for it and the only thing that happened to me is the medical staff helping me get a job

>> No.35012967

they all looked the same to me at first glance except the topmost and then bottommost answers was popping out at me

>> No.35013024

i couldnt pick they all looked the same to me so i genuinely didnt single out any of them

what does that indicate lol

>> No.35013026

they arent pity i only (you) the ones i like. i also give moe props on occasion but usually only for sora no otoshimono tracks

>> No.35013027

how desperate do you have to be when you have sexual thoughts about og of all people?

>> No.35013037

schizoid =/= schizophrenia

they're separate disorders with not much overlap at all

>> No.35013055

exactly got the typical match for both

>> No.35013064

im pretty sure i never said the nakadashi thing but the holding hands would prolly be nice

>> No.35013073

doesnt matter only if you pick the correct answer immediately it shows the tendencies because the error correcting parts in your brain arent functioning well

>> No.35013087

wtf so im a schizoid for seeing the "true" answers? well not fucking surprising given my life so far and how people respond to my insights

>> No.35013224

just face it ikuhara is a sick man and basically caused a lot of little girls to become mentally ill

>> No.35013266

i hate moe so fucking much

>> No.35013268

well that kind of pisses me off but what can i do

>> No.35013273

there's also schizotypy and its a different thing as well
dunno why they thought of naming these 3 things similarly

>> No.35013329
File: 60 KB, 1024x576, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35013343

they wont collect your soul just cause you know a lot of modern languages you gotta imprint more than that

>> No.35013400

getting the true answers and getting called schizo is like if someday i see that clip on on the internet and a top native comment says something about how it sounds like hiraitegoma afterall

>> No.35013438

it means you have a shit display

>> No.35013447

idk the squares all look arrangedthe same and the edge of the circles all looked the same

didnt care to look more intently after that

>> No.35013558


>> No.35013588

nio is still fuckin running btw

>> No.35013638

go work for a while and save up a few grand and start puttin it to work

>> No.35013675

i saw what you did there scumbag not youing you this time

>> No.35013703

ill think about it

>> No.35013736

i wish i had someone telling me to invest when i was young

i woulda been able to live the yung reckless life

or maybe i woulda went broke bc it wasnt the right time for me


>> No.35013738

dont care about making money nor having it nor having to think about it

>> No.35013743

fucking formatting how does it work

>> No.35013794

i would have done stupid shit with too much money as a teen like buy closets and closets of overpriced synthetic /cgl/ burando in my egl phase or actually buy a decrepit chateau in a shithole country like france and live alone in it like an insane person

actually that last one still sounds kind of rad

>> No.35013822

france really is a shithole
why not something like latvia with mostly white people

>> No.35013844

its easy to lose money but thats part of the learning

u have to learn for urself how to beat ur emotions and just be patient and make buys that given the chart setup are profitable a large percentage of the time

>> No.35013859

come to think of it i completed my childhood dream of buying a place in japan in the end which is kind of weird. except its less "love hina with my best friends" and more "alone in a 2LK and no way to live there"
yeah i know that now. switzerland is the only euro country i could live in, my teachers were from there

>> No.35013866

i remember the first time i watched myself go from up over 100% to down 50% and while it was money i could afford to lose if it all were to disappear it was still a large chunk and it hurt real bad

>> No.35013876

i dont do too well in high pressure situations though really sounds like i should train myself using a simulator first if im going to start doing this

>> No.35013940
File: 123 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35013951

he's talking about the actual work and stress, of it. not the actual money itself. not everyone bet their life savings of $82.63 on a winning horse so of us have safety nets but no way to recover loss of pride and failure

>> No.35013954

if u were paying attention when ゲームストップ ran up past 300 i held a large portion of my position as it got insta dumped and i still havent sold it
cant say the same about amc i already sold last week bc i didnt believe it could go much higher but somehow its still hanging on at 30 lmao

ur still more likely to win much bigger this year on crypto especially at current prices than buying meme stocks so

>> No.35013967

i'm a neet so i can't buy stocks or crypto even if i know they'd perform well long term

>> No.35013993

the work is the fun part tho

the stress goes away when ur mind gets taken to the limit from devastating losses

ive made dumb gambles to get where i am im not unlike kaiji honestly

i just somehow got to a point where i didnt feel like i have to all-in anymore but for anyone thats coming up from the bottom u still have ur safety nets cuz ur young so take some chances

>> No.35013994

sell shit on ebay. anything should work. manga, socks, an empty book case, a cell phone that's kind of old but still works.

>> No.35014021

i dont do it cause i dont feel anything for it if im not all-or-nothing or in it for the biggest possible wins. id i dont get a thrill i just dont give a fuck about it, even money. its more about just being the biggest winner or not bothering.

>> No.35014048

thats the thrill of the all-in when ur a degenerate kaiji ass mofo

im no better than a old guy who spends all day at the pachinko hall

i just play a better game

>> No.35014054

like if am in a room of slot machines im going to the one with the biggest progressive jackpot and hitting max bet everytime till im broke or win some ridiculous amount

>> No.35014084

pachinko is more fun and cuter though

>> No.35014105

slot machines are rigged against u tho theres no gaming them

stocks and crypto r rigged and manipulated but if u have patience and discipline u can be profitable a lot of the time by hitching a ride on the manipulation

>> No.35014155

itudemo iiyo

>> No.35014164

pachinko has to pay out a certain rate its all about feeding it and bunch of other easy to game factors. its small change anyway just a way to himatubusi and make some pocket money if you are the kind of person who can live off a few hundies a week

slots in the usa are def a scam but someone does eventually win those million dollar progressives by sheer chance

>> No.35014165

crypto and the stock market are subject to someone dumber effect
in the case of slot machines, you're always the someone dumber

>> No.35014204

both are based
blessed systems that provide for my neet ass

>> No.35014209


meanwhile in stocks and crypto if u do the most retarded thing possible ur more likely to profit big lol

>> No.35014224

just start betting on japanese horse racing

>> No.35014225

idk i grew up paying for mistakes i didnt make constantly having to listen to people talk about their regrets makes you very risk averse whether you like it or not even if you understand its irrational

>> No.35014245

4bbc with the stable upbringing being the oddman out lmao

>> No.35014258

i regret not going to the kentucky derby before rona. had my tickets and everything

>> No.35014271

ur risk averse till u get in there and get ur asshole molested by marxs invisible hand and then u learn to live with it and keep going cuz ur sick like that

anyway the point is u need to get in the arena and take ur Ls as soon as u can so u can learn how to really stack up that paper namsaiyan

>> No.35014288


>> No.35014293

>by marxs invisible hand
reaaaly wonder what he meant by this

>> No.35014294

fuck south africa

>> No.35014296

i fucked up, latvia is the one below that
that's estonia

>> No.35014299

no thanks

>> No.35014312

wtf i hate russia now.
although i should have known latvia was based, those girls run up all my custom clothing for a great price and great (white) quality

>> No.35014329

if uve read cross channel u should have enough reading clues to understand

>> No.35014355

ive not. im just trying to bait you to blame capitalism for not being commie enough for you to make money lmao

>> No.35014370

oh no im not gonna comment on any of that

>> No.35014389
File: 468 KB, 786x551, Screenshot 2021-06-02 00.27.54.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

djt no futuu

>> No.35014391

language learning is boring
there i said it

>> No.35014401

there was no wah

>> No.35014407

i think i'm at point where i should just consume and do some cards without being autistic about it.

i'll think about the content instead of japanese.

>> No.35014419
File: 1003 KB, 2731x4096, E2ymFOGVoAU-qvk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

got a big WAH here for you

>> No.35014422

there was no waaagh

>> No.35014429
File: 890 KB, 822x625, Screenshot 2021-06-02 00.30.56.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

something something virgin marketfags vs chad pachinko immerser

>> No.35014435

u cant say pachinko w.o saying chinko

>> No.35014451

u cant even say pachinko in mixed company in japan cause they are puritans. you have to make the crank hand motion as code lmao

but youd not know that since ydkjapan like me

>> No.35014455


>> No.35014461

im making the hand crank motion at u right now but it means a different thing

>> No.35014474

how would an iku koto no nai otoko know

>> No.35014489

i did. fucking ha and its comparative usage shit

>> No.35014515


>> No.35014539
File: 456 KB, 782x434, Screenshot 2021-06-02 00.40.21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

be honest how many of you are this guy?

>> No.35014546

so you just picked up japanese?

>> No.35014551

pussy be a man and tell that them

>> No.35014555
File: 92 KB, 1280x720, i.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm watching shit with pen and paper now so that i don't need to pause when i hear a word that i want to look up

>> No.35014558

i wish i was but was just never fat and disgusting enough

>> No.35014628

remember when this family with 3 kids that wouldnt stop jumping around and screaming the entire day moved in above me it was pure hell i wanted to kms
thankfully they moved out like a month after from complaints and i could go back to reading my vinnies in peace

>> No.35014631

bunko is such a zoomer it hurts

>> No.35014632

you gotta up the volume in your room until they come to complain and then tell them you only did it to show them how annoying they were and you're gonna do it again if they dont shut up

>> No.35014644

well what can i say it worked in my case

>> No.35014729

i hope for you that it was melee

>> No.35014741

yeah melee and project m

>> No.35014746

its cute og still desperately wnats to grow up that shes still in the phase where she still hates being a kid lol

well not so cute bc she just turned 37

>> No.35014766

im ready to accept my future as a ロリババ

>> No.35014785
File: 200 KB, 489x449, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35014791


>> No.35014802


>> No.35014803

dame my wife chino is so cute

>> No.35014807

b-but muh non-ageing yellow waifus!

>> No.35014812

she looks better than you og

>> No.35014815

go to bed, daisuke

>> No.35014825

holy shit ur yanking my chain right?

>> No.35014841

i thought she was posted ironically. u guys seriously think thats good when she lookin like those crude ms paint drawings they make about ugly asian girls. actually lmfao rn

>> No.35014842

that old dried up japanese lady dont look good unfortunately she has natural pig face lol

>> No.35014845

would destroy my thousands of years of 100% anglo saxon heritage with her

>> No.35014854
File: 488 KB, 492x526, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she looks like this dude but she doesnt even have to make a grimace

>> No.35014856

brother, i am saddened by the state of you but ill write your name on the wall of forgotten souls

>> No.35014875

bunko has been turning to the dark side for several weeks now. that dude is done for.

>> No.35014884

dont gloat, its unbecoming and boorish

>> No.35014931

drugs fucked me up dont do them except with friends and family

>> No.35014959

i mean yea him being young is the reason for most of the shit he says and thinks

>> No.35014970


>> No.35014991

>moe, queef, og

what is it about japanese that attracts the worst personalities?

>> No.35015010

ask me how i know what about those personalities you have such a problem with, tranny

>> No.35015011

yea reformed into a hollow shell of his once great self

>> No.35015039

it thinks all 3 of us are racist/pol/whatever boogeyman so even though we are otherwise opposite, it thinks were all shitlords or whatever

>> No.35015046

queef is the kind of guy who would use you, pretend to be your friend and then discard you like a piece of cumrag after a while

>> No.35015063

true which is why i wanted him dead (in djt)
and moes dumb pigshit too
but there is only one common thread between the 3 of us and its not the stuff that matters

>> No.35015069

glad my aunties are cool unlike og

>> No.35015089

i used to fap to using my aunts kyonyus as zurinetas

>> No.35015096

im cool, my niece and nephew think im the best thing ever.

>> No.35015099

if you think moe is dumb thats a self own

>> No.35015102

you are either full of negativity or boasting about some bullshit
a pretty toxic person all around
the 空気 gets heavy with your presence

>> No.35015125

excuse me, i didnt create the climate of djt i just came here looking for a fun time and acclimated as needed

>> No.35015129


>> No.35015138 [DELETED] 

wait nvm i thought bunko was 18 im actually younger and gmi lets fuckin gooooo

>> No.35015145

you will regret this post

>> No.35015154


>> No.35015157

i mean i have the same background as you on this site just that im sitting here years older and having to post here so that doesnt bode well for you with that hope does it?

u just have to accept real humans for what they are and not keep having your expectations betrayed. you might be young enough to be normal and fine

>> No.35015162

if you read 100 medium sized nukige before you turn 20 then you'll easily beat the kid

>> No.35015170

answer me this

would you let your daughter alone in a room with moe?

>> No.35015173

dame i got owned nvm

>> No.35015186

im more of a linnie enjoyer myself but hopefully will get there

>> No.35015193


>> No.35015194

the people who have an affinity for moe shouldn't be alone in a room with their own daughters.

>> No.35015195

yeah because hes the king of incels and wouldnt even be able to say a word yet move a muscle in her presence

>> No.35015248

every league player ive come across has without fail been a stupid insufferable piece of shit

>> No.35015251

>Im pretty good at socialising i just find dealbreakers in almost everyone
cant really call the kettle black here, other than dont be like me? your probably not as neurotic as me just make yourself like people and accept their flaws. dont be alone your whole life because you romanticize imaginary friendship scenarios that will never be reality

>> No.35015255
File: 86 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shit i just had a bad idea that will aggravate my anki addiction. sometimes i hear a word and look it up and it's a word that i already knew in its written form or that i can obviously see the meaning by the kanji

i thought just now
>what if i make audio cards with these?

why did i have to have this thought? how do i resist implementing this? someone help me

>> No.35015266

yyea yknow id probably have a conversation till i find out she's a trash whore leftist then lose interest

>> No.35015278


>> No.35015281

you make an enemy of all women, you just use that as a cope for everything in your miserable piggy life

>> No.35015286

>im le neurotic XDD
kys fag

>> No.35015295


>> No.35015297

guess you regretted this post

>> No.35015299


>> No.35015306

lmao ok

>> No.35015312

this is really creepy but really hot

>> No.35015335
File: 3 KB, 125x125, anon gets tricked by gura.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35015337
File: 36 KB, 474x590, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>really hot
you should see her now

>> No.35015361

well thats 1 more than me and 2 more if we are counting people i see much of as an adult. honestly now i just think you are being a greedy faggot and should stfu

>> No.35015369


>> No.35015379

didnt know imoutos a holoshitter too

>> No.35015405

someone should create a pleroma instance for djt

@ miniyoga

>> No.35015416

>men complain about women
>support whores who sell out on a dime with 0 loyalty then flip-flop again back into edgy holofagging for more paying simps

>> No.35015424


>> No.35015432

who did that

>> No.35015433

you spoiled little fuck i should have know. its always the little brats that turn to drugs and whine about suffering. kys (not really but please stop posting)

>> No.35015436

arent they saying that shark bitch is nyanners? i dno shit about holosluts

>> No.35015446

who is who

>> No.35015448

diarrhea chugging didnt do it anymore for me so i had to upgrade to holos

>> No.35015454

i give money to the authors of yuru yuri, konohana kitan and nekopara

>> No.35015464

get educated

>> No.35015465


>> No.35015468

i might just be retarded. i thought someone posted one of nyanner's songs and then responded with the shark cunt and i thought the implication was she was doing holo stuff now

>> No.35015473

gura is senzawa
dunno who nyanners is

>> No.35015476

why doesn't she delete this account

>> No.35015482

she should delete herself

>> No.35015486

based nip humor

>> No.35015488

damn you must be summer if you don't know about the pomf pomf vid

>> No.35015490

狭 - 狭い
挟 - 挟む

>> No.35015495

backup for when she graduates

>> No.35015499

semai hasamu?

japanese """humor"""

>> No.35015501 [DELETED] 

sitting on views like that is potential value in the internet world, and shes an opportunistic whore with no principles and no one seems to care

i actually talked with her one time and shes a fucking bitch and doesnt deserve anything she got from this place

>> No.35015505


>> No.35015508

帥 - 元帥
師 - 師匠

>> No.35015509

i did join end of summer yeah

>> No.35015515

nm i finally figured out that wasnt one of nyanners accounts

>> No.35015516

>i actually talked with her one time and shes a fucking bitch and doesnt deserve anything she got from this place

>> No.35015527

sorry i was a dumb shit and was talking about nyanners >>35015515

>> No.35015535

The best way to make it is to read all of IMABI and mine the example sentences then read all of DoJG and mine all the example sentences

Immerse a few hours a day too

>> No.35015549

that being said i wouldnt be surprised if nyanners does eng holo shit incognito it sounds like something she try to get her grubby hands on

>> No.35015550

>he doesn't know about wholesome gura

>> No.35015559

if u know enough kanji and words u can just go through the list in your head and know it

>> No.35015560

is this a discord raid or something

>> No.35015570

>people like things i dont
>is this a raid guys???

>> No.35015577

Sometimes I wish this place was so much better so my time spent here could be justified

>> No.35015578

dont see any people though

>> No.35015591


>> No.35015601

people aquire 日和 from non non biyori but for ogs like me, it was

>> No.35015608

doubt you spend much time here

>> No.35015609

yep not bad advice assuming someone can force themselves to do it

>> No.35015627

Japanese doesn't make any fucking sense. Who in their right mind would say "iku" when they mean "watashi wa iku" fuck this piece of shit language. It's honestly insane that there's a language in which people express themselves like this.

and even worse, for some reason they decided to spell "wa" as "ha". Like what. the. fuck. I'm aware that English spelling might be inconsistent but this is just blasphemous. I quit, fuck this garbage language.

>> No.35015632

This isn't japan, you don't need to type like a commie

>> No.35015638

wish i could kage bunshin to acquire nihongo faster

>> No.35015646

imagine being the kind of autist that needs to specify every fucking detail of the idea you are expressing when its almost always clear from the context

>> No.35015654

The MadAjatter
I'll be ending my YouTube channel as of today, don't worry a new one will take it's place.

>> No.35015672

epic turning points of history

>> No.35015673

women have touched me plenty of times

u wont touch me cuz ur still a little girl lol

all ur projection actually comes from that place of inferiority u feel always having been treated like a child lmao

>> No.35015675


>> No.35015688

has anyone who made update videos from day 1 actually made it

>> No.35015693

when do they stop making updates

>> No.35015694

i wasnt talk about you i know you were probably a whoremonger at some point. funny how being attractive cuts different but in the end it ruins either sex for different reasons i guess

>> No.35015697

>all Japanese all the time
>writes post in english
guess he wasnt truly ajatting

>> No.35015704

墜 - 墜落
堕 - 堕落

>> No.35015705

cant really call him lazy though

>> No.35015715

stop talking about sex i unironically get pissed off about it because i cant relate

>> No.35015722


>> No.35015723

brit vs japan

>> No.35015732

its stupid anyway you arent missing much except crippling codependency from skinship just look at quiz

>> No.35015738

months in and this guy can't accept the mainstream popularity of vtubers

>> No.35015742

im actually a very good natured boy i dont fuck with whores but nonetheless i got plenty of the touchy feely stuff in life and it was nice

i miss it and gettin old sux babe thats what it is

>> No.35015743


>> No.35015757

wtf is up with jamal being in his 30s like hes hit the wall. is he actually a woman or soemthing?

>> No.35015784

feels bad when you are the kind of freak that "falls in love" with your friends but not in a sexual way but still you are way too intense and it weird them out

>> No.35015785

get good at friends bro

>> No.35015797

fags should feel bad

>> No.35015801

yeah that's weird
i have friends that do want to hang out with me and shit, this is just how it shakes out with certain people

>> No.35015804

thats the point

where im at now all i am is security for someone my age who got out of their fucked relationship and prolly has kids already

i could be daddy for some girl whos about as mentally mature as og but thats not actually attractive to me

basically when ur in ur mid 30s u aint in situations to connect w. ppl anymore like w. no hookup intentions or whatever

im literally gonna have to settle for some fat bitch who plays ff14 because i cant stomach normies and chances are some irl tomoko with emotional baggage is gonna be the best i can find

>> No.35015806

u dont get it
no one gets it
its just that you want to be close to your nakama and spend time with them

>> No.35015811

vtubers has its own board now

>> No.35015818


>> No.35015821

have you tried joining a homo support group

>> No.35015823

really cringing over how matt misused the term based here
why do retards take terms from here only to never actually use them the way they're meant to be used, pisses me off

>> No.35015832

dangerously based

>> No.35015841

wait wtf i just realized the script in the video doesnt delete the jpod audio while mine does

>> No.35015849

this is like saying anime has its own board

>> No.35015857

well lifes a constant state of push and pull wanting to be on ur own and then not wanting to be alone

its so stupid

>> No.35015861

>i could be daddy for some girl whos about as mentally mature as og but thats not actually attractive to me
well theres your hangup cause thats pretty much what guys are meant to do at your age and pretty easily at that with your money and alleged looks.

not sure why you want some mixture of sarah moon and whatever else you are looking for when you just find a stupid young woman and she;ll mold herself to whatever you want if you've got the carrot and stick power dynamic in balance.

>> No.35015866

sounds hot

>> No.35015871

i dont want that shit thats no different than fucking whores but i ultimately spend a lot more money for the same thing

>> No.35015873

link bunkos anime list

>> No.35015880

how is it the same

>> No.35015884

kingdom is really fucking good this season

>> No.35015889

lol based im pretty sure im the one who told you to do it if it was the same guy in here

>> No.35015893

thats cause its normal.

established men in their late 20s/30s grab a girl 10 years younger and its a pretty fair exchange unless you let modern relationship notions taint it. she gets stability and someone to wrangle her nature, and you get a young woman who fits whatever role you need her to be once she intuits your personality out
you are in a deep state of denial about how the world of men and women have always worked and its disgraceful for you to conflate it with literal whores

>> No.35015903

yeah i agree

>> No.35015909


>> No.35015913


>> No.35015916

凝 - 凝固
疑 - 疑問
擬 - 模擬

>> No.35015933

hello my name is 4bc
i have the thread on auto-refresh all day and make 1-4 word drive by posts to every other post

>> No.35015942

i know how the lowest common denominator operates but that shits not me

>> No.35015945

and like, furthermore jamal of course its never a guarantee but there is a good chance that a woman who sticks it out with you will legitimately love you or come to love you regardless of the material incentives.

and also i fucking want to castrate men that get pissed at women caring about stability while also being primarily attracted to physical beauty and youth. its by definition equitable because of simple biology and reproductive arms race

>> No.35015951

i know there is a tripfag called "4bc" but i can't think anything of him because he is so forgettable that he leaves no impression on the mind. every time i see him i'm like "who is this guy?" even though i've seen countless of his posts

>> No.35015958

and that's a good thing

>> No.35015959

modern society has thoroughly warped your sensibilities. you see batshit retards with no sense of self-preservation or self-respect like team nekamancer in this clown world and think its valuable and shun japan for being "old-fashioned" with enduring marriages and relatively stable home lives.

>> No.35015961

crazy how people are now complaining my posts arent long enough

>> No.35015964

dame it's hot today had to pour water on myself during my run

>> No.35015969

i remember 4bc as that guy who is always quick to defend himself

>> No.35015971

i dont care abt women caring about stability so much as being fake for the sake of gaining something

>> No.35015975

yeah honestly you are a much better poster than when you first started i seriously cant see why theyd want 4bbc the novel writer back

>> No.35015982

your posts are about basically nothing thats the thing they are complaining about

>> No.35015986

yeah and men are never trying to gain anything from women. people are never trying to gain something from another. god you're dense

>> No.35015991

dont remember 4bc cause ive never seen his posts

>> No.35015994

i made great posts

>> No.35015997

i shun japan because they do fucked up shit

if u think they got enduring marriages u should have a look at all the elderly men whose families they worked for and built completely abandoned them and now theyre at their worst with no one around

japans fuckin terrible dude

>> No.35016000

only if you were invested in the argument which almost no one ever was

>> No.35016006

we already went over this

>> No.35016013

what am i trying to gain materially from a woman

go ahead ill wait

>> No.35016032

yeah i can post some gay video with some immigrant retard talking about some minuscule issues being heavily focused on too. if you compare japan to literally any other 1st world nation when it comes to stable families/marriages and caring for the elderly its not even a competition and you are derranged for even trying to cherrypick anecdotes to suit your twisted narrative.

and thats not even getting to general health and life expectancy, and community trust & safety.

>> No.35016043

her body, probably some form of labor, and presumable progeny at some point if you arent entirely retarded

>> No.35016065

wtf i love 4bc now

>> No.35016066

i always am
that or i never am

>> No.35016103

damn what else do u immerse with? thats not a lot
vns are garbage imo

>> No.35016104

la fart

>> No.35016109

holy cope with a side of anecdotes
sasuga jamal
>as for her body lmfao thats not a material gain im sorry
lmao men never change

>> No.35016121

> crazy how people are now complaining my posts arent long enough
really must have nothing to say if you see a guy say your posts are substanceless and you think that means they're too short

>> No.35016134

damn he replied twice

>> No.35016135

brevity is the soul of wit. 4bc has none.

>> No.35016139

u dont understand og

ur body is another liability to me

i have to feed it and take care of it when its sick

its another money pit

>> No.35016151


>> No.35016176

og destroyed

>> No.35016179
File: 11 KB, 533x228, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35016187
File: 882 KB, 574x742, book.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have a coloring book for you og

>> No.35016210

its weird how there is honor among thieves because really at least men here are honest for the most part about their desires and expectations with women. its unfiltered truth because why lie? men in the world lie to get what they want. they even convince themselves they arent lying somehow with the same mental backflips jamal uses on an anonymous forum, its a sad thing to see
you agreed with my point tho twice, or did you already delet that lmao

>> No.35016216

what does japan think about eating dogs

>> No.35016218
File: 66 KB, 1024x576, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the thing about og is i still believe shed put in work and try really hard at various things so i wouldnt mind if she was my liability bc on some levels i can view her as an equal which is important to me in a partner

>> No.35016219

got thru the first sex scene in swan song
it was alright

>> No.35016222
File: 41 KB, 500x600, 2475066_1609396576_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35016231

it only gets worse

>> No.35016238

yeah but then you got owned over your other dissertations which i didnt read

>> No.35016249

what can i say i learned gymnastics from the best


>> No.35016260

you are the grossest elements of the strawman leftists create about men and also an actual fucking woke retard and its so goddamn repulsive i wonder that you havent noticed. you seriously have the nerve to be a faggot egalitarian with the sexes while also considering a woman a liability that, noble prince that you are, will endure for the sake of "love" lmao

you are such trash its amusing to think how you got to this point
uh ok? we never really changed are argument but whatever you say, deletebbc

>> No.35016265


>> No.35016268

u know shes mad bc shes using all these words i cant even read lmfao

>> No.35016275

fyi looking for this big dissertation you said i wrote but only seeing typical jamal format taking up half the page

>> No.35016278


>> No.35016280

nearly snapped my neck trying to do this shit during high school
listen youre a woman so you lose by default qed

>> No.35016281


>> No.35016282
File: 49 KB, 688x516, mpv-shot0491.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35016286

holy shit, it's cringefest time presented to you by jabum and ogre girl

what the fuck are those essays? fuck off with this shit

>> No.35016288
File: 246 KB, 350x365, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35016290

feeling very attacked by this image

>> No.35016308

oh and before u ask og yes i just sent u to the hospital but no im not paying for that either

>> No.35016310

i only wrote like one post that was remotely longwinded you gaslighting fucks. jamal is still the 5 line double spacing king

>> No.35016312

og is right
all she's talking about is basic human nature

if you disagree you are not human, simple as

>> No.35016324

me and og


>> No.35016329

the nhk website is fucking terribly organized
surely there are better news websites out there??

>> No.35016332

ty, sane person

>> No.35016334

she should stay in her lane and stick to topics a woman is more capable of comprehending such as making sandwiches or sucking cock

>> No.35016341


>> No.35016348
File: 45 KB, 512x512, 1558505255096.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you are the grossest elements of the strawman leftists create about men and also an actual fucking woke retard and its so goddamn repulsive i wonder that you havent noticed. you seriously have the nerve to be a faggot egalitarian with the sexes while also considering a woman a liability that, noble prince that you are, will endure for the sake of "love" lmao

>> No.35016349

i woulda liked ur post if i left out the sucking cock part 4bc it was pretty solid

mainly bc i dont wanna see things that crude directed towards og

shes still my princess after all

>> No.35016351

thats just how japanese websites are because theyre technologically backwards

>> No.35016354

men objectively dont know shit about relationships and women literally evolved relationship superpowers to avoid getting clubbed to death post-coitus.

so there goes that theory

>> No.35016357


>> No.35016360
File: 128 KB, 1440x857, 1622571277870.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35016363

also low effort and unfunny honestly 4bbc i expected better from you

>> No.35016370

and a parting note in a round about way i was talking about sucking cock

>> No.35016373

i hate jamal but bros before hos

>> No.35016374

np, gotta get back to watching vtubers now

>> No.35016376

and making sandwiches lmao

>> No.35016383

this but not one follows through

>> No.35016386

nice falseflag

>> No.35016388

wtf i love my filters now

never see any of this shit

>> No.35016399

dude filters on 4chan is gay as shit. almost as gay as you bragging about it

>> No.35016400


>> No.35016401

what i wouldnt give to just sit under the sakuras and eat katu sandos w. og

i dont even care about any of this bullshit rn


>> No.35016409

would rather suck 50 dicks than have to read dozens of posts like the one u quoted

>> No.35016412


>> No.35016417

lol why cant you accept the mainstream popularity of vtubers. might as well be calling marvel fans mentally ill at this point

>> No.35016424

>might as well be calling marvel fans mentally ill at this point
lまお at how big this

>> No.35016425

the dude who quoted that (me) isn't the person that you're replying to right now (probably og, the author of the quote)

>> No.35016434


>> No.35016438

i thought it was a pretty good quote iyk jamal i guess he still has his woke simps tho

>> No.35016451

whered you pick up all these fag buzzwords

>> No.35016455

og & jamal's theme


>> No.35016458

>might as well be calling marvel fans mentally ill at this point
they're literal retards so yeah

>> No.35016468

if someone claimed to be a marvel fan in here id think they were trolling, same with vtubers

>> No.35016469

jamal hasnt made it after 20 years dont bother

>> No.35016470

i have a dark life on the female side of the internet and it slips in a bit

>> No.35016481


>> No.35016485

dunno what constitues being a marvel fan but im reading that deadpool manga

>> No.35016488

im probably the biggest retard, i've seen all the marvel movies except 2 or so despite not really liking them much

>> No.35016489

mr donda u better stay in ur lane else im gonna make u look silly

>> No.35016491

i've seen every marvel movie.

>> No.35016492

iron man was cool
thats it

>> No.35016493

im also trans btw if it matters

>> No.35016500

i usually hate taking the center position, but worse than a contrarian are normalfag consensus retards who wont stop trying to feed you their diarrhea and gaslight you when you dont want it

>> No.35016501

even chinese people watch marvel movies

>> No.35016502

i was forced to do this with a friend and pretended to enjoy them and i still pretend to like them and am enthustiatic about them when talking with him
theyre all fucking garbage holy shit i depise them so much

>> No.35016504

no idea what this means

>> No.35016525

it's just og being schizophrenic

>> No.35016526


>> No.35016534


>> No.35016543

always presume og every time that you see a /pol/ like post out of nowhere that sounds like a schizo rambling

>> No.35016550

crazy how the vtuber guy is also a huge marvel fan and samefag falseflagger. not really that crazy tho

>> No.35016553

most of them probably. i mean i guess some trannies have slipped in by now, but back in the day the only lulcow community guys had interest in was prime chrischan and the rest was girls
man i miss /cgl/ lulcow bully threads so fucking much please come back moot

>> No.35016558


>> No.35016559
File: 152 KB, 680x925, 1621286866431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35016560

he's also the wanikani shill. dude is the most putrid human alive

>> No.35016561

everyone i hate is the same guy

>> No.35016566

your fault for pretending to like them

>> No.35016570

true, haven't seen it

>> No.35016576


>> No.35016580

silence, child, you dont even belong here
i keep getting recommended fighting match shit and a million blogs run by stoners, weebs, or old jews and im so sick of it

>> No.35016586

this lmao
its also funny when they say "the vtuber dude" when there's at least three of us here

>> No.35016587


>> No.35016590

pretty sure its oboeru tard

>> No.35016591

meant podcasts, not blogs

>> No.35016594



>> No.35016609

my life

>> No.35016611

so cringe seeing the boys break out their n5 "honki" lmao
i mean i may not japanese but neither do you faggots

>> No.35016620

moe vs jamal nihongo battle incoming

the guy that watches anime raw although he has 30% comprehension
the guy that hasnt consumed japanese content in 10 years

gonna be fucking epic

>> No.35016621


>> No.35016629

you don't even english

>> No.35016632

its just the logical consequence of nihilism
replace modern pop culture with 90s shit and you've got jamal

>> No.35016639


>> No.35016643

its not surprising honestly

>> No.35016649


>> No.35016656

>jamal and moe doing their ultraman poses during the playground fight
lmao this night is improving
very good post and it wasnt me this time

>> No.35016663

cant even watch this its too cringe seeing it again

>> No.35016671

yung donda hasnt done shit but as for me yes that is accurate

>> No.35016674

dont care about someone whos been failing for 20 years

>> No.35016675

im a nihilist but that doesnt mean you cant enjoy life for what it is. its like having a fun dream. it doesnt have to mean anything.

>> No.35016676


>> No.35016681

only watched this once months ago and i already knew what it would be based on >>35016663

>> No.35016682

u forgot to use japanese there maybe try again lol

>> No.35016699

has moe ever used japanese in a post?
i wonder

>> No.35016702

well at least i didnt sign my post lol

>> No.35016709

he just did

>> No.35016710

pretty sure my first 3 months here i had the biggest nihongo to english post ratio of anyone other than imouto. as crippled as it was

>> No.35016719
File: 79 KB, 502x363, projecting.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he says with a trip on

>> No.35016730

have you worked on your reading ability at all over the months

>> No.35016732

thats what the name field is for tho i used this forum correctly

>> No.35016739

moes daydrinking and gone after 2 tallboy ipas

>> No.35016744

oh yeah forgot about this one, spot on lol

>> No.35016749

mr dondas dad is gonna be absolutely livid when he comes home from work and finds his good for nothing son drank all the mikes hard lemonades

>> No.35016750

well, other what gets posted here which actually is more than i expected

>> No.35016752

20 years

>> No.35016753

yea i've been paused 5 minutes into iron man 2 since yesterday. hate these fucking movies.

>> No.35016756
File: 725 KB, 1500x1072, 1605347165081.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

damn thats a good ass pic, i wish i found it before making this one

>> No.35016761

why dont you download anki and do a basic core deck

>> No.35016763

we both know the only correct way to use a trip is to dump and verify temporarily you fucking liar

>> No.35016765

do i conduct business in japanese ? every day

>> No.35016768

you trying to cripple her even worse?

>> No.35016777

your life is a yodanda

>> No.35016783

george trombley?

>> No.35016790

she cant read anything though
she probably knows everything in core 2.3k or something could pick up the kanji really fast in a few weeks

>> No.35016791

dont care bye

>> No.35016797

lmao the day i use anki is the day my fate is to never make it

btw you've been on that trip for months and there is a suspicious lack of nihongo on your end, especially odd since i havent studied and dkj yet here we are...

>> No.35016799

sry dondaくん but im simply bodanda

>> No.35016808


>> No.35016810

the language that he has been learning for 20 years

>> No.35016814

i never claimed ever to be good at japanese

ive only ever said from the beginning


>> No.35016815

yeah 4bc should write his 自己紹介 or something since nobody knows who tf he is

>> No.35016817

i have plenty of kids manga with furigana but you guys dont count that as reading.

>> No.35016820

you dont even know how it works just like how you didnt know what input is and argued against it for weeks i mean 10 years and you cant even read 駄目 and 売る have some shame

>> No.35016823

all of that because he is scared of making a mistake and "losing face".

he is probably worse than nuke. it's the only explanation

>> No.35016827

ill livestream a discord voice chat with og purely in japanese

>> No.35016832

oh okay, the way they made it sound was like you couldn't read anything at all
all that matters when reading is that you enjoy it

>> No.35016833

jamal has been on the internet for 30 years, learnt japanese for 20 yet cant speak nor make a post without hitting enter twice

>> No.35016836

wonder how bad og's accent is

>> No.35016857

im sure its cute if she does that voice the entire time

>> No.35016865

havent made a post since this one >>35015465

>> No.35016873

og talked hella shit then pussies out ftw lmao

well we can go for the runner up

moe donda do u wanna do a 1v1 discord voice chat in japanese that i livestream

>> No.35016883

>yeah welcome to djt lmao how new?
not new but i only drop in like once every few months for a while to see the state of the thread

>> No.35016887

listen youve plateaued hard just trust me and invest 20 hours of your life by doing core 2.3k if you dont like you can shit on me later all you want i wont say anything

>> No.35016898

gonna finish cat's eye one of these days, even though the last few volumes were kinda ass

>> No.35016900

oh FUCK if moe backs out of this he can never shit talk jamal again

>> No.35016907


>> No.35016916

i said your dick waving contest was silly and juvenile and you are both inadequate, not that i can thrash you in japanese especially cause i have no power here but in japan on the street it would get ugly.

which is too bad cause id never agree to be on the same street as you
>youve plateaued hard
wont disagree there ive been at this level for a while now. think my adult brain is finally too hard to go further. but unlike what you guys keep memeing i can get by pretty decently enough to watch stuff without subs and read manga and communicate comfortably enough irl so if i never get better i dont care i never wanted to be itiban tuyoi like you zooms

>> No.35016940

you gonna accept the challenge moe?

>> No.35016947

but ill tell you what,since you are being civil and legit trying to help;

i wont do anki but i will find a comparable app or something that has the same 2k or so kanji and actually rote them since im kind of doing nothing anyway and its not that many kanji and at my level it wouldnt cripple me. but i dont think its a starting point and dont recommend for anyone not in a similar position to me

>> No.35016964

its just 3 threads worth of posting time for you
if you dont know how to setup anki you can just skim one of the guides or ask here
i already asked you to trust me if you dont want to thats fine i dont have more to say i cant do anything more

>> No.35016973

>i wont do anki but i will find something just like anki to do

>> No.35016980

having to meet you in person to win an internet contest is lose/lose for me

>> No.35016984
File: 20 KB, 349x349, 1609050362599.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

moe vs jamal who will come out on top

>> No.35016985

moe prolly posting a fiverr ad right now to get someone who speaks japanese to get on discord and pose as him

>> No.35016989


>> No.35016998

that pics so gross lmfao

yes monitor is on

>> No.35017016

confirmed holochads:

>> No.35017027

ud meet me in person and be completely surprised

its happened with every person i ever met offline for the first time that knew me online first

>> No.35017035

didnt know people tried to meet up irl with people they post with. sus

>> No.35017049

ironically this post makes me wanna kms

>> No.35017060

why wont you understand i dont doubt you arent possibly very physically attractive and very wealthy and how i couldnt possible care less and there isnt a single human on the face of earth you could be identical to that would change my opinion of you a single iota?
heres some 90s to get it through your skull

>> No.35017065

i actually met ppl i posted on anime forums with in the early 2000s at cons lol

man that shit was ftw

>> No.35017073


>> No.35017097

ud find me mentally attractive too if we ever just like had lunch together lol

its not about looks or money i mean i look good without trying which is one of the nice perks of being a guy but i guarantee the online dynamic weve created here would be gone in an instant and wed just be 2 ppl vibing lol

>> No.35017107

why does og make these "AMA" kind of posts? shit is annoying

>> No.35017109

you can go at 50 new cards a day in 20-30 minutes in the beginning but your call like i said you already know all the words you just have to learn the written form so its much easier for you

just make sure your font is not chinese (the default is usually chinese)
and dont waste time on mnemonics theyre not worth the effort if you dont get something dont think too hard about it just fail it itll show it to you again it magically starts to stick after a few days

>> No.35017114

read this as まさ

>> No.35017123

btw dont link me shanaynay

>> No.35017139

why didnt anyone respond to my blog

>> No.35017146

so when's the djt meetup?

>> No.35017160

right now
*emerges from the shadows and wraps my arm around your neck*

>> No.35017166

dunno try the beginner thread >>>/int/djt
as you can see this thread is only for sophisticated discussions about anything but japanese

>> No.35017173

kinda gay but okay

>> No.35017189

>ud find me mentally attractive

>> No.35017190

crazy how 4bc is such a nice guy he'll even beg his worst enemy og to do something for her own benefit

>> No.35017196

personality and 相性 are your worst qualities, dumbass no amount of irl magic is gonna change that now stfu
i wont cripple myself with bilingual if i must ill just look it up separately but only 2K vocab plus context and ill be fine i think. another thing you have to learn japanese first to do and another minus for front-loading kanji

>> No.35017198

i mean u wouldnt see me typing ud irl so case and point

also by the by rip moe shame he got disappeared


>> No.35017203

4bbc literally has a halo over his head

>> No.35017205

got a song for jamallin

>> No.35017212
File: 1.53 MB, 2445x3264, 1643689897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35017214

oh also dont try to write the kanji from memory when you learn them (in the context of vocab which is how the deck teaches you) lol just go for recognition ie fuzzy matching take guesses and youll naturally get better over time (if you want to learn how to write you can always do that later (when itll be much easier))

>> No.35017223


thats why 反対物は引き合う baby : )

>> No.35017225

100 new per day or NGMI

>> No.35017231

got a song for moebesity

>> No.35017236

sure sure now just do it

>> No.35017240

which speedrunner is this

>> No.35017241


>> No.35017247

>tfw i have a better japanese comprehension than og even though she has been to japan and i live in the middle of nowhere in Brazil

firstoids were a mistake

>> No.35017274

kek 図星だ

>> No.35017277

laughing over moe fleeing the thread after jamals proposal

>> No.35017281


>> No.35017285

OK! Fuck! I'm looking into shit for my phone now. God this language better be worth this extra effort or I will curse djt forever.
Sorry you were born with poopy skin in a poopy jungle :(

>> No.35017298

zubari is better here
ur welcome

>> No.35017304
File: 1.61 MB, 2448x3264, 1386183636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35017309


>> No.35017313

u should b careful when u fuck around playin with ur fridge magnet nihongo

>> No.35017317

its called ankidroid
i know you hate him but you can download core 2.3k from quizs website: animecards.site

>> No.35017332

>i know you hate him but you can download core 2.3k from quizs website: animecards.site
just dont

>> No.35017333
File: 1.73 MB, 480x854, monkecat.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35017357

uuooh muh baby boy. look at his little belly. what a little standing fella so fucking cute

>> No.35017359

whatever you say, pigskin

>> No.35017389

u say that but ur aunties all be using that cream to lighten their skin and doting on your lighter skinned relatives haha

>> No.35017395

nice fanfic

>> No.35017398


>> No.35017405

core2k wasn't created by quiz

>> No.35017422

yeh a little fanfic called "history of your caste system" lmao
i was talking about animecards

>> No.35017428

sentence cards are a review format
you can edit the cards in core 2.3k so that both the word and its example sentence are on the front
the important bit is having the right words dont think theres any other lighter premade deck out there with audio and images geared toward otaku media (anime vns etc)

>> No.35017436
File: 122 KB, 1413x474, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35017445

i like this post

>> No.35017453

>history of your caste system
huh? you're thinking of mexico, u retard

>> No.35017456

i'm a time traveler with an urgent message from the future. the mods got fed up with all the off topic and racist posts and permanently moved djt to /vt/. you have to shape up before it's too late

>> No.35017460

yeah love me some offtopic posts in the djt thread

>> No.35017464

she still mad also "djt thread" is redundant lol

>> No.35017466

look at this poorfag.

>> No.35017473

not for long clearly

>> No.35017475

wrong. sentence tards try to acquire language through anki. anime card chads use anki for what it was made for memorizing a reading and they acquire japanese from anime

>> No.35017479

i dont need otaku shit to grind i just have to not be a lazy cunt.
did no one tell this guy?
wtf do you want dude we are literally talking about jp learning methods. so triggered off the few posts about our br brothas lmao

>> No.35017489

sounds like some cope. you shouldnt be primarily using anki anyway BUT that said sentences are gonna do less damage than isolated kanji readings

>> No.35017494

jamal goes all in on chinese

>> No.35017496

i didnt bother to add my $goed position either but thats up 15% today

i mentioned $goed on friday but i dont think anyone heeded the message as usual

>> No.35017509

fuck yea dude the chinese stocks r gonna fly in the next few years guaranteed

>> No.35017517

its not for isolated readings you use words

>> No.35017518

>wtf do you want dude we are literally talking about jp learning methods.
i was referring to >>35017436 when i said offtopic post and see what happened, four more popped up

>> No.35017531

u forgot to quote ur own post there lol

>> No.35017537

now she's just fake in every other way

>> No.35017546

why would you talk about other people buying stocks like it's buying groceries, the process of opening an account is retarded and you need a bare minimum in your account to day trade

>> No.35017554

what do you think i mean when i say isolated reading? obviously its a word but without context (or starting with enough functional japanese) its literally useless and you might as well learn chinese for all the good it will do you as the unchanging level of dekinai in the last 8 months or whatever has panned out to be true

>> No.35017570

u still get like 3 daytrades every week which is fine u dont really need more than that

u should be making good buys not trying to scalp for pennies

thats what the majority of my swings are anyway i buy for at least a week unless something really good comes up on a scanner that i think is worth chasing for a daytrade

>> No.35017572

>obviously its a word but without context (or starting with enough functional japanese) its literally useless and you might as well learn chinese for all the good it will do you
you dont need any context beyond the english gloss for most words

>> No.35017598

monthly deposit into my etfs on payday is enough for me.

>> No.35017602

might as well put it under your mattress

>> No.35017604

jamall boyz etf is killin it tho

>> No.35017611

my mattress isnt growing at 5% a year though.

>> No.35017615

if u bought gush when i told u to ud be up 30% rn

>> No.35017619

fact: japanese had the best modern style from the very late 90s to the early 2000s.
and thats the point i fundamentally disagree on, but like, that just my opinion. as for you fags 好きにしろよ which is why im usually silent on the issue

>> No.35017622

lmfao almost no one here does pure vocab cards everyone puts the context they encountered the word in on their card (sentence sentence audio image etc as it applies depending on the medium - anime vns manga audio podcasts novels etc) along with the word reading word definition and word audio
core 2.3k has all of this
and if you use make your own cards you can use japanese definitions they provide a lot of info on the nuance

the only thing that determines whether its a vocab card or a sentence card is whether the prompt on the front of the card shows the sentence alongside the word with vocab cards the context info is on the back

this is literally the input argument all over again its crazy how you dont know this despite spending 7 months here seeing thousands of anki posts

>> No.35017631

i might be down 30% too

>> No.35017635

鮭 さけ salmon
literally what else do you need

>> No.35017637


>> No.35017652

i didnt have any interest in anki so why would i comb over all the posts or look into it? honestly surprised i know this much lol
しゃけ for one, and lose the "salmon" lmao. just use a damn image if you need your hand held

>> No.35017663

nope no way i can acquire 鮭 unless i see it in a sentence

>> No.35017681

nice avoidance of the fact you fucked up your readings and also nice failed attempt at a natural sentence when something like 魚について、鮭が好き with a goddamn picture

>> No.35017682

jesus christ ok this is what normal vocab cards or "animecards" look like
hes flipping the cards fast here the part above the line is whats on the front like with the first card the backside is whats below the line

>> No.35017687

why are you mad

>> No.35017688

>a natural sentence when something like 魚について、鮭が好き

>> No.35017700

to be quite honest i just think its pathetic for anyone to have such poor reading ability wasting away their potential for months on end despite having all the necessary tools to easily improve themselves sitting right in front of their eyes

>> No.35017710

so what? just let them do it. do you have a messiah complex? wait, dont answer that.

>> No.35017727
File: 2.45 MB, 1920x1080, 1595362307863.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtf this language is so dense

>> No.35017728
File: 167 KB, 629x649, animu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

animu card

>> No.35017732

>one of the most evil people youve ever spoken to
u can just admit u are one of the good guys no one knows who you are on 4chan you dont have to impress anyone

>> No.35017740
File: 73 KB, 640x640, Socrates.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

4bc is based socrates but for japanese ability

>> No.35017757

do you think 魚について、鮭が好き is a natural sentence?

>> No.35017765
File: 10 KB, 463x308, sentence.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sentence card

>> No.35017768


>> No.35017774

ok how about this shut the fuck up and dont post again until youve done all your cards for the day

>> No.35017778

it works for the purpose of the exercise and off the top of my head yeah. you will literally find examples like that said in a literary style but also spoken if a bit stuffy/newsy

>> No.35017783

ironically 鮭がいる was a more natural sentence

>> No.35017797

you wont. i know you cant read japanese so you can watch this video and understand why not

>> No.35017811

countries aren't anime you piece of shit

>> No.35017831


>> No.35017835

yep you guys need wanikani

>> No.35017856


>> No.35017857

nah not at that time

>> No.35017863

if i werent way older than you, that might work on me nice try tho
except thats one of the least likely ways you are gonna encounter talking about it, which 9/10 is gonna be dead and food-related

>> No.35017866

god this anime looks so fucking retarded

>> No.35017882
File: 186 KB, 899x1072, 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35017895

>retarded anime
those are the best to practice with. you shouldn't waste the best shows when you can't understand everything.

>> No.35017912

dont you me until youve finished the deck

>> No.35017936

i have it downloaded with the core pack but lmao at you telling me how to post for the months its gonna take me to finish 2000+

>> No.35017954

thats a 七生までの勘当 for you

>> No.35017985
File: 100 KB, 685x583, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i gotchu senpai

>> No.35018018

your "sentence" has never been uttered by a japanese

>> No.35018044

it'd be very easy if you werent close to losing your mind every few days

>> No.35018052
File: 182 KB, 828x1026, JY3yQQq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35018076

she went from strawberries to cherries

feels bad bros


>> No.35018107

her tweets were pretty painful

>> No.35018117


>> No.35018120


>> No.35018121

id say u have a type but i def never posted my undereyes here

>> No.35018129

wow her intro makes me wanna throw up

>> No.35018154

that one kinda seemed like a parody like you did once about saying all ero dialog in vinnies is the same

>> No.35018173

a fool and his money are easily parted

>> No.35018179

why do japanese people mash everything together? it's hard to read. i'm not talking about words. i'm talking about whole sentences.

it's like

>> No.35018181


>> No.35018184

damn that was actually faster to read. maybe we should get on the same shit

>> No.35018193


>> No.35018194


>> No.35018204

ive never seen any japanese that looked like that. isnt that just english with no spaces? try posting some japanese as an example for your point instead of whatever that is.

>> No.35018215

brainfart, i was going to write something else and changed midsentence

who currs

>> No.35018222


>> No.35018232

iirc romans didn't use spaces at some point

>> No.35018261


>> No.35018276

wu wei retards be warned

>> No.35018286

imma read 500 lines of mamagoto

>> No.35018290

me tellin the boys to just invest in the jamall boyz etf

>> No.35018292


>> No.35018294

*wu2wei2 or wúwéi
please, don't ignore the tones

>> No.35018305


>> No.35018308

what are the noses supposed to symbolize?

>> No.35018309

transcribe that video

>> No.35018312


>> No.35018314


>> No.35018324

half the thread should be capable of that

>> No.35018325

transcribe this video

>> No.35018335

<stupid bitch noises>

>> No.35018339

just do it

>> No.35018342

okay i laughed, that was a good one

>> No.35018353

i dont wnana dude he said some shit like dont 真に受ける some 胡散臭い男s 甘い話 whic his frankly good advice

>> No.35018355

don't ignore tones

五味 = wǔwèi
无味, 无谓, 无畏 = wúwèi
无为 = wúwéi

>> No.35018366

the part i'm interested in is at 20s~40s

>> No.35018369

only matters if you speak chinese which i dont and will not

>> No.35018373

man im too fucken busy catching up on mashirons depression tweets


>> No.35018374

what does he say at 0:29s?

>> No.35018378

of course jamal voluntarily transcribes the korone clip before based kaiji

>> No.35018378,1 [INTERNAL] 


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