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Guide: https://streamable.com/aweze0
Pitch: https://streamable.com/0r2z6j

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gonna play mother 3 before they end up localizing it

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take your time

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how much manga can you read? i read about 1 volume per day. don't know if it's possible but hope i can get my reading speed up to read fist of the north star in one sitting

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how do you find the motivation to stay learning japanese?
I want to learn the language because its a very interesting language to me, but when i think about how often I'll even use it in my day to day it seems completely pointless as im not a big fan of anime and I want to play untranslated games mostly

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>how do you find the motivation to stay learning japanese?
cute songs

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I've been studying for two years and the longest sentence I can reproduce on command is "それはこの地図のどこにあるか教えてくれますか?” which means: "can you show me where it is on a map?". I know specifically because I nearly jumped for joy when I finally was able to recall that sentence correctly, when I needed it, and not fumble over it like an idiot.

Now, I don't say that to discourage any of you. Everybody's journey is different. But learning a language, especially through immersion, is not a linear thing. You also don't really realize it's happening. Immersion is a great way to learn because it doesn't teach you words like Anki or textbooks do. Rather, it teaches you the expression of ideas. In the first few months, learning Japanese is a wild ride. But, the language will sound like total gobbeldegook.

(I wrote a post on this sub about my own journey through the beginner stages here)

The fact that you can, at native speed, even pick out even simple phrases like "I like fish" or "who is that" is actually quite remarkable this early in the game. But, the main advantage of immersion is that, while it involves remembering vocab, grammar, sentence structure, etc, it also does a lot to help you think in Japanese. Meaning that your brain doesn't need a word-for-word translation to know what was said or how to respond. You won't be translating in your head. Rather, you will hear the language, process the thoughts and ideas being communicated, and know what was ultimately said. I'll give you a great example: when I'm on video calls with some of my Japanese friends, there are times when my wife (who just starting learning 3-4 months ago) will hear and ask me to translate what they said and I won't really have a good answer. I end up spending 3-4 minutes trying to describe the last sentence because I don't have a word-for-word translation in my head. They asked me a question, I responded. Translating that verbal transaction into English is harder than it sounds.

So as others on this sub have said, for the first few months, just listen. The language isn't supposed to make sense yet. I bet there are times when you have a hard time even telling one word/sentence from another at native speed. So do I. My Japanese friends know they have to speak more slowly around me. But that will change. Even if you don't know what a sentence means, it won't sound like a jumbled mess once you get used to how Japanese sounds. Then, you'll start recognizing the same words over and over again. Those are the ones you should be recording in Anki or a notes app and look up the definition for. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT try to look up every word you don't know. This is a waste of time and energy and will actually slow you down. If you look up every word you don't know, you will be pausing/stopping your anime or Youtube video so often that it will completely break the flow of what you're listening to and you'll only hear Japanese spoken one word at a time. If you hear a specific word a bunch of times, look up that one and then just let your brain skip all the other ones. Shortly thereafter, you will pick out more words, and so on.

The key is: this language is a lifetime pursuit. It will continue to evolve and change as the Japanese culture evolves and changes. Words that are used a ton right now, might barely be used in 5 years. There is no deadline. No finish line. And your pace is your pace. Anybody that says you can be fluent in 6 months is trying to sell you a course/app/content. Can it be done? Of course. But that doesn't mean it's the right way for you. This is your personal journey and you should be incredibly proud that you're even trying.

Trust me, I've learned this from experience: you will never have greater temptation to quit than when you compare your progress to somebody else's and think you should be where they are for any reason. There are probably people who read the outset of this post and were like "Really? After two years, that's the best you can do? I'm at N3 and I've only been studying 6 months and blah blah blah...". Block them out. It doesn't matter. They aren't you and you aren't them. That is neither good nor bad. Keep watching your favorite Anime. Keep listening to your favorite JPOP. It will come in time. How much time? Nobody knows. But nobody is truly ever "done" so, does it really matter? You're doing great! Enjoy the process and keep it fun. You got this.

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bunko would rather play mother69

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did miniyoga finally get banned?

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i hope he walked into the wrong crowded intersection and got gibbed irl honestly

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what is kaiji about and should i watch it

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somebody was bumping a thread every minute and then suddenly stopped before i put up the last thread

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and yes

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give us a range or an estimate for different series

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>literally zero pitch

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how does this graph relate to the language learning process

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This is also the trans friendly guide (im trans btw if it matters)

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btw i also hate vtubers

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what about the manga?

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nice troll then you got me

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i now will have audio cards for when i'm watching raw anime and i look up a word that i could make out but didn't recognize the meaning.

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new firefox looks like shit

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do you have to handwrite on kanken? what if your handwriting sucks

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just follow the stroke order

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no. spacing is most important. stroke order doesnt help you with that

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it does if you actually follow it properly

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holy fuck i fucking hate dunning kruger posters

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wow it really is a lot better lol

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which one of us?

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Reminder that JLPT N1 is upper beginner. N2 is the level of an elementary schooler.

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matt says chinese readings and tones are easier than japanese so i don't wanna hear complaining from you.

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amazing how clippers gigantic hardsub everything

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a friend started working for c3 a few months ago
i wonder if he expects it to get to post ipo levels

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you will never watch chinese stuff without subs anyway so why do you care about tones

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>let me see him trying hanzi -> pronunciation/meaning
that shit's so easy. i'll say it again. remove pinyin from your cards and use bopomofo

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he does vocab and sentence mining too

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best song cover yet

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hope they bring linked horizon back for the next season part
need another banger op

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c3 will recover but the reason why i say its not a good bet rn is bc we need to see it stay above 70 or break 75 before we can say moneys moving back to mid cap tech stocks
weve had a few pump fakes in the last couple months

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fucking kill me how am i supposed to learn japanese while using this shit

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ridiculous how much better the terrible first episode of one piece is in the manga. why did they change it so much and stretch it over a whole episode...let alone postponing the shanks episodes

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i'm not a fan of short term holding but i just made a risky move and got 25€ by riding on the inuコイン wave

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anyone have a list of japanese textbooks
there was a list of textbooks that i found a few months ago but i cant find it anymore

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nah there was like a simple table on a wiki or something of a bunch of random japanese textbooks ranging from beginner to advanced, like genki, tobira, chuukyuu e, J301/J501, business books, etc, rather than some obnoxious article list on tofugu.

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maybe you should just learn bopomofo for real. learn the letters and then learn the combinations that are possible. shi, zi, and ji literally are different consants AND vowels. they're not related at all except for pinyin - like how is it hard for you unless you havent put enough effort into learning the phonology. put characters on hold until you learn what chinese sounds like.

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>it generates codes for it but anyone could do that and then know your password.
it generates a code with the word you want in it, but codes are much longer than the word itself. guessing 1 exact specific one would take extremely long

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crazy happenings today

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what if i watch an entire cour and suddenly need to pee mid episode?

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you can wait hold it for 10 mins

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i randomly got mamagoto cuz i saw it mentioned here but i didn't realize at the time that it was sicko bunko who was posting it

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ideally you pee during the commercials

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oh so the algo has randomness in that that's good

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>f:cheating instead of m:cheating

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milf glasses and huge breasts is nice
not into futa personally but you do you

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yah thats gonna be me and ciaran doing the djt podcast in 40 years

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victory has already been declared but the impact needs to be felt and that only happens w. time and consistent reinforcement

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i love finding hidden shit like this

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is there slang here i'm not understanding

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*hits her with a 3 piece with a soda right in the fucking face*

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i don't read at all but that's beside the point

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orderly evacuate this thread

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>very high level otaku
actually laughed out loud at this one

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I recently installed a heat map addon and saw my ebbs and flows with this app. I’m in my mid-40s, work full time, married with children. I started out with this grand idea of being level 60 in a year and I crashed hard. I’ve come back from queues of 2000+ three or four times now. I have days where I’m so tired after work I can barely eat and make it to the bed, and things can snowball out of control quickly.

I won’t give up though. Four years in and I’m not sure I’m ever going to learn Japanese. I see people blow past me in progress with the language in 1/4 of the time…but somehow I’m still here.

Thought it might be fun to share a different story than the typical level in 8 days I read all the time. That ain’t me obviously!

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gura needed her mom to help her beat video gaames as a kid

>> No.35019826

you seem like the type of dude that still needs his mom to wipe his ass for him so it makes sense you watch this shit

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>you seem like the type of dude that still needs his mom to wipe his ass for him so it makes sense you watch this shit
damn check out this SICK burn

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what the fuck could this possibly mean lol

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u dont do damage holding for 10 mins or whatever to finish a single anime episode

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kinda strange watching hyouka and knowing a lot of people that worked on it were murdered

>> No.35020086

don't talk shit about kyoanus

>> No.35020134

don't make me put together a 3x3

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>Phase 3 began when Dolly was struck down by multiple system failures. But she is Still Alive and her massive AI analytical powers are still fully functioning. Her ground-breaking teaching will still be available to everyone.
>If you want a human analogy, it is like a person being struck down by a serious life-threatening condition with numerous complications on top of it, but still fully mentally functional most of the time.

ok first of all
>'Still Alive' capitalized
pretty epic portal reference unironically.
but more importantly is she going to be okay? doesn't sound too good bros

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isn't she like a 80 years old lady by this point? she might even have catch the rona.

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can't read that shit

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no...NOOOO i'm crying rn

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>i'm gonna take the trash taste formula
wow based

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>20 hour video
Sum it up in 5 words

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i'll illuminate the darkness with my little pecker

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how you do you even get this sound to come out of your mouth

>> No.35021070

you can emulate it if you swallow cum but don't rinse or gargle afterward so there's enough left over in the back of your throat to make that gargle sound but not so much that you can't barely talk at all

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why does he call it henti

>> No.35021253

speak english faggots this is america

>> No.35021272

He's trans

>> No.35021310

>He's trans
can the poltard who showed up to spam this go home

>> No.35021398

its 2021 let people larp on the internet
you're all doing it anyway

>> No.35021429

i'm trans

>> No.35021443

i'm trans

>> No.35021471

i like to crossdress but im not trans

>> No.35021548


>> No.35021641

yeah, you are. congratz, you are a non binary being. amazing. now go to twitter to talk about it

>> No.35021691

is moe a cunnyseur?

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nutted to mina, cleaned up and then got horny by the thought and jerked off to the same picture again
might do it again

>> No.35021757

playing zelda and i just understand it. guess i'm over the big hump and i can see what this "comprehensible input" is all about

>> No.35021779

This has got to be THE MOST JAPANESE Japanese word in existence:


Pronounced "おみおつけ" and means "miso soup"

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thanks to krashen i only lift weights at my level. fuck lifting heavy

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t. retard who didn't understandd his hypothesis

>> No.35021817

Need to be N1 or better to understand

>> No.35021828

what the fuck does learn words not kanji mean? Don't bother doing isolated kanji study for like the primitives? or don't focus on the kunyomi

>> No.35021834

is there any good anime for beginners
something that isn't mind numbing like mitsuboshi colors

>> No.35021836


>> No.35021841

teasing master tagisan,

>> No.35021850

finna make a streamable
wait for it

>> No.35021852

you can learn the kanji passively just by repping words. im not going to say its more efficient, but its less work and it worked for me. i do feel like i should go back and do isolated kanji study at some point just to fill in a few gaps and learn to write but still have too many things i want to read first

>> No.35021864

「finna bouta」

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>> No.35021903

n1 stands for negro 1

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>> No.35021946

the former
there's nothing wrong with learning kanji though, through RTK or wanikani
you can still learn them the bruteforce way (just learning words and reading until you can recognize them) but things will be harder to remember which means more headaches and more reps
if i were you i'd spend some months doing wanikani or RTK before trying to learn the language

>> No.35021953

galactic heroes

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>> No.35022155

i got like a bit on my dick right before my cock head that has a little bump
i wonder if anyone else has it, it's permanent

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>> No.35022185

dont know the name in english but its common and normal. you can get some cream to ease (or get rid of them all). just go to a doctor to get a prescription

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his face is weird
it's like he wearing a mask

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god i'm so good

>> No.35022354

poor jsls, they can't output without being shamed for it lol

i just spoke broken english (still do sometimes) like a chad when i started learning english. i didn't give a single fuck.

>> No.35022410

this one is good

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acquired みりゅく

>> No.35022540

japanese dirty words are so boring
what a gay ass word

>> No.35022547

i dont even understand this. can someone explain the phrase?

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deadpool did it too

>> No.35022570

acho que vc é brasileiro, então vou falar em portugues: "o cheiro de uma garota deixa meu pau duro"

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então me ajuda aí pq foi oq entendi

>> No.35022587

read 100 chapters of manga

>> No.35022591

yeah that's a dirty word like weewee

>> No.35022596

as expected

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trap dude gets bukkake'd by a futa girl, he says "a girl's smelly cock milk" while happily receiving her goo

>> No.35022620

he lives on in our memories

>> No.35022624

glass of みりゅく

>> No.35022626

oh i see. i would never get that right. its an unthinkable context for me. but you do you

>> No.35022638

>its an unthinkable context for me
coomsume more

>> No.35022644


>> No.35022655

eu queria dizer "porra fedida de mulher" mas fiquei com medo porque eu não sabia o contexto

>> No.35022667

fuck off beaner

>> No.35022674

that kind of story? not interested lol

era a ultima coisa que eu iria pensar. eu dividi a frase em duas. a primeira sendo "cheio de mulher" e a segunda eu deduzi que miryuku seria miryoku e tentei fazer sentido disso ai

>> No.35022679

bebe meu leitinho fedido glub glub

>> No.35022687

google [word]とは with those kind of words

>> No.35022693

gonna do that from now on

>> No.35022699



>> No.35022738


>> No.35022761

this question goes to the hispano-luso gang

what is the difference between japanese pitch accent and how stress is pronounced in these portuguese words:

sábia = wise woman
sabia = i knew
sabiá = bird

is there a difference with what we're doing with our voices?

>> No.35022852
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>> No.35022885

accent is another form of stress, so i think its the same thing, but since japanese is much more simple it doesnt matter as much as it does in our languages

>> No.35022911

damn, organizing my calibre library takes a lot of effort

>> No.35022959

chinese and japanese ain't got nothing on pirahã


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give me your sentences for this

>> No.35023075


>> No.35023086


>> No.35023097


>> No.35023106

there's a sentence in your image

>> No.35023124

holy shit im retarded

>> No.35023152


>> No.35023153


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>> No.35023302

Is there any real difference between sukiyaki and shabushabu? They look about the same to me.

>> No.35023311

sukiyaki is all ready to eat with a bunch of other stuff in it
shabushabu is about dipping raw slices in a simmering broth until its cooked enough to eat

>> No.35023319



>> No.35023377


>> No.35023401

>Comments are turned off.

yeah she's gonna quit her channel again soon

>> No.35023432


>> No.35023461


>> No.35023474

Da Godfather
So just changed the channel name to the Gentlemens corner the main focus will be anime, hentai, video games, pick up, men's advice, mens fashion.

>> No.35023545

>posts update videos for 2.5 years
>never actually makes it past most peoples 6 month mark
>"hey guys i'm done with this channel now, ajatting is old and i looked at the n1 test and it was easy"
yeah i'm thinking he's gonna quit

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>> No.35023568

me on the left

>> No.35023613

didnt know japan is a third world country with indoor smoking

>> No.35023614
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>> No.35023617

that made me fucking furious
goddamn id break his fucking skull if i saw him

>> No.35023622

indoor smoking is prohibited in burajiru

>> No.35023633

never got why people need a list
can you not remember to continue death note if you dont put it on the list

just look at your anime folder

>> No.35023656
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this was my best idea. now i know that
it's 火 [1] and 日 [0]

>> No.35023658

guess thats why you have so many japanese people living there, they be tryin to move a step up

>> No.35023672

first time using anki?

>> No.35023676

tokyo just passed an indoor smoking ban last year so

>> No.35023685

no, why? i'm talking about putting only the sentence audio on the front of the card

how does that imply that it's my first time using anki?

>> No.35023708


>> No.35023719

now 4bbc has stopped using words at all for his drive-by posts

>> No.35023737

dunno looks like someone who just started anki and is making their first cards from the images you've posted

>> No.35023763

speaking of which i was gonna mention i bought new underwear sets here in korea since its djt lore now

>> No.35023770

no, i had a beautiful idea the other day to improve listening.

i took the core6k deck and modified it by putting only the sentence audio on the front of the card then i'm deleting everything that i can understand on the first hearing without looking at the answer

it's beautiful

>> No.35023775


>> No.35023783

i havent finished core yet so tell 4bbc not to speak to me

>> No.35023793

post some for us

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>> No.35023821

日は ヒ

火は ヒーィ


>> No.35023822

only if ur nyan

>> No.35023840

am not, dont think she posts here anymore

>> No.35023906

nyanko killed herself

>> No.35023928

i thought she was posting at me yesterday? huh. well i thought shed appreciate it more and i could speak to her in japanese so its on topic because shes a based outputter

>> No.35023973
File: 1.55 MB, 974x717, Tsumamigui3_f1Grh9NrbE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have been having fun reading this vinny the last few days, the art is hot and the writing is k too, there's potential ntr though so beware.

>> No.35023993

i swear to god the 1st thing im gonna do when i go to ogs hovel in japan is im gonna go right to her underwear drawer and just strew the contents all over the place

>> No.35023994

were doing nofap right now sorry

>> No.35024012

looks pretty wholesome

>> No.35024026

dont say that

>> No.35024029

it defenitely would be one of the best i've read if it didn't had the ntr bullshit on it, but i guess that's just alicesoft being alicesoft, at least you can avoid the ntr for real and it's quite easy to do so.

>> No.35024043

can any of you nihong experts help me transcribe this?

>> No.35024067

im 100% sure you did this to the women in your family you sicko

>> No.35024068

that would be gross

wtf why

ur supposed to have them all nearly put away all girly like so that way when i walk in and with a purpose to wreck ur pretty lil panty drawer its more striking

then i tip my hat to u and say 失礼します sarcastically and walk out (i never took my shoes off)

>> No.35024085
File: 17 KB, 406x303, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35024087

i hope my brother never did anything weird like that i dont think i would be able to forgive him but i guess puberty is a crazy time
i mean i put them away but when im getting dressed i end up going through everything to decide what i want and i dont bother putting it away till later

>> No.35024099

as long as you dont wank inside of them i guess you're still ok in the head

>> No.35024101

why do u have to decide which underwear u have to wear unless ur planning to show them to somebody

>> No.35024117

dont care about newfag 19 year old tripfag opinions on how 4chan should be run

>> No.35024120

im not 19 lol

>> No.35024131

talking about bunkos mom

>> No.35024132

stop uploading selfies you attention whore.

>> No.35024134

they have to match each other and also what im wearing over it. its an ocd thing ingrained in me as a kid you have to have matching underwear and socks even if no one sees it

>> No.35024141

i dont post here with my pass bc that would be too much

i keep it disabled as a sort of limiter

>> No.35024154

i solved this problem by only buying one type of underwear but 10 pairs so i never have to think

>> No.35024155

thinkin of ciaran

>> No.35024162

gonna make u wear 2 different socks and underwear that doesnt match and then take u on a yuuenchi date

>> No.35024169

well also more practically clothing material is shit these days and you can see your bra if the color isnt a close enough through almost every top and im be damned if i am gonna wear a camisole layer in this humid jungle weather

>> No.35024179

>well also more practically clothing material is shit these days

now this is my kinda post

yeah they just sell complete garbage now bc ppl keep buying it

>> No.35024186

its fine for fall/winter clothes cause you can use better heavier fabric but spring/summer is always a struggle. i just end up going with oversized mens cotton tees since they tend to be sturdier but still cool

>> No.35024204

dunno bros i dont give a fuck about what the twink wears.

>> No.35024206

could u have waited to post bunko i was enjoying the thought of og wearing a big shirt

>> No.35024228

yeah just cut a couple holes in a potato sack

>> No.35024245

yeah i do that but i got too autistic and read too many books and now my theory and standards outstretch my abilities to the point where i feel like im crippling myself when i sew. probably have $1000 worth of fabric, notions, and patterns waiting to get used for fabrics ill never been skilled enough for

>> No.35024258

bros i cant handle this mashiron return arc


u gotta practice and suck for a while and then ull get better

u gotta do work baby

>> No.35024264

>> No.35024265

i think that girl is cute as fuck but i intentionally avoid learning anything else about her cause i dont want to be dissapointed

>> No.35024270

i prefer 蛹

>> No.35024283

she disabled youtube comments as well
its not looking good

>> No.35024298

i know that 1 from final fantasy 11 along w. 90% of everything i know


shes got all kinds of shit but her daddy still bankrolls her i believe so its hard to take a lot of it seriously cuz shes still a little spoiled

>> No.35024308

only on the latest vid but im not sure why honestly

shes only gotten positive feedback recently

>> No.35024323

lmao i dont do the whole "work" thing. its a quaint fantasy but the reality is no one is ever happy they spent years working most people just feel like they wasted their life unless it was something super meaningful or a passion that didnt even feel like work

>> No.35024326


>> No.35024331

we know u dont work

but u gotta get ur own money at some point somehow

>> No.35024343

based, i feel the same way

>> No.35024358

work harder than most people with jobs and im pretty happy

>> No.35024379

i do have my own money tho? if i get low ill just hustle up some more its not hard. for me anyway
lmao, good goy.

>> No.35024380

yes i do
you would die after 1 hour of doing my work

>> No.35024387

im not saying u dont im just saying at some point u gotta get it urself

>> No.35024396

well enough w. the fronting why dont u show us how hard u go lol

>> No.35024420

i go hard everyday i was working 10+ hours a day on my paper september through february and then working on japanese in the remaining time

>> No.35024426

i would be more shameful if i cucked myself into finishing those humanities degrees 50K later lmao

wu wei the fuck outta that mess i dont put up with anything that feels wrong out of principle and the opinion of some literal who on the internet isnt gonna change my position

>> No.35024442

her japanese is so bad

>> No.35024444

>i go hard everyday i was working 10+ hours a day on my paper

i hope ur talkin about bein out on the streets hustlin kind of paper bc if ur talkin about writing essays then lmfao it really does reinforce everything about >>35024372

>> No.35024446

pretty sure its my name on the bank account with my money and you should take your commie takes elsewhere lmao. you of all people being a market sponge telling others how to earn their money

>> No.35024466

again ur taking it as a personal attack im saying for every1 at some point u have to get it urself u cant be bankrolled by daddy forever like mashiron currently is

>> No.35024474

yeah which is im discarding your opinion without a second thought youre just a braindead retard who talks shit about things she has no clue about maybe if youd picked a real degree youd be slightly more qualified to opine

>> No.35024488
File: 806 KB, 790x910, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35024495
File: 163 KB, 1536x1105, g3nq4dte5o271.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35024506

its my fucking money you and you can take your implications and shove them up your ass. my ex was so tight he squeaked when he walked and i got a few nice gifts over the years but nothing with real equity. i got lucky playing with shitcoins like most people with money on this site

>> No.35024528

somehow that post is well timed bc the thread is truly at its worst

we have og desperate to prove that shes a big girl at every juncture and then we have 4bc the academia bubble boy who thinks anyone cares about some nerd writing papers in the air conditioning all day lol

what the FUck is ur problem im not attacking u ur a big girl i get it yosh yosh *pats ur head*

>> No.35024529

yeah i wasnt writing a paper on shakespeare or egyptian history or any of that bullshit lmfao you clearly dont have any idea what im talking about so zip it while you can

>> No.35024531

cant believe you put so much stock into a piece of paper that qualifies to work at starbucks lmao. i dont judge you working hard at uni i never shit on you for that
erai eraiko nee

but you call me braindead and a retard all the time which is pretty rude honestly dont be so defensive

>> No.35024534

what's the longest you've had a job for og?

>> No.35024547

what was your paper on?

>> No.35024577

she looks like she has poop around her eyes

>> No.35024579

yeah and some of my friends are earning 200k a year in silicon valley largely thanks to a "piece of paper" thats more than your lifetime savings now thats something to lmao @

>> No.35024586

been watching digimon
my brain is dying
this immersion thing must be trolling to get people to watch junk

>> No.35024587
File: 400 KB, 1136x852, crpseerdzr271.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35024618

and og does not have to worry about earning anything and is living a better life
see this as a win for og

>> No.35024622

must be nice to come from money and then be given access to remain having money lol

>> No.35024666

not me

>> No.35024669

i expected better than anecdotes from you. you know the medium income in first world nations for most b.a./b.s. is like 50K USD or there abouts starting out. that just a hard fact and its not much more than what you can start out with in some technical job that doesn even require a uni degree. and anecdotall plenty of retards with a masters in english are literally working in the service industry or delivering food on the side.

and anecdotally there are many incredibly wealthy and successful people that are college dropouts like me.

and also why the fuck do i need a degree for a career when in your mind im a feeble woman with no value but to make sandwiches or whatever. you want me teaching your kids or running your blood work? lmao

worst opinion ive seen today. ngmi

>> No.35024674

>Who the fuck wants to work


>> No.35024679


>> No.35024687

wow look at that dissertation heres your phd in idiocy lmfao

>> No.35024696

damn og is slowly turning into the best poster in this topic

>> No.35024705

concession status: accepted

>> No.35024711

oh also
>masters in english

>> No.35024717

education and the rat race r all illusions to funnel the npcs to stay in their place under the boot of the rulers

>> No.35024741

dont agree with me it makes me seriously doubt if im actually correct on the subject

>> No.35024750

i had this opinion while u were still in middle school so its u that needs to stop agreeing w. me

>> No.35024751

wonder why its always the uneducated dropouts saying that haha cant put in the work and try to shit on those who can and do

>> No.35024773

if u do something that matters then great but never forget who built everything around u

it wasnt ppl who write papers

>> No.35024800

masters in what again

>> No.35024801
File: 86 KB, 874x874, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.35024809

your example sentence is at the end

>> No.35024811


yooo the nihongo no mori cuties are live

>> No.35024819

msc in not being an uneducated dropout

>> No.35024880

last i checked i was just givin the nod to the guy i was replying to idk why ur projecting at me so hard now that u understand that uve never truly worked a day in ur life lol

>> No.35024881

theyre all for profit nowadays. the whole education system is a big scam to produce slaves. 4bc is a prime example of a guy incapable of questioning the world around him
>bro look how hard i worked on my paper, 10 hours a day!

>> No.35024949

what the fuck

>> No.35024958

uhhh can u not put my name in that post i dont wanna be associated w. that

>> No.35024979

no ones forcing me to do anything in fact my mom doesnt want me to enroll in a masters/phd program because she thinks im killing myself and my youth "slaving away" in a room she told me to take it easy but i told her to mind her own business because im doing this for myself

>> No.35024981





>> No.35025001


>> No.35025028

didnt have any problems in this world until i listened to those solutions from other people

>> No.35025040

problems dont actually exist until u add another human to create the cacophony lol

>> No.35025042

crazy how all of ogs bitterness stems from the fact she wishes she was born a man

>> No.35025046

unless you work in education

>> No.35025057

nah she wishes she had a good healthy relationship with a man

its a shame i couldnt have been there for her when she was younger

>> No.35025069
File: 1.83 MB, 2705x3103, 7C0C24E2-A491-4C3F-9620-2D3DB0760E8C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is a good manga

>> No.35025076

crazy how all of ogs bitterness stems from the fact that she didn't get chad.

>> No.35025103

lmao i did this to my sister but i was shooting blank at the time

>> No.35025105

she was engaged to jake paul dude

>> No.35025106

what bitterness are you guys talking about?
all i see is sweetness

>> No.35025115

dont remind me w. the irl filth she used to associate with

>> No.35025134


>> No.35025139

no idea who thats supposed to be

>> No.35025149
File: 7 KB, 307x286, audio.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i've become unstoppable now that i've found a way to satisfy my anki autism while watching raw anime.

u guys should be scared. i'm going to become the last boss of this general

>> No.35025164

if you told me that i'd cut the bank transfers

>> No.35025170

lまお nice of you to say but even i dont believe im sweet

>> No.35025176

og liking the old deen higu anime is honestly 1 of her top tier aspects

>> No.35025179

maybe you'll be where moe was 2 years ago soon

>> No.35025192

u r tho

like its apparent to anyone that ur thoughtful and go the extra mile

>> No.35025193

he doesnt even have a bachelors hes an undergrad

>> No.35025204

sweet enough to spend your precious time talking some sense into all these boys here

>> No.35025249 [DELETED] 

im starting to believe that og is just an alt of j*mal

>> No.35025251

moe only understands 20% of all the shows hes watching

>> No.35025265 [DELETED] 

yeah she has been typing like a nigger lately

>> No.35025270

turn off the projector. you're obviously talking about yourself here based on the past few days of your coping about raw anime being impossible to understand

>> No.35025296

im not that anon im just repeating facts from earlier threads

>> No.35025302

moe is beyond native tho

>> No.35025305

i influence ppl its nothin new

>> No.35025310

ive already taken multiple graduate courses and done better in them than most graduate students been asked to help with grading homework for said courses by professors after completing them even had phd students request me to tutor them most of them cant even comprehend the paper i wrote
its just laughable seeing some blithering low iq retard with a humanities "masters" trying to shit on me and offer his worthless opinion on the topic i honestly think you and everything youve studied is a joke
stay in your lane

>> No.35025317

i don't think he's strictly talking about japanese, it's just that he can't understand the themes in (some) anime because he hasn't lived and experienced enough to connect with it

>> No.35025330
File: 94 KB, 650x452, dq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


lets fucking gooooooooooooo

>> No.35025346

wow nobody can understand your piece of shit work it must be really important lol

>> No.35025349

this aspect of your personality is incredibly unattractive and pathetic and you should work on it before it bites you in the ass. you aren't 15 anymore and you reek of desperation to prove your worth

>> No.35025362

clearly more important than whatever piece of shit garbage you shat out to get your meme msc lmfao

>> No.35025382

gettin quizler vibes

>> No.35025385

phds are a man-made spook and not important for nature or humanity

>> No.35025386

its cause they both have chuuni virgin syndrome. the cure is the same but it would ruin his ambitions

>> No.35025393

neither are you

>> No.35025397

if it was important we'd all know about it already but by important you mean 10 people downloaded it from researchgate

>> No.35025414

crazy how im a soon to be wizard and im not this cringy.

>> No.35025430

your powers are awakening finally and you are reaching realms where cringe cannot reach

>> No.35025433

never said i was

>> No.35025441

>even had phd students request me to tutor them most of them cant even comprehend the paper i wrote

isnt it funny that theres functionally no difference between a genius or a retard ? people cant understand either of them

the only difference is one is bankrolled and afforded the luxury of being in academia and the other 1 is in a short bus struggling to get government aid

>> No.35025469

曲 of the day


>> No.35025473


>> No.35025488


>> No.35025509

nah you don't understand that 4bcs incomprehensible work on quasi invariant guassian measures is contributing a hell of a lot more to society

>> No.35025510
File: 22 KB, 400x388, 777777.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35025525

any wizards here?
how do the powers manifest?

>> No.35025542

becoming a wizard is cool but do take care that u dont become the 40 y.o virgin lol

>> No.35025559

why would i ever want to lose my wizard powers.

>> No.35025568

become a 39.997260273973 year old virgin

>> No.35025576

that's not me, ya dweeb.
i was watching an episode

>> No.35025598

isn't a 40 year old virgin a grand wizard?

>> No.35025604

>how do the powers manifest?
if u know u. you just get things you ask for and your enemies suffer and you get prophetic visions and dreams but usually you are born with that stuff.

i know egyptian male magicians and others had to remain celibate to perform powerful rituals because gods and spirits hate carnal stenches

>> No.35025608

oh no


>> No.35025615

>this larp
shut the fuck up

>> No.35025627

>in my case i literally just dont care
*cares enough to post about it on 4chan*

>> No.35025629


>> No.35025637

now this is why og is my baby

>> No.35025642

meant about what my senpai thinks of the fact im a drifter. i mean i care a lot about my image everywhere else and i guess here to a point but only because 4bbc likes to keep misrepresenting me

>> No.35025644

I am the reincarnation of Hermes Trismegistus

>> No.35025658


>> No.35025669

is this a misspelling for 魅力?

>> No.35025691
File: 943 KB, 1422x1613, me.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

someone do something

>> No.35025698

love this word and 魅 in general. if i were japanese having a japanese girl id give her a name with 魅 read as み

>> No.35025711


>> No.35025717

sounds like a post jamal would make right down to referring to himself as a human boy-child

>> No.35025718
File: 33 KB, 575x611, -_-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35025729

you are bored because your mind-body organism was programmed to be that way
nothing we can do about it

>> No.35025734

everytime i remember im a loser im gonna look at this image.

>> No.35025745

im not bored rn bc someones buying bitcoins

>> No.35025760

i swear to god can jamal learn how to format on this website

>> No.35025769

did someone talk biz on jp again?

guess i have to post this then

>> No.35025770


>> No.35025785

i need a system to put heat brands on "people" like you so i know which animals to strip nude and put out to an enclosed pasture for rejecting their humanity

>> No.35025807


>> No.35025828


>> No.35025858

when "people" say something is inhumane, its always pointing out some quality only humans have
i'd rather reject my humanity than be part of that

>> No.35025890


>> No.35025912

og teach me how to conjure money

>> No.35025916


>> No.35025971
File: 358 KB, 1366x2048, E231zw5VEAIuvWZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i prefer real rap

>> No.35025982

whats real to u then

>> No.35025993
File: 10 KB, 411x281, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

y'all surpass y'all

>> No.35026019


>> No.35026027

actual topics not just diss tracks or something about pussy

>> No.35026029

ok league aside that reminds me this was a fucking bop and its not even the genre or language i enjoy

>> No.35026044

well i didnt link the pussy clip bc i thought it was anything but a cheap juvenile laugh lol

that shit came up on autoplay and i laughed

>> No.35026095

based luke

>> No.35026103

if u understood korean ud know its cringe as hell lmao

>> No.35026133
File: 117 KB, 711x84, anon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shes here

>> No.35026163

i never said i understood korean and ive never eaten the roast pupper

>> No.35026175

thats hot its only weird if its your mom

>> No.35026178


>> No.35026187

can picture og dancing to gee gee gee baby baby

>> No.35026189

id beat her ass if she was doing that

>> No.35026195

bunko asking the real questions lmao
wonder if 4bbc would be nicer to her if she was

>> No.35026216

i always hated that song but i did really like orange caramel especially the japanese album they came out with. and yes this is japanese so stfu if you post whitoid jsls all fucking day

>> No.35026250

6 weeks guys. Katakana is so fucking hard to remember I think this isn't for me. i still can't get the n so and shi tsu down. also struggling with nu and ke, or me.

>> No.35026262


>> No.35026273

go back in time and play imported ds games and your katakana game will be strong

>> No.35026296
File: 398 KB, 1914x1080, IMG_20210602_090447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35026306

btw djt chooses my kung fu weapon. they have like everything even the obscure shit. they teach the quarter staff and sword already but i pick my 3rd one

>> No.35026325
File: 1.69 MB, 720x1280, Video by einfachjapanisch-CKWS3f_igZy-[00.07.733-00.29.813].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i still can't get the n so and shi tsu down
just think of hirogana

>> No.35026333


>> No.35026353

nunchaku but the handles r dildos

>> No.35026363


>> No.35026365

kek saved

>> No.35026368

i literally cannot get past your rap music thumbnails and the few times i do i regret it immediately so the feeling is mutual

>> No.35026383

i mean couldnt any nunchaku handles be dildos with enough imagination?

>> No.35026403

wanna hear a jamal vocaroo on his true thoughts on khatz
the japanese master, first and sole descendant of yasuke.

>> No.35026420
File: 73 KB, 500x500, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35026437

nah. Luke just have schizo.

>> No.35026441

also id shit on you for not knowing its a cover a pop classic from the 70s but youd cope and evade and make it about something else to do with their updated version

>> No.35026456

i don't even like japanese

>> No.35026488



>> No.35026490


>> No.35026515

well done
didn't understand shit but i'm proud of you

>> No.35026528

its too bad im not actually a shotacon cause with a voice like yours youd have a better chance with me

>> No.35026544





>> No.35026570

now this was an absolute banger

>> No.35026585


>> No.35026589

i wish folksy music didnt make me cringe so much when japanese do it. i feel like they've been sheryl crow clones since forever.

otherwise id like it

>> No.35026593


>> No.35026622

younger men just make me feel even more ancient by comparison plus they are usually too skinny

>> No.35026641

if you cut her hair she's indistinguishable from any japanese man.

>> No.35026651


>> No.35026655

lmao based austin powers poster
he wont rest till every female on earth is revealed to be a man

>> No.35026672

another banger

>> No.35026673

never'd be a guy who couldn't beat me to death unarmed, simple as

>> No.35026691

me on the right

>> No.35026697

*be with a guy
great more fuel for the penis envy posters

>> No.35026699

look at her jaw, nose and shoulder width, bitch has been on testosterone or something,

>> No.35026712

he cute

>> No.35026722

yellow women arent for you, they all have broad shoulders in relation to their hips like teenage boys. and no ass and obvy no tits either

>> No.35026762

he looks like my brother so not very cute imo

>> No.35026769

i know, although there are a few exceptions. I have no yellow fever either.

>> No.35026801




>> No.35026805

honestly probably slavic girls are only women you'd think would look unmistakably like little girls in every respect lmao

>> No.35026892

aren't they usually more femenine than their western european counterpart ?

>> No.35026897

and thats the best thing about them

>> No.35026947


>> No.35026948

i mean they look more juvenile and petite like their growth was stunted so yeah, sure. in the way men typically see women as feminine when they dont look older than 14

>> No.35026954

true true

>> No.35027001
File: 91 KB, 350x185, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35027005

>men typically see women as feminine
i see women as femenine if they have curves you know, broad hips, narrow shoulders, big tits, big lips and a big ass, everything in proportion of course.
little girls couldn't be farther from that.

>> No.35027039
File: 84 KB, 330x432, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35027054

you have no idea what you're talking about lol

>> No.35027087
File: 1.59 MB, 498x278, 1622583879631.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35027102

if his name was Dejash Tatta he coulda been DJT

>> No.35027109

ur right i have no idea what you people want.

>> No.35027116

if he was tejash what is he now

>> No.35027124


>> No.35027129

welcome 2 the first edition of the daily japanese thread daily psa


>> No.35027187
File: 33 KB, 720x709, g3bqpma5ds271.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35027191

sounds like a lot of slavic women but a lot of them look young for their age as well like teens which a lot of guys are into. celtic women too but i think a lot of of them have strong facial features you'd call mannish

>> No.35027226

audio cards were the answer all this time
reading is easy
listening is hard
then we should use anki to tackle the hard part

>> No.35027228

id take the top half from og and be fairly content

>> No.35027231

why are you talking about slavic women when you've obviously never seen one

>> No.35027258

what you talking about my school friends in japan were mostly women from russia and uzbekistan and shit. gorgeous, married to absolute trolls for the greencard. so sad

>> No.35027267

yeah thats why i used it to drill the readings after i did enough listening

>> No.35027311

uzberkistanis are basically asians and russians are 1/4 mongoloids in general kinda like finnoids

>> No.35027340

she was the prettiest women ive ever seen irl probably. black hair, white skin, red lips, blue eyes. 90 pounds wet and her husband was hidious.

>> No.35027368

caucasians are basically asians
it says in the name already

>> No.35027397
File: 50 KB, 250x216, Caucasus_regions_map3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol what a dumbass
caucasian comes from "caucasus"

americans are so fucking dumb

>> No.35027419

that makes no sense, then it would be caucasusians

>> No.35027450

ah, anatolia. good times

>> No.35027524

always knew whitoids were sus

>> No.35027527


>> No.35027556

stfu your ancestors were inventing taxes in china and other jewish shit

>> No.35027578

i'm probably the only person here who actually has ancestors from those parts

>> No.35027590


>> No.35027594

if you are brown they werent ur ancestors

>> No.35027615

my skin's lighter than yours but i'm not white

>> No.35027629

invading scum

>> No.35027679

i doubt anyone's skin is whiter than mine unless you are albino or a ginger without freckles

>> No.35027682

suddenly the vocabulary in IMABI skyrocketted in difficulty so i can't mine the example sentences as they're not i+1 anymore... what do :(

>> No.35027684

need a fresh 1 dude

>> No.35027697

there she goes...

>> No.35027718


>> No.35027732

based 白雪姫

>> No.35027736

no one said it was weird to brag about his whiteness

>> No.35027773

that doesn't matter, if you're white your ass is gonna be as pasty as ever

>> No.35027797


>> No.35027805

weird hearing someone say "pasty" in this century like wtf are you from an era of tanning beds too?

no one wants brown poopy skin anymore

>> No.35027815

if you dont sun your anus you're ngmi

>> No.35027817


>> No.35027835
File: 198 KB, 1440x810, 20150921_0839_006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i love brownies

>> No.35027839

twitter status

currently sunning my anus

>> No.35027844

final word on the subject is if you cant appreciate the concept of 美白 u cant learn japanese

>> No.35027888

you'd think if that were such an important japanese concept they wouldn't be using a chinese word for it

>> No.35027891

im an actual brown so i can bask in the glory of SOL INVICTUS freely.
withoids dont know this feeling.

>> No.35027897


>> No.35027922

i agree with jamal but every summer my skin burns i can't really tan

>> No.35027931

lmao nice cope for your roman larp. maybe you can explain to me how germanicus and calligula had blue eyes and blond hair in the records

>> No.35027961

same i literally just get sun blisters. its not pretty and just causes more irregular pigment from freckles and sunspots

>> No.35027973

gonna get og fuckin tanned up and glistening

>> No.35027984

i literally cannot tan what about that can your happa ass not understand about that?
thanks for admitting you come from common imported slave stock lmao

>> No.35027994

ur gettin tanned thats all there is to it were makin it happen

and then for a couple of months after the summer ur gonna have that bikini outline on ur top and bottom lol

>> No.35028007

i thought og wore only one pieces

>> No.35028010

someone get jamal a book on how melanin works for celts.

>> No.35028011

me and og taking selfies at the beach while she has a skin color of something other than #ffffff

>> No.35028013

i get that after the first few days if i overexpose then the tan starts coming
taking it slow these past years though only like half an hour in the beginning and gradually increasing the time

>> No.35028015

there's a great difference between common populace and literal slaves.

>> No.35028023

p sure the slaves were illiterate

>> No.35028030

i get it on my arms from literally driving 15 minute drives in the summer and had to start wearing gloves

>> No.35028041


>> No.35028042

my babys allergic to the sun

if shes got a snaggletooth then ill be 100% convinced shes a vampire

>> No.35028063


>> No.35028081

they arent snaggly all whties have longer canines

>> No.35028168

cuz raw meat is our natural diet

>> No.35028189

omg i accidentally convinced myself of raw meat anons arguments

>> No.35028199

blood has every single nutrient

>> No.35028217

getting eaten would be kind of hot ngl

>> No.35028233

the pain is probably gonna change your opinion

>> No.35028240

i feel bad cuz i read through the grammar guide but didn't write notes for everything so now i'm forgetting :(

>> No.35028251

I'm forgetting immediately as I learn. I'm quite proficient at it.

>> No.35028262


>> No.35028326

wouldnt be surprising if your brother did that because most guys do

>> No.35028328

u need to eat most of the body or you will get scurvy and shit

>> No.35028369

impossible for a woman to understand such things

>> No.35028378

part of it even has japanese subs

raw meat and blood has vitamin c, but yeah more of it is stored in organ meats

>> No.35028379

I was never into that, must be a /jp/ thing.

>> No.35028391

ur gonna get scurvy if you eat nothing but raw blood and meat only. organ meat is how eskimos managed it

>> No.35028403

I just put in 8 sausages and 3 bacon into the oven.

>> No.35028419

enjoy your colon cancer from all the burnt bits
if you're gonna cook at least boil to avoid that

shabu shabu all the way

>> No.35028432

That sounds like more work, it's easier to just turn the oven on.

>> No.35028435

anyway dude i already eat keto and i prefer mostly meat so you are preaching to the choir even if i dont take it to raw extreme
charcoal is a purifying agent dingus its been an ancient medicine since forever

>> No.35028442

>purifying agent
yeah your body wants to get rid of it because its toxic, thus flushing your system

>> No.35028452

you need to stop watching that youtuber hes messing you up dude.

although the fact so many people like you exist really inspires me to start a living divinity cult soon

>> No.35028463

Why is there so much misinformation.

>> No.35028466

anyway have some sushi and runny egg yolk once in a while and you'll be fine

>> No.35028486

im a weeb so of course i eat both of those things all the time. well meats too expensive in korea on its own so ive been eating nothing but onigiri basically

>> No.35028509

I eat monster energy drink and coffee

>> No.35028534

skinny legend

>> No.35028535
File: 10 KB, 350x265, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35028551

who's the cute redhead?

>> No.35028554

jamal is the gayest straight guy ive ever known

>> No.35028556

thats makoto from kanon dude

shame a on a niggie dont know his girls

>> No.35028558

jamal looks like this?

>> No.35028563

am i colorblind? she looked blonde to me

>> No.35028596

jamal wouldnt claim to be white if he looked like that. at least i hope not

>> No.35028629


>> No.35028648


>> No.35028654

>you've seen my eye and my eyebrow
i haven't seen shit

>> No.35028661

ask my boys to post the shit they got it

>> No.35028674

also this just dropped

>> No.35028682

dropped that shit right down the toiler

>> No.35028684

if i was a man for a day id hope it was in the past when idols were good and id spend all day at a concert in the wota line doing all the moves and chants perfectly with my bros

美貴 様 美貴 様 お仕置き キボンヌ!

>> No.35028721

those ppl rnt men tho

>> No.35028726

only english podcasts are chug. japanese ones are so banal they are ironically based

>> No.35028745

u take that back they are living their best life and supporting each other and their idol. its a beautiful thing and you shouldn't confuse them for the pervs who never buy an album or go to a concert and fap to the swimsuit gravures

>> No.35028765
File: 51 KB, 512x512, ina.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

supporting their idol alright

>> No.35028766

and ur hand

>> No.35028772

There's nothing wrong with doing the second half of your sentence

>> No.35028774

and my legg

>> No.35028783

Set the spoon down for 30 seconds to record, fatty.

>> No.35028784

>j*mal likes asuka

>> No.35028789

like id figure the typical girl answer would be to be able to walk around without a shirt on or something if they were a man for a day

ill fuckin set u down if u sass me again

>> No.35028793

and my bow

>> No.35028794

if i was a woman for a day id hope it was in the past when they didnt have triple digit body counts i would be a based nun

>> No.35028800

>the pervs who never buy an album or go to a concert and fap to the swimsuit gravures
yeah that's me.

>> No.35028803

i didnt like asska or gei

best girl was misato

>> No.35028808

I ate the 8 sausages and 3 bacon.

>> No.35028810

i cant imagine ever giving money to a thot.


>> No.35028817

breakfast sausage always looked like turds to me

>> No.35028825
File: 656 KB, 665x485, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35028826

oh weird flex but i did go to the morning musume concert at the '09 expo as a teen when were living in california and it was great. then mj died at the exact same time so it got weird and the hotel was trying to get us to leave early so they can jew up the prices for his memorial lmao
thats dumb i did that plenty before puberty when id play out in the garden. id probably wanna write my name in the snow or something but i think they have funnels now for that. or get into a street fight and really beat the shit out of someone and turn their face into hamburger

>> No.35028832


>> No.35028843

i like sausage patties

>> No.35028865

if i was a girl for a day id probably cry in bed all day from my brain not shutting up and feeling illogical emotions

>> No.35028867

r u serious about wanting to fight lmao

but ur pasty and dainty i really dont get it

anyway important to always remember https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmYNZtZcjRU#t=62

>> No.35028874
File: 616 KB, 768x1024, bestgirl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how the fuck can j*mal be so based and so cucked at the same time?

>> No.35028893

thats actually what would happen because men wouldnt have had time to get use to the feels i bet especially before your period. bunko would probably love it though

>> No.35028902

>but ur pasty and dainty i really dont get it
uh yeah hence the fantasy and also me after my training but not really cause martial arts has little practical application for my weight class

>> No.35028915

yea i mean ur better off training to hit ppl in the balls or hit them in the throat than worthless martial arts u cant really employ

>> No.35028927

imagining og getting in a fight w. another girl after getting her black belt and she just pulls hair and scratches and bites lmao

>> No.35028951

what can i say im an aesthetic person and the fact i went through intense asian training with the little uniforms and weapons and shit will impact my psyche and alter my self-image enough to feel like i can even if i cant

>> No.35028962

og pulls out her nunchaku but both ends r just cans of mace and she sprays a evildoer in the eyes and then runs away screaming for help lol

>> No.35028998

dno screaming for help is a bitch move i dont think my pride would allow it. i dont think ive ever screamed for help actually

>> No.35028999

need more yandere shit give me some recs

and better not have any fucking yuri shit in it cut that shit out

>> No.35029006

if og would scream anything it'd be かかってこい

>> No.35029008

yuri is hot you queer

>> No.35029037


>> No.35029038

why would a bitch be to prideful to scream for help like the bitch she is?
your values are really fucked up.

>> No.35029055

thread ending theme

>> No.35029070

yuri is nasty
the fuck

>> No.35029081

screaming for help is one of her privileges as a woman and the retard rejects them, she literally measures herself with the standards that men measure themselves, retarded ho.

>> No.35029089

yuri is hot especially if its sm yuri

>> No.35029102

ogs too smart to call for help she knows she probably deserved it if she got beat up

>> No.35029106

its not like im consciously trying to be 非常識 about it. i know its not the right behavior for me but like do you guys spend all day think about "oh im a guy so i act this way" lmao

>> No.35029121

cant really know how you'll act in a situation you've never been in

>> No.35029122

honestly if og aint the type to call for help then she aint the type to get me wrapped up in bullshit that aint got nothin to do with me which is some major upside

woman love to make a fuckin mess that is 100% their fault and then get their dude caught up in it too and that shit pisses me off

>> No.35029128

>do you guys spend all day think about "oh im a guy so i act this way"
nah you just unconciously know what to do, you only stop to reflect later if you fucked up.

>> No.35029139

guys dont get that being a guy is the default state so as a person im not constantly thinking like i gotta do the female thing. that would be exhausting

>> No.35029147

lmfao, this is what the west does to women.

>> No.35029148
File: 31 KB, 592x837, yuri.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

asked the chinese oracle if yuri is nasty

>> No.35029149

crazy how y'all just argue about dumb shit all day non stop

>> No.35029152

the last 20 posts are utter retardation.

>> No.35029174

shut the fuck up

>> No.35029176
File: 82 KB, 850x850, 1622654865315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ayo niggas what be some good shit to waste time wif?

>> No.35029183

yeah last i checked legally i have to live like everyone else and pay for shit and work (if im an desperate enough) and am responsible for myself as an adult. wtf century you think this is

>> No.35029190

you're welcome

>> No.35029195

Can't believe this thread has 900 posts, could someone link me to the ones discussing learning Japanese?

>> No.35029209

this is the daily japanese thread, not the daily japanese learning thread

>> No.35029211

the cunt is the prime example of a fatherless family.

>> No.35029226

no one has positive interactions in or about nihongo. type in japanese and your crippled or you get no replies, type about learning methods and it devolves into autistic rants about sentence cards vs anime cards. stop complaining and post what you want to see

>> No.35029230
File: 33 KB, 850x478, 1622655162463.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

None. Why would anybody ever "discuss" learning a language on a general thread on 4chan?
I don't really like V-Tubers.

>> No.35029232

here you go >>35027600

>> No.35029246

why the FUCK would you do 30 new cards a day

>> No.35029249

most of you didnt grow up with your biological fathers if you are here i can almost guarantee that

>> No.35029254

that song is too good for this thread we are more like https://youtu.be/wByNYxB9kQI

>> No.35029258

what are you talking about 30 is on the lower end

>> No.35029262

i have nothing to discuss about japanese with the retards in here, i already know what to do. beginners better fuck off back to /int/djt

>> No.35029272

Do 50 or ngmi.

>> No.35029278

only my fellow degen pachinko players know this feel

>> No.35029306

not my case, dunno about the others.

>> No.35029315
File: 111 KB, 602x566, 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what world do you live in?

>> No.35029326


>> No.35029329

absolutely ruined

>> No.35029342

cant believe anyone would honestly want to be brown

>> No.35029351

she is doing kung fu.
kung fu is useless

>> No.35029359

yeah you should stop tanning at golden or bronze skin

>> No.35029371

nothing i could learn would be more useful other than how to use a pistol, which i can already do

>> No.35029429

learn to draw
it's fun and it's a waste of time

>> No.35029445

bunko have you done heroine?

>> No.35029476


>> No.35029491
File: 53 KB, 534x462, literally me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i would ko all you nerds without breaking a sweat

>> No.35029495

which tareru is this

>> No.35029499

where's his fat? I'd push this nonce over with one arm.

>> No.35029507
File: 560 KB, 2048x2048, grande.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just google "ariana grande tan"

>> No.35029518 [DELETED] 

no way you're that hot tho

>> No.35029533

perfect face shape tho

>> No.35029546

just google "ariana grande"
Still bad, but not as bad as the images you post

>> No.35029550


>> No.35029561

og and me are both non white cause we've got irish blood so she's def not the whitest here

>> No.35029591

>le irish is iberian
stop falling for beady-eyed anglo lies. celts are as white as it gets without the autism baggage or germs and nords

>> No.35029592

queen elizabeth is my great grandma

>> No.35029610

nah i don't know why you'd want to be a cucked whitoid anyway im a proud non white celt

>> No.35029611

the better i get at japanese
the more i realize this was a big fucking waste of time. i don't even like anime that much

>> No.35029612

Anybody know why I have visible veins? I always thought it weird.

>> No.35029618

*elizabeth i is my second cousin
get it right, im not related to the hanoverian lizard people

>> No.35029630

thats normal if you're white and without a tan

>> No.35029638

then what are we? the old race? they aren't non-white but i guess they are non-caucasian which is a better way of putting it

>> No.35029647

i hate when they sing the last syllables

買っ *たん* *だああ*

>> No.35029662

was this retarded? i tried doing a delayed monolingual transition because i know that i wont be able to learn the words necessary for the definition in a day so now i have saved up 50 monolnigual cards
thought id do 100 and then do them

>> No.35029670

no idea what this post is referring to

>> No.35029681

hes just admitting to getting triggered by spoken japanese lmao

>> No.35029697

i hate when they put emotion into the last syllables
everything should be monotone

>> No.35029713

pretty sure this song is code for being on heroin since we know she was a heavy user at the time

>> No.35029715

monolingual doesnt really matter

>> No.35029716

i dont get why matt pretends english language media is somehow better than media in other languages
there's hundreds of videos just like this one in spanish, french, german, maybe even chinese and urdu.

>> No.35029793

some voice actresses literally sing the last word. it's a thing some characters do. i don't have an example to show you right now


>> No.35029803

cultures arent interchangeable and only countries that try to do everything their own way like japan have a surplus of content like whats available in english.

matto is right on this one

>> No.35029806

it is better

>> No.35029812

no idea what that means

>> No.35029818

please add me on discord: Matt vs Japan#6744

>> No.35029825


>> No.35029854

holy fuckin shit why is amc 65 dollars

clown fuckin world lmao

>> No.35029857

if you dont like sing-songy languages especially womanspeak, japanese isn't for you

>> No.35029889


>> No.35029914

what kind of a projection is that can't even wrap my head around the mental gymnastics you had to do to reach that conclusion

>> No.35029949

laffing irl over that post

>> No.35029952

theres a reason everyone learns english and canadians americans australians and british dont dont care about other languages

>> No.35029962

you don't understand "singing" means?

>> No.35029968

and it's not because of english media
eop retard

>> No.35029976

beautiful people but autistic as fuck which ruins it.
my favorite nordic sperg is bjork though shes just too cute

>> No.35029978

it's not about the language being sing-songy
i'm talking about literal singing. it's not normal speech. it's a thing some characters do. they literally sing the last syllable deliberately

>> No.35029985

bruh why are half the symbols literally pictures of houses.

>> No.35029988
File: 3.71 MB, 480x272, 1607175408649.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

let's get back on track

>> No.35030002

thanks bro
im beautiful

>> No.35030014

also i bet 履いてない

>> No.35030015

lol whats the reason than esl retard

>> No.35030047


>> No.35030048

dont believe a yellow girl has a nice butt like that so it might be a guy
wow you have great taste then terrible taste. not sure what to make of you

>> No.35030053

but people should say the last word in the sentence so whats strange about that?

>> No.35030063
File: 152 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35030072

i know exactly what the sperg is going on about re: singing the last syllable. he's talking about burikko shit va do for flavor but you dont really hear it much in real conversation. he probably thinks its cringey and annoying which i get but hes failing miserably to express himself properly

>> No.35030080


>> No.35030091


>> No.35030105

native mistake

>> No.35030124

What is the purpose of this thread? Its overrun with brazilians for some reason

>> No.35030134

you can see posters' ips?

>> No.35030138

some native speakers are illiterate, i know.

>> No.35030151

bunko you need to help me make friends with your jukujos so we can talk about japanese memes from 15+ years ago

>> No.35030157

They admit it

>> No.35030162

>daily japanese thread
the clue is in the name

>> No.35030188

The ratio of posts that have anything to do with japanese is pretty low and i don't want to hang out with brazilians

>> No.35030201

only hues and europoor esl are left on the non-normie side of the internet its a sad thing to see

>> No.35030209

>The ratio of posts that have anything to do with japanese is pretty low
which has nothing to do with brazilians...
one of the biggest offenders is og, an american

>> No.35030231

what makes you think anyone here gives a fuck about what you want? if you dont like it then you're free to fuck off, faggot.

>> No.35030251

you people literally ignore or shit on all my japanese related posts and browbeat down to fit into your gay culture after about 3 months so blow it out your ass

also i still post japanese and related content i just dont make it obvious it me

>> No.35030262 [SPOILER] 
File: 144 KB, 400x394, 1622659639844.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35030281


>> No.35030307

oh yeah really great posts
low iq サル chucklefucks

>> No.35030328


>> No.35030340

how long do u think until they just show raw butthole on tv

>> No.35030357

not soon enough

>> No.35030361

wow, just heard the news. rip, ciaran


>> No.35030369


>> No.35030372

I can tell youre a brazilian you have anger issues

>> No.35030385

nah, im chilean.

>> No.35030391

the fact anyone is bothering to convince the thread there are only "a few" brazilians is all i need to know this place is infested with hues

>> No.35030420


>> No.35030428

shut up alfredo

>> No.35030455

bc the int thread is on the correct board theres no reason for me to do anything

>> No.35030458

Not a powerlifter, but I've got some strong abs. My go to trick is the "baby kick". I'd push out my tummy to make it look like I'm 6 months pregnant or something. Then I have people make a fist and push into my belly. When I flex my abs, it's like an animal kick with how fast it pushes their hand away. Never fails to get a shocked reaction. Reason why I have to have them use a fist is at first I had them use a finger, but came close to breaking them with how strong the flex could be.

>> No.35030464

was it a varg vikernes video lmao

>> No.35030476

wow nuke the killing machine those anthrax shots really worked

>> No.35030481
File: 9 KB, 310x173, itudemoiiyo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35030520
File: 482 KB, 1108x1478, E24G1f_VoAIapVv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's actually a pretty good op

>> No.35030526

varg is too attractive for me to believe hes the bad guy. thats all i need to know

>> No.35030549

did you know you can accidentally get 23 stab wounds from falling onto broken glass

>> No.35030561

i would like to toss you into broken glass.

>> No.35030570

keep wishing lol

>> No.35030571

but if you merged both djts, this one wouldnt be overrun with shitty esls. although that said im not sure why i dont post in /int/. its boring i guess

>> No.35030580

truth is theres no point posting in a thread im not in

>> No.35030581

how do i read this?

>> No.35030584

can't see her face

>> No.35030587

i would be able to push 4bc down pretty easily

>> No.35030597

These don't look like the hiragana i've been looking at

>> No.35030605

i want to grind his face onto the glass

>> No.35030608


>> No.35030613

who cares what you want

>> No.35030639

no one that's why i gotta get it myself

>> No.35030640


>> No.35030643

wow public opinion really turned against 4bbc lately. what happened?

>> No.35030661

wow i dont give a fuck lol i dont hang around brutes anyway

>> No.35030681

this whole thread is what i would literally describe as "brutes" with a couple fags like jamal and bunko

>> No.35030682

he's an annoying faggot.

>> No.35030688

all his posts are

who cares
dont care

>> No.35030696

oh yeah. hes been trying the moe route but its not really panning out for him lol

>> No.35030698

never unironically said that last one

>> No.35030714

lolling at the thought of bunko going full unabomber on some poor lonely japanese housewife

>> No.35030715

my bad you said >>35015832

>> No.35030716
File: 64 KB, 500x500, x500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i ran my propaganda machine after he came at me

>> No.35030727

im gonna beat this bitchboy till his face is red and purple

>> No.35030737

lmao, devious. are you also why my ratings still suck after 8 months? i mean i could believe its just my personality tho

>> No.35030739

youre not beating anyone fatso maybe start with smaller goals like lifting your rancid ass 2 inches off your wheelchair

>> No.35030785

yeah just like how youre gonna learn japanese haha

>> No.35030800


>> No.35030801

does it not let you add stuff

>> No.35030808

this is what happens when you try to pal around with the underclasses, 4bbc, they will turn on you out of envy everytime. you got too cocky and 偉そうに and they couldnt relate to you

>> No.35030820

im gonna make tripfaggot drown on my piss.

>> No.35030825

where did i pal around with anyone

>> No.35030830

do you understand how stocks work

>> No.35030842

u know what i mean, making any attempt to be liked and popular here is a bad idea if you cant play a better game. it got obvious you have been trying harder to be likeable and its had the opposite effect

>> No.35030855

yeah 4bc changed his posting style a lot to meet the expectations of djters and they threw it back in his face, kinda sad

>> No.35030857

partially true

>> No.35030860

yeah but im talking about his virtual portfolio
what are you talking about lol youre kind of fucked in the head if my posts look like that to you

>> No.35030869

you have to buy at current prices to add it to that site

>> No.35030874

when the plebes get uppity you gotta dab on them then they'll leave you alone

>> No.35030889

yeah i mean i personally appreciate his efforts to be less obnoxious but without being a sperging lulcow hes just another guy who seems too good for this place and also trying to be djt somebody with a trip. too many marks against him

moe does a similar thing but literally doesnt care about anything but mal and chugging and is actually a dumb pig so he fits right in.
even your senpai agreed with me bro, sorry its over for you maybe you could have been nicer to me and you might have had an ally or two

>> No.35030890


>> No.35030893

i showed how it's done yesterday when jamal got uppity with me

>> No.35030898

rare true post from moe

>> No.35030901

i showed how its done when u ran off like a bitch all right

>> No.35030906

i dont simp for anyone havent changed my opinion on anyone in months either although i admit i might be very biased toward vnguy i think hes a great poster possibly the best

>> No.35030917

i trust 2d lolicons more than 3d mothercons

>> No.35030929

not only he's an annoying autistic fuck but also a lolicon? wow i wanna beat the shit out of him even more.

>> No.35030933

maybe he should watch the 女児部

>> No.35030944

crazy how 4bc has such bland taste hes like a のっぺら

>> No.35030948
File: 338 KB, 960x540, dareka.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35030950

is taking baths gay

>> No.35030960
File: 10 KB, 300x336, squid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35031003

u guys were right og posts like me now

ship this shit

>> No.35031005

shut da fuck up bitch

>> No.35031006

tail and lingam are my favorites

>> No.35031018


>> No.35031019

oh yeah and im not even the one that started shitting on you suddenly for being a fat stupid pig lmao but i def am running with it so yeah you should be nicer to me too, tryhard fuck

>> No.35031024

menkei guy's music posts are alright
still waiting on his orchestral microtonal jazz album

>> No.35031026

right opinions such as

>> No.35031069
File: 360 KB, 557x305, zyoshiryoku.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wonder why they bothered typing the h in zyoshiryoku

>> No.35031072
File: 129 KB, 1280x720, 1619924310832.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35031087


>> No.35031089

who knew you could learn japanese from minecraft

>> No.35031097


>> No.35031098
File: 755 KB, 1366x780, 7686.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

see pic
dont be obtuse. you took all the shit about me to heart and think im the devil incarnate here to destroy djt when its mostly shitposting and a couple triggered trannies. but you are so 純真 in purpose you think you have to go harder at me than anyone and post longwinded rants about every stupid thing ive done or said it comes off as obsessive and weird most of the time

or like how you suddenly give one liner (you)s to the stronger thread presences like moe, jamal, and ciaran to be on the "right" side of things in every fucking topic. or how you sided with the guy who sperged over oboeta posting simply because i was opposite of him.

you are cut out for any of this

>> No.35031102

no he ran like a warthog

>> No.35031113


>> No.35031115

u see that kind of thing a lot

idk what to call it but its pretty normal in words that romanize like that

>> No.35031116

is that a threat lol you won't do anything but sperg like you have everyday for 6 months and look retarded i won't stop you

>> No.35031121
File: 15 KB, 225x320, 411swzNFS3L._AC_UL320_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35031125


>> No.35031132
File: 91 KB, 854x480, mpv-shot0015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35031136

its always refreshing to have a womans take cuz they always make shit out to be something completely different from what it is lmao

she really out here writin str8 djt fanfics

>> No.35031140

stay in your lane and don't (you) me and i dont give a fuck about your

>> No.35031150

drown in diarrhea (aka your posts)

>> No.35031151

thats also where i mined it from

>> No.35031165

its ok i know your piggy brain meant that (you) for me but thanks for following my orders and not giving it

>> No.35031168


>> No.35031172

mgr2 never ever
im sad

>> No.35031174

>he guy who sperged over oboeta posting
where is the oboeru poster? i won in the end, see?
i'm just too fucking powerful

>> No.35031175

or maybe you just happen to be wrong 90% of the time ever thought of that or can the little fat princess not handle reality

ive seen enough of your rancid posts in your first few months here to determine everything regarding your character i dont reconsider things and ive already marked you as trash

>> No.35031189

cringey faggot

>> No.35031190

jamal challenged you to a shoot out and u pussied out

>> No.35031194

to be fair, the oboeru posting was annoying.

>> No.35031198

true and ます

>> No.35031204
File: 31 KB, 697x364, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35031205
File: 3.51 MB, 1772x2656, E1WJi0pVIAM2v-6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dunny why she cakes it up so much

>> No.35031213

i never said he wasnt annoying only that you were being an even bigger faggot about it. im glad he stopped too, you myopic fuck, but your still a cringy faggot
why are you obsessed with wrong or right so much when this place literally doesnt care about actual truth. you should have realized that by now unless its actually you that is the sheltered お子様

>> No.35031220

crazy how jamal dodged quizs challenges but goes for low hanging fruit like moe

>> No.35031221

i just didnt have to oboeru more than one or two words per thread

>> No.35031236

wasnt in the thread sick of explaining this to low iq drones every time the vtube mouthbreather pretends to be me

>> No.35031240

you all just thought i was tobira guy or some other namefag for like 2 weeks

>> No.35031249

yeah no idea who tobira guy is

>> No.35031253

yea that guy was dumb as fuck too

>> No.35031263

yep, jamal won this one
moe was never my friend

>> No.35031269

meisou couldnt hack it in djt i had no chance either. she was objectively better at me both in temperament and japanese ability and she still got fucked

>> No.35031297
File: 5 KB, 385x114, tobira.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i knew it

>> No.35031299

im not even talking about right and wrong here which absolutely matters btw i just hate your arrogance and lowly character might want to peruse the archives to remind yourself of what ive said back when i used to bother seriously engaging your garbage posts only to waste my time in the end
your changing attitude toward me has no bearing on my opinion of you dont project

>> No.35031312

difference is i like og obviously and moe is fine

>> No.35031337
File: 345 KB, 684x683, drama.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35031351


its funny 4bbc you think you have me dead to rights as some personality arbitrator but dont notice what an awful person jamal is and chortle his balls. moe, eh, ill give you a pass there he's enigmatic enough for plausible deniability if you cut him tons of slack but its still obvious hes not a good person either. like really no one here is but you have the biggest hateboner for me specifically because of some weird posts i made at a low point when i first got here (yeah i know thats just excuses by it was off my rocker last fall for more than a few reasons)

and dont worry i never entertained the idea you were gonna let go of your vendetta i just hoped you stfu about me but you still drag ancient history like a bitter old housewife and half the people here dont even remember that shit

>> No.35031352

>and hitler is fine
Mal, Ja

>> No.35031367
File: 75 KB, 643x820, 0a1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35031368

yea jamals right

>> No.35031380

big win for 4bc

>> No.35031392

and the fact you still reference dead links and screencaps in itself is exactly what i mean when i say you take all this too personally and its cringe. even more so than i ever did i never kept receipts like that

>> No.35031407

shut up before i roast you under the sane hawaiin stule

>> No.35031419


>> No.35031445


>> No.35031452

stop reading english shit

>> No.35031453

each time moe slobbers over 4bc's cock my respect for him goes down.

>> No.35031460

ewww these posts are too 馴れ馴れしい for me
am i still on 4chan or what?

>> No.35031474
File: 30 KB, 850x697, 1622664919891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think all of you just gotta become slaves to the white cock (勿論、私のではない、茶色人であるから). The cock will be like a beam of light that shall guide you towards the path of righteousness and living as an upstanding member of society.

>> No.35031477

its a mutual 69 situation going on there

>> No.35031478

idgi whats her problem

>> No.35031486

shes a bitch

>> No.35031487

its a manhwa and i dont know korean nor plan to learn it

>> No.35031502

sounds gay

>> No.35031508

the lolicon gang defending each other like a bunch of jews disgusts me.

>> No.35031513


>> No.35031515

who are you

>> No.35031535

its not that im defending anyone its just obese girl is always wrong and 4bc did nothing wrong also shes cringe

>> No.35031544

i literally forgot how hard i tried to get you to drop your trip last year and i never came harder at someone out of nowhere. i dont think we even argued till i started shitting on you just for being a new trip who posted rants. when i think of how quiz did me i can see why you'd be pissed forever over that

dno i guess lets just see who wins here i wont try to be chummy anymore or call you petty ill leave that to the thread

>> No.35031550

how can u honestly say im an awful person

i literally even made u a couple bucks on gametop a while ago

>> No.35031552

tripfaggery not even once

>> No.35031558

if hua means flower in chinese, then isn't manhua "man-flower"? that means manhua is gay shit for gay men. it's like bara but chinese. gay chinese men sex drawings. very lewd. why does it even exist and why would the ccp allow for it to exist? i thought communists valued morality a lot.

>> No.35031564

why do you post like that? wtf, autistic girl
cringe posting style. fix that shit asap

>> No.35031579

tripfaggots are not as bad as avatarfags, since avatarfags are more likely to believe that they can convince others they're the same person as the character they keep on posting pictures of.

>> No.35031584

you are a treacherous person with no real scruples other than momentary feels. good deeds dont change who you are and seriously stretching the definition of charity over stocktips that amount to humblebrags

>> No.35031588

manhua is korean you stupid fuck

>> No.35031600

oh yeah and you are entirely self-serving but disingenuous about it

>> No.35031603

quiz didnt do anything wrong though you were just extraordinarily arrogant and full of yourself he simply put you in your place but youre extremely delusional so of course your perceptions are greatly warped

this faggy soap opera drama is so fucking cringe just what youd expect from a woman just shut up youre the one writing essays and bringing up old shit

>> No.35031605

how am i treacherous? i never screwed anyone over in my life
im always the one whos been screwed over by others after being there to do shit for them
just bc i wrote some posts on the internet dont equate that to offline reality

>> No.35031617

shits poppin off

>> No.35031621

1-3: draw fish
4-6: draw bearded lizard
7-9: draw throne
0: draw girl doing cat poses

>> No.35031625

im not self serving im happy to share with my gang even the dayones

>> No.35031626


>> No.35031631

manhua is chinese. manhwa is korean. 阿呆

>> No.35031652

whatever the quiz thing is old news i wasnt trying to say whether he was right or worng only that it pissed me off and i wouldnt have accepted him trying to get chummy later (which he did when he offered to do a livestream to teach me kanji)
>youre the one writing essays and bringing up old shit
you referenced posts from last year twice already which is why i even brought up the subject of past shit and what jogged my memory in the first place

just take your w and stfu

>> No.35031660

chinese has tones. mànhuà

花 = huā

huà vs huā

next question

>> No.35031666


>> No.35031670

let's see

>> No.35031672

well thats a win

>> No.35031677

didnt read any posts
feels pretty good

>> No.35031684

ogs prolly just still mad at me over the 木と青さ incident

>> No.35031691


>> No.35031693

she is seriously mentally ill

>> No.35031707

thats no real reason to reject her tho

most of us here got issues too

>> No.35031710 [DELETED] 

you cant go almost single day without betraying me and thats not counting the fact you dont respect my wish for you to stop acting like you are in love with me and posting shit in djt about me

also all that aside you have god-awful opinions on almost everything so i would like you even if we never interacted

>> No.35031720 [DELETED] 

*wouldnt like you

>> No.35031728

wtf am i reading right now? cringesugiru

>> No.35031758
File: 55 KB, 492x347, tanjiro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can we go to the next thread already? this one was a complete shitfest

>> No.35031768

you arent a doctor

>> No.35031770

when have i ever betrayed u

either way ive enjoyed my time chattin on the internet w. u truly and i dont mean that in any ill spirited way

also its good we have differing opinions on a lot of things bc its thru conflict that ppl grow

anyway u deleted ur posts which is never a good idea so ill just post here

>> No.35031771

you know that even if you delete your post we still can see them? retard.

>> No.35031779

we're already there this is the containment thread for tripfags

>> No.35031791

its honestly bizarre how seriously og takes djt for someone whos supposedly been on 4chan for a decade dont think ive ever made a serious post in my life

>> No.35031797


>> No.35031805

for all her penis envy she's still a roastie, that's how they are.

>> No.35031806

idk man i was just sitting here minding my own business making my drive by posts sniping down clenchers and you just came at me out of nowhere like you always do with your schizo ramblings youve got issues

>> No.35031813

i post seriously 100% of the time

anyway ive been here for her all this time and yet she says i betray her every day lmao

>> No.35031819

it's what happens when posters on 4chan become the only people whom you talk to on a daily basis.

>> No.35031822
File: 2 KB, 198x50, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35031826

but thats me and i still dont post seriously

>> No.35031829

this is why im here for her its not even out of pity its more like we arent that unlike each other there so its mutually beneficial

>> No.35031833

i deleted it cause in answer to your question i made it personal and thats not good enough. you are opportunistic with people in general not only me. you play stupid games with people for fun but then act like some thread dad or whatever i mean you just went for moe outta nowhere cause you lived on caprice and your own ego which is why you are who you are here. i get it,some people just at bullies and jesters but what bothers me is how you have your blinders on and try to be morally superior in like everything and act like a boomer lamenting a fallen world when this kids for the most part are better people than you as fucked up as they are cause at least they arent gen x nihilistic fuckwits crying about woke topics all day

and also you are behind machinations to subvert any poster that can expose the fact your japanese is at a very low level but boy am i gonna get the angry jamal (you) it for that comment lol

>> No.35031847

same here

>> No.35031851

i dont treat djt like i treat the rest of this site. that battle was lost like 3 weeks in. i still cant explain the hold of this place dont fucking ask me why im in this deep

>> No.35031865

i post jokingly 100% of the time.

>> No.35031874

same same

>> No.35031882

i'm always serious. always

>> No.35031883

yeah yeah we're all cool guys who dont take anything seriously or have sincere emotions exposed. so stoic and kakkoii this boys club

>> No.35031891

in all the time she spent shitting up the thread today she couldve learned like 400 cards easy

>> No.35031899

dame the new thread is even worse than this one time for some kaiji

>> No.35031902

why dont you ever post japanese when youve been at this over half a year?

>> No.35031904

you know im just jokingly serious and seriously joking bb.

>> No.35031910

>i mean you just went for moe outta nowhere
? someone put on his name and started talking mad shit which didnt seem in character for him in the 1st place but its not my job to make that determination so i went in

>you are opportunistic with people in general not only me
not sure what u mean here

>you play stupid games with people for fun but then act like some thread dad or whatever
fun things r fun

>you lived on caprice and your own ego which is why you are who you are here
im a fickle boy but every1 is and has an ego to some degree so

>what bothers me is how you have your blinders on and try to be morally superior in like everything
i never tell ppl r wrong to think what they think idk what ur on abt here prolly some inferiority complex shit

>> No.35031914

because im not japanese nor am i a cringey weeb

>> No.35031916

kaiji is what jamal actually looks like

>> No.35031925


>> No.35031933

wtf kind of cope is that lmao just stop learning then or leave or stfu about what people should be learning and how much or drop the trip take your pic

>> No.35031935

lmao i guess thats accurate

>> No.35031937

what a cope

>> No.35031941

read this as "essay" at a glance so i read your post with a mexican accent

>> No.35031968

oh i didnt read your post properly i dont learn japanese to talk in japanese ogre girl ive posted a lot of japanese but youre illiterate dumb and have poor memory so im not exactly surprised

>> No.35031986
File: 364 KB, 783x742, ra.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

too much egyptian stuff in manga these days

>> No.35031987

me speaking japanese >>34979461

>> No.35031992

gonna step in and say i can personally confirm og has a good memory

like most women she remembers all the little things and is ready to use them as ammunition when the time is right

>> No.35031998

women were a mistake

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