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This is complete bullshit. There's loads of stuff I don't enjoy in my native language or in English that I can perfectly understand.

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I'm considering taking a Japanese course next semester or whenever I can attend university in person again
Is it worth it to already start learning some of the runes to make things easier for myself later on?

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nice bait

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if you want to, but then again, it takes longer to reach the end of genki/minna no nihongo in a traditional classroom setting (4 semesters, at least) than it does to go through Core10k.

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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
Guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/
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A cultural question,
saw in a blog of a studio the developer ending some sentences expressing dissatisfaction with "涙" literally translated as tears, but how is it received? Is it like using a smiley? Is it like a onomatopoeic word? (i.e. "sigh")

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Speaking as someone with a degree in it, don't waste your time and money if you have the discipline to self-study.

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>Speaking as someone with a degree in it
what went wrong?

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曲 of the day


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Like the other reply shows, even though I was at the top of my class and took every course offered at the undergraduate level, I still couldn't even pass the N3 exam and couldn't read anything worth my time without looking every fourth word up in a dictionary. I've made way more progress with anki and immersion since I've had the grammar down for years.

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歌枠 of the day


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クソゴミ of the day


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real thread over here

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why are you so mean somtimes?
just trying to share some music

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one things for sure he'd made a lot more eating noises

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this can be us og

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that one making fun of og talking about being white was funnier

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i always was more a sabrina fan
i didnt care for boy meets world

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currently watching 俺の脳内選択肢が、学園ラブコメを全力で邪魔している without subs

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sounds trash

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im german we got the shows a few years later

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harvey was adorable. love big oafish himbos

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yea big and dumb and easy to control

i know what goes on

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元気 (もとき)
i need a fucking reset of dopamine fucking hell...

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there can only be one high iq in an relationship

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genkin dess ka

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idk why ud run ur computer parts off the wall seems retarded to me

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you're short sighted if you don't wed the smartest woman available to you.

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didnt that hsow have a really sick episode 1 and then it was just trash after that

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I had a dream I was taking a class at college and Hiroyuki was sitting behind me. He never paid attention, but the teacher didn't mind because he's Hiroyuki.

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if you had more fun watching show A than show B, but show B lingers with you more after finishing it, then which do you rate higher

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girls und panzer?

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3 9 and 10 are good

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I stopped listening, this audio is too scary. I don't like people shouting.

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every time i see this i'm surprised again that jamal likes digimon that much. wonder if he gets as hyped at angemon saving everyone as i do

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nope this is silly.

5000 hours of stories? i can buy that. but there's nothing special about anime that requires you watch a lot of it in particular before judging it. watching or reading lots of stories in general will equip you with the necessary tools.

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its angewomon shes a mon dude

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actually its not a white thing at all until it got adopted

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r8 my team

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feels pretty cool after you wake up though as if you just watched a movie wish i had more nightmares

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dont remember any nightmares ive had

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manga makes sound in your head

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had a dream i was fluent in japanese
then i woke up and was still fluent
you guys wouldnt know

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ive had a lot of recurring nightmares but 1 of my favorites is my skin being covered in bumps that feel like and are about as big as pencil erasers

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I've been waiting for a scary ghost girl dream so I can try that rape meme that gets posted.

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u can trust me i promise

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post hebe

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because they're taking your life force and it's gonna shorten your life and eventually kill you?

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Did you ever sleep then wake up but you couldn't move and the only way to wake up was to go back to sleep while you were terrified?

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this. they work hard for it its a fair deal

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that's what I feel when replying to bait

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that is a point for succubi they dont care about your money. but eventually they will drain you to the point you cant work but i guess that doesnt matter for most of you anyway lol

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No, a tradcath hellspawn abomination is okay to sleep with.

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the day i get my first job is the day my life will change forever. but i might make it to 30 before then.

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ccna guy?

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dame how do yall people make it to 27 without a job

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had a lucid dream in a jungle setting once and hopped on a crocodiles to use it as a hoverboard to fly
woke up shortly after that though

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shit coins

>> No.35044792

In and out of education.

>> No.35044798

pretty much all my dreams are like that

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if i were a europoor if probably have milked that as well. academia is a scam but at least the taxpayer foots the bill in socialist countries

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can you stop being cringe for 5 minutes?

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when people say cringe it just means you owned them by causing them pain just by posting. its a big l if you cringe

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fuck you, ur probably the fatty

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didnt laugh

>> No.35044908

true true
zooms even have "cringe and you lose" compilations

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Dear Heavenly Father,
We ask that you bless us today so that we may accomplish the things in life that are important to us. And that we may make daily progress towards our goals.

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this cope is pure cringe

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nips the kind of "people" that make japan only "games"

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yeah fuck japan

>> No.35044938

its probably because deep down they know how sick they are for that loli stuff

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she literally means the country in africa

>> No.35044958

dios mio

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yeah no my guess was correct

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social media is a hell of a thing to be raised on

>> No.35044983

zoomer is a buzzword

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just want obese girl to stop being cringe as fuck

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had sushi made from purple rice today it was fucking delicious
havent had sushi in like a year

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These repeated words that have a different meaning than the single word are killing me. Could someone help me with the meaning of 「もがもが」?

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its valid shorthand for the generation raised on social media born after the 2000 and the cultural shit that defines them. dont be pedantic

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Not really, what your seeing is the application of natural selection. All prior players of the game are shown to be successful when uttering similar stances to the crowd. From this the new gen extrapolates the qualities that are needed to be replicated in order to succeed.

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just want moebuta to die in a fire and feed the local stray dogs with his delicious corpse

>> No.35045021

yea try alpharomdie

>> No.35045025

yo og if you don't end up as an assortment of organs when you're done with china can you teach me to do your pagan rituals for money i don't wanna work

>> No.35045037

you need a crack for that game, unko.

>> No.35045042

feel it out

>> No.35045044

he said he bought the game though
does japan not want people buying their games?

>> No.35045046

i only give that kind of thing to my devout worshippers. you make an alter to me and then we talk about sacrifices and ill see what i can do

>> No.35045047

Anybody play video games here? I haven't played one since dark souls 3.

>> No.35045048

i mean some of these kids are retarded for sure but you sound even more retarded when you use that word gen z sounds much better

>> No.35045055

why do you think she called it kitanai and laughed

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digimon adventure is just a rly good anime that covers a lot of bases of youth

its not quite as mindless as pokemon where its only real episode was bye bye butterfree and everything else was just surface level brain rot to sell more product

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cute and umai hatuon

>> No.35045100

I don't buy alcohol but i'll drink it if it's there.

>> No.35045101

last game i played was deedlit in wonder labyrinth

>> No.35045138

its going to take forever at that rate youre supposed to finish hard and fast with core decks just overload it works with anki use 3 learning steps 1 10 45 or something

>> No.35045140

no please dont make my divinity anything to do with this godforsaken language or thread

my domain is still a tba thing but luck with money is def part of the deal

>> No.35045141

you're cringe as in a fat ossan wearing high heels and bikini in the middle of the street

>> No.35045142

it was general advice
google search tells me its a form of もぐもぐ but dunno what your context is

>> No.35045144

dame it should have worked because its a siglusengine game

>> No.35045146

just play on japanese windows xp https://archive.org/details/WinXPProSP3Japanese

>> No.35045148

or i could tell you to fuck off and not do it at all? i literally wont do something i dont enjoy and im not gonna start for some faggot who spends his days taking potshots at me on 4chan

>> No.35045157

its for your own good bitch dont bark at me

>> No.35045159

yeah and if you look at that and feel anything then hes winning and youre losing

>> No.35045162

run this in a vm >>35045146

>> No.35045164

>you used this word that i don't like therefore what you said is invalid

Fundamentals of Logic by O.G.

>> No.35045209

i mean reliquary, not phylactery

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twitter posts

>> No.35045215

looks like arros negre

>> No.35045220

you know what youre right output woman an ungrateful bitch like you doesnt deserve to be helped enjoy staying illiterate for eternity you clearly enjoy being the thread clown

>> No.35045227

use the locale abbo instead. remember what happened during the emu wars

>> No.35045228

im sorry your father is the biggest hardass ever, dame nothing ever good enough for him huh?

>> No.35045235

The context is lewd. Is that ok?

>> No.35045237

i think its white rice boiled with a few kernels of black/purple rice and it starts to color the whole thing

>> No.35045246

there are 3 good anime here and 6 bad ones

>> No.35045257

yah whatever josefina pipe down

>> No.35045265

ah i thought it was rice mixed with purple yam

>> No.35045268

What's the 3rd one.

>> No.35045334

This whole sentence is fucking me up.

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>> No.35045345

i don't get how people can enjoy watching vtubers every single day. i've never watched a single clip from their stuff that really seemed exciting or fun. the designs are nice, but the characters don't really live up to them.

>> No.35045348

being a man sounds turai

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>> No.35045359

u got issues bro

>> No.35045360


>> No.35045361

It's nice background noise. Like putting anime on that you don't have to pay attention too.

>> No.35045371

I know. I'm sorry.

>> No.35045396

for me its all about the lore and seeing their character grow following their debut
plus learning how to draw by watching them draw

cant do full live streams though only clips

>> No.35045399

great clip haha

>> No.35045410

how do i look up words when reading manga
i cant copy them

>> No.35045420

google translate on your phone can scan live text as a last resort

>> No.35045422

activate your bankai
then you can read em

>> No.35045423

Does jp not have a dictionary.

>> No.35045424

*king of the hill music starts playing*

>> No.35045426

anyone else surprised by how nice they look when their screen goes black and u see ur reflection?

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>in this moment, i am euphoric. not because of any phony jewish god's blessing. but because i am enlightened by the wisdom of Óðinn

>> No.35045489

Speaking of fedoras. Anybody got any good trench coat recommends? I've always dreamed of wearing one and now I have the funds to buy something like it.

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>> No.35045496

this but unironically and also im attractive

>> No.35045498


>> No.35045499

are you german?

>> No.35045505

be careful i opened this link and it asked me for my cc number

>> No.35045506

sad when a man has better ass than a woman

>> No.35045509


>> No.35045534

miniyogas kind of crazy but necessarily in a bad way

>> No.35045547

*not lol

>> No.35045551

job hunts goin swimmingly

>> No.35045555

he certainly has a few screws loose but i think its a coping mechanism for the horrible region of earth he had to grow up in

>> No.35045559

I don't know to be honest with you. I've put on a lot of weight in the last year (been working a lot of hours and eating two meals a day) Do shops only sell certain sizes then without having a range?

>> No.35045561

any recommendations for some enjoyable and relaxed japanese content on youtube? pls no vtuber trash

>> No.35045569

here's a primer for the 面接

>> No.35045574

how do you not know your shirt size? L? XL?

>> No.35045617

have you played it

>> No.35045629

burberry (mens) or ted Bbaker for a trenchcoat. i think barbour makes them now too but its probably with their weird materials if you're into that. try in store then buy it online cheaper

>> No.35045638

pack it up boys, nihon is over

>> No.35045644


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she means stuff like this

>> No.35045685

barbour is famous for their hardy oilcloth fabric all-weather jackets that last forever in extreme jobs. its kind of rustic and might be your thing or might now

>> No.35045689

why do you keep posting that image upside down?
also i thought i did a good job till this day

>> No.35045694

vtuber english podcast guy you probably wouldnt get ignored in the holo thread........

>> No.35045726

yea they dont make em like this anymore

>> No.35045730

how else would i show the angle

>> No.35045738

no one cares about that autism but you (and i guess moebuta will pull your dick out to suck about now )

>> No.35045744
File: 70 KB, 1024x826, hentea corner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35045752

dropped a dislike

>> No.35045753

doesn't take any knowledge of fasion to know you're wearing plastic trash lmao

>> No.35045756
File: 85 KB, 400x400, ina.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35045762

ud be surprised how few people know synthetics vs natural fabrics. its really depressing

>> No.35045766

why is it because it captures your fatty cope leaking subconsciously?

>> No.35045767


>> No.35045788

im not a lolicon

>> No.35045789

>gay people exist
FUCK the leftists won. civilization is over

>> No.35045790

just remembered the time some guy said japanese music without subtitles is off topic

>> No.35045791

dont understand what im supposed to be seeing here

>> No.35045795

finally a good one

>> No.35045796


>> No.35045799

it's not whether they exist but whether they're free to spew their venom everywhere

>> No.35045806

a million years ago someone posted that girl and 4bbc compained she was too fat. i said it was just her outfit making her look fat and drew what i suspected her body shape was under the skirt in ms paint and he hasn't let it go since

something about it being a fatty cope and the measurements being wonky

>> No.35045807

well if some random faggots wants to do it on their channel no one watches i dont care. but when mncs change their logo for pride month thats what makes my blood boil

>> No.35045809 [DELETED] 

It's obvious that the globalists are pushing this to artificially control population size lol. Even a chess amateur could see that.

>> No.35045811

everybody is free to spew venom, you too

>> No.35045815


>> No.35045840


>> No.35045843

lmao im just realizing the fact i was talking to that dude about fashion triggered 4bbc's rainman memory. part of my argument was that im a hobbyist and i sew and draw pattern flats so i have some idea how the models look under the clothing.

dame son you really should use your powers for something less petty

>> No.35045896

dont be the nice guy

>> No.35045900

Any one's that sounds like nujababes luvsic. That's the only jp related song I liked. It's a nice melancholy feel.

>> No.35045904

wanna be nice to og everyday

>> No.35045912

ya shes got issues dont really wanna engage with that anymore

>> No.35045917


>> No.35045946

mix aids, a little bit of cancer and a spoon of ebola and you'll get og

>> No.35045950

losers see a typical masculine guy who just acts like a man with women and just assume hes a "jerk" and thats the secret lol

>> No.35046005

you can't even figure out how to quote properly

>> No.35046046

annoying people dont exist
annoying traits exist

>> No.35046049

I don't hate humans lol.

>> No.35046057


>> No.35046059

thats true but its more that the sex differences is too big a gap for either to cross and you shouldnt anyway even if you could or you end up weird like you

>> No.35046099


>> No.35046134

woulda been based if he actually said it

>> No.35046147

I'll watch this when I have 8minutes to spare. I'm busy watching other stuff at the moment. This clip seems extremely funny though.

>> No.35046158

>a true best friend/恋人
that combination could have a dissertation in itself. anyway what i want is irrelevant to what is possible and the one thing you cant 'will to power' your way to, its just straight up 運命 or in my case 定め

>> No.35046160

yeah think you might be able to relate

>> No.35046166

whoops i meant to quote the connor clip

>> No.35046177

whoops i quoted the post i meant to quote

>> No.35046178

she posted that then went back to playing digimon on her phone lol

>> No.35046195


>> No.35046198

retarded tripfag lol

>> No.35046200


>> No.35046235


>> No.35046251

finished it
now i'm going to watch あっちこっち

>> No.35046262

just finished in your mom

>> No.35046263

maybe, but if busu are your fetish its the same deal.

>> No.35046265

Can you say that in english.

>> No.35046267


>> No.35046280


>> No.35046282

this is the pre-basic intermediate advanced japanese thread

>> No.35046300

yah im thinking she's based

>> No.35046310

i've watched all the episodes of "俺の脳内選択肢が、学園ラブコメを全力で邪魔している"
now i'm going to watch "あっちこっち"


>> No.35046311
File: 770 KB, 877x491, sleepy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is the tako thread

>> No.35046313
File: 677 KB, 1280x720, feel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35046319

Is this the tatsumoto-transfriendly thread?

>> No.35046342
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yeah, but i still cant believe the price

>> No.35046352

how much?

>> No.35046359

terrible use of this already tired meme format
the bottom shouldnt even be that avatar

>> No.35046420

fried dopamine receptors : the post

>> No.35046429

yeah why dont you suck my dick and then we can discuss your brain cancer further

>> No.35046453

but you literally are ???

>> No.35046461


>> No.35046492

yeah leave 4bbc alone

>> No.35046497

fuck imma say it: i hope all of you fuckers make it and find happiness in life while knowing japanese as a side bonus

>> No.35046509
File: 115 KB, 460x490, japan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35046513

hope u dont

>> No.35046519

None of these are funny why did you lie to me.

>> No.35046522

im gonna do it.
im gonna take this thread off track

>> No.35046524


>> No.35046527

tripfags are the lowest on the totem pole in this thread, even lower than holofags

>> No.35046528

how do i make offspring

>> No.35046531

yeah tanoshikattaze

>> No.35046533

>even lower than holofags
lets not exaggerate

>> No.35046535

Niji just released en so i'm a nijifag now not a holofag.

>> No.35046538

yea i don't know japanese i eat it

>> No.35046539

>lets not exaggerate
look at post above

>> No.35046562

its funny how obvious the niji view botting is their videos are always like 200k views and 3k likes

>> No.35046566

djt is at its equilibrium with tripfags, despite their cancer. this place is literally done for the moment holofags reach critical mass

>> No.35046574

what is niji

>> No.35046577

think 1 hollowfaggot is critical mass (fat)

>> No.35046579
File: 144 KB, 640x1138, XFOtoHLcvBpfzXrpEcJ1mqq_JJXWH5s7WQ6pxzJgWEM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35046580


>> No.35046589


>> No.35046595

oh look more toilet humor. how very droll

>> No.35046597

yea i thought so lollo

>> No.35046598


>> No.35046601

the difference is holofags know what they are doing while tripfags have no self awareness and constantly make me cringe

>> No.35046605


>> No.35046614

holofags arent even people and im not even just being mean. like there is something wrong with their level of human consciousness to make them behave in that way

>> No.35046616

very true

>> No.35046625

you watch loli porn

>> No.35046627


>> No.35046647

true im a holofriend and all i know is japanese and how to throw aka surpas

>> No.35046648

can you guys reply to my post please?

>> No.35046649

its not that different from liking/following idols

>> No.35046655

think you meant to say whores

>> No.35046657

can't believe moebesity just let slip that he loves holos

>> No.35046664

maybe you should try being a cute anime then i'd listen to what you have to say

>> No.35046665


>> No.35046666


>> No.35046673

moe's not known for good taste

>> No.35046674


>> No.35046675

itiban tuyoi anime ni naritai kana

>> No.35046676

im a holo enthusiast and they'll never see a penny from me
stolen laptop
neighbors wifi
adblock on

which one?

>> No.35046690

in theory it maybe didnt have to be different but whatever dark alchemy created vtubers has broken dopamine-addled slaves worshiping their avatars of perdition with a level of mindless fever and cringe beyond anything the worst of idol culture could produce and im even counting love live in that equation

>> No.35046691

this one >>35046528

>> No.35046694

yea both are dumb bug otaku diarrhea drinkers

>> No.35046697

wtf do you even have against holos. this is the touhou board. doesnt make sense

>> No.35046699

your watch time improves their algorithm

>> No.35046706

compare holos to 2hu again i bet i can actually get you banned

>> No.35046709

I constantly want to eat but I don't feel hungry. I should buy chewing gum again. My mouth hungers for flesh.

>> No.35046711

yeah i dont really get it theres never a real argument just buzzwords

>> No.35046712

i love that you keep making this posts and revealing what horrible taste and braindead opinions you have. keep it up

>> No.35046714

theyre streamer whores and their "fans" are mouth breathing faggots they should fuck off to their own board

>> No.35046720

hm the holofags are also the people complaining about buzzwords. guess 4bbc has some damage control to do

>> No.35046724

if you didn't join yesterday that'd be obvious enough for you to not even have to mention it

>> No.35046728

Man he is really upset, did a holo fuck his mom?

>> No.35046730


>> No.35046734

you can even buy tickets to holo fes and watch them perform their songs on stage

>dopamine-addled slaves
no idea what you mean following a real idol has much more of that, explain

>> No.35046738

every single holofag deserves the rope.

>> No.35046739

wow would you look at that the faggot admits to worshipping virtual trannies who couldve seen this coming

>> No.35046740

why would my distaste for low quality idolshit and holoshit reveal that

>> No.35046743

calm down bros

>> No.35046747

of course, but i mean in the way that will also alienate the fools that think hes some lowkey savant
they also spread like zombies and their memes and spamming is designer to create more recruits. one of the elements that made furries so difficult to deal with and ended up in getting them sequestered to /trash/ and gassed on somethingawful and any other sane online community

>> No.35046748

calm this down
*unzips pants*

>> No.35046751

the lack of self awareness holoshits trying to step up to me in the taste game theres a huge iq disparity here

>> No.35046754
File: 8 KB, 221x250, 1622735848682s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

legit you could do a holo or touhou test and most here would fail it

>> No.35046758

yea you're on the lower hana of the disparity here

>> No.35046760

your shitting on otaku culture and lumping holofaggotry with it like its on equal footing with idols and 2hu. this is /jp/, its not a good look

>> No.35046762

I think the named one's are delusional and see them as competition, that's why they're so angry.

>> No.35046789

what are you gonna do about it

>> No.35046790
File: 236 KB, 325x371, ame.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bet bunkos mom looks like this

>> No.35046796


>> No.35046797

I've read this post before.

>> No.35046802

so how do i ajatt?? is that the fancy way of saying watch anime all day with kanji subs? how am i supposed to find content to read when i can't even understand enough to search yet?

>> No.35046809

amazing how i know who that is lol

>> No.35046811

youre cute bro

>> No.35046812
File: 997 KB, 2845x4096, E2dPLiGVoAIOlIc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hot damn og is pretty

>> No.35046814

youre supposed to watch raw manga and anime forever. also this is the intermediate thread

>> No.35046816

Just do it like you learned your first language. You don't need to look up anything, the language will naturally diffuse into your brain.

>> No.35046818

well if you post in english you're already not doing ajatt

>> No.35046819

wheres the double chin though

>> No.35046847
File: 21 KB, 256x256, 83752849723.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks bro
of course i am
saying im ugly or have a dick is more believable than me being fat with the stuff ive posted desu

>> No.35046853

looks like shit

>> No.35046855
File: 136 KB, 800x600, ruitomo_fve_2021-05-14_01-05-08.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

get behind me bros

>> No.35046863

posts yours, it was wonky for all of us

>> No.35046865

never mind i didnt know it was you

>> No.35046867

post what

>> No.35046894

Your bussy

>> No.35046897

not my queen

>> No.35046898

kids shouldnt play w. knives

>> No.35046899

i have abysmal game

>> No.35046900


>> No.35046905

i would kneel immediately if she knew japanese

>> No.35046908

shes not the queen type shes ironically the princess lol

>> No.35046912

oh im not posting shit lol sock soc fags

>> No.35046921

Have you felt that this thread has been a positive tool in helping you become proficient in Japanese?

>> No.35046922


>> No.35046925


>> No.35046928

at the beginning she almost managed to become queen but she was too much of a retard to keep her throne.

>> No.35046930

one day, though. one day.

>> No.35046932

during the first few weeks yes but if you really want to focus you should just read the guide grab the tools and leave without turning back

>> No.35046933

love browsing the holo art tags
many good finds like that one

>> No.35046938

no, that was like 5 minutes of novelty everyone is destined to go the way of meisou who even knew japanese and was a good person

>> No.35046939

ull never give off mature woman vibes ever most likely

>> No.35046940

she was a stupid bitch

>> No.35046942

>og is a holochad
yo based?

>> No.35046946


>> No.35046955

she was way nicer than me other than when the gaslighting got too much for her.

but also she lived and worked in japanese and was fluent and you all still pulled the same shit and you still worshipped quiz

>> No.35046959

dont ever say that about me again

>> No.35046974

no she was literally batshit crazy and derailed the thread much more than you every time she spazzed out she was crazier than you in some ways

>> No.35046977
File: 244 KB, 2047x1396, 120862874_108717821004203_5147148585724113702_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35046980

ina ina ina.............

>> No.35046982

she'd probably like some of their more idol like songs

>> No.35046989

og eating sushi with the only other white person she found in korea
korean in background

>> No.35046992

lets get this thread back on track

>> No.35046993

does she conduct business in japanese and get paid for it? any day of the week.

>> No.35047005

i find it hard to believe she spazzed out worse than me and was crazier based on the threads i read. it looked like she just cracked from the pressure

>> No.35047007
File: 69 KB, 424x99, seisyun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


jamal dont look

>> No.35047012

if u knew me ud know i loathe modern idolshit

>> No.35047029

oh didnt even realize it was obese girl getting uppity because i dont like idol diarrhea

>> No.35047036

maybe you should go oreo with her and one of her bfs when you go to japan

>> No.35047041

not a single idol related thing worth a damn past 2015

i wonder what happened to this anon

>> No.35047044


>> No.35047053

thanks, i puked in my mouth
didnt know she was a degenerate other than something about dildos and tantric sex.

>> No.35047054

ナシよりのナシ meaning... less than nothing?

>> No.35047064

that's why, they're all relatively different

really like these ones

and this one somehow despite being a bit too over the top, the slow moments really salvage it

>> No.35047071

um thats bc idoltrash is well as u can imagine trash lol

>> No.35047077

see how they try to reproduce? they look for a sukima in your armor because they think you have a void inside them to full with their weird cults

shill your filth to some other desperate peasant

>> No.35047082

wrong. it used to be good. and that not my generation talking listen to shit before my time as well

>> No.35047088

yeah jamals right

>> No.35047098

see im a fair guy ill admit this looks great but its just wasted on streamers honestly vtubers wouldnt be so bad if all their stuff was scripted like anime

>> No.35047100
File: 116 KB, 1204x920, progress.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's working

>> No.35047101

a pear among pears

>> No.35047109

favorited a few idolmaster doujinshi no clue what idolmaster actually is

>> No.35047113

not trying to reproduce at all just trying to make you aware that you have no clue what the thing you're critizing even is
simply dont like people talking about things they've spent maybe a minute or less with

>> No.35047125

yeah as a man you are especially weak to the coomer angle.

honestly this plague is gonna get worse before it gets better even my brother is talking about eng vtubers now
it was revolutionary for its time. no one created an idol management game before especially with actual music and talented va. their major flaw is they stuck strictly to game media for too long and by the time they got their anime off the ground they were old news and love live cancer just ripped them off wholesale

>> No.35047144


>> No.35047150


I listened to the original and imo gura’s version hits harder. Maybe its just bias idk

>> No.35047164

wtf its not the coomer angle im talking about aesthetics i just think its very cringey to try to fit 3d into 2d and for all of this to revolve around a single real person ad libbing shit live the end result is boring and unworthy of being called art

>> No.35047186

fair, that's what hololive alternative will be about presumably, with manga as well
funny they hired mizuryu kei at first for the manga but he screwed up colossally


>> No.35047188

i thought i knew the て form
but i don't know the て form

>> No.35047190

it helped me to get on the right track in terms of what to do (read and watch more) and helped keep up my motivation (so i would continue to read and watch more)
now i can read and understand all the shit i care about which was my goal
so even if it's a cancerous shithole i'd say yes

>> No.35047193

cinderella girls was great too but only for ranko

>> No.35047228


>> No.35047230

rip agf

>> No.35047238

uhhhh take your own advice maybe?

>> No.35047242

u cant approach this language grammatically u are gonna have a bad time

monolingual texbook drills + native teacher + feeling it out

best part about it is you cant even ask stupid grammar questions cause they wont understand what you mean

>> No.35047243

you think ive not tried lol

>> No.35047248

which song of those are you referring to?

>> No.35047262

lmao how do you think the native teacher's gonna teach you?

>> No.35047264
File: 972 KB, 1223x563, djf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35047275

by speaking japanese to you until it clicks. but you gotta learn to read kana first obviously. they also use visual, audio and performances to help with understanding

>> No.35047276

they unironically all look the same to me
probably sex the middle and marry the one on the right she looks like she can cook

>> No.35047277
File: 167 KB, 420x315, caef1f3996cc0d82a934d167afec05f2c7f9e39e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

great pic retard

>> No.35047285

>modern woman

>> No.35047297

>modern woman

>> No.35047309

I wouldn't want to be with someone who didn't have looks. They could have no functional talents at all and it would be ok as long as they look hot.

>> No.35047311


>> No.35047313


>> No.35047318

9gag just seems like an inferior version of Reddit. I remember I used to love browsing it back when I was 14-16 years old, but these days it seems very boring. It's got more or less the same mixture of shit you'd get through /int/ or /pol/ or Youtube or anything else. Just shitty clickbait and some guy's "funny" comment on something else using a generic meme template. I can't stand any of that stuff. Maybe that's why I unironically prefer just wasting the day calling people on 4chan gay.

>> No.35047328


>> No.35047335

I feel like i'm answering questions by instinct instead of reasoning the answer, is this ok? It feels like an incorrect form to learn.

>> No.35047337


>> No.35047346

she looks older though

>> No.35047347

most japanese women can cook or at least learn to when they get married. japanese food isnt hard to make 90% of it is using a rice cooker lmao

>> No.35047351
File: 157 KB, 850x743, __yuzuki_yukari_vocaloid_and_1_more_drawn_by_kujira_hebi__sample-34debcf95bd55bb31018898c8eb99b7d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the 2016 version looked very expressive, full of the artist's personality, whereas the 2021 version looks fake and plastic.

>> No.35047356
File: 158 KB, 269x287, a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you cant reason languages they are all unreasonable to a certain degree

>> No.35047360


>> No.35047361

maybe you just like one style better, anyway the sketches always look more artsy because of the extra lines.

>> No.35047367

the other 10% is just mix shoyu, negi, mirin, and sake together, and boil/grill something with it.

>> No.35047388

>didn't finish coloring and inking
woah based?

>> No.35047390

I know how to make a corn beef pie. It's quite nice.

>> No.35047396

yeah, i like onepot stuff for that reason
but the best dishes often require the most prep and cleanup

>> No.35047399

italian food is just sautee some soffritto in olive oil, add tomatoes, parmesan, and something else, and then serve along with bread/rice/pasta
french food is just mirepoix, fines herbes, wine, wine and something else.
cajun food is just cajun trinity, cajun seasoning, and something else, served along with cornbread or rice.
mexican food is just tomato, chili, onion salsa, something else, served on a tortilla.
indian food is just onion, ginger, garlic, chili peppers, garam masala, and some other shit, served with rice and/or roti.

>> No.35047405

yeah thats what i meant

>> No.35047413

atashinchi showed me you can just stirfry chikuwa or open a can something to eat with rice if youre lazy

>> No.35047416

i hate rice

>> No.35047417

hey man if youre going to stick around just know i was kidding earlier

>> No.35047423


>> No.35047425

same fuck rice i need bread

>> No.35047435

tikuwa looks like the nastiest shit ever

>> No.35047441

Kidding about what.

>> No.35047442
File: 138 KB, 850x1133, __hagikaze_kantai_collection_drawn_by_sakiryo_kanna__sample-50c060777746ff88cc7a47345c483493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imagine bein a gurl at a wharf lookin at ships cummin/departin and seein the sun goin down, having a tiny bit of ur pantsu visible because ur such a dirty slut who luvs wearin mijikai sukaato

yeah i think women should all wear burqas so i don't get boners in public

>> No.35047451

I knew a tai women who made sticky rice, it was delicious with some flavoured meat.

>> No.35047453

couscous is the best

>> No.35047455

i like it, especially if you fill the hollow part with kewpie mayonnaise and negi or something

>> No.35047456
File: 1.31 MB, 1600x1257, quantum girlfriend 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Protag was complaining about the heat
Is he saying here that it makes sense foreigners commit murder since the heat is so bad they can use it as pretext?
Kinda like, yeah that heat can make anyone go crazy

>> No.35047457

i hate it too. whole wheat gang represent.

>> No.35047458

calling you a mouth breathing tranny worshipping faggot and stuff

>> No.35047461

jamal vibes from this post

>> No.35047465

I don't remember that but ok.

>> No.35047466

all of that is pretty cute but not anymore if i imagine how badly the wharf stinks

>> No.35047467

any spaetzlebros here?

>> No.35047478

ive literally eaten nothing but different kinds of onigiri for the last week from the convenience store here. i just dont want to eat korean food. good news is im losing more weight since im getting like 700 calories a day

>> No.35047481

i wish japan had some tall mommies

>> No.35047482

ja mann

>> No.35047489

well, screw you. imma have oatmeal and an apple for dinner.

>> No.35047491

>i just dont want to eat korean food
whats wrong with it

>> No.35047493

Actually it seems 異邦人 is some book or song, idk

>> No.35047495

also i think its cause of all the dog meat talk im actually afraid ill eat something with dog in it on accident. i know tuna mayo onigiri is safe

>> No.35047500


>> No.35047509

this is your brain on dog

>> No.35047513

korean food standards are extremely high

>> No.35047515

please stop its really bothering me to think about

>> No.35047520
File: 133 KB, 850x1202, __haguro_kantai_collection_drawn_by_73suke__sample-d7f90fd9bb954e533b4627d2c2abcb27.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

former yugoslavia might be a safer bet for tall women than japan.

>> No.35047525

yeah, high quality dogmeat im sure. i still dont wanna eat it

>> No.35047539

All meat taste the same to be honest. as long as it's juicy and not dry like turkey it's fine.

>> No.35047540

they already mixed it in your latte remember that gritty flavor

>> No.35047545

i have a very strong feeling eating a dog will affect my afterlife somehow im taking no chances
was chestnut and that was in english so i know its safe

>> No.35047549

why tf are you even in korea if you clearly dont wanna be there for the food or culture

also how do you know the tuna was actually tuna did you make the onigiri?
you could take that paranoia ad inifinitum and never eat anything another human made for you ever again

>> No.35047553

the world's first and second tallest living women are both from china.

>> No.35047554

princess eating like a commoner pleb

>> No.35047555

love me some neesans
love me some kaasans
simple as that.

>> No.35047562

Where do tall people come from.

>> No.35047565

they probably ran out of it and just put in the other kind of nuts

>> No.35047567

their mother's womb

>> No.35047569

i needed a country to spend months in because my other stay for kung fu is already maxing out the visa for that country. also i was losing my mind living in my home city. i figured korea would feel enough like japan to scratch the itch which in some ways it does

the onigiri and milk tea diet taste pretty similar to my life in japan

>> No.35047573

better joke would have been "the dog's name was Chestnut"

>> No.35047581

I remember watching a meme video that said Neanderthals died out because even though they were stronger than us they ran out of resources to sustain their bodies. How much can a human upgrade their body within their lifespan and at what point would that transfer to the offspring.

>> No.35047583

im starting to think og is one of those withoids that like to feel "unique" and "special" among asiatics.

>> No.35047586

i always thought this song sounded japanese when it was on the radio and i guess i wasnt the only one

>> No.35047591

she's explicitly stated that numerous times

>> No.35047595

oh no ive been found out lmao
and i tried so hard to post modestly about myself

>> No.35047599

Don't use racist terminology, this isn't the place for it.

>> No.35047603

now you've gone from weirdo to outright creep, i cant believe you coud fall even more.

>> No.35047607

if you admire meisou so much you should try meditating

>> No.35047609
File: 369 KB, 869x769, ..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35047610

theyll have to bring in a forklift to pick her up now

>> No.35047616

>>unironic racist
>30 years old and childless woman
>dreams of living among asioids
whoah what a fucking shitshow.

>> No.35047617

og knows shes a 2/10 in the west but gets upgraded to a 6 in japan cause they're so bug ugly

>> No.35047633

people usually start getting problems with breathing and circulation if they're over 7/8 feet tall (not sure, but it's somewhere around there).
as far as i know, Lamarckian evolution (the belief that people can pass on stuff they've acquired during their lives through their genes) has been proven wrong (but not really, since bacteria cultures often exhibit quick adaptations to their environment that their descendants display).

>> No.35047636

did you watch flare's 65k 歌枠?

>> No.35047644

more like i'm a 9.5/10 in the west and an being of light among mortals here
hope you dont think im serious. im self conscious about not having an asian bmi and if my style is on-point when i come over here

>> No.35047648

coming to you with forbidden knowledge

>> No.35047663

Im watching it right now
I can rarely watch her live sadly

>> No.35047666

im starting to think og is a tranny. s/he's /pol/ incarnated.

>> No.35047667

im gonna use my new god powers to cause another reversal in the near future we need a reset and to destroy technology.

>> No.35047670

>Lamarckian evolution (the belief that people can pass on stuff they've acquired during their lives through their genes) has been proven wrong (but not really, since bacteria cultures often exhibit quick adaptations to their environment that their descendants display).
This is very interesting to me. It also inspires me to develop skills that my offspring could inherit.

>> No.35047675

is tae kim still gud in 2021?

>> No.35047680
File: 60 KB, 584x358, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lets get this thread back on track

>> No.35047690
File: 156 KB, 271x265, kfp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we're overdue actually
the poles are starting to drift much faster also
think it wont be much longer

>> No.35047692

if i had a dick i wouldnt be taping down or cutting it off, trust me

also im not really /pol/ kinda sick of saying this. you all are just too young to remember this is a reactionary site

>> No.35047698

lol andres and alfredo deadly duo

>> No.35047708

>Da Godfather

>Jun 1
>So just changed the channel name to the Gentlemens corner the main focus will be anime, hentai, video games, pick up, men's advice, mens fashion.

>> No.35047710

werent you talking about massacring people or something just a few hours ago

>> No.35047718

watched a half an hour of it earlier today, usually dont watch her
her singing voice is pretty great

>> No.35047731

i mean i have a lot of crazy ideas its not really a pol thing though this site has always been extreme example of free thought on the internet. also i have plenty of anti-pol thoughts no one screams pol over typical women hating shit and trad expectations of them. you guys just like to cherrypick my personality depending on what you want me to be

>> No.35047734

ok scumbag lol

>> No.35047744

who did the cunt wanted to massacre

>> No.35047755

no idea what pol or anti-pol sentiments are supposed to be

>> No.35047756

he massacred criminals

>> No.35047761

her writings are getting incoherent somehow.

>> No.35047766

self-flagellating whites that act shamefully and weak and hurt the tribe

>> No.35047773
File: 86 KB, 756x574, give up.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35047778

lmfao, why dont you get your act together first before lashing at others?

>> No.35047784

for all of 5 minutes before he also killed anyone for any reason. anyway i was speaking in the moment i think a death sentence is harsh but probably banishment would be appropriate and physically branding them as traitors

>> No.35047796

i would never write a post that vulgar unless it was funny or at least better worded

>> No.35047803

you were talking about conquest invading foreign lands for no reason rounding up the people enslaving them and killing them you are kind of heinous

>> No.35047815

there is no reasoning with you, your imagination just runs wild with anything i say. just stop

>> No.35047832
File: 119 KB, 850x1200, __yuuki_setsuna_love_live_and_1_more_drawn_by_deadnooodles__sample-f0d373fd167ce20748b71372efaf49bf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's weird how people can confuse me with Jamal, Moe, or Tobira Guy, but nobody ever dares mistake me for a poster who actually deserves respect.

>> No.35047836

now now ogre girl no need to play dumb your stinking posts are right there for everyone to read you should just come out and admit youre an invasive scumbag piece of shit

>> No.35047838

hard to do that when there are not djt posters deserving of respect

>> No.35047848

i wish there monitors with DIN A4 ratio existed so i could read doujins with them without having to zoom in

>> No.35047851

dont think anyones confusing you for anyone but a fag uppercaser

>> No.35047853
File: 257 KB, 600x400, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35047857

why does 4bc spend all his free time here arguing with og? doesnt he have shit to do?

>> No.35047863

og vocabulary starter kit
>simpering optics

>> No.35047864

im doing my shit though

>> No.35047866
File: 270 KB, 954x606, bros.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35047869

i said there is nothing inherently evil about conquest and enslavement per say. but i also said i dont think its something people should do because imperialism is opposed to tribalism and slavery never benefits a society in the long-run and just causes too much bad blood.

and now you say that i personally want to invade countries and rape and pillage because you are constantly being disingenoius about my original points. and i wasnt even the guy that said it was fine i just agree with some of his points.

>> No.35047873
File: 2 KB, 28x1202, 4bc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

timeline of 4cbs posts in this thread. crazy how hard this guy works.

>> No.35047875

come back when you get 100% on a review with 200+ items

>> No.35047878



>> No.35047880

don't come back

>> No.35047899

now now, conquest and slavery must be done with some purpose, bloodshed for the sake of bloodshed is retarded.

>> No.35047901
File: 1.39 MB, 995x1003, bunko.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35047903
File: 155 KB, 640x380, kfc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>come back
>don't come back
so which is it

>> No.35047905

pretty sure there are monitors like that which you can flip upright into portrait mode

>> No.35047906

lol you are so fake you had a completely different dehumanizing tone before fuck off with your revisionism dont reply to me again

>> No.35047908

link pls? i'm low iq

>> No.35047909

you can come back if youre not gonna post anymore flashcard stuff

>> No.35047915

I'm trying to practice reading more but I constantly come up on kanji I don't know the reading for. This means I end up looking them up in a dictionary. But this blocks my flow of reading without looking shit up. It especially sucks since I generally knows the meaning of the kanji and even have a good enough idea on what the usage means.
How do I fix my retardation?

>> No.35047918

dunno dont have one but heres what i got from a search for vertical monitor

>> No.35047920

i never one supported bloodshed for the sake of bloodshed from start to finish it was a rhetorical musing.
ill take that as your concession

>> No.35047924

>per say
another native esl mistake

>> No.35047932

i was just joking anon you don't even have to leave
you're always welcome here

>> No.35047936

my monitor can go into portrait mode but i never use it like that

>> No.35047942

thats not a timeline i ran some errands in between
yeah i conceded youre human trash

>> No.35047948

hate to say this but 4bbc is right her tone really was dehumanizing and iirc she agreed with some anon that said the solution is simply to kill all the slaves before they revolt

>> No.35047949

Just learn kana and basic grammar on your own. If you're not brain dead you'll dance circles around the other weebs.

>> No.35047950

can't breathe

>> No.35047952
File: 27 KB, 400x400, 4bc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>noooo you just cant conquer and enslave your enemy

>> No.35047956

glad you could find some free time in between posts to do something useful

>> No.35047963

pretty cringe

>> No.35047964

there so much hot stuff floating on soundcloud it's amazing how godlike some of these bedroom artists are
i would recommend anyone to browse through soundcloud at least once in their life time during a sleepless night

>> No.35047966

fuck off

>> No.35047968

youve established that opinion thoroughly and ive establish how futile it is to change your mind so why do you keep beating a dead horse? no one wants to deal with a fucking sperg archivist chronicalling everything that said to throw in your face later and then pass moral judgements on fucking 4chan. people are gonna just tell you to fuck off for having to feel they have to self-censor

especially coming from a goddamn lolicon its rich

>> No.35047978

wtf is a bedroom artists

>> No.35047984

im literally not reading one word of this post nothing you say is going to change what you wrote there shut the fuck up and get out of my face before i knock you out

>> No.35047986

whats your endgame, senor?

>> No.35047989

i've been keeping away from places where basedjack posting is permissible for so long that i now find it funny

>> No.35047994


>> No.35047996

someone who produces music during their leisure time

>> No.35048000


>> No.35048002

og if you want an example of why pride is one of the seven deadly sins

we're literally in pride month right now

>> No.35048004


>> No.35048005

beating women is a pretty scumbag thing to threaten don't ya think? assault charge at least even without laying a finger

guess that makes you a criminal wow our own 4bbc

>> No.35048007

oh they probably suck ass then

>> No.35048010

lmao, he even gave me a dislike

>> No.35048012

i hate the way it looks and the way it's used

>> No.35048015

not sure which anime to watch next

>> No.35048017

you must be a faggot then.

>> No.35048018

most yea but there are tensais out there

>> No.35048024

well all know thats not real pride its that thing were people fake the opposite of an insecurity

>> No.35048034

galactic heroes
you're ready

>> No.35048036
File: 188 KB, 850x1198, __hinanawi_tenshi_touhou_drawn_by_tsune_tune__sample-7df7e616af07e0cbcad5903b881e5eb2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why would i be one?

>> No.35048045

like your personality?

>> No.35048053

you just answered yourself, avatarfag.

>> No.35048055


>> No.35048073

if the heart achieves the correct form it becomes emotion, and emotions may be manifested.

>> No.35048076

not sure why he comes at me out of nowhere when im not even talking to him just to snipe and slander and then eventually get pissed when i call him out, and tell me not to (you) him

then also im supposed to be doing anki for this faggot? what sick game is this?

>> No.35048086

my name is yuuuki

>> No.35048088
File: 200 KB, 850x1198, __hinanawi_tenshi_touhou_drawn_by_tsune_tune__sample-7989884dcc0b1acffab29c9940df126b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's 比那名居天子 (Hinanawi Tenshi) from the Touhou game series.

>> No.35048090

its pretty clear to anyone whos been here for a while that she respond to people differently even when they post the same things because she doesnt engage on the basis of content but on the basis of perceived status of the poster she is replying to shes a shallow disingenuous and rotten bitch to the core who runs her mouth in manic stupor and then forgets about it all right after what a nasty person

>> No.35048093

onaka suitimatta ze

>> No.35048095

she doesn't have a modicum of 2hu in her wtf is zun doing

>> No.35048102

in german that deadly sin is called Hochmut (arrogance, haughtiness, hubris) and not Stolz (pride)

maybe in the english translation they just lost a bit of the context

>> No.35048103

you do the same you even said your trip was to filter people not worthy of talking to you

>> No.35048106


>> No.35048120

post the vocaroo

>> No.35048121


>> No.35048122
File: 606 KB, 800x1200, __hinanawi_tenshi_touhou_drawn_by_fusu_a95101221__03d722794155a544ef3df4e9a54e89b0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is another artist's depiction of the same character. Does this look more 2hu-esque to you?

>> No.35048137

i'll give 100 4chan silver coins to anyone who can vocaroo the dialogue in this pic

>> No.35048140

since when does 白菜 stink

>> No.35048141

holofags have change tactics

>> No.35048151

>then also im supposed to be doing anki for this faggot?
drop it bitch delete it right now i dont give a fuck stay illiterate youre not doing me a favor by helping yourself better get that right fucking sicko

>> No.35048157
File: 152 KB, 680x925, 1622572398826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35048159
File: 599 KB, 227x165, 134235836168..gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

people still giving all their best and uploading doujin music from mid 00s

>> No.35048160

you know you wanted to help her so she would like you and maybe send you a message on discord

>> No.35048167

i think using a trip has addled your brain because you dont know half my posts im 100% sure of that.

yeh im all about status or whatever thats why im adversarial with literally every name and trip. i guess i go easy on bunko, sometimes at best but hes not really high status either.

who exactly am i trying to win over here? i already have a few anons who like me i guess, and another few who dont like me but i agree with their views. you act like im a criminal anytime i try to represent myself fairly

meanwhile you and moe blow each other over the most unfunny, unoriginal, canned shit and you yourself have an incredibly inconsistent standard for who you decide to ally with

i do have shit memory and am capricious day to day but i have no interest in misrepresent myself for ....djt status(???).... or beg for approval from people i dont know outside of the thread and never want to
you always go on about how consistent and how you had me pegged from the start so why the fucking games? im either a waste of time or not and either way you are showing yourself to be off the rails in your attitude towards me and waaay too emotionally invested

like ur actually mad right now its crazy

>> No.35048168

This is sad, why would you post this. It's not a happy thing to post.

>> No.35048176


>> No.35048177

yeah i've seen that one. the prior ones have nothing in common with her i thought it was a new character

>> No.35048186

whenever you wanna fcking kys just remember all the great anime thats coming out

>> No.35048190

it's an example of the type of atheist/redditor that is more likely to derive meaning from the type of media he consumes compared to the average christian

>> No.35048192
File: 66 KB, 907x985, aniki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35048195

here's a chance for you to prove you know japanees og

>> No.35048204

>i have no interest in misrepresent myself
spending too much time in korea

>> No.35048205

uhhh that didnt really help lol

>> No.35048207

wonder what it sounds like in there when she furiously types one of those long ass posts

>> No.35048212

it's called "redditspacing".

>> No.35048213

I understand you wish to make fun of the individual because of his hobbies, but suicide is not a good topic to bring up. It can spread like a disease.

>> No.35048216

that's way too easy

>> No.35048224

more like japaneasy

>> No.35048225
File: 188 KB, 1566x1300, E2nahNXUYAQvVeB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35048227

That was a good anime. I would watch it again if I didn't already know the story.

>> No.35048250

try to genuinely help someone whos been struggling to get anywhere for years despite them having shat on you for months telling you youre irrelevant youre a waste of time your posts are garbage kys and after all that have them act as if theyre doing you a favor
fuck you
burn in hell

>> No.35048254

i mean you were braking at jamal for spacing his shit like that now you're doing the same??

>> No.35048255

dont you often make jokes about jamal typing like that?
maybe it was another anon

>> No.35048262


>> No.35048265

Then do it.

>> No.35048270

you can be alright sometimes trash taste poster

>> No.35048271

dont care

>> No.35048273

yeah i actually dont usually double space but with lowercasing it gets hard to read and also i need to see my own thoughts laid out or ill be even more unintelligible than normal and not have a point

>> No.35048274

japanese is easy
not thinking about death is hard

>> No.35048293

Who are you

>> No.35048302

never have to think about death
whats there to think about?

>> No.35048304

>or ill be even more unintelligible than normal
congrats on admitting it

>> No.35048306

I haven't watched this, the synopsis doesn't include fun games but it looks like a good psychological thriller.

>> No.35048307
File: 25 KB, 423x238, 1622752536980.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35048318

youre all ass and your taste is ass
your life is ass asss asss

tsumari tte sa ass

>> No.35048319


>> No.35048330

i loved imouto posts back in 2018/19 because she (jamal) would always make it so that you don't understand her post because she'd purposefully use some jackass hiragana words
i'm too lazy to go through the archives but i wonder if i could read her posts nowadays

>> No.35048331

i dont usually come for you is all i mean. im usually civil, not the same as stroking your head and asking about your last bad trip. im actively aggressive towards jamal, moe, 4bbc, ciaran, quiz, ect

>> No.35048332


>> No.35048333

How true is this?

>> No.35048337 [SPOILER] 
File: 134 KB, 850x1203, 1622766246711.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bros how do you say assdiction (addiction+ass) in japanese?

>> No.35048338

i never really denied it its not like i cant read my own typos and mistakes i just dont care enough clearly

>> No.35048368


>> No.35048371
File: 33 KB, 420x118, stevi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what is it about mothercons and being good at japanese?

>> No.35048388 [SPOILER] 
File: 93 KB, 850x617, 1622766500190.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw no big ass girls to assist

>> No.35048392

ur not very nice for a tripfag begging for sympathy and free therapy circles all the time. dont worry ill make sure ur on my shitlist too if thats what you want

>> No.35048403
File: 75 KB, 1013x470, mii.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

really wonder why og even browses this thread
sure as hell not related to japanese

>> No.35048407

sigmund freud was also a german-speaker, wasn't he? is mothercon the german-speaking world's complex?

>> No.35048408

feels good being on og's good boy list

>> No.35048410

This is another one of my favourite anime. I've mostly forgotten this I think I should read or watch it again.

>> No.35048411

going to bed early

>> No.35048414

perfect gura mouth

>> No.35048415

i get to feel a lot of strong emotions from the comfort of my futon i guess. also sometimes its very funny

>> No.35048432

qm's a pedocon

>> No.35048436

wotd: 糞尿物語

>> No.35048438

the story of my life

>> No.35048447

you all think im not enjoying myself clearly im here because i do. or that i more upset than i actually am based on how im typing

i mean yeah once in a blue moon ill get super upset about something and ragequit but thats not even how i feel rn it was just a stupid argument with 4bbc

>> No.35048454

crazy how og considers herself an anime fan and her fav anime is cuckcon 4

>> No.35048460

im mostly here for japanese and having fun

>> No.35048472

now see thats the kind of things that makes me wanna quit for good is when i feel the thread itself is beyond any value because of your utter trash taste

thank you for noticing :)

>> No.35048473


>> No.35048484

i bet you have a darth vader funkopop since you love all that gay pop culture shit so much

>> No.35048488




>> No.35048491

imagine being ogs irl 八つ当たり対象

>> No.35048492

crazy how obese girl doesnt like any good anime


>> No.35048494
File: 2.90 MB, 1790x1134, krillin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35048507

lol i also mined boroboro from that part

>> No.35048508

cant even put characters like this in stories anymore without people sperging out about native americans
*sigh* better times

>> No.35048509

its one of the reason i stay away from people i dont like that gross feeling after you've vented on them or talked about yourself too much and overshared

but thankfully most of you are scum i couldnt care less here

>> No.35048510


>> No.35048518
File: 130 KB, 850x1133, __yuuki_setsuna_love_live_and_1_more_drawn_by_dice_gt__sample-314dcc1c8771acc6a7e47e62cb61aba8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're not cute.

>> No.35048520
File: 313 KB, 728x333, og.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35048522

what do you mean

>> No.35048524

you should learn to keep your mouth shut then.

>> No.35048542


>> No.35048543

ame and mori?

>> No.35048550

you mean like in naruto?

>> No.35048551

yeah it's okay to be an avatarfag but when you call our princess not cute you've crossed the line

>> No.35048552

obese girl should kys shes a total loser and a detriment to every human she interacts with

>> No.35048556

its not okay to be an avatarfag

>> No.35048562

yeah there was a lot of face crumbling there when you think about it

>> No.35048563

damn the adventure continues some more

>> No.35048566

should I watch mob psycho

>> No.35048568

you'd never say this if you had sex

>> No.35048569


>> No.35048578
File: 89 KB, 669x384, 1585951444020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why did u write this i wasnt reading the thread so i have no idea but u forgot the rules of the thread

>> No.35048581

Oh I thought it would be good. Ok then i'll trust your judgment.

>> No.35048583


>> No.35048586

well i dont want u to kys but i do hope you get yours someday for being such a vile swine

>> No.35048587

she cant read that

>> No.35048588
File: 441 KB, 1534x420, not peko.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35048593

you'd know if you had sex

>> No.35048597

just look at this post >>35048509 total scumbag nothing deserving of respect or second chances with this type

>> No.35048598

ive had sex and i have no idea what that guy is talking about

>> No.35048601

i dropped it once because the start is really not that great but a friend convinced me to give it another try and i ended up liking it except for those early episodes

>> No.35048606


>> No.35048611

ive finished off a couple of guys but idk what you mean

>> No.35048612

that doesnt make sense considering my post

>> No.35048613

wait a minute is that https://files.catbox.moe/nw3cm0.mp4

>> No.35048620

I feel like this is insincere since most people say to keep watching after the bad few first episodes.

>> No.35048627

what a time to be alive

>> No.35048628

always trust moe

>> No.35048630

just kys

>> No.35048636

its been so long since I watched dragon ball
that scene felt so comfy

>> No.35048639

I never watched dragonball. I don't really feel like I missed anything.

>> No.35048647

lmao yeah thats totally in proportian to me saying "oh yeah people on 4chan are jerks so i dont care if i overshare"

scrape up an iq please

>> No.35048648

same guy, takes place like 10 chapters later or something

>> No.35048649

if most people say it then there has to be some truth to it

>> No.35048650


>> No.35048652

i know i just wanted an excuse to share the clip

>> No.35048655

rather scrape the shit off my shoe with your face after i shove it up your ass

>> No.35048657

this scene was so sad when i watched it as an 8 yo

>> No.35048662


>> No.35048665

obese girl will die as she lived a mentally ill piece of sh1t draggin everyone down

>> No.35048670

also funny 4bbc got so morally uppity about me saying kys as a joke like one time yet when his butt-buddy moe says it he doesnt give a shit

bunch of faaaaygs no scruples crazy how easy filth are able to live with themselves

>> No.35048671

I feel like if there was truth to that statement the anime industry wouldn't exist.

>> No.35048673

this but lion king

>> No.35048683

The backwards chi is sa.

>> No.35048692

lemme put it that way:
how many memes and epic moments have moe and 4bbc collectively left in djt's history and how many has og?

>> No.35048696


>> No.35048707

and youll die as you lived smelling of bacon and bringing down your mal numbers

>> No.35048709

Who cares lol

>> No.35048712

djt has no history and no one ever left any epic moments in it

>> No.35048714


>> No.35048716

ive changed my mind on og shes actually a great poster and has a lot of potential. she just needs some advice on the ways of djt to really raise her 株 to bitcoin levels

>> No.35048723

very annoying people can do very stupid things on a consistent basis and be more memorable for it. someone who rubs themselves in a vat of shit and then runs naked through my house would be extremely memorable, but that doesn't mean i appreciate or like that person or respect them.

>> No.35048733

very bad posts

>> No.35048743

this thread and this site isnt for you go back to plebbit if you want to fart-sniff all day. learn what context is you autist

>> No.35048761

obese girl is mean all day every day, always doing her cringe royalty fantasy calling everyone trash or w/e. then when she gets told to kys for being a scumbag shes morally outraged. get fucked

>> No.35048765

I want to order a pizza but it's 2am, I will eat beans out of a tin instead.

>> No.35048769

she may be mentally ill but its no excuse anymore

>> No.35048777

it'd be worse if you wanted to eat beans at 2am cuz there's really nowhere to get those from

>> No.35048778

im not morally outraged im just feeling like i want, you, personally to experience bad things because you are a bad person and a hypocrite like most of my loud detractors

>> No.35048780

Should i ask a native how to pronounce zenin tenin words

>> No.35048787

cringe post

>> No.35048791


>> No.35048794

No that will only cause embarrassment, never ask questions for fear of being a fool.

>> No.35048798

she may be mean but she doesnt say kys i can respect that
dont like her hating on holos for no reason though

>> No.35048800

i mean i only said kys in reaction to her being a trash horrible person all thread

>> No.35048803

zay een

>> No.35048812

i dont think im mean all day every day i think i react to stimuli like most people and i try to make sure its appropriate for for djt and the scenario but im not perfect.

btw moe dont forget you and 4bbc refused any possible chance of peaceful coexistence so stop with the "oh this time i simply must say something" act its getting stale

>> No.35048814

based post

>> No.35048815

and its warranted shes a real pos

>> No.35048818

I'm listening to hiragana on duo lingo and they keep pronouncing Ra as La. I thought this was a /jp/ meme.

>> No.35048822

please refrain from samefagging

>> No.35048830

if i was og id be going off in here every day too and way worse. she gets so much shit from y'all incels it's crazy...

>> No.35048832

the beginner thread is here >>>/int/djt

>> No.35048837

if you were obese girl you should kys too

>> No.35048839

I don't need to post in the beginner thread because I know words like sushi.

>> No.35048841

the beginner thread is here >>35048634

>> No.35048846

It's not ra or la. The ら doesn't really exist in English. The (English) 'R' and 'L' sounds don't really exist in Japanese.

>> No.35048847

so you can say kys just by qualifying it with the fact you think theyre a piece of shit?

real big brain take there moe sure you are paragon of virtue in djt

>> No.35048852

girls say la. guys say da

>> No.35048854

>saying kys as a joke like one time
you clearly have no recollection of the shit youve said
>runs her mouth in manic stupor and then forgets about it all right after
but im not even going to bother linking anything this time because youre not worth it

>> No.35048857

in extreme cases yea some people should kys you wouldnt say im wrong if i told the columbine guy to kys or maybe you would cuz youre scum

>> No.35048861

she's like quiz she likes the attention she gets no matter the kind.

>> No.35048867




>> No.35048871

*retreats to my happy place*

>> No.35048879

it doesnt really bother me i saw the same exact shit happen in meisou's breakdown thread they pull the exact same tactics
i like stirring the pot for fun and to see the outcome but its not as ego driving as you all like to pretend otherwise there would be no reason not to use a trip at this point

>> No.35048884


>> No.35048885

what a juvenile moral argument

>> No.35048886

you dont use a trip because you dont want to be filtered lmfao

>> No.35048887

My beginner question got ignored

>> No.35048897

think you'll find better answers on >>>/vt/

>> No.35048898

ok dont kys. seek help and stop being a piece o shit all the time. haha you wont

>> No.35048908

Just make up the answer, it doesn't matter. Not even jp's can read Japanese.

>> No.35048913

i told her that she shouldn't have read neetchan, but now there's no turning back.

>> No.35048916


>> No.35048922

i honestly dont even know how filters work and im pretty sure im filtered somehow anyway but a lot of people based on things i type. i just dont jive with names/trips never have its not why i use 4chan i could go literally anywhere else for that kind of thing
its not ok to diagnose people with mental illnesses or shame them for it if they have it but you dont care because you are not a moral person you are just a pig trying to play stupid games online

feel bad for schizo guy having to explain that shit to the thread all the time

>> No.35048946

you wouldn't use these argumens if you didnt think id have a moral need to feel justify my behavior. its the same shit you guy did to meisou taking advantage of the fact she sincerely didnt want to be a bad person

the mistake you made is thinking i accept a consensus of morality from lowly duplicitous creatures that i am already morally superior to

go back to attacking my vanity that at least stings slightly

>> No.35048953

thats not shaming or a diagnosis thats saaying seek help for the good of everyone cuz youre horrible

>> No.35048955 [DELETED] 

dont know who meisou is but morality is a spook and means nothing

>> No.35048962


>> No.35048966

new thread up >>35031333

>> No.35048968 [DELETED] 

Tell me more about steiner, I only know the spook memes. What is the core of that philosophy?

>> No.35048973

you argue like a woman nothing but pathos and no substance just "OG BAD OG BAD" fucking gross dude.

someone give me a real adversary itt i almost miss qm

>> No.35048979

wait till she founds out meisou is black

>> No.35048984

what am i supposed to say youre a negative insulting person all the time all there is to it

>> No.35048994

i already knew that, and you guys called her a gorilla. that was so sweet and nice of a thread free of my /pol/ influence

>> No.35048999

as a nice guy i cant respect mean people

>> No.35049002

this "moral correcteness" act that moe is trying to pull off is quite funny.

>> No.35049003

and you arent? have you ever attempted to be civil with me at any point? yeah yeah some cope about how i was rotten from my very first (anonymous) post and how from that point on you and 4bbc have every right to crusade against my evil presence

>> No.35049008

theres no need to talk about this anymore it doesnt matter what she thinks because in her mind shes always in the right no matter what putrid shit she pukes out always the victim getting ganged up on

even now she has no remorse for her actions not a moment of reflection or consideration but is instead looking for an opening desperate for a cheap petty comeback to get "revenge" and clear her name so she can go to sleep thinking shes moral righteous and pure its sickening to think such scum exist i dont want to believe the world is that fucked up but i cant deny the reality in front of me

but ultimately who cares its futile arguing with such "people" fuck them

>> No.35049014

just gonna hide any post chain obese girl is in shes just trying to stop us all from living our best life

>> No.35049016

this is what I think about people who use trips.

>> No.35049030

well fuck you too i dont care about you

>> No.35049042

Why would you type this.

>> No.35049050

not even gonna look up who this is

>> No.35049059

I like this. If i'm interpreting correctly it would be that he is emphasising free will.

>> No.35049076

lol you post that but your bf claims im the one playing the victim lmao

also just hilarious you think ive done anything need to repent over my god the ego on this kid with a trip. where are all the "dont take djt seriously" posts when moe and 4bcc start their knights of the round table larp?

hisss yess im so evil muahaha i want to be MEAN an RUDE to you innocent djters and i wont lose and ounce of sleeep! truly the poor souls here will suffer ptsd from my abysmal posts for all time and 4chan will develop a reputation as a place where innocent young men meet their deaths at the hands of sociopathic christmas cakes with 4chan passes

>> No.35049078


>> No.35049087
File: 56 KB, 675x499, E295b-MXoAAZ9Ii.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

me on the right moe on the left

>> No.35049094

kinda and you can only have true free will if no spooks restrict your thoughts

>> No.35049102

matt discredited george in a recent debate so i don't recommend george's videos.

>> No.35049109

matts a bitch

>> No.35049115

>its sickening to think such scum exist i dont want to believe the world is that fucked up but i cant deny the reality in front of me
should i get you a couch to faint dramatically on?

>> No.35049137

yall boys are some characters

>> No.35049158

it's only the cunt's fault for taking the annoying autistic faggot fuck and moe seriously.

>> No.35049164

correction its her fault for being a mad pos all the time for like 6 months

>> No.35049180

id say they are the ones taking me way too seriously im just enjoying them make me such a big part of their djt experience. will they finally vanquish me?? find out next thread

>> No.35049186

to add to that he also advocates a state of mindlessness or 無想

If the thoughts are free, then I am their slave, I have no power over them and am dominated by them. But I want to have the thought, want to be full of thoughts, but at the same time I want to be thoughtless, and instead of freedom of thought I preserve thoughtlessness.
I am not nothing in the sense of emptiness, but the creative nothing, the nothing out of which I, as a creator, create everything.

>> No.35049204

nobodys posts here mean anything to begin with lol no one cares about the shit ass posts made by some retarded mentally ill loser but puking out that diarrhea still makes you a garbage person regardless and im not joking when i say that idk why thats so hard for you to accept
but then again who cares whether you do youre a schizo freak truly mentally ill a wretched existence

>> No.35049206

no one appreciates the restraint either. like how badly i want to shit on the 無想 guy who doesnt believe in morality and free will and the sheep that are listening to him but eh.

>> No.35049212


>> No.35049229

>who doesnt believe in morality and free will
you didnt even read what i wrote if you think i dont believe in free will
but you cant be restricted by morality and at the same time have true free will

all the baggage must go

>> No.35049241

you just know she hovered over musou

>> No.35049243

muddled post
try again when you've collected your thoughts and worked through whatever feelings you got raging in you

but if you really want to prove this isnt all just a big facade i promise ill be a nicer poster and a better person itt if you and moe dont harass me anymore.

you dont even have to be nice just literally ignore me and that will prove its nor personal and that you actually care about all this high minded shit your claiming

>> No.35049247

i dont like the buddhist bullshit.

>> No.35049257

But isn't the opposite of thoughtfulness an animal state? To which many would attribute a slave state in itself. How can he then promote the absence of intent as anything but bondage.

>> No.35049277

dont argue with buddhists they spent thousands of years learning how to make their bullshit sound profound

>> No.35049287


>> No.35049295

the sole fact that i share philosophy with a roastie means that my philosophy isn't manly enough.

>> No.35049305

it probably just means im way too manly. if it makes you feel better i read it by accident

>> No.35049315

i think his argument is as long as you are a believer you are restricted by spooks, thats why he wants to preserve also the thoughtlessness from which you can create everything

he writes: It is only when the thoughts run out that there are no more believers.

>> No.35049326

you have a lot to repent over but you cant even see it or you can but dont want to acknowledge it and that is what makes you irredeemable but keep laughing in your delirium i have nothing to prove to you and nothing more to say fuck off

>> No.35049336

i also believe that to live is to be at war eternally and that life is about the strong consuming and opressing the weak.
and that this is good.

>> No.35049357

babies dont believe in anything or think much of anything yet they scream and cry and experience pain and trauma like anyone else. nice theory i bet it too 100 years of monks eating air on some mountain to come up with that one.
yeah ok so its all just bullshit character assassination and guilt trips, got it. better luck next femanon

>> No.35049366

of course that should be self-evident just be existing as part of nature but people over complicate things.

watch out though, 4bbc will use it as artillery for you being a fascist who needs to repent if he needs to lol

>> No.35049367

So the goal is not necessarily thoughtlessness but a fluid state of potential?

>> No.35049407

yeah im just guilt tripping you haha you never said anything wrong because you cant so pure and moral an example for all to follow how fucking deluded can a person i just pointed out some of the heinous shit you said earlier itt but were back to square 1 lol anything older and oh im bringing up ancient history
im losing braincells over someone who doesnt deserve shit thats it im out

>> No.35049434

>t. 4chan pope
yes yes tell me how many hail marys my heinous posts require, father

>> No.35049441


>> No.35049447

also https://youtu.be/L2LwpNaZzTA

>> No.35049522
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>> No.35049558

What's the difference between English-translated and non-English-translated

>> No.35049572

How can you tell the difference between シ and ツ in different fonts?

>> No.35049588


>> No.35049729

good memory

>> No.35049772

translated into languages that are not english

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