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Guide and resources: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/
Previous thread: >>35040786

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just found this sick website

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flying through it. already learned this shit after 10 minutes

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want to share pocky with her

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what site is that.

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ok i got a yearly sub. let's see how this goes

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theres a free trial maybe you should have tried that first to see how it is

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oh well. it's probably good if they have testimonials

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can't tell if she's saying ありがたし or ありがたす
why does okayu say this

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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
Guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/
Word of the Day: https://t.me/s/jt_library

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I want to fuck them especially the one on the left.

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This is the transfriendly guide btw

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imagine the smell of her 尻

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bought a grid notebook and started writing kanji for the first time. pretty nice. probably will learn kana soon

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There's already a guide listed in the OP

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integrated guide: https://youtu.be/7rt1D6KsV1s

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I bet it smells like うんち

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What's the kanji for bussy?

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i'm on a roll

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i cannot listen to this without losing it to the first two seconds

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samefag. nobody likes this

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wow... he is LITERALLY me!

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Same, I started doing physical reps

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the main thing that delights me about this game is being able to zoom in on the cg and crop out the naughty stuff. im not here to jack off for fux sake

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i genuinely can't imagine jacking to this, aira's NYAA AUUUU AHHNNN AHAHHHHHHNN voice is too goddamn funny

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watching anime with subs counts as learning right.

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>im actively aggressive towards jamal

? we both know that isnt true

also its bedtime were goin to bed

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watch digimon in bed

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I don't like this answer. Please delete your post and use a different one.

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i know a guy who does that and he's made almost no progress for a year.

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is she fat?

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she qt

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yea gonna have to back up moe on this one

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I don't see myself finding many English dubbed anime with jap subtitles.

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What does this sentence mean? これは才シ才キ延長 だな

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no idea

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the letter at the end looks like na

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watch jap anime with jap subs

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How am I supposed to know what is going on?

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this is the most retarded thing i have heard in djt

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well which is it anon?

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Just focus, don't be a dekinai

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Do you magically know words when you watch or something.

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not him but context retard and do anki reps and learn grammar

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from context
You've probably watched a lot of anime before with english subs so you should have a basic vocabulary
you won't understand everything but you will learn more

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rtk retard

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yes but it takes thousands of episodes

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辞書. You might be too stupid to learn.

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rewatch shows that you have already seen

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そんなのわかってるっつーの粗 チソw
Doesn't this just say "I know what I'm talking about"?

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does anyone have the unko drill raws?

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average brazilian poster

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that sounds so boring

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just give up now

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yeah i'm legit gonna buy some unko drill books

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What's an uncomfortable truth that /djt/ doesn't like to admit?

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Did something exciting happen in the last thread? 1200 posts in 12 hours.

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hololive is the fastest path to fluency

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What does the ending mean?

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most differences in major life outcomes between people in first world countries are explained by genes. your dad could have died in a car accident when you were 3 and you'd pretty much be the same person you are today.

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nobody here is fluent

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who needs sentence cards when you have unko

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nuke weighs in

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>it takes 8 years for jp kids to learn the language
What the fuck.

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What percentage of Japanese words would you estimate to have 1-to-1 English equivalents?

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There has to be some equivalent or at least something close to it in english.

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the vast majority because most words are technical or scientific

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heh oh yea well what if i refine his question and limit the scope to the most frequent 10k words in both languages???

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Assuming we’re talking about college level words (30k most common words), my guess is... 25%?

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just dropped $200 on unko drill books

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it has been superseded.

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yes, check it out here: >>35048758

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volcano cards have probably been the most helpful srs cards I've ever used

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Watching one outs. I'm listening intently and am starting to recognize repeated words.

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What's with the blatant shilling/spam at the start of this thread?

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It takes years for english speaking kids to learn the language too, or do you think 5 year olds have fully developed language skills?

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best thing about wanikani is the community

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you mean like to laugh at them or wat

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lol moe gets another dunk

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why does moe do such obvious samefags consistently

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moe and i have our differences but i make it a point to give him credit when he dunks on people posting dumb shit. for you to call that samefagging is really fucked up.

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yea iuno

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Hello from the Intermediate Plateau™. Has anyone got a map out of here? I’ve been living in Japan coming up to two years this September. I was at a Japanese language school from the time I moved until August last year, and I passed N2 in December. The marks suggest it was a comfortable pass - though I did not feel very comfortable about passing it at the time.

Since that time, I don’t really feel like I’ve made any significant process. I work a job with exclusively Japanese colleagues, I have two native-speaker language exchange partners, I’m watching TV shows in Japanese (with Japanese subs) and playing JRPGs in Japanese as well (Dragon Quest XI and Skies of Arcadia at the mo). I’m also plugging away at a shadowing textbook and, of course, WaniKani too. But I still just… don’t feel like I’m getting any better.

Worse, I feel like I’m not enjoying those activities as much as I used to because I’m frustrated at my lack of progress. I feel like I miss all the significant plot points in the shows I watch, understanding only the basic conversation that occurs around it. I have to check my phone dictionary constantly while playing games; reading in general is still a massive slog. And my exchange conversations are still stilted to hell and back. (Let’s not even consider my workplace language use…)

Am I a slow learner? Am I being misled by the lack of a structured curriculum to measure progress against? Am I doomed to spend eternity in this frustrating limbo of ‘almost kind of not really’ understanding? What tips have others got for getting out of this slump?

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nice bait

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it seems like every self learner that makes it stumbles around for a year or two then finally figures out what actually works

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yep i remember that

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*imagines guts and corkus and the gang drinking after a battle* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iAViNf9Z4Y

>> No.35051104

yep i even remember corkus fondly. he was an ordinary guy and he was a dick but didn't deserve to be annihilated by the eclipse.

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the part where yamcha is fighting the invisible enemy

>> No.35051115

just hit chapter 100. major milestone

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>Kara is used to express subjective reasoning, such as personal beliefs. It can also be used for making excuses, commands, and invitations. It may appear at the beginning, middle, or end of a sentence.

>Node and nanode are used to express objective reasons or causes, such as stating facts or commonsensical things. Therefore, we cannot use them when projecting our personal opinions like we can with kara

Is this accurate?

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>intermediate plateau
>2 years living in japan
what is wrong with redditors?

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>able to read some manga's
>feel I got a pretty good grasp on simple conversations
>read some japanese youtube comment
>no fucking clue what these people are saying
Damn kids and their slang

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nakadashi more and you will get it

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Is there any way I can make Anki more fun?

Or at least, less mind-numbingly boring

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the images are helping way more than youd think
rep as fast as possible while still repping correctly, i try to beat my previous day's time. its a double win because you get done fast and you gameify it in an autistic way

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what does intermediate plateau even mean

>> No.35051413

when you feel the sunk cost of learnin japanese but arent good

>> No.35051416

right answer: nothing.
meme answer: the plateau starts when the redditors finish their textbook and dont know what to do from that point on.

>> No.35051420

>the plateau starts when the redditors finish their textbook and dont know what to do from that point on.
what like genki 2?

>> No.35051427

imagine a redditor who spent like 200 hours nonlearning japanese and thinks theyre almost there or something thats the plateau

>> No.35051429

genki 2, minna 2, japanese from zero 11, n5-n4 prep books, etc

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as if you are any better, nor will be

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Short and Simple Question: How do I shut the idiot in my head up? Anyone have any mental tricks?

I suffer strongly from what I would call presque vu or tip of the tongue 1 when I am doing my reviews. I can only describe it as trying to remember a mnemonic, but an idiot in the back of my head is screaming a wrong answer be it a kanji reading or, even worse, a synonym for a word. Let me give an example of what keeps happening to me with a personified anecdote.

Higher Brain: okay, so it ended with く… what was the dumb story again for–
Reactionary Brain: KAKU! It’s KAKU like KAKUDO and KAKASU!
Higher Brain: Those aren’t even–
Reactionary Brain: I won’t shut up until I see red! Enter KAKU and prove to me that it’s wrong!
Higher Brain: Exasperated Sigh 告=かく (Red flares up, checks to see it’s こく)
Reactionary Brain: Oooooh… Well, we knew KU!
Higher Brain: Okay… next. The meaning of 訓. It began with an I…
Reactionary Brain: Investigate?
Higher Brain: No. We’ve been over this. Not every kanji is investigate or research.
Reactionary Brain: Interefence?
Higher Brain: No. You’re only guessing that because it starts with an I. We know that’s a vocabulary word, not a kanji.
Reactionary Brain: Incindiary, Idiom, Indecisive, Idiot, I can’t think straight?
Higher Brain: (Hastily types I can’t think straight to get reactionary brain to shut up.)
Reactionary Brain: Oh… Instruction! That was gonna be my next guess!
Higher Brain: No. It. Wasn’t.

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lol you have no idea

>> No.35051469

you dont need much to be better than this
and i hope you are

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take scizo pills

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I have a pretty good idea

>> No.35051490

funniest shit ive read today

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That's probably true, but I can still feed the lines though google translate and get a reasonable translation most of the time.
On youtube even google often doesn't know what they're saying, and they're using expressions that are hard to look up.

For example, some people were saying 出社 when they came into a streamer's chat, but all I can find on that one is the official translation of "going to work".
I guess it's something people say as a greeting when entering a stream? idk

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ffs it's actually taking me 15-20 minutes to make a monolingual card because there are NO sentences for the dictionary words
what do i even do

>> No.35051575

trying to get a mono definition for imagination
searching for sentences for 10 minutes, can't find a single one
repeat, can't find a single one
give up and scream at women on the street

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>> No.35051656

my main anki profile is almost hitting the hard limit of 250mb (without media). not sure what im gonna do when that happens

>> No.35051747

why are you in this thread?

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>> No.35051782

no as weird as enlarged kneecap fetishism

>> No.35051783

took me less than 2 minutes

>> No.35051791

just use the same sentence from your immersion content

>> No.35051851

what did you use? i went through all sentences on jisho.org

>> No.35051889

>through all sentences on jisho.org
oh my lol
>what did you use?
myself lol

>> No.35051914

well eventually i'll get to that point but i don't trust myself right now.

>> No.35051921

just use google, twitter, etc

>> No.35051986

and you still couldn't make them grammatically correct

>> No.35051993

there was a big bug on the inside mosquito net and i didnt know how to kill it without getting it to fall on the floor so i just drenched it in hand sanitizer and it died after 2 minutes or so

>> No.35052004

dare you to point a mistake

>> No.35052015

instead of wasting your time, grab a paper towel and squish it

>> No.35052038

before you waste your time, I knew this was going to happen. both sentences were okay'd by an adult japanese person as being natural and not weird in any sense. but as always, djt is full of shit

>> No.35052054

浮かぶ is an 自動詞 ie it's involuntary so you can't say xを浮かぶ you have to say が浮かべる
take a look at these examples here before you try and cope any further

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fuck, firefox looks stupid now
i want the old version back


>> No.35052060

the person you're talking to is a korean then lol

>> No.35052067

>djt: don't study grammar
>also djt: 054

>> No.35052068

>>what did you use?
>myself lol
wait, is this retarded mongoloid saying that it used its own sentences to create cards? surely there isn't such a caliber of retard posting here, right?

>> No.35052077

read the context

>> No.35052085

please just keep your ignorance to yourself
read the sentence again...
also, take a look at this example straight from a japanese dictionary
涙を浮かべる (daijisen)
笑みを浮かべていた (kenkyuusha)
口元に微笑を浮かべて (kenkyuusha)
but the best one

>> No.35052086

this is why you dont update

>> No.35052095

i meant to say が浮かぶ there btw

>> No.35052109

those are all different from 浮かぶ lol
を浮かべる is correct, which is why i mistyped caused i was gonna say that but i wanted to stick to talking to 浮かぶ
浮かべる is not a 自動詞 it's a 他動詞 it's a different verb from 浮かぶ although they are a pair

>> No.35052119

and which verb did i use again?
also, take a look at an example with ukabu this time

>> No.35052131

but what are you talking about? the guy asked for ukaberu, not ukabu.
i sent sentences with ukaberu, not ukabu.
and to finish this shit, i showed you a sentence with wo ukabu (also from kenkyuusha)
but im sure you know better, anon

>> No.35052134

oh yeah i misread it somehow lol that's what i get for looking at djt just after waking up, also that one is grammatical because the active verb is する not the other ones

>> No.35052146

but whats your "grammar guide" explanation for

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>> No.35052168

found a fix
but the retards want to stop supporting it. wtf is wrong with current mozilla? they've changed


the whole charm of firefox was it being a customizable browser for non-normies

>> No.35052169

する is a 他動詞 so it uses を of course 浮かんだり沈んだり are basically adverbs here not verbs so they aren't the ones taking an object with を only しながら is

>> No.35052190

btw, i enjoyed your arrogance and lack of self awareness here
>and you still couldn't make them grammatically correct

i can imagine your fat fingers typping this while thinking "damn, gon roast this nigga"
but then, couldnt even properly read the sentences
nice one, anon. nice one, djt

>> No.35052198

not really a big deal i was still correct with what i imagined you said

>> No.35052217

>with what i imagined you said
thats some next level cope.
>i wasnt wrong. i just didnt understand what happened and created my own version of reality
gonna sleep now. see ya

>> No.35052246

found another fix:
browser.proton.enabled -> false

now i'll block updates for a year lol
fuck this shit

>> No.35052269

i looked up whats new and i dipped instantly...

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>Wie soll ich die zum Lesen kriegen? Die sind geisteskrank.
>Neun Tage hingst du in Yggrasils Zweigen

sometimes i create sentence cards without a translation in the back. the last one reminded me from context that Zweigen = branches

and some people claim u can't acquire language in anki

>> No.35052907

why would you even need tardcards for german
you just need a couple of simple rules, it's read as it is written

>> No.35052913


>> No.35052925


>> No.35053087

if you actually want to say branches you should use the nominativ unless you want to be weird
guess its fine to learn stuff this way if you only want to consume and never speak

>> No.35053236


>> No.35053293


>> No.35053422

even worse if you learn two gendered languages and the genders differ between them

>> No.35053684


>> No.35053782

lurk on 2chan or 5ch

>> No.35053861

ive been a neet for 2 years. this job will suck but after a year i can hopefully move into something where i can just sit around reading manga most of the day

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u can even learn 2 languages at the same time


>> No.35054269

this thread's suggestions are bullshit
i'm back to genki

>> No.35054309

The only way to learn 日本語:
1.Filter all tripfags
2.Don't waste time/money on ゴミ like:
-英語 youtube channels, shitty apps, Genki, Imabi, RTK, KKLC, Kanji Damage, Wanikani, Duolingo, Bunpro, Kodansha, Tobira, whatever you're using, language schools, Italki, AJATT, JLPT, Kanji Kentei tests and many other scams
-Awful anki decks (only 2k/6k from the OP and a simple yomichan mining deck are ok)
-You shouldn't spend more than 1-2 hours on Anki as a beginner and 20 minutes max after a few months, spamming easy is fine, Anki is only good at the start to prepare you for the journey
-Pitch accent (doesn't exist, you can say words however you want https://youtu.be/1RKWcCyD7GI )
-Learning how to write on paper (you can do it later once you're decent at Japanese)
Avoiding these beginner traps will cut down your learning time considerably to less than 2 years if you learn every day and never give up. After that it's just enjoying the language and the content while fortifying your knowledge and occasionally learning something new and new vocabulary.
3.Spend a few days getting familiar with hiragana and katakana
4.A few months of Anki 2k/6k vocabulary and Tae Kim grammar while reading/watching something easy (you should wait max 0-1 month before starting any serious reading/watching)
5.A few years of reading, listening, watching vtubers, shitposting in /djt/ and having your posts corrected, googling stuff you don't know and you're done!
6.Move to Japan
7.The ride never ends

>> No.35054325

>-Pitch accent (doesn't exist, you can say words however you want
>Move to Japan
fine minus these

>> No.35054709

also you have to have one of my favorite momusu in there. cheers me up everytime especially the dance they do towards the end
lmao hes not even me you can put it back in ur pants

>> No.35055009

maybe u just stopped menstruating ?

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>> No.35055147

well beds arent natural
our bodies evolved to sleep on hard ground
everything that is soft and comfortable eventually weakens the body

>> No.35055213

>our bodies evolved to sleep on hard ground
most ground is somewhat soft. a hard surface with a thin cushion is pretty close to how we used to sleep on foliage or vegetation before we domesticated ourselves

>> No.35055242

raw meat guy naturally no longer has a mate


>> No.35055262

u gotta zoom out bro its just another form of culling the weak and ensuring survival of the fittest

>> No.35055410

pretty sure our creators sent meteorites with tardigrades to many inhabitable planets in the universe so at least one of the experiments can turn out right

maybe theyll come and harvest the failed experiments eventually

>> No.35055955
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did i wani the kani correctly

>> No.35056081

i got a calf cramp doing that once. worst pain i've ever felt

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>> No.35056113

he made some good stuff https://youtu.be/qsF8GvKde9k?t=98

>> No.35056114

there's a whole wikipedia article for this word? wtf


>> No.35056136


>> No.35056155

im so used to listening to singles as they came out i actually dont know how they compiled their albums which cost way too much for 3 year old music. plus way too many b-sides missing

>> No.35056179

i started out learning japanese because i wanted nip gf, now im old and i cant even get an erection anymore

>> No.35056193

i like the cover photo there its like they think im gonna remember their names even if they hold up signs lol

i just call them rice bitch #1 #2 #3 etc

>> No.35056197


>> No.35056201


>> No.35056230

crazy how people try and learn languages just cause of their dick

>> No.35056237

well yea cuz shes a goofy lookin bitch so its a little easier to distinguish

>> No.35056272

nips tongue my anus

>> No.35056275

that's the power of the male libido.

>> No.35056276


>> No.35056346

i heard a perfume song once and i got aids

>> No.35056353

imagine raping a couple of nip girls and pretending not to understand they dont want it and are screaming get off me and such only for the police to pull your JLPT N1 diploma out of your pants hehe

>> No.35056361

think most of that is placebo especially when it makes a sound people are led to believe something significant actually happened in their body

>> No.35056517

romantic is just another word for crazy

>> No.35056518

What kind of guy imagines being fucked LOL That's gross.

>> No.35056591

thats gay and not hetero tho

another advantage women have

>> No.35056603

That's kind of insensitive.

>> No.35056672

cuz you don't need to know a language to jerk off or fuck any woman

>> No.35056676

I disagree, i'd think it's pretty pathetic.

>> No.35056680

lol female iq

>> No.35057334

>neet for 2 years
>affords surgery
what kind and how?

>> No.35057339

Do people really care about people who they don't know, that life far away? I remember there being a big fuss about them and I seemed to be the only one willing to say how stupid it was.

>> No.35057340

especially 4 and 9

>> No.35057348

i dont know what that deleted post was but pretty sure it wasnt one of mine.

i dont laugh at 汚れ i actually take it pretty seriously i dont revel in the reality we live in but its just the natural order. you think i wasnt a naive child once?

>> No.35057378
File: 632 KB, 849x431, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35057379

i only care about those who care about me.

>> No.35057467

this image is wack tbqhwu perspective's all fucked up

>> No.35057502

you are already human, its not something you need to become or can strive to be

>> No.35057511

to complain

>> No.35057532

different rules for humans, beasts, and even the gods have to follow them. but with your ego you personally feel worthy of subverting them without taking any real responsibility for the outcome

if you want to overwrite the laws of universe you'd better spend your time on more important battles than trying to get a w on me on djt

>> No.35057560

I can't remember if today is curls or push up day.

>> No.35057639

gonna go with one of the 3ds ports
VII i guess

>> No.35057712


>> No.35057728

is that leg hair on the leftmost leg or just bruises

>> No.35057754

thats leg hair br0

get used to it

>> No.35057770

listen youre a sociapath you think its ok to do anything one can do given the opportunity to inflict misery and spread suffering for your own pleasure and not out of an absolute necessity (and that what this is about dont try to shift the goalposts) because by mere chance you happen to be in a position of power through circumstances which you never earned
your empathetic function is entirely undeveloped its freaky i dont feel im talking to a human right now

>> No.35057792

lmfao, disgusting bitch.

>> No.35057816
File: 6 KB, 300x168, download (6).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35057833

shes too young for anyone to be telling her to shave her legs and yeah i know that ironic since she should be too young to be out there in the public eye to need to anyway

>> No.35057852

>get used to it
i was just asking, i dont have anything against leg hair on a woman
think its kinda cute

probably my neanderthal genes

>> No.35057856

i really dont know how to tell what age asians are.

>> No.35057873

same from 13-30 they kinda look the same

>> No.35057884

dame, so this is the power of the yellow vision?

if shes a day older than 12, ill eat my hat

>> No.35057912

also there are no rules except the rules of physics governing the universe really no one said you must indiscriminately exercise power you possess no one said dont help the weak no one said help them either youre acting as if the concept of choice doesnt exist

>> No.35057946

well, if she is that age then you're right about her not needing to worry about shit like that yet.

>> No.35057948
File: 440 KB, 2222x1267, E2aS5qyVoAUP3_e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gotta say reading this image is not much different compared to reading djt posts lately

>> No.35057961

*happen to possess

>> No.35057972

actually much smarter humans than you have made many arguments for exactly that. and that aside there are undeniable natural laws in place that you ignore at societies peril.

as i said before this isnt even an argument im against having but i refuse to be bullied in to hinging my moral standing on convincing some child barely out of highschool that i have a right to my positions.

if you want to consider me an abominable person feel free you'll find you're screaming into the void and people are gonna get sick of of you moral policing routine real quick

>> No.35058012

Polka is just 2 deep 4 u man

>> No.35058018

God Polka is so smart.

>> No.35058045

lol ill be going to graduate school in fall im not a child
>if you want to consider me an abominable person feel free
ok ill do that
>moral policing routine
not policing anyone youre the one who acted as if your moral positions are objectively right >>35040897

>> No.35058063

yea basically this shes like 12 she hasnt been fully beat down by society yet

>> No.35058066

jaden smith level intellect

>> No.35058128

those two arent the same thing. most people tend to have faith in their own moral positions, retard. you are the only one int the thread literally telling me to repent and prostrate myself for my sins (words youve actually used lmao)

you could die on any hill as far as immoral posters
and immoral people online and off go. but im flattered you think im worth so much of your effort and time to rehabilitate

>> No.35058130
File: 131 KB, 1128x680, E2daPZuVcAItZyJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35058132

post the weirdest word youve come across

>> No.35058133
File: 147 KB, 1430x536, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

added a couple new positions to the jamall boyz etf lookin ahead to next week

prepare 4 turbulence

>> No.35058145

I haven't forgotten that quote, what an absolute celebrity child.

>> No.35058149

didnt ask

>> No.35058177



>> No.35058219

i didnt say you werent? the fact youve been at it this long is fucking insane. youve not done to literally any other poster at this level even people who unironically talking about raping their daughters and shit. and moe and jamal themselves have said incredibly fucked up things too or consoom fucked up media but of you dont give a shit

you arent a good enough person to have any right to act as a moral authority with me. i dont understand why you think id ever take you seriously especially when its clear you dislike me on a personal level even if i wasn't some big evil thread villain in your mind

this is never gonna end in any way worth your efforts. unlike me youve said many time hows infuriated and sick you are with me so everyone of these tirades is an inherent L for you

>> No.35058251

じゃめ losers

>> No.35058254

crazy how 4bc and og just wake up and put on djt and spend all day posting essays about nothing at each other while getting mad

>> No.35058255

at what jlpt level can one read something like Grisaia without having to grab the dictionary every other sentence?

>> No.35058305

read this vinnie where two dudes rape a woman while showing her the severed head of her husband and after they're done they make the severed head "eat" the cum out of her pussy

>> No.35058312

you're in a luxury penthouse watching paint dry all day

>> No.35058347

you are a loser

>> No.35058352

im an actual esl so my mistakes are justified unlike her's

>> No.35058367

lmao oof

>> No.35058370

Fuck learning japanese, translators do your job and work faster.

>> No.35058375

what game

>> No.35058449

>length: short
might have to give this one a read

>> No.35058454

your posts have been getting incoherent.

>> No.35058502

hold on what have i ever said thats incredibly fucked up

>> No.35058575

uve said ive said incredibly fucked up things u have to have 1 example

dont tell me ur 1 of those girls that just talks shit w.o any examples to back it up lol

>> No.35058627
File: 128 KB, 1440x1903, 1622819601487.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35058628

you said vtubers are trash :(

>> No.35058631

no it was before youd joined some deranged posters here used to make really sick personal attacks regularly i wonder if that was part of the reason why he started posting less
actually now that i think about i definitely remember jamal saying something really fucked up involving his mom or dad idr

>> No.35058632

i just feel it but id have to be an autist and look through your posts and i really dont want to. generally you say a bunch of fucked up shit about women and im pretty sure you talked about genociding the japanese or otherwise wishing destruction of their nation multiple times

also you've admitted to being a thief among other things which really triggered 4bbc for all of 2 seconds before he went back to licking your taint

anyway this isnt really about u so stfu

>> No.35058675

i do hope japan sinks to the bottom of the ocean but i hope all the bug ppl get on a raft or something and make it out lol

>also you've admitted to being a thief
yeah when i was like fucking 13 meanwhile the only thing ive stolen lately is ur heart

also this is the daily jamal thread where do u think u r

>> No.35058683

> i definitely remember jamal saying something really fucked up involving his mom or dad idr
lmfao i do too.

>> No.35058689

he said the japanese deserved the nukes and that 2 weren't enough

>> No.35058713

>youd joined some deranged posters
uh im pretty sure ive never had a real alliances with anyone. my beef with qm was personal and u know how utterly ignorant i am about what flash cards are and what goes on in his personal life and discord. you probably just assumed i was involved in posts because i made such a noise about destroying him but in the end all i did was a ritual to send him a distraction that caused him to move on from djt

if anything qm barely paid me any mind after his initial trap. i def wasnt directly the reason he stopped posting im pretty sure it was to do with miniyoga who i have nothing to do with and no nothing other than the fact he's a sandnigger who allegedly fucks goats
> i definitely remember jamal saying something really fucked up involving his mom or dad
i never dogpiled on that shit i thought it was low and thanks for reminding of an example why jamal is scummy.

>> No.35058726

well if that aint a convenient cope. rewarding people for being weasely

>> No.35058736

>i definitely remember jamal saying something really fucked up involving his mom or dad
>i never dogpiled on that shit i thought it was low and thanks for reminding of an example why jamal is scummy.

but theres no example ?? he just said whatever he wanted lol

then again no surprise u believe anything u read on the internet as long as it agrees w. what u like to think

>> No.35058758

you misread lol

>> No.35058798

>something about quiz drunk russian dad raping his mom before small quizzler.
yeah that was it that was a very fucked up post think hed also made another about his little sister or something or maybe that was some other guy

>> No.35058805

is ogs lumpy cheeks really that fucked up

also i dont make rape jokes bc rape isnt funny in the year of our lord 2021

>> No.35058820

indirectly i sent him a catalyst but yeah its not like i have any power over free will but its was obvious what would do the trick with him

>> No.35058822

uhm, she willed those events into existance, sweaty?
dont underestimate her cosmic powers

>> No.35058869
File: 507 KB, 2048x1131, 16836360.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's why i'm learning chinese

>> No.35058873

its not even infatuation at this point ur like my homegirl now

>> No.35058884

you must be menhera i actually dislike you as a person i wish youd just stop already

>> No.35058889

queef is a shitty person. he deserves to get bullied

>> No.35058903

you can learn both at the same time

i think those are chinese subs could be wrong

>> No.35058905

no clue what you mean im just neutral toward him only guy here id defend like an ally would be vnguy

>> No.35058906







>> No.35058916

how many days do you intend to waste writing these cringe essays? what do you want from jamal, a hug?

>> No.35058924

ok what are some shitty things hes done

>> No.35058941

no u dont tho ur actions signify nothing but the opposite of what u say

>> No.35058965


>> No.35058967

well for starters he totally clowned on og sort of w. that "nonsense" japanese thing

>> No.35058990
File: 553 KB, 1316x2669, 1572814804051.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35059012

ugh please dont dig up my history with qm im totally over it. it was my own fault for being naive and not lurking long enough to see how things worked here and now that hes gone id rather let the whole thing go. qm wasnt nearly as cunning and sneaky as id assumed and i just feel like a moron for getting baited out like that.
its frustrating ur a guy so your 100 positive (you)s to him dont register as much as a single negative (you) of my own as far as butt-buddies goes
only in your own mind have you been neutral to jamal and moe.

>> No.35059053
File: 480 KB, 976x549, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i read one of og's essays

>> No.35059071

he sets up 'learning exercises" and quizzes only to use them a tool to bully and shame people out of the community to maintain his make-believe djt nihongo master role

which fyi he admitted to being bullshit and not actually knowing japanese recently

>> No.35059076

og hates me cuz she likes me

>> No.35059113

u actually have the mind of a child. im just gonna not engage i might be dealing with someone of diminished mental capacities here and dont want to cause more damage

>> No.35059136

and when i asked him why he thinks what i said was wrong he said he didnt read it and it might be true but everyone in djt is just out to get him so hes better of not reading it or something like that
really weird mentality felt like a complete waste of effort on my end so i stopped interacting with him

>> No.35059147

i gotta give 4bbc some credit he is completely ride-or-die and singularly minded. i can chalk it up to autism and naivety but its still impressive to see

>> No.35059150

she must only post them in response to tripfaggots cause i literally never see any of them lol

>> No.35059153

not true i wish she didnt hate me

ull always engage u cant not engage

>> No.35059154

sore na
hes probably never encountered a girl he couldnt have

>> No.35059167

is he the guy who kept spamming vocarooposts

>> No.35059171

you're using a chinese font so ye

>> No.35059174

and the streak continues

>> No.35059184
File: 12 KB, 900x169, essay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

u ain't missing nothing of importance

>> No.35059202

jesus christ, image taking this place that seriously.

>> No.35059222


>> No.35059240

曲 of the day


>> No.35059241

starting to think my problem is playing namefag games. when i think of anon it really makes no sense for me to care. i guess ill stop with the glaring errors and just be a noone again

>> No.35059247

アニメで聞いたから大丈夫 (O_O' )/

>> No.35059249

lol the way that post is written i feel like i'd know it's a woman from a mile away even without knowing its her, just has that vibe of female perceived drama

also queefsters gone? is it for real this time?

>> No.35059254
File: 739 KB, 2030x1696, E24E8XLVoAQKLhN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35059266

its too late how else r u gonna get ur social interaction every day

just embrace it and embrace me

>> No.35059275
File: 1.11 MB, 220x220, .gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ugh please dont dig up my history with qm im totally over it. it was my own fault for being naive and not lurking long enough to see how things worked here and now that hes gone id rather let the whole thing go. qm wasnt nearly as cunning and sneaky as id assumed and i just feel like a moron for getting baited out like that.

>> No.35059322


>> No.35059328

kinda me ngl

>> No.35059330
File: 3.01 MB, 1200x1694, doog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35059338

Da Godfather
Seriously it took me 14$ to get the secret on how to immerse properly, I mean I get no ones hiding it but still, it could be explained a little bit more easily.

>> No.35059350

lol cute

>> No.35059394 [DELETED] 


>> No.35059400

whats the secret

>> No.35059408
File: 2.27 MB, 640x1136, 1620922462908.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35059414
File: 82 KB, 982x754, 1611928845957.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there cant be a group of dumber motherfuckers on earth than on anime forums lmfao

>> No.35059415


>> No.35059417 [DELETED] 


>> No.35059433


>> No.35059434

i know ur dick dont work so this is starting to exude tranny vibes from how much u post it

>> No.35059449

jojo is too good to be wasted with raw listening

>> No.35059458


>> No.35059483

jojo saved my japanese learning cause i was about to quit cause of how boring sol was and i was so shit everything else was painful to watch then i banged out all of jojo and never looked back

>> No.35059484

too late already finished it. one of my first anime along with galactic heroes

>> No.35059496

it works and honestly if that was u i wouldnt b able to contain myself also stop thinking about my dick

>> No.35059500

Kiara learned Japanese by reading comments natives made on her niconico streams so basically it was the immersive approach, followed by living in Japan.

>> No.35059535

>having encyclopedic knowledge about how random d-list ecelebs "learned" japanese
couldnt be me

>> No.35059583

tkyosam learned japanese by fucking sluts

>> No.35059591

still streaming after beating the game

>> No.35059615


>> No.35059621

yeah extra content ftw

>> No.35059639

fuck this show

>> No.35059651

wow so she puts on that annoying voice on purpose

>> No.35059659

you're late to the party

>> No.35059663

holosharts, goatfucker and og put the final nail in the djt coffin

>> No.35059681
File: 3 KB, 125x125, anon gets tricked by gura.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35059690

>My friend watched some of the english dub of jojo and it was actually kinda epic
Probably because connor of the trash taste boys voices a character.

>> No.35059694

no need to repeat what i just said

>> No.35059716

yeah i hope it phases out eventually

>> No.35059739
File: 94 KB, 980x512, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

now what

>> No.35059742

delete it

>> No.35059753

prepare to not really understand anything that happens if you suck at interpreting symbolism and themes like i do lol

>> No.35059754

were currently at about episode 14

>> No.35059775
File: 63 KB, 1445x122, 1613457685674.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35059779

use my renaming script

>> No.35059788

What are you talking about?

>> No.35059792

you dont cum at the same time that the mc cums?

>> No.35059794


>> No.35059802

Morbid obesity

>> No.35059803

which demagogue are you

>> No.35059812

dont wanna move to japan anymore

>> No.35059813

download mpv
open the video
drag and drop the sub file onto the player

>> No.35059818
File: 711 KB, 1231x626, 1611573561763.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol whyd they rip off that lofi girl shit

>> No.35059822

use my beheading script

>> No.35059839


>> No.35059840

if someone beheaded ciaran and it wasnt me id probably kill myself

>> No.35059846

she actually sounds australian lol

>> No.35059855


>> No.35059860
File: 673 KB, 1043x711, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


anyone here went to a live action 舞台 like this before?
wonder if it feels like a cringe cosplay event or more like actual theater

also this フィーロ a cute

>> No.35059861

it's 24 videos

>> No.35059877

sick and tired of these 3D peasants, of all of them unko is the greatest offender, i eagerly await the moment i can crucify him and leave him to die.

>> No.35059886
File: 432 KB, 1536x2048, E3AtURZXEAQw2h4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35059887

so? dragging takes a second
you can also rename them to be the same as the video file and mpv should automatically pick it up

>> No.35059889

i cant stop laughing holy fuck

what the FUCK is wrong with nips

>> No.35059897


>> No.35059901


>> No.35059903
File: 2.49 MB, 500x324, 1611736039719.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35059909

>dark hair and eyes

>> No.35059923

id get a catbro but im probably moving abroad within the next few years and its a pain in the ass to deal with that with a pet

>> No.35059932

ive seen seiyuus enact skits at events before that was somewhat enjoyable, but with the cosplay and screenplay it feels hella weird

>> No.35059949


>> No.35059953



>> No.35059974

that's the thing i found the retiming script but not the renaming one i'm not doing that by hand

>> No.35059987

ive watched the osomatsu ones and yeah even a theatre kid its a lot of effort to suspend disbelief. the kigurumi ones are almost impossible

>> No.35059989

none of them i've never posted it

>> No.35059998

bro I love this song, it's such a happy beat.

>> No.35060007

dno but ive always wanted to go see sound horizon live itd be epic and cringe at the same time

>> No.35060009

wtf is happy about it psycho

>> No.35060023

Stop listening to it wrong idiot. It's the sound of the human spirit.

>> No.35060052

these really freak me out especially cause its usually men in those suits

>> No.35060057

the male ejaculation scene usually isn't the scene where the female looks the hottest so no. that's usually a bit before when she's in some crazy position that highlights her tits or she's in the middle of being mind broken.

>> No.35060071

anime cosplayers are the most cringe people

>> No.35060079

shut up og

>> No.35060091

lmao good one

>> No.35060095

stay safe mexico bro hope u dont live in michoacan shits been popping off

>> No.35060096

wonder if i can go back to watching english media
japanese is just more stimulating to the brain, faster talking speed paired with subs so you can see the kanji and be stimulated by that too

gives you like three times the dopamine spikes

>> No.35060115

>he doesnt identify with the mc

>> No.35060120

guess i'll write it myself

>> No.35060137

this is why the 3D world is inferior to the 2D one.

>> No.35060152

honestly cant tell which one of these sounds gayer. probably cooming to porn in the first place

>> No.35060157





>> No.35060158 [DELETED] 

import os

mlist = os.listdir('.')
mlist = [ mlist for i in range(len(mlist)) if mlist.endswith('.mkv') ]

for f in mlist:
ep_number = f.split('_')[3]
sub = 'Penguindrum.S01E%0.2d.JA.srt'%ep_number

nsub = '%s.srt'%f.split('.')[0]
os.rename(sub, nsub)

>> No.35060199

i usually cum after the mc when the girl goes like 中にあついのが… or something

>> No.35060229

i dont know how you could think its hot if the nakadashi doesnt get her pregnant. whats the point

>> No.35060237

Wish I was a faggot then I could play all those nicely stylized games where you play as the girl getting corrupted.

>> No.35060259

I thought they all sleep in the same room, kids included, because tiny apartments
Then they need love hotels because they can't have sex at home

>> No.35060260

oops, correction

import os

mlist = os.listdir('.')
mlist = [ mlist for i in range(len(mlist)) if mlist.endswith('.mkv') ]

for f in mlist:
ep_number = f.split('_')[3]
sub = 'Penguindrum.S01E%s.JA.srt'%ep_number

nsub = '%s.srt'%f.split('.')[0]
os.rename(sub, nsub)

>> No.35060273

that was the norm up till about after ww2. although if you go back far enough sleeping in the same bed goes in and out of fashion.

>> No.35060279


>> No.35060281

Love hotels are where you take the mistress. Adultery is hot for nips.

>> No.35060308

nips are all kinds of fucked up when it comes to intimate relationships

>> No.35060311

not a tranny, its just that the girls in hentai seem to enjoy it more and are drawn in more detail while the dudes mostly do nothing

>> No.35060325

huge brown foreign family living in japan on my nhk rn
ruined my night

>> No.35060340

yet still significantly less fucked up than the west
unless it comes to friendships id say the japanese truly are terrible on that front

>> No.35060341

You ejaculate to the guy cumming instead of the girl making lewd faces? That's fucked up.

>> No.35060361

nice strawman faggot.

>> No.35060368

porn is gonna fuck you up any which way. humans werent meant to experience sex on a meta level

>> No.35060379

Wish girls would go outside wearing cute frilly dresses instead of jeans and a top.

>> No.35060387

dame it's hanakin

>> No.35060400

e-thots, autist weebs, and trannies ruined the aesthetic for western women

>> No.35060416

ah,no they moved to my country and that's where i met them, so none of that shit

>> No.35060442

djt meetup

>> No.35060550


>> No.35060571

if u can't write or modify scripts then u never gonna make it

>> No.35060587

I'm not gonna learn how to code and i'm not buying bitcoins.

>> No.35060594

normally id call u dumb for acting like you are gonna experience the same shit brown countries do but, then i remember the year and the state of the demographics rn

>> No.35060629

didn't immerse evern one hour in the year i've been spending learning the language

>> No.35060713


>> No.35060737

this is the type of person that makes those "this language is impossible" posts lol

>> No.35060739

How much money do you think they pay these cartels to interview them?

>> No.35060760

Instead of me learning a notoriously difficult language why don't they just simply change their language to English? It's a bit insensitive to keep speaking Japanese when I can't understand them.

>> No.35060764

cjng is doing a full pr campaign in michoacan so they probably didnt have to pay anything. he mentions that they got permission from the local boss so it's not like some of those vice docs where they interview random cooks making 200 bucks a week. it's hard to say who the bigger scumbag is between cu and cjng lol they all deserve to burn for eternity

>> No.35060776

true true

>> No.35060795

Based and true. Japanese people need to get with the times.

>> No.35060825

it would be wonderful if the world changed itself to accommodate my every whim.

>> No.35060851

it would be boring like playing videogames with cheats is boring

>> No.35060930

That's so true. Once I actually fell for the f2p scam and bought in, I then realised the only fun thing about the game was grinding what you want, when you have it it's not fun.

>> No.35060934
File: 2.08 MB, 1920x1080, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Silly me! The retiming script is itself a renaming script as well.

>> No.35060982

Sorry, I don't leave the house, so my world view is based on /pol/ memes and hearsay.

>> No.35061107
File: 77 KB, 759x509, nise.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a japanese brazilian doctor is on the news here in brazil because of her hearing in congress about covid


>> No.35061133

You reminded me about that video of that taiwan person talking to the eu about covid.

>> No.35061163

i wear dresses just not in america cause i follow fashion so i dont look like a tryhard wannabe influencer or some shit. someone post the /fa/ meetup picture thats your ideal i bet

>> No.35061210
File: 118 KB, 1280x960, 1622829141803.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35061211

lol whatever u say
the times u put on causal dresses you get comments like "oh, going somewhere? got a date?" then again i dont live on either coast anymore so that might have something to do with it. probably could do that in l.a. or n.y.

>> No.35061222


>> No.35061236

i dont get it is that supposed to be a guy or a tomboy/dyke?

>> No.35061314

deceptive word: 主体的

>> No.35061329

if you live in west bumble fuck like ohio I can see that. I've lived in ny and places like ga and women arent asked about it.

>> No.35061350

If you don't dress nicely how is your soul mate supposed to find you?

>> No.35061363

wanna improve but can't find any i+1 sentence to mine

>> No.35061367

just say fuck it

>> No.35061384

it's also a mining script

>> No.35061386

well yeah im not southern and even chicago is pretty casual. i think ga and nashville is the only place that might still have the sundress culture in the south

>> No.35061410


>> No.35061422

fuck what

>> No.35061443

everything fuck school burn books rape kill

>> No.35061455

youll be ok
you are just young and cocky, it will pass and it will all click and youll makes sense of it and not be so angry

>> No.35061527

マンパワー が みなぎる
マンパワー が ものごっつい
マンパワー が 素晴らしい
マンパワーって それが僕らさ


>> No.35061551

How, I always eat the whole pizza.

>> No.35061564

dame i havent had a proper pizza in ages

>> No.35061574

i do too usually but just wasnt that hungry today idk. i put too much sauce on it tbqh

>> No.35061579


>> No.35061581

same same

>> No.35061607
File: 994 KB, 2086x2044, 1572858322018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just watch this and stop worrying about meme linguistics

>> No.35061627

teared up a bit at the ending of the second season of new game tbqh famalam

>> No.35061637


>> No.35061681


>> No.35061695

just remembered kaiji exists and that i forgot to finish watching the first season like 2 eps from the end. fantastic op though


>> No.35061703

Where's the coomer version?

>> No.35061708

will watch season 2 someday
not today though

>> No.35061710


>> No.35061720


>> No.35061726


>> No.35061749
File: 182 KB, 739x511, 1598593724008.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*shits in chug bottle in preparation*
lets gooooooooooo

>> No.35061810
File: 31 KB, 512x286, unnamed (6).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i always loved that one whore's character design

>> No.35061852

the people kon worked with for character/design and animation were top notch. paprika is one of the best looking anime ever made

>> No.35061871

moe watches peppa pig tier anime

there i said it

>> No.35061886

I've earned my daily 50xp on duo lingo, I will become Japanese in only 10-20 years.

>> No.35061888


>> No.35061889

i had fun learning english. it never felt tiresome

learning japanese feels like a chore. even now that i already know a lot of japanese

>> No.35061903

>he believes in the soul mate bullshit

>> No.35061907

these slice of life anime are easier to understand but they are so trash that they make 20 minutes feel like 2 hours.

>> No.35061910

his favorite anime are texhnolyze, berserk, kons shit etc so idk

>> No.35061936

if you don't think out of a few billion out there there's not 1 person who'd live their best life with you and vice-versa dunno what to tell you

>> No.35061956

i dont.

>> No.35061960

*understands 20%*
yeah that's the greatest anime of all time

>> No.35061979

doesnt matter how many billions are out there if you yourself are cursed

>> No.35061992

>kyouto daigaku zengaku kyoutsuu kamoku [shindou * hadouron ] Maegawa Satoru dai ichi kai kougi 2012-4-13

sum bullshit about oscillations and wave theory

>> No.35062011
File: 725 KB, 1500x1072, 1618565473382.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>*understands 20%*

>> No.35062025

This poster speaks truth, I hope you are all able to find your other half.

>> No.35062026

the trick is to just read and watch the shit you want to without worrying about getting good and you'll automatically get good

>> No.35062033

are u gonna put anything on it other than dog shit ? thats prolly why u didnt eat it all

>> No.35062039

>dai ichi kai

>> No.35062056

How do you not like cheese. Are you a mongrel?

>> No.35062066

i mean cheese is like standard

>> No.35062074

basic pizza is goat. only thing id add to that anons is some fresh basil

>> No.35062076

dai ikkai

my kachite moment

>> No.35062078

i was just saying dog shit bc the pizza looks like it has poop on it just objectively

>> No.35062081

And it's nice and counts as a treat.

>> No.35062093

i like me a margherita but that pizza looks 微妙

>> No.35062094

turn u monitor on

>> No.35062098

cooking isnt worth the time and effort

>> No.35062104

well u basic so no surprises here

i put pepperoni bacon sausage and jalapenos on just a regular pizza nothing even that crazy

>> No.35062109

what do you eat

>> No.35062113

A lot of meats keep telling me to use the grill and turn often but I just put it in the oven for 20minutes.

>> No.35062119

not just for youself yeah. but for 2+ people its nice

>> No.35062130

if it doesn't have bacon and pineapple it's not a pizza

>> No.35062136

you'd like this film bunko it feels like a fever dream

>> No.35062158
File: 120 KB, 1139x1080, 1621989368348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't put pine apple on pizza

>> No.35062162

og only hollas at the young boys of djt i wonder why

>> No.35062182

i'm genuinely curious
or does mom cook for you

>> No.35062187
File: 2.28 MB, 1035x796, 1609934889850.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

white pizza i made. parmesan, provolone, ricotta, heavy cream. usually put caramelized onions on there too but was too lazy to make them
i hate basil, probably cause my parents would add a fuckton of it to the tomato sauce they'd make in bulk once per year and it ruined it for me

>> No.35062206

im closer in age to them than some old creepy thread uncle
also you are the only incredibly old regular but i like talking to analcream when hes here.
also i simply dont like u despite your age if anything that should have been a bonus to your personality but u defy reason

>> No.35062211

i use a stand mixer for the dough nowadays so theres no work there, just put all the ingredients in the bowl and let it mix. before that when i kneaded by hand maybe 10 minutes of work. then it has to sit in the fridge for 2 days minimum. afterward to shape it and put toppings on maybe 5-10 minutes and the same amount to bake it depending on your oven and if you have a pizza stone/peel

>> No.35062227

no wonder you need to hose your ass crack every time

>> No.35062229

pizza stone/steel*

>> No.35062235

were about equally close in age i think

>> No.35062248

sometimes it comes out and clamps off neatly but man sometimes its like a traffic accident down there

>> No.35062256

of course she does. he was complaining earlier about his mom coming to his room to tell him to get a life

>> No.35062261

how long have you been cooking for

>> No.35062270

why whitoids be like this

>> No.35062272

that's what i'm trying to do now

>> No.35062288

yep, jamal needs probiotics and fiber

>> No.35062310

theres a finite number of good anime so if i started the first ep and realized yep this will be miserable and ruin the experience i just put it in my backlog instead. worked out great for me and dont care what matt and his cultist cunts have to say about it

>> No.35062313

i baked a ton of quarantine sourdough, really delicious and its so cool seeing you starter triple in size every morning and i loved the smell

>> No.35062327

dont eat bread though kids it makes you fat

>> No.35062330

unless you watch anime 8 hours a day there's enough to last you til you get sick of anime

>> No.35062341

One time I cooked the pizza wrong and got sick eating soggy dough.

>> No.35062342

>theres a finite number of good anime
good being the operative word

>> No.35062343

i've completed 350 shows and my backlog is still enormous

>> No.35062348

most of it is absolute shit though.

>> No.35062355

unless you watch anime 8 hours a day there's enough [good anime] to last you til you get sick of anime

>> No.35062358

didn't realise this was the anti - anime thread.

>> No.35062367

were anime - realistic.

>> No.35062368

no there isnt

>> No.35062377

if i had to guess there are maybe 1000 anime not an entire waste of time
~500 decent
~200 good
~50 great

>> No.35062379


>> No.35062385

that adds up to 750

>> No.35062391

only the great anime are worth watching.

>> No.35062392

i meant ~ as a less than sign

>> No.35062398

speaking of great anime
we did it

>> No.35062405

you could probably stop at 300 of the best anime and be better off for it

>> No.35062410

is it as good as tensura

>> No.35062411

You can't even show me 9 good anime.

>> No.35062420

not at all but it's comfy

>> No.35062421

was ron-san based?

>> No.35062430
File: 1.98 MB, 1080x1080, tenshieatingacorndog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35062437

its also highly subjective which will lock you out of entire genres and directors

>> No.35062441

i mean initial d has 6 stages not counting movies and ovas so 3 left

>> No.35062444

seirei no moribito
fate zero
gits sac
black lagoon
spice and wolf
samurai champloo

dont bother responding, bitch

>> No.35062448

you lose

>> No.35062451

my 3x3

>> No.35062474

only one ive seen and agree is good is samurai champloo and fate anything is not good

>> No.35062475


>> No.35062480

the anime version of berserk sucks though.

>> No.35062486

any 9 shounen jump anime

>> No.35062498


>> No.35062506

samurai shitpoo

>> No.35062513

samurai pogchamp

>> No.35062534

im too old to get these twitch memes

>> No.35062541

20 is the new 30

>> No.35062608

idk bros 35 is the new 25

>> No.35062623
File: 857 KB, 862x485, mpv_QQi78SMl9Q.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dame is this what moe meant when he said he was like kaiji

>> No.35062629

Can't believe growing old isn't a meme and it's something that actually happens.

>> No.35062646

he spent all his prisonbucks on nothing

>> No.35062656

well actually to be honest im still not convinced my body still feels and looks the same but maybe i have to hit 35 or something like jamal first

>> No.35062667

lol no because that would lead to ppl becoming aware they can make money easily and quit their jobs

>> No.35062668

God Bless alcohol.

>> No.35062670

does anybody know how to use morphman readability analyzer
it keeps giving me 0% i+1 sentences which makes no sense wtf

>> No.35062671


>> No.35062676


>> No.35062686

we moved away from morphman in 2019 bro

>> No.35062696

I'm going to become kaiji and start reading peoples minds.

>> No.35062701

high quality cards and common sense

>> No.35062708

actually probably. its rare enough to get pachinko featured much which is probably why schoolkids read kaiji for the "edge"

>> No.35062709

finished first season of kaiji finally myself, 8/10 show, very good

>> No.35062725

dont you have nieces and shit lol gay

>> No.35062730

having a character who is become a stock billionaire is a very common trope in anime and vinnies

>> No.35062732

boy took me a while to find the right response to this post


>> No.35062740

>Ne podzhidaj u okna
>Otdaj kljuchi, mne pora
>Luchshe ubej sama sebja
>Ne vynuzhdaj, toska

>Nashe schast'e hranja
>Pronesi v novyj vek
>Skvoz' nelepicu byta, social'nyh problem
>Sohrani sebe v sotnjah kartotek
>Prolozhi novyj put' i ischezni nasovsem

russian is so ugly in its written form

>> No.35062741

pachinko is already viewed negatively bc its where loser drunkards go to gamble their paycheck away every week getting bled to death
meanwhile stocks all u have to do is literally watch the market and get ur money in good once and u can 10-30x and if someone bets their savings they r gonna make it

>> No.35062757

hey retard russians use cyrillic lol

>> No.35062761

my sister started at like 18 and shes a year younger

>> No.35062770

it's still ugly

>> No.35062775

go back to plebbit so tired of you shilling the stock market like the rest of the sheep. cant wait for you to lose everything

>> No.35062781

looks more readable than the pictures the nips draw.

>> No.35062782

problem is most content is above my level so i can't make i+1 sentences

>> No.35062786

name three

>> No.35062793

i dont have desperation anymore so i always follow standard bankroll management rules
that and i pick winners generally

>> No.35062801

>i always follow standard bankroll management rules
wish i was a bad enough poster to have some braindead wojak to post with this

>> No.35062803

i+1 isn't the be-all-end-all especially in the beginning when you know fuck all
just do a vocab deck for now while watching jp-subbed anime

>> No.35062805

u just mad cuz u didnt cash out ur bch

>> No.35062809

I don't understand how the stock market isn't gambling when they make it illegal for you to gather information and make an informed decision.

>> No.35062816

its 100% gambling and to make it worse its 100% manipulated by the house
all u can do is look for where the volume is at and try to hitch a ride as early as u can

>> No.35062820

chiduru from seitokai no ichizon
yuna from kumakumakumabear
luna from turiotu

>> No.35062829

kind of sad how jamal has to deal with these haters everyday

>> No.35062842

lol yeah you sure are showing ur neutrality there, switzerland. just wait till he turns on you when he finds something juicy to meme

>> No.35062843

thats what happens when u try to inspire other boys to rise up


>> No.35062850

imagine caring

>> No.35062856

What a terrible genre of people.

>> No.35062859

>genre of people
lmao im gonna use this sometime, thanks

>> No.35062861
File: 96 KB, 600x903, masha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck rap

>> No.35062873

i like just about all genres so

>> No.35062874


>> No.35062876

picked up

>> No.35062900

slightly too far removed from my own people so i dont care much for that one

>> No.35062910

>slightly too far removed from my own people
i just like the sound. don't be a larper

>> No.35062916

and i dont cause its not what im used to faggot

>> No.35062928

Listening to Amsr I can't understand is a good strategy for learning Japanese.

>> No.35062937

who is this uppercaser anyway?

>> No.35062939


>> No.35062939,1 [INTERNAL] 



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