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Guide: https://streamable.com/k73tnq

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french dub sounds sick

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devoicing just dropped

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shit thread
the asshole is awake

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wtf guys dont upgrade firefox
everythings fucked

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i can't tell the difference

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is it bad to try to learn chinese and japanese at the same time?
I've been taking a chinese class for the last 8 weeks and really enjoying and it makes me want to try to learn japanese again (or at least do anki). I currently use anki to aid in chinese but most my study of it is from class and homework

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they moved the mute tab thing to the left hand side under the icon

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you automatically learn both at the same time thanks to based hanzi

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i still don't get monowo
i know it's just like noni but i don't get the word
is the word just all particles by chance? or are these actually 3 particles put together?

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tabs are all fucked up
right click menu is all fucked up
bookmarks are all fucked up
compact mode no longer supported
buttons on 4chan are rounded now
the checkmark on the auto refresh option looks different too

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just upgraded. looks fresh and modern

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don't use open source software
use free software instead

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also where the fuck is the picture in picture button for videos its literally gone

>looks fresh and modern
looks globohomo

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yeah i use chrome

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>also where the fuck is the picture in picture button for videos its literally gone
good i kept accidentally clicking that shit

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set browser.proton.enabled to false and the tabs should be normal again
until they release a patch that doesnt allow you to do this

literally the best feature of firefox

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I might not be handsome, tall or charming
I'm not even good at japanese

But i got 230lbs of body weight distributed in my 57 body that can EASILY hold down any cute nip girls i choose to lay

They can struggle and fight all they want, all they do is pull themselves farther inside my sweat soaked acne ridden skin while my swollen peepee tries its best to impregnate them

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I might not be handsome, tall or charming
I'm not even good at japanese

But i got 230lbs of body weight distributed in my 5`7 body that can easily hold down any cute nip girls i choose to lay

They can struggle and fight all they want, all they do is pull themselves farther inside my sweat soaked acne ridden skin while my swollen peepee which only purpose up untill now was to make pee pee, but now it will pee pee inside another pee pee

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I might not be handsome, tall or charming
I'm not even good at japanese

But i got 230lbs of body weight distributed in my 5`7 body that can easily hold down any cute nip girls i choose to lay

They can struggle and fight all they want, all they do is pull themselves farther inside my sweat soaked acne ridden skin while my swollen pee pee which only purpose up untill now was to make pee pee, will make pee pee inside another pee pee

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If i read an entire series of 28 light novels (re zero) will i be much better at japanese,like advancesdlevel?

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N1, but only if you read them while blindfolded

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it looks fine and im glad they got rid of pip you've got mental issues if any of this shit bothers you

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two cute and funny posts

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No, learn Arabic and Japanese at the same time instead so you can prepare for the Islambification of your country.

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PSA: DJT is migrating to /vt/ on June 16

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Nice, I can post my favourite memes.

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i wish it would bc then i could get these threads back on track

plz take urself and every1 u can there

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depends on how good you are now
if you suck ass then 28 lns will make a giant difference

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i warned y'all earlier
here is how you fix (they will probably remove it later)
go to about:config and set browser.proton.enabled to false

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we moved to microsoft edge

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you're coming too bud

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when do you plan on not surrounding yourself with kids 10-20 years younger than you?

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i set up an old laptop for watching anime in the 風呂 earlier today and installed firefox and thought i was tripping what the fuck is that shit
haven't updated on my main pc and laptop in ages

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type proton
set browser.proton.enabled to false

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jamall boyz etf final update for the week

uh no

? i play games w. ppl my age just abt every day

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jamal an already get a taste >>4568412

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cool thanks

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jamal can already get a taste >>>/vt/4568412

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the beat drop, tho

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i prefer this post instead cuz its from 11 years ago when things were better

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wtf i love chris now

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whats supposed to be based

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at least it isnt as bad as modern idoltrash

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How much does it cost to be a paypig?

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yeah, it hurts

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What's the difference between modern idoltrash and past idoltrash?

>> No.35063108

just reminded me of the fact that ive started to develop faint forehead wrinkles try to remind myself to stay expressionless to stop them from deepening think its too late though

>> No.35063114

its just simply less obnoxious

>> No.35063125

both r pretty obnoxious but the noise they put out these days is ridiculous at least u can kind of listen to early 2000s shit without getting fullblown aids

>> No.35063126

That doesn't make any sense, could you give an example of differences between the two.

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is this /vt/ flamewar on whether kanji should exist what classic djt was like

>> No.35063161

dunno never been in /virginterritory/

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ok ok i have to say, there were at least a few chinese girls i like
my sister has the same issue and they started in her late teens if that makes u feel any better. i told her to stop creasing it but she didnt listen
old gold: https://youtu.be/0yHDWYYAfJQ
2008 arrives
new trash: https://youtu.be/smjTBJv437o

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im pretty sure that akb69 banger was 2006 and even that isnt a bad song

it gets worse

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it's actually sad that the only way to learn a language is by consuming media. i have to waste years watching trash so that maybe one day i can appreciate the masterpieces in their original form.

u guys think that you are understanding it all now. wait 5 years and watch those shows again.

i've gone through it with English once. i was shocked by how much i had missed when i rewatched some movies years later

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I like the newer songs, more happy and positive.

>> No.35063212

its utter shite and its not a fucking banger and its literally the moment jpop died

dont ever talk to me again

>> No.35063218

thats cause you are irradiated like the rest of your generation. sorry your brain is broken

>> No.35063220

yoooo dont care

>> No.35063223

i mean ur not wrong about being the beginning of the end

>> No.35063230

for me it's the op

>> No.35063233

claymore is based though, rewatched it recently then read the manga from the point diverged. wish there were more dark fantasy anime/manga

>> No.35063235

yeah wish id noticed this earlier ive got 2 faint lines you have to look carefully to notice them but the creases always form there when i raise my eyebrows

>> No.35063238

I was brought up on sad songs. I made a conscious decision to stop listening to them and pursue song with more positive messages.

>> No.35063239

drowning in diarrhea

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so, is this guy right?

>> No.35063247

theres a time for everything

>> No.35063248

no hes just another beginner on mount stupid
10k kanji would be lower intermediate

>> No.35063253

holy self own lmfao

>> No.35063254

congrats on self owning urself with this 1

>> No.35063258

anyway plenty of early idols were upbeat its about the fact you zooms like literal childrens music composed in a manner you'd hear in a nursery or preschool teacher
dont think guys should worry about expression wrinkles honestly i dont think it matters really it doesnt even matter still you start physically looking weak and sluggish from age thats most womens cutoff

>> No.35063260

yes? japs know like 3.5k passively

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>> No.35063267

>10k kanji
did you just finish genki 2?

>> No.35063271

ok bro good luck learning 10k kanji lmfao

>> No.35063276

10k words is lower intermediate
10k is chink scholar

>> No.35063282

do you think bret mayer knows 10k kanji

>> No.35063283

dame this thread sucks

>> No.35063285

forgot to post happy momusu which is definitely most of their stuff

>> No.35063287

careful w. ur hot takes u might hurt urself lol

>> No.35063309

exclusively talking about japanese

>> No.35063316

whats the jamal method

>> No.35063342

just do a thing

>> No.35063345

get good as a by-product of enjoying japanese shit

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>> No.35063348

>10k kanji
the fuck are you niggas reading?

>> No.35063357

10k hours of eng subbed anime

>> No.35063363

tale of genji

>> No.35063370

djt has no theory that doesn't cause cognitive dissonance as to why they never become dekiru other than increasing the kanji burden to become intermediate

>> No.35063377

why dont you finish core 2.3k first lol

>> No.35063381

i have a theory
raw manga raw anime

>> No.35063387

tales of genji is written in hiragana, my dude

>> No.35063394

oooooh kanjifags eternally btfo'd

>> No.35063403

Do you really practice that many words? Why? I would doubt the idea that someone would use 10,000 unique words in their life.

>> No.35063416

you definitely used more than that in english

>> No.35063417

oh no no no

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>> No.35063428


>> No.35063430

just googled it. the original doesnt exist so nobody knows but it was most likely written in a mix of kanji and kana

>> No.35063431

not the modern translation i have

>> No.35063432


>> No.35063462


>> No.35063469

yeah the original was lost but
>As with most Heian literature, Genji was probably written mostly (or perhaps entirely) in kana (Japanese phonetic script) and not in kanji, because it was written by a woman for a female audience.

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>> No.35063493

>cites english wikipedia
hiragana wasn't even standardized then so you couldn't read her hentaigana

>> No.35063506

i'll be honest. i read once about tales of genji literal years ago before i even thought of learning japanese and i had this memory about it being in kana but it turns out it was the original which is lost now. so i was wrong

>> No.35063510

virgin chinese academics vs chad syllabic female authors

>> No.35063518

nta but cope

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>I would doubt the idea that someone would use 10,000 unique words in their life.

>> No.35063532

I googled how many words the average person knows and apparently it's between 20 and 30 thousand with a passive vocabulary of 40 thousand. I don't believe this, how many different topic conversations could a person possible have to raise the number so high.

>> No.35063534

nice english quote but
if you look at the 青表紙本 which is one of the original 写本 of it then its like this
theres a pretty thin line here between what is kana and kanji when kana first originated though since they're just kanji in 草書体 used for the sound quality

>> No.35063537

dont care

>> No.35063552

comprehended vocab and active vocab are insane different. its much easier to passively understand than actively produce even in your native language

active vocab matters more when it comes to learning a new language. passive vocab is for plebbitors and esls with english degrees to fart-sniff over

>> No.35063557

can we stop with this gay meme? wikipedia is reliable when it comes to these trivia. we aren't talking about political shit here

>> No.35063558

giant cope

>> No.35063567

this is the pettiest of petty generals they wont budge an inch from anything they can grasp at you just have to get used to it

>> No.35063568

theres no citation on that part of the article at all and japanese wikipedia doesnt say anything like that

>> No.35063570

you are so wrong.

>> No.35063575

wtf these is an actual thing though? do you really think active vocab is 1:1 with passive?? youre fucking moronic

>> No.35063577

List 10,000 unique words right now!

>> No.35063579

nice strawman

>> No.35063583

i actually find that number small. u would realize it too if you were an ankidrone like me

>> No.35063584

that's excluding names and other proper nouns. you know hundreds of thousands words

>> No.35063589

no you fucking low iq dipshit the cope is the part where you say passive vocab is not important

>> No.35063595

its not really funny when you act like people dont know what a strawman is. in fact its kind of a self-own you are writing a thesis and act like "strawman" isnt a word you are gonna be using a lot did you not even join a debate club?

>> No.35063600

i find discrepancies between the japanese and english wikis all the time

>> No.35063601

he used it correctly

>> No.35063609

lmao is this your attempt at trolling because you fucking suck shut up and do your cards

>> No.35063612

bet this is the guy who thought the word strawnman was coined in the 1970s

>> No.35063616

not sure

>> No.35063622

didnt say it wasnt important one that its not the priority when you are learning a new language. >passive vocab of the average djter :some retarded high number
>output ability: negligable
the cope is your boys-club bubble. everyone would laugh incompetence in any other scenario

>> No.35063628

so you just shrug off earlier when you proved you cant speak any japanese and tell me to do cards lmao. maybe next year we can have a conversation, keep at it!

>> No.35063630

>didnt say it wasnt important
>passive vocab is for plebbitors and esls with english degrees to fart-sniff over

>> No.35063635

og is kinda right, its fucked you have people like ciaran who can understand old samurai shows but he cant even speak at all some japanese in the thread
djts priorities are all messed up

>> No.35063639

og in cope overdrive
you don't know japanese
and you never will

>> No.35063644

i understand why og says she hates me now

its bc she cant make me fight w. her lol

>> No.35063646

I thought the whole point was to consume media, not talk to people.

>> No.35063653

love how you pick ciaran of all people the guy who discusses simulation theory with nips at the izakaya lol

>> No.35063656

dude you are delusional 50 cards into core 2.3k with 0 reading experience trying to suggest i cant actively recall どうして lol what a joke

>> No.35063659


>> No.35063660

you believe every thing you read on here? when has he ever said any japanese

>> No.35063661

yeah ok funny how no one says anything about

>suggest i cant actively recall どうして lol what a joke
i was surprised as well, even for you menkei boy i expected better

>> No.35063665

No thanks, I can't believe Anya convinced them to do this.

>> No.35063668

>when has he ever said any japanese
never respond to me again dirty pajeet

>> No.35063673

youve never had a productive argument in the entire time ive been here and you dont care about anyone being right or wrong outside of your ego and whatever you feel like doing so just stfu and die already

>> No.35063685

it was a バー not an izakaya

>> No.35063699

og cant understand terebi programs for preschoolers but it's all the passive vocabulary's fault lmao

>> No.35063706

u need a huge passive vocab because it's pointless if you can output but you can't understand what the person you're conversing with says to you. there is a shitload of subjects out there. u gotta know at least the basics of each one if you want to have any kind of deep convo with a native speaker.

i might make mistakes in english but i can talk about any subject in english because i've familiarized myself with trillions of subjects. i've learned about new subjects in english. i learn japanese through english, etc...

>> No.35063714

>i might make mistakes in english but i can talk about any subject in english because i've familiarized myself with trillions of subjects. i
is this a copypasta

>> No.35063718

how many arguments about japanese could jamal have cleared up i wonder? assuming he actually knows japanese
oh haruhi is for preschoolers now. last time you posted this meme it was kindgerardeners. time passes strangely in djt what am i 37 year old now having been trying to learn japanese for 21?

>> No.35063719

if u wanna get good at japanese u have to conduct business in japanese and get paid for it every day

>> No.35063721
File: 163 KB, 850x1328, __gwen_league_of_legends_drawn_by_pepper0__sample-187ae08f4be7d8ab6fa941031debd6a3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that it's necessary to consume fluids to become fluent.

>> No.35063722

*there are

>> No.35063725
File: 976 KB, 1196x718, Picture2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ok use your active vocab here

>> No.35063730

someone teach these niggers the theory of "diminishing returns"

>> No.35063733

nah you're 27 and have been at it for 11
and you suck ass

>> No.35063734

no. it's just hyperbole
what i mean is that i can discuss anything in english without struggling even if i make grammar mistakes because of how much content i've consumed throughout the years

>> No.35063735

not real

>> No.35063738

whats the jp version of alea iacta est

>> No.35063749

cool always in the mood to talk endofunctors

>> No.35063750

you dont get to change venues you pussy out of any attempt to have even the most basic back and forth in japanese and everyone knows i cant read much kanji

>> No.35063751

you not made it past the prologue yet bro?

>> No.35063760

ok, you got me. but i think i've read that word when it comes to haskell. something about monads.

>> No.35063763


>> No.35063764


>> No.35063767

>everyone knows i cant read much kanji
then get the fuck back on the grind, bitch

>> No.35063776



>> No.35063781

literacy was a mistake
autists should all be exposed at birth
agriculture ruined everything
and none of you will EVER know japanese

>> No.35063790

god kaiji is one dumb motherfucker

>> No.35063792
File: 10 KB, 1106x53, dame.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35063796

but i'm watching epic anime at 99.9% comprehension as we speak

>> No.35063799

thats the wrong kanji og you mean 異常です

>> No.35063811

yeah fuck djt im outta here


>> No.35063812

dame its been a month already

>> No.35063819


>> No.35063822

read this as omae no kata

>> No.35063826


>> No.35063831

i only played it for like a few days before pausing already posted shit from after the prologue itt a while ago here free wotd 最大公約数

>> No.35063840

she cant read that but shed prolly understand it if u said it out loud to her

>> No.35063849
File: 873 KB, 1920x1080, 七つの大罪 S01E02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35063850

no she would not and im not vocarooing anything ever

>> No.35063852

what do u want me to clear up here

>> No.35063856

og probably has been studying japanese longer than me and i've already surpassed her while studying other languages at the same time.


>> No.35063857


>> No.35063860

what other languages?

>> No.35063861

i wasnt saying u should vocaroo that no one wants that but the point is she can at least roughly understand the verbal language unless its too technical or w.e

>> No.35063866

yep, that's problematic

>> No.35063868

dude are you out of your mind theres no way she can follow any of that

>> No.35063875

Any new seasons yet. I just want the story to end and not continue for 20years.

>> No.35063903

im not saying she knows 100% of the words

>> No.35063910

people itt really underestimate ogs ability cuz shes a woman its fucked up...

>> No.35063913

crazy how netflix supports this

>> No.35063935

sshes a scumbag who should be killed with no mercy who gives a fuck

>> No.35063945

this poster is underaged

>> No.35063954


>> No.35063962


>> No.35063965

wasnt born this century

>> No.35063978

*sips beer*

>> No.35063983

i more or less know where she stands bc shes not unlike me except shes even more illiterate than me

>> No.35063986

wonder if i'd just start swinging at people if i got drunk

>> No.35063993

*sips red wine*

>> No.35063997

ud prolly talk a lot of shit and get knocked out

>> No.35063999

I'm quite happy when i'm drunk, i'm much more open to converse about mundane things that usually arise in conversation.

>> No.35064003

wonder if this uppercasers nuke

>> No.35064004

i'm not saying i'd win i'm just wondering if i'd start swinging at people

>> No.35064005
File: 981 KB, 1055x593, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yea based

>> No.35064006

i just get even more quiet when i'm drunk
not a 絡み酒

>> No.35064011

you've never gotten drunk?

>> No.35064012

i'm gonna help japan if you know what i mean

>> No.35064014

never been drunk

>> No.35064015

never had bursts of rage whilst drunk cuz im a good person

>> No.35064016

no and i'm 27 but that's because i'm a neet that doesn't leave the house

>> No.35064022

When did you discover you had a passion for administration?

>> No.35064026

i just get hyperactive when im drunk, its a stimulant for me

>> No.35064028

this poster is about to be born

>> No.35064030

i'm not og but the only words there i hadn't seen before were:

i couldn't guess the reading of 眩む, 肉塊 (i thought it would be nikukatamari) and 轟音 (even though it's obvious what it means cuz i know 轟き )

>> No.35064033

* { border-radius: 0px !important; }
wa la

>> No.35064034

lmfao, every single one of us seems to be a 27 years old neet.

>> No.35064038

yeah i dont care

>> No.35064041

thats cool man

>> No.35064042

i make $700k a year

>> No.35064043

i'm 27 and just got a job hoping i won't lose it any time soon lmao

>> No.35064052

doing what?

>> No.35064056

data analyst

>> No.35064057

i don't believe in objectively good/bad but if you were to say you're not a fundamentally aggressive person who is only being held back by sober inhibition while i am, then sure

>> No.35064066


>> No.35064069

25 here also just got a job praying it isnt dogshit and that im not incompetent

>> No.35064071

yeh true

>> No.35064074

i'm not smart enough to do the same

>> No.35064078

my brother does that seems pretty chill

>> No.35064086

got my first real job at the age of 30
pretty sure this is the most successful thread on 4channel

>> No.35064103

imma be banging ur mom toddlercon style

>> No.35064117
File: 263 KB, 750x500, hero-be8df5e9c9ae2f731828449b51a6c90cae3a6321e2b4f22693ba55f3f46a45d8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so hyped bros

>> No.35064134

probably gonna start lifting again, quit cause there was literally no gym within a 10 km radius of me that used round plates and i couldnt stand deadlifting with those hex garbage ones lol there is a good gym 5 minutes from me now though so no reason not to

>> No.35064144

i met my future wife itt

>> No.35064153

were all doing good things living our best life

>> No.35064155


>> No.35064166

cool cope

>> No.35064169


>> No.35064176

top 3 worst animes i've seen

>> No.35064183

anons why do you hate me

>> No.35064189

don't hate you og

>> No.35064190

looks good

>> No.35064193


>> No.35064215
File: 1.46 MB, 1920x1080, stfu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35064217

didnt buy the unko drill set

>> No.35064222

ogs gone guys she just txted me from her futon on the floor

>> No.35064225
File: 564 KB, 1920x1080, 1572776929743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35064230


>> No.35064236

ah my favorite skinny w. no ass and fake tits

>> No.35064237

cursed tako

>> No.35064239

except og lmfao

>> No.35064249

>The Rise and Fall of /djt/

>> No.35064251 [DELETED] 

Hex bar is better, boomer

>> No.35064252



by ear

>> No.35064260

200 dollar for a used home gym fag

>> No.35064261


>> No.35064276

you should be training outside in nature and/or working practically to naturally develop strength without artificial reps.hike rough, climb trees, do parkour, lift and through random shit. break things with your bare hands. expose and toughen your skin in the elements.
be a goddamn man.

>> No.35064281

what would i need a gym fag for

>> No.35064284


>> No.35064296

reviewed my shinkin card just today
it's due in 14 months now

>> No.35064299

or be smart and get a labor intensive job like landscaping to make money and getting stronger. cant believe people pay someone for the right to expend energy doing nothing productive in airconditioning lmao
それは逆でしょう?glamour muscles and fit culture is for closeted fags

>> No.35064305

why is a woman trying to lecture me on how to build muscle

>> No.35064307

cringey faggot

>> No.35064309 [DELETED] 
File: 1.59 MB, 2048x1366, E0glzdfVIAE_FEC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35064313

i still saw ur idiot post even though u deleted it dont worry
>everybody lives in the us where gym equipment is cheap
>everybody lives in a house where they can drop 180 kg on the ground
shut the fuck up

>> No.35064314

arent you the one always lusting after muscular men in here

>> No.35064316


>> No.35064318

because if you scrape up the collective balls of this entire thread im still twice the man of any of you

>> No.35064319

yeah og is right again

>> No.35064320

say that again after you get gangraped during your mountain retreat lol

>> No.35064321
File: 9 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck y'all imma play my flute


>> No.35064325


>> No.35064330


>> No.35064332

i can deadlift 670 lbs, my grip is probably strong enough that i could break ogs wrist just by squeezing it with 1 hand lmao

>> No.35064333


>> No.35064337

>everybody lives in a house where they can drop 180 kg on the ground
forgot that american walls are 1mm thick and their houses have no foundations

>> No.35064342

oh no

>> No.35064344

thats a good start, keep it up

>> No.35064346

hey retard read the line above that one and use ur deductive reasoning to figure out why your post is retarded

>> No.35064349

forgot that american walls are 1mm thick and their houses have no foundations

>> No.35064350

youre neither manly nor feminine just a complete loser freakazoid with no good traits

>> No.35064352

imagine thinking digging holes and planting flowers is more efficient that targeted exhaustion of muscle groups

>> No.35064355

og, u'll never be a man

>> No.35064356

Does anybody here have VN recs?

>> No.35064357


>> No.35064360

obese girl: just work some minimum wage landscaping job while climbing trees bro!

>> No.35064361

this is about it for me since im not willing to get fat or go on gear, i'll be lucky if i add like 5 lbs to it in the next year. diminishing returns are a bitch.

>> No.35064366

i don't understand these posts
at least give us your level and a genre
otherwise you might as well just google "vn recs"

>> No.35064371

professor layton and the curious village

>> No.35064375

What do American let's players have to do with studying Japanese?

>> No.35064379

true true

>> No.35064387

>its a "kaiji thinks he's gonna win but ends up losing" episode
moe will this motherfucker ever win anything this is getting old

>> No.35064393

what episode

>> No.35064395

dno the world being as sick and perverted as it is with im sure well start having designer bodies soon and ill need it when the world goes full mad max to survive cause god knows none of your twig-wristed generation is going to cut it

>> No.35064397
File: 713 KB, 1979x2560, jane.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

og reminds me of calamity jane from deadwood


>> No.35064403

>he wants to know

>> No.35064408


>> No.35064411

lmfao what is this

>> No.35064417

big loss for og

>> No.35064426

he usually starts bad but ends up winning episode 8 is when it gets really good

>> No.35064429

I've passed the JLPT N2 practice test, so I'd say I'm like DJT N5.
Looking for something that's got girls fighting

>> No.35064432

metatron sensei hat his tanjoubi kyou


>> No.35064433

From context, he's obviously not American. Maybe you should be in the Daily English Thread.

>> No.35064434
File: 58 KB, 739x640, 1622077758177.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35064437


>> No.35064440

thanks for the late response!

>> No.35064441
File: 283 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210604-133835_AnkiDroid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I updated my phone and my flashcards seem to have swapped over to the Chinese variants or something. Anyone ever experience this problem and know how to fix this?

>> No.35064447
File: 55 KB, 512x309, hermeto.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a crazy musician from brazil. he plays a thousand instruments even things that are instruments


>> No.35064454
File: 29 KB, 253x889, pic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

damn queeran going hard thats a lot of episodes

>> No.35064459
File: 11 KB, 134x116, japanese kanji.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah it should look like this right?

>> No.35064460

dreamt i was fucking motoko from gits (stand alone complex, not the movie)

>> No.35064466

Go back to trannycord.

>> No.35064469

og keeps calling me a zoomer. unfortunately i'm older than you

>> No.35064470


>> No.35064474


>> No.35064480
File: 7 KB, 189x264, 1596266644812.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hold on, maybe this is right and it was displaying Chinese up until now? What the fuck?

This is what it was showing up until yesterday.

I genuinely feel like I've jumped timelines or something because I swear to god all my apps would display >>35064459
Maybe it was a phone wide issue or something?

>> No.35064483


>> No.35064492

dunno bro try changing the font to a proper japanese one like MingLiU

>> No.35064499


>> No.35064501 [DELETED] 

finna learn eigo

>> No.35064513
File: 160 KB, 723x1380, 1576453472493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35064514

huh? i just used the default settings so far

>> No.35064517
File: 528 KB, 2504x2044, 81RGeiapXoS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

finna learn eigo

>> No.35064526

haramu means includ too!

>> No.35064536


>> No.35064538

i very clearly told you to use a japanese font otherwise anki will display it like chinese >>35064513

>> No.35064541

Grats, you've been learning Chinese. Does this kanji look familiar? 直

>> No.35064550

oh did you think i was that above poster? i have had any issues so far

>> No.35064553


>> No.35064559
File: 478 KB, 946x1432, unko.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

slaying this epic trivia

>> No.35064562


>> No.35064565

I know this one because of class, thankfully. I was attempting to pick up extra Kanji via the app and I guess it was feeding me Chinese.

Fuck Samsung. Every single aspect of this phone has been a massive pain in the ass.
This is honestly the last straw, going to a Sony phone.

>> No.35064570

>you've been learning Chinese
If you're not learning Chinese grammar and readings from at least one spoken variant of the Chinese language, I'd hardly say that counts.

>> No.35064571

chinese font is the first filter.

>> No.35064572

lmao did you mean 邦人?

>> No.35064579

i think he means 仏人

>> No.35064580

no i was using the post to explain why i told you to change the font because thats the kind of shit thatll happen if you dont youre literally learning chinese right now lmao

>> No.35064584

tfw ywn have a drink with moe while watching konohana kitan

>> No.35064585

the problem is the default set of fonts that Android comes with, not Sony/Samsung

>> No.35064591

>Chinese grammar
what grammar?

>Why don't you come visit us?
为什么 = why
你 = you
不 = not
来 = come
看 = see
我们 = we

there is no grammar. chinese is easy as fuck grammatically speaking

>> No.35064595

there's no way moe doesnt smell terrible

>> No.35064596

not even on mt stupid yet with this level of knowledge

>> No.35064597

Except it's not literally learning Chinese if it won't help you read newspapers from China or talk to Chinese people.

>> No.35064601

that's a chinese 101 sentence. look at a book and you'll notice that it's not so simple

>> No.35064607

oh i see. i didnt have that issue cause i didn't download qm's anime cards lmao

>> No.35064609

i smell normal

>> No.35064612

It's got parts of speech, particles, word order, etc.
You can't just spit out a bunch of Chinese characters and expect it'll make sense.

>> No.35064615

can't watch an episode of drama without wanting to jack it

>> No.35064618

how are you so sure also which deck did you download

>> No.35064624

please elaborate on why you haven't offed yourself yut

>> No.35064627


>> No.35064628

what's a yut?

>> No.35064630


>> No.35064631

>Who is she speaking with?
她 = she
在 = is
跟 = with
谁 = who
说话 = speak

sorry John Shang, your language is easy as fuck

>> No.35064635
File: 651 KB, 1024x576, 1596283030917.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

durarara was a big load of nothing in the end but it made ikebukuro seem so comfy, the show had a really great atmosphere and feel to it

>> No.35064650

t-they're that lewd?

>> No.35064651

durara was the first time i actually fell asleep while watching something in my life

>> No.35064653

don wanna tell u and have you get mad for some reason and start yelling at me again but it was a 2000+ core deck off the ankidroid list and thats as far as this "mentorship" is going so drop it

>> No.35064662

those bitches def. need it, they are wrecks.

>> No.35064667
File: 78 KB, 709x480, mpv-shot0002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35064669

never seen a bigger simp than 4bc, constantly replying and trying to help someone who hates him just cuz shes a girl

>> No.35064672


>> No.35064703

yeah youre right she doesnt deserve any help

>> No.35064726

that particular frame isn't doing her any justice.

>> No.35064729

seething atm

>> No.35064730

oof im refolding

>> No.35064731

bout to shove my feet up your ass

>> No.35064809

yes, unless you speak a slavic language

>> No.35064811

japanese grammar isnt hard

>> No.35064817

nah japanese people are vicious. they are busu no matter what they do and they cant get surgery either cause of the taboo. if anything being fat helps their comedy routines

>> No.35064834
File: 829 KB, 1687x675, 1500128193470.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

let's see what you figure out grammarchads

>> No.35064835

>chinese grammar is easy guys i swear!
>no plurals, no inflections, no genders, no cases, no nothing

>russian grammar is hard?1?1
>6 cases, perfective/imperfective verbs, 3 genders, words that looks like they were randomized

djt = peak contrarianism

>> No.35064837

wish there was something like nge again
i mean an anime that had a lot of thought behind it
yes im 25+

>> No.35064860

a lot of you neets dont know about this

>> No.35064861
File: 1.62 MB, 1671x3442, 70799638_p2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35064862

lmao ironically thats the title of an anime that has exactly what he wants.

>> No.35064863

there wasnt a lot of thought behind eva. anno just did whatever he felt like and most of it was decided just on fan reaction

>> No.35064867

y'know moe you can actually steer the discussion and make a change in the thread if you removed your name, otherwise your posts hold no weight (unlike you)

>> No.35064896

ive wanted to read the chinese literary classics for probably 10 years but have never gotten around to it

>> No.35064898

apparently an anime about playin the stock market hasn't been done

>> No.35064901

chinese grammar is easy. this is not a controversial opinion. you are being a contrarian just for the sake of it.

>> No.35064902 [DELETED] 

>Its just everythings been done
this is mere lack of creativity, it's not possible to exhaust art.

>> No.35064903 [DELETED] 

thats not the problem

>> No.35064933

i have zero experience with girls

>> No.35064934

it looks absolutely fine and structured to me in both scripts

>> No.35064935

who cares

>> No.35064936


>> No.35064937

alright bro cram all these and you're practically fluent!

>> No.35064939

and you're scared of actually committing to a language so you spend all your time adding new decks in anki and maintain your pre mt stupid level

>> No.35064944

the exaggerated sloppy kissing scenes? probably not
the romantic kissing scenes? probably more so

>> No.35064947

i hope romeo's vns are nothing like that shitshow

>> No.35064948

its a world wide phenomena and might not be explicitly because of american influence but rather globalism in general

>> No.35064958

or maybe testing methods improved

>> No.35064959

i'm not going to change my opinion. chinese grammar is easy and i'm not scared of it.

>> No.35064960

its because the americans were the cultural hegemony during this period of globalism. if the japanese had been the hegemonic power then we'd all be 140IQ by now because we'd have been infiltrated by a superior culture.

>> No.35064962

bad taste.
autists should just be banned from consuming artistic mediums full stop

>> No.35064963

is it a phenomena if it can be explained?

>> No.35064969

dont care about chinese and im not going to change my opinion

>> No.35064970

no the world is definitely declining on many metrics despite the march of "progress"

>> No.35064971

nice self own

>> No.35064972

if everybody is 140 iq no one is 140 iq cuz that's not how it works

>> No.35064973

who do you think are the ones who contribute the most to art?

>> No.35064975

spoken like a true 100 iqer

>> No.35064977

you're just making shit up. i consume stuff when i'm learning a language. i use anki so that i don't forget what i learned while reading or watching something.

>> No.35064989

post a screenshot of your main anki page

>> No.35064990

no one cares or thinks chinkanese is hard zhang

>> No.35064991

im talking about literal autism not the eccentric passions of 変わってる人々

>> No.35065024

and about 50 billion times less good

>> No.35065026

and i think "people" who lack a certain level of human virtue and mental capacities are destroying every aspect of high-culture and sucking all the beauty and truth from from it with their malformed ideas and influence and that next time around ill make sure it doesn't happen again

>> No.35065027

and how it has 1/100th the content

>> No.35065030

kind of true

>> No.35065034

go read it first

>> No.35065043

humanity has declined is on the level of rick and morty

>> No.35065050
File: 212 KB, 310x346, 1573305338015.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35065052

HAHAHAHAHA being racist with a cultural group that was enslave and genocide by fascist, stop being a nigger pls

>> No.35065053


>> No.35065056

we dont have gods doing their jobs so we have no choice but to do the messy work of sorting out and purging the chaff by whatever means necessary
you are a prime example of what a muddled, miscegenated, impure biology will turn to in its unclean quest to grab at meaning. you literally post ugliness as beauty

>> No.35065077
File: 32 KB, 669x380, 49217855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

@the guy learning russian

>> No.35065079


>> No.35065080

you mean imouto?

>> No.35065082

great show

>> No.35065084

why do you think most languages have tenses and japanese has particles? chinese "simplicitly" comes with the cost of lot of implicit meaning that you won't figure out from an english grammar resource. you're at the very beginning and reading textbook sentences like 我觉得个苹果手机可爱死了
step into a book for a second and the elegant design of chinese grammar will fall away

>> No.35065088

they dont make em like this anymore thats for dame sure

>> No.35065090

never watched nhk and never fucking will

>> No.35065095

read this as "fucking gooks"

>> No.35065096

i'd watch it if it wasnt ~350 episodes fuck

>> No.35065100

im not strictly speaking about anime anymore but "culture" was too general and if anime were actually good, it would fall under the umbrella like a penny dreadful story like sweeney todd would in the victorian era

>> No.35065102

true true

>> No.35065105
File: 83 KB, 434x289, zh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's not a controversial opinion

>> No.35065115

you can't understand isekai if you haven't read lotr in japanese

>> No.35065119

goddame janny deletes my epic doujin pic but none of this chinese crap fuck him

>> No.35065120

dunno chinese but true

>> No.35065130

baffling post

>> No.35065132

"in some ways" doesnt imply that its easier across the board or in general, work on yout english comprehension before branching out

>> No.35065136

gonna overtly put this foot up your ass

>> No.35065148

i'm obviously talking easy in comparison with other languages, mr. know-it-all

>> No.35065149

wonder if i can ever master the art of ツッコミ

>> No.35065150


>> No.35065151

crazy how much they hate them

>> No.35065168

gonna watch evangelion later niggas

>> No.35065171

you shoulda watched it dubbed into your native language (most likely either indonesian or brazilian portuguese) instead

>> No.35065173


>> No.35065177

going to cum later

>> No.35065193

>pinyin only with 4 word sentences
yeah this looks like a legit opinion lol

>> No.35065196

thinking about it

>> No.35065203

he already did :^)

>> No.35065207

you never been curious about what western stuff is like in japanese before?

>> No.35065212

lol for real

>> No.35065218
File: 15 KB, 400x268, lquu1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ok bro, chinese is the most complex language in the universe. i'm sorry that i even dared to think that its grammar is simpler than indo-european languages. what was i thinking? please, don't punish me.

>> No.35065236
File: 43 KB, 130x568, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35065239

can you show us an example of a super complex piece of grammar from chinese? notice that i said grammar not a bunch of unknown words put together.

>> No.35065246
File: 32 KB, 770x513, iphone-2007-steve-jobs-770x513.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

guys i need somebody to shoop matt's face next to steve jobs

>> No.35065292


>> No.35065296

vietnamese is a bit worse but they are both just awful

>> No.35065297

english, hebrew, spanish, the list goes on

>> No.35065309

i want you to open up a chinese book of your choice and just read. look up whatever you need.

>> No.35065312


>> No.35065313

if im being honest i really dont like how korean sounds outside of music either. its got that grating chinese pitch choppiness to it

>> No.35065314

here's an uglier one

>> No.35065337

come to think of it most languages sound shit

>> No.35065338

this doesnt repulse me its just funny with the clicks
chinese physically repulses me

>> No.35065348

actually check this out first it'll go a lot easier

>> No.35065350

australia intensifies

>> No.35065373

why didnt they go with arabic pronunciation

>> No.35065379

im sure these differences are purely socio-economic in nature

>> No.35065384

korean sounds pretty similar to japanese. if you don't like the way korean sounds, it'd make sense if you didn't like the way japanese sounds either

>> No.35065393

youre all dekinais wasting your time here

>> No.35065394

yeah, beautiful indeed

>> No.35065395

ydk japanese if you think it sounds like spoken korean

>> No.35065396

because of ashkeNAZIm in positions of power

>> No.35065437

that weird, korean internet didnt bloke that porn link even though i can even watch the non-kids side of yt or get unrestricted google results without a korean ss number

>> No.35065441

Am a Ugandan but sometimes I wish I was born a Korean, coz this music moves me though I don't understand the language.

Much love Koreans ️️

>> No.35065444

bizarre considering theyre way more superficial than even japanese or is this just a tactic to take advantage of mentally ill busus

>> No.35065446

hentai isnt porn its just drawings

>> No.35065447

no you wouldnt this entire city smells like a sewer and the people are rude and butt in front of you in line and on the streets and are ky outside of themselves and whomever they are with

>> No.35065451

whenever people post hard to understand clips of japanese speech on djt, you'll often come across a few posts saying that it sounds like korean

>> No.35065458

im pretty sure the koreans dont make that distinction i cant even watch violent yt videos like streetfights

>> No.35065466

do you no da wae?

>> No.35065475


>> No.35065476

because the people who say that dont know either languages

>> No.35065481

a lot of people cope with the "vaguness" by inventing the concept of high context culture

>> No.35065524

the vr chat version specifically i mean i literally cry laughing when i see and hear those little buggers and i cant breathe

>> No.35065528

there was a hungarian guy i knew a few years ago who always quoted the ugandan knuckles shit, very cringe

>> No.35065538

ur not wrong the grammar is just comparable to english but bc its chinese its still ching chongs and thus impossible

>> No.35065540

must have a really sad life if you play erp chat

>> No.35065581

last time i laughed really hard was watching a hodgetwins compilation vid. 10 years later and those 2 niggas still crack me up

>> No.35065582

? what did i lie about that its impossible ? i mean have u tried to read chinese ?

>> No.35065588

nothing wrong with being gay

>> No.35065591

he has a point there that was pretty non-degenerate as far as porn goes

>> No.35065592

shaddap faggot

>> No.35065593

if you know enough japanese you can just read it lol

>> No.35065605

oh yeah im trans btw if that matters

>> No.35065613


>> No.35065617

djt is weird. some days there is guy who says he has studied chinese and he claims everything about chinese is easy, even the tones

now these niggas are bullying me cuz i dared to say that i think the *grammar* is simple

>> No.35065630

*a guy

>> No.35065643
File: 334 KB, 828x1200, next_djt_header.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35065644

is that a native chinese mistake

>> No.35065645

just shut the fuck up already you stupid cockroach

>> No.35065665

>*a guy
the real reason he thinks chinese grammar is easy

>> No.35065670

someone shoop dekinai's face onto the cat

>> No.35065672

if this is og lmao

>> No.35065700

and illegal amount of s o u l

>> No.35065709

now if only og wanted to just hang out and play old games like this all day

>> No.35065714


>> No.35065717

>korean sounds pretty similar to japanese.

>> No.35065735

wheres the japanese decks?

>> No.35065736
File: 54 KB, 705x480, mpv-shot0013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35065739

dont care about ur stupid chink shit and havent responded to a single one or ur posts until now so shut the fuck up already

>> No.35065755

japanese is my priority. most of the media i consume is in japanese

>> No.35065756

yea u dont really wanna do it on hardwood or tile but thing about sex is ull ignore the pain till its over so if u were doin something stupid its not gonna hurt till u finish and realize the errors of ur ways

>> No.35065760

she looks pretty hot at 1:22

>> No.35065774

this but raw anime raw lns

>> No.35065800

i cant really respect ppl being on the lum train in 2021 cuz its meme status

>> No.35065808

bed or standing yea

>> No.35065809

theres no pleasing you so just leave the kids alone and find a nice comfy grave to retire to

>> No.35065826

i mean its true tho

theres just been a big lum revival the last few years and i dont get how these zoomers got into it

i mean its good bc making old anime relevant again is epic but at the same time it irks me anyway bc time damages ur brain

>> No.35065850

shes so cute
the BDs came out after 2010 whereas before you pretty much had to be in japan watching reruns so it wasnt one peoples radar. stop being a gatekeeping cunt and be glad people are liking good anime

>> No.35065864

yeah making old anime relevant again is gr8 if you wanna see it get desecrated

>> No.35065875

wish they'd finally release the daicon 4 bluray

>> No.35065899

yeah you did. ps2

>> No.35065900

cant stand japanese "comedy" so im never gonna watch any classics most likely

>> No.35065902

sounds like japanese, but i can't understand shit

>> No.35065907

you mean ps3

>> No.35065913


>> No.35065919


>> No.35065920


>> No.35065921


>> No.35065956

something to do with newton being a simp

>> No.35065967

there will >>>>LITERALLY<<<<< never ever be a anime movie this good again lmfao

>> No.35065989


>> No.35065997

it's just a normal statement you sound insane and like a fag

>> No.35065999

i remember watching blurays on my psx before some of yalls were born

>> No.35066030

du har rätt :X

>> No.35066031

uh i didnt say anything i didnt like all i said is i like maison ikkoku and you came at me cuz you have issues keep projecting

>> No.35066040

it's like kanjifags trying to learn all this shit they'll never read but with obscure native language words

>> No.35066045

thats not how you use optics though, you talk about the "optics of a situation" ie how it looks from the perspective of someone else

>> No.35066047

what am i projecting here? that i post platitudes or say things for mass approval?

>> No.35066053


this is what he said from what i can understand:
som om det finns goda svenska böcker

>> No.35066055


>> No.35066065

yea sure

>> No.35066067

people say "fuck your optics" and "its not good optics" ect in the political meaning exactly that. now stfu you filthy esl before i piss down your throat

>> No.35066072

youre wrong thats a fact

>> No.35066073


>> No.35066078

>chapter of german
are you the guy who is reading programming books in german?

>> No.35066088

yeah maybe think about your own buzzwords before you come after mine next time

>> No.35066091
File: 151 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35066092

im a native. and "not good optics" is the meaning that i referred to, it doesn't mean "theatrics" it means "it doesnt look good viewed from the general publics perspective". what you said is just nonsense english that doesnt mean anything

>> No.35066094


>> No.35066095 [DELETED] 
File: 25 KB, 687x342, 1608463035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are you encouraging him?

>> No.35066099

use this
or use this
and obviously you can look up userchrome tweaks like removing the scrolling tab "feature" that happens when you have a lot of tabs open.

>> No.35066103

nasty shit

>> No.35066106

og btfo once again.

>> No.35066107


>> No.35066112

ive been using the new firefox all day and have had 0 issues with it

>> No.35066115


>> No.35066117

*sips s○ylent*

>> No.35066119

so whats your issue with maison ikkoku and why is it a platitude lol esl monkey fuck outta here

>> No.35066122

it's hideous

>> No.35066132

i dont drink sylent but i do have sy milk with my cereal every morning (raisin bran)
the tabs are slightly more round thats it lol

>> No.35066133

i wouldnt have even noticed if it autoupdated

>> No.35066134

youre not part of this conversation but you can have your boyfriend back now
pedantic fuck i said "something like" and its easy to get the general feel oh wait you have the brain autism and lack a fundamental human aspect nm sorry

>> No.35066139

what will you do if i prove you wrong

>> No.35066143

its impossible to get the general feel if you just completely misuse words, maybe try speaking english instead of invented native-esl shit you put out on here

>> No.35066146

youd think this would be a pretty inoffensive post but apparently somethin about it makes cringey faggots wanna argue with me about nothing >>35065892

>> No.35066149

it takes up like 50% more space in almost every aspect of its UI. if they remove a bunch of the white space and add contrast to the tabs/background tabs then i'd be fine with it. and i swear to fucking god this better not be ciaran.

>> No.35066151


>> No.35066155

>invented native-esl shit
you're not a native and im sick of telling you this pajeet. india or whatever equitable country you learned english in doesnt count as being an english native

>> No.35066162


>> No.35066163
File: 516 KB, 1750x2500, damian-mantur-executioner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sy milk
You deserve to be executed.

>> No.35066170

you have no native language and this isn't even gaslighting

>> No.35066172


>> No.35066192
File: 533 KB, 1920x1080, 7iwoni7hc6k61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35066200


>> No.35066205

i didn't say that your phrase means nothing, it just doesn't mean what you think it does

>> No.35066207

>af if you actually understand english
lmao honestly its just cute at this point. yosh yosh you are all good little spergs who did your homework have a gold star

>> No.35066211
File: 262 KB, 512x512, 1608919409881.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's add each other on MAL
add me https://myanimelist.net/profile/tatsumoto_ren
reply to this post with links to your MAL profiles

>> No.35066213

we've moved past adding each other on mal.

>> No.35066217

lol btfod so hard she doesnt even know what to say

>> No.35066221

i dont think you can be esl and NOT understand english, my fellow esl brethren

>> No.35066223

can you stop cringe posting

>> No.35066225

usually people who are bad at their native language stick to stuff like instagram and facebook but somehow og found her way onto the nerdy side of the internet so shes really out of place with her poor language skills

>> No.35066238

we've moved past that

>> No.35066241

if you have to keep repeating how btfo'd i am and how its my big l it kinda looks like your overcompensating
>nerdy side of the internet
i want to hurt you. and not in a way that will be fun for me

>> No.35066244

og, you and i both know that the only reason that you keep talking about esl this esl that is because you got laughed at when you flaunted your 日本語上手ですね skills

>> No.35066253

no im just lolling as i rub it in your fat fucking face

>> No.35066257

or because this place is full of brazilians and equally insufferable europoors?

>> No.35066262

why is that preferable to being an eop

>> No.35066263

what are you gonna do? piss down his throat lmao

>> No.35066266

when i output

>> No.35066268

eop insecurities flaring up hard right now.

>> No.35066273

what is the meaning of the triangule in japanese?

>> No.35066275

this guy >>35066170 must be right then because i'm brazilian and people think i'm og all the time

big loss for og

>> No.35066276

yeah im so insecure about my english im make no attempt to proofread or take more care with making mistakes despite it being a major sticking point for months and months

>> No.35066281

im pretty sure its only the natives (such as myself) in here who even notice ogs many many fuck ups but she has some twisted idea that its esls because shes in denial as with every other fault she possesses (ie her entire brain and its machinations)

>> No.35066284
File: 1.36 MB, 1000x750, eigo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35066288

can't take esls seriously because they're trying to criticize eops...in english.

because their first language is so shit that they have more fun engaging with english content and english users on the internet. they are admitting their first language is pointless every time they argue with eops lmfao

>> No.35066303

the issue is that you completely misuse idioms without even realizing

>> No.35066306

yeah its especially funny because theyd use a japanese as a authority on what counts as natural and true(tm) japanese but they hold a double standard with "muh eops"

also funny because i didnt even learn the term esl till i got to djt. bunch of insecure junglebunnies

>> No.35066310

i understand 100%.

>> No.35066311

the esls are better than obese girl at english thats for sure they also arent fat pieces of shit who should be killed (mostly)

>> No.35066317

its really funny when she straight up swaps one word for another while typing happens often enough to stand out

>> No.35066320

the other day i said something like "it didn't make sense" and esl went "*doesn't make sense"

>> No.35066321

nta but you are an authority on this subject because?

>> No.35066344

you arent a native.

>> No.35066346

i'm an esl and i only corrected her once
it was yesterday when she misspelt "divine"
i cried blood when i saw it spelt with an e

>> No.35066350

arent you the one always claiming that esls are coping lol
this is a major cope

>> No.35066370
File: 360 KB, 600x900, eigo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

got another one if the kobe book was too intimidating

>> No.35066371

offense to all fat bros go lose weight u ugly piece of shit lmao

>> No.35066374

never used the buzzword redpill in my life

>> No.35066377


>> No.35066379

s i m p e r i n g

>> No.35066403

no wonder you're so fucked up now

>> No.35066405

ill record one if you read your post to me on vocaroo

>> No.35066406


>> No.35066413

thats a weird way of showing how you dont disrespect fat people when you use it repeatedly as a insult to someone who isnt even fat...

but i guess it up to them if they take offense not me

>> No.35066415

lets get back on track...this isnt the eigo thread

>> No.35066435

how can you learn japanese if you can't even understand your native language?

>> No.35066437

you'll love this bro

>> No.35066439

why would fellow ESLs lie about being native? it doesn't make any sense.
we hate the monolingual scum. we are proud people

you can see it for yourself here >>>/int/

>> No.35066448


>> No.35066451

has kanjieater tried to contact ciaran for an interview yet? i told him about ciaran so he should be interested.

>> No.35066455

you could tell because he used 'who' instead of 'that' to refer to himself

>> No.35066456

starting to think some people here unironically get filtered by gura streams

>> No.35066459

lmao wtf
what did you say

>> No.35066462

id look at em and then exclaim まぶしいッ lmao

>> No.35066465

test your level

>> No.35066466

逆にi filter the gura streams

>> No.35066472

dude u have no idea how much i feel like i just went home

whjere the fuck did my life go

>> No.35066478
File: 111 KB, 1265x380, 4MFCfOQ4y5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35066493

a stitch in time saves nine

>> No.35066500
File: 120 KB, 320x426, 1570484917913.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he was the bottom though he claims he's not gay

>> No.35066507


>> No.35066509

it was funny as fuck in like 2002 obviously it's cringe now but you cant help but remember the golden days

>> No.35066517

if it's cringe it wasnt the golden days. it was the dark ages

>> No.35066519

u got issues bro fortunately nobody is able to get in touch with me except my mal friend moe

>> No.35066525

there's tons of late 90s/2000s opinion article/blog writers who have a similar kind of "i'm right and you're not, so fuck you" mentality. i'd call it the reddit mentality, but there's also lots of people here on 4chan who act like that.

>> No.35066530

pretty epic how moe is the representative of the representative of djt

>> No.35066550

you accepting friend reqs?

>> No.35066554

dang thats cringe af bro im glad ur pitching queeran to some guy and not me thatd be embarrassing im like already embarrassed that u mentioned me by name in the comment tho

>> No.35066563

i blush every time that i get mistaken for a native speaker here cuz that means that i've typed a grammatically perfect english sentence

>> No.35066565

ken and kel irl are like 43 years old

they look 25

>> No.35066566

only from non chuggers

>> No.35066578

look you guys can pretend that djt's image means nothing to you but we all spend a lot of time here and we know the deal. we need someone like ciaran to represent us. if not him, then who? bunko? he's a faggot. you jamal? you've always taken a casual approach to japanese. moe? he's a prodigy but he doesn't have the experience.

>> No.35066595

we dont need anything but u can do what u want

>> No.35066616

djt is a shitty community just like any other on 4chan. people waste time here because they can't think of any other "fun" but extremely low effort stuff to do during the day

>> No.35066619

dude maddoxs site looks exactly the same as it did in 2002 also

its so painful

im imagining myself sitting in front of a screen but u see me aging in fast motion over the last 20 years while scrolling maddox page lol

i mean his site was always shit and i actually never really went to it that much and instead we all made fun of him but still

>> No.35066628

the fact that you niggas need to ask for a vocaroo in order to establish if someone is an esl or not is sufficient proof that english is relatively easy (like chinese)

i doubt that most 外人 could do the same in polish, for example

why? because them niggas have cases, verb conjugations, etc..

>> No.35066632

that and i need to trick my brain into thinking im being social to stave off insanity

>> No.35066635
File: 96 KB, 208x156, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hes still got the same exact hate mail page exactly the same as it was

bros its too much

>> No.35066657

just so u know and i dont believe u were implying this but i wanted to make it clear

chinese has no verb conjugations either

much like japanese

>> No.35066719

wtf bros, i started taking a multivitamin and i got my morning woods back and also my dick like doubled in size.

>> No.35066754

its called hrt

>> No.35066756

wait til you find maddox's youtube and his korone pitched voice

>> No.35066810

how do you pronounce 卍る

>> No.35066813

my mouth hurts doing mewing, is it normal?

>> No.35066828


>> No.35066834

teh joker in japanisu

>> No.35066840

does the swastika have a nazi connotation in countries with a substantial buddhist presence or was the neolib propaganda too weak to overcome the religious connotations of it

>> No.35066847

any non-japanese shit translated over to japanese is cringe.
that's why it's all you'll ever be.

>> No.35066883


>> No.35066924

probably most asians dont even know where the fuck is germany

>> No.35066929

most americans don't even know where europe is

>> No.35066962


>> No.35066969

most americans dont know where germany is

>> No.35066977

where the fuck is mr native american passport i get back to the thread and still nothing

>> No.35066987

plugged your mic directly into your guitar amp

>> No.35066998

im not dragging good mics across asia just to post vocaroos with j*mal for months lol

>> No.35067001

dame ciaran btfod

>> No.35067016

can someone please tell japanese people that their japanification of english words sound retarded?

>> No.35067036

lmfaooo do you even read the threads you post in

>> No.35067039


>> No.35067066
File: 204 KB, 258x387, Master_and_Commander-The_Far_Side_of_the_World_poster.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

itt: we post movies that og will never understand

>> No.35067073

yea me and og r goin to bed

on the floor

>> No.35067079
File: 582 KB, 1800x1200, djts favourites.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

any of the anime on this list

>> No.35067088

>voh karoo

>> No.35067100


>> No.35067119

stop og, u r drunk!

>> No.35067123

its karen

>> No.35067135

hon sade "thread's piñata"

>> No.35067204

ciaran cant aswer right now he's too busy being heterosexually fucked in the ass.

>> No.35067217

i pronounce his name as see-ah-rahn (rolled r)

>> No.35067218

It's not gay if the top identifies as a woman.

>> No.35067257

that can't be me

>> No.35067276

always weird listening to vocaroos you kind of forget real people are posting

>> No.35067285


>> No.35067373 [DELETED] 

ciaraaan come out to plaaaay

>> No.35067383


>> No.35067403
File: 86 KB, 1320x1150, de9bdi2-42c6fb9c-c8f0-49e1-b2b1-c8c4f3e04fde.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35067412

diagnosing her with bipolar based on that audio clip

>> No.35067431


>> No.35067446

dumb faggot

>> No.35067457

wait a minute
you know who she sounds like....

>> No.35067461

this wasn't me

>> No.35067489

yes it was me

>> No.35067496

i like hololive now btw. i watch amelia

>> No.35067504

i like bunko. i wouldn't call him 'dumb faggot'

>> No.35067527

og is now posting essays in audio form!

>> No.35067560

Watch nijisanji

>> No.35067582

legit og could have made it into holoen gen 2 with her 歌声 and incredible japanese. what could have been

>> No.35067597

dont need a trip when i can post vocaroos

>> No.35067636

can you vocaroo one of your pol posts lol

>> No.35067681

more like orochimaru's voice


>> No.35067707

speak for yourself. i grew up with based french dub

>> No.35067769

alright last one and ill take my sleepy ciaran w

>> No.35067802

we're still fucking creating 2 djt threads at a time?

>> No.35067832

>3 minutes
come on

>> No.35067841

new home of vocaroo replies is here >>35067086

>> No.35067843

ciaran: 0 minutes
come on

>> No.35067886

i tried to say
i'm one of those filthy people that you hate

>> No.35067898

non-spam, non-og thread here

>> No.35067907


>> No.35067912

i dont hate u its just that statistically my haters are probably brazilian so its an easy target

stay away from white women tho

>> No.35067921

>stay away from white women tho
i stay away from women in general

>> No.35068001

well i guess my new name is とうじ lmao. i like it
they might not be able to tell but i can. but ill tell you what it can stay our little secret if you give me the w and dont native post at me anymore otherwise it might get weird

>> No.35068016

tell what?

>> No.35068197
File: 42 KB, 541x357, uma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey og, am i pale enough to avoid neo-auschwitz when you become dictator of the world?

>> No.35068221

Post your schnitzel.

>> No.35068279
File: 62 KB, 446x489, 45ba8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sorry its a full body inspection type of deal

>> No.35068501

kill yourself whore

>> No.35068729

You could realistically complete N4 within a year with about 2-3 hours of study a day.

N5 would be about half of that. Give or take, depending on study habits and methods.

>> No.35068735


>> No.35068739

I began studying in late April, and have been putting in 5-6 hours a day and so far I’ve gotten to a pretty comfortable spot that I feel is somewhere within the N5 level. I’m definitely not at N4 yet

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