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Guide and resources: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/
Previous thread: >>35060543

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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
Guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/
Word of the Day: https://t.me/s/jt_library

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I fucking hate that smug faggot.

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here's my message for bunko:
you often say you're gonna quit djt and japanese shit any day, and that you're gonna move onto some other board where you can post whatever the fuck you want, yet you keep on coming back here, and the only possible reason why you do it is because you love jamal, moe, and everybody else who posts here. i'm sure you love the hololivenigger as well as miniyoga (i don't mean in a sexual way obviously). you really do love being a weeaboo and being part of a community of idiots where you feel like you're garbage just like everybody else, but still apart from the true lowly commoners who inhabit places like /r9k/ and /int/. you think you're smart and edgy because you post ugly women. you don't really like them as much as you like seeing other people being disgusted by you posting them. all of your personality is just the lvl 69.420 version of an old /b/tard.

oh and all of that applies to jamal and everybody else here too.

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You think too highly of yourselves. Ever thought that maybe some people just like to open threads, make a single post, and leave so they can come back later to see how retards cope with their schizophrenia? There really are people that have come to loathe you all, and get amusement out of wasting your time by convincing you of the stupidest shit they can think of. Why the fuck did you ever think that anyone would ever come to like any of you if all you do is screech about how cool you are for being the biggest and baddest loser of them all to no one that gives a shit? Consider this the last time some people are ever going to be nice about it :^)

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>some people just like to open threads, make a single post, and leave so they can come back later to see how retards cope with their schizophrenia
I do that too once in a while.

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cool story bro :^) eat my train shit

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this looks like the one.
could've picked a better picture though, Ranma 1/2 sucks.

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i just realized he made a new thread after i made this one. weird.

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is this a copy pasta?

this too?

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How can I improve my anki usage?

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yep posting on the based thread

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by uninstalling.

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too long; didn't listen

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This is the transfriendly guide

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he's not smug. he's vulnerable and puts himself out there and is pretty self-critical.

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i wish we saw more of toguro without his sunglasses.

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>you think you're smart and edgy because you post ugly women. you don't really like them as much as you like seeing other people being disgusted by you posting them
pretty true probably

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what does it mean for a guide to be transfriendly?

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i think you're self-critical of your culture and you've realized that being accommodating is pretty important

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anything pre-00s is comparatively good

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It means you try to get as much attention as possible despite not being legitimate.

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he must mean a lot to you for you to speak about him like this

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what advantages does your guide offer over quiz's

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lets fucking oooo

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thoughts on ranma 1/2?

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never watched it. trannies like it. it's a takahashi rumiko work

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it doesn't really describe the guide
how are being accommodating and being self-critical related?
his guide is outdated. i updated it. namely, i fixed recommended anki settings, described why WCCs are bad, replaced core2k deck with ankidrone starter pack, etc.

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im so close to that 98% morphs

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>i fixed recommended anki settings
which ones?

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the anki drone starter pack made me give up japanese, one year later i tried quizs deck and now im fluent

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same but also watched some dolly on the side and now i'm competing with ciaran.

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i was covered only in helpfulness?

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just compare them, they're quite different.
also, the qm's guide is for windows users, but since we don't use windows here, i wrote my guide with gnu/linux users in mind.

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oh a woman wrote it that's how you know it's bad

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>but since we don't use windows here
name 1 reason to use linux

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i think japanaese ladies have made some nice manga.

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i think fmab is overrated.

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i don't know if it's overrated, but i did lose interest

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can you make the wotd not esoteric

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morphs aren't words.

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it's easier to set up, easier to use. the programs are user-friendly, simple, offer more customization. stuff rarely breaks, system updates are fast and don't nag you to reboot 300 times.

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the problem is that everyone is already used to windows so even if linux is easier for people who are completely alien to computers, this does not matter for most users. your guide reads like gibberish to me when it mentions loonix stuff.

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my anki add on says they are

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>stuff rarely breaks
If you know what you're doing, yes.
If you don't, even an easy fix like a mispointed bootloader entry is no different from the machine being "bricked."

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yomichan doesn't pick up on this so i had to google it and found this definition 他人に面倒をかける。やっかいをかける。that's insane

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the thread with 5 unique ips and 35 posts got deleted. desperate samefag got obliterated lmfao.

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touji? touji?

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got these sick ones just now

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i'm not autistic enough to out-samefag that autistic weirdo so you can bet on his thread from now on. just wanted to show him who's boss.

>> No.35068212

more like toe g haha

>> No.35068220

ok i'm autistic but not as much as him

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i think he's the guy who was trying to make threads with his image guide like a year ago and he got pissed that quiz kept sharing his. after his wanikani shilling annoyed everyone he wants to monopolize the op so no one can share anything that he doesn't endorse.

nah dude this thread had over twice the unique ips as your thread. i can't compete with your autism

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Wow, jannies clean up schizo debunking posts but ignores an obvious link to the chain because it's in lower case and fits with the retard loser aesthetic of this failure of a general? Do your fucking job jannies. Clean that shit up

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yoooo im doing the free trial and it's 点く

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i might get returnal but the japanese version costs like $100 and i dont know how the roguelike works in it

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wtf i also got that word from that part of db too

>> No.35068638

how do you remember this lol

>> No.35068695

because of anki. i will guess a future word based off what else i mined, 無礼 or 敗北

>> No.35068982

can you point out the mistakes so that i can improve myself?

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two months of wanikani w/ coupon

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mined 来世

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i saw that post

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i don't care

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>We made a manga in really easy Japanese that is free to read. Hey everyone, we're the Crystal Hunters team, and we're making a manga in really easy Japanese. You only need to know 87 Japanese words and particles to read our 100+ page manga of monsters and magic, and we also made a guide which helps you read and understand the whole manga from knowing zero Japanese. Both the manga and the guide are free to read.

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this is what krashentards literally believe

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so when doing monolingual cards, the definition is always a sentence for me right now. it's much harder to remember a full sentence as the definition rather than a synonym.
very annoying

>> No.35069946

do i just think of the meaning as a concept in my mind instead of thinking of it's definition?

>> No.35070091

mnemonics are easier to remember the more absurd they are
wanikani knows this

>> No.35070114


weird looking word

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they're right, though
this thing might have a y chromosome, but saying that it qualifies a man would be a stretch

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let that be your last cringe post in this thread

>> No.35070393

>it's easier to set up, easier to use. the programs are user-friendly, simple, [...] stuff rarely breaks

Mate, I'll give you the rest, but this is simply not true. And I say that using linux as my main OS for years.
Shit's not intuitive if you're not used to it, and it will break spectacularly after every major update.

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>> No.35070709

it's like the discord but there are no rules

>> No.35070734

that's not what it's gonna look like

>> No.35070916

wait, that was ciaran's voice?

>> No.35070974

oops forget i had that name on lol
yeah ill give him credit he did put up eventually but
well i think it spoke for itself
how about we watch raw anime alone

>> No.35070983

i have a job and can still do three hours no prob
>"but i also have a million friends and a wife and three kids!"
this hobby is not for you then

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>> No.35071142

lol queerans a bongistani, why tf did you think this was him?

>> No.35071178

og sounds like an old hag

there i said it

>> No.35071186

i think you're matt

>> No.35071190

link her vocaroo

>> No.35071204

gr8 og made a few vocaroos now she's gonna brush off everything with vocaroo that

>> No.35071213

matt should get a job or start making real content

>> No.35071247

transcribe this when it starts

>> No.35071327

>since they wanna pop off
what do you mean

>> No.35071337

guess what, that was me too lmao

>> No.35071368

when this place matters enough for me to use a trip, you can tell me to get a life lmao

>> No.35071378

im the forefather of dabbing on og when i dismantled her by revealing she didnt even know what input was while shitting on it on her first day in djt. never really has recovered since that day rip

>> No.35071431

dunking on og occupied many of my nights and it made every single one of them fulfilling and entertaining

>> No.35071464

tbf she's an extremely uneducated backwoods bitch so she's probably never heard the word outside of the context of the boston celtics where they do actually pronounce it seltics

>> No.35071465

hiraitegoma was a great djt moment

>> No.35071577

>not caring what djt thinks
yeah im sure lol

>> No.35071619

wotd https://dic.nicovideo.jp/a/%E8%AA%B0%E5%BE%97

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dont worry about it

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i like elves cuz they got big futa dicks

>> No.35071830

cuz they have blonde hair and big titties meaning they are the opposite of nip whores

>> No.35071837

lmao my crazy girlfriend ftw

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One thing, I don't know why
It doesn't even matter how hard you try
Keep that in mind, I designed this rhyme
To explain in due time (all I know)

>> No.35071883

it sounds so bad tho at least call him queeran

>> No.35071934

he shares no polarities with me but is equally repulsive its kind of impressive

>> No.35071939

why do people do vocab cards
speaking a language =/= being able to say apple, pizza, ass, manual, telerruptor

>> No.35071943

sure thing thats why u like doing this ongoing act we do

uve even upgraded to multi minute vocaroos

>> No.35071982

why do people strawman

>> No.35072007

still waiting on a vocaroo of some your thesis 4bbc, really put that iq on display for the thread

>> No.35072034

when i lived in japan every single time i would say my name to an american they would reply without fail "oh, like the beer, hahaha!" this happened hundreds of times im sure
theyre a worse hive mind than the japanese

>> No.35072096

kiaran/kieran etc are common spellings in england, ciaran is the original irish spelling
also some trivia for you, it means "little black one"

>> No.35072101

brb gonna beat my meat

>> No.35072122

thats not really whats going on here i dont think

it became real apparent when i skipped around thru ur like 4 minute vocaroo the reason for why ur doing this

not really that much different from me really

>> No.35072127

i would post a vocaroo with my 地声 but i guarantee og would still claim im not native cause shes only familiar with american accents

>> No.35072128

0% nudity
0% vulgar words
100% talent


>> No.35072160

dude her nipples are peekin out in this wtf

>> No.35072203

thats only considered lewd since like 15 years ago
remember series like charmed and friends?
nobody cared until bra companies shilled bras too much

>> No.35072208
File: 2.41 MB, 1360x1600, 1622837693994.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

spotted the retard

>> No.35072215

charmed was kino. at least until the last few seasons. that was my childhood

>> No.35072218

pretty spot on lol

>> No.35072224

i dont watch much anime but modern anime is shit indeed

>> No.35072230

i hate to admit it but south amerians do have objectively better taste in anime that the chuggers of the japan and the west

>> No.35072235

i'm proud that my flag is in there

usually guys who say this kind of stuff watch anime that makes the FBI want to search one's hard drive

>> No.35072236

are you referring to the kirin beer?

>> No.35072279


>> No.35072281

wtf i why would they remake it?
also pru was best girl rip

>> No.35072306

>why would they remake it?
because modern tv is running out of ideas
>pru was best girl

>> No.35072322

i'm a brazilian and my taste in anime is indeed pretty "normie"

1. Aku no Hana
<<abyssal depth>>>
2. Code Geass
3. Fullmetal Alchemist
4. Hajime no Ippo
5. Shingeki no Kyojin
6. Death Note

>> No.35072340

djt is collapsing

>> No.35072347

anyone knows where to find (pirated) the book "Japanese step by step" by Gene Nishi
it has example sentences with pitch accent for the entire sentence, thought it'll be a great source to mine from

>> No.35072352
File: 744 KB, 653x960, 1594915164632.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

aku no hana literally isn't an anime

>> No.35072378

jesus fucking christ i've been trying to setup this migaku shit but the guide is like 30000k words. has anyone seriously ever used this

>> No.35072386

i don't understand why they didn't also make a live action since all the material was there already

>> No.35072392

borrow it from the open library bro

>> No.35072494

wish it was just 2007 again

>> No.35072498


>> No.35072511

have a scene

>> No.35072517

we used to say that in literally 2002 when it came out lol

>> No.35072524

you can watch it for me ive only seen the first 7 eps or something and dropped it

>> No.35072537

i know what traditional pure type looks like im just said how low the standards of attractiveness for idol ""actresses"" is getting

>> No.35072539

im up to ep 30 and have 0 desire to finish it

>> No.35072546

idols are trash

>> No.35072580

"all action anime are trash"? is that the meme here?

>> No.35072585

? when did i ever hate on it ? i liked it and even read like 800 chapters of the manga

the later ippo animes did a pretty shit job on a lot of the fights twas a shame

>> No.35072599

its only good until L dies everything after is pretty dumb

>> No.35072605

true also the manga is better

>> No.35072630

its not a j drama its anime

but they had to shoot live action to rotoscope it

>> No.35072644

i actually rage-dropped it for years after L died and they time skipped but later read the manga. the anime is pretty trash by comparison t b h

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File: 2.49 MB, 500x324, 1594613626286.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw first listen of the guts theme of the day hits u with the goosebumps

every time bros

>> No.35072655

ah ok i get it now. i shouldnt make fun of her looks then since what shes just the va and rotoscope model?

>> No.35072656

wtf l dies? guess ill never pick it back up

>> No.35072666

>did they just stop making cute women in 2010 or what?
fixed and yeah
dunno why but modern women just look weird

>> No.35072684

i was thinking i was gonna get the nigger treatment in japan but turns out they're as brown as me.

>> No.35072690


>> No.35072700

now that i think about it a time-skip is almost a guaranteed drop for me. should have followed that rule with shin sekai yori and saved myself the trouble

>> No.35072703


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File: 34 KB, 375x500, trigun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i forgot to add this one

one of comfiest anime i have ever watched

>> No.35072720

dropped 3 episodes in

>> No.35072728

dropped this 1 after one episode

>> No.35072730

mnemosyne being the exception though because having to jump to different time periods is baked into its premise. i need to rewatch that its been kind of haunting my subconscious lately

>> No.35072737


>> No.35072754

trigun is one of those things ill totally believe is nostalgia weebshit if you told me. im afraid to rewatch it because just see that image makes me feel comfy

>> No.35072759

fairy tail had an okay timeskip

>> No.35072771

dropped this 20 minutes in but i cant remember why, the premise is right up my alley. will probably give it another go at some point

>> No.35072773

too bad fairy tail isnt an okay anime in the first place lmao

>> No.35072777

i remember watching the trigun fansub around 2007 and closing it after 15 mins cause it was cringey as hell and reeked of so randum xd humour.

>> No.35072784

there was prolly several fansubs by that point

>> No.35072787

the first episode is the weakest point i think. as soon as they get to the late 90s i think it really builds steam

>> No.35072807

lmao shit zoomers cant fathom.
for them its just cr subs what the fuck is this world now?

>> No.35072815

trigun as the mc with the most cuck-ish life philosophy ever.

>> No.35072823

cr is good lets me mpv stream in high quality

>> No.35072834


>> No.35072842

congratulations u really are sounding like me now

>> No.35072851

i hope love hina is still a cute show but also really afraid to rewatch if it sucks too bad i might be done with japan. thank god sailormoon anime holds up

>> No.35072883


>> No.35072885
File: 213 KB, 1217x160, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

love hina is based

>> No.35072886

as for me it's the mendelssohn violin concerto in e minor

>> No.35072914

trigun was one of those animes which everybody would talk about back in the day but i never got around to watching and i feel like it's too late to watch it

>> No.35072920

>take a big fat smelly shit
>wash hands very thoroughly
>still smell like shit
need more fiber so my turds come out clean and i dont have to go excavating in my asshole

>> No.35072936


>> No.35072939

that was me with clannad and im still glad i didnt bother

>> No.35072940

i watched that crap very late myself, dont worry about it, it's a piece of shit.
think about hippies with guns.

>> No.35072964

jabum spoiled clannad for me so im not gonna bother

>> No.35072969


>> No.35072970

it was a product of the times in a pre 9/11 world. we came out of the 90s thinking it was gonna be world peace and shit

>> No.35072976

the love hina dating sim was gr8

>> No.35072978

love hina has too many of the late 90's romcom tropes like the bouryoku heroine or the mc who is always the biggest retard in the room and steps on possible every rake presented to him
it's a tough watch tbqh

>> No.35072996


>> No.35072999

it's retarded pre 9/11 and post 9/11, the fundamental nature of the world is war.

>> No.35073023

thats true im just trying to explain how it was easier to enjoy then compared to now, especially for average people

>> No.35073029

well apart from the usa terrorizing the middle east it pretty much is

>> No.35073037

only romance i really liked was asagao to kase-san cause they're already dating at the start and it's just qt overall

>> No.35073040

ur nation will be glass by the end of century miniyoga

>> No.35073042


>> No.35073046

normies can go fuck themselves

>> No.35073049


>> No.35073055

>also if you are using modern tropes on the animes that helped define them you are a faggot zoomer
don't care about how a show was received at the time or what it influenced
all i care about is how enjoyable it is to watch nowadays and love hina is a drag

>> No.35073056

not miniyoga just being objective

>> No.35073059

t. fat stupid ignorant

>> No.35073063

objectively gay

>> No.35073071

to what

>> No.35073085

yah thats how when you know you know and when you dont i have a vendetta against your generation for being a bunch of context-less chuggers uninterested in why you have anything nice in the first place

>> No.35073088


>> No.35073094

wtf she's back

why didnt anyone tell me?

>> No.35073101

the video

>> No.35073103

based take bro

>> No.35073107

bc this isnt the vtuber board mostly

>> No.35073108

i dont have it, try nico idk

>> No.35073118

this post is messed up lol

>> No.35073128

remember watching love hina as one of my first ecchi anime and wondering what tiddies feel like

>> No.35073136

what are you trying to prove here, i'm only seeing minor skirmishes between 3rd word countries

>> No.35073137

made it 5 mins into a love hina episode before realizing it wasnt for me

>> No.35073141

cause nobody itt but your bum ass watches this garbage

>> No.35073144
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>> No.35073154

>yah thats how when you know you know and when you dont i have a vendetta

>> No.35073167

og the native esl

>> No.35073169


>> No.35073170


>> No.35073171

guess the guy always posting korone wasnt here today

>> No.35073224

yeah but he grabs her tits and then gets punched, plus onsen scenes
thus wondering what tits feel like
it was the ecchiest anime ive seen up to that point

>> No.35073227

made me hard

>> No.35073231

>Protagonist with Voiced Changeable Names

>> No.35073249


>> No.35073252

but does it support my gaijin name

>> No.35073277

i've never heard of that before but i believe you

>> No.35073291
File: 1.15 MB, 1280x720, sts_FxW9zmFE9Y.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im not that autistic so i left the default.
the art is very hot indeed.

>> No.35073293


>> No.35073328


>> No.35073334

god its so ugly, its like looking at ogs soul in anime form

>> No.35073349

that shit looks unironically worse than all of masashi gundoh

>> No.35073362


>> No.35073373


>> No.35073405


>> No.35073425

one piece might be goofy but no other anime gives the same feeling of epicness

>> No.35073429

why are you drinking coffee at 10:30pm

>> No.35073440

wonder if its ecchier in the manga

>> No.35073447

i'm drinking vodka

>> No.35073454

Uh How about finish the story already.

>> No.35073455

dont think thats og shed never admit to smiling or laughing because of me

>> No.35073461

thing about america, japan, korea or wherever is theres always shin ramyun and thats a good thing
because im trash and am tired of going places

>> No.35073468


>> No.35073471


>> No.35073472

i'm on episode 976

>> No.35073482

no idea what's that trying to convey

>> No.35073487

dropped an epic one piece in the toilet this morning

>> No.35073493

the manga has 1016 chapters

>> No.35073495

u usually arent that funny simple as

>> No.35073514


>> No.35073515

>elfen lied

>> No.35073520

I Stopped watching when I reached the end of the episodes years ago, I think it was around 600. I remember being frustrated not being able to let it auto play and having to skip the 10minute intro filler and 10minute ending filler, still it was an enjoyable 4minutes of new episode.

>> No.35073563

anyone who has watched all of one piss should get a special diarrhea chugger membership coin or something to commemorate the effort

>> No.35073569


>> No.35073570

seriously it looks way prettier nowadays. no trolling

>> No.35073578

i shit on higurashi for years because i assumed it was the same shit as elfen lied and i really regret it since its in my top 5 japanese media of all time maybe top 3

>> No.35073592

one piss is never gonna end so nobody can watch all of it

>> No.35073599

it's not bad so you were retarded back then but it's not that good so you're still retarded right now

>> No.35073626

was queeran the one that wrote his masters thesis about VNs

>> No.35073660

the important thing is you found a way to dab on me for both

>> No.35073665

talk about taking a long piss

>> No.35073675
File: 58 KB, 739x640, 1615147581292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's kinda my thing so its only natural that im good at it

>> No.35073680


>> No.35073718

dame that might be me

>> No.35073719

I gave it a chance and watched it but i'm not a fan of loops.

>> No.35073721
File: 40 KB, 1994x232, FoxitReader_OvaLDBJcZX.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35073723
File: 24 KB, 1280x720, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

font name?

>> No.35073724

all the real djters know that that's an imposter and that i shit down the throat of all holochuggers

>> No.35073747

almost tempted to go through every jp translation related masters program in bongistan to dox you but i cba

>> No.35073751

the only thing i remember of yuru yuri is the otosidama scene and that was painfully boring

>> No.35073757

he got a degree in translation or something didn't he

>> No.35073763
File: 204 KB, 1080x1620, E3HyeNFXwAU8Q5d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35073767

in that one scene at 1:10 he's still wearing his clothes

>> No.35073781

he's even said which university he went to lmao

>> No.35073784

i want a tan gyaru jp gf with a tight body and ill never get one even if i move there so i wont bother

>> No.35073786
File: 47 KB, 750x394, jamal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35073787

why would you post this

>> No.35073792

doesnt seem right to me

>> No.35073799

wow whitebeard had a hole in his chest and he still laid out akainu

>> No.35073802

want at least 10 jp gfs cuz there are too much archetypes

>> No.35073803

yeah i cant remember though but its obvious he's either made sure he cant be doxed or doesnt care if it happens so it wouldnt be fun anyways

>> No.35073805
File: 150 KB, 1172x659, 86948_8239343756_5678_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35073810

dame my yearly itch to replay through ffx and x-2 is hitting and i didnt bring my system with me
i need to make a drake meme with time-skips on top and loops on the bottom i fucking love loops so much

>> No.35073817

why not? who cares

>> No.35073821

women just don't get it.

>> No.35073828

x-2 is peak diarrhea

>> No.35073830


>> No.35073834

this but hairy as a fucking jungle jk himecut gf

>> No.35073837

idk considering some people here talk about beheading you all the time it doesnt make much sense

>> No.35073839

pretty sure i only posted my undergrad uni but i dont remember

>> No.35073849

very based

>> No.35073861

men just don't get it.

>> No.35073863

i tried giving it a chance and its too much buildup and suspense every episode and too little actual plot to care for, dunno which episode i dropped it
not for me but i can see why people would like it

>> No.35073866


>> No.35073877


>> No.35073882

is it about feminism?

>> No.35073894

the deen anime only works as a supplement if you've read the sound novels or manga. its just memes and QUALITY but its still crazy how even as shit as it was it still dabs on modern anime

>> No.35073909

yea im not worried about people trying to behead me. worst that could happen is someone tries to get me fired but i dont see how they could since i dont actually post anything bad

>> No.35073915


>> No.35073919

gonna be sick when that guy who gloats of getting u banned from ab finds a way to get u fired and then brags abt that for the next 6 months lmao

>> No.35073946

that would be pretty funny id just have to take the L in that case

>> No.35073962

reckless abandon huh

>> No.35073970

worst thing that ciaran beheader can do is tell his boss about his dick taking journeys but that might even net ciaran a raise

>> No.35073981

all this shit is anonymous anyway

>> No.35073984

lmao crazy girl

>> No.35073996

i can understand your gay perspective but i don't like it and the gameplay is complete trash so i got nothing i can hold onto except that daijobanai line

>> No.35074010

i dislike ciaran but you guys should stop drawing attention to this topic i dont want him to get literally beheaded because he did posted something stupid
how is that crazy? better than justifying male on male anal rape and cuckoldry in berserk because muh themes

>> No.35074012

life is more interesting when you live care free 4bc, one day you'll learn

>> No.35074018

comparing siblings within families, siblings with higher polygenetic scores for income go on to have better outcomes than their less gifted siblings in a variety of ways, including having a better degree, job, better health (lower bmi, hospitalization rates, diseases, blood pressure, etc.), and living in a better neighborhood.

>> No.35074099

nice simpering optics

>> No.35074120


>> No.35074129

this bitch looks hotter in doujins

>> No.35074150

even people who trash on it admit the gameplay itself is tight. better than ffx's slow turnbased shit by a large margin

>> No.35074171


>> No.35074212

i prefer turnbased combat. its chill.

>> No.35074247

x2 is active turn-base so its the best of both words. you can change the setting to a wait mode while you select an action if you are a panicky zoom

>> No.35074252


>> No.35074256

do you guys mine all day? i can easily mine 100 cards a day but i only do 20 in anki

>> No.35074257

atb is pure trash, either make real time combat (like they tried with the ff7 remake) or stick to proper turn based

>> No.35074266

powered through x-2 by sheer will of wanting to fuck rikku and remember absolutely nothing about the game itself

>> No.35074275

and the dabbing continues lmao. tireless arent you

>> No.35074307

yah but should have had a sadboy emo protag for the millionth time that would have helped it stick in your mind

>> No.35074314

star ocean 2 had the best battle system of all time

>> No.35074332

str8 outta gamefaqs im sure those circlejerk hate threads gave you plenty of social dopamine

>> No.35074342

tidus wasn't a sadboy emo he was p genki

>> No.35074350

dont need any fancy battle system bullshit just classic dq style is good enough for me

>> No.35074365

his whole thing was literally crying + daddy issues lmao. and he also spent a lot of time throwing tantrums. he was only genki for yuuna

>> No.35074368


>> No.35074389

yea ff10 was gay

ff8 was the best final fantasy bc that was the moment final fantasy grew up

then ff9 tried to revert to some disney tier shit and then the series was ruined forever until they released 11 then it hasnt really recovered since

>> No.35074392


>> No.35074397

>genki for yuuna
lmao just realized i accidentally made a pun

>> No.35074398


>> No.35074400

dq8 has better writing than most vns

>> No.35074412

yeah dont like that trope myself but it didnt really feel like it needed to be a sequel maybe if it had an all original cast it would have been more memorable to me

>> No.35074417

reminds me of swordcraft monogatari might play

>> No.35074429
File: 257 KB, 727x1519, perona.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35074430

adding gameplay make it more immersive and emotionally investing especially if they get the atmosphere right. you couldnt have a game like undertale be a stand alone vn and do (you) me im not saying im a fan of it just that its that kind of deal

>> No.35074433

I remember playing this, something about being time limited and not having enough ammo to kill things.

>> No.35074434

one thing about dq games that i dont really experience in other games is that talking to npcs is almost always enjoyable

>> No.35074438

i believe the psp remake patched out the mc being broken as fuck and being able to stunlock basically everything in the game so that might b the best ver to play

>> No.35074511
File: 988 KB, 791x590, pcsx2_und5Zssas2S.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

true theyve all got some great wisdom to share

>> No.35074512

terrible taste. just fucking abysmal i cant believe you are old enough to unironically shit on IX and X lmao

8 was garbage outside of its actual story which was just "good" for a convoluted nomura feverdream. you could have at least said ff 6 or 7

also ill die on the hill that the 13 trilogy was done so dirty i suspect actual money changed hands to tank its reputation.

15 was complete trash its hilarious people still defend that mess and another example of money changing hands to manipulate public reception

>> No.35074514
File: 121 KB, 777x671, usopp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35074517

very reddit post

>> No.35074520

we're here talking about some good old games and the zoomer literally takes a shit in the middle of the room with his undertale

>> No.35074536

also if you enter a new village you get lots of lore from them

>> No.35074542

never played final fantashit and never ever fucking will

>> No.35074543


>> No.35074567

That's why I tend to like stories at the start but my interest fades the further the story progresses. I love the initial phase where the character is overwhelmed and has to train and use strategy to overcome obstacles.

>> No.35074581

the guy who wrote 8 is actually epic but i wont get into it

yea the 13 series coulda been a lot better

and i agree 15 was so bad that i was confused why they called it final fantasy they should just abandon the series at this point

16 is going to be a ripoff of witcher 3 with final fantasy elements sprinkled in

also yea 6 and 7 r great too but 8 was truly epic bc finally it was the high school final fantasy game

>> No.35074602

That was a great fight and it highlights what I like about Usopp.

>> No.35074607

>also ill die on the hill that the 13 trilogy was done so dirty i suspect actual money changed hands to tank its reputation.
>15 was complete trash its hilarious people still defend that mess and another example of money changing hands to manipulate public reception
both of these had some serious cuts and struggles in production they should just stick with an engine and start developing and not cut plot parts for movies or series

my fave is VI

>> No.35074633

gmi so hard

>> No.35074634

crazy qualifying session today for f1 bros

>> No.35074637


>> No.35074644

couldnt read this a few month ago but now i got it easily im making it bros

>> No.35074660

i mean final fantasy 8 had a character named selfie and a robin williams cameo

and guns that were swords or swords that were guns

>> No.35074676

best taste, ix pretty good too for the pre-ps2 era

>> No.35074695


such a shame what happened to games

>> No.35074697

ff games are way too fuckin long i usually quit after like 50 hours

>> No.35074700


>> No.35074701

Retard here.

So to my understanding,
わかります - I understand
わかりません - I don’t understand
わかりました - I now understand

>> No.35074708
File: 2.49 MB, 1919x1078, 1578655836266.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

let's get this thread back on track

>> No.35074718

yeah chuggers like you are why games last 10 hours now

>> No.35074732


>> No.35074789

if og did got that costume and wore it for me thatd be it

yo dont censor my gf

>> No.35074797

hate matt's bug eyes so much

>> No.35074800

its weird how youll make one really funny post out 1000 terrible ones. like i had to double check the trip

>> No.35074806

>want to join the discord to push myself and get more exposure to jpn
>absolute beginner tier that only knows kana and basic phrases
>embarrassed by current lack of knowledge

>> No.35074817

can i find japanese subtitles on nyaa or what other sites have them?

>> No.35074819
File: 20 KB, 457x176, Clipboard01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35074820

im not saying theres something wrong with ff itself just that these types of games arent really for me it takes me forever to finish them and its not even fun after a point because as a completionist i get too distracted exploring all the side stuff its a massive time sink like ive had skyrim for years and ive only done the first quest from the main story

>> No.35074821

absolutely fuckin tampin and fumin atm

>> No.35074831

shell feel the plugs then look and get reminded of the rice paddys of her home country

>> No.35074843

try to use the ones that say (webrip) since they are usually official from netflix or other streaming sites

>> No.35074845

>ive had skyrim for years and ive only done the first quest from the main story
same here cause i uninstalled it after 30 mins

>> No.35074847


>> No.35074879


>> No.35074884

fuck todd

>> No.35074906

they've been with each other in person before covid

>> No.35074910

im more of a hecatoncheires-type sorry

>> No.35074914

played skyrim for ~80 hours a little while back cuz i needed something to do while listening to nip audiobooks

>> No.35074922

saw 6 (six) women that were taller than me in the 1 hour i was outside and im 188 cm tall. what the fuck is wrong with this country

>> No.35074935

Is furigana good or detrimental to learning?

>> No.35074937


>> No.35074959

check dees

>> No.35074967

no idea

>> No.35074969

no i want u to wear quistys teacher costume

i said dont censor my gf bc they r called g.f. or guardian force or w.e lol

>> No.35074979

wish i could slap djt with my forehand and backhand in quick succession

>> No.35074982

idk i just remember him talking about her before covid happened and he met her at a language exchange in portland and she's been at his house

>> No.35074990

are you an idiot? as in are you stupid? low iq. lack of cognitive ability, lack of intelligence, lack of reasoning ability, lack of deductive skills?

are you retarded?

>> No.35075005

i used to think it was detrimental because it gives away the readings and leaves you less opportunity to practice them but that was a brainlet take

>> No.35075033
File: 55 KB, 420x572, fwa1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35075035

i think it's something they put in the food i've noticed all the zoomers are overgrown mutants

>> No.35075042

I’m obviously a beginner seeking advice you fucking inconceivable piece of shit. May your future wife give birth to a centipede so that you spend the rest of your pathetic fucking existence paying for shoes fuck you

>> No.35075050


>> No.35075054


>> No.35075059

yep definitely got a case of low iq here mixed with some reddit based on that insult

go back

>> No.35075066

based romani curse anon

>> No.35075067

anon got btfo

>> No.35075068

honestly i'm with this uppercaser

>> No.35075071

Absolutely based

>> No.35075084

sure is reddit in here lmfao

>> No.35075087

this is the brazilian guy who has different anki decks for all the worlds languages dont listen to him

>> No.35075089

please stay i like you

>> No.35075091


>> No.35075106

mad you got btfo lol you hate to see it

>> No.35075111

dont have any decks bro i dont use anki

>> No.35075113
File: 994 KB, 2086x2044, 1575529249979.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here's the best beginner advice
don't fall for the manga meme and start with jp-subbed anime

>> No.35075128

its reddit when i get owned

>> No.35075131

lmao wtf

>> No.35075136

didnt get owned, clench

>> No.35075141


>> No.35075143


>> No.35075172

which country

>> No.35075174

do you really have a door on your monitor?

>> No.35075182


>> No.35075192

you can't possible be in this deep of a cope

>> No.35075205

this guy def has bunko energy

>> No.35075229

You're right it makes much more sense that suddenly all the lurkers post in unison than the idea that it's one of the 4 people here replying over and over again.

>> No.35075248

koje vn volis anone

>> No.35075251

that wasnt me i still think its a shit insult he could have 500 (you)s idc

>> No.35075267


>> No.35075270
File: 412 KB, 763x971, onbu_furyou_obaasan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35075276

before you said it was samefagging 10 times now youre saying its 4 lurkers. i think your concession is in sight

>> No.35075282

love seeing copers and clenchers get owned

>> No.35075314

ne citam to, samo anime i manga i retardirane gluposti na youtube

>> No.35075315

Please read my post again, maybe use English cards in your next session.

>> No.35075339

take on what i was afgay

>> No.35075347


>> No.35075370
File: 81 KB, 591x705, 30.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

only schizos on vt do that

>> No.35075373

when u google the centipede retort u find its not original and thus it becomes cringe and loses value

but if u dont think to check and think he literally just made that up on the spot then it would b epic

>> No.35075382

nice, thanks

>> No.35075383

holoshitters be crazy

>> No.35075389

no way thats not a djt poster

>> No.35075396

it was just some newfag wadering into the thread and btfoing a cunty br bro with an based gypsy curse basically this

>> No.35075403
File: 1.01 MB, 1280x720, sts_KVmckMy3Pf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im really disgusted by this kind of mcs, dunno if im gonna be able to finish this.

>> No.35075410

always laugh when i see this pic

>> No.35075415

thats a gay thing to do though you of all people should know not to drain the life out of things like that

>> No.35075421

you're right lowercasing isnt really a thing on vt

>> No.35075427

unfortunately for me it was too witty that it set off all my alarm bells that something wasnt right here

>> No.35075433

its probably the wanikani shill from itt dudes a complete fucking freak

>> No.35075435

my greatest fear is this thread is just me and j*mal and its exactly liek this

>> No.35075444

anyone else have hundreds of cards with words you already know but with 大 in front of them

>> No.35075451

not me

>> No.35075453

ruffy being cool


>> No.35075455


>> No.35075456
File: 349 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0016.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

god i wish that were me

>> No.35075458

what's your issue

>> No.35075469

do i really have to fucking learn keigo

>> No.35075470

i mean i dont think any of use really though he hadnt hear it before. sometimes you suspend you disbelief i bet you picked the "trick" door when u played umineko.

anyway the br coping was what really made it tasty

>> No.35075473

the mc is shinji-tier.

>> No.35075482

hes brazilian

>> No.35075490

the kiara schizo was an egg head

I also hate kiara but the kiara schizo was egregious in shitting up vt and created at one point like 20 threads

>> No.35075496

this will shock stupid anglos who don't believe in ids

>> No.35075501

someone recommend me something to put on my running playlist

>> No.35075505

man-child shounen protags are not cool. its a power fantasy for little boys who refuse to grow up and, dare i say it, cringe.

>> No.35075515

starting to develop a bad impression of brazilians

>> No.35075517

dont think u have much room to level such criticism lmfao

>> No.35075520


>> No.35075521

i'll learn chinese just to prove that 生意気 nigga wrong

>> No.35075525

cant enjoy one piece anymore its just so childish when compared to the dark mature adult themes of hxh

>> No.35075536


>> No.35075548


>> No.35075558

these ones always do it for me

>> No.35075564

let me redpill you 糞の女
every man is a kid inside. we never grow up. we merely hide it from you femoids. u don't know how we become when the boys hang together

>> No.35075584

grand blue was a nice summer anime, i wanted to fuck the girl from thumbnail

>> No.35075585

l m a o
you think i and pretty much all women dont know that already. cute

>> No.35075586
File: 78 KB, 850x400, lewis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35075593

you have to have a non corrupt govt for this kind of thing to work. america/the uk/japan politics is full of corruption so theres no reason to trust them with all this shit

>> No.35075600

yeah and it was actually kinda funny. i was seething when the stupid cunt mc didnt wanna fuck the slutty one though

>> No.35075607

very epic

>> No.35075608

its the same for women being an adult is a made up concept

>> No.35075612

Didn't this guy write children's books?

>> No.35075615

can you 分析 this one: >>35073390

>> No.35075624

*drops out of university twice and has literally not a single accomplishment of note*

>> No.35075663

hes just talking with his social awareness filter off nothing particularly cringe about it

>> No.35075667


>> No.35075792

>literally not a single accomplishment of note
no tattoos, piecing or drug use
apartment in japan
shitcoin money
good diet and general health
minimal wagecuckery
enough japanese to get by
born before 2000
lots of free time for hobbies and shitposting
well traveled
supreme taste in all realms of aesthetic
gonna attain godhood someday
lived to see a post-qm djt

>> No.35075804

the soku through me off i was almost certain we'd get a kun-yomi there

>> No.35075805

its like dattebayo w. less conviction

>> No.35075806


>> No.35075807

passage through (e.g. train skipping a station)

>> No.35075817

you forgot

>> No.35075818


>> No.35075819

it isn't really abusable in any conceivable way

>> No.35075829
File: 19 KB, 600x240, sam-cares-for-frodo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a woman like og would never understand the feelings men have towards brotherhood, TRUE friendship, loyalty, honor, courage, adventure, heroism, sacrifice, etc...

she will never be able to understand our frame of mind

>> No.35075835

how old is the mc

>> No.35075838


>> No.35075843

low iq

>> No.35075857
File: 370 KB, 868x822, mukade.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35075870

do enlighten me

>> No.35075882

he's in medical school so he's at the age where using boku is cringe.

>> No.35075884

consumed resources and produced nothing of worth
a true uebermensch

>> No.35075906

you guys do each other dirtier than anything ive experienced with women irl past highschool. sounds like a nice larp that comes packaged with feeling like having a dick is a big accomplishment

>> No.35075924

never betrayed anyone in my life never been betrayed by any of my friends either

you're just a low value person so all the people around you from whose experiences you draw were also low value

>> No.35075925

>that comes packaged with feeling like having a dick is a big accomplishment
thats rich coming from someone who thinks being born white is her biggest accomplishment

>> No.35075929

i said a few posts ago that he also is shinji tier.

>> No.35075931

think thats ok

>> No.35075932

im in cocoon mode it does bother me i havent done what i need to do but i dont feel bad about not contributing to an evil system in the first place by what, paying taxes? giving birth to kids that gonna get forced into sex changes? fuck outta here

>> No.35075941

I do not understand the difference. I’m getting mixed answers for both of these

>> No.35075942

self-contradictory nonsense. what a retard

>> No.35075950


>> No.35075953

i was talking about djt when i said "you guys" i should have made that clearer

>> No.35075957


>> No.35075999

4chan and the real world are not the same thing lol u need to go outside more make sure u wash ur rancid cunt before u do though its been a while

>> No.35076017

i explicitly said people dont act like that around me irl. i was talking about djt and the intrigue and drama in the jsl community which is mostly men being gossipy little bitches. you think matto, qm, miniyoga, ect are an embodiment of those virtues?

>> No.35076025
File: 209 KB, 956x718, badass.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

remember bros, if the mc isn't like race then he's a cuck.

>> No.35076031


>> No.35076068
File: 785 KB, 1448x2048, 04AC6183-FA87-4CDE-A335-CF5019CC6067.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35076077

well, your opinion is absolute trash

>> No.35076084

if i give up, id be doing myself and the world a greater injustice. i doing my best this year to shake things up im about to burst

>> No.35076100 [SPOILER] 
File: 144 KB, 400x394, 1622907026068.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

look the amount of fucks i give about what you think

>> No.35076103

i have all those traits minus courage and heroism since i dont need it in my comfy life and im a piece of garbage shitposter in djt so not sure what u want

>> No.35076116


>> No.35076146

official daily japanese thread podcast episode 1: ogs attributes >>35075792


>> No.35076153

it cuts both ways i get judged an actual human based on my posts. i dont actually have an opinion if you can be good irl and bad online i can see arguments for both

thats guys post was cringe though cause hes like "our" talking a lot of talk just to shit on women which fyi is kind of cringe in 2021. where is are the people crying r9k/pol lmao

>> No.35076166

>it cuts both ways i get judged an actual human based on my posts.
no it doesnt you're trash irl and we arent simple as

>> No.35076193

i didnt include my iq test results but i thought it would be disingenuous since im still deciding their spook-level

>> No.35076218


>> No.35076220

funny that you called it attributes instead of accomplishments because it feels more like a list of what she is than what she accomplished

>> No.35076234

yea weird it was called accomplishments i dont wanna dig too heavily at that tho cuz that might actually be mean

>> No.35076237

cope because you've been ostracized and kicked out of every group youve ever been a part of

>> No.35076260

accomplishments are for men and if you think otherwise you might as well dial 8

>> No.35076274

lmao at you niggers actually acting like "oh yeah the perfect women? lemme think bout those accomplishments" lmao

>> No.35076276

>thats guys post was cringe though
i thought you didn't believe in "cringe", og

>> No.35076278

dame relistening to the albatross bgm there were some great tracks in that vn

>> No.35076291

ogs such a hypocrite shes called me a genuinely bad person bc of posts on the internet

>> No.35076337

your beyond posting tho like you actually have actions with consequences because of how you behave in djt. it'd be like if i gave qm a pass for his shit just cause its all online when hes running discord ops and shit.

>> No.35076349

>you actually have actions with consequences because of how you behave in djt

such as ?

>> No.35076356

what have u accomplished

>> No.35076412
File: 525 KB, 680x436, E3H8DfVVcAE9bC_.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she was live earlier but i guess you werent there to post about it

>> No.35076414
File: 394 KB, 1001x1400, __kafuu_chino_gochuumon_wa_usagi_desu_ka_drawn_by_kani_biimu__64e65afd9c0b5c8f779990ba6e51b1ad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35076416
File: 459 KB, 2048x1536, Eyw2GUWU4AAeOZT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a bit late, but here is

>> No.35076432


>> No.35076472

wish there were erhu and other traditional chinese classical music concerts where i live, if i ever go somewhere with a large chink population im going to those regularly

>> No.35076481

u can see the social class disparity of japan here

left has braces while right looks like a car accident

>> No.35076510

hell yeah brother.

>> No.35076519

whats the name of the girl on the left
think shes the one that didnt shave her legs

dunno who these girls are but shes my oshi from that group

>> No.35076533

need audiobook recs

>> No.35076537

is it legal to cum inside them?

>> No.35076545


>> No.35076569

i like the triple clap in the beginning but friends is peak normalfag fodder so dunno what you're expecting here

>> No.35076570

japan might be a fucked up country but u dont have to be fucked up

>> No.35076577 [DELETED] 

god i want to fuck them so bad hhnnnnggggg

>> No.35076595 [DELETED] 

>bro if you call me out for posting pedo bait pics you're a projecting pedo haha

>> No.35076596

alright im out

>> No.35076606

off the top of my head?;
you are a top thread influencer and you can kill a djt nihongo career out of caprice
you majorly contribute to the tone for acceptable posting and how cancerous it ends up
you set the example for trips and namefags having no real consequences and encourage it just by existing
you create monsters like qm and 4bbc out of your average autist by abusing this dopamine nexus for you own vanity and giving them delusions of grandeur
you highkey act like japanese level doesnt matter but lowkey behave in a way that makes sure its the single most important commodity in djt but only as far as superficial perception and not actual skill or progress over time (flaws and all)
you foment online drama and play sides and people against each other

>> No.35076609

in my country, yes

>> No.35076637 [DELETED] 

meds, NOW!

>> No.35076653 [DELETED] 

think you and your ilk are the ones in need of meds and by that i mean a cyanide pill

>> No.35076658 [DELETED] 

who are u quoting?;

>> No.35076696

i was answering jamal's question so stfu

>> No.35076702
File: 57 KB, 1288x724, puppeteer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related is me but you don't even realize it because i don't use a trip

>> No.35076703 [DELETED] 

she is 100% jomon tho

>> No.35076710


>> No.35076738

its capreese

>> No.35076749

one day ill figure out who you are, eat your heart, and obtain your powers

>> No.35076766

no one cares

>> No.35076768

it sounds even cringier when you read it out loud lmao

>> No.35076776

dont think you're puppeteering anything

>> No.35076782

maybe you should look up the words you dont know before you give an opinion on it

>> No.35076786 [DELETED] 

nah, only pure people can work on that industry

>> No.35076802

ive seen them a lot of times so i have a feel for the contexts in which theyre used so im pretty sure i know what they mean

the feel it out approach always works

>> No.35076820

is anki broke? im seeing the same cards every fucking day

>> No.35076821
File: 4 KB, 244x139, a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtf is a dopamine nexus?

>> No.35076831

how good are you
fairy tail chronicle has 13 volumes uploaded that are around 9 hours each but it's not easy

>> No.35076845

you might be experiencing ease hell
watch this video:

>> No.35076847

sad hes a decade older than me and had proper teachers and doesn't know what "caprice" and "foment" means

>> No.35076854

where all the dopamine is created

>> No.35076862

lmao another consequence of your actions jamal. this kinda shit

>> No.35076883

maybe they traffic a lot of jomon women into china for the purposes of sex slavery?

>> No.35076903

gonna need 4bcs take on this

>> No.35076908

ima immersing

>> No.35076910


>> No.35076945

then why can't i find any articles about it?

>> No.35076949


>> No.35076957

it's where the dopamine laylines converge

>> No.35076971

late childbirth and the mmr vaccine was a mistake

>> No.35076993

so this is the power of a 140 iq...
yaru na

>> No.35076996

why can't you answer my question like a normal person? i'm not shitposting.

>> No.35077000

good post

>> No.35077014


>> No.35077017

sorry, i cant interface with malformed mind

>> No.35077080

i cant feel onomatopoeia, i probably have like 2500-3000 input hours and i just cant feel it at all. normally id just think watch/read more but if i havent been able to acquire a feel for it at all by now why would in the future

>> No.35077094
File: 171 KB, 1366x767, librewolf_xM0hvneAaD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yosh, time for a break.

>> No.35077095

yeah yeah the cry of the lazy savant.
another option might be to have a 140 iq and not waste it on being a total ignoramus

>> No.35077097

i think that you might have misused the word.
everything is pointing in that direction.

>> No.35077140

this is what you all look like but in japanese, djt

>> No.35077153


>> No.35077154

i'm literally googling everything and opening every article and not one article uses the word nexus like og did

>> No.35077169

they look like a person asking and trying to find out the meaning of a word? :ooo how embarrassing

>> No.35077176


>> No.35077195

have you seen firefox lately faggot

>> No.35077197

this iq is more about pattern recognition given time constraints and not language or even maths ability
else you could study or prepare for an iq test and ace it

>> No.35077236
File: 46 KB, 552x288, nexus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so what am i missing here? how does this definition agrees with >>35076854

>> No.35077258


>> No.35077299

this is a 10/10 btw
god she's beautiful

>> No.35077307

isn't the mc kansai or osaka or some shit? not something i want to immerse with

>> No.35077317
File: 11 KB, 549x124, nexus2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i think u have misused the word but i accept it if you explain to me how i'm wrong

>> No.35077321


>> No.35077347

what's so bad about it

>> No.35077353

i dont believe og used nexus wrong

>> No.35077363

i mean she's kinda qt i'd definitely date her but not anywhere close to a 10/10

>> No.35077367
File: 134 KB, 853x1200, Eg1MIuJUcAIrkTb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is making flash cards from animes and VNs really the most efficient way to study? it's fucking annoying to have to keep mining shit. I feel like someone should have come up with a better method in [current year] already

>> No.35077380
File: 164 KB, 1058x1497, 68.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

let's hear the vocaroos

or if you prefer the original

>> No.35077383

now im into this

>> No.35077396

>it's fucking annoying to have to keep mining shit.
so set a limit like only 15 per day and after that you can keep reading without mining
you don't review all cards you mine on the same day anyways do you

>> No.35077411

yeah do the same thing but dont mine anything

>> No.35077414
File: 26 KB, 488x282, nexus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

at least all the examples i've found so far are being used in a different manner

i'm not even trolling. i'm genuinely curious about it

>> No.35077425

she was using nexus as if to mean chamber or structure of center or something of that nature

>> No.35077516


>> No.35077547
File: 330 KB, 503x513, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hes also kratos in tales of symphonia

>> No.35077556

ah its u again i remember this post

>> No.35077557

ill let you guys in on a little secret: ive got multiple awards in creative writing and i intentionally post like trash just to rile up the esl

>> No.35077578

then why didnt u list it in ur accomplishments list earlier

>> No.35077601
File: 1 KB, 143x29, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gonna lol when her multiple awards in creative writing is for her submissions to fanfiction.net

>> No.35077606

wow ur work in ur high school newspaper must have been top notch lmfao

>> No.35077616

gonna bust out my PS2 and replay all these games to see how much i missed on my first playthrough with little nihongo ability

>> No.35077623


>> No.35077630

well thats what reminded me. i just remember how hard they tried to meme me into becoming a writer but i really hate writing fiction.

but also its why i never take the esl seething personally
ok now vocaroo that

>> No.35077639

how do u think i got my start?

>> No.35077640

how many animes do i need to watch with jp subs and how many sentences mined before reading manga isn't awfully hard and annoying?

>> No.35077641

to be fair the kind of things that get creative writing awards ain't much better

>> No.35077665

i dont doubt u have writing chops in fact i thought this post had some reasonably well worded bits >>35076606

of course u still have issues but that aside theres writing ability on display there

>> No.35077671

need more inuyasha content to beat my meat to
soul crushing when your fet doesn't get support anymore

>> No.35077674

i already fail at his name

>> No.35077681

lol at foreign esls acting like experts on how valuable english writing accolades are in your own native country and language. you guys sure know everything

>> No.35077686
File: 2 KB, 290x54, sdfs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yea it seems like he shouts even more in s2 than s1 its kinda funny
i had a weird thought earlier that i hope he shouts some cool ことわざ like 虎穴に入らずんば虎子を得ず!! that would be sick

>> No.35077703

og is a creative writer in the vein of the greats like ts eliot and joyce, in the sense that they just make up fake english and people think it's good cause they cant understand it (not me though i can understand it because of my high iq)

>> No.35077713
File: 14 KB, 543x225, nexus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i think og has used the word nexus in the wrong manner.
i'll concede if someone proves me wrong with an example from a scientific article

>> No.35077730


>> No.35077734
File: 29 KB, 640x480, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35077735

whoops forgot i was gonna argue in defense of og earlier but i decided against it because she doesnt believe im native hence the pic

>> No.35077736

anyway from now on im gonna drop the ruse. its getting embarrassing. especially with how 微妙 the mood got from the nexus sperg.

>> No.35077741

when you are so utterly and completely worthless and devoid of any meaning in your life that the only things you can use to pathetically try to lord over others are your native language and your skin color, two things you contributed literally nothing to


>> No.35077752

clearly my skin color and native language trigger the fuck outta you with a post like this. clench harder for me

>> No.35077761

ok then, i'll trust you

>> No.35077804

well if u dont understand the word then u cant be trusted to use it correctly so dont blame me

>> No.35077813

no way ogs won any awards we'd have seen numerous pics of them by now. she must be talking about getting an A- once in her creative writing gen ed class during one of her larps as a college student.

>> No.35077814

its ok you came to my defense now
still not convinced youre native
well im that, too. also i like your digits
if you are, thats even worse

>> No.35077824


>> No.35077827

maybe if u went to uni for creative writing you wouldnt have dropped out twice like a bum lol

>> No.35077831

ill read a poem in my native tongue to convince og

>> No.35077841

i mean og is a lazy bum shes prolly never tried hard at anything for herself and is 1 of those types that can only try hard when shes given a task and directed to do it

>> No.35077857

ones a proper physical trophy and all. i mean, you dont have to believe me. my point was more that im tired of seeing my posts look so retarded so im gonna stop doing them up like that

>> No.35077862

waiting for menkei guys microtonal album and ogs debut bestseller

>> No.35077893

yep * foot ass joke *

>> No.35077926

damn i should have looked over that last post lol. habits hard to break now.

>> No.35077935

won many awards but dont care about any of them

>> No.35077952

finished the uranai baba arc

>> No.35078028

>its might just be my own hang-up.
beginning and end of the story not so much, but the center part needs many iterations

>> No.35078039

>i'll trust my gut
you're actually autistic, you dont have a "gut"
i mean, i dont entirely disagree. i never wrote a single story that i thought wasn't trash within a few weeks. the submissions i did were usually mandatory or if i was still feeling good about it but they are all trash

>> No.35078066

why are you only searching for 1 specific usage of it when theres more than 1? stop being disingenuous

>> No.35078142

someone said that i was malformed child because i didn't know that the "nexus" is where dopamine is formed so i googled dopamine nexus and opened every link but every time the word is being used like that.

>> No.35078194

つまり feel it out

>> No.35078196

bros why are women so foul

>> No.35078210

dno maybe the same mechanism that makes men big babies who can dish it out but not take it

>> No.35078224


>> No.35078242

dame i decided to try and go at a slower pace for my 3.6km run this week cause 3.2km was tough but i ended up not going any slower it's pretty hard to regulate

>> No.35078251
File: 599 KB, 1920x1080, 1589133138577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35078258

wonder how many times my own reproductive chance was fair game. totally different im sure than qm's alleged details about his alleged relationship that he volunteers to blog about online

>> No.35078280

blessed quint.

>> No.35078282

I made so many cups of coffee I've gone through a bag of sugar.

>> No.35078307

should cut back on the sugar its poison

>> No.35078313

is it bad that i instantly know thats from the devil works at mcdonalds

>> No.35078319

No. sugar is great and awesome. I love sugar.

>> No.35078353

i only want ogs sugar

>> No.35078359

djt moved on from sugar
only drink black coffee from now on

>> No.35078365

i kinda get why people still want to post s*yjacks when i read this

>> No.35078368

I might have diabetes, I have a lot of the symptoms. But i'm not gonna get tested because then i'd have to give up nice things. I'd rather just randomly drop dead.

>> No.35078373

>drinking coffe with sugar
are you a fucking kid?

>> No.35078405


>> No.35078409

and then hell drop

>> No.35078414

yep, its not a fast disease. you will be falling apart all the way into a miserable old age

>> No.35078415
File: 157 KB, 694x246, feynman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>known for his work in the path integral formulation of quantum mechanics, the theory of quantum electrodynamics, the physics of the superfluidity of supercooled liquid helium, as well as his work in particle physics for which he proposed the parton model. For contributions to the development of quantum electrodynamics, Feynman received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965 jointly with Julian Schwinger and Shin'ichirō Tomonaga.

all of this with a 125 IQ, jamal.

>> No.35078438

every heard of cream? if you still need it try artificial sweeteners till you find one that doesnt taste entirely like ass to you. any funny taste goes away really quickly

>> No.35078465


>> No.35078479

cant even drink normal soda anymore cause the sugar make it feel sticky and disgusting thick

>> No.35078496

theres no real point unless you wanna work in japan so prolly not many

>> No.35078503

if you take your black coffe either very hot or very cold then it tastes very good imho.

>> No.35078504

he and his gf should eat more liver (preferably raw)

>> No.35078516

unfortunately it wont be that simple ur gonna go through enough misery that u just go to the doctor and he will say dude u shoulda just came in sooner u coulda saved urself a lot of trouble
only problem is diabetes is a death sentence unless ur rich bc insulin has been made unaffordable

iq isnt everything when it comes to doing work

most of our individual potential as it pertains to advancing the greater whole is wasted or kept to ourselves

>> No.35078526

not sure but i know because i recognize that huge tittied bitch and her outfit

>> No.35078529

yeah ive got it

>> No.35078533

cant get into iced coffee. shits just weird. ill take it hot even in the dead of summer

>> No.35078535

if you dont like the thing in its purest form, why consume it at all

taste your pee, if its sweet then you got it for sure

>> No.35078540

the djt stance is that n1 isn't that impressive so not really. its a redditor thing to get it out of pride. milestones here are more so what content u can consume

>> No.35078549

imagine tasting ur piss and its sweet and then not only do u have diabetes but u literally put ur own piss in ur mouth

id end it all right there

>> No.35078561

feynman is also one of the greatest hacks ever

>> No.35078564

>taste your pee, if its sweet then you got it for sure
based medieval healer

>> No.35078587

it's a quick way to check that works. it's called diabetes mellitus (latin: passing honey) for a reason

>> No.35078627

wish i had that plush toy ngl

>> No.35078628

i'm not saying you're doing this, but when people cite feynman's iq to cast doubt on the importance of iq, i picture someone trying to argue that height doesn't matter for basketball by finding a great player who is only 1.5 standard deviations above average in height (what would that be, a little over 6 foot?) while ignoring the rest of the goats who are probably 5+ standard deviations above average in height.

>> No.35078641

its weird how i just randomly get insanely angry at nothing for no reason

wonder what disorder causes this

>> No.35078650

lmfao i remember this ugly dude's antinatalist videos from like 2010.

>> No.35078653

It doesn't look unhealthy.

>> No.35078661

its your wizardry powers awakening

>> No.35078666

im aware i wasnt being ironic. its a legit method to find illness they used in the medieval period they werent as incompetent as modern people like to pretend. of course the poor guy had to literally taste and play with excrement to do so. they also figured out biomes and nutritional issues better than we did in a lot of ways even if they didnt understand the science of it
it just doesnt taste right to me. i think the ice dilutes it or the cream being cold coats your tongue or something

>> No.35078670

bros i dont know any basic science but it MUST be wrong cuz da juice or whatevz. oh shit this hobo with 300 views says it's bullshit, reposting

>> No.35078684

Wizards look really cool, I want a pointy hat and a robe.

>> No.35078687
File: 334 KB, 590x464, lmao.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35078693

double-slit experiment is actually a 4-surfaces experiment because the photons interact with the 2 edges of each of the slits, and not the hole inside
and if you calculate it that way the math makes perfect sense and there is nothing special about the experiment

plus the "observer" magic happens when you measure (i.e. observe) the photon, by measuring it you inevitably interact with the photon because you have to touch it in some way and that of course alters the pattern

>> No.35078700
File: 2.41 MB, 1564x830, 殺場所.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she even has a murder basement

>> No.35078706

what do biomes have to do with anything

>> No.35078747

you're probably dying of venereal disease then sorry bro

>> No.35078754

wish we had some more slits
i miss the asexual girl

>> No.35078775

what was weird is she put on a trip when i was on hiatus and then left when i got my pass. i barely even got to interact with her

>> No.35078777

oh you were talking about microbiomes

>> No.35078799

What's the physics explanation for it.

>> No.35078800

yeah thats what i mean sorry

>> No.35078819

>basically dont fuck up your skin and hair bacteria
this, do not use shampoo and soap
and as a rule of thumb, do not put anything on your skin you wouldnt eat

>> No.35078843

you stink of doo doo

>> No.35078848

uh huh

>> No.35078868

i'm sorry but i can't eli5 quantum mechanics. you have to work at it for a long time until you really get it, much like japanese.

>> No.35078870

Pizza, burger, or kebab?

>> No.35078873

don't bathe
don't wipe your ass
both let your body's skin heal

>> No.35078885

id say dogs dont wipe their ass then i remember all the times the dog dragged his butthole across the carpet

yea nvm wipe ur asses boys and girls

>> No.35078897


>> No.35078898

That's a shame, looks like i'll never know. I gave up on STEM when they tried to convince me statistics was real.

>> No.35078910

>samefagging so you can reply with ur holoshit

>> No.35078929

yeah stats is real sorry bro. that's much easier to demonstrate though lol.

>> No.35078934

you guys are really bad at spotting samefags, especially when its holo related

>> No.35078939

djt when they find their asian queen

>> No.35078944

i'm brazilian. never forget that.

>> No.35078948

Please do try.
What are the fun things going on with pure math right now?

>> No.35078960

nta but they all are zombies that act and post the same way its a fair mistake. you could tell me we have 1 or 20 holofag regulars and id believe it

>> No.35078969

This show is so horrible. Human show hosts are scum.

>> No.35078973

your body odor wont let us

>> No.35078975

dunno made the mistake of going into EE instead

>> No.35078987

Ok I will add pure math to the list and work at it little by little.

>> No.35078989

ok here's an easy beginner one lol. roll a die 1200 times and keep track of how many times each face shows up. it's going to be close to this
1: 200
2: 200
3: 200
4: 200
5: 200
6: 200

>> No.35078991

i got annoyed when djt implied that we brs are ashamed of our nationality and we don't post on boards with flags. a ludicrous thing to say

so i need to remind this place all the time that i exist and i am here. you are talking to me every day

>> No.35079008


>> No.35079009

3-5 i think

>> No.35079010

i half expect bunko to end up on it with some thirsty japanese busu

>> No.35079014

lol take a bath >>35078819

>> No.35079017

just stop being cringe easy

>> No.35079030

I would define real as taking action based on the gathered information. The whole thing is a fallacy.

>> No.35079040

lmfao everyone knows you're the most braindead nationalists on earth

>> No.35079065

hololive is for high test alpha males

>> No.35079068

yeah the 10000 twitter zombies that mob and death threat anyone that dares say anything negative about any brazilian sports team/player are just ironically braindead lol

>> No.35079079

thats probability not statistics

>> No.35079082

i'm talking about myself. i'm an individual

>> No.35079083

cute clip

>> No.35079089

learn english

>> No.35079097

i may think br tend to be bad posters but they are pretty based for having pride in themselves and their nation
dame if thats not me on the left in 25. years they actually look cute together. maybe ill stop caring about shit so much when im about to die anyway

>> No.35079125

that's the absolute basic foundation of statistics

>> No.35079136


>> No.35079158


>> No.35079171


>> No.35079189

The application of

>> No.35079190

havent seen メダロット in a long time
it was probably shit in hindsight but i liked it

>> No.35079198

i swear its literally like zombie reproduction with these holofags. they just keep multiplying adopting the exact same personality

>> No.35079199

>og a dragon
lmfao, she's barely a snake.

>> No.35079209

you finna get infected?

>> No.35079215

my foot up your ass?

>> No.35079218

More like finana get infected, lol.

>> No.35079221

>you are the most braindead nationalists on earth
>only ironically (i just like to pretend that i'm a nationalist)
>people from your country do this
>not my fault, i'm talking about myself, i can't answer for them, i'm an individual
>learn english

me no understand.

>> No.35079228

I accept your concession.

>> No.35079229

not understand

>> No.35079240

self own

>> No.35079247
File: 120 KB, 1139x1080, 1621989368348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Cutest member of NijisanjiEN

>> No.35079256

ok im starting to like br bros now. you can be like our orc minions someday

>> No.35079259

yeah individualism is the best fuck society fuck these gayass communities

>> No.35079263

I took one year of Japanese in university. It was honestly the best learning experience I’ve had for Japanese. The professor was fantastic! She was extremely enthusiastic about teaching her language and it really motivated us to learn.

We used the genki book. 6 chapters per semester. It’s a lot of information but we also had classes every day so there were many chances to practice, ask questions, etc.

>> No.35079265


>> No.35079267

Society is great you idiot. Imagine having to make your own clothes or hunt animals.

>> No.35079274

>wearing clothes

>> No.35079276

oh i think i saw a clip of her. literally cannot get into anything outside of the hololive brand for whatever reason

>> No.35079278

youre too dumb to engage

>> No.35079280

I wasn't born multilingual so it's nice to have a bridge to be able to learn.

>> No.35079282

esls are not welcome here

>> No.35079291

There's no internet without society either.

>> No.35079296

she's pretty cute i'd live with her bad breath

>> No.35079301

starting to wonder if ancient gods and their cults where just a type of holofaggotry

maybe aphrodite was just some moekyun whore doing shadow puppets in a cave somewhere

>> No.35079314

if it makes you feel better i have no idea what that is even though i posted the clip

>> No.35079320

A thought I had a few times regarding celebrities and other idols.

>> No.35079325

you couldnt possibly be more unattractive than that dude so you might have a chance

>> No.35079332

what's the best manga reader for pc

>> No.35079335

He wasn't bad looking.

>> No.35079339

buy physical

>> No.35079352

I typed that into the app store but nothing came up, is it on a specific site?

>> No.35079354

lmao holy shit how ugly are you? that dude was like 5' and literally doesnt have a neck

>> No.35079355

i'm pretty attractive, but i can't offer her money like him, not that i can't make the money, just wouldn't spend them on a woman

>> No.35079361

i use cdisplayex

>> No.35079368

It's just his personality that made him seem ugly. Also his hair need better care.

>> No.35079382

turn ur monitor on
fucking says a lot about holofags

>> No.35079390

partially true

>> No.35079396


>> No.35079399

yeah you can try bookwalker, coupon code cdawg

>> No.35079404

Da Godfather
I get the sentence but what dose kuseni mean?

>> No.35079410
File: 10 KB, 918x197, video.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35079411

feels good being the first holo chad here

>> No.35079413
File: 64 KB, 447x701, SUpdR6P4NCcNUUzbMIouAMoNj_cCfKLMMVUbfFlKTEc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I believe in the teachings of Roald Dahl.

>> No.35079421


>> No.35079422

you should know better than to shill individualism even partially

>> No.35079427

yeah at some point discovery stopped being about discovery and knowledge

>> No.35079429

Thanks i'm downloaded it now.

>> No.35079431

feels good being the 一番強い holochad here

>> No.35079435

no i adopted individualism when i realized america sucks and everyone around me is a niggerfaggot

>> No.35079451

yeah plato said the same thing, basically. there is a reason we instinctively trust beauty over ugliness and not just for mating reasons as we dont like it platonically or abstractly either.
doesnt mean its better just, that you cant help being devoid of a meaningful community and have to be a tribe of 1

>> No.35079458

who are your oshis
hope you're watching the charity stream in 5

>> No.35079459

maybe 1 day moe'll tell us who hurt him so

>> No.35079473
File: 837 KB, 4096x2597, 1622878970681.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35079474

i already took that name on twitter a couple of months ago

>> No.35079480

thanks, i've been using mcomix but this one is better

>> No.35079505

never trust a female behind the wheel

>> No.35079512

america is bad precisely because of the death of community and the rise of mammonic individualism.

>> No.35079513

now i still like people but only the ones who seem to have a soul and i dont care about doing anything for "the group" which doesnt benefit me

>> No.35079549


>> No.35079555

you and every other american out there

>> No.35079556

most communities and societies these days are infested with entitled leeching unworthy pieces of shit youre a massive cuck if youd willing associate yourself with their failures and successes or even concern yourself with their well being

>> No.35079559

yeah but its a chicken and egg scenario now because the feds will massacre your compound and brainwash and vaccinate your children no matter what you do. even the amish are near extinction

>> No.35079562

>entitled leeching unworthy pieces of shit
what do you contribute?

>> No.35079567

I have strong desires to build up a local community, but I also don't want to interact with other people and prefer to be alone.

>> No.35079569

just tryin to live my best life in a bad situation which was not my fault

>> No.35079572

i wanna lick her sharp jawbone

>> No.35079577

i contribute as much as i take

>> No.35079584

the death of community comes from amazon and walmart
dont need to form communities anymore to satisfy essential needs like a good food supply

>> No.35079587

that's a 10

>> No.35079592

no you dont you use your parents bank account and dont do anything except write pointless theorems that 10 people will look at

>> No.35079605

finna deep dive

>> No.35079609

the only community i want to be a part of is the billionaire community

>> No.35079610

what you replied to doesn't contradict that in any way. im in the same scenario so i get it. its a sad state of affairs that there is no longer a valuable sense of family, community, and nation in the west

>> No.35079611


>> No.35079614

i wonder if its the brazilians who also bring up america all the time for no reason

>> No.35079617

i dont really find this to be true bc at least for me theres lots of non walmart options and amazon is a joke these days imo

>> No.35079633

good taste

>> No.35079643

hasn't been a good reality show worth watching since 'flavor of love'

>> No.35079645

i wonder if its the americans who also bring up brazil all the time for no reason

>> No.35079646

i was using those as general examples for a broader phenomenon
previously you had families working together and gifting each other food and other services

now you can just pay and get it done for you with as little human interaction as possible

>> No.35079655


>> No.35079660

i was in the kitchen and i was thinking

why would someone have the need to flex about being a native speaker or having a white skin? why would someone waste hours arguing about pointless shit with an arrogant tone instead of just having fun with the boys? why, bros?

>> No.35079665


>> No.35079666

I used to visit someone who would watch soaps. Every time on the tv there was some horrible event going on. I don't know why someone would watch such horrible event constantly happening.

>> No.35079675

i spend very little money havent bought shit for years really besides when i start earning i will pay it all back with interest if they want unlike all the worthless leeches in the system
the post i replied to is talking about an ideal scenario far removed from reality it cant be achieved on a societal scale take off the rose tinted glasses

>> No.35079677

i was in the kitchen and i was thinking
i'm no woman i got no business in the kitchen

>> No.35079679


>> No.35079682

there are a lot of posts of people admitting and saying they are proud brazilians there are also people who bring up america all the time for no reason its probably the same people

>> No.35079686

the only logical explanation is they are faking a persona which compells them to defend that personas attributes

>> No.35079687

>i spend very little money havent bought shit for years really besides when i start earning i will pay it all back with interest if they want unlike all the worthless leeches in the system
lmao epic failson

>> No.35079690

>i spend very little money havent bought shit for years
why were you crying about needing money recently then?

>> No.35079710
File: 41 KB, 536x354, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have a suspicion that it's og. she always has a strong reaction when i reveal to her that i'm a brazilian. she says that i have poopy skin so i called her gay

>> No.35079711

brs were proven to be the worst posters when the thread got moved from /a/ to /int/

>> No.35079732

stop putting words in my mouth i agree its unachievable from this point on without a devastating societal reset. or maybe a colony on another world or something.

it doesnt mean its not the ideal and we definitely had such a thing of value in the not too distant past until christianity paved the way for enlightenment principles which in turn seeded the individuality meme and ruined the world

i agree its almost impossible to put the genie back in the bottle and you have no choice but to take care of numero uno

>> No.35079734

>writing on yourself
14 year old

>> No.35079737
File: 199 KB, 1261x711, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

og just raised 50k for animal charities in the us

>> No.35079768

me and bunko are from whitoid-european

>> No.35079769


>> No.35079774

Ame is a trend setter

>> No.35079778

sorry then, my bad

>> No.35079780

it shows

>> No.35079792
File: 995 KB, 778x758, omedetou.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35079797

i count more than one word

>> No.35079798

Don't type my skin colour as a slur.

>> No.35079809

crazy how budding academic 4bc thinks he is a self-made man and not a product of the society that preceded his existence

>> No.35079815

if you dont count my clothes bags and shoes im pretty sure i live a way more austere life than you and i also have to do my own cleaning and laundry.

>> No.35079820

>there are a lot of posts of people admitting and saying they are proud brazilians
those are all me 2bh

>> No.35079825

and his bougie family

>> No.35079828

im gonna draw dicks on ogs skin when shes asleep

>> No.35079855

that's not irrelevant. both are required.

>> No.35079864

yeah i am where i am thanks to my own efforts "society" didnt do shit
lmao you go on international trips stay in hotels for months like a princess the fuck are you talking about

>> No.35079865

なりました is 3 単語s

>> No.35079879

>yeah i am where i am thanks to my own efforts "society" didnt do shit
you wouldnt exist without society because you wouldnt have had any form of education at all, nor access to the prior information you needed to write your paper on quantum bullshit

>> No.35079882

dont care

>> No.35079899

also youve admitted you buy all the $100 blurays and merch like a whale

>> No.35079904

Heh, nice argumentation nerd. *Beats you up*

>> No.35079911

i only stayed in a hotel cause it was mandatory for quarantine. im in an apartment that costs the same airbnb money as my rent back home (which i have to pay for btw). i think things are cheaper for me in korea because i dont need a car and i only eat $5 of onigiri and coffee everyday

>> No.35079928

oh you mean lifelong? oh yeah lol i mean ive only lived like this for a few years.

>> No.35079932

some people contributed to the system and society at large benefitted get it right i dont owe shit to the masses

>> No.35079936

why are you in korea again if you have an apartment waiting for you?

>> No.35079955

and what did you contribute to benefit from what i just said?

>> No.35079958





>> No.35079964


>> No.35079996

im impressed 4bbc knew that by an off hand comment about having the madoka soundtracks i bought the $100 bds. thats a true fan flex right there lmao

>> No.35079998

got this one right finally

>> No.35080014

its hard to get wrong

>> No.35080017

imho thats one of the most beautiful kaji

>> No.35080019

coffee and onigiri seems like ur eating well and r of good health all right

>> No.35080026
File: 314 KB, 991x897, tensura.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35080039

i will in the future by paying my taxes and repaying my parents in the end ill have contributed more than i benefitted from that alone makes me better than all the leeching scumbags abusing the system

>> No.35080048

but right now you are a huge leech so you have no right to talk shit

>> No.35080059

thought it was 受けた回る

>> No.35080083

for me it's 梟

>> No.35080084

yeah this guy needs dolly

>> No.35080090

this is why you should use monolingual dictionaries

>> No.35080096

oh i absolutely do because compared to my peers im much less of a leech so much so that im not a leech at all

>> No.35080097

good enough i guess. they have lots of varieties of onigiri so im getting different nutrients.
but they overseason everything with strong sauces and spices. i guess to mask the taste of burnt dog hair

>> No.35080103

reminder that the best script ever written when it comes to the japanese language (anacreon's script) was written in Lua

Lua means moon in portuguese and it's a brazilian programming language

every time you create an anime card with anacraeon's script, you have used brazilian technology

>> No.35080111

yeah i like that one a lot too

>> No.35080132

og is beautiful inside and out
i should know

>> No.35080147
File: 5 KB, 400x398, 274.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you guys have no eyes for aesthetics.

>> No.35080150

are you logan or jake?

>> No.35080153

on my third cup of coffee today

>> No.35080166

1/4th the way to adding moe on myanimelist
lets goooo

>> No.35080170

>i call it onigiri because they have ugly for it because they seethe at anything japanese.
i hereby present you with the djt award for creative writing

>> No.35080172

i have drunk half a bottle of vodka today

>> No.35080177

only had two

>> No.35080186

just take ur multivitamin with ur coffee have a few onigiris and ur set dude

>> No.35080194

i dont drink coffee. tap water only for me.

>> No.35080195
File: 125 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35080196
File: 9 KB, 300x300, み.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes, pretty, but how about

>> No.35080208

meant to say "they have an ugly name for it"

>> No.35080217

og at the store
>one tuna mayo onigiri please
>oh, we call them jumeogbab here in korea, haha
>cope seethe and clench

>> No.35080226

is one piece guy holotard?

>> No.35080231

Vodka taste nice I don't know why people can't drink more of it.

>> No.35080247

i dont even notice og making mistakes anymore
my brain just fills it in and auto-corrects

>> No.35080252

when did i tell djt i take a multivitamin?
this but unironically

>> No.35080255

only korean food i really like is those chewy cylindrical things could probably eat like 50 of those

>> No.35080271

i burst out laughing at a japanese joke today during my listening immersion

>> No.35080283

u didnt but its obvious from ur poor eating that u would : )

>> No.35080286

My name is Jinji. It's pronounced exactly like human resources according to google

Is this a problem? Should I go by a nickname or something?

Sorry if this is a dumb question (or of I'm posting on the wrong board), I know very very little japanese and need to live in Japan temporarily for some work

>> No.35080288

my best mindfuck was when i realized that 星 also means planet
because of this battle


>> No.35080303

The driver didn't bring me my Pepsi. I looked at the app and reported I was unhappy with the order, clicked missing items and they immediately refunded me the price of my Pepsi. I didn't expect that to go so smoothly. I would have preferred the Pepsi though.

>> No.35080317

yeah so youre 奮発するing when it comes to things you want like a hedonist im not

>> No.35080322

ive had ppl bring me groceries i didnt pay for multiple times in the last year
i still didnt tip a single 1 of them cuz i know delivery drivers r making bank rn well relative to regular low class wagies

>> No.35080327

also its not so much i mind that its a different word in korean, what bothers me is they act like its a "korean" food and different from onigiri

>> No.35080332

only because you're scared of it showing up on your bank statement and getting shit from your parents because its their money you're spending

>> No.35080339

how do u know japan didnt steal the onigiri recipe from the koreans

>> No.35080351

what car you drivin

>> No.35080353

og go try this shit and report back it looks good

>> No.35080371
File: 173 KB, 1280x720, ghost.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lets retrace the history of the onigiri recipe

>> No.35080375

明鳥山 what a beautiful name

>> No.35080377

nice projection scumbag

>> No.35080431

in a way you are right that i deny myself nothing i really want that isnt immoral or something
but in another way you are wrong because i dont experience desire for things all that often. i rarely like an piece of media enough to buy bds and merch and im always paranoid about accumulating too much stuff since i like to move around.
a vk beetle convertible

>> No.35080439

imagine eating japanese 라면

>> No.35080448

how am i projecting? you said yourself you didnt want to buy an onahole because its your parents money, and you even said earlier >>35079765 which means if you had your own money you would spend it, ie you don't spend it now because it's not your own. you arent an austere saint

>> No.35080449

vw i meant volkswagen

>> No.35080484

imagining driving over her ugly bug car in my ford bronco and then after goin o sry didnt see u there lol

>> No.35080486

failed 快い. secret compound words fuck me up

>> No.35080502

djt's official theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3cd0zxd7EU

>> No.35080515

im actually gonna be gamin w. the boys tonight in some competitive sweaty esports

>> No.35080528

for cars i couldnt care less
i bought it cause it was cute and compact and i wanted to drive with the hood down sometimes

>> No.35080532


>> No.35080549

you should keep the hood down at all times, it's a safety hazard to drive with it up since it blocks the view of the road

>> No.35080559

hate girls and their reasoning for owning a certain car

>> No.35080560

oh no no no

>> No.35080567

spoken like a true whale in denial
theres a huge difference between holding yourself back from buying a onahole because you dont want degenerate shit showing up on the bank statement and your parents finding out about it vs wanting to splurge and buy all the shit you want using their money and not doing so only because youre scared theyll find out and not because you think its morally wrong on a fundamental level to try to misuse someone elses hard earned money behind their back and abuse their trust and kindness

>> No.35080569

feel the same way with men and clothing/grooming

>> No.35080570

just pissed my pants when i was taking a leak.

>> No.35080573

ive spent a couple grand on genshin impact

>> No.35080580


>> No.35080587

calling me a hedonistic whale and you are trying to justify an onahole to that other anon lmao

i might buy manga and dvds sometimes but nothing like that

>> No.35080589

oh we dont have reasoning we just wear whatever and ur lucky if we groom at all

>> No.35080590

never spent money on a gacha or online game

>> No.35080598

then you should understand why dont care about cars

>> No.35080599

he said 放ち in the video

>> No.35080615

look up how much onaholes cost now compare that to the amount youve spent on merch dvds etc

>> No.35080624

>im not a hedonist i just buy onaholes not bds and shit

>> No.35080630

u won't believe me if i say that's what i heard but i was unsure (the continuative, i wondered)

>> No.35080647

either way the michi is still mada mada tooi for you my friend

>> No.35080665

madoka movies x 2 is the only anime bd set i own. i think. i cant think of any others rn and i felt like i was pushing the boat out even for that.

yeah thats right because i stopped caring about anime around the time japan switched to blu ray, madoka being one of the few exceptions

i did buy a lot of manga but i eventually started giving it to friends and realized its not worth it lugging around to read once

>> No.35080670

i'll get there eventually

>> No.35080708

6 months i ago i would watch that video and hear only a couple of words. now i can listen most of the words clearly. i'm getting closer and closer to your level ciaran. one day i'm going to be your equal

>> No.35080726

anyway dont know why you are roasting me over media when i have admitted to having a weakness for designer clothes and accessories that is much
more indefensible spending from back when i was with my bf and had first wave of my shitcoin money. actually just sold my chanel purse for 5k. thankfully it appreciated in value since i bought it

>> No.35080739

anyway ogre girl i just demonstrated im morally superior to you and have superior control over my desires i mean youre a woman so its not exactly hard to beat you in that department but you really should remember that next time you try to criticize me and my lifestyle

>> No.35080748
File: 23 KB, 800x488, stfu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35080763

you dont spend any money cause you only have your parents to spend lol
if you were rich like og you'd have a room full of onaholes

>> No.35080770

link to the video?

>> No.35080781

you are a little boy who has to buy coomer outlets
dont talk to me about controlling desires lmao. you literally cant stop yourself sexually

>> No.35080795

so? that doesnt contradict anything ive said i think you can spend your own money however you want

>> No.35080810

>its a og and 4bc shitting up the thread episode
why does this happen every single day?

just STFU

>> No.35080812

you're claiming moral superiority over og because you dont spend any money when the fact is you just dont have any to spend. pathetic.

>> No.35080815

i mean youre a slut how many men have you fucked again

>> No.35080820


>> No.35080830

but u just said that u cared and ur caring is why u bought what u bought lol wtf

>> No.35080834

counting the guys at the strip club or not?

>> No.35080849

i'm brazilian and my father is a landowner with multiple employees

i'm a neet. my father has accepted that i'm unfit to participate in society.

>> No.35080865

you know it was only my ex-fiancee
you act like i dont have desires for intimacy and shit but i just you know, dont go out and sit on a dick everytime i feel a need for intimacy i just control myself. must be nice to be able to get the same relief from you hand or onahole or dakimakura or whatever and no one calls you a slut

>> No.35080869

based papa

>> No.35080879

give him a kiss on the cheek from me

>> No.35080880

i *choose* to not spend money that isnt my own on things i dont really need theres plenty of other stuff besides onaholes which id like to buy and thered be no issue if it showed on my bank statement but i still dont buy it

>> No.35080887

thread is aids rn im going to read

>> No.35080894

Screenshot the funny posts and i'll read it later.

>> No.35080902

cant stop myself from buying beer

>> No.35080910

do people really watch one punch man the joke was ran down the first few episodes this might just be one of the worst animes

>> No.35080911

u must be one of those angry drunks then

>> No.35080921

beer isnt really for getting drunk tho...

>> No.35080938

the series mostly focuses on the supporting cast

>> No.35080961

yosh, lets get things back on track

>> No.35080973

you worked at a strip club and are a sex haver you arent even with the man you had sex with lmfao you have no right to say anything to me fucking degen

>> No.35080984

i can already understand 70% of SOL anime. i'm going to surpass moe and ciaran soon.
i get more powerful the more i understand because of how my memory works. i have a strong memory for things that are related

i'll surpass jamal, quiz, moe and eventually ciaran

>> No.35081007

ganbatte lol

>> No.35081016

i'll be honest ciaran is the only guy that i respect here. everyone else is a small fish to me

>> No.35081017

its funny when you guys talk about surpassing others when theres no clear indication of what their "level" even is

>> No.35081037

>you worked at a strip club

>> No.35081038

memory has nothing to do with language "learning" not that the way your memory works is different from anyone anyway

>> No.35081044

moe: n5
quiz: n4
jamal: n3
ciaran: n2
bunko: n1
og: n0
roughly speaking of course

>> No.35081063

wtf is up with djt treating ciaran like a mythical beast? lol

>> No.35081082

hes literally the only person in djt who made it

>> No.35081086

crazy how 4bc and og just keep arguing in here all day

>> No.35081087

moe, i'm an esl. i talk to you every day in your native language which is my second language. i've already won. i already showcase my skills everyday just by replying to your posts. i'm already getting closer to your level when it comes to raw listening and i can also understand swedish and intermediate german. i'm winning, you're losing

>> No.35081096

oh im sorry i take that back i dont laugh at 汚れ i actually take it pretty seriously i dont revel in the reality we live in but its just the natural order so shut the fuck up lmao

>> No.35081098

happy for you

>> No.35081101

i'm not on mt stupid because i'm aware of what i don't know.

>> No.35081105

they're both mentally ill

>> No.35081112

so who else knows japanese besides ciaran, moe and me ?

>> No.35081120

uh, i know its a shitpost but i wouldnt mind you saying it for real so gj lets end it there

>> No.35081133


>> No.35081135
File: 1.45 MB, 2293x1253, ApplicationFrameHost_CkZLbPw0JR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im jsutr chillin bros lets not get wild here

>> No.35081139

im a million times more sane than you i was talking about individualism shes the one who came at me trying to criticize me im well within my right to shoot down anyone who does that so you can shut the fuck up too

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