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Cope: https://streamable.com/53ztbm
Guide: https://streamable.com/kgmcjw
Pitch: https://streamable.com/tbftdu

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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
Guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/
Word of the Day: https://t.me/s/jt_library

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the action in the 天津飯 saga is sick and they're stuck on a tiny arena. getting hyped for the real shit where they're blowing up mountains

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tfw mined 140k TSCs

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djt is dead as shit. good

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wow your japanese just be incredible

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can you think of anything more derogatory than being called a jew?

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Is the term やばい ever used in normal conversation? I feel like I only here すごい??

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judging by the last thread, this is highly useful for djt

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Centipede bros [email protected]?

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>anal girl

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Which one?

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read their shirts, should be obvious

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kek at how common 撫でる is in visual novels

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whats ops problem

stop making threads early

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vinnies are all about repressed male desires
any guy would cry if a girl 撫でるd him for 10 minutes

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if og pet and caressed me id ask what new medication she started taking

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very true

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are frequency list really useful?

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only if you want to be lazy and skip words

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Answer me you cowards

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shoutouts to the matt sounds at the start

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Only if you're banging gyaru

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Dogen? more like Degen

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dogen more like bogen

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Doesn’t yabai just mean “dangerous”? How would it even be used during sex

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>matt sounds
uwu uwu

someone post the streamable

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yabai im going to get aids

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>lewd butt

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lewd butt sounds like a good name for a shitcoin

maybe ill make 1

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smelling the cottage cheese cellulite ridden butthurt from here

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Be nice to miko she can't help being fat

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the phrasing is really cringe.

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did...op know?

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did you really add a link to luke smith in there

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anki is finished

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>Cope: https://streamable.com/53ztbm
>Guide: https://streamable.com/kgmcjw
used to watch this channel

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>not a wanikani chad

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to be fair its a high iq fetish
sophisticated people like smelly cheese after all

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wanicunnie makes tatsumoto seethe

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Hololive is dead. I an now a watcher of Japanese drama shows.

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i also was membered to mori. think it's time to come out of the closet

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also im trans if that matters

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built for BGC

>> No.35096534

that explains both why you like holo en and the only tranny holo

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Big Goguryeo Cock?

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Big Girl Cock amirite
when u know u know

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luna-hime kawaii

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anime yes
vniggers no

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i like nuke.

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that thumb is messed up. sick reference though

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completely forgot about mens egg. lmao
pretty kakkoii

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what did i miss

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why is this allowed

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these guys act like getting a spealing wrong is like the end of the world, wtf. i read a word wrong so what? lmao

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nothing more /jp/ than the trash taste boys

>> No.35096927

thats probably the worst of them

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one month ago i got into a relatively big japanese community and i got into a certain group that was nice at the start but at times went by, problems started to appears
they were the type of people of bitching behind others back, which well, i dont really like but i had to deal with that, they were even bitching at others in the same group, after around 2 weeks, and watching them doing jokes at each other everyday, and not your usual jokes, it was literally banter, which is fine and i dont mind it, i actually like it, but when i started doing it, exactly the same fucking type of jokes, seems like i did a fucking war crime
they called each other trash, disgusting, garbage, etc, every fucking day, theres particularly one who does fucking disgusting sexual harassment jokes to the girls, and they are fine with that, and isnt like they know each other for a long time, they just meet each other like a month earlier some even less, isnt like its a fucking old enough relationship to be that close with just 1 fucking month of difference

im just going to move away from that group, theres several others groups who are much better than them and i dont have to deal with them bitching about bullshit, even so it was a good experience in general since i did had fun and they were most of the time fine to hang out with and i also got realistic experience about how some people can change their personality that easily

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>i scrolled through the thread hoping someone else would say something and start a new one, but no one seems to give a fuck
yeah just love yourself

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why yes as obese girl i can objectively declare that mishearing hirakegome 10 times isnt as bad as simple misreading words 2 years ago

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dont care

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its what half this thread should do before hitting submit

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all the times obesse girl shit up the thread are not distinct moments in time but flow together like a river of diarrhea

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wow, such a japanese video very djt post right here

>> No.35097169

dont care for your argument, kys

>> No.35097175

damn i love comprehensible input

>> No.35097184

曲 of the day


>> No.35097186

damn nips tying to keep learners down

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>> No.35097259

yeah seeing example sentences from japanese video games will certainly cripple you for life

the clip is only funny because he went through all that effort for basically no views

>> No.35097261

bros im about to drop a fat shit..

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>> No.35097315

update: it was fat and smelly

>> No.35097322

fake and gay lol

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i still dont get what the fuck j*mal means when he says "signing your posts"

>> No.35097359

i already packaged it and shipped it to iraq so mini rapist and his family can feast

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yeah i mean he has allied with holoposting so im pretty much outtie if it gets any worse. grats moe savior of djt

>> No.35097382

yeah figures it was your kind spamming this shit

>> No.35097402

say the post is something like "no u retard"
it could be interpreted as

"no u

thus signing your post

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yayyy rope

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reddit tier

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Fifa players are fucking weird.

>> No.35097453

welcome chumbud

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>> No.35097468

damn i love holo alternative

>> No.35097494

just finished my wanikanis for the day

>> No.35097513

1287漢字 4162単語

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hyped for the movie

>> No.35097602

why are you asking a supposed nip if he can understand japanese lol

>> No.35097603

Absolutely cool

>> No.35097604

true i am actually seething. anime is over. jamal mail me one of your cyanide pils

>> No.35097626

kill yourself

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yoooooo dual streams

>> No.35097637

was that a hitler joke i like it

>> No.35097657

this language is impossible

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>> No.35097666

unfortunately i cant into scary games

>> No.35097671

Thank you

>> No.35097676

vtubers is the next step in weeb culture.
anime is not as popular as it used to be, so they'll become vtubers to stay relevant. maybe not those 3 on OP's pic because they're already popular enough but others will.

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>> No.35097686

u post this like once every 6 months

>> No.35097688

proof that output is the fastest way to learning a second language

>> No.35097705

its ok og we can just watch the good old animes forever

theres quite a lot of it and we can stay occupied for the next 20 years at least


>> No.35097706

not me. this is the first time i've watched it

>> No.35097707


>> No.35097710

not true
it will always be a niche like how camgirls and onlyfans are a thing that people laugh at while mentally ill people will still pay money for

>> No.35097712

I can't speak English so I don't understand at all
I'm watching with almost nuances
I just know it's cute

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>> No.35097768

k, then what

>> No.35097772

u say that now but when hololive really gets popular ull weep with the rest of us

>> No.35097780

forcing me to use reserve stock to get this place on something resembling a track

>> No.35097781

white noising doesn't work

>> No.35097785

just gonna continue singing along to jp music and cope myself into thinking thats enough as far as output and pitch practice goes

>> No.35097788


>> No.35097790

because wh*toids only steal, they can't learn

>> No.35097797

music isnt normal speech unfortunately

if u wanna mimic something u need to watch regular ass japanese ppl on yt and mimic that

>> No.35097801

Don't use my skin colour as a slur. This isn't the place for it.

>> No.35097806

i doubt the crime statistics would back that up.

>> No.35097808

and u can do nothing to stop us lol get fucked

>> No.35097810

delet ur internet and modern existence

>> No.35097825

because they're compiled by racists in the fbi who keep bruthas down

educate yo self

>> No.35097829

watch seirei no moribito

>> No.35097831

sounds like a cringe conspiracy theory

>> No.35097833

hopefully ww3 comes during my lifetime so i can see most of the third worlders in this thread dead

>> No.35097834

u post this like once every 6 months

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>> No.35097839

imagine thinking data published by big agencies is there to provide transparency to u lmfao

if uve been in the stock market at all u know big money controls the entire narrative to drive sentiment one way or the other

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>> No.35097844

sounds like wh*toid cope

>> No.35097850

how have you not learned nihongo in over 6 months

>> No.35097852

i cant wait till i can feel like this again honestly

>> No.35097855

i convinced at least 1 person so far to watch it and they liked it a lot so i'm doing good work id say

>> No.35097858


>> No.35097860

whats wrong

>> No.35097861

i havent even watched anime in 6 months

>> No.35097866

I love One Outs.

>> No.35097871

is the reason you like one outs so much cause the main guy is voiced by kaijis va

>> No.35097887

not saying one outs isnt good but the loud acclaim it always gets in djt is some mother fucking s i m p e r i n g

>> No.35097894

watched this last night and the biggest part was where he said he'd rather talk to someone that was shitty at japanese but had the proper respectfulness of a japanese guy than someone with extremely fluent japanese but was "rude" like saying stuff like "nah no thanks". george actually said something similar about matt offending his wife by asking "so i'm the winner then?"

>> No.35097897

no but that is epic he's also the bad guy in this movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6VE4g3fpT0

>> No.35097898


>> No.35097936

why are you doing this?

>> No.35097937

your eye-blinding faggotry for a start

>> No.35097942

i don't wanna go back to green day

>> No.35097969

thats the reddit discord

>> No.35097974


>> No.35097979

why does he speak portuguese?


>> No.35097998


>> No.35097999

you spend most of your day sniping at me before ive given you a single (you) on top of general garbage posts

disingenuous hypocritical ham-hock

>> No.35098003

well yeah billy joe literally is a faggot but dookie, nimrod etc were all kino


>> No.35098004

that's more than basic though

>> No.35098027

their music and message was shit too

>> No.35098048

kind of reminds of the grisaia bgm for some reason lol

>> No.35098066

clench puritan tardbrain

>> No.35098079

this is my "one outs ed" experience

>> No.35098081
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dont even have to filter og just ignore every post with a similar structure to this

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>> No.35098116

good song

>> No.35098124

you could filter out 50% of ogs posts by filtering "esl" and "white" lol

>> No.35098125

luckily matt's mastered the cultural aspects of the japanese language that joe talks about. matt has made videos on reading the air and has talked about purposefully acting humble in japanese. he only dunked on george's wife because george challenged him and he wanted to rub it in george's face. he wouldn't act that way in japan.

>> No.35098137


>> No.35098138

joe inoue talks in a video in portuguese about intonation which i assume is pitch accent

he says it's the hardest part to get right. he says there are many gringos who know more words than him and they think they are the shit but they don't realize that they sound very gringo, their intonation are not good


big win for matto

>> No.35098154

ive only ever had a headache like 3 times in my life think its my stress free existence

>> No.35098159


>> No.35098161

sorry to break this to u but ull have to delete your post

>> No.35098188

>he only dunked on george's wife because george challenged him

>> No.35098204

i used to believe posts like this were just shitposts but at this point anything goes with how retarded people itt are so i wouldnt be surprised if it was genuine

>> No.35098208

in the english video he has a long segment about how you're going to sound rude af if you learn japanese from anime bc you won't understand the nuances of the infinite way to say this is a pen

>> No.35098217

give me a rundown of which shows i should catch up on this season? i've only watched vivy

>> No.35098241

fumetsu no anata he

>> No.35098249

you watched beastars too, are you some kind of furry?

>> No.35098250

make sure she has not interesting in english. japanese people love practicing english on you and it makes it harder. cant really blame them i do the same if they came to american

>> No.35098255

iyaaaaaah tanosikattazeeee

>> No.35098264


>> No.35098266

>make sure she has not interesting in english

>> No.35098269

theres no more time dude

when ur yung time moves slower but now i blink and 5 years go by

everythings slipping away at terminal velocity

>> No.35098272

*chugs 50 gallons of diarrhea*
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ikikaeta

>> No.35098281
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>> No.35098313

immersing with this

>> No.35098314

do girls actually masturbate with cucumbers?

>> No.35098345

This guy is very full of himself. Not very Japanese of him tbqhwyf.

>> No.35098349

he says he wishes more people spoke english so people could be more straight forward. refuses to think you could just be straight forward in japanese. doesn't make sense

>> No.35098359


>> No.35098364

you guys managed to talk about the one dude more pathetic than the chubas

>> No.35098375

menhera society rejects, as are most westaboo nips who get on english facing platforms

>> No.35098380
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How can one man be so based?

>> No.35098386

joe says that japanese is more difficult to learn than chinese

>> No.35098388

i will be once the estrogen arrives

>> No.35098389

i've pooped 3 times in the past few hours. each of them would rival the shit of an average person. this is what being obese is like.

>> No.35098393

don't care

>> No.35098395

not fitting in japanase society is not something i would be ashamed of, they're turned into drones and they're supposed to be proud of it?

>> No.35098396
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>> No.35098400


>> No.35098404


>> No.35098410
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rookie numbers

>> No.35098413

i take 5 pound shits and i only weigh 130

>> No.35098421


>> No.35098437

this meme is like 10 years old bro update your firmware

>> No.35098439

only a westernized moron obsessed with the rotting copse of individualism would call having a place and meaning in a cohesive society as "being turned into drones"

but yeah stay out of japan and keep thinking that for everyones sake

>> No.35098448


>> No.35098450

og please lower your calorie intake this isnt healthy

>> No.35098452


>> No.35098455

lmfao sounds like u just made up some weeb dream about japan so u can feel like this


>> No.35098457


>> No.35098458

It's about time to sleep
It was a little fun to talk to everyone
good night

>> No.35098465

yea theres a lot of meaning to pushing papers around for 60 years then being put in a home as you lose your mind

>> No.35098466

you're a roastie and stink of weakness, it's not surprising that you would desire giving up all your individuality so the collective can shield you from facing existence itself.
the moment your ilk takes over it's a the moment all goes to shit, not surprising that untill now all great nations were led by men only.

>> No.35098474

btw if u look it up mike shinoda even said japans gay and being a japanese american owns in comparison

>> No.35098475
File: 58 KB, 739x640, 1616398031751.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*dabs with the force of a thousand suns*

>> No.35098483

they're robbed of all meaning and they're mere wheels in a cog, easily replaceable.

>> No.35098484


>> No.35098521

meaning was a mistake
embrace the machinery

>> No.35098522

dobutsu no morai hey i got it right

>> No.35098528

embrace crypto retire at 35

>> No.35098532

yeah imagine having a stable job instead of having to work in an economy where everyones a contractor with no benefits who can be let go at a moments notice

>> No.35098537


>> No.35098538

i got fluent with duolingo. the new course is pretty good

>> No.35098543

dogecoin will be 35k in 2028 lmao

>> No.35098545

yeah why dont you finish fighting off your darkness and sense of nihilistic dread at your imminent solitary death and then maybe ill listen to you
vast majority of japanese elderly live with family and arent put into homes (they in the west) retard. nice self-own displaying you ignorance
you dont have the iq for nietzsche nor any capability for broader perspective if you are defending western individualism and whats its lead to since the renaissance. oh well, a sheep is a sheep
breaking out the ad hominem, must be concession time

>> No.35098548

doubutsu no morae?

>> No.35098550

i was referring to this btw

>> No.35098586

not sure why people like thinking in these false dichotomies

>> No.35098588

good post

>> No.35098590


>> No.35098601

George was right from the beginning. Pitch accent is only for announcers from Tokyo
Most Japanese people don't give a shit about it
Imagine trying to learn pitch accent in a country where the pitch accents are different in every prefecture

>> No.35098604

exactly. dame this being djt/jp/ makes this even more of an annoying argument to have

>> No.35098605

she cant read that lol

>> No.35098607

make that 4 times. the last 2 have been kinda like diarrhea. i should not have had those 2 caffeinated sodas.

>> No.35098608

honestly dying alone isnt scary

whats scarier is dying at a hospital around staff who have 50 patients to see that day and r just gonna ship u to the morgue and go home at the end of the day

i could accept just going out laying in the grass lookin up at the sky but i dont wanna die in a box hooked up to a bunch of equipment

>> No.35098621

funny that you namedrop neetchan when he hated collectivism with all his will.
say whatever you want, but whenever i heard someone spouting collectivistic and socialistic aims they're always followed by the stench of weakness and resentment. you're forgiven because you're a woman, the weak sex.

funny that you're incapable of perceiving that's it's the death of individualism in the west that has led to its demise.

>> No.35098624

he thinks heiban means flat

>> No.35098628

just like japan as the shithole it is
no need to change it

>> No.35098630


>> No.35098631


>> No.35098640

you can be interested in japanese media without being interested in japan not sure why this is so hard for you to understand

>> No.35098646
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>Most Japanese people don't give a shit about it

>> No.35098648

matt didnt win all george did was cater to a new crowd and give them what they want to buy his product lol

thats what u do as a hustler u sell salt to a slug if theyll buy it

>> No.35098649

at least you get to grab the ピチピチギャル nurses ass once you're put in a home
those are the dreams

>> No.35098650

>most japanese people dont give a shit
most japanese people dont want to talk to niggers who cant speek properly

>> No.35098656

i dont "try" to "learn" japanese heheh

>> No.35098658

its all chinese to me as well

>> No.35098663

qualities that protect japan from non-whites are also qualities i dislike. but i still don't want them to be flooded by non-whites.

>> No.35098680

well said. that's why i'd rather just die by heart attack or a car crash or something.

>> No.35098683

i was nta, but in those 30 years japan has been westernizing culturally and losing its traditions as it pertains to work, family, and social values. your point?
its funny you think i swallowed his philosophy wholesale as dogma and completely stopped thinking at lv 1 lmao
>muh not real individualism
i bet you are unironically some constitutional conservative or outright lgbtq+anarchist
you probably think japanese media you enjoy so much just arbitrarily comes from japan with no rhyme or deeper meaning as to why it resonates with you

>> No.35098685

Maybe if you're actually Japanese, but if a Japanese person sees an American speaking otherwise fluent Japanese but saying some words wrong, they're just happy they know the language. George lived in Japan for decades and never once even knew this shit existed. That tells you everything. No one cares.

>> No.35098689

never believed in this fake conflict

>> No.35098691

this is literally cognitive dissonance

>> No.35098699


>> No.35098701

i dont think that i just dont care enough to want to find out

>> No.35098703
File: 1.31 MB, 1280x720, 1593966363705.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

didnt know lotr took place in ancient china

>> No.35098724

then you shouldnt shit on me just cause i did care enough to find out. if you gave any of my ideas a fair shake it might save you some effort

>> No.35098728
File: 42 KB, 612x454, 介護施設等の定員数(病床数)の推移.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>vast majority of japanese elderly live with family and arent put into homes (they in the west) retard. nice self-own displaying you ignorance
theres actually a higher % of the elderly population in homes in japan than the us lol

>> No.35098729

ive had this exact same thought many times in my life

>> No.35098736

my country is filled with gipsies and chinese that speak like fucking retards and i just want to shoot them in the head when i hear them talk

>> No.35098741

Americans point it out to foreigners and make fun of them all the time.

>> No.35098747

youre a cringey weeb who likes to project telling people they need to care about japan or stop learning japanese

>> No.35098749

you sound like a dangerous person

>> No.35098760

why dont you show a graph than goes back farther than fucking 2005 and also accounts for age, life expectancy, and proportion to younger populous

>> No.35098763

>why dont you show a graph than goes back farther than fucking 2005
why? we're talking about now. also it's going to get worse.

>> No.35098769

yea its fucked up

>> No.35098777

>all the time
i'd go so far as to say most don't. i don't. no one i know does. and japs are a bunch of pussies who are even less likely to critique how a foreigner speaks. i know you're just a dumbass newfag trying to bait out reasoning because you genuinely don't understand and you want to learn, but that means you're a dumb fuck and that pisses me off. fuck you

>> No.35098779

seething romanian lol

>> No.35098780

That's the point I'm making
Westerners hate and mock foreigners who speak English weird, but Japanese people aren't like that.
Pitch Accent obsession is pure and utter projection.

>> No.35098788

you have a mere superficial understing of his philosophy, the only points you spit out i've already heard from some other /pol/tard.
and talking with you about politics its something i have no interest at all.

>> No.35098793

dame og destroyed

>> No.35098794
File: 755 KB, 2287x4096, E3Lf85RVcAMsxxY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35098796


>> No.35098805

My Japanese coworker has been mocked before for her poor english pronunciation by dumb rednecks the entire time she's been in America
And she's also said the pronunciation in Japanese doesn't matter that much

>> No.35098807
File: 26 KB, 229x265, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice サメ

>> No.35098808

ok but that doesn't make it wrong. something can be good in the abstract but piss you off personally.

>> No.35098809

yah thats a far statement, and ill stand by that. your point?
well yeah they are fucked simply to demographics. how the fuck can "culture" bridge the age gap and lack of places for them? its still a different outlook to whats ideal and in japan the people still try to look after their elders at home if possible and consider nursing homes as the default position like here.
i only took what i considered relevant, hes not a my god and he was a retard in his own personal life

>> No.35098810
File: 3.77 MB, 483x556, 1607879993937.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35098818

in the same way that we humans are glad that we aren't bees and get to enjoy the honey that they work so hard for...
im glad im not japanese and get to enjoy all the anime & manga they produce.

>> No.35098826

fuckkk imagine her riding your dick with a gun pointed to your head

>> No.35098828

no one cares, stfu

>> No.35098836

>hes not a my god and he was a retard in his own personal life
examine your own life first then repeat what you said.

>> No.35098864
File: 240 KB, 935x720, 1598797334698.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imagine taking a shower more than once every other week so i don't have to smell these kinds of posts every time i open these kuso threads

>> No.35098868


>> No.35098880

is this why you wanna go vegan

>> No.35098922


>> No.35098934

this is the beginner thread so you asking was the right thing to do

>> No.35098938

of course but whats the answer

>> No.35098940

なさる - to do

>> No.35098950

thanks bro
i only read nukige so i still havent figured out keigo

>> No.35098951

acquired pitch: 一年前 [5]

>> No.35098956

gonna start saying ご自分 irl

>> No.35098967

yeah thats also what i did but i got really cold sensitive whenever i tried eating that way

>> No.35098970

i love me some nagatoro

>> No.35098974

you havent seen なさる in 100 nukiges?
shes not referring to herself

>> No.35098976
File: 276 KB, 1326x1080, dbz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35098982

im just watchin nigatoro so i can give it a low rating when it's over

>> No.35098985

retard -_-

>> No.35098986

im aware, been struggling to find the right level of polite "yourself"

>> No.35098991

lmao how stupid are you

>> No.35098994

do that with actual good shows that you dropped so that you can change your mind on them when you finish them

>> No.35099005


>> No.35099006

watching niggatoro ftl

>> No.35099012

like what

>> No.35099017

its pretty funny sometimes

>> No.35099018

bros i got リングフィット冒険
gonna get jacked

>> No.35099023

it is not

>> No.35099034

if only moe watched it with an open mind he'd realize that an athletic brown girl is exactly what is missing in his life

>> No.35099039

tell me why they dont make em like this anymore

>> No.35099043

yep this nigga gets bullied irl

>> No.35099045

is that what you call jerking off? lol

>> No.35099046
File: 16 KB, 240x240, お巡りさん.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35099054

because of chuggers like yourself

>> No.35099064


>> No.35099068

isekai/ecchi/harem ruined anime

>> No.35099070


i like it when she's jealous because her friends are hanging out with the mc

>> No.35099073


>> No.35099083
File: 198 KB, 720x404, draw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

in so hard

>> No.35099084

not exactly. talentless hacks and otaku diarrhea drinkers ruined it. the talented ones can make isekai ecchi things into something overwhelmingly kino (no game no life)

>> No.35099086

you can thank haruhi and k-on for that

>> No.35099090
File: 73 KB, 500x500, folder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no game no life

>> No.35099092


>> No.35099093


>> No.35099095

i hate how all her friends faces look and how they all talk in their annoying smug voice 100% of the time while not being funny

>> No.35099100

game of "wheres jamal"

>> No.35099102
File: 370 KB, 1920x1080, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35099121


>> No.35099126

i hope someone grows the balls to watch milky holmes so they can discover real comedy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43IX-4ovq_E

>> No.35099127

chugger anime but she's 100% right

>> No.35099139

not even true i dont like og bc i wanna fuck her

>> No.35099140

rip @ all the humans who died trying out toxic plants before we knew which ones contain deadly substances

>> No.35099146


>> No.35099148

rip @ all the humans who died trying out rtk before we knew kklc was better

>> No.35099164

She is so smart and wholesome.

>> No.35099168


>> No.35099176

u dont count you are 130 lb happa manlet who can barely get hard. u might as well admit ur transitioning already

>> No.35099180

talk that shit to my face ill put u on ur ass and get hard right in front of u

>> No.35099181

LMAO did that guy in the white robe literally spawn frostmourne in his both hands?

>> No.35099208
File: 39 KB, 1549x171, cringe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35099212

yeah the third season is a huge mess

>> No.35099220

looks cool think ill watch this

>> No.35099222

who r u

>> No.35099223

ur literally in my weight and height class i actually can take you down. how pathetic

>> No.35099226
File: 397 KB, 1080x1920, 1615182603635.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what are you reading right now?

>> No.35099232

Sorry, I don't read, i'm not a frigging nerd.

>> No.35099233

u think numbers is how physicality works lol

if u wanna wrestle me im down any time

>> No.35099236

i'm eating this manga here

>> No.35099244

i still cant wrap my mind around how a grown man can weigh 130 pounds

>> No.35099246

watch out, i once saw jamal bench press 100lbs. you don't want to mess with him

>> No.35099251

physicality manifests in numbers

>> No.35099258

finna boutta cyousen mine and everyone heres record for anime episodes watched in one day

>> No.35099259

Ritalin is a godsend

>> No.35099260

i know a guy who weighs 105. he's a 5'5 skeletal lifelong gamer

>> No.35099262

>u think numbers is how physicality works lol
its the most important thing in fighting. so important it decides if a match even happens between two people

>> No.35099267

i'm a judoka

>> No.35099268

jamal probably still listens to BMTH

>> No.35099271

i said "man"

>> No.35099277

idk what that is

>> No.35099278

*unzips glock* number this

>> No.35099280

you underestimate the 差 in strength and endurance between the genders. im gonna hire a middle school boy smaller than you to beat you up

>> No.35099281
File: 1.17 MB, 1280x720, strip.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

season 1 is a 10/10
everything after is kinda scuffed

>> No.35099285

does anyone use the v2.1 (or v2 on mobile) scheduler? does it actually change anything for the average user?

i'm finding an issue where when i make a custom deck to review forgotten cards it will automatically throw cards i got wrong the previous day back into today's learning pile, no idea what the fuck could be causing this randomly

>> No.35099287

ur a judorka shut ur mouth

shed like that a lot shed prolly pop a quarter incher

>> No.35099289

gonna beat up that middle school boys ass まんこ with my ちんぽ

>> No.35099298

beat this
*unzips pants*

>> No.35099311

i can definitely beat up middle school boys. high-school would be trickier but maybe at least a quarter of them especially after my training

>> No.35099334

kung fu doesn't work in real life. you don't even do sparring in kung fu. u don't know how a real fight works

>> No.35099335

this is the japanese thread btw

>> No.35099338

so why u postin in english

>> No.35099339

og on her conbini sumo arc

>> No.35099356

got you covered bro

>> No.35099357

I take Tàijí. I could demolish you with an energy blast.

>> No.35099380

i could demolish u with a energy blast as well

*cuts to hotglue footage*

>> No.35099384

we exclusively do sparring in the retreat im going to outside of the work outs and stretches

>> No.35099394

who needs kung fu when you have pitch accents

>> No.35099402

>energy blast
are you being serious? lel
you never know with fake fu practitioners due to poe's law

>> No.35099408

anki cards

>> No.35099410
File: 477 KB, 512x512, unnamed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how to RRAT your way to success

>> No.35099415
File: 351 KB, 1242x1656, 1oul3yjrr4461.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol. ayy lmao. y do you try to get certain people's attention literally every chance you get? every time i check these threads and see your posts, you're always trying to impress what you think is someone that you're willing to eat shit for. don't bother replying, just thought i'd let you know that people notice, everyone in these threads does it, and omg yes pls give me ur line numbers, pls

>> No.35099417

playing factorio instead of reading

>> No.35099426

don't underestimate ogs strength

this was og at 8 yo


>> No.35099442

what does?

>> No.35099453

the attention getting

>> No.35099473

you cannot say uppity without sounding emaciated

>> No.35099475

reading is easier than listening
should i turn all my cards into audio cards?

>> No.35099477

why r u so up on my dick right now? go reply to your smelly fanclub posts and quit trying to sniff my farts for attention

>> No.35099478
File: 373 KB, 2048x1536, 29xp-meme-superJumbo-v3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nah this was me

>> No.35099479

you cannot say emaciated without sounding gay

>> No.35099487

just did

>> No.35099494

other ppls farts r gross i only like the smell of my own

>> No.35099521

hiraitegoma? hiraitegoma?
*chuckles ring throughout the audience*

>> No.35099535
File: 946 KB, 960x1041, headphones.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35099544

hiraite the school boys ana lol

>> No.35099547

i would watch this if they didnt all look so horrid

>> No.35099548

oh no no no no

>> No.35099552

you got the one fag in the thread all worked up mentioning school boys you better sekinin totte and calm him down

>> No.35099554


>> No.35099560

he did hirakegoma and hiraitatobira

>> No.35099561

>he did say both
og cant help but throw herself into the shit

>> No.35099568

gonna toru sekinin when i ninshin the school boy lol

>> No.35099569


>> No.35099571

wtf is this gaslighting?

>> No.35099587
File: 611 KB, 720x720, 1609948941398.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35099590

when u cry gaslighting ur actually gaslighting us just fyi

doesnt work bc this is the intermediate thread but still

>> No.35099599

right but all i said meant was >>35099560
and two niggers start their shit its pretty obvy. i mean that or they dkj

>> No.35099609
File: 254 KB, 1980x1080, E3NofWXVcAE2L69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

damn gotta learn to cook to win this

>> No.35099610

this is the fluent thread n2 is fluent

>> No.35099613

I literally look like the chad on the pillow.

>> No.35099658

what are ogre girl and jabum even arguing about? for what reason? for what purpose?

>> No.35099662


>> No.35099679


>> No.35099713

are we? i just said one thing

>> No.35099714

don't @ me simple as og i love u *random shitty rap yt link* i take this as your concession shibainu coin lawl

>> No.35099717
File: 415 KB, 401x559, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35099725

imagine explaining that post to your parents lol

>> No.35099732

Kiara is such a hard worker and inspiration.

>> No.35099735

already told my mom about my djt bros

>> No.35099750

the bum bleeding out from a shank wound rn

>> No.35099756

good luck with being homeless

>> No.35099757

this was a funny post not gonna lie

>> No.35099761

told my friend about djt and we laughed at this one middle aged dude that spends all waking hours here who also happens to not know japanese after 20 years

>> No.35099764

very true post

>> No.35099786

last part is false

>> No.35099788

why doesn't anyone talk about audio cards? we need someone to lay out the theory about audio cards.

>> No.35099792

we need someone to lay you out on the pavement

>> No.35099793

we don't

>> No.35099804


>> No.35099807

i chuckled

>> No.35099822

og is already fluent

>> No.35099823

its all been done before

>> No.35099835
File: 1.66 MB, 4162x2049, 1622990389613.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35099836

gonna have to ask you to stop posting albums you found out about via the youtube recommended bar

>> No.35099847


>> No.35099849

chaozu cant remember which way is left

>> No.35099855

nursie chan did it better

>> No.35099871

gonna have to ask you to stop breathing

>> No.35099877

why do any of us? no one learns japanese here

>> No.35099880
File: 17 KB, 695x514, 1623006933597.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35099886


>> No.35099906

are audio cards a bad idea, yes or no?

>> No.35099913


>> No.35099914

They sounds like a good idea, you can hear Japanese without having to talk to people.

>> No.35099917

can you repeat the question

>> No.35099929

>talk to people

>> No.35099933

my sora

>> No.35099973

thought you were talking about owning an emu for a second. kind of dissapointed

>> No.35099975

when were we arguing

>> No.35099985

LOL same.

>> No.35100012

my sora

>> No.35100040

/djt/ when someone comes to the thread claiming to know any japanese

>> No.35100061

movies stopped being good around that time

>> No.35100062

>shut up
>i didnt say anything

>> No.35100079

actually its more like this


>> No.35100084

true, this and devils wears prada ect. similar time and then it was just shit forever
this film doesnt really make you hate the popular girls if anything its the opposite

>> No.35100094

what do you guys think of setting a two and a half month interval max and just only hit good on cards so you dont have to test yourself

>> No.35100098

didnt know we had so many females (female) in the thread

>> No.35100105

u must be new bc its been a thing for years

u better respect my set

>> No.35100118

i sometimes play his links but i close them 10 seconds in every time

>> No.35100126


>> No.35100130

i wish i had a boxed copy that win95 only eyecatch is ftw

>> No.35100143


>> No.35100146


>> No.35100152

not when you start sentence mining except on the answer side. the tango decks can be audio if you find the ones that play the word and the sentence.

>> No.35100156


>> No.35100171

jamal what is your opinion on the kingdom heart series?

>> No.35100180

i dont even hate all of rap even though its mostly shit but he picks the worst niggiest shit possible but its also japanese so its extra cringe

>> No.35100181

90s was a interesting era bc the sky was the limit

gay never played them and fuck that hikaru utada song

>> No.35100184


>> No.35100198

thats pop tho is the problem

i can tolerate shit like kreva and rhymester but most of the pop rappers can suck my dick

>> No.35100200

the opening song in kingdom heart games are better than the actual games

>> No.35100201

you have trash taste even for contemporary shit you had a chance to like. sanctuary is one of the best jpop songs ever

>> No.35100207

eng rap is hella gay but at least the production carries it cant say the same for jap rap

>> No.35100208


now this was an absolute banger

>> No.35100214

ah shit its not called "sanctuary" i guess its this >>35100184

>> No.35100221

generic kidz pop shit sorry

>> No.35100226

I like lyricism, I don't know when rap was co-opted by nonsensical rants about money and hookers.

>> No.35100239

my mind was blown when i downloaded a fansub and it reversed those parts in the song that are spoken backwards

>> No.35100246

>when rap was co-opted by nonsensical rants about money and hookers.
uh you do know rap comes from actual niggers right? i mean i guess in the 80s and early 90s they put a little more effort to keep the stuff that got onto the radio clean but its always been about degen shit still whites and nips got to it

>> No.35100262
File: 502 B, 127x29, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone's Google IME stopped actually being visible these past few months?

I can only ever toggle between these two buttons. Cant access Google IME itself at all, so I can't access anything like swapping between full width alphanumeric to katakana or anything like that.
Right clicking either of them just sends me to Windows settings and they've been completely useless in returning to old functionality.

Similar issues with Microsoft IME.

>> No.35100263

This is completely untrue, I don't know who you heard this from.

>> No.35100271

audio cards emulates the the order in which japanese people learn japanese

audio first -> writing later

>> No.35100279

stfu autistic uppercaser. you dont know anything and you spend 8 hours struggling to look up one factoid while spamming the thread so you arent even worth engaging with.
just leave already

>> No.35100281

foot first -> shoved up your ass later

>> No.35100282
File: 176 KB, 1200x1200, a1485348675_10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35100283

I like rap when its not the primary focus of the song but just a part of it that fits and enhances the whole thing

>> No.35100287

have u tried removing the jap keyboard layout and readding it

>> No.35100292

>read online it was lyrics reversed
>stuck it in audacity to find out
good times

>> No.35100298

I don't know who convinced you blacks invented poetry but they've obviously done a number on you.

>> No.35100301

my music collection is almost flac only

>> No.35100330


>> No.35100389

he's one of the better posters here and he's never been wrong once

>> No.35100402

lmao finally learned to lowercase i see

>> No.35100405


>> No.35100420

having my daily bout of boiling over with uncontrollable rage for no reason

>> No.35100427


>> No.35100429

just behead someone

>> No.35100432

audio caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaards!

>> No.35100433

br bro...

>> No.35100437

that's kinda 自明

>> No.35100449

Time to up my game

>> No.35100457

you gotta use idiomatic expression

>> No.35100463

i see this, and raise you
i think i win

>> No.35100465

the japanese rap i like is barely on youtube but the band is/was called source

wonder if jamal knows about them

>> No.35100477

i'm sorry i can't read romanji

>> No.35100491

yikes these subs though dont read any of them even the jp ones

>> No.35100493

friendly reminder that language is sound

>> No.35100497

lmao whats ur issue today

>> No.35100498


>> No.35100499

watched 1 ep of nana and dropped it like its hot dropped it like its hot

>> No.35100525

read fags on suicide watch

>> No.35100532

Havent watched veg but have a feeling its trash

>> No.35100539

friendly reminder that language is exchange of information

>> No.35100544

cripple shit for cripples
we call it 'language' to make them feel better

>> No.35100547

not true

>> No.35100554

guess that means im doin all right

>> No.35100561

nice cope
bet youd be autistic enough to count c++ as the same as japanese

>> No.35100563

what about it

>> No.35100566

oh cool theres a version with normal audio, finna chuggity chug myself now too

>> No.35100573

did you break your mouse

>> No.35100576
File: 243 KB, 680x709, yes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i know what you're doing

>> No.35100582

nevermind i misread, the only version of the 2020 movie is with CAM audio, not watching that fuck it

>> No.35100595


>> No.35100598

no but i broke 3 mice, a monitor and a keyboard before i quit playing csgo

>> No.35100602

nuff said

>> No.35100608

yep, this dude needs to be out in nature and hunting

>> No.35100612

here u go og hope this brightens up ur mood


>> No.35100613

thanks by the way :' )

>> No.35100618

>not learning japanese in braille

>> No.35100638

not sure what the take away is here

>> No.35100646

i'd probably end up smashing the deers skull in with a rock

>> No.35100647

you need a good spanking

>> No.35100656

thats up to u

>> No.35100663


>> No.35100692

Lol wtf how has he not been canceled

>> No.35100698

wtf i only saw it had a good filename and size
oh well

>> No.35100704

ESL here
did he say "the chinks" here or am i hearing it wrong?

>> No.35100711

and that'd be based instead of lame

>> No.35100719

hes not wrong...

>> No.35100728


>> No.35100739

Rip dolly

>> No.35100750

damn this vivy episode is wild

>> No.35100772

true i often hear sounds in my head

>> No.35100780

pouring one out for the robot spank-priestess

>> No.35100787

Pouring honey

>> No.35100820

i heard if guys eat tons of fruit its supposed to make their stuff taste sweet. that true?

>> No.35100832

dunno ask ciaran

>> No.35100844

honey wo school boys chinchin ni tuketai

>> No.35100847

i wouldn't know from first hand experience but i know for a fact that's not true because there's no mechanism by which food getting dumped into your fucking stomach would change the taste of your ejaculate. it's just one of those retarded internet memes.

>> No.35100848


>> No.35100862


>> No.35100891


>> No.35100918


>> No.35100929
File: 132 KB, 1260x520, douzo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35100931


>> No.35100936

how many manga volumes until literate

>> No.35100949


>> No.35100953

remember seeing this op for the first time and going this show looks cool

then it was nothing like the op at all wtf

>> No.35100956

NaN because manga isnt reading

>> No.35100964


>> No.35100966

they make a good pont

>> No.35100978

pineapple does

>> No.35100982

Yeah that happens a lot

>> No.35100984

never see this dude pop off this bad someone chemically castrate him before the schools let out

>> No.35100988

then what is it

>> No.35100989

how many patreon vids are they giving you access to to post this shit

>> No.35101003

good thing I play untranslated nukige too

>> No.35101004


>> No.35101014

>listening to music isn't fun anymore
holy shit im gonna no fap until christmas i think my brain is fried

>> No.35101018

You need to read non-fiction or ngmi

>> No.35101019


>> No.35101021

finna read 指輪物語 and ナルニア国物語 so i can understand my isekai linnies on a deeper level

>> No.35101024

looks like its time to break off moe's reporting finger and use it properly

>> No.35101047
File: 468 KB, 148x148, 1596250993535.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35101072

only liked the first book and the magician's nephew. rest of the books were just trash. he should have kept jaydis around till the end she was a great antagonist

>> No.35101101

those nasty busu actually make you physically horny? i thought you were all abstract about it or something. thats more disturbing than the mothercon thing honestly

>> No.35101104
File: 393 KB, 398x607, 1607248801107.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35101112

i only get these with a cold

>> No.35101128

maybe now ill be able to hear the hiraitegoma og is talking about

i took a picture but its too nasty for djt

>> No.35101135

>maybe now ill be able to hear the hiraitegoma og is talking about
that'd mean your hearing got worse

>> No.35101143

i just pop my ears by blowing into my pinched nose once and while to get that effect

>> No.35101164

get fucked

>> No.35101184

Think thats dangerous

>> No.35101187

its almost like djt dkj enough to know nips meme mishearing stuff all the time like
津軽レインボー and シュークリームサンデー

>> No.35101190


pretty sure that won't help for things this size
mine was about equal

>> No.35101209

they tell you to do it on planes and when scuba diving so probably ok once and a while

>> No.35101229 [DELETED] 

i really don't get why she put identity fraud on her list loool

>> No.35101248

when i was younger when id do it so much shit came out of my ears it wasnt just like 1 or 2 good pieces it was a lot

>> No.35101253


>> No.35101260

now this is my level of shitposter. i deleted my mean comment about her hair

>> No.35101272

i have to say this again but being able to understand japanese effortless like this is such a great feeling (i mostly read)

>> No.35101277

her mouth looks big enough to accommodate two or three djt posters
kinda reminds me of this one school boy in harajuku...

>> No.35101281

girls not funny and id poop in her mouth if given the opportunity

>> No.35101291

lmao this dude has a schoolboy story from every district and prefecture in japan

>> No.35101293
File: 1.93 MB, 960x540, mizugi.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35101303

feel bad for girls in japan

>> No.35101304

i thought the premise and first joke was funny but she shouldnt have dragged it out so long. you gotta admit "the japanese concept of "ikiru" which is hard to translate" was a good one

>> No.35101308


>> No.35101318

would fuck her face

>> No.35101333

i couldnt tolerate it long enough to watch it for more than a few seconds w.o seeking elsewhere

>> No.35101341

racist AND sexist, nice

>> No.35101343
File: 709 KB, 960x540, sekken.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ovas are the best

>> No.35101348

fuck this stupid shit

>> No.35101353

hate it when that happns

>> No.35101354

should have used my sekken instead if you know what i mean

>> No.35101370

>my sekken
wtf is wrong with your come?

>> No.35101378


>> No.35101380

excuse u ?

>> No.35101397
File: 2.46 MB, 960x540, sekken2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35101415

ok but this has literally happened to me except without the other chick. why the fuck do they design the drains liek that?

>> No.35101426

aaaa maayy dooopaaamineee

>> No.35101428

westernized as japan in victoria 2 and then butt fucked the backwards shit qing and stole manchuria and some southeast provinces

>> No.35101429
File: 1.71 MB, 1280x720, sts_ePY2akqQ3v.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dropped, incredible how great art is wasted on a retarded plot.

>> No.35101437


>> No.35101442

i mean ur supposed to jack off thats really it

>> No.35101463

whats the plot?

>> No.35101469

only ever heard 渚

>> No.35101477

yea but i mean with that art its for a specific audience

like if i was 5 years younger i could jack off to that

>> No.35101479

crazy how this ova keeps delivering

>> No.35101485

ive completely uninstalled all japanese stuff, still doesnt work. im at a loss.

>> No.35101486

this anime character is my akogare

>> No.35101495

a feeble attempt at a love triangle, there isn't much going in it except the interactions between the two sisters and the mc.

>> No.35101503
File: 66 KB, 907x985, aniki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35101511

I don't know what they're saying. Post the English dub.

>> No.35101517


>> No.35101523
File: 205 KB, 960x540, 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35101528

based, that dude is me.

>> No.35101537

vns are pretty trash in the 1st place generally so thats how it goes

>> No.35101559

non eroge ones are good as far as japanese media goes but the bar is already low

>> No.35101572

disgusting pleb.
what do you mean.

>> No.35101576

>avoiding full jp immersion

>> No.35101578

which もと is this

>> No.35101582

doujin and manga are just so much better than vns. how are vn fans ok with 95% of the text being irrelevant fluff about tea drinking instead of the plot.

>> No.35101600

Why would you read a Visual Novel to not masturbate? Isn't the whole point to edge for 30minutes while reading.

>> No.35101603

now im remember when djt tried to convince me エロゲ doesnt just mean adult vns lmao

>> No.35101612

i remember edging for hours before reaching the first scene in the beginning because i was so slow

>> No.35101617

they were right. theres plenty of エロゲ that are jrpgs

>> No.35101633

true true *reads nekopara*

>> No.35101635

I dont jack off while playing because my hands would get dirty and i wouldnt be able to press my sharex hotkeys to mine if something cool came up

>> No.35101641

maybe i lack the experience to make a declarative statement but i have found vinnies to be better than manga and anime.
if the scene is hot then i can jack off no matter how short
i didn't jack off once to the sex scenes in https://vndb.org/v810 though. the story was so much better than the sex.

>> No.35101643

why would ur hands get dirty jacking off i mean ur dick sohuldnt be that gross or do u like do butt stuff to urself while in the act

>> No.35101684

i know what he means if you jack off with lube (the superior way to jack off)

>> No.35101686

well 99% of vinnies are about eros

>> No.35101699








>> No.35101700

i wish more cute girls would speedrun games

>> No.35101701

>moe doesnt have foreskin
why am i not surprised

>> No.35101705

great guys fap and dont think they need to wash their hands. another thing to add to the list of reasons not to go near them irl. up there with only half of them washing their hands after the toilet

>> No.35101706

because im american lol

>> No.35101708

speedrunning is peak autism

>> No.35101711

>with lube
lol why do americans mutilate their penis?

>> No.35101712

yea but its cool if cute girls do it

>> No.35101716

i dont care who or what is involved in the speedrunning community

>> No.35101718

lots of cute girls (male) are speedrunners

>> No.35101724

wtf why would you need to wash your hands after?

>> No.35101729

>only half of them washing their hands after the toilet
Obviously bs

>> No.35101730

i'm euro (=uncut) and i also sometimes order lube because it's a refreshing novel feeling you get when you haven't used it in a long time

>> No.35101731

no "girl" who isnt a literal tranny would be into that shit. even normal guys dont speedrun its exclusively for a special brand of sperg

>> No.35101734

do you seriously believe anyone opens their porn, refuses to touch anything until after they've gone washed their hands every single time? you think people just leave porn running whilst they leave their room to clean up?
retarded women i bet you think putting your phone between your tits isn't nasty.

>> No.35101737

you dont need to wash your hands after you piss cuz the penis isnt dirty. simple as

>> No.35101739

only lube up my onahole after taking it out of the onahole warmer

>> No.35101742

i was shocked too but thats what my doctor told me regarding virus transmitions and although i didnt look up the study i took her word for it. i think she said 60% dont wash their hands everytime but that probably includes peeing as well.

>> No.35101748

its the opposite. the pictures are alright but ero manga is better. the story is what makes it better

>> No.35101752

my dick is clean bitch.

>> No.35101771

you people literally insane. ahhhhhh fuck is wrong you nasty fucks dont ever leave your houses please

>> No.35101772

great buildup is what makes me horny more so than the actual H scenes

>> No.35101777

washing your hands isnt so your dick particles dont get on someone elses hand, it's to reduce the spread of germs so washing your hands before meals is enough

>> No.35101785

there's nothing wrong with what i said. i'm more likely to wash my hands after touching a public doorknob. and i always wash after takin a fat shit

>> No.35101789

I was mostly thinking after pooping that shits just fucking gross

>> No.35101792

with lube, try pressing your kitou against your tenohira

>> No.35101795

i use clean utensils to eat and i dont touch the part the food touches

>> No.35101801

i mean lube is probably better than that anyway but yea i hate the jews for taking my foreskin again my will

>> No.35101804

yeah i get it you want to simper on in and be one of the boys. make sure you remember to stop washing your hand so you can be true djt trash lmao at ur life

>> No.35101805

you dont even need to touch anything when you only pee

>> No.35101809

bet people here pee in the shower

>> No.35101817

also i don't use paper so there's no contact with piss and i flush with my feet, you can't argue against this

>> No.35101822

i wash my hands always in a public restroom cuz i have to touch the door not cuz i touched my penis also i flush toilets with my foot

>> No.35101823

honestly glad im never dating again

>> No.35101824
File: 75 KB, 466x152, raw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

damn he found a new bitch already

>> No.35101831


>> No.35101833


>> No.35101838

she looks out of his league

>> No.35101840

i really like my porn with some plot.

>> No.35101841


>> No.35101843

holy kek

>> No.35101844

no buddy that's runescape legend kids ranqe who the fuck is she

>> No.35101846

nothing wrong with that it all goes to the same place

>> No.35101855

literally who

>> No.35101857


>> No.35101858

hes a loser with an impacted colon of undigested bones and bad skin who has kids from a woman who he let cuck and leave him

hes a perfect role model for someone like you though, carry on

>> No.35101861

u r a nasty nigga

>> No.35101863


>> No.35101867

mental illness. why is he so obsessed with this topic, nasty fuck

>> No.35101869

i'm a man and i think that there should be a death penalty for people who pee and don't wash their hands

>> No.35101870

Not a good look og you should do something about that penis envy

>> No.35101871

i dont really look up to role models cuz im not 15 but sperg on

>> No.35101882

whats your issue
yeah. based. just got back from the pisser and of course didnt wash my hands cuz its in my house

>> No.35101886

i actually never thought about it this way
gonna wash before and after just in case tho

>> No.35101890

i pee and watch my hands most of the time. i also clean my dick with toiler paper after peeing.

>> No.35101898
File: 162 KB, 1024x576, 7c6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35101905

does watching your hands turn you on?

>> No.35101908

just read 怖気 as おじけ

>> No.35101915


>> No.35101917

>i also clean my dick with toiler paper after peeing.
wait what do you mean? like nuguuing the last driplets that hang around on your tip?

>> No.35101925

the only thing going on down there is sweat unless you've got a yeast infection. sweat is just salt water. with the right food thats the perfect accompaniment.

>> No.35101928
File: 1.09 MB, 730x715, 1614920250967.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35101930

that, and any moisture that may have collected inside the foreskin otherwise is gonna smell bad.

>> No.35101932

this hygiene topic given me some major ヤナ感じ
enjoy shaking hands at the djt meetup lmao
get a good whiff

>> No.35101939

Think vaginas are much more prone to infections so its probably much dirtier

>> No.35101941

nopooo you have to wash your hands 1000 times a day and wear a plastic bubble

>> No.35101942

diarrhea chugger here and i wash my hands after every episode

>> No.35101951

its self-cleaning, 童貞

>> No.35101952

i never wash my hands after i piss simple as

>> No.35101953

u aren't a djt bro if you aren't willing to shake hands with your djt tomogakis

>> No.35101957


>> No.35101962

nooooooooo i have to be an edgy contrarian about every single topic

>> No.35101963

true true

>> No.35101969

not an insult

>> No.35101976

lmfao imagine the smell

>> No.35101984
File: 393 KB, 869x653, 71dc0c4126c4014a481e0fe79a736da7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35101987

read this as chiku

>> No.35101989

caring about washing your hands after you pee is like worrying about getting hit by lightning even though you ride a motorcycle everywhere

>> No.35101993

i know, it was meant as a factoid to why you'd not now any better
i went over this long ago i dont really trust the self-cleaning meaning entirely and wash with soap anyway

>> No.35101999

utterly sublime, the sound of the erhu is divine

>> No.35102002
File: 13 KB, 225x225, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35102007

lot of stinky coping going on itt right now

>> No.35102009

>wash with soap
imagine the smell from your yeast infection

>> No.35102011

yea watching some nigatoro gonna have to shower after this one

>> No.35102015

thanks for the uti

>> No.35102017


>> No.35102020


>> No.35102022

what do you think is stinky about not washing your hands after peeing? nobody here is pissing on their hands. would you wash your hands if you touched your thigh?

>> No.35102030

i dont use antibacterial soap and im not fucking douching with it so i dont get those

>> No.35102035

it's pretty rude to not wash your hands after doing no 1 in my country

>> No.35102037

dame women are gross

>> No.35102040

idk abt all that i just death grip it till it turns purple

>> No.35102042

women dont understand how dicks work
if they pee it literally goes everywhere

>> No.35102043

yeah im sure youd all smell and lick the part of the dick you hold to pee and say it was as clean as anything.

on another man

>> No.35102047


>> No.35102057

ogs self cleaning gravel pit

>> No.35102060

stop being a pig. wash your hands.

>> No.35102063

>on another man
i wouldnt lick it even if it was properly cleaned right before

>> No.35102064

Its not a big deal if youre circumcised

>> No.35102071

do you lick other guys hands or what
i wouldnt lick anyones hands because theyre probably nasty as fuck from touching doorknobs and shit not their dick

>> No.35102073

yeah thats why anytime ive had to clean a toilet guys use im literally scraping dried piss from the entire fucking floor around it. never had that issue otherwise

>> No.35102075

penises are sterile so i never wash my hands after pissing or having a wank

>> No.35102082


>> No.35102083

well it's common courtesy to wash your dick and balls before someone gives you a blowjob if thats what you're referring to but i havent followed this retarded conversation much so idk

>> No.35102093

piss and penises are NOT sterile, thats a widely believed myth look it up

>> No.35102097

dont wanna think about u flushing out ur bloody baby pocket

>> No.35102098

this show was so ridiculous lmao

>> No.35102113

fucking baaased *holy bgm playing*

>> No.35102114

crazy in these japanese doujinshi when they kiss after she sucks his dick

>> No.35102115

piss is sterile for a brief period

>> No.35102120

would you lick your own armpit?

>> No.35102121

what the fuck is up with these eyes nikka

>> No.35102124

that's not how it works lel

>> No.35102128

im ok w. that

i mean i would cuz its not a big deal unless its the end of the day before my shower

>> No.35102132

dame im sick of getting blue balled by these god damned pachinko tama

>> No.35102136

what do dumb jp bitches actually mean when they say they want a guy that's 優しい

>> No.35102138

imagine finding one of your stray pubic hairs

>> No.35102139


>> No.35102142

why you hate women so much?

>> No.35102150

i wakaru that kimochi

>> No.35102153

can't get a gf because i don't have a 凶暴なデカチン

>> No.35102163

theoretically if a guy ever made me suck his dick id hold all that shit in my mouth and go in for kill force it in thinking hes getting a kiss

>> No.35102189

Stop being gross.

>> No.35102195

dont think its worth him bleeding to death or worse not dying with no dick

>> No.35102199

i dont but im having my evening meal

i mean when it comes to my wife i can deal with her having normal human things that r gross just like i do

>> No.35102211

of course girls think about getting made to suck a dick bc thats their fantasy

>> No.35102214

i left him, not the other way around, and i have the texts to prove it but thats dox territory

>> No.35102223

turn your projector off

>> No.35102226

i mean if you wanna go for a ナメクジキス with a bit of my za-, i'm all for it

>> No.35102227

fake news

>> No.35102232

i mean u were the 1 thinking about it and out of nowhere so

>> No.35102240

I mean you do you but if you do that I'm pumping you with baby batter till you're pregnant

>> No.35102241

the turn your projector off thing reeks of obese girls weird english

>> No.35102243

read some of the posts that arent yours or (you)s for once

>> No.35102249

dont rly care about those

>> No.35102250

the cracks in all of our arguments if we don't study propositional logical

>> No.35102261

how ironic is it that the person that talks the most shit about ESLs gets shat on by other native speakers?

>> No.35102263

Oh so youre saying youre a scumbag lol what a surprise

>> No.35102264

Everyone here has a formal grounding in logic tho

>> No.35102272

thats a stretch even for you

>> No.35102275

luckily ull never leave me

>> No.35102282

wonder if the average woman is grossed out by that irl or if they view it neutrally and just want him to kiss her anyway.

>> No.35102291

its just sharing the party juice together

>> No.35102295

I defer to your expertise on being stretched

>> No.35102298
File: 283 KB, 1856x1080, IMG_20210606_183431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

me after eating og

>> No.35102305


>> No.35102315

if i image search jake paul (ex-)gf, which one is you?

>> No.35102316

and thats what makes it hot bc when ur really into it the parts of ur brain that tell u stuff is gross turns off and u just get nasty ftw

>> No.35102319

dont get it

>> No.35102324


>> No.35102327
File: 295 KB, 2048x721, Screenshot_20210606-193633.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you melanin enriched personages did your reps today right?

>> No.35102331
File: 725 KB, 1500x1072, 1599824573127.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtf did she coopt my thing? dumb whore

>> No.35102334

no but let me do them now

>> No.35102338

quick you've got till midnight

>> No.35102342
File: 17 KB, 395x158, anki_1AmcMT5gxD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ok done

>> No.35102343

i am so glad i uninstalled anki a month ago

>> No.35102345

im 3 weeks behind

>> No.35102371

i didnt date jake paul thats a meme based on the fact my ex is known in some circles and has money
lmao moe insulted you and yet its my fault
yatura are just mean

>> No.35102372


>> No.35102373

felt what

>> No.35102389

yea that was also my experience when deleting anki

>> No.35102392

yeah thats why you new money types sit alone in your dirty oversized houses with kleenex boxes on your feet

>> No.35102399

same here

>> No.35102403

mostly i just see ppl as more red tape and more trouble

id rather live hassle free

what good is being connected to ppl when u dont want anything from them lol u just get taken for a ride instead

>> No.35102405

lol plebs
when will they learn

>> No.35102420

all day
every day
same shit
you know who i'm talking about

>> No.35102429

your fellow coprophiliac?

>> No.35102434

i love words like nigger

>> No.35102437

your mistake is assuming your experience starting life among trash is how your betters behave socially. if you had been smart and made connections youd have a nice support network and a place to shoot the shit with boys that matter and probably been set up with a high caliber wife by now

you literally use djt as a substitute country club

>> No.35102439


>> No.35102442

i didnt post it today and my thing is turn off the projector not turn off ur projector

>> No.35102447

country clubs are boring as shit m8 the fact you think they matter tells me how poor you are

>> No.35102450

>turn off the projector not turn off ur projector
reaching critical levels of pettiness

>> No.35102454


>> No.35102456

if you know a better place to eat dinner regularly and drink with friends, id like to hear it

>> No.35102457

country clubs are boring unless theyre the type where you can meet school boys in the back rooms

>> No.35102460

what's her issue?

>> No.35102467


>> No.35102468

clubs are for fags

>> No.35102469

my kitchen

>> No.35102470

a lot of people got filtered by the 18 episodes of pachinko

>> No.35102473

>eating dinner regularly at the same place
michelin exists for a reason

>> No.35102475

the scariest fact of life is understanding that free will doesn't exist

>> No.35102477

>t. djt tripfag

>> No.35102479


>> No.35102488

wait it lasts till the end of the season? wtf

youre talking about kaiji right

>> No.35102489

yeah think i know the real poorfag here

>> No.35102494

of course free will exists
watch me use it to call you a faggot

>> No.35102496
File: 12 KB, 798x181, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35102497


>> No.35102512

wtf are you people talking about

>> No.35102514

isnt michelin that guy who rates restaurants?

>> No.35102515

because only s1 of kaiji is worth watching
the rest is just a rehash of the same plot might as well watch a soap opera

>> No.35102530

and cumflates women, yes
even if you're a poorfag check out bib gourmand, basically top tier restaurants without the bullshit prices

>> No.35102531

procedural torture

>> No.35102533


>> No.35102540

>without the bullshit prices
member price on dinner isnt usually high, poorfag

>> No.35102542

bet moe has a greek god body by just watching anime

>> No.35102545

basically never eat out cause i can make better food at home

>> No.35102546

i would appreciate it if you didn't post cia crypto-fascists in my thread thank you

>> No.35102547

It was pretty bad, I enjoy having different games. Having the same game be played which is not PvP was objectively boring and the antithesis of Kaiji.

>> No.35102551

>going to a club for the food
bruh, get some adventure in your life

>> No.35102553

good post

>> No.35102558

it was good but like i said lots of people got filtered such is the nature of the anime fandom

>> No.35102567

>in my thread

>> No.35102568
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im in korea
who the fuck are you? a nobody

>> No.35102570

sometimes i eat just a fruit and think god this is so delicious, nothing in a restaurant or cooked at home even comes close

>> No.35102576

Yeah it totally didn't fit the point of the show having him battle a machine. There's now way to insert the machines thoughts into the plot so it fell flat.

>> No.35102581

do you even leave your basement?

>> No.35102585

just got to ep 26 i liked the pachinko there were a lot of good moments

>> No.35102586

lmfao pathetic post even for you crikey

>> No.35102600

rippin ass so crazy i'd be arrested for crimes against humanity in germany

>> No.35102601

r u really any different at this point

>> No.35102609

same. but episode 8 is still my favorite

>> No.35102617

you know you should rethink your attitude when even fucking newfags start to immediately hate you.

>> No.35102618

is the tonegawa spin off show any good btw

>> No.35102625

yeah its not like uppercasers are every retarded or anything

>> No.35102636

why is it that ciaran learned to program in 6 months and mastered japanese and even got a degree in translation and is a successful guy but he still feels the need to talk down to cool guys like moe

>> No.35102643
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>> No.35102647

yea it's decent and kinda funny

>> No.35102670

you didn't ciaran did

>> No.35102674

when did he do that

>> No.35102678

this but unko

>> No.35102681

because its haachama

>> No.35102688

they came preruined
jesus fucking christ women peak at 12

>> No.35102690

i know hes a cunt, but what did he do specifically to start the beheading posting?

>> No.35102694

dont know what that is
dont wanna find out

>> No.35102702


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