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Guide and resources: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/
Previous thread: >>35089650

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more like daily schizo thread

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The only way to learn 日本語:
1.Filter all tripfags
2.Don't waste time/money on ゴミ like:
-英語 youtube channels, shitty apps, Genki, Imabi, RTK, KKLC, Kanji Damage, Wanikani, Duolingo, Bunpro, Kodansha, Tobira, whatever you're using, language schools, Italki, AJATT, JLPT, Kanji Kentei tests and many other scams
-Awful anki decks (only 2k/6k from the OP and a simple yomichan mining deck are ok)
-You shouldn't spend more than 1-2 hours on Anki as a beginner and 20 minutes max after a few months, spamming easy is fine, Anki is only good at the start to prepare you for the journey
-Pitch accent (doesn't exist, you can say words however you want https://youtu.be/1RKWcCyD7GI )
-Learning how to write on paper (you can do it later once you're decent at Japanese)
Avoiding these beginner traps will cut down your learning time considerably to less than 2 years if you learn every day and never give up. After that it's just enjoying the language and the content while fortifying your knowledge and occasionally learning something new and new vocabulary.
3.Spend a few days getting familiar with hiragana and katakana
4.A few months of Anki 2k/6k vocabulary and Tae Kim grammar while reading/watching something easy (you should wait max 0-1 month before starting any serious reading/watching)
5.A few years of reading, listening, watching vtubers, shitposting in /djt/ and having your posts corrected, googling stuff you don't know and you're done!
6.Move to Japan
7.The ride never ends

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ass feels better than pussy

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nice op

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copy pasted it from int djt

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Avocado ass

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good game
wasted a lot of time raising chaos

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yeah but can you really be sure when youve only fucked schoolboys i mean eventually they are gonna get you for that

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dame just finished kaiji s2 great ending

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いよいよ is fun to say

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damn posting a lot actually reduces your attention span

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built for BGC

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dopamine nexus

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what happened to the other 20 girls

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holy fuckin shit

inb4 i quoted it wrong

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two more threads and i bring them back

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off topic. also fake and gay baby way too stiff even before it hit the ground.

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stop anki
cunnyge all day erryday

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So we just gonna ignore the fact that Calli called chat "a bunch of niggers" during the Gigguk stream?


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i could not possibly care less about animal suffering, i wonder why that is. i have empathy towards people but less than normal i guess

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missed last thread anything interesting there?

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outside of jamal posting ogs nudes again, no

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i'm white and im not a literal psychopath

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yea we were just discussing kaiji and why season 2 owns and why noobs got filtered by it

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*sucks air through teeth*

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for real though even when they try to sound high pitch and girly it comes out like baby talk

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get down from mt stupid bro

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nuke's pausing gto videos now. probably get his channel banned since there's nudity in that show.

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it's important to have someone to cock slap when you get home

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look ガイジ up my dude stop embarrassing yourself

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post tree

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exactly my point

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its hard to conceive of a place on the internet more toxic than djt lol

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>gasoline is one of my favorite smells

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where'd you find this?

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on his daily holochug

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yea dont know who you are sorry

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i see an attempt there on second read but the first thing he said to make me think that was a non-sequitur

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crazy how og keeps losing thread after thread

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looked at the vocab-novel 5k tab and saw it listed over 120,000 words. can that be right? how is it ever ordered?

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women wouldnt get this

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do any of your multiple personalities know japanese yet

>> No.35103433

how long have you been acquiring bro?

>> No.35103438

start of this year mostly. did some off and on a few years before

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for the 10th time schizoid =/= schizophrenic and multiple personality disorder isn't even schizophrenia either

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yall might be right about vegans i actually dont know any except me and dont interact with any related media online cuz its a waste of time

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>President Joe Biden

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hardest choice ive made all week

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you risk a ban so you can announce a report for underage???

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if you actually meant joudanda then you are wrong. it's not an inflection. it's joudan n da which a contraction of joudan no da

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only based if you give up carbs in general, which your buta-ass wont

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only fat people do keto

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gonna make a stir fry with chicken, onion, peppers and carrots tomorrow. put a fuckton of minced garlic and ginger in that bitch too.

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So sad the better girl had to die.

>> No.35103623

well thats kind of true cause once you purge all that shit and reset your insulin you can maintain with a modest amount of carbs and being mindful of sugars and shit

>> No.35103641

cant stand garlic abuse in my food, another L for these dogeaters

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da is a particle

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i love rice a lot too. somehow im still losing weight on these onigiri but thats probably cause my calorie intake is averaging at 600 a day or something

>> No.35103661

only things worse than rice are oats and サラダ

>> No.35103691

fucking love a good salad. mixed greens, boiled egg, oil and vinegar, s & p, some kind of meat and a little cheese. perfect meal

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thanks bunko your stupid kumbi vids are in my recs now cause you linked them so much

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Pitch accent doesn't exist

>> No.35103854

pitch accent is a lie made up by dogen to sell videos

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finally tried graduating to a big boy anime and got filtered hard

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>not grinding jomon decimal sounds

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why the fuck go to korea and then stay in ur box

arent u like a half hour from the dmz ? go live dangerous

>> No.35103974

korea is full of bugs

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hate to say it but matto was righto there

>> No.35103996

why is this one in particular so fucking funny to me. i wonder what matt's thoughts on it are.

>> No.35104012

gonna suck if there is no climax to the matto stuff and he just fades away into the brackground

>> No.35104013

why didn't the bald top knot dude behead this weird looking foreigner.

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why woman be like this

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i believe most of the big boys valued their foreign friends in those times

>> No.35104026

he doesnt seem like the type to shave his head and livestream chikan attempts on the train for donos but ill keep my fingers crossed

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Hot women are just naturally attracted to my glasses and fat belly. Human nature.

>> No.35104033

Because he's ゲイ for him.

>> No.35104054

ud be surprised considering most women r busus

plus its typically a crime of opportunity so they grab whatevers there

>> No.35104055

That sounds lame. Where is the fun in that.

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>most women r busus
pretty sure most women are "average" if you arent a dopamine-fried coomer

>> No.35104074

Only 10 episodes left of One Outs.

>> No.35104094

technology was a mistake

>> No.35104095

well the important thing here is japanese women r mostly busus

bc they r

>> No.35104096

the dmz is american soil

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rank the dragon ball arcs

>> No.35104117

yeah but ill be damned if i trade wifi and eakon for a healthy society

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How important is sounding like your gender in Japanese? Okay so I'm a beginner, but I saw this discussion crop up a bit. I'm nonbinary, and wouldn't want to sound too feminine or too masculine. Is there any way of finding a middle ground that's not robotic? Is it even that important to sound masculine or feminine when speaking? Is set in stone (e.g this is masculine and this is feminine) or is there some leeway?

>> No.35104144

korrrra temeeee orrrrrra nani mitennooooo

>> No.35104145

yea that brings my piss to an absolute boil

>> No.35104147

weak bait

>> No.35104151

They all speak with the same pitch so that wouldn't be a problem.

>> No.35104156

This is actually a pretty big topic which is hard to answer in a short comment, but I like this article by Tofugu: https://www.tofugu.com/japanese/queer-japanese/

In the beginning at least, it is most common to use formal Japanese while learning, so you don't have to worry about it too much yet :)

>> No.35104159

especially bc u know that i actually see the world through non "coomer" goggles

>> No.35104166

i wish the japanese were rude enough to make that redditor regret every trying to bring gay that shit over there but theyd probably just nod politely and try and escape the situation

>> No.35104171

im goin to take a shower and then og u better be ready for bed

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its the same mindset, he just decided to stop progressing as a progressive lmao. the worst of both worlds really

>> No.35104187

How does one sound Male? If I spend my time equally with male and female friends, would I pick up male speech patterns / intonation?

Does one have to be consciously aware and actively try to sound like a gender? So, if I listen to a lot of Japanese content, do I have to make a mental note not to copy girls and only copy boys? Most content I consume have more girls than boys so I'm worried I'll sound like a girl.

>> No.35104204

what teh fuck

>> No.35104216

>that article
can't believe that faggots using wa. in all my time in japan i almost never hear normal conversations were women are saying shit like お腹空いたわ. dno maybe really older ladies a little bit, or on tv or something. girls dont even talk especially girly, its more that they just dont talk harshly and are using normal japanese while men try to sound extra macho and casual when theyre allowed to

>> No.35104217

This isn't relaxing what the heck.

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fuck no fap
my hand is going in

>> No.35104234

really cute character design

>> No.35104252

honestly な is even starting to win over ね lately with young girls

>> No.35104256

why is she not a loli

>> No.35104276

made me sigh so hard i started coughing

>> No.35104277

>fucking your sister to make her small again

>> No.35104305

just learned jim sterling transitioned. rip

>> No.35104326

it's on topic with what weve been talking about

>> No.35104341

This is your hobby now, the op must change to be more inclusive.

>> No.35104345

>the op
sick pun bro

>> No.35104353

accept it. we have one anon that doesnt even think non-asian women are women and 4chan is full of tranny posting

>> No.35104366

idk who that is but im sick of ppl i know popping up as having become a tranny im just so disappointed

also me and og r goin to bed

>> No.35104375

your stupid 90s world led to this shit

>> No.35104376

you will never be a real women by the way
you will never get groped on the densha
you will never get tricked into filming a one off nanpa vid
you will never get invited to the kaisha nomikai and drunkenly get told you have beautiful eyes just like this one school boy in nagano

>> No.35104401

liking this new arc for the split personality poster

>> No.35104404

old school video game reviewer. check out a recent vid for a laugh. rip

>> No.35104414

>i was born different

>> No.35104420

starting to get the feeling guys a lowkey envious of not being groped on the densha

>> No.35104423

Oh wow, is this like when parents say they could tell their kid was gay before they knew?

>> No.35104444

kinda weird with these old ass faggots are suddenly not happy with their sex despite it being good enough for them for however decades theyve been otherwise completely normal

>> No.35104454

I had a girl touch my bum once but it wasn't really hot because that's gay.

>> No.35104465

biggest disappointment for me was when cosmo wright transitioned and went insane

>> No.35104503

a shame i cant see any of our retards celebs becoming trannies
tkyosam def looks like one of those guys who falls down every rabbit hole he sees but
hes actually managing to keep it together like a regular riajuu

>> No.35104510

super very good?

>> No.35104515


>> No.35104529

part of the song, other part is chou beri ba(d)
jamals iffy as fuck especially if he doesnt get a wife kid before 40

>> No.35104530

i meant within the nihongo learning community

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fuckking love 黒髪ロング bitches

>> No.35104554

>nihongo learning community
The what LOL.

>> No.35104556

woah is this real?

>> No.35104558

theres too many trannies we dont need any more

>> No.35104560

roastie cope

>> No.35104568


>> No.35104569

probably isnt a bigger concentration than among japanese learning forums

>> No.35104575

based japan

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>> No.35104599

wanikani is the best way to learn kanji, duolingo is decent for vocabulary

>> No.35104602

botd: https://youtu.be/S30gjy64F8U

>> No.35104613

damn i love transgender anime. finna immerse in more ways than one

>> No.35104615

He should use 尻擬き

>> No.35104622

i dunno i liked a couple and there were a few busu but its in the dead thread now other than

>> No.35104651

can you not be useless and just be normal goddamn

>> No.35104657

dunno why the dragon ball manga captivates me when i saw a season of dbz and thought it sucked

>> No.35104678

it really fucks with their algorithm since the systems set up that dislikes are rare enough that each one makes a big difference. they get pushed into the shadows and their vids get recommended less and it demoralizes them. plus it causes sheep to be more likely to drop a dislike themselves when they see enough of them.

if it ever becomes pissing in the wind i wont do it

>> No.35104680

dragon ball is an adventure. dbz is muscular guys screaming at each other

>> No.35104689

i heard somewhere that dislikes positively affect videos and don't differ from likes in that regard, because they're both instances of engagement.

>> No.35104695

thats what tht whore from twitter said weeks ago but shes probably got no clue

>> No.35104698

i've heard that from multiple different people over the past several years

>> No.35104710

quick question: do anki add-ons work on mobile?

>> No.35104713

yeah theres no way youtube would just bury a spicy vid
hate views count for just as much revenue as like views

>> No.35104716

ok im actually talking notes from this shit holy crap is there a lot of good tips packed in. not to hook but i just to fit in better and get score points

thanks for the link i take back the useless remark sorry

>> No.35104723

not sure they have a reason to do that but do they try to algorithmically promote faggot-ass videos? probably

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last thread was so close, but djt blew it, like always

>> No.35104759

random trannies with gaming content arent really "spicy" and they admit to bleeding subs when they come out as abominations

>> No.35104782

weren't we talking about how aspects of ytb algorithms work and not whether or not certain content is popular

>> No.35104796

rip, never 113

>> No.35104797

vinnies are no fun. the way that they overdescribe everything is fucking annoying

>> No.35104803

writers get paid per word, gotta bloat it with those descriptions of the mcs asagohan

>> No.35104808

they repeat the same thing over and over and over again

>> No.35104828

good for learning japanese

>> No.35104839

That's the whole point of books. It's why I prefer pictures.

>> No.35104848

>That's the whole point of books.
no. it's like they have never heard of show don't tell. the writing is pitiful 2bh

>> No.35104856

just heard kachite in anime

>> No.35104858

i've read books and they are nothing like vinnies. please don't insult books like that.

>> No.35104867

*Reads two pages of author describing toast*

>> No.35104868

im actually getting hype for what’s coming up as the tone shifts to more serious. and already theres more fighting and less talking so i can get through volumes faster

>> No.35104876

dragon ball's serious fights have heart. dbz's fights have naked guys screaming at each other

>> No.35104891

Dragon ball is so bad I didn't watch any of it.

>> No.35104906

first time? i thought you were higher level

>> No.35104909

i still cant get over gokus voice....

>> No.35104912


>> No.35104913

faggot ass american retard

>> No.35104925

really fucking sick of this first letter uppercaser especially because its marking him out as a unique poster and everything he says is some dumb shit

>> No.35104932

You're the one memorizing how people post.

>> No.35104938

cant handle another terrible namefag i just cant

>> No.35104939

i dont care how og you think tolerating it makes you the baba voice is gay as fuck

>> No.35104940

I'll help him then by doing the same because i hate people who try too hard to fit in

>> No.35104941 [DELETED] 

Very sick

>> No.35104947

New meta

>> No.35104952

Well that works for me since i was getting tired of lowercasing and it make him less of an obvious eyesore

>> No.35104955 [DELETED] 

Who are you

>> No.35104958

I'm glad I was able to improve the quality of the thread.

>> No.35104961

Wrong (you) obvy

>> No.35104970 [DELETED] 

Change isnt improvement

>> No.35104973

Probably wont last but well see how it plays

>> No.35104974

I guess this makes us case-trannies

>> No.35104984

I've only got 5 episodes of One Outs left.

>> No.35104989

looooool look at these uppercasing fags

>> No.35104997

Dame older jpop sure knew how to handle a beat

>> No.35104999

Why would [Deleted] do this?

>> No.35105013

you need kanji to understand audio

>> No.35105021
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>> No.35105023

oh boy sometimes fresh blood is worth it

>> No.35105024

it's extremely common so if you're hearing it for the first time...

>> No.35105031

The best time to post busu is never

>> No.35105036


>> No.35105041

the inside of my ears smell weird and i dont know why

>> No.35105043

why are you posting tranny streamers

>> No.35105046

How did you manage to smell the inside of your ears?

>> No.35105049

retarded take of the day

>> No.35105057

do you not own earbuds?

>> No.35105061

I guess I never thought to smell them.

>> No.35105068
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translator's note

>> No.35105075

why is her face painted? i thought she was a comedian or something

>> No.35105080

lns >>> vns

>> No.35105081

i wanna fuck that dog

>> No.35105113


>> No.35105126

either youre thinking i said something i didnt or youre trying to get in on the joke but i'm not sure.

>> No.35105129
File: 1.79 MB, 1176x810, kubikubi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh fuck

>> No.35105130


george discovered a cultist in his chat wtf

>> No.35105136

if you use one hand and just move it across your face while reaching for the second bud

>> No.35105144

Ah, that makes sense. But please don't do that it's dangerous.

>> No.35105155


>> No.35105168
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just watched the video moe donda linked earlier (milky holmes) and it's diarrhea

>> No.35105170

i hope those podcasting retards cause your holofag trend to crash and burn. im mad i didnt realize how simple the solution is. just dick the virginal priests and they lose their powers over simps

>> No.35105178

did you really just watch 1hr 23 minutes of that video lol

>> No.35105180

gigguk is personally responsible for popularizing vtubers in the west

>> No.35105182

cute bjork and good comment

>> No.35105183

i could have just skipped through it but yea i actually did watch all of that. it's way more fun than struggling through japanese shit.

>> No.35105187

it's a masterpiece of anime comedy but if you don't get it that's fine and normal like 95% of people don't like good anime

>> No.35105192

turn on ur monitor

>> No.35105196


>> No.35105197

its only going to take a few more dicking scandals and the spell will broken for all v-tubers. tick tock

>> No.35105204


damn jamal would love this part

>> No.35105211

when she accidentally lets go of the balloons and they float to the ceiling...this is why korone is still king

>> No.35105214

nice cope the gags got old quick and was overdone like most things in nip media

>> No.35105216
File: 867 KB, 960x544, 2021-06-06-215438.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35105220

hes such a boomer

>> No.35105226

kinda like your posts

>> No.35105229

i understood all the kanji here including 'dare' lets gooooo

>> No.35105234

wow og past 200 cards

>> No.35105238


>> No.35105265

dont believe you unless you're native. think it's literally impossible to get fluent without reading bc of all the chinese loan words

>> No.35105272

oh its you again i dont wanna have this same argument with the same wannycunny moron u just do u holmes

>> No.35105280

i dont think anyone of those 3 care about the jp side

>> No.35105286

how tall is george trombone

>> No.35105288

well its english tards that are shitting up my side of the internet an social circles rn i stopped giving a fuck about whatever retarded shit jp otaku are chugging like 10 years ago

>> No.35105293
File: 28 KB, 220x257, 220px-Milkyholmesdvd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

moe is right. someone like me who enjoys the work of plebs like tarkovsky, herzog, kurosawa, ingmar bergman, tarr, vittorio de sica, milos forman, Kubrick, PTA, kusturica, etc.. can't hope to understand and appreciate this masterpiece of great complexity

>> No.35105302

you listen to audio and just understand it?

>> No.35105309

ydjk for sure

>> No.35105312

maybe try the eng subbed version

>> No.35105315

damn im feeling sleepy but i also want to beat that guy wish hed posted his pic a few hours earlier

>> No.35105316

not according to djt so just drop it i dont want to start this again

>> No.35105320

yoo she streamin oblivion

>> No.35105324


>> No.35105328


>> No.35105329

>want to beat that guy
thought you were calling it 'pouring honey'?

>> No.35105330

you keep replying. sonuds like you wanna start it lol.
transcribe this for us. it's ok if it's just hiragana

>> No.35105335

do you even know what im talking about

>> No.35105341

no i was just tryin to have a goof and a gaff

>> No.35105353

is this og?

>> No.35105359

but that look gay

>> No.35105360

ive done enough transcribes where i did well enough you all just keep ignoring it. not dancing on command for no peanuts

also i ignore that video once already, low effort trap

>> No.35105367

yeah she wants the nuts soaked in honey haha

>> No.35105378

true. moe is always right

>> No.35105381

looks straight to me

>> No.35105383

stfu moe don't undermine me

>> No.35105400
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>> No.35105402

dont mess with that guy moe, i felt a strong ざわ from his post i think hes the secret thread master

>> No.35105407

men are so gay

>> No.35105412

damn they really just named the anime that

>> No.35105413


>> No.35105414


>> No.35105419

that was a native level haiku

>> No.35105420

oh damn i should have called him the 裏番長 never get to use that word
that just seems normal though but i would have to destroy her of course

>> No.35105429

lol not mad i like it

>> No.35105430

天津飯's sentence ender is わ

>> No.35105448

so hard to read shit like this lol. figured it out this time but fuck

>> No.35105493

read articles on x gender

>> No.35105497

dame best 3 main idols at once

>> No.35105544

thanks for ruining my day with this shit

>> No.35105549


>> No.35105550

so far it's not insanely hard

>> No.35105601

they started putting in basically "previously on" in the dragon ball manga which doesnt make sense because they still have to draw the panels

>> No.35105705


>> No.35105746

woah they killed krillin

>> No.35105771

guess they had to whittle down the cast since they were adding two or more main characters every arc. they split krillin's super powers of being short and having a shiny head into 天津飯 and 餃子

>> No.35105817


>> No.35105826


>> No.35105831


>> No.35105832

broooo what a weeb

>> No.35105836

entubers really?

>> No.35105837

those two tweets back to back are sus

>> No.35105892


>> No.35105906

reading 絵文字 for the first time was a real mindfuck, i had never even considered it was a Japanese word for some reason

>> No.35105943

just started shaking with anger when i remembered that matt has filtered "djt" on his youtube channel

>> No.35105959




>> No.35105982


>> No.35106107


>> No.35106197

isnt that a compliment to djt?

>> No.35106206

dekinai anon bitched when matt said to find fonts on djt in his videos. can't win with that anon type.

>> No.35106240

only new fag is you retard. Before trumps election boards were way more on topic unless random /b/ raids you dumb reddit nigger. And jannies still maintained boards

>> No.35106277

anyone have here have any idea what 寄せ壺 refers to/ how one would translate it. it's spoken by (what I think is a buddhist) nun

>> No.35106289

post the sentence its used in

>> No.35106302


>> No.35106326
File: 130 KB, 220x206, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35106370

love you guys

i hope you all succeed in getting out of whatever struggle you are currently going through


>> No.35106529

membership perks, if you click join next to the subscribe buton you can see the list of emotes

>> No.35106530

looks like some made up game word

>> No.35106544


>> No.35106549
File: 267 KB, 1000x1400, E3Q_RulVUAQRofY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35106556

Wow, that's an elegant outfit.

>> No.35106566


>> No.35106641
File: 274 KB, 1011x589, tierlist.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35106665

Bondage and chikan are too low.

>> No.35106701


>> No.35106869

are Japanese natives better at 英語 than djt is at 日本語

>> No.35106879

well japanese people can't speak english for but can read it kind of so it's a 引き分け there

>> No.35106908

noticed this too

>> No.35107033

Nice, did you take them home with you?

>> No.35107037


>> No.35107048


>> No.35107059

That'll come in handy when you try to swoon Japanese people with astrology.

>> No.35107137
File: 932 KB, 1920x1080, 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35107219

why the fuck is kusturica on that list lol

>> No.35107310

how old is matto?

>> No.35107360



>> No.35107524
File: 1.65 MB, 1280x720, chibi mars.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35107547

not gonna watch cuz hes a fat pasty piece of shit but his latest vid he still looks like a guy i think itd be better if he didnt call himself a girl lol

>> No.35107640

soulless conveyor belt garbage

>> No.35107651
File: 784 KB, 1920x1080, 0003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35107825

idk how u can say that u cant ever become a woman and that goes double for me so id never pull none of that retarded shit

id let u do me up all pretty tho under the condition that we make out after lol

>> No.35107828

for the longest time i would immerse and not understand any of the audio, today i bought a pair of headphones and suddenly i understand everything lol

>> No.35107847


>> No.35107865


>> No.35107872

yep me and george rb asically the same guy except i dont have reddit thoughts like him

>> No.35107889
File: 447 KB, 753x705, Two scoops one term no wall.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35107936

>i understand everything lol
no you dont

>> No.35108056
File: 926 KB, 1920x1080, 0004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35108168


*taps mic*



>> No.35108205
File: 214 KB, 900x1200, EHvCG8MVAAERzMC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35108223

u know anime these days needs more tentacles

it was a classic staple of the 90s and early 2000s and was always fun to reference

>> No.35108261
File: 43 KB, 1280x800, 1623067051925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35108267

isn't isekai garbage full of tentacles

>> No.35108295

delete this

>> No.35108325
File: 406 KB, 576x449, wow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is 子供のごろ a thing i always only hear 子供のころ

>> No.35108343




>> No.35108349

need less gay faggots and more tentacle faggots


>> No.35108362

stfu rika

>> No.35108377

SAO has some very nice tentacle scenes that always made twitter seethe

>> No.35108392

How the fuck do you talk about casual hope / wishes / expectations? I don't mean like hopes and dreams. Example:
"I hope it doesn't rain."
I have never heard a real Japanese person use 希望 in a casual sentence like this.

>> No.35108409


>> No.35108411

in my opinion they were thinking 子供ごろ at the same time and it came out like an og post

might also be intentional bc vtubers are trash

>> No.35108515


>> No.35108516

why tf are tolls so expensive in japan lol finna spend half ur travel budget just to drive from one end to the other

>> No.35108557

why do you think trains are huge in jpn

>> No.35108562

雨が落ちないほうがいい lmfao

>> No.35108578


>> No.35108610

I don't trust /int/djt they have a bunch of smooth brains over there with terrible and extremely wrong advice

>> No.35108620


>> No.35108631

曲 of the day


>> No.35108635

perfect for retards like you.

>> No.35108714

always confuse 言い出しっぺ for leadership

>> No.35108738

never seen this in my life so i dont confuse it for anything

>> No.35108853

if u want advice on basically anything just @ this post and ill give it to u

>> No.35108957

how many veggies should i eat

>> No.35109122


>> No.35109272

real niggas dont say boku

>> No.35109287


>> No.35109588


>> No.35109625

damn, gotta step up my game

>> No.35109640

i had that ready depending on what responses i got

>> No.35109771

I know 250語

>> No.35109845


>> No.35109886


>> No.35109995

will jacking it to traps make me ゲイ?

>> No.35110199


>> No.35110219


>> No.35110229

But do you know 中出しの喜び?

>> No.35110233
File: 115 KB, 1610x616, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I configure Yomichan for mining into Anki? It grabs a lot more than I want and makes the card a mess

>> No.35110306

you need to configure your delimiters m8

>> No.35110377

my what

>> No.35110399

learn english first m8

>> No.35110421

either site has what you need, if you cant figure out that shit for yourself then give up now.

>> No.35110490

oh god I'm refoooooooolding

>> No.35110543
File: 71 KB, 640x488, 7d49818d2ea736298c910dff96e4cd1068c47e0de50e62f747693d120a1cfcdd_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35110675

what a funny picture haha

>> No.35110740

>i don't need this word
>appears again
>i don't need this word
>appears again
>i don't need this word
>appears again
>i don't need this word
>appears again
>i don't need this word
>appears again
>i don't need this word
>appears again

>> No.35110745


>> No.35110821

opened a tupac song on youtube and found an unbelievably cringe comment i posted 8 years ago

>> No.35110878

dang atos and rmed poppin off

>> No.35110904


>> No.35110968
File: 73 KB, 611x400, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.35111061

tfw no uggo cowgf

>> No.35111259


>> No.35111274

explain to me why subs2srs isn't the best strategy to get better at listening faster

>> No.35111451

migga like just use your ears

>> No.35111493

i shoulda chased on atos on friday

what a mistake

>> No.35111712


>> No.35111724

shut da fuck up retard

>> No.35111732


>> No.35111775

>you cant anticipate the chinks, you will be there to right ones and be wiped out 4 times?
ESL need a help

>> No.35111779

that bitch looks really fucked up in the head, unko.

>> No.35111784

snacking on cornflakes straight out of the bag with ketchup

>> No.35111786

does he say chinks there or am i hearing it wrong?
I'm an ESL

>> No.35111796

i hate esls but that is correct

>> No.35111806

ESL here
you cannot anticipate the chinks, you will be right once and wiped out 4 times

>> No.35111807

ESL here i hear "you'll be right once and wiped out 4 times"

>> No.35111812

get rekt, niggers

>> No.35111827 [DELETED] 

but he is using it in the sense of
>"a chink in the curtains"

>> No.35111835

if u have to ask that it ruins the entire thing could u please not

>> No.35111840

but he is using it in the sense of
>"a chink in the curtains"

>> No.35111860

esl here no issues for me

>> No.35111864

you need to stay away from her lmfao.

>> No.35111868

why would you store dead chinks in curtains?

>> No.35111882

waiter there is a chink in my curtains

>> No.35111889

who the fuck do you think you are to help people look at the absolute state of you first

>> No.35111910

how come there aren't chink vtubers

>> No.35111923

bc china understands that its dogshit and banned it like bitcoin

>> No.35111928

oh there are

but they are all on bilibili so no one knows

>> No.35111961

well china doesnt ban the racist vtubers bc those 1s r funny but if u arent racist u arent allowed to vtube in china bc its shit and gay lol

>> No.35111994

gr8 chugger vn title

>> No.35112025


>> No.35112105

dices all my veggies, sliced the chicken and mixed the sauce for my stir fry now even though i'll eat in like 3 hours cause i know i'll be too lazy then and will just eat some fuckin pasta instead

>> No.35112129


>> No.35112224
File: 926 KB, 1174x1068, asian.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

damn we all know that feel

>> No.35112274

whats the point if uve already seen that

>> No.35112282

huhhh, i havent?

>> No.35112284

gimme some R18-G recs

>> No.35112287

but u just posted it

>> No.35112299

>We have to do more to stand out from any other Asian we might be mistaken for in order to advance.
Any English translation for this?

>> No.35112306

i still havent read it.

>> No.35112349

lmfao, im hoping there will be a way to avoid it.

>> No.35112353

>asians are better educated, earn more, and live longer than white americans. what can we do to portray them as oppressed?

>> No.35112357


>> No.35112370


>> No.35112382

>cmon bro you know i cant read

>> No.35112383


“We have to do more to stand out from any other Asian we might be mistaken for in order to advance,” she said. Dr. Lau, who holds a doctorate in philosophy, left Bungie to become a producer at a smaller games studio.

>> No.35112388

dont care

>> No.35112390

No. Unlike you, I don't speak tranny.

>> No.35112409

redditfags who cry about getting spoiled making them unable to enjoy their media are the worst

>> No.35112411

might just be native but low iq

>> No.35112437

When she was training a new hire, a tall white man, and introducing him to others, everyone on the team was excited to get to know him. While she was training him, she never heard anyone mistake him for one of the dozens of other white men working at the hospital, and she wondered if they ever would.

“You can see how that accumulates over a lifetime of work,” Ms. Cheng said. “Four years of, they don’t know my name, but after saying his name once, everybody is superinterested in him and giving him opportunities.”

>> No.35112449


>> No.35112460

where does this asians all look the same argument even come from when i started watching doramas i never confused any characters

>> No.35112469

t. chinese

>> No.35112476

>calling other people esl or low iq
>too retarded to understand not to take everything literally
You should learn English before Japanese.

>> No.35112477

ok chink

>> No.35112487

yeah it must suck for asians if people give me more opportunities cause im tall and white but theres nothing i can really do about that

>> No.35112491

that happens with every race it makes sense when you're not around people of a certain race to not be able to tell apart minute details about them, i got the same thing with negroes

>> No.35112499
File: 890 KB, 1920x1080, 0002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35112502

too old bro

>> No.35112513

yeah, low iq it is

>> No.35112525
File: 926 KB, 1920x1080, 0003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35112583

chill, there's nothing wrong with being low iq
makes things easier to chug

>> No.35112594

yh thinking im rolling for yoimiya. she qt https://twitter.com/GenshinImpact/status/1401841364954984454?s=20

>> No.35112597


>> No.35112622
File: 828 KB, 1920x1080, 0004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35112677

Whatever makes you feel better about yourself.

>> No.35112737

i reached 2000 cards in total today with vocab and sentences. is it normal to be able to mine like 100 sentences per episode? when will this stop

>> No.35112750

embrace your own stupidity
it's the key to fluency

>> No.35112760

nobody is holding a gun to ur heading saying make idiot cards or die

>> No.35112801

>2000 cards
just 28000 more to go

>> No.35112817

some of them you won't need to mine because they appear so often
others you won't need either because they are so rare
so just mine the words in between

>> No.35112818

2-4 years

>> No.35112824
File: 5 KB, 447x137, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i feel like my listening has been improving after i had this great idea that i attained directly from kamisama himself

>> No.35112846
File: 1.07 MB, 726x703, 1606855494132.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35112881
File: 7 KB, 513x139, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35112929

happened to be on my friends balcony that was maybe 300 meters away from where they were launching an insane 5-6 minute long firework show and i kinda understood nips a bit cause it was pretty fun. was really high and drunk at the time though

>> No.35113000
File: 798 KB, 1920x1080, 0005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35113017

i really hate that this is the industry standard for how anime looks nowadays. it fucking blows asscheeks.

>> No.35113045

cant acquire japanese if u dont get in at least 30 minutes of this per day simple as

>> No.35113046
File: 202 KB, 984x1012, 1622726993941.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i kinda like the crayon outline stuff

>> No.35113059

dame i want to fuck her

>> No.35113070
File: 820 KB, 1920x1080, 0006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

too bright/flat

>> No.35113072

it doesn't make sense for anyone involved in producing anime to do cel animation anymore it's all digital

>> No.35113102

that doesn't mean you can't use new kinds of pens and filters every once in a while

>> No.35113116

whered my trip go

>> No.35113118

im not talking about that really, i mean that specific art style/character design like in the pic. it's what all the shitty cheap isekai use hence why they all look the same. there are still shows that deviate from that but its less common than id like

>> No.35113121

stfu boomer

>> No.35113122

you can sprinkle shit all you want but digital 2d will never look good unless it's flash animation or something lol

>> No.35113149

go to your kitchen and scoop your eyes out

>> No.35113178

funny thing is most anime is flash animation

>> No.35113183

the death of the animation cel was the day anime died forever

>> No.35113191

>when making an anime meant something
which was never

>> No.35113198

we need to get tarantino into making anime

>> No.35113207

not true

the decision to do a anime production was a much bigger deal back in the 80s and 90s than it is now

>> No.35113230

Yes, we need to go back to the stone age so animators have to draw each frame with awkward tools.

>> No.35113239

it hurts when somebody says something so true while trying to be ironic

>> No.35113242

>they sure don't make anime like they used to

yeah good riddance, if i have to see another abomination like lain ever again i'm gonna blow my brains out

>> No.35113246

awkward tools is what makes for the most impressive displays of creativity

>> No.35113253

I agree with this sentiment.

>> No.35113273

impregnation that low is closet homosexual

>> No.35113278

built for BGC

>> No.35113290

the extremely low quality of today's anime speaks for itself.

>> No.35113311

the ratio of shit anime to good anime is still 25:1 but they can now make them faster

>> No.35113313

1080p is higher quality than 480p

>> No.35113321

closet nothing, that's a 4bc tier faggot

>> No.35113339

i know the higher number is better quality

>> No.35113367

I feel like this needs a word in the centre.

>> No.35113369

anime is better now than it ever has been

>> No.35113371
File: 78 KB, 824x615, idc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm watching this diarrhea at the moment

>> No.35113379

real triggered that anon saw me shit on sm movies and decided to spam that chug here

>> No.35113382

japan knows what they r doing and its fuckin disgusting


200 nukes might be enough

>> No.35113392

and i'm all for it

>> No.35113393

the nukes or

>> No.35113397
File: 949 KB, 1920x1080, 0007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they were on my plan to watch list, thanks for reminding me
would have watched them sooner or later though

>> No.35113425
File: 617 KB, 612x675, 1623077734389.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

doing my reps

>> No.35113438


>> No.35113443

congratulations uve become me

all thats left is for us to sit on the patio in our rockin chairs and yell at ppl who walk by

>> No.35113523
File: 46 KB, 900x700, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if u want clean and pure look no further

>> No.35113533

i dont care about how slimy and shiny you prefer your cg chug

that nehelania is entirely 1 dimensional just another arc to powerup and defeat. senshi get only the most superficial of charicterization just like in the manga. you can't even compare

>> No.35113549

not cg

>> No.35113553

korone anon slamming 500 pounds of iron while you lie on the couch watching loliporn

>> No.35113561
File: 2.31 MB, 1400x928, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dont think i didnt see this

>> No.35113563

goddamn those leverages lmao, he looks fucking upright when the bar starts moving

>> No.35113566

lolibros are kinna based ngl

>> No.35113582

ive already seen the old sailor moon thats why i watched the movies
and yeah they really made her a 1 dimensional villain in this one

>> No.35113588


>> No.35113617


>> No.35113623

eh i think i could jerk off to the old one better, not even any pantyshots in the reboot

>> No.35113629

its a full body leotard under the skirts, its no worse than a ballerina outfit,
there were no actual panty shots from the older girls if i remember correctly
then you should feel the aching void of s o u l and realize its shit
nah its not really. its more of a brainless date movie for couples with vapid zoomer jp women who wear liking safe og anime like sailomoon as an accessory

>> No.35113635

technically what i posted wasnt a panty shot bc they wear a leotard but they do it to get the same effect anyway ftw

>> No.35113659
File: 319 KB, 583x818, 1623085686861.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35113663

but the intent is the same shit and u know it is

flash the triangle to keep the boys interested

>> No.35113672

Never fails to crack me up.

>> No.35113677

i dont get it

>> No.35113702

this real?

>> No.35113704
File: 79 KB, 640x960, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thats why 2B's design was so brilliant
yeah its a leotard

>> No.35113712

btw did anyone see what happened with $biib lmao

>> No.35113726

its a thong with visible ass hole fuck that trash game

>> No.35113727

yeah yeah thats why when you make a sm cosplay you gotta layer up down there and wear panty hose with those retardedly short skirts
but irl you def can tell the difference a leotard covers your entire ass and then some and the fabric is thick and matte

>> No.35113736


>> No.35113755

ive always seen this shit as like rationalization why one thing is better or worse than the other and i never understood it

like a bathing suit or being in ur underwear whats actually the difference lol

ppl make up stupid shit and it never made sense to me

>> No.35113786

>like a bathing suit or being in ur underwear whats actually the difference lol
yeah had that thought too
often the bikinis show even more skin than underwear would, yet its okay to see somehow?

>> No.35113797


>> No.35113826

functionally it makes no difference if u arent wearing anything underneath and just lettin ur nuts hang

but to answer no i think its more like going out in ur pajamas but thats different than how it works for girls stuff

>> No.35113828

would you rather have 50 filler episodes to pad whenever they catch up with the manga?
its way better this way

>> No.35113840

shounen diarrhea drinkers be like

>> No.35113844

better than 909091201920 filler episodes

>> No.35113847

crazy to think a single season of sailormoon was an entire distinct arc and felt like a different show. so much packed into only 200 episodes

>> No.35113848


>> No.35113854

t. watched all the fillers and didnt even realize something was off because he has zero taste

>> No.35113861

there is literally nothing wrong with seasons. it's an empty criticism

>> No.35113863


>> No.35113869

I Keep getting hi and good morning mixed up, I blame that one episode of Scooby-doo goes to Japan

>> No.35113875

i dont recall
true also seasonal anime doesnt exist

>> No.35113877

bount arc of bleach is better than all of boku no cuckademia check em

>> No.35113880

mind you this is the type of shit that he watches

>> No.35113884

hooooooolyyyyyy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

>> No.35113900

Is that the first Arc, because every Shonen that's not the first arc is bad.

>> No.35113909

it was the filler arc after soul society (the good and best and first arc)

>> No.35113911

based af
you have the best taste in this thread jamal

>> No.35113920

i gotta say this looks like prototype chug

>> No.35113957

saw this and thought they were making an anime lol

>> No.35113977

if they were it would still be worse than this and thats saying a lot


what happened to aesthetics boys why does no none of the new shit give off any atmosphere at all anymore

>> No.35113983

sunday = sun's day
monday = moon's day
tuesday = tyr's day
wednesday = woden's day = odin's day
thursday = thor's day
saturday = saturn's day

>> No.35113984

why did you leave out the other planets, they follow the same pattern

>> No.35113998

i miss seeing 'iori the anal queen' posts

>> No.35114004

just realized og is literally arc chan from tukihime like exactly lmfao

guess ima have to be her shiki boy

>> No.35114013

christcucks on suicide watch

>> No.35114018

火曜日 -> 火曜 [mars]
水曜日 -> 水曜 [mercury]
木曜日 -> 木曜 [jupiter]
金曜日 -> 金曜 [venus]

>> No.35114023

which 1 is uranus day

>> No.35114028

there's still non seasonal shounen, like boruto, digimon adventure 2020, one piece

>> No.35114029

dont know the days of the week, dont know numbers

3 years in lmfao

>> No.35114039

never watched that shit so no idea what you are talking about

>> No.35114046

I wish I could speak Japanese already.

>> No.35114056

were gonna have to read tukihime together

>> No.35114059

it aint happening chief

>> No.35114065

Same but with English, and instead of days of the week, months of the year. And instead of 3 years, 20.

>> No.35114074

the first step to making it is to forfeit a part of your english ability
if you still use upper case or punctuation youre ngmi

>> No.35114085

are you talking about the arcueid character? i mentioned a few times i liked her haircut when she gets posted around and used it as one of my references when i went to the salon. you probably just latched onto that

>> No.35114091

imagine learning japanese only so by the time you speak it on a fluent level china becomes the new center of otaku bunka

>> No.35114094
File: 484 KB, 570x574, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35114107

joke's on you. i'm also studying chinese

>> No.35114111

thatll never happen they already censor the shit out of otaku media, especially games

>> No.35114115

thats what u did i actually know the character lol

also its cool u asked for a anime haircut

>> No.35114122

theres still a part of me that believes in the french otaku dream

>> No.35114130

Life is long
I will learn chinese 5 years from now

>> No.35114140

but japanese got punctuation as well

>> No.35114141


>> No.35114150

time to chug some diarrhea see ya later


>> No.35114152
File: 18 KB, 256x300, 116538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i used her and blondie doing 'ring of fire' its pretty close of ways but more her updated art

>> No.35114158

im fasting so my guts heal so i can digest anki cards better

>> No.35114172

how can a silent voice save you lmao

>> No.35114173

gmi dude

>> No.35114175

most overrated anime ever made

>> No.35114177

dry, water, or juice fast?

>> No.35114179

thats not your name

>> No.35114186

i dont get the hype either, only it was being shilled so much i assumed its shit

>> No.35114188

>> No.35114189

raw meat only fast

>> No.35114199
File: 1.10 MB, 800x1464, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

real arc doesnt wear a miniskirt im sorry

>> No.35114201

nta but juice isnt a fast lmao. coffee/tea with no sugar only but you do need water only retarded muzzies dehydrate themselves

>> No.35114218

its a really good movie

>> No.35114226

its shit

>> No.35114229

get with that times grandpa that looks like a man

>> No.35114237

k-on saved me

>> No.35114244

that looks like a nice lady who aint tryin to show every1 her butt hole

>> No.35114256

is too

>> No.35114272

There's so many meme videos on the internet.

>> No.35114277

if og prefers zoomer arc it proves that shes a zoomer period lmao

>> No.35114290

you arent fasting if you are consuming calories, dumbdumb. you could literally live off a liquid diet indefinitely how is that a fast?

>> No.35114291

hmm maybe i should do a juice fast to get that stamina for the dōjinshi back

>> No.35114299

yeah just look at the chuggers itt

>> No.35114301

A juice fast is the same as a soda fast.

>> No.35114307

dame 2 months from now will be my 十周年 for japanese

>> No.35114308


>> No.35114314

i talk 100% aesthetics here, the version i linked had a cuter hair cut and color and she looked cuter. im sure the story is better but all fate looked like some chugger shit to me but ive not read or watched it so dont come for me

>> No.35114322


>> No.35114328

fate nowadays is chugger shit but pretty much all of it is 20 years old and just been repackaged for chuggers

>> No.35114329


>> No.35114331


>> No.35114337

yea jamals right about that and about milky holmes

>> No.35114357

milky homos

>> No.35114360

the long 90s anime faces really dont do the "mannish" critique any favors sorry

>> No.35114362

yeah definitely the best part of this show. i actually got to the water park episode before i couldnt take it anymore lol

>> No.35114363

its funny that just a few years ago kids used to huff jenkem to get high

now they just chug it

>> No.35114405

true looks like a dude if you cover the hair with your hand

>> No.35114410

still looks better than the modern isekai garbage style

>> No.35114411

oh that actually happens in america?

>> No.35114413
File: 214 KB, 501x355, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35114434

same just read it as your name

>> No.35114440
File: 388 KB, 1084x1404, cxbqp1cjh5c61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah sorry jamal the zooms win this round. maybe the artist should have tried harder to draw women first time around

>> No.35114445

just remembered this post haha

>> No.35114446
File: 204 KB, 230x346, 1617113466526.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how did this ever become something that multiple people thought was good

>> No.35114453

who's your main?

>> No.35114455

i watched that shit. it was trash
the dialogue was thinner than jamal's hair

>> No.35114459
File: 211 KB, 501x355, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35114464

a still shot from the low quality anime isnt really what the 1st artist intended

>> No.35114475


>> No.35114518

idk anything about tsukihime

>> No.35114524

chug deez

>> No.35114535

air is a really good visual game

its only a sort of ok anime bc it was made by some dumpster fire studio and its a vn anime which by default makes it not great but bc air is so good even the anime was ok

>> No.35114555

japanese ppl taught me how to play melty blood

i dont believe one truly exists but if i had to choose its always kanon 2002

>> No.35114569

one looks like a regular ass woman then the others look like chugger shit simple as

>> No.35114571


>> No.35114578

no dude

>> No.35114579

i really enjoy chugging
but i wish an anime would make me truly ワクワク again once in a while

>> No.35114584


>> No.35114585

do you have more tracks like that vn one on your yt channel

>> No.35114593

90s nostalgia is a hell of a drug

>> No.35114600
File: 102 KB, 562x600, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how dumb am i for doing this?
roast me, please

>> No.35114605

first time i disagree with moe

>> No.35114610


>> No.35114611

men dont look like that simple as maybe in korea

>> No.35114626

watch kumoko's show

>> No.35114633

thats true but i still think its a good design in the end

>> No.35114637

already do, already do

>> No.35114647

i rarely hear "sachi" reading, but i did acquire it
dude we are talking 2d, she looks straight up like a 90s handsome anime guy in the face and thats entirely to do with the original character artist. misato has a similar mature anime style but still looks like a woman

>> No.35114654

last time a show had any emotional resonance with me was when i finished fate zero

>> No.35114659

zoomer cope

>> No.35114675

sorry man i have some free thought in there among the usually seething at zoomers. you cant win them all

>> No.35114685

think you guys will really like this one

>> No.35114688

yea but ur a self loathing zoomer so

>> No.35114689


>> No.35114699

>excuse me sir, can you help me find my dilator uwu

>> No.35114703

thanks for posting :)

>> No.35114704

Why aren't you guys shitposting on Youtube and earning hundreds of pennies?

>> No.35114705

i literally laughed reading this lol. finna post some more

>> No.35114706

i definitely like that im not clicking this and im liking the idea of u getting flattened by a steamroller

>> No.35114731

it does tho
seems like you've never heard 我が君

>> No.35114741

i bet jamal's dying on that hill because he looks just like her old art with a blond wig

>> No.35114743

see >>35106641

>> No.35114746

how could i singlehandedly ruin djt completely? im thinking of spamming 10 ops every time a thread dies

>> No.35114749

7 ads amazing

>> No.35114753

be og

>> No.35114755

>dying on that hill

>> No.35114761


>> No.35114762

you can't, it's already ruined

>> No.35114772

Putting the subject in Hiragana would filter me. I would be unable to find the thread.

>> No.35114773

a couple natives with a couple fluent jsl on the same side and have them btfo every djt learning theory

>> No.35114777

im surprised ur giving me shit abt this honestly i thought u knew i found the jimi look attractive

why do u find the zoomer shit more pleasing lol it doesnt fit her at all

>> No.35114781

its a common expression you literal zoomer

>> No.35114782

my mans gettin into chinese culture

>> No.35114784


>> No.35114785

even if you manage to ruin it, there's still int djt
and by the time you ruin that this one revives

>> No.35114787

How would a natives opinion on learning their language be relevant.

>> No.35114791

how are you planning on doing that without getting banned?

>> No.35114794

how does it feel? : ^ )

>> No.35114799

common among cringey faggots. so is "literal zoomer"

>> No.35114800

dunno you always repost my stuff and get more yous pisses me off
probably timezones and more people are active now

>> No.35114801

its nothing like my tag tierlist

>> No.35114818

hence why i sad a mix. the natives are there to shit on the output and comprehension of any djters and the jsl are there to get authentic jouzus for learning by whatever method makes djt seethe hardest. bonus points if they are white girls living in japan lol

>> No.35114820

he's a lot better at priming it with the message

>> No.35114823

Who is this bong?

>> No.35114824

was i supposed to feel something i just think u fucked up badly here

>> No.35114825

Because One is intentionally inflammatory (Thumbnails are always clickbait) While the other is showing content and encourages discussion.

>> No.35114827
File: 961 KB, 1920x1080, 0002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35114831

getting uncharacteristically upset there
might wanna go outside and have a smoke before you slip up

>> No.35114837

not really i dont wanna harp on about this just wish youd stop talking like a fag

>> No.35114848

>harp on
cringe buzzword

>> No.35114852
File: 182 KB, 1252x1252, 0JQmvR4v.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35114861

i've been getting into the japanese movie theater experience

>> No.35114867

sick of this dudes face can you stop posting these

>> No.35114869

i figured you lack the introspection to get it

>> No.35114874

this is funny. subbed

>> No.35114878

gonna disown my brother if he links me that faggot podcast again. thanks djt for the resolve

>> No.35114880

nothing wrong with manly gals

>> No.35114884

What do these trannies have to do with djt?

>> No.35114887

dont be like that

>> No.35114888


>> No.35114894

dude fuck anitubers

>> No.35114895

as if you owned anything

>> No.35114898


>> No.35114902

imagine getting this mad at some random youtubers

>> No.35114907

no i get it now but u cant expect ppl to be thinkin about the same shit at the same time as u

>> No.35114927

this is the only podcast u need


>> No.35114937

is he shilling them or just sharing the video because youtube recommended it, like a random recipe video or something

>> No.35114938
File: 190 KB, 1280x720, 1623092761594.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

disowning your family members for something this inconsequential and normal is mental illness

>> No.35114946

lmao one episode in and were already on reruns
typical jamal

>> No.35114950


>> No.35114954

it hasnt even been a week yet

>> No.35114957

>inconsequential and normal
the fact you word it like this in your mind is some obvious cope lol

>> No.35114964
File: 27 KB, 717x398, a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35114966

actual shilling, had to listen to him drone on about holo-en and hide how annoyed i was

>> No.35114976

garbage day.

>> No.35114979

when are you going to grow out of that phase?

>> No.35114982

Can't stop laughing when I see this.

>> No.35114986

i'm not the one lashing out at my family members for liking mainstream youtubers

>> No.35114987

i tried playing it a bit but it seemed a little too grotesque for my liking

>> No.35114988

unsubbed, unmembered, and disliked that yesterday

today she did this shit, while not even bothering to do anything similar to her fellow genmates
she's a horrible person

holo-en is nice i'd get along well with your brother

>> No.35114993

bet hollow shitters would disown their family if they called their hollowshit gay n retarded

>> No.35114996

might as well chug the chubas, you already act like a fag

>> No.35114998

>shut the fuck up

>> No.35115006

chuubas are toroinomokuba warned you

>> No.35115035

it's like perfectly designed to make certain people mad lmfao. literal pepe smug face on gigguk

>> No.35115039
File: 76 KB, 767x1019, 0003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its ansem from the kingdom hearts series

>> No.35115061

why'd you you me?

>> No.35115069

it's a perfect fit much like my foot in your ass

>> No.35115074


>> No.35115078

>kingdom sharts
i dont care if he's retarded this is just bad bro. dont even try if you're going to say lame shit like this

>> No.35115085

What's a genmate?

>> No.35115086

whats your issue

>> No.35115089

imported the 2nd one from japan because it released a bit earlier and understood almost nothing
good gameplay though

>> No.35115091

new holos get hired in batches. there's only 1 gen for holo en currently.

>> No.35115098

maybe you could try learning this >>35115074

>> No.35115099

whats the deal with this edgy nigga?
if he wants to save the world like just fucking help fuji

>> No.35115100

but for me it was this one

>> No.35115104
File: 801 KB, 874x629, 1622719811160.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dabbin all over the world

>> No.35115107

member of the same generation
they debuted together

>> No.35115127
File: 39 KB, 739x640, 1619023672457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ok that's enough eigo. back to dabbing on comprehensible input

>> No.35115130
File: 287 KB, 400x400, 20210513_132335.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mean de butt lol

>> No.35115138

>You mean de butt lol
bro he just roasted your ass

>> No.35115144

if u wanna play some good shit on piano might i recommend


i mean i do too but that video is cringe w. the light up keys and having the synthesia display there

>> No.35115156

dont know how you people can read stuff like this nips write and say i cant get away with 木と青さ

>> No.35115181

yeah link me that doritos nijisanji

>> No.35115209

>t. 'dopamine nexus' anon

>> No.35115222

wish i could play this on piano but im not putting in the effort

>> No.35115224

always ignore youtubers opinion on japanese unless they have anime eyes like matt

>> No.35115225

no i understand you all are a bunch of insecure fags can tolerate the idea of not following a premade track so as not to appear "cringe" for having any sense or originality or creative expression styles

>> No.35115231

why does og have to lash out at asian girls like that out of the 青さ

>> No.35115236

its not as hard as u think i think its a reasonably fine beginner piece

but u do have to take it one bit at a time one hand at a time and practice for a few weeks as a beginner i think

>> No.35115240


I am a Japanese this poem is very beautiful.

>> No.35115244

not og bitch just got a big ass head

>> No.35115250

i don't even learn japanese why haven't i been kicked out of this thread yet

>> No.35115264

you still think we learn japanese here?
must be new then

>> No.35115267

wish i could play this on piano but im not putting in the effort

>> No.35115272
File: 146 KB, 872x872, E1qrt5KVoAEZmLE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35115273

wish i could play this on kazoo but im not putting in the effort

>> No.35115275


>> No.35115298

i almost clicked that then i shook my head and moved on

>> No.35115299

better than hollowsharts

>> No.35115307

FFX2 has some great stuff
I play Windcrest frequently

>> No.35115308

marasys amazing

>> No.35115314

wtf i love uppercasers now

>> No.35115328

oh no she's playing genshin impact
cant watch anyone that stoops so low

>> No.35115335


>> No.35115341

gonna dig out my ps vita and continue my ff-x and ff-x2 playthrough

>> No.35115347


>> No.35115351

for anyone thinking about giving up

>> No.35115360

really good ngl

>> No.35115386

i think i quit ff-x when you get to ナギ平原 at monster arena
no idea how far into the game that is

>> No.35115398

finna behead

>> No.35115399


>> No.35115408


>> No.35115409

yeah but vita is life

>> No.35115410

saw a goth 女性 as tall as me today on the train station
she was wearing all black with torn ストッキング and the few bits that were still there were causing her futomomos to はみ出す
felt really funny down there to be honest (i don#t mean my stomach)
i only see like 3-4 joseis a year that make me feel this way

>> No.35115412

o yea i wouldnt believe for a second its live a lot of ppl record first and video second

theres a lot of reasons to do that but i understand ppl that want to hear a raw take in front of the camera

btw if u wait till the end ull see a glimpse of the real thing

>> No.35115416

he was so caucasion originally lol. how can anyone prefer a moonfaced yelloid?

>> No.35115426

yeah but i only had the original in english and the vita one is japanese at least plus portable as well

>> No.35115429


>> No.35115439

there is a vocal track with the same melody. its good, but not quite as good as the original.

>> No.35115443

i just patched the international version with the japanese dub and wa la

>> No.35115471

dunno what an international version is or how to patch ps2 games

>> No.35115475
File: 209 KB, 380x630, gunner.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

btw i love the crazy early jp 2000s design shit of her tidus bob with that ridiculous logic defying floor length ponytail just growing out of of the back of her neck.
s o u l

>> No.35115479

ive played that song a lot over the years on guitar and piano lol

>> No.35115495

>wa la

>> No.35115497

that was the moment final fantasy actually died tho

>> No.35115507

only played FF1 FF2 and FF7 and all of them were fun to the max

>> No.35115509

yeah and right after its peak

>> No.35115510

i bought a jp ps2 on my first trip to japan and a bunch of japan exclusive like the kh remixes an internal versions of x and x-2. at the time i didnt speak jp but in x you could actually change the menus to english in the settings
yeah yeah whatever boomer we get it i dont care just let me enjoy my childhood and stfu

>> No.35115514

i want to have a threesome with yuna rikku and paine

>> No.35115516

international = 外人 version

>> No.35115524

thing about animenz is he crams way too much stuff into his covers but sometimes pulls off something really epic
i respect that

>> No.35115526

11 was the best mmo ever after the original everquest, 12 was meh but not the worst thing ever, 13 trilogy is unironically some of the best of ff and ill dont care if im the only one who thinks so

>> No.35115534
File: 224 KB, 859x960, k5phtezup6h31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35115535

wa la lmao

>> No.35115537

international was only released in japan though

>> No.35115545

never played an mmo or rpg in my life

>> No.35115546

Is it vwalla. Some kind of French innit.

>> No.35115548


>> No.35115549
File: 38 KB, 893x99, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

should i?

>> No.35115552

thats a mistake eops do though

>> No.35115565

I can't replay a story game if i've already played it. And FF doesn't have any multiplayer of PvP so why bother.

>> No.35115583
File: 19 KB, 709x236, francais.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found it.

>> No.35115589

wallah billah

>> No.35115590

maybe australians

>> No.35115596

i only know the localized story though, for all i know it could be 50% or fully made up

>> No.35115597

>making mistakes
couldnt be me

>> No.35115599

i have the 13 trilogy from a steam sale like a decade ago and i havent even installed them yet

>> No.35115608

sounds good but i like the toho guy better bc ur hearing his instrument and the guy just exudes otaku passion in his playing to me

animenz could prolly post a take w. 0 post processing and sound about as good but if i had to choose toho guy was bangin

>> No.35115612

equally pissed at esl audacity and general newfaggotry for going for wa la anon

>> No.35115644

i'm talking about a lot of map graphics that were made easier for the western audience

>> No.35115647

Are you that faggot with a trannycomplex about letter cases or the schizo trying to recall anonymous posters?

>> No.35115657

that was objectively the best of the 3

>> No.35115661

i really wanna convert to islam, but that would mean that i would have to ditch all anime,manga, vinnies and music.
that's too tough bros.

>> No.35115673

yeah im thinking this uppercaser is based
might start uppercasing again

>> No.35115676


>> No.35115679

do you prefer pleasures on earth or in paradise

>> No.35115683

I much prefer the philosophy that all my actions are righteous and all my hobbies are virtuous.

>> No.35115685
File: 169 KB, 1422x608, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

btw made some big changes to the jamall boyz etf for this week

i sold a few positions and added some new ones

i threw in 1 real degenerate buy and went in on clov and its running in afterhours already which i may sell for real tonight but the simulator doesnt let u trade outside of market hours

anyway expect turbulence this week and dont shadow my trades blindly not investment advice

>> No.35115692

you are some newfag uppercaser who doesnt even know tranny anon so stfu

>> No.35115696

stop x-posting images from /biz/

>> No.35115705


>> No.35115713

that's funny because i left it for those

>> No.35115726

I've been lurking since 2016 and i don't know tranny anon

>> No.35115731

wont they like, kill you if they find out?

>> No.35115756


>> No.35115757

me everytime og posts

>> No.35115762

lmfao which vn

>> No.35115783

i have a lot of songs i'd want to learn to play in the distant fugure but what i'd want is a regimen for improving in aspects of playing or theory that would help me learn any song i wanted.

>> No.35115787

that's fine till your life goes to shit and you're left stuck digging yourself out of a hole that you yourself digged.

>> No.35115797

lmao that has 4bbc's name written all over it

>> No.35115805

Why do bad things happen to good people?

>> No.35115810

umm theres visible nipple thats against the rules but lol

>> No.35115812

your conservative polygamous cult is filled with whites instead of shitskins for start

>> No.35115830


>> No.35115832

good post

>> No.35115841

lmfao, one of the reasons i picked islam is because im brown myself, and i find christianity to be filled with too many whitoids.
because such is life?

>> No.35115842

humans are in no position to see if a thing is "bad" or a person is "good" with clarity. its a moot question

>> No.35115844

dont care what theyd do plus i dont live under an emir
here only the law of /jp/ applies

>> No.35115847

dropped a dislike

>> No.35115866

I feel like your second statement contradicts your first. I will continue to live my righteous and virtues life of reading manga and watching anime.

>> No.35115867

you probably get better at playing harder stuff by learning easier songs first there are lots of repeating structures/phrases in music also theorys not that hard just read through musictheory.net or something

>> No.35115869
File: 90 KB, 289x209, troon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35115875

second post isn't mine.

>> No.35115876

i searched for ゲイ

>> No.35115881

there is more than one anon here dude i was the second one. i hate hearing that stupid cliche so i replied

>> No.35115883

>i have kids
>i have a son and a daughter
>i guess that makes me a mom
>my wife even said she'd give me presents on mothers day from now on

>> No.35115888

i was surprised it sounded like a girl though. is it one of those x gender freaks?

>> No.35115895

Kind of an off topic response that doesn't follow the logistical path of proposition and rebuttal then innit.

>> No.35115896

imagine husbandkun comes out as trans and you still try to make it work

>> No.35115902

the poor family

>> No.35115906

if u got kids u cannot under any circumstances just start bein a tranny what the fuck

>> No.35115909

lol true

>> No.35115910

thread is ass right now
finna watch bnha

>> No.35115911

Probably some rural family that doesn't have a choice.

>> No.35115912

weird how you never see moe post at the same time as trannyanon

>> No.35115923

i was reading manga then i popped into the thread and what do you knwo

>> No.35115925

wt flying fuck. what do you even do in this situation? honor kill and kids lose both parents but obviously they are gonna get fucked up if you dont do something

this shit is why you should just not get married in this day and age ive heard horror stories of perfectly normal masculine guys coming out with this trans shit in their 30s and 40s to their wives

>> No.35115936

not outputting for fear of making mistakes in the language is the ultimate cuck mentality

>> No.35115944

>felt sympathy cause i thought it was some retarded 14 year old
>its actually a retarded adult

>> No.35115945

going out of your way to "output" is the ultimate aids mentality

>> No.35115952


>> No.35115955

Why do you call it output instead of talking.

>> No.35115957

the unfortunate truth is most people who should be having kids arent while those who shouldnt are

>> No.35115958

i want to pound moes hairy fat asshole

>> No.35115959

im thankful i didnt have any of that shit in high school bc ppl werent that mentally ill yet

>> No.35115964

yea thats what the epic idiocracy is about

>> No.35115966

stop posting trannies before i get mad

>> No.35115968

cope vocabulary to avoid interacting with people

>> No.35115970

we had one black kid

>> No.35115975

ask 4bbc he was the one who named me output girl just for speaking and typing japanese

>> No.35115977

It's an interesting theme among humans that they are able to produce different roles. There is no requirement for the smart or strong to reproduce as the offspring can be born from the sick and unhealthy.

>> No.35115979
File: 1.16 MB, 1084x870, troonery.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35115985

artificial wombs cant come soon enough

>> No.35115989

and they didnt get bullied mercilessly?

>> No.35115992

u sure it was just a normal black woman they are pretty mannish. i thought wendy williams was like ru paul or soemthing but she had a kid and everything

>> No.35115993

I wonder if photoshop ever tricked people into becoming gay.

>> No.35116016

I wasn't agreeing with the poster I was saying the opposite.

>> No.35116037

i meant the one special thing we had at my school was one black kid
there werent any trans or lgbt people back then

>> No.35116041

agriculture -> ""enlightenment"" eras -> imperialism -> fallen society -> utter collapse
the cycles keeps happening but probably there wont be a world left to restart in next time

>> No.35116046

Black people are most likely to be homosexual, he was likely a repressed transsexual.

>> No.35116051

Not my problem

>> No.35116054

back in the "golden age" you were watching the pain olympics

>> No.35116061

its lby definition "your problem", but of course you are free to shirk your responsibility like the billions of other humans that have gotten us to this point

>> No.35116063

wolves or some other true carnivores need to evolve to our level and take that niche
if you can digest grains your civilization is doomed to fail

>> No.35116069


>> No.35116074

i actually never knew abt that 1 bc that was long after i was willing to look at fucked up shit on the internet

like i grew out of it really fast between like 99 and 2002

>> No.35116079

cuz writing is also output u stupid fuck

>> No.35116084


>> No.35116091

yahari and dislike dropped

>> No.35116096

cringe im glad i never used omegle

>> No.35116099

i mean thats outputting no one here shills it as much as you besides its mia lingo used in the thread since forever i think

>> No.35116112

surely theyve tricked some jp holos into saying trans rights

>> No.35116122


>> No.35116135

because that's the word krashen uses

>> No.35116138

i mean you should at least try to say the sounds when doing anki
or sing along to jp songs
that muscle memory wont build itself

>> No.35116139

>and you have to be good at outputting to truly understand your input
thats not true tho so fortunately theres no reason to output you can just watch anime forever

>> No.35116140

>but if you cant even read you should stfu lol
you just had to throw a cope in at the end for however long you spent frontloading before outputting lol

>> No.35116141

that's a denial. i mean like korone struggling to say out the words TURAANNNS RAITSU. then laughing and smiling

>> No.35116145

woe is me

>> No.35116149

>its important to not let yourself get jouzu'd into an babbling wannycunny retard
esl here. is this english?

>> No.35116152

I can't output because the only words I know are 先生 and おはようございま.

>> No.35116154

nice try quiz but your blanks don't count

>> No.35116155

this post is kinda contradictory. just saying

>> No.35116156

the only outputting i do is shasei

>> No.35116160


>> No.35116162

you shouldnt use anki

>> No.35116167
File: 216 KB, 1920x1080, E3R5unPVcAU1fso.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35116170

lmao gotem

>> No.35116171

has moe ever proved that he understands japanese?
someone that flexes that hard should put his ass on the line

>> No.35116172

im not aware of such moments, only knew about the coco one

>> No.35116175


>> No.35116180

he's proven that he understands about 20%

>> No.35116184


>> No.35116200

i kinda get why that one guy wants to behead ciaran when he keeps quiet on who actually does and doesnt know japanese to keep watching the shitshow

>> No.35116203


>> No.35116207

idk what ciaran did wrong to deserve this

>> No.35116208

if you talked to me irl in japanese and didnt know who i was, youd think i was way better at japanese than i actually am. its not the same learning experience for everyone

>> No.35116209

looks good

>> No.35116216

illiterate cope

>> No.35116217

he's a humblebragging fake retarded slackjawed bongistani piece of fucking hedonist druggie shit thats why his head needs to be mounted on my wall asap

>> No.35116218

dunno some other anon said it
think he failed the lower level quizzes from qm or something

>> No.35116225

what are you basing this statement on

>> No.35116233

he did indeed
three years ago

>> No.35116234

assuming hes the one who was typing to me in japanese (bunko be the other) when i first got here i think he does know more japanese than almost anyone else in djt though. everything else you say is true though which is why i hate him

>> No.35116235

my interpretation is
>i can't believe that being violated by moe feels this good
or something like that

>> No.35116251

can't believe i didn't get banned for that

>> No.35116254

true true

>> No.35116258

i just cant read kanji, dude. this isnt rocket science my vocab isnt matched at like the 200 or so kanji ive oboeta'd

>> No.35116261

checked it out a while ago didnt like the story
plus the art isnt all that great except for those few lewd scenes

>> No.35116262

obese girl japanese expert fresh off the genki 1

>> No.35116265

of course he does, he's been learning for 10 years, has 60 thousand anki flashcards, got a perfect score on the n1, can fluently read classical japanese texts and has lived in japan and chatted with japanese people in japanese about philosophy.

>> No.35116266

she gets around which makes her feel like she gets more than she does but she has no way to tell how much she doesn't get or rather she doesn't make use of it

>> No.35116269

and he doesnt use anki so hes obviously still at that level

>> No.35116270

this hollow's alright

>> No.35116274

no answer to this question djt wont cope its way out of. living in japan, time spent learning in a japanese language school, spoken media comprehension, native conversation hours + feedback, ect
>inb4 all the copes come in about newborn anime haruhi and utter illiteracy

>> No.35116275


>> No.35116276

she isnt actually

>> No.35116283

i mean og also doesnt use anki so....

>> No.35116284

obesegirl copying me again

>> No.35116289

he fucked up the quiz when he was still a beginner. he later did 8k cards in anki.

>> No.35116290

dont flatter yourself id never stink up my namefield like that

>> No.35116291

she doesnt watch anime or use japanese at all

>> No.35116295

coping by calling any response a cope in advance lmao

>> No.35116302

>he later did 8k cards in anki.
the how come he says >>35116162

>> No.35116303

crazy how much this sounds like satire but is true
ciaran is really a god, even qm cant compare

>> No.35116306

its literally coping to take facts anywhere else would accept and spouting shit like "jouzu" ect ad infinitem

>> No.35116309


>> No.35116318

ciaran did 60k cards and he says you shouldnt use anki

>> No.35116319

i know a guy who lived in japan for over a year who thinks he's fluent but doesn't know shit

>> No.35116320

and all of that for nothing lol

>> No.35116322

you can easily prove you know japanese with a vocaroo

>> No.35116330

i regret using anki but when i was a beginner i had to feel out the way forward. i didnt even use anki that much i did like 3k cards in a year till i finally decided its time to go

>> No.35116331

hypocrits lol

>> No.35116332


>> No.35116337


>> No.35116340

ive done japanese vocaroo before im not gonna dance on command for no benefit

>> No.35116342

>i regret using anki

>> No.35116343

seen this like 4 times in 2 days now lol

>> No.35116346

the う was a typo

>> No.35116357

read that as つつちく

>> No.35116358


>> No.35116363


>> No.35116364

wotn: 拿捕

>> No.35116367

crazy how output girl suicides every time she tries to use japanese

>> No.35116373
File: 289 KB, 640x641, based.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what does this even mean

>> No.35116374

all you have to notice is how easy it is to get (you)s at any inference ikj lmao. it works everytime because the fragile djt ego cannot tolerate the concept and help themselves to pull out all the canned takes. its why they can never just outright ignore me

>> No.35116381

only quizler can top this level of cope

>> No.35116382

lmao im not explaining myself to a literally tranny

>> No.35116389

if youre so good at japanese maybe its time to learn english huh

>> No.35116390

>jibakus again
>haha i was just collecting you's..................

>> No.35116393

im not a hedonist druggy. for one im quite austere. havent spent a dime since i got my job.
i also dont even drink coffee or take painkillers, im 100% drug free and have been for a long time. never endorsed drug taking nor do i think it's a cool or good thing to do.
the rest of that is true.

>> No.35116395

>lmao im not explaining myself to a literally tranny
i thought og was american

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