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I keep trying to like her, but ....

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So true, I understand what you mean.

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I understand the feeling.
I try to just like her, but I end up catching feelings. She's perfect, and I know I'll never have a chance with her.

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>t. Calli

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Calli's got self esteem issues.
I think you're thinking of Kiara. She's more likely to call her perfect.
Also, I'm not Kiara.

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calligula moriarty is a lame cringe autist nerd forcing an extrovert lifestyle

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How many times do you have to be banned to stay banned?

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she’s white trash, a wannabe rapper, while also trying to be” finna lit af senpai lmao” with weebs. the exact type of kuso normie garbage that does not belong in /jp/

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..she's just another e-whore
When stop sucking mod cocks

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No Marisa thread? Marisa thread.

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..she's just another e-whore
When you stop sucking mod cocks

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twitch streamers are not otaku culture

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You fuck off back to rr3ddit along with OP, please.

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vtubers dont belong on /jp/

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Reminder that she shat herself on stream and forgot to shut off the mic.

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sad cunt

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Thou wilt never be Japanese.

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I barely know anything about your ebin v-tubers, but this is the one that farts on stream, right?

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Not Otaku culture.

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And how a western twitch streamer is otaku culture?

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stop trying so hard, it's embarrassing

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Someone said Marisa thread?!

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She's winning me over with the TTRPG streams
i still wont watch her solo content regularly tho

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ywn amazon presses by Calli

why even live?

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>why even live?
Good point. Kys holofag.

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She's just unlikeable outside of a couple clips. Her unrelenting imposter syndrome and need to please are painful.

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Why defend a dead board culture man. Just enjoy the based senpai overlords

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OP here. MODS feel free to delete this off-topic thread. I fell into the VT hole a week ago, forgot there was a board dedicated to them.

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Stop trying so hard, it's embarrassing.

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seriously what is not to like?

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How long until she says the n word on stream?

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good thread

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Who the fuck is forcing you?

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>He dosent know the negro yab

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You don't have to like her, she's not for everyone. Just as long as you don't mindlessly hate her like a lot of the schizos on /hlg/ do for essentially being popular.

As for /jp/ fuck them, she's unironically embodies /jp/ more than the posers here do, must be some kind of envy.

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Take your trash back to your containment board.

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>As for /jp/ fuck them
I agree, we should leave /jp/ and go back to /vt/.

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A level of discourse I'd only expect from a /v/ermin.

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I hate her gay catchphrases and trying to act like a dude

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/jp/ /jp/ you will never be free.

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cant sage in al fields whatafaq???? xdd

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She just tries way too hard to be liked, but everything she says is tinged some degree of awkwardness. Plus her voice isn't very cute, compared to the others (who aren't really all that cute either). She's not very good at games, and she isn't great at singing like an idol.

In-fact, all of EN should be discontinued.

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All hololive should be discontinued. Get out.

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e celeb shit belong on >>>/qa/ or >>>/v/, it's what she wants to be now

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She's a good Touhou player, just you wait.

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I'm trans btw. Keep that in mind when replying to my thread.

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good thing this isn't /jp/ then faggot nigger

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holoEN was a mistake

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Delicious 2huniggers tears

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I don't believe you

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You need to go back.
Also, janny, I had a good chuckle when you gave me warning for "ironic shitposting" instead of usual "off-topic". Not sure if that's your first step towards accepting that simps don't belong here or you're just getting more delirious but that was quite funny either way.

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Good on you.

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I like mori

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Amazing thread

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She got pink hair. Pink hair is sex

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doesnt help that English will never be a cute language

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Any language is cringe when you actually understand what's being said.

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I like her.

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The fuck is a cringe

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I feel like I would like to go for a beer with her, but as a streamer I can't stand to listen to her for more than 10 minutes. She really is the definition of cringe.
Still much better than the chicken though

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To be honest, we'd be really thankful if you did that.

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She's basically a western twitch streamer with high production value Vtubing Assets/Staff. The western streamer twitch charm is that they use shitty laptop cams and swear and say nigger.

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Thanks for bumping the thread with your absolutely uninformative drivel.
Now go

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even her character looks like something a fat weeb girl would draw up while bored in class

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How many times do you have to be banned to stay banned?

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She doesn't even listen to death rap

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lol internet

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>death rap
Nobody does, Death Rap is objectively shit.

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Exactly this. Couldn't have said it better myself. This is not otaku culture.

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>trying to be” finna lit af senpai lmao” with weebs
I will never understand people who do this

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She didn't shit herself, but she did destroy the toilet.

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shes sexy in real life with big titties but she has a butter face

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High quality discussion of 3DPD

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I like her songs.

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But what?

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The toilet is gone.
She annihilated it.
Her ass removed it from existence.
She may be the most influential v-tuber, purely based on the raw destructive force of her GI tract alone.
Anyone who has experienced trauma from concussive force was put in a mental hospital due to the PTSD episode after hearing the reverberations caused by her rear.
Despite all this, you want proof?

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I asked you to post the sounds of her on the toilet give me the sauce

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I cannot do that in good conscience.

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Her sharting is for no mere mortals to hear...

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She is sex

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same as a vtuber

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it was just a little gulp of air, stop thinking she has a group of men behind her and they are talking turns ramming their dicks in her holes

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