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The dream is closer than ever. /jp/ house when?

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are they haunted? this is important.

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only filled with ghost women who always wanted western otakus for married life but got stuck with something else completely different

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$500 + repair tax

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Why don't japs wanna live dat rural life?

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I didn't think the rural bleedout would be this dire.

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didn't we agree to set up the mansion outside of the sphere of japanese jurisdiction?

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Gosh I hope they are. along with some lurking about cryptid's too boot.

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Gosh I hope they are. along with some cryptid's lurking about too boot.

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This is now a gura thread

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What would even do with a /jp/ mansion if it ever were to come to fruition?

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Yes I will take the haunted house with the spooky tall lady on the ceiling.

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mass suicide

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No hot girls in your area, only low iq tomboys wandering about.

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kig orgy

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>repair tax
yep the real catch, not to mention maintenance and a lot need to be simply bulldozed.

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fuck off

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get rekt vteen lmao

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Can someone explain to me why is this the case?
Are rural areas in Japan that undesirable
Personally, I have always wanted to live in a countryside/rural areas. Especially in Japan, where agriculture is still strong and the living condition isn't absolutely brutal for farmers.

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There are no jobs. There is no such thing as a small time farmer.

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>small time farmer.
not to mention all the hoops you have to jump to legally become one.

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/jp/ mansion in the modern day would just be /vt/ards and people who don't like taking it easy

no thanks

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That's sad. Regulations are onerous enough in the US. I imagine they're close to unbearable in Japan.

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Would living in rural areas be sustainable with remote work? I wonder if the increase in remote work from covid will stay around.

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I'd gladly move into a house full of /vt/eens to beat them up and rape all day long.

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Not in Japan.

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/jp/sies should be required to work as vtubers to bring in money for the mansion.

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Now this is an interesting twist.

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that's literally perfect!?

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All the jobs worth the awful workload are in the cities.

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The catch with these free houses is that you'll be spending tens of thousands of dollars in initial repairs and another in annual maintenance and other bureaucratic shit, while you live nowhere near any job opportunities. There's a reason why nobody wants them

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Considering how gay some /jp/sies are, they could use ikemen avatars and become decently popular among fujos.

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it wouldn't work, they're the girlie kind of gay

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Imagine the opportunities for group floor shitting!

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This is now gura thread

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The appeal of Japan are big cities.

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fuck off back to your own board

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This is why nobody likes hololivers

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3D women are ugly.

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The amount of paperwork Japs have to do when it comes to pretty much anything is overwhelming enough, handing it to an average /jp/sie who knows three words from a VN he's spent more time waiting an installer for than actually reading it would be asking for a miracle. Maybe the true /jp/ mansion was the friends we made along the way...

A pathetic hijack attempt, at least try and make them fun

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Would they man up enough if we beat them?

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Only one way to find out

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And a lot of goverment taxes as well.
Still you can get a nice place for around 50-80k dollaridoos, plus whatever the repairment bill is.

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>high taxes
>no jobs
>maintenance and repair
It's a trap

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not for gaijin trash such as yourself

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Thats hot

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Wasn't that a mistranslation or something? I remember something similar that turned out it was about renting the houses, not buying them. $500 rent of a house is still pretty nice. But there were also some European countries that offered like $1 houses for people serious about living in an absolute nowhere so maaaaybe.

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Rent free.

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>European countries that offered like $1 houses for people serious about living in an absolute nowhere so maaaaybe.
Is that only for people who live there or would they accept people from other countries? Because I'd love to live far away from other people.

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What do you think retard

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Japan are mostly mountainous. Arable lands are small. I think it's best for remote work though

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Wait, hold on. Japan has been refusing to take in Syrian refugees, and now it turns out they have millions of empty houses!? Wtf!!

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not free, you'll be set to work the fields as child labour and since you technically aren't human its not slavery

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Ina's kinda cute, I'm into nerds and glasses.

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Putin gives you free land if you go living in Siberia

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they also have fishing villages and thousands of islands

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what the fuck lmaooo

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I just wish London had 1K apartments like Japan. Even in Tokyo they're affordable, whereas in London a 1 bed flat in an area where you're not gonna get shanked by a bunch of ethnics as soon as you step out the door is over £1000 a month.

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How do is there no farmer life anime/vn/manga about an old grandpa and his whithering village? It could tlk about society.

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Why are Syrians going to Japan nd not Egypt?
Well the bulk go next dooe but why let any?

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I want to be a fisherman in one of those villages except I don't actually want to do the hard work of being a fisherman, I just want to live in a comfy fishing village and eat fish all day.

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You and me both, brother.

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i feel so bad for the Ame fans

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Yes immigrants and refugees will surely save Japan

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I'd still fuck them

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If taking vacation days wasn't frowned upon, I would absolutely work in a fishing village out in the middle of nowhere

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Not as hideously ugly as I feared.

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California in a nutshell

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>the /jp/ mansion is within reach
>board is now filled with retards you would rather see dead
We can't win, do we?

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If you look up videos of her, she's not bad-looking. She's gone through a million different hairstyles and outfits, though.

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These type of home are called "akiya". Here is one database with thousands of them for sale with tons of pics from all over Japan:


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What are property taxes like in Japan?

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I'd love to live in rural Japan, but I'm sure it's a place only for retired oldfolks and their grandchildren to live.

As many have said there's also no jobs, and I doubt internet jobs could cover the costs.

Also I'd have to leave mom's basement.

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I remember Ireland had a campaign encouraging foreigners to move there and they offered cheap housing as an incentive. Most of the houses were right in the middle of nowhere.

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>only low iq tomboys wandering about.
Go on...

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Japanese cities are fucking ugly though. Just bland brutalist crap for the most part.

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Here's a conspiracy theory for the day:
/jp/ mansion already exists, we just weren't deemed worthy to be invited. How does that make you feel?

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>>the /jp/ mansion is within reach

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>Is that only for people who live there or would they accept people from other countries? Because I'd love to live far away from other people.
I think that there was something like that in Netherlands and Italy and they were inviting foreigners. But it was a commitment. You would need to renovate the house and there are some mechanisms in play that stop people from buying those as investments so probably no selling it in any reasonable time.

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It's rural, that's the problem. The vast majority of people don't want to live in the asshole of nowhere, where it takes 1-3 hours via multiple train swaps to get into major cities. This is an issue around the world in general. In most European far-west countries, the government is selling housing for extremely cheap since the majority of the population has either moved on or is getting so old that those smaller towns will cease to exist. They have the same issue as well where the housing will often need a lot of work done to get it into a livable state.

You would have to be fairly good at what you do but there are numerous companies out there that have a completely global remote workforce. The problem is finding another job if you lose yours or want to move on, your options are very limited.

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If you're going to buy property in Japan, get something outside of Tokyo, Osaka or Nagoya. I found a nice house in Yokosuka, just one hour outside of Tokyo by car, for 2.5MM Yen.

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That's pretty cheap. You using this house for your retirement?

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2.26 million dollars isn't cheap.

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That's 2.5 million yen. As in 2,500,000 yen. Not 248,724,000 yen (2.26 million USD).

You shouldn't have dropped from elementary school.

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You should read that as $22,615.00 USD. Not $2,261,500.00 USD.

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for the same people humans everywhere on the planet left rural areas. They went into the cities to chase jobs

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If remote work ever truly takes off in Japan, I can see these places being desirable again by the hipster types. But now, there're literally no jobs there so unless you wanna commute 3 hours a day to Tokyo, there's no point in living there.

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the problem with remote work has always been very simple. Remote workers simply don't get promoted. That is why we have never had remote work be mainstream, because everybody knows remote's don't get promoted. You need to make connections with your superiors in order to be promoted. If you are just a remote worker, you are just a name the boss doesn't even fucking remember

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I'm honestly surprised it hasn't taken off there considering how jampacked the city is, is it some weird work culture ethics that makes it unpopular? Like "you don't care about your boss unless you're face to face" or some bullshit.

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Depends on the industry. My company went fully remote and everyone from my boss to everyone else on my team is working remotely in order to cut down on leasing office cost. Hell, my boss has been stuck in India since before COVID started.

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>my boss has been stuck in India since before COVID started.

holy shit that blows

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We're seeing this more often not just in Japan but in most developing countries across the world as cities sprawl and jobs are becoming sparse in rural areas as people move into urban cities for employment.

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> is it some weird work culture ethics that makes it unpopular?
Japan's super conservative. It's still stuck in the "you have to go drinking with your boss every other night to get promoted" mentality. It's also why Japanese marriages are so dysfunctional since men know their coworkers and boss better than their wife and kids.

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it's not just in japan. I'm portuguese and if I didn't went golfing with my boss I would've never been promoted

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the countryside is much nicer than any city, it's like that for 90% of japan

>> No.35465815

maybe if they pay me, not if I've to pay

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perfect for a NEET freak who owns loli manga and other lolicon shit

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That's a man!

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is Ame like some Indian girl or something

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The Tokyo Llama youtube channel is great, the guy does a really good job. It's not perfect, but it has soul.

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That's 伊根の舟屋. I took the exact same picture last month when I went. It was very beautiful.

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Did that one with the halo used to attention whore on 4chan?

>> No.35466304

What a shitty picture.

>> No.35466321

now that's not very nice

>> No.35466327

he probably used a phone, cant blame him for thinking it would replace a good camera

>> No.35466342

>cant blame him for thinking it would replace a good camera
I can, though

>> No.35466927

Yeah, I used a phone. I don't really care about cameras because the pictures are for me and my family, mostly.
Maybe one day you'll be able to come here and take your own picture with your Nikon 75025526356. You know...when they open the country.

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There are more flattering photos of her online, pic related; same for Gura. There are also many less flattering images/videos of Mori. Seems like whoever made this chart had some biases. The Ina doxx is the only available image as far as I know since it was taken by her sister and left on her twitter before she could scrub it.

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Build a gensokyo in that place, with /jp/ sies wearing 2hu cosplay walking around

>> No.35478271

Wrong. Chicken's roomate has long hair, and watson's roommate is muscular hispanic.

>> No.35479370

Make friends...

>> No.35480372

I'd be your friend

>> No.35480946

Would you be my friend too?

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None of them are that bad

>> No.35483018

japan climate would let me grow things I can't grow in the desert

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>> No.35483152

white girls man...

>> No.35486315

I need a 2D version of this girl:


I bet that the 3D version will still be better

>> No.35487203

what a drop off.

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I knew it was going to be bad but holy moly

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I'm listening

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Realistically if you want to live rural and remote work and have a decent living, you'll need to treat it as if you were working on the road, and double it with the extra taxes involved with permanent residence. It's going to be even easier with the likes of satellite internet becoming the norm in the coming years, but you ain't going to be playing your video games on it.
If your job can cover that, you're golden.

>> No.35490532

>If remote work ever truly takes off in Japan
That's going to take a while. Too many old-timers up top and they'll never tolerate the prospect of not having junior staff commute to the office.

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Rural Japan must be heaven

>> No.35505755

if this is anything like detroit you'll need to spend like at least $100k fixing them up and they'll still be worthless

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I don't think I have ever seen a part of Japan that remotely looked like current day Detroit. Maybe that hovel-single-prostitute-whorehouse?

>> No.35508146

is ame a troon?

>> No.35510911

It's just abandoned.

>> No.35512578


>> No.35512675

I just had to laugh at this superiority complex all because he got called out over posting a bad photograph.

>> No.35516810

>Maybe that hovel-single-prostitute-whorehouse?
Where's is this? You know, for research purposes.

>> No.35517771

No idea, it was an image that was posted a while ago. It was a 4*4 hovel with an air conditioner precariously hanging from a wall, with erotic images baked by the sun. It looked diseased and disgusting enough to give you an STD just by being in its proxinity.

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fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
why is this suddenly hitting headlines and being posted everywhere?

it has been my plan to retire in rural japan for years
now everyone and their grandma will own property there to rent out instead


>> No.35530949

So how do I buy one of these as an American? Do I just need to like... fill out a form? I'd love to have a vacation home there that I could retire to in a few years

>> No.35534232

Why does it use a comma for a decimal point, and no comma to separate the digits into sets of three?

>> No.35534539

do they even get cell service out there? let alone decent inernet. fuck that.
i'll consider it once Elon makes his satellite internet reasonably robust.

>> No.35536251

Canadian french standard.

>> No.35537889

I thought the main problem is that Japanese houses are actually not made to last. You buy it but then you'll have to tear it down and rebuilt it so you can live in it for 20 years. Repeat a few times for your lifetime. Seems weird that their well-known reputation for quality doesn't extend to houses.

>> No.35540904

no jobs and car ownership in japan isn't cheap.

>> No.35542372


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I've put a lot of thought into buying up a property to turn into a proper /jp/ mansion for years, but there's a lot of issues I'm not really sure how to get around off the top of my head.

For one, you can't get around rent, bills, and the actua travell costs for a regular anon who wanted to go stay. The amount of genuine NEETs who can go to Japan, let alone pay rent is already a small enough pool as it is. It's likely the people who do show up wouldn't be genuine /jp/sies.

And assuming you somehow get around those problems, the other thing is actual living space. Just to throw a random number out there, let's assume you get a place that can comfortably house 4 people; that's barely anybody. Assuming you make it an actual place for living and not just a glorified vacation home you rent out, there's no way of getting around the fact that it'd probably be inclusive as all hell and only a small number of the same people would be staying in it, i.e. circlejerk and defeating the original purpose of it being a /jp/ residence.

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I'll move to Japan when they get a second amendment.

>> No.35547566

stay in my room

>> No.35548170

There are only about 20 or so people it would need to house, especially at the time it was originally conceived.

>> No.35548212

I think a /jp/ clubhouse is the only thing that could work, even in theory.

>> No.35550927


>> No.35551005

>It's likely the people who do show up wouldn't be genuine /jp/sies.
We need a secret /jp/ handshake to filter out the phonies, /vt/ourists and gacha Judases.

>> No.35551058

bully all the /jp/sies who actually don't know japanese
complain about vchubas while secretly having an oshi themselves
rely on the only car driver to take them to the local store for food and supplies
call their parents for money since gaijin can't get the neetobuxxo
evade illegal immigration police
probably get drunk every other night and smoke a whole lot

>> No.35551178

>evade illegal immigration police
Makes me wonder if those guys from Megatokyo ever got sent back home of if that comic is still going and they're suck there on covid lockdown

>> No.35551257

Because walls are constantly being damaged by earthquakes so it didn’t make much sense to invest in building quality ones up until recently

>> No.35551269

So where do you find these houses to buy? I’ve got some money sitting around and kind of want one just to vacation to.

>> No.35552735

There's a link further up.

>> No.35552816

>now everyone and their grandma will own property there to rent out instead
lolno, these houses are abandoned for a reason. Some have been abandoned for DECADES and no normalfag is retarded enough to spend hundreds of thousands to refubish a decaying shack in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country thousands of miles away.

>> No.35552902

What about an apartment complex? Though at that point it might as well just be...a normal apartment complex instead of a /jp/ autism dungeon.
Either that or go full rural commune.

>> No.35553040

god.... imagine....

>> No.35553432

China will probably buy them all up

>> No.35553476

They're not the only country with earthquakes or is it more than average? I mean California has earthquakes too.

>> No.35554153

Unlike Ausfags and Cucknadians, the Japanese are wise about Chink tricks and can see that coming a mile away.

>> No.35554900

Non-japanese can't buy land in japan

>> No.35554968

das racist

>> No.35556295

It's a nation sitting in the ocean on humid islands that are actually volcanoes. I imagine it's constant earthquakes and rotting.

>> No.35556299

imagine the smell

>> No.35557566

god bless them

>> No.35557713

ame has shoulders of a linebacker. mori looks the worst. especially considering her princess attitude

>> No.35557729

mori sounds like a man and that pic looks like a man. tranny confirmed

>> No.35557745

no one wants foreign invaders. i guess the jews lied to you

>> No.35557829

>She's gone through a million different hairstyles and outfits, though.

ugly libtard confirmed

>> No.35557859

it isn't bad. it just has different lighting then the other one.

>> No.35557887

>Japanese are wise about Chink tricks and can see that coming a mile away.

is that why they are buying up your companies? what happened to the united front of the 80s

>> No.35557901

foreigners shouldn't be able to buy houses or land in any country

>> No.35558575

Japanese big cities are comfy

>> No.35558705

Before I got stuck back in the UK I lived in Gunma.... That prefecture is lucky, it has the Subaru factory etc.
Get outside Takasaki etc, and things get a bit harder.

>> No.35565756

this, I'll buy one and never leave it

>> No.35565939

The idea of not having any neighbors is like a dream to me.

>> No.35566136

Is okinawa a tourist trap?

>> No.35568258

You've got the idea all wrong. The right mindset/plan is to knock on every door around your neighborhood. Some poor and kind Japanese obaasan will take you in with her. She will most likely be willing to adopt you.

>> No.35568280

Because Japan is a shitty country with socialized healthcare

>> No.35568305

I would unironically do that if it worked.

>> No.35568326

The younger and attractive you are, the better the chances you can pull this off.

>> No.35568401

Well that's one way to get a marriage visa.

>> No.35568507

Ina is cute, but the rest of them are like 4 or 5's at best. Good reminder of 3DPD, reality is often disappointing

>> No.35569056

I'll buy a house there if this is included

>> No.35569083

Women not allowed, including transwomen

>> No.35569512

they have hundreds of abandoned schools
we should buy one and invite ex-students for reunions parties in their old uniforms

>> No.35569658

Still a good deal; you're paying for the land.

>> No.35569676

It's the opposite where I live(buttfuck nowhere midwest USA), there are many people coming from big cities to live here in unprecedented amounts. Houses are bought without even a showing.

>> No.35571678

post pic of houses from the website

>> No.35572289


>> No.35572562

imagine the smell

>> No.35572881

>Houses are bought without even a showing.
This is everywhere in the us right now.

>> No.35573017

What the fuck is happening? Real estate bubble?

>> No.35573794

Home office. Cities and city people suck ass.

Hell, I moved out from the city I lived in back to my little hometown, where I lost 10kg so far and am much healthier.

>> No.35582673

that /jp/ dream

>> No.35583422

The cities are collapsing because of their shitty policies. 40% of San Francisco wants to leave San Francisco.

>> No.35588023

Low supply for some reason (despite 500k people dying which should have opened up a lot of homes) relating to lumber causing a reduction in new construction. More buyers because of student loan abatement and stimulus. Investors scooping up everything in sight with huge piles of cash they’re sitting on.

>> No.35588039

Does suicide really count as leaving?

>> No.35588791

Maybe not as bad as Detroit, but there are tons of rural places in Japan that are in shambles. Ruins of former houses, abandoned cars and buses reclaimed by nature, railway lines that havent been in use for decades because there is no population to ride the train anymore.

>> No.35589496

<span class="sjis">         ∧|∧
>>35508146 ( ´Д`) >troon
>>35572562 ( ´Д`) >imagine the smell
          |     +
          |        lヽ +
          | ∧_∧ l 」+
.  ____     ∩ ( ´∀`)∥ Revere /jp, expel the niwaka
 (     )    \_       つ
 | | |      | | |~
 (__)_)      (__)_)[/spoiler]

>> No.35591095

The tilt is awful and his finger is literally in the frame

>> No.35592754

Work from home and go on evening walks/bike rides, but this time the scenery around is rural Japan and not some eastern european shithole

>> No.35594614

I shudder to imagine that somewhere, someone placed any of those goblin over a 3/10

>> No.35594720

Why, so they can have their own National Firearms Act, Gun Control Act, Clinton Executive Orders, Lautenberg Act, Brady Law, S&W HUD Agreement and Patriot Act?

>> No.35594743

Greece has Universal Healthcare aswell, what's the point you are trying to make?

>> No.35594770

I really considered it, but after seeing some TokyoLlama on youtube go through the process of cleaning out abandoned houses and renovating it, it really doesn't seem worth it in the long run. His house really turned out nice though

>> No.35594858

Do foreigners even qualify for these programs?
Doubt they'd let some NEET roll in a drop .25 BTC to recrate Rokkenjima on some abandoned island

>> No.35594894

BASED monar making a niwaka kebab

>> No.35594906

Holy fuck, in Japan even the junkyards and hillbilly dumpsters look comfy and full of S O V L.

>> No.35595737

Most of the time it's through auctions unless it's a farmland in which you then need to be a registered farmer. There's just a lot of hidden costs and taxes

>> No.35595854

Ina looks like my cousin.

>> No.35595869

>S O V L

>> No.35595901

as much as i don't want to believe any popular youtube content creator, abroad in japan was unfortunately probably right that being white in rural japan sucks ass. the japanese are such an ethnic majority in their homeland that businesses tend to outright refuse jobs to foreigners unless the job requires use of your own language, like teaching or translating. translating for your favourite mangaka or visual novelaite is ruled out, because it's rural. you can teach english in rural japan, but i hear that you only teach for terms as an english teacher, and after a few years you're kind of not expected there again. you'd either have to hop towns for the rest of your life or settle in a big city and get more permanent work.
but to look on the bright side, i think that it probably depends on your will. many probably do have the courage to live a nomad english-teaching lifestyle across the japanese countryside. if you think you can handle that, i see no reason as to why you shouldn't take advantage of this

>> No.35596113

Really? The shipped an acquitance of mine to handle some AS400 database issues, and he has been stuck there for 2 years because no one alive in Japan knows how to use it.

>> No.35596186

you know what I meant anon

>> No.35596245

based! we should do that in america too

>> No.35596300

Based on what?

>> No.35597430

sign me up, already learning nippongonese

>> No.35597548

You can say ``Japanese'' here, we won't call you a weeaboo.

>> No.35597605

but gaijin can't own property in japan.

>> No.35598083

I hope so

>> No.35598466

This is why I don't get vtubers, you're literally simping for 3D with a filter.

>> No.35598943

All anime girls or video game girls who are voiced are 3D with a filter, and buying any merchandise of them is simping.

>> No.35599795

Except those are actual characters and the VA just provides a voice, with vtubers the character is literally just 3dpd personality with a 2d overlay.

>> No.35604321


>> No.35604529

what about the Nigerians?

>> No.35604767

making a living is difficult

>> No.35607368

Why do you think the personality of a vtuber is any more real than the personality of an idol or anime character?

>> No.35611124

because a vtuber is just 3dpd acting like 3dpd with a filter ontop.

>> No.35611327

>> No.35612992

as long as there's internet I could live anywhere.

>> No.35613059

That's not true though.

>> No.35615714

Amazing argument, faggot

>> No.35619059

Not like you can buy land easily in America if its not in Buttfuck Nowhere anyways

>> No.35619508

lmfao not everyone is og bro djt has got /serious/ learners

>> No.35622033

Underage nigger, leave.

>> No.35622394

Don't japs have remote work?

>> No.35625453

daily reminder that the apartments in the Olympic village will be sold for cheap; from there you can go to the Kokugikan in a few minutes by bicycle

>> No.35628174

This article fails to mention how those actors are paid a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the women, even after the surplus they can ask due to the shortage.
Why would anyone sign up for a job that has a 100% chance of giving you grave health issues in the long run, for a shit pay and to drag your name through the mud by having to participate in a crime-ridden industry?

It just makes no sense to be a male porn actor, you're sacrificing your dignity and everything else in life for barely anything in return.

>> No.35628439

>100% chance of giving you grave health issues
such as?
>drag your name through the mud
>crime-ridden industry
are you perhaps retarded?

>> No.35628513

>such as?
Urinary tract infections are something plaguing nearly every single actor regularly, plus the underlying issues that come with the regular use of drugs to sustain your erection when you're on your fourth filming in the same day.
Some fall into steroids use to maintain their figure if they fall in a mukimuki niche, as there's simply not enough time to maintain one naturally when you're working at those rhythms.
There's also an array of cardiovascular issues that are unique to the porn industry, which are the product of the stress levels of the profession coupled with constant intercourse and the aforementioned meds.

Believe it or not, working in porn isn't exactly seen as prestigious in polite society, no matter how much it may seem like it to terminally online people.

I don't understand why you'd "?" at this unless it's literally your first contact with any kind of Japan-related content whatsoever.

>> No.35631972

>Work from home and go on evening walks/bike rides, but this time the scenery around is rural Japan and not some eastern european shithole
a-are you me?

>> No.35638390

I live in Kanagawa but I unfortunately can't buy shit here yet so I rent. Most places that can be had cheap in Japan are that way for a reason, because commuting by car is fucking awful here and no one is going to bother living more than a 15 minute walk from the train station for that reason. There are other complications like being off-grid for utilities, absurd taxes and fees, etc.

>> No.35641407

Who gives a shit. It'll all be bought up by Bill Gates anyway.

>> No.35642452

I want to lick Ina's IRL small titties desu.

>> No.35642683
File: 73 KB, 800x450, 1613583932804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have no diploma so I would never be allowed to live in japan

>> No.35642742

haha nice one doxxfag

>> No.35642855

And they are unnecessary when octopus and cockroaches can do the part.

>> No.35648088

How does it pay? Are there gaijin openings?

>> No.35648109


>> No.35648333
File: 47 KB, 540x660, smug 6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you actually fucking retarded?

>> No.35648894

The first problem that arises is the fact that you're having sex with a condom on. This makes sex with porn actresses not as fun as just having a wife and fucking her raw, or even masturbation. The second problem is that out of those 10,000 women, you will only want to have sex with the top women, whom are reserved for the top men. The final issue is that you will be irrelevant and only fuck a few actresses with very little job security and a bad reputation. This makes the job only worth it if you become big enough to constantly fuck top tier actresses, and if your pay isn't shit.

>> No.35648967

This kills my boner

>> No.35649022

I have never touched a condom.

>> No.35649031
File: 681 KB, 960x476, lrn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35649837
File: 427 KB, 335x345, 1625789920463.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he doesn't even know English!

>> No.35651367

place, japan.jpg

>> No.35655315

porn addict.

>> No.35655381

/jp/ /jp/ only you and me living together in a mansion drinking delicious tea

>> No.35655429

Too good to be true

>> No.35655433

just close your eyes and step forward into fantasy forget your troubles and take it easy

>> No.35655676

jav takes on /jp/ are reliably uninformed and 100% absolutely made up at the moment anon opens the reply box

>> No.35662555

literal 3D Pigs

>> No.35663049

you can, i just googled it

>> No.35663535

I would love to get into the porn industry, if I could fuck for real the girls and not just having to pretend that I am fucking them.

>> No.35664109
File: 250 KB, 1080x1219, 20210712_175208.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice they even cater to burgers like me, nice of them to list a great open firing arc.

>> No.35664219

Notice how the Asian girl is the only decent looking one?

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