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I usually get dreams that stuck out to me. Most of them are memorable and I can remember in an instant if I see anything that reminds me of it. But they usually don't follow the rules of what you'd expect in reality. But this one dream I had wasn't like that. It was consistent and felt believable through, almost like I could've been there. The only thing that stuck out was that Gensokyo was bleeding through the world.
I was walking through a familiar roadside highway that I usually take whenever I decided that I wanted to avoid buses. I was only 15 minutes away from home, had I been using a bike I would've been there already, but walking gives you time to think and relax. Just taking in the atmosphere of walking on a road only lit by the dim moonlight and flickering lamp posts was enough to satisfy me and relax my mind after a difficult day. And for some reason, I was carrying heavy luggage with me. A medium-size bag and a heavy duffle bag. I just let my mind wander around and absorb the tiniest of things on my surroundings to distract me from the weight of the bag.

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Please refrain from blog posting.

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And while doing that, I noticed a telephone toy that was just laying on the ground. It wasn't anything remarkable. Just a normal telephone toy, made of plastic. I was debating whether I should pick it up or just leave it, but decided against neither since I didn't want to get my hands dirty; so I kicked it around. Just a tiny bit of fun that I make to distract myself. Then I just let my mind wander off again and went back to the monotony of walking home. And then the next encounter I had was with a snake, which distracted me from the fact that every single urban house to my right were beginning to turn into a thick sunflower field. Not that I witnessed the house turn into sunflowers, but moreso the fact that the next time I noticed what was to my right, they were already an imposing sunflower cluster. I just froze as soon as I noticed this and my stomach just dropped. My first thought wasn't "Is this a dream?" but more like "Is reality fucking collapsing? Where the fuck?" the snake was still inching closer to my shoes but I just stood shocked. It slithered away after it had licked by shoes, it was still slithering right near the edge of the sunflower field and the paved roadside, which gave me the opportunity to pass right by it. I was so shocked by the sudden appearance of the sunflower field and by-passing the snake that I didn't even think of going back the other direction. So I kept going.

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about 90% of most touhou threads are blogposting about which 2hu u wud fuk

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It was still a roadside. The floor was still pavement, but on the right, the dirt was starting to slowly inch bit by bit. On my left was the road, I considered against running on the road because it was nighttime and I wasn't fond of getting ran over. I couldn't cross the road either since the other side is blocked by planter boxes. In the midst of my confusion and rambling mind, I was already running through my head about the possibilities of what happened. First one in the list is I'm in the edge of the Garden of the Sun and I'm about to encounter Yuuka soon. As hard as I tried, I couldn't come up with any other explanations other than desperate measures to assure myself. It took a few minutes before I could encounter the next thing that happens. For a few minutes it was just me walking in the darkness, between fiction and reality. The next thing that I encounter are some lady bugs and some insects. That gave me a bit of comfort and lowered my anxiety, I picked up one and placed it on the back of my finger, just watching it crawl while I walk towards my destination. It was like a peaceful stress toy, something to distract myself on. And just when I was nearing the overpass that I usually go across to get to the other side of the road, I saw a sunflower fairy that was just casually flying over on the middle of the thick sunflower field.

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Seeing that fairy confirmed my thought that I might've gotten myself gapped inside Gensokyo, or that Gensokyo is now expanding upon the modern world. To add insult to my predicament, instead of thinking about the first thing I should do in this situation, I just suddenly remembered that I left my suitcase on the campus. And I usually put important things in my bag, so I assumed that there must be something important that I need inside it.
And I had to go back. I didn't try to get a vantage point at the overpass since I was afraid of being spotted by the fairies and i'd rather just let my presence go unnoticed. So after an uneventful time of trekking back, I finally detected human life. In the middle of a festival. There were festival food stands everywhere, crude mini games, and those wooden watch towers that doubles as a stage. By now this would've been a dead giveaway that this is a dream, but at the time, it felt real. The panic, the emotion, the experience. I didn't really consider that it was a dream because there wasn't anything that stood out, besides Gensokyo suddenly appearing within urban places.

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What drugs do you take before bed to have such vivid dreams

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I was probably hoping that I could find something that could help me in that situation inside the bag I left behind. I never checked what was in the duffle bag or in the backpack I had, but I assumed that it was just clothes. I didn't had my phone with me so I deduced that it was inside the suitcase I left behind. I was also confused if I should let my guard down now that I'm surrounded by 'people' or that I should be on high alert, as I was surrounded by 'people'
I didn't knew where I was or which part of Gensokyo was this. All I knew that there was a festival and that one foxy brat from Forbidden Scrollery was there. The rest, I wasn't familiar with.

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I was close to blanking out due to my state of panic. I just wanted to sleep on the floor, but fearing about the threats of being eaten by youkai or not finding my way out kept me awake, I was growing less and less perceptive of my surroundings. I didn't even realize that my unusual behavior might attract the attention of the villagers, which is bad news. So I went to where I thought I left my bag and blank out generally what happened inside. Even though I was in a modern place with no signs of Gensokyo leaking in, it still felt uncomfortable, like the halls were going to turn into the Scarlet Devil Mansion hallway if I blank out even once. Nothing interesting happened inside, aside from seeing the view of Gensokyo at the 3rd floor window. There was a mirage of what I assume to be the Youkai mountain from afar, and the youkai temple was just at the left of the now-formed village. At this point I was just too tired to question things, and I just wanted to go to sleep. My adrenaline already ran out and I've already accepted my fate of being another victim of Gensokyo, so I slept on the chair 2nd to the row of the window, just anticipating my death peacefully.

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Surprisingly, I woke up. And I assumed that it was probably nearing 12 PM when I woke up, and I might've slept during 2 through 4 AM. It was still a chair and a desk that I was sleeping on, but now I can hear people around me. I wasn't sure if I should pretend to be asleep or let my presence be known, so I eavesdropped for a few minutes. Nothing remarkable, so I just pretended to have just woke up and tried to assess the situation. I'm in someone's home, definitely someone's house in the human village, and the streets of the village we're relaxed, just a few people here and there. I was still hesitant if I should meet the person that sheltered me while I was asleep or just ditch them. So I did the latter. I wasn't really keen on trusting anyone at all, if ever. My advantages is that I'm not known and that deception is a real strategy. I knew that I probably have to get flavortext from the people around me like some fucked up video game quests. It wasn't that easy pretending.
Just a dream diary. I started by just laying in bed for 5 minutes while half asleep so I can imprint my dream in my memory. 7 years later, I still do it but less frequently.

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Even though I've left the house that I woke up in, I tried to meet up with the person that might've brought me there. It was an unremarkable person that didn't seem to recognize me, so it's unlikely that they brought me in the house in the first place. I only made casual talk before kindly departing, as he seemed uncomfortable that I would start such a pointless topic, but he was kind about it. Before that I also made a mental image of where the book store that I spotted was while I was wandering around shortly after I left the house the first time. I was hoping that it was Kosuzu's bookstore and I would meet her to get some help. I wasn't 100% sure that it was suzunaan since I was too caught up in thinking about how I should act.

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Surprisingly, it was suzunaan and Kosuzu was serving the counter. Before I could even get a word out to asks any questions while in the guise of an average villager, I was quickly greeted with "Are you an outsider? Modern world?"
Tons of idea immediately flooded my mind as soon as that registered to me, I quickly responded something along the lines of "Ah it's a compliment that you think I'm from the outside world, but make no mistake." underplaying it as to buy me time to think. Immediately I was trying to figure out how Kosuzu would immediately out me as an outsider. Definitely my clothes. But why would Kosuzu immediately come to that conclusion with no hesitation? All the questions that I was immediately presented with flooded my mind and I wasn't sure if I should be honest or dig myself a deeper lie, but I'm still distrustful of anyone. For all I know, it might not even be Kosuzu, and that was a real possibility since my mind immediately thought of fucking Mamizou. Like my mind hit the jackpot on hitting the big red panic button. I decided to gamble my odds and just lie by saying that 'I used to be one but then I just kinda stayed here' being as vague as possible with my wording. It wasn't as if she had any malicious intent in her question, it was more so a question rooting with concern.

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She told me that there's been an incident of more and more modern humans showing up in Gensokyo all of the sudden. She also specified that more people discover the human village before they even got attacked by any youkai. That isn't exactly what she said, but that's how it sounded like to me. The sudden appearance of modern people en masse would immediately make resources deplete faster, assuming that every person that arrives adjusts into human village life. I also thought that maybe I shouldn't think about it too hard, as I remember that one of the first modern world human that adjusted to Gensokyo's life was Sanae, with her kind words of "Dismissing logic in this place."
I don't have 2 Gods besides me and I've already accepted that I'm either going to live the life of some shitty average human villager or hang myself and eventually turn into a vengeful youkai; either way, I absolutely cannot predict my situation.

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Just a few hours has passed ever since I entered the book store, Kosuzu and I are still talking, as I did try my best to wrangle the conversation and direct it to where I wanted it to. It was a comfortable back-and-forth of one asking a question, the other answering, continuing, and then repeating that cycle. It put me off guard and I didn't realize that I should be on high alert until she started comparing modern books to the collection she had. The whole situation made me laugh, with Kosuzu's confusion following afterwards. In my mind, I was already trying to predict how I'm going to die, I've already talked with a named character, and I don't think I would even be able to go to the underground to meet my favourite character, even though it would be convenient for my current predicament for just a peace of mind. I've already asked her about the directions of notable places "Temple's to the east, red shrine's at that way." though she never gave me the directions to places that remotely has any dangers in it. So I just headed straight to the Hakurei shrine while occasionally making stops and wandering not too far from the road. Once I've composed myself I realize that I've been fidgeting on a book that I was playing with while having a conversation with Kosuzu. On one hand, I wanted to keep it as a keepsake and as a memento, on the other, I feel bad for stealing.

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I decided to feel a little punk and decided to go back to the human village to return the book that I've stolen. Not out of the kindness of my heart, I genuinely wanted to keep it as a keepsake, as a reminder that I did talk to Kosuzu. But that really wouldn't matter since my chances of survival are slim, so if I'm going to die, I want someone to atleast remember me. It was already somewhere around 3 or 4 PM by the time I got back, the Sun was still beating but I only have a few hours before the Sun goes down. Notable characters I encountered along the way was a certain black and white magician flying with a broom, three fairies on the outskirts of a further road, and Keine. The only one I considered talking to was Keine, but I decided against it. The moment I returned back to the book store I returned the book and gave my thanks to Kosuzu for keeping me company. At this point, I lost track of the time, or rather, this is when my concept of time becomes more dream-like. I didn't realize it by then, so I was just contemplating whether I should go to the lake or head back to the shrine. The village was easy to navigate, the same can't be said about anywhere else. I wasn't even sure where is where, despite the directions I was given. A part of me just wanted to stay for another night at the human village, another is saying that I should go on a suicide mission to meet interesting characters, and then there's my self-preservation telling me to just get out or die. At the time, it felt more logical to stay in the village and accustom myself to my situation. I just tried to follow a crude road while occasionally making trek on some off-beaten path which my instincts told me to go at.

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Miraculously, I managed to arrived close to where the main entrance was supposed to be. No grand stairs leading up to the shrine, just an incline that gently goes up and up with a crudely made road leading to the Hakurei's torii gate. When I arrived and investigated the place, I immediately told myself that I should never trust my judgement and instinct. No one is home. Everyone was busy investigating the 'incident' and I'm just a fucking idiot in the middle of an empty shrine. So I broke in and entered the Hakurei Shrine to be comfortable at. I also reasoned that youkai will absolutely not attack this place or search for anyone in particular, even if I was followed through here, it IS the 'Hakurei Shrine' to my surprise, someone was searching for me. Or Reimu. I only heard their voice before I ditched to hide behind foliage. Can't tell if it's Aunn, some other character, or a nameless one. It was already sunset and the orange tint was slowly turning into darkness. You'd think that the most logical solution was to go back to where I came from, my plan was to circle from the shrine to the village without taking the road. I'm not even sure who the enemy is, if there's any at that point.

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There was this feeling that I might get used and accustomed into Gensokyo like a honeytrap of sorts and need to do something before that happens or I might just be paranoid. At this point, this was one of the few rare dreams that defied my mind and expectation, throwing curbs and large gaps inbetween. It already feels like a whole day has passed within a dream, so I never questioned if this was reality or fiction. There was also this tiny stone shrine sitting comfortably within the trees, it was near the road but was obscure and far enough for nobody to notice it. I don't recognize what it was, it's not a jizo. I was just wandering around and hoping I stumble near the village, or any other hidden places.

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Where I ended up on was a cliff overlooking the misty lake. There was a real temptation of just diving within the lake and sleeping with the Wakasagi, had I not seen the mirage of this grandeur and beautiful mansion almost right across to the lake nearing my right. It was lit up beautifully and contrasted the natural landmarks and dark skies that surrounded the place. As soon as I laid my eyes on it, I immediately wanted that place to be the place where I die, if not just to meet the characters that live within. And to the other side almost behind me to my right was the human village celebrating the same festival that had attracted me in the first place. I avoided it to eliminate any possibilities of going back. At that point, I was just lucky to not end up as one of the other distant voices of the screams I've heard. Maybe I wasn't being targeted because they're already full? Or maybe it's just convenient for me to not be attacked. The only real threat at the time was the temptation of jumping on the misty lake and maybe mischievous fairies.

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It probably took me awhile to get from point a to b, as I was just contemplating to sleep right next to some tree log and rocks in hopes that I could have a better day tomorrow, but I just kept moving. 'I' am no longer in control, or I guess it's starting to turn into a dream. There were modern day urban stairs that I would see hanging next on the cliff, and going in it. The railing was there, it made sense in logic, but there's no support. A part of me wanted to see what's beneath to see if it leads underground, it was remarkably unremarkable, it doesn't make sense. I was trying to figure out which person would be capable of this trick, but I fail to see the motive and reason behind this architectural nightmare. It then went as far as making it so that there's a binoculars on a tripod standing on the railing, free for anyone to use. I'm not sure how I arrived to the conclusion, but I think that the stair sticking out of the cliff was the lake itself. Something akin to an illusion or an almost mimic-type of youkai that allures people in. It's also possible that it's the effect of the incident. I left as soon as I saw the binoculars. The mountain was closer than I had thought, and that the mansion is also bigger than it seems from a distant.

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The linearity already started to collapse as soon as I arrived at the Hakurei shrine or saw the misty lake, it was afternoon again and I decided to go to the mountain. That's the last I can remember before I just arrived at the same road I was at on the start, this time on the other side. There was a familiar alleyway that was all lit by a bright moonlight, it was the same time as the first time I had gotten near the sunflower field, midnight. It's pitch dark, but the brightly lit moonlight and dim lamp lit the way much better this time. Then there was this Australian man that asked me for directions. I just made up a direction and lied to that thing. It asked me something else one more time and I just started to panic from a question I couldn't even remember. I ran the opposite direction and ran as fast as I could, hoping that the sunflowers would appear again. From what I saw, I went from seeing one of the most gorgeous landmarks that I've ever made in my head to going back to this damp and saturated alleyway. As soon as I got the idea that I could sightsee in Gensokyo and not survive, it immediately kicked me out. I even thought that the man was a tengu, if it wasn't for that accent. I immediately woke up after that high speed run of desperately trying to find the Garden of the Sun and Yuuka. 9:23 AM. The dream felt longer than 9 hours. Almost 17.
tl;dr Gensokyo is real. It does not want us.

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I did have a very vivid if disjointed touhou dream a few weeks ago:

It started with me finding myself in a sunlit forest. I wasn't laying on the forest floor, but already standing, it's just that I had no idea how I got there. I was also wearing my HEMA training kit, or rather a set of armor roughly in the shape of my fencing gear - an ornate Eastern European style gambeson with a short brigandine covering the chest area as well as a sharply domed helmet with a nasal on the top of my head. At that time I had no idea that this was a dream, however, I did not find my outfit strange (the stuff I was wearing closely matched with what I wanted to have irl so that's a probable reason). After taking a good look around the forest and checking that my weapons are in their places (I remember having a freshly sharpened longsword by my side and a rondel dagger tucked behind the belt), I started walking down the forest path.

The next thing I remember is walking through the same forest, however, it's rapidly getting dark, perhaps too rapidly. Suddenly, I hear a faint giggle coming from further ahead. I barely have enough time to draw my sword and defend myself when a ball of darkness charges out of the bush line and comes straight for me emitting what sounds like happy squeals of a schoolgirl, I step to the side delivering a rising cut to the middle of the ball feeling my blade hit something on the way out at the same time I feel a tinge of pain in my left shoulder as Rumia (by that time my dream self had realized what's up) makes a successful swipe at it with my gambeson protecting me from a serious injury. The giggles coming from the bubble turn to pained wails as it continues going down a straight line and crashes into a tree, dispelling it and the darkness covering the forest, revealing that the sun had only started to set. Rumia is now lying by the side of the tree gazing at me with an enraged and yet slightly fearful expression, there's a rather large cut in her side - incapacitating and deadly to a human yet only a moderate inconvenience for her. Without waiting for Rumia to recover, I pounce on her, smacking the top of her head with the pommel, pinning her to the ground and shoving the tip of my dagger close to her throat. I tell her to lead me to the Hakurei shrine or I'd stab her. However, she doesn't seem to understand my language and keeps fearfully muttering something in what I can only assume is Japanese (I know how Japanese sounds like, but it didn't sound like that in the dream). After a short pause I repeat my request in Latin (I do speak some Latin irl, but I'm nowhere near proficient enough to hold a conversation), surprisingly, now she does seem to understand what I'm saying and she promises to show me the way.

After another jump cut, I found myself standing at the Hakurei shrine talking to Youmu who says that I must be an outsider of some skill to be able to defeat Rumia that easily. She's also interested in my armor and weaponry and wishes to see them in action so she suggests a sparring match. I don't remember the details - things start getting fractured from here, but I think I lost the match despite landing a few good hits, leaving her satisfied (I am somewhat proficient with the longsword irl, but I'm not exactly tournament level and certainly nowhere near Youmu). Afterwards I remember teaching her the basics of European longsword, which she picked up extremely quickly and her teaching me some kenjutsu (I really wish I could remember the details of that).

Afterwards the dream pretty much fractured into a collection of vague scenarios, some not even touhou themed and I can't recall any of them. However, the last scene I remember before waking up was me having a drinking contest with Suika, slamming three or four large bottles of sake back to back, washing them down with some homebrew mead (we had that for some reason) and passing out under the table with cheerful Yuugi declaring a tie. I woke up in my bed immediately after.

TL;DR - got gapped into Gensokyo, beat up Rumia, got beat up by Youmu and probably died from alcohol poisoning trying to outdrink an oni (I did manage to get a tie tho).

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After a drunk night at a friend's house I had a brief dream about. It took place on what it seemed to be Scarlet Devil Mansion's dinning room.

With Remilia looking at me for a brief second, Im not even that fond with EOSD on the first place.

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I only had one dream regarding touhou and it went something like this

>in some kind of room
>reisen comes up to me
>she hands me a bento box, and then tells me that she has a crush on me
>I tell her that I like her as well, and we hug

I woke up very shortly after. It was a good dream either way

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So I was lying on my bed, and then I saw a girl with black hair walking into my room. She pinned herself over the top of me and kissed me on the cheek telling me she loved me. I took a closer look and noticed it was Aya, trying to seduce me. I was confused, obviously, and said something, not sure what, and moved her to the side. I then started looking for Momiji for some reason. I looked everywhere in the house and was about to run out the door to look when I saw Aya standing at the corner with tears in her eyes. She uttered the words, "I'm glad." I was even more confused and just kinda went, "…what?" Then she took her HAIR off (it was a wig) revealing it was actually Momiji. She collapsed to her knees crying, and, well, I hugged her.

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Hey, at least this may inspire some interesting writefaggotry.

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I was out shopping for groceries and Alice was ahead of me in the checkout queue. Right before Alice left the store, Shanghai and Hourai waved back at me.

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No, I am not a gay.

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Yes and no.
It was about a month or two ago. It was right as I woke up, so I was able to remember it. Youmu said something indirectly, and I can say with some certainty that she is right.
I won't relay what she said, but it made sense. Or rather it was true.
There are a few others, but I won't mention them.

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>Just a dream diary.
A dream diary doesn't help you have intricate detailed dreams like the ones you're writing about it just helps you remember them.

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I don't think the details were as intricate as I could've made them to be, I've had more believable dreams with less oversights.
I also made up some details to make it coherent and string nicely. I don't recall going back to the hakurei shrine after returning the book, I just kinda got there. Another one was the stairs on the cliff, I'm positive I saw a stair somewhere, but I'm not sure where it was or its quirks. Kosuzu's store was also blanked out of my mind, I was too invested with talking; can't even remember what it was I said or heard.
Other than that, my mind makes it easier to process the environment with enough details.

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Huh, I've had some dreams where I could fly and shoot danmaku. If that counts as touhou dream.

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I had a dream once where i met alice and she looks like shes gonna fuck me up (non sexual way) and i start apologizing and mumbling about how it wasnt me who spread that rumour about her and marisa and then the dream stop
It was bizzare

>> No.35537077

>pread that rumour about her and marisa
So you told everyone that Marisa stole her precious thing? She was rightfully upset, then.

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autism is the best drug

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I saw this image projected on a wall while regaining consciousness after surgery if that counts.

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I once had a dream about going to the mall with Yukari and Ran. We went to the Wendy's in the food court, and Iku and Tenchi were the employees.

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Did you buy anything?

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Did you have any other dreams like this, not necessarily touhou related?

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you sound eerily similar to me and i had a kindred dream, if it werent for the image i would believe this to be a post i made earlier. strange.
thanks for reminding me to polish my latin though.

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Well, I did fill some of the details as I wrote to make the text clearer so it probably didn't go exactly as I wrote it, but it should still be similar.

What was your dream about? Did you also find out that Latin is an acceptable language in Gensokyo?

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It is quite hazy (i dont remember much detail in my dreams) but i'll try.
It begins in a forest clearing, at night. Upon me i carry my Anderhalbhänder (Bastard Sword) and a doublet. I take in my surroundings and find a trail, that i follow. Suddenly i am ambushed by what looks like a giant Mouth. It lunges towards me and i ready myself with an inside guard. It knocks into me so hard i drop my sword, which i pick up and seeing i am outmatched run away with. I come upon an open gate which i immediately recognize as the entrance to the scarlet devil mansion. Knowing this'll be my best chance at either surviving or a painless death i enter. Thankfully, vampires are nocturnal and i meet remilia before sakuya in the hall. I drop into a kneel and address her. She responds when i say it in french, so we have a small conversation. Being intrigued with my situation, she allows me to stay.
I talked with the residents, in many different languages; flandre speaks a bit of german and i had an exchange in latin with patchouli (she is a huge westaboo and writes most of her books and spells in latin. from this i assume that all magicians and some yokai know it, being a magical language). Sakuya only speaks japanese, she never saw a reason to learn anything else.
I rest and am invited to a party at the hakurei shrine. My poor doublet is torn and they do not have any male clothes so i don one of the suits of armor they have, specifically 16th century german plate. Due to heat i only wear cuirass, greave and vambrace.
At the party i was proudly shown around by remilia (referring to me as servant) when i was approached by Youmu who is interested in my blade. I show it to her and we have a friendly spar of which was very hazy but i clearly remember hitting her with my pommel in a clinch while halfswording, causing her to cry and i apologized profusely, but Yuyuko laughed and told me i needn't. Youmu was embarrassed and recovered, asking me to teach her how to half sword, only to discover it doesnt work on the curved blade of a katana. We both compared the differences between our techniques and i had some sake (didn't like it). I also met Yuuka, she was surprisingly kind.
It was dawn and i was on my way back to the scarlet devil mansion when Yukari appeared, telling me to wake up.
I woke up and noticed i was still tired, and also a little drunk despite not having anything for several days.

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Frequently. Usually I get one or two every 2-3 months. I don't take notes of them anymore unless I get captivated by the scenery. I might try to write some on pastebin if you're interested.
I do dream almost every day, but most of the details are locked in the back of my mind every time I try to remember. What works is writing about the key details of the dream, or making a mental note about it whenever you're half-asleep, it's easier to remember and picture what had happened in a dream while you're dreaming, in this case, you're half asleep so that you can remember it when you get up.
I might write a pastebin about it if you're interested. The ones I can remember on the top of my head; The time I was in Hinamizawa at winter, finding Yuyuko's dead body in my closet, a well-lit tunnel that never ends, a vast subterranean ecosystem filled with flora, an elevator ride through a city, Sanae as a classmate, Stealth in an amusement park mall, abandoned warehouse cabin, merging ocean and skies, 14th century church connected to a women's shoe store, abandoned amphitheater bar, island mystery with cliche 'They left in the middle of eating dinner', 8 foot tall Junko silhouette, mysterious city reflected on a lake, maelstrom on an underground water deposit, Kaguya chasing me in a bunker.
I don't think describing them in a simple manner would do it any justice, but hearing it clears up my mind and the details flashes in my memories.

>> No.35560910

This does sound very similar to mine. Except your historical gear was more Germanic in origin (are you German by any chance) and you managed to actually win against Youmu, congratulations.

Something like a pastebin would be nice if you've got more stories to share. Personally, I dream only twice or thrice per year, but my dreams are extremely vivid if a bit chaotic. The one I had previous to the 2hu one was closer to Bloodborne/Dark Souls in theme (had nothing from the games themselves, just the eerie atmosphere). I don't remember the details of it that well, but I managed to quickly sketch out pic related with gimp while still half-asleep.

>> No.35562161

I have the opposite issue, I barely get any sleep that doesn't involve a dream. It might also depend on your schedule as I usually get those 'sleep and wake up a second later' types of sleep when I'm crammed. It's also possible that you get really short dreams that you forget about, but it does vary from people to people.
From what I observe, most of the dreams of people I've pried about it is similar to >>35560101 case, most of mine are in that formula aswell. There's some unnoticeable jumpcuts and your unconscious imagination taking references at your mind, be it reality or imagination. With his case, it's his hobbies. Usually for me it's exploring around my home town and academic environment.
I'll try to make a pastebin in a few days once I find time, I also need to find the notepad I started with to see if I can remember.
Curiously, I haven't had any dream about Bloodborne or Dark Souls despite being a fan of both, the only time I did was when I couldn't buy a copy of Bloodborne so I dreamt that I thought I finally had Bloodborne and was playing it on my dream. I was sad when I woke up.

General question for anyone to answer; what type of nightmare do you usually get? Do you still get 'conventional nightmares' or personal ones? Describe in details if possible, bonus points if they're /jp/ themed
Even though I did mention dreaming about a dead Yuyuko in a closet (Which also added in the detail of having a whiff similar to a dead body) and an 8 or 9 feet tall Junko with no facial features other than a wide vertical slit on her face, I found it more appropriate to call the dream I had with Sanae a nightmare. It's almost laughable, I found the first prior 2 as interesting, even at the moment. But any hallway with classrooms on them or a lecture hall and I am instantly reminded of fear.
The emotions I felt at that dream was extreme. Sanae was my close friend and we were just having an average day on the lecture hall, but then I felt this envy burning up inside me, telling me that I need to somehow surpass Sanae by any means. Maybe I could replace her study materials with false ones, or kill her, maybe hope for her parents to die so she could fall short. I wasn't able to enact any as I woke up shortly after she grabbed her papers to skim through them. I don't even hate Sanae, I'm not even sure why Sanae in particular.

>> No.35562567

The worst nightmare i had was my mother dying, it fucked me up hard and i had to call her to make sure she wasnt dead.
Sometimes i get the classic nightmare of being attacked by a burglar/monster and my gun malfunctions or the sword is dull and bounces off. I haven't been getting them at all for a long time, however. I think it is because i got back into working out and meditation.

>I dreamt that I thought I finally had Bloodborne and was playing it on my dream.
The same happened to me, but with Elden Ring

>> No.35562788

My dream wasn't really about Bloodborne either it just had a gothic/lovecraftian horror atmosphere similar to the game. The action was taking place on a ringed archipelago (like the map). It's frozen northern strait had a large bridge stretching across it. I also saw glimpses of an abandoned gothic/baroque church with a fog-covered courtyard, there were strange things of indescribable shapes moving about in the fog. I do remember feeling unsettled, but it wasn't really a nightmare.

Curiously enough, I never really had a conventional nightmare, the dream previously described was the closest thing to one, but I never felt scared during it and woke up normally. I got into 2hu recently so it's not really surprising that I didn't have very many dreams relating to it.

>> No.35563109

I've never held a handgun in my life, but I had a similar dream of defending myself from some thing, pulled out a glock chambered in .44 magnum, and immediately practiced trigger discipline and a center axis relock. Felt like I had a handcannon. Was disappointed when I woke up to find it wasn't in my drawer.
There's a certain hostility when it comes to gothic architecture, lots of visually jagged stuff poking out. Must have been a great sight to see it, the most aggressive my dream went when it comes to the environment was having spikes protruding out of a cliffside. It was just an exaggerated jagged cliff. I think want I would want as a dream are the settings similar to Yume Nikki.

>> No.35563401

I personally find gothic and baroque architectures quite comfy. The spikiness and the overwhelming amount of detail does unsettle me, especially in the case of churches, but I enjoy being mildly unsettled.

>> No.35563437

Oh, and I'm now pretty sure that the church in my dream was somewhat based on this one in my city. I did catch some glimpses of the interior and it looked similar, just moonlit and fogged up.

>> No.35563596

>glock chambered in .44 magnum
funny because the Glock 44 is in .22 lr (a tiny round)
central axis relock is pretty useless, a meme stance intended for police closet CQB made popular through john wick.

>> No.35566281

i had a few that i can remember
i one i woke up in this Japanese house i couldn't move and a very realistic Akyuu (she looked like an actual japanese woman not a drawing, i knew she was Akyuu because of her clothes) was taking care of me petting my head and putting hot towels on my forehead for some reason, i don't remember why but later i was fighting some wolf youkai and Reimu was this old black guy with dreadlocks and sunglasses.
in another dream i was living with both Yukari and Ran, i was really small and i really wanted to go outside to play but Yukari was asleep (like always) and Ran busy, i suspect i was Chen in that dream.
the most common ones involve Yukari speaking to me but i never remember what she says or for how long we been talking

>> No.35566447

short and nice

>> No.35566467

that sounds like a neat dream

>> No.35568846


>> No.35569038


>> No.35569103

A very short one.
Running to the school house with the stage 2 crew. That's al she wrote.

>> No.35569683

>Do you still get 'conventional nightmares' or personal ones? Describe in details if possible, bonus points if they're /jp/ themed
I once dreamt that meidos allowed hololive threads on /jp/. Unfortunately that was a prophetic dream.

>> No.35574247

Well, he did say that his glock was chambered in .44 magnum, not a glock 44. Although I'm pretty sure that no glock handgun currently uses .44 magnum.

>> No.35580206

>stage 2 crew
From which game?

>> No.35584814


>> No.35585085

of course not, .44 Mag is too strong for an autoloader, especially in a brand notorious for blowing up.
its funny that the model combining the brand and name of his cartridge shoots one of the tiniest rounds there is, instead of a magnum monster.

>> No.35593444

>thanks for reminding me to polish my latin though
Cūr linguam Latinam discere cōnstituistī? Ludōne necesse erat aut cēterae causae?

>all magicians and some yokai know it, being a magical language
If Caesar ended up in modern times he would become unbearably smug over time and seeing your/mine dream versions of Gensokyo would make him downright insufferable. Roma invicta.

>> No.35593662

Caesar was already unbearable enough to be stabbed to death by 60 men
ironically, his last words were in greek

>> No.35593741

Oh, absolutely. The Latin grammar book that I'm learning from has a lot of sections adapted from "The Gallic War". It's quite apparent that the man was pretty full of himself. His exact last words aren't really known, although that's the case with most dramatic deaths of famous individuals.

>> No.35596864

where do i sign up for your blog?

>> No.35597938

Well, he is making a pastebin.

>> No.35599210

That was a pretty fun doujin. Thanks

>> No.35604360

crazy stories y'all

>> No.35607302

I once had a dream where Reimu killed me.

>> No.35607323

Please elaborate. Did you refuse to donate or bullied Kogasa again?

>> No.35607361

I was walking in the woods at night when suddenly I was thrown into a danmaku battle (it appeared exactly like the games). With no time to react, Reimu fired homing amulets at me and I died. I even entered my name for the run and woke up after it was done.

>> No.35607576

How many hours of 2hu do you have?

>> No.35607648

At this point, at least a couple hundred hours. Pretty sure this dream occurred back when I was grinding out 1cc's for the games I hadn't completed.

>> No.35607959

I never had dreams of this sort, but I sometimes did see danmaku patterns on flat surfaces after a longer touhou session.

>> No.35607995

I had a dream where I was Yuuka once. It was weird, because I was first dating her but then I became her.

>> No.35608005

Some Black Sabbath albums.

>> No.35608068

When I go lucid right before I fall asleep, I usually try to do something cute with Rumia, but my mind is too foggy to figure out what something "cute" would be. I think in the past it's been a drive along an ocean road.

>> No.35608143

I had a similar experience just a few days ago when I saw Raiko at a small library. Shortly after that, I was Raiko and I was people watching while listening to music.

>> No.35611439

So you were seeing things from both Raiko's and the audiences perspectives?

>> No.35615744

that's cute.

>> No.35621168

Did she say anything about the drive? Did you picture a particular road or just some random one?

>> No.35624742

Strange, I never seemed to remember the exact looks of characters in my dreams. I guess everyone is different.

>> No.35628832

I do remember seeing someone describe a similar dream once while browsing old 2hu forums. Except that dreamer saw everything from the pov of a girl who died in an air raid and became a youkai (Yuuka) as punishment for disrespecting Shikieiki.

>> No.35630370

dreamt I was on a 1-4 podium, at a school oval, decent little crowd before us, I'm on #1 with a shade of Flan beside me, 2-4 are taken up by one guy and his doubles, with Sakuya shades beside them, he's annoyed at me and wants #1 but I ignore him, a bell or something sounds and the crowd runs off towards the school and I say something like "I got this..." as I step off the podium in the same direction but after a few steps start staggering around like a drunk saying something like "shit what the fuck am I doing I want to kill and eat so bad" but luckily heading in the school direction I find my way across some "samples" of preserved human heads and theirs shoulders, I grab as many as I can carry(3-4. there were a couple left behind) and munch on some delicious brains, vaguely feeling like I'm absorbing the memories and such, thinking that this whole thing seems like a really bad idea and a nearby person said the same "is it really a good idea to turn people into youkai and give them free human samples?"

>> No.35632698

>Did she say anything about the drive?
Not that I can remember. She was just relaxing in the passenger seat. This was a really brief dream, it felt like maybe 10 seconds.
>Did you picture a particular road or just some random one?
It was modelled along the south coast of Newport, which is one of my perennial scenic drives because I live close by.

>> No.35635505

Sounds fun, if a bit brief. I don't really see real locations in my dreams, only very vague reflections of ones from time to time.

>> No.35641276

Cute Rumia

>> No.35643761

Sounds like a fever dream.

>> No.35646907
File: 157 KB, 848x1200, 1610790474261.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've had a mundane Alice dream too. I remember walking behind her as she stepped into a Best Buy. As the automatic doors opened, I jokingly complimenting Alice on her "door-opening magic". She seemed annoyed at first, but then laughed a little.

>> No.35647166
File: 487 KB, 978x900, __alice_margatroid_and_kazami_yuuka_touhou_drawn_by_michimaru_michi__5f24a07162d938800f6f9e2cecb74c0d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i had an alice dream as well; she was buying a white monster and i beat her mercilessly with reimu and marisa by my side. i just gotta say... i think that was the most satisfying dream of my life!

>> No.35647520

That’s cute.

>> No.35647709

Just last night I dreamed I had like a huge fight with Flandre, using all sorts of special magic and stuff and throwing around magical grenades and the like.

>> No.35651079

How tf does that work?

>> No.35655236

A few days ago I had a very brief somewhat 2hu related dream. I only remember waking up i a field filled with giant mushrooms and encountering Marisa, but not much else.

>> No.35662657

Do you remember any specific patterns or spell card names?

>> No.35665204

Oh it wasn’t a spell card duel; it was an out and out fight I’m pretty sure. All I remember was I had some sort of magic grenade and it was in a big room with a window looking out into a forest somewhere super high.

>> No.35666865

Just a few. In the first one I had, I dreamed I was Yukari having a danmaku fight with Remilia but it was too easy so I got bored and left, but not before leaving some automatic . Also necrofantasia was playing during it.
I also had another dream where I went to some sort of con and I was split between buying a Kaguya daki and a Mokou fumo, since I didn't bring enough money for both. The fumo was cheap and would leave me enough to buy sonething else, while the daki would only leave me enough to buy something small, like a badge or something. Now, I don't own either of those, but I'm pretty sure the actual pricing is the other way around. I think I ended up going with the fumo.
There was also another dream I had about a live action Touhou movie centered around Eientei, with kpop singers as actors (despite me knowing nothing about kpop). I don't remember the details, but the things that stood out the most were that the plot was quite good and accurate to the games but the perfomances were bad. The haircuts in particular were terrible, and Eirin's braid was far too small which really bothered me.
Also another dream was about a cartoon series adaptation, that I somehow knew was made by Disney. It was centered on the events of UFO, heavily inspired by ZUN art, and quite horrifying. Imagine a kamS video with a much higher budget. I remember seeing Reimu fighting Nazrin while hearing some horrible droning noise that I somehow knew was supposed to be Maiden's Capriccio, despite it sounding nothing like it.
And there was another dream where I visited a bookstore, that's mostly unrelated to Touhou, except for one moment where, while browsing the store, I found a series called "Touhou! Detective", starring Nitori as a detective solving crimes around Gensokyo. I should mention this was years before the Satori manga came out. I also remember Okuu being on the cover of one of the volumes. And that's pretty much it.

>> No.35668917

Your two middle ones sound worse than any nightmare I've had. Especially the disney one.

>> No.35669294

Did you at least beat her?

>> No.35669377
File: 399 KB, 622x596, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Teens are monitoring this thread.

>> No.35669444

The only one i remember was me trying to get patchouli on a date, both because i like her and to make her leave the library sometimes.
It was nice, i can still feel her hand.

Thread reminds me of that guy that dreamed of mokou.

>> No.35669470
File: 20 KB, 438x258, 15yearold.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone got the screencap of him getting btfo by hackerman?

>> No.35673093

Link to the Mokou dream?

>> No.35673641

Fuck. Left the first one incomplete. Anyway the whole thing was "but not before leaving some automatic firing danmaku because it was funny".
Also I guess writing these down made my brain feel inspired, because I just had another. It was somewhat inspired by Border of Extacy. In fact, I could hear it during the dream. It was just a sequence of weird imagery, most of which I can't remember, but I do remember one specific moment where Reisen beats up the viewer with boxing gloves.

>> No.35674312

Hopefuly those are just nightmares and not visions of the future

>> No.35676620

Had a dream mildly related to touhou last night, mainly the dream was about me protecting a town and most importantly its mayor from various versions of Freddy Fasbear, at one point in the dream I had to see the help of "The Tengu of the Mountain" which was just 2 dozen or so identical iterations of Aya.

>> No.35676634


>> No.35677777

So you mean that all Tengu look the same?

>> No.35678392

No, it was literally just Aya but around 2 dozen of her.

>> No.35678821

>t 2 dozen or so identical iterations of Aya.
sounds like a nightmare.

>> No.35681441

>became a youkai (Yuuka) as punishment for disrespecting Shikieiki.
Sounds like a deal Fortune Teller missed out on.

>> No.35681503

>t 2 dozen or so identical iterations of Aya.
sounds like heaven

>> No.35681523

Sounds like a Dark Souls boss. "The Tengu of the Mountain" would even fit as a name.

>> No.35682413
File: 202 KB, 850x1190, doremy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quite a few people have been blessed by Doremy so far it seems.

>> No.35682589

There is an actual boss named Tengu of something in Sekiro, their japanese game

>> No.35683299

I think so; I don’t recall why we were fighting but I definitely did a lot of damage

>> No.35683513
File: 229 KB, 545x800, phantasmyuuka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yesterday I pitched a batch of homemade herbal mead, the flowers and herbs for which I foraged by myself in a nearby meadow.

On that same night I had a dream where I woke up in a sunflower field. Shortly after getting my wits about me I was grabbed by someone and pulled aside. That someone was Yuuka, who began chastising me for picking her flowers without permission, while squeezing my shoulder so hard that I thought she'd break it. I don't remember her exact words, but at the end of her speech she told me that the only reason she's willing to spare me is that I'm using said flowers for something more than temporary decorations and because I took care not to destroy the plants themselves while picking, so they'll be able to regrow despite the "injuries". Strangely enough, I didn't feel any fear throughout this entire ordeal, a fact which she noticed.

Afterwards she softened up and invited me for tea. I attempted to refuse and got told it wasn't an option. During tea time she asked for my name and was surprised that I already knew hers. I can't recall any other details from the conversation, except I noticed that the tea we were drinking was made from the same herbs that I used for my mead (St. John's wort, dandelions, linden blossom and cowslip primrose). After we finished our tea, Yuuka lead me out of the field and waved goodbye. I woke up immediately after.

Really hope the mead turns out decent.

>> No.35683660

dreamt udongein and kyo from dir en grey were fighting at a gas station with farron greatswords, udon makes a great lunge, stabs the dagger down near him and cleaves him with the sword, spins around and cleaves him again while he's still reeling, then spins around and cleaves him once more, leaving him nearly dead, he runs for his life, up this nearby slide, she chases him down, grabs him and decapitates him, kyo's face had a shuddering look of horror and she said "oh please, after all the hundreds of people you've beheaded" as he died another dead him appeared beside him, think it was his astral self or something
also once dreamt dir en grey were performing touhou arrange, think it was ran's theme, think there was even pictures of her on the drums, I'd fucking kill to see this

>> No.35684222

I was playing VR touhou souls with ZUN and random guy as my white phantoms against a SDM boss, the boss starts with sakuya remilia and flan, whoever you leave last becomes the boss, we left flan and it skipped to outside the manor, except the manor was really high up and had an insanely long staircase which flan slowly walked down towards us, me and ZUN watch this and knock back some beer, eventually she reaches the bottom and it begins, I go up to her and she does a quick little twirl with a small bloody scythe(looks like matyr logarius's kind of blood effects) which instakilled me, so ZUN let her come up and kill him the same way and so did the other guy, took off the VR set and random dude was vomiting and I give him some wry remark and he responded bitterly

remilia had been gifted teeth by satan, they were so sharp her whole mouth was inflamed and she was constantly pissed off, though she was proud of them, at one point go on this boat with three thrones, the middle throne was reserved for ZUN, the left one had remi on it and I was sitting with her, ZUN shows up and says to me "a certain plumber(mario) is going to need his brother to save him" later was with remi and I go off to find a present for her at a little marketplace and ask what a vampire likes and they say tarantula bars are their favourite, so I bring back several of those, she gets excited and scarfs them down and belches loudly, one of the nearby girls says "yeah lets all just pretend that was elegant"

once possessed a ZUN sword, was stalking through a bloodborne forest looking for silverbeasts to slay but fell into a crevasse, in another dream I once possessed a touhou sword which became more powerful along with the glory of the touhou series

once came across ZUN walking home with some scattered others on a road and I drive by on a motorcycle blasting ACDC or something and wheelie past him then speed off on a side-road, then think about practicing drawing hiragana with wheelies

>> No.35687388

>drawing hiragana with wheelies

Sounds pretty rad

>> No.35690346

Your dreams are wonderfully disjointed and yet have some interesting bits and pieces. You should consider putting them together into coherent stories. I'd read them.

>> No.35691874

But not me.

>> No.35694667

thats nice anon

>> No.35695381

I remember having this old dream about Seiga stalking someone. For whatever reason i don't know maybe she wanted to turn them into jiangshi or something. but the part that stood out the most is when she violently twisted off some guy's cock.

Another more recent dream I had about Seiga involved Finn & Jake somehow making their way into the gensokyo. With Finn punching Seiga so hard that she falls to the ground unconscious. Miko then shows up an saying "what the fuck", and scolds Finn for punching the daylights out of her teacher.

>> No.35695459

knew I was missing a ZUN dream, dreamt I was with yukari, youmu, reimu and maybe one or two others, a technological tower(looked like gintama's terminal) rose out of the ground and many cannons came out of its sides and shot masters sparks straight down, rending the earth apart into floating debris, though we were scattered and floating about we were pulled through the air by yukari and we were gathered once more before berserk's dwarf blacksmith, he told youmu he'd make something for her and she said "anything with a blade!" and he made a bio-blade axe(looked like dragonslayer's axe if it had green poison constantly dripping off it, had bloodborne stats, like 120 regular and 80 poison(not status effect but a damage type)) he handed it to her and she immediately flew into a flurry at yukari who effortlessly dodged without even moving from the spot, we were preparing for something, to go to the moon? reimu was making a lucky tewi charm while yukari was looking very pensive which was cute so I hugged her, finally things turned into a manga where me and the 2hus had joined hands in a chain and were rising out of the left page and desperately reaching out to the ZUN who was on the right
also today dreamt yuuka had fused with hata and udon? youmu? to become unstoppable, cause she had 50 lives.
yeah these comma-filled recalls are pretty shitty what can I say

>> No.35698376

I didn't mean to discourage you. I actually enjoy reading these.

>> No.35700675 [DELETED] 

I was at a school, in one room was yuuka but she had a whole bunch of people gathered so I wasn't interested, I floated between walls to the class next door where seiga was alone but a damn lone kid was about to enter and I just had to stop something that lucky from happening, I put a seal on the door and the kid tried the handle but couldn't get in, seiga went over and I was following behind her like a ghost whispering in her ear "using the hairpick is cheating" but she went and used it anyway and gave the kid a kiss through the hole in the door and I said he was surely the luckiest person in the world at the moment while I floated off towards yuuka's class in defeat

at an assembly where test results were being handed out, I was sitting next to youmu and the teacher comes to me and hands me a test with her name on it and asks if its my idea of a prank and I check it and it has youmu's name on it and the answers were irrelevant to the questions, she wrote 6 4 9? which she said had cosmic significance(like tesla I suppose) and other random stuff, this teacher had had high expectations of her for some reason, so after she finds out its really hers she slumped her shoulders and dejectedly walked back to the podium whilst this played https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZGlaAxB7nI also later on I entered her numbers into an alien meteorite safe which opened it

>> No.35700812 [DELETED] 

I was at a school, in one room was yuuka but she had a whole bunch of people gathered so I wasn't interested, I floated between walls to the class next door where seiga was alone but a damn lone kid was about to enter and I just had to stop something that lucky from happening, I put a seal on the door and the kid tried the handle but couldn't get in, seiga went over and I was following behind her like a ghost whispering in her ear "using the hairpick is cheating" but she went and used it anyway and gave the kid a kiss through the hole in the door and I said he was surely the luckiest person in the world at the moment while I floated off towards yuuka's class in defeat

at an assembly where test results were being handed out, I was sitting next to youmu when the teacher comes to me and hands me a test with her name on it asking if its my idea of a prank, I check it and it has youmu's name on it, the answers were irrelevant to the questions, she wrote 6 4 9? which she said had cosmic significance(like tesla I suppose) and other random stuff, this teacher had had high expectations of her for some reason, so after she finds out its really hers she slumped her shoulders and dejectedly walked back to the podium whilst this played https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZGlaAxB7nI [Embed] also later on I entered her numbers into an alien meteorite safe which opened it

>> No.35700855

I was at a school, in one room was yuuka but she had a whole bunch of people gathered so I wasn't interested, I floated between walls to the class next door where seiga was alone but a damn lone kid was about to enter and I just had to stop something that lucky from happening, I put a seal on the door and the kid tried the handle but couldn't get in, seiga went over and I was following behind her like a ghost whispering in her ear "using the hairpick is cheating" but she went and used it anyway and gave the kid a kiss through the hole in the door and I said he was surely the luckiest person in the world at the moment while I floated off towards yuuka's class in defeat

at an assembly where test results were being handed out, I was sitting next to youmu when the teacher comes to me and hands me a test with her name on it asking if its my idea of a prank, I check it and it has youmu's name on it, the answers were irrelevant to the questions, she wrote 6 4 9? which she said had cosmic significance(like tesla I suppose) and other random stuff, this teacher had had high expectations of her for some reason, so after she finds out its really hers she slumped her shoulders and dejectedly walked back to the podium whilst this played https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZGlaAxB7nI [Embed] also later on I entered her numbers into an alien meteorite safe which opened it

>> No.35700878 [DELETED] 

fuck me I swear I deleted the [embed] this time, oh well who cares about that or if a sentence has 6 fucking "ands" in it

>> No.35701825

What was in the safe?

>> No.35701901

I think Doremy hates me

>> No.35702036

Why would she hate you?

>> No.35702913

dreamt I was at an event, at a school hall people were gathered and it was streamed on youtube, laomoto khan was there, perhaps the organiser, various shows were made though only two I remember are me playing danmaku with yukari dodging her nons, and eternity cirno and lily representing the seasons, with autumn missing likely inspired by https://exhentai.org/g/1737401/392cf6c39a/
don't remember, think maybe some papers. I had also been sexually harassing this tall alien girl before that but she eventually managed to escape my pressure

>> No.35705405

Almost every dream I have is a nightmare. Never any good dreams, just dreams about my horrible past and dreams where I'm taken advantage of and beaten.

>> No.35705611

Are they at least 2hu related nightmares?

>> No.35706236

Try nofap to increase your chances of wet dreams. Those are usually pleasant.

>> No.35708017

>"The Tengu of the Mountain" would even fit as a name.
Yeah, it would, but the last Aya would have to be Megumu.

>> No.35710252

>Try nofap to increase your chances of wet dreams.
That doesn't work

>> No.35710568

What a shame. I guess you'll be stuck with nightmares forever.

>> No.35710571

I was once hounded by a dark cloud in a dream and it say I'd be enslaved to these pieces of fucking shit I know(and have dreamt a thousand shitty dreams of) for all eternity and I said it was full of shit and that my goddesses would save me and I rattled off their names but the only name that had any effect was Hecatia, I sang Hecatia whilst spinning around and round, transported from the shitty room to beautiful vistas, sunsets over lakes and forests
also yukari once said to me "can't escape this room until you realise the truth" so perhaps your dreams want you realise some bullshit piece of shit truth that's worth tormenting your fucking soul over
the universe only exists for our suffering anyway

>> No.35711631

No dreams yet.

>> No.35712283
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It's pretty impressive how this thread survived the spam, I was slightly hoping that it archives so I could just write the pastebin on the next thread. But I need to show my gratitude, so I will post it at midnight in a few hours, please wait warmly until then.

>> No.35712549

Well, I kept bumping it when it reached page 10, other anons also helped.

>> No.35716554


>> No.35718119
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>> No.35720979

It's been almost 12 hours, anon. Are you still here or did some sinister lovecraftian abomination whisk you away to the land of dream?

>> No.35724261

It was something like that. I figured that I would have a better chance at remembering the details of the dreams once I go to sleep, as I was already halfway through the pastebin. Hopefully this is the last time I bump the thread before the pastebin, I'll probably finish in a few hours, big emphasis on the few.

>> No.35726164

I rushed it too much because I lost the original.

>> No.35726583

>Being Koishi
I'd like to hear more about this one if possible

>> No.35732745

Pretty fun read. Does the writing reflect the actual experience or did you edit it for coherence?

>> No.35733635

They'll come someday

>> No.35735276

This thread still lives? Anyways, I had a quite unusual dream, but it stayed with me so i am staying up late to share it ITT.

The dream begins in an apartment block stairway. I rise from the floor and take in my surroundings. There are dead people everywhere.
I approach them when suddenly one of the corpses rises and attacks me, so i enter a hallway and slam the door shut. All i did was lock myself in with more zombies, who thankfully were still sitting, unaware.
I spy a screwdriver and carefully move towards it, but my movement catches some attention and one shambles towards me, so i stab him repeatedly with the screwdriver. Another one comes, so i pick up a wrench and bash its head in. I fight myself through the rooms this way, until i find a polymer AK-pattern rifle in a safe (probably an AK101).
I rifle through the rest of the stash for more rifles, finding a pistol and an uniform complete with gear.
Equipped, i proceed to the rooftops, but a helicopter lands on it nearby. I was trying to wave at them but they started shooting me, so i bolt down the stairs and out of the door. A squad of 5 chases me out into a field. I am running, occasionally diving and firing at their position but i cant seem to hit anything. They chase me to a wall made entirely of trees when i feel a monstrous presence just up ahead.
I drop in a small ditch, frozen with fear, stuck between those soldiers and whatever the fuck that was. I jump up and try to scale some of the thicker branches on the tree wall but my gear is too heavy so it drags me down, and one of them magdumped in my general direction while i attempted climbing.
I fall back down and think of a plan, getting the genius idea to bait the monster into the soldiers and escaping while they tear eachother to shreds. I run towards it, shoot my gun, drop everything i carry and jump on a branch.
I see a brown blur and hear rapid gunshots, but nothing impacts near me. Nearly naked now i can easily reach up and when my fingers touched the top of the wall all i felt was a sensation of falling.
I drop down in the courtyard of a ruined castle at night. There was some sparse lighting from a lantern near a well.
I go near the well and notice two odd stones, one is cubic and the other oval.
I touch the oval one and turn it, opening a door into the ground.
I drop down into the hole and find Momiji and Aya, playing some random game on a console.
The room was pitch black except for the light of the screen, the ceiling low and they were laying on the floor, wearing nothing but boxers and shirts.
I squeeze myself between them and drink and play with them. Very drunk, i see Momiji's tail flicking around and try to grab it, falling face first into her ass. She yelps a bit but then removes her clothes and pushes up against me. I nebulously remember a lot of sex and Aya joining in too, but i switch back to Momiji.
At the end i also noted that Nitori was in the corner fixing something and Yukari opening the entrance and looking down.
That dream felt amazing, the afterglow of it lasted through the entire day when i woke up. Just remembering it i came a little.
I hope to get another one like it, maybe a bit less sex and more interaction, and drop the beign chased by mutants/paramilitary part.

>> No.35738347

Sounds like a sequence from a 90s boomer shooter. Fucking awesome.

>> No.35739569
File: 69 KB, 600x687, F91C5BAB-0778-497B-9A06-B2922DD90E9D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Me getting raped by sanae that is all

>> No.35741282

How did it feel?

>> No.35746106

bags of salty coins

>> No.35746216

When was the last time you have played dayz?

>> No.35748622
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Which 2hu scenario would you like to see in a dream if you could choose?

>> No.35753746

How does that feel?

>> No.35755486

>Sleep paralysis and a dead Yuyuko in my closet

>> No.35755664

I follow flying Marisa, then she notice me and get me from behind

>> No.35755746

> Hey you, you finally awake. You were trying to cross Gensokyo border, right? Walked right into that youkai ambush, same as us, and that nerd over there

>> No.35757562

She's busy with me.

>> No.35760652

A happy life with them. Never wake up from the dream.

>> No.35762509

Me raping sanae that is all.

>> No.35765988

"Get" as in beat up or something else?

>> No.35767786

probably being shot at with danmaku

>> No.35771423
File: 180 KB, 850x1322, yuukadance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The closest I've got was seeing a quick scene of myself dancing with Yuuka, while Skalds and Shadows by Blind Guardian (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QPq041UhkQ) played in the background.

>> No.35774444

>blind guardian
good taste

>> No.35779467

Thanks. Good numbers.

>> No.35779742

clearing your mind will help you more than not fapping.

>> No.35785389

So you'd suggest meditation?

>> No.35787073

Which one in particular?

>> No.35788294

hard choice, i like all of the girls, except seiga and joon.

>> No.35790120

Yes, at least before sleeping and afte waking up

>> No.35792944

yeah, or just going over light hearted stuff before going to sleep. that could also help.

>> No.35798680

Would playing 2hu help?

>> No.35802246

can't you report him for hateful tweets since he's posting stuff from here specifically for people to laugh at it

>> No.35806730

I'd say ignore him

>> No.35808208

I know that it's been some time, but can your ISP actually give out your info to some rando? That's a little scary if you ask me.

>> No.35808234

There are ways other than ISP to get somebodies info through IP, but yes.
I think Hackeranon mentioned he got his Moms phone number and threatened him with telling her.

>> No.35815571

I had a strange one last night
Flandre and I think Sanae were at my house
Flandre was doodling and I saw she had drawn a bunch of hammer and sickle symbols
She told me she had, probably as a prank, called "those" people here
I gave her a hug and a smooch on the cheek, and she giggled
And then like 10 threatening black-clad people broke into my house, and I fought them off with a knife. One I slashed in the hand, one I stabbed in the back and another in the throat, the rest surrendered. I then started thinking about how I just mortally injured two people, and then I woke up
It was the best dream I've had in a while purely because I got to hug Flan, she felt so fragile in my arms but also so warm and soft

>> No.35815738

The anon in question used publicly available information and an ip grabber
It was just his general location but that was enough to freak the retard out iirc

>> No.35815915

house number isnt just "general location"

>> No.35815989

It is sometimes.

>> No.35816059

They gave out his exact address?

>> No.35816088

you can get it from a phone number

>> No.35819876

No, that keeps you awake. It does for me, at least. You'll have to play until mental exhaustion if you want to have an easier time sleeping. The only tradeoff is that you dream danmaku after some time passes.

>> No.35821934

Sleep from exhaustion is a bad idea. You want to be at a calm state of mind, not a stressed one.

>> No.35822069

Everything else surrounding that dream wasn't related to anything in particular in any way. I was about to go home and tap my ID on the lobby but the security was ignoring me, and I found out that there was actually a man threatening everyone with a knife and he held me from behind and told me to give him something. One of the people at the lobby told me to just give him money so he could leave, but the problem was I didn't knew where my bag was, or what my bag looks like.
I was just waiting for a chance to strike back, so I was just leading him all around the lobby, and it just happened that there was some bags from other people that I told him was mine.
He left me alone and approached the bags, but instead of running away I engaged him while his back was turned. It turns out the weapon he was threatening me with was a sharpened plastic spork with a jagged end. I could have knocked him down with a kick to the head, but my clothes wouldn't allow it, and for some reason I didn't want my clothes to be ruined even in the situation. So I had to steal the jagged plastic spork off of him and stab both his eyes out to incapacitate him. He was just screaming for a while before just dying. I remember that I felt regretful but was glad that atleast my clothes didn't tear or anything. And then I beheaded his head with the spork. More details on that next time.
Other than tying together the dreams to bridge them together, everything else is how it is.
The dream with Kaguya was just in the bunker.
Encountering Flandre and the Scarlet team took place in a nuclear apocalypse dream setting
Junko dream only took place in a tunnel. One of the locations on the 2nd dream had a tunnel on it that I passed before encountering team Scarlet.
I can't do it justice with the actual details but to sum it up I had a sort of out of body experience because I knew that I was in a sleep paralysis so I slept in my dream since there's nothing much that you can do to escape the paralysis other than relaxing and sleeping in your dream,which is the sleep paralysis.
I was still in my room, on my bed, but now I could finally move, and I wanted to go to the bathroom, so I went in and my perspective went back to my body on my bed, and I could see myself slumping infront of the bathroom door, possibly asleep. I willed my slumping body infront of the door to move again, and I was moving. I felt it was me. Everything felt normal, other than the fact that I was watching myself from my bed. It was in a second person perspective. I could feel what my standing self was doing, but I also feel like that I'm just laying on my bed. My standing self went to open my closet to find anything that could help, and there it was. A dead body wearing light blue. I would have been more focused on the intricate beauty of the clothes if it wasn't for the stench. Absolute death. I immediately closed the closet as soon as it hit me. I tried to cover my nose, but I could still smell it because of my paralyzed body on the bed. I failed to notice the 3 rat spirits that was about to attack me, they phased right through the closet door and crawled under my skin. One went on my left leg, the other 2 went for my right shoulder and arm. I could feel a very sharp pain on the respective spots while I just watch my standing self fail to struggle and get overpowered. The pain sharp enough to break me out of the paralysis, I'm not sure if I actually woke up or that was also part of the dream, but I could still feel the pain, but now its dulling.

>> No.35827889

I am standing in a raft. There is a village at the shore, filled with people and cannons.
Words carried on the wind tell me i am a tribal warrior who killed 27 before dying during a battle, on the side of the british.
The cannons fire. Shots impact around us, many hide behind their wooden shields, only to be shot through them.
We arrive, the man next to me hooks the boat and then passes a hoe, a simple farming tool, to me. He rushes onto land, i follow.
We are met by several warriors, most of them wielding clubs, axes and machetes. We push forward, crushing the first line of defense.
It looks like we are clearly winning when suddenly the fighter next to me drops, a spear inside his chest. I see a person hidden under a cloak made out of straw, with a bandaged face and a belt with countless weapons. He draws three knives and throws them at me. I manage to block one. Stumbling backwards i break into the door of a barn, right into two enemies. I swing, my hoe embedding itself into the skull of the first. The other yells, bringing his machete down at me, i block and attempt to counter but the head of the hoe catches on something. I shove him with the shaft and jab it into his face, creating enough space for me to lunge for an axe but he kicks it out of my hand and throws me on the ground. Just as he was about to finish me off the door is kicked open and the side of his head explodes. Standing there was an Englishman with Muttonchops and a Pith helmet, holding a pistol. "Keep fighting, lad!" he shouts and then exits. I pick up the axe and follow him when that man covered in straw drags me into the corner and everything fades to black.

I "wake" up in a bus. The bus is empty except for the Yama. I sit myself next to her and ask why she showed me those memories, but she tells me she didn't have anything to do with that, they were quite interesting though.
After an awkward silence i asked her what kind of music she liked, so we rode on the bus listening to music.
Then she motions that its my stop, so i get off. I entered an old house across the street and was struck by a weird feeling of familiarity. I go up some small stairs at the side and enter a room which i immediately recognize as "my" room, despite being also 100% sure that it is not my room. It had the same exact feeling as my childhood room in its collection of random things, the colors, the organized chaos.
Baffled, i sit on the bed and want to lie down, when i feel something soft. I roll off see that i almost laid on Murasa, who was lying in bed. She isn't bothered and we both go over the interesting things inside the room (it wasn't her room) until we both fall asleep ontop of eachother. I am woken by Kagerou, who is yelling at the full moon so i pick her up, tuck her in and go back to sleep, waking me up in real life.

>> No.35831175
File: 166 KB, 850x602, hanipaganda.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The 1st part sounds like a dream that I've had some time ago, except mine was actually touhou related. The details are muddy, but I dreamed that Gensokyo was under attack by hordes of lovecraftian abominations coming from outer space and all 2hus had to join forces in its defense.

>> No.35831661

I've had a 5 2hu dreams in the last year and a half, but sadly i don't remember a lot about them.The first one I recall that I was hanging out with Sanae, I don't remember what we were doing, and in that same dream Yukari gave me a hug. On the second and third one I only remember that Kaguya was involved, on the second one I remember that she asked me whether I was attending to a party of sorts on june 19th specifically, I don't know what happens at that day. The fourth one I recall that I had a stand for whatever reason, and Flan and I teamed up for something, Flan gave me a hug in that dream and I started crying as soon as she gave me the hug. The fifth one happened a few days ago and I only recall that I cuddled with Yukari on that dream. Sadly I didn't take any notes when I woke up from the dreams. Hopefully I can remember future 2hu dreams in more detail.

>> No.35834688

Whose hug felt better - Flan's or Yukarin's?

>> No.35839346

Yukari's hug felt nicer, but Flan's hug felt really nice as well.

>> No.35842420

Off to sleep, hope i get a nice dream again!

>> No.35842595

How were they different?

>> No.35842645

I don't remember the exact details of the hugs. Flan's hug happened while we were standing up while Yukari's hug happened while we were on a bed of sorts, so Yukari's was more of like a cuddle.

>> No.35844207

Finally had a touhou dream for the first time in a few years.

>> No.35844529

What was it about?

>> No.35845677

Did you get any nice ones?

>> No.35846040

I dreamt i watched a fully hand-drawn animated Movie about Yuuka.
The credits were gorgeous.

>> No.35847936

As in stylized letters or something else?

>> No.35850670

it was an animation of yuuka walking down a path with the background and her outfit changing between weather and seasons

>> No.35853646

I wish I coud properly sleep and have dreams...

>> No.35854300
File: 167 KB, 850x956, summeryuuka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you remember the details of her outfits?

>> No.35855994

>You want to be at a calm state of mind, not a stressed one.
How is it stressful? If you get enough hours of sleep, you should be fine.

>> No.35857189

congrats man.
what happened?

>> No.35857752

Sleeping under stress will have a negative impact on your dreams, which exhaustion generally is

>> No.35861656

What kind of negative impact? Awesome heavy metal nightmares or no dreams at all?

>> No.35861822

NREM sleep often means vile revolting reflections of reality
to me anyways

>> No.35862112

i dreamed i was liquid snake in a wheelchair being pushed around by marisa in some mental hospital or something. reminded me of silent hil.l

>> No.35862340


>> No.35865388

Sleep from exhaustion usually means no dreams for me, except one time when I've had a 2hu nightmare of sorts - I was cycling through my neighborhood when suddenly Marisa rushed straight at me from around a corner while yelling "Give me back my mushrooms". This sounds pretty funny in hindsight, but I do remember a feeling of dread.

>> No.35865388,1 [INTERNAL] 

It is done. Stretch Goal. Tuber thread now oldest on /jp/.

>> No.35865388,2 [INTERNAL] 


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