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I want to fuck the dog

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What the fuck is this shit Pekor playing

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Minato Aqua Cup 1500m dirt


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watch suityan

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I love Aqua!

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>Live action full voiced RPG

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Anyone else hyped for full version!?

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smoll miosha!

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Will matuli ever get to fuck Hoshikawa?

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

- Miko's superchat reading now https://youtu.be/s3dqPhW2QoI
- Listen to Mikochi ga Yatte Kitta Zo~tsu cover song https://youtu.be/K57XcDsUl6A

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Aqua actually won at horse racing some months ago

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nye tte nani?

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>smart falcon's child is in

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>Wow Pekora senpai has a Twitch account now? I wonder if another Holo has one waiting too...

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The kusoge to surpass the kusoness ever

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lots of cute mikos in the cover

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>Sora and some literal who

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Name this group

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Oh god I'm in love with Nene and I can't handle it

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<span class="sjis">hey man[/spoiler]

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debi and the whos

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Watch the Minato Aqua cup!!!!

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Miko is so cute it's unfair, other holos pale in comparison

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>hasn't won a race in a while

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tanlines matsuri...

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let nene handle that for you

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This but Aqua

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minato akwa hai.....

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Stop falseflagging

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Same here...

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>people unironically watching horse racing

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Miko thread, post Mikos!

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meido in dream.........

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not enough pubes

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This, but unironically.

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Aqua in Dream

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>be Miko
>do anything and everything just for numbers
>still cannot dream of even touching Pekora who's just playing garbage
How do 35p justify this?

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Post Luna cameo please

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Jokes on you, I'm watching chocoten and that indog.

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Believe in the power of Maids!

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In another timeline holos are casting F1 races like that one indie

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Post all the Mikos.

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Since everyone is asking, Korone... has officially lost her position as the most subbed JP holo to Pekora. It's truly unfortunate since that is the only thing left that differentiated her from the other heavy hitters in hololive. She quite literally has nothing left to show now. I don't know what to feel anymore.

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Choose your weapon /hlg/

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choco sensei is so cute I love her gachi that she always says

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Siro is retarded

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Horse racing was already popular in Japan

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This feels like the sort of collabs you would see back in 2019

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Guys, matuli is depressed again...next time she has a stream, I think she would really love it if you dropped by for a little while and gave her a view. She really loves her gachikoi


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Why are they making aqua gamble?
She's only 5...

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What the FUCK is this kusoge

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>A fucking lighter

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We need a GYARI holo

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Nothing to justify since Miko is only second to Pekora.

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Pecker what the FUCK are you playing.

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Yuyu Kraj has Marvelous Sunday pedigree

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Okite Okite

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Stop falseflagging

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I love Choco but I don't know if I could sit through an id stream

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Elite Luna piano cameo

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No friend only husband

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trapping towa in my basement with augmented reality!

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>+14 kg


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I love her too!
( ^)o(^ )b

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When does the race fucking start?

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>I don't know what to feel anymore.
You've been shitposting for 4 months. I'd hope you're feeling bored.

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Reine is well behaved

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Just need NND bullet comment on Nene's stream and it will be perfect

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One of the best-made RPG maker games I've seen desu

>> No.35558008

It's surprisingly tolerable, at least while indog uses japanese.

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>400+ kg of pure muscle
no wonder these girls love horses so much

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oh shit you're right

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That was really cool. I want Luna to do some of those licks, but she'll probably break her wrists.

>> No.35558015

Wait, that was it?

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Holy shit none of them ever played Mario party except suisei?

>> No.35558018

has choco done her body inspection thing with the questions and such together with reine? I'd like to see how she reacts to overly sexual choco

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spot the fattie

>> No.35558021

You won't forgot Towa...will you?

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>announcer saying "Minato Aqua Hai"


>> No.35558025

>Three turns
>Same spot

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Meido is fat...

>> No.35558030

Wait did I hear this right and this is literally a "Minato Aqua Cup"?
What the fuck?

>> No.35558031

>flame 3
>picture of a stove
This fucking game

>> No.35558032

>used tissue

>> No.35558034

Hearing vtuber names announced professionally is really amusing for some reason

>> No.35558035

I'm basically property of the sheep, but since you asked nicely, sure.

>> No.35558036

Even Aqua commented about its weight...

>> No.35558037

There, in the lower right corner, with the dumb cat ears and fat cheeks

>> No.35558038

How did they got Pekora to play this shit?

>> No.35558040

Meido in dream kitaaaaaaaaa

>> No.35558041

>male voice in Aqua's stream

>> No.35558042

The protagonist!

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Alright, now this rpg maker game is actually funny.
Reminds me of 2005 Newgrounds stuff.

>> No.35558047

>Miko does horse betting
>can't show the race
>Aqua does horse betting
>shows the race on the screen
Kneel to the protagonist of Hololive

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>> No.35558049

It is.
She's an official shill of this season so they named a tournament in her honor.

>> No.35558050

Who gives names to the horses? some of it sounds really stupid

>> No.35558051

Where have you been the past month?

>> No.35558054

choco sensei tsuyoi!

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Watame already has the real Towa right up next to Haachama.

>> No.35558058

It's so surreal

>> No.35558059

It’s part of the event where she‘ll have a Live

>> No.35558060

fuck hololo

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>> No.35558062

So who's shilling who in this?

>> No.35558063

Retard... The ones holos bet are JRA races which are licensed to televise. Meanwhile this one is just a local horse race.

>> No.35558066

How come Aqua gets all these huge sponsorships when she never streams?
First Red Bull, now Horse Racing, what's next?

>> No.35558068

God damn horses are just so royal looking even just walking

>> No.35558069

>Who gives names to the horses?

>> No.35558070

Aqua is monkey.

>> No.35558071

Horse owners obviously. No same horse names are allowed

That's why it tends to get whacky

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>> No.35558076

Suisei keeps flirting with Toko...

>> No.35558079

aqua has fat milkers

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>> No.35558082

time to stalk matsuri since she announced she's out

>> No.35558084

both, aqua is exposing vtuber audience to horse racing, gamblers are getting exposed to aqua and hololive

>> No.35558085

>> No.35558086

God imagine a half-ton horse crushing you after her horse pussy crushes your dick

>> No.35558087

>another fucking shill stream
Aqua been on a fucking roll since she came back a month ago.

>> No.35558088

148 kilos might be a lot, but not next to something that weighs half a ton, anon

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>> No.35558092

It's a sponsorship.
They are using Aqua to advertise horse racing to try and get younger people into it.
Aside from this Minato Aqua Cup and them using her likeness in their advertisements she is doing a concert for this season's finals too.

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>> No.35558094

That’s why she isn’t streaming, you fucking mongoloid nigger.

>> No.35558095

You forgot the anime ED.

>> No.35558096

She's the protagonist of Hololive.

>> No.35558097

We should introduce shion to keiba ojitans...

>> No.35558098

Manjigumi powers.

>> No.35558100

Sorry fellow 35p, I don't think it was good.

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>> No.35558103

Meido in dream please win

>> No.35558105

Can you blame her?

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>> No.35558107

>part of lots of huge projects
>doesn't stream for hours every single day
I can't help but feel there's a correlation there but I can't quite put my finger on it.

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>> No.35558110

this game has weird graphics

>> No.35558111

Yeah it kinda sounds ridiculous, like TV shows talking about youtubers all formal and serious and they use the channel name that's like xXXxFATFUCKxXXx

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>> No.35558112

Thank you.

>> No.35558113

I don't want to do anything lewd to Nene. I just want to drink a cup of her armpit water. It is a holy elixir of life that will grant you incredible health and well-beinf for the rest of your life

>> No.35558114

If Aqua gets to broadcast horse racing, I hope Korone ends up doing the same for baseball too

>> No.35558116

local nip horse race ikuzooooooooooooo

>> No.35558117

Power of the nakama...

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>> No.35558120

Yes, adultery is immoral, they should criminalize it again

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>> No.35558124

holy shit, if horses weigh that much, how large are the trucks that people use to transport them around?
are all uma musume canonically fat?
doesn't this mean that holos are spending thousands of yen rolling for fat horses?

>> No.35558125

It’s the new Uma Musume update

>> No.35558131

sad numberfag retard

>> No.35558132

horses are pure muscle

>> No.35558134

I love how the jockeys are all Aqua-sized

>> No.35558136

All Holos are architects

>> No.35558137

Jockeys need an outfit update

>> No.35558139

Horses have extremely dense and heavy bones, like a horse bone of similar size to a human one weights literally 7x as much.
Also lots of muscle mass obviously.

>> No.35558141

What the fuck, dwarves are real?!

>> No.35558143

At least the fucking frog jockey isn't in to steal wins

>> No.35558144

Fucking lmao this game is too high effort

>> No.35558145


>> No.35558146

Wasn't there a Oozora Subaru Birthday Cup a few days ago?

>> No.35558148

>Real men on aqua stream

>> No.35558149

I'm so proud of Choco, she's improved so much
She's braver, mechanically better, makes tactical decisions, leads her team where she wants to go

>> No.35558151

>No Aqua-iro jockey
Bad race

>> No.35558152

Is that Wario?!

>> No.35558153

So Nene's new hamster is named Moka-kun.

>> No.35558154

Lemaire doesn't do well in local races apparently

>> No.35558156

Kino ending.

>> No.35558159

don't tell me lemaire's in the race....

>> No.35558160

Wario jockey?

>> No.35558162

actually kino RPG maker game

>> No.35558163

Speaking of Hololive horse racing, are there any uploads of Subaru's race? It seems pretty hardcore.

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>> No.35558167

Can't have tall/fat people slowing down the horse.
Making kids ride the horses would be ideal but...

>> No.35558169

So this is the power of the shill of hololive...

>> No.35558171

towa love nene

>> No.35558172

>minato aqua hai

>> No.35558175

Good kusoge. I learned the meaning of えっちらおっちら

>> No.35558176


>> No.35558178

I want Sodashi to be endorsed by hololive

>> No.35558179

only locals care about races that don't belong to the JRA, same reason why the they only have dirt races, only weak horses run in dirt

>> No.35558180

I will never forget Towa...

>> No.35558181


>> No.35558183

Nintendo fix your servers....
Suisei was suppose to win that...

>> No.35558184

He's not in the race

>> No.35558185

Nintendo you fucks.

>> No.35558187

nice one here

>> No.35558188

I hope Maid in Dream wins

>> No.35558190


>> No.35558191

what do you mean? horses are big

>> No.35558192

Is pop-chan dead or what? it's been a while since I last saw her

>> No.35558193

i love towa... maybe

>> No.35558194

Somehow I saw one man standing at the top of horse number nine

>> No.35558195


>> No.35558196


>> No.35558198

>Making kids ride the horses would be ideal
Okay Huey

>> No.35558199

It's been 308 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern and encouragement she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now she's able to think positively and stay motivated to work on her album, merch and in the new design of her live2D model.

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


>> No.35558200

Yes, they're called Japanese.

>> No.35558203

...shame about her sentinel skills

>> No.35558204


>> No.35558206

>> No.35558207

The girl is wearing an Aqua badge lmao

>> No.35558208

All my money on 3-7-10 三連単

>> No.35558209

>they are wearing Akua pins
this entire thing is so tacky

>> No.35558210


>Matsuri making a bunch of random tweets
>slept for 15 hours
>says she went out for the first time in forever
>planning on streaming in the middle of the night

Damn, what the hell is going on with her...

>> No.35558211


>> No.35558214


>> No.35558215

I learned the power of friendship

>> No.35558216

Fuck off with your off-topic whore, chink.

>> No.35558217

>choco collabing with ID
imagine if matsuri collabs with an ID and with choco
just imagine

>> No.35558218

Pekora wants kids....

>> No.35558219

Imagination Polka...

>> No.35558220

Miko wants to collab with George and Ame...

>> No.35558221

she's better with CR

>> No.35558222

Holos with this feel?

>> No.35558223

she has really improved compared to when she first started her apex reps. as long as she's having fun I'm happy for her

>> No.35558224


>> No.35558225


>> No.35558226

TRIO 3-2-5

>> No.35558229

Nice catch, anon.

>> No.35558230

It's not adultery if it's with woman. And Toko isn't really married.

>> No.35558231


>> No.35558232


>> No.35558233

She's fine. That just regular Matsuri.

>> No.35558234

Pop-chan has been rebranded, don't believe Noel's lies, there is only one hamster

>> No.35558235


>> No.35558237


>> No.35558238

Matsuri was the same when she started...

>> No.35558240

>yes you have to wear this pin during the race
imagine the jockey's reaction

>> No.35558242

Time to watch Aqua

>> No.35558243

A young woman slept for 15 hours? Damn

>> No.35558244

Yuul B. Alwright

>> No.35558245

that's a ceremonial horse

>> No.35558246


>> No.35558247

damn that indog can't stop talking about her stupid language...

>> No.35558248

I miss Towa...

>> No.35558249

Wait uma musume means horse daugther?

>> No.35558250



>> No.35558252

please umachads come back to the general we need you...

>> No.35558254

>> No.35558255

Ore no Rummy...

>> No.35558256

It's just for the show horses. The actual participants don't have one.
There's very strict regulations for what they are allowed to wear and pins/badges like that would be a health hazard if they fall.

>> No.35558257


>> No.35558258

anon your reps...

>> No.35558259

It can also just mean girl.

>> No.35558260


>> No.35558261

my cute wife on the left!

>> No.35558262


>> No.35558263

It's literally a "horse girl".

>> No.35558265

keep saying MEIDORINDORIMU its entertaining

>> No.35558267

>> No.35558268

mang Aqua's horse race does not have much soul compare to Tatsunoko's

>> No.35558269


>> No.35558270

Horse wife

>> No.35558271


>> No.35558272

She's pregnant

>> No.35558273

I'm glad someone picked it up haha

>> No.35558274


>> No.35558275

Why are the horses' names so silly anyway?

>> No.35558278

>> No.35558279

Why does she keep acting so surprised about every little thing?
Did they not clarify and talk through where and how she would be featured?

>> No.35558282

It's comfier when it's near-dead.

>> No.35558283


>> No.35558285

No name is allowed to be used two times

>> No.35558287

There's also the chance she forgot because it's aqua

>> No.35558288

goldfish brain, please understand

>> No.35558289

hoof hearted...

>> No.35558290

Ojou doko?

>> No.35558291



>> No.35558293

Miko just confirmed Flare is her mom and Polka her sister, at least in minecraft

>> No.35558294

Why does Aqua keep talking about laces?

>> No.35558295

Do Sora and AZKi flirt when they collab?

>> No.35558296


>> No.35558297

The don don don

>> No.35558298

>dreamt that rushia killed my family and abducted me while I was the doctor's office for a checkup and she kept saying "You WILL never leave me"
Please stop it rusher... you're reigniting my mental illness and possibly giving me schizophrenia

>> No.35558299


>> No.35558300

under my table

>> No.35558301

She’s one of the jockeys

>> No.35558303

Lord Oden and 9 scabbards

>> No.35558304

Speaking of horses here's a dead rrat I found mucking out at the stables today.

>> No.35558306



>> No.35558307


>> No.35558309

I am tired of this, what are the new numbers numberfags should be looking for?

>> No.35558310

That rrat is aqua being chinese empress

>> No.35558312

Setting up her new place

>> No.35558313


>> No.35558314

Is it easy for somebody to give a horserace name?

>> No.35558315


>> No.35558316


>> No.35558317

the japanese has a fetish for western words

>> No.35558320


>> No.35558321

Because they need to name 4k new horses every month.

>> No.35558322

Why do I find every single image of hers arousing?

>> No.35558323


>> No.35558324

>> No.35558326

bery ogey

>> No.35558327

>They fixed it

>> No.35558330

Miko wants to be sandwiched between Noel and Flare

>> No.35558332

Imagine being an autistic girl from the countryside and in the span of 2-3 years you become so famous you now have a horse race with your name and everything revolves around you. That’s why.

>> No.35558335

Horse racing is for retards. It is very obviously rigged.

>> No.35558336


>> No.35558338

I-I'm stroking sora...

>> No.35558340

hahahaha holy fuck this aqua cup is insane

>> No.35558341

wew taht's a pretty short track

>> No.35558342


>> No.35558343

Nene's English comprehension has vastly improved since her debut. It's almost scary

>> No.35558344

Just sponsor the race and you get to name it.

>> No.35558345

First time watching a horse race, what am I in for?

>> No.35558346

The only good poster in these threads, thanks for your contribution.

>> No.35558347

Accept nene's apology

>> No.35558348

>151 apex packs
what the fuck choco open those up

>> No.35558351


>> No.35558353

No really, there's so many small things that add up about her performance it's a joy to watch, she understands how sound works and judges her opponents position based on them, never stands still while reloading, knows how to use the environment to evade her opponents, uses gibs shield well
It's crazy how much she improved in a few weeks
If she played apex when other holos started she would have been one of the better ones

>> No.35558354

Sora is judging me...

>> No.35558355

Sometimes I forgot about sponsorship. Maybe I think about something big companies rather than some vtubers

>> No.35558356


>> No.35558357


>> No.35558358

kawasaki keiba...

>> No.35558359


>> No.35558362


>> No.35558363

It means she might read my message again

>> No.35558364

Horses will run really fust in a circuit until they reach the goal, winner's horse gets to have some hot steamy action with the loser's jockey.

>> No.35558365


>> No.35558366

Aqua's reactions are literally "look mom I'm on TV"-tier

>> No.35558367


>> No.35558369

The End

>> No.35558370

why are horses assholes

>> No.35558371


>> No.35558373

Aqua is so giggly today
It's so fucking cute

>> No.35558374

>> No.35558375


>> No.35558378


>> No.35558382

Hahahaha fatty horse

>> No.35558383


>> No.35558386

I volunteer as Pekora's pet

>> No.35558387

So why is there a Minato Akua horse race?

>> No.35558388


>> No.35558390


>> No.35558393

>20k viewers
Aqua, I kneel.

>> No.35558394

Watane Kanata gap getting smaller
Lamy Nene gap getting smaller

>> No.35558395

Meido in dream brehs......

>> No.35558396


>> No.35558397


>> No.35558398

fat fuck meidorindorimu...

>> No.35558399

Ok, this is definitely rigged

>> No.35558400

minato akwa is a horse

>> No.35558401

That was very sloppy, as expected of local horse races

>> No.35558406

I can't tell if the id is trying really hard to impress Choco or she's always like this. It's very awkward

>> No.35558407

holy shit that gap between 2 and 5

>> No.35558409

Ark won?

>> No.35558412

Is it me or were those horses slow?

>> No.35558413

rushia just loves you and wants you to stay by her side always anon

>> No.35558414

Fatty horse...

>> No.35558416


>> No.35558419

This.They looked really slow.

>> No.35558420

They're local horses, they tried their best

>> No.35558421

what odds were 13?

>> No.35558422

It's just a minor race.

>> No.35558425

It's no G1

>> No.35558427


>> No.35558428

She has trouble expressing herself in Japanese and isn't very good at the game.

>> No.35558429

1:36.7 at 1500m is pretty slow. Yeah that's local horse races. Isn't the one holos usually bet which are G1 races

>> No.35558430

It looks like a local horse race. So the competition isn’t as good yet

>> No.35558432

>Miko who is a horse racer entusiast gets a Maid cafe.
>Aqua who is a maid gets a horse race event.

Yagoo you got them mixed up...

>> No.35558434


>> No.35558435

idk I think she's kinda cute tho I want to see choco pressure her sexually

>> No.35558441

Migo Daishouten soon

>> No.35558444

fuck you jitochi

>> No.35558445

brehs, I just had the same dinner as Friend...

>> No.35558446

>さくらみこ大賞典 3500m

>> No.35558447

Kek, didn't notice that until now.

>> No.35558448

I wouldn't mind giving her my soul if she asked...

>> No.35558450

Aqua is a horse racing enthusiast too

>> No.35558452

It's a local league.
The one the Holos watched and bet on on New Years is literally one of the biggest races in the world, you can't really compare the two.

>> No.35558456


>> No.35558457

Sora Love!

>> No.35558459

Raja is generous today huh?

>> No.35558463

I fucking hate jitochi!

>> No.35558468

I can't believe manechan is gonna cuck us...

>> No.35558470

She sounds ok when she's talking but she keeps making dumb one liners for no reason, like she keeps forcing herself to talk, and she responds to literally everything Choco says. I get the feeling she's trying really hard, she should relax a bit

>> No.35558471

offer her your everything and be at peace anon

>> No.35558472

This rrat is not ogey.

>> No.35558475

It's both of them really.
Choco gets incredibly absorbed in games like this to the point that she forgets to even talk for minutes at a time while Reine is both pretty bad and only has limited JP knowledge.

>> No.35558476

Any anon got a sauce for Lamy's thumbnail? It's so fraking hot.

>> No.35558477

eigo jouzu peko

>> No.35558478

yeah those 500kg horses had no chance

>> No.35558480

is he ogey?

>> No.35558482


>> No.35558483

Peko's english is so cute....

>> No.35558484


>> No.35558485

he's a rrat

>> No.35558489

Try reading the description next time.

>> No.35558490

Been out of the loop for a bit. Why are so many holos being nice about yagoo suddenly? Marine, watame, rushia, noel, Matsuri...

>> No.35558491

Isn't horse racing basically gambling? And Aqua's channel is literally set as kid content (you can't even turn on notifications for her channel). Should she really promote gambling on her channel?

>> No.35558492

That's it, I'm investing in Nene crypto

>> No.35558493

friend... stop retweeting lewd art at night...

>> No.35558494


>> No.35558496


>> No.35558497

35p bros, why do they like this little shit...

>> No.35558499

The artists name is right there

>> No.35558500

does Reine have the stamina to play 10 hours Apex with chocosen?

>> No.35558501

Yagoo is about to graduate.

>> No.35558502


>> No.35558505


>> No.35558508


>> No.35558509

>The Mask
Nice peko

>> No.35558510


>> No.35558511

>you can't even turn on notifications for her channel
You can.

>> No.35558513

>And Aqua's channel is literally set as kid content (you can't even turn on notifications for her channel)

>> No.35558516

I will...

>> No.35558517

underage pls go

>> No.35558518

Aqua... don't leave...

>> No.35558521

>lamy gives sauce for her lewd images
d-does she want me to fap to her?

>> No.35558522

It's not gambling unless you bet money on it. Otherwise all sports would be gambling.

>> No.35558523

She usually talks to her chat like you'd expect a teacher to talk to her students, from a position of authority with some serious "how do you do fellow kids" energy mixed in every now and then.

She's probably just awkward playing a game she isn't good at with someone she hasn't interacted with before while having to talk in a language she's not very comfortable in.

>> No.35558526

>> No.35558527

>> No.35558531

You can't post here if you're under 18 anon.

>> No.35558533


>> No.35558534

>Holo starts playing a game
>they don't finish it
>start another game

>> No.35558541


>> No.35558542

literally me

>> No.35558546

i won't

>> No.35558547


>> No.35558551

please stop posting pics of rushia or I will probably dream about her again...

>> No.35558555


>> No.35558557

Aqua... Skyrim... Zelda...

>> No.35558558


>> No.35558559

Henry Stickman Bros...

>> No.35558562

I can't believe pekora sent moona her worn pantsu to wear on her head

>> No.35558566

Why cant we have good shit like this

>> No.35558567


>> No.35558568

Soul singing...

>> No.35558569


>> No.35558570


>> No.35558572

Miko kek

>> No.35558573

It's stickmin bro actually...

>> No.35558574


>> No.35558576

Even though I stopped watching Haachama I still give this a listen every now and then, the sloppy guitar part really fits the song.

>> No.35558578

When the ogey hits just rrat

>> No.35558582


>> No.35558584

Project delayed

>> No.35558585

Wait, they JUST found out?

>> No.35558586

Reine is trying to talk to you Choco... please don't ignore her...

>> No.35558587

What's more satisfying to say? towa... or ogey?

>> No.35558588

Sentyou saying hamburger is cute.

>> No.35558589

Ayame doesn’t care about filthy half-bloods

>> No.35558590

Aqua saved a local racecourse from bankruptcy today

>> No.35558594

I actually want to download this for my playlist but forgot because coco stuff. Thanks, anon.

>> No.35558595

Delayed for the true Evangelion experience.

>> No.35558596

Remember when rushia went on an unironic menhera rant when she saw one of her gachkoi supporting another girl? Is she in a true parasocial relationship with fandead?

>> No.35558597

No one warned me marine is cute

>> No.35558599

Nene is Yagoo...

>> No.35558601

Its a sport that you can bet on. The betting might be a significant part of its existance but its still a competition and a sport.

Straight up gambling is something like Pachinko

>> No.35558604

Fuck you jitochi!

>> No.35558605

Aqua lost her entire life's savings betting on her meidodream today...

>> No.35558606

nah she only thinks of the money that could've gone her way

>> No.35558607

I wish I could have more dreams of rushia...

>> No.35558609

What the fuck is this thing?

>> No.35558614

Shit song, shit girl. Glad she's dead.

>> No.35558616

Based is what it is

>> No.35558617

Do Americans really only eat hambagas

>> No.35558618


>> No.35558619

Wait a minute... I remember this little shit from diary...

>> No.35558620

wait a minute why isnt leon in his police outfit

>> No.35558622

Missed the start of the stream but who is playing what character in Siro's Mario Party stream?

>> No.35558623

Surely she wouldnt mind if it was with another holo

>> No.35558624


>> No.35558626

Personally I don't really like it
I am happy that it's not ultra generic JPOP but tit's still pretty shit in my opinion
Probably just not my genre

>> No.35558627

It doesn't matter, islander chinks love her and they'll turn a blind eye.
While at the same time they'll keep harassing the only holo who openly recognized Taiwan as an independent Country. Filthy bugs.

>> No.35558629

chammy come back

>> No.35558630


>> No.35558631

I really like the part of choco sensei that focuses so hard she ignores everything else

>> No.35558636

Wrong thread

>> No.35558638


>> No.35558640

That was a very girly scream

>> No.35558641

an onahole

>> No.35558642

Anon daijoubu?

>> No.35558643

*Lamy F1 noises*

>> No.35558645

I like this song.
I don't really like her shizoshit but this song is pretty cute.

>> No.35558646

It's called pregnancy brain

>> No.35558647

I still remember the time a holo liked my tweet

>> No.35558649

>> No.35558650

She's excellent.

>> No.35558652 [SPOILER] 

5k per case
Do you take the offer?

>> No.35558654

I'll take three.

>> No.35558655

A Koala

>> No.35558656

We gave suisei to nijisanji to perform the ritual to kill Lulu

>> No.35558658


>> No.35558659

what does it do?

>> No.35558662

A Dropbear.

>> No.35558664

>1 retweet, 3 likes
Anon, explain yourself.

>> No.35558665

>marine is chrisposting

>> No.35558669

eats your dick and clears out all the food in your fridge

>> No.35558670

It's his first day

>> No.35558671

Miko recently talked with Haachama and she really misses her...

>> No.35558672

Empties your fridge

>> No.35558673

>> No.35558674

sorry I already have the perfect load out

>> No.35558676

You can just find it by browsing the art tags by latest

>> No.35558678


>> No.35558680

christcucks are getting uppity again

>> No.35558684

MiComet Love!

>> No.35558686


>> No.35558688

I love ramy noises

>> No.35558689

Something wrong with this MiComet

>> No.35558690

When is YAGOO going to buy out VSPO

>> No.35558693

Maybe he found it in one if the billion hashtags that tweet was tagged in.

>> No.35558695


>> No.35558696

I almost forgot she used to build something for akukin before joining usaken...

>> No.35558698

too big

>> No.35558699


>> No.35558700

Imagine the caliphate that Pekora could establish

>> No.35558701

>copies spambot for a joke
>doesn't even realise it was a spambot until it gets banned
I love her so much.

>> No.35558702


>> No.35558703

Which character is Suisei playing? Peach?

>> No.35558704

not big enough

>> No.35558707

Why does JP Claire's voice sound so old/deep?
It's really weird that for some reason Capcom games always have better English dubs compared to JP dubs despite being made by Japanese devs.

>> No.35558709

I want sumire...

>> No.35558710


>> No.35558712

is nene really retarded or just pretending?

>> No.35558714

Resident Evil, much like Devil May Cry, was always made with English in mind to begin with and didn't get a Japanese voice until much later.

>> No.35558716

are apex clan tags unique globally? did I play with a chuuba if I played with someone with the HOLO tag like reine has?

>> No.35558717

actually retarded but acts smart when needed

>> No.35558719

Stop making me jealous anon..

>> No.35558723


>> No.35558724

Genius and the smartest person in Hololive.

>> No.35558727

you now remember pekora telling moona to break the sign in front of her

>> No.35558728

No, it's also case sensetive iirc.

>> No.35558729

Ahh slap me more Miko!!!! ahhh!!!

>> No.35558730

I struggle to tell the difference, myself

>> No.35558732


>> No.35558734

Image raising a retard

>> No.35558737


>> No.35558739

Most of the games were outsourced or had westerners help with development like street fighter. But RE, DMC and stuff like dead rising always had english voices in mind I don't think DMC started getting dubbed in nip till around 4 or 5

>> No.35558742

I can't remember things that never happened anonchama.

>> No.35558743

Miko sent a message to Haachama what she's been doing lately, and Haachama said she's doing fine and assured her they will collab once she comes back. Chammers come back home please ;___;

>> No.35558745

Yeah, I'm talking about their modern games that has JP dubs, but their EN dub still sounds better, not sure if it's a mental thing because we're already used to their older games being English voice only.

>> No.35558746

First time it got a JP dub was 4 SE.

>> No.35558750

She's 9 years old please understand.

>> No.35558753

>tfw if Pekora ever gets to play MGR it's going to be the lifeless japanese voiceover

>> No.35558754


>> No.35558755

>> No.35558756

Kek Miko still trying to get into Haato's panties even now

>> No.35558758

>Fubu-chan the instructions all say that Fuutan is the D-word!

>> No.35558760

I've been visited by a lot of holos in my dreams but only a few holos, Rushia, Suisei, and Kanata, have actually been impactful for me since they acted like someone close to me.

And none of them are even my oshi except for suisei which I came to like her weeks after.

>> No.35558762

Too bad Coomiko isn't there to see it with her daughter...

>> No.35558763

She's 190 years old though.

>> No.35558764


>> No.35558765

Which time is it?

>> No.35558766

I admire the dedication

>> No.35558770

Why do they set twitch chat to subscribers only mode?

>> No.35558773

pukusukusu tte nani?

>> No.35558776


>> No.35558777


>> No.35558779


>> No.35558780

because it's nothing but spam otherwise

>> No.35558781

Miko is nothing but dedicated to big blonde titties.

>> No.35558782

la mao

>> No.35558783

Avoid spam

>> No.35558785 [SPOILER] 

I can't believe Ao and Sora would do this...

>> No.35558787

Miko zenloss lmaooo

>> No.35558788

>havent had a dream about lamy in months
>every time I tried to have dreams about lamy it just turns into dreaming about rushia
But lamy's my oshi...

>> No.35558789


>> No.35558795

Haachama also invited Hoshikawa out to a sports center recently. In her last member stream she was talking about seeing all her classmates talking about hanging out after class and thinking to herself how nice it must be to live without a care in the world. She sounds like she just wants to live a normal life away from vtubing.

>> No.35558797

Ah the censored version.

>> No.35558799

I'm guessing you didn't watch Miko's debut stream on there. Shit was cancer.

>> No.35558800

No one here uses the meme sound script, /vt/bro.

>> No.35558802

I'm jealous I want to dream of being close to rushia.. I've only had random dreams of choco and matsuri..

>> No.35558803

Ironically unlike DMC or RE this doesn't not apply to Metal Gear. Kojima didn't give half a shit about anyone in the English voicecast aside from that model he wanted to fuck from V. It wasn't until the celeb cameo bonanza in Death Stranding that the EN dub became primary. Snake was always Otsuka.

>> No.35558804

Where the fuck is this from?

>> No.35558807 [SPOILER] 

>Only vtuber I had a dream of was Hoshikawa
How do I get her out of my head

>> No.35558811


>> No.35558812

grubbles duh

>> No.35558813

Worse, a D*rk Elf

>> No.35558815

Granblue Fantasy

>> No.35558816

never noticed it because I always close the chat but goddamn, Miko gets a lot of Taiwanese superchats, I thought that anon who said she's the most popular holo there was just joking

>> No.35558818

haha this is the guy who drew Towa's weird reversed feet

>> No.35558820

Being cooped up inside because of lockdown will only strengthen those feelings of wanting to get outside and do things.

>> No.35558822

You don't need to hear the sounds they make anon...
Just look at what they did!

>> No.35558823

The absolute state of David hayter

>> No.35558824

At least he fixed that later...

>> No.35558829

You know, the one you put in a jar....

>> No.35558833

>play apex with randoms
>octane hot drops
>5 teams in the same zone
>both teammates downed instantly
>turn around
>gib staring at me with an 301
>valk rockets stun him and I manage to escape
>can't find a gun
>try to hide in the building
>trigger 3 gas traps at once
>barely make it out
>loba's black market picks up a gun in front of me
>bangalore found an ult accelerant, airstrike incoming
> try run away from the firefight
>barely dodge a knuckle cluster
>find a sole unopened supply box
>please be a gun please be a gun please be a gun
>open it
>see matsuri
>what the fuck is this
>bald wraith explodes my brain with a peacekeeper

>> No.35558834

You add Haato to the dream

>> No.35558835

>> No.35558841

Fuck my life, I just retweeted holoporn fanart using my personal account

>> No.35558846

Nene is learning about Eminem!

>> No.35558850

She wouldn't want to live a ''normal life'' if Cover wasn't so controlling and prevented her from streaming what she wanted.

>> No.35558851

Not much stream today.. what happens at Hololive?

>> No.35558852

Sora stream...?

>> No.35558853

>she proceeds to pleasure herself with your corpse

>> No.35558854


>> No.35558855


>> No.35558856

I hate this multiple haachama schizo shit

>> No.35558857

Which Holo?

>> No.35558858


>> No.35558860

Watame being cute as usual

>> No.35558861

Please be Lamy's asshole

>> No.35558862


>> No.35558863


>> No.35558864

Its gonna be boring as always

>> No.35558865

Now that your social life is over you can finally concentrate on importants things

>> No.35558866

Was it good porn at least

>> No.35558870


>> No.35558871

Someone just gifted subs to Miko and Watame on Pekora's channel.

>> No.35558873

did Flare leave bakatare or something? she's spending more time with Polka and Miko than Watame and FBK

>> No.35558874

Why suisei only became your oshi?

>> No.35558880

I hope it wasn't fumihiko otherwise based

>> No.35558882

But that's pre schizo Haato

>> No.35558884

>> No.35558888

It's a 2 player coop game so

>> No.35558891

>Someone gifted pekora twitch sub to miko

>> No.35558893

I want to see them sex each other but they both can only use their esl english to talk the entire time

>> No.35558895


>> No.35558896

She could try not being a creatively bankrupt lowest common denominator pandering whore. If she doesn't like the rules she can just quit. Hololive doesn't need her brand of cancer.

>> No.35558898

>these chests
Holy shit Type-A Botan. Now the one time she broke one of her chests and waited for all the crap from it to despawn makes more sense.

>> No.35558899

Why is Miko so cringe?

>> No.35558903


>> No.35558909

You can't call Hoshikawa an ESL if she spent the first 5 years of her life growing up in England.

>> No.35558911

I'm your boss anon, I saw that and wanted to tell you you have been promoted

>> No.35558913

Miko watches Pekora's streams while she is streaming, so it's like it's a big deal.

>> No.35558914


>> No.35558915

Miko is cringekino

>> No.35558916

no Marine he is not daijoubu

>> No.35558917

You have no idea how much of your motivation is killed by having your creative ideas rejected every time because you've never had a single creative idea in your life.

>> No.35558919

Nene has the greatest superchat readings in Hololive. She elevated them from a segment where the holo and the fans simply enjoy talking to each other to an art form.

>> No.35558924

not like*

>> No.35558926

I miss Kiryu Coco, guys

>> No.35558927

Dreamed of her twice
>we were playing card games until morning
>roadtrip around the countryside with her
Also started tuning in to all of her streams

>> No.35558934

>having personal a twitter account

do people really?

>> No.35558938

She reads mine, I'm happy

>> No.35558939

if she talks like esl then she is esl to me my cousin moved countries and forgot all her English and I treated her the same way I would an esl

>> No.35558940

I want a Miko imouto aaaaahhhhhhhhh

>> No.35558942

It was that easy to get a Miko imouto...

>> No.35558949

Hello anons I can't wait to drink with you this coming weekend during meme review! Who'll be the guest?

>> No.35558953

bebbi imouto?

>> No.35558957

Because the dogshit she's been putting out has been so "creative" right? Wow recycled schizo script #87 was absolutely groundbreaking wasn't it? EOP newfags like you don't get to have an opinion.

>> No.35558959


>> No.35558961

I am not a fan of corporate ships

>> No.35558963

Miko imouto daisuki chu chu chu

>> No.35558968

Pekora's Rushia moment today was good.

>> No.35558969

She's also one of the few who doesn't discriminate based on value. You can send her a blue supacha and have a decent chance of having it read

>> No.35558970

Flare is nice to everyone so she's in every group that needs people and out of them when they don't.

>> No.35558972

The greatest superchat reading is no superchat reading

>> No.35558973

Imagine if Ayame came back just to do meme reviews

>> No.35558975

Have you masturbated to Aqua today, anon?

>> No.35558977

AquShion 3d........ when....... ?.......

>> No.35558978

You guys give supacha to your oshi right?

>> No.35558979

>Hoshikawa is JSL
Bros, I feel like I'm gonna make it after all!

>> No.35558980

wait like with your actual name n shit?

>> No.35558981

It not like she has any choice. Whenever she scheduled a Minecraft stream,Polka usually will pop a guerilla frame for Minecraft out of nowhere.

>> No.35558983

Just 500 more years to go anon.

>> No.35558984


>> No.35558989

wtf they do with fish after eat it?

>> No.35558990

Graduation time anon

>> No.35558992


>> No.35558994

How does Marine get even more viewers than Pekora?

>> No.35558995

It was way more effort and thought than endless Minecraft and Apex streams

>> No.35558998

n-no but I might start now..

>> No.35558999

Thanks for that Marine

>> No.35559000


>> No.35559002

>we were playing card games until morning
>roadtrip around the countryside with her

That's a really fucking nice dream...Im jealous...

>> No.35559003

t-thanks marin...

>> No.35559006

Polka has just kind of been forcing herself into her Minecraft streams whether she wants to or not desu
Pretty much every other Minecra stream Flare is doing Polka will end up doing a guerilla, log in, and start hanging out with her nowadays
Not that that's a bad thing mind you, their interactions are really fun

>> No.35559007

How did Korone hit 15.6 quadrillion subs so fast?

>> No.35559011

only psychopaths don't have social media

>> No.35559012

>> No.35559014

I love you suichan but I just want my oshi to read my supacha and say my name so she knows how cute I think she is

>> No.35559015


>> No.35559018

no... not like this... I don't want to see anon go...

>> No.35559020

can she even voice act properly?

>> No.35559023


>> No.35559024

I love this song. I listen to it when I mow the lawn, along with Korone's cover of Haro Haro, Shion singing Whole New World and that Doraemon song, and Aquairo Palette.

>> No.35559025

I want to masturbate to Matsuri, is that acceptable or no?

>> No.35559028

she, FBK and marine are the only ones capable of doing VA work

>> No.35559029

I don't think I've ever heard Marine scream like this

>> No.35559031

She undressed for the masketta man

>> No.35559035

Don't think about it

>> No.35559037

If you make sure to count how many times you cum to her and let her know in a supa you have her expressed permission

>> No.35559039

who is this cutie on the left?

>> No.35559040

It's Flare who tells Polka to log in, it's a miracle if polka even interacts with anyone by her own will

>> No.35559042

only if it's her roommate

>> No.35559043

She told nousagi they aren't allowed to be friends with each other, they're alone and they only have her.

>> No.35559045

Dont forget miko

>> No.35559048

You forgot Shionyo and Aqua

>> No.35559049

i think she would actually encourage you to do so

>> No.35559051

Yes she has already given permission

>> No.35559052

One takes time and planning to build and the other takes attention and skills to play. Every single thing Haachama has put out in 2021 has been pure unadulterated sewage with zero effort and thought put into any of them compared to what she used to do last year. Cover did the entire world a favor by putting her on ice.

>> No.35559054

She wants you to send the cum tribute afterwards

>> No.35559055

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbiA-sAoLqU Fubuki Watame
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yog_VZXlUo8 Watame POV
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Am5dDd6mgFs Okayu
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gIQM8RfjNY Korone
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Krw1MDHZNb0 Botan
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ss1riB5XaA Lamy
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78GBeqmVmN0 Iofi
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sf3nAQ5OPiE Risu

>> No.35559056

can i send cum tribute to twap?.....

>> No.35559057

>literally all ayame does for a living is hologra
>not suitable for VA work
What a useless whore

>> No.35559059

Button... Rummy... This is all Twap's fault...

>> No.35559063

You're late for this type of post anon

>> No.35559064

Rushia is good

>> No.35559065

Polka and Miko are her Minecraft buddies. Fubuki rarely plays Minecraft and when she does it's some kind of meme stream. Watame likes to play alone, for whatever reason, Flare one time made a joke suggesting she doesn't answer them when they ask her to collab.

But they still collab if it's a 3 or 4 player game. This one isn't.

>> No.35559068

Based dreamfag letting fate chose his oshi.

>> No.35559069

Yes, i think she would really like it. Post pics when you finish anon

>> No.35559070

I mean Flare quite literally tried to wake up Polka by spam calling her on Discord at like 3am when she had finished that glass room maze for the festival because she wanted someone to test it.
It's not really "forcing herself into her streams", they are just friends and like to hang out with each other

>> No.35559072

That's good for me, I hate every single person who shares this hobby with me anyway

>> No.35559073

I wouldn't mind menhera pekora telling me to devote myself to her only..

>> No.35559075


>> No.35559078

Pekora The Mask watch party

>> No.35559082


>> No.35559085

what about ko'one

>> No.35559086

She asked her members to let her know if they cum to her before, so yeah.

>> No.35559088

Nene is pretty good

>> No.35559089


>> No.35559091

>> No.35559092

matanene to all my friends on /hlg/

>> No.35559097


>> No.35559098

I would gladly trade all my friends for 1 pekora.

>> No.35559099

otsumiko fags!

>> No.35559101

>cums to matuli
>sends it to twap

>> No.35559107


>> No.35559110

Matanene, and make sure to invest in Nenecoin because it's the best. I am happy.

>> No.35559111

Someone clip it when she appears in the anime

>> No.35559113

hlg classic

>> No.35559115

Ep:3 both Fubuki and Matuli.

>> No.35559116

Marine is shit at voice acting. If she was good she would develop a nice voice like Pekora has.

>> No.35559117

Miko ended her stream because she wants to teach Pekora some basic twitch function

>> No.35559118

comfy, I've had her do some light cbt on me as we watched a pokemon movie on the couch. not my oshi though

>> No.35559119


>> No.35559124

Get in there, Risuners

>> No.35559125

Pekora is superpopular.
Every holo loves Pekora.

>> No.35559126

I love my cute little alien wife!

>> No.35559127

my sides
thanks for reminding me

>> No.35559128


>> No.35559129

Like every other post on her second twitter is about her wondering if people are stroking to her and downright encouraging them to

>> No.35559131

rummy mummy

>> No.35559132

Holy based

>> No.35559138


>> No.35559139

>Yes Fubu-chan that puzzle was so easy to figure out even a grade schooler could solve it. Did it seriously take you that long?
I can already feel it coming

>> No.35559143


>> No.35559144


>> No.35559148




>> No.35559149

>Not fapping to Matsuri's pure sex design
Shit taste

>> No.35559151

Why is Marine so good at playing REmake 2?
>Great at landing headshots
>Doesn't get lost around the station
>Solves the puzzle relatively quick
It's almost like she played the game before or have already watched someone else play it before.

>> No.35559152

The dog is live

>> No.35559153

にーんじん にーんじん

>> No.35559154

Who is the hamilton of hololive?

>> No.35559156

is that pekos first twitch stream?

>> No.35559159


みんなお待ちかね ぺこらっぷ
準備はできている? hurry up!

3Dも遂に登場 自己紹介をどうぞ
名前は「兎田ぺこら」ぺこ 寂しがり屋とetcetera.




おいしくないよ ぺこらのもも肉




>> No.35559161

(bun bun cha x N)

Everyone's long awaited, PEKO RAP!
Are the preparations done? HURRY UP!

Finally made the 3D appearance,
go ahead with the self introduction!

th' Name is Usada Pekora peko!
Feels lonely easily and ET CETERA.

A BUNNY GIRL whose a entertainer?
The spirit as an IDOL!

HIKAKIN's big brother is SEIKIN!
Its gonna get them angry!

Isn't it attractive? This BODY!
Isn't it cute? This FACE!

GIRLS & BOYS drooling all over!
Its not tasty! Pekora's thigh meat,

Please take care of even such a Pekora!
From now on as well let's carve Pekora STORY―!

(bun bun cha x N)

>> No.35559162


WataFox spy game collab!
When Luna and Mel played this together Luna nearly lost it at how retarded and slow Mel was being, looking forward to seeing how those two handle all the coop puzzles and challenges!

>> No.35559163

>Every holo loves Pekora's numbers
ftfy, she had to ask Towhore out of all people because she has no one to play with
where are her minecraft leeches when she needs them?

>> No.35559164

Anyone bought Festival's shirt? Is it comfy fabric or that shitty polyester thing?

>> No.35559165


>> No.35559166

Why is Pekora copying Miko again?

>> No.35559167

Should've gotten a better lawyer, then.

>> No.35559171

Marine is about to pee her pants again

>> No.35559172

except it's her natural voice.

>> No.35559173


みんなお待ちかね ぺこらっぷ
準備はできている? hurry up!

3Dも遂に登場 自己紹介をどうぞ
名前は「兎田ぺこら」ぺこ 寂しがり屋とetcetera.




おいしくないよ ぺこらのもも肉




>> No.35559175


>> No.35559176

>marine peed herself from the jumpscare

>> No.35559177

Merry Christmas!

>> No.35559178


>> No.35559179

remember to fuck hags

>> No.35559180

>> No.35559181

Marine pissed her pants

>> No.35559182

WE are watching Korone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gIQM8RfjNY

>> No.35559183


>> No.35559184

>> No.35559185


>> No.35559186

That is some shit thumbnail for Watame.

>> No.35559187

pekora is looking really pretty and green today...

>> No.35559189


>> No.35559192

>literally everyone is live

>> No.35559193

WE are watching Uma Musume

>> No.35559195

I'd tell down for Towa too, but it would be almost impossible to resist sending back a picture of yogurt on her DM

>> No.35559197

Suisei's toned abs...

>> No.35559198

WE are watching Uma Musume

>> No.35559200

Imagine watching soulless rabbit girl instead of kino dog god

>> No.35559202

Shut the fuck up dog is live

>> No.35559203

pop pecorn...

>> No.35559204


>> No.35559205


>> No.35559206

(bun bun cha x N)

Everyone's long awaited, PEKO RAP!
Are the preparations done? HURRY UP!

Finally made the 3D appearance,
go ahead with the self introduction!

th' Name is Usada Pekora peko!
Feels lonely easily and ET CETERA.

A BUNNY GIRL whose a entertainer?
The spirit as an IDOL!

HIKAKIN's big brother is SEIKIN!
Its gonna get them angry!

Isn't it attractive? This BODY!
Isn't it cute? This FACE!

GIRLS & BOYS drooling all over!
Its not tasty! Pekora's thigh meat,

Please take care of even such a Pekora!
From now on as well let's carve Pekora STORY―!

(bun bun cha x N)

>> No.35559210


>> No.35559212

WE are watching all streams.

>> No.35559214

How much money has Pessan made in the past five minutes...?

>> No.35559215

twitch quality is literally a million times better than yt
how do you retards defend youtube

>> No.35559218


>> No.35559219


>> No.35559222

Mr Koro is 15600000000000000m tall

>> No.35559223


>> No.35559224

Watch friend and sheep play Operation Tanigo

>> No.35559225

>miko emotes in pekor's chat


>> No.35559226

As opposed to Firefox and Black Sheep.

>> No.35559227

Imagine watching washed up dog instead of Bakatare minus tare.

>> No.35559228

I can't believe Watame said she is playing as Flare...

>> No.35559230

Twitch management is full retards tho

>> No.35559233

>high performer who's good but only got as big as they did because of outside factors (car/design) and not because of skill
Someone offtopic

>> No.35559234

Twitch is much better quality while being a hell of a lot lighter on resources.

>> No.35559238

How good are my chances with Marine if I look like Leon irl?

How good with Matuli?

>> No.35559241

literally only a tranny would defend youtubes chat and video

>> No.35559243

>Agent SHEEP
>Hacker FOX


>> No.35559245

>This is Sheep, do you read me Hacker Fox?

>> No.35559246

>17k on twitch

>> No.35559247

I firmly believe that Matsuri's newest outfit is the single sexiest design in all of Hololive.

>> No.35559248

From a tech perspective it's better, everything else is worse.

>> No.35559251

Why does Pekora sound more like a horny bitch than usual?

>> No.35559252

She looks cute. I hope she joins hololive.

>> No.35559253

you will never be a woman

>> No.35559254

I don't know what happened but all of the sudden I couldn't watch Twitch in quality higher than 480p. I just dropped the site completely since I could still watch 1080p streams on youtube.

>> No.35559258

Pekora is so confused at Twitch chat

>> No.35559259

Twitch has always been the better streaming platform, but their VODs are cancer.

>> No.35559260

Where's Fuutan?

>> No.35559262

who names their child 'Towa'?

>> No.35559263

Someone is gifting 50 subs nonstop

>> No.35559264

Flare got arrested for pedophilia

>> No.35559267

She's going to get shadowbanned because twitch bot will think it's viewbotting.

>> No.35559268

Pekora already the 5th most watched streamer on Twitch right now.

>> No.35559269

Also Flare is a menhera that thinks her friends hate her if she doesn’t talk to them in a while so Polka always being there is a boon.

>> No.35559270

The site's tech is good, the mods and people who use it are worse than a literal dumb AI and pajeetchat.

>> No.35559271

>35p emotes in chat


>> No.35559273

Twitch has better technology overall.
Youtube has better (post-stream) discoverability, and >>35559230 is 110% true.

>> No.35559275

all the panty flash of it just gets me harder than I've ever been

>> No.35559276

Who are >we watching fellas?

>> No.35559278

goddammit should've waited for those before I bought my sub

>> No.35559279

Are you ok?

>> No.35559283

Nah, default is still way better.

>> No.35559286

is that good or not?

>> No.35559288

I'm watching parts of the Nene stream I had to miss due to work.

>> No.35559289

maicra, monhan, kusopex, ark HATE

>> No.35559290

my peko points.....my elite points.....

>> No.35559291

Twitch has always been the better platform for streaming. Its everything else in its thats bad. The community, the fucking reindeer larper mods, the retarded censorship of drama of the month shit, etc.

>> No.35559294


>> No.35559297

Watame and Fubuki are hacking your IP

>> No.35559298

sick monsters, ie demons

>> No.35559299

Besides what everyone said, streaming on Twitch means the death of utawakus and the chance of your channel getting permabanned because Twitch admins don't like you.

>> No.35559302

>Jun fags are raiding Peko
Fucking kek my sides

>> No.35559304

My monthly Korone karaoke. Gotta watch it live since it's rare.

>> No.35559305

>Subscribers Only Chat

>> No.35559306

>peko mad at ojisan emotes, saying them are not cute

>> No.35559307


>> No.35559308

you have everything of that on youtube too but bad quality and chat on top, congrats

>> No.35559310

It's in line so far with her regular numbers.

>> No.35559312

She currently has the 5th most views on the site

>> No.35559313


>> No.35559315

I'd tribute the dm she just sent me to show how much I love her.

>> No.35559316


>> No.35559318

Lighter on resources yes. Better quality no. Not even close.

>> No.35559320

is gamesdonequick still a troonfest?

>> No.35559323

Yukihana Lamy = Neko

>> No.35559324

Miko had accelerated zhang spam before an admin came and put it in sub only. It was faster than anything I had seen before.

>> No.35559326

shiranai ojisans

>> No.35559327

Have a fucking guess lol

>> No.35559328


>> No.35559331

>going so far as to blatantly lie just to fellate the dicks at Twitch management

>> No.35559333

I love Korone

>> No.35559335


>> No.35559337

twitch literally banned the word simp while simultaneously letting thots stream porn

>> No.35559338

Someone shilling gambling site is 2nd most watched?

>> No.35559340

How much viewers do Vshoujo usually get?

>> No.35559341

It actually is anon.
Youtube has a bitrate limit of around 4,000 kbps for live streams, it's why you get so much artifacting in faster scenes.
Meanwhile Twitch allows up to 12,000 kbps for partners.

>> No.35559344

they did not ban that word, that's fake news

>> No.35559345

Watame's brain is already overclocked

>> No.35559346

Name the ones that are not streaming this evening. I'm thinking Rusher, Kanata, Towa

>> No.35559347

>mental health
What? Why do those tags even exist? What are doing on a video game stream?

>> No.35559348

Oh hey, GDQ is on?

>> No.35559349

I think Nyanners is at the 8-9k range.

>> No.35559351

>Nousagi hours
>constant numberfagging

>> No.35559352

nyanners gets between 5 and 10k the girl that starts with v gets around 4-5k

>> No.35559354

10k or less

>> No.35559357

the famous hacker 4chan did it again

>> No.35559358

>video game stream

>> No.35559360

The children just got a shiny new toy. Let them have it.

>> No.35559362

Youtube does not have a bitrate limit of 4000 kbps. Where did you get that from? Youtube lets you stream beyond 25mbps at up to 4k.

You don't have to have any level of viewership for it either.

>> No.35559365

time for clips i guess

>> No.35559366

Youtube lets you do 4k video but Twitch lets you use way more bandwidth for your streams so it's a lot higher quality
The issue with Youtube is it has such low limits you can't really push high res video at proper 60/120fps video without getting shitloads of artifacting.

>> No.35559367

Watame is literally hacking into the mainframe

>> No.35559370

Youtube is transcoding all streams in real time, that's why it looks shit.

>> No.35559371

NouSEAgis don't understand what pekor talking about right now, so all they can see is her numbers

>> No.35559372

I think the best move is to add some fake blood, it would look like you're so devoted that you would suffer to display your love
It wouldn't be creepy at all because it's fake

>> No.35559373

Oh no ASCII art not filtered. Dicks inc.

>> No.35559376

I think Iofi's hand to draw is cute!

>> No.35559377

You'll be surprised that there's a lot of that retarded tags like bisexual, transgender, autism, etc.

>> No.35559378

For live streams they ABSOLUTELY do have those limits in place anon.
You can upload at much higher quality, sure, but you can't stream at it.

>> No.35559379

just buzzwords for internet brownie points. Twitch meta is part sjw pandering and coomer pandering.

>> No.35559380

Nobody want to stream on Twitch because they would be required to ask a different fucking permission for the game that they can already play on Youtube.
Thats why holo twitch stream are limited to watchalong.

>> No.35559381

Pekora is so surprised by pretty much everything.
So cute.

>> No.35559382

peko loves the chat so much
say good bye to your trannytube

>> No.35559383

her chat looks horrid now

>> No.35559385


>> No.35559389


>> No.35559393


>> No.35559394

>Cover being retarded again
Go figure

>> No.35559396

what do you think about a site who remove "blind gameplay" tag because it's offensive

>> No.35559399

Watame and Fubuki beat the tutorial level three times as fast as Luna and Mel...

>> No.35559400

>I could even just do zatsudan streams here!
Goodbye peko...

>> No.35559402

They can't because muh permissions.

>> No.35559403


>> No.35559404


>> No.35559405

That's a lie anon, You can throw as much bitrate as you want on YouTube as long as your connection can handle it.

>> No.35559406


>> No.35559408

They definitely don't want Hololive to move to Twitch then.

>> No.35559411

She started the schizo shit after she got restricted from the en mc server and the lotion asmr

>> No.35559412

Will Furea use that tags?

>> No.35559414


>> No.35559415

Why is Pekora pretending to be surprised at Twitch when she watches Jun all the time?

>> No.35559416

Chat is even faster than usual...

>> No.35559417

No - I haven't personally pushed the limits but I stream semi-regularly at 15mbps @ 1440p. It's literally the only reason I chose YT over Twitch. They aren't imposing the kind of limits you're thinking of.

>> No.35559418

Pekora looks so fresh on Twitch.

>> No.35559419


>> No.35559420

Well Watame is a hacker irl

>> No.35559422

you can but it gets coded down
use your blain

>> No.35559424

Welp, Junfags are actually raiding for real this time

>> No.35559425

fuck you

>> No.35559426

Tree rat found in her natural habitat

>> No.35559427

>not wanting to go through the same long retarded process of japanese permissions is bad
fuck off

>> No.35559428

Depends on the stream anon.
Twitch gives streamers much more freedom with their quality settings so it's possible a 480p stream on Twitch will take a lot more bandwidth than a 1080p one on Youtube, it really just depends on what bitrate they are streaming at.

>> No.35559429

Good bye trannytube, Hello tranny.tv

>> No.35559430

PogO Polom is based

>> No.35559431

Pekora has been researching numbers for a long time. She will never stream when an actually popular streamer is on with over 100k views just watching youtube videos.

>> No.35559433


>> No.35559435

Holy fuck what a cancer emoji spam is. I can't believe Artia loved that shit.

>> No.35559436

She'll have the multiracial tag along with the lolicon tag

>> No.35559439

So I guess it's just Japanese internet being not very good then

>> No.35559440

>my oshi isn't love
Dead hours...

>> No.35559441

:gachihyper: :widehardo:

>> No.35559442

Miko played minecraft on twitch when youtube is down, that doesn't seem to apply to most games

>> No.35559443

She should get some bot mods

>> No.35559444

imagine if she actually had emotes

>> No.35559447

You are mistaken with that anon. You can stream much higher than that.
The issue is it encodes your stream at 4800 kbps or something like that, so there's not much point, it's just a waste of bandwidth on your part.

>> No.35559448


>> No.35559450

You can set some rule or slow mode but ye, it is cancer.

>> No.35559452

This. NouSEAgis, 35EOP and ichiEOPs are all EOPs and can't understand the streams so all they talk about is numbers.

>> No.35559453

First time watching movies with Pekora, hope it's fun

>> No.35559456


>> No.35559458

haha, welcome to the twitch arc

>> No.35559460

>> No.35559462

>Fub-Fox... Should you use a guide for this as it seems like you are struggling with the puzzles?

>> No.35559463

Sounds reasonable, the usual Holohouse crowd.

>> No.35559464

The video others are watching is not the same you're streaming.

>> No.35559465

go subs to the turbowhore, she just started watching on twitch

>> No.35559466

Holy shit literally pulling shit out of the air. You don't know anything about Youtube, you don't know anything about Twitch. Watch the streams and shut the fuck up.

>> No.35559469

read the description anonchama?

>> No.35559471

the thumbnail looks so nice actually

>> No.35559472

Use yours chamatard, you said youtube limits streams to 4000kbps and that's a blatant lie.

>> No.35559473

If they already have permissions to stream they don't need to ask again for Twitch, Cover are just retarded.

>> No.35559474

I mean, it’s Minecraft. Even during permission arc, Minecraft is unstoppable.

>> No.35559476

Both of which were equally retarded ideas. Everything Cover has done has been good at preventing more cancer.

>> No.35559477

that guy wasnt me and you lied in response to his lie so checkmate my nword

>> No.35559479

>twitch arc
you've been saying that for over a year
it's the same as
>holos will learn english

>> No.35559481

Why are the watch parties always titles that aren't available in burgerland? These are burger movies.

>> No.35559484

Close. The two day break is gonna be hard, can't imagine shiokkos dealing with weeks without streams.

>> No.35559487

This is gonna be hard to sync with Netflix

>> No.35559489

"Depression" and "Mental Health" are very much on-brand for FFXIV

>> No.35559490

Blame Jeffrey Bezos

>> No.35559491

El Lamy...

>> No.35559493


>> No.35559496

>over one million subs
>struggle to break 10k viewers
>no supachas
Is Korone the new Fubuki?

>> No.35559497

Every fucking time

>> No.35559498

Because you are not the intended audience.

>> No.35559499

There's a list of movie permissions that regions take turns handing around. It's fucking retarded and the only reason average people now have VPNs.

>> No.35559500

>20k people watching Pekora's live2d reacting to a movie on a new platform
>14K tuning in to Korone celebratory karaoke

>> No.35559504

The big difference between Twitch and Youtube is that Youtube will absolutely always encode your video, at what quality really depends on a truckload of factors that you have very little control over.
Twitch on the other hand lets your viewers watch the unencoded Source video you are streaming, which will ALWAYS be superior to an encode.

Of course viewing something at Source quality will eat up shitloads of bandwidth compared to a lower quality encode, but that's just a price you have to pay.

>> No.35559505

You get used to it, I watch a lot of other holos while I wait

>> No.35559510

I'm in your mainframe

>> No.35559513


>> No.35559514

I mean

>> No.35559515


>> No.35559521


You need to factor in one crucial detail - source quality on Twitch is literally the exact same as the footage you are sending them. While this does mean the quality is preserved entirely, it also means that your viewers have to have enough bandwidth and download speed to be able to watch at your source quality.

YT on the other hand, transcodes all footage, regardless of initial quality or monetisation status. While this does mean there is the chance for your footage to take a bit of a hit, at least it's available for everyone to watch regardless of their connection.

>> No.35559523

What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.35559524


>> No.35559525

Speak English retard.

>> No.35559527

Welcome to weekly 35p struggle. At least Peko scheduled what she’s watching since early morning. Miko sometimes doesn’t make up her mind until 10 minutes before watchalong.

>> No.35559530

>No timestamp
how the fuck am I going to watch it with Pekora now?

>> No.35559536

There's Korone karaoke? nice!

>> No.35559537

>because it's fake
Yeah haha of course it's fake haha

>> No.35559540

Fuck this whore!

>> No.35559542

what time is pekora on?

>> No.35559543


>> No.35559544

>lots of streams
>good numbers
Wtf am i on a different timeline

>> No.35559547

What the fuck, dumb Peko

>> No.35559548

Who's logged in Minecraft right now?

>> No.35559552

Man Watame and Fubuki are just tearing through this game compared to Mel and Luna.
It's been half an hour and they are already at the point those two were at 2h in

>> No.35559553

>Stop leaking my real name, Fox!

>> No.35559554

depressed numberfags

>> No.35559555

beggar gotta beg

>> No.35559556

Can you use a vpn to do watch parties?

>> No.35559559


>> No.35559560

Why are you so excited about Pekora's stupid numbers? Marine has more right now.

>> No.35559563

I can't believe Watame hacked the spacetime continuum just to let watamates shitpost in here from the distant future...

>> No.35559565

9 min

>> No.35559566

You'd need a Japanese Amazon Prime account, which means you need a Japanese identity and Japanese bank info to sign up for it.

>> No.35559567

You need an Amazon Prime Japan account

>> No.35559572

>No Coco
>No Aloe

Right timeline sir

>> No.35559573

Pekora just made 5 million yen in subs...

>> No.35559575


>> No.35559576

Numbersagi are just being numbersagi. Female streamers will NEVER reach male numbers.

>> No.35559577

Who is that on the right?

>> No.35559581

marine can't read

>> No.35559583

Look at this baby.

>> No.35559584


>> No.35559586

Are Holos only allowed to do movie streams on twitch or could they also do normal ones?

>> No.35559588

>Erobaba playing RE2make, DOOG karaoke in the background
Fucking nice

>> No.35559589

At least I managed to find the time thanks to the comments

>> No.35559590

>Watame is already in the server room

>> No.35559593

Male streamers will NEVER reach female revenue.

>> No.35559594

What caused Korone's decline?

>> No.35559595


>> No.35559597

Doubt that retarded DMCA would allow that. They'd get insta banned.

>> No.35559598


>> No.35559599

I'm doing the same thing as hime!

>> No.35559600


>> No.35559601

Permissions and breaks

>> No.35559603

Can't you gift subs to random people and those turn out to be anti's lurking by chance? I think you can't choose who you gift subs to, that makes twitch a trash site. At least you can say most if not all members on youtube support by choice.

>> No.35559604


>> No.35559607

kirakira niconico Mikopi!

>> No.35559609

>SheepFox took 30 minutes to get into the server room
>VampirePrincess took almost 2 hours to get into the server room

>> No.35559610

not surprising the pekoschizo is a queer on top of a seashitter

>> No.35559611

Shishiron is extra sloppy today, just doesn't give a fuck and throws things all over the place. Why is it so hot, I don't want to become Lamy...

>> No.35559613

me on my lap

>> No.35559614

You gift the subs to the channel, you can gift subs to users but why would you?

>> No.35559615


>> No.35559619


>> No.35559620

Mass sub gifting is random, but you can individually send gift subs to people.

>> No.35559621

What caused the 5th most popular holo to become the 6th most? Who the fuck knows man. Such a horrible drop.

>> No.35559622

Is Choco an abuser?

>> No.35559625


>> No.35559626

there's an algo behind it is shouldn't go to chinks
twitch is also lightyears ahead of youtube when it comes to chat moderation tools

>> No.35559628

You can gift subs to specific individuals as well if that's what you want.
Seriously though some anti maybe slipping through and getting a sub is such an absurdly low chance and so fucking inconsequential it really does not matter lmao

>> No.35559630

which holo is the biggest size queen

>> No.35559631

Luna is great at games like dark souls. She sucks in these types of games.

>> No.35559632

eop attention spans

>> No.35559633

It's like both from SheepFox have more IQ alone than the combined amount of VampirePrincess

>> No.35559635


>> No.35559636

Pekora is on twitch now. Her competition is now retarded guys who get 200k for an 8 hour stream of nothing but youtube videos.

>> No.35559637

Then Subaru is a pusher

>> No.35559638

FBK and Watame are some of the most intelligent holos. Dumbpire and the Baby on the other hand...

>> No.35559640

It's funny how she's basically shadowbanned on the site, you search "peko" and it suggests a guy with 80 viewers, you keep going to pekora and nothing is suggested
You browse the front page and she's unfindable, still gathers 16k

>> No.35559642

Board the windows Senchou...

>> No.35559643

You can set keyphrases and behavior to trigger auto-ban on accounts and straight up restrict IP ranges from chatting or even viewing your channel.
Twitch is really good when it comes to moderation tools honestly.

>> No.35559646

Pekora is sitting on top of the throne. Just as I expected.

>> No.35559647


>> No.35559651

I don't know. She's so underappreciated these days that watching her is considered being sympathetic towards her in these threads apprently.

>> No.35559652

The Bristol pusher?

>> No.35559653

Nah, it seems that you need different permission to play games on a different platform

>> No.35559654

I really like when Pekora says peko, it's poggers dude.

>> No.35559655

The only way for Korone to incline again is to collab with Miko, her fellow EOP favorite holo.

>> No.35559659


>> No.35559660

The lack of Towa is making Botan impatient

>> No.35559661


>> No.35559662


>> No.35559663

Pekora x Sodapoppin collab when?

>> No.35559665

>all these twitchkiddies expounding the wonders of twitch as if there's even a snowball's chance in hell of the company switching over
It's time for you all to fuck off back to your shithole.

>> No.35559666

Sheep coldbloodedly erased FBK with a "lol oops"..

>> No.35559667

If she picked up Doom Eternal it would be all it takes, but she never will. She's chosen her own path and she's happy with it.

>> No.35559668

playing EOP filters only for 12 hours a day

>> No.35559671


>> No.35559672

Pekora is sitting on Jun's lap right now

>> No.35559674

You can just block specific countries from viewing your streams if you want and block known free VPNs.
Can't really avoid chinks using paid private VPNs but anyone too poor or lazy to get one is out from the get go if that's what you want.

>> No.35559676

go watch your 480p downscale trannytube streams

>> No.35559677

Probably never, he already shat on the idea of collabing with Korone because she doesn't speak english.

>> No.35559678

>pekor will never invite you to her private kino viewing room

>> No.35559680

Thanks, anon.

>> No.35559681

>Fox forgets your codename AGAIN

>> No.35559683

>"good rack" to Sora
Can Botan keep it in her pants for a fucking minute?

>> No.35559684

Reminder that Hololive Historian revolutionized the industry
Look at the comments, everyone is thanking him.
His discord is huge too.

>> No.35559685

The Coco shit would have never gotten remotely as bad if she had streamed on Twitch desu
Feels like they should have just migrated her over instead of dealing with Google who does not give a fuck about any of it

>> No.35559687

This reminds me of the time twitchtards spammed both boards that hololive is completely switching to fucking twitch.

>> No.35559688


>> No.35559689

>Choco's actually wearing heels to match her model

>> No.35559691

Why do they need seperate permissions for Twitch?

>> No.35559695

>outed twitchkiddie absolutely seething

>> No.35559696

Biggest Twitch vtuber?

>> No.35559697


>> No.35559698

I hate depressed dogposter more than literally anyone else in these threads.
And I'm a nousagi.

>> No.35559699

they won't, but they honestly should

>> No.35559700

EOPandering aside, why isn't she as successfull as Marine or Pekora among her actual target audience?

>> No.35559703

fuck off Poka, your mom never loved you

>> No.35559706


>> No.35559708


>> No.35559711

I happens every once in a while, just ignore and report if needed

>> No.35559713

Do you think Okayu is fingering herself right now?

>> No.35559714


>> No.35559716


>> No.35559717

Hags have infiltrated your mainframe!

>> No.35559721

Usada Pekora

>> No.35559722

Is that a fake account or is Boxi a fucking chink?

>> No.35559723


>> No.35559724

How do I decline like Korone? I’d really hate to get 16k people listening to me poorly sing anime songs from 40 years ago and giving me superchats. That would suck soooo bad. God you “people” are retarded.

>> No.35559726

If you are going to include Soda, Pokimane is a bigger vtuber then

>> No.35559727

Korone's song selection is always by far the best.

>> No.35559728

Boxi is a flip

>> No.35559729

Absolutely based Doggo

>> No.35559730

They would if Cover weren't so downright pants on head retarded

>> No.35559731

Just noticed that both Coco and Aki's roommate both posted that they "ate good food with good friends today" and they also follow each other, don't remember if they did before

>> No.35559733

walk up in hlg like

>> No.35559736

>no reaction to the condom joke
Pekora is pure!

>> No.35559738

Hololive Historian is based, dude is a genius when it comes to finding forbidden knowledge.

>> No.35559739

Korone... your age...

>> No.35559740

There's someone with the same profile pic and username wheelbarrowing Fubuki's chat but Youtube won't let me block/report him so I literally can't tell if it's a fake account.

>> No.35559741

What's Sora's doing offscreen?

>> No.35559744

EOPs need to waste their breath on something since none of them are capable of understanding anything until their N99 seanigger masters translate more clipbait scraps for them.

>> No.35559746

Sakura Miko with 166k subs

>> No.35559747

Dog shitposters from last year got exactly what they wanted and they still aren't happy.
Her viewers dropped a little and her superchats went up. It is exactly what every single "I hate korone's eops" poster wanted.

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