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All AKB sub-groups and related Japanese *48 groups welcome.

FAQ: https://pastebin.com/vnf5EBHe

(07/09) Shiroma Miru Solocon @ Zepp Osaka Bayside
(07/10) NMB48 Nanba Shinsen Gumi @ Zepp Osaka Bayside
(07/11) NMB48 Koko ni datte tenshi wa iru @ Zepp Osaka Bayside
(07/24) HKT48 Request Hour
(07/11~08/21) SKE48 Summer Zepp Tour 2021
(08/07) AKB48 Fresh Concert ~Natsu wa Yappari AKB!~ @ Pacifico Yokohama
(08/08) AKB48 Team 8 Eito no Hi 2021 Yokohama Oshare Matsuri
(08/08) Yabushita Fu Graduation Concert @ Kobe Kokusai Hall
(08/14) NMB48 LIVE 2021 @ Osaka-Jo Hall
(08/14) NMB48 Jisedai Concert @ Osaka-Jo Hall
(08/15) Shiroma Miru Graduation Concert @ Osaka-Jo Hall
(09/01)SKE48 28th Single (Ano koro no kimi wo mitsuketa).
(09/25-26) SKE48 13th Anniversary Concert @ Nippon Gaishi Hall
(09/29) AKB48 58th Single (TBA). AKB48 Only Senbatsu (TBA)

>Useful Links
Theater Schedules and Ticket Application: https://global-ticket.akb48-group.com/en/home/top.php
Live Shows: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JnKp_AEeGUNTNePfY3C3AO4veiVi7frza82lRo44ejQ
48/46 Group Masterlist: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B1HFVF5iQBgvjDrPnmwfbq0Iz6VvaOmDep0C2x8yoMo
AKB H/S: http://muranokuma.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/

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Yahagi Moeka
Instagram TikTok Live

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is she showing her tits?

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tits or gtfo

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our birthday girl

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our eteranal ace

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i love shion

>> No.35559104

imagine how sweet it will be when she performs at kouhaku and 48g is not invited

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stupid sexy shion...

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erii only posts pictures with other groups, she has outgrown akb

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*everyone in akb has realized she's a blight and will never be popular enough to make the risk of being close to her worth it

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based our alien daughter

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I hope Avex makes her do sexy photoshoots. She's an adult now, so it should be no issue to let us see her butthole.

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What a woman

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>cow tits hour

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Better than Rei and Yuzuha

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snow princess !

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he can't post his disbanded gooks anywhere after all ww

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Which one was the group that shat itself on stage?

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this hideous creature

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literally whoring themselves for the attention of some forum incel overlord

sakamichi won

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best mommy, best matsui.

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Yabaii... I would understand it for Goto or any other big fish but for Hiroyuki? IUGH!

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ojousama's ojousamas...

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>> No.35559924

Not surprising who the gold diggers are

>> No.35559928

they are really desperate, huh
whoring to inapooh have more honor than trying to win scammeryuki's attention lmao

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>they are really desperate, huh

<<Hiroyuki will serve as MC!
The members are overwhelmed by the coherent talk that is even exciting
Personally, I often watched the video, so I was really impressed to see how it was argued!>>

all the last row akbgirls are SIMPING so hard it makes me puke

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based anons with eyes

>> No.35560041

haven read a more obvious literary fellatio since forever. imagine being the wotas that simp for such a girl

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>> No.35560097

Hiro is totally fucking her

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wouldn't surprise me since she and lots of other members are literally begging for it:

*本間麻衣 @maimai_48_16th "All the members were very excited to know that MC was Hiroyuki this morning. "

*吉橋柚花 @akb48_yuzupi : What a MC is that Hiroyuki
I'm really happy and excited because I see it every day so that only Hiroyuki appears in the recommended section of YouTube.

*福岡聖菜 @seina_fuku48 : It was this time that the story of MC Hiroyuki was very interesting and there was something I learned and fell in love with.

*多田京加 @kb48_kyoka : The MC is Hiroyuki!
I was always watching YouTube
It was a strange feeling with shock and excitement

etc etc etc

the only silver lining is that my girl is not interested in partake in this "hiro please notice me" 48g trend

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whore made for AV

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not gonna lie those comments are very cringe and thirsty even by image board standards

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so this is how it ends... with AKB idols becoming dirty wotas and beta orbiters of some 'random' non celebrity non ikemen and fairly poor japanese guy just because the guy is a local youtuber and moot knockoff... Its a terrible day for rain...

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you're welcome

>> No.35560505

Imagine Hiroyuki saying this in their faces and them still nodding in agreement


>(talking about plastic surgeries)
>Hiroyuki: "When you look with attention at AKB it's fucking insane, all of them. With AKB, you look at the portrait shots and then at the real person and they look completely different. With such a lineup it's borderline awkward to present them anywhere, like drama or modeling or covers of fashion magazines. They have the faces with all the features concentrated on the inside."
>Lady: "When I went to have an interview with them, there was one girl who was all wobbly blubbery, around the legs and arms, that I wondered what was up with her"
>Hiroyuki: "That was pretty nuts too. It's pretty amusing how they would pick someone, like the the daughter of some producer, and place them in the middle of that, where she would look completely out of place. With 20 of something people gathered there you would still tell her apart, that board."


>Horiebro: "What about the AKB system? There's a lot being said about it these days"
>Hiroyuki: "Their money making system is working all fine. Even though they are making an embrassement of themselves the world over, as long as they would pay their takes who cares... Dumb people would throw their money at it, they would collect that all together and then pay taxes with it, right? I won't be losing anything out of it, so I just hope they do what they do."

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Which code

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Happy Cake Day

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I still love Banana

>> No.35560808

thinking she should debut in a mism or bxdr video but if that's too extreme then a prestige video

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peach > banana

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Ripe mango > any other fruit

>> No.35561060

apple>peach>>>banana>>everything else

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Let's judge Hiroyuki by what he can contribute to AKB48.

If he just parasite who uses his position to get his grimy tentacles up their legs then revenge is at hand.

But if he can bring out the best of the girls on the show and not be a culture parasite then it's all good.

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Oh so it's not just me

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team 8 savior

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>> No.35561402

so tiny and hot

>> No.35561408

I love you Honda Hitomi.

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>> No.35561479

Honda Hitomi: SSSS VVIP List

>> No.35561484


Where can anon watch the show live?

Also for me it's career oriented sex cult archpriestess Hiisama who has all the time for nice things like sex and is gangbang oriented and not ashamed to go out kidnapping virgin adventurers especially wizard types whose fertile seed is fermenting like the finest natto in all of Kara-Tur to "force" them to make an offering of millions of their unborn children spilled unto the ground unlike what the Book of Torm tells you.

Preview of her collecting the lifeforce of millions upon millions of unborn children:


>> No.35561530

>SSSS scandal List
oh no hiibros

>> No.35561541

>> No.35561634

he's basically just like woman rush hour. a sleezy douche that's more liability than anything else with nothing to contribute to help the girls be more charismatic or confident.

>> No.35561644

She's shopping with her mom again most likely.

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>> No.35561683

Oh no Honda Hitomi is living a double life, she is secretly filming JAV on tghe side.

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>> No.35561759


cuckreans talking shit in the comments

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>> No.35561912

Cute, beautiful, talented

>> No.35561992

snow princess !

>> No.35562014

what do you expect when you still have a barbarian culture around attacking others in order to build your status. easier to attack akb than learn japanese.

>> No.35562067

https://files.catbox.moe/09yz2g.webm HKT221

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>> No.35562110

these goddesses

>> No.35562204

peruvian goblin !

>> No.35562210

Everyone loves Tomi and loves Izone

>> No.35562228


>> No.35562261

Bros, if you were in a male version of AKB with girls paying to shake your hand and wanting to fuck you... would you stay loyal to your fans?

>> No.35562280

fuck no. i cheat on my oshi with white girls now.

>> No.35562281

unironically yes. i could fuck any girl i wanted after graduation

>> No.35562308

>> No.35562322

>white pigs

>> No.35562383

I'm using my fame in my prime to fuck the hottest girls possible. Fuck my fans (not literally unless they are aforementioned hottest girls possible).

>> No.35562397

you mean like boys and men? I would only fuck celebrities and not some weird ass hiki neet nor ugly directors lile those AKB girls

>> No.35562399

Is Erii my fan?

>> No.35562468


>> No.35562485

hot lesbian vampire

>> No.35562818

Banana still got it

>> No.35562897

this bijin

>> No.35562912

Mental ill

>> No.35562957

Our girls are getting old.

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>> No.35563499

Her hiatus has ended, but there's still no news of gravure

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>> No.35563860

I want to suckle on her breast

>> No.35563869


>> No.35563874

bb come back

>> No.35563934


>> No.35563946

goblina maxima

>> No.35563976

>If he just parasite who uses his position to get his grimy tentacles up their legs then revenge is at hand.
He can't even physically enter Japan, so...

>> No.35564004

you're oshi

>> No.35564087

What's with the Hiroyuki cuck posting?

>> No.35564128


>> No.35564193

Yes, loyal to my dreams, my company, my fans, my family.

I am career oriented.

I don't have time for silly things like sex.

I am guaranteed virgin.

There will be pussy once I'm graduate.

>> No.35564219

You didn't save yamato nadeshiko anon.

You insisted on racial tolerance for the Olympics and tourism.

Now her womb is being culturally appropriated.

You are forced to watch kokujin mating ritual.

Enjoy being the dad of quadruplet yamamba hobbits.


>> No.35564221

>> No.35564344

How did Yunana lose her tooth?

>> No.35564390

>> No.35564434

thanks for eyebleach

>> No.35564449

I hate new captcha.

>> No.35564503

Hiro's really busy fucking our girls, please understand

>> No.35564517

I still get the old captcha, prolly because I post superior idols

>> No.35564532

>> No.35564543

I just verified work of art is proper proportions with Queen Nako's ratios.

>> No.35564545

>> No.35564548

I can't read most captchas

>> No.35564556

shit I need to start posting busus now maybe it will revert back

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>> No.35564838

best naa
best nagi
best nagisa
best saito
best loli
best adult
best offtopic
best tower collector
best idol raised by sasshi
best idol

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>> No.35565032

finally, the best fruit.

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>> No.35565469

What?! If Yuki Arai and Shiori Aoki's YouTube channel OshiYuki doesn't get a total of 15,000 subscribers by next month, it's being closed!

They're at 8.4 thousand right now, please subscribe!


>> No.35565493

>those faces
no thanks, i already get my daily doses of busu here

>> No.35565514


>> No.35565522

>> No.35565615

Growing a successful YouTube channel is tough. Even a super popular idol like Jurina failed.

>> No.35565623

where can i buy a wakapon mizugi scrap collectible card?

>> No.35565649

I did but she's already doing too much
She should focus on her 10m likes tiktok

>> No.35565668

You're not using proper marketing materials anon.

On that note they need to use proper marketing materials.

>> No.35565707


>> No.35565711

Thread needs more Dasu butt

>> No.35565727


>> No.35565736


>> No.35565766

>> No.35565777

maybe if they did more of this instead of just oshirin fucking fishing by her lonesome.

>> No.35565818

Oshirin doesn't have enough for paizuri

>> No.35565938

>> No.35565950

>> No.35565979

Finally, the best Ami.

>> No.35566032

so soft...

>> No.35566054


>> No.35566076

>> No.35566090

to all the Wakapon posters, thank you

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>> No.35566140

>> No.35566201

>> No.35566312

>> No.35566339

>> No.35566365

>> No.35566405

>> No.35566413

not now...

>> No.35566415

sex imp...

>> No.35566425

im gay...

>> No.35566469

I vote that Furuhata Nao puts the moves on Naachan and we sort this shit out once and for all.

>> No.35566496


>> No.35566508

>> No.35566509

TenTen is the hottest Team 8 member. That's a fact.

>> No.35566512

I adhere, this is a win-win

>> No.35566522

I'll have an opinion after we discover what the hell the show is about

>> No.35566527

>> No.35566568

bad vibes

>> No.35566572

>> No.35566574

>> No.35566583

>> No.35566601

Fuck showroom even 17live is better

>> No.35566613

>> No.35566614

>fish stands next to that
>still looks like shit

>> No.35566617

bad vibes

>> No.35566636

So, why did Makura graduate so fast again? Wasn't she supposed to go to Korea and sign with the biggest agency there or something? Cause since she left it looks like she didn't do shit.

>> No.35566648

korean dick is that good

>> No.35566734

>> No.35566950

>> No.35566961

>> No.35566974

It seems like Wings Spread Freedom Eagle will be her special signature move.


>> No.35567038

i like this more than >>35566961

>> No.35567039


>> No.35567059

I love you Honda Hitomi

>> No.35567061


>> No.35567080

Because AKB48 is a ship sinking so fast that she doesn't want to go down with it. Doesn't want to let the weight of oldfags pull her down

>> No.35567100

can't have all the profits of her prostitution endeavors if attached to a company

>> No.35567152

>super popular

>> No.35567158

classic Makura

>> No.35567166

GDPR is shit

>> No.35567174

she's still attached to vernaloss

>> No.35567175


>> No.35567186

really? I guess becoming sluttier didn't made her smarter lol

>> No.35567189

Makes me proud to be an American

>> No.35567233

>> No.35567251

>> No.35567284

it's only been around 2 weeks anon. even tireless sayanee took 2 months break after she graduated before she announced anything. besides it's not like akb is doing anything

>> No.35567306

>So, why did Makura graduate so fast again?
she lied to me too much

>> No.35567332

>> No.35567438

you are a faggot, but i understand you

>> No.35567492

>> No.35567639

No wonder it disbanded

>> No.35567655

Ogino's and Katomina's Youtube were very popular :3

>> No.35567684

POV: You are legally dating Tomi

>> No.35567774


>> No.35567842

sakura is like enako
which of these pathetic beta leeches is fucking her AND spending her money for the privilege.

>> No.35567966

>> No.35568065

Pro-gamers look like that?!

>> No.35568108

what a nightmare

>> No.35568141


>> No.35568158

Suda akari no SKE48 no ichi oshi menmba wa

>> No.35568161

>busutero hour

>> No.35568165


>> No.35568397

>> No.35568416

Enaco strips for us at least :/

>> No.35568423


>> No.35568450

enako & jurina mentioned https://twitter.com/enako_cos/status/914885060959993857/

>> No.35568492

back when the only thing she had done was her janky eye. the cutest otaku princess. now she's a full on wannabe eimi plastimon and a scandal slut to boot. the last 5 years have been a mistake.

>> No.35568537

Do you people only post abuse towards idols?

>> No.35568540

well obviously

>> No.35568554

>> No.35568578

No, sometimes I post abuse towards their fans.

>> No.35568584

I'm sorry, but I have no respect for "professional gamers".
How can an idol be proud of herself dating someone who makes a living pushing buttons on controllers?
Idols should date real men, like Shohei Ohtani.

>> No.35568592

No, I post 2 Momo pics and call it a day.

>> No.35568621

I just post cute girls or reply to other people that do the same.

>> No.35568666

>> No.35568672

It takes more mental skill to game for a living than to throw a ball for a living. Gaming has nothing to do with masculinity. There are gamers who exercise and have huge pecs. Do you also make fun of chess players for moving pieces around a board, when comparing them to baseball players?

>> No.35568676

>> No.35568698

>found the gaming loser

>> No.35568708

gamers hit buttons to do the things real baseball players achieve in real life

>> No.35568715

Why does it bother you so much that someone who's better than you in something that's beyond your head gets to date idols?

>> No.35568739

There are many different types of games besides sports games. I'm pretty sure that no baseball player would achieve anything at an FPS, MOBA or MMO.

>> No.35568754

>i'm so awesome because i can dribble past 5 players with my analog stick. it takes a lot of mental skill

>> No.35568766

>I'm pretty sure that no baseball player would achieve anything at an FPS, MOBA or MMO
what a badass!

>> No.35568781

Refer to >>35568739
Because it's clear that your mind can only interpret a virtualized form of sport as a game.

>> No.35568783

no one has every achieved anything playing a video game.

>> No.35568788

imagine a wota going to his oshi's lane and telling her that yesterday his guild conquered another realm. she would fall in love straight away with that fatty and his "brains"

>> No.35568800

i literally played the stupid campaign mobage this entire month and even i would be embarassed to talk about that at a handshake.

>> No.35568804

More pathetic than a gamer is someone who watches sports. Imagine claiming to be high and mighty when all you do is sit on a bench while you sip your cola. A gamer has more physical abilities than you.

>> No.35568807

don't. sure ohtani can throw a ball, but can he build barracks with one click?

>> No.35568814

>back when the only thing she had done was her janky eye. the cutest otaku princess. now she's a full on wannabe eimi plastimon and a scandal slut to boot. the last 5 years have been a mistake.

>> No.35568817

>A gamer has more physical abilities than you
i love your finger muscles, although 80% of it is probably from fapping

>> No.35568822

Lol, Shohei is at the top, she would never date a random gravure idol

>> No.35568845

give praise

>> No.35568856

for she hath no equal, love.

>> No.35568863

this is worse than dad jokes

>> No.35568889

quadruple yikes

at last a cute girl, it's been over half an hour since the last one

>> No.35568980

>> No.35569031

word. it's nuts how cute nagisa is, the perfect idol. she even oshi'd my old oshi too

>> No.35569048

god i wish i was canadian

>> No.35569109

My guess for next center is Yuiyui, let's see if i am right

>> No.35569141

nobody has ever achieved anything playing throw ball and hit with stick either. at the end of the day both pressing buttons or throwing balls are useless to society. the guy who collects my garbage each week is more useful than both of them so it's really just a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

>> No.35569228

i can only imagine the stupidest shit possible like making erii or yukirin center. so that they have to refilm the whole thing, but they can't because there's no money.
sports have historically been a way to improve physical fitness and select individuals for military service as well as to teach both competition and teamwork to students. sports test the highest boundary of human physical limitation by creating an incentive to risk physical danger in order to achieve that goal. Video games are digital toys for children.

>> No.35569263

>> No.35569330

>yukirin center
Literal nightmare shit.

>> No.35569413

>> No.35569466

>sports have historically been a way to improve physical fitness
you don't need to be a pro baseball player to get off your ass and exercise and lose some weight. do some starjumps and you'll get the same effect. Ironically baseball is mostly standing around, it's one of the fattest sports around. And there are sports like golf where it's just geriatrics casually walking and occasionally whacking a ball with a stick. And you should see how fat some of those olympic shot-putters are.
>select individuals for military service
lol fuck off, throwing a ball doesn't help you aim a rifle better or steer a tank. and look at these fat fucks, you gonna tell me they're fit for the military: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jd2RZiZGb4k and I doubt a drill sargeant makes his recruits play catch and throw and hit ball with stick as part of their training. And what good is a fit chad running about like a hero if a helicopter can hit him with a missile in pitch darkness from a long distance? A dude who sucks at sports but can operate and repair a tank is more useful than some olympian who can't do anything other than long jump into a sand pit. And don't get me wrong, video games are just as useless but ironically the defence forces are so high tech nowdays that they train pilots and other positions on tech resembling some video games, particularly the air force.
>as well as to teach both competition
sports aren't the only thing that teaches competition. competitive gaming does the same. so does a spelling bee.
>and teamwork to students
ditto. and so does playing team charades. and there are heaps of team video games so ditto.
>sports test the highest boundary of human physical limitation creating an incentive to risk physical danger in order to achieve that goal
useless to society. so you can run from here to there faster than anybody else on earth? yeah good on you mate, but how is that useful when i can drive my car that far in half the time (while carrying a few hundred kilos of load too)? you can put a ball through a hoop, wow that's cool but how does that improve the world? did your ball games allow me to automatically calculate the fastest route across my city? did they automate open cut mining? Don't get me wrong anon, video games don't do these things either, but the point is neither competitive sports or gaming are useful beyond being a form of ENTERTAINMENT. Any "goal" beyond that is pointless, unless it's to make your mommy proud.
>Video games are digital toys for children
Baseball is a stick and ball game for children

like I said, I'm not spruiking pro gaming i'm saying they're both just as useless. what it comes down to is they're mostly the same niche: entertainment for spectators. if enough people are interested in watching it then there are gonna be people turning it into a profession to win prize money.

>> No.35569493

imagine spending an hour to write a wall of offtopic text that no one will read. lol retard.

>> No.35569516

imagine getting butthurt cos an idol likes something you don't

>> No.35569577

>he likes sucking on johnny's johnsons
sounds homo.

>> No.35569583

>> No.35569605


>> No.35569640

>off topic
you're the one who brought up pro gamers in the first place retard. and don't post shit on an ​online discussion site if you can't handle the replies

>> No.35569678

>> No.35569699

did she do much gravure while still in the group, when she was still young and supple?

>> No.35569719

>> No.35569729

>> No.35569751

Sweet summer child

>> No.35569764

>> No.35569778

holy fuuuuck

>> No.35569919

>America's Army
sports are for cavemen. get with the times, grandpa

>> No.35569945

>> No.35570002

>> No.35570067

>> No.35570131

30 yo virgins are hot

>> No.35570199

>> No.35570207

The show is airing tonight right

>> No.35570338

Although it sounds like the first episode is just a look back on the history of akb, plus the senbatsu announcement.

>> No.35570358

>> No.35570387

>> No.35570423

>> No.35570526

Wakapon bros I'm sorry I got greedy and put all my chips on Mikana. In a year or two I'll be that homeless drifter on the street looking longingly through your window at the comfy life which I too could have had, my only possessions a Blizzcon T-shirt and a copy of Mina magazine.

Where's Mizuta, I wanna go drinking with her.

>> No.35570547

Mizuta got over Mikana and is happy and well now, I suggest you do the same, anon.

>> No.35570557

>> No.35570600

>> No.35570664

Yes, at 25:35


>> No.35570778

>> No.35570803

>> No.35570812

artsy miru is still kinda gravurish. hope it still does well

>> No.35571317

pinku goddnessgn

>> No.35571339

>> No.35571529

>> No.35571765


>> No.35571815

>> No.35571823


>> No.35571861


help this alien reach her dreams

>> No.35571902


Rissen the Elder

>> No.35572049

>> No.35572080

>forced boat busus time

>> No.35572094

>at the end of the day both pressing buttons or throwing balls are useless to society. the guy who collects my garbage each week is more useful than both of them so it's really just a case of the pot calling the kettle black
The ultimate redpill. That's the reason i stopped watching sports, fucking overpaid pieces of shit.

>> No.35572140

>> No.35572145

man... ballerinas have great asses

>> No.35572159

>> No.35572162


>> No.35572164


>> No.35572169

tenten i...

>> No.35572236

pinku goddesses

>> No.35572272

>> No.35572330

AKB should steal Last Idol's Misaki and Orio

>> No.35572346


>> No.35572351

>Last Idol
No thanks

>> No.35572370

their misaki and omori are better than ours

>> No.35572386

based fact

>> No.35572462

>> No.35572476

>> No.35572490

Sawaguchi Aika level of tits

>> No.35572526

Yamauchi Mizuki level of clown face

>> No.35572644

Lightyears beauty

>> No.35572654

triggering queen

>> No.35572708

>> No.35572723

>> No.35572758

my brown wifey

>> No.35572820

eyes and throat bleached

>> No.35572893

my wife.

>> No.35572912

>> No.35572916

finally a visually appealing picture

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