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I want to fuck the dog

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nene is warlike

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based roboco

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I'm going to redeem my pekopoints next off pako

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>it has sequels
>the one with a baby

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1 more hologra for a million subs.

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Is Luna sane?

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Can someone please ask Watame what all the holos have been recording recently? She's sure to spill the beans.

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Screw the pooch

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Nene is retarded

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That's really rare. I guess Coco's graduation will really make them get closer.

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Marine is a lesbian

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Watame was in luna's chat?

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I haven't been watching, does peko know the timer died a couple minutes into the movie

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God, Nene is so retarded, this is too funny.

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>botan and roboco laughing at nene's inability to fly with an elytra
i cannot believe the laughter coming from roboco and botan, HAG LOVE

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Marine is bisexual

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nenechi is too dummy

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Why does Marineschizo secretly want to fuck Marine?

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If you want the Wataleaks then pay for the membersheep

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pekora twitch

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Watame: Wow! There are so many famous songs in here!

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A lesbian who said she likes watching men cum and is really good at giving blowjobs?

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why am I not earning peko points when I watch unlike elite points?

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do NOT mention elytra in nenechi's chat thank you

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"Secretly" is a stretch

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Nenechi was not meant to fly...

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Marine doesn't like men

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why am i in the interrogation room?

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>post watame

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No one wants to fuck fat pigs like Marine.

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Anyone know when X is gonna give it to her?

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would you impregnate a japanese hag to satisfy abe's plea

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she's jealous and wants people to lust after her like to do for Marine

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hypu trrrain

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Why are there so many poor people in the thread? People don't have Amazon Prime or 4channelpass, is this the true SEA/Euro experience??

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We are in for at least 5 hours of superchats

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But she has said she likes watching them cum?

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Shut up Bezos.

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I want to lick a Japanese butthole...

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my peko points are not increasing......
what a fucking scam!

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People would want to fuck Marine even if she were fat, but they'd never fuck you

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Can't wait for Haachama to graduate already. Can't stand my oshi thinking of that slut all the time.

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No. I don't want kids nor marriage. Just let me play video games and indulge my hobbies in peace, have someone else do that

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I do.

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You're not even a 35p

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>even if she were fat
She IS fat

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Captcha problem?

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buttered up pooper

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that carrot always looked like feet to me

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It was fun watchalong.
Pekora chose the perfect movie to watch, nostalgic KINO.
inf4: Miko did it better

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From which anime is the song Korosan is singing right now

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Watame zatsudan ikuzoooo

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If you want to say bad things about Marine let's talk about her awful inventory management

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Has she customized the rewards?

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Marine is asexual

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She's not

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...kill yourself

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Hololive Alternative Episodes 4-6.

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Amazon is non-existent in SEA. It's all about Lazada and Shopee.

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I love Fubuki!

>> No.35560636

Marine just got fucked by a dog

>> No.35560637

Nene's having her first proper elytra flying experience and I can't hear her voice...

>> No.35560638

Good rack!

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I feel sorry for the host club boys that Marine fucks. They must be REALLY desperate for money.

>> No.35560642

Marine is only sexualy attracted to women

>> No.35560645

no, she said she'll look into it

>> No.35560646

It is better with Miko because she's more impressionable.

>> No.35560649

Sora gf...

>> No.35560652

do people actually pay for that? I have prime but I don't even use it that much

>> No.35560654

Not long now

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>It's another welcome to membersheep -episode

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I wanna grab that fat!

>> No.35560660

This is good stream

>> No.35560661

She fucking waddles.

>> No.35560662

>Amazon prime
I rarely buy stuff through Amazon to justify it
>4chan pass
>implying I'm going to give tranny jannies and gookmoot a dime

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You jinxed it...

>> No.35560665

Otsusmokingpeko! See you next time!

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let's not I don't want to be reminded

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Friend would have done better

>> No.35560671

I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

Listen to Mikochi ga Yatte Kitta Zo~tsu cover song! https://youtu.be/K57XcDsUl6A

>> No.35560672

She went too far and wrapped back around to being sane.

>> No.35560674

Is that why she likes seeing men cum?

>> No.35560680

Marine end
Mr X next time, maybe tomorrow

>> No.35560681

>ending it
I hate Marine

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What are we doing nanora?

>> No.35560683

Been putting this on loop. It's such a fun song.

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It's over bros, she loves Twitch. How do we stop her from completely migrating?

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Who wouldn’t want to fuck Marine?

>> No.35560692

Who is streaming on Twitch?

>> No.35560694

Didnt we have a thread 2 days ago with a link To one of her old twitcast where she says she has been cheated on?
Or have i been fed rrats?

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korosan just having fun is great

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Marine is fat

>> No.35560700

That's hot

>> No.35560701

People who aren't into obese chicks.

>> No.35560703

I want to fuck Marine too

>> No.35560704

How good are my chances with Marine if I look like Leon, bros?

How about with Matsuri?

>> No.35560708

Use Jun's emote.

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senchou has this in her throat, if medicine doesn't make it smaller she might have to have surgery

>> No.35560712

If you don't have proofs then don't say it.
Simple as.

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Is Rolling Girl in there? Did Luna do it already?

>> No.35560717

Pecor watch party just ended

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You posted this last thread. Fuck off.

>> No.35560724

She got knotted by Korone?

>> No.35560726

No I don't think Polka is in there

>> No.35560729

How is she dealing with the Twitch spam?

>> No.35560733

Matsuri is by far the most sexually attractive holomember

>> No.35560734

Watame’s voice is really pleasant

>> No.35560735

hai hai hai hai hai hai hai de dun de dun hai hai hai

>> No.35560738

First time hearing it?

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>> No.35560745

the fuck is wrong with captcha?

>> No.35560754

She has no idea what is even going on.

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Marine is a virgin

>> No.35560762

We did.

>> No.35560764

Was absolutely awful at the start, unreadable levels of emote and ASCII spam, but once the watch party started and like 15k faggots left it was pretty much completely Japanese and alright.
It will probably be awful during game streams I reckon, but sub only chat really goes to show that the majority of English chatters are poorfags.

>> No.35560765

Archive reps. Now

>> No.35560766

This but Roboco.

>> No.35560768

decorator is a fun song

>> No.35560774

Marine doesn't like men

>> No.35560775

It's not me the one trying to spread fake narratives.

>> No.35560778

A virgin who is good at sucking dick?

>> No.35560780

Luna is not sane.

>> No.35560783

>Wake up
>Remember Matsuri promised to beat Sans 4 months ago and she never delivered

>> No.35560784

Oh... rrats it was then.... thanks for the info, kinda sad for her though....

>> No.35560785

Wrong, she loves overseas sexy guys

>> No.35560786

It's the 5th of July, 2021
Who is officially the cutest holo today?

>> No.35560790

Talk shit about my oshi one more time and see what happens mother fucker

>> No.35560793

silence or more magic will be cast on you

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>> No.35560797

Your oshi sucks.

>> No.35560798

Miku clones?

>> No.35560800

I don't usually watch luna but she's pretty comfy right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACtKmznf_Gw

>> No.35560802

Can some fuck marineschizo already? Her hymen is clearly driving her insane, she needs to get rid of it ASAP

>> No.35560804

>globalbebi just found out about 前世

>> No.35560807

Now this is one hot comet

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>> No.35560814

She loves overseas sexy girls

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>> No.35560816

Every single recent Luna stream has been awesome.

>> No.35560817

Cope. Marine's roommate said she is a big fan of Shinjuku Ai.

>> No.35560819

Yukihana Lamy no R

>> No.35560823

Oh yeah? well I bet your oshi is really cute and talented

>> No.35560824

I asked this because I read some chink posts about spamming Pekora's chat room like right after she announced her stream over there.

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>> No.35560828

I will always, ALWAYS love my clown wife !!

>> No.35560829

I am pretty sure she said guys and by guys she means Tyrone.

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>> No.35560833

Anon, none of them are virgins. Except maybe Okayu and Polka, they've probably only slammed clams.

She explicitly said she's not a lesbian.

>> No.35560834

Watame is cool!

>> No.35560835

Chunni Watame

>> No.35560838

Explain OKBR

>> No.35560839

I am going to have sexual relations with your wife

>> No.35560841

Watame is a chuuni

>> No.35560842

Stop defending your EOP poorfags.

>> No.35560843

Minecraft Love

>> No.35560844

Oh it wasn't even a 1/10th as bad as Miko got it when she first streamed. Instant sub only mode for Pekora.

>> No.35560847

She had it in sub only mode and none of them were willing to pay up so they had no chance.
Can always also just enable the auto-mod settings and have the algorithm filter out 99% of it on Twitch.

>> No.35560855

I wouldn't say it was wheelbarrow tier but it was bad at the start but that was more because of just first time raiders shitting the place up.

>> No.35560857

I forgot about that

>> No.35560859

Where's the tail?

>> No.35560860

Ok Gugulu!

>> No.35560862

coco had dinner with some friends. I wonder if it is hololive related and if kanatan will talk about the other girls

>> No.35560863

an an anpanman

>> No.35560864

>Okay Google, 姫森ルーナエッチな絵!

>> No.35560865

Rather pay the jannies than program the Google AI for free

>> No.35560867

>> No.35560872

oh boy, if you watched her TRPG with towa and roboco

>> No.35560873

Well your oshi is nice and great at singing you nigger faggot

>> No.35560876

hime stop trying to activate my phone's google thing please

>> No.35560877

Based. Fuck Tumblrtale.

>> No.35560878

Roboco almost spilled water on her keyboard for the second time...

>> No.35560879


>> No.35560884

Rummy aishite

>> No.35560885


>> No.35560886


>> No.35560888

Ok guguru

>> No.35560889

I can't believe that Okayu fucked Korone.

>> No.35560890

Go back

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>> No.35560893

When will Ramy do 3D again? Nene has had like 3 3Ds since debuting

>> No.35560894

>giving scammoot a cent.

>> No.35560899

I want Kanata to stream for hours in tight spandex with wool panties underneath trapping a egg vibrator between them. Upon completing her stream, I want her to stand up, slide them off in one smooth motion, and then sit on my face; hours of sweat and vaginal juices soaking into my face.

>> No.35560903

Keep doing it for free with all the captchas you solve, bend over for that robot dick

>> No.35560905

Yes I've fapped to only you for two weeks now

>> No.35560907

Anniversary maybe

>> No.35560908


>> No.35560911

Please, if you are not willing to subtitle or translate forbidden knowledge do NOT post I here, send it to Hololive Historian so he can check it out.
Posting forbidden knowledge without translations will just create rrats that people will spread like they are true.
leave it to the people that ACTUALLY KNOW JAPANESE

>> No.35560913

>great hips
>nice legs
Suisei and FBK have the best body types in Hololive imo

>> No.35560914

i can't believe the mic exploded on korosan's face

>> No.35560919

I remember her going berserk at some point

>> No.35560921

But Coco, why does she need to stream during this?

>> No.35560922

>korone has a setlist on screen
>stops updating it
>says last song
>continues singing for an hour
Yup it was a good stream.

>> No.35560924

The Holos can get pretty defensive about their virtual persona. I remember when OKBR first played together, when they introduced themselves they asked for Lamy to go and she said something like, "Am I even in this?" So they said for today she's Ramy. You'd think they'd just accept they can't say Ls. Technically they can't even say Rs.

She only played the game for Napstablook, she phoned the rest of it in. I was surprised she (and Towa) went back to it at all.

>> No.35560925

is that robocos newest attachment? h-hot...

>> No.35560927


>> No.35560929

You'll have to have sexual relations with me too if you become an Omaruza. We're all married.

>> No.35560933


>> No.35560937

Ore no Rami...

>> No.35560939

ichimi are all globalfags and r*dditors. They worship an EOP clip channel called shabbysubz.

>> No.35560941

But that dude doesn't know Japanese

>> No.35560943

>like 3 3Ds
That's very modest of you. Since she debuted in mid-April she has had 6 3D appearances (Kanata's live, NeneTowaFubuMatsu karaoke, NeneSui karaoke, NeneIro live, Azki's live, VARK).
Also Lamy was in Kanata's live and Noel's live just last week. VARK too, obviously.

>> No.35560944

Who all tweeted about it so far? Coco, Kanata, Aki tweeted. Towa and Rushia were on rest-days.

>> No.35560946

mr. koro...

>> No.35560947

My dick knows japanese.

>> No.35560948

>not intentionally fucking up every other captcha to make a self driving car run into a bus in the future

>> No.35560951

BL bad

>> No.35560952

what is this song on Luna's stream.

>> No.35560953

o-okay but I don't swallow.

>> No.35560955

Nene had 5 3D streams in the last month

>> No.35560956

The only thing new here is (You)

>> No.35560960

It's written there

>> No.35560963

What's her release command?

>> No.35560968

Luna just found her next cover

>> No.35560969


>> No.35560973


>> No.35560974

robocos morning star... sugoi...

>> No.35560975

How it be this

>> No.35560976

marine doesn't care about hololive. she just want the fame to become a VA.

>> No.35560977


>> No.35560979

Hatsune Miku

>> No.35560988

Everyone just ignored Roboco...

>> No.35560990

Watame the collab queen is going to play Mario party with Kiara, Nene and Botan on Sunday.

>> No.35560992

Did she admit that or is that a rrat?

>> No.35560996

Lamy just pronounce Learn normally...

>> No.35560997

>sucking lamywater
Pretty dangerous unless you want to become one.

>> No.35560999

Any good streams today?

>> No.35561000


>> No.35561001

erofi where are you looking!?

>> No.35561002

So many

>> No.35561004

Botan has pretty slow reactions to the in-game chat huh.

>> No.35561005


>> No.35561007

Stop trying to lead me astray
I don't want to fuck god
it's wrong

>> No.35561009

>collab queen

>> No.35561011


>> No.35561014

Korone "Thank you for 1.56m subscribers!" (07/05)

01:37 Start
09:12 MSJ - Happy Jam Jam (Shimajiro, 1997)
14:10 Sawada Kenji - Katte ni Shiyagare (1977)
19:18 Nanahoshi Kangengakudan ft. Hatsune Miku/Pmaru - S'il Vous President (2021)
23:44 Aikawa Rikako - Pokémon Hara-Hara Relay (Pokémon, 2000)
28:33 Kageyama Hironobu - Dengeki Sentai Changeman (1985)
34:36 Supercell - Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (Bakemonogatari, 2009)
42:31 MEN'S 5 - Tottemo Umanami (Midori no Makibao, 1996)
48:11 Hiura Ippo - Uchuu no Ouja! Godmars (Godmars, 1981)
52:56 Sasaki Isao - Tobe! Grendizer! (Cut, UFO Robot Grendizer, 1975)
55:39 YOASOBI - Yoru ni Kakeru (2019)
1:04:49 NyaaKB with Tsuchinoko Panda - Idol wa Uunyanya no Ken (2015)
1:12:01 Yoshimi Nakajima, Young Fresh - Ningen tte Ii na (Manga Nippon Mukashi Banashi, 1984)
1:17:27 Matsumoto Rika - Rival! (Pokémon, 1999)
1:23:33 Suzukisan - Pokémon Ieru ka na? (Pokémon, 2000)
1:30:26 Ikuzo Yoshi - Ora Tokyo sa Iguda (1984)
1:35:21 Penicillin - Romance (1998)
1:43:01 Chinozo ft. flower - Goodbye Sengen (2020)
1:46:26 Yakushimaru Etsuko - Venus to Jesus (Arakawa Under the Bridge, 2010)
1:50:25 Tsukitei Hosei - Yamazaki Ichiban! (Gakkyuu Ou Yamazaki, 1997)
2:04:27 Inugami Korone - Saikyo Tensai Wonderful World of Korone (2021)
2:11:13 Ozaki Kiyohiko - Mata Au Hi Made (1971)
2:16:45 Yuzu - Natsuiro (1998)
2:23:48 Dreaming - Anpanman no March (Sore Ike! Anpanman, 1988)
2:27:06 Ending

>> No.35561015

Supernenechi isn't so super

>> No.35561017

Your primer to Indogs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T59aKlNtWMo

>> No.35561021

>> No.35561022

I wonder if Miko is still lactating

>> No.35561024


>> No.35561025

*becomes mentally ill*

>> No.35561026

>sleeping with kids
Her womb is crying

>> No.35561027

only mmoshitters would pay attention to chat
true gamers focus on what matters, your immediate surrounding

>> No.35561029


>> No.35561036

baby okayu....

>> No.35561037

Lit. Looking forward to it.

>> No.35561038


>> No.35561039

>Penicillin - Romance
I would love to see Luna and Korone's duet

>> No.35561044

She's really out of it today, misplaces items, misreads kanji, forgets shulkers, misclicks and her voice is a bit off. Still bullies Nene no problem though.

>> No.35561045

https://files.catbox.moe/b596bu.mp4 click the good !

>> No.35561046

Kiara was basically the only one to actually retweet Watame's original song, so she ain't all that bad.

>> No.35561048

1M 3D Janken

>> No.35561050

Marine doesn't buy the merch of other members like other Holos do. She isn't a Hololive fan. Also she applied to Niji first. She is a Nijinigger.

>> No.35561053


>> No.35561059

Is this a fat joke or a depression one?

>> No.35561061

Sounds like old fogey cope.

>> No.35561062


>> No.35561064

Marine is a lesbian

>> No.35561067

Why not both?

>> No.35561068

Huge if true. We love the orange woman.

>> No.35561072

The taste of Towa's banana...

>> No.35561074


>> No.35561075

i hope Watame does a totsu for her 1m

>> No.35561077

>only mmoshitters would pay attention to chat

>> No.35561078

Luna is really cute today!

>> No.35561079

Fuck off retard. We all know it's you. No one gives a fuck about you and your little schemes. Here's your desperate (you).

>> No.35561085

Towa is a lesbian

>> No.35561086

she is a leech then

>> No.35561089

Oh the captcha is fixed, no wonder thread quality dropped.

>> No.35561090

>> No.35561092

Yes man

>> No.35561093

>Marine doesn't buy the merch of other members like other Holos do
Please try harder. You always put in so much effort, but this time you just said something that’s too easy to disprove.

>> No.35561094

Leave Towa alone.

>> No.35561095

Bother me again with this bullshit and I'll down that channel because youtube is more easy to abuse than Mel in a stairwell.

>> No.35561096

>Dreamin Chuchu
Fuck me that was a blast from the past

>> No.35561097

>Dengeki Sentai Changeman
I will marry this hag!

>> No.35561098

Come on baby okayun...

>> No.35561102

She's so carried by her design

>> No.35561103

nene you retard...

>> No.35561104

I see Lamy as a kind of friend with benefits. The benefits being that I masturbate to her.

>> No.35561105

I think she promised to do it a while back

>> No.35561109


>> No.35561110


>> No.35561113

Reinechi is great.

>> No.35561115

Prove me wrong then.

>> No.35561116

Runa is always cute

>> No.35561117


>> No.35561122

>> No.35561128

Not really, she could look like Matsuri and still be one of the most entertaining Holos regardless of branch

>> No.35561130

Towa doesn't buy the merch of other members like other Holos do. She isn't a Hololive fan. Also she applied to Niji first. She is a Nijinigger.

>> No.35561131


>> No.35561132

She unboxed the big Aqua plush in one of her streams and now please go back to talking about how fat Marine is

>> No.35561135

my blain is manually blaking

>> No.35561136

>Luna playing on easy
>just to enjoy the songs and not to get autist about it
She's just like me bros

>> No.35561138

Matsuri has one of the best designs.

>> No.35561139

What is this i hear about marine being good at bjs?

>> No.35561145

Management told her to do that.

>> No.35561150

Have you cummed to Towa yet today?

>> No.35561151

>3D Janken Totsu
Did Watame receive hand tracking for her home 3D?

>> No.35561152

fuck off, being autistic at rhythm games is my only trait...

>> No.35561155

Her roommate bragged about it.

>> No.35561157

Since she's on vacation she can't give me the cum command

>> No.35561159

I love this baby

>> No.35561163

EOPchad here, recommend me the best JP holo that can pander me.

>> No.35561165

No, i didn't.

>> No.35561166


>> No.35561168

You will really enjoy Sakura Miko or Houshou Marine

>> No.35561169


>> No.35561173

I'm not sure where to start

>> No.35561174


>> No.35561176

None of them will pander to your 3rd grade english bro

>> No.35561177


>> No.35561181

神BGM in okayus stream

>> No.35561182

Marine. She loves her EOPs.

>> No.35561185

Kiara. She might as well be JP to you.

>> No.35561188

Luna really likes the vegetable juice song

>> No.35561191

>ugly-ass "tree" in front of Lamy's cute flower store
Button, have mercy.

>> No.35561194

Sora love!

>> No.35561200

>> No.35561201

The things I'd do to this Comet would make Deep Impact look tame.

>> No.35561203

Love this part.

>> No.35561204


>> No.35561207


>> No.35561209

Watame is getting bombarded with membersheeps today as well

>> No.35561211

>taiwan flag

>> No.35561213

That's looks SOUL as hell

When are we gonna those again?

>> No.35561216

Marine fucking loves EOPs and ESLs. especially the black ones and the ones from SEA. She even calls them "sexy overseas guys"

>> No.35561220


>> No.35561225

Holy shit

>> No.35561231


>> No.35561232


>> No.35561241

Did you enjoy the stream anons?

>> No.35561243

i hope so, she's only done 1 I think

>> No.35561244

like always

>> No.35561245

Imagine suffocating to death in that bust...

>> No.35561246

Oh yesh fuck this captcha shit

>> No.35561248


>> No.35561252


>> No.35561255

Nene and Korone are very similar in how they both plaster hand-drawn props all over their screens, are enjoyable even without much japanese knowledge yet conceal more hidden layers of depth that anyone else when you actually learn what they are like.

>> No.35561256

I'm telling

>> No.35561258

I hope Coco calls.

>> No.35561263

10/10 landing Nene...

>> No.35561265


>> No.35561266


>> No.35561270


>> No.35561271


>> No.35561273

Yes I love Luna

>> No.35561286

The fat cat is being erotic again

>> No.35561290

And both have the same viewership despite Korone having more than a million subs...

>> No.35561294

Where's your sad dog pic?

>> No.35561299


>> No.35561303


>> No.35561309

I'm interested in Nene. What kind of abuse does she do?

>> No.35561310

Yes, and victorious.

>> No.35561317

You will never be a real Lamy.

>> No.35561318


>> No.35561321


>> No.35561329

Randomly decides to celebrate an odd number like 1.56M the day after Pekora overtakes her in subs just so she could pass her again. Korone is a numberfag confirmed.

>> No.35561330


>> No.35561335

rrat or is there a source?

>> No.35561337

>> No.35561340


>> No.35561341

wrong board

>> No.35561342

Why is this bitch so cute...

>> No.35561344

She wants the studio for it.

>> No.35561346


>> No.35561348

Wow. Perfect.

>> No.35561349

Maybe when the flu is gone. Is Japan still in lockdown?

>> No.35561350


>> No.35561351

>Oh I was supposed to read superchats?

>> No.35561352

Kanata gets the subs, watame gets the membersheeps

>> No.35561354

GHOST is so fucking cool, it's scary to think that she can make something even better one day.

>> No.35561359


>> No.35561360

I still miss her.

>> No.35561364

Towa is a _____

>> No.35561378

Manchild like anon.

>> No.35561380

I can't believe Korone hit over 1.5 trillion subscribers today...

>> No.35561381

i-im sorry nenechi dinner will be hot and ready when you get home next time I promise...

>> No.35561384

There’s a reason she chose to celebrate that number, you’d know if you watched the stream

>> No.35561385

She also boils you in a pot if you cheat.

>> No.35561387

If you don't know Japanese then how do you know how much is being concealed by anyone?

>> No.35561392

I've done it.
I've finally become Lamy.

Don't give up anons, you can do it too!

>> No.35561400

*always has been

>> No.35561405

You may look like her, but can you roleplay as her? That's the important part.

>> No.35561407

>> No.35561412

>> No.35561415


>> No.35561420


>> No.35561423

the numberfags would literally cum buckets if member numbers ever got released

>> No.35561424

>you can't spark a blue oopa loopa, so we're fucked

>> No.35561429

Only Botan and rbc remain

>> No.35561430

Do you have a Polka living inside your head?

>> No.35561433

Nene has definitely changed her sleeping habits lately. She used to never stay up past 10 or 11, it's like 2AM or 3AM in nipland and she's up playing Minecraft offstream

>> No.35561435


>> No.35561436

Isn't it past Shishiron's bed time?

>> No.35561438

>Membersheep irasshai!
>Welcome to membersheep
>Membersheep irasshai!
>Welcome to membersheep
>Membersheep irasshai!
>Welcome to membersheep
>Membersheep irasshai!
>Welcome to membersheep
>Membersheep irasshai!
>Welcome to membersheep
>Membersheep okaeri!
>Welcome back membersheep

>> No.35561440


>> No.35561441


>> No.35561449

Let's fucking GOOOOO!

>> No.35561451


>> No.35561455

>> No.35561457

Speaking of numbers, Sora had a lot of viewers and superchats for her last minecraft stream for some reason.

>> No.35561459

Is it just me or are a bunch of holos retweeting/liking a lot more lewd art of themselves today?

>> No.35561460


>> No.35561461

>all of gokisei reclining

>> No.35561463

She does stay up later every now and then, she'll roll oopas and go to sleep after.

>> No.35561465

Nene has been a very NAUGHTY girl lately...

>> No.35561466

very much chu!
I missed most of it...

>> No.35561482

gokishit finally getting exposed for the failure that they are. Thank fuck

>> No.35561485

I want a holo who is 17 years old and is very VERY cute, cover PLEASE

>> No.35561488

Remember when ichimi said Marine would overtake Pekora.

>> No.35561492


>> No.35561503


>> No.35561504

Same thing happened to Watame after she broke up with Mukkun...

>> No.35561511

Sweet coc

>> No.35561512

>Marine reclining
That's how you know this list is fake garbage

>> No.35561521

Made for kaigainiki face and dick

>> No.35561524


>> No.35561525

Which holos would cry during sex?

>> No.35561526


>> No.35561529

Watame start reading them already, you got over 1k backlog of supers

>> No.35561536

Only if you’re white

>> No.35561539

Hahahaha gokishit keeps dropping guess they're going to have to beg for EN collabs soon lmao

>> No.35561545

It was Sunday afternoon in Japan/evening in America+Minecraft

>> No.35561546

Can sad dog numberfag fuck off now

>> No.35561548

Why is any post that mentions a fanbase by name always awful?

>> No.35561555

>> No.35561558

well duh, no one thinks of sea when they say sexy overseas guys

>> No.35561559


>> No.35561560

q1 figures skewed by their 3d debuts
but still... ramirez... polka...

>> No.35561562

The fact that Ayame is not farthest to the right on both graphs is the greatest injustice this world has seen

>> No.35561564


>> No.35561571

ichitrannies BTFO

>> No.35561572

I think it's at 1700+ right now.

>> No.35561573


>> No.35561579


>> No.35561584

same Mikopi!

>> No.35561591

towa has said a lot of things, but this takes the cake

>> No.35561595

Cute is justice

>> No.35561601

Here you go.

>> No.35561602

This is true

>> No.35561603


>> No.35561604

How is it even possible.

>> No.35561606

newcomers welcome

>> No.35561610

giggle clips

>> No.35561612

Marine is a lesbian

>> No.35561617

The numbers don't lie ichimi. Marine is reclining,
She was at over 25k in April, she was under 20k in June

>> No.35561618

I wish my oshi streamed...

>> No.35561620

They think of hispanic

>> No.35561621

It's been a long time since I've seen an unironic "Towa is a whore" post.
Did the kenzoku discord win?

>> No.35561624

who cares lol
>oficially featured in anime
happened before

>> No.35561626

Stop posting about Towa

>> No.35561628

Towa is a whore

>> No.35561629

All of them, according to Japanese porn.

I have no idea what they think of when they talk about foreigners. I know nips generally don't think about the world in term of races since they've historically been so isolated.

>> No.35561631

How many in this thread remember the >"wasted design" posting?

>> No.35561635

Sorry chocoball, asian women aren’t interested.

>> No.35561636

euro hispanic, not the burger ones

>> No.35561638

I wonder how schizos feel when no one takes their bait and they desperately start posting the same thing trying to hook someone? At least I don't see them replying to themselves that much anymore.

>> No.35561639

If you like Nene, then we can be friends

>> No.35561645

weebs translate

>> No.35561659

It was specially sad yesterday during Ame's stream.

>> No.35561663

Literally reclining lol. Whore should graduate, even better, she should be fired

>> No.35561666

Watame wool removal stream.

>> No.35561669

So many oopas

>> No.35561671

I have never seen people use the words recline and incline in the context of NUMBERS like this place does, are you not native english speakers? It feels like a thing ESLs think is normal in english when it’s not

>> No.35561672

June numbers

>> No.35561673

I like Nene, but she isn't my oshi.
Is it ok?

>> No.35561675

Anon the numbers aren't in japanese...

>> No.35561676

Watame stool removal stream.

>> No.35561678


>> No.35561679

One if the sheep schizos were replying to themselves like crazy, a few days ago

>> No.35561680

towa said if she ever sees me walking down the street she would force my hand and put me in a deadly self defense situation where i would have to discharge my concealed firearm in order to save my life
she said she would be wearing body armor like master chief so i better aim right between her eyes
i kept telling her to stop but she just kept talking about "no-scopes" and "quick shots"

>> No.35561682

South American aren’t burgers

>> No.35561693

If Cover finally put their foot down and just straight up fucking fired Ayame, I'd forgive every single fuck up they ever did.

>> No.35561697


>> No.35561701


>> No.35561703

Any JOP who can explain to me why do you like to have the chat on the screen in such a way that you can't watch the video?

>> No.35561710

Thank you Lamyclipper, lub u foebba

>> No.35561711

They're dead inside. Won't be long till they kill themselves lmao

>> No.35561713

>Watame's hours
Someone help her

>> No.35561714

i feel bad for towa i really do

>> No.35561715

> 2 original songs and 138 hours

>> No.35561718

It doesn't matter anon. You can enjoy the VOD.

>> No.35561719

You are in the wrong place

>> No.35561721

Botan's L2D is frozen kek

>> No.35561728


>> No.35561731

i got a ton of replies during the ame raid but its never been about replies. ever

>> No.35561736

Of course!

>> No.35561739

Wish I could draw something this cute.

>> No.35561743


>> No.35561745

big ass are for big dicks
sorry white boy

>> No.35561746

The Moon in a sharp incline!

>> No.35561748

As a matter of fact, I love Nene.

>> No.35561749

I miss her original outfit.

>> No.35561750

Mermaid seal princess...

>> No.35561751

I hope she plays the second one, or touches the DMC collection that she got for her birthday

>> No.35561753

If only axolotls could breed this fast...

>> No.35561754

why isnt this a jiff

>> No.35561756

Shionyos roommate started following Kson on twitter now...

>> No.35561757

I wish anon would stop dreaming and start practicing

>> No.35561758

>> No.35561761

Why are all the newer mario games so soulless?

>> No.35561763


>> No.35561771

Rare late Botan stream. Did something happen?

>> No.35561772

everyone's roommate follows kson now

>> No.35561773

How can someone give money to Risu. What could she possibly be busy with to stream for only 21 hours.

>> No.35561774

Im sending this to disney

>> No.35561780

Its japan, once they get used to something they wont change that. Thats why they have so much outdated shit in technology and other aspects of life.

>> No.35561782

Why is Matsuri playing Minecraft at 2 am?

>> No.35561783

>> No.35561790

Oh no no no saddog poster…

>> No.35561794

festival minecra

>> No.35561797

the people who made the company good retired
the art style in the new animal crossing was such a disappointment as someone whos been playing the franchise for like 20 years

>> No.35561798


>> No.35561800

The eggs are starting to rot...

>> No.35561802

ok I'll be her boyfriend

>> No.35561803

Practicing is the reason why I know it’s not possible.

>> No.35561804

gifs don't have sounds, why would I make a minute long nene gif with no nene sounds

>> No.35561805

Late night breeding stream.

>> No.35561809


>> No.35561810

They try so hard - as if Watamates aren't used to sheepposters already or sheepposters give a fuck.

>> No.35561811


>> No.35561819

Hololive is boring now, where are the chinese? Where are the yabes? Where is the excitement?

>> No.35561827

holoen 2 will have the next aloe

>> No.35561831

Some boards seem to have received a new captcha system and it's awful

>> No.35561833

>Hoshikawa talk about Haato more than any of the Holos do
bff's love

>> No.35561835

In the Ramy hole, maybe you should join them

>> No.35561838

matsuris roommate would be perfect for one of those really hardcore JAVs where its almost better when the girl is a little ugly because shes being put through so much abuse

>> No.35561844

Could you explain the process?
I only see numbers

>> No.35561846

Will Haachama ever come back?

>> No.35561847

Matsuri should just debut on pornhub

>> No.35561850

fucking sluts

>> No.35561851

Hey, I know most people here don't like matuli, but she's playing Minecraft if you want to watch...


>> No.35561859

Bimbo cocksluts

>> No.35561863

>> No.35561867


>> No.35561868


>> No.35561869

I will never watch this menhera bitch

>> No.35561871

because she is just as cute

>> No.35561874

She was playing with Nene.

>> No.35561881

It's funny how women swear they will never have children and the very idea terrifies them, until the biological clock starts ticking

>> No.35561882

It is comparing average live viewership between Q1 and Q2 2021.

>> No.35561885

A large part of that is from her participation in the Usaken relay

>> No.35561892

Sorry, i don't want to watch Minecraft

>> No.35561895

no the picture is a nene version of something thats usually a gif
it doesnt exist i just searched for it and found a finish version of hlg on a spin off 4chan

>> No.35561897


>> No.35561903


>> No.35561909

She cute

>> No.35561920

Those with British blood inevitably need to seek out others to relieve their banter needs.

>> No.35561921


>> No.35561925

she really enjoys her electone. I love her so much.

>> No.35561926


>> No.35561927


>> No.35561929

When was nene's last "Aru"?

>> No.35561935

All artistic endeavors eventually become corporate endeavors.

She's still at peak fertility age. She has 4 more years before she slides down the mountain.

>> No.35561936

Isn't Matsuri about 21? I don't think she needs to worry just yet

>> No.35561940

Golden egg!

>> No.35561953

She's 24-25

>> No.35561954

didn't fucking ask

>> No.35561955

towa said she doesnt believe in ghosts

>> No.35561956

October maybe?

>> No.35561957

Typical Botan rolls. 1/1200 rates, she never had a chance.

>> No.35561961

Sounds a bit quite for me.

>> No.35561963

>> No.35561964

Christmas cake...

>> No.35561969

wait I didn't know... how long she been streaming.. I have failed Luna as a lunaito

>> No.35561973

Remember Matsuri

>> No.35561977

Towa believe in Santa

>> No.35561979

What happened to Paradise????

>> No.35561982

a bit quite what?

>> No.35561988

I meant quiet...

>> No.35561989


>> No.35561993

she's not

>> No.35561994

That comment really hurted you that much huh

>> No.35561997

>Towa is visiting her mom during her vacation
>You can occasionally hear her voice in the background of Watame's stream

>> No.35562001

She finally realized that no Apex pro is going to marry her no matter how hard she tries.

>> No.35562003

>google captcha finally decided to stop being a piece of shit and just required a click to solve it

>> No.35562013

Luna electone practice.

>> No.35562015


>> No.35562017


>> No.35562018

The new one is fucking awful

>> No.35562019

Rushia was at the studio all day though

>> No.35562021

She's going to get the tape treatment like Haachama.

>> No.35562023

This but unironically.

>> No.35562028


>> No.35562034


>> No.35562037

Recommend me some creative holos.

>> No.35562038

There are thousands of people willing to be her bf and impregnate her. What's wrong with her?

>> No.35562049

What I don't get is why not keep the "verification not required for your next post" thing, I used to make like 3 posts with a single captcha...

>> No.35562050

Lamy, your minecraft stream is still hours away...

>> No.35562053


>> No.35562056

Sedated Matuli is hot.

>> No.35562057

Has Nene done a room review stream? I want to see her abuse her fans for their bad taste and uncleanliness.

>> No.35562060

Fellow Polkachads, I present to you:

>> No.35562065

remove 35poos

>> No.35562066

Abolish Watame

>> No.35562069

>Okayu using deaver's art for her thumbnails
That really turns me on.

>> No.35562073


>> No.35562085

when will she stream on her channel again?

>> No.35562089

Luna playing electone at 2 am.. She forgot about her hands I see..

>> No.35562092

She hasn't, and I don't think she is allowed to criticize us when she lives in a room full of winnie the pooh merchandise and has a fridge full of expired food.

>> No.35562096


>> No.35562097

Should just play it with her legs.

>> No.35562101

After she gets pregnant

>> No.35562103

Dame da~ dame da~

>> No.35562105

Hime's erotic sounds... Hime vigorously working on those keys... Imagine the handjob...

>> No.35562107

it's not about the number of people, or about the quality of people, it's about whether you're ready to join your life with another person for the rest of your life
in that sense the holos come from a rather broken culture in japan, since it promotes career and independence over family

>> No.35562109


>> No.35562111

Luna seems to be extra cute in her twitcast

>> No.35562114

Don't worry, she'll go back to playing with males later. She always does a "comfy/sleepy" minecraft stream or an utawaku after pushing her viewers away by flirting with men in apex.

>> No.35562117

Today 8PM JST (can be changed because it's Ojou)

>> No.35562118

Luna can't do it...

>> No.35562119

another hot take from a new ip...

>> No.35562120

We love Aqua here

>> No.35562126

So was Kanata, but there was a lunch-with-friends break included

>> No.35562127

You should check out her other twitcast then. For her erotic sounds...

>> No.35562129

Bluerose is 1m views.
Say something nice.

>> No.35562132

Miko's voice really fits Gyari style

>> No.35562135

Holos that post on reddit and their most recent post there:
Marine 6 hours ago
Botan 10 hours ago
Flare 2 days ago
Miko 3 days ago
FBK 4 days ago
Watame 5 days ago
RBC 6 days ago
Noel 7 days ago
Kanata 10 days ago
Mel 1 month ago
Matsuri 2 months ago
Aki 9 months ago

>> No.35562140

Marine didn't play RE2R already?

>> No.35562147


>> No.35562152

It should've been Pekora instead of 35p.

>> No.35562153

Kill yourself and go back, eleven

>> No.35562155

Not Hol...

>> No.35562156

I love luna so much

>> No.35562166


>> No.35562167

Marine is a r*dditor get over it.

>> No.35562168

I never actually believed that the P*KA fanboys were all small brown 12 year old SEAniggers but I just saw one's youtube channel and realized it's true.
Why the fuck are SEAmonkeys like this?

>> No.35562170

She was already doing drinking streams back in 2019, so she's clearly older than 21 YO

>> No.35562173

A lot of people thought that it was a bgm and that Luna was not playing...

>> No.35562180

Does Miko know who the twitch emotes are? Like Dansgame and totalbiscuit?

>> No.35562181

What the fuck is that new captcha shit, keeps bugging out and not letting me post.

>> No.35562182

Who the fuck is P*KA

>> No.35562184

Don't even reply to my comment again SEAdog

>> No.35562185

I would if she didn't ignore my oshi.

>> No.35562188

use the old form

>> No.35562194

ok I kneel Luna.. You were playing all that yourself

>> No.35562198

It filters out shitposters. If you're having trouble posting, well then...

>> No.35562209

Hey /hlg/,

My name is Nene, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded gaijins who spend every second of their day watching stupid ass streams. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever done any reps? I mean, I guess it's fun to numberfag and narrativepost because you didn't take your meds, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than posting hololive memes on reddit.

Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I am a former idol, and I'm always included in official streams. What do you even do, other than "jack off to Japanese hags"? I am also genius Nenechi, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just ate me out; Shit was SO cash). You are all EOPs who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

Pic Related: It's me and my bitch

>> No.35562211

it's literally small impressionable teens and children who watch that shit and are impressed by it, and it doesn't matter where they come from
or immature teens who are addicted to the memesss
think about it, what kind of people would be addicted to watching hololive memes like this?

>> No.35562212

Let it go, it's over...

>> No.35562216


>> No.35562219


>> No.35562220

I don't even mind she playing with males, i get mad because she sucks ass but tries to pretend otherwise.

>> No.35562221

You literally got into hololive by begging and sucking cock. Shut up.

>> No.35562224

I am the glass SSRB

>> No.35562232

You're kinda hot

>> No.35562233

I never shitpost. All my posts are meaningful and 100% true. Always contributing to better the state of this thread.

>> No.35562236

Can you be the S'mores SSRB?

>> No.35562237

This might be the best cover anyone in Hololive has ever made.

>> No.35562238

The men are there to carry her.

>> No.35562243

>> No.35562246

What the fuck is wrong with 35p

>> No.35562247

>> No.35562248

To be honest, RBC is pretty cute.

>> No.35562250


>> No.35562251


>> No.35562253

she already mentioned it in her membership stream yesterday.

>> No.35562255

I think gyari songs SUCK.

>> No.35562259

she only likes people that don't like her

>> No.35562262

I like it when it goes ne ne ne ne...(ohamachi)

That's about it.

>> No.35562265

Botan posts on reddit?

>> No.35562267

How do we get it to 1 million?

>> No.35562268


>> No.35562271

I lost Botan's account and the mods are privated, what is it again?

>> No.35562272

Nice try, I'm not falling for that one!

>> No.35562277


>> No.35562278

Yeah it doesn't matter where they're from or if they're underage. I'm just saying I just came across what I thought was a made up stereotype.
I would have not been surprised if it was a 19 year old american or spic, but it wasn't that, it was a literal baby SEAmonkey.

>> No.35562283

i hate those fucks so much

>> No.35562285

We actually do know, but you need to join membersheep to find it out.

>> No.35562288

We need to sacrifice Smile&Go

>> No.35562289


>> No.35562290

Mr Koro...

>> No.35562291


>> No.35562293

AZKi... please stream more...
Aki... plase actually advertise your twicast streams at least...

>> No.35562294

Its already dead, anon.

>> No.35562295

Say what you want about Towa, but she's pretty fucking based sometimes.

>> No.35562296

buying subs for your oshi doesn't help her fag

>> No.35562297

Of course she got snacks while going to the toilet!

>> No.35562298

Fat sheep

>> No.35562300

Post messages.

>> No.35562307


>> No.35562309


>> No.35562311

isnt it interesting how much an image can change by just inversion

>> No.35562316

What are those background noises in Luna twitcast? Electone?

>> No.35562325

sorry its me, I'll be quiet from now on

>> No.35562326

>Matsuri does anything besides APEX
>instant 10k+ viewers and akasupa red carpets


>> No.35562328

>image board
>can't post

>> No.35562335


>> No.35562337

She's the one that has to apologize.

>> No.35562339

Sex Friend!

>> No.35562340


>> No.35562342


>> No.35562343

wait until her birthday stream is over and she joins another 10 apex tournaments in one month and it's back to 1000 views and 0 sc again

>> No.35562348

>apologizing to a Menhera crying about her friend being married AND just popped a baby out of her womb
Nice try L*ger

>> No.35562352


>> No.35562354

I bet you don't like CHOCOMINT

>> No.35562356

That's it, I'm legally changing my name to woopa-loopa

>> No.35562357

Well said.

>> No.35562360

The pedals and keys can be easily heard when the output volume is this low.

>> No.35562361

Chi-chan and Nose also stream with males often but they're pretty competent at the game

>> No.35562362

>instant 10k+ viewers
Nice try, the only reason she has 10k is because Botan's stream ended and Watame is reading superchats now.

>> No.35562364

>popped a baby out of her womb
Why are women like this?

>> No.35562365


>> No.35562367

sex with watame while she reads super chats...

>> No.35562376

Matsuri wants sex

>> No.35562379


>> No.35562380

>Watame lets out a high pitched -SAN while you suddenly trust deep into her

>> No.35562381

Hot, would be another interesting take on her crying.

>> No.35562384

>> No.35562385

haachama mama...

>> No.35562387

one thrust for every membersheep irasshai/welcome to membersheep

>> No.35562388

She is literally the only thing on.
Hololive: It is only her and Watame reading supas
Nijisanji: All playing gaypex
774: No one is live
Noripro: No one is live
React: No one is live

>> No.35562401

Should I bother logging into twicast?

>> No.35562402

Anons, I think that I am falling in love with Luna.

>> No.35562405

>Hololive: It is only her and Watame reading supas

>> No.35562411

>Lamy starts reciting hado #90 in a meowth while you suddenly trust deep into her

>> No.35562414

welcome bro

>> No.35562416

Electone LOVE

>> No.35562424


>> No.35562426

>Missed Luna playing
I hate myself

>> No.35562427

Is that a new Tenga?

>> No.35562432

Luna sleepy whisper

>> No.35562437

just watch it now

>> No.35562439

Luna is so cute...

>> No.35562440

Please Luna, play in two days. My birthday is then...

>> No.35562441

Stop stealing sexy oversea guys clip you twinky lunaito shits

>> No.35562442

>> No.35562444

who's ready for a 3 hour talk about singing practice, what she bought, what she ate, what zir did and what mio did

>> No.35562445

>> No.35562453

baby is done

>> No.35562454

hime dont go...

>> No.35562455

morning minecraft

>> No.35562460

Did you enjoy the twitcast anons?

>> No.35562472

it was lovely

>> No.35562475

very much chu!
That was a surprise. I was about to watch the VOD.

>> No.35562476

I enjoy

>> No.35562478

post the absolute peak of hololive (yet)

here's mine:

>> No.35562481

>missed a minute
I failed her

>> No.35562483


>> No.35562487

I love her. I saw the video of Electone live performance, it was quite impressive. She is doing great.

>> No.35562489


>> No.35562500


>> No.35562503

>fubuki's twitter tags are now infested with bugs
why the fuck is twitter so fucking useless when it comes to this shit?

>> No.35562504


>> No.35562506

There is definitely an increase in lunaitos. The ritual surveypost usually gets like 3 replies. I'm happy.

>> No.35562508

The love quest…

>> No.35562510

All five minutes that I got, yes

>> No.35562511

Because YOU haven't done anything about it.

>> No.35562515

I wish more holos played it, the whole playthrough was a blast.

>> No.35562517

It's okay for me to like peckers now?

>> No.35562518

It's all Coco's fault, she stirred up the hive then threw it at Fubuki and ran.

>> No.35562522

Verrrrrry important

>> No.35562523

Hey Faggots,

My name is member sheep, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass pictures. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on /vt/.

Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I was captain of the football team, and starter on my basketball team. What sports do you play, other than "jack off to naked drawn Japanese people"? I also get straight A's, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.
Pic Related: It's me and my bitch

>> No.35562526


>> No.35562527

I'm retarded

>> No.35562533

Sure, fandead.

>> No.35562535

Yeah, losers.

>> No.35562539

I thought that you liked lunaitos?

>> No.35562546


>> No.35562551

t-thanks moona..

>> No.35562552


>> No.35562558

Don't care

>> No.35562562

Imagine the smell.

>> No.35562564

love the mooner!

>> No.35562569

cute, who is blue haired boy?

>> No.35562571

why is she like this

>> No.35562576

By gawd it's true, she's pants on head retarded

>> No.35562577

Moona this is haram.

>> No.35562579

Oh great, now all the monkeys are coming out of the woodwork to reply to themselves.

>> No.35562585

But I was told by very good sources that if they just get rid of the dragon they'd stop! How could this happen!? Who could have predicted that a small group of psychopaths would just pick another target once they realized they could get what they want with extended harassment.

>> No.35562586

She's in the club of strangely capitalized names with AZKi!

>> No.35562593

>those rare moments Korone decides to sing some boomer song that M*yasuke also sang so I can sync them and play one in each ear

it's truly Paradise

>> No.35562596

I know that numberfagging is discouraged, but I feel that Roboco deserves more subscribers than Festival.

>> No.35562598


>> No.35562600


>> No.35562602

Did we ever figure out WHY matsuri is a menhera?

>> No.35562606

Because she's a sexless woman

>> No.35562608

RBCs been gettin more viewers than Matsuri lately, and no one else is to blame but Matsuri and her retarded Apex obsession

>> No.35562611

Thanks Moona, it's a perfect fit!

>> No.35562613

No, she’s sexless BECAUSE she’s a menhera.

>> No.35562614

She was bullied for being heavy when she was younger so she dedicated her life to punishing those who wronged her.

>> No.35562615


>> No.35562621

Why bother, she's hot and cute when medicated.

>> No.35562623

Literally not hololive, fuck off.

>> No.35562629

Minato Aqua...

>> No.35562630

the twink now has his own festival...

>> No.35562633


>> No.35562636

Who do I believe

>> No.35562638


>> No.35562641

Fellow Koronesuki, it's those moments that keep me going. Knowing the depression arc that's on the way due to losing most subbed JP holo, it's good that we can still enjoy these little moments with the Mr. Paradise. We may not have much time left with the cute doggo, so we have to enjoy every second we have with her while we can.

>> No.35562646

You feel wrong

>> No.35562649

Believe nobody other than your oshi, everybody else is lying to you and wants to hurt you.

>> No.35562656

Family problem. Her father was involved in adultery with one of Matsuri's close friend which resulted in her being distanced from her Father and her friend. She still has not told her mother about this and keeps it to herself. As a result, she became menhera because of stress.

>> No.35562658

>> No.35562660

>Matsuris last reddit post is saying that she will make more english streams
>hasn't done a single one since she posted it

>> No.35562664


>> No.35562666


>> No.35562669

you need to be at least 20 y/o to drink legally in Japan. Most countries is 18.

>> No.35562670

You will become Lamy.

>> No.35562672


Who cares, Fubuki is a piece of shit. If there's anyone that the chinks actually have a legitimate reason to be angry at it's her.

>> No.35562674


>> No.35562676

I didn't know you could upload transparent images to twitter.

>> No.35562677

3:00 AM and Watame still has over 1000 SC to read

>> No.35562679

>faster to 1M than GHOST
How the fuck

>> No.35562681

I'm not apologizing, she should do it instead.

>> No.35562684

fuck your oshi she sucks

>> No.35562685

zhang, I understand that NGA kicked you out and you don't want to go to reddit, but you'll need to find another home.

>> No.35562687

Fucking captcha, let me post Luna.

>> No.35562689

I will come in Lamy

>> No.35562690


>> No.35562691


>> No.35562693

>nene lost her virginity and we didn't even get audio on stream

>> No.35562695

on my way to kick your ass

>> No.35562696

You keep spamming this.

>> No.35562697

Look at positive side
It apparently filters literal bots and good chunk of retards!

>> No.35562699

Facts about Noel:
She's cute
She's nice
She's good

>> No.35562700


>> No.35562704

Kinda want to try jacking off like this but there'd be 20 mins in between some and anons tell me being hard for long periods of time can give you ED.

>> No.35562709

(You)kihana Lamy.

>> No.35562710

This but unironically
She is the most phoney girl in hololive

>> No.35562716

You WILL listen to ID:entity voices (mep version)

>> No.35562717

Only if I get to be fucked by Shishiron

>> No.35562718


>> No.35562720

Watch it!

>> No.35562725


>> No.35562730

Wash your feet, Noel.

>> No.35562736

Too bad her roommate is a literal whore

>> No.35562738

You know people think the same thing about the Japanese you hold so dear, right?

>> No.35562741


>> No.35562744

>> No.35562748

Which Holo's have the best chat mods?
Personally, for me best one I've seen so far is Roboco's. Dude is active every single stream, and is even translating live some stuff she says for poor EOPs. Any others that do similar stuff?

>> No.35562749

Based, IDs run these threads

>> No.35562757

Why the fuck she keeps making tweets about boyfriends

>> No.35562763

Why do yayoi gooks larp like they are actual historical japanese people??

>> No.35562765

she should publicly get one and see how that'll go

>> No.35562767

Biology doing it's work, please understand

>> No.35562768

You WILL listen to the Homo song

>> No.35562770

Pekora's been doing her Indonesian reps

>> No.35562773


>> No.35562778

She’s lonely

>> No.35562779

She’s on her love quest.

>> No.35562780

Why are you IDfaggots always so angry at the japanese branch? Is it because they won't speak english just for you?

>> No.35562785

>chinks on bilibili were some of her most diehard and longstanding supporters, accounted for over 50% of her overall income and like 75% of the clips/memes about her
>cuts them off without even a second thought, shits on them for good measure by going all-in on supporting coco
>knows that a big contingent of her remaining fans don't want her to do homo collabs, proceeds to collab with homos just to spite them

nah, fuck her. i don't even watch or care about fubuki in any capacity, but this is just karma coming to bite her in the ass. don't even pretend like you wouldn't hate her too if you were on the other side of any of her decisions.

>> No.35562786

Despite being 2.22% of the population of Hololive, the Watames commit around 5% of all streaming in Hololive.

>> No.35562792

The way Watame's hair spreads out when she nods/bows is really cute.

>> No.35562793

Why is he so upset?

>> No.35562794


>> No.35562795

If your oshi didn't stream 130 hours last month, she's a whore

>> No.35562801

It sounds like you care quite a lot anon

>> No.35562802

ogey chink

>> No.35562806

bark bark bark (nippon version)

>> No.35562807

Gura is just EN Miko

>> No.35562808

Such a fun song https://youtu.be/K57XcDsUl6A

>> No.35562816

Gura is actually entertaining, though.

>> No.35562819

I'm sorry that you're actually chinese.

>> No.35562822

No captchas here?

>> No.35562824

Why are you here if you hate Hololive and Japanese people this much?

>> No.35562828

(You) retard.

>> No.35562829

i wonder who could be behind this culture

>> No.35562830

I respected Aqua throughout all of this because even if she knows they're not going back to Bilibili she kept in mind the feelings of the people who made her famous

>> No.35562831

Miko is actually entertaining though

>> No.35562835

Didnt know it exists, just because of you Ill open it, dislike and close without playing.

>> No.35562848

Don't try to force this comparison.

>> No.35562850

You fags told me Buyee was faster than Geekjack. I received an email from them saying that they would ship the item from late October to late November.

>> No.35562852

Gura is a Miko wannabe

>> No.35562855

So who is going to watch Pekora on twitch?

>> No.35562862

So what's the deal with these captchas? They're not on this board but they are on some boards.

>> No.35562865

Buyee should be faster but they might be just as incompetent as Geekjack. Just stop being a cheapskate and use Tenso.

>> No.35562867

A superchat told Moona last stream that there's a lot of downtime between pagpag collections, so that's probably why.

>> No.35562868


>> No.35562869

>> No.35562870

Buyee is shit anon. Just use tenso.

>> No.35562876

Miko doesn't seem to get genuinely hurt when people point out she's dumb as fuck. Miko's interactions with others are considerably smoother.
Both can be attributed to experience, though.

>> No.35562878

I love this cute dork so much.

>> No.35562881

I am obviously biased, but Miko's voice is perfect for this shit. Matuli's was kinda weird, probably because of her deeper voice.

>> No.35562883

Everything about Watame is very cute!

>> No.35562884

>Miko doesn't seem to get genuinely hurt when people point out she's dumb
Neither does Gura. She plays off the meme.

>> No.35562886

Why is she like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=si00clEE2Qs

>> No.35562888

>> No.35562889

Haven't watched her for quite some time, glad if that's true now.

>> No.35562890


>> No.35562895

Aloe got emotional and cried a lot during her uma musume watchalong

>> No.35562900

Cute boy

>> No.35562905

Their backgrounds are codewords for sex.

>> No.35562906

>> No.35562915

She wouldn't be my oshi if I abandoned her just for something like this. Twitch might be a shithole but the fact that they have to use sub only actually turned her chat into more Japanese than it usually is so it will hopefully be fine.
Also, she can't stream games yet so she'll use it for watch party generally which is fine.

>> No.35562917

Despite being only 5% of the population of hlg, the Watamates commit around 90% of all smug posts in hlg

>> No.35562918

That guy is too dark and short. Mio is only interested in tall, blonde haired, blue eyed European men

>> No.35562922

I use zenmarket and they're generally OK. Going through a proxy is always going to be more reliable than using a non-jp company to buyfag.

>> No.35562926

Now that you mention it, the better way to do it was to acknowledge the situation and ask for the nationalists to stop harassing Coco,
Probably would have ended up the same way because the antis were to mentally ill to listen, but Fubukis actions would have less of an us (holos) vs them (chinese fandom) feel to them.
But then again, that wouldn't have been possible for her until Coco tried to apologize first, which I don't think happened at that point yet.

>> No.35562927

I love Lamy so much

>> No.35562928


>> No.35562929

Where are the Watame doujins?

>> No.35562933

Goodnight anon, I'm going to sleep

>> No.35562936

They should reupload the VODs to youtube.

>> No.35562937

You need to be a membersheep to see them

>> No.35562944

In my mind.

>> No.35562946

I'm not going to watch anything on a platform that fights against adblock

>> No.35562947

>> No.35562952

I can't understand how people can watch that shit. I thought there numbers would just collapse overnight but I guess it worked and they succeeded in forcing people to fork over money for subs. Or maybe the drones just don't mind watching ads.

>> No.35562959

... are wata chips made out of Watames?

>> No.35562961

Most people don't use adblock.
Nobody in hololive uses adblock

>> No.35562964

>Bakatare collab

>> No.35562968

In Japan you're committing a crime if you dare evade corporate greed in any way, of course the holos don't use adblock.

>> No.35562969

I prefer forwarder nowdays and only use a proxy when the store has a problem with foreign credit cards.

>> No.35562970

Not only is Marine reclining but her EOP percentage is going up. Expect more r*ddit pandering as she attempts to try and stop her recline.

>> No.35562971

Her dream is coming true...

>> No.35562972

They're regular potato chips, but the salty flavour is from Watame's armpit sweat.

>> No.35562976

Meant for >>35562961

>> No.35562977

Go back >>>/vt/number

>> No.35562983


>> No.35562984

Bakatare is going to play Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered.

>> No.35562989

Where's our milf vtuber? Would you guys watch one?

>> No.35562992

Give me a crate.

>> No.35562993

Holy fuck, that's extremely based

>> No.35562999

t. seething ichir*dditor.

>> No.35563002

That's not a milf, hell that's not even a hag

>> No.35563003


>> No.35563009

Crates are delivered every month by Ubersheep after your membership is renewed.

>> No.35563016

What's the point of Hololive now?

>> No.35563020

>I'm hungry

>> No.35563022

You would think Marine is a Korean seeing how much the Japanese people hate her

>> No.35563023

Sell videogames?

>> No.35563025

Cute anime girl streams, same as always.

>> No.35563027

What flavour are they?

>> No.35563028


>> No.35563029

Hollow life

>> No.35563034

>> No.35563035

She is zainichi. Her roommate has a gook face.

>> No.35563036

You would think anon is a slut seeing how much she loves cock

>> No.35563037

A place to keep my harem

>> No.35563039

a place to wait for haachama to return to.

>> No.35563040

to score two or three large endorsement deals

>> No.35563045

How fat is the sheep?

>> No.35563046

Watame is being cute instead of reading the superchats...

>> No.35563052

Everyone sad about Coco but nobody sad about papa dragon... he was just trying to score with Rushia and now he never will...

>> No.35563056

Give me a crisp opening ASMR for the love of God. Those noises are something else.

>> No.35563058

A quarter polka

>> No.35563064

i just got back home, what streams should i watch?

>> No.35563067

Marine is the most popular holo in Japan

>> No.35563078

Marine is less popular than Roboco

>> No.35563080

Watame almost choked while gobbling on her snacks

>> No.35563087

Farming sponsorships until China acknowledges us again.

>> No.35563092

Sorry, that was actually my cock.

>> No.35563093

What's the point of Marine now?

>> No.35563097

Officially too fat then.

>> No.35563100


>> No.35563102

Watame is wondering why she's not getting fat.

>> No.35563103

Should I join Pekora's membership? Nousagis seem like they have it pretty good...their oshi streams a lot, cute, funny and never really has any yabs. My oshi doesn't stream much anymore and barely puts out any member content

>> No.35563106

That is Pekora. Marine is only popular among r*dditors and SEA niggers. That is why Marine has the highest % of EOP comments in sankisei.

>> No.35563114

Heavy for Japanese, normal for Americans/ Brits.

>> No.35563116

>> No.35563117

r*ddit pandering.

>> No.35563118

Anya mentioned last stream that she had to stop eating fried cat penises because they are giving her indigestion. I think Reine mentioned something similar when discussing her air fryer.

>> No.35563125

This is getting boring. He better unleash that EN2+Vsinger announcement this week.

>> No.35563127

Yes, that's why I said too fat.

>> No.35563129

Does anyone understand what this tweet is implying?

>> No.35563130

She usually only does mengen once a monthish but there's a pretty good movie backlog.

>> No.35563132

umai peko

>> No.35563133

onion tummy

>> No.35563139

thread status?

>> No.35563142

That's because you are low test. Watame is the ideal weight for a woman.

>> No.35563143

She got the vaccine on the weekend.

>> No.35563144

Watame is going really hard on those snacks

>> No.35563147

No it's because Ahoy! is written in english

>> No.35563148

Watame, not another bag...

>> No.35563149

I have never been interested in Pekora simply because she is popular and I'm a contrarian cunt

>> No.35563154

>> No.35563159

yummy yummy!

>> No.35563161

Tits too small

>> No.35563167

there is not really that much apex in hololive.

>> No.35563168

Nousabro why does Peckers have LiveTL?

>> No.35563169

Delicious. It's good being a jingisumate.

>> No.35563170

Why was it higher in June than in May the? If it was just ahoy then it would have stayed the same.

>> No.35563175


>> No.35563177

orange woman...

>> No.35563181


>> No.35563182

No one writes that in chat

>> No.35563183

I know but why is every reply saying that she crossed the line?

>> No.35563184

You guys will watch this?

>> No.35563185

She seems a lot thinner than that

>> No.35563187

It's fine, would be better if they banned a singular IP range. He'll get tired of shitting up /hlg/ in a month anyway.

>> No.35563189

Doesn't touch the floor in her chair.

>> No.35563190

watching it for aki

>> No.35563193

No they're just right

>> No.35563194

It's a different type of snack so it doesn't count

>> No.35563195


>> No.35563198

I don't who those girls are but sure, i'll watch Aki and Matsuri

>> No.35563199


>> No.35563201

God I could just break her in half.

>> No.35563204

Gen 5 was a mistake

>> No.35563208

The increase might be from EOPs but ahoy adds a flat value to the percentage if not filtered

>> No.35563210

>too new to remember when she wasn't popular

>> No.35563213

I want a holo that is a complete degenerate, plays apex 12 hours a day and feeds only on caloriemates and redbull

>> No.35563219

How does Deaver draw tits so damn well but can't draw a pussy for the life of him?

>> No.35563223


>> No.35563227

>old photo
Every time

>> No.35563228

Artia was the first to stream on twitch, now Miko and Pekora are doing it too. My my.

>> No.35563229

Please, I already fapped to her 4 times today...

>> No.35563234

Never saw a uncensored one

>> No.35563235

i too wish hololive had a chi-chan

>> No.35563240

I mean she keeps mentioning how she can't gain weight and was even losing it at some point.

>> No.35563244

Fuck off ENshit

>> No.35563246


>> No.35563247

>75kg to lbs
>open bmi calculator
>ideal weight
yeah sure anon, whatever your preference is.

>> No.35563249

>Peckers EOP messages still going down
Sure it isn't by much this time but it continues to surprise me.

>> No.35563255


>> No.35563257

So, there are none left. What a shame.

>> No.35563258

If Marine finds out about the Twitch streamers who just watch YouTube videos all day, she will permanently switch to Twitch and just do that.

>> No.35563262

I'm pretty sure Watame doesn't weight over 40kg

>> No.35563266

Aqua is 145kg at 44cm

>> No.35563271

You people never seen a woman in real life for how long that you genuinely assume Polka is 300kg or actually fat?

>> No.35563274


>> No.35563275

Amelia Watson

>> No.35563277

Yeah I try not to miss 3D events. Getting Youtube to recommend them more because of the big audience keeps HL healthy.

>> No.35563278

>he doesn't know

>> No.35563282

She was never liked by EOP much since enjoying Pekora requires Japanese knowledge

>> No.35563284

What's with all the ID spam?

>> No.35563286

no one tell him

>> No.35563287

Jojo reference I think

>> No.35563292

Takanashi Kiara

>> No.35563295

Looks like I'll be fapping to Ramy, again.

>> No.35563297


>> No.35563303

>no pubes

>> No.35563305

stop posting sexy holos I already nutted to choco earlier

>> No.35563308


>> No.35563311

Just jerk off again you retard.

>> No.35563312

a common fate

>> No.35563315

>Rushing to alert Flare that the police are looking for her

>> No.35563320

Thoughts on Flare?

>> No.35563323

I'm impressed you managed to find that, thanks

>> No.35563328


>> No.35563332


>> No.35563334

If a member of the ID branch falls in the woods but nobody watches or subscribes to them, does anyone care?

>> No.35563335 [SPOILER] 

Too white.

>> No.35563341


>> No.35563342

White elves only

>> No.35563347


>> No.35563348

sex personified

>> No.35563349

Sora GF

>> No.35563353

me on the right

>> No.35563355


>> No.35563356

Sex with Sora GF

>> No.35563357


>> No.35563360


>> No.35563361

welcome to membersheep

>> No.35563362

Polka is beautiful....

>> No.35563364


MikoAme collab

>> No.35563366

Nobody keeps up with the ドドド.

>> No.35563368

Polka is huge...

>> No.35563371


>> No.35563372

no BLACKS allowed

>> No.35563375

Is there anything redeemable in these threads anymore?

>> No.35563381

JP kneels to Reine

>> No.35563386


>> No.35563388

Polka is a big gal

>> No.35563389

Fucking based Fox. She doesn't belong to you, to insects, or to anyone.

She values her true friendships more than any number of faceless viewers or their money. And she was proven completely right, since those faceless viewers betrayed her over a mere word.

>> No.35563390

My posts

>> No.35563396

made for big orc cock

>> No.35563397


>> No.35563400

His posts >>35563390

>> No.35563407

100% straight

>> No.35563409


You retards told me this was bad (it wasn't, it's actually pretty good and groovy). You owe this Comet an apology.

>> No.35563414

No, /vt/ made the last positive posters leave

>> No.35563415

it's still bad

>> No.35563417


>> No.35563418

There was a picture of a drowned rrat earlier today.

>> No.35563420

Her only good song was NCP. Everything else I hear from her is just a disappointment

>> No.35563428

The new captcha sucks

>> No.35563429

I want to make coffee children with an elf

>> No.35563432

Buy passu

>> No.35563434


>> No.35563439


>> No.35563443

Nene will save gokisei

>> No.35563444

Wasted design

>> No.35563448

Nene is a corporate shill.

>> No.35563449

>giving gookmoot money

>> No.35563450

start stroking

>> No.35563451

>> No.35563454

She can't bring back the dead

>> No.35563455

hasn't changed for me

>> No.35563464 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35563465

What captcha?

>> No.35563466

>Coco hasn't even graduated yet in Watame's superchats
Jesus Christ the backlog is huge

>> No.35563469

Y-yes Sora...

>> No.35563471


>> No.35563472

No only Lamy can

>> No.35563475


>> No.35563476

>> No.35563481


>> No.35563483

This is probably your third time posting that in this thread.

>> No.35563484

getcha is better imho

>> No.35563485


>> No.35563487

Coco graduated and nothing has changed apart from no reddit shit, I can only say that it has been positive change so far.

>> No.35563492

wtf coco graduated?!

>> No.35563494


>> No.35563497

Are Lamy and Yagoo..?!

>> No.35563500

It was a good cover.

>> No.35563502

YAGOO is too famous

>> No.35563506

I've got nothing interesting to add to this thread.

>> No.35563507


>> No.35563510

I fucking love this bitch

>> No.35563514

how to get a Sora gf

>> No.35563515

How do I apply for the Husband position?

>> No.35563517

i heard there is a new captcha

>> No.35563518

>> No.35563519

It was good

>> No.35563522


>> No.35563523

A bit too late to start hornyposting.

>> No.35563528


>> No.35563529

>Error: You seem to have mistyped the CAPTCHA. Please try again.
>Error: You seem to have mistyped the CAPTCHA. Please try again.
accel spammer has been in prison for a decade this shit isnot necessary hirojewmoot would make more money through ads

>> No.35563530


>> No.35563533

>listen to this song years ago before learning japanese, wondering what it said
>listen to it now
>it just nonstop onomatopoeia
Well at least Miko is cute

>> No.35563535

>> No.35563536

Lamy tits

>> No.35563538


>> No.35563539

Should I buy Nene's VN even though I don't understand Japanese?

>> No.35563540

funny how lamy called him tanigo-san for a while
now it's only yagoo

>> No.35563542

>> No.35563544


>> No.35563547


>> No.35563548


>> No.35563549


>> No.35563550


>> No.35563554

Based booba bros

>> No.35563558

I brought Fubuki's VN even though its shit. More of your oshi is never a bad a thing though.

>> No.35563562

It's too late for Choco.

>> No.35563565

>That yawn

>> No.35563569

I'm sure that's a big part, but some of the other holos are also fairly recognizable from roommates

>> No.35563570

Buy Mikochi's dlc

>> No.35563573

I want to be fed the IQ removal breastmilk.

>> No.35563575

Nice tits

>> No.35563576

What the fuck?

>> No.35563585

Friend, I can't... the captcha is too strong...

>> No.35563590

I miss the ctrl + W poster...

>> No.35563591

Watame is half asleep again

>> No.35563593


>> No.35563595

>He didn't buy a pass

>> No.35563598

Buy a pass goy

>> No.35563604

Watame, don't leave...

>> No.35563606

sheep no...

>> No.35563609

Watame still got 1k+ superchats left...

>> No.35563611

Not for me

>> No.35563619


>> No.35563620


>> No.35563621

I just want to post Lamy...

>> No.35563627

I just realized I didn't add my Sora Love! when I was fighting captcha.
Sora Love!

>> No.35563631


>> No.35563635

The captcha is not difficult unless you are blind

>> No.35563639

Some of them are a bit confusing

>> No.35563648

NTR holo when...

>> No.35563649

Masturbating right now tweet

>> No.35563650

how long until I have to pay 5 bucks for breathing?

>> No.35563658


>> No.35563660

How the fuck is she going to get through them all...

>> No.35563662

It's not. But kinda annoying right now because quick reply is broken.

>> No.35563668

Hard work. She is going to read them again tomorrow after her game stream.

>> No.35563670

It's dead hours and I'll have to resort to playing video games

>> No.35563686

you mean you don't have your breathing license yet? how are you not in jail right now?

>> No.35563690

I'm in love with Porridge.

>> No.35563695

Is this the greatest skit/prank in hololive yet? I don't think this moment has ever been topped

>> No.35563702


>> No.35563717


>> No.35563724

>Tako already whaled in NGS off-stream
Of course.

>> No.35563726

Don't you have any photos that show more than just her fin?

>> No.35563727


>> No.35563728


>> No.35563736

sleeping with rushia...

>> No.35563738

Polka stop living in the past

>> No.35563746

Did Towa really just throw her cigarette in Suisei's cup? That's fucked up.

>> No.35563752

Aqua making up a plan to call Okayu and getting NTRd and almost banned is still the peak prank for me.

>> No.35563758

i love her so much.. if i only i could just wake up every day next her..

>> No.35563760

RusiA URH...

>> No.35563770

>your oshi
>why do people not surveypost anymore?

>> No.35563772

how do u burgers even watch rushia's stream? She literally streams at like 5 am for me. i can't even imagine the burgers at west coast.

>> No.35563774

people stopped replying to them

>> No.35563777

The new captcha fucks with so much, forgot how garbage this site is without X

>> No.35563778


>> No.35563780

One of the funniest for sure. It just happened on the spot which made it even better.

>> No.35563786

The sooner X works again, the better

>> No.35563788

There is enough Towa posting lately so we don't surveysposting to kill the thread anymore.

>> No.35563789

>Your oshi
>What you had for dinner last night

>> No.35563793

>towaposters are in a week break

>> No.35563797

>your oshi
>is polka actually fat?

>> No.35563799


>> No.35563807

Yes, Polka is fucking obese

>> No.35563809


>> No.35563818

I don't know but I kinda miss it honestly.

>> No.35563819

ah so it's always been the watamefags

>> No.35563822

lol matsuri
imagine how Watame who's almost 10 years older feels

>> No.35563824

Lyger will be there with a ring in hand if you just say the word Matsuri.

>> No.35563827

Have you not noticed until yet that all watamates say Polka is fat, even though their oshi eats chips nonstop on-stream?

>> No.35563828


>> No.35563832

Any new rrats?

>> No.35563835

matsuri's friend is saving the birthrate while festival still hasn't completed her love quest

>> No.35563837

Ahhh it takes ages now, i’m wrong 5 outta 6

>> No.35563838

Lyger still needs to wait 10 years or so until Matsuri is that desperate

>> No.35563843

watch pomu

>> No.35563844

>committing to one simp while you can have a bunch

>> No.35563848


>> No.35563849

I can't use 4chan X anymore...

>> No.35563850

who is brave enough to impregnate matsuri

>> No.35563852

I'll do it.

>> No.35563853

Fuck this captcha and fuck this site. Even cytube's kanji captcha is fucking easier than this

>> No.35563861

My oshi

>> No.35563864

who's brave enough to bathe Polka?

>> No.35563870

does no one want to have her as a gf?

>> No.35563871

that means I get to play "Which folds are the vagina" which is more fun than it sounds

>> No.35563872

I'll say I'm going to, but then at the last moment I'll pull out and cum all over her belly

>> No.35563873

Why does this schizo keep posting a niji here?

>> No.35563875

>The poo movie is fucking 3 hours long
This better be worth it 35p. For 3 hours I could have had Miko watch LOTR instead.

>> No.35563876

unironic menhera.

>> No.35563880

Why does she put so much weight on relationships?
>No aspirations for her idol career
>Doesn't bother building strong long-lasting friendships
>Doesn't develop any new skills
>Hasn't done anything with the money she has earned from Hololive
>No aspirations in life other than vague "I want to be an idol"
>Hasn't figured out her sexuality or what she wants from life
She's just there stagnant and rotting while everyone else is working towards achieving their dreams and making the best of the one in a million opportunity they have. Matsuri is no the only one who whines about being single, but she's the only one that does it while also doing absolutely nothing else. No original song, her roommate is nothing but a novelty, no one watches her for what she does as Nozomi they only appeal her roommate has is "lol that's matsuri"
Festival is such a frustrating mess, the peak example of wasting your youth

>> No.35563883

chocoball chikubi

>> No.35563884

>Why does she put so much weight on relationships?
Because she is fat?

>> No.35563885

lots of horny nips, but they're also nips so they're all too pussy to do it

>> No.35563887

imagine the stench of her folds

>> No.35563893

I'd do it, but I'd probably cum before I even put it in...

>> No.35563896

not even 600 watching..........

>> No.35563899

anon that's pathetic

>> No.35563902

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qW5utxWKhpM This was the last time Korone was seen standing on two legs under her own power...

>> No.35563905

Mooner = based https://twitter.com/moonahoshinova/status/1412108036584316955

>> No.35563906

what the fuck is this new captcha

>> No.35563907

She would be perfect for getting her pregnant and then dumping her ass. Imagine the sweet breakdowns.

>> No.35563909

once you show interest in her she will push you away. so basically you also need to push through the menhera shit before she will become your gf.

>> No.35563913


>> No.35563914

You = retarded for not scrolling up before posting

>> No.35563915

Part of me unironically just wants to apply for Homos Gen 4 or something just so she has a fucking friend.

>> No.35563916

Hiromoot is a fucking idiot

>> No.35563918

She doesn't like anyone who's willing to put up with her, because they're too ugly, poor or whatever standard she uses to judge a partner. But everyone who she finds attractive can objectively do better than a chubby menhera.

>> No.35563923

She'd probably kill herself

>> No.35563925

Yes, what's next?

>> No.35563927

I've still not seen the new captcha. I guess I'm not a shitposter

>> No.35563940

Why hasn't R*b*c* graduated yet???
Her streams are shit, she contributes literally nothing and her apex skill fucking sucks.

>> No.35563941

I don't think she would, she craves that sweet, sweet attention juice a bit too much for something like that.

>> No.35563943

I WILL restart my reps today!

>> No.35563944


>> No.35563947

Korone finally got her soul back only for The Bakery to come take it away

>> No.35563953


>> No.35563956

I wonder if she'll move any differently the next live she has

>> No.35563959

usaggy tits pekora...

>> No.35563960

This but Marine

>> No.35563963

HSKW please notice the Festival....

>> No.35563965

Treasure Bell Marine

>> No.35563966

>Your oshi
>An official cover you'd like her to do

>> No.35563967


>> No.35563969

Why haven't you graduated from life yet, anon?
Your posts are shit, you contribute nothing to the thread.

>> No.35563980

Super Love Lotion

>> No.35563981

What do the other holos contribute that RBC doesn't?

>> No.35563984

wtf is this horrible new captcha

>> No.35563987

Shirogane Noel
Shaka Beach

>> No.35563989


>> No.35563992

you don't like it, go cry on >>>/qa/

>> No.35563995

>being poor near me

>> No.35563996

The future

>> No.35563997

Ive been listening to Japanese music for 15 years and I know about 10 kanji's and 50 words
I should end my pitiful existence

>> No.35564001

She hasn't done anything/had anything happen that would result in one, dumbass.

>> No.35564008

how new??

>> No.35564009

Sit on my face Sio you fat-assed bint

>> No.35564013


>> No.35564015

It's ok and if you're an STEM guy you will enjoy it.

>> No.35564017

bring back mootles

>> No.35564019

I have plenty of money, I'm not going to some shady website to buy bitcoins just so I can get a pass

>> No.35564026

Based who do you like to listen to? For me it's 山下 達郎 and ゆらゆら帝国, though I am partial to フィッシュマンズ as well.

>> No.35564029


>> No.35564032

Polka Orca

>> No.35564033

What's the new captcha?

>> No.35564035

shut the fuck up about captchas then and solve them you puzzlemonkey

>> No.35564036

>Reine spammer is back

>> No.35564041

I miss Tokonoki

>> No.35564048

>it was merely a jest.jpg

>> No.35564050


>> No.35564053


>> No.35564055

I hate change...

>> No.35564056

Someone explain to me why is everyone bitching about 4chan X
I don't remember it having any uses since native extension got added

>> No.35564059

Captchasharts getting uppity again...

>> No.35564065

>I don't remember it having any uses since native extension got added
I'm sorry that you're retarded

>> No.35564066

I hope Shion is still alive! I haven't heard anything since the kanipot!

>> No.35564067

new captcha a shit

>> No.35564069

just who on earth is tokoyami towa?

>> No.35564070

We’ve returned to the before time

>> No.35564072

Hurr look at me I solve captchas NOT

>> No.35564076

Captcha is a whore

>> No.35564079

Captcha love

>> No.35564080

Polka is a fat menhera whore

>> No.35564083

>newfag cope

>> No.35564084

Towa is behind the new captcha

>> No.35564089

Ina's stream doesn't have captcha, go watch it

>> No.35564090

>Polka is a fat menhera

>> No.35564093

I literally have never seen this new captcha

>> No.35564097

MASSIVE faggot energy right here.

>> No.35564100


>> No.35564101

I wish I could send Matsuri a picture of my penis...

>> No.35564102

how the fuck is she a menhera?

>> No.35564103


>> No.35564109

Post it in her R18 tag while she's looking through it

>> No.35564112


>> No.35564113


>> No.35564114

She has DMs open on at least one account

>> No.35564115

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ya seethin

>> No.35564124

Smile&Go be poor somewhere else

>> No.35564133

Answer the fucking question kid

>> No.35564139

There's new captcha? Your fault for not using 4chanX I guess.

>> No.35564144

I dare ANYONE in this thread to name ONE (1) SINGULAR Minato Aqua or so help me god you'll be branded a fucking retard for life.

>> No.35564148


>> No.35564153

I prefer the new one

>> No.35564154


>> No.35564159


>> No.35564160

Back then I was mostly into the idol groups, then I moved onto voicaloid songs and utaites, now its mostly modern stuff like zutomayo and yorushika

Back then it was like so hard to get into Japanese music unless you knew someone who was Japanese lol. The Japanese record labels hated promoting on the internet and copyrighted everything under the sun.

>> No.35564162

Wait wtf
Coco is still there but aloe isn't even listed lmao
Such a bully hahaha

>> No.35564165

haha onion

>> No.35564169


>> No.35564170

>Back then it was like so hard to get into Japanese music unless you knew someone who was Japanese
when was this, the 90s?

>> No.35564172

Why yes I use 4chanx and a 4chanpass, how could you tell?

>> No.35564173

Have you updated the page at all since it happened? It showed up when I restarted my browser but I wish I could go back to recaptcha...

>> No.35564174

Even fan artists know that Aloe isn’t part of Hololive

>> No.35564179

You dumb fucking cretin, you fucking fool, absolute fucking buffoon, you bumbling idiot. Fuck you

>> No.35564182

The captcha is Towa.

>> No.35564184

He's just a faggot that wanted to consume japanese media without learning japanese, that's why he's whining.

>> No.35564188

Literally just start your fucking rep.

>> No.35564189

This thread not good.

>> No.35564198

The new captcha is Polka

>> No.35564200

You have something attached to your nick, that's how. Embarrassing.

>> No.35564201

Guess it's really off topic lol
Anyway back to watching archives

>> No.35564202

Yeah, but only once. Forcing noscript captcha still works for me, try checking that box.

>> No.35564203

cute sex elf

>> No.35564205


>> No.35564213

kys faggot

>> No.35564214

noscript doesn't work anymore, enjoy this thread while it lasts, you'll be dealing with the new captcha next thread.

>> No.35564222


>> No.35564227

>How Watame feels

>> No.35564229

>learning Japanese in 2021
for what reason?

>> No.35564233


>> No.35564235

I'm going to get in my time machine and go back to 1852

>> No.35564244

you have to have Winnies personal permission before you can post niggers

>> No.35564247

Minatowa Aquyami...

>> No.35564248

>have to play a fucking puzzle to post
Surely this will improve post quality right? h-haha...

>> No.35564249


>> No.35564251

Based onion

>> No.35564255

And there are retards here that wants a fucking Katana/Hiragana captcha

>> No.35564265

Based on what?

>> No.35564267


>> No.35564272

4chan X is updated let's fucking naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

>> No.35564273

Man I hope they update X soon

>> No.35564277

Important announcement

>> No.35564278

>Katana/Hiragana captcha
Weakshit, make it a kanji captcha

>> No.35564279

It's fucking KANATA you god damn moron.

>> No.35564281

>Katana captcha
identify the meito?

>> No.35564289

Wtf bros I'm partially blind and this captcha is really hard to solve, why is there no sound option?

>> No.35564292

He's saying Aqua has a pH of greater than 7, retard, FFS.

>> No.35564294


>> No.35564296


>> No.35564297

>katana captcha
>if you shitpost you have to perform harakiri
this plave would be a ghost town

>> No.35564299

Just stop being blind lol

>> No.35564300

Kanata captcha would filter 60% of the thread.

>> No.35564301

I hate Coco and I'm not even Chinese

>> No.35564306

Thank you Towa for giving us the new captcha.

>> No.35564308

湊あくあとセックスができる券(50万円) 買う?

>> No.35564309


>> No.35564311

no cripples allowed

>> No.35564312


>> No.35564313

Closer to 95% you fucking retard

>> No.35564324

Are we talking the skinny nip who pilots her or are we talking about a physical manifestation of the actual character?

>> No.35564325

isn't it a little late for an april fools prank?

>> No.35564327

only 5% of people here watch kanata?

>> No.35564328

PPEnglish captcha would be harder than kanji

>> No.35564330

Masturbating to Holos is a sin and you WILL go to hell

>> No.35564335

Good thing I only slam my meat to nijis

>> No.35564341

So the stars or ok then?

>> No.35564342

Oh I miss Botan's stream yesterday

>> No.35564343


>> No.35564348


>> No.35564351

What are "we" watching?

>> No.35564353

>Heaven = Kanata
>Hell = Twap
Guess I'll keep masturbating.

>> No.35564355

Nah, you can do anything, and as long as you apologize after, you won't go to hell.

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