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I want to fuck the dog

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Okite Okite

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Kanata is a whore

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newcomers welcome!

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Kanata is a leech

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What the fuck is wrong with all of you

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What kind of software stack is KsonPro going to use for their Vtubers? She doesn't have a simple app like hololive so she can't recruit people dumb as rocks like Cover can. Her talents will have to have some technical expertise and that excludes a lot of women who might otherwise be very talented.

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I just looked at jetri and thought chicken's stream was kaichou's...
phoenix hate...

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>Be Coco
>Be number 1 Superchat worldwide and earn all the money
>Quit because your workplace is run by incompetent pieces of shit
>Starts own vtuber agency
>Every coworker whos also tired of all the management bullshit also quits
>Joins Coco's vtuber agency and dominate the world

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I love Lamy

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Towa please...

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Behead those who insult yonkisei

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we all hate that lesbian leech kanata here

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Towa has a butt!

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

Super elite chorus time! https://youtu.be/K57XcDsUl6A

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>Pekoschizo having a meltdown last thread

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look at her friends!

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Nothing, because your delusions aren't reality. Stop posting.

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coco enter kson

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I bet the annoying rabbit got so turned on when she saw she was beating Korone in subs only for Korone to overtake her again. She probably got really sad and cried even. Add in Kiara dissing her in front of tens of thousands of viewers and she'll probably take a break for a few days now. Never forget she had to beg Hololive members to come to her outfit reveal and still only got 4.

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A cute butt!

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wrong thread street shitter

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Looks like someone didn't watch Kson's latest stream.

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>spends 5 hours finishing pixel art that Coco was supposed to do herself

>spends 14 hours making Coco effigies before the graduation
>spends 6 hours making Coco's song after graduation

This is all Towa's fault. Why do we put up with this?

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>Be Coco
>Be number 1 Superchat worldwide and earn all the money
>Quit because your workplace is run by incompetent pieces of shit
>Starts own vtuber agency
Let's be real here

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Wrong boards 35Pajeet

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A lewd butt!

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Why is everyone so rude to Kanata?

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She can crawl back to Cover to pay off her debts in that case

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There's plenty of downright braindead indies who use Live2D, anyone with two hands can properly operate one. COVER IS DOWNRIGHT RETARDED AN FORCES EVERYONE TO USE THEIR PROPRIAETY TECH AND THAT'S WHY THEIR 3D IS THE WORST IN THE INDUSTRY
Kson's pro chubas will very likely have better Live2D than Cover's, specially since Kson is on the good side of every single artist unlike Cover that's universally hated

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Pekora uses a lot of hiragana

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I love Aqua, no joke!

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I love Fubuki!
(Me on the left)

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You post your off-topic shit here because people in the appropriate thread are actually watching and won't buy into your bullshit. kys

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You forgot the part where Coco programs a better Live2D software and makes all the avatars by herself

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Can't wait till she announced the Deltaya recruitment

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Let's be real here, Shionyo is too much of a shut-in to paint her toenails but she should

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EOP detected

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Why is dagger so unpopular?

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Nene will succeed!

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Don't be rude!

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did Kiara really kick pekora off her stream? i'm not about to watch her birthday stream to find out. pretty funny if true though

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You're right Watame should have put her song right after Coco's graduation to soak up those 480k viewers like Kanata did.

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>sends it first
>asks questions later
mio's a senile hag who's easy to swindle

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I'm sorry I started the kson pro rumor guys. It's not real.

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Let's be real here, Shion is as much of a stacy as her twitcast compatriots, Haato and Hoshikawa.

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Ollie's pussy simulator https://youtu.be/bkV3SGAZ07c

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giant niggers views gura

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Go back to your threads.

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Don’t know don’t care.

>> No.35575209

Thingken about Towa...

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Never leaving schizo

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The boing SFX from Mario is driving me insane. Korone please.

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We love Towa here

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Yes. Kiara kicked off every Holo from the stream outside of Watame and Subaru/Reine due to time constraints. Funnily Watame also took the most time out of all the callers.

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(You) try too hard and it's really obvious, anon. Go try to peddle your shit on vt.

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I don't think Mr. Paradise's level is very good.

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I hope she'll stop being so busy soon

>> No.35575239

remove mikobrowns

>> No.35575241

This is my first month without a Watame membership. I feel so free bros.

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Aw boohoo poor gen 4! Let's all pity gen 4! gen 4 who never did anything wrong! Gen 4 that isn't a yabai magnet from the start! Gen 4 which didn't take hololive down the path of pandering to EOPs which got us the EN trash. Poor, poor helpless innocent gen 4 :((((

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Are you going to sell your spare fridges?

>> No.35575251

Yeah it was hilarious. You could hear Pekora started to cry when she was removed from the call. The best part was she got kicked and then the chikken started talking to Anya, who averages 15 viewers LOL. What a slap across the narcissistic bunny's face.

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If you hear knocking during the night, it's too late

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Looking good Cocobros!

>> No.35575262

Dumb debiru took the womb tattoo to the wrong place

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So how did this thread find out I'm black?

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Right, I forgot about Watame seeing Coco's songs getting so many views, so Watame quickly made a song to release too.
Towa could have stopped this if she knew in time...

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Noutoddler woke up.

>> No.35575281

Is it the time to post Miko?

>> No.35575283

Who were the callers?

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>replaying to the samefagging schizo

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>> No.35575294

why the fuck does haachama have such a good ass?

>> No.35575299

Does Watame remember she has over 1000 SC to read?

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>> No.35575303

If they can get some numbers from it, Holomembers will pretend to be Pekora's friend. When she needs a shoulder to cry on or needs a favor, there's no one to be found. Says a lot about her personality that no one wants to be around her unless they get something out of it.

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>> No.35575305

Nene, Watame, ID1, Reine/Subaru, Pekora, Anya, Aki, Fubuki
Might be forgetting someone

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Miko is /g/ approved.

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So coco is her own V chuuba agency after all... schizos were right after all...

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You're here forever.

>> No.35575312

>no ENs

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Okayu looks like THAT

>> No.35575314

Why are Heimin like this?

>> No.35575315

I'm in love with this sheep!

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Ayames new intro is still made by bilibili chinks

>> No.35575320

Yeah. Miko baby guro is probably the best guro.

>> No.35575321

isn't strongfat just bulk?

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>> No.35575323

I love Miko Miko Miko Miko Miko!

>> No.35575324

There is literally free content being set up for Iofi in Minecraft by Pekora and Watame.

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never leaving जाओ भाड़ में जाओ मंदबुद्धि

>> No.35575329

Mr. Koro........

>> No.35575331

Korosan please...

>> No.35575332

KORONE MORE LIKE KOROTHROW, is she getting lessons from Botan or something?

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>> No.35575335

why is she so cute bros. I think I am flying to Japan to stalk her now..

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>> No.35575340

Mr. Paradise... So close...

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>> No.35575344

Mr. Koro...

>> No.35575345

Señor Paraíso...

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>> No.35575347

Ayame won the numbers today. Do you think Pekora got pissed when she looked at her vnuma bookmark?

>> No.35575348

Fujiki WILL collab with your oshi

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>> No.35575350

holy based

>> No.35575351

Aki was being too horny for cat today.

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>> No.35575356

oh no

>> No.35575360

I also love Miko anon!


>> No.35575362

In 30 days, Ayame has got 50k live viewers. Pekora has got like 900k live viewers.

>> No.35575363

What the chinks have been saying about coco starts making a lot of sense lads

>> No.35575364

Oh boy here we go

>> No.35575365

35PChads https://youtu.be/x1FiZyCAMbg
NouSEAtoddlers https://streamable.com/ybl9ju

>> No.35575367

And the retards from here keep denying that lmao what pathetic chinks

>> No.35575368

It's going to be like this until her anniversary.

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>> No.35575373

please god no, this just gives more power to /vt/

>> No.35575374


>> No.35575375

Half truth. She definitely want to make something but not necessarily a vtuber company.
Those anons who said that she want to make "KsonPro" with "familiar faces" and "three or four people" are just shitposting.

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>> No.35575378

Kill yourself EOP, fuck off back to global that's where you belong

>> No.35575381

banwave on /vt/ again?

>> No.35575383

Clean your fucking keyboard

>> No.35575384

Oh no Jesas

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>> No.35575390

Who did this hag vore?

>> No.35575391

>for an 8 hour countdown

>> No.35575392


Holo EN 2 already

>> No.35575393

>Replying to self.

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>> No.35575396

Hope she's good.

>> No.35575397

oh fuck...

>> No.35575398

Towa baby

>> No.35575399

>First Gen theme was "Myth"
>Second Gen theme is "Witness"
Bros? What kind of Holos are we gonna get?

>> No.35575400

fuck, gonna have to wait a month or two for rokkisei i guess

>> No.35575401

>premiere to a countdown

>> No.35575402


>> No.35575404

>steampunk themed gen
this will be the worst thing ever

>> No.35575406

>Not even a week after

>> No.35575408

Kiara is based??

>> No.35575409

>blue isn't blue
>rosada isn't rosada
The fuck is this garbage?

>> No.35575410


>> No.35575411

God no this design is garbage

>> No.35575412

In 7+ hours, this thread will become shit and unusable again. Meidos please help.

>> No.35575413

This is Amelia 3D announcement

>> No.35575420

They'll help you in /vt/

>> No.35575423

Make your bets gentleman

>> No.35575424


>> No.35575425

Oh anon, who cares? let them eat shit.
We have our comfy indie vtuber threads now.

>> No.35575426

Coco's corpse is still fresh, cover faggots

>> No.35575428 [SPOILER] 

in 7 hours moona will eat on stream

>> No.35575430

>A week after the graduation
Tanigo really is getting predictable...

>> No.35575437

Why does it look like the faces were pasted in the bodies? And the worng ones at that?

>> No.35575438

It's been sucked out of blood, so you can't really call it fresh

>> No.35575439

Desuwa is alive and well she won't join Hololive

>> No.35575440

Please give us a Pomu

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>> No.35575444

>Aloe leaves
>cover announces EN
>Coco leaves
>cover announces EN2
It's all so tiresome.

>> No.35575445

>Not even a week after coco's graduation
You guys were right again... SCHIZO LOVE

>> No.35575449

>video is 8 hours and 23 seconds long

>> No.35575450

Bilibili chinks are too good at things like this

>> No.35575451

Can't wait for this to NOT be EN2 just like everything else before it, globalniggers really are desperate that they see EN2 behind every corner. They're totally gonna announce a new gen at 10 am JST, riiiiight. But I wouldn't be so excited if I was them though, now that HoloEN is a success, Cover can get established streamers and not just 300 viewer failures or people with no streaming experience at all.

>> No.35575452

>there are barely any content in EN main channel

>> No.35575454

it's going to be the VSinger

>> No.35575455

Ina's daughter!

>> No.35575456

sucked? by what?

>> No.35575458

delinquent/fighter girl
reptile or frog girl

>> No.35575459

They never stopped being shit.

>> No.35575460

Well it was pretty easy to predict. They probably were going to announce it earlier, but Coco's graduation delayed it a bit.

>> No.35575465

>Meidos please help.
Uh you know that's when the shark nigger will be awake and doing his "job" right?

>> No.35575467


>> No.35575468

>Cover can get established streamers and not just 300 viewer failures or people with no streaming experience at all.
That's pretty much the worst possible thing they can do.

>> No.35575471


>> No.35575475


>> No.35575476


>> No.35575479

You mean like getting Aqua and Pekora? That was a real tragedy

>> No.35575480

Kiara was personally inviting callers, Watame said she got chat from Kiara asking if she wants to show up on totsu.

>> No.35575484

I'm actually sorta drawing blanks for what "Witness" is going to be. I have a few ideas of what the concept could represent but I honestly feel like this gen is going to blindside me. It doesn't feel as concrete as "Mythos" which got us a Kraken, a Phoenix, a Shark, A Wigger and a British person.

>> No.35575486

/hlg/ thread will fucking die in 7+ hours.

>> No.35575487


>> No.35575488

These threads will never be usable again will they?

>> No.35575489

Stop falseflagging

>> No.35575490

Imagine my shock when a retarded raider doesn't watch streams...

>> No.35575491


>> No.35575492

That's just sad

>> No.35575494

gen 5 was a smokescreen for holocaust

>> No.35575496

>jp gen 6
>after gen 5 was an undisputed flop
sure if you want to see another new jp gen get mogged by EN I guess

>> No.35575497

HoloEN2 is a Witness

>> No.35575501

>> No.35575504

>> No.35575508

Gura mogs Pekora in literally every category
>more live viewers
>more superchats
>more merch sales
>more fanart
>more likes
>more vod views
>more friends in Hololive
Literally EVERYONE in Hololive wants a piece of the shark, whereas Pekora is lucky to get asked to call in to the chikk*n's totsu only to be kicked RUMAU

>> No.35575510

Are you trying to be clever?

>> No.35575512

why is he so intent on making this thread a shitposting ground?
he literally redirects people from their board to here

>> No.35575513

Damn that's crazy but I don't remember asking

>> No.35575514


>> No.35575515

Gen 6...

>> No.35575517

They are truly HoloLive’s biggest failures

>> No.35575518

you new? or can you not see subtle bait?

>> No.35575519


>> No.35575520

will coco keep being coco after coco

>> No.35575521

It's HoloEN official song

>> No.35575522

They'll be the normal humans witnessing the myths

>> No.35575527


>> No.35575528


>> No.35575529

I hope that Kiara fucking graduates after EN2 gets released, after then will it be balanced. Kiara is way too fucking annoying that her graduation will even out the eventual annoyance that EN2 will bring.

>> No.35575531

>> No.35575532

Remind that Coco

>Is the most rich and successful Vtuber
>Got fired from a black company but won the lawsuit against them and now is millionaire
>Is making lots of money on her roommate channel without any cuts
>Is being healthy and mental stable for the first time in a while
>Is making her own Vtuber Agency
>Her company will be fair and have competent management including herself as one of them
>Will mock Cover every month with better numbers
>Zhangs keep seething at her

>> No.35575533

Well, no one really likes Chicken, that much is know, but it's still free publicity.

>BD special beat by Ojou monthly stream

>> No.35575537

Gura also has DOUBLE the subs.

>> No.35575538

silence KFP

>> No.35575541

Gen 5 was delayed for like half a year

>> No.35575544

Careful, he's a hero.

>> No.35575545

Can you blame him? His "cultivated" thread is full of worse schizos than this place ever birthed.

>> No.35575546

>Aloe graduates
>EN announcement
>Coco graduates
>Coco announcement

>> No.35575550


>> No.35575551

>just pretending to be retarded
Sure mate, now go back.

>> No.35575552

ENsinger will be Sherlock. My dad is a janitor at Cover

>> No.35575555

Why are you excited about EN? That don't you have your own thread?

>> No.35575556

So it's perfect for EN.

>> No.35575557


>> No.35575559

holy shit dog fuckers on suicide watch

>> No.35575562


>> No.35575563

Maybe one of them will be good this time!

>> No.35575564

i miss coco

>> No.35575565

she's only going to the bathroom
why would I be on suicide watch

>> No.35575567


>> No.35575569

>> No.35575576

Kek, of course you gotta roll out THE NEW THING right after Coco's graduation. Pathetic.

>> No.35575577


>> No.35575578

The countdown ticking down is slowly driving me insane

>> No.35575581

I don't really like Hololive EN

>> No.35575582

Well I don't, get fuck cocoshart

>> No.35575588

I will support HoloEN2 just to spit on Nijikeks.

>> No.35575590

Same. Hopefully EN2 will have at least one good member.

>> No.35575591

Remember to x2 the premier so you only have to wait 4 hours

>> No.35575592

I'm gonna say it may be this if not a 2nd gen. The gears remind me of Watson. Or it could be the Vsinger group?

>> No.35575594

>> No.35575596

Hololive before Coco graduated: SOUL
Hololive after Coco graduated: SOULLESS

>> No.35575597


>> No.35575598

Let me guess, "tits too big", right? Get out of the closet and into /ホロスターズ/ you fucking homo

>> No.35575599

We're off to a great start lads

>> No.35575600

Keep seething, chink

>> No.35575601

dekai oppai

>> No.35575602

Oh wow a view us nijikeks are shaking in our boots

>> No.35575603

That seems incredibly unlikely considering the trach record of EN vtubers in general

>> No.35575604

He's in

>> No.35575605

Whoa that's indeed based

>> No.35575606

>he believes normal people post in these threads
i don't know where the fuck you came from but go back before you find out schizo's post here. In fact, never mind, come back here in 8 hours

>> No.35575607

>the big HoloEN collab is going to end right when the countdown hits 0
Of course. What convenient timing.

>> No.35575608

Wait... does that actually work

>> No.35575612

we have an emergency i just to put my penis inside you to test wether you might be infected miosha!

>> No.35575613

So the narrative that as soon as Coco left Hololive they would announce something from EN was true...

>> No.35575614


>> No.35575615

It's Holo ES

>> No.35575616

EN should have been bannable here as soon as global was made. Nobody wants the fucking clowns here and we don't even discuss EN.

>> No.35575617

No man, my complaint is not "tits too big".

>> No.35575619

you better think before pressing that submit button anon

>> No.35575621

What the dog doing?

>> No.35575623

It's holoKR

>> No.35575624

Rejoice. You'll finally get your hafu perfect Japanese girl in EN2 after being a gen 6 reject.

>> No.35575629

>2x Speed
See you guys in 4 hours

>> No.35575630

Sounds like a setup for an original group song reveal

>> No.35575632

brazilian carnival theme

>> No.35575633

>I'll have to stay up until 4am in order to "witness" the new thing
Good thing I'm on a vacation and bought energy drinks

>> No.35575634

Momosuzu Nene is a big inspiration to me. She inspires me to try my best everyday, and also to masturbate to her. You could masturbate to her too if you want.

>> No.35575635

I like the narrative that Lamy rejected this shit

>> No.35575637

You know that's a general business move when they have to announce something negative they follow up with something "positive"

>> No.35575638

getting fuck with Coco.K!

>> No.35575641

> Nobody wants the fucking clowns here

>> No.35575642

Man, Super Mario World had so much soul

>> No.35575643

I used to think that this was overdesigned but then gen 5 dropped.

>> No.35575646

>> No.35575648

You are ugly mate!

>> No.35575649

I only masturbate to Suiyotan

>> No.35575650


>> No.35575651

No matter how much you screech and cry and piss and fart, Towa will ALWAYS belong in these threads no matter how much you hate her.

>> No.35575652


>> No.35575653

hlgg is laughing at us again

>> No.35575654

Well, your kind will sure as fuck stick around here in 8 hours, faggot.

>> No.35575655

Literal sex goddess, #KakageWasRight

>> No.35575656

Where are Meru's fat fucking honkeroos?

>> No.35575657

cute dog

>> No.35575660

Nice try Nene, I will not jack off to your nenes.

>> No.35575662

i guess i'll stay far away from here then..

>> No.35575664

I want to sniff brat ass

>> No.35575665

It's not gonna be EN2. This clock shit is consistent with the holomyth lovecraftian theme. Probably going to be an original group song.

>> No.35575666


>> No.35575667


>> No.35575670

>we don't even discuss EN.
Huh? I do whenever they stream and sometimes even without, same as with any JP member.

>> No.35575673

If you didn't know, Melposter has killed himself.


>> No.35575674


>> No.35575680

>tatsunokos seething because they are going to announce EN2 a week after Coco's graduation everybody knew it was going to happen

>> No.35575681

10:00 JST is fine considering nobody there gives a shit about EN

>> No.35575683

In a few days you'll wish Kiara and Ollie were the worst thing to happen to Hololive

>> No.35575684

Fuck off

>> No.35575685

new gens are always "overdesigned" and "look like they belong in niji" with you faggots. then you love them once they've debuted, she'll be no different

>> No.35575687


>> No.35575688

I'm sorry to hear that KFP maybe one of the new girls will be a bigger target to shitpost about

>> No.35575692

Mr Doog...

>> No.35575693


>> No.35575694

She's never debuting so this entire conversation is pointless anyway.

>> No.35575695

She pretty much won.

>> No.35575697

Who the fuck are you?

>> No.35575698

I hope he takes THEkanata tranny with him to hell

>> No.35575699

It's probably delayed from the original announcement date, just like 5th gen.

>> No.35575700

Why does EN get some special countdown to announce a group song when all the other gens just get it dropped in random announcement?

>> No.35575703

That's not how atotsu works bird..

>> No.35575704


>> No.35575706

EN posters are raiders
EN whores don't belong to /hlg/

>> No.35575707

I WILL make kakage a mother

>> No.35575708

When will you learn that this it the containment thread, the /b/ of the fandom if you will.
Meidos do not give a fuck and understandably so.

>> No.35575711

Just take off the hat lol.

>> No.35575712

His smile and optimism... hidden behind fat sacks of cash

>> No.35575713

is that why she hasn't been streaming recently?

>> No.35575714


>> No.35575715


>> No.35575719

Do you think Korosan would be able to beat Jump King? I mean, if Kanata could, it should be possible right?

>> No.35575722

why did he ever stop posting again? was it after getting his picture leaked?

>> No.35575723

>> No.35575724

Seaniggers are most of EN fanbase and it's too early for them as well

>> No.35575725

*casts a spell that in 7 hours and 35 minutes start a new arc*

>> No.35575727


>> No.35575731

Sometimes I feel like responding to him in a harsh way, but there's no use. That faggot is truly sick in the mind

>> No.35575732

Do you really? Can you link some of your previous posts discussing EN then?

>> No.35575734

Look at that determination

>> No.35575736

Because someone posted Melbush.

>> No.35575738

>even sheepfaggots are ESL
We're done here, honestly.

>> No.35575739


>> No.35575740

>> No.35575741


>> No.35575742

koro is angry

>> No.35575744

Polka still looks like shit
Nene looked like shit until she got her new design

>> No.35575746

Okayu tried to get her to play it, and had her play a bit off-stream. She said she liked it, but we never ended up seeing more.

>> No.35575747

Korone is pretty good at this

>> No.35575749

>> No.35575751

holo iyashikei anime never.......

>> No.35575753


>> No.35575754

My keyboard just dropped an input, nothing to worry about

>> No.35575755

>tfw ill miss the new thing because of work.
I hope I have time to witness the thread meltdown at least

>> No.35575757

post more lewd Towa, it's making ENfags leave

>> No.35575758

>In a few days you'll wish Kiara and Ollie were the worst thing to happen to Hololive

Ironically enough after Niji's EN generation I'm a little more optimistic that there are actually some good English vtubers left out there, and that some of them could, by some freak accident, end up in Hololive.

But knowing Cover they'll most likely just sign more Twitch memelords or failed "musicians," so I'm not holding my breath.

>> No.35575760

I taught her everything she knows

>> No.35575761

>Nene looked like shit until she got her new design
Her new design is shit too.

>> No.35575763

Go back to your cytube circlejerk, faggot

>> No.35575766


>> No.35575768

Does Korone really live with her grandmother? That's based, I wish she'd get her on stream. I want to listen to Korone's grandmother tell us a story from her childhood.

>> No.35575771

Wow, big announcement after drama. Sasuga Tanigo, you PR devil. Who could ever predict this.

>> No.35575772

based and same

>> No.35575773

>> No.35575774

>spell doesn't work because of poor grammar
>instead proceeds to send us to another timeloop

Graduate Coco

>> No.35575775


>> No.35575776


>> No.35575777

Gura is finally going to be a senpai!

>> No.35575778

If only Towa was here...

>> No.35575779

Why is there not a single holo who uses Gentoo...

>> No.35575780

Nishizawa is a hack.

>> No.35575781

>> No.35575783

>I'm so exciting!!!
>I'm exciting!!!
KEK, SEAnigs never fail to amuse me

>> No.35575787

>> No.35575788

She's walked into Korone's room while the stream was on. No audible grandma like Okayu though.

>> No.35575789

Why is her own design good...

>> No.35575792

If Towa is so good, why is she Towa?

Checkmate, Towatheists.

>> No.35575793


>> No.35575794

>"overdesigned" and "look like they belong in niji"
>Niji EN2
Well, that's not wrong tho

>> No.35575795

>> No.35575797


>> No.35575798

Post yfw your oshi didn't come to chicken's totsu

>> No.35575799

>> No.35575800

It Takes Twoa when Towa gets back...

>> No.35575801

If Cover is gonna release EN gen2, at least give a good pair to Ina, please

>> No.35575803

>improvised after fucking up
>fucked up again after

>> No.35575805

>> No.35575807

You mean your oshi didn't get invited to chicken's totsu

>> No.35575808

I still don't understand what this is going to be. Making posters? What does it mean?

>> No.35575811


>> No.35575812


>> No.35575814

Can we get a Towa holo among the new generation? It's been too long since the last one.

>> No.35575815

>> No.35575816

Yeah that won't be fucking annoying at all

>> No.35575817

Suisei is no longer allowed near ENs minus Calli after the Among Us stunt.

>> No.35575820


>> No.35575823

no hags allowed for the next gen of holos

>> No.35575824

EN won't invite Flare to anything after the lolicon debacle

>> No.35575826

How exactly is that a bad thing?

>> No.35575827

>> No.35575829

It's not like Ina streams with her tentacles 24/7.

>> No.35575833

the frotting..

>> No.35575834

womb tattoo holo when?

>> No.35575835

Angry dog

>> No.35575836

I just hacked my way and the video in the HoloEn channel is a Chicken Cover.

>> No.35575837

Based Suisui, I'll feed her my cock as a treat when she wakes up.

>> No.35575841

Please no please god no I don't want the threads to become like the last one PLEAAAAAAAAASE.

>> No.35575842

I love old people storytime.
Grandmas are important.

>> No.35575847

Hololive is just a therapy program for lonely women to be able to make friend and get on track with their lives

>> No.35575848

There will also be a big announcement during the stream

>> No.35575850

Why are there ENfags here now?

>> No.35575852

they're here to watch us seethe

>> No.35575854

mio's womb is drying up. she will buy another cat in another year.

>> No.35575855


>> No.35575856

its clearly not working for some of them

>> No.35575857


>> No.35575858

You finally figured it out uh

>> No.35575859


>> No.35575860

Towa will bear my retarded children

>> No.35575861

I got banned on /vt/

>> No.35575864

>> No.35575866

Cope, her old design was shitty chink garbage and not even the good kind. I'd take the generic idol/varsity outfit over that one anyday

>> No.35575867

Comit suicide veishit

>> No.35575868

How long until the annoying EOP saviorfags leave Kson's chat?

>> No.35575869


>> No.35575870

Only Towa can save us...

>> No.35575871

>> No.35575872

He looks dead inside.

>> No.35575873

Why is Mr. Paradise like this?

>> No.35575874

>not even smiling
Even Tanigo hates the fucking chicken.

>> No.35575876

Never left

>> No.35575882

Learn to read, seanigger

>> No.35575884


>> No.35575885

global is way too fast so their post gets choked by shitposting and they can't get (You)s

>> No.35575886

How long it took them to leave Aki?

>> No.35575887

>get home
>watame is playing minecraft

yes, this is just right

>> No.35575888

Fucking idiot

>> No.35575890

>gets them addicted to parasocial and maicra instead
>makes some of them gay
>some of them more successfully mitigate using cats but are still fucked

>> No.35575895


>> No.35575896

Stop using friend to falseflag you double nigger

>> No.35575897


>> No.35575898

>some of them more successfully mitigate using cats
I think when you get a cat it's over for you.

>> No.35575899

Pekora's old Makaimura streams came back.

>> No.35575902

Stop being retarded. The audition for EN2 was done months ago, Cover didn't pull them out of nowhere. If anything it's stupid that EN2 has to wait until after Coco graduated to debut. Holos aren't video game characters, they are real people and this is their job. The sooner they debut the sooner they can start making money.

>> No.35575906

Learn English

>> No.35575908

Maou Lamy love!

>> No.35575911

Is Mr Koro still working on her level?
It's been hours...

>> No.35575912


>> No.35575913

you must choose

>> No.35575915

Once Marine finds out about the people who just watch YouTube vidoes on Twitch all day, Marine is going to move there and only do that.

>> No.35575916

Never, better learn how to mentally filter them from the chat.

>> No.35575917

I see nothing wrong with any of this

>> No.35575919

He somehow looks really like a janitor here to me. Was it because of the apron?

>> No.35575920

Feels good man.

>> No.35575921

Yes, she wants to make it really good for her fans. :)

>> No.35575925

When is Watame getting a cat? G4WXY

>> No.35575926

Here is the ultimate rrat, the rrat that will destroy all rrats. So prepare yourself first before reading this and getting mind blowed.

Haachama is part of EN2

>> No.35575927

I hope Lamy doesn’t see this picture...

>> No.35575928

Always been here

>> No.35575929

She'll probably call them out at some point, I can't imagine Coco reading this crap and not cringing violently.

>> No.35575930

But how can she be EN0 and EN2?

>> No.35575931

>> No.35575933 [SPOILER] 

One of the EN2 designs leaked

>> No.35575934

They were on hold, he was waiting for the right time to introduce them.

>> No.35575935

All of them have boyfriends (except Pekora) and have sex regularly (except Pekora)

>> No.35575936

I choose 4p

>> No.35575937


>> No.35575939


>> No.35575940

Watame for cuddly sex that lasts hours at a time.
Flare for femdom with a focus on piss play and CBT.
Fubuki for chastity play and NTR where she forces you to watch while Oga fucks her.

>> No.35575941

*accidentally makes towa pregnant*

>> No.35575944

jesus this thread went to shit quick. I'm out

>> No.35575948


>> No.35575949

She doesn't want it going into her basement

>> No.35575951

I'm already dreading the coomers when she starts streaming in youtube with facecam

>> No.35575953


>> No.35575955

All these supposedly devoted fans, yet none of them could bring the fight to chinks like Watamates did?

>> No.35575956

what do you expect after >muh happenings?

>> No.35575957

Your reading comprehension...

>> No.35575958

Marine is incredibly lazy so I believe it.

>> No.35575959

Pekora is the one who still has a boyfriend to this very day (Jun)

>> No.35575961

Lamy got over her fear of janitors when Botan fed her a janitor placenta out of a still-living female one once or so I've heard.

>> No.35575963

global please go

>> No.35575968


>> No.35575969

>the sooner they debut the sooner they can start making money for the company
Typical of the greedy bitches at Cover, chasing money and profit over everything else. That's literally why Coco left too, they couldn't pay her enough to stay in such an environment

>> No.35575970

True, Pekora has so much money and fame that she can fuck whoever she wants, she just doesn't because sex is nasty.

>> No.35575971

What am I choosing for?

>> No.35575975


>> No.35575977

Maou Lamy!





>> No.35575979

Koone's level does not look very good...

>> No.35575980


>> No.35575982

Ok tough guy, tell me how to make a chink that doesn't doxx himself to stop spamming her tags with gore with his account number 140.
Real life isn't a movie

>> No.35575983

Fuck off dog, I did my reps.

>> No.35575985

>nobody replied to my bait so i must do it myself
talk about rent free lmao

>> No.35575987

Let me guess who is your oshi.

>> No.35575988

get used to it

>> No.35575989

>Fubuki for chastity play and NTR where she forces you to watch while Oga fucks her.
I will just fuck Oga. If he becomes my hole, his woman will be my woman too

>> No.35575990

you're just mad you didn't make it into the screencap

>> No.35575995

Jesus all the recent Kanata clips (yes even JP clips) are all about Coco. I'm so tired of this shameless leech

>> No.35575996

>> No.35575997

>ignoring facts.

>> No.35575998

>people who are banned from /vt/ come here
>people can shitpost all they want since meidos don't do their jobs
>people who don't care about jp x en and just post what they want
>people who are just falseflagging
>people who don't want to go to /vt/
Pick your choice. I'm two of the above

>> No.35575999

Never leaving.

>> No.35576000

ez choice

>> No.35576001

Lamy dying from alcohol poisoning!

>> No.35576005

M-Maou Hole...

>> No.35576006

It's so nonsensical

>> No.35576008

>> No.35576009

just watched the chik-en's birthday stream, seeing her kick holos off calls left and right was pretty rude, but when it happened to pekora only for a nobody like Anya to get brought in was actually fucking hilarious. what do you think the selfish rabbit thought about that? i bet she was so pissed she went to Aqua's videos and finished disliking all the ones she hadn't yet

>> No.35576011

>> No.35576013

kys anti

>> No.35576014

>nande = why
Thank God for live translators

>> No.35576015

It looks like the kind of level a little kid would make.
Just randomly placed shit with no theme and zero cohesion.

>> No.35576017


>> No.35576020

Peko doesn't even watch porn, she just masturbates to ecchi shounen manga like TLR;Darkness and Yuuna of the hot springs.

>> No.35576021

it's the usual thing the retards here have been doing for six months, if we shit this place up before the (insert boogeyman here) can shit up the place, we'll chase them away.

>> No.35576022

How nice of Botan

>> No.35576023

>> No.35576027

This is already mostly outdated, they have newer buzzwords.

>> No.35576030

I kneel Watame

>> No.35576034


>> No.35576035

That alcohol does not have much effect on Lamy

>> No.35576037

Lamy dont look!

>> No.35576038

I pity them, this is the worse time to debut

>> No.35576039

not an anti thread btw!!

>> No.35576040

Pekora had sex with Jun on her safe days

>> No.35576043

What are you saying? If all the recent Kanata clips are all about Coco, that means it's those clippers who are leeches.

>> No.35576044

90% of these are about Pekora, are nousagi really that weak?

>> No.35576045

I only have seen clips of those, I'll check it out

>> No.35576046

Give me a few recommendations onegai

>> No.35576053

It's really not, Coco's graduation actually brought in a lot of new people to hololive.

>> No.35576056

Cover would need to graduate rbc before sio even considers joining

>> No.35576057

Yet Watamates managed to stop the chinks from ever thinking of attacking Watame again, not just the onr dumbass who was ddoxed. It's a simple matter of making an example and sending a message.
Heck, I still remember that screenshot where a tatsunoko confessed that he found out an intern in his company was an anti, and he did NOTHING to the guy. There are shit tons of way a senior employee / manager can do to make an intern life hell without violating the laws

>> No.35576059

Nope, she can't even fit more than two fingers in her bunny cunny.

>> No.35576061


>> No.35576062


>> No.35576063

why do the girls keep saying "Hi"? Who are they saying hi to?

>> No.35576065


>> No.35576067

lamy is such an alcoholic she has to buttchug hard liquor to get a buzz

>> No.35576070

if they debuted before Coco graduated they'd be marred by it the same way Aloe kneecapped gen 5's growth for ages, there's literally no better time to debut unless you're seriously suggesting they wait until christmas

>> No.35576074

>Yet Watamates managed to stop the chinks from ever thinking of attacking Watame again,
They stopped 1 chink who had his public name and all the info, Tatsunoko doxxed a bunch of chinks too.
You sound retarded, are you underage?

>> No.35576075

Ichir*dditors hate Hololive so much and Marine streams so little they are reduced to watching Kiara.

>> No.35576079

Is this the vsinger?

>> No.35576080

Watamates literally hacked that one chink's twitter to get his email address which they then in turn used to get access to the rest of his shit.
He didn't even know what hit him.

>> No.35576083

Wrong, watame got spammed by chinks when she made coco effigy recently

>> No.35576085

>clippers are all leeching anything about Coco
I'm shocked.
Absolutely shocked.
I CANNOT believe this.
I WILL NOT believe this.

>> No.35576089

At least Coco gave a middle finger to Cover by announcing her plans before EN2

>> No.35576092

suisei please learn how to use your hips...

>> No.35576093

They were saying "high", though. You think they could have gone through hours with schizos without smoking something?

>> No.35576094

Kanata is a leech, clippers are leeches, anon is a leech

>> No.35576095

Tatsunokos didn't do shit, that was the lunaitos from Kiwifarms.

>> No.35576097

>literally hacked

>> No.35576098

This thread is leeching from hololive.

>> No.35576099

Oh damn, Chicken is having a Jackbox collab with EN. Does Japan do these types of games?

>> No.35576100

the beautiful tears of success

>> No.35576104

another gen debuts, another 5 channels to check "Don't recommend channel" for... 面倒くさい

>> No.35576105

Hololive is leeching from YouTube

>> No.35576108

i can smell the underage here. they must have all come from a chuck e cheese party

>> No.35576112

There are none of these kind of games available in Japanese.

>> No.35576114

I've been thinking about it, and it seems Pekora really has no friends, not even in Hololive. The one person that actually reaches out and tries to interact with her(Miko) gets blown off like a piece of trash. She had to beg a bunch of nobodies to call in to her april fool's stream. She had to be saved by the same friend she ignores for her mario party collab. She's incredibly selfish. I've honestly never seen someone behave like her. Being a hikki isn't an excuse to ignore and mistreat people online. She can't even make an attempt at pretending to be a good person. She's very damaged. Perhaps it has something to do with the father she never mentions....

>> No.35576116

Please, it's definitely going to be EN 3D debut and not a new gen. You guys haven't been watching EN streams, if you did you'd have picked up all the hints.

>> No.35576117

>Miko in Pekora's chat

>> No.35576120

>> No.35576123

Japan doesn't have games

>> No.35576124

>You guys haven't been watching EN streams

>> No.35576126

Don't you have posts about Kiara to make on /vt/

>> No.35576129

35P is very ungrateful

>> No.35576131

Place your bets here. What is the announcement about?

>> No.35576132


>> No.35576133


3 minutes.

>> No.35576138


>> No.35576139

at least bother to slap horns on her next time

>> No.35576142

>cries harder for beating a video game than singing sad songs for a graduating 'friend'
severely mentally ill what the fuck is wrong with this freak

>> No.35576144

The whole concept of vsinger is retarded, they should just agree that Mori is the vsinger and hire 5 streamers that occasionally sing

>> No.35576145

I've seen this moment before but never got a chance to watch her old playthroughs in full. It'll be even better after watching it from the start.

>> No.35576146


>> No.35576147

Bilibili debut

>> No.35576149


>> No.35576150

>Cover putting focus on EN branch and EN2
>JP's getting tired of thier shit
>Coco announces ksonpro and cover gets btfo
Coco really is a genius. I wonder if she knew EN2 was getting announced or if someone leaked it to her.

>> No.35576151


>> No.35576152

Miko is CUTE!

>> No.35576153

Yes, i don't watch them, thanks for clarification tho.

>> No.35576154

vSinger auditions started before the EN2 auditions, but I kinda feel like they will just roll the vSinger into EN2 to make sure they have someone that can sing in the gen

>> No.35576156

remove 35poos

>> No.35576157


>> No.35576158

Cover X WPA collab

>> No.35576161

There's stuff like gartic phone but cover's permissions autism strikes again.

>> No.35576163

Why does the song sound so sad...

>> No.35576164


>> No.35576165

What an emotionally disturbed individual

>> No.35576166

Meidos gave up on us a long time ago.

>> No.35576170


>> No.35576171


>> No.35576172

What's the point of being a vsinger when you can be a vtuber and earn way more for just basically streaming what you want?

>> No.35576173

Fuck off ENshart

>> No.35576174

Those kind of games started to become popular among indies and nijis since a while, but not exactly JackBox

>> No.35576178


>> No.35576179

Thanks bro

>> No.35576180

It's a great power move from her, holoJPs are going to quit and Cover is left with only EN and ID

>> No.35576181

They're gonna end up vtubing and streaming whatever anyway.

>> No.35576183


>> No.35576184


>> No.35576186

Some EN1 shit.

>> No.35576188

gen 2 and vsinger

>> No.35576189

>> No.35576193

Only niji has poos, pekoshart.

>> No.35576195


>> No.35576196


>> No.35576198


>> No.35576199


>> No.35576200

Some people just want to sing, like those girls at Kamitsubaki or RIOT Music.

>> No.35576201

It's shit, use /Lq9eqHDKJPE/ instead.

>> No.35576203

I miss asacoco bros

>> No.35576205

Sasuga dog

>> No.35576206


>> No.35576207


>> No.35576210



>> No.35576211


>> No.35576212


>> No.35576213

Miko Miko Miko!

>> No.35576214

>Watame finishes
>Korosan wins

>> No.35576215


>> No.35576218

sorry but paradise is mine

>> No.35576219


>> No.35576221


>> No.35576222

Return of my beloved president

>> No.35576223


>> No.35576226

this sounds like the kpop shit that suisei likes

>> No.35576227


>> No.35576228

>> No.35576234


>> No.35576236

Kiara's new song sounds pretty shit

>> No.35576240


>> No.35576242

tick tock JP fags.

>> No.35576243

watch asakson

>> No.35576244

mr koro strong

>> No.35576245

Kiara can't sing so I don't know what you were expecting.

>> No.35576246

I think I like Okayu...

>> No.35576247

Well it is from the same producer as Getcha.

>> No.35576248

>> No.35576249

i accept it

>> No.35576251


>> No.35576252

Definitely has some pretty hard kpop vibes, yeah.
It's okay, not really the kind of music I'd ever listen to on my own.

>> No.35576255

What it would be about? Oh right, talking about herself just like asacoco

>> No.35576256

holy based

>> No.35576257


>> No.35576260


>> No.35576261

koone did it.............

>> No.35576262


>> No.35576263

What the fuck is this real?

>> No.35576265

Play her course.

>> No.35576267

You WILL beat Mr. Paradise's level, right?

>> No.35576269

Huh, isn't that a pretty big deal?

>> No.35576271

Based, but they aren't going back

>> No.35576272

>it's real

>> No.35576273

chad desu

>> No.35576274

Why is it so hard for Cocosharts to accept that Cover did nothing wrong and she left on her own because she's a greedy bitch that wants to make money on her own rather than working as part of a team?

>> No.35576275

I kneel JPchad

>> No.35576276

i hate luna's baby talk

>> No.35576281

El basado

>> No.35576283

one hour has passed

>> No.35576284


>> No.35576288


>> No.35576290


>> No.35576293

>already peaked
Fucking things don't even last a day anymore

>> No.35576296


>> No.35576297


>> No.35576298


>> No.35576299

For me, it's love.

>> No.35576300

I love Luna's baby talk

>> No.35576303


>> No.35576306

I will buy a Switch and SMM2 for it.

>> No.35576309


>> No.35576312


>> No.35576313

You heard it here first, one member of VSingers will transfer to Gamers later down the line.

>> No.35576315


>> No.35576316


>> No.35576318

never leaving

>> No.35576319

Checking the death spots is always fun.

>> No.35576324


>> No.35576325

I miss when people talked about Hololive, now it just meta, shitposts and thread/board war faggotry

>> No.35576328

Somebody already cleared it, took him 42 sec, I'm not sure if Korone is happy or not.

>> No.35576329

Good work.

>> No.35576331


>> No.35576332


>> No.35576336

But asacoco used to be about other holos long time ago...

>> No.35576337

>buttmad about it
lmao sharknig

>> No.35576339

who will be the first holo to collab with kson?

>> No.35576340



>> No.35576341

What is facerig pro you nunce

>> No.35576342


>> No.35576343

The last few days before ENfags were involved were filled with Luna stream talk and discussion.

>> No.35576344


>> No.35576345


>> No.35576347

This Weather Hackers noteblock contraption sounds so fucking melancholic and sad, holy fuck Watame

>> No.35576348

It always happens when literally anything gets global/EN added to it. Just look at /vg/.

>> No.35576349


>> No.35576351

but why

>> No.35576352

Watame just made a crying machine...

>> No.35576354


>> No.35576355

Demonstrably false. Check the archives.

>> No.35576357

unironically go to /vt/, the ホロライブ thread is exactly that

>> No.35576363


>> No.35576364


>> No.35576365


>> No.35576366

Let's fucking go.

>> No.35576368

Watame is a crying machine.

>> No.35576370

Behave yourselves for fucks sake.

>> No.35576372

Watame biome...

>> No.35576373


>> No.35576374

Ayame still has to stream from the studio right? Doesn't this mean she'll miss her 1m entirely?
Probably the best Pekora has ever sounded, I loved her version of Suteki da Ne.

>> No.35576375

I want to move to the Watame Biome...

>> No.35576377

Fuck you Limpdong, fuck you uwu, kill yourselves

>> No.35576378

chad desu

>> No.35576380

>> No.35576383


>> No.35576384

He mad again roru, can't stop comimg back to /jp/ huh

>> No.35576387

korone just exploded me....

>> No.35576388

Miko still watches Pekora but Pekora is a narcissistic nutjob so it seems to be a lost cause.

>> No.35576389

go and smile!

>> No.35576390

ookini bassado department

>> No.35576392

this thread is like
kinda bad

>> No.35576393

Dead hours...

>> No.35576394

Don't need to check when I was there. I'm mostly here only when Luna streams and the threads are bearable then. Except for today, because ENfags don't give a shit about Luna since she filters them.

>> No.35576395

What was it?

>> No.35576397


>> No.35576399

My cock

>> No.35576401


>> No.35576402


>> No.35576403

Holy mother of BASED

>> No.35576408

>> No.35576410


>> No.35576412


>> No.35576413

sand, and lots of it

>> No.35576414

How does this thread manage to be worse than the entirety of /v/?

>> No.35576415

>leave for months
>only do things here when some announcement occurs for EN
>behave yourself
God I really hope it's actually you saying this but you always attention whore with an image so I know it's not sadly

>> No.35576416

fuck off seanigger go to sleep

>> No.35576418

ENfags seething

>> No.35576420

start hornyposting

>> No.35576424


>> No.35576425

*shows ass*

>> No.35576426


>> No.35576434

Because this thread is filled with /v/ermin?

>> No.35576436

fuck off vtshit

>> No.35576444

this thread is a refuge of everyone banned in /vt/

>> No.35576447

He's mad?

>> No.35576449


>> No.35576450

based chinks

>> No.35576451

>> No.35576453


>> No.35576454

Oh no limpdong is mad!

>> No.35576456


>> No.35576457

absolutely based

>> No.35576458

Non-JP chat comments for June:
Mel 46.63%
Choco 42.3%
Azki 33.9%
Towa 31.27%
Aki 31.91%
Coco 28.35%
Suisei 27.28%
FBK 25.6%
RBC 25%
Korone 19.38%
Hololive average 17.89%
Sora 17.83%
Botan 17.74%
Nene 16.76%
Polka 16.2%
Marine 15.1%
Luna 15.07%
Kanata 14.65%
Watame 13.92%
Matsuri 13.73%
Flare 12.58%
Miko 11.99%
Aqua 9.66%
Rushia 7.91%
Mio 7.88%
Pekora 7.01%
Noel 6.29%
Subaru 6.19%
Okayu 6.14%
Lamy 5.76%
Shion 2.7%

>> No.35576465

JPsharts absolutely seething

>> No.35576466

We're the ones constantly getting raided by /vt/ though, our thread is a thousand times better than their whole board, and yet meidos gave up on us and decided to go there instead...

>> No.35576469

>> No.35576473

How do I update 4chan X?

>> No.35576478

>delete nice shopped picture with a simple message
>don't delete obvious EN and KFP trolling

>> No.35576480

Trust me he didn't do shit in /vt/ either except /hlgg/ to the point that nearly everyone in that board complaint about this too

>> No.35576483


>> No.35576484

>> No.35576485

what's going on here

>> No.35576490

If something could be done about the raiders, this all wouldn't be necessary, don't you think?

>> No.35576499

pekora: *sniff*

>> No.35576500

Yeah I'm sure you throwing a temper tantrum will finally convince the meido

>> No.35576501

dont show this data to subaru

>> No.35576502

Are we being raided?

>> No.35576504

>> No.35576507

>meido is a globalfag
not even surprised

>> No.35576510


>> No.35576512


>> No.35576513

noutoddlers mad the janny is doing his job

>> No.35576517


>> No.35576518

So what's the threshold for a rangeban?

>> No.35576520

How is this picture even controversial in any way? Unless said meido is as much of a raider himself who doesn't know shit about this thread.

>> No.35576521

>> No.35576522

the /vt/ hololive and oshi threads are miles better than this shithole. Atleast there people actually like talking about Hololive and don't have autistic meltdowns and retards image spamming for no reason constantly

>> No.35576523

It's just one of the occasional dumpsterfire threads. Don't worry too much about it

>> No.35576524

don't let the trolling and countertrolling distract you from the fact that Murasaki Shion is a BRAT and her ass is made for seducing OLD MEN like ME

>> No.35576526


>> No.35576528

You forgot your shark image,meido

>> No.35576529

No see THIS IS TROLLING but the EN and KFP posts ARE DEFINITELY NOT trolling

>> No.35576530

>I don't moderate the thread in a totally biased way
what the fuck did you expect to happen retard
it's almost impossible considering j_god still hasnt been banned >>35575132

>> No.35576532

Hey look like he want us to post limpdong pic, oh no

>> No.35576533

The fact that I will never touch a woman's body constantly tears apart my soul.

>> No.35576534


>> No.35576536

>> No.35576540

>> No.35576543

Didn't he get indonesia rangebanned for abit?

>> No.35576544

containment thread

>> No.35576545


>> No.35576546

Only retarded children are left here so what else are they going to do.

>> No.35576549

>> No.35576550


>> No.35576551

Choco has brought great shame to gen 2

>> No.35576554

>he gave up

>> No.35576558

Honestly? This.

>> No.35576559

The thread is going to be like this for the next week isn't it

>> No.35576564

>> No.35576567

>> No.35576570

>Leeching clothing

>> No.35576571

>he lasted only 2 posts
the absolute state of limpdong

>> No.35576572

Nah he'll come by at 1400~ posts and "3 day ban for trolling" then shit up the next few threads for the EN announcement

GUARANTEE that shit.

>> No.35576574

It's amazing how garbage these threads are now. /vt/ is complete shit but somehow this thread manages to be even worse than the average thread there.

>> No.35576575

Remember /vt/ has a thread that actually isn't full of meta discussion

>> No.35576576

Depends on the announcement, but most likely a day at most. Raiders get bored fast.

>> No.35576577

better than usual? yes

>> No.35576578

>> No.35576579

i think it was self deletion which only makes it funnier

>> No.35576581


>> No.35576583


>> No.35576584

cute. does adidas make dildos?

>> No.35576585

Just use the /vt/ thread. Schizos only complain about it because nobody bites there garbage baits

>> No.35576587


>> No.35576588

>All it took was one post

>> No.35576589

it also has like 5 regular posters and a few dozen /vt/ tourists

>> No.35576592

Imagine what kind of a mental illness you have to have in order to start spamming shit like this instead of watching the streams

>> No.35576593

Buddy most of the shit is getting thrown around by our local schizos

>> No.35576595

I think? I have no idea. I remember him posting gay porn and then anons saying indon is banned from posting images but I highly doubt they would ban an entire range just for a guy posting porn every other day.

>> No.35576596

*nukes the current thread just as EN announcement starts*

>> No.35576597

So this mod is working with raiders, naruhodo. Not calling that retard meido anymore cuz he don't deserve that name

>> No.35576598

Use it as the next OP onegai

>> No.35576599

"moishi moishi? ban all of EN. they don't understand why people come to these threads"

>> No.35576601

Roru everytime I've checked in on that thread they're talking about the shitstorm going on here get your head checked

>> No.35576604

So just like here but without the schizos/ people not giving attention to them

>> No.35576606

FOX and SHEEP continuing Operation Tanigo later.

>> No.35576607

It took one chicken to give him a meltdown.

>> No.35576608

Sure mate.

>> No.35576609

So just like this place pre coco's 3d?

>> No.35576616

Yeah, and then ban people for reporting blatant samefag and troll.

>> No.35576620

Nobody here watches streams. At this point I don't even think they watch clips either

>> No.35576621

>> No.35576622

I solve captcha to tell you Watame is cute.

>> No.35576623

Sometimes you need to sacrifice things in order to incline

>> No.35576624

are you seriously saying the guy ban evading and spamming the same image isn't a local schizo?

>> No.35576627

This wouldn't be happening if Coco didn't graduated. Fucking bitch was weak as fuck.
I hope she is proud of making these threads even worse by retiring.

>> No.35576630

>> No.35576638

Damn this thread is really bad, I cant believe /jp/ hates HoloEN.
Let's get back to /vt/ together globalbros!

>> No.35576640


>> No.35576643

I'll grab your butt if you don't turn that frown around right now.

>> No.35576644

Watame's schedule for this week is really packed

>> No.35576645


>> No.35576646


>> No.35576647

shion dekkai yo

>> No.35576648

>> No.35576649

This guy reminds me of a serial shitposter on /jp/ from 2010; just one deleted post and he absolutely loses his mind.
Wonder if its the same guy. The old one did the same thing, throw shit everywhere in his own house despite it being his own house.

>> No.35576650

kson makes my pp PP

>> No.35576652


>> No.35576654

schizo has been UNLEASHED yeah I'm going back to /vt/

>> No.35576655

>anything that goes against muh unity is schizo
Maybe just go to global to discuss EN.

>> No.35576657

Why is this shit always come after baits and falseflags? Also it usually come after someone complaint about mod too

>> No.35576660

good idea. In fact, it's weird to want to talk about english speaking streamers on the /jp/ board in the first place, isn't it? I don't know why I didn't realize that earlier! Let's all go to global, friends!

>> No.35576663

>Spamming the same image isn't schizo behaviour
the absolute state of this thread

>> No.35576667

Just so you guys know, i absolutely love this woman

>> No.35576670

I think it's one of the cytube dudes, I won't say any names but he always gets mad when meido deletes his posts.

>> No.35576671


>> No.35576675

>post EN
>samefag hateposts
>got to global and post how shit this thread is to claim superiority

>> No.35576677

>one guy made a funny image that resonated with everyone
>got a lot of responses
>it got deleted
>others started spamming it because they also think that
Even if you're autistic enough not to read the room, look at stuff like timings and filenames.

>> No.35576678

Nope, I love that anon actually stands up for themselves.

>> No.35576684

Gee maybe because this thread is 24/7 bait and falseflags?

>> No.35576685

Based. Me too!

>> No.35576688

But they aren't doing that. They are throwing a temper tantrum like a child.

>> No.35576689


>> No.35576690

Isn't /vt/ hololive completely dead

>> No.35576692

>Why is this shit always come after baits and falseflags
Because retards spend entire threads entertaining and replying to the people who make them. Nobody even fucking talks about streams 90% of the time and I never even fucking see anyone talk about streams after the fact anymore

>> No.35576694

I'll take the 30% shot to OHKO the cunny cloister

>> No.35576699

shion needs titty

>> No.35576701

Even at its worst these threads are still better than circlejerk threads on /vt/

>> No.35576702

Spend less time shitposting and fighting with mods and more time learning japanese to promote her on twitter, clip her.
Or do your art reps and draw her.
Or sing for her.

Just don't waste your time here

>> No.35576703

So this thread is full of schizos then?
yeah because shitting up the thread because he didn't get his way is what we want to encourage

>> No.35576704

>thread was full of shitflinging and falseflagging
>anon posts funny image
>gets deleted
>image keeps getting reposted
>shitflinging and falseflagging stops and tons of posts complaining about thread quality
The statement in the image seems to have struck a nerve

>> No.35576705

Who does ack ship?

>> No.35576706


>> No.35576709

This is all because of Towa.

>> No.35576711

Why can't we just talk about Watame's #3432876 Minecraft stream

>> No.35576712

A dead thread is better than this schizo hellhole.

>> No.35576714


>> No.35576716

Why do you have a problem with the image? Why do you approve ENshit posting?

>> No.35576717

He ships a bullet to the back of his head hopefully

>> No.35576721

that pic made me harder than actual holo porn. i'm hug virgin

>> No.35576722

>Watame still hasn't started the superchat reading and is arranging her chests
Long one...

>> No.35576726

>So this thread is full of schizos then?
thats all this thread has been for months

>> No.35576727

>Because retards spend entire threads entertaining and replying to the people who make them

>> No.35576729

Could you not?

>> No.35576730

>go to /vt/
>first thread I see is EOPs crying that a Japanese vtuber isn't putting english subs on her videos
Man, /vt/ is just so great

>> No.35576731

Also now there are a lot of
>vt thread is better than this shithole
all the sudden too

>> No.35576733

>pic shitting on EN insta deleted
>obvious spam, raid, troll posts and offtopic shit still up
You will never be a woman, uwu

>> No.35576734

Looks like anon's using his brain can't have that

>> No.35576735

>ENsharts are getting pissed off because of an image
Heh, I can't believe it's actually working.

>> No.35576742

Shit is hilarious

>> No.35576745

>focus sash breaks
>uses icicle spear

>> No.35576747

Awww that was cute.

>> No.35576750

>So this thread is full of schizos then?
Yes. Let's go to /hlgg/ where all the good sane non-schizos are.

>> No.35576751


>> No.35576752

That's a lot of green

>> No.35576754

>pekoschizo discovering himself as a cumchud
LMAO, I love these double digit IQ posts

>> No.35576756

can't believe that's all it takes

>> No.35576757


>> No.35576760

What part of /vt/ hololive and oshi threads do you not understand. Everything outside them is usually trash but most holo oshi threads are fine

>> No.35576765

Remember meido, you can wash yourself of this entire headache if you convince the the admins to make /vt/ a containment board.

>> No.35576766

This is what happens when you let tribalists run rampant.

>> No.35576768


>> No.35576769

I love how she gave it an original design. Pekora really cares about her.

>> No.35576771

>Warosu images are kill
What the FUCK did you guys posted

>> No.35576777


>> No.35576783


>> No.35576784


>> No.35576790

>shitting the thread
Where were you the last hour? You only realize the thread is shit when someone posted image you don't like?
That's eerily similar to the time you spam ENshit and "dabbed on the weebs".

>> No.35576794

I feel like i come back to this thread at the worst times

>> No.35576796

Everyone who uses the word tribalism turns out to be indogs and nijiniggers

>> No.35576797

every time I have gone to the Shion thread, it's filled with tourists falseflagging and people asking the same questions. Then it gets pumped off the board after another dozen retarded EN threads are posted

>> No.35576799

That is the way of humanity. If you don't like it, there's a noose with your name on it.

>> No.35576800

been fucked for a few days, just use archived.moe

>> No.35576801

oh janny boy

>> No.35576802

This is what happens when anything EN related happens.

>> No.35576805

Good shit.

>> No.35576808

Just call him mod, shit like this not even worth calling him meido.

>> No.35576811

We don't let shit, the meido just refuses to actually go all the way and only just goes far enough to make them start flinging shit all over the walls but doesn't actually stay around to put out the fire.

>> No.35576817

>> No.35576820

based as fuck

>> No.35576823

>new IP

>> No.35576828

>14 years ago

>> No.35576830

>> No.35576831

>> No.35576839

oh shit based whitewasher

>> No.35576840

Who is the most mentally ill hololive member? I'm thinking Pekora. I really think she might be in the early stages of actual schizophrenia.

>> No.35576845

>hours of bot posting, roommate posting, nsfw, meido doesn't show up for hours
>someone shits on EN and meido is instantly there
really makes you think

>> No.35576850

The pekoschizo will die if you reply to this post, so please DON'T REPLY

>> No.35576854

based meido, unityCHADS rule this thread

>> No.35576856


>> No.35576859

>leting your child touch a gorilla
that's how harambe died

>> No.35576860


>> No.35576861

It's soon 4am in Japanland and Watame is soon starting to read superchats...

>> No.35576865


>> No.35576866

How does this thread always manage to get worse and worse?

>> No.35576867

Pekora has no friends and is disliked by almost every Hololive member.

>> No.35576874


>> No.35576875


>> No.35576879

Mentally ill mod for mentally ill fanbase

>> No.35576882

Sinister Watame

>> No.35576883

Coco fucking ruined Hololive.
She's the reason why HoloEN, Global and /vt/ are even a thing in the first place...

>> No.35576884

reminder https://streamable.com/3goh2f

>> No.35576887

>Burger hours
>All schizoposting hell breaks loose

>> No.35576889


>> No.35576891


>> No.35576892

Don't forget reddit and plans for ES

>> No.35576894

You just realized?

>> No.35576900

How does this make you feel?

>> No.35576905

>Coco died for this

>> No.35576909


>> No.35576911

>Burger hours
only burgers posting right now are NEETs or people "working from home" like me. Everyone else is at work. This is europoor hours

>> No.35576912


>> No.35576915


>> No.35576916

This is so good.

>> No.35576917

>Dabs on Chicken's birthday
Sasuga Ojou

>> No.35576918

Oh it stopped. He handed out bans already? Sasuga meido babysitting the thread only when EN is gonna make a new announcement and shit.

>> No.35576919

>> No.35576923

life is unfair

>> No.35576924

hey uwu, you missed a spot! Clean it up!

>> No.35576926

This thread is full of retarded schizos what do you expect to happen? You expect them to act like sane individuals who don't respond to bait, or not have a breakdown and turn this place into metapost general because something they didn't like happen? Impossible.

>> No.35576930

peak hololive

>> No.35576931


>> No.35576932

this is euro hours, specifically eastern european hours which is coincidentally where all the really crazy people are

>> No.35576933

>> No.35576935

based, never give up

>> No.35576938


>> No.35576940

this is one of the worst threads ever and im laughing too much

>> No.35576944

I feel bad for actual hardworking Holos who may never reach these numbers

>> No.35576948

Both Miko and Matsuri's cover felt less energetic than the actual song

>> No.35576950

e-enbros not like this...

>> No.35576951

I clicked on it and a download started instead of playing the video. don't open this, bros, it's a virus

>> No.35576952

I'm just happy Gura blows Pekora away at every opportunity. Everybody wants a piece of her. Her original song completely dominated Pekora's. Pekora is basically a literal who next to samechan

>> No.35576953

Eh, still better than when goreposter was around.

>> No.35576957

>> No.35576959


>> No.35576960

>me well cheesed off at the janny and lookin to batter the cunt

>> No.35576962

Keep up the good work, ENsharts are getting uppity.

>> No.35576963

don't leave me sheep...

>> No.35576969


>> No.35576971

Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.

>> No.35576973

instead of shitposting you could be learning how to cook yourself some delicious shit that you could be proud of showing off to the holos if they do another cooking review like haachama or the others do
I recommend starting with the dish you like eating the most. Or dessert, if you prefer that.
this would be the kind of thing I'd cook, for example

>> No.35576974

Honestly the only 1 mil subs Holo that really don't deserve it

>> No.35576976

Remember the niji general survived their EN debut because the nijimeido made sure to ban anyone who posted like that.

>> No.35576982

>> No.35576983

I miss when this place was unironically the best place to discuss Hololive. Facebook is a better place to discuss holos now.

>> No.35576984

Nig, I'm already good at cooking.
I'm just not good at decorating foods.

>> No.35576986


>> No.35576988

But I can cook.

>> No.35576990

Watame's intermissions will never start getting old.

>> No.35576991


>> No.35576992

I haven't seen the waki licker in a while

>> No.35576997

Yeah, and its filled with chinks. I'd rather put up with chinks

>> No.35576999

el basado

>> No.35577003

Spicy narrative: The reason why Ayame gets away with all the shit she pulls is because she's actually the daughter of one of the top youtube executives. It's why the algorithm favors her covers so much, it's rigged by her parents in her favor. Cover wouldn't dare urge Ayame to stream or else they'll suddenly find all their other talent getting shadowbanned for no reason.

>> No.35577004


>> No.35577007

>go to the superior /vt/ thread
>new IPs replying to 20 hour old posts just to metapost about this thread

>> No.35577008

what's going on here

>> No.35577011


>> No.35577013

ENchads we got too cock

>> No.35577014

then practice that instead of wasting time shitposting, after all the holos probably unconsciously pick food that looks good over food that looks shabby

>> No.35577016


>> No.35577019

They survived because no one gives a shit about NijiEN in the first place, as it should be with any EN branch.

>> No.35577021


>> No.35577024

>ctrl f "based"
>43 results
Wrong board

>> No.35577025


>> No.35577026

Didnt ask

>> No.35577027

Don't even know how it's possible but it sounds like an even shitter Ke$ha

>> No.35577028


>> No.35577029

Why does subaru love clipper cock?

>> No.35577030


>> No.35577033

>only 1 minute and it's gone
Jesus how obsessed is he?

>> No.35577035

When will holos play EDF multiplayer...

>> No.35577036

shart jokes are funny

>> No.35577038

End of the month is Holocaust first anniversary. What's the chance we will break this shitty timeloop?

>> No.35577041


>> No.35577042

For the same reason she's a compulsive liar.
Subaru only cares about money.

>> No.35577044

Eternal proof that Watame ain't worth shit.

>> No.35577048

oh look who reset their router again?

>> No.35577050

el bassado

>> No.35577054

kinda. it's so juvenile you just can't take it seriously, don't know why uwu gets so buttmad about it.
guess its butt hurts when it sharts.

>> No.35577056


>> No.35577057

The only thing worse than this thread is the way Pekora treats her 'friends'. I'm glad the fire bird kicked her ass to the curb. She couldn't even bother making something worth a shit for her birthday. The only reason she called in was because she needed the attention since most other holos stopped streaming for the stream. That rabbit is so self-absorbed it's sickening.

>> No.35577059

Come up with the teams


>> No.35577060

Holy basado

>> No.35577061

it only gets deleted because its the same retard who has been posting it for the last year, anyone else can post it without it being deleted

>> No.35577064

Kiara will never fuck you

>> No.35577068

So business as usual?

>> No.35577070

It would the perfect game for collabs considering that you don't need to think at all to play EDF.

>> No.35577073



>> No.35577075

Not that I disagree but there are some intonations Miko did that I liked more. Also a stupid retard like Miko being there for me made me tear up.

>> No.35577077

Giving tranny a moderation was a mistake

>> No.35577084

[citation needed]

>> No.35577086

When is she not eating on stream?

>> No.35577087


>> No.35577088

Go fuck yourself, anon

>> No.35577089


>> No.35577090

So /hlg/ has always meant Himemori Luna general?

>> No.35577091


>> No.35577095

then why are you still here? you can go there, nobody will miss you

>> No.35577096

Start posting in Japanese

>> No.35577098

nah it was kiara forcing pekora to do something last minute

>> No.35577099

Don't care
still love Lamy

>> No.35577100


>> No.35577102


>> No.35577103

>> No.35577105


>> No.35577106

Saving this post to laugh at you later.

>> No.35577108

>They survived because no one gives a shit about Niggersanji in the first place

>> No.35577109

>> No.35577110


>> No.35577111


>> No.35577112

Lamysharts getting uppity

>> No.35577113


>> No.35577114

Never leaving

>> No.35577117

>> No.35577120

>infinite potato chips

>> No.35577121


>> No.35577122


>> No.35577124

>> No.35577126

The only difference between Shart and Shark is one letter

>> No.35577127

fuck off falseflagger bitch

>> No.35577128

>> No.35577129

>EN 2

>> No.35577134


>> No.35577137


>> No.35577138

Nakiri Ayame

>> No.35577139


>> No.35577142


>> No.35577143

retard fucking die

>> No.35577145


>> No.35577149


>> No.35577150


>> No.35577151


>> No.35577152


>> No.35577153

How will you all cope with EN 2?

>> No.35577155

I was waiting for this...

>> No.35577156

Here's a picture of an archive Pekora recently brought back. It means she watched this stream with Miko in it yet still decides to treat her like trash. What a selfish bitch.

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